The Creator of This Amazing Internet Privacy Device Has Been Silenced: “Effective Immediately We Are Halting Further Development”

by | Jul 18, 2015 | Headline News | 192 comments

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    ProxyHam(Pictured: Proxyham by Benjamin Caudill / Rhino Security Labs)

    Data collection and invasive monitoring of American citizens has been at the forefront of government activities for decades. After revelations by Edward Snowden in recent years, the fringe conspiracy theorists who warned of Big Brother surveillance and had been laughed at by the general population were finally proven right.

    But despite the literal hundreds of thousands of pages of information about government snooping and the Congressional “investigations” that followed, nothing has been done to curb the unabated violations of Americans’ Constitutional rights to be secure in their homes and personal effects.

    Thus, as always, the free market began developing its own solutions. Earlier this year an inventor by the name of Benjamin Caudill announced a device he dubbed the ProxyHam which was going to literally change everything about how those concerned with privacy could connect to the internet:


    Rhino Security Labs via HackRead

    What Caudill had built is a device that would mix up your personal WIFI signal in such a way that no one, not even the National Security Agency, could track down where it originated.

    That, of course, is not something the government wants in the hands of ordinary citizens, and the events of the last week show exactly how dangerous of a device this is to the Big Brother Surveillance State.

    Just hours before Caudill was to reveal a fully-functioning ProxyHam at the DefCon hacking conference his presentation was abruptly cancelled. No reason was given and Caudill posted several cryptic Tweets that left many baffled.

    The device had been disappeared, the company was cancelling production on retail units, and the source code and blueprints would no longer be released to the public.


    Some have suggested that a private business approached Caudill before the conference and made him an offer for retail distribution.

    But the more likely scenario, given what we’re privy to about the device and the government’s incessant need to know everything about everyone, is that someone made Caudill an offer he couldn’t refuse. Hackread explains:

    There’s another possibility of this sudden cancellation i.e. intrusion by the government. Maybe that is the reason why Caudill is not discussing the reason behind this halt. Even though the security firm was “excited” to unveil ProxyHam at Def Con.

    Steve Ragan of CSO Online said:


    Incidents like this give us clear insight into what the goals of government surveillance are. As we noted in 2011, well before the Snowden revelations, everything we do is monitored.

    They want to know everything. They want to monitor everyone. And they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals.

    But despite these obvious attempts to maintain tight, centralized control over the populace, the hacking community has never been one to just sit back and take it from the tyrants in charge. John McAfee, known for creating one of the first virus security programs for computers, has also been working on a new gadget that would create a “dark web” of interconnected devices designed to shield individuals from government monitoring. The device, according to McAfee would cost less than $100.

    The cat is out of the bag with the ProxyHam and its abilities. It shouldn’t be long before source codes and blueprints for similar gadgets begin appearing on the open market.

    The government can push all it wants. Freedom loving people will always push back.

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      1. I would expect nothing less from the freakshow running our government and its intelligence agencies.

        They fear the people and they fear losing their power… so they want to make sure they control every aspect of our lives.

        • There was another company that made antivirus software that was going to market a similar device for $99, but then fell off the end of the earth.

          The device connects you to the dark web. Kind of a rabbit hole where it becomes impossible to monitor all the netizens so we can’t have that.

          If such a device should ever make it to market, the sales would be off the charts.


        • Correct. Did anybody here, really NOT see this coming?

          • This sort of device is not really possible in the first place. The internet requires your IP address to work. If your IP address is incorrect you wont get anything back. In fact you cant do anything at all because the transactions that are required to send a message wont receive their replys so the routers wont act on them.
            The only way for a real secure internet is a anonymous mesh based dial up or radio system that has no common backbone as our current system has today. The internet knows exactly where you are down to the specific port it is connected to in your computer. It has to or it wouldn’t work. Your router makes a list of each device and sends it up the line to the next router which sends it up the line to the next wherever you may be connected, they know where you are.

            • Yes it will work and i just think you have trouble understanding it.

              This would be a bit like using the Tor network except it uses radio to connect your router to another router a mile away so you end up using there public ip-address.

              using this won’t make it safe on it’s own because things like Firefox are now pulling serial number from smart TV’s and using them like super cookies so you need to block that type of traffic before trying to go underground.

              Routers are gateways and can change ip’s and MAC’s but it would be hard to deal with inbound traffic.


              • BUT , BUT ,I dont do anything illegal on the net.
                I have nothing to hide , I dont care if they look at my internet usage .
                If you have nothing to hide , why do you need such a device?

                BAAAAA BAAAAA BAAAAA

                ( as spoken by the bro in law )

                • It is sad but true, they are turning ordinary citizens into criminals and letting the real criminals go. Under the current administration they are pushing to transform the criminal justice system to criminalize everyone who is politically incorrect. “1984” is here!

                • Since he has nothing to hide, your brother-in-law should be happy to let you make a copy of ALL his banking activity and take nude photos of him and his family, just for safe-keeping of course.

                  It’s not about having nothing to hide, it’s about it being an unconstitutional invasion of privacy.

            • You really need to keep abreast of current tech. A linksys router can be hot rodded by a HAM radio operator to break the linkage of an IP address to a transmission. You are building a network separate from the internet with a gateway. The only IP they will get is the one for the repeater that is connected to DARPAnet. You know…the one Al Gore developed.

              Some HAM operators know how…maybe you should get a license! These transmissions are regulated by current FCC laws but if SHTF, it is game on for the masses.

