This Is The Funniest And Most Insightful Meme You’ll See This Week: Bill Clinton Vs. Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Headline News | 34 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    This pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?



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      1. Clinton is falling apart.

        • Now imagine that picture of Bill Clinton is America

          That how bad shit is going to get when Hillary is President.

          She’s going to suck the life and soul right out of this country.

          • Bill looks like he has AIDS. Most likely caught from prostitutes.

            • I would have to agree: I worked with a lot of HIV/AIDS patients in the late 80s/90s during the big epidemic. Would explain his obsession with the subject (cheap drugs for Africa).

              The best solution to the spread of HIV is keeping your d#ck in your pants, but good luck telling that to horny gays and horny Africans with their multiple partners and “all African women are sisters” outlook.

              • Ever notice all politicians look like absolute hell after a while? I mean all of them. I guess being a lying ass thief anti american sellout j*w cooksooker takes a big toll huh?

                • Billy looks like my balls.

                  • Your balls look like they need medical attention.

                    • Or Monica attention.

              • When they said he lost a lot of weight and tried to say it was ordered by his doctor, the first thing I thought about was HIV. That is what I suspect.

            • Bill will be trying to screw every intern in the WH. So will Hillary. LMFAO. Yeah Bill looks pretty baked.



          • Hagar rocks! He was rockin waaayyy before Van Failen too. I liked Montrose and his solo stuff better than Halen…

            • I saw hagar in Tahoe in august and at 68 he still rocks. I highly recommend seeing him next august in Tahoe.

              Clinton looks like a ninety year old by comparison.

              I really do not wish death on anybody(although considering what Hillary will put the country through its hard not to with her before the election). however, I would not be surprised to see that Hillary and bill don’t live thru their first term.

          • Anonymous, damn right. I know I look better than Bill. LOL!

      2. Not if we can help it !!!!

      3. Anonymous, Obullshit has already gone a long way on that. The hildebeast will just take up where he leaves off. Won’t be as much for her to do. That was an interesting comparison between ol’ Billy boy and Sammy Hagar. Hagar looks real good for his age. But Bill…..I would almost say poor MF but…..Oh hell, what I am thinking? Bill doesn’t deserve any sympathy. He deserves to get castrated and drown in his own blood. I’m sure any of his victims would love to do that. I don’t blame them one bit.

      4. Very funny!:) Hillary isn’t looking that hot either if you compare her to privileged rich people her age.

        Bill would look half his age if he didn’t have HIV and was boning a 35 year old who understood his ‘needs’.

        Rock stars have it right: there is a sell-by date on most women. Apart from the odd exceptional one, most women go to complete hell past 45, when the sex stops and they stop taking care of their bodies and being sexy and sexual. You want to get off that cart before then or have an ‘arrangement’: you get younger girlfriends and the wife gets quiet nights in with the latest Masterpiece Theater episode and a glass of wine.

        You are back late Sunday night:

        Wife: Well, who was it tonight?
        You: What do you mean?
        Wife: You know the hell what I mean!!
        You: Okay, okay: it was Wang Fing, my new intern. I was just helping her with the ropes before the big Monday morning meeting. She’s just great: full of life, is a contortionist and yoga freak.
        Wife: Uh, huh. Well, just keep Ding Dong away from here. Your dinner is in the microwave: I’m going to bed.
        You: Okay, I just need to Skype and will be in the den.
        Wife: Uh, huh. Just pay the bills a-hole: I do not care what you do with your time.
        You: Great, thanks!:)

        • last line SHOULD have said “i LOVE you, honey”….otherwise, you were SPOT-ON.

      5. Sammy used protection with all his Bimbos, Billy didn’t. just ask Sammy he will tell you, or ask Bill he will lie to you.
        Hitlery didn’t use protection with her bimbos. and Bill caught it from her.



        • STDs Always the enemy in the camp. Beware.

      6. Shows you who is smarter for sure!

      7. There was a guy in Arkansas that supposively raped a relative of the Clintons. Wayne Dumont. some one did cut his balls off.

      8. Plus Sammy isn’t dying from AIDS..

      9. The one on the right looks like an extra from the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

      10. That just made me laugh out loud in a restaurant. Made my day !!

      11. Hagar doesn’t have AIDS !!

      12. If Aides was made in a lab as part of germ warfare, and if the Clintons die from it, the History books will record this era for what it is, a time of scientific and technological advancement with simultaneous moral and ethical decay and several hundred years of wars.


      13. Bill got AIDS when he partied with the gay prostitutes while hanging out with the Bush family at the Bohemian Grove.

      14. Is this one of those scary clowns everyone’s been talkin’ about?

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