This Is The Reality Of It: “We Are Factually In A Recession. Period.”

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Headline News | 214 comments


We can cite scores of statistics and financials that prove without a shadow of a doubt that the U.S. economy is in a tail spin and won’t be recovering any time soon. Abysmal home sales, continued degradation in the national employment numbers, sky rocketing national debt, and ever rising consumer prices all point to serious problems.

But one number in particular pretty much sums it all up. It depicts not just the worsening state of our economy, but puts the lies and machinations of the U.S. government on full display for the world to see.

You’ll often hear the media cite the U.S. Growth Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of economic growth. It measures the rate at which our economy grows.

In 2013, for example, our GDP was $17.08 trillion, up from the previous year’s $16.42 trillion. So, all of the goods and services sold throughout the United States (essentially, all of the money spent by Americans) rose about $661 billion dollars year-over-year.

Most people might look at the number, see 4% growth, and say it’s a no-brainer. How can the economy not be growing if the GDP rose?

The answer is simple. And when you look at it from the perspective Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker outlines below, you can’t help but realize that you’ve been purposely duped into believing that things are getting better. Just the opposite is true.

When looking at GDP you absolutely must account for the manufactured credit infused into the system during this same time period. When you do you’ll see just why the economy is not growing in any way, shape or form.

It is, in fact, contracting.

However, The Federal Reserve added $1.112 trillion in credit (unbacked by anything) during the same period of time; that’s a debasement of the units in which GDP is reported of 6.51%.

So the real change in the economy is in fact negative 2.51%.

We are factually in a recession.


There can be no progress economically or politically until the lies are stopped.  These are not mistakes; both the hosts and guest are fully-aware of The Fed’s balance sheet.

That extra trillion dollars slammed into the system by The Fed pretty much wipes out any growth noted by the Federal government’s statistics, because we never actually earned that money. It’s debt. Not growth!

Incidentally, the other oft cited measure of economic health is the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which currently sits around record all-time highs of 16,000 points, is likewise benefiting from this illusion. Guess where that stock market “growth” came from? Yes, the very same credit being used to prop up the economy (that $85 billion or so in Fed Treasury purchases every month) is also keeping stocks at record highs.

Back on Main Street, where most Americans live, we’re feeling the effects. Do we need to mention that the Patient Affordable Care Act has just forced working Americans to spend up to quadruple on their monthly premiums? Or that millions of Americans who are unemployed and no longer counted in the official statistics have absolutely no income whatsoever because their unemployment insurance has run out? Or that the price of everything from food and energy to rent and clothing is rising?

That kind of thing tends to happen when you debase your currency.

Last week famed contrarian economist John Williams noted that the economy gave a powerful recessionary signal in January that had not been seen since right before the market crash in 2007. Furthermore, one of the leading economic indicators of a recessionary environment is the price of copper because it is so closely associated with global growth. It has dropped significantly in recent months and it could well be signaling a coming crash in stocks just as it did in 2008.

When, not if, this thing buckles again we’re going to be in for an unprecedented period in U.S. history.

The system was on the brink of total collapse in 2008, as evidenced by Representative Brad Sherman on the House floor:

Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousands points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.

House Representative Brad Sherman (D-California)
Debate on the House Floor, October 2, 2008

They’ve used up all of the tricks in their magic hat. One misstep here and we’re going down. Any number of domestic or geo-political events could trigger a meltdown in U.S. stock markets and send the broader economy crashing.


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    1. Rorinon

      Let it all fall. We need the reset.

      • Outlaw

        A recession? Nooo! Say it ain’t so…

        • Shooter

          Off topic. The missing airplane may have had a rapid decompression and lost their oxygen levels and everyone passed out including the pilots. That doesn’t explain the transponder going off but just a thought.

          • Warchild Dammit

            Shoot,would say anything possible as no one,even the “experts”seem to know or are at least willing to share what they know.

            • Shooter

              I bet they lost presure and everyone passed out and the plane is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

              • Arizona Fred

                Or Gilligans island…

                • Arizona Fred

                  You couldn’t find it there for sure…

                • Ridler

                  Asian Triangle, it’s like the Bermuda Triangle but with smaller eyes.

              • OutWest

                This is the calm before the storm.

                It’s hard to imagine the scene
                when 300 million people awaken
                to find they now have nothing.

                Is there a CAT-5 for human wrath?

                • Shootit

                  If you want to play in the market you should be in a short position on stocks, long on Gold and Silver. All of the above should be hedged with paid off land holdings and covered by survival goodies.

                • MadMarkie

                  @ OutWest –

                  Is it any wonder why the ‘goobermint’ there in the District of Criminals seems to be so desperately determined to instigate an altercation with Russia abroad? They need to get the citizens of the United States focused on ANYTHING but the sad and sorrowful condition of our once thriving economy.

                  The most recent defense spending cuts in the budget means that the average military family is going to have to come up with an additional $5k a year in order to make ends meet. I wonder if our military is almost ready for more deployments after hearing about this.

                  The ‘economic-chickens’, bad financial decisions of the past, seem to be ALL coming home to ‘roost’ at the same time.

                  A CAT-5 for human wrath? That might be a bit on the mild side for an accurate description of what I see headed our way.

                  Good luck out there in the West.

                • REB

                  The problem with the people when they finally get angry enough to fight they are so often easily turned in the wrong direction against the wrong target…like a herd of cattle turned and driven by cowboys or lightning,perhaps towards the wrong direction…and when the herd panics it tends to stampede over the wrong people…

              • jerrytbg

                no no no…you’re all wrong…
                They went to Disney World and didn’t want anybody to know…

          • Mountain Trekker

            This is more off topic than your subject. Talk about politically correct speech, on my cover page they had an article about a guy in NC that “Captured” a wild boar, this 500lb boar was “Nabbed” on gun club land, the hunter couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw how big a pig he had “Caught” but was real happy with what he had “Bagged”. Guess they couldn’t bring themselves to use the “K” word, it amazed me but they did show a picture and say that he used a 308AR to “K” the hog. I thought “Assault Rifles” were only good for “Nabbing” people. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

            • hammerhead

              MOUNTAIN, I read that piece as well , yahoo , they are a bunch of retard writers for sure.
              Worse yet, did you read the comments ?
              Poor piggy , bad hunter , you get the idea,libtardation.

              • PO'd Patriot

                Saw the article too but it was written by normal people on a normal hunting site. The only thing that I couldn’t believe was when the hunter stated that it would provide a lot of meat for his family for the year. A 500 lb. Hog ain’t gonna be that good to eat.

                • jerrytbg

                  Agreed …here in central fl the big ones are nasty…
                  However the piglets…yummy…roast up nice.

                • mark

                  He will make vood sausage.

                • Really

                  I think I remember when I was a kid, dad always shooting for about 225#

                • Shootit

                  That was my thought. Much over 80 lbs and we use the carcass for coyote bait.

                • Fl. Survivalist

                  The big ones make whole hog sausage. The smaller ones get dry rubbed and smoked…MM MM good!

              • Really

                Yea, poor piggy. Right up till they find Thriftway empty and burning. That sort of thing tends to change your perspective. Half the grocery won’t be restocked after being emptied in a panic because they’ll be burned.

            • Nimrod Hunter

              I had to go read it for myself. Never mind that the “journalist” who wrote that piece seems more comfortable writing about Katy Perry, some of the comments are truly insane. You’ve heard of a Boy Named Sue? Well, here’s a comment from a fag named Mitch:

              “It’s funny, I can’t see the pig holding a weapon. It must take allot of courage to murder a defenseless animal. This #$%$ ant is a disgusting sadistic coward. I hope someone thinks his life has no value like he thought the pigs life didn’t. What goes around comes around, Hopefully he’ll die of some painful disease before he can murder another innocent animal.”

