This Is The Brink Of World War: “Hostilities Have Commenced… There Is Little Time Before The Missiles Begin To Fly”

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    As of this writing, the U.S. has (in effect) truly commenced with hostilities and effectively stepped off on a war footing with Russia.  Vice President Joe Biden is the figurehead on this play; Biden came out and said this:

    In an NBC interview excerpt released Friday, Biden paused and gave a wry smile when asked why the US has not acted a week after US officials formally accused the Russian government of trying to interfere with the 2016 White House race.

    “We’re sending a message” to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden said, smiling and nodding his head gently.

    “We have the capacity to do it and the message will be sent. He’ll know it and it will be at the time of our choosing and under the circumstances that have the greatest impact.”

    Asked whether the public will know, Biden responded tersely: “I hope not.”

    AFP, The Hill “Biden: ‘We’re sending a message’ to Putin,” 10/15/16

    Officials with the CIA have actually stated that the goal for the Obama administration on these measures was a “clandestine” cyber-attack designed to “harass and embarrass” the Kremlin, according to NBC News sources.  This reprisal comes after accusations that Russia has hacked into DNC e-mails and is trying to influence the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump, although no evidence was presented that concretely links Russia to the e-mails.

    The official accusation came from the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence.  DHS already “prepositioned” itself in this regard, as can be seen in an October 1, 2016 article by Elizabeth Dexheimer entitled Wary of Election Hacks, U.S. Urges States to Get Security Help.  Here is a quote from Jeh Johnson, the head of DHS from that article:

    “The agency is ready to provide any assistance to help states secure their systems, if they request it.  These challenges aren’t just in the future — they are here today.  In recent months, malicious cyber-actors have been scanning a large number of state systems, which could be a preamble to attempted intrusions. In a few cases, we have determined that malicious actors gained access to state voting-related systems.”

    So now the U.S. government is going to actively pursue Cyberwarfare against Russia for the stated purposes of harassing and embarrassing the Kremlin.

    This is on the heels of a second strike against the Russian Embassy in Damascus, Syria on October 12, 2016 that came under attack for two hours with mortar fire.  This is an indirect proxy attack by the U.S. using the terrorist groups Jabhat Fateh al-Sham [former Al-Nusra Front] and Failak ar-Rahman, both of which are armed and supplied by the U.S.  President Obama was supposed to meet with his advisors concerning the potential for further U.S. airstrikes in Syria, a meeting that the results have not been released as of this time.  Today (Saturday 10/21/16) Russian Minister Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry are supposed to meet to try and bring a ceasefire in Syria back to the table.

    In the meantime, the Russians are sending an entire carrier group, headed by the flagship carrier of the Russian Navy, the Admiral Kuznetsov and its supporting naval vessels from Severomorsk, next to Finland, all the way around Europe and through the Straits of Gibraltar and on to Tartus in Syria.  This was reported by The Telegraph in an article Posturing Russians to send Aircraft Carrier and Fleet Along the English Channel.  To make matters worse, the British Royal Navy is going to deploy to the north of Ireland and conduct bombing drills…in the exact vicinity where the Russian convoy intends to pass.  (See photo below)


    Now while all of this is occurring, the Iranian Navy has sent two destroyers to Yemeni waters where a U.S. Navy warship has drawn rocket fire by Yemeni rebels with the support of Iran.  It is well-known that the Iranians have fielded troops in Syria, and they have actively engaged in advising Assad’s forces for more than a year.  As of this writing, Obama is considering military action in Yemen against these rebels who are supported by Iran.

    If that isn’t enough, the THAAD anti-ballistic missile system is being shipped to aid Japan and South Korea, the latter nation also requesting tactical nuclear weapons from the U.S. to repel a North Korean land invasion and/or missile attack.  China and North Korea are in an uproar over the THAAD system’s deployment to the region, with repeated threats issued by Kim Jung-Un to strike the U.S. and its allies in the region with nuclear weapons.

    Add to this a very ominous comment on Steve Quayle’s website under “Q-Alerts,” posted yesterday on October 14th that is worth reading, as posted here:


    Anonymous posted:

    “I rotate through Diego Garcia every 6 weeks to pull maintenance on
    uplink equipment as a private contractor.  Something big is going on, the island has more aircraft than any time in the last 9 years. They have blocked off some access roads and are now parking aircraft on the road. Barriers have been set up around the aircraft areas. Temporary barracks and hangers are popping up everywhere. A tent city full of AF and Navy maintenance personnel has also been set up.

    I have never seen B1s and B2s there at the same time. Actually I have
    never seen more than 1 there at a time.  Security is nuts I had to show my id at least 8 times a day.  My coworker is former AF and said they are like that when nukes are around. We counted over a dozen air refueling tankers on the ground. The airfield had a take-off or landing every 15 minutes, very busy. When we flew out we waited in line for quite a while. We never had to wait in the past.

    The Navy had the docks full of ships and 6 to 8 more were moored just off shore. We watched many pallets of bombs being off loaded from one ship.  There were a bunch of B-52’s coming in that were painted flat black. I have not seen that before.”         Oct 14, 2016

    To note: Diego Garcia is a U.S. Air Force base on an island just south of India.  Obviously the commenter sees the seriousness of such movements as a key indicator the U.S. is both increasing its presence around the North Korea-South China Sea area with the potential to reach Russia as well.

    The U.S. and its allies are deliberately provoking Russia.  Biden, proving himself a politician and not a statesman has announced a deliberate action against Russia, threatening her with a Cybersecurity attack, courtesy of the CIA.  There is clearly little time before the words cease and the missiles begin to fly.  The true ignominy in all of this is that hundreds of millions of lives are at risk because of (Un)American politicians willing to place power and agenda over the welfare of noncombatants.  It is ironic that they themselves are also noncombatants; however, they will be sheltered and supplied when the missiles begin to fly, unlike the rest of us who are on our own when WWIII begins.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Let’s hope that sanity will prevail. Otherwise these assholes on both sides are going to kill billions of people.

        I guess it’ll be Donald Trump’s fault since he has all those ties to Russia.

        • Good sense has indeed prevailed up until now. The Russian media revealed that we came within hours of a hot war between NATO and Russia just a week ago. It was thanks to a few US Patriots who stood up and said ‘NO’ that we are still having this conversation.
          The US was hours away from a massive strike on Syria (and Russian air and missile bases in Syria) when the plan was leaked was to the Russians via ‘American Channels’.
          I put out a humble video on my channel as a special thanks to these guys. I know they will never hear my thanks, but I felt complelled to put out a message on the wind just the same. We really were just hours away from the point of no return, yet the western media ignored it.
          Hopefully other patriots (including the in the UK whos goverment is equally trying to get something started) will stand up and say ‘NO’ too.
          If not, then may God have mercy on us all.

          • Jeh Johnson DHS is a hand picked zion-ist puppet.

            He wants into American business computers so he can protect you from the boogieman.

            Its all a FRAUD. Scare tactics. Give them Nothing No access. F-You.

            -WWTI… They will steal your intellectual Property, back door and hand it off to Israel, then crash your computers.

            No Thanks.

            • And DHS coukd then manipulate all state elections with access to states computers.

              98% of all DHS Security Grants handed out, goes exlusively to Jewish organizations. None to Christians or schools and universaties where 52% of attacks occur.

              The fix is in, the rape and pillage of America, by you know who, has been going on for decades. Had enough yet?.


              • Ya I’ve had enough a long time ago but I refuse to be a martyr for a bunch of retards lol.

              • Just curious? If it is all about the jews then why has BHO and crew devastated Israel during his entire tenure ? Your thesis makes no sense at all. But I would ask the same question of all those who think the jews are the root of all evil.

                • Ya devestated them with a 38 billion dollar gift lol.

            • If someone good wants access they will GET access. I’ve been in I.T. for 20 years and I’m still learning. I’m learning how to shred a network. Even a noob at hacking like me can do it. Folks need to be paranoid about their electronic security. It’s not like the movies, but it’s doable. Watch Mr. Robot. Everything in that TV show can be done like shown.

