This Is How They Intend To Get Us To “You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy”

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This article was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog. 

    The pieces of the puzzle may fit together in ways that you do not expect.  For years, the global elite has been openly telling us that one day we will all own nothing, we will have no privacy, and we will be extremely happy with our new socialist utopia.  But exactly how do they intend to transition to such a society?  Are they going to come and take all of your stuff?  Needless to say, there are millions upon millions of very angry people out there that aren’t just going to hand over their stuff to a bunch of socialists.  So how are they going to overcome that obstacle?

    Well, the truth is that they don’t need to take your stuff to implement their goals.

    All they need to do is to destroy the value of your money.

    If your money becomes worthless, you will start descending into poverty and it won’t be too long before you become totally dependent on the government.

    And as the stuff that you have right now wears out, you won’t be able to replace it with the worthless money that you are now holding.

    Eventually, you will own virtually nothing, but you probably won’t be very happy about it.

    So high inflation is actually a tool that the global elite can use to further their goals.

    The good news is that I do not believe that the global elite will ever be able to achieve their utopia.

    The bad news is that they won’t be able to achieve their utopia because western society is going to completely and utterly collapse during the times that are ahead.

    But for now, inflation is going to be one of the hottest political issues as we head into 2022.  On Friday, Vice-President Kamala Harris acknowledged that higher prices are having a huge impact on American families…

    “Prices have gone up and families and individuals are dealing with the realities of the bread costs more, the gas costs more, and have to understand what that means,” she said. “That’s about the cost of living going up. That’s about having to stress and stretch limited resources.”

    Harris said that is a “source of stress for families” that is “not only economic, but is, on a daily level, something that is a heavy weight to carry.”

    Of course her “solution” is to get Joe Biden’s agenda through Congress, and she knows that all of that spending will inevitably create even more inflation.

    The socialists over at NBC News are trying to help the Biden administration by putting a positive spin on the inflation crisis.  In fact, NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle is trying really hard to convince everyone that inflation is not a problem because we all have more money to spend these days.

    But as I demonstrated last week, the truth is that inflation is rising much faster than our paychecks are, and that means that our standard of living is going down.

    And inflation is one of the big reasons why the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index just hit the lowest level since 2011

    At the same time, the University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index tumbled to 66.8 for November, according to a preliminary reading Friday. That was the lowest since November 2011 and well below the Dow Jones estimate of 72.5. October’s reading was 71.7, meaning that the November level represented a 6.8% drop.

    If you are among those that think that things are bad now, just wait, because they will soon get even worse.

    At this point, even Neel Kashkari is publicly admitting that inflation is going to continue to rise in the months ahead…

    Minneapolis Fed Chair Neel Kashkari on Sunday said inflation in the U.S. will likely see “higher readings” before numbers taper off, as Americans grapple with rising prices nationwide.

    “The math suggests we’re probably going to see somewhat higher readings over the next few months before they likely start to taper off,” Kashkari said during an appearance on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

    The Federal Reserve has lost control, and 2022 is going to be a very “interesting” year from an economic standpoint.

    On Sunday, we learned that the average price of a gallon of gasoline in California has almost reached five dollars

    California gas prices hit an average of $4.676 Sunday, beating its previous record average price of $4.671 for regular gasoline set in October 2012, according to AAA.

    Gasoline prices are going to continue to move higher, and that is really bad news.

    Just about everything that we buy has to be transported, and so higher gasoline prices are going to fuel even more inflation.

    Sadly, those that are on the bottom of the economic food chain are the ones that are being hurt the most.  At this point, many food banks are really struggling to purchase enough food because price hikes have become so severe

    America’s largest food bank struggles to feed people amid a perfect storm of surging food prices and supply chain woes.

    Katie Fitzgerald, COO of Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that operates more than 200 food banks across the country, told AP News that her network of food banks is already stretched thin due to the unprecedented demand spurred by the virus pandemic downturn in the economy last year. She warned that it has become more difficult for her organization to absorb food inflation, resulting in fewer families being fed this holiday season.

