‘This Is Not Normal’ – Another Rogue Planet ‘Detected’ – May Be Within Our Solar System

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    This report was originally published by Stefan Stanford at AllNewsPipeline.com

    ‘This Is Not Normal’ – Another Rogue Planet ‘Detected’ May Be Within Our Solar System As 2013 ‘Meteor Strikes Moon’ Story Is ‘Recycled’ In 2017 – Predictive Programming?

    In the new story over at The UK Express that the Drudge Report linked to Friday morning, readers can be forgiven if they readily dismissed the story as ‘fake news’ due to it’s headline alone: “END OF WORLD WARNING: Watch biggest explosion EVER on Moon as NASA warns we could be next!” What the UK Express story DIDN’T report is the meteor strike on the moon they’re reporting on actually happened back in 2013“Predictive programming from ‘our handlers’?” asked one commenter on the 1st video below.

    As the Express reported, a meteor with the explosive powers of 10 cruise missiles had struck the moon, creating a massive explosion that was visible to the naked eye. While the 56,000 mile per hour collision was caused by a space rock weighing about 88 lbs, “the impact damage was colossal and the explosion shone with the brightness of a magnitude 4 star”.

    Also reporting that a similar strike upon the planet Earth would create a crater about 65′ deep while creating a ‘kill zone’ equivalent to 10 Tomahawk cruise missiles striking in the same place, they report the death toll would likely be in the thousands due to its small size and it might just have burned up in our atmosphere if it were headed towards Earth.

    So why are they suddenly bringing up a 2013 story in 2017? As our videographer brings up in the first video below, how many other times in your lifetime do you remember a meteor striking the moon?  We reported on ANP back on December 15th of 2016 that according to ‘award-winning’ NASA scientist Joseph Nuth, our planet Earth is due for an ‘extinction level event’ such as a meteor strike and while we’re grateful our moon was struck that time and not the planet Earth, it’s easy to understand why Nuth warns “it’s just a matter of time”. He also warns that we living here upon the Earth are ‘woefully unprepared’ for such a disaster. 


    In this July 8th story over at the NY Post called “The Mystery Planet That Could Destroy The Earth” they report “just in time for the summer movie season comes news that something huge is lurking out there at the edge of the solar system. It’s really big, it’s never before been detected. It’s warping gravity fields”. And get this, it’s NOT the yet-to-be-found ‘Planet 9’!

    That’s right, according to astronomers, ANOTHER new ‘Kuiper Belt’ object has been detected that is apparently playing havoc with planets gravitational fields and their angles. Claiming that ‘Planet 9’ is too far away to have these effects, they tell us: “so, there is almost certainly another mass out there”. Sounding almost like a science fiction disaster movie, the theories they bring up within this story about this latest ‘rogue planet’ are fascinating and eye opening.

    It turns out that Planet 9 is not the only massive object out there warping the orbits of the KBOs. According to soon-to-be-published research by Kat Volk and Renu Malhotra of the University of Arizona, there’s another one. It’s called . . . well, it doesn’t have a name yet, but we can make a good guess.

    The researchers tell us that these unseen planets are rogues. At some point they wandered into the solar system, and are captured by the gravity of Sol, our puny little sun. Now they’re stuck in orbit, messing with our calculations.

    Here’s the thing to remember about rogue planets: They’re not just wanderers; they can be destroyers, too. Simulations tell us that some 60 percent of rogue planets that enter the solar system would bounce out again. But in 10 percent of cases, the rogue will take another planet along as it departs.

    And there’s something else for the sci-fi paranoiac to chew on along with the popcorn. The sequence. In early 2016, astronomers find a disturbance in the Kuiper Belt Objects and think “planet.” Fine, natural phenomenon. Then this year, they find another disturbance and think “another planet.” Fine, natural phenomenon. Then how is it that we never noticed before? Maybe the disturbances are . . . recent. So if by chance we’re soon told of a third disturbance, then by the James Bond theory of conspiracy it’s enemy action.


    As those who read ANP know, the search has been ongoing for ‘planet 9’ and while still called ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘fake news’ by many, reality has a way of ‘awakening’ the biggest doubters. As we read in this story from Phys.org, scientists have been searching for ‘Planet X’ for 100 years! And as Space.com reports, according to scientists, “Planet Nine can’t hide much longer”.

    According to a recent research paper done by Daniel Whitmire, a retired astrophysics professor, the yet to be found ‘Planet 9’ could be responsible for periodic extinctions upon the Earth. As Professor Whitmire argues, “the unconfirmed planet might trigger comet showers, bringing huge extinction events“. Was ‘Planet 9’ responsible for the meteor that struck the moon back in 2013?

    Whitmire and his colleague, John Matese, first published research on the connection between Planet X and mass extinctions in the journal Nature in 1985 while working as astrophysicists at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Their work was featured in a 1985 Time magazine cover story titled, “Did Comets Kill the Dinosaurs? A Bold New Theory About Mass Extinctions.”

