This Is How We Resist *Video*

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    It should be clear by now that the Federal government, through various agencies like the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, is rapidly moving towards a legal model that aims to strip fundamental rights traditionally protected by the Constitution of the United States.

    The Second Amendment is and has been under fire for quite some time, but what many Americans fail to realize is that the attack on our right to bear arms is only part of a much broader plan, one that aims to quietly kill any semblance of liberty we have left.

    The Fourth Amendment, which protects an individual’s right to be secure in their own person and home is as important as the right to speak freely and defend one’s self, yet it is being eroded without respite.

    At some point in the last couple of decades there was a shift in how the justice system deals with average citizens. No longer is there a presumption of innocence on the part of police or prosecutors. In the eyes of the government, we’re all guilty of something, a position that has left countless Americans imprisoned or dead for no other reason than the arresting officer or government attorney wanting to stroke their ego or increase their conviction rate.

    When the government is allowed into our homes, our cars, our phone conversations or our pockets without cause, we are no longer the America of our forefathers. Rather, we begin to reflect the principles of tyrants like Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler or Mao Zedong who deliberately ravaged their countrymen and left their nations devoid of common sense, humanity and the rule of natural law.

    Many of us are struggling to find a way to resist the overt tyranny being imposed across our once free nation.

    There’s a way, but we must fight this battle on our streets, one individual at a time.

    When they come to question us, or come to search our personal effects, or ask us to voluntarily detain ourselves, it’s time we push back and exercise the rights our founders fought so hard to protect.

    This is how we resist.

    The motto of our modern police state is, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.”

    We must respond by staying true to the fourth amendment: “If I’m not doing anything wrong, and you have no probable cause, evidence or warrant, then I respectfully demand that you let me go about my business.”

    It works. Really.

    Watch the following video mash up of Americans resisting unlawful requests by various enforcement officials:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    When you resist you will undoubtedly be met with counter-resistance, perhaps even threatened with arrest or worse.

    Oftentimes, prosecutors and judges will side with law enforcement officers in the “typical your word against their’s” scenario.

    But with modern day technology, you can turn the tables, and never have to face unjust questioning, detainment, or arrest again.

    Here are some tips for joining the resistance using technology you have at your fingertips:

    • Always have a video camera on you. Most of us already have the means to record footage using our cell phones.
    • Add a secondary device covertly hidden in your vehicle in the event you are pulled over. Preferably, you’ll want it to be transportable when you go for a leisurely stroll, so a James Bond style spy pen may be your best bet. Most can record up to 6 hours of audio and video in high definition. If your camera is seized and the storage chip destroyed, your secondary device will not only prove your innocence, but show that evidence was purposefully destroyed.
    • Stream your recording to the internet as it happens. In recent years new “apps” have been made available that essentially allow you to instantly stream your recordings to the internet, so no matter how hard they stomp on your mobile device, it’ll be too late because the video of that boot coming down on your cell phone camera is being uploaded in real time. (Here are some apps to try that will allow you to instantly record to your Facebook, Youtube or cloud server: VTweetIT for Android, Qik for Android, More Streaming Apps for Android, OpenWatch for iPhone, Qik Video for iPhone)
    • Do not tell police you are recording them when they first approach you. Police officers will often claim that we have no right to record them. Because they almost always execute their duties in public and they have no reasonable expectation of privacy when doing so, we the people have every right to make a record of their activities – it’s like writing it down in a journal, except using modern tech. In May of 2012 the 7th Circuit Court found a specific First Amendment right to record police officers (link), a ruling whose legality was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. This means that you are well within your right to record a police officer without having to alert them to the recording, even if your state requires “two party consent” for audio or video recordings.

    Thirty thousand drones soon to be patrolling our skies with high definition recording capabilities. Cameras on every street corner and in every police car. Audio recording devices on buses and trains. NSA monitoring stations and DHS fusion centers aggregating and flagging all of it.

    Who’s watching the watchers?

    We are.


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      1. I will not be arrested, I will never surrender whats mine. I will defend myself to the best I can do. I know i didn’t bother anyone and not guilty for what I own and just minding my own business. So if they want a war I guess its going to happen. I have no fear. I know what I can do and I have confidence and you should too. Don’t ever feel weaker in anyway. In your home you are the king. Just relax and be in control. you will be faster and win.

        • We’re now guilty until proven innocent!

          • When they start manning these check points with ex-military, drunk on power, pumped up on ‘roids and anger, skin heads, who “shoot first and ask questions later”, it won’t matter if one has a camera and/or knows their “rights”. For verbal “resisting”, we’ll be found guilty on the spot. We’ll be physically ripped from our vehicles, cuffed with a bag placed over our heads and shipped to the nearest Gulag.

            When that time comes (and it already has), WE need to be on the offensive, i.e. we need to shoot first and not ask questions later.

            We live in a War Zone, now. Act accordingly.

            • European:
              Not every Veteran is that way. I was a Military Policeman in the Army and I never treated someone with disrespect nor did I use my authority to abuse another person’s rights, or as a means to bully or demean a person. Maybe I was the exception to your rule- and I did know other MP’s that were what you just described, but I also knew some damn fine people like myself that never did a damn thing to be called what u refered to.

              • Friend,

                Times have changed. Today the vast majority of pigs are degenerate cowards with no honor. But the head of the snake is the politicians.

                • The head of the snake that the politicians work for…..TPTB, The Elite, The Banksters

                  • Thank you Mac for the reminder. Better break out your copy of the constitution and get ready.

                  • Mac,

                    One of your best columns yet!

              • Problem is, not every Veteran ISN’T that way either.

                If the number is anything north of 20% we have a serious problem.

                • …this looks like a video that teaches illegal immigrants how to easily cross our borders.

                  • @Anonymous. So we should surrender our freedoms because the govt isn’t stopping illegal immigration at the border where they should? These checkpoints are a ruse to get us to surrender our rights, not to stop illegal immigration. The govt wants that to succeed. That’s why they put them 30, 40, 50 miles from the border. If they wanted to stop illegal immigration, they know where the illegal crossings areas are and many of them they are not patrolling at all. Do the math.

                  • An illegal immigrant would never have the composure under extreme stress, compelled by the ICE guys, to keep insisting on rights he likely has either barely heard of or of which understands nothing at all. After all, most US citizens these days have no clue about this! And then, there’s the language thing, both spoken and unspoken–an illegal, even with perfect US diction and an uncanny knowledge of his “rights,” might nevertheless betray himself with serious uneasiness physically before an ICE agent. Sorry, that argument just doesn’t fly.

                  • Anon, if you want to have a secure border, put people in office that will close it properly, deport the ones already here illegally, and put a US Marine on the border every 200 yards with a rifle and start shooting the ones who try to get over illegally and throw their carcasses back over the wall.
                    Stop using your insecurity as a cop-out to VIOLATE MY FREEDOM, YOU BASTARD!!!

              • Mclovin

                First of all, contain yourself.

                I’m referring to those “service men and women” who “most recently”, served (under the influence) and returned with the insatiable desire to keep their “power trip” of torturing and killing alive, in full speed ahead mode. These psychopaths are recruited by corrupt governmental agencies, ranging from our local police departments and border patrol to other similar fascist organizations, who want to keep their addiction alive and well, inside this country.

                YOU may have been a good guy (at least that’s what you claim), but for those who return and serve this Communist Government with the intent to “do what they want, when they want and how they want” using brute force, I have absolutely no respect for. THEY are the enemy. They are willing to take an Oath and then turn on it. Don’t believe me? Have you been across the Canadian or Mexican border lately? These “in land” check points have nothing to do with “illegals”. Case in point, look what the mulatto just turned out to pasture down the street from you and I. No, this is strictly the pretense for a full lock down in America. And how will TPTB accomplish this goal? Where are their “brown shirts” coming from? Our “honorable” insurgent men and women presently shoving democracy and freedom down the throats of any country the global bankers want to possess.

                • Euro,
                  I “most recently” served- having honorably discharged in 2010- after having served 2 tours in Iraq- and again I have seen nothing of the like in which you described. Look, if u take a city of 1 million people u are going to have some bad apples among the population.The military is no different.

                  • This present US military are not spreading freedom and democracy around the globe. There is no honor in killing for the sake of making money for the bankers. You can justify it any way you want. But you can’t argue with the facts. Iraq (as well as all of the other countries America has invaded) was and is a TOTAL waste of human life and resources. There was and is no need for that war. There is absolutely NO reason to be over there other than to take THEIR resources so as to increase the wealth of those who run the Banks. That is it. You’ve been brainwashed to believe what THEY want you to believe. You did the job that they wanted you to do. You were duped and you took this “service” to your country, hook, line and sinker. They programmed you and all the other military to believe what ever story allows you to justify killing “foreigners”. YOU invaded THEIR country. You were the insurgents. I’m really tired of this attitude that you and those like you try to give the impression that “we where fighting for America”. Bull shit, You weren’t fighting for Americans. Most AMericans DON’T want these senseless wars. Because most Americans are waking up to the fact that WAR IS A BUSINESS AND BUSINESS IS GOOD, BUT ONLY GOOD FOR THOSE THAT WANT TO MAKE THE REALLY BIG MONEY AND CONTROL THE MASSES. That is all this is about. Believe what they want you to believe. Justify it so that it makes you feel good about yourself. I don’t care. But the blood of innocent civilians that those who served in Iraq killed, is on their hands. The shame and quilt on those who realize what they have done is the reason 22 a day are taking their lives, back here in the states. Like it or not, that’s the reality of the living in an imperialistic EMPIRE.

                  • Moreover, if one wants to see how we in America, and, how others all over the world, have been brainwashed to believe that somehow Wars are some form of showing Patriotism to one’s country, i.e. “spreading democracy and freedom” to others, then watch this.

                    THIS IS THE REAL DEAL…

                    ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS (War is ONLY a business and that is all)


                  • McLovin, MOST Americans know the Truth; we honor our veterans. Its really sad what you’ll have had to go through–both over seas and from ignorant people back here in the States…Anyhow, just want to let you know we love you. (99% of us).

                  • @ EA,

                    “This present US military are not spreading freedom and
                    democracy around the globe. There is no honor in killing
                    for the sake of making money for the bankers.”

                    And whose FAULT is that might I ask?

                    Is this the failt of the Soldier on the ground?
                    Is this the fault of ther Sergeant who directs them?
                    Is this the fault of the Captian who directs the Sergeant?

                    The military is a ‘mechanism’ long honed and adjusted to
                    allow for the application of force when all other means have

                    OUR military is wholly directed by the Civilian Government
                    Our governmant is WHOLLY directed by THE BANKERS…

                    …as yourself note in passing

                    EA, be assured you are in ERR here, allow me to explain;

                    From it’s inception the military, regardless of HOW it
                    has been employed has held to a standard that FUNDAMENTALLY
                    differs from that of ANY other construct within our system.

                    That is not to say that the civilian authority directing
                    them has not served to utilize military force solely for
                    political ends…far from it; Korea, Viet Nam, Afghanistan,
                    Iran….the list goes on and on. STILL, this is not an
                    indictment of those who ‘have served’. McLovin, as any other
                    who has served could EASILY explain the differences between
                    the mind-set of the average soldier as opposed to any other
                    agent of any other branch of our govermental apparatus if
                    he thought through it for just a bit.

                    At the root of all lies a conception of Honor and honorable
                    action which is simply not present or mandated elsewhere. THIS
                    is a tradition implanted deep within the services broadly,
                    historically throughout. Am I here saying that excessive force
                    is NEVER used, SURELY not. Those who have never served are not
                    infrequently terrified of the military proper. Let’s face it;
                    WHERE else is such a vast concentration of force pooled
                    together? Nowhere. As such it is EASY to fear what that is
                    capable of and to surmise – incorrectly – that such is at it’s
                    root evil itself.

                    Here we reach the crux of the matter: it is NEVER the rank
                    and file which sit about contemplating atrocity as a FIRST
                    resort…EVER. Instead, it is, and has for long been the case
                    that ordinary people are placed into extraordinary
                    circumstances wherein they respond reflexively in extraordinary
                    fashion. Our government has repeatedly sent our soldiers into
                    theatres not for to obtain Justice or to promote same, but
                    instead – for many long years – to effect the furtherance of
                    political goals….WHOSE FUNDAMENTAL ORIGIN LIES with the
                    Bankers!…the surest recipe in history for the
                    commission of evil.

                    When you are faced with imminent destruction or Death you
                    will either accept that or respond with unlimited force. The
                    use of the word ‘unlimited’ above is deliberate in extramis
                    here. The political will which places ordinary people in harms
                    way to further political ends is the EVIL, not the Soldier’s
                    Seamen, Airmen and Marines who serve honorably as asked.

                    To be sure, in ANY group of Humans there are those whose
                    funadamental character lacks…to say the least. But as a group,
                    I ASSURE you, I would rather have JUST 5 of those at my back
                    when ‘the poo hits the prop’ as 100 of anyone else for it is
                    THOSE in whom I could trust….and fully so.

                    Nuff said…


                  • Thank you EA for stating the truth so well. It is so sad the amount of brainwashing that has happened and how badly it is for those who know and understand the truth and aren’t afraid to say it as painful as it is to say and then go through the crap from the brainwashed

                  • I agree with EA..if war is so good for economies, why is the U.S. in the crapper??

                  • JOG,
                    You’re not taking responsibility for your actions if blindly enter into any endeavor and then blame those above you for YOUR actions. YOU made the choice to join the military, YOU made the choice to pull the trigger, YOU made the choice to accept the financial reward in exchange for YOUR actions. Please tell me where there have been more cover-ups and scandals than the “honorable” Military?? History is littered with them. If you wish to be honorable, accept responsibility for your actions, your choices, and learn from them.

                  • All but the worst shitheads get an honerable discharge.

                  • McLovin, we get a little honesty from you amid the propoganda.
                    You were in a bad situation and fought to keep your own ass alive.
                    So are we suppose to honor your self preservation?

                    BigB,we sure as fuck CAN blame the soldier. Without the army of obediant meatbots the whims and rantings of a lunatic are no danger. With that army he is something to be hated and feared. The military empowers these politicans. Obediance is not worthy of praise.

                    Read the comments here and around the net.
                    Do you ever see anyone worry about Obama and Feinstein kicking in their door and killing or imprisoning them? No. That would be fucking stupid. It is these “honorable” obedient meatbots serving in uniform that we the people worry about actively taking our freedom and our lives. They are not worthy of anything but scorn, shame and should be shunned by people who actually ACT honorably.

                    They took an oath and with every act, every invasion, every arrest, every beating, bombing, air strike, house to house search, they spit on the very freedom they swore to protect. The right to bear arms is a human right to defend ones self and our military goes to foreign lands to kill and disarm people. Stop pretending they won’t do unto you when the orders come down.

                    They fact that they still have the gall to claim their betrayal of what is good and decent in mankind is worthy of respect shows the depths of depravity they have sunk to. To all you active duty, veterans, leos who raised your hand and swore to defend the constitution, put up or shut up. But we already know where you stand. Mercenary pukes.

                  • Mclovin,

                    You are exactly right. There are many on this site who want to get rid of all the cops and destroy anyone who has served in the military. If their wish came true then who would save their sorry asses. I honor and respect the military and thank you for your service, I also honor and respect the fact that we need the police for more reasons than can be mentioned here. Get real people and stop bashing the warriors, makes you sound like your the answer to all and guess what, you aint nothing but a lot of hot air.

