This Heart Attack Gun May Have Been Used To Kill Scalia: “Undetectable Toxin… Leaves a Tiny Red Dot… Would Not Appear In Autopsy”

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    Speculation abounds over the weekend death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

    And for good reason, because the five-to-four conservative leaning court was to issue opinions on Obamacare, immigration, the Second Amendment, and various other key issues in coming weeks and months.

    Early reports indicated that Scalia died of a heart attack, but within hours the public learned that he was found with a pillow over his head. Suspicions were further raised after the judge who pronounced him dead did so over the phone, without ever seeing the body. Moreover, Scalia was embalmed within 24 hours, leaving no possibility of an autopsy, a move that one veteran investigator says made him “almost fall out of his chair.”

    “He’s not at home. There are no witnesses to his death, and there was no reported explanation for why a pillow is over his head,” Tufo said. “So I think under the circumstances it’s not unreasonable to request an autopsy. Despite the fact that he has pre-existing ailments and the fact that he’s almost 80 years old, you want to be sure that it’s not something other than natural causes.”

    A justice of the Supreme Court of the United States has been found dead and no one thought an autopsy should be carried out?

    Considering that the court cases in question will likely end up being part of Obama’s legacy and serve the agenda of a variety of interested partners with billions of dollars at stake, one could legitimately make the argument that Scalia’s death and how it was handled is quite suspicious.

    Granted, Scalia was 79 years old, so it is quite probable that his death is the result of natural causes.

    Yet, the skeptics have a strong case and their interest is further justified knowing that there exist very specialized weapons that have been designed specifically to carry out assassinations that make it look like someone died of natural causes when they didn’t.

    Case in point: The Central Intelligence Agency designed a “Heart Attack Gun” that was created to do just that.

    It fires a heart-attack inducing dart into the victim leaving a tiny needle-sized hole that might not be discovered even by a keen-eyed professional medical examiner during an autopsy. As the projectile dart from the gun enters the body it melts, leaving no trace of the deadly chemical used to induce heart failure.

    For those who think this is something out of the realm of fringe conspiracy theory, we direct your attention to the following Congressional testimony and whistle blower report:

    It would appear as if they had a heart attack… I did find such a thing… The poison was frozen into some sort of dart and then it was shot at very high speed… So when it reached the person it would melt inside them… the only thing would be one little tiny red dot on their body, which was hard to detect.

    … The toxin itself would not appear in the autopsy… so there was no way of perceiving that the target was hit.

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Did Justice Antonin Scalia die of natural causes?

    Or does the evidence and the following “investigation,” or lack thereof, suggest foul play?

    Hattip ‘Spook89’


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      1. Kind of a bad way to die.
        Some posions are hard to detect…

        • How freaky is this. I know none of us saw this coming. Just when you thought NWO approved Bush was gonna get sent back to Texas, Voila, a single supreme court justice’s death totally changes the game.

          The election is no longer about character, it is now about electability….or so the masses will be led to believe. NWO approved Bush will bubble right to the top because Trump, Cruz, and Rubio will be sacrificed, all for the sake of electability.

          Folks, i don’t know about you, but a “timely” death of Supreme Court justice was the last thing I thought could happen. WE ARE OVER MATCHED FOLKS. IT JUST GOES TO SHOW US THAT WE HAVE LOTS MORE TO LEARN BEFORE WE CAN EVEN BEGIN TO COMPETE WITH THESE GLOBALISTS.

          Spider out.

          • We all know the obamanation had him murdered.

          • The National socialists (Nazis) also have an overwhelming advantage in terms of just about everything. But their arrogance and hubris did them in. It WILL happen again.

            • There’s another type of “heart attack gun” I’ve read about as well – it works on energy frequencies that override the heart’s electrical system and cause fibrillation. The small version fits in a coat pocket (per what I’ve read) and works within 30 feet. The big one is around bazooka-sized and can hit someone in a second floor apartment. No marks, no poison – just a corpse with a hear that stopped for no reason anybody can find.

      2. I wouldn’t put anything past TPTB at this point

        No autopsy ? They would have given one to a street hooker. But not one for a Supreme Court judge ?

        That should tell you something

        • Yeah…the lack of an autopsy is might suspicious, given the high profile of the dead guy.

          But hey….they’ve been doing such ‘in your face’ stuff for years and don’t seem to care. For example, there are still a lot of people that believe 2 aircraft managed to knock down 3 buildings on 9/11.

        • shit , they give 2 or 3 independent autopsies when the cops gun down someone on the street !