              It’s hard to ponder that there are really such people out there.

          • BJ

            Jut heard on radio this morning on way in to work that twso separate communication things were turned off 15 minutes apart………this WAS NOT AN ACCIDENT

            • Socrates

              Correct. And certain people KNOW where the plane is as well.

              Indian ships and planes expanded their search to areas west of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands chain, hundreds of miles from the intended course of Flight MH370, said V.S.R. Murty, an Indian Coast Guard inspector-general.

              Several media outlets have reported U.S. officials as saying the flight sent signals to a satellite for four hours after the aircraft vanished early Saturday, raising the possibility the jet with its 239 people aboard could have flown far from the current search areas.

              Increasing speculation that whatever happened to the plane was a deliberate act was a report by ABC News that two U.S. officials say that two of the plane’s communication systems shut down separately shortly after the plane last communicated its position.

              The data reporting system, they officials said, was shut down at 1:07 a.m. as the plane was on course an hour after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. But the transponder, which transmits location and altitude, shut down at 1:21 a.m.

              The officials could not say whether the mechanisms were shut down deliberately by someone in the cockpit or during a possible electrical failure in which various systems shut down one after the other.

              • BJ

                Thanks Socrates.

        • Ghostrighter

          Today I washed 2 loads of laundry in my manual washing machine I invented, then hung them on the clothes line. Then I finally finished my rain water catchment system. Then when it started getting dark, I fired up the rocket stove ( my own version) and baked potatoes in the coals and chicken breasts on skewers above it for supper, when it was cooked I went inside to eat with the wife and turned on my solar powered lights to eat by and after we were done with dinner and my stomach was FULL, I leaned backed in my chair, looked at my wife and said, Let It all Go to Hell….I’m good.

          • Warchild Dammit

            Ghost,rocket stove set to heat home or more a outdoor unit?I have a lot of interest and have been researching em a lot on the net.

            • WarriorClass III

              It’s a recession if your neighbor lost his job, but it’s a depression if you lost yours.

              • 02

                And then the neighbor cant afford his schizophrenia medicine and attacks you with a Volkswagen.

                • Dave Mowers

                  Vat Vood Vee Volking Horrivle!

                • Man on the inside

                  Well what sucks is my neighbor has a Hummer…. thats gonna hurt…. Boooohahahahahaha..

                • Jack Hammer

                  Funny thing is my Libtard neighbor does have an old blue VW beetle in his driveway and they are severe ObamaBots. When the SHTF they won’t know what happened. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the look on their faces when they have no food, water or security while I grill in my backyard. 🙂 It’s gonna ROCK!

                • lastmanstanding

                  02, Dave M, man on the inside and JH.

                  You will have to deal with them.

              • SonOfSam

                And its a RECOVERY when those stupid POS on Wall Street and in DC lose THEIR jobs

              • Steve in Ramona

                I did lose my job in Nov last year. I started a new job on Thursday. New IT Manager position.
                Pays a bit less than the old one but thats fine. My wife and I found out while I was off that we could live on much less.

                But I did REALLY enjoy the months off. So much that I was a bit bummed to get offered another job. I was getting very use to my mid-morning Starbucks run and hanging with the other non-working…

                i was fortunate to have the skills a number of companies wanted. But i know a few that are still looking after being laid off longer than I was. And while I found something Im not taking it for granted that it will be there for as long as I want it. When the Sh.t hits it this job may disappear as fast as the food in the grocery stores.

            • PO'd Patriot

              WD, I’d be interested in knowing too. Sounds like a masonry type stove when he mentioned putting the taters in the coals.

              • Ghostrighter

                @PO’d Patriot and Warchild Dammit

                You would be correct, it is a masonry type with firebricks and perlite insulation and a removable 1/4″ stainless steel top for different types of cooking. It is patterned after a (Bethel ONIL Stove)with a couple modifications to the area where you have the wood fire. Mine has the fresh air coming from underneath instead of from the front where you put the wood in and I can change the size of the firebox depending on what I am cooking ex: baked potatoes, naan bread, or stove top with a pan. Because of the very small air flow from the fire to underneath the steel plating up to the chimney it gets very hot very fast using very little wood. I just burn small twigs to cook on top and bigger wood to create coals for baking things like potatoes or naan bread. If you are interested in how to build one here is a very good link that will show you how one is made.

                • REB

                  Sounds like a nice unit there,congrats!

              • REB

                If I may interject theres good info at on rocket stoves….about the best Ive come acrossed on the net…Ive built several masonry and portable…not cheap tin can units they work well…

            • BJ

              I could show you my video of mine. It is more of an outdoor cooking unit. Pretty nice one….I can cook a whole meal with 2 14″ pieces of 2×6

          • markinaz

            Ghostrighter much agreed! “Let it all go to Hell, I’m good” I’m pretty much all set up as best I can be for alot of different shit. Although one has to ask… just for how long?

          • Ugly

            When shtf, you will be purely hidden….

            Hungry folks will sniff those smells miles away. Basically, a dinner bell followed by come-and-get it….

            Good luck.

            • 02

              Plus the lights are on, music is playing, shootem up western on tv, while everywhere else is dark. No problems I can see here.

              • Ghostrighter

                @02 and Ugly

                The tv has been gone for almost 3 years, so no westerns to watch here.
                As far as food cooking smells on a rocket stove, if things were so bad that people were roaming looking (smelling) for food, I wood use my electric hot plate (inside)powered by my solar system which is hidden behind my house. And before you say the solar panels will attract people, no they won’t. I built a motorized framework powered by solar that my panels are attached to and they roll out of a very SECURE building each day, I don’t worry about hail or zombies with my solar system. I have built my own wood water heater, wood fired drip coffee maker, water filtration and reclamation gravity water system for my house etc etc. And yes I even made heavy duty blackout shutters for the inside of all my windows (and yes my wife thinks I went a little overboard on that one. I started down this path of being self sufficient 14 years ago when I moved from Minneapolis to the Ozarks. I knew back then things where going to get bad in the future and I was right. It was never my intention to prepare for a total SHTF scenario (it just worked out that way I guess) but rather a decline in income and a rise in cost of living. Every generation of people reach a peak of what their potential income earnings will be and they will not rise above it, yet the cost of living will eventually outpace their income. My goal is simple, reduce my cost of living any which way I can as my potential for income is limited by advancing age. ( It’s not what you make, It’s what you don’t spend.) This is why I have chosen this lifestyle. And as I look around my area, I now see people living in their homes that have been paid off for 20 years sitting in the dark or no water coming out of their taps or any food in the house because they can no longer afford the increases in these bills. Do I believe that someday this could happen to me? YES but it is my goal to be the last man standing.

                • 02

                  Hard to hide from 315 million and another 120 million from south of the border. I don’t know the answers or how bad it will get, but trying to defend in a total mad max starvation apoc is not an option in my book. But you will do fine if we still have power.

                • REB

                  Ghost…kudos man! dont pay any attention to the naysayers…you are trying not just posting dreams or good intentions,this/life is not a game and too many folks are trying to play one instead of doing something…sure I may catch a bullet the first day but by God if I dont then what Ive built will help insure I/we make it,same for you…again congrats!

                • lastmanstanding

                  Me to brother…hope there will be a lot of us.

                  I just want to be left the fuck alone.

                  “don’t go down without on helluva fight”

            • jerrytbg


            • Jack Hammer

              I wouldn’t worry much about food smells. After a few weeks the smell of rotting bodies will be overwhelming. I can’t remember the website right now but that guy that survived over a year in Bosnia during the war/collapse has written about the fear of food smells not being a big deal. There will be all kinds of nasty smells out there covering the slight smell of food.