    At the time there were three explanations proposed to explain the regular comet showers: Planet X, the existence of a sister star to the sun, and vertical oscillations of the sun as it orbits the galaxy. The last two ideas have subsequently been ruled out as inconsistent with the paleontological record. Only Planet X remained as a viable theory, and it is now gaining renewed attention.

    Whitemire and Matese’s theory is that as Planet X orbits the sun, its tilted orbit slowly rotates and Planet X passes through the Kuiper belt of comets every 27 million years, knocking comets into the inner solar system. The dislodged comets not only smash into the Earth, they also disintegrate in the inner solar system as they get nearer to the sun, reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the Earth.


    As we’ve previously reported on ANP, all the way back in 1983, both the Washington Post and the NY Times ran stories that reported on the ongoing search for ‘Planet X’. The NY Times story from January 30th of 1983 called “Clues Get Warm In The Search For Planet X” while at the end of 1983, the Washington Post ran a story called “Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered”….and then…silence. The MSM went totally dark on ‘Planet X’.

    Found in the vicinity of the Constellation of ‘Orion’ according to the Washington Post story, is it just a coincidence that the search for ‘Planet 9’ is also taking place in the Constellation of ‘Orion’?  Nicknamed ‘the perturber’ by the Cal Tech astronomers who ‘discovered’ it, we believe it’s probably NOT a coincidence that the NY Times story reported:

    SOMETHING out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Uranus and Neptune. Some gravitational force keeps perturbing the two giant planets, causing irregularities in their orbits. The force suggests a presence far away and unseen, a large object that may be the long-sought Planet X.

    Is ‘Planet Nine’ the long-sought ‘planet X’ aka ‘Nibiru’ aka Gabriel’s Fist?


    As NASA itself reports in this story, ‘Planet Nine’ may be responsible for tilt of sun/solar system with a great question being asked within it: how can one rogue planet be responsible for the tilt of the sun? How does it have such a powerful effect and if its responsible for the tilt of the sun, what effects could it have upon our own planet Earth?

    From Astronomy.com: How could Planet Nine have that much influence on our entire solar system when it’s so far out?

    Here’s why: Planet Nine is only 10 Earth masses as compared to Jupiter’s 300 Earth masses, but its orbit is huge. So it’s an argument that is basically like an asymmetrical see-saw or a dolly. Planet Nine has a really long orbit so it can assert quite a bit of torque on the inner planets without having to apply so much force. Planet Nine has as much angular momentum as the entire solar system combined, because it’s orbit is so big.

    With even ‘Planet 9’ yet to be officially discovered, the 2nd video below takes a look at what some are already calling ‘Planet 10’ for lack of a better name and while astronomers claim that ‘Planet 10’ and ‘Planet 9’ are not the same the same beast, how have suddenly two such anomalies been detected in such a short period of time when the study of our solar system has been ongoing for thousands of years?  It may be time to break out the popcorn.

    This report was originally published by Stefan Stanford at AllNewsPipeline.com


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      1. TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE– coming August 21, just as sun enters Virgo, square/opposition Uranus and Pluto. Some people take eclipses lightly– I don’t! They always bring powerful changes. Also, squares and oppositions mean stress. Pluto rules atomic bombs and Uranus means sudden changes.

        • Uh Pluto rules ATOMIC BOMBS? WHO DECIDED THAT? Did I miss some meeting of the galactic planetary influence council in the last 70 years?

          I mean honestly, who decides where atom bombs fit into astrology? Lol….

          • Pluto has ruled atomic bombs for tens of thousands of years.

            Everyone knows that.

            • I agree as i have read about it many yrs ago.

          • The sun has the best nuclear control

        • I already obtained two sheets of stamps from the USPS to keep for souvenirs. It should be interesting! The path of the eclipse goes from southern east coast to the northwest. It is time to get your pots and pans, drums, etc., to beat and make loud noises, like the Chinese did in ancient times in hopes the great Dragon would regurgitate and release the sun and prevent mass extinction! I am a long time star gazer and am encouraged to see such excitement over what the heavens reveal!

          The roaming rogue planet may be a binary planet system! Is this Planet X? Stay tuned. All of you Niberu doubters may be in for a surprise yet (including me)!

          • Rogue Planet?? How do they know it is Rogue? I think the authors of these fear porn articles are rogue off the rails and on the edge of insane.

            Maybe this planet is full of Naked Women and they are coming at us ready to party. I’m thinking one big Toga Party, and lets get acquainted and get it on. Yeah Bring it.

            • Better question why do they have a problem with planet 9. We have had one for years; named either after the underworld or Mickey Mouse’s dog. Just like the Brontosaurus, I find it, I name it, and then 50 years later you tell me it’s not what I say it was. Well up their’s. Pluto is a planet, and that big long necked dino is a Brontosaurus.