          • Other good ideas have come to such an end. E-gold comes to mind.

            In both cases the innovators made a key mistake—they neither started nor developed their products offshore.

            Keep an eye on Blackphone (Switzerland). Let’s see if that gets off the ground.

          • ON Drudge

            Obama secretly collecting data on race. Very important article that ties in with this one.

            • I tried to post the article. It keeps saying code 404 page is gone.

              All my comments go into moderation now as well. That may be caused by us switching internet providers.

        • Does this mean that I can’t wipe my own ass in peace??? 🙁

          • Johnny if you need toilet paper, my company sells it by the bale. I also deal in commodes and some of the newer models do have brackets for mounting butt cams and such. Never underestimate the govt. when it comes to looking at your ass.

          • Night Breaker

            Thanks for getting the link. That might give Obama the war he wants.Things are getting real. Good luck to you my friend.

        • Your Khazarian puppet Gov at work, with your own tax Dollar of course.


          GET OUT OF THE USA.



      2. But how can they do such thing? We are Americans and we are freest in the world. Oh for a second I forgot that we are occupied under the Zionist subhumans.

        • I don’t know what to make of this, but when I turned on the computer this morning instead of getting the usual home page, there was a huge star of david! It was followed by words saying ” Buy only Jewish, boycott gentile stores!”. Then it crashed!

          • Yeah, that happened to me as well…NOT! If the government is so good at monitoring us on the internet then tell me who has ever seen a G-man knocking at your door over something you have ever posted?

            These government agencies can’t even keep track of what their people are doing. The government is a money sucking pile of scat that does nothing but employ people. Over 25 million if you can believe it out of 93 million people who supposedly work here in the US of A.


            • If they are monitoring us so well on the internet, how come THIS happened?

              ht tp://

              • The problem is, they’re monitoring US instead of THEM.

                • it happened because the monkey in the white house was too busy getting his golf clubs ready for yet another tax payer funded vacation

                  it happened because the idiot in charge IS A MUSLIM and would never have any thing negative to say about his religion. the so called religion of peace HAAA!!!
                  what a freaking joke the religion of slavery much like the left a holes have there BS.

                  what other religion requires your women to be mutilated so that she can be YOUR property !!
                  so that she can only leave the house with a male member of the family with her
                  so that she can be treated like shit when ever and how ever her Husband wants any time he wants and if he wants he can beat her for any reason

                  so called religion of peace
                  what a crock of crap it is
                  and now the monkey idiot is sending out post what ever greetings along with most of the company’s that are still kissing his ass

                  America is now one of the weakest country’s in the world we cant even keep our border secure let alone keep the muslimes from taking over Iraq

                  the idiot in charge has made us the laughing stock of the world and all while he golfs on our dime

                  its way past time we give him his walking papers and take away all the post presidential office perks
                  like secret service details for life
                  Free postage
                  free limo service
                  Free travel expenses

                  make him live just like us
                  in what ever home he can find
                  he pays NOT US
                  no more free health care for him and his family let him live on ovomit care like everyone else
                  NO retirement check for life
                  let him live on SSI $ 400.00 per month
                  no more

                  take away all the BS after some one is president and make them actually get a real job and not some phoney think tank type job
                  same with congress and for that fact all the Govt branches
                  make them serve 2 terms if they can get elected and then become regular citizens NO PERKS

                  • agreed.

                    • Trying again. Fact, no tears, no drama. The censorship just highlights the depths of the hypocrisy. A long post about “the monkey” is acceptable, raging about Islam is acceptable, but a simple link to information about the misogyny of Judaism has been spiked.

                      Well…. only because you asked “what religion [treats women] like sh*t”:


                • They don’t need to monitor what they create.

        • They all wear those funny pie plate hats on the back of their heads.

      3. I just knew the EEvil Joooz were behind this…… Now for a real prep question…Do all you people that have a stand alone solar system, REALLY understand how to size your battery bank, and do you understand that it is the most expensive part of your system? Also requires the most maintenance and replacement. Not you Relik, I know you know your shit, so write up a good post on sizing and maintenance. don’t forget to include charger/ controllers from the panel array. Dave

        • Noted, Thanks for the complement. When I have a good battery to recommend I will post something for community.

          • I’ve had great success in the marine environment with Trojans…

            • I have used Trojan L16 batteries in a small system. If you want to power your house, I would be looking at Rolls Surrette or Crown batteries. 2volt cells wired series to get to 48 volts. Figuring out you draw at a worst case scenario (clouds for days)and sizing your batteries to use no more than 20% of your available amps is critical to keeping them fit and lasting a long time. When I was going to install a off grid system up here, I looked into the iron Edison batteries. I would stay away from them because I have read that they are very picky to charging (getting a full charge and float), are very costly, and hard to find unlike a lead/acid battery. There is a web site forum on solar power with a bunch of solar electric engineers that discuss off grid and grid tie systems. I would help to get a unbiased opinion without someone trying to sell a system that would require you dumping money into every 3 years. (batteries)

              • Solarpaneltalk.

              • L16’s are impractical on a small pocket cruiser…size being the bigger issue,(pun intended) :), secondly, if you lose one cell you’ve effectively lost both batteries without unbalancing the system. That goes for ALL 6V batteries. Simple math proves that point.

                I’ll stick with the smaller(easier to handle) gp24’s.
                In my config I have four in a single bank with a start battery tied together with a Blue Seas switch.