                  • Before the trashing begins, I know, it is you’re, not your. Aren’t we all human?

                  • Mclovin,
                    I did 14+ years. Iraq 03-04. Dont worry about EA, he hates us and will not see the truth. People like that will never understand the real Veteran. They want to bring up the small number of power hungry troops. You remember them dont you? We called them lunch money cases in the Army. They got thier ass kicked in highschool for thier lunch money, now they have a uniform and feel the power. EA thinks we are all like that. He probably hasnt met a true American Patriot that was in the military. Dont let him get to you. Just remember your training and experiences and you will be one hell of an asset to the resistance when the time comes. THe idiots that call us names never set one foot in the shitholes that we were sent to. They can never and will never understand. Dont give them the time of day. A government op would be on a site like this demonizing the troops to seperate us from the rest. Dont feed the troll.

                • Who the hell are you refering to Euro trash. UN troops may act that way but it is rare for American ones to do that. F-ing Nazi.

                  • MAC, I mistakenly gave John W. a “thumbs down”. Can you please rectify that? Thanks. (I meant to give him a thumbs up).

                  • @John W. I back those words 100%. EA you need to show some respect for those who have given an oath to protect your ass from our countries enemies.

                    I may hate my government but I still love my country.


                  • Grasshoppe,


                  • @ BigB

                    Let’s be clear. “Respect for those who have given an oath to protect MY ass from our countries enemies”? They were never my enemies and they still are not. Anyone in America who believes they are, has been brainwashed (that would especially be you, BigB). America creates enemies by invading countries for the sole purpose of expanding it financial sphere of influence, “For the EMPIRE”, hail Obama! The US is an “enemy producer”. It’s the occupation of the US Military to occupy other sovereign countries. Why wouldn’t the Iraqis hate us? Who wouldn’t hate the imperialist Americans? U.S. troops INVADE (rape, pillage, exterminate) other countries populations because some wealthy families decide they need more money (and power) and they don’t like the fact that the Iraqis don’t want to play by global elites financial rules. So, the insurgent US troops do what they are “ordered” to do, like good robots. They don’t STAND WITH THE CONSTITUTION, THEY TURN THEIR BACKS ON THEIR OATH. WHY? Ask them, they are the criminal hit men, and women, making money, enjoying “the kill” and doing what they are told by their handlers, their pimps, the mafia elite globalists. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Do as we are told. No honor there. If these troops had a brain in their head they would realize their actions are diametrically opposed to the whole premise behind the US Constitution. If they truly followed the oath they “supposedly” took, they would turn their guns on those who give them the orders and demand a stop to the insanity.

                    So don’t give me that fucking shit that they took an oath to protect my ass. That statement is as erroneous as you are. They could care less about my ass or any other Americans.

                    And lastly, your “I hate my government but I still love my country” is pure grandstanding for the audience here. The smart ones see through your delusional thinking. Go fuck yourself, and while you’re at it, go fight along side your false idols.

                • EA
                  You’re a dumbass. The reason you have this forum is because of the people in our military and all who came before. Thanks McLovin, and all the rest of you have served.

                  • Thank you Dick.

                    Again Euro. We never raped, murdered, or pillaged. For the record we patrolled Baghdad one deployment and Diwaniyah the 2nd time. We never fired first we only reacted to fire- and I reacted not for the bankers, the president, or for the thrill of killing- but to save myself and my buddies that I would to this day give my life for. That’s what we fought for- each other the same as any other soldier, marine, airman, or seaman in the history of warfare. Governments steal, we just fought to keep our promise to each other.

                  • @EA,

                    That was not a personal attack on you. You need to lighten up pal. You make a lot a valid points. BUT, you can’t blame the soldier for the politicians decisions. Would you have no one serve our country because of bad politicians being paid by rich special interests?

                    And if “I hate my government but love my country” is grandstanding then I guess it is what it is. Again that was not a personal attack and hope you reconsider the “Fuck You” comment.

                    And for whoever made the bug comment, I raise bee’s ass-bite.

                  • BigB

                    Point well taken. I retract my use of foul language towards you. Sorry.

                    The Wars that America perpetuates now, and ever since ’91, are not designed to promote liberty and freedom for Americans or for the countries that have been brutally invaded. Sadly, this country has become possessed by the hideous dark entities of (uncontrollable) selfishness and greed, on a colossal level. It’s running rampant through out America’s political and social realm and consequently contaminates even the military. No matter what one’s “personal” motives are for participating in the illegal, UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAR, the military, and all those that that entails, the entire Collective, are clearly violating the Laws of Nature, GOD’s Laws, and there will be retribution. And we wonder why America is on the verge of total breakdown? As you sow, so shall you reap.

                  • @ Dick,
                    you my friend are the poster child for American propaganda brainwashing.

                    And all of you who have served in the last 23 years…..I don’t thank you, I don’t respect you, I don’t appreciate you creating so many enemies because you weren’t smart enough to think critically through things. To you I have only to thank you for the black eye & fucking you gave all of America.

                  • How about all you defenders of the military; mclovin, bigb, daisy, dick, jog, lfod…
                    Just admit you agree with the nuremburg defense. They were just following orders and have no personal responsibility for their actions. It is all the fault of the politicians who give the orders.
                    That way those of us who believe in personal responsibility can just ignore you from now on.
                    Unfortunately it is the red, white and blue in your eyes that blinds you to the reality of the situation. I doubt any of you would allow a home invader to get away with killing the homeowner calling it self defense but somehow a soldeir invading a country can kill its citizens and call it self defense. Please, get the flag out of your eyes. It is blinding you to reality.

                  • common sense?,
                    Now you are gonna compare soldiers who fought to save thier own assess and thier troops to the nazis killing jews? and you call yourself common sense? give me a break. No one is claiming that they were following orders. The corp sent us and we survived, that is all there is too it. I dont know any troop that thinks we were there for our country. We were there because we were in the military when they started a war. When people wake up to the real reasons they sent us they get out of the military. If they dont get out after waking up, they are the problem, but you cant demonize someone who hasnt been awakend to the truth. There is some common sense for ya.

                  • Bulldog, so you didn’t follow orders? I would be curious to know how you ended up in Iraq or the stan? And then what? You stopped following orders once in country? No S&D missions, house to house searches, fire missions? You just sat in base and played canasta and you only picked up your rifle when the indigs tried vainly to oust the foreign occupation?
                    You joined the military during peace time so don’t blame you right? So you did it for the GI bill and poor you ended up having to live up to the job description?
                    If what you did was not for your country then why does your service deserve our respect? You admit that the war is a lie and for that I thank you but service in defense of greed is not honorable.
                    I thought all girls liked it rough, says the rapist.
                    I thought I was defending freedom, says the soldier.
                    It is not your perception of reality we are mad about it is your actions.
                    And yes we can, simply claiming ignorance of right and wrong does not get you a free pass.

                  • common sense,
                    Name which post I asked for your thanks or respect. I dont want shit from you or any other person. I dont need your approval for anything that I do or have done. And to answer your question, hell no I diidnt sit behind the wire and play games. I was out and about doing what I had to do. I dont have to explain why or what or anything to anyone, but I will make an exception this once. Yes I did join during in peacetime and no I didnt join for the GI Bill, etc. I joined because I was young and headed for nowhere fast. THe recruiter showed me a video of a tank jumping over a hill and I took the bait.
                    I believed the hype and went to war. While there I learned more about insurgency in a year than you could read about in your civilian lifetime. I also learned the truth about islam, first hand, not what you have been told my the MSM, etc. Islam sucks ass and they are not good people. I dont give a shit what you or anyone else thinks about us, I just think you are an idiot to talk shit about the folks who know how to kick TPTB’s Assess better than you could ever know.
                    I have a question for you and the other folks who talk shit about us:
                    When the brown shirts, et al attack, and they will, will you fight them or will you hide? If you chose to fight and if the ex-military allow you to be a part of it, how will you fight? Do you have a fucking clue how to fight these guys? I doubt it. You cant learn that in any book you may have read. If you chose not to fight, you have no business being an American when WE win this thing that is coming.

                  • EA,
                    You are correct to a point , but like in any civil war , the military will be divided . Too many of them are exactly as you say , but others are mad as hell and do not plan to hand everything over peacefully , with the recent legislation , discharged military people are now felons if they try to own a firearm if they have any diagnosis of PTSD . PTSD is an everyday occurrence , anybody that has had a divorce or death in the family has ” PTSD ” ………its a psychological catch all diagnosis now being used against everybody . It is true that a very high percentage of people who swore an oath ………..cant remember it , or dont care ………… was just a formality for them and has no meaning whatsoever …………they are the enemy , and they exist in large numbers . Bottom line is , we are now citizens living in times and conditions similar to Hitler’s rise to power or the Bolshevik revolution , our choices are clear , roll over or resist , problem is , our options are few if there is no organized rebellion . The bullshit wars in my opinion are exactly as you say they are , but they are irrelevant to the seriousness of how we are going to have to live in this country if we dont have a plan for armed rebellion and resistance . This is where we as individuals need to put our energy of thought into , without doing that , they win …………..its that simple . Start thinking about that now and at least have a plan of action with others now , because when the veil is lifted and all the pretense of all out totalitarianism are gone , it will be much more difficult .

                  • Bulldog, its the whole attitude. You personally may have not demanded respect overtly but your attitude is that you are better than civilians. “If the ex-military allow you”, “better than you could ever know”, “no business being an American”. You may not have “asked” for it but your attitude demands that we defer to your superiority.
                    More of your words paraphrased, ” when they wake up, they get out”, “I spent 14plus years in”. So did it take you 14 years to wake up or are you one of those you describe as “the problem”?
                    So what does it matter if I am a fighter since your opinion is that I will need some ex-meatbots permission to defend myself? Oh great murdering know it all. What good could someone like me who was smart enough to realize who the bad guys were before I was of age to join the service do? Of what use is it to understand who the bad guys are in a firefight? My “whole civilian life” simply cannot compare, nor even approach, your first year in the shit.
                    Perhaps you do express a more honest version of your service but you are aware my initial comment was not directed to you. Perhaps you do not demand respect but it does not mean veterans do not expect to be treated like heros. You have made it quite clear you hold yourself above “civilians” and that only if you “allow” us to fight will we then be “worthy” of the title of Americans. So excuse me if I think that some idiot who needed 14 years to wake up to how this world actually is should not be the one who decides my worth. And forgive me if I refuse to give self confessed idiots a free pass on bad behaviour because that is what the “I didn’t know” or ” I wasn’t awake” or “they lied to us” or “I fell for it” excuse really boils down too, admission of ignorance. Perhaps people smart enough to figure these things out tens of years earlier in their life deserve less of your gung ho bullshit because they are likely still ahead on the learning curve and perhaps if you stopped getting your panties in a bunch every time someone points out the truth of your service in a way you find unacceptable you might be able to continue your advancement in understanding.
                    But what would I know? I’m just a civilian. lol

                • EA, I often speak the same things. There are only two responses.

                  You get agreement from free thinking people who have freed themselves from the corp brainwashing. They know what the military is because they have looked at what it does and who it does it for. For someone who considers it as a right or wrong question, the answer is obvious.

                  You get disagreement from those who know there is a problem, but still can not see through the indoctrination enough to understand that they BLINDLY are serving the source of the problems, even to the point of taking another life, and to the detriment of their country and it’s people. They can not see themselves as anything other than what they were told they were. They were told they were hero’s, because they would have refused to kill if they had been told they were nothing but murderers. They were told they were protecting the people and their country, because they would have refused had they been told they were fighting resource wars for a legal fiction. They can not see the truth because they refuse to see what they have actually helped to do was wrong.

                  Murder, under any pretense, can not be justified. It is against Gods Law, and all subordinate laws as well. Helping to commit murder is equally wrong, no matter who pulls the trigger.

                  It pains them greatly when people point out what they have done. They will fight to death to protect their perceptions of themselves, no matter how much light is signed on the truth.

                  The only pain that could be worse for them is to accept the truth of what they have done, and the fact that they have violated God’s Law for nothing more than money and promises of future benefits.

                  Killing in defense of yourself and family is forgivable. Signing up to a corporation, traveling overseas, and killing people trying to protect their family from you is murder and unforgivable.

                  It takes a special man to bear that burden honestly. And the military does not train one for that.

                  • GC,
                    Nice to know that you can read our minds to know what we are thinking.
                    Spew your trash and feel good about yourself.

                    “The only pain that could be worse for you” is to accept that soldiers are a tough breed who can handle anything thrown at them.

                    We will be the force that defeats these bastards that are trying to control us. You and others like you will once again (as during the first revolution and Civil War) will sit back and watch as we fight for our freedoms.
                    You (and others like you) speak of troops being brainwashed and using talking points of the corp. The words coming out of your mouth are not your own. THey are the same exact words that the hardcore troop haters speak and you blindly believe and repeat.

                    I like the majority of your posts GC. You sound like you have awakened to alot of the truth, but you are misguided when it comes to the troops. Demonizing us is not the answer and a true Creation of God would not use every opportunity to demoralize good people, however misguided they are.

                    And your remark about murder not being forgiven… there is only one unforgivable sin and that is worshipping the anti-christ when he arrives. Go re-read your bible.

                  • GC,
                    A more eloquently stated post, I have not seen on this site. BRAVO!!!!

                • The military are mercenaries killing for money. Standing army is complicit with commie government.

                  Treason everywhere.

                • To BJ and Others: It will be a Marine or Army Paratrooper, many who proudly served in Viet Nam, Irag, or Afghanistan, who will stand between YOU and the NWO Gun Grabbers when push comes to shove. YOU will not likely have the guts to resist.

                  On THAT Day, you will have a new perspective.

                  • DK,
                    I will have to disagree with you. In good time, we will know who is correct.

                  • A new Perspective? That is extreme intellectual dishonesty.

                    So, what… we’ll reverse our opinions that…

                    – There should’ve never been a standing army to train these people in the first place…
                    – There should’ve never been manufactured wars to fight…
                    – We should’ve never spent our tax money supporting this bloated military.

                    If they fight alongside us against the NWO, that will be good. It still doesn’t change the past.
                    The fact that they can use their ill-gotten skills of butchery does not invalidate the fact that they should’ve never been provided/used those skills in the first place.

              • My dealings with police, military or otherwise have always been antagonist on their part. I find that most people that become a LEO are losers of the first water, usually ones that were bullied and now have the unchecked ability for some payback. Most are too stupid to get out of their own way. I’ve never neded a cop to help as I solve my own problems.If you take offense then so be it. Some people hate hearing the truth.

                • State Troopers are the worst of the bunch.

                  • Betcher ass they are.

              • I’ve often said that generalization is the sign of a lazy mind. I’ve never heard McLovin say anything here that sets off warning bells and makes me think he is the type of person that EA is describing.

                It’s important to make our judgements quickly but to actually make a judgement, not just paint everyone with the same brush.

                Just my two cents, but McLovin is one of the good guys and hopefully there are others like him. In the case described by EA, though, it’s unlikely the good guys will be the ones in the uniforms. At that point, uniform = target.