        • IGNORE this article as the guy who wrote it is a sensationalist and a whacked out MSM troll who runs with others articles and puts a spin on it. Stefan is one big WHACK JOB!

          • space rock weighing about 88 lbs

            if this was a rock in space wouldn’t weigh…….nothing?

            • The earth travels thru space; it must also weigh nothing.

              • Or maybe the Earth is stationary and no one can go beyond the barrier and Nasa is full of shit and they generate ALL their images with a computer!!!

            • Yup; pay no attention to any scientist that confuses weight with mass.

          • why do you say that? thank you

        • If they bring such changes, what exactly happened in March 1970 when we had our last total solar eclipse? I don’t remember anything, except for the roosters crowing when the sun came back into view.

          I looked directly at it when it was total. I used a lens and paper the rest of the time.

          It’s only a matter of point of view anyway. The moon is always in front of the sun from some viewpoint. Therefore, eclipses cannot mean anything at all.

        • “Then how is it that we never noticed before? ”

          WE did. Decades ago, these anomalies are what spurred the search for Pluto. After Pluto was confirmed there were still variations in the orbits of Neptune and Saturn which suggested an additional object or objects.

          Nibiru and Nemesis on an elongated elliptical orbit is the synthesis which brings the mysteries of long lost earth civilizations and advanced technology to a logical conclusion.

          It also explains the asteroid belt as a destroyed planet, crushed by a much larger celestial body. Uh, you could say, “What goes around, comes around”. 🙂

          • What goes around comes around, picking up speed.

        • When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars…
          then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars…

        • Baloney. You don’t use astrological terms when discussing astronomy without looking foolish.

          Astronomy, the study of objects and phenomena originating beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, is a science and is a widely studied academic discipline. Astrology, which uses the apparent positions of celestial objects as the basis for the prediction of future events, is a form of divination and a pseudoscience having no scientific validity.

      2. My gold and silver will save me from this planet that strikes us.

      3. Oh no! Not another one☹️

      4. I want my own planet.

        • Probably something that broke loose from the “Its a Small World” ride at Disneyland.

          • Haha yep. Disney

          • Yes, that small world ride is creepy scary, I kept wondering when the boat would go through the mooselimbs jihad room and the dolls would all stab you in the face and rape the children.

        • I currently own slightly over 7,200 planets. I’m sure I could sell you one of the smaller ones.
          *Note* You are responsible for your own transportation, air, and food. ^_^

          • I want a pure gold and diamond planet ?

      5. We are being Kept in the dark about what is heading our way.

        The “Powers That Be” have been busy building underground shelter systems with our tax money. We the people will not be invited in. Your on your own.

        Remember when it happens, that the Elite knew it was coming but fail to inform the public because they are afraid we would panic.
        So massive disinformation, false stories with a little bit of truth mixed in.

        What ever you call it, Planet X, Planet 9, Planet10, The Destroyer, Nemesis, Dwarf Star System, its all to confuse you so you don’t know what to believe.

        I believe the Bible and this sounds like it could be the Judgments from the Book Of Revelation.

        When it passes, 1/3 of all living creatures on earth will die.

        If you are not prepared, you don’t stand a chance.
        If you are prepared you have a good chance of survival.

        When it happens, the grid and all infrastructure will be gone, thats why the PTB will be hiding underground. You and your family are on your own, prepare why you still have time.
        FOOD, WATER FILTER, MEDICAL KIT, CAMPING SUPPLIES/SHELTER, this is the bare minimum. Prepare to be on your own for one to two years.

        Good Luck My Friends!

        • You are a retard.

        • There is a verse somewhere in Bible that says a “third of the earth will be burned up.” Where is that verse? Revelation? I think it’s cuz of nuclear war….Or maybe i wrote that wrong…did it say “a third of all green grass will be burned up” ?

        • Have you personally seen all those mass shelters that those prairie doggin people have bought? Or are you one of the many who buy that photo shopped crap.

        • The Elite don;t want to panic us slaves so we won’t stop working and transporting goods and services for their consumption. Also the economy would crash before they’re ready for it.

      6. At least I’m all-in on bitcoin…


        • Hey Grunt – sorry to inform you but unfortunately, said rouge what-ever-the-hell-it-is doesn’t give a toss about Bitcoin or the worthless paper masquerading as something of value. My hope is that if it hits me & mine are on the opposite side of the planet. That way I’ll at least have time to roll a doobie & enjoy the spectacular light show unfolding. Happy Bastille Day btw.

      7. All the people who believe in Nibiru may be right. I took an astronomy course in 1970. About all that was known about astronomy was in a pretty thin book. So much more is known about it now. The universe is far larger than anyone imagined. Our solar system is far larger than we believed. There are several asteroid belts. The planets have all of these moons and more planets than just Saturn have belts. The more we find out about our solar system, the more special Earth seems.

