This Is How Trump Is Going To Be Blamed For The Next Financial Crash

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    On Wednesday there were a lot of Trump fans who were celebrating the latest progress in the stock market. For the first time in over 100 years, the DOW gained 4,000 points over the course of 200 working days. That’s 4,000 points since Trump was elected, so it’s easy to draw a connection between the stock market’s dizzying new heights and Trump’s ascent to the White House.

    But Trump’s supporters shouldn’t really celebrate that, because there’s no way that this can last. It’s been pointed out many times before that Trump is being set up for the inevitable crash of our economy. The elites simply can’t wait to pull the plug on the many financial bubbles that are haunting our economy. If they do it now, they’ll walk away with a lot of money while Trump is left with all the blame, since he took so much credit for the stock market’s remarkable performance.

    Of course, a financial crash won’t look so bad for Trump if it comes out of nowhere. What the elites really need is a financial crash that can be easily pinned on the President, and it appears that they may finally have it. You may recall that Trump recently said that he will veto the next spending bill that’s due in September, if the Senate and Congress don’t include funding for his border wall. He basically threatened to cause a government shutdown if the Democrats don’t cooperate with him.

    Coincidentally, the House will likely need to raise the federal debt ceiling next month. That effort could be seriously hindered if our representatives and president can’t agree on a new spending bill. And if the federal debt ceiling isn’t raised, all hell could break loose.

    Credit ratings agency Fitch Ratings on Wednesday said a failure by U.S. officials to raise the federal debt ceiling in a timely manner would prompt it to review the U.S. sovereign rating, “with potentially negative implications.”

    Fitch, which currently assigns the United States its highest rating — “AAA” — said in a statement that the prioritization of debt service payments over other government obligations, should the debt ceiling not be raised, “may not be compatible with ‘AAA’ status.”

    The U.S. sovereign debt rating is Fitch’s measure of confidence in the soundness of the U.S. economy.

    Without the ability to sell more debt, the government is expected to run out of cash, possibly in early October, and faces the risk of not paying the interest and principal on its debt on time. The United States defaulting on its bonds, traders fear, would rattle financial markets worldwide.

    It’s understandable that Trump wants to put his foot down and demand that our legislative branch fund his border wall. It was the crux of his campaign, and his base will grow restless if he doesn’t get it built. But if he causes a government shut down in the process, it could trigger the next financial crisis, and lead to the demise of his presidency. And the people who turned out economy into a casino will walk away without receiving any blame.


    Peter Schiff Warns: “They’re Not Afraid Of Collapsing The Bubble On Trump’s Watch”

    Trump’s Fatal Mistake: The President Can’t Stop Taking Credit For The Stock Market Bubble

    The Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has Been Launched

    Ron Paul Warns “50% Stock Market Plunge Conceivable… And It Won’t Be Trump’s Fault”


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      1. this civil war will be more about trigger control and food/ammo supply than about race and gays

        • You better watch your back. The gays and BIs see it as a commodity.

      2. Decades of irresponsible spending by the lawyers in Washington D.C., allowing people to vote on tax increases and expenditures that don’t cost the lower 40% of income earners a cent, and onerous regulations on every business enterprise; what could possibly go wrong? People that don’t pay attention will probably blame the President.

      3. Excellent read on Mitch McConnell and the deep state at Conservative Treehouse website today. They break it down so everyone can understand the money behind the deep state.

        • These corrupt political class asshats need a slap, its way past time to end their crap

      4. well, that idiot trump takes credit for the rise in the stock market so then he will take credit for the crash too?

        • While I wouldn’t call the President an idiot by any means, I do agree that he shouldn’t be taking credit for the Dow because it’s going to come back to bite him. Peter Schiff said exactly the same thing btw, and he’s not a Trump-hater.

          • i love trump, but he is baboon crazy

            • Gandhis are known for their corruption crookedness and evil nature. You show that you are a lecherous cheapy

        • Agreed. Trump didn’t do shit to inflate a market which has been on a batshit crazy upswing for 8 years. But he’s taking all the credit.
          We all know he’ll be pointing his tiny fingers when the bottom drops out.

      5. What isn’t blamed on him already? But in all honesty Trump has used the stock market as a rallying point thus giving him ownership. Kind of funny when you think about it as he has very little invested in the stock market. Believes in owning real property. Kind of a billionaires prepping tool.


      6. People Mac is 100% correct that:

        Failure to raise the federal debt ceiling causes a government shut down in the process, it would trigger the next financial crisis, and lead to the demise of his presidency. “And the people who turned out economy into a casino will walk away without receiving any blame”.

        For ALL the bragging rights I will go all in, that by 20018 the Stock Market will be collapsing as bad or worse than 2008. We will be entering the Greater Depression.

        If I’m wrong you guys can pick my new screen name!