            • Jeh Johnson is a converted Muslim! The friggin place is crawling with muslimes since Obama took office.

            • Looks to me like a whole bunch of brown people are going to try to kill off a whole bunch of white people, especially those of The Christian Faith. Wars are for killing people. Usually, the more the better (depends on which side your on though).

              We live in exciting times! Just think! In less than one hour’s time we could all but totally (or even TOTALLY), lay waste to the earth and all inhabitants, save for those miles deep in the oceans and interior regions. Then, with no power we could not only enjoy a winter without heat (for the greater majority), but we could have ETERNAL CLOUD COVER FOR DECADES (NUCLEAR WINTER) meaning we could enjoy temperatures below -50F year-round. (Being from Maine, I’ve lived through periods of cold or storms that got as low as ‘minus seventy-degrees-below-zero’ …and I tell you I’d much rather be dead, but with my luck I’ll survive and perhaps find a cave to heat.

              What does one eat when all goods have been used, the soil cannot grow anything (too ‘raddy’ toxic and under 500 feet of radioactive snow (throw in some volcanic ash) and it puts the kabosh on most summer gardens). Too cold too!

              Diego Garcia is a military “best kept secret”, and always has been. If it is true that all of what we read (above) is truly going on, then THAT is called “Staging” …which means we are setting the stage for a major blowout, and Diego Garcia IS “the chosen” staging area. (I’ve never seen that place with too much of anything sitting around the airfields such as described).

              If it is true, then you bet Russia is fully aware of what sits in Diego Garcia and is “at the ready” to deal with it as quickly as possible. If we make “first strike” (first blood) then Russia would hold nothing back (over there OR upon America). DC and Moscow would be “glow-holes” for centuries …about four or five of them. Europe would be interspersed with destruction, because THEY would need to “get onboard” or come out on the wrong end of a war.

              Any way ya cut it, looks like the brown-skins have a grand-slam shot at taking out the majority of whites, and taking over two or more nations at the same time.

              This week could really suck by Friday…

          • The Russians have the good sense to know that if they do something stupid they will likely get killed.
            Many of the Arabs don’t have that good sense. They believe profoundly that Allah will protect them non believers but never mention protecting themselves from their own ignorance of the actual consequences involved.
            It comes down to this.
            Russians are well educated in the world of consequences and science. Muslims (the less educated ones and there are MANY of that category) don’t think past what they hear during Salah (Prayer).

            • Nevertheless, war is weeks away.

          • BHO and crew have been provoking Russia for a long while. Is it possible BHO and crew are trying to force some sort of action that will allow martial law to be imposed here in USSA today ? Makes sense to me for many reasons given their many criminal acts and sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies.

            The build up at Diego is very concerning. Last week I saw an article at ZH, where many of the articles here come from, where Putin put out a directive to all Russians in foreign countries as well as government officials to come home and get their children back to Russia. So something is up. The Russians are fully aware of any buildup at Diego or else where for sure. Before they will allow themselves to be attacked under any circumstance they will either launch an EMP on us or have a surrogate state do it. BHO and crew may well get a few hundred million or more people killed

        • Its quite ironic that the players in the 1960s Vietnam war protests such as John Kerry and Hillary are hawks. Its even more interesting that Democrats, so peace loving when a Republican is in office, are viciously supportive of one of their own rattling the saber. The ignorance of the issues and motives coupled with naive trust that a great percentage of the public has in support of a de-facto “my team”, makes one wonder just how far mankind has progressed from primitive tribalism. The spear has given way to nuclear weapons with no improvement in control.

          Sorry for the expletive but sometimes its warranted as no words acceptable for admission in Webster’s Dictionary can possibly convey the proper description of current events.

          This Is Fucking Madness.

          • Isn’t simply amazing that Pacifists turn into RADICAL Hawks once in office.

            That just tells me that it is not about philosophy but about POWER. Hillary (et al) think they have enough now to flex their political muscle at will.

            • Heres a post and reply from several articles ago worth repeating:

              Frank Thoughts says:
              Comment ID: 3621953
              October 17, 2016 at 11:01 am

              I am a great admirer of Nazi Germany: it was the most innovative, modern society in its time. They broke new ground in all areas – science, engineering, medicine, geopolitics, genetics, rocketry etc. This was why the US and the Soviet Union both stole this intellectual property and used it to create the prosperity periods of the 1950s and 1960s. Name it – landing on the moon, US global hegemony, the Vietnam war etc. – and it could not have been done without Nazi thinking. We have been living on the fumes of that period today and this is the main reason why we are seeing dead economic growth and social and economic decline.

              And this is the main reason why the Reich must rise again: the world needs to enter a new renaissance of thinking and doing. Glorious architecture that levitates the human spirit; heroic deeds that raise mankind. Intellectual feats so far unheard of. But this is being blocked by many ignorant groups – the so-called ‘deplorables’, the kneegrows, the third world gimme dats etc.

              We need the one true global candidate to get in and auger in this special period. So many technologies need driving forward, so much science is being squandered by the current stagnation brought about by the iron grip of interest groups and a fear of offending minorities etc. We can eliminate all genetic diseases; no longer do children need to be born with handicaps or mental or physical deficiencies. They can truly all be supermen and superwomen. We are there with the science. We can also bring the global population – finally – in balance with our planet and its resources. We can focus on the best people and truly make the human experience a wonderful one. None of this is possible if we allow populations to continue to grow out of control in much of the world. It is not possible if people are allowed to be born with low IQs or from poor quality groups. Today, the only country that even comes close to these ideals is China.

              No longer do populations need to be ugly or obese. High quality human forms can be guaranteed when the egg is fertilized. We are at a cross roads: create a renaissance like the Nazis did with the one true global candidate, or see the planet boil over in ignorance, filth, hatred, war and violence.

              I know who I would vote for to make this happen.
              Genius says:
              Comment ID: 3622113
              October 17, 2016 at 6:54 pm

              Frank, I am inclined to agree. Why have a planet overpopulated with low IQ mudsharks. Most people freak out at the mention of such an idea and they are the ones that perpetuate the death of earth and the acceptance of stupidity and ignorance. Let those who are alive now live out their life and save 4-5 hundred million exceptional people to replace them. Dig all the banned tech out and have free energy and planet friendly goods. It truly would be as close to paradise as we will ever be but the mudsharks won’t hear of it. Thanks for posting this ideology, it is in reality about the only way to ever have a long term planet supporting, healthy, educated, happy (as long as it isn’t ruled by psycos)place. But it seems we are doomed to wallow in shit forever because of the ignorance and irresponsibility of mudsharks ?

              • I don’t like the entire super race idea. Interestingly the mud people that Hitler hated have Nobel Prizes for Science and Medicine disproportionate to their number.

                • I refer to useless eaters and over breeders as mudsharks (like a turd in a toilet). Not affilliated with race but with useless turds.

                  • and of course, you and frank don’t include yourselves in said rabble.

                    can’t go there guys

                    slippery slope

                    who decides??????????

                    better yet, maybe you two would like to volunteer to be sterilized/exterminated first.

                    set the example for us?

                    • Actually I am fixed. No unwanted kids to be had because I am RESPONSIBLE! Maybe that post sounds harsh but it really isn’t. What is harsh is the continuing bullshit that humanity inflicts on itself and the planet. Do you have a better idea? I would love to hear it! Can some form of sanity be had or just the continuity of this death spiral and misery we have now? Please think this through and answer. I don’t agree with everything Hitler did but a lot of his ideology was good imo. Either we get on a program to save the human race or we just slowly all die a most horrible death and take everything with us. Please do give your input as to what the answer is, thanks….

                    • your term “useless eater” is of concern. Who decides who is useless??

                      your term (“save 4-5 hundred million exceptional people”) is of concern. Who decides who is exceptional??

                      “death spiral and misery” have ALWAYS been on planet earth. Always will be.

                      Jesus says
                      Mt 26:11 For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.
                      Mr 14:7 For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always.

                      Jesus says we may do good to the poor as we will. Even God says it is better to give and take care of the poor.