      8. If Uranus has sudden changes, see a doctor.

        • @gsf:

          well played Sir…..well played……..BA.

      9. “similar strike upon the planet Earth would create a crater about 65′ deep while creating a ‘kill zone’ equivalent to 10 Tomahawk cruise missile”

        I always wondered what had happened to Detroit (no Republican mayor since 1960, first major city to adopt the socialist Model Cities Program) – now I know.

      10. So we doubt NIBIRU? Whats that harm? nothing we can do about it anyhow. So I will not worry about it.

        • You don’t have a space ship on stand-by??????

          You are way behind on your preps……

      11. Wonder how the elite entities will announce the coming fake alien invasion.

        • I have read that the fake spaceships in the sky will be from a hologram….and the way to tell is to point a lazor pointer at it and if it goes thro it it’s fake. If it stops at the metal it’s real. Better get some lazor pointers before they outlaw them.

      12. Well, I live in Texas, and SALSA (San Antonio League of Sidewalk Astronomers) has not panicked yet, so I am not worried.

      13. Not surprising.

        A few years ago Nasa published a paper that our solar system was moving into a part of The galaxy where the potential of meeting Rogue stationary planets and other hazards increased.

        Hate to be dumb, I guess I forgot that our solar system is moving through the milky way galaxy.

        • Damn I hope Mayflower has big enough truck for the move.

          • me too.

            Another thought, that instead of Planet x or whoever is allegedly moving towards us, perhaps we are moving towards it?

      14. The guy who wrote the article Stephan from ANP is a LOONY TUNE!!!! I made a comment one time on the stupid site ANP This guy actually sent me an email and called me names and said I was an A**hole all because I said that I did not agree with an article he wrote which was about some plant that was a drug and was dangerous and like heroin. I researched the plant and it can have bad side effects and is dangerous. Stephan called me a DEA troll! ANP is nothing more than a bad echo chamber taking other articles and PUTTING THEIR SPIN on it for sensationalism. This is fact and I mentioned it to him. Nothing from ANP is actually real investigative journalism but like MSM crap regurgitated. The two JOKERS Stephan and his girlfriend who write all the crap do not have inside sources nor the capability to gain actual news that is breaking. They Relie on others to do the foot work and then capitalize on it and spin it. Also the site is some cult acting like “Holy art thou and you are not if you don’t agree with them”. ANP is one twisted sister and take the above article as non informative rehashed hash browns with vomit on it. This article is a JOKE!!!!!!!! Stephan is a JOKE!!!!!! Bigger than the Joker himself!

        • Correction Stefan not Stephan. He has a girly name.

          • And probably uses the he/she bathroom at Target.

            • You do know that homosexuals are more violent very violent than heterosexuals.

              • You do know that they bleed just like everybody else.

              • fags violent? You mean they don’t only cut their own stuff off like Jenner did?

      15. And just to let you know how scary Stefan is …. he went and obtained my email to personally yes personally send and email to me. He could have made a comment about my comment but no as he wanted it to go personally to my email to tell me off and call me names. Him and Susan are two psychos in some LALA land. But that is sacry and I told him that and guess what happened next. He banned me from making comments which I could have over ridden but just dropped my subscription and sent him and email and told him to drop dead. Boy what a good Christian he is!!!! With people like that we don’t need the DEVIL!

      16. FEAR PORN!!!!

        • Sarge, some of us enjoy our fear porn! It’s Friday night! I am not out drinking and driving. I am hear on SHTF enjoying my favorite vice: fear porn. I know. It isn’t for everyone. We all have our foibles.

          • Here not hear. Typo. Shit happens.

      17. Ive said it before:
        -10° below earths eqautorial line.
        Near Neptunes orbit, on the inside of Pluto’s, now leaving Aquarius.
        WON’T come past the asteroid belt.

        It entered our part of space back in 2003- 2004 & 2011 we had those massive EQ’s stemming from an Aquarial alignement with this thing.

        No fear porn about it.

        This was the “Star of Bethleham”, if you are a believer (im not, i deal in facts).

        It wont hit us, but another flyby.

        • Do you know of any way to try and determine the level of the severity of the pass by?

      18. I was on a first name basis with world class astronomers. I confided in one of them, a full professor at UCLA, that if he pointed his .45 at my head I could not point to the north star and be correct. His response was , ” most astronomers couldn’t do it either”. He then instructed me as to how to find Polaris accurately.
        My point is there is a big universe out there and a very small budget and limited time to look at it all. Only the “sexy” things get attention and money, the mundane doesn’t get much attention.
        Another thing I do know, is there is a lot of really smart people looking at our solar system and if there is a “rogue” planet out there they would have found it by now.