                Charging consists of a large frame Delco (120 amp rating) on a m-25 3cyl Universal. With a pully ratio that produces 60-70 amps at the low end of cruising RPM, providing me with 5.2 knots and burning just over a Qt/hr. Two Unisolar 65amp shade resistant panels + smaller panels for charging handheld “stuff”. Next, I intend to buy an AirMarine wind gen.(For when there’s no sun). The charging sources are run thru a Colmanair expandable controller, very robust, inexpensive and simply flawless.
                Monitoring is with an original E-Meter which is nearly 20yrs old and still working perfectly. I also have backup meters to manually monitor. 😉

                My point is simple…I’ve gone up to a week without running the engine and only ran it to get back to the dock… it was time…
                I had cold beer, steaks, and crisp vegggies the whole time…every time.

            • I’ve had pretty good luck with Trojans too. None of them have ever busted while I was fucking yet. Good product.

        • I thought we all lived in the same solar system. I didn’t know you could have your own. Does it come with its own sun?

      4. I forgot the fuckin g in my address, so I will be on the “elevator” listening to Herbie Mann, Henry Mancini, and other selected tunes. (moderation hold)

      5. You have this device/the cancer cure ect. just dump on net with all needed info.You will still be rich from donations from thankful folks and you get your info./device out there,tis easy!Yes,govt. can kill the net but needed info. on items already outed/printed,they will kill the false economy,and when they do,who cares about net privacy,take the whole grid down!

      6. We are on a list, so what the f*&k???

        • Is not the planet a weird place?
          Just recieved a inhertince check for a year’s gross input, and my Tahoe has a cracked block???
          Wished the lotto gods would smile one me once….

          Bles all here, if it is for real???

          I hope all are ready for the SHTF to implode…

        • Eppe,how goes,think your keyboard screwed up,the spelling is “Fuck”,sorry to edit but we don’t want to come across as drooling/slack jawed troglodytes do we?!

          • SPEAKING OF “PRIVACY”, we have a new distraction leveled at our heads:

            Obama pushes to extend gun background checks to Social Security

            ht tp://

        • Eppe

          I decided a few months ago. Screw it. I am trying to wake up and warn as many as I can. If that put me on a red list then so be it. I would rather be on a list than have to live with not trying to wake up people. Shit is now serious.

      7. Hi fellow SHTFers. I hope have you found some of my posts useful over the past little while. I’ve tried to put source links for everything I’ve posted, so you can corroborate what I have posted (last thing you need is more unverified internet garbage – you may not agree with my sources, but at least you know where the info came from), and tried to put up a variety of things to help people be prepared for financial or SHTF-type possibilities. I hope some of this has helped.

        I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from posting going forward, given the takeover of this site by bitter, nasty Nazi Jew baiters. (Not to say there *isn’t* an issue with left wing Jews – there IS; it’s just that the problem is deeper). Rather than spend time in a pi$$ing match with the Johnny Public types and his assorted Nazi friends, who apparently – I suspect – have some kind of psychological problem, and get dragged down in the mud with him (yes, Johnny re. those walkie talkies…. *around* 40 miles means *around* (you might want to look the word up); for all I know, that might be 34.78 miles. I also expect people to use common sense with advertising, and finally, the litmus test is actual testing, which I haven’t done, you probably haven’t done, and needs to be done before anyone comments authoritatively. Sheesh, get a clue. You might find one on eBay). In any event, rather than engage with the nasty Nazis who monopolize this site (acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it! I think I’ll just check out. Good luck, the rest of you, wading through their incessant bloviations that apparently they think everyone wants to read about every 30 minutes, to the relative exclusion of everything else.

        Perhaps the next step is for these Nazi types to petition Mac to just rename this site “I Hate” or something, as they continue to take over the whole site. Here’s some headlines that could then be posted: “Jews Caused Indonesian, Japanese Tsnaumis!”; or “Fact: Jews Caused 1811-12 New Madrid Earthquake”; or “Jews Responsible for King Harald’s Defeat at Hastings in 1066”; or maybe even this headline, “Jews Caused Extinction of Dinosaurs”; or “Jews Sending Niburu to a Town Near You Soon.” The list is endless. And so is their obsessive-compulsive arrogant assumption that we all want to listen to their single topic BS every single freaking article.

        To be sure, there IS a set of leftist Jews that are doing a lot of damage. But that is not the whole story, and the issue is much, MUCH deeper. Not that the Jew baiters have a clue about this, in their frantic absorption with all Jews all the time. And no, Hitler was not just some poor, misunderstood artist In fact, fascism is the EXACT same fascism destroying the West today. You can google “Nazi political planks” to confirm this.

        In any event, I hope you picked up some useful things I’ve posted. Good luck with the incessant, arrogant Jew baiters. I’ll allow some space here for the usual ad hominem insults from Johnny Public, Pissed Off Granny and their ilk they are sure to follow. Here you go, guys: ____________________. Quod erat demonstrandum.

        For The rest of you, I’ll say au revoir; and to our arrogant, Jew-fixated Johnny, Granny and sundry Nazis, let depart with a cheery Seig Heil! And watch out for that wonderful, humane Xyclon B your heroes loved to spray around for good times.

        • TEST, thanks for your comment and feedback. As I have mentioned previously, it has truly become a DAUNTING task to keep the comment areas clean and on topic. We see over 100,000 site pageviews and hundreds of comments daily come through moderation queues. And though I have attempted to eliminate certain types of comments that are repetitive and long-winded with tons of links and such, it is sometimes very difficult to keep up.