        • Even if it was just a death by natural causes, an autopsy should have been performed in order to remove some of the suspicion stemming from his death. Then again, even if one was performed, who’s to say that the results would not be manipulated by the government to fit the narrative? The government has plenty of interesting ways of finding “child porn” on a computer-even if it has never been used to view such materials.

          • Creepy uncle.

          • They seemed in a AWFUL hurry to get that body turned to ash, too didn’t they?

        • Yes…true! A person dies alone…there is always an ordered Autopsy….but none for the Judge?..Suspicious for sure!

        • Anon, I have to agree. NEVER put anything past TPTB.

      3. Sounds like the beginning of a William Johnstone novel.

      4. The Nazis had something similar… a device that sprayed Prussic acid (Hydrogen Cyanide) in a target’s face. The shock of that hitting a person’s face would cause the person to inhale the spray, causing death. The spray would quickly turn to water vapor, and was very hard to determine if foul play was involved. It was also used at Auschwitz.

        • The Soviet KGB had something similar that sprayed a poison in someone’s face. If it was inhaled, that person was a goner. supposedly heart attack would be the result of any autopsy performed on the body. I don’t remember the name of the device or the poison. Have to google it.

        • The Russians had similar that was put on the end of a umbrella. It was a dynamite ball with a coating. they’d come up from behind & tap you on the leg, it would get infected & a perment enter in health record…………….. DECEAST

          • !!GOOD!!

      5. Well, judging by the characters who were alive at the time the congressional hearing was held on this weapon, this video must be at least 30 years old or older, so this ” secret weapon” has obviously been around for a long time. Why is right now that this video is being released for us to see? Shouldn’t we have been concerned about this decades ago when it was first brought to light? How many people who died of heart attacks may have been the victim of this weapon before but were never hinted at being murdered until now?

        If ” they” wanted to get rid of Scalia with a phony heart attack gun, why not do it a long time ago, why wait until he’s an old man? What did the sentence I read in the article say, ” Granted, Scalia was 79 years old, so it is quite probable his death is the result of natural causes”. Well, THAT certainly covers both sides of the coin, doesn’t it? Yeah, I read about the pillow over his head, and thought to myself that if I was going to smother somebody with their pillow would I leave it there covering his face? Even the CIA isn’t THAT stupid, especially if they’re so adept at manufacturing phony heart attack guns.

        Even having access to the best medical care in the world doesn’t guarantee you to live forever, especially if you’re piling on the pasta with alfredo sauce and parmesan cheese every night. I’m saying that’s what the man did every night, but he WAS overweight and sedentary. His family refused the autopsy, if they were the least bit suspicious about his death being a murder, wouldn’t they have been the first ones to openly call for one? Perhaps they knew the details of his health better then the general public, or, better still, keeping with the theme of the article, maybe ” they” made threats to his family to not request one. People die of heart attacks every day, people a Hell of a lot younger then 79 die from them too. My conclusion from this article is it must be slow news day in the doom and gloom business.

        • Video was released long ago.

        • Seriously, all this murder conspiracy nonsense makes people look goofy beyond repair. The Social Security Act was passed in 1935. It was based on actuarial tables that the average age a man lived to was 65 years old, the same age he could begin to collect Social Security. The government certainly didn’t expect guys to be living much beyond that point or they would have raised the age to begin collecting substantially. Scalia was born in 1937, so at 79 years old he was WAY past the average that men die at, according to the actuarial tables used at that time to calculate benefits. I read a comment where somebody actually tried to say that 79 really isn’t very old! No, of course not, 79 is the NEW 50! He was an old man, overweight, and out of shape, The only ” conspiracy” that occurred was his heart ” conspired” to stop pumping blood because it was worn out and couldn’t take the strain any longer. It’s no wonder that the average Joe thinks all these conspiracy theorists are nutty, because people refuse to incorporate common sense into their decisions. Jeez, even Mac said himself that Scalia more then likely died of natural causes, that should tell you a lot right there.

          • Maybe he did die of natural causes. So why no autopsy? Why the frantic rush to embalm, which will ruin toxicology studies?

            Or are you unwilling to answer these questions. And **WHY they identical “heart attack” scenario with Brietbart?

            Of COURSE there will be “plausibility” behind it all. These people, like their National Socialist (Nazi) forebears aren’t dumb…just incredibly evil.

            Maybe he did die of natural causes. But let’s follow standard protocol, particularly with something of this magnitude. Your post is VERY unconvincing

          • Right. So a guy dies with his pillow over his head and what? He did that before he died? Seriously. You are some average Joe.