        • Look at Polaris now- it is moving all over the place. Not so much it is moving, but earth is currently magnetically coupling with the brown dwarf below us (it has east-west poles, look on SECCHI for something with Auroras on its sides).

      19. There is an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE theory that tries to describe the influence of electric currents/electromagnetism helps influence and run the universe on the micro as well as macro scale.
        Physicists kind of help the idea out with the notion that nothing stands in the way of an electron from getting up and leaving the atom and going across the solar system or even known universe before coming back to the atom. This is because of the so called orbitals of atoms are not orbits but probability shells and simply the most likely place to find the electron. Real deep stuff.
        If electrons are moving they create at least a local magnetic field that may be altered by another magnetic field…at a distance….electric universe theory starts to form.
        My time in high voltage / high frequency stuff has let me experience some stuff on the small scale put forth in the electric universe theory before I even heard about it. Grabbed my attention real quick.

        If you enjoy expanding your horizons I would say in the early am grab a coffee or tea and watch Thunderbolts of the Gods, and Symbols of an Alien Sky parts 2,3,and 1 in that order.


        • Oh I got sidetracked.

          Some have seen and plotted earthquakes due to sun flares and CME’s (coronal mass ejections).
          It appears the earth’s shields strength to some degree are influenced by the sun’s cycle. If the sun is strong in the max cycle, our shields seem to liven up and push back strongly and at solar minimums our shields seem to weaken and lower in intensity. This type of action would be similar to describing a transformer’s basic operation.
          Understanding a transformer can show how planetary magnetic fields could influence the sun at a distance since a bunch of outer magnets orbit another magnet and the outer magnets are constantly changing their distance to one another. But NAH, the people on the idiot box say what they read off the teleprompter from the Ministry Of Truth is sacrosanct.

      20. Better chance of lightning being harnessed as a power source than this.

      21. Just because a planet is shy or we do not have the ability to see and identify it does not mean we need to call it rogue,unless we are calling it fun and playful which is one definition of rogue.

        Look forward to the eclipse if the weather clear,have been lucky and seen a lot of shooting stars,that said,the wishes part is bullshit about coming true,DC still stands.

      22. These stories start out as fund raisers for astronomers. Washington sees the threat as another excuse to create more regulations to control the little people, and create a bigger bureaucracy, continuity of government and all that. Preppers see the story as a mental exercise in preparedness. Last of all a few people see it as supporting evidence for conspiracy theories. It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt!

      23. SHTF repubtards will believe this rogue planet swill, but will ridicule Global Warming.

        • There is no reason to believe either. I’m not going to go off on why CO2 as a global warming threat is a farce; but it is.

          However planet 9, 10, 11 and 12 or whatever they want to claim is a farce as well as the sun would have roped them in billions of years ago into orbits that would have been identified maybe even a hundred years ago. We can identify planets orbiting suns light years away but can’t find a large planet in an orbit of our solar system ?

          I do think at some point an asteroid will knock another out of one of the two belts and it will hit earth causing bad times, but another rock solid Jupiter is out there hiding ? Sorry, no.

        • DemoRATS will gladly belive anything as long as there is a “victim” somewhere and taxes that can be levied in order to help that “victim.” And if there is no real victim, DemoRATS will create one out of thin air.

          • Now thats magic!

        • Well I hope if I am hit with a planet it is made of pussy

      24. I wonder if it is true that Russia has many underground shelters built for average people to escape whatever may impact Earth. I’ve read that on different sites before in the past. Don’t have a clue whether that is true or not. Don’t know if any of the videos on YouTube about planet X have any validity either, possible computer generated graphics? Like that one video where the guy says “major sighting man” after seeing and filming a supposed ufo. I tried lsd once in my youth, I was driving and looked in the rear view mirror and a cop was right behind me. I remained calm and made it to my destination. Freaky though.

      25. Best… Quote… Ever
        “SOMETHING out there beyond the farthest reaches of the known solar system seems to be tugging at Ur-anus”
        Interstellar Butt F***ing, coming to a planet near your, every 27 million years!

        Fact: Astrophysicists know *FAR* less than they claim to. They make up stuff, then state them as “fact”… when they are quite clearly random guesses (they name their completely random guesses “Theory” so as to give credibility where none is earned) I just love how they think they see gravity warping… with a telescope… from millions, if not billions of miles away. They are far to arrogant to admit they haven’t got the slightest clue, and pulling **** out their rectum and since nobody can disprove it within the next 1000 of so years… they’re golden.

      26. I just came inside. It rained this afternoon. So after I milked the cow I let her and another cow & calf in the yard. Drank a beer and watched them mow the grass. Had to watch that they didn’t molest the fruit trees. Im 65 and always have been a outdoors person. I don’t perceive anything amiss with the planet. I don’t detect any sign of Glowbull Warming. I don’t detect any sign of Wormwood -nibiru or whatever the loonie tunes want to call it. And I wish glowbull warming was happening. Warmer & wetter would be better. And since im wishing I want NIbiru to be the real deal also. We need something to trigger the great culling . If two thirds of the life was gone that’s a great thing.