                      Ps 68:10 Thy congregation hath dwelt therein: thou, O God, hast prepared of thy goodness for the poor.

                      Ps 82:3 Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy. Ps 82:4 Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the hand of the wicked. Ps 82:5 They (the poor) know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.

                      Believe me when I say, the way some people act is repugnant. They want it all w/o working for it. The way some government leaders behave, world over, is just evil.

                      That said, we have no right to decide who lives and who dies. That’s just the way it is and rightly so.

                      We need to do the best we can in our little corner of the world.

                      This will not satisfy you, I’m sure. You may even think I am simplistic in my answer. But sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer.

                      Ps 140:12 I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the afflicted, and the right of the poor…

                      we need only serve Him. ’tis the best way. God’s way.


                • Kevin2…….You again posted the nobel crap by some of your beloved Zionist Jews. This race (the Jews) is not being hated because they are Jews, they are being hated because of the corruption they being with them to any country who hosted them in a good faith.

                  You do write good and valid posts but as long as you are not awaken as who has raped the societies and counties including the US of A, you are another idiot among the herd of zombies.

                • As if nobel prizes and PHDs or MBAs have anything to do with intelligence or human decency ?

              • Yeah…them Nazis were great. It took real genius to design methods for mass slaughter of human beings in gas chambers and then to dispose of them by burning their bodies in ovens was such a nice touch.

                Great bunch them Nazis.

                • anonymous5… Who said the mass slaughter even took place and most importantly it was against humans?

                  • I guess the many films of concentration camp victims from the 40s and soldiers who were live witnesses were all fake . Hey ? And the films of piles of bodies as they were shot in trenches ?

                    Your kind of thinking is dangerous to say the least and I will fight to the death to keep it from ever happening again to anybody. I say fuck you for even saying such shit !

              • Staggering. Imbecilic. And factually wrong. Was Edison one of Hitler’s? Bell? Fleming? Curie? Einstein? Neils Bohr? Moreover, many of the inventions were German, not Nazi. You not only espouse one of the most evil, murderous regimes to infect history, you make a category mistake. And anyone with even a cursory knowledge of history knows that a massive number of Germans – e.g., Rommel, were German rather than Nazi.

                I have read a lot of ignorant things here, and realize there are a lot of Nazi supporters on this site, but that doesn’t make it any more reasonable. Nor does it change the fact that the Nazis were National SOCIALISTS, who adopted explicitly socialist planks at their very first convention, Munich, Feb. 1920. Apparently you think socialism works. It doesn’t.

                And your apologia for the Nazis is truly as evil as was Heinrich Himmler, Xyclon B, Dachau, the obliteration of Warsaw, the Hilary-esque false flag lie of Gleiwitz, etc.

                • I never said I approve of their methods, don’t put words in my mouth. I said I approve of many of the ideologies. Read my reply above and see if you have something to say about that. I’m all ears…

                  • Whatever the nazis did is nothing compared to what is going to happen to us all in the future if we don’t get off this bandwagon of overpopulation and consumption. Imagine the entire world starving to death and everyone is at war for resources and everything is contaminated with all kinds of deadly shit. Makes the ideology above look pretty good huh?

            • Democrats are progressives. That may sound redundant but progressives is the new name for the communist party. The slimeballs are still trying to create a one world government where the elite (ie communist party members) run the world with everyone else as serfs.

              Please keep this in mind and if we go to war the first thing to do is to massacre every progressive in office to rid ourselves of much of the scourge.

              • the term “progressive” isn’t new. it refers to a method, not a group. even conservatives can be “progressive”,
                just a slow and sneaky way to make changes.
                This is mentioned in the declaration of independence:

                “..experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

                It is also discussed in the ‘communist manifesto’ by marx and engalls as a way to get communism instituted.
                This is how and why we have so many millennials thinking that socialism is a good thing…

            • The greatest hypocrite is John Kerry. Former head of Vietnam Vets Against The War and since becoming a US Senator and then Secretary of State he hasn’t found a war he didn’t approve of. Peace loving Democrats, what a crock.

          • Kevin2, spot on about “freakin’ madness”. Once again I apologize for any differences we’ve had in the past, but I always enjoy your posts. You’re one of the more sane posters here. It also burns me that people like the hildebeast and Kerry have no problems sending our kids off to some illegitimate conflict to be either maimed or killed but wouldn’t go themselves or let their kids be sent to war. “It must really be nice to be an elitist.” [SARCASM DEFINITELY INTENDED ON THAT LAST SENTENCE]

        • If they don’t blame Trump, then they will blame fake global warming like they always do. The point is, that cyber hacking goes two ways – people should have a generator or similar to allow them to function during a blackout caused by cyber hacking

          BTW, I guess Hillary’s stupid reset button with Russia didn’t work…

          • “In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging.

            A shady coordinated communications chain between the DNC, Clinton Campaign, Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC (Priorities) and other organizations are revealed. A key Clinton operative is on camera saying, “It doesn’t matter what the friggin’ legal and ethics people say, we need to win this motherfu**er.”


            • I could not watch it all.

            • thank you mom. very enlightening. watched it all.

              • This “bird-dogging” (Demorats being sent to Trump Rallys to stir up hate and cause trouble and just “dirty shit” being pulled by Hillary’s “bullies” (of a sort).

                They are phreaking insane and need a shot of lead, straight up.

            • The full link, if you need, for KYM’s post above is at 16 min, from Project Veritas
              If the word “Nazi Brownshirt thugs” comes to mind, you are not alone! Very important to watch!!

              James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has released evidence proving Democrats regularly use trained provocateurs to instigate violence at GOP rallies, and more specifically, at Trump’s rallies. This evidence comes out of the mouths of the Dems themselves, recorded undercover.
              One guy named Scott Foval, the National Field Director at Americans United for Change actually admitted on video, “We have mentally ill people that we pay to do shit, make no mistake.” Kind of funny since he also Tweets about, “Stop the party of hate.”

        • Readout of the President’s National Security Council Meeting

          President Obama today convened his National Security Council to review progress in the campaign to degrade and destroy ISIL and efforts to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. The President’s team highlighted our continued prosecution, together with our global partners, of an aggressive campaign against ISIL that includes military, intelligence, law enforcement, and diplomatic efforts. The President emphasized that preventing attacks on the United States and countering terrorist threats from ISIL and al-Qa’ida in Syria remains the top priority. He also was updated on Coalition efforts to apply simultaneous pressure against ISIL across Syria and Iraq. Additionally, the President’s team apprised him of ongoing discussions with allies and partners about the violence in western Syria and the Asad regime’s brutal campaign against its own people. Although the United States suspended bilateral channels with Russia in pursuit of a Cessation of Hostilities, the President directed his team to continue multilateral discussions with key nations with a vested interest in the region to encourage all sides to support a more durable and sustainable diminution of violence and, more broadly, a diplomatic resolution to the civil war.

        • What’s does Israel stand to gain in all this?

        • Okay, let me ask these questions:

          Have there been call-ups of reservists in the US, UK or Russia?

          Have there been cancellations of leave across the armed services and police forces in the above countries?

          Has there been recalls of recent retirees to the militaries and emergency services in the above countries?

          Have any of them severed diplomatic relations and recalled their diplomats?

          Have sudden shortages in essentials medications or food supplies been reported in any of these countries?

          For me, until those things occur, we are not yet on the brink. And believe me, I am scared witless on the basis of where I live.

          • Yes, to most of your questions, but only in relation to Russia, not US or UK.

      2. Cyber warfare between the USA and Russia (and China) is nothing new. It happens all the time. No nuclear war.


        • DK

          In my almost 60 years, and reading US history well before that, I have never ever heard a US 4 Star General, during what is legally ‘Peace Time”, speak in such warlike terms, threatening perceived, largely created enemies, and boldly, proudly, and quite Hitler-ish state how badly we will destroy them. Its 1938 and all that is missing is the pounding of a fist and the speaking of German

          These aren’t remotely normal times. What we’re witnessing is unprecedented.

          • Kevin2, my enemies are NOT in Moscow. They are in DC, NY, Hollyweird, City Of London. The neocons need to be stopped by any means possible.