        • I could totally see something like that happening,
          The thing is that its not Trumps fault and anyone with any kind of intelligence knows that. Sadly most people are dumber than a bag of hammers, just look at the retreads of congress for confirmation. If people had any sort of thought process these assholes would have all been gone long ago and absolute term limits installed.
          Let it crash, let it burn, and let people wake the hell up

          • Nailbanger as long as “they” control the News Media, Entertainment and the Education system I don’t think people will ever wake up. I hope I’m wrong but that’s a lot of power to control the message most people receive.

            Most people think I’m a Kook because I prepare, even some of my family. I’ll never understand how “Be Prepared” can be considered crazy.

            • being prepared is a way off life that hasn’t been needed for the past few decades.

              everything anyone wants or needs is a quick trip or click away.

              the unprepared will have to learn the lesson the hard way.

              hope those is TX have prepped.

              prep your souls

              • Grandee, the MSM will be showing the same video clips of gas lines, water lines, food lines and lines of cars stuck on interstates trying to get out the way,,,
                But it will be same old same old with 90% or more waiting for the government bus to come get them

            • Same here,,
              I may well be a kook but at least ill be the one eating

            • And drinking filtered water, and wiping my behind with actual TP, and washing dishes and clothes and such and recharging my batteries, i know people who think they will be fine as long as they can get to the nearest shelter,,,,,,

        • The article correctly identifies the catalyst for the Market implosion.

          Credit ratings agency Fitch Ratings on Wednesday said a failure by U.S. officials to raise the federal debt ceiling in a timely manner would prompt it to review the U.S. sovereign rating, “with potentially negative implications.”

          Fitch, which currently assigns the United States its highest rating — “AAA” — said in a statement that the prioritization of debt service payments over other government obligations, should the debt ceiling not be raised, “may not be compatible with ‘AAA’ status.”

          If our bond rating is downgraded, then interest rates will rise, and then it’s a “sovereign debt crises” like the world has never seen. Think Greece times 1,000. Remember, once paper catches fire it burns quickly!!

          I truly believe that the coming economic collapse will be the GREATEST in Human History!!

          • If the government raises the debt ceiling, and we have a bond crisis where interest rates go up just 300 basis points, where banks and the government are paying above 3-percent in interest just to service the interest on the debt, then it is “game over.”

            If the government doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, then the Treasury runs out of money, and government defaults on everybody. Then it is instant banana republic and instant third world.

            The financial collapse of a country the size of the U.S. would make Venezuela look like a backyard barbecue.

            The only question is for how much longer the government can continue on these continue resolutions and without a budget.

            And again, the collapse when it comes will not just be local, it will be global.

          • So according to Fitch, the US Constitution is not “compatible” with an AAA rating… I assume they are referring to the 14th Amendment.

            • If the globalists win there won’t be any constitutions. And No Bills of Rights either. You can just kiss all that goodbye.

              Over time, I have come to believe that the rating agencies, like Fitch, are just a convenient way for the U.S. Government to sanction U.S. States.

              This whole deal with Standard & Poor’s lowering the country’s rating from AAA to AA+ on August 5, 2011 was just a vagrant impulse, and momentary lapse into panic. A cosmic “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

              Nothing changed.

      7. So what, let them BLAME AWAY..Kind of meaningless once the real Depression happens, it wont matter whose fault it is. Things likely will go very bad very quickly, but in any case he should unilaterally move to kill all the excessive entitlement payments and just stick to the ones that are not out right hand outs. one example of what stays safe is Social Security and it should e locked in statutorily or by Executive Order as the Codified trust fund it is an not a discretionary bail out plan that is routine abused by Congress to fund their corruption, but in any case it is not a hand out, it is an employee pay in plan that is mandatory. You pay in, you get your pay out on maturity of conditions that allow you to legally draw from it. End of Story.

      8. All The Donald has to do is repeat.

        What goes up must come down, and what goes down always comes back up higher and stronger.


      9. FFS…they don’t need Trump “to blame” for a financial crash. They don’t need to wait for special circumstances for a crash.

        Remember that the crash in 2008 was caused by the banks and their subprime loans. Everybody knew who was to blame. In fact, Congress turned down the bailouts initially but did a 180 when threats were made.

        No, the “banks” don’t need a scapegoat, they get what they want, no matter what.

        In fact, IMHO, I believe the bankers are pulling out all the stops to KEEP the system from crashing.

        It is, after all, their bread and butter…

      10. The current system that we have is based on debt. Ever increasing debt. Government debt. Individual debt. Corporate debt. Bank debt. The debt must always increase or it implodes. Eventually, it will crash, but not until the currency is totally worthless. Even the national business model is based on growth. Population growth, according to the US Chamber of Commerce. That’s why the government always permits unrestricted immigration. Americans don’t breed enough to sustain the growth model, sooo, they threw open the borders. This concept is destructive to our way of life. The debt must always increase, until it can’t. Then it’s over.

        • Him, aren’t we at the point of: “The debt must always increase, until it can’t. Then it’s over”.