                • thank you Daisy. I might be abrasive, and possess a crass sense of humor but I firmly believe that 99.9% percent of the military are honest and good people. don’t hate the Veterans- hate the wars the government forces us to fight. I know I’m preaching to the choir to everyone else besides a few close-minded idiots on here but I thank you and Grasshopper and everyone else of the good people on here that give us the benefit of the doubt. It’s hard to give up quality time of your life and have your integrity and decency questioned in return by some- no matter how stupid they might be.

                  • I never questioned your integrity, I do now though. Ask any veteran from any era what he or she hated the most about their service and they will answer the Goddamn MP and civilian police. Most popular answer. Once I saw an army MP get mouthy with a guy in our barracks and he got his ass handed to him.After 5 minutes we broke them apart and the MP asked why didn’t we help him. You’re a Miserable Prick. that’s why and its not my job to bail your sorry ass out of situations that you caused. Later after charges were filed against the MP at his court martial for assault and battery and a slew of other offenses his watch commander apologized to us and asked that we not group all of his cops into one group. Too late we said. BTW I hear LAPD needs some thugs to harrass and deny law abiding citizens the right to due process.

                  • A Man can not be considered “honest and good people” when they are in the active service of evil BY CHOICE.

                    If they were good people, they would refuse to do so. They have merely received a good and honest indoctrination into a system that forgives the unforgivable when done on behalf of the corp they serve.

                    God is NOT the corp. You can not be forgiven for a sin you do not confess and do not believe to have been a sin to begin with.

                    Military Service = Hero or good and honest is corp BS.

                    Every Man must live by his own truth, will die with it, and will be judged by what he accepts as right and just through the eye’s of God.

                    If you feel government sanctioned murder is acceptable today, perhaps you should try the eyes of God for viewing your future.

                • Very well put Daisy!

                  Molon Labe

                • Typical of you.

                  • BEAUTIFULLY SAID, JUSTINTIME! Those were my sentiments EXACTLY!! Just couldn’t find the right words… Basically, I too am against all the unjust wars TPTB have gotten us into. However, that surely is not the fault of the soldiers, who’ve gone there, thinking they were serving in a just war, only to find out they were duped by the government. Furthermore, if that wasn’t bad enough, after having gone through all the hell over there, coming home and suffering PTSD, and perhaps having a limb blown off, or whatever, they also have to put up with an extremely corrupt government who denies them of their constitutional rights and sometimes downright assassinates them! (Like thy young vet in Delaware who was killed by pigs as he sat on his front porch), etc. It just seems to me the vets are getting a bum wrap all way around…as the Matrix points out, “how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?” The more you know, the more danger you’re in. And vets, from experience, know A LOT!!

                  • Boo hoo, grasshopper, how dare people hold those poor soldiers responsibile for their actions. We should honor the delusion they were doing good in this world and ignore the truth.
                    Stop honoring the meatbots.
                    When a soldier can accept responsibility and admit the truth I have much rerspect but I refuse to continue to assist the self deceivers. Two words…
                    Personal responsibility.
                    Refuse to accept it and you will receive no respect.

                  • To Common Sense

                    Many great insights you have. Thanks for sharing them here on this thread.

                    Stay safe out there.

                    Truth alone Triumphs!

                • How is the Canux air?

                  • CommonSense- I seriously doubt any soldier goes to war for the purpose of looting another countrys resources, or for revenge for FRUIT Corporations of America, or for any of the other greedy, low down reasons our government sent them there for! We are constantly fed propaganda BEFORE an attack to convince us its a just war, when its not. Soldiers, like us, find out LATER that it was all bullshit.

                    Furthermore, who enlists for the military? The elites’ kids? No way! They come from poor neighborhoods. Its the young, poor, naive young men, who choose military because it often offers rewards in education, and it seems like an honorable thing to do. YOU need to wake up, show some common sense and compassion. These are young kids who have no idea how corrupt our government is until its too late!!

                  • Grasshopper, they join the military because too many continue to insist it is a good and honorable thing to do. Too many adults praise them for killing those ragheads or slanteyes or krauts or whomever the finger is pointed at this time. They join because the idea that killing for ones country somehow magically turns a murderer into a hero. So perhaps you can understand why I refuse to continue the lie. I want the madness to stop.

                • You wouldn’t know a target if you had a shopping experience.

                  • Funny!

                  • Damn funny and true.

              • @Mclovin,

                What you say may be true, but we have no way of telling the “good” cops from the bad, so they should all be, and will be, treated as the enemy. To do otherwise could get a person killed.

                • Exactly! If you don’t support the system that’s telling you to confiscate/control/murder, THEN TAKE OFF THE UNIFORM!!

              • Mclovin
                THANK YOU FOR SERVING,,


              • @ Mclovin – Of course you were respectful – cause you’re Mclovin.

              • I believe you and others are good people but can you see the problem here. SOME uniformed people are evil and some are not. The problem is this; “How can I tell which is which?” Once the war starts, all red coats look alike.

                What do you suggest we do?

            • @European American,
              “When they start manning these check points with ex-military, drunk on power, pumped up on ‘roids and anger, skin heads, who “shoot first and ask questions later”

              You forgot something, under the current administration, Include members of the New Black Panther Party. We’ve seen them in action, and Holder does nothing about it.

              • Wilson, you bring up a very important point. Groups of thugs hired by TPTB to do their bidding.

                EA and Mclovin bring up some good and truthful points.
                I think a lot of the confusion and thumbs down comes from the grouping of LE and military veterans, “together”.

                You can’t talk about both with the same thinking, unless you are talking about LE only and including ex-military that are now working as LE.

                Knowing that there are bad, and very bad, apples in every bunch. And that race,color, or creed doesn’t make much difference. I don’t blame veterans for doing what they think is honorable, by defending Americans against communism and terrorism. I leave the judging of their actions up to their Maker. I do appreciate their efforts to defend America, even if some of those efforts are mis-guided by the very gov that trains and pays them.

                LE has a totally different set of training and rules to follow. Almost anyone can write a book on the stories of where they have went right and wrong. Just as military, there are many bad, and very bad cops out there.

                I think when the SHTF, and America goes under martial law; the gov/TPTB will go thru an evaluating process to determine who will take their orders without consideration of moral or spiritual consideration. They, TPTB/gov have a huge pool of civilian thugs and evil killers to add to their armies to take the place of those that have been culled from service to the Beast.

                The Black Panthers are just one group. There are many,many others itching to get approval to carry a gun and kill for the sake of killing. For whatever reason they have no conscience and will follow their evil leaders to the gates of hell. Just so happens some will be ex-military, some will be active and inactive LE, but I think most will be ex-cons,gang members,anyone with a “thug” mentality, and foreign soldiers.

                Lock & load!

                • There will be .50 cals on every corner and dor gunners above.

                  Got poodle poppers? Lots of luck.


            • They get tax payers money for keeping tax payers, paying taxes.

            • Oppress…

            • Luckily they do not accomplish much. The worst job in the world has to be Border patrol. Even on the rare occassions that they get to take illegals into custody they are then let go. Kabuki theater.

          • We resist by enforcing the Law against the thugs who mistakenly believe that THEY are the law.

            • The Law? And just what Law are you referring? And how do you plan to enforce that Law if you are unwilling to let a little blood? Words…..oh how some of you folks like to pontificate and opinionate and mentally masturbate. All those dark conspiracies and secret powers….how do you recognize such evil if not by peering first into your own dark soul. Leave the military vets out of your delusional ranting. They answer the call of the warrior. How about you, what call are you answering…cowardice needs to justify itself more than bravery.

          • @ OutWest. I believe it is referred to as Napoleonic Law, you are presumed to be guilty till proven innocent. It is extremely unfortunate that many law enforcement get into this trap of getting that ‘power surge’ when they see the fear in innocent people’s eyes that have done nothing. Mac, is absolutely correct, the ONLY way to combat this is to make their job on the line if you can catch them being KGB or SS type of goons against you with a video of some sort or audio recording. You have to always be on alert as most law enforcement are when they approach you with their hands on their guns.

            I have noticed, myself included, when you are a good honest person that has done absolutely nothing and are tormented by the pig type police, the anger boils inside of you. It is like they are trying to entrap you on something, or they are getting their jollies from seeing the people squirm and coward down to their authority. It is kind of like that fat little bastard on the cartoon South Park, Cartman, when he says you will respect my authority. These law enforcement get this attitude and many of them like it a lot. They are really not all to blame, it is also the creeps up higher that not only allow it, they encourage it.

            When someone is guilty of something bad, normally when confronted they are ready to be caught for doing “something”. When most people that have done nothing and are harassed unfairly they fight back vicously. They are the ones that end up with a criminal record many times because they have been BAITED to physical retaliation. Even verbal confrontation can sometimes result in fines. This is why this artilce is so important to listen to, have proof of what you did or did not do that will hold up in court.

            It is sad that we have all come to this point, but it sure shows in what direction the country and world are going. This is yet another reason that we all need to prepare and be ready, the inner stability of countries is coming apart at the seams and what happens after that is horrible. This is one of many symptoms of a much more serious condition boiling away and getting ready to implode in most areas.

            • Thanks BI, you are correct, and your resulting assessment
              is most interesting also.

              I would be quite curious to know what Freudian Theory
              might suggest on the matter as well…..


              • @ OutWest. Freud was a pioneer in psychology and figured out much in human nature. To really put a lot of what goes on with police abuse and government abuse comes from simple raw animalistic instincts. Human beings and a few higher animals like many marine animals, some birds like crows, parrots, elephants, some primates, and even some dogs have minds to think and reason with if they so desire to do so. many of the law enforcement end up behaving on that lower “reptile” section of the mind and says brute force and intimidation of the innocent works.

                They also can have big time hormonal imbalances that can send higher level of male steroids naturally into their bodies, extreme levels of testosterone. Many that get into law enforcement have much higher than normal levels of TST, and this can extremely cloud the better judgement of what is right and wrong. Just look at the extreme violence of people that have taken excessive amounts of steroids. It is called being naturally drunk on steroids from the body. Not to justify this as some physical condition, but to offer an explanation behind irrational behavior of so many of these “police”.

                To really drive deep into instincts, there is an instinct to be the alpha male, or alpha female with many of these so called elistists and “leaders”. The control factor is an absolute must to be that alpha “leader”. The good people here cherish freedom and this is something that is pure poison to those that want control. Those that become sick with power don’t even realize that those so called allies around them want the same, to be at the top of that alpha level and not take orders from anyone.

                Elitists almost remind me of that science fiction TV show Highlander, in which they go around cutting off the heads of other immortals and gaining their power in doing so. They motto in the TV series is, there can only be one. If this doesn’t describe the alpha control model of elitists that try to destroy the Constitution and ALL freedoms of EVERYONE, and the backstabbing ability of other “fellow” elitists, I don’t know what else does.

                • Thank you very much,BI.

                  Curiosity satiated !!

          • I have no problem answering that I am an american citizen, however entering my vehicle or searching my person would not be anything that I would concede to without probable cause. They have been asking that question about your citizenship for decades now. Pick and choose your battles, you don’t have to look for trouble.

          • Since the replacement of the original 13th Ammendment and the addition of the 14th Ammendment, we became “persons” and we have been legally “guilty until proven innocent” ever since. The pretense that civil law was still intact (innocent until proven guilty) was nothing more than an illusion to make you think you had rights and a functioning constitution, and to allow for a lucrtitve revenue stream for the barristers and esquires (attorneys) operating in a closed, members-only, so-called justice system.

            Recommended topics for research: The Original 13th Ammendament, The Act of 1871, Maritime Admiralty Law vs. Civil Law, Judges are Bankers, The Legal Definition of a Person

            • I am not a party to, nor am I under the control of the 14th amendment, and neither are you.

          • Say NO LOUDLY!

        • I care not if they have a badge or uniform. VIOLATE MY RIGHTS FOR HERE ON OUT, YOU WILL DIE.

          • The stock market is making new highs people!

            Sell your silver and gold, get a liar loan for all you can and invest in America!

            • And I’m 9 feet tall and bulletproof!!! Damn tequila….

              • *Dances like Pee Wee Herman*

            • @ Mr. Bern…… I am probably responding to a troll, but I have to say something about the stock market that is irritating me so much. The stock market doesn;t match true money, it is still flat at around 7000-9000 on the Dow Jones if you factor in true hard currency. I can made the Dow go up to 100,000, and take Gold to $10000 to $15000 per ounce and Silver up to $300. Also rise the price of of a gallon of gas to $25 a gallon, a loaf of bread to $15 each, a pound of ground round to $20 a pound, a whole chicken to $40. In other words STOP lloking at the illusional numbers and see the real numbers.

              You want to invest in America? Okay, everyone sure could do this by many more tens of millions of people investing in their own personal futures by stocking up on food, water, and other personal needs. This stimulates the economy a lot with raw mechandize from American stores being bought. This secure your own personal well being by having what you need 24 hours a day at easy reach. This is a total WIN WIN for everyone, other than those that don’t want us to be self sufficient as possible and dependent on the government for handouts of a few bags of “potato chips” after a major disaster.

              So which one are you Mr. Bern………? The one that invests in phantom crap that can disappear in a flash, or someone that invest in true and blue America and their own personal safety and security in form for prepping?

          • Sure, sure. Now go watch another rambo movie and dream on.

            • We are the popular front for the free ejaculation of Palestine! We are going to kill your women and rape your cattle! Wait, that didn’t come out right.

          • You’re rights are violated everyday, you must be a serial killer!!

        • Where I live, if you tell them “No.”, they may just go ahead and shoot you, and say they “felt threatened”.

        • NO! This is not how WE resist! Individual civil disobedient is INEFFECTIVE!

          WE resist by collective, organized action!

          WE resist by LAWSUITS against the federal and if necessary State Government.

          WE resist by political action! When the two party system doesn’t work, WE create a viable third party and fund it with small, but meaningful contributions ($100) and elect Patriots to office at the local and the Congressional level.

          This is how the communists and the fascists have come to power. This will be the way they leave power.

          Take control of YOUR STATE! Use State Rights and State funds to sue and oppose the Federal Government!

          Once YOUR state is in the hands of Patriots, organize with other States, COLLECTIVELY, to oppose the NWO.

          WE organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote! WE march and demonstrate at the local level first, then at the Federal level.

          WE publish the names and addresses of public officials who speak, campaign, or move against American rights. WE magnify and proclaim their TREASON!

          WE march down their streets and let them know, that WE know who they are and where they live.

          WE chant their names.
          WE raise the cry of TREASON loud against them.
          WE attend City Council meetings instead of watching TV.
          WE create Recall Petitions against them.
          WE attend ALL public meetings, including school board meetings and demand transparency at the local level!

          Demand that Municipal and State officers and official WORK for US! They are OUR employees. Demand that they serve US!

          Create a Freedom cell and pursue YOUR political rights … right where you are. This is where it begins!

          If political action fails to stem the erosion of OUR rights and personal liberties, then every American must choose to resist in other ways, or not, as their individual conscience guides them.

          Just know, that if ANYONE comes for your guns under any circumstances, understand that the next step will be a Communist PURGE!And they will purge YOU!

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

          • This.

        • I actually laughed my ass off from the response by these idiots at border patrol..within 20 miles of the border.

          They had no clue whatsoever.

          Had you been a native of any country south of the border they would have waved you through no questions asked.

          That’s the reality of it..

          Over and out..


