This Hilarious Retweet From President Trump Has Liberals Completely Freaking Out

by | Sep 17, 2017 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    If there’s one thing we know about President Donald Trump it’s that he is probably the most transparent President in history insofar as sharing his personal views is concerned. If he’s thinking it, then there’s often a chance that the rest of the country will soon know about it via his social media sites. Of course, his off-the-cuff remarks are often a bit too controversial for his detractors to handle, and a recent Retweet of a meme he happened across online and shared with his 38.5 million followers is no exception:

    As you can imagine, Social Justice Keyboard Warriors immediately sprung into action.

    But some folks realized it was meant to be funny and had nothing to do with ‘violence against women’


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      1. “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”
        H.L. Mencken

        • “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” William Casey, 13th CIA Director

          • Clinton is not a woman. It is of the devil.

            • Menzo, if she ever showed up in my rifle scope…..

              • You’re liable to turn into stone BH!

                • This Tweet:

                  Rea ‎@reaculwell Replying to @Fuctupmind @realDonaldTrump

                  Why show the world you physical harming another human being? Is it OK for children to punch those with whom they disagree? Shame on you.

                  3:34 PM – Sep 17, 2017

                  And My Response back would be. “Have you ever looked at the Bloody Murder trail of the Clinton Crime Family?” Which is more violent?

                  • CSS, good one, but the Obamas have some blood on their hands even if it’s a shorter list.

                • Menzo, no way I’ll turn into stone. I’ll pull the trigger and help solve at least SOME of the world’s problems.

      2. Better than a hole in one!

      3. People seriously need to lighten up, nobody can take a joke anymore. Somebody will try to drag an apology out of him, because they believe a fake forced apology is better than none at all. Sick of it.

        • Ya, but you know full well the libtards etc will just keep whining and tripping over themselves rather than chuckling and moving along

          • Nailbanger, no one knows about libturds more than I do. I woud say all the ones who made the hate-tweets can go f#$% themselves. They’re the same kind of people who laughed when Kathy Griffin displayed the ‘severed head’ of Trump and aren’t even fazed when white people become victims of crime perpetrated by black scum. Libturds can go f#$% themselves altogether.

            • I did say I hate libturds, didn’t I? OK, just checking.

        • AnneMarie, well said. I’ll get in a fight with a libturd before I ever apologize to him/her.

      4. AWESOME!

        • I laughed my ass off!
          I then thought she should go
          hunting with the VP Cheney, that
          violated zone of fire bird
          hunting rules.
          That wold make a great GIF!

          • Rellik, LOL! Now THAT would be a great gif.

      5. Leftists aren’t supposed to portray this same sort of slapstick, against the opposing side.

      6. Off Topic: Do people keep/store their Coleman Fuel (White gas) outside in the shed? Will temperature changes effect storage life?

        Thanks for any help regarding shelf life/storage of Coleman Fuel.

        • Make sure it is sealed well, cold/hot OK moisture bad. Had some in storage for ten years, still works. They were unused with factory seal. A stamped and driven metal factory seal is best.

          • Thanks. A follow-up question is how many mantels should a prepper store per lantern?

            Does anyone have a recommended quantity of mantels per lantern?

            I was thinking 16-20 per lantern.

            • I think that is a good number. The real question is how long will white gas store? I have a couple white gas lanterns with about 12 gallons of white gas stored in original 1 gallon cans. They seem to not have evaporated at all after 7 years. In the sealed original 5 gallon metal cans from the hardware store I am not smelling anything.

              I bought some single mantel Coleman kerosene lanterns and ten 5 gallon cans of kerosene. I also have a two burner Butterfly Kerosene stove.

              Kerosene is very similar to diesel and diesel stores about 10 times longer than Gasoline. I am guessing that since white gas does not have any additives like gasoline does, if a little white gas evaporates it still works fine because there are no additives to gum things up since all there is is white gas.

              I am open to more educated opinions if anyone has any experience.

              • I have had white gas( Colman fuel) for over 26 years most still sealed, 2 opened… Is still good as new after 26 + years. Kept in a cool dry storage spot.

            • On mantles. Please also consider the amount of activity around the lantern. Back in my scout leader days, we could wipe out several mantles during the week-long camp per lantern. If we were hiking, we always had several extras. Sometimes we’d make it through the activity with no extras needed. Sometimes, we’d have to use a bunch. Much depended on the clumsy factor from fatigue. Rarely was one lost to horseplay, as everyone knew no mantle meant no light outside a flashlight until a new mantle was installed.

              With 10-20 youngsters on any one camping trip, we easily went through a half dozen mantles in a camping season. (Our troop camped year round so I know how to camp in snow or heat.)

