“This is An Environment That Gold, Silver, & Precious Metals THRIVE On!”

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    During this systematically planned dollar collapse that the Federal Reserve wants to blame on a virus, precious metals are thriving. And these metals are the only way to really protect your wealth in the coming months as the crash intensifies.

    On a My Future Business Show, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the founder of Blue Lagoon Resources, Rana Vig talks about gold and other precious metals, and how they can help protect your wealth during this market crash. With more than 30 years’ experience, Rana has a proven track record in taking private companies public in the Canadian public markets. 

    Vig begins by saying “people are recognizing that their dollar, their currency, is becoming worthless!” Precious metals can help you preserve your buying power especially gold, says Vig. But copper is going to be a “big play” too he added. Copper is going to be the next big story because of the technoloical advancements in things such as electric cars.

    For more information on Vig and Blue Lagoon Resources, read the following:

    During his 30-year career, Vig has helped to launch five business ventures in the private industry. He has been involved in several publicly traded companies since 2010, serving first as an executive at an industry-leading algorithmic securities trading systems company and then of an award-winning automated referral marketing solutions company that powered loyalty and referral marketing programs across 39 countries for brands including AT&T, Sprint, Telus, Envision Financial and others.

    From 2011 to 2016 Rana served as President of Musgrove Minerals, an Idaho focused gold and copper mining exploration company, and from 2013 to 2016, he was the Chairman and CEO of Continental Precious Minerals Inc., a TSX senior board exploration company with a focus on advancing one of the largest uranium projects in the world, located in Sweden. Rana is a former chair of BC Open Learning Agency and serves on several public company boards and committees. He is active in many charitable and community organizations acting as director or advisor. In November 2017, Rana was invited to the Canadian Senate to receive the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal – which were awarded to top Canadians actively involved in their communities who, through generosity, dedication, and hard work, make their hometowns and communities, a better place to live. During this content-rich call, Rana provides insights into gold and other precious metal investment options, and he shares the story of how a meeting with Hollywood actor Will Smith, reminded him of the importance of giving back to society. To learn more about Blue Lagoon Resources, or to contact Rana directly, click the link below. https://myfuturebusiness.com/rana-vig. YouTube, My Future Business Interview Description


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      1. The fact that China initiated the lockdown in accordance with Event201 plandemic after the Wuhan World Military Games, and after the Wuhan Bioweapons lab scientists were cooperating with Fort Detrick Bioweapons scientists proves that it is the global ruling powers against the people. The Chinese government is fully cooperating with the ring leader Bill Gates, receiving massive financing through Gavi division of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

        It is really not a miracle to rid the region of something that was a threat blown monumentally out of proprtion through propaganda and then have the same propagandists that blew it out of proprtion claim that they have the situation under control, perpetrating the myth that they are serving and protecting the public from enemies when they are the actual enemies themselves. 

        Why 5G? 5G vibrates water molecules at the high end of its frequency range which is the same method that microwave ovens cook food, by having microwaves vibrate molecules and 5G uses microwaves. China pretends that it cares about the environment, the earth, and the international community, and China pretends that it is a resposible, compassionate steward of civilzation, but China is hell bent on installing 5G around the world which is a threat to life on earth and the higher the Gs, the higher the threat to life and the environment. What is the need for a faster speed to upload and download information that they are willing to destroy life on earth, unless that is the evil goal that they refuse to admit to? 

        Would it be hard to believe that a government was dishonest and had an evil agenda and an evil goal that it did not disclose to the public? Would it be the first time? China, just like every government has its dark and evil history which it desperately wishes to conceal just like every other government, as fact inconvenient as that is for China, it is an extremely long list of crimes against humanity. Deny it at your own peril.

        Andrea Iravani

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