          • What I found interesting, is that the patrol officers just asked “do me a favor” of pulling over there, and avoided answering the “Am I being detained?” question. They did most everything SHORT OF telling people they HAD to do this or that—in other words, in general, they avoided actually saying anything against their rights. They ASKED people to do this or that, repeatedly, when it would be unconstitutional. They danced a lot, and when people stood firm, they relented.

            THEY KNEW what they were doing was wrong…but tried to do it anyway, hoping the people didn’t know any better than to do it.

        • when reading the headline THIS IS HOW WE RESIST… did anyone else think of that old 90’s hip-hop song by Montell Jordan “THIS IS HOW WE DO IT” ?

          • Oh, heck yeah—and can’t get that out of my head!!!


        • I watched the findings of Waco and Ruby Ridge again today. The ATF and FBI were over zealous in their attempts to make an arrest at all costs. The Congressional hearings afterward, the Democrats, specifically Schummer, backed and defended the ATF and FBI in the hearings.

        • CLINT,I agree with you 100%,if robbing the american people is so important to them ,then they won’t mind dying for it,THE cats out of the bag,all there copywrited laws,are illegal,BECAUSE THEIR COPYWRITED,and the writers of the bogas laws are getting a royality from every fine,of every ticket they write,WHICH IS ILLEGAL and they know it ,so that means their HIGHWAY ROBBERS,also commonly know as thiefts and criminals in BLUE with GUNS and thats another crime on them…….IT CALLED STRONG ARM ROBBERY,use of a gun in the commission of a felony crime…….hear that boys…….YOUR CAUGHT………….

        • your delusions of immunity wreak of denial- typical american bluster- until your door’s kicked in by them at 3am and you’re hauled to god knows where, before you even know what hit ya

        • I have thought about this for a few days. Everyone in the video is taking a stand for their rights witch I understand. Why not just ask them the same questions that they are asking you? One question that came to mind to ask “how is the sex life?” “What is your favorite position?” Sorry, that is none of my business. Just like it is none of theirs…………. I smell alcohol have you been drinking?. I think you just have to ask them the same questions about them. Put them in your position. They are not above you. They work for us.

        • Two problems with this- Did these travelers just come from Mexico? Or just between 2 states?
          1. There is a MAJOR problem of illegal aliens, which alot of Patriots demand be stopped. Illegals are coming in by the millions. Immigration’s job is to stop this.
          HOWEVER, if immigration was really serious about stopping illegals- it would have been stopped years ago. This is all a scam. It is like the War on Drugs, where the perps are the main ones behind drug dealers and illegal expediters.
          Added to all of this is that the higher ups profile these thugs and employ them based on personal characteristics aka they searchout and employ bullies.

      2. The truth is nothing we can do to stop it until it reaches the point of no return.

        In a few more years , you wont like america then, as what you have now , will be no more later !

        • Resisting is a waste of time. All this resisting bullshit is for pussies. Better to wait until they are at your door, you are ready to meet your Maker, and send a few others to meet theirs as well. Resist my ass.

          • Passive non-violent resistance works in some cases but only because the group in power were not willing to resort to genicide to quell the rebellion. However, Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Somalia just to name a few proved that those in power have no problem answering resistance with the bloodshed from any man, woman or child that stand in their way.

            • Mc, you are absolutely right. Passive resistance may have worked in India, South Africa, and America, in times past. But we’re living in another day and age, where America is getting more like the old USSR. Only difference is, our leader is not as manly as Putin, but every bit as dangerous. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!


                • Sorry Slick,
                  The job of the media has always been to control you and direct your thoughts and actions.

              • unfortunately our means of passive resistance will be when we are out of ammo…semper fi…

                • If you are ever out of ammo police up the battlefield.

                  Semper Fi

            • Thats right McLovin, I forget who said it but the quote was something like “If Gandhi had tryed that shit in nazi Germany he would have been a lampshade” and btw thankyou for your service. Houah

              • So true. Gandhi succeeded because a faction of those at the top wanted India unhinged from UK. Because of that his cause was given incredible world wide media support and the support of top leaders. Otherwise he could have led millions to march and it would have been disappeared. Think of how many have resisted and gotten nothing thru history. Gandhi won because the Elite wanted it. For their reasons, Gandhi’s cause also served their agenda.
                Illuminati liberated India- not Gandhi.

            • Hitler is on record as recommending that Ghandhi, a non-violent resister of British rule in India, should have been shot, along with the entire India Congress Party. Totalitarians don’t act like benevolent dictators.


          • Eisen, I am amazed with your zeal and brilliance. So let me beg one mere question of you: why aren’t YOU involved with putting “a stop to this stupid horseshit”?

            Be the change. Show us “old people” what your accomplishments are. If you have the time for us, the time to belittle us, you have time to spare. And most certainly some of that zeal and brilliance might come to the aid of our Nation. Time to be productive, Eisen.

            • Zolt, I think Eisenkraut has to much fun, playing the devils advocate. But you know I have found out in life, I learn the most, from those I disagree with. Cause it always makes me dig into what I believe, to disprove them. You know, he is kinda the spice of life. Trekker Out. Live and Learn!

            • @ Z

              He won’t come out of his momma’s basement long enough to do anything, on any level. Momma brings his meals down to him on a platter and waits hand and foot like a servant.

              He epitomizes, the bulk of his generation by showing what a wimpish little puss he has become.
              If he ever comes out of hiding, he will be a target or a refugee. God forgive his sorry ass, for he knows not what he is doing.

          • So tell me pi$$inpants. What are you doing?

          • You need to quit picking on old people before one of them shoves their foot up your ass.

            • PLEASE! Everyone stop responding to this idiot. He will go away if you don’t bite. Don’t bother to read the tripe: just see the name, down-thumb it and move on! It’s easy! I enjoy most of the posts here at SHTF, but I think it’s a shame that so much time is WASTED responding to idiots.

          • Lol Einkreuz!!! Be careful, God may grant you a very long life! You may end up becoming that which you so obviously despise!

          • Eisenkreuz,

            You know I just can’t figure you out in one comment you say,

            Times have changed. Today the vast majority of pigs are degenerate cowards with no honor. But the head of the snake is the politicians.
            Very reasonable and show you do have some brains.. And the next comment you post pure BS like that comment..


          • Eisenkratz is one of those select few who, when the SHTF for certain, will be invited to the neighborhood security potluck, and popped behind the ear with a .22 pistol. He’ll never know what happened.

          • You don’t want to be able to buy sex with kids? What about your 420? What’s changed since yesterday? Eisen. What a difference a day makes.

          • Eisen hates old people and women.

        • Already I don’t like things now as what I had then now is no more already.

        • Who brainwashed you? Sounds like your apathy fits in with those too lazy, spoiled and comfortable to take the risks of fighting for their rights and for their land. You and yours deserve to be slaves, and you will be.

      3. Senate panel postpones work on writing gun legislation, including bill to ban assault weapons

        The DNC is probably staging another mass shooting to manipulate the public with before resuming their gun grabber hearings. Wonder where it will be this time

        • Insane Maxine Waters said that the Sequester will kill off 170 million jobs. The US doesn’t even HAVE 170 million employed.

          Seriously? Can’t these morons be forced to taking a competency test?

          • no kidding, that would probably get rid of 99.8 % of them

            • Its the 0.02% we need. Sad statistic you have there VRF. Sad but true. I once said to a campaigning politician that we should tie their pensions to job performance while they were in office. His answer was “99% of us would quit”. You nailed it.

            • Only idiots believe the BS being spewed about sequester costing jobs, etc,etc,etc.

              The politicians want to keep their “wild” spending and cut nothing.

              American taxpayers have doled out over 5 million dollars just on personal travel on luxury jets for Attorney Holder and the FBI Director over the past five years. Where does it end?

          • They did take a test; they’re the smartest dummycrats they could find.

            • Black Caucas= Affirmative Action, Kommies.

          • As i see it,
            If we had term limits, 2 consecutive and your done for good,
            No retirement or ongoing medical for these assholes and their families
            Basic rules, Its a part time service position
            You need to show up for the sessions or be penalized
            No legislation or laws will be passed without a majority vote from the public
            There will be 1 vote day held every quarter
            I could go on and on
            We The People need to take back control of the government PERIOD
            we are being squashed by local, state and federal government
            Dont know about you but quite frankly im sick of it and will make no bones about my views on this crap.

            • And we need to do it before they take over Texas, which is the crown jewel that will make it certain that Democrat socialists will rule Congress and the presidency for the foreseeable future. And they’re working on it.

              • Lady of the Lake. Would that be lake Ronkonkoma? As for Texas it is real close to being majority foreigner with no loyalty to the US. With Calif. gone should Texas go Dem. then the Stupid Party will never win another national election. Must be why Nancy Grahmnesty and Juan McLame are once again pushing amnesty. I expect that should all the free stuff stop that La Raza will start pushing to have calif. become part of Mexico.

                • It’s Lake Michigan, John. I’m in Indiana. I’d have already bailed if I were from NY.

                  DPS down below, I so hope you’re right — they’re working on Texas hard, though, on the local level as well as on the let ’em in level.

              • lady of the Lake,

                Ain’t never going to happen, the make take Dallas, Houston,and Austin. But as soon as the hit the small towns the will S.O.L.
                Country folks just won’t put up with it.


            • We do have term limits: RE ELECT NOBODY!

          • In the case of Maxine Waters, and Shelia Jackson Lee, any competency test would be called racist

            • Or they’d take the test then be awarded an extra +20 bonus points as a handicap. You know, for ‘racial justice’….

              • That us rep from I think it is GA(?) also a dem and black guy must have got +85 bonus points. I base that on viewing him on live tv asking a navy admiral, who was answering reps committee questions about adding 30,000 More troops(us troops) to island of Gaum.

                The GA dem black rep guy asked the admirial “But if you guys add another 30,000 military men to Guam, won’t all that xtra Weight make Guam TIP-OVER!…What if them army men All at same time move over to the Other side of island?…Won’t Guam then FLIP OVER and SINK them all?!!!

                And that black GA Rep was 100% as serious as can be too!

                “Won’t Guam Tip OVER?”!!!!! The admirial was shown as soon as that was said and you could see how hard it was for admiral to keep his composure…he smiled big and barley kept from busting out in a loud laugh at the stupid idiot rep.

                I think that us rep has to be the stupidest fed official of all time that I ever seen. There was a yutube video of it aprox 6 mo ago. Maybe still exists.

                • House Rep Hank Johnson, Democrat, Georgia:

                  Guam may tip over and capsize, according to U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA). At a House Armed Services Committee meeting last week, Johnson was questioning Robert Willard, commander of the United States Pacific fleet about what effect the influx of Marines and their families would have on Guam.

                  U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson said, “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.”

                  Robert Willard replied “We don’t anticipate that. The Guam population, I think, currently about 175,000, and again, with 8,000 marines and their families, it’s an addition of about 25,000 more into the population.”

                  On Youtube:

            • Didn’t Maxine Waters ask where the astronauts placed the flag on Mars? And she must have revised her job loss figures down, because just a year or two ago, she said we were going to lose 500 million jobs!!!!

              • MX
                heck we did thats just whats left over dont ya know


          • I seen a video of a Congressman posing questions to a 3 Star Military Officer (I forget the branch) regarding the number of troops on some Pacific Island and actually asked non jokingly that wouldn’t the island tip over with that many troops. The 3 Star Officer no doubt well seasoned in diplomacy with a straight face answered the Congressman’s question.

            Anyone else see this or have a link to it?

          • Maybe she was referring to Mexico, China, and Indonesia??

          • Was she the same dipshit that asked ” can the Mars Rover go to the astronaut landing site?” ?? hahaha!!!

            Our leaders…..

          • Zoltanne

            sorry to inform you thats just her staff,,,,


          • Well, if you include all the jobs that were shipped off shore by these shit heads maybe!

        • And if you think the DNC is acting without the GOP you’re sadly mistaken.


        • Sacramento?

          Heh kidding. One would hope… but eh… nah.

      4. Our forefathers fought and died for us to have these rights that we are currently privileged to have. It is up to us as Americans to honor and uphold them.

        • Yes, if the founding fathers were here today we wouldn’t have any of this BS going on. Maybe we should ask ourselves, what would Thomas Jefferson do?

          • “WWTJ” hmmm,

            FUNNY you should mention THAT…

            This may be summatized as a single question, that being;

            “WHERE did the Founders err; in WHAT wise did they fail to provide sufficient safeguards for the common good?”

            THERE IS an answer to this…

            …stay tuned in, a few days from now…

            …the ANSWER will be forthcoming, I PROMISE You.


          • Really? because they were so effective against the establishment of “TAXES” they fought the Bloody Britts, only to levy TAXES to pay for the Guberment they formed and had to support in 1791…And from there, the shitball rolls downhill. The system has been stacked in favor of the Wealthy rulers since the dawn of civilization, what possible changes could have or can be effected by the surfs now or ever? Lets be real, the way you keep power over others is to oppress them, that is no surprise, and that is part and parcel of the trans-national, multi-religous, global-bound economy and the systematic closure of freedom’s “Loopholes”

        • When is the NRA going to start a campaign to revoke all gun control unconstitutional gun laws?

          Ain’t going to happen, I know. NRA is in bed with gun control gun companies and the nation’s commie police.

          Begin with the 1934 National Firearms Act and then the nazi 1968 asswipe.

          NRA are pussies.

          • Sounds like you have all the answers… NOT!

      5. Love it more people should do this, yes it would make law enforcement jobs harder but they would see that we the american people have had enough and refuse to take anymore crap from illegal stops.

        • Get a fake passport, fake social security card, fake documents of all manner, and if anyone questions you, call them a RACIST and they will leave you alone! Works for me!

          • I had a buddy once back in detroit he was driving the car and we got pulled over by some suburban cop near detroit. The cop said he was speeding something like 20mph Over limit and he had to issue a ticket. My buddy acted all normal and said he couldn’t deny it and accepted the ticket.

            While the cop drove away my pal handed me the speeding ticket and said to place it into glove box. When I opened the damn glove box to put the ticket away I saw aprox 15 More tickets for various driving offences!

            I freeked out and asked pal why didn’t you pay all them tickets? Aren’t you worried of losing your driver lic?…he just laughed at me and told me to take a closer look at all of them tickets…I did…Thats when I saw each ticket was issued to a Different driver lic name/ person!

            The guy had at least a Dozen phony driver lic’s and as he showed them to me I swear every lic looked as real as can get. He said he got a bunch of birth certificates from some chick that worked at the main office in county records dept who took a few hundred blank birth certs. So my pal bought a couple dozen!…He had a dozen driver lic’s and still had another dozen blank birth certs for when time came to “renew” more driver lic’s!

            Once a ticket got issued to a driver lic he tossed it out and began use of a new lic. His real acurate driver lic had zero points or tickets issued. Think of all the stuff you can do with such lic’s today! You can become a mexican and get all sorts of Perks eh.

      6. Excellent tips, Mac. It’s CYA from the NWO. Now is the time for a re-think with on-the-person surveillance. The NWO has really forced our hand and it looks like we’re gonna be involved in spy versus spy and the time is now. We must provide some means of videotaping anything wicked for self-preservation.

        Now, if I go out and buy some high-fallutin’ cell phone w/ recording/photo abilities, where does someone send a stream w/out resorting to Facebook or Youtube? Any other locations where these apps can be uploaded?