          I totally understand your decision here — your posts and ideas have been appreciated and hopefully you’ll return at some point to share your thoughts.

          For those who repeatedly post the same crap here over and over and complain when those comments are deleted, please keep in mind that we will continue to remove comments that add no value to conversations, troll and disparage other users, or post information that is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand.

          We do not intend to babysit – and those who want to continue to annoy the rest of the community will see their posts deleted en masse — call me a Nazi fascist or call it censorship – I really don’t care, but the fact is that scores of people like TEST have stopped posting here or left this community altogether because of the repeated annoyances. Preferably, it will be the other way around going forward.

          I value free speech just as much as the next guy, but keep in mind that this is a privately managed system, and like any private residence or business, we reserve the right to refuse service and/or posting ability to anyone.

          If you are making posts that never make it out of the moderation queue (except for late night hours) then please take the hint — they’ve been rejected by a mod. And we will continue to reject future posts of the same nature. If you don’t like this particular policy, the cool thing is that on the internet you can start your own web site and bloviate, blather and troll all you want.



          • Thank you Mac.


            • @Mac

              “troll and disparage other users…”

              LMAO… You allow this at your discretion!

              I “dox” DK and you pull my verification?

              I expose a fraud, and you censor me??

              I thought you were in the business of exposing frauds???

              BTW: I know this post will never see the light of day.

              • Hmmmm….,yet Warchild sees wrong mothers post?!

          • Mac, this site is absolutely dominated by a relatively small handful of people and it’s annoying at times.

            I don’t bother to post normally because I’m not in their clique and wouldn’t know how to or want to be anyway.

            Thank you for having this site though!

          • “we reserve the right to refuse service and/or posting ability to anyone.”

            I guess you should feel lucky you’re not running a bakery. I’m waiting for the day that those militant gays start targeting web sites instead of setting up bakeries and other “private” businesses.

            Mac, YOU ARE PUBLISHED ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. This site is no more “private” than MSN or AOL or Yahoo.

            • 6,you are starting to worry me!Surely you do not mean that”Mac” did not build this site,do you?!

              • NO, not at all. I was a webmaster and founder of a web site and group myself.

                But you must apply the same standard to all businesses who provide services to the public. Mac’s site is not yet on a membership/log in only basis. That means his site is open to ALL, which means his information gathering service is public.

                That’s why that gay couple got away with what they did to the bakery. The service was open to all, and that meant they could sue for discrimination.

                Public services is what separates a home cooked meal from a plate at a restaurant. At home, you serve who you want to (or not), because you’re not serving the general public—in a restaurant, you serve whomever walks in the door with shoes, shirt and payment method.

                I foresee a day when we won’t be able to make certain comments on sites that are open to all because of the “offense” factor. Only sites that have an exclusive membership will survive the first wave of censorship.

                THEN, they’ll try to take down the membership only sites. What I’m saying is, I’d hope Mac hurries up with the “member’s only” portion of his site…before some asshat decides to sue him for not providing black/gay friendly content, calling that racist or homophobic.


                • Oh so right you are sixpack–we are a dying breed–The ones that built this once great country that is now turning (and quite quickly) into a third world toilet thanks to political correctness and pandering politicians who would sell their mother for a vote and want to ride the gravy train at yours and mine expense(or should I say–give yours and my money to the OH SO LESS FORTUNATE INBREDS). Due to the fact that my Maglite has a higher IQ that most of the sheeple population–it’s not gonna get better. At best I give it a generation–ALL GOOD THINGS (To include empires and civilizations) COME TO AN END–Strange–it doesn’t bother me anymore–I’m right with the Lord-I hope–but a bunch of the bastards I send to see him when the time comes–with ant luck on my part–will spend an eternity in hell as they oh so greatly deserve.

                  • sixpack,

                    You are truly on to something. There is an army of lawyers out there who are gearing up to prosecute the citizenry into their political mold. The SCOTUS has been stacked and those wanting a ‘living’ constitution are pushing to change the constitution so that they can push their agenda. If they have it their way, the U.S. Citizenry will be more controlled by the government than N Korea or any other fascist/communist state in history.

                • 6,was kidding I hope you realise,just using the obola line about bussiness!

                  • …sometimes I scare myself…

          • Mac:
            Thinks for the site and do what you need to do to keep this site above board. It’d your ball and you can tell us how to play.
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • OPPS, that is to read THANKS FOR THE SITE.

            • Agreed. Thanks Mac, and TEST, I feel your pain. Lots of chaff among the wheat here. Everyone stay well out there. *posted out along the open range*

          • Thumbs up on that Mac; enjoy reading comments as much as anyone, but, when they turn into what TEST has mentioned, not so much. Thanks.

          • Mac

            There are a certain few on here that cause people to leave. So I agree with your comment completely. This site is yours. It is not the governments. You can do with it as you please. Why because in business people are supposed to be able to run there business as they see fit. At least currently in our so called free country. To those who came the free speech argument. It is not true in a privately owned company or residence.
            For example I choose what I except to hear or put up with in my house.

            Mac has the same right to choose what he wants to put up with on his site.

            IF you don’t like it you have the right and freedom to start your own site or leave this one. That is your use of freedom. You are not allowed to tell Mac he does not have the freedom to run his site the way he see’s fit.

          • Mac I would never call you Nazi fascist but lean more toward Jew loving disinfo psyop agent.