              • SonOfSam

                That would be Selco, survivor of the Bosnian wars

                PS I have a Serbian built SKS named after him

          • db427

            where’d you get the chicken?

          • Man on the inside

            I am almost to where you are at… and being self suficiant is AWESOME… I wish everone well but I know we are heading for trouble…. PRAY, PLAN PREP, FORM TEAMS……. and get rid of the VW next door…..

        • Hunter

          Sorry topic/but important per the missing Boeing 777. See just revealed data (opinion) below:


          Four days after a missing flight, a patent is approved by the Patent Office for maximizing dies on a wafer. 4 of the 5 Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX. Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders. Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%) Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%) Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%) Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%) Freescale Semiconductor (20%) If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will. If 4 of the 5 dies, then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent. That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.

          Who owns Freescale Semiconductor ?? Jacob Rothschild through Blackstone who owns Freescale. Here is your motive for the missing Beijing plane. As all 4 Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane. Patent holders can alter the proceeds legally by passing wealth to their heirs. However, they cannot do so until the Patent is approved. So when the plane went missing, the patent had not been approved. Thus, Rothschild gets 100% of Patent once Patent holders declared deceased.


          Rothschild, you are an evil bastard!

          • 02

            Wow good sleuthing.

          • wrong

            Better change your name to Holmes.

          • BJ

            I wonder if Freescale Semiconductor might be a good investment? It’s only $22.07 now? I don’t mean long term, but I have always wished I could find that one easy investment….like the next Apple or Google…..make some good money in a relativley short time frame and then run.

          • BJ

            Interesting indeed. But my mind can’t help but wonder………….why all the disappearance crap and long drawn out fiasco? If you want full patent rights and need to kill the other 4 holders, why not just kill them? Take the plane down into the ocean, end of story. Why all the different things that have happened that woulod point to a hijacking or some other mysterious happening? Personally I still think it is hijacked to be used at a later time and that an intelligence abc group was involved.

            I know I am either considered a black sheep or the village idiot here due to all the thumbs down I generally get from just mundane comments or asking sincere questions and the lack of responses I get. But could you please respond with your thoughts on this?

            • Eagle Eye

              A well planned operation always delivers several objectives.

              • BJ

                Thanks EE

            • Hunter


              You have a sharp intellect..evidenced by always questioning things.

              Per my previous post, I cannot claim kudos as another did the sleuthing..I merely verified the data as accurate and hence a “plausible motive”, if you will.

              Per VLSIC-D (very large scale integrated circuit-design) architecture, any major break-thru that allows for a quantum leap in transistor/component density & speed, w/o an increase in current draw and worth mega billions $$$ down the road for..whoever holds the patent rights!


              As for the forensics/or lack thereof & the media’s dog-n-pony show..I tend to resort to the principle of..”Occam’s razor”.

              ..paraphrasing such:

              The most likely outcome/solution/answer..w/ the least amount of distractions/variables, included in the equation/analysis.


              You may very well be right, per a hijacking scenario..for whatever nefarious means and future use of said aircraft, by whomever.

              ..but, I will state unequivocally, if your suspicions prove can bet your ass & mine too, that it involves a very sophisticated/professional/heartless (1st world) govt intelligence agency..or a collection of pull this off.

              We’ll see…..hopefully.


              Per the Rothchild’s…they hail from Canaanite/Edomite DNA.

              ..’nuff said.

              • BJ

                Thanks Hunter. I appreciate the response and really like talking to guys like you. You remind me of my boss the way you talk/type….that’s a compliment 🙂

                After reading Them Guys response on a newer thread….I learned that Idumean is Greek for the Hebrew Edom.

          • BJ

            Oh yeah, one more question…sorry.

            Do you think Rothschilds are from the Khazars?

      • Thank You

        The overall picture is a stagnant economy with inflation in most consumer products. STAGFLATION.

        Of course Wall Street has bankrupted Main Street economically and morally, yet our last remaining saving grace is the United States Dollar being the world reserve currency, and still used in approximately 70% or more of world transactions in international trade.

        I have no doubt that the Chinese or others want to change this fact, and have its day in the sun with that special status, much like the British, the Spanish, or even the Portugese in previous centuries.

        The problem is that China is still an overall poor country. Its GDP per capita is approximately $6K. In the United States it is about $55K. So an individual living in the US has about 9x more money than the average Chinese individual, though the latter country is about 4x larger in terms of population.

        If these raw numbers change, then the debate changes. Yet the Chinese government is an inept, corrupt bureaucracy, worse than USG, and neither is good, so don’t go there, about which one is better or worse. This year marks the 25th anniversary of Tiananmen Square.

        Unless we enter into a hyperinflationary mode like the Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe, it is tough to imagine that the whole world would respect the Chinese government and their reserve currency more than the United States and its dollar.

        Plus, M1 is less than 1, and this indicator means that the velocity of money through the economy does not signify inflation, at least to many knowledgeable individuals, though I tend to disagree.

        Now, this is not to say that I don’t think the Federal Reserve is a corrupt institution that deserves to be disbanded.

        The lesser of two evils is still the evil twin. Not a solution. The real solution is letting grown adults trade goods by whatever medium of exchange they want, whether they want to use mushrooms, gold, silver, yuan, dollars, information, or anything else. The problems are control and force that destroy choice, judgment, and freedom.

        Thank you

        • buttcrackofdoom

          stagflation: when the price of things you WANT goes down….but the price of the things you NEED goes UP!

        • KY Mom

          The list of countries around the world whose economies are circling the drain makes me wonder who will be first… and start the dominoes falling.

          China’s house of cards…
          China’s Downhill Move Picks Up Steam
          The WSJ has a list of “China’s Rising Risks,” including:
          •Part 1: Banks Feel Strains After Credit Binge
          •Part 2: Banks, Bonds Joined at the Hip
          •Part 3: Banks Work Around Lending Limits
          •Part 4: The Rock Star of Chinese Debt Analysis
          •Part 5: Debt Drags on Growth
          •Part 6: In China, a Big Bet on Smaller Borrowers
          •Part 7: China’s Credit Levels Echo U.S. Crisis

        • Newton

          @Thank You

          Impressive summary. I would also think about respective population growth rates, technical skills, worker efficiency, and governmental obstruction. Though China is very corrupt, at least everybody knows it, and is willing to admit it as such. US is often about self-delusion. Keep in mind that city-states of Singapore and Hong Kong provide buffers to the mainland mentality. And finally, military strength has to be considered, since force often wins. In that respect, US is still second to none. Yet our dissent, against such rapacious war-mongering, is open and free, and I think your specific historical references are very relevant.

          • Nimrod Hunter

            You might find this site interesting. One can look at totals of active military personnel, tanks, aircraft, naval vessels, and many other things. Look by category and compare 106 countries in that category, or look at all categories, country by country.


    2. Shooter

      The world is waking up to all of the lies.

      • Barn Cat

        No, it really isn’t. Most people don’t know that the economy is collapsing.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        yup, shooter….all 3 percent of ’em!…we got some ‘splainin’ to do!(to the 97%).

    3. 300lb Gorilla

      Yep… Not a surprise to anyone that reads this blog.

      • Outlaw

        Or anyone who is paying attention at all, regardless of whether they read this specific blog or not.

    4. JL

      I don’t understand how people can really believe that the economy is getting better.

      • markinaz

        you’d be surprised. i do telephone survey interviews and the number that answer the economy is improving or good blows me away every time.

    5. Ugly

      How can say recession? I got 3 jobs and may need a 4th….

      • Outlaw

        LOL, self-employed but just picked up a pt job a couple weeks ago. First time I have worked for another company in quite some time. The amount of bs just to get hired on was insane, and the pay… well anyway I look at it as an oppurtunity to potentially meet new connections.