            • The means is an educated electorate. Remember the 1960s poster. “What happens if they held a war and nobody came”?

              • Kevin, you’re familiar with the the addage about leading a horse to water and then trying to get him to drink. All that information has been available for years. Getting people to learn it has been the challenge.
                Face it, the average person doesn’t WANT to “know” about anything that will come between them and their TV. We’re the same way to some extent. We want a peaceful resolution to our problems. We want it so fervently we ignore history and the record of past resolutions of similar problems.
                Simply put — if we want peace, we must be prepared to fight for it!

            • Ooooooooh! You’re such a man!!!

              • “You don’t get into a pissing contest with a skunk”.

                Lech Walesa and Vaslav Havel used the above strategy to great success while Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 failed.

          • “Its 1938 and all that is missing is the pounding of a fist and the speaking of German”

            Given the current circumstances, if you were in Russia’s shoes, what would you think?

          • K2: I guess you never heard a speech by Air Force Gen. Curtis Le May.

            Be afraid when the bellicose talk stops. 🙂

        • ” No nuclear war.”
          I hope you’re right. But I think you’re speculating.
          You don’t see the future any more than anyone else.
          It is not an impossibility, DK.

          • Nothing is impossible. This is just not probable. Its highly unlikely. Neither Russia NOR China can project and sustain their power in any quality or quantity very far from their borders except by nuclear war.

            Nuclear war is mutual suicide. And America still dominates the high ground with its Space Plane armed with an extremely powerful laser energy weapon that can see and shoot down and destroy ICBM’s as they lift off launchers.

            Putin is neither insane nor stupid. Nuclear war, when it comes, more likely originates in Pakistan, India, Korea, or in the Gulf between Arabs. 🙁

        • @durangokidd…..

          To this point the cyber warfare has been benign as doing actual harm to human beings.

          But if it escalates to the point of seriously damaging infrastructure like taking down the powergrid, then you can bet that retaliation will be severe.

          • The US would not say it and publish it through an official channel if it really intended to do anything at all, let alone a cyber attack.

            Joe was just shooting off his mouth again, as he often does. No one takes Joe seriously, American or Russian. You shouldn’t either. 🙁

        • Durango – I too would say BS if it weren’t for the supposed “STAGING” (if the reports are correct), is what’s going on in Diego Garcia, and it’s our prime real estate for warring with any part of Europe. Everything in Europe has been staged in Diego Garcia (it used to be that Navy Communications Technicians back then we called them “O” “A” “T” and “M” Branchers. Highly classified gig that I’ll not touch on at all here, but let it suffice to say they ARE stationed there (and can pinpoint precisely what is doing down in any area.

          China MUST have had some sort of “heads up” or they would not have built their island so damn fast shouldn’t we think? What ever could cause them to outfit a tiny island with nukes? Stop ALL ‘water-trade’ or be nuked while trying?

          I think the world needs a drink…

          • Equatorial: The USA does not need Diego Garcia to war in Europe as our troops are stationed ALL over Europe. Diego Garcia is a projection of American power into the GULF, primarily; South Asia, and East Africa.

            China’s extension into the South China Sea and specifically onto these island chains, are the NATURAL expansion of a Great Power, even if it has been done illegally.

            Nothing to see here move along. 🙂

      3. Ummm…that ‘guy’ in DG would be off his rocker to give such detail about him (rotate every 6 weeks for uplink stuff??) Really??? They’ll peg him in about 2 seconds flat with that post. I call BS on that ‘report’.

        But also not as if the whole world can’t see the build up but no one else has commented on it. Still, can’t see this guy risking his job/security clearance for frigging Steve Quayle.

        • You think only that “guy” has intel?
          You don’t think Russia has Satellites?
          Any “enemies” likely had info before planes were on the deck or ships tied to dock.

          The current year is 2016. Not Dec 7, 1941.
          Eyes are in the sky. Everyone has Eyes in the sky. You can even buy your own time thanks to Israel private Sat market place.
          Radiation monitors in the Sat Birds track movement of anything and everything radioactive hot.

          The only people kept in the dark are the Civilian population of western countries.
          Because Obama wants a war. Obama wants to remain in office.
          Or if he leaves he wants to get US in a war to destroy us All. He HATES America.
          Obama is an Anti American TRAITOR. A severe threat to US National Security and world peace. Hillary is much worse.

          We have seen nothing yet. These Criminal, Genocidal, Socio Path, TRAITOR USSA and Western politicians will continue until civilization is in ashes and ruin. All gone.

          Russia is being provoked. Russia will not flinch. Read your history. If Russia feels cornered Russia will first strike to gain the advantage. China-Russia joint first strike is your likely future, courtesy of US TRAITOR Politicians running the gobment.

          Hope i am wrong. Hope and Prayers are All you have left when destruction is imminent. You better Pray. Not sure about that hope?

          But then again, Steve Quayle is UNRELIABLE Opportunist Fear Monger. My Past experience with this guys “intel/heads up”. “The sky is falling.”–Per Steve Quayle
          Mostly Bravo Sierra.

          Doubt this post is allowed but here it is.

          • decent post tommy….most of it i agree with….just sittin’ here waiting for the bombs to fall….like i been for over ten years now….you KNOW it’s all about the FED, and the debt that we CAN’T pay back…we need a war to get out of this shitstorm they created over a hundred years ago, but is snow-balling as we speak…it’s a shame we didn’t take our medicine 10 years ago…we could have gotten away with a mild depression, now it’s the end…probly for decades….but there WILL be an end to it, so there’s always hope….and change…LMFAO at myself!(and obammy,….and americans that fell for it, for that matter)…..after all, he DID do a lot of what we “wished for”…..careful. i HOPE i didn’t sugarcoat all this news too much for y’all.

        • I think you are right. Even a Democrat could find this person in a minute. This story seems like a plant.

        • what makes you think he tells the truth about who/where/why he’s there?….maybe he’s dumb and outing himself, or maybe he’s smart and creating a story for cover?….sure sounds plausible to me….i’m takin’ it with a grain of salt requiring a dumptruck to get home, but i sure as hell aint gonna say no way to this story….you’re TALKIN’ like a troll???????…………….are you a troll?

          • Bcod, I think he’s wwti under another of dozens of screen names.

            • If he hates Jesus and won’t stop ranting about it, it probably is.

              • Jesus is your ONLY hope.
                You better get on that Prayer.
                Divine intervention is Only thing that will save your ass…. or your soul.

                America has been over run by Traitors.
                Traitors are in control of US. Corrupt criminals in charge.
                Media-Fed/State/Local Governments-Police-Education-Entertainment Distraction Industry, ALL of them are working in Lockstep to Rob/Steal/Imprison-Milk-BrainWash-Control-Slaughter YOU and your FAMILY.

                That is your Current SITREP.
                Accept and act accordingly. Trust NO ONE.

                Trust Jesus. That is All you have left.
                Time is short. Destruction is near. Our time is borrowed and short.
                Repent. Pray. Leave America. Pray some more.
                Babylon is Falling. You can’t stop it.
                May God have Mercy on our souls.
                Bless you All. Love and Peace.

            • Sorry not me Bud. You got your own squabbles going.

              -WWTI… lol. And Teach your Children to always question Authority if you feel they are wrong or unjust.

              • WHO

                RIGHT ON.
                ITS UP TO YOU AND YOU ALONE………….
                IT’S ABOUT THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS…………
                REALITY, KNOWLEDGE, AND EVIDENCE……………………

        • Really??? Naw, it is standard operating procedure to continually “roll over the crewmen” so that no one person “knows it all”, but rather, the knowledge of “whatever” is spread out across MANY people and their minds (to prevent folks putting 2 and 2 together), so they say. It’s just a bullshit excuse to make construction and anything to do with government that much more expensive. When you are away from home on per diem at 180 bucks a day it starts adding up after a few years (over and above your usual pay-scale and not taxed as it is considered a ‘consumable’ …). Huh?