        • You can create your own website very cheaply now, for example 1and1 dot com. Then read this article to get info on what to do next:
          http : // www. thedailybeast. com/ newsweek/ 2008/ 08/ 05/ live-from-your-phone. html [take out the spaces]

          I will be studying this, as I already have a website and can stick a live feed onto a hidden page.

          • Archivist, thanks for the tip. I have a website too so I’ll check out that article and look into the process.

      7. It’s all about knowing your rights and firmly but politely standing up for them. If you click my name it will lead you to a 3 minute video where a law student is approached by law enforcement because he is openly carrying, some people got scared, and called the police to investigate. Both these videos should be held up as a template how to deal with an unconstitutional (i.e., illegal) line of questioning. It takes guts and knowledge but it’s the only way to assure the continuation of liberties written in to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Please keep in mind Ben Franklin’s comment about a constitional republic “if we can keep it”. The two young men who made these videos make Ben proud, and I hope we all can live up to the high standard they have demonstrated.

        • That was amazing…

        • I, for one, am very impressed! Thanks for sharing!

        • POST THE LINK

          • CLICK HIS NAME

        • I fought the DMV tooth and nail for about 1 1/2 years over them trying to make me get a national ID card. they took my license away even though I had a near perfect driving record. Went to DMV several times, angrily told them what they were doing was unlawful, etc. One guy kind of had this scared look in his face and said it wasn’t their doing, they had to go along with it because it was orders from the Fed. He told me a lot of states were giving in when offered enough money. Called headquarters a bunch of times and asked them, “doesn’t this bother your conscience?” Finally, took a friend’s advice who told me to pick my fights wisely… but I refused to give in.. til finally, I was given a name change which cost me only about $2 (instead of the $500 they normally charge).

          • I really did not want to give in, was angry as heck… but it came to not only losing my car but all my other stuff as well (all my PREPPING STUFF in storage!)… CAN’T move my stuff in Uhaul with no drivers license… but still refused to give in and do what they said.

        • bALLSY gUY!!!

      8. While I understand the why people don’t like to be questioned how is the Border Guard going to keep out illegal aliens and possible terrorists if they refuse also? Where do you draw the line?

        • At the border. Not 50 miles inside the country..( as all of these stops were not at a border of a different country)

          also some of these stops are from one state to another..not from a different country, inside our own borders

          • Then you must favor illegal immigration since many of the do not come in across the border but overstay visaa and vacations. Does not bother me one bit to answer their questions, the part that pisses me off is knowing that nothing will be done to really solve the problem because the money people don’t want it solved. So keep whining about doing a little bit of civic duty.

          • See, that is what amazes me with the video–they can’t ask Mexicans, Latinos??? for their ID or if they are legal citizens for screaming ‘profile’, but they can ask this apparent citizen??

        • First of all… according to our government thought police, there are no “illegal” aliens…they’re just “undocumented”.
          Secondly, even if we catch ’em…we release them.
          Thirdly, these “boarder checkpoints” are nowhere near the boarder!
          And finally, if you want to keep the “terrorists” out…you’ll have to expell half of Congress. They spread more fear and dis-information than Bagdad Bob ever thought about!

          • We have a winner!

          • In Law, there are no illegal immigrants. They have a natural right to go anywhere they so choose. It’s called FREEDOM. So long as they leave you and your stuff alone, there is no problem, and the vast majority of them do. They want the same freedom you do and have the same God given rights to pursue it ANYWHERE.

            It is the undocumented (nonslave) part that the corp can’t stand. And it is the fact that they are free when you are not that gets to you.

            Obama and the corp are not offering Citizenship. They are offering slavery. The so-called “illegals” are smart enough to refuse.

            If they catch em, they release them because they have no jurisdiction to proceed against them otherwise, unless they commit an INJURY crime in the Common Law to which all Men are subject. Let that be a lesson well learned, and applied if you ever want to be free from the corp.

        • Well you draw the line at the constitution, there is no greater terrorist than a nazi in my opinion. Yeah some shit head with a bomb can end your life but this nazi gang is terrorizing our freedom and everything we and our forefathers bled for. They are the terrorist threat, they herded those folks like cattle and most just went right along with it out of fear or terror same thing. Not only that but they get to re-live that fear again (another checkpoint)and again(another checkpoint) and again (another checkpoint)until they really are nothing more than cattle.(see Pavlovs dogs)We are being behaviorally conditioned. Eventually lo and behold your on the train with the rest of your neighborhood to the great fema camp in the sky. Have you seen this before? Try early 30s Germany.

          They’re back only now they look and sound just like you and me.

        • Border guards??? How many illegal aliens are presently in the USA??? It’s an easy job where you do not have to produce any wealth.Border guards, negro please!!

          • 40,000,000

        • Jim, are you kidding us! ” No Comprenda Ingles ” Just draw the line in the sand. Trekker Out. Remember The Almo!

        • Pity the foreign tourist in his rental car running into one of these check stops. Would you visit a country like the one we have become?

      9. Try getting into any other country by refusing questions democratic or otherwise.

        • they are going from state to state

        • Jim this is a republic as in re- of, public-people its not a democracy as in mob rule, we democratically elect our officials but they are only elected to maintain and enforce the constitution We the People AGREED to obey. Thats it period. Matter o fact Jim try finding the word “democracy” in our constitution, you better pack a lunch youll be there a while.
          Sorry for the rant Jim its been a long 4 years, besides these goons are not patrolling international borders, they are trying to prevent free passage between two States. Draw your line Jim before some fucking nazi draws it for you.

          • I have stopped on the check point on I-10 in Texas a few times. So what is the big deal? You believe that once an illegal gets past the border they are home free? maybe you should look at your own motives. maybe you are one of the creeps that hire these guys. Say what?

            • They know where the illegals are, and avoid looking there. They only hassle people they think won’t fight back.

          • You’re right, Boss Hog. In our Republic we elect representatives to act on our behalf defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

            If they introduce and support unconstitutional laws they must be tried for Treason. We are at war, an unconstitutional war. Got rope?

        • Aw hell, Jim, I had to answer several questions just to be allowed out of Germany and to come home to the US several years ago. That old broad in Frankfurt grilled me, and she was employed by American Airlines.

        • Jim, this ain’t any other country. And they were 50 miles inside the border. I don’t float like a butterfly, but I do sting like a. WASP

      10. God help us

      11. Oh my God, could you find any thing more funny to post here than this stupid video! Like some 14 years old snot is going to push around a bunch of Cops by saying, “Is this Mexico?”!!!! This is almost as funny as a SNL bit!

        If you wish to see more real funny stuff, check out “The People’s Cube” site.

        Still laughing Mac, thanks!

        • yeah , but its still funny watching them trip on their own words, and to see the defea in thier eyes when they finally have to give in

          • defeat

            • wide world of sports…the agony of defeat

              • Is that like stepping on a tack?

            • Right, everything on the web is real.(So is the shit on Alex Jones) Like those are real Cops and this really happened, right?

              Even if they are, this video should be titled “How to resist Mom and Dad making you eat your veggies”. It’s a wet dream for violent little boys with authority issues.

              Let’s get some more threats out of you, like the ones so many here issue on a daily basis.

              • threat? what threat? show me.

              • Don’t be a douche Last….oops – too late.

              • Gee…

                THAT didn’t go WELL…did it?


          • Why is that funny? The f-ing country is being over run with illegals and you make the BPs already impossible job even harder. way to go slick.

            • Fire mission at the border. What we doing with troops in over a hundred countries? We keep the DMZ fairly secure. Bring those mercenaries home. Post ’em on the mexican border.

      12. What I’ve always wondered while watching these videos is…what is the procedure for something like this if you are armed? I live in a border state that requires you to notify LE if you are carrying concealed. Would notifying escalate the encounter? Could I still get away with this type of “soft” resistance?

        • good question, like to know the answer too, as I am also in a border state, and carry..and in my state , one of the requirements is if you are stopped by LE you are to disclose that you are armed


            ALL OF THEM.

            • You know guys..

              You MIGHT ease up here on Eiz..

              …he’s been remarkably LUCID here lately. +1


            • My-My, Eisenkraut, You are such a RedNeck, but your so loud and proud! Trekker Out.

              • “you’re”

                • Eisen- Your lack of maturity has no bounds. You say you are young but it appears you post throughout the day. If you are a student you need a social life. If you are not a student, you need to get a job. If you have a job, you need to get a more challenging career where you don’t have time to fuck around. Based on past posts, you need to get off the weed or at least cut back. You do not appear motivated. Based on your aggressive vigorous support of prostitution, perhaps you would not need to pay for sex if you follow my suggestions. Oh and me? I am retired have a wife and plenty of time.

        • What are you resisting against? They do not ask anything not immigration related. You must be another one of those who profit off cheap illegal labor while the rest of us pay the costs. that it slick?

        • If the 2nd Amendment “Shall Not Be infringed.” I would simply disregard the “Law” mandating disclosure as another blatantly unenforceable law. Oh wait, we aren’t truly free anymore, so we can’t do that, lest we be detained, charged with, and convicted of a Felony (Unconstitutionally) for “resisting the actions of a officer performing his/her duties”

          You have to ask yourself, “Am I a criminal because I refuse to follow a legally non-enforceable, Un-Constitutional LAW???”
          Yes, No, Maybe? Depends on how you plan to raise your family, or spend time in prison, or take a dirt nap. IMHO, That is part of the reason to take pause when getting to know someone who does have a prior conviction, because they are not necessarily guilty of a crime, IF their conviction was under un-lawfull pretense…

          Hmmmm…I guess the brewing Shitstorm will cleanse the earth and cull the herd of both the Weak and the Strong alike…

      13. What is really disgusting about all this is that we now even have the need to record this king of stuff. We are not secure in our person or home. The expanding police state where we have to worry about whether we can protect our homes and family, whether we can harvest rain water or grow gardens in our yard without getting arrested has gone to far. This is not going to end soon and if it does it will end badly for someone.

        • Jefferson wanted a revolution with each new generation.

          • What’s stopping you ? Man up! Get it started. What a joke. Bunch of keyboard tough guys.

            • X2

        • My favorite is the ‘Preemptive Dispatch’.

          The fix is beyond the ballot box. Semper Fi. III

      14. you have no obligation to disclose that you are taping or video taping them..
        the more covert you are about this the better off you will be and the more secure you will feel in a confrontation like this.

        in public you and the police have no reasonable expectation of privacy does work both ways.

      15. I think the video is good for illustrating how to use your rights but at the same time, these drivers are being a-holes just for the sake of being an a-hole. The problems we have with boarder security and you cant answer if you are a US citizen or not, don’t be an a-hole. Would you rather there be no security at our borders?

      16. All this actors playing the Cops did were to ask the dumb little bastard if he was an American. How dare they!

        Hang them all, burn down their houses, kill their Wives and Kids.

        GROW TFU!

        • Did you just fail your last cavity check or something?

          • His head was in the way so they couldn’t see in.

            • BAD…BAD WARFACE!!… 🙂 😉


        • You seem to miss the point of the video, along with the fact LE’s are out everyday training people to fore go their 4th amd rights.

        • TLA ~ What the heck is wrong with you today? You aren’t usually this snide. Makes me wonder if someone has hijacked your username.


          • I had not thought of that Daisy….

          • Congrats Last American you just got your first posser. Somebody doesn’t like what you been saying.. Thats good it means you standing up for something you believe in.


          • I always enjoy red flagging you. Wish I could put a kazoo up your kiester so you could sing.

        • Half those fuckin cops should be showing proof THEY are americans.

      17. I watched quit a few similar videos online the other day, sadly 5 to 10 % of LEO’s are either corrupt or ideologically inline with the ongoing socialist tyranny, when these numbers are counted on a national level it’s a shit load of evil drones.

        I recently meet two very elite Border patrol agents who spoke more like me/us/preppers. My fear is we, us and them are all being set-up, as much as many LEO’s attitudes piss me off we must hope when they are given unconstitutional orders we can hope they have the courage and principals to walk away.

        I believe a war is coming, I think we are being pitted against each other for a very obvious reason and that is CONTROL.

      18. Yikes! I don’t know if I’m that brave, but I’ll try to “woman up” and do the right thing. Just being stubborn might get me through. And yes, Maxine Waters is a racist idiot who will be reelected until she dies, and maybe even after that. Ohio is known for its “sobriety” checkpoints and the ubiquitous “safety” checkpoints, many of which cause accidents due to the clogging of the traffic lanes. The more local and smaller the department, the more reasonable they are. Ohio State Troopers are assholes on principle, and I’m sure I’d find myself lying in the snow in handcuffs very quickly when I question any of their commands. However, some of us have to make a stand, and I’ll try to do my part.

        • Dead right Vicky, It’s hard to question any of their
          commands while cuffed in the snowbank, and being tasered
          for offering up resistance to their “authority.”

          • And thats on a good day.

      19. Outstanding Americans redeucating Nazi thugs. Perfect just perfect. Does anyone know exactly how far from the the border they actually do have jurisdiction? Is it in feet yards miles? Im asking because my bol is pretty close to one. Thanks BH

        • There was a link to a map a while back on this site, it is an idiotic distance, something like 100 miles, where DHS says you have no constitutional rights. Something like nearly 2/3 of the population of the US lives in this zone. I’m sure someone here can find the map and post a link.

        • International airports are all through the country. Answer your question? They are able to operate anywhere. Problem is for all the effort and money nothing is being accomplished. I suggest we simply surrender and let the Mexicans have the place. You will find soon enough just what police brutality really is when you encounter their check points.

          • John w
            better yet lets just take over mexico,,break it up into more states and tax the shit out of them,,wont be any need to have a border,,,


      20. Even though this is not funny, I had to laugh at some of these dimwits. Most of the sheep comply but when someone doesn’t they sputter and threaten. What a joke this country has become!

      21. This is the resistance? This video is idiotic. You old people all want the Mexicans shipped out but you can’t answer one simple question about whether you’re a citizen? Even I, who hate all law enforcement, don’t think the pigs were doing anything unusual here. If you want to play tough guy, go after Holder, Bambi, Congress, refuse to pay taxes, assemble a militia, refuse to obey stupid laws, and refuse to participate in society. Do something constructive for once.

        • Some old person is going to shove a foot or something else you would probably like more if you don’t knock off knocking old people. Punk ass.

          • The “greatest generation” and baby boomers bear most of the responsibility for this. Careful, JW, when a 50something fights a 20something, it usually doesn’t turn out well for the oldster, but I’m sure you’re exceptionally tough.

            • HaHaHaHaHa…What have the 30 or 40 somethings done about the Patriot Act,the NDAA,any of the “wars” since 2001 or the 5 trillion in debt accumulated in the last 5 years? With the interwebs they have way more “uncolored” info than any older people did. Get back to me when you can answer THOSE questions.

              • JRS
                thats an easy one,,,NOTHING and NOTHING,,,and what are they going to do NOTHING,,same old broken record just a different day stamp,,,


            • Don’t pick a fight with an old guy. He’ll kill you.