        • DaisyK

          Congratulations on the job. Any job is better than no job. Hopefully it will lead to fulltime or even a better job somewhere else. I saw an earlier post where you said you were eating your preps. Hopefully, now you will be able to at least level off, or perhaps replace some you already used.

          Using your preps occasionally is beneficial. I recently discovered that I have a lot of food that is expired or about to expire, so I have cut back my grocery purchases to just a few fresh fruits and veggies. I am learning that I don’t care for some of the foods I bought and I have had to throw out some expired cream of chicken soup that didn’t look right when I opened the cans.

          • Lisa

            Cream of Chicken soup never really looks right in the can…

            • DaisyK

              But it expired in 2012. I didn’t really want it that bad.

          • Nimrod Hunter

            If you heat it enough, all living organisms will be dead, and many toxic proteins will be denatured. C. botulinum spores need a little extra cooking time.
            “Aww, Mom! Spores for dinner again?”

            Mad cow prions are another tough customer. But they are relatively rare.

            One time, I deliberately let a case of black beans expire in my attic (2011 expiration date). I ate them a few months ago with no problem. Some canned foods wouldn’t last as long, admittedly.

        • Calgacus

          Outlaw, happy for you even if it aint perfect. Its a side step to avoid being hit in this trainwreck we see now.

    6. logicrazy

      Follow the copper, and other signals. These things don’t lie….

      • hammerhead

        Thats right , and copper is down , china weeps .

    7. Ugly

      I’m not worried about the future. Why worry when there isn’t one….

    8. BrainFood

      I will have to agree and would just let this economy off of life support and let it reset itself.This ponzi scheme is being held up for too long.The longer it goes on like this the harder the recovery from a collapse it will be.

      • 02

        How do we recover when all the easy resources are gone and soon it will take 2 barrels of oil to produce one? We are getting between a hard place and a rock. When it all goes down, it might have a few bright spots for a year or two and then a further drop, might be able to cannibalize society and maybe get older techs to work for awhile, but unless we get something like nanotechnology fired up and create everything at the molecular lever from all the landfills, we could be in for a long protracted crash that could last generations. If there is hidden technology that can save us, will the powers release it or let us starve?

        • 02

          level not lever.. sigh

        • buttcrackofdoom

          the powers-that-shouldn’t-be say there’s only room on the planet for half a billion people, so they figger they got to kill off…what? 6 and a half BILLION of US?…that sound about right? EPIC! that’s what’s coming. woe be unto thee that doesn’t PAY ATTENTION and PREP LIKE A MUHFUGGUH!

    9. Realtime Prep

      Between gas being 3 times more than it was 11 years ago, or regular items such as candy bars that cost double than what they used to. Clothing, housing, even water, are all double the price from the prices they were before the turn of the century. Just like the industrial and technological booms of the 20th century, THIS CENTURY has become the price boom. Every bubble that could possible burst is bursting. The Dream that was America is turning into a Nightmare. Greed and Arrogance will erase 250 years of a truly free nation. Wether it was unintentional or by design it does not matter. Because the people who knew better sat on their asses and did nothing to prevent it. Folks, enjoy your preps because even the most well thought out preps will not sustain indefinitely. Because when The Shit, really does Hit The Fan, no matter how diligent you think you have been, there will be no preparing for the chaos and anarchy of 300 million people. Just saying.


      • 02

        10 years ago when i bought this place my city hookups (water sewer) was 35 a month. Now it is 90.

        • Canada Canuk

          @ .02: Here in my part of the Country, just heard on MSM that natural gas is going up 40%, due to the fact that the gas co. used all reserves over this COLD winter, they said if your gas bill was $1000 this winter, it will be $1400 next year!!

          I don’t have n/gas, but lots of folks around here do! Thank God for my wood stove, but guess what, I am just about out of wood(should have lasted another yr) but we still have 2-3 feet of snow/ice on the ground!! Sure am glad Daisy got out of the DEEP FREEZE!! take care, CC

          • REB

            Well all I can tell you is the land/well site owners aint making anything…cause they aint even pumping much outta these wells…course folks buying gas are paying alot more…

      • clark

        Dear, Realtime Prep.

        The chaos, ya, that’s going to be crazy.

        The anarchy, on the other hand, that’s something else.
        Anarchy is why we don’t need speed limits and dotted yellow lines down the grocery store isles.

        Anarchy is, “a good thing”.

        That chaos thing, not so much.

        • jerrytbg

          Do no harm but harm those that do…

          Where did I read that…

          • Anonymous


          • Ridler

            Muslim Bible?

            • jerrytbg

              No, however I have read quite a bit of their political $hit…
              Which is all it really is…

              Nor do I believe it’s the Torah or Christian bible…

              Don’t know where but I’m certain it’s not mine…

              but it does make sense…extending the Golden Rule to incorporate making all things right and preventing evil to succeed.


              • Ridler

                The #1 law of robotics is a robot cannot harm or let harm come to humans, sorry that’s all I got.

    10. Townsaver

      Well it has been clear for years that nothing is getting better. I eventually got sick of the doom and gloom and decided to do something for myself before the world goes to hell in a handbasket. I bought a new motorcycle. I can go on and on about how economical it is and so forth, but the truth is it is an un-needed toy. I have my preps, enough to see me thru any short to mid-term drama. If I need long term, well, no amount of preps can keep a family of 6 going. We would fall back to field and farm.

      Anyway, back to the motorcycle and the drama I had to go thru to get a mere $7500.00 in cash from MY OWN BANK ACCOUNT! I am sure this has been said but it needs to be said again. GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF THE BANK!

      So I go to my bank, I have been there for 8 years, never an issue, no bounced checks etc. I decide I want the no BS approach when I go to the dealer to buy my much researched motorcycle. I direct deposit over six thousand dollars every month. This is how it goes:

      “Hello Sir, how can I help you?”

      “I need $7500.00 from my checking account, large please.”

      “Ummm, I’m not sure I can do that…”

      “Why not? I have well over $12,000 in my account!”

      “Well, we don’t carry that kind of cash.”


      “Normally we require 3 days notice for that large of a withdrawal.”

      Cutting to the chase, I had to get a manager involved, and even she was unable to come up with a paltry $7500.00. I was asked to come back tomorrow. So I stormed out, and came back tomorrow to get the cash. Next day, same drama, but the “managed” to come up with $7500.00 by cleaning out ALL 4 TELLERS!

      I was also required to sign paperwork releasing them from liability if I got robbed.


      • NetRanger

        I pulled $22,000 out no problem. Hehehe. All over a period of 3 weeks in withdrawals of $3,000 to $4,500.

        Never had any hassle. But, then, I knew guys who tried to do exactly what you did.

        Not only did you have to fill out the paper to release you from liability, but, I guarantee the local cops were notified so they could keep an eye on you. Someone with a lot of money is at risk of buying drugs. I’ve been told this time after time and I didn’t believe it. So, I asked an officer one day.

        In my state, if they stop you and find you with more than $1,000, they take it. They STEAL IT!!! A drug task force cop told me that. I argued with him. I told him to put down in his ticket book and notify his fellow officers that if they steal from me (I routinely carry $1500 to $2500 in case home from the bank) that there will be hell to pay and that overstepping their constitutional boundaries can get them killed, stripped of their badge and thrown in jail. He didn’t like being told that. Cops hate the constitution. I know thats big news to everyone here, but its true. It gets in the way of, what they percieve as, “their job”. …which more and more lately seems to be “To Harrass and Abuse.

        • Townsaver

          Oh I am certain that I am on a watch list now. But hey, I am a public servant anyway, I work for the government. I know exactly how corrupt, evil and sadistic it is.