            • Charles King,

              You sound like a really intelligent guy, so I would like to ask you a question if I may. I was catching up on articles from earlier in the week, and noticed an article from just 3 days ago where you said this site was nothing more than a disinfo psyops site and you were going to quote, ” walk right out the door”. Perhaps you will be gracious enough to explain to us why you’re still here? It begs the question of why say it in the first place when you knew it was a lie? I’m looking forward to hearing your explanation, I’d like to have a good laugh.

              • I did walk out but turned around later and walked back in. Don’t need to give you any reason why. Fk u. Don’t try to bait me with your psyop b.s. Attack my ideas. You won’t do that because the tactic of a psyop agent is to attack the messenger or change the subject. Or muddy the waters or gang up along with his psyop friends and duped fools on the site. This site is loaded with psyop agents and probably was created as a psyop. And you guys aren’t very good at it.

                • I didn’t walk out but turned around and walked back in, Mommy!” What the hell are you, 5 years old? Kids have more intelligence than you do, you’re just a sorry ass loser who’s told old to do anything but piss and moan, thanks for the laugh, I knew there was no way in Hell you could answer the question with a straight face, now everybody here can see without a doubt how full of BS you are. I would attack your ideas if you HAD any,moron. All I’ve seen you do is attack posters you don’t like with your little girl hit and run tactics. If your the vanguard of the next Nazi movement, we can all sit back and have a good laugh at how impotent it is.

                  • Pure psyop agent and a sorry one at that.

                    • Hey Charlie, if I’m so lame why do you feel you have to even bother to respond? Maybe because you wouldn’t know what the truth is if it bit you in the ass.

                  • If you had read my posts which you have you wouldn’t call me Nazi. You are an insult to the real readers here thinking that they will fall for your inept psyop tactics. Anyone reading my posts know I’m not Nazi and you are a psyop agent. You are real lame. No talent.

          • Mac-Glad you mentioned this issue above: We have ditched several “patriot” websites because of repetitive trolls that name call or accuse those that post of being hateful/ judgmental in exposing gov agendas and gay marriage. Why do these idiots like Jay who demeans all women, and Gay Vet who is liberal/atheist (women haters or pro gays) even come to these sites anyway? Their hatred of conservative moral people is appalling. Some of the sites I dumped/deleted from my computer: all sites by Mike Snyder, health ranger, and several others who allow these trolls to demean others that post comments. This is why friends and I will not subscribe to emails from any blog/ site. We think it’s time to shut down all these patriot type sites at this point in time anyway, as America is trashed beyond hope and folks need to focus on being in a survival mode- personal preps and family. All other activity is a time waster, esp. since the ISIS killings of military recruiters. God Bless you, Steve Q, Dave Hodges, etc.

            • as patriots, we should be willing to defend the right to free speech, NO MATTER WHO is speaking. When it’s only good for us but not for them, we become more like the liberal left. When I see the name of a poster that I don’t care for their hateful drivel, or troll-like activities, I just scroll past. It’s easy. Those people are just looking for attention, because they are addicted to the drama, and are most likely narcicistic in their world view. So JUST KEEP ON SCROLLING!

              • Nopityyparty: Best not to comment anymore or read the comment sections, and stick to reading article and go on to something else. You are so right, these troll types have low self esteem/control freaks and want to tear down any moral/anti LGBT person exposing them, and hijacked churches. Certain sites kow tow to these jerks like M. Snyder and Mike Adams, etc. They are deleted from my bookmarks. I have been banned from several so called Christian/prophecy type sites for exposing the 501c3 gov controlled apostate churches but will keep exposing it. These type sites are “controlled opposition”. The loser so. Baptist assoc. refuses to answer my emails, they are part of this mess.

        • Test, whenever my posts have the words Joooz in it, its sarcasm, because everything is blamed on them. I had a real good friend that was from Israel when I lived in Ca. Not a stereotype either as he had a lot better job than I, so he bought lunch often when we would go hiking. Damn good guy… I have decided that whenever I post, I will try to include a prep tip on something that I have working knowledge with, instead of getting into a pissing match with someone on a opinion about something.

          • Act5ually Test,you are failing the test,will always be assholes in life regardless of where you are,you just either engage/debate em or ignore,soryy to see another go but your choice.

            Mac,reason I left was first original moniker not allowed for whatever reason but then the slow loading due to the thumbs widget had me take long breaks on a site/forum I really like,am glad those pests gone!

            Mac,do want to thank you for the word”disparaging” in your moderation paragraph,though know the word find meself at times easily amused and has brought me much mirth!

        • Actualy, I’m completely out of Xyclon B, I do have some Red Dye #40 I’m willing to trade.

          • Paranoid,I take it the doors are hermetically sealed in your area for campers comfort?!

        • Brother TEST, I would ask you to reconsider your break. Your posts are always appreciated by me and I’m sure by many others. I lurked here a long time before I joined the conversations. I wanted to see who was legit and who was full of shit.

          You don’t want some bozos silence you! Don’t let them win!

          And on topic, the guy needs to just have someone leak the plans. He doesn’t know who might have hacked him and “stole” the plans!

        • TEST,

          I am sorry to hear this. I will miss your posts!

          • I don’t always agree with you TEST, but you still have as much right to post here as anyone, and you do come up with some real, thought-provoking commentary.

            My issue has been with those who, instead of debating, launch name-calling, slanderous attacks on those they disagree with. I’ve been called everything but a white woman in this site, including a nigger-lover and a gay—treatment I don’t even get for posting the same remarks on Yahoo news. It’s pretty sad when a group of so-called preppers are more aggressive and caustic than the yahoo sheeple.