        • x2x Eisenkreuz, The time for politick games is past, we are already being engaged by the enemy, but the fight is still offensively one-sided….SIGH….Have children, and family, I am not willing to make orphans of them for the sake of resistance and uprising. Now how many of you are in exactly the same position? The truth hurts don’t it…Hence there will be no OFFENSIVE Patriots uprising…But it sure is fun to talk about and mass fantasize with you all here! The time to overtly resist is here, but lacks a catalyst to make it happen…

          Keep watching, prepping, and for those of you who believe, praying – as it will happen, we just won’t know when…

      22. Are these videos real or staged? Who knows for sure? I used to think Batman really was Bruce Wayne. Who knew it was Val Kilmer all along?
        Still, they are fun to watch! “Am I in Mexico?” Ha!

        • Good question SO, but wouldnt it be hard to have the check point booths, uniforms,BP vehicles..trailer, etc..?

          if they did spoof this they blew a lot of money to do so..

          maybe thay could give budget lessons to our Government

          • I believe this particular video is a compilation of a few diferent videos. I’ve seen a lot of different videos on youtube about different people having encounters with border patrol, but there also a lot of different videos about people encountering different authority figures, Vidoes of people openly carrying and confronted by police, TSA videos, and too many of people just getting pulled over.
            The only reason I’ve been pulled over in the past fifteen years is for not wearing my seatbelt. Everytime I get pulled over for not wearing my seatbelt I grill the officer on the Constitution, and a couple of times I’ve adopted a German accent and made many referrals to “showing my papers” and wanting to comply. It really seems to bother them, as does paying $75 to exercise the right to decide my own security does me.

          • Its Not Me, yeah they look real to me. That would be a lot of effort to fake them. I’m actually more surprised the drivers weren’t pulled out of the cars and beaten. Oh wait, there’s a whole section on youtube for that, isn’t there. The sad part is- neither the resistance nor the beatings ever show up on lamestream tv. Most folks in America have no idea.
            Thank God for Mac and this site. And many, MANY others. We can all filter out the fakes, take our grain of salt or whatever, but at least we have the option to see it. The MSM viewers…not so much.

            • Smokin,

              Not sure about all the other people in the video’s but the first man was arrested prior to that video for not answer LEO’s questions. Funny part was he did nothing wrong and streamed the video to you tube so the case was thrown out last year.


        • Yes. Yes you are in Mexico.

        • I know for certain, the first clip with the guy in the beginning, is for real. The first few times he did this, he ran into a lot of resistance. The last incident before this one, he was pulled from his vehicle and beaten pretty badly. He sued for the incident and won.

          His name is: Pastor Steven L Anderson

          Here’s what happened to him:

          So, the moment he stopped, you can bet his plate was run through the database. Yes, they do that at most of these checkpoints. You can also bet they knew who he was and were probably called off.

          As for the rest of these people in this video, I’m pretty sure you can do some homework on them and find out who they are. This has been a growing movement in this country. People are fucking tired of this shit.

      23. The U.S. Government has declared war on the American people…it starts with intimidation, information compiltion and force-presence…

        we’ll see what comes next when every Joe six-pack in America tells the federal alphabet agencies serving under our Marxist president to go f@ck themselves.

        • “Lot of married pilgrims down there…” says John Wayne.
          “They didn’t stick around to see what happens next.”

          Yeah, I know just keyboard commando BS.

          Ain’t nothing going to happen next except tyranny and gestapo goons goose stepping.

      24. Sort of a tough call weather i would comply or not,
        My rebellious side says fuck them,
        But under the NDAA if DHS officers wanted to they could really screw you over, and good luck getting it straightened out, after being locked up for a week ond having your life stuck under a microscope,
        Troubling to be sure,
        Like my post above, too many career politicians creating too many laws, and creating too many power hungry petty tyrants to monitor everything.
        We really need a reset, and need to hold a constitutional convention to place limits and define parameters for these groups that are trying to squash us.

        • Once a CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION is convened …
          which is what you’re talking about…
          EVERYTHING… and I mean EVERYTHING…is on the table…
          We don’t want to go there…ever!

          • @ jerrythg,

            NOPE, not in a country that 53% STUPID..

            A “CC”, BAD IDEA…..

          • @ jerrythg,

            Not with 53% of Americans stuck in permanent ‘stupid’, mode no…

            Constitutional Convention…’BAD IDEA’, you bet!

            • You guys have a good point!
              Didnt think about that,

              • The only option will be ……..RESIST. By the time its all over it will be a bloody revolution.

        • Const. C wasn’t mentioned in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is silent on the mattter. I’m not for certain what old Tom had in mind, but he said something about blood and the Tree of Liberty.

      25. Nice can of worms they opened with that drone thing and that TSA thing.

        Sigh… once again the answer was making it so that it was impossible to get into the pilot cockpit unless you were on the ground with a ladder truck…

        But I digress.

        Guess they didn’t learn anything fro the Cold War (not that there was much of a choice back then). You escalate, they escalate. On and on.

        Cold War 2.

      26. Does this work for DUI checkpoints too?

        • No…

          • Which makes me wonder why they didn’t just ask for proof of insurance, and registration–why ID???

        • K in Kansas: No, it doesn’t. The LEOs are all hopped up on adrenaline and slavering over the chance to issue a DUI. Do you know how much money is in one of those for the court system? It’s even worse if they’re hoping for a drug bust. When you see the drug dog, turn around immediately. Angel Dusting isn’t an urban myth! And no, I’ve never had a DUI or a drug arrest, but I used to work for the court system as a clerk. The dream county is one with a high proportion of rich alcoholics still stupid enough to weave away from the nearest bar. It’s even better if there’s a old joint or a pill in the car. Mucho dinero for the gov’t. Don’t try to bluff your way past this set-up, even if it’s obvious to the normal person that you’re sober.

          • DUI is not about safety, it is all about revenue. There are already laws about driving recklessly, driving to endanger, etc. Why did they need to create a whole new class of crime when it was already covered under existing statutes? Simple, money. Disgusting.

        • Kansas,

          Does this work for DUI checks.. Oh hell no not in Texas hell that dui would run you about $21k..


      27. Stupid… The Border Patrol has the responsibility to determine citizenship. PERIOD. That’s their job. If you don’t understand why checkpoints are not physically located at the border research Functional Equivilant of the Border. If the Border Patrol asks such questions as to where you are going or where you’re coming from, or what the purpose of your trip is, THEN be polite and tell them it’s none of their business. HOWEVER, your citizenship or legal status in the country IS THEIR BUSINESS. I suspect that many are getting all excited that they get sent down the road without answering legal questions. One day this will end badly for the game player. The Border Patrol CAN DETAIN until they are convinced you are legally in the country. Save this stuff for the TSA checkpoints.

        • Perhaps, Randy, but look back at the video of the Border Patrol agent making a big deal about imported fruits and veggies. That is the province of USDA/APHIS. You are asked that question, politely, anytime you re-enter the US on a vacation. Just like the “Do you have anything to declare?” question and the income tax, this is normally done on a voluntary basis. If you lie, no one checks, or they didn’t used to. If you suddenly remember something you stashed in a carry-on, all you need to do is throw it away right then and there. No one arrests you for it. It has been years since I left the US, so perhaps things have changed.

          The point of these videos is that no one was at the border. They were traveling 30 miles inside the USA going from state to state. We are guaranteed our freedom to travel and the States are prohibited to impede normal travel across their borders.

          This is a 4th Amendment issue and resistance is called for in protection of our guaranteed Constitutional rights. Give them an inch and you know the rest. NOMI means just that.

          No one has commented on the fact that roughly half of these BP agents were of Mexican descent, looked it and one woman seemed to have a bit of an accent, as well. I know there are a lot of legitimate US citizens of Mexican descent in the Southwest whose families have been here since before Statehood and in some cases, before the Revolutionary War. But, it struck me as ironic, anyway.

        • The provision in the law for a foreign national to produce proof of legal status on demand of any law officer has never neen repealed. That was the law when the US had not yet lost its’ mind. It just is not enforced any longer. My complaint with these checks is nothing is really being accomplished. We all know anyone caught will be back across in two days.

        • Good time to buy some cheap out of the money DOW puts. Small wager possible huge gain against a small loss.

        • Down 40% or more I suspect. Inflation will help to keep it up. I don’t see it happening until the end of March when the government runs out of money. Silver is looking better and better everyday.

      28. “Our enemies aren’t anti-gun, they’re anti-people-with-guns. It’s not the guns they hate…..ITS US.”
        Michael Bane

        “Whoever controls the Media controls the people”
        High Noon
        Sorry Mac, I say this blog won’t last another two years. Sick Country.

        Stay Brave nomi

        • Probably true, but I hope you’re wrong. Is there some place we can all meet-up, even if it’s not here? Mac, you’ll have to invent some quasi-liberal blog and we’ll all write in code. I really depend on this and “The Economic Collapse” to find out what’s really going on. SHTF Plan has the best comments, and I’d miss so many people’s opinions. I saw the map mentioned above and will try to find it. It had a relatively large orange outline circling all of the US, plus Alaska and Hawaii, which represented no-man’s-land where there are no Constitutional rights. Scary.

          • Hi Vicky,

            mmm, maybe yesterday, saw Mac and JOG talkin’ about a PM system here…might be soon, I think. 🙂

            • I was thinking if Mac’s site is gone, no internet will be up and running..the match was lit.

              • @ JayJay,

                START here…

                Go ‘elsewhere’….


      29. Clint, I’m with you all the way. I never go looking for trouble, but if I’m confronted by ANYONE WITH BAD INTENTIONS TOWARD ME, I WILL NOT SUBMIT TO THAT PERSON. I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU WEAR, WHAT YOU BELIEVE, ETC. VRF, you’re right about neither “civilians” nor LEOs have any reasonable expectation of privacy when they are out in the public. That is a U.S. Supreme Court ruling from Bush Jr’s 2nd term; don’t remember the case name.

        • Now tell that to the cop standing in front of you, asking for your papers and permission to search you, your house and your car….Yeah right…

        • This is encouraging to read.

      30. Kulafarmer, the decision was a tough one for me, but I decided MANY, MANY moons ago no compliance. Plus, DHS has to be able to take you alive before they can do anything to you. I won’t go into the night without putting up a fight. I won’t go to anyone’s gulag.

      31. I’m still banking on senerios from that “Rosebud” report.

      32. Mac, I owe you one HELLUVA apology for my boo-boo on that last article. I’m not trying to get this forum shut down; I come here almost everyday to put in my $0.02 in. I’m just so sick of these gun grabbers and everyone else who are trying to destroy our country. Whenever TSHTF, it’s going to be NO HOLDS BARRED, ANYTHING GOES! Civil War 2 is coming and there’s no stopping it, unfortunately. Like JFK said, “When peaceful change becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.”

        • No apology necessary BH. I understand where you’re coming from and I get that you were a bit fired up, and rightfully so.

          It’s all good. Thanks for your regular contributions to the community!

        • BH..Ive had to hold my tongue quite a bit your not alone boss..I got yer 6

          • +1

          • VRF…want to really get fired up…listen to the interview with Steve Qualye, Greg Everson and the Hagmanns…it is almost 3 hrs long. Can be accessed on any of their sites.

            Q and E are veterans of the military as are thousands of guys who are posting/blogging on the web. While some of this stuff is out there, these men were trained and worked for the gub and saw what has been going on since ww2 and before. These guys have knowledge of bits and pieces of all the treasonas bs that has gone on for years.

            They have the connections to many other men who have served in various facets of gub/military.

            The web has helped them and us put all of this bs in relative order.

            I started listen ing to this and expected to only listen for a few minutes…The info was compelling. In the second half they got into the 2nd A. firearm thing.

            Evenson starts out for 10 mins or so and they just get rolling…Qualye gets into some way out conspiracy, but if anyone has been on his site you know where he is coming from…I just could not stop listening.

            Our gub/banking system is beyond vile…they have sold us out…it is a battle of good over evil.

            We either stand firm with God or burn in hell.

            Not a difficult choice for most of us…Sad that over 50% of so-called Americans choose to burn in hell.

            • And Evensen said word from most troopers and officers was….we are not taking your weapons!!

              And he is a retired trooper and has an inside still??

      33. Change the system. Select Congress by lottery. Then, at the end of their term, the people get to vote whether they live or die based upon their record. Sure would change things.

      34. Rifleman Next Door, you mentioned Joe six-pack and that reminds me… I saw this in the paper a while back:


        Freemen, Average American(1776-1984)
        Mr. Average American Freeman has passed away. Exact date of death is not known. His body was recently discovered in a local landfill, where it appparently had been dumped. Police do not suspect foul play, even though 22 million witnesses claim to have seen Mr Freemen being repeatedly abused for many years.
        Mr.Freemen’s family represented a long line of highly accomplished persons. All were known to be of high integrity and of good reputation in their various communities. For unspecfied reasons, though, the family line has had a centuries-long fued with the wealthy Elite family.
        The feud dates back to at least the Charter of Liberties in 1100, when the first known descendants of Freemen clashed with the Elites.
        Records indicate direct descendants of Mr Freemen clashed again with the influential Elite family near London, at Runnymede, England in 1615, as well as later family conflicts at Lexington, MA in April of 1775 and again at Yorktown, VA in 1781, a conflict won by the Freemens. In spite of their victories in the fued, the Freemen family never ammassed the money or power of the Elite family.
        Mr. Freemen himself, is a veteran of a more recent episode of the quarrel. He faught bravely and was severely wounded by the Elites at Appomattox Court House, VA in April of 1865. Doctors at the time gave him up for dead. Somehow, he miraculously survived, though he never seemed to have the strength of his earlier years.
        In one of his last known interviews, on the Dick Cavett show in 1977, Mr. Freemen stated, “All I ever wanted was to be left alone. That’s all we’ve ever wanted. The whole family felt the same way.”
        When asked by Cavett about his future, Freemen said, “Well, to be honest, I don’t know. The family claims to have many heirs. But some of them, when subjected to certain ‘blood tests,’ well, they’re not really ours. They’re no relation, even though they show up at the family picnics and stuff.”
        Sadly for Average American Freemen, his own branch of the family line may be dwindling. In the interview, Freemen’s last publicly recorded words were, “I hope I have some descendants out there. I just don’t know. Only time will tell.”
        A memorial service for Freemen will be held Saturday at 4pm at Our Lady Of Perpetual Vigilance Church, under direction of pastor Chuck Baldwin.
        Honorary pall bearers will be Joe Six-pack, John Doe, Jane Doe, and Joe Plumber. However, there wil be no interment in any cemetary. In accordance with the wishes of Mr. Freemen, he is to never be buried. His last will and testament clearly states-
        “Though I be gone, let me live on.
        Let our proud name, e’er be the same,
        Pay any cost, for the struggle is worth,
        That Free men not vanish, from the face of the earth”

        In a related story, multiple lawsuits have already been filed claiming the estate of Mr Freeman. At least some, possibly all, of the suits have been brought by persons known to have more connection to the Elite family, than to Freemen. In fact, repeated investigations have shown no family ties ever existed between the Elites and the Freemen. Lawyers predict a protracted court battle…

        • Smokin’, you are wasting your talents trucking.

          You should compile your posts to this board and publish them for Kindle at $2.99 each. At the very least, it’ll help pay for your diesel and ‘shine.

        • @smokin
          damn you nail it!!! you forget to mention that the joint eulogy was given by american farmer and new england fisherman, both also recently demised. God Bless us all.

          • Ain’t that the truth…

          • Yea, smokin’, isn’t your patience towards all those sandbaggers in the hammer lane, wearing a little thin.
            I know mine did. I stayed on the edge of “road-rage hell” for the last three years I sat in the seat. I somehow remained cool-on-my-stool, and refrained from running folks over. I did however, flip a many off.