          That said, you can’t change anything from the outside. I make small changes, mostly with accountability, as I am in IT, the department head, and have the ability to “expose” what goes on, even though it is all public information by law anyway. Law… pffft, what a joke. All the elected officials are above the law, local sheriff and his deputies, the most lawless, and the abuse goes on and on.

          I may be jaded as I work in small local government, but nepotism is not a dirty word here, it is a way of life. But we can do more than complain. We can work from the inside too. Lead by example. Be honest. Work 8 hours a day. Extreme I know.

      • The Hawk

        Hopefully you switched banks at least…

        • Townsaver

          I think that would be futile as I am already at a small local bank. Instead, I just keep enough to satisfy autopayments and such, and remove all excess cash bi-weekly.

          Got the gun safe at home now, how the hell did I ever live without one I do not know. When the levee breaks, no stopping at the bank or the supermarket. Home is where the heart is. And the food, guns, water, well, …

        • clark

          “Switched bank”? Psft, go Credit Union!

          They seem ok.

          Also, what NetRanger wrote Has Got to piss off some people!?

          The cops are the ‘new’ hyway robber man.

          I don’t know about you, but all I see them now is as, robbers. But sometimes they smile when they rob me.

          That makes it worse.

          That’s what it means to be an Iraqi.

          [To the confused I say: we are All Iraqi’s now.]

          • 02

            In the days of illegal stills the cops were called revenuers. Nothing has changed, except like you say, we are all bootleggers now.

          • Leslie Anne

            Credit Unions don’t keep thousands upon thousands of dollars on hand either.

          • HisArmsWide

            I’ve not had any major problem draining our accounts. The only time I had to wait was when I wanted $6k in 20’s. The branch office didn’t have it and had to order it from the main office and I picked it up the next day.

            I’ve taken $7k out before in mostly 100’s with a smattering of smaller bills without any issue.

        • Townsaver

          Thanks for the link Clark, good tips in there. It is a Honda, so I will of course lavish much love upon it. Take care of your engines and they will take care of you!

          If only I could afford a Honda generator…

      • Wolfie

        Similar thing happened to me 3 years ago. took the bank 3 days to come up with the cash. it was at that point i knew that not having a bank account the previous 4 1/2 years had been a good idea. if you deposit your fiat into a bank, consider it gone until you have it back in hand.
        FYI: Mortgage means “death pledge” in French.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i did some research a while back and found that it’s not ten thousand threshhold afterall. as i recall, i got it right off the gubmint’s website. if the teller even gets ASKED what the threshhold is THEY GOTTA SEND A NOTE TO IRS! they keep track of cash withdrwals and if it’s over ten grand in a months time…..or even if they THINK there’s a POSSIBILITY of anything nefarious….letter sent. and they HAVE to send the notification, under penalty of law. google it! it will leave yer SKIN crawlin’.

        • hammerhead

          Buttcrack , 100% correct , same thing was told to me by a bank branch manager.
          I have though withdrawn 10k cash to go to auction and never had an issue getting the cash, as to whom they notify , well i guess we know.
          In my case they know me and why i am pullin cash so maybe its a judgement call. I

          • buttcrackofdoom

            it’s important to know that banks can only keep a certain amount of cash on hand….after all, they got a 10 to 1 capital ratio(hee hee, at least that’s what it’s SPOSED tuh be), so if they get a couple unexpected large withdrawals, they CAN run short of “cash”. pisses me off too, but it CAN happen….now, that being said, there WILL COME A DAY, and i think we are literally DAYS away, that it won’t be as i say above….they will just be BUSTED, and there will be NO MORE withdrawals…….EVVVVVEEEEERRRR!…..the beginning of the END!…..and it’s coming to a theatre near YOU!

            • hammerhead

              DAYS AWAY !!!!!????
              Lets hope not !!

        • Really

          Dave Ramsey thinks it’s awful to be ‘unbanked’. I agree with him about debt, but don’t know where he gets his love of banks. Rember the guy (Bruce Williams?) who always advised his radio show callers to borrow as much against their house as possible? Don’t hear from him anymore, but I’m sure THAT worked out well.

          • buttcrackofdoom

            that DID work out well for SOME. their house became worth less(than they owed), they walked away and had lots of toys left over that were paid for. boats, motorhomes, cars, personal watercrap,motorcycles, toolboxes,…list goes on and on. then 3 years later they qualify again for a MUCH lower priced house…rinse, and repeat!….of course, it DIDN’T work out for a BUNCH!

      • BJ

        I’ve gotten the same thing from my credit union. And man was I pissed.

    11. CrusinEyes

      The future is bright depending on how you look at it

      • Ugly

        that is true. maybe they will have toothbrushes at the gulag?

      • Townsaver

        Well I hope it is not so bright that you will be blind after seeing “the light”!

      • Average Guy

        “maybe they will have toothbrushes at the gulag?”

        Now there’s a scary thought.

        No, they will Not. Just ask the poor suckers at Gitmo? Judges have said they should be released while the politicians remain silent and the prisoners remain jailed.

        That’s The New American Way.

        Guilty! Even IF proven innocent.

        Face it. The idea of ‘America’ is dead.

      • GoldiGlocks

        Don’t look directly at the blast. It’s brighter than the sun. Looking at the resulting mushroom cloud is okay though. /sarc.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        right, the future is BRIGHT…if you don’t stop and THINK about it………the attitude of 97% of americans.

    12. Warchild Dammit

      Recession/depression/hard times,am sick of the msm discussing the different terms.The debt is out of control with no plan to deal with it,underground economy growing and soon will be the economy,the cpi 3’s have always been lies as they don’t include food/fuel ect.,a big what the fuck there.The real unemployment 3’s probably average minimum 18% across the country,many jobs are part time/low paying,not putting that down just saying hard to have any kind of family/even lower middle class life on that,tis across the board fubar,so depression/challenging times,what have you,economy though still sputtering is on life support.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        if line “U6” of the gubmint’s OWN employment report says the “EMPLOYED” percent of the population is 58%….then the UNEMPLOYED add up to OVER 40%!…i don’t care how you slice and dice the numbers/words…40% of americans DON’T WORK!

        • MXLord327

          Yes, but that 40% includes kids, retirees, the disabled, etc. The real number is probably around 20%, which is 4 times higher than it should be….

    13. NetRanger

      Recession? RECESSION! Oh, say it isn’t so!

      Barack says the economy is improving. Look at how high the stock market is. (…of course in 2008 he said that wasn’t an indicator of the health of the economy…)

      You cannot believe a word these liars tell you. Every number is manipulated. Every word is a lie.

    14. Hillbilly

      Townsaver, thats some bull shit .. Not you, the bank. You should be able to get your money out when YOU want it.

      • Average Guy

        Hillbilly, keyword is: “You should”.

        As Gerald Celente said, paraphrasing: unless you have it in your hand, you don’t own it.

        Did you ever hear the story about the dog crossing the bridge, how he saw a reflection in the water of the bone he held in his mouth and dropped the bone in his mouth to gasp the one he saw in the reflection?

        There’s many lessons there. Too many people refuse to see them.

      • PO'd Patriot

        JG Wentworth has it if you need it!

    15. Ugly

      Went to Doctor before O-care kicks in. He said I was Impotent. Thus, bought a three piece suit.

      Wore 3 piece at next visit. Doctor said what? I said, if you say ‘I’m Impotent, I am going to dress Impotent’.

      Dudes, economics of life:

      Real Income = [Gross Income – (Debt + Taxes + Interest + spending)]

      That is why USA real income is in the negative mega-trillions….

      Good luck folks.

    16. stan

      Recession ?

      What did you expect?
      The Spanish Inquisition?