        • Im 64 and I approve your message.

      27. StepHan or what the little freaky bitches name is happens to be a complete moron , so I’m guessing the story is too.

      28. Good grief. Don’t know what is true and what isn’t true anymore. Just love your family, friends, and life and whatever happens, happens. Peace out.

        • Sound advice.

      29. Off topic, but if Mac will permit me, to our friend who questioned the reliability of the Bible.

        It’s called a “bulla” (seal), about 14 cm in diameter (the size of a jacket button), and was made of dried clay to seal scrolls, and has “Gemaryahu ben Shaphan (Gemaryahu son of Shaphan) on it. This one was last used in 597 BC, and is owned by the Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, but was unearthed by archeologist Yigl Shiloh in the 1980s.

        So what, you say. Here’s what: Shaphan was, according the Bible, a scribe in the court of king Yehoiakim at exactly that time, and according to Jeremiah 36:10, Gemariah’s (English spelling) house was in the “upper court, at the entry of the New Gate of the Lord’s house.” And ****that is exactly where this bulla was found.***

        You can thank King Nebuchadnezzar, who put Jerusalem to the torch when he burned the place in 597 BC, as otherwise the bulla would have turned to dust; in this case, it fired the clay and hardened it to be found by modernity – and prove that this part of the Bible was exactly correct to a “t.”

        In a conversation with an atheist colleague at Oxford University, CS Lewis, also an atheist well into his adulthood (“the smartest man at Cambridge”) was profoundly impacted a fellow prof who casually remarked, after studying the matter, that the gospel narratives found in the Christian Bible are surprisingly reliable historical accounts, commenting “Rum thing, it really must have happened once.”

        This also is the Lewis who wrote – as I have pointed out to several posters here that if there is no God, right and wrong is merely preference – “My argument against God was that the universe seemed so cruel and unjust. Just how had I got this idea of just and unjust? A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line. What was I comparing this universe with when I called it unjust? … Thus in the very act of trying to prove that God did not exist—in other words, that the whole of reality was senseless—I found I was forced to assume that one part of reality—namely my idea of justice—was full of sense. Consequently atheism turns out to be too simple. If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out that it has no meaning.” (Mere Christianity, 45-46)

        • Can you post some links on that, please. Sounds facinating. Thanks

      30. I won’t try to dignify this particular article with a long-winded comment to offer any kind of analysis to even just show how goofy this article is; it would only make me look buffoonish. Good grief, if this web site is going to continue featuring these type of stories I will have to stop taking this site seriously. There are real issues readers that we should be informed about, that contain useful information, and provide for meaningful discussion. Instead we get this rubbish. If people want to read this kind of material it can be found in the checkout lane of Walmart.

        • Catech is openly speaking about this. The University of Arizona is speaking openly about this.Google the named Batygin and Brown. NASA is openly talking about it, and I’m no fan of NASA.

      31. Jeremiah Johnson said most of us are goinna die, but buy gold and you will live.

      32. The Express reported, a meteor with the explosive powers of 10 cruise missiles had struck the moon, creating a massive explosion that was visible to the naked eye. While the 56,000 mile per hour collision was caused by a space rock weighing about 88 lbs, “the impact damage was colossal and the explosion shone with the brightness of a magnitude 4 star”.

        Haha what a load of crap. They fired 20 tomahawk missiles into a house Muhammad farrah aidid was staying in in the 90s and he survived. Do you really expect me to believe that a impact with the explosive force the size of 10 cruise missiles would be visible on earth from the moon and shine as bright as a star?

      33. When I was in grammar school, everyone was given paper sunglasses (the kind the eye doctor gives you when he dilates your pupils [eyes, not students]). Then they too us outside to observe a partial solar eclipse.

        I was not overly excited. In fact, secretly, I was disappointed. I had read about armies running away in terror. The other kids were impressed. And it was sort of cool. But, terror was what I was looking for.

        So, I relayed this to an astronomer who had traveled to witness a complete full total eclipse of the sun. He said that psychologically, there really is a moment of terror and awe, even when you know it is coming. He said that when the sun is shinning in the middle of the day, your mind is shocked by the total darkness. You just have to experience it to fully understand how awsome it is.

        I suppose, if you were completely duped into believing that your opponent had the power to block out the sun, you might surrender, too.

        To me, I think the PTB fooling the public about little green men, Star Wars, and all the other bs they keep trying to scare us with, just like ancient armies. That’s why they want us to be dumb. So they can take advantage of our superstition and ignorance.

        Continue to learn. Always push yourself further. And pass it on to the kids.