        • Dang SO I’m speechless. That says alot if you hear my wife tell of it. A great write up. Reminds me of a good firework display on July 4th where one goes up and spreads way out then falls back to the earth. Some sparks might set the grass on fire. But the majority only hit the ground to become cold ash. We need to be the ones that set the grass on fire and not one that is bright but goes out quickly. Show your fire people. Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

        • Good one, Oak!

          Ya’ll remember, it will all be better with good times ahead if the conclave will just elect the black peter’d pope.

          He will get rid of all the fudgy packin priests and rain down fowl and manna upon all mankind.

          What was the song by David Allen Coe, about “hair lip” the pope? Can’t remember, but it seems appropriate.

          • ‘If That Aint Country, It’ll hairlip the pope…’
            David Allan Coe
            What a great song! Thanks for reminding me!

            I hope the catholics do get a black pope. Talk about a gold-mine of material!

      35. Your right Ohio seems to think they can stop anyone for no reason other then your driving a rental truck packed full of all your worldly goods, including a very pregnant wife and a tow headed 3 year old. After they threw everything out of the truck on the side of the road and didn’t find what they were looking for they got back in their car and left leaving the husband to reload the truck in the dark. When we looked into the situation their reasoning for the stop was they had a lot of drug traffic along that route and the driver had long hair.

        Hope that officer doesn’t take an IQ test……..he would fail.

        • Nope–hope that officer gets his real soon.
          God has a way of doing that here on earth–and ya’ll say God has no sense of humor??

      36. Problem with this is all they have to do is get your license plate and “get you” at a later date, with no cameras on. They might not be as “nice”.

      37. OMG I love the last guy in the video. Talk about turning the table. Gonna use that tactic whether it gets me shot or not.

      38. 20th Anniversary of initial Waco raid.

        moment of silence? or should it be more like a moment of reflection? or a moment of outrage?

        what ever suits your mood

      39. We need to have a sequestration party. Congress screwed up the over the cliff party I had planned.

      40. This is ridiculous people! Sorry, bring on the red thumbs. Things like this are what cause preppers problems. These checkpoints were border areas and the goons were in the vehicles! Nor do I have a problem with a cop questioning someone carrying on the street. Sheesh! Why don’t y’all who like this refuse drivers licenses, social security cards, credit cards, etc! Being in a “free” country does have ramifications! NO! They can’t come to our homes like they did after Katrina and not expect resistance. NO! They cannot stop my car and yank me out without resistance. NO! They can’t stand outside a store and inspect my purchases.

        Keep pushing unnecessary resistance and we will all pay eventually. Be reasonable!

        • Dollars,

          Its really not ridculous if you think about like a BP or any LEO for that matter.

          1. Are you a citizen of the US?? Yes I am.
          Ok please step out of you car and open the trunk..

          You see where they go with this. 1 answer from you gives them consent. Ever watch a LEO walk up to you car during a stop? Watch him he will touch your car 99% of the time. Why because he just left his finger prints on your car. (Proof)

          Be smarter then them think about it.


          • DPS

            The reason they touch your car is in case something does happen to them during the stop they have left DNA evidence they were there. It’s easy enough to lift the print from just behind the c column of a vehicle. This was developed for officer safety, nothing sinister.

          • Dollars is gonna be the one that let’s them search the car……and THEN be arrested for possession!!!

            • Not true, didnt say I would consent to search. Even if I did though, they would have to plant something to find something.

              • Uh, that was my point. It can be planted and is a lot.

              • And they will. That’s what “angel dusting” means.

          • No, I did not mean to infer that ANYTHING goes.
            1. Yes I am a citizen.
            2. No I do not consent to an unwarranted search.

            Simple. On this video I did not hear any straight answers, then appropriate refusals. Pick and choose your battles. Antagonism breeds contempt.

        • @ DollarstoDonuts:

          Ahhh… I get it now.

          We should just keep on bending over and taking that barbed-wire wrapped pogo stick up the backside until morale improves.


          • Always phrase anything you say as a question. Never make a statement.

            You are on {in} jeapardy.

            • Eh?

        • Dollars, I don’t get your logic! I live in an Open Carry State. And I do, open carry on a regular basis, so how do you think law enforcement should have the right to question me, every time they see me carrying my gun. And how do you equate this with refusing to have a drivers license. Which I have. Do you think that everytime they see me driving, they should stop me and question me as to why I’m driving? Trekker Out. Be reasonable!

          • Nope, of course not. Was only referring to the histrionics that are so easily displayed. I do believe in the right for concealed and open carry. That said, I AM comfortable with being asked to show my permit. No different than showing my drivers license. With the number of freaks out there I would hope an open gun would be questioned. I am talking civil.

            • @DollarstoDonuts

              Just question the next biker you see with a 6 in barrel strapped on his side. Ask him if he would be “civil” and show you his permit.

        • @DollarstoDonuts

          Next time you find yourself on the receiving end of an asshole cop just tell him to be reasonable. Or maybe someday when your house is raided mistakenly and find yourself face down with a gun barrel to your head you can ask them to be reasonable. Most people like you just have not been on the receiving end yet

        • Reasonable gun control is when LEO, .gov, puts only five in your head instead of six.

      41. This video has made me better about the government. The fact they didn’t haul this person out of their vehicle and slam them on the concrete says that there is still a constitution and a bill of rights. It also makes me realize that those that there are times to not comply with “sir, will you…” I do realize that they do need to make sure that people traveling aren’t violating any laws of citizenship or travel.

      42. Tomorrow I am taking off from work and riding over to Annapolis to voice my opposition to the SB281 (senate bill) that just passed today albeit watered down from the intial version. In summary it will still require: a firearm permit to purchase regulated weapons in the future, fees for each additional weapon that you currently own (a tax if you will), you will be able to transport weapons but without a permit, if you’re stopped, you can receive a citation from the DNR (Dept. of Nat. Resources) and (how in the hell did they become involved)for doing so. This state…The People’s Republic Of Maryland…. I no longer know nor recognize. I will not comply. Tomorrow we will fill the house chamber with gun owners and some will get the opportunity to speak. I hope I am one of the fortunate ones. One thing these state representatives have failed to realize is this…..This does not end here. Each and everyone of them that wish to diminish my rights, live in this state. Catch my drift?

        • Please video it Po’d would really like to see this.


        • Give’em hell PO’d Patriot! But in a nice way that doesn’t get you arrested 🙂

      43. what a great set of videos….I had seen the first one but not all the rest, great compilation

      44. @kevin2 and @VRF

        In 2010 Congressidiot Hank Johnson of Georgia said island of Guam may tip over because of too many troops on it:

        • Dyna,

          Thats some funny stuff. Thank you leaders they call themselves. Just walk up to a job sight and tell them the island is going tip over, man you would catch hell forever..


          Ps I ride a FXDWG

          • Heritage Softail rodded to the hilt, used to build HD’s in my younger years, good to know there are some real steel riders on here

            • VRF,

              Just 1 of the toys I can’t part with. She sure makes me happy doing some burn outs. Plus she’s a Babe magnet.


              • I went thru a faze of building bikes, and hot rods, 50’s and post war model A traditional builds..both babe magnets, although im a happily married man, I still get the looks and the wife thinks its funny.
                my Daughter digs it and helps me fit and weld.

                good therapy, and it keeps the mind open to building other things

                want to get into Aquaponics next for a sustainable food source..check it out, pretty innteresting stuff

                • aquaponics is a great way for sustained protein and vitamins.
                  Put a small rabbit hutch out there too double up on the protein.

                  • Chickens.
                    (The easiest to keep, and, the side benefit of eggs.)

              • I stick mostly to the dirt with the old YZ250, but am rebuilding an old Suzuki TS185 on/off to run back and forth to work, and maybe hit a trail or two on the way home.

                • I’m with ya, MX. rode moto-x style for 15 years during 70s and 80s. Between that and trucking and friggin’, my knees are shot. All i got left is ridin’ the ole Hog/Freedom machine, and day dreamin’ about all those times and women.

            • A “98 FLHT. 50 miles to the gallon. With the last EVO and loud pipes, she is still a fine Milwaukee vibrator.

              Ain’t no wonder the little woman comes a running when she hears it fire up.

        • Thanks for that,Dayna Chrome.. yup, thats it,, friggen halarious

          the dude is duffus

      45. No, No Thank You. I love it

      46. Brilliant Mac, I would like to add a bit of decorum to the argument…
        At all time, we must display a level of respect toward LEO’s…
        As distasteful as that may be at times…I’ve been there…
        Please …no lectures…
        It is imperative we take the moral high ground…

        They pull…we squeeze …make every one count!

        • Roger that, “squeeze”. My favorite is the ‘Preemptive Dispatch’. The fix is beyond the ballot box.

          Semper Fi. III

      47. Good job on this guidence. We need to fund kids with time to do this all day long on and try. I cannot belive that texas is ok with this…

      48. Okie, thank you for that obituary; most fitting. VRF, I can still clearly remember watching the TV coverage of Mt. Carmel in flames; that’s when I knew without any doubt we had a federal government with evil intentions toward the people. But back then, only a fraction of the people who are awake now had any idea something was wrong in the US. All through the 90s, we had a good economy and most people didn’t care what happened as long as they could stay fat, dumb, and happy. I fully expected something to mhappen under Clinton, but thankfully, it didn’t. The only saving grace of Bush Jr. was that the gun grabbers had to back off politically. But now with the BOY in the White House, I’m afraid either war or revolution is only a matter of weeks away; I hope I’m wrong but I do have that feeling.

        • not to correct you BH..but Clinton Administration, in August of 1992, the FBI under Clinton’s command killed Randy Weaver’s son and wife, while holding her infant and shot Weaver in the back.

          so ..he didnt get a skate free card with me.

          completely agree with you sir, we are on the Highway to Hell with these jackasses we allow in power, they are sick with the power..and wield it over us daily, using our money, our skills, and our own hands to do thiss shit to us..and we havent stopped it yet…could be we are hedding for a show down, maybe its what needs to happen , a sort of clensing if you will. Problem is aa lot of good people are going to get caught up in that and not make it out to see if there is any good to come from it

          i hope i get to see and same with my family, we as Americans all of us deserve better.

      49. I’ve tested my video capabilities on my cell–it will pick up a tiny swisper, so it surely would record a loud officer.

        • ‘whisper’

          • JJ, I kinda liked the swisper, thought maybe we had already gone to code. Twekker Out.

            • Nope, we southern girls aren’t bi-lingual.


        This guy’s argument makes a lot of sense to me:

        “I have to admit that this whole Newtown government psychological operation and gun grab issue didn’t make any sense to me until I watched the anti-USA Barry Soetoro speak and was somewhat surprised that he didn’t go for the jugular on gun control. That started me thinking as to why? The only logical answer is that gun bans in the sense that nearly all of us think of them is not the plan at all. No, they want their gun bans but know they can’t have them in the traditional sense.

        So, what could be the real true plan to ban guns for most of the USA populace? Believe I’ve figured it out and I don’t believe for a second that “they” aren’t smart enough to have planned it this way. They are way smarter than most of us as they have some of the smartest people in the world working on their team.

        How many years ago did they start giving our kids these psychotropic drugs knowing full well that they could be turning them into killers. I’m assuming here that it actually does. If so, they knew full well and started that 20-30 years ago and now magically we have mass killers all doped on the drugs that the government and medical/pharma industry told you what was best for you. But now, the same problem they created in the first place, they magically have an answer to fix the problem. Won’t be to stop the drugs I’m afraid – only to make sure people can’t get guns.

        So, perhaps all of the web sites that are posting all of this crap about psych drug links to all of these mass killings should re-think this issue. Could very well be that it’s true with those drugs but it could also be just as true that there’s more to these mass murders than just the drugs. Could our government be smart enough to stage these atrocities already knowing years in advance that the blame will go to these psychotropic drugs and guns – both? Could there be a better situation for the government to be in? I think not. They don’t have to directly control guns, but to indirectly control them using the bought and paid for medical community. They are ingenious and don’t think for a half a second that they aren’t that smart.”

        and finally:

        “So, there you have it. Clearly, Barry and the gun-grabbers have laid their cards on the table and went all in. They were stupid enough to go all in before the flop, but brazen enough to see if you have the cahonies to call their bluff. Are you? You and I have to go all in to beat them.

        If you allow the background checks to move forward, this will be on you and I – no one else. Not your fathers, grand-fathers and certainly not your kids – this one is on you and if you aren’t man or woman enough for the job, just shut the up and get the hell out of the way because there are some of out there that understand what is truly at stake.”

        Max Barnes – Lakeland FL Sent to us by the author.

      51. As police departments around the country are increasingly caught up in tussles with members of the public who record their activities, the U.S. Justice Department has come out with a strong statement supporting the First Amendment right of individuals to record police officers in the public discharge of their duties.

      52. Detroit is Tango Unicorn?

      53. Mac, thank you for being so understanding. Regardless of how we look at each other, we are all facing some potential nightmare scenarios I’m sure none of us ever wanted. Mclovin, your points about not all cops and military are bad are well taken by me at least. My relatives in LE served with honor and integrity until they were forced out by the corrupt ones, but that’s another story in itself. These are the times when I wish my wife was still alive so she could tell about her experience under Castro’s tropical tyranny. She risked her life with 14 other people on a homemade raft to cross the Florida Straits to reach freedom, only after half of her family, including father and uncle, being murdered by Castro’s butchers. Her father, a doctor, imprisoned and executed for speaking out against what Castro had done to Cuba’s health care system; his version of Obamacare. Her uncle, who owned a sugar plantation, was executed on the spot for burning his sugar cane fields instead of just giving them to Castro. One of her brothers, a village priest, was killed for trying to help some of the members of his church who were being taken away. That’s only a few samples of what she told me about her experience under Castro; their were other things that would blow everyone’s minds. If she were alive now, she would say, “It’s looking like Cuba here.” Everyone, we’re going to have no other choice but to stand up and fight to save this country. There’s no guarantee of survival under the NWO. I don’t want that shit for this country. Some nights I can hear my wife pleading with me, “Baby, please don’t let what happened to Cuba happen to America.” That is my motive for standing against the NWO along with everything else I hold near and dear. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • When Fidel is on the slab it will be the LAST chance to fight for freedom. Slim but last. Play ball.

        • Satori–all my tuna is from the month BP screwed up in the Gulf.
          And I won’t eat fish in restaurants.

        • I do hope people read this short article about the dangers of tuna from the Fukishima accident.

          We have 85 7 oz cans purchased in 2010 and 4 of the 4 pound large cans — once they are gone, that’s it for the rest of my life.

      54. YO BI,

        “Heads-Up” here…

        Approx. 3 hours ago the Kiruna, Sweden mags just went fruit…this has been followed by Boulder, Co. and the Alaskan chain is also begining to deflect at this time.
        THERE IS NOTHING extra-planetary to account for this…NOTHING. Eyes open, something is about to happen.


        • BI,


          The auto-scalefor Boulder has shifted to 100 nT, first I’ve seen it do so in 8 months. A long rise is there listed over a two hour period, followed by an immediate and abrupt reversal.

          JOG GONE, LATER…..