              I’d add a few more mantles as fairly cheap insurance unless you know how to make them.

            • i got a bunch of candles saved up……..

            • 16-20 per lantern is overkill, unless you’re planning on keeping them going for 2 decades straight! We used to use lanterns (coleman and antique kerosene lamps) nightly for 4 years, i think we changed the mantels maybe once every year or two? They do last quite a while.

              • I’ve never seen an expiration date . With dual fuel stoves only use premium and only if you have to. You can slide the generator apart with the cleaning neddle on the end and clean it. Remember to oil the pump. Some find the propane ones with adapter for barbaque tank more convenient. But you need a pressure regulator and filter. Colemans fuel burns cleaner then propane believe it or not. But at over 10 dollars a gallon.? And colmans can’t get away if you leave the valve open. Or leaking.kerosene is susposed to have more BTUs . So a kerosene, deisel, multi fuel hiking stove might be the way to go? I’ve been told if you go to some small airports and ask for jet fuel not kerosene they will sell it to you cheaper than any were else? But you must ask for jet fuel. Find out first about approved containers . You might have to get a steel drum? In cold country have a load of coal delivered to your back yard or go there and fill the back of your pickup. Light the coal with a propane torch. They make adapters to refill small bottles from barbaque tanks. Coal is king?

              • Thanks Phoenix.

              • But they could be used for trade.

      7. Donald Trump is so rich that he can say what he thinks. People are also more likely to listen to a rich man. If you’re poor, nobody cares what you think unless you are armed. Sad but true.

      8. Head shot, Donald….zombies require head shots.

        Be safe…stay the course….BA.

      9. ROTFLMAO! So the libturds think it’s wrong to show a gif of him hitting a golf ball toward Hillary but OK for Kathy Griffin to show a ‘severed head’ from Trump and call THAT funny? The libturds need to go f#$% themselves!

        • The libs really have an odd sense of what’s okay to say if they aren’t saying it. Seems to be a very narrow selection of what’s okay. Just for grins, we should say more that sets them off. Might as well keep them busy. Less time for them to think up new “rights.” 😀

        • He’s the president of the united states. You really think his standard should not be higher than Kathy Griffin’s? Maybe he has some more important things to be doing rather than tweeting lame memes.

      10. Mac, thanks for bringing us this one, It made my day. If you can come up with some more like this one I’ll be only too happy to see them. LOL!

        • The emotional maturity of a 16 yr old juvenile.

      11. Do I have it right? Somebody creates the video as a dig at Trump. He thinks it’s silly/funny and re-tweets it.

        That makes him a bad guy?

        Reading those hate-tweets from the Twits lowered my IQ a bunch…

      12. Desertrat, you’re OK. Its the libturds who posted the hate-tweets that have a very low IQ.

      13. Not smart politically, but then again, who knows with Trump, sure has media all focused onto this nonsense now instead of…

      14. Maybe he should have yelled FORE.

      15. Why is it all these ahole cretins like to play golf, the most boring and stupid game ever invented. Hey fellers let’s use this stick to hit this little hard ball way down yonder in that tiny hole. YAY! Retarded.

      16. Hitlerys sourpuss failed dream to be called madam president yuc is scary enough. Now it says the past is not important it’s over only the future matters. Yeah I guess when you get away with enough hard criminal acts to lock up a shoplifter for life.

      17. Since your president Mr. Donald Trump did not have his sense of humour removed when he took his oath of office, I find this not only funny as heck but healthy. He does not need to apologize like the rest of the politicians and celebrities who accidentally kill/rape/or push assassination of the President on media, Celebrity and Political apologies are FAKE NEWS.

      18. That video is awesome. It is so funny hrc falling into the plane lol lol.

        I can not stand her or slick willy. They can not be laid to rest soon enough.

      19. If you think for one second that the Queen of Babylon will not be president then think again.

        Downed but not out, 3rd time lucky,I wonder if she has a violin to play when she becomes Queen and New York city burns, followed later by the US?

      20. SCTV, good to see you back.

      21. Hahaha, I love it!!!!!!! It really is hilarious. Good for Trump. ( In the meantime, that un- funny ‘ comedic’ idiot Corbin is making pathetic gestures and comments re: Trump ) I can’t stand that guy. Full of hatred, vitriol, and venum and making money off of it. Jerk.

      22. That tweet claiming all of the libs and dems defended Kathy Griffin isn’t true. Only very few defended her which is why she’s done and her career is over. I lurk around their sites and can tell yow they were not defending her. I have no reason to defend these morns but the truth is that almost all of them were angry and disgusted by that prank. It’s about the only positive thing I can say about them dems and libs but that is the truth.

      23. Liberals have no sense of humor, are double standard loving, communists with a major mental disorder…

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