        • Smart. Good post.

      34. What compels an ancient people to build a multi-level, underground city, in solid rock, large enough to support 20,000 people, including their livestock and food stores such as Derinkuyu? Look it up. Very impressive.

        Typically, it’s more cost effective to build walls, moats and other structures, to shield from outside enemies. So, why underground? All an enemy has to do is find your air ducts and chimneys and smoke you out. Hmmm.

        It does suggest of a time when the surface of our planet was not very friendly.

        • Any other pears of wisdom?

          • “pearls”

            Man seeks a truth in a world where many “truths” are for sale by other men, whom are no more knowledgeable than those whom seek it.

      35. If you live in the Washington, DC and some imminent danger were headed your way, don’t expect any air raid sirens to sound. You’re toast! The whole focus will to get the “important” people out. Having the roads closed, telephone lines jammed, etc make evacuating the “important” people more difficult. The end will come without warning. A little prayer in the morning for what you did the night before is a good practice. I don’t know about other cities but Washington, DC for sure. Just a shame the scumbags will probably escape!

      36. Pluto is a planet. Pluto is not a planet. Secret planets are hiding from us. (I don’t blame them) A new planet is showing up in our solar system. It’s probably made of baloney. After all, the Moon is made of green cheese.

      37. Extension level event? cracksomeskulls, the paid NSA troll says not to listen to my nonsense. Like I said before I am leaving Houston, and move to the North Texas region. I know from what my scientist friend told me that Houston, Mexico, and the gulf, that the water level will be 600 ft higher, and that people in Austin will be living up in the mountains for certain. The local government of Houston knows all about it and have already made plans to evacuate. People think that they are so smart, and who would listen to a fool like me, when you drive on Hwy 10 or Hwy 290, construction to widen the freeways are ongoing. So why would the banks continue to fund loans in this city>? why would the city continue use tax payers money to widen the freeways of Houston. You see, my fellow preppers, the real ones. Let me tell you something, I know how those people think. They must continue to keep things going on. LA is no different, and soon that entire area will break off and sink into the bottom of the ocean. Do you see the local regime, the fucking communist that they are, governor Brown, the local criminal warning anyone. Instead, he and his criminal drug dealing Zetas and MS 13 are busy threatening people like Paul Preston who is exposing the globalist plans for false flags, MS13 invasions, bases given to the Chinese pla, etc. This is to silence Mr Preston.

        Presidents change, policies do not.

        I am not easily bullshitted, I talk to a real scientist who knows what is going on. Let me help you guys out here.


        Pete Peterson. I told you all to listen to all 3 parts of this interview already. He is telling us what will really go down. People its VERY, VERY EXTREMELY SERIOUS, I CANNOT KEEP TELLING YOU ALL THIS ANY LONGER, ITS ALL REAL.

        Has President Trump mentioned anything to the citizens of this country about the impending natural disasters? No he has not, and he cannot tell the public, then again is the right thing to do, I think not. We preppers do not need a run on the grocery stores, no way in hell.

        Snoden should be arrested and tried for Treason?


        Trump is the biggest con every to hit the world stage in a very long time. You listen to the Pete Peterson link, all 3 parts.

        You real preppers have seen the attacks on me, the reaction every time I post info that’s sensitive and I still haven’t revealed the real shit yet. The stuff about the alien versus alien wars, that’s all real. I am not longer listening to any speeches from Trump, and who he is meeting on the world stage, and I don’t listen to press briefings and other media bullshit stunts. I don’t listen to laughable slogan about “make America Great Again”. I just laugh when I hear Trump say that because I know what the real truth is. These people are very intelligent, very smart and they know how smart we are and how dumb most are. So they use the military and its resources to combat us on social media, the new media, and other distractions. Just log on to the computer in your office every morning, you see it, who is fucking who, who ass looks better in a G-string that some other woman, and other laughable bullshit, kim kardisian, fat lardy wrinked up ass looks this way or that way. You see guys, bullshit about which peopular celebrity is on the beech blowing some other idiotic jackass. People those actors are prepped to the max, and have made plans to clear the fuck out of town to BOL’s. This is what most people who keep up with shit like that don’t know. I don’t pay attention to bullshit. Instead I monitor preppers sites, check supplies and availability of items for survival that I can use, check to see what I can afford, etc?


        • Water level 600 Ft higher?

          Where’s all that water going to come from?

          • Don’t argue with HCKS. Just pray he takes his prescribed medications.

          • I can tell from HICKS postings that he believes The ZETA TALK website. Its ran by some crazy lady who claims to be in contact with service to other benevolent aliens. Now get this she believes her contact is made by a device those aliens implanted in her brain. There are plenty of folks who will believe any garbage if its packaged and presented as the truth.

        • Aw, yore just funnin’ with us!

        • If its on the internet it must be true!