        • What you say is true along with what everyone else is saying is true. Unless you can prove it, it does not mean a thing.

          News flash: If the news is so slow, why are you reading and commenting?

          • What’s wrong joe, am I raining on your conspiracy parade? If what you say is true, then you can’t prove anything to the opposite either, now can you? Which means, for lack of any type of intelligent argument to support the claim he was ” murdered” other then mere speculation and paranoia, then by default the ONLY reason that makes sense is death by natural causes. Let me ask a question, did you actually READ the article? No, of course you didn’t or you would have clearly read where mac himself says that the guy more then likely died of natural causes. This is the kind of stupidity that makes preppers look like nutjobs, going off on tangents with absolutely no facts or evidence to support their claims, only a handful of rumors that don’t tie up everything for them like a birthday package with nice neat endings. Sorry, life doesn’t always conform to everybody’s ideas of how and when people die, so, when it becomes someone they don’t think should be dead before they hit 110 years old, their MUST be an automatic ” conspiracy” for people like yourself. And here’s a ” news flash” for YOU: If you don’t like my comment, why are you bothering to read and respond to it?

            • Typical liberal response. Why did I read your response? Why would I tell you? Are you a paid troll or just practicing? You are entitled to your opinion and I to mine. The facts do not support your conclusion. So you can try to disparage me all you want. The truth remains, you can only speculate on the cause of death. So please continue your attempts to guide the conversation.

              • Cn,

                OJ is obviously right! he don’t need no stinkin’ proof or troof,dammit! He KNOWS Scalia was ” murdered” by them CIA spooks cause he SEEN it is his mind, as that’s all the proof that you or ANYONE else should need,dammit!

                • What a horse’s patut. Both of you. Paid trolls. How much do you make? Do you get paid by the comment? You obviously have an agenda to push. But I think you are wasting your time. You can’t argue fact with made up stuff you spout.

                  • Joe, they have as much fact on their side as you do on yours, and you’re not making a very good case of arguing fact on your side of the agenda either, so why should I or anyone be more prone to believe your side of the story more then theirs?

                    • Anonymous,
                      There are no facts other than Scalia is dead. All that’s left is theater. We’ll see who replaces the man on the Supreme Court. Could we dare hope for an overturn of Citizens United?

        • CN – I agree…

          … and btw, his 80th birthday is only 3 weeks away. He was only 3 weeks shy of 80.

          Plus, I always thought he was a psychopath and I can tell you firsthand that when a psychopath dies the family celebrates. They don’t give a crap how the person died, they are just so relieved to be rid of them forever. Most P’s present a false image to the world and behind closed doors they terrorize. I say ‘good riddance.’ Enjoy hell.

        • Who know what kind of “or else” could’ve been said in private to the family? It seems to me though that there’ve been a LOT of convenient deaths for the Obama regime, doesn’t it?

      6. I’m thinking that Scalia was one of the rare individuals who just knew when his time was up.

      7. Yup, he got Breitbarted.

        • I was wondering if anyone was going to connect this to Breitbart. Similar circumstances. There is a kill list.

      8. What we have a government that we cannot trust it is human nature to wonder what’s going on. Is any Administration above doing anything they fell necessary? This administration has proven they are willing to do anything to advance their agenda.

      9. This is my understanding of what happened to Scalia.

        Found with a pillow over his head.

        Pajamas were not wrinkled.

        No security detail with him, no Marshals were present with him. Supposedly he had declined a security detail.

        Declared dead from ‘natural causes’ over the phone without seeing the body or any official conclusive report by the first responding Judge.

        No autopsy.

        Embalmed immediately.

        Next, we’ll learn they brought in the ’93 DC park ranger team who examined Vince Foster’s murder (oops, death).

        If it was one of us who died in this fashion, there would have been an autopsy.

        Until proven otherwise, he was murdered.

        • It’s Over
          interesting support of a new justice system
          Until proven otherwise, he was murdered
          And you’ve already picked out the murderer hmmmmmm?

          Goodfella, you are an enemy of the Constitution, but like your murdered Scalia, you can repent. One day it may be you facing the gallows guilty until you prove yourself innocent. You realize most of the time it is impossible to prove innocence?

          • Your a complete; THOROUGHLY dumbed down Idiot.

          • Scalia died the way I say he died, and I say he was MURDERED! Don’t bother me with no stinkin’ facts or proof dammit, cause “I” have already determined that ” they” got to him at the ranch. Don’t nobody need nuthin’ else to know, just fall in line behind and bray in unison like a pack of wild asses and let the PTB know that we’re ” onto” them.