          There’s no BS to be found on that wise….(wish there was tho)…

      4. Things are gonna get hinky between now and the election(if we are allowed to have one). Keep stacking!

        • Stacking PM’s? Nah, actually have to sell most of my Ag to prep my in the middle of nowhere land. 🙂

          I would suggest stacking, beans, bullets, bandaids and skills. Everyone needz dem skillzzzz!!!!

      5. Biden once said to use a shotgun……just go behind the door and shoot through it….. Oh well you piece of useless garbage soon you’ll see an ICBM comes through your door without knocking Mr. proudly claimed Zionist.

        • I like Joe. He is a court jester, a spoof of leader more akin to cometic theater than statesman. He has however, during unscripted banter, spilled beans that Obama preferred remained in the jar. He was immediately sent to some remote place to avoid the media so no further questions were asked.

          You can get more truth out of Joes mouth by accident than from other politicians on purpose.

          • ….. the truth out of Joe’s mouth…. yeah, like Seal Team 6 truth.

            • Joe doesn’t do it on purpose, he slips up on occasion because he just likes to talk. As I said, “Unscripted Banter”.

            • Borodino – what about ST6’s truth? What’d I miss and when?

        • Yeah, he said to open the door on the 2nd floor balcony and rip off both barrels “into the air” and that would scare them off.

          Biden doesn’t even know you can’t fire weapons within city limits nor that what goes up must come down. Brilliant sob ain’t he?


      7. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

        Here’s Sparky!!!…. and they’re off!!

        Let the games commence.

        Oh what the heck – didn’t have much planned for Christmas anyway. Questions to all – can you flash-cook a turkey when a nuke goes off? Or must you rotate it? And …. how does the stuffin’ turn out?

        • Burnt badly

          • I love the smell of nuked turkeys in the morning.

        • Just make sure you turn it so it doesn’t burn. Don’t forget the chitlins

      8. Can someone list the achievements by this POS named Biden?

        Please exclude the rubbing of wives of the member of the Zionist Occupied Government such as Ash Carters wife and the lesbo Hillary at the airport.

        • Stolz, unless you count 2 brain aneurysms an accomplishment, well, I gots nothing.
          Love that quote from, wasn’t it Roger Ailes, Biden is dumber than an ashtray.
          Cannot argue with that. Add traitor also.

      9. Been to war, have seen neighborhoods leveled, starving children, sewage in the streets, no clean water etc. Devastating beyond what people can know or understand. Lot of tough guys that talk about themselves in a third person, the ones that watch cameras all day, the ex cops who beat up children, the cable guys, our neighbors will be in a world of pain in war came unto our soil. Prep food, medicine, clean water, and power supply. Weapons are nice to have unless we lose, then you will see masses turning them in for a bag of rice.

        If you ain’t Cav, you ain’t shit!!!

        • Bizzaro —> I ‘hear ya’ on the tough guys speaking in third person positions. Them, telling you, (the one who’s been through at least one if not a career of theatres and have definitely “been there done that”) sitting and reading how many there are who wish that it all “comes to fruition” so that they can fight. They just do not realize that once the fuse is lit and goes boom that the aftermath would last for decades – at least.

          Now is the time for all brown-skinned people to war against all white-skinned people, and the God of each of these peoples must also be slain in the process, then all traces of Christianity destroyed from history. (Pictures, statues, carvings, paintings and everything …period). Each little move being made is part of a larger plan being played out that will, they hope, leave earth with billions less white christians with guns, and them with all of the money, control, education and glory to rule like Thor and Aphrodite (and they’ll prolly dress accordingly to assume their roles at some time down the line).

          I’m hoping like hell that there isn’t a damn thing on Diego Garcia that wasn’t there 3 months ago.

        • Does that mean if you are Cav you are shit? 🙂

      10. Drunken bum pill popping boot licking American toxic dump cowards do not even know this is happening, nor do they care-they are drowning their sorrows about their evil psychopath controlled collapsing Police State hell on earth in booze and Big Pharma poison pills while they stuff their toxic dump obese bodies with poisonous toxic chemical filled garbage….the coward toxic dumps are just soooooooooooooooooooooooooo “exceptional”.

        • are you from southern cal, where I live?

          • Are you insane?????? anyone around that many unprepared American coward toxic dumps has to be insane at this point in time.

            • roger THAT, muhfugguh! keep yer head down, and yer chin UP!

              • butcrackofdoom ——>roflmao …that whole thing thing is just toooooo funny! 🙂 Jeeeezzz….

      11. “The politicians will be sheltered and supplied when the missiles begin to fly, unlike the rest of us who are on our own when WWIII begins.”

        Someone get matthew broadrick and ally sheedy before it is too late !


          • We are playing a game. A game of chess for our lives. May the smartest people win.

        • I wonder if that’s why hitlery disappears for a few days here and there. She’s given a heads up, a war with Russia might start in the next few hours, day or two.

          • She goes to that plush island, owned by the billionaire, approximately 450 South of Cuba (is it?), where underaged children, at least one of them is Hillary’s personal sex-slave, said to be 14-years old.

            THAT is where these sons-a-bitches go when they are nowhere to be found. More “illegal shit” but OUTSIDE THE USA thus we (they suppose) cannot do anything about it).

            Where does it say we can’t make it impossible for them to access all of the “hidey-holes” they’ve made in the event of a calamity? I fully believe they should be allowed to enjoy every second of “it” just the same as we will …am I wrong? Plus, we could eat all of THEIR damned “reserve foods”. MRE’s? Nope! Lobsters in lobster tanks for eating, and others kept in breeder tanks, so that with the right controls they’d never run out of lobsters. Same goes for all-else considered “high-class”.

            Imagine a movie or book about a group of people emerging from what used to be a Hidey-Hole from a nuclear war, but so many centuries had past that nobody had a clue why they were even there, then they discover that there’s a way to open the front doors (or perhaps they find something like a periscope first), then figure out there is more than the hole they have been living in – – none the wiser.

            That would make for a great book with zillions of after-maths.

            And then, out of nowhere a massive black asteroid going 467,000mph blows the moon all to hell hitting us like a cue-ball shredding earth into ‘clumps’ of earth held together sheerly by magnetic force – – and fire (from the depths/magma) would be flying everywhere. That would ruin a weekend or two.

      12. The problem is, we (THE US) are in the wrong about all this… if it were a legitimate fight it would be one thing, but as you know, the US is the bad guy in all this… or at least, the US government is the bad guy. We citizens are just innocent sheep.

        • will SOMEBODY please ask the HNIC at the spitehouse WHAT regime will replace the current one, once it’s overthrown assad?……PLEEEEZE?

          • The most likely is a lose chaotic mess of Islamic Fundamentalists that will fragment into war lords of Somalia type and be politically ineffective to govern and subject to bribery. Saudi Arabia gets its natural gas line, Russia loses its European market share and terrorism, like mestized cancer is spread to the next nation with intent to destabilize it. I find it interesting, that the Saudi’s, blinded by greed, can’t see that, “what goes around, comes around” and they’re last on the list. They actually think that they’re special. The Rothschild’s, Warburg’s and Rockefeller’s don’t consider them equals but rather just one more people to be used and then destroyed.

            • oh, i see,….so it will be business as usual. LOL

              • Sure, none of this is accidental. None of this is because “They’re Stupid In Washington” (this happens to be the analysis of the ignorant). All of this is 100% intentional.

      13. That BS about Gieago Garcia has been circulating the interweb for the last 3 days, would you care to substantiate that claim JJ?

        • what makes you DOUBT it?

          • There has absolutly no confirmation on this, anywhere, bar what some guy said on a forum. How about someone REALLY in the know provide hard evidence, not just hear-say

            • why the hell do you “need confirmation”? you can’t see for yourself that we are close to war, that obey-me is BEGGING for war?…you obviously never been in the armed forces, or you would KNOW what goes on when sabres start rattling….this is just the tip of the iceberg, what you are HEARING.

              • buttcrack ….if what is said is true about Diego Garcia, thenn that must be our “staging” area meaning we would have to do ‘whatever’ before The Russian Fleet could make her way around …if it even mattered by then. Concur or ?