      • Warchild Dammit

        Nobody expects the “Spanish Inquisition!”Our weapons are fear/surprise ect.,hold out and you will be subjected to the “comfy chair”!

        • MXLord327

          Gotta love Monty Python!!!

      • Average Guy

        “What did you expect?
        The Spanish Inquisition?”

        I wonder if the guys penned up in GitMo think that is funny?
        From here, it looks like that is exactly what they are going through.

        I have no idea about the various torture camps the CIA has spread throughout Europe are like. I imagine they are dungeons.

        To me, that is Very Un-American. But what do I know, I’m just a subject of an empire hell bent on destruction.


    17. Never to return.

      yea. hamburger at $5.20 a pound. yea think? it will be $8.00 a pound shortly and thats the truth.

      • The Hawk

        You can buy organic beef at costco for $4.5/lb… So you’re getting bent over for regular at $5.2/lb.

        Or you can buy a whole grass fed cow, cut and wrapped for less than $4/lb… and that’s steaks and all! If you can go that route and don’t, you’re not very smart.

        And if you can raise your own…

        • loulou

          $7.97 ea.
          90% lean, 16 oz. – from the weekly sales flyer – Odessa, TX

        • db427

          at the moment, raise your own is $2/lb. depends on how long, and what you feed them. hope you got a big knife.

        • Never to return.

          i will be stocking up on raised beef very shortly now. very shortly. its in the plan as of 3 months ago.

      • Smokey

        3.99 a pound yesterday, good meat, too.

      • loulou

        Have you priced tinfoil lately?

    18. Buzzfix

      To hell it goes! The sooner the better!

    19. Be informed

      You what I have been doing? I have been looking at Google Maps with the satellites of southeastern Pakistan to see if I see anywhere that airliner could have been landed there. The Thar desert is very flat with hard surfaces that would not need a runway. I am also going to look at northeastern Yemen. I might be really bored and check out Somalia also, around the horn of Africa. It is boring to look at this, but no one else is searching this area. That plane could have reached here and the Acars would have shut down when the engines were turned off when it landed.

      Is anyone else out there thinking like I am, that the U.S. and others have a good idea where this plane is and are planning some sort of rescue operation of the 200+ passengers? But especially making sure that plane is not used as some wespon. This is reminding me of a possible false flag that someone is looking for an excuse to do something. This is a lot of deceit that surrounds this whole ball of crap. I saw someone on Fox News even suggesting that fat Porky North Korean leader has this plane.

      • db427

        @Be informed
        don’t waste your time on that stupid f’n plane. if anyone has it, it’s hidden, and all 200+ are dead anyways, they aren’t looking for ransom.

        • JayJay

          KAL bodies, no baggage, nothing.

          • Really

            But a funny parody song!

      • hammerhead

        BE , Like i said before that plane is in a hanger .

        • Eagle Eye

          and while we are watching the plane story what story aren’t we watching?

          Eyes wide open, people, WW3 is about to start, in the same place as WW1 and WW2.

          The plane is a distraction, for all sorts of reasons.

          • hammerhead

            WW3 ? AWWW hell who cares.
            Im worried about Oscar Pastrami,s murder trial , and have you seen Kim Kardouschicans new swimsuit ?
            And i cant wait for the “beebs” new CD !
            Life is sooo exciting when you pay attention to the important stuff!

    20. lena

      we’ve been in a recession/depression since 2008; we never recovered. its just hidden because everything is done electronically today and you dont see people lined up for welfare checks or food because it’s wired to their checking accounts and the unemployment rate is kept down the same way, suppressed by electronic payments of welfare and disability.

      this is why i dont go along with the complete collapse that sites like this propose. the usa has been crashing for 5 years, but uses smoke and mirrors to make people think its not. do you think most people in the great depression thought they were in the worst of times in the past 100 years ? no, and neither do people today. some will still go on vacations, buy new cars, etc; and most likely the powers that be will start another world war to make a mess of everything and clean their dirty laundry so they can keep the ball rolling with them in charge.

      dont believe me, read this: “hiding a depression”:

    21. Satori

      Complete Breakdown of Financial Controls in US Government, Says Austin Fitts

      ““In my experience, government is not incompetent at all. … Gridlock is a cover story, incompetence is a cover story. There is a plan, you just can’t see what it is.”

      I’ve gotta strongly agree
      I USED to think the government was compromised of total idiots
      but I’ve radically changed my opinion on that
      they’re not stupid by a long shot

      mother f_cking evil is what they are

      Complete Breakdown Of Financial Controls In US Government, Says Austin Fitts

      ““I don’t see Obamacare as something designed to offer healthcare. … I think the question comes down to a bigger one, which is, are we going to create a society where one hundred percent of everything is digitized and under central control?”

      “Who is the governance system, and why are they behaving the way they are behaving? What we see is literally a psychopathic effort and intensity—whether it is in the energy area, whether it is in the currency area, whether it is in the food area, whether it is in the healthcare area—to get 100% central control and to use digital means to do it, and the question is why?”

    22. Mike

      O.K. I’ll buy your truck for 1 troy oz. Av 3oz Au 6 MRE’s and a brick of 22 lr. Paper money? Sure check the out house. 6 of your toilet paper for 1 toy ounce Au (silver)? Yes I do have some caned chili for trade at the right price. You have a what…..!
      Shopping in the year 2016.

      • 02

        I have a quart of 20 yo scotch, but I don’t think there is that much gold on earth.

        • buttcrackofdoom


          • 02

            1986 GlenFiddich Single Malt.

            • hammerhead

              I have a quart of 2014 milwakees best.

              • Warchild Dammit

                Hammer,remember in drinking the quart it is all about presentation.Wrap carefully in a brown paper bag with a twist in bag at the neck of quart,the twist is always clockwise,counterclockwise and folks will know you had a lousy upbringing!On a side note,have been know to down a few quarts of 45 during the summer,just have a pitcher with ice to keep it cool.

                • hammerhead

                  LOL yep , twist the bag around the neck , put yer lawn chair right out in front of the trailer .AHHHH
                  lousy upbringing? where i am from the bag shows that you are a man of means , not just some beer swiller.
                  Image is very important .

            • Babycatcher55

              Ooooh! 😉

      • Stew Pedaso

        I have a 5 pound bag of Carmex so I can work for that can of chili lol.

        • Mike


      • Really

        I might rent her is she’s hot enough (and I have duct tape for the mouth).

    23. n.o. ;0p

      ummmm …

      we’ve technically been in a very real Recession Since the Fall Crash of the Markets in October 2008 .

      we are now in a Full Blown Depression .

      And the longer they postpone the Crash and Reset of the zog amerikan fiat dollar … the worse it will be for everyone existing under this corrupt diseased banker jew usury ponzi debt system .

      * if you want to survive this you have to simply not participate in it … become your own water bank , food bank , real p.m. money bank and your own private army .

      the empower of one .



      • buttcrackofdoom

        as karl denninger wrote a few months ago(maybe over a year), we been in a depression for several YEARS, if you subtract the printed/borrowed money from the equation …how does printing and borrowing money CONTRIBUTE to GDP?…..yeh, right!

    24. Stew Pedaso

      Thanks Capt Obvious!!!!

      • Warchild Dammit

        Minimal attacks,is the Jack Daniels/too much beer,only things i know that cause blackouts.

      • gatheringbird

        The story of how our grid system could go down for a year and a half by an attack on just 9 power stations was covered on Fox news yesterday. The head of homeland security was talking about how it is a very real possibility that this could happen.