        • Over, it was Colonel Mustard in the Library with a candlestick! Geesh, everybody knows that……

          • Foxglove666
            i say it was Miss Scarlet in the Bedroom with the rope!
            i love playing Clue….

        • Alternative theories…
          1. He was in bad health. Maybe the doc said ya got XX months to go and its gonna be bad. So he plans a hunting trip. Marshals are waived off. Puts the pillow on his head and the rest is history.
          2. Political opponents told him to GTFO. Let him know who they would take out if he didn’t “leave”.

          There’s a whole lotta theories that people can come up with give current knowledge/facts. If you can call them facts. The story however is wonky and leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Given the current climate these questions are fairly legit.

        • It’s Over – He had to be embalmed in order to be flown out of state — state law.

          “Until proven otherwise, he was murdered” — one less psychopath polluting and contaminating the planet.

          • He was a self-serving, self-benefiting psychopath who made it look like he was ‘for the people.’ He did nothing, and I mean NOTHING where he himself didn’t personally also stand to benefit and gain. Like I said before, he can rot in hell for all I care.

            • Common cents
              Nobody on this site likes to admit his sellout of our Constitution on Citizen’s United. He’d been repenting, or looking for more money, and was slumming with 30 Republicans who would likely kill to keep him from repealing Citizens United. Hunh.

          • JFK’s body was hustled out of Dallas with no autopsy.
            In fact it was at gun point for a short time.
            You could look it up

      10. Still a loss

      11. one less cog in the machine against us … good riddance

        if he was worth anything we wouldnt be dealing with half the shit we are .. he wasnt in there to help anyone but himself and his kind

        he was a Judge ..not one of us

        • the one thing many people need to get into their heads is,, these Judges arnt here to do anything for OUR benefit .. thats all in the past

          • E.O.T.S –

            Nice Job!
            Your post sums up all that is needed to be said about this subject matter. ツ

            Mac can now close this thread … lol

          • EOTS, spot on.

        • i know right the guy was a scumbag no different than clinton or bush good riddance

      12. The man is dead, Rebbecca Lynch or someone as UnAmerican as her will replace him. Deal with it and let’s get on with trying to keep what few freedoms we have left.

      13. That was a 100% MK Untra Hit. Yep, Lynch told everybody that they are going to start. Its nice to see that they have lived up to thier promise. Any tanks, soldiers, chi-coms rolling into my city in mass, since we all heard the comment about, before my husband leaves the white house, he is taking the guns. Well, we got 12 months left, less see how thejihadist, russians, and other rapist and murderor soldiers will fare then they come to ake your guns, you kids, and your 15 year daughter.
        Mass genocide takes place only in countries with people who have no guns. Try that crap in America, the results will be devastating none the less. The japs called it off in 1944. The rearmmanent is alot better now…Mr and Ms universe turn them in, eh.



        Its just a matter of time.

      14. I am so old, I remember the CIA promising that the gun had never been used and never would be. I did not believe them then. The Justice was murdered, then posed to send a message to all who oppose TNWO that they can be got at. They want all of us that oppose them that anyone can be bought to take us out.

        • I am so old, I remember the CIA promising that the gun had never been used and never would be. I did not believe them then. The Justice was murdered, then posed to send a message to all who oppose TNWO that they can be got at. They want all of us that oppose them to know that anyone can be bought to take us out. *TNWO= THE NEW WORLD ORDER the first George Bush spoke of.

      15. Was Judge Scalia murdered or was he not?

        The heathen in the CIA love this scenerio because the divided speculation usually ends up with nothing being done about the situation being discussed as time passes on. Divide and conquer and a “double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” comes to mind.

        For those who are convinced without a doubt that Scalia was murdered, ask yourselves this: how much treason and treachery are you going to put up with before you begin making plans to start eliminating the top traitors within the federal government? After all, aren’t many of the top traitors embedded within the federal government and their agencies?

      16. 79 years old, pudgy, sedentary life style. Easily could have been a stroke, heart attack or an embolism.

        If this “untraceable needle” had been used, of what worth would an autopsy be?

        LEOs are familiar with foul-play scenes. All a JP does is agree, “Yup, he’s dead.” They are not criminal investigators. And I know from having lived near Presidio County that LEOs in that part of the world have seen many instances of foul play and of natural deaths.

        But what’s life without a conspiracy? How boring!

        • Yup.

      17. The most conservative member of the Supreme Court “dies of a heart attack” and there’s no autopsy? This stinks to high heaven. Obama, you had Scalia killed, didn’t you?