          A serious question is how can they increase the debt from this point on? Who can take on more debt?

          • YUUUUP!

          • Justice, I thought it was going to implode long ago. TPTB can print a of of money. They keep moving the pea under a different shell all the time. TPTB have siphoned trillions and stashed it. It’s possible that they can prop things up for awhile longer. I can never figure it out. They’re a lot greasier than me.

      11. The stupid people already hate Trump. The smart people know it won’t be his fault, but the fault of the bankrupt nanny state. So, blame away, fascist left – you already have the lemmings, and the rest of us won’t fall for your blaming Trump

      12. A wall at the Mexican border, what a waste of money, more like makework for a preferred business. Make the illegals line up to get in, they’ll still be let through because they work hard for cheaper and breed big numbers. Win win for the existing NWO framework. Strapped for funds, just wait for the poppies to mature and the minerals to be dug up as the gigantic earth scoopers are in transit. Annex Mexico, a lot of mineral wealth there, let them bring in the tired poor huddled yankees out of work.

      13. Justice:

        The Boy Scouts of America’s official motto is “be prepared”.

        It is as old as time. The story of Joseph in the Bible where he predicts 7 years of plenty and seven years of starvation was about the Nile River and the pattern of rainfall, flooding followed by drought. The story about the dream may be a literal historical truth or a story designed to instruct. It explains how to win according to the wisdom of the author. Interpret dreams, impress the rich and powerful, then use your power to help your own family, and your people. And to heck with your alien hosts once you are set. But this will make you rich but not safe. Your host will want your blood once he realizes what you’ve done.

        Well so much for stories.

        Just let those around know that being prepared is not extreme. It is just prudent good judgement.


      14. Of course he will be blamed. He’s a Republican. 93% of the media is left-leaning.

        • gerta, short and to the point! I like it!

      15. I don’t think it will cause the demise of his presidency. Trump is already setting up Congress to take the fall. His supporters haven’t shown any sign of wavering support, and if Trump tells them it was Congress’s fault, they’ll blame it on Congress.

        I don’t think his detractors could hate him any more than they already hate him, so somewhat morbidly I don’t think there would be much downside for him if another financial crash happened.

      16. Trump was ushered in to generate ‘animal spirits’, and ‘irrational exuberance’, but he failed, and the MIC totalitarians know that the USD is doomed in the long run. America’s Minsky Moment manifested in 08. Lies, God-damned lies, & Statistics, can’t generate ‘animal spirits’, or ‘irrational exuberance’. Deep down Americans en masse know that they would never trust a carnival barker confidence man like Trump, but they voted for him with the assumption that he could generate ‘animal spirits’, and ‘irrational exuberance’ just as the MIC had thought. Ergo, when the powers-that-be decide to pull it they all know that Trump will be en route to NZ and his five star bunker via the taxpayer funded Airforce One.

        Trump won’t take any blame for anything at any time, and we all know he has no conscience due to psychopathy.

      17. I missed the eclipse, it was Trumps fault.


        • No. It was Hillary’s fault. She was standing in the way.

      18. More propaganda. Read the 14th amendment. ALL MANDITORY DEBTS WILL BE PAID! TAX REVENUE WILL STILL FLOW INTO THE COFFERS! A shutdown would only affect 17% of the gov. Think about it.

        • Except that the 14TH Amendment was ratified in 1868, just 6-years after the creation of the IRS and federal income tax in 1861 or 1862.

          Back then, the federal rate was 3-percent, and the politicians where scared to death that there would be a revolution, on top of the Civil War.

          Today, people are being forced to hand over almost 40-percent (the real figure is closer to 50-percent), of personal incomes to the government. And for what? The government is running deficits in excess of what they are taking in. Bankruptcy is inevitable. Defaults certain.

          A government shutdown is just a detail.

          95-million working age men and women have dropped out of the work force. They just will not play this game anymore.

          • I agree. Just stating that this is a fear tactic being used. The music will stop and alot of us will be left without a chair because we thought this game could continue forever.

      19. Archie and Edith Bunker sang about Trump in the theme to “All In The Family”:

        “Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.”

        They will blame the crash on Trump just like the one in 1929 was blamed on Hoover.

      20. The dems. Have been in power for how many years ? Before that didn’t Regan double the size of the government? None of the others were already multi billionaires ? Is it possible for anyone to change the entrenched government employees and their media and Hollywood and banks ? Or is this Satans last stand? I wonder if the inconclusiveness of the bible is so the Tares don’t catch on. And prep. We don’t want any of them getting through?

      21. “For the first time in 100-years the DOW gained 4,000 points over the course of 200 working days.” What did they use to say? “If everyone was a millionaire we would all be broke.” It is meaningless.

        The nice thing about the next financial collapse is that it will most likely be the last one. Blaming Trump will be meaningless because the next financial collapse will be global.

        “A whole world suddenly cried out and was instantly silenced.”

      22. You guys are a categorical bunch of idiots.

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