This Is A Prepping Game Changer: Never Worry About Your Emergency Water Supplies Going Bad Again

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    Preppers are some of the most innovative people you’ll ever meet. Whatever challenge we’re faced with, we always seem to find a way to make it work. Oftentimes, it is the community as a whole that identifies a problem, proposes solutions and then makes it a reality that benefits everyone.

    Caleb Tucker of Emergency Water Corp. is one of those innovators looking for a better way to do things. His company has created a novel way to address one of the most serious concerns we face in a disaster scenario: maintaining adequate, potable water supplies.

    If you have emergency water supplies in storage, then you have no doubt run into the problem of having to continuously rotate your water in order to keep it fresh. The process can be quite tasking and is often put off, especially when you are dealing with having to move and empty those large 55-gallon water storage drums.

    Caleb’s new EZ Cycling System is a game changer for the thousands of us who store emergency water using these large drums.

    Check out the video below for information on how the system works and click here to reserve yours via Kickstarter.

    The EZ Cycling System is Made and Assembled in the USA:

    Click here to learn more about the EZ Cycling System and reserve yours today.


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      1. It’s about time. This has been a huge pain rolling these things out of the garage and cleaning them out. Thanks!

        • This video is total bullshit.

          So you pour in 12 ounces of bleach into the water? OK, im good with that. Then what?

          All he is doing is pumping out one barrel and putting into another barrel? right?

          He is not running it through some fantastic filtration system, all he is doing is pumping from one container to another.

          Here is a new flash, dipshit, your can buy that at harbor freight.

          • BS is correct: 12 ounces of bleach? You only need several teaspoons of bleach for 55 gallons of clear/fresh water.

            • you dont know what you are talking about

            • Depends on your intent. If you are treating water for immediate consumption a few teaspoons of bleach is fine. If you are sanitizing a drum that might have slime and grime on the inside walls then your water engineers prescribe 12 oz of household bleach. Water treatment plants actually use about 800 ppm bleach with an 11% sodium hypochlorite loading to clean their tanks. I hope this is helpful. If you have any specific questions please reach out directly to [email protected]. Thanks, Caleb Tucker

          • I tend to agree… the magic sauce is… bleach? so it just pushes bleach through the tank?
            Must be missing something…

            • Hi RW, the same method is used in water treatment plants to clean tanks. They use a high concentration of bleach, let it sit for 24 hours to sanitize the tank, and then flush or dilute out the concentrated bleach. Hope this helps. Caleb

          • before you go railing off on how someone is a dipshit, make sure you research your own sources. That harbor freight barrel pump says it is not for “water or corrosive liquids”. Probably because it will seize up if you use it on water without lubrication. So it might work one day, but not 6 months after that one day. now who is receiving a news flash buster.

            • Real mature,
              Exactly correct, very few pumps can handle heavily chlorinated water.

              Without periodically cleaning and changing water in storage tanks, it can become quite toxic.

              Preppers who filled big tanks in their basements, may find it totally unsafe when disaster does strike sometime in the future.

              Anyone with large storage tanks needs them sterile. This process seems like it could do it.

              I was surprised to see so many attacke it.

              • Afterthoughts.
                One of my first attempts at prepping was to store up water for Y2K. So, almost a year in advance of Y2K I started saving empty 2 liter soda bottles. Using hot water I’d thoroughly wash them out, and fill them with hot water from the tap.

                My thought was, few critters could survive hours in the water heater and heat reduces dissolved gasses, depriving critters, bacteria and slime of oxygen or CO2. I filled the bottles to the top, let them set, and top off again and seal. There was no air space at the top. The bottles were stored in the cool dark basement crawl space.

                After a couple months I pulled one out and shined a bright light through it. It was full of swimming critters visible with the naked eye. It was gross. I did keep the stash of water bottles because I knew I could at least flush toilets with it, or filter and chlorinate it.

                Storing water is not as simple as many think. From there on out every bottle got a 1/4 teaspoon of Clorox. Those never showed any signs of living contamination, and I knew I could aerate the water to eliminate any exess chlorine.

          • Hey there John,

            Your comment is very spirited. Thanks for the feedback. I just want to clarify that my product is part of a closed system when connected to tap, so it’s clean. It’s easy because water pressure does the heavy lifting for you instead of pumping into buckets and sloshing it all over the place. If you’re a big guy (and sounds like you are), then you may not need a simple solution and a pump would work just fine. Good luck!