    Used farm equipment is another area where inflation is hitting really hard.

    According to one index, the price of used farm equipment was up 22 percent during the first nine months of 2021…

    The index is up 22% in the first nine months of the year and poised to make its biggest gains yet in the fourth quarter, a boom that’s turning a normally quiet corner of the farming market into Exhibit A of the inflation surge coursing through the U.S. economy. The market has all the ingredients fueling inflation in industries like cars and TVs — soaring demand from cash-flush buyers, the semiconductor shortage, congested ports and rails — with the added irritant of the labor stoppage at the world’s largest farm-machine maker.

    The match “is now lit,” Peterson says, “and it’s lit while there’s a John Deere strike.”

    So many problems have converged all at once.

    Some have used the term “a perfect storm” to describe what we are facing, and I think that is definitely quite appropriate.

    If you are waiting for life to “get back to normal”, you are going to be waiting for a very long time.  As MN Gordon has noted, pre-2020 prices are now gone forever…

    Pre-2020 prices, much like pre-1965 prices, are gone forever. Deficits of $5.9 trillion over the 24 months ending September 30, 2021, and a Fed balance sheet expansion of nearly $5 trillion over the same period, have irrevocably damaged the entire pricing structure of the financial system and the economy.

    Price inflation is on the move. Reality can no longer be covered up with Washington’s lies. We expect this episode of inflation will be one for the history books.

    I wish that I had better news for you.

    I really do.

    But sooner or later, this is what socialist regimes always do.

    They tell us to study hard, get a good job and work as hard as we can.

    And then they give our money to people that haven’t done any of those things.

    Eventually, they run out of other people’s money, and so then they just start wildly creating more.

    Unfortunately, every time that this has been tried throughout history it has always ended in disaster, and now it is our turn.

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    About the Author: My name is Michael Snyder and my brand new book entitled “7 Year Apocalypse” is now available on  In addition to my new book, I have written five other books that are available on including  “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America”“The Beginning Of The End”“Get Prepared Now”, and “Living A Life That Really Matters”. (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing the books you help to support the work that my wife and I are doing, and by giving it to others you help to multiply the impact that we are having on people all over the globe.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse BlogEnd Of The American Dream, and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial, or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and anyway that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.


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      1. Look mommy, airplanes in the sky. HAL, open the POD door. MAJ Tom, put your helmet on.

      2. In this planned new society, this planned new system and new order of the world, there will not be a place for everyone.

        As we already see in today’s world, there is little room for many people who just don’t, as a matter of inherent personal qualities and traits they were born with, fit in anywhere. as they get squeezed out of the mainstream and pushed to the fringes, often turning to alcohol or drugs and becoming mentally ill in an attempt to cope with it, they end up as the dregs of society. The homeless, the criminal class, the feral’s, etc. are those that an increasingly restrictive society produces as it makes progress toward ultimate good of the whole.

        These people, these squeezouts must be eliminated for the good of the rest of us. Perhaps we can just take the most annoying of them and put them in work camps where they can live out their remaining lives doing something useful and leaving the rest of us be while we humanely round up and sterilize the rest of them, the way we often do with feral cats and such, so they quit reproducing and just go away over the next generation or so.

        If they don’t willingly go along with these necessary measures, measures to insure the common good and harmony of the rest of us, I suppose we’ll be forced to just kill them off. A last resort but one that may become necessary.

        We’re entering an new era, one that will finally perfect the human race and bring peace, joy, and harmony to it.

        • Now you’re thinking like a true globalist!

        • Well, if that’s the case then how about we start terminating the rich, globalists, kings, queens, popes, priests, politicians, televangelists, bankers, tax collectors, child/animal abusers, pedophiles, murderers and other squeezeouts. These people are the useless eaters who use others to do their dirty work because they are not capable of doing for themselves. These people (like Klaus Schwab) are nothing but rejects who are angry at the world, think they have a right to do what they want to others.