            Keep posting, and just keep doing things “your way”. I personally enjoy the DEBATE, but I could do without the PERSONAL ATTACKS.

        • Like others here, I also enjoy your posts. I wouldn’t give them any power, which is what you are doing by leaving – letting them be in control. Just ignore their posts. Don’t reply or reference them, just ignore them.

        • TEST:
          I hate to see you leave , but it is your call. I do wish you would stay.
          I too get tired of them berating the Jewish people. It is a shame that a person can be so brained washed that they blame all their problems on someone else and not look in a mirror and see that it is them that are the problem. They remind me of that entitlement army that is messing up this country now.
          Test I hope you come back soon, good luck my friend stay safe.
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

          • The Cobra factory documentation states that the range of their CB handhelds “in flat, open conditions” is “3/4 to 1 mile”. Cobra recommends using their Cobra HA-TA telescoping antenna “to maximize range.”


            “…about 30 plus miles” for your CB handhelds and “a long way” for your “bass” units, you said. Still sticking to your story?

        • Thanks TEST. Tis a shame it’s come to this. Take care old friend.

        • Please spare us the tears… the perpetrator poses as victim… got caught promoting misinformation, so, instead of manning up to his mistake, now claims ¼ mile is consistent with his original “40 miles or so,”as if 16,000% off is “around 40… look up ‘around'”… for weeks has engaged in pre-emptive name-calling and trolled his opposition with long baited posts… pontificates while calling others arrogant… insists that others are making “category errors” without actually understanding what a category error is… whining hypocrisy. How stereotypical.

          • John

            I would suggest you quit criticizing people. Maybe you should try to help your fellow preppers. That should be everyone’s goal on here.
            Regarding Jews or any race. If you look at it there are good and bad in all.
            Will you please try to be a good one in the prepper community.

            • How inane. What makes you think that internet posts are the totality of what one does in this life?

              We are in a war for our bodies and souls. If you swoon over some criticism on the internet, how will you survive the more harsh realities ahead?

              • John

                People can criticize me all they want. It does not bother me. But it does bother some. The site is loosing readers and posters because of arguing after almost every article. IF you wish to cuss, call me names, disagree, or whatever with me then fine. That goes for all on here. But I ask respectfully to all that from now on if you disagree with anyone but me on here then do it in a polite debate. An exchange of ideas. A contribution to the prepper team.
                We are all going to be needed in what is coming.

                • Since this thread has almost disappeared off “page 1,” maybe this third attempt at asking these questions of you will actually make it through the censor’s game. Fact, no tears, no drama.

                  Mike, Please give an example of me being impolite in debate.

                  Have I done anything remotely like TEST’s weeks of “Nazi” name-calling and trolling?

                  Even you made a comment about “idiots.” Have I ever referred to you as an idiot?

                  You complain about “hate.” Am I supposed to LOVE crimes against humanity?

                  I think that you and some others here are so unused to questioning one-sided “history,” that you and some others are reacting in “knee jerk” reflex and NOT THINKING CLEARLY.

                  Here is a decent video history (except maybe for Dr. Jones’ singing voice on the fade out):

                  See if you can think about what he says instead of just reacting. Part 3 (the one that discusses Solzhenitsyn’s masterful history) is quite good.

                  • John

                    If the idiots remark offended you I apologize.

                    This is where I am coming from personally. I have seen you and others criticize jews. Not certain jews but the whole race. I have seen blacks, Christians, women, and the military criticized. Not individuals. There are many more good people in each of those groups than bad.
                    I don’t believe that jews or blacks or any other group are the complete problem. In fact when you look at it those who are doing this are trying to have us all against each other. You can tell by this website that they are succeeding. Are there lazy people who live off the government in those groups? Yes. Are there Christians who have killed many in the past? Yes
                    Are there women living off men and divorcing for money? Yes

                    As a Christian and a free thinking human these are my points. According to the bible Israel is the chosen nation of the lord. It says if we are against that nation then judgement will come against us.
                    We as a nation have gone against Gods teaching’s. For that judgement is coming.
                    The bible tells Christians that we must even love our enemies. As a human that is tough. I try. I will also pull the trigger on them if I must when the time comes.
                    I will fight along side Jews, Blacks, Christians, Mexicans, and anyone else that wants to be a free person. People that want to be responsible for themselves. Leave us alone to fail or succeed.
                    Also the odds of a people being dispersed around the world 2000 years ago and then reappearing as a nation are astronomical. It has never happened before and it is prophesied in the bible that it would.
                    If someone is an atheist, gay, a polygamist , then fine. As long as they don’t want special treatment for it. Just treat us all equal and let us be free.

                    Regarding you or others. Constantly complaining about whole races and religions hurts our cause. We must stick together and judge each individual on there own actions. Everyone possible needs to stand together to win the fight coming.

                    Constantly complaining and hating whole groups will not only cause us to loose. It will cause this site to eventually stop and our cause is lost.

                    John that is all I was trying to get accross. There is nothing wrong with civil debate. We can all learn from it. But that is not what has happened on here in the past year or so. I am willing to learn and listen to you and everybody else. No one is completely correct. I hope you feel the same.

                    • You know, you’ve got to give Mike a lot of credit for that post, he tells it like it is. Nuff’ said.

                    • “No one is completely correct” …except God. Can we agree on that?

                      No need to apologize about your “idiot” remark. I only ask, in Christian justice, that you be as careful with your accusations as you demand of me. Matthew 5:22 is worth re-reading.