      55. It seems the machine of government is nothing more than humans like us doing a job under the club of management. Driven by the need to succeed. It will be the snowball that suddenly melts under the sun power of reason when the awakening occurs. This goes for all types of hierarchy. From the pawn to the king.

      56. I looks to me like it will take a lot more than peacefully asserting our rights when confronted by police or other authorities and recording them electronically. To me, that is such a small part of the trampling on our rights.

        We are being raped by the tax system, the monopoly like grants of privilege and economic advantage to special interest groups, the welfare system, and the belief by politicians that they are entitled to live as royalty at our expense. Of course they want us disarmed and subject to all sorts of repressive laws so that they can remain in control, and enjoy the benefit of plundering us.

        This will come to a head as the pain and suffering from going along to get along exceeds the pain and suffering that likely will come from revolting. Historically, this has always been the revolution point. Peace will end sometime within the next decade or two, and if the freedom loving population plays their cards well, the enslavement of the population by the government and those who pull their strings will come to a halt.

      57. Where will this go? Easy? I am reminded of the Middle Ages. To protest law enforcement is to protest the king. Soon, to question law enforcement is to question the Presidential King. Ah, some police are good guys. Real good guys. Most are prior service like many here and myself. But there are twisted and power hungry just like in every work place. And those, for some unknown reason to me, are the ones that get the promotions. I do not have a problem with cops. I have a problem with cops that become slaves and drones to what is going on around us. The ones that follow orders without question. It is not just cops, it’s liberals and week minded.

      58. Two years ago, my sisters, mom, and I were in a remote part of NE New Mexico and there was a roadblock. We got to the officers (state patrol, I think) and they were checking for proof of insurance and drivers licenses. We thought it was odd.

        Also, I remember as a teenager (1950s), my familyn drove from Texas to California and our car was searched for produce at the California border because of insects. They confiscated our oranges. It surprised me to see that in the video because I have not encountered those searches since the ’50s.

      59. I love this. Thats all i can say i love this.

      60. @ Be Informed, Any thoughts on the 6.9 in Russia?


        • @ Norse Prepper. The 6.9 was coming from the 6.6 in Siberia as forecasted on comment 1147193 2 weeks ago. There have been 2 aftershocks of equal 6.5, which is rare as they usually get smaller after the first aftershock. The fault is having a difficult time readjusting, OR like the Santa Cruz Soloman Islands sequence there is going to be a big whopper larger than 8.0. Watch the earthquakes here, if they get larger then it is likely something quite big is coming. This region is capable of a 9.0+ and some very large volcanic action, even a Volcanic Explosive Index VEI of 7, but probably in the VEI of 5 or so.

          @JustOneGuy. I have seen higher spikes than this in the magnetic field, but it could have indicated this from those two 6.5’s that just occurred. When there is nothing coming from space to cause this, that is a good sign to look for in regards to either volcanic activity as what is happening right now with Mt. Etna in Italy, and/or with earthquakes of larger sizes or swarms. Yesterday they had a 4.9 in the South Sandwich Islands which is also an indication of larger earthquakes coming, again it was probably, the two large aftershocks.

          @ braveheart. I meant to comment on what you sent that Mac had to make sure that the government did not see. We truly live in a world that all of us have to be so careful what we say anymore. This upsets me because each day the government is looking for any excuse to shut down wonderful sites like this that cater to the last freedoms that we have. I too have had to hold back on my feelings about how rotten and unfair things have gotten for so many. You like me and almost all others want to continue to be able to express ourselves and I am just glad that you add so much to this site. In just a few words, you are all right in my book.

      61. Mac, sorry about the blow up with EA earlier.

        EA, I read what John W. wrote and was confused with another post. I normaly agree and respect your posts. I am just real passionate about veterans.

        BI, whats up with us here in California?

        JOG, glad to see you got some sleep.

      62. cut off enough tail the snake will still die.

        • yep, starting at the head

          • but if the head cannot be found hack away at the tail.

      63. Wow! these agents get so comfortable with their daily routine and violating your rights! Way to go people for educating us!!!! Thank YOu…

      64. As Mao infamously said,”Political power comes from the barrel of a gun.” Obama and his minnions have been recorded making the same quote. And now they want to take our guns. Now they want to take what little political power we have to “fundamentally transform America.” Created on the principle of a government “of, by and for the people”. We are left with hope and chains.

      65. Filming cops is hazardous to your health. Google may be evil, but YouTube certainly lays it bare with some of their “cops beating the crap out of bystanders with cameras” videos.

      66. DONT TREAD ON ME

        Thi is how Kings govern.

        • VRF,
          I see something odd on the flag pole, which supports your “proud” comment.

          • Yes sir, thats it.

            pretty sick wouldnt you say?

            • @VRF
              a friend of a friend knows an ATF agent who says that they were ordered to kill everybody…men, women, children…everybody. Politicians are coated with teflon…

      67. On the subject of Arm Chair Generals. Agreed there are many who just talk and do not do the walk, but why would I do all this prep for someone else to take it away. That is plain stupid.
        You could say we are all Arm Chair Generals till we reach the moment of truth. What we do at that time will determine what we will be remembered for or have to live with it for the rest of our lives.
        I hope that those warriors that have childern and extended familys are warned far inadvanced and have the time to moved them to safer zones. I perfer to be alone.
        I have read all your posts reguarding the impacts of flashbangs,tear gas, SWAT TEAMS and bullets ripping thru the building. The mental picture of what my adversaries are willing to do to me. You all have beem good teachers and I have been paying attention.
        So a few Arm Chair Generals are good for what they have to add to the conversation. Might have something I’d missed.

      68. no one gives a dam, especially when we sit around and type into this, we do nothing. They are men of action, like Dorner. We are typist, it is what they taught is since childhood, we were trained to be obedient and not stray from the herd. We are all inside amerika, we are some destined to die in the camps, others will turn on their own family and friends and become government informants. Others will think to fight, but it is too late already, that should have happened 40 years ago or so when they took the gold standard away that should have been a dead giveaway. When they assasianted JFK the very next day there was supposed to be civil war. It didn’t happen and it will never. The Communist have taken over amerika, we will be decimated. After the great burn, (the nuclear warheads that will fall on us from the skies) we will be picked apart by many nations, we will scatter around the world, very few people will be accepted wherever they go. We will be reported to the authority’s of these nations and then we will be sent to prisons and executed for the crimes that we let our politicians get us involved in. Very few Americans will survive this. Maybe only in the hundreds will be around to expalin to their few offspring what happened, then even then, we will become a distant and faint memory of a place that once existed. Like an old dream that an old man will try to remember, then nothing. Completely gone forever………

      69. Got diet milk? In a highly controversial move, the dairy industry wants to market artificially sweetened milk—without any special label to alert consumers.

        In a petition filed with the FDA, the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) seek to change the definition of “milk” so that chemical sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose can be used as optional ingredients not listed on the product label.

        If the petition—originally filed in 2009 and now under consideration by the FDA—is successful, these hidden additives could also be included in 17 other dairy products—including whipping cream, low-fat and non-fat yogurt, eggnog, sweetened condensed milk, sour cream, and half-and-half—without requiring any special labeling.

      70. i am the tail of the snake…

      71. Micky you have E-Mail

      72. Gun shops and some gun manufacturers have decided not to do business with government. I hadn’t heard about this and thought it might be of interest to others on here. I believe the list of businesses is posted on a website called Hopefully more companies will follow suit.

      73. There is a line in the movie Excalibur that has stayed with me all these years, especially the last sentence:

        “Look upon this moment. Savor it! Rejoice with great gladness! Great gladness! Remember it always, for you are joined by it. You are One, under the stars. Remember it well, then… this night, this great victory. So that in the years ahead, you can say, ‘I was there that night, with Arthur, the King!’ For it is the doom of men that they forget.”

        It is indeed the doom of man. The crisis of yesterday is the liners of wastepaper baskets today. We are easily distracted, easily placated, and all too ready to enjoy the fruits of today or battle the oppressors of the moment. We never bother to see the cyclical nature of it all, how history repeats itself over and over and over. The locations, players and names change, but it is still the same old story. The powerful and few exerting their might over the weak and the many, whether it be at the tip of a sword or words on a page, or thoughts in the mind.

        There are small victories to be sure here and there, but overall, nothing ever changes. The oppressed, given a small victory believe that they have become the exceptions to history. Things will change now! It will all turn around! They then happily go back to their homes, families and armchairs, forgetting the lessons of history: The hydra they vanquished has now grown two new heads, learned their tactics, and tripled their resolve. It sets it sights on its vanquishers children and their children after them, who will have forgotten all about what their parents did, and why.

        Nothing ever changes. Why? Because mankind never changes. The weak will perish. Always.

        Sorry to drop this dark cloud on everyone, but someone has to say it.

        – Heel out

      74. Off to the woods.

      75. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is distancing herself from the release of some detained illegal immigrants ahead of the sequester, saying such decisions are made “in the field” by career bureaucrats.

        Maybe we shouldnt have “Career Bureaucrats”!

        • …ah sorry she wanted to be top dog then she gets to take responsibility for it…Ive been the “boss” and people I was in charge of screwed up…guess what “I” was the one who had to deal with it…problem is we know she and her kenyan manchild did/do bear full knowledge of what went down…time to smack these monkey faced morons down …HARD!!!

        • Does anyone believe that 10,000 criminal aliens can be released onto the streets without first running the idea up the flagpole to see what the boss thinks? And just how is it that the identical decision was made at each regional facility at the same time? It was over 500 in Phoenix, hundreds more here, hundreds more there. I know the Secretary thinks we are stupid people, but not that stupid. She needs removed from office at once for perpetrating a crime against the American people.


        Most government programs will be cut, with the cuts distributed evenly (by dollar amount) between defense and nondefense programs.

        Some vital domestic entitlements, however, will be spared. Social Security checks won’t shrink; nor will Veterans Administration programs. Medicare benefits won’t get cut, but payments to providers will shrink by two percent. The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), food stamps, Pell grants, and Medicaid will all be shielded from the sequester.

        But lots of things will get cut. The Obama administration has warned that a host of calamities will befall vulnerable segments of the population.

        so , the invisible soup line is still up and running, and the EBT cards that 47% of this country is on will see no cuts, there will be no incentive for this group to change their ways, so its buiz as usual , as far as that crowd is concerned..

      77. maybe some good news in this is we might get back some of our freedoms? or at least not be groped and violated AS much

        According to the Office of Management and Budget, the sequestration law forces agency heads to cut the same percentage from each program. If that program is for TSA agents at airports, the sequester law doesn’t care, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano can’t do anything about it.

        Agency heads do have some authority to “reprogram” funds, rearranging their money to circumvent the bad effects. An OMB official told ABC News that “these flexibilities are limited and do not provide significant relief due to the rigid nature of the way in which sequestration is required by law to be implemented.”

        • problem with socialism, sooner or later you run out of other peoples money!

        • Howdy VRF,

          …Anything which serves to reduce or restrict the budgets of the various Federal agency’s HAS to be a good thing…ESPECIALLY when the agency in question is that Tyranasaurus Rex DHS. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not for the folk who wotked thier entire life secure in the promise of SS being vaporized…that’s money that they at least in some measure contributed to…BUT those Damn aphabet-soup agancy’s which the ‘Federales; are cocking and priming to use against “We the People” let em wither, until they dry up and blow away like an old tumbleweed. IF there reamins any hope that this won’t end in abject catasptrophe this may well be the only wise in which it comes to pass….dry up thier Damned funding…FOREVER.


          PS: Truly, I think they will find a way to continue thier efforts, resulting in a final Citizen/Government Apokalypse, but at least it might slow themm up a bit and thereby give us a little more time to complete FINAL preps.

      78. Today’s insanity brought to us by our First Tyrant:

        “I am not a dictator,” President Obama said Friday while defending his efforts to stop the sequester. “I’m the president.”

        “I know that this has been some of the conventional wisdom that’s been floating around Washington that even though most people agree that I’m being reasonable, that most people agree that I’m presenting a fair deal, the fact that they don’t take it means that I should somehow do a Jedi mind-meld and convince them to agree on a deal,” Obama said.

        “We will get through this. This is not going to be an apocalypse, I think as some people have said,” Obama said.

        “It’s just dumb. And it’s going to hurt. It’s going to hurt individual people and it’s going to hurt the economy over all,” Obama said.

        (Today’s lines from The Hill dot com)

        • Typical politics, from local school boards all the way up to the fed gov’t. They absolutely resist cutting anything that will reduce their power, so when they are forced, they make the cuts in areas that will hurt the little people the most. That ensures the little people will scream bloody murder, then the politicians say they can reinstate the programs if we all agree to a fair and reasonable tax increase. And tyranny marches on… Same thing going on in my school district now. A “surprise” $578k budget shortfall, and they won’t lay off the assistant to the vice dean of students, but they will cut after school programs, sports, music, Excel programs…. I really hate effin’ politicians.

          • MX–I can top that. I lived in a county in Tn; a problem came about when the money budgeted for the county was off by……drum roll?? 1 million dollars!!!

            And the person didn’t even lose his job??

      79. I have concerns regarding the article and the explanation about filming and or audio recording police officers. My concern extends not to the police but rather everyone. The two party consent states apply to telephone conversations and places where privacy would be expected. A private home is the most extreme example. There are also situational locations such as bathrooms, locker rooms etc. There are other situations and locations too many to list. It short, different stars have different laws that encompass numerous situations. There is nothing static about case law and evolving laws. I am not argueing with the basic idea of recording conversations. In fact, if I say something, even if wrong or stupid, I stand up and own the words. I think the article provided a far too simple explanation of the law in regards to recordings. If you choose this tactic, please make sure you are doing it legally including the place and situation. You do not want to expose yourself on a simple mistake and provide anyone with a vehicle to prosecute or file a lawsuit. Good luck.

      80. should not these robotic fools be stationed on the actual border and why are they 50 miles inland and who gave the order for these idiots to be their in the first place. it seems to me the dont want Americans to leave the U.S. for some ungodly reason. these fools are committing treason and they don’t even know it and now they are traitors, so when the war begins they will be treated as terrorists on american soil. may God have mercy on you stupid government robotic agents.

      81. I draw paralells to the present US political scene and my country in the 1930’s. Just one big exception, most Germans in the street were for and not against the Nazi party. The same thing could happen to the US if you dont stop the apethetic attitude found in MSM and the sheeple. Good luck you’re going to need it

        • Stalinist commies rule this country. They aim to start shooting.

      82. Can we really find thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people willing to kill innocent people? Yes, I know there will always be some, but consider that more military die from suicide than from enemy actions. Why might that be? Killing a human being has unintended consequences. It fundamentally changes us, forever.

        We may kill foreigners because we have been taught to hate them but really, what have they done to us?
        While you are out sweeping the U.S. streets of the unwashed masses, what is happening to your friends and family while you are ‘working’? Is someone else sweeping the streets of your grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters?

        Some people try to make this out to be a R vs. D thing but when I go to the grocery store, the road, air, water, etc. are not D or R. This will affect each and everyone of us. No exceptions. There are no winners among the general population.

        Many of those who ‘think’ they are members of the elite will eventually find out where they really stand but by then it will be too late.

      83. WOW!!!! Not sure if I have the gonads to do that much resistance…BUT, I sure hope I do when the time comes..LEARNED much from your videos..Thank you for the lessons..

      84. were toast

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