          These creeps are the reasons why there are so many problems in the world.

          If we could get rid of all the above, then the world could live in peace and equality.

          There, how do you like that for a comeback?

      3. There are countless examples of predictive programming, in which post-Singularity humans disregard their physical form, to “live” in the Metaverse, in the form of algos and programming. The shots and chips were never necessarily meant to be healthy, so much as a segue away from carbon based life as we know it.

        • Well that’s one theory. Also the notion that there is a world view difference to consider. It is the reason people turn to wild ass theories to explain what appears to be unexplainable behavior.

          These ultra rich people sit back and romanticize how their great grand pap was the lord of this, king of that, an integral part of some monarchy or different governmental structure than we have today. Those riff raffs, those peasants, whom are they to demand anything of us?

          I’m more inclined to believe it is their incompetence and greed which has resulted in such a poorly coordinated attack on liberty with such inconsistent methodology, resulting in lack of cohesion of any new social structure they may attempt to artificially implement.

          Liberty; The Grand Experiment. Be wary of those whom attempt to promote tyranny and socialism as new and exciting ideas. In the big picture, Liberty and Freedom are rather new concepts, while socialism is old and stale, having been unsuccessfully implemented and then failed over the ages. If we truly desire Peace and Prosperity than liberty and free markets are the way forward.

          Sincerely; Carbon Based Life Form

          • m_y said. “people turn to wild ass theories.”

            They’re not my ideas.

            m_y said, “free markets are the way forward”

            From the regulatory capture and ultimate dismantling of every sector?

            We have subjected ourselves to mental cases and mainly just have to stay out of their way, until they are done.

      4. I don’t own anything, he just lets me borrow things for a while. Just a tourist on a short vacation.

        • Money buys everything. It bought the media Hook line & sinker. It bought our local governments Hook line & sinker. It bought our president Hook line & sinker. if bought the entire medical industry Hook line & sinker. they’re all just puppets now they work for the inhuman filth who have all the money it’s very obvious. And their agenda? Well it’s to eliminate all of the people on the planet so that they can have everything to themselves that’s pretty obvious. so what are we to do just lie down and let them steamroll us into the dirt? Obviously so. Now run along and go get your booster.

      5. As long as your property can be taken due to NOT paying a tax on it then you NEVER really owned it.

        • Notice how neither party is really in favor in private property nor in favor of privatizing the means of production.

          • Please pardon my grammar, as no edit function was allowed.

      6. Tick tock tick tock
        There are over 3million guns in the hands of Americans
        The jabs did not invade us for this reason.
        If you think joe American is just going to roll over then I want what you are smoking.
        There will be Mass civil unrest – read that as violent
        marshal law will not work – the government and MSM and elite had best think hard and fast – This is OUR country!

        • Not so sure about that anymore.
          Just look at what happened with the “job walkout” from Nov 4-11..
          That turned out to be much about nothing and was a total dud.
          Did even 1% of employees “walk out” on their job? Probably not.
          Anything is possible,I get that, but let’s not forget how people are notorious for procrastinating and never doing what they say they’re going to do.
          Until the fighting commences it’s nothing more than empty words typed on a keyboard by anonymous posters.

          • @ Anon, That means your words too.

            • Same as your chest thumping comments too.

      7. Got gold?

        OK, at least silver, or platinum?

      8. I do know how they are going to get you to “You’ll Own Nothing and be Happy.” They’ve been doing it for the last 50 years. They got my babies in the 1970s.
        The Human Body, Nanotechnology, and We—Augmented [first posted 2/1/2021]

        Corporate Fascism [originally posted November 2018]

      9. And we can all thank that ugly creep Klaus Schwab for this. He should be terminated. He’s mentally ill and angry because he was rejected by his mother. The poor fucker.

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