                      You said, “I have seen you and others criticize jews. Not certain jews but the whole race….hating whole groups”

                      I do not believe that “the whole race” or “all Jews” are bad and so I have said exactly that. I have been very careful to distinguish between guilty and innocent. I have also carefully stated that there is no shortage of gentile accomplices. Frankly, I do not recall seeing anyone make such broad accusations as you claim.

                      So, what is your beef with me?

                      Another point, the Bible. You have confused who is in the lineage of Abraham for those blessings. The Scofield Concordance has led many away from the Bible.

                      A last point, for BJ who quoted only a phrase from Matthew 5:18:
                      Matthew 5:18
                      “For amen I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle shall not pass of the law, till all be fulfilled.”
                      John 19:28-30
                      Afterwards, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, said: I thirst….And bowing his head, he gave up the ghost.”

                      Once all the prophecies were fulfilled in Jesus, the Old Law was, as the plain language says, replaced, “made void,” “blotted out,” “set aside,” “taken away,” “annulled.”

        • @TEST

          See ya buddy ………

        • TEST,

          There will soon come a time when we will not be able to participate in forums such as this. I too have my frustrations, not that I post that much, but there are a lot of folks here who do not share the same views on preventive medicines, the Russians, America, the role of the Jews as a “chosen people”, Christianity, etc., but, I like many others here have come to appreciate the exchange of ideas and have come to appreciate your insight and comments. You should not allow yourself to be run off by your distracters. Stay with us, you are needed and appreciated.

          Thank you MAC for this site.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • That should say ‘detractors’.

        • Test

          I understand how you feel. You cannot argue with idiots. I just decided to ignore them. If they get no comments then they cannot be computer warriors.
          I posted several months ago about all the hate. I felt like if some had there way the only people left after the shtf would be white male athiest’s.
          Without banding together and loving your fellow humans we are doomed. It is the only way to win.
          I wish you the best if you leave but am asking you to please stay. Good people are what we need to help others.
          Never let the haters influence your ability to help others. The idiots are trying there best to silence people like you. I guarantee it would be different face to face. Hiding behind a computer screen sure adds to there bravery. If it were face to face it would not be this way.
          Good luck my friend and God Bless You.

        • Test you are leaving because you have been outed as a psyop agent. But you probably aren’t really leaving just going to use another name. But before you leave will you please explain that deeper than Jew problem we have. And also explain how recognizing the Jew problem makes one a Nazi.

        • Thanks test, I have read many of your posts and found helpful info.

          I get tired of the “i hate all jews” rant also, and have tried to explain the divisions and many different factions of folks that call themselves jews. The list starts at “those that call themselves Jews, but are of the synagog of Satan… to the folks that have grown up in Jewish homes, yet are secular in their beliefs of worship, but do still follow jewish traditions.

          Many modern day jews are more Christian than jewish and have contributed much to the spiritual understandings of the Bible and humanity. One of those being Johnathan Cohn.

          I don’t see how anyone in their right mind could hate him or his work.

          On the jew thing, I am through with my input unless asked directly for it. Please don’t hate PO Granny because she has a reason for her passionate discussions about what she believes.
          It started at an early age.

          As far a JQP, he has come out strong against me before, because I began exposing the Catholic Church early on. That is his right and since then, I believe, he has seen some of what I was talking about. Once again, most hard core Catholics are not to fond of Jews, especially the Orthodox non-believers of the Crucifixion and Resurrection. I too am not fond of those types, however, that is God’s business.

          I don’t let any discourage me from trying to tell what I find as truth. The time is short and we all will be wishing for the times to congregate and socialize with each other here as we have had, when the lights go out. Until then, we should not get too upset with free speech and harsh words, even from those that disagree.
          I don’t like being called a liar and a fake, but i am not about to just quit being human, cause some dislike my words.

          Mac has been gracious and patient with folks here for many years. If things go into another level of moderation, than just be thankful for what we have been able to accomplish so far, and the relationships we have made.

          • When truth tellers speak of what the Jew is doing they are speaking about the satanic Jew. When they speak of what the Catholics are doing They are speaking about the satanic creeps at the top. When they speak of what the USA is doing they are speaking about the satanic creeps in the government and above. Any half way intelligent person should realize that. Do we need to distinguish all those levels every time we speak. When we speak about jews it goes without saying that it is the satanic jews. Don’t muddy the waters.

      8. I would like to hear Ron’s remarks on this.

          • I ment the other Ron… not that “boot lickin” swanson.

          • What he says does carry a certain appeal on a primal level.

        • Ron Swanson is an American icon and possibly the greatest TV character of all time.

          • Sorry, haven’t watched tv in over a decade. I thought James Arness was the greatest and largest Icon?

      9. I’m starting to get the feeling the alphabet agencies aren’t as good as all that. Example : those to guys that escaped prison. Wouldn’t that be the time to bring out the toys that could pin point their location. Not like the escapees had any gear but what they scavenged. Even the military has a hard time finding shitskins in the desert. Imagine what a little preparedness and some quick wit can do
        ah the catch we all have a cell phone computer laptop tablet or someone in the house does …. turn it off plain and simple. Post a letter anyone remember that? Use a land line some older technology that’s been.left behind you know those electronics that used to be made here in north America?

        • I think the difference is, the federal govt, in particular the obama admin, would back them in apprehending “domestic terrorists” like Preppers, Christians and Veterans BUT, they couldn’t give two shits about a couple of escaped murderers from a local prison.

      10. Posted for everyone who is Depressed and thinks their life is Sheeit.

        They should All realize they have it Very Good compared to most in the world!