        On a lighter note I tapped my own maple trees this year for the first time and made my own maple syrup, yuuummmm

        • Babycatcher55

          How old do the trees have to be? I have a couple of four year olds…I’m thinking it will still be awhile…

    25. Ted Kennedy

      Flight Attendant, please give me that soda unopened. I don’t want to be drugged and go sleepy time. But, then again I don’t fly 121. Let alone 135. H.H. would be proud without the remake of the bra. Can you hear me now…

      Okie, need that O Key Stink bait yesterday. Channel cat’s are getting ready to wake up. Employees restless…

      • Night Breaker

        Roger that , don’t fly zero dark 30 either
        1 if by land 2 if by sea .

        Every Nation Tells Every Big Event

        Semper Fi 8541

    26. Be informed

      This is critical thinking that the governments of any nation hate the citizens to do.

      The missing plane would be flying on a straight course to a predetermined destination. It would not be zig zagging. It would avoid flying over any populated area that people could see it. If it flew to Pakistan it would have avoided Sri Lanka and India coastlines. If it flew to Yemen or Somalia then the line would be more straight over a three dimensional curved planet of course. 4-5 hours in the air mean that Pakistan and southern Afghanistan would be within range flying at over 600 miles per hour.

      Many people will look within this ring of possibilites. The ONLY way to look at this is to ONLY search the outer ring of this air space that they give on this map. Anything within this ring would assume the plane did not take a straight course to where it was going. Since there was no indication of trouble almost likely it continued to a point within this ring or beyond.

      So anyone interested in looking for the location of the plane should take this ring and beyond it about 500 or so miles out beyond this ring. What someone is looking for would be a building that would be at least 400 feet, prefered 500 feet or more in size. Warehouse type structure probably. It would likely be within 5 miles of a city, but not within the city or town. On the fringes of the city. On the ground you might see some type of disturbance like something large was moved into the building. The best resolution for such a search for the eye to catch something would be 1000-5000 foot scale.

      This is what I have been doing. People sure live in hovels in areas like Yemen. The buildings look nothing like over here, they look like termites have constructed them. Anyway, anyone out there that wants to add a little bit of boredom to their life could look at some of these Google Maps. I imagine that they have a pretty good idea where this plane is and are telling everyone that it is at the bottom of the Indian Ocean to throw everyone off until someone moves on this. Government deception and deceit at its finest.

      • River-Rat

        BI: For what it’s worth, setting here drinking coffee and rolling some 357’s watching the river go by, a thought came to me. As for this missing jet, that puppy is getting a makeover (other airlines) complete. Being gutted and will be fitted with some kind of device to deliver; Bio and/ or Chemo weapon, hey even a nuke who knows for sure until it’s all over. Commercial airliner in the stream flying to some city like everything is just fine, and on approach BOOM party favors everywhere. Just a thought, False Flag to set up some EVIL country and yes even someone setting up the good old U.S.A.

        • Just_Sayin

          Right… because it is much easier to hi-jack a plane in mid-air full of passengers rather than take one off the tarmac. Please stop with the false flag bullshit…you guys divert peoples attention from the task at hand. Try to stay focused.

          • River-Rat

            J_S: Stay focused on what? The pilots took this puppy. If they didn’t I like my crow boiled with the feathers on thank you.

      • Just_Sayin

        Something tells me you don’t go outside a lot… try stepping away from the computer once in a while, it makes my brain hurt to think you are doing this. Lets say you spend the next 5 days doing this and you actually find your warehouse you’re looking for… what then ?

        • River-Rat

          J_S: I live basically outside, free and as for away form your city life as I can get it. If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but if I’m right; got your shots caught UP. Oh I tried living like you once, but it gave me a rash on my A$$.

          • River-Rat

            J_S: I’m sorry was that last one for BI. My comment stills stands. Live Free or die miserable bowing to the master of EVIL.

      • db427

        @ B informed
        man, your determined to find that plane. since you are I would like to add something that may be of importance to you. I think if a plane is flying that low, it’s fuel economy is greatly reduced. I don’t have any rhyme or reason for that thought, other than wind patterns and air density. just a thought.

    27. Ted Kennedy

      Have you been to Yeman? I have… Single Malt only.

      • Night Breaker

        Ted ,

        Semper Fi 8541

      • Night Breaker

        6 is ready to rock.

        Semper Fi 8541

    28. posseecom


      “Since the Ukraine’s IMF debt-slavery deal has failed, and the survival of the current government there looks dismal, the US decided to go for the twofer. Outright destroy as much of Ukraine and Russia as possible by turning Ukraine against Russia.

      One way or another, it’s more loans and interest payments for the worldwide banking cartel.

      The real goal of US and EU is to prevent their monetary collapse by destroying whole countries and then forcing them to borrow and pay interest to rebuild.

      In other words, the cartel exports its monetary collapse. This is why Afghanistan, IRAQ, Libya, Syria, Egypt, and now Venezuela, Ukraine ..”**

      and the beat goes on..



      quote from 0hedge**

    29. Frank Thoughts

      It was the greatest scam and innovation in economic history and it came from the former British prime minister Gordon Brown.

      The architect of the no-holds-barred financialised economy that crashed in 2007/2008 (he called it ‘light tough regulation’), Brown then decided to ‘rescue’ the world economy using a virtual illusion (fully implemented at the G20 in 2009). And this is what we are seeing coming unstuck. The idea was to generate money from thin air to create a simulacrum of an economy at the ‘commanding heights’ in order to dazzle the general public and give cover for politicians to claim the economy was rescued and everything was fine (buying the public’s peace). It also made it possible for politicians to avoid all the hard decisions of actually fixing the economy and creating real wealth.

      It was a virtual solution for a ‘Virtual Generation’. But why do this? The idea was to completely wipe out the old economy and the old ideas of wealth creation and replace it with something else (I will let you guess what that is).

      We are now in a situation where most large companies no longer need to even care about making products or selling products or acquiring customers at all. They make more money from just existing and playing the free money games from the central banks. This explains the puzzling fact the stock market has been completely happy with the current economy.

      So, free market capitalism as most understand it – the creation of goods and services to sell in the marketplace, and where entrepreneurs then keep a portion of their profits – capital – to invest and save – capitalism – is now dead. And this has been by design.

      The final crisis will come shortly and that will require the Big Reboot: a switch to a completely digital, virtual economy run by central computers (thinks NSA, JP Morgan etc.) and the job will be complete. Not a thing will occur without the central computers knowing and giving permission; not a single thing on the planet will exist without being documented and managed through the central computers.

      To reach this stage in economic evolution, the old economy had to be made to commit suicide to discredit itself and so that people would be clamoring for the new virtual economy (just look at the BitCoin hysteria). Already, the majority of the population is now being managed on behalf of the government via JP Morgan (SNAP, unemployment benefits etc.). This first phase is basically complete.

      How close are we to the second phase? Gordon was looking pretty buoyant the other day – ‘Cock of the Walk’ as they say – and London is totally humming with activity. I think we are very, very close.

      • hammerhead

        +10 frank , you are spot on , we are watching the death throws of capitalism .
        As a builder watching people try to get construction loans it is easy to see that a mortgage is just an inconveniece to the banks anymore.
        They make more money playin the “free money games” as you put it .
        And tea , when currency goes virtual thw government control factor will be a killer.
        High blood pressure? Then dont try to buy a bag of chips.
        Overwieght? That gov issued currency card aint gonna let you buy ice cream for damn sure.
        It aint gonna be pretty living under communist control .

    30. watching and waiting

      This administration and the administration before it has used fear and intimidation to get certain laws passed under the guise of keeping America safe.

      We have been in a recession since 2008 and are I believe on the edge of a depression. This administration is fixing the numbers and I believe holding Congress hostage probably under some threat and therefore we have a do nothing Congress.

      Look after yourselves…….The administration is deceiving us.

    31. PO'd Patriot

      For those interested, here’s the site I look at every mourning for PMs and stockmarkets world wide. They’re all bleeding red again today.