                Again, we live in a military flight path, and when they pass through they are usually “on deck” and hauling. Today (a weekday?) it seems to be nonstop superjets, C-130’s, two big-assed turbo-props, and stuff too fast to get a look at. You hear it. It’s gone… All of them headed to Virginia, perhaps Norfolk or more inland at an AF base somewhere.

        • Yep got restocked up on propane and gas today. Lots of water. Misc items.

          Hunker down and watch the show.

          -WWTI… Got a bad feeling there will be some violence closer to election day to scare people away from voting.

          Stay very vigilant and eyes wide open. The beast is about to unlease hell on earth. EMP in certain Trump voting districts maybe. Dems are Freaked out they will loose and Hillary will have to pay back all that bribe money back to her foreign donors.

          They (Clintons) will receive a lot of death threats. Cause they ripped off a lot of people, by the Clinton Foundation scammers.

      14. Now the military should have enough support behind them to do what they need to do.

        • Jack, you mean pack up and come home and defend OUR country? You mean go after the global cabal and the chosenites? Or do you mean keep killing and destroying and destabilizing and overthrowing for the masters?

        • Have you forgotten what O’Bammy has done to our military? Almost all the worrier generals have been sent packing, replaced with O’Bammy “yes men” If it starts, don’t look for the military to help us, they have been deballed.
          Wisconsin voters, vote Paul Ryan out of office, if you get a chance to vote.

      15. The prospect of nuclear war does not seem so crazy anymore. But that is only to the few who visit sites like this one. There are now more people giving it some thought but have you yourself talked with your family or friends about the subject? I bet that is, “Highly Unlikely”. A Big NO is more realistic.
        So the talk of the town is that if Hillary don’t win, then Obama is going to unleash something really bad. Is it War? Oh, my heart be still. How’s is that Hope and Change going for ya. Yepper, the jerk in the white house has his finger on the nuclear button.

        I loved his, put some stuff away for three days or so before help can arrive.

        There is no help coming if this goes HOT.
        You’re on your own.

        Now the percentages are in my favor as current world events evolved that I am right and the window of opportunity to prep for war is closing.

        We might not get the choice by election to see which way the country is headed. We go straight to war.

        Have a nice day. Hahahahahahaha!

        • Sadly, it was always a mistake to put a black man in charge who hates other races. He is pretty relaxed about white Europeans getting killed and clearly does not care that much for his fellow Muslims either. Those are bad instincts for this crisis. When a normal politician will feel a tug at the gut at the thought of blonde children being vaporized, this guy is just going to shrug and light up a cig.

          • This isn’t an Obama thing, its a globalist thing. If McCain was in we in all probability wouldn’t be alive right now. No I didn’t vote for Obama but he has to date held back a US invasion of Syria.

      16. I’m going to the beach this weekend…I’ll be looking for that mushroom cloud up north over Norfolk and the bright light……

        • When I was in H.S. back in the 60s, I used to ask my mom how we would survive a nuke exchange.

          She always said she would just “walk into the orange glow”.

          I’d get so mad hearing that. Wasn’t she even going to try to survive? Come on mom!!!

          I’m still against just walking into the orange glow. But I think I see better what we’re up against now. We’re just trying to survive this thing.

          May God have mercy on us and continued to influence whom ever has their finger on the trigger.

          • If nukes fly. Even half dead From radiation action needs to be taken. Those places like Mt Weather need to be breached. Those who are still alive need to make certain that those bunkers become toombs. We cannot let the countinuation of Government continue.

            • I don’t believe we should allow the sob’s egress into their tax-dollar-built “Safe Zones” but rather, enjoy everything that we’ll get to contend with too! Besides, they’ve prolly got some mighty fine food tucked away in those places, and we want it since they won’t be needing it.

          • Grandee, I was only 5 years old when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place. My older brother and I helped our Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and stocked it with supplies. Those were really scary times. Remember the “duck and cover” drills in school? I’m also trying to survive, come what may.

        • There is so much NOT left of North Carolina that getting to the beach from our locale just ain’t gonna happen.

      17. I completely disagree …..there will not be a war!! They said the same thing 2 years ago in Syria and I said no way and it didn’t happen then and won’t now

        • I’m starting to feel a “massive gassive” coming on. Just hope I don’t get caught sitting down and the paperwork incomplete.

          • Mud Missle awaayyyyy!!

        • RICH99 ====>There is already a “war in progress” (and has been about 6,000 years or so).

          Given the state of everything globally, “staging” on Diego Garcia, a “coy” slip of the tongue from Biden, Russia’s BEST IN THE FLEET headed to where-ever (at their best possible speed), plus all I’ve left out, and you’ve all the ingredients for one hell of a war, with or without nuclear-weapons (which “it” would not start with, but would certainly end with …as one would be more than sufficient to quell all others).

          Since this is not Obama’s country, he doesn’t care who lives or dies. He also doesn’t give a rats ass about an Election, and so he’ll stop one from ever happening (or rather), he’ll allow Hillary to win (by corruption, open and blatant to piss us off that much more), and then just take his new position as The Prime Czar of Obamaland (and president of NATO), enslaving the earth one nation at a time in the name of allah. Sounds more like a note on a musical scale to me than a god’s name.

          Who caught Fox News this morning stating we are getting a lot of immigrants dropping in through Canada? Strangely, all year not a word has been said about THAT border. In fact, Hillary wants a borderless America. That there has to be the stupidest “thinking” that I’ve ever heard of. Hell, if people are backing her on that then FUCK PRISON WALLS. Tear them down since it’s essentially the same idea right? We’ll have to take hell for it but perhaps they’ll learn from such an event as “wall-less”, “cell-less”, “shackle-less” prisons.

          My favorite headline was that a mexican man, deported TEN TIMES now, is back in custody, once again, for raping a 10-year old.


      18. One of the problems is this: every country in the world knows the pain and sorrow of war on their soil in the living memory of its citizens. The US and Canada are the two countries that do not know this sorrow.

        The Russians damn well know what war is really like and what it does to your people.

        We have two wealthy populations deciding that, ‘yeah, maybe we can do this WWIII thing and not get hurt’. It is such a mistake to believe this. Trust me, Russia will roll into Alaska and into Canada through the Arctic. They can do it and that is territory they are very familiar with; in fact the world’s best fighters in cold climates. Russia is mere miles from both countries.

        Those who think the conflict will be far off in Europe and the Middle East clearly can’t read a map; Russia is so close, as Sarah Palin said, ‘I can see Russia from my house’. Russia is Canada and America’s neighbor by way of the Arctic.

        • A US submarine is dispatched to the frozen wastes of the North Pole to recover a Soviet satellite crammed full of strategic snapshots of US bases. The Cold War atmosphere becomes even chillier as the sub, with a Russian expatriate, a British secret agent and an American marine captain on board, is sabotaged en route.


          • Great film!

            • FT, I also remember that movie. One of my favorites.

        • Did I read correctly that the U.S. has not seen war on it’s soil. I remind you of King aka Caesar Lincoln and his two advisors, Ed Stanton Sec. of War and William Seward Sec. of State raising an army to invade a peaceful South who had legally seceded from the Union and the resulting destruction that followed. If you do not consider nearly a million casualties a war then you are right! Sadly it was all for nothing.

        • Once the ICBMs cut lose the need for oil and occupation of foreign lands is no longer important as nations have fallen into a time warp pre 1900. You can have all the oil you want but no refining capacity and no factories in which to replace them. Skilled workers and engineers largely dead. Scientists and institutions of higher learning gone. It would be the greatest catastrophe since the great flood or an asteroid impacting.

          The Russians have 1750 nuclear weapons at the ready and lets not stop there as a biological attack will surely follow. The US has 800 military bases worldwide leaving probably 500 or so for civilian / industrial targets in the US. Can you name 500 US cities? I can’t.

          The aftermath of such an event would be similar to the science fiction movie, “Planet Of The Apes”. The third world, unworthy of a nuclear weapons strike rises to dominance with a massive decline in future progress and intelligence. The world would be lucky to return where it is now by 2100.