        • HiCKS: Are you going to call me a paid troll as well you fucking nutjob douchebag? Cuz I am STILL waiting for that check, just like you are STILL waiting for your meds!

          Cant you just “bug out” to your so called “BOL” and drop off the map? You’re psychotic and need help.

          Your “scientist friend” your “NSA friend”, your “CIA friend”, your “DHS friend” and “insert HERE” friend”. I am in Houston and would LOVE to slap the fucking shit out of you!

      38. Hey Stefan,
        If you’re going to stick with this writing thin, you might want to learn the difference between the possessive “its” and the contraction “it’s”. It’s very annoying trying to read something by someone who doesn’t understand basic English.

      39. Tran:

        This annoying fetish of grammatical perfectionism you display caused me to laugh out loud.

        The U.S. Constitution uses these words incorrectly by modern standards. That is because in recent times, the word’s spelling changed.

        Today it’s means it is or it has.

        Usually an apostrophe denotes possession but not here. This is cause for confusion because in the case of the word “it”, the opposite is true. When the apostrophe is left out it denotes possession.

        (It’s)a nice day = (It is) a nice day. It’s called a contraction. A contraction uses an apostrophe to tell us that a letter or letters were left out.

        Its tail was short but its tale was long.

        Even if you know which is which, spellcheck may not.

        Cherrio!! ?


        • Ouote from Bill Clinton)It depends on what the meaning of is is?

      40. So hows your gold and silver gonna help you here? LOL!!!!!!

      41. Dmonic ,
        Oh leave poor hcks alone he’s harmless but in his defence I gotta say he’s been going on about This planet thing for a while now and if you look at his track record for accuracy locally in his area he does tend to hit it on the head more often then not others in his area have loosely confirmed some of it.
        Other news:
        My electronic devices keep getting worse few others in my area are starting to have problems with their shit too.

      42. What you have been told is a lie…again and again and..

      43. Baloney.
        Cosmic Baloney.

      44. Earth special? At just the nominal distance from the sun to foster life on the planet? Really, and what makes Earth’s scientists so damn sure that life could not have evolved on other planets in our solar system? There are species that thrive in 800 degree waters around volcanic vents at the bottom of the ocean. Why can’t there be advanced life forms that have adapted to the far colder temperatures on more distant planets in our own solar system. I mean hell, there have been sightings of flying objects in our skies for centuries doing impossible maneuvers and traveling at speeds we still haven’t been able to obtain in our atmosphere. As far as we know any way. I smoke out my bathroom window, June 13 of this year I went to have a smoke. As soon as I opened the window there it was moving west in my direction at approximately 3,00oft. Maybe a little higher. It moved a very short distance directly to the west then just froze in mid air. There was no sound and no distinguishable outline of the craft. It had two blazing red fixed lights side by side and on what I suppose was the underneath of the craft was a bright green flashing strobe like light. It stayed stationary on the same horizontal plane, didn’t move right or left, just stayed frozen in midair for 25-30 sec. Then it advanced towards me suddenly a short distance then froze again. It was at this time that a passenger jet passed over my place on path Northeast to land at Port Columbus Intl. Columbus, OH. That is right, this UFO was just west of downtown Columbus, OH and appeared to be stopping to let a jet pass. The jet and the craft appeared to be at the same altitude. As the jet got closer to where the craft was the craft just took off to the North Northwest like a funny car would at a race track. The very red lights never gave an indication that the craft made any kind of a turn. It was like, STAGE RIGHT AND IN A HURRY!, and it was gone. It was the freakiest thing I have ever seen. I quickly called the local Columbus Police radio dispatcher who immediately connected me to the Port Columbus Tower. I described what I saw and asked if he had anything on radar. He said He did not see anything. I told him the pilots on the jet that was landing had to have seen it. The Tower said the only thing they had on radar was a police chopper in the area. I told him,this was no police chopper. Remember this craft left like lighting to the North Northwest and while I was talking with the tower this thing rose above the tree line directly west and south of downtown facing me. I did not see the bright green flashing strobe. The red lights though were flashing on and off back and forth. It dropped below and rose above the tree line several times freeing at the top. I asked the tower of he could see it and he should be able to see it better than I could. He said he could not see it. It then slowly traveled to the north directly over downtown with red lights fixed again and then moved in the direction of the airport. I told him it was coming right at him. He said he still could not see it. It traveled towards the airport for 20 seconds and then just blinked out. I spoke with the tower guy a few minutes in which he said there are things out there. He has had several call about UFO’s over the years from people wanting to know if they had seen on radar. Each time the answer was, no. End of conversation. I continued to watch the location where it blinked out. After several minutes the police chopper came into view flying in from the north towards downtown. Again, this wasn’t a police chopper, or any other kind of chopper. When this thing took off it went from standing still to going faster than a fighter jet in the blink of an eye.

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