      18. I think Scalia was murdered also. A replacement was needed to push Obama’s agenda. Obama said it is pretty clear what the Constitution says as to his right to replace a vacancy on the court. Meanwhile he has trashed the Constitution in all other regards with his executive dictates.

      19. He was grossly obese and advanced in age, so it makes it hard to know for sure, especially if they don’t do any investigating as should be done.

      20. If they can murder a sitting Supreme Court justice, they can murder any of us. Second thought: given that Justice Scalia was one of the most powerful, and articulate, thorns in progressive totalitarianism’s side, did it not occur to him that putting himself out there all alone was dangerous?

        If it was a heart attack, and he had Fairfax County, Virginia’s emergency health assets in response, he’d most likely be in a coronary ICU instead of a funeral home. The local yokels did it by TELEPHONE? That just yells that something funny happened.

        His age alone meant nothing. I know people in their eighties and nineties who compete in the senior tennis circuit or do water aerobics.

        “His physician said so….” Oh really? HIs attending physician is a Navy rear admiral who is the attending for Congress and the Supreme Court. HIs superiors can lean on an active-duty officer so that he sees things their way if he wants to keep all those stars in retirement.

        The Valkyries came for you, Antonin, to bear you to Valhalla. I raise this cup of mead in your honor.

        • Jesus, now I’ve read everything. Some old geezers play tennis twice a week so naturally Scalia HAD to be murdered. Yeah, for being such a powerful thorn in their side they thought it would be a good idea to wait 20 years before using their secret heart attack 6 shooter to send this great Viking warrior off to ” Valhalla”. The good news for you is ” they” will never be interested in ” getting” you or anybody who thinks like you. why should they? They just simply point to people like you, let them speak, and everybody who isn’t a conspiracy nut will just roll their eyes and say ” Oh yeah, here’s another one”.

        • John Allen
          Scalia gifted us to the NWO with Citizens United.

        • Go do another bong jon allen. Maybe that will help.

      21. We do love a good conspiracy. Condolences to the family. The importance of the next appointee will help shape the country for the next 25 years.

      22. Just like they did to Brietbart. Or reporter Michael Hastings when they hacked into his car.

        There is truly and literally a hell, and not only are these people going there, barring repentance, they could very well end up either as a.) a suicide 5 years down the road, or b.) Lavrentiy Beria.

        What, you don’t know who Beria was? Google him. He was the head of Stalin’s NKVD secret police who fell out of favour, and was summarily executed.

      23. Can anyone say Andrew B-R-E-I-T-B-A-R-T and his “mysterious” heart attack? How about Tom Clancy? Reporter Michael Hastings and his mysterious death? I am not into conspiracy stuff… but this is just plain outrage. Embalm the body in 24 some hours? Pronounced dead over the phone.

        If you are in a position of power, you really need to have very strong backups in place, so if they take you out, you have someone as strong, if not stronger than you, in place. That provides for your own security, as well as the security of your movement.

        I use to be apolitical. But watching all the fascist horseschitt from the left, I no longer am. How many others are out there that have finally woken up? Seems like the number continues to increase.

      24. No conspiracy is needed for the death of an old fat man. They die all the time. THe only mystery is how he lived almost 80 years.

      25. A real tragedy here is that so many are enthralled by the circumstances that they fail to see the loss of the man for what it really is. The loss of a great man whose lifetime achievements are far greater than most.

      26. Rebecca,

        If you own a corporation you should be prohibited from expressing political opinions and supporting candidates favorable to you? Can you say tyranny?

        There are thousands more mom and pop corporations out there than there are Fortune 500.

        The NWO was pre-ordained when the Federal Reserve System was created and not once in 100 years did any of the peasantry do anything about it. Ron Paul tried but got nowhere. IF he had succeeded, we would have been reading about his “heart attack.”

      27. notice, the scales just went south. Nevada Oregon now this. trump wins popular vote, electorial college is manulipted.. again. like it or not games on.

      28. The guys doctor said he was having real bad heart trouble. Years of inactivity compounded by a diet that could stop a train and yeah, people die. Not everything is a conspiracy folks…

      29. “Labor Unions Made Billions Off Of His Death.”

        I don’t know how reliable the ‘Horn News’ is, but here is an interesting (direct) link for those interested.

      30. The latest squib of news is that they would not do some shoulder surgery because of his ongoing health condition.

        Smells as though the probable cause of death was a heart condition.

        • It does look suspicious, but it’s still all speculation. We’ll never know the truth.

      31. A devout Catholic cremated? Nope,somethings not right here

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