          • I hate to think it but we may be witnessing a BLM/Africa play in which they get to rule the world by having the European people wipe each other out in a nuke strike. Because post nuke holocaust the only people left will be Africans. Human civilization would go back in advancement a few thousand years.

            • Even if that were the case, they, (Africans) would still be drinking from mud holes and living in straw huts a century later.

              • Oh you mean like they are now? (sarcasm).

          • K2, I thought we were aleady living “Planet of the Apes” lol. Or maybe it is idiocracy, hmmmm take yer pick.

            • Genius, I thought it was a combination of both. LOL!

          • Was it Einstein who once said that he wasn’t sure what World War III would be fought with, but was sure that World War 4 would be fought with “sticks and stones”.

            We will get right into the midst of everything only to get blindsided by a black asteroid the size of three Jupiters traveling an incredible sub-light speed that impacts earth ‘dead-center’ leaving nothing but ‘frills of discharging electrical nuances’ in a total void where once sat a planet with “civilization” upon it. Start to finish: 7/16ths of a second

        • Mr. Thoughts, Sarah Palin did not say that. Tina Fey on SNL said that. Palin said that you can see Russia from Alaska, which is true, if you go to the Aleutian Islands.

          Even politicians think that Tina Fey quote was said by Palin.

          • Russia’s Big Diomede Island is less than 2.5 miles from US-owned Little Diomede Island, both located in the middle of the Bering Strait between the Alaska mainland and the far eastern coast of Russia.

            Big Diomede was a Russian military base during World War II; today there is a weather station and Russian BORDER GUARDS located on Big Diomede! Who woulda thunk Russia was protecting their BORDERS – huh, hussein osamaobama?!

          • You can’t see it from Adak dammit.

            • Fun trips if you’re up for adventure:

              Looking at Big Diomede from Little Diomede

              Snowmachining Between the Diomede Islands

              (see on you tube)

      19. Hi, I am new to this site and just want to know how credible is this author and this article. I am not trying to impune his honor, just new here and have read other sites that turned out not to be truthful. Thanks in advance!!! I have military age boys so this is important to me. Thanks

        • my cousin’s son is cav.

          he just said “interesting” when i asked him.

          you have to do alot of intelligent sorting/checking thru these articles.

          sometimes more of the truth is in the comment section.

        • MM< welcome, and you've come to the right place. Just on occasion we get some questionable articles but for the most part we get some straight ones.

        • MM, just listen to me and you will be ok lol.

      20. Great OPSEC on Diego Garcia! Come on guys we are the edge of war and that info should stay secret!!!!!

        • Speaking of opsec, I scouted out some old remote mines last summer that could serve very well for bomm shelters or plan C bugout. Well hidden, water close, small entrance, lots of game, defendable. After I scour them for gold with my detector I may convert 1 or 2 of them with camoed entrances and supplies. Thanks old timers, you saved me a lot of work! 🙂

        • Warrior For God,
          Don’t worry about it being kept secret (if correct) there are so many spy sats in the sky that it is hard for anything to be moved around that someone has not seen it! fact! and as far as being on the verge of war, IT IS SERIOUS, friends in certain places are advisinig that ONE wrong move on anyones part at the moment could escalate instantly!

        • Russia can tell the eye color of the service people there as we can over their installations. The concept of secrets in this respect is foolhardy as is the idea of winning. They line up their weapons of mass destruction and lets pray, and I’m an agnostic, that some miscalculation doesn’t occur.

          This is a very very dangerous game to play.

      21. FT

        Americans are not smart on Geography.

        Prep tip.

        This might help for some. Change your filters in your well water lines. Might want to pick up a few extra paper and charcoal elements.

      22. There is a good video up on called The Russian Paper Tiger. It is observations by a foreign mercenary fighting the Russians alongside the Ukranians.

        He basically says that Russian squad level tactics are abysmal. That the Russians did well when fighting militia, but when they fought the Ukranian regulars and foreign mercs they got their asses handed to them.

        Essentially he believes that the western armies are much better trained and disciplined (he said the Russians get scared and run alot) and that they will take the Russians apart in a conventional war.

        That actually works against us though, as if that happens the Russians may feel they have no choice but to use tactical nukes on the battlefield, which could then escalate to the big bombs.

        Crazy times.

      23. Yet more anti-American posturing by some anonymous “master herbalist” (who would admit to that) hiding with his cats in Montana.
        Washington is nuts because of leftism, but the country do have enemies and we need to be prepared – and ready for action.

      24. In 2006 all the talk was about war with Iran. This never happened. The scenario is the same but now pencil in Russia for Iran. I guarantee you 1000% this so called “war” between the US and Russia will not happen.

      25. anon

        “Americans are not smart….” On anything other than that which is frivolous and superficial. Mark Dice makes a living exposing it. Where I live there are a lot of Germans. If you want an intelligent conversation find one. You might get lucky on occasion with a 60+ year old American.

        • K2, Mark Dice vids are sad as hell if they weren’t also funny. I am German and had the recent pleasure of working with a young man from Germany. I invited him to my house for a weekend and we hung out and had some fun and sightseeing. This man was very smart and knew all the shit going on and told me many things you never hear in the USSA. He is ready for battle and has friends that are too. Don’t ever think the Germans are stupid sheep, many of them are a lot smarter than amerikans. He gave me a glimmer of hope that there are more of us than we know….

          • As I said if I want an intelligent conversation I find a German. They know more about the US than a US citizen. Why they elected Markel is beyond me. They are together people too, clean, respectful, disciplined. I can pick their homes out as their shrubbery looks like a 1950s flat top haircut.

            • K2, I think murky was SELECTED not ELECTED. Kind of like elections here.

              • Of course but Europeans have alternatives, tools like No Confidence Votes that we don’t have.

          • Genius, spot on about Mark Dice vids being so accurate. And I do take my hat off to Germans for their intelligence. I salute you!

      26. Map data ©2016 GoogleTerms of UseReport a map errorMapSatellite2 km NUKEMAP

        It shows various targets and you can set the mega tonnage. It’s not a game it’s very informative, frightening.

        Type in your City or largest Metropolitan in your area and choose between 19 different Nukes or make up your own in Kilotons.

        Enjoy ツ

        • cool

      27. Joe just might get back the uranium that Bill and Hillary helped sell to Russia, back in the form of nuclear bombs. I just hope Donald Trump gets into office and puts us on better relations with Russia. Hillary will only be Obama on steroids.

      28. launch on warning is getting very close. break out your sunblock.

      29. I don’t fear nukes that hit the cities, those folks know they will become part of their 30 mile circle of fire. I fear the nukes that are shot down over the skies of the rural areas on their way to the cities. Most of the USA, If you have large targets to your south or SE or SW, even 1,000 miles away beware. You people on the coasts really got it bad, not only have to fear the large cities getting it from submarine launches, you also have to fear the ones shot down that were meant for the cities in mid-America. Rural Canada is going to have one hell of a sky show if it happens during a clear moonless evening. On a clear night I can see aircraft in the sky above the horizon that are actually 40 miles away, flying at a height that would be comparable to a detonation. Will you see it if it is within 50 miles, in most cases where the land has no mountains and trees and houses aren’t in the way, the answer is YES! Good luck to you all.

        • “fear the ones shot down that were meant for the cities in mid-America.”

          Nuclear weapons shot down are inoperable. They don’t detonate on impact. Actually they are designed to be airburst for maximum effect unless its someone like a missile silo or NORAD.

          Those so fortunate not to be in the direct bast/ heat / fallout (that only lasts a few weeks) will still experience instant 1900 at best. Some very rural area, devoid of military / industrial / economic or geographical significance may not suffer too bad until you need medical care, and prescriptions and any nicety of modern life. Manufacture will largely will be a cottage industry. Fuel scarce to non existent and transportation crippled.

          • Sounds good to me

          • A nuke “shot down over the skies” likely will turn into a dirty bomb. That sheet will scatter all over, like chemtrails and snow in Buffalo. But hey, no one ever was harmed at Fukashima LOL

      30. cyber attacks…sending messages…bullshit.
        All this is is talk leading to what will really happen.
        Hillary the bitch from Hell will steal the election–it’s not like they haven’t had practice for decades–and blame it on Putin.
        She has been setting this up for months.
        She knows she can’t/won’t win.
        They know.