    32. freetrapper

      If the plane was hijacked and flowen to another country,could it be loaded with a big bunch of explosves. Then fly it over a country like the USA. EMP

    33. CriticalThought

      Not to disagree that our economy is in trouble, but it is difficult to take an article seriously when the author does not know what GDP is. It is not “Growth Domestic Product”…it is “Gross Domestic Product”, and measures the total sum of goods and services produced by a country, not the total amount of money spent by its citizens. Credit itself is not necessarily a detraction from GDP, and can be used to facilitate increased production in the form of capital. It is the inappropriate categorization of financial implements that can skew the GDP numbers.

    34. n.o. ;0p

      truth –

      ca. rep brad sherman is now on the israehell aipac jew teet bribe gravy-train .

      he’s owned bought and paid for by the zio-jews .

      so don’t put to much faith into his words now .


    35. slingshot

      We just go on with our lives. The problem is out there for all to see, yet we do nothing about it. Denial, Normal Bias, Stupidity. Call it what you want. How long has this been going on? Couple inflation with out of control Consumerism and until the flow of money slows, no New Age Person, will notice. High prices, buy at any price, hits not adjusted for inflation, low income.
      Recession, depression don’t have a lot of weight to them. It is collapse. All you wealth is gone. Either by confiscation of your bank accounts, inability to trade in Precious metals or foreclosure of your business or home by failure to pay monthly installments or raised TAXES.

      TPTB have sent the jobs overseas. Made many people homeless. Hunger has entered many lives. Steal our wealth by covert schemes. Wealth to be spent on foolish projects, given to the ungrateful and to finance and extend the arms of tyranny that many will embrace.

      There will be No Liberty until Morale Improves.

    36. Brandon @ WEB

      They could crash the markets right now. We all know the only reason things appear normal is because of the money printing. If things were ok they would have no need to print money.

      With that said, stopping the printing or a number of other things and the globalists can crash the entire system. My guess is the economy will crash and it will take the world to war.

      That is very historical as well, it seems to be the mantra of Satan’s kids. It happened in WWI and WWII. How did it end? With the founding of the League of Nations at the end of WWI and the founding of the United Nations at the end of WWII.

      This time around it will be the Beast Government of Satan that will bring about world peace. We are knocking on that door my friends.

      • Barn Cat

        I’m waiting for something big to happen with Israel. 2014 and 2015 have blood moons on Jewish feast days. The last two year periods with those started in 1948 when Israel became a nation and 1967 when they captured Jerusalem. I expect the Gog and Magog attack on Israel prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39.

        • JayJay

          ***I’m waiting for something big to happen with Israel***

          I’m waiting for Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo’s earth-shaking news this month about Psychobama and his fraudulent (p)residency.

    37. Vonn

      It is far worse than the above, as we have entered into a true Depression. All the employment and economic numbers are all fake, as the citizens have become so blind as to what reality is. We have NO wealth here in the States, nothing. Infra Structure is in collapse. There are NO jobs, and job creation is total poop. The “crew” in charge is raping what little is left from thee folks that have worked their whole life for. They will seize all private property in the near. This Republic has degraded down the same road as Rhodesia and south Africa, with the very same Liberalist Locusts at the wheel.

    38. Achilles Heel


      Anything going on that’s new? Hmmm lets take a look.

      (Scrolls through articles and comments)

      Nope, same ‘ol same ‘ol. Alrighty, preps in place and verified? Check.

      Back to living the good life while I can.

      -Heel out

    39. slingshot

      Frank and Hammerhead.

      “Virtual Generation” Good one and the implications can be deadly.

      No Ice Cream or chips! Then they can cut off the beer too.

    40. Be informed

      @ db427. When I look at the shear anguish of the families of those passengers I do hope that they are alive. These “hostages’ would be immensely important human shields. That idiot hussein found out in the first Gulf War what happens when you give up your human shields that he had. The U.S. would never have bombed Iraq with Americans at these targets because of the political suicide of doing this. The standoff would have gone on for months or years. The U.S. just doesn’t try to rush in on a hostage situation with hundreds of people unless they think they they are going to be immediately executued.

      IF this plane was hijacked and taken to Somalia, then the ransom angle is definitely what is going to happen as these boats that are hijacked all the time they demand ransom. Many of these terrorists if they don’t want ransom like to parade these poor people in front of the camera threatening to behead them if there demands are not met. This is like some primitive tribe with some trophy or something letting and showing others what they have.

      I could see much value in 200+ people that thought dead, but are alive, and families on their hands and knees screaming and begging their government to do whatever the hostage takers demand. Terrorists would thrive on this type of sick attention.

      ALL these other water airline accidents have had floating material on the surface somewhere. Not even a floating life preserver, not anything. This tells me that that plane is in a hangar like hammerhead says. Probably in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, or Somalia. And that they have these valauable hostages that they will use for ransom or some political world show to get the attention their group so desperately seeks. 200+ hostages thought dead, would get 24/7 news coverage from every station on the planet. What better means of getting someone’s terrorist group the focus totally on them as possible?

      • db427

        @ Be informed
        I agree with your reasoning, and your compassion for the families, but this to me is different. whether the plane landed or crashed, I think the passengers are dead already, I think whoever ‘they’ are, wanted just the plane itself for future plans. the 200+ parade would bring too much unwanted attention this time around. this could be a test run on plane retention on the small scale, and if they somehow got that down, the 200+ would be a small investment.
        I think we will not hear of this plane again for some time, but more likely, more disappearing in similar fashion.

        • Be informed

          @ db427. I hope that these passengers are alive. It just seems logical to me to keep them alive IF the plane was landed. Remember in the Iraq war how al-qaeda went out looking for Americans, anyone that they could use on video to further their terror. Then these sadists would film the beheadings. These people would be more prized than anything ever before because the whole world would want everyone of them to be reunited with their families.

          About the lower altitude. Yes there is more resistance at lower elevations, but we don;t really know how much fuel was actually in the plane. This plane fully loaded can travel almost half way around the planet. IF it had 6 hours worth of fuel in it, the plane could easily make it to the deserts of Pakistan in the eastern part of the country. I have even thought of Sri Lanka as a possible point even if the island is so jungle like. Until there is a debris field the assumption needs to be considered that the plane did land somewhere and that hopefully for the the families of all those people, they are being held as hostages.

    41. Sgt. Dale

      Recession for the people that are working. Depression for those that are not working!
      What we have is a make believe economy.
      The economy stopped breathing but the brain hasn’t died yet!

    42. jimbo

      Thanks for keeping it real Mac!:)

    43. nony mouse

      Brad Sherman (D-California):
      Curbs (Circuit Breakers). Put in place in 1987. Bigger dam.

    44. nony mouse

      Another thing just touched on is that the money is being pissed away. We’re not building dams, bridges, reactors, or even moon launches. We’re just paying investment bankers off so they can run up the stock market and blow money. It not really even helping out the losers/takers. At least if we did CCC type stuff and built something then the takers could become makers.

    45. JayJay

      interesting, but not real news–most here know technology is being withheld due to greed.

    46. John Dickinson

      They could really cut you off from buying beer?….say it isn’t so!

    47. southside

      Question: Is it a good idea to store canned evaporated milk? If so, how long? Thanks.

    48. major

      The Government has been back peddling as fast as they can since before Clinton to desperately hide the truth. We have undoubtedly the biggest pack of cowards and scoundrels in Congress ever to take office in the US. Do they really think that the pitiful stockpile of ammunition Homeland security is accumulating is going to stop 300 million pissed off people? Do they really think that 2,000,000 military people who took an oath to defend the Constitution are going make war on their own neighbors to defend the likes of Obama, Reid or Pelosi? The worst political criminals of our time.

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