          • Your the dip shit, you don’t know what the F your talking about. Pumping water out with one of those harbor freight pumps and cleaning the barrel is a hassle. I have not tried this thing but it looks like it would be a great time and back saver. Old barrels could get a treatment of PBW cleaner 1st to make sure there’s no gunk build up and hook this item up and let it flush while you do other things.

        • thats because you were too stupid to add a little bleach to the barrels.

      2. What happened Mac?

        You had an article about the MSM with an excellent video.

        It just disappeared off the screen.

        What’s up ??

        • Still editing that one — accidentally hit publish — coming within the next 15 – 30 minutes



      3. Nice.. but what I’d really like to find is an atmospheric condenser that is basically a dehumidifier, but has all stainless or drinking water grade components.. there was one I had found on the web; but apparently they never got into production.. if anyone has a link to a real product that is currently for purchase and is not outrageously expensive; please post it ? We would use it as our main water source, since we live in a high humidity location.

        • Ecoloblue is the only one I know about, but there is the expense…

          • Thanks Renee.. appreciated

        • Saw one not in production yet but taking “reservations” and no price has been published. It claims to make 40-100 gals of water a day from the air. This would be an essential machine (even at a couple of grand) to add to my BOV at my secondary location.

          As far as the product in the promo, I don’t see much need for it. Just re-filter and add a little bleach if you desire.

          This product is not a “paper clip” or “rubber band”. Don’t see it changing the world of preppers at all. Sorry. Much ado about nothing. 🙁

      4. The cost to tool this project is steep???

        Uh. Have you tried China?

        So wait if I got this right you’re using a bunch of off the shelf fittings and you tooled one part. In aluminum. Right?

        (Why are you making an aluminum form but the final part looks like it’s plastic??)


        Investment cast 304 stainless. Tooling investment for that part? Pfft like $2000-$4000 out of China, as long as you’re making enough of them to hit MOQ. Keep the machining work to a minimum, stuff’s a pain to machine, but all you need’s the thread right? If the rest is kind of fine grit sandpaper texture does anyone care?

        Hit me up I know a few places.

        Plastic well yeah. In plastic the tooling’s going to be in the $20k range but I mean why… just… later revision do plastic whatever.

        • Hi TheGuy,

          The aluminum form was really just a proof of concept. There are reasons why you can’t use aluminum alloy in a water treatment application. Plastic is the way to go. China is an option down the road. This is really just the next tier of proof of concept. I’d love to talk more. email me at [email protected].


      5. Maybe I missed it, seems pretty elementary, but simplicity is golden. Seems like something the average joe prepper could cook up. The idea of drinking chlorine makes me cringe. How about a solar powered under water UV light and bypass the chlorine?

        • YES! Me too! I don’t like the idea of drinking chloorinated OR bleached water. Makes me feel woozy just thinking about it. But I guess it all depends on the amount used, all our water is chlorinated after all…

      6. wow so this is a problem? What I do and this always works is simply connect a pipe to either a motorize or solar air pump or use a windmill aerator – what this does it makes it work like you do with a fish tank it simply pumps air into the water which keeps it circulating and full of oxygen which keeps it fresh – no secret sauce involved

      7. Um, WTF am I missing? If you look near the end of the video, you see the cut-away drum. Looks like the fresh water goes down a tube to the bottom, and the water goes OUT at the top. Why do we need HIS thing to do this?

        • You dont,,,,

        • You don’t.

          • Uhhh, mormons aren’t real bright lol.

            • Leave the religious bigotry at home. No need to see it here. Just saying.

            • I am Mormon and graduated from Yale.

      8. I’m on a cove of a 295,000 acre lake that creek feed.

        • Now your talking, a good 12v pump, couple panels, a couple batteries, buncha pipe, good berkey or two and extra filters and your in there

          • Nailbanger nailed it. These 12 Vt pumps can pump water 130 Ft in the air. That’s how I’m setting up my well And above ground holding tank 20 ft in the air, gravity fed to outlets, Put an on off float valve switch on it. And add a Reverse Osmosis system for kitchen sink $150.


            • Those 12v pumps are often-times used on many types of yachts, and are tougher than land well-pumps (barring the solid-stainless steel ones made for a lifetime. Most can go (at least) the described 130-feet straight up, or you can ‘stage’ them and easily climb as much ‘head’ as you need.