        Putin–if you have the resources to counter the theft??? good luck.

      31. When the folks in power have Places like Mt Weather. And they get to thinking a Nuclear war would be survivable for them. That’s when its a greater possibility that they would engage in such unthinkable acts. Lets hope Putin can hold the USA in a checkmate. If hellery is installed its not very likely to be a pleasant future. Heck forget any future it will be horrible painful ending.

      32. Remember when the air burst happens, look away. The flash of a hydrogen detonation produces gamma rays that will instantly burn your retinas. Much like looking at a weld flash…without the recovery of your sight. Then, immediately take your potassium iodide to saturate your thyroid gland with non-radioactive iodine. If you are in a big city, or near a strategic military installation, and there are several bursts….don’t bother. You’ll be dead within 72 hours from radiation, even if you survive the blast.!!!!!

      33. I’m and I.T. worker and more specifically a Information Security on a Threat Team in a Security Operations Center. I know Clinton and Obama keep point fingers at Russia about (I hate this term) Cyber Warfare/Hacking. They do have a point. Research APT28. They are responsible for much mayhem. My intel points finger their way for much of what is happening. Like I said research them and draw your own conclusions.

        • In the land of the Internet the NSA and company can make anyone they want guilty. With his in mind there is malicious hacking and substantive hating and the actor doesn’t make it one or the other You don’t, “Shoot The Messenger”. If my politician is corrupt I welcome anyone and everyone to expose them from the high IQ kid up to a State Actor.

          The focus has been misguided as the substance of what is being uncovered is what is important. This stuff isn’t legally protected by the, “Fruit Of The Tainted Tree Doctrine”.

      34. If the nukes get me, I’ld like to say my good byes with joy for having lived as long and as well as I have. I’ve enjoyed spending the past few months with all of you fine people. If the Titanic sinks a second time, like the first time, shady conspirators will be behind it.

        I think though that this nuclear business will not come about. If it does and I don’t take a direct hit, I will be eating cactus eventually, regardless of if that means something. In the desert, without water, the other crops will wither, but not cactus.

        I have a few things, not much. I expect the natives will do better than the surfer crowd. Their were Mexicans in Southern California before the border was redrawn after the Mexican/American war. Where were the Banksters? Hearst stirred the pot. You know this nonsense warring will continue into eternity until the end of time.

        I’m not going to lose any sleep over it. I’ll do what I can to get situated, become as independent as possible. Then I’m going to get out and away from it all. Whether that means moving to some remote place, or hunkering down with a great book, I don’t know yet.


      35. WW3 The tri- bulation tri is 3. Has been described in such detail in the book of revelation. Revealing it’s inevitability hard to deny? There is no getting out of this? A hook will be put in there jaw and they will be drug into this. Is our government not starting wars everywhere?? Deploying missels around Russia . Is like Russia deploying missels in Mexico ? Is someone not putting a hook in Russia’s jaw and dragging them into this. The nuke exchange will be over in less then one hour. And strong men’s hearts will fail for fear of what’s coming next. Expecialy if you’ve been a foolish virgin.

        • not many know about the hook.

          i do.

          • Say Russia to most Americans and by word association it comes up as enemy. Say Islamic and its terrorist. They have no understanding that the Islamic Fundamentalists were enemies of Saddam, Gaddafi, and Assad; to them, “Their all the same”. If one was to generally describe an American the adjectives would be obese and ignorant.

      36. This is so exciting ww3. At least we can all leave this Jew perverted world as a group. Down with the USSA.


        As the Flint MI water crisis unfolded, Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised the price of a drug used to treat lead poisoning by 2,700 percent after acquiring the drug in 2013. By 2015 – as the issue of lead poisoning became prominent news – the price for a package of vials rose from $950 to $26,927. BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warming is going to be an even bigger transfer of your wealth to the Vampire Squid (Goldman Sachs)

        Expect all of Amerika to look like this under Hitlery

        • The democrats just dont get it, let me re phrase, those who buy into the main stream political mime, dont get it, period,

          • Republicans are little better. My vote has been largely reduced to who supports the Second Amendment so I tend to vote Republican. A Constitutional Right codified in a Republic has been reduced to a popularity contest inherent of mob rule of a Democracy.

            Say Republic to an average American and you get a blank stare.

        • google ‘Valeant Pharmaceuticals raised the price of a drug used to treat lead poisoning’

          many many stories come up.

          not right to let them do that unchallenged.

      38. WOOHOO!
        We’re almost out of debt, and the Chinese make good fertilizer.

      39. The state doing the hacking and attacking is the UNITED STATES! All the playing like Russia is the culprit and that the U.S. will attack Russia for it is a RUSE! That ruse is part of a larger war against Internet dissidents. Starting with censorship of social media, and now, with news that Wikileaks’ and its major figure Julian Assange’s Internet connection appears to have been “severed by a ‘state entity'”, the beginning of a purge of dissidents appears to be underway. The elites’ U.S. Government is at war against the public’s ability to use the Internet to oppose tyranny.

      40. I hope Russia and China FLATTEN AND TURN DC TO ASH

        • And even so . Come.

        • Did you know that the WHITE HOUSE was built by SLAVES.

      41. I live close to Washington, DC. In the event of nuclear war, I would be doomed. I have a large number of expensive projects to get done around my house. If I get all of them done and get caught up on medical and dental work and then find out that I have twenty minutes to live, i am going to be really pissed off!

      42. Remember folks, defectors from the first cold war said “a Russian paratrooper is worth 10 red army infantry, Spetsnaz are worth 100”

        Motorolla who commands russians in Ukrain, killed by blast, government of Ukrs believed to have targeted Nokia, but Motorolla is a significant victory for them.

        Brave this storm. Stand fast stand tall.

      43. Don’t worry-it’s all hype. There won’t be a war with Russia.
        Can you name 1 single thing we have to go to war over?
        Is/Are those things actually things you would go to war over?
        Unproven hacking accusations?
        Fighting in Syria?
        Russian-Ukrainian squabbles?

        None of these are issues Americans give a crap about. No war here.

        BTW-if we’re going to act against hackers, when will the US target the PRC? They’ve been eating our lunch for years. And those Nigerian princes that keep emailing me about Swiss bank accounts need to go, too.

        This war hysteria will go away after Hitlery is elected.

      44. BTW- can admin please stop posting those ridiculous pictures of Russian tanks? The illustration of the Russian tank with the Capitol being nuked is bad, but this one with the T34 and the T55 just looks silly. If you want to scare people, artist’s conceptions of antique tanks seems like a silly route to go.

      45. Win win for obumer administration if trump wins all he has to do is claim Russia hacked the system and declare Hillary the winner or call a re-vote tell he gets the results he wants.

      46. Why exactly do the “Jews” who OWN the Western MSM (Mainstream Media) always try to portray Putin and Trump as FASCIST, while allowing Hitlary Clinton and Bill Clinton to get away with EVERYTHING including MURDER? FIND OUT!

        Who and what actually comprises the CFR/CIA “Shadow Government” embedded within and controlling the U.K., U.S., Saudi, Israeli, & “E.U.” governments, as well as the so-called “British Commonwealth” governments (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc.)? FIND OUT, HERE:

        THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA: JFK’S 1961 Prophecy EXPOSES Obama, Hillary, the Pope & the NWO/JWO

        Read all the comments. Click on all the links. Read/view/listen to all content.

      47. Johnson is just spewing more shameless warmongering.

        Zionists and Neocons preach that if the US turns from Israel it will be cursed? Mercy, what has happened to the United States since 1948, when the United Nations created modern Israel? Has America been “blessed” by becoming little more than a war machine for Israel? Think of the innocent blood shed by the wars for the straw man, ‘Israel First’.

        The UN-created phony state of Israel is of no Biblical consequence.

      48. The Jewish mafia has so far been unbeatable. But as written . That will soon change.

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