        • Ah ….so you are on Long Lake. Nice place! (too cold for my old bones though).

      9. Guess I got lucky. Bought this Perfect place year and a half ago, in the tall woods in SC. My wife feeds the deer in the back yard, which come out of a several thousand acre preserve. Have a 6″ well, that the previous owner kept having the pump die from lightning strikes…..and when the private water company ran a line down our dead-end road, he hooked up, 60 psi coming in, and is tied in to a city system about 2 miles up towards I-20, in an emergency. Runs me about $18/mo, for the 1st 2K gals. 1st thing I did was just call the elec. co-op, and they put the arrestor on the line coming in. Then shopped around and bought an “E-Z water hand pump” system. Everything you need, except the 2 diff. size PVC sections. Connectors, brass filter, foot valve, removable pump handle, etc. Static was only 24′, well is 90′, so for 2 all the reserve one needs. Tested pure and sweet, (we have no toxic run off, agri, etc.) Use bags of ‘pool shock’, to mix your own jugs for chlorination. Puts out 5 gals/min….spent under $200. Plus we are on septic, w/a separate gray water system. Sit down in a hollow…..can’t see me from the road…..but I can see your ass.

      10. Works on the same system as a hot water heater. Uses a dip tube to force cold water to bottom of tank and hot water comes out at top. Without the dip tube all you would ever get is warm water. Ask any plumber.

        • Out at the BOL, after 19 months, taking natural showers less any chlorine, and my skin is a lot nicer. All that city chlorine is drying your skin out and your hair. I rarely use a moisturizer on my skin anymore. Natural oils and keeping your skin clean. Hygiene is very important. Clean living!!


      11. I get activated charcoal at a fish pet store ,coffee filter and funnel. Then shake.

      12. Off topic,,,
        MSM trying to say charlott nc dead guys wife was pleading with cops to not shoot guy,,, i heard audio, she was clearly telling her dumb ass hubby to not do it whatever that was, i imagine she knew he had a gun and was getting ready to come out shooting,,,, MSM is a buncha pot stirring bullshit bandits

        • Dang. The tape that was ‘played’ on Fox only had the daughter screaming at the cops saying “You shot my F**king Father you bastards. You F**king killed my father, my sweet father.”

          Of COURSE he was reaching for a gun, an IWB holster since I doubt he was reaching for his dong to climb to safety…

        • I kinda thought the wife was telling the cops “don’t do it”

          as in don’t you dare shoot him.

      13. MSM is committing credibility suicide at an ever accelerating rate. It’s kind of amazing to me how fast they’re going downhill.

        But it’s ok, we’ll just ban the internet when their shit starts to stink too much.

        Or well at least anything online that’s not strictly business related.

      14. Do we hope we are not next? Do we think we are not next? Who’s more dangerous us or them?arm them ? We still win. We are next? This is a plan . We are next.

      15. Mac is Caleb yor buddy. Just messin with ya seems like a good product. Drums are a bitch to move they can weigh up to 550# anything to help keep the water fresh.

      16. Glad I have a re- new able water source that is clean enough to drink out of without putting anything in it

      17. Storing enough water for anything other than a temporary emergency situation is impractical, if not impossible.

        Get a gravity water purifier instead.

      18. I have been criticized for pointing out the role sex plays in shtf. But, sadly, this does not make the reality go away. A big story now erupting in Europe is the sexual exploitation of illegal migrants in camps by lefty do-gooders sent there to help them. Apparently, it is the women who are the worst, having their pick of horny Muslim and African men stuck in the camps with nothing to do. Some, according to media reports, are churning through many men in a single day. Not only is this sort of sexual exploitation of vulnerable people ethically and morally wrong, it is also dangerous from a health standpoint. It is a great way to spread sexual diseases like wildfire.

        While it is understandable that British women find little worth having sex with in their own country, it would be better if they joined a dating site in Denmark or Germany and started having sex with men there on an equal basis. Preying on migrants is a sad way to get your jollies and sets a very bad example for aid efforts. These vulnerable and delicate Muslim men need to be handled like the feather light petals they are, and kept ‘fresh’ for the right Muslim woman or girl who takes their fancy.

        • What does this have to do with water storage???????????

      19. “While it is understandable that British women find little worth having sex with in their own country”

        What kind of dumb ass statement is that?

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