        People are literally killing themselves to be YOU!

        • Rampaging Illegal African Muslim Immigrants DESTROY a Italian Sanctuary Village

          We All know who is to Blame for this, the ‘International Chosen Ones’!

          This is all going according to the Zionists Global Plan!


          • Like other countries in Europe, they are getting over run with Muslims and some have burned schools in Sweden, rioted in G.B., raped and robbed,etc. If Europeans are that stupid to keep letting them in, even rescuing them off boats, then they deserve the consequences. Dumb liberal-socialist brainwashed
            Europeans and their leaders deserve the hell hole they created.

        • AquaMan,

          I watched all the 4 parts.
          Tank you so much for sharing.

          Not just the depressed, but EVERY American needs to see it so they’d stop pissing and moaning about anything and everything. Especially the ones that think the world owe them something.

          Thank you ever sooo oooooo sooo much for sharing.

      11. what a load of shit..if he was that aware of snooping,how come he got caught so easily..if it looks like shite and smells like shite….

      12. ???
        FIRST you dump the “free” plans & schematics onto the web, THEN you announce what you’ve done. After it’s been spread far and wide. Hard copies mailed to all those hack-buds of yours.
        (I ass-u-me our hero in the article did just that, right?)
        You do not announce a release date for this type of thing to give ShadowGov plenty of time to nuetralize it/you. Obviously.
        I guess I’m missing something here?

        • Netgear EX6200 Wi-Fi Range Extender

          with a lil’ web searching you can easily build your own system, with commercial grade electronics off the shelf.

          the key is the antennae, just replace the factory one with a after market power boost antennae and a elevated mount location.

          daisy chain these systems to cover the area you want free wifi.

          • You actually want to build a WiFi Distribution System(WDS) 5 gig and higher completely encoded, with access points. You can get several kilometers of range for video, and Internet. They can always find your DSL Modem, but not the various sites after your personal WiFi router. It is all at Amazon.

          • You was thinking near the same as me but you need mates who live close to you to team up with you.

            What we need is a bit of software that people run on a regular wifi so that each router hosts a proxy server and can send data out to the internet or pass it to another proxy wifi nextdoor.

            i could write the code myself but then you need to get people to join your little group to make it work and we could all use a second wifi login with no password to hook up but the general public would not know how to setup the router for this to work and would need to leave a pc switched on.


            Ends up being like Tor but using wifi

        • Duke,perhaps a sleight of hand manuver,that would be cool.

      13. Off topic but kind of relevant if they knew so much why didn’t they know about the shitskin who took out 5 marines? Was he wearing a Muslim flag and screaming Ala. Maybe that flag and religion should be put someplace out of sight as it appears to be a symbol of hate and intolerance.
        Where are the advocates for that
        how is it they have all this info compiled and couldn’t stop him but managed to stop over a dozen attacks over the holiday weekend?

        • It is laughable that officials are saying this guy didn’t trip any red flags.

          If you travel to Middle East, then buy a gun in the US, and are posting messages on social media related to things like Jihad your ass should be lit up like a Christmas Tree in DHS Fusion centers.

          But I suppose most of the resources these days have been dedicated to Veteran lone wolves and people who store more than 7 days of food in their closets.

          • I believe this is why Cody dumped his 3D gun plans on net,knew would be mirrored copied millions of times,laughed when govt. ordered him to pull plans without a court order or any other such legalities,which he did but he was going for(&got) a ffl license.

            7 days food storage in closet Mac,hell,could probably with a little for thought get a years in closet easy!How many lists that put me on?!

          • Geez Mac, I told you not to tell. I’ll get a visit anytime now.gotta hide my 8 days of groceries. Crap!

            • Jim

              Can I hide my groceries at your place and you hide yours at mine. lol

              Maybe we should also sell our guns to each other.

          • I really believe it was as much an inside job as the prison escape of El Chapo.

            The powers create chaos to get another leg up on their agendas.

        • Here’s what I posted on the yahoo article:

          ht tp://

          Now that I remember exactly WHO this govt considers “terrorists”, I’m questioning this effort. I know the overall tone is towards “islamic terrorists” right now, but I think as usual, the govt is not saying exactly what it REALLY means.

          Let us not forget the MIAC report. Here’s just one link, but you can google more:

          ht tp://

          The MIAC report labeled Ron Paul supporters, Mormons and people who disagree with the government as “domestic terrorists”


          I certainly hope that people are a lot smarter now. Don’t fall for this BS. Go read about the MIAC report and think about whether YOU could be included in their “domestic terrorists” list.

          Do you own a gun? Are you a Christian? A white male? Do you have more than a few days worth of food in your cupboards? These are some of the things the govt considers suspicious terrorist activities.

          I urge everyone to do your homework on the MIAC report before you fall for this latest govt con. They’re not being honest with us, and you probably feel it too.

          Act accordingly.

          • Sixpack:
            That MAIC report is scary, to think that they think I’m a terrorist!;-[
            I have never blown up a building or killed anyone or tortured anyone, raped or maimed anyone. Or threatened any country or people with death and destruction.
            All I have ever did was believe in Jesus, Believe in the Constitution, and bought a couple guns. I can not help that I was born white with a little Cherokee in me.
            Oh well if that makes me a terrorist I will wear that title PROUDLY!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

            • ditto NR.

      14. Really?

      15. Off topic…

        I found this news truly upsetting. I don’t know what has happened to this country.

        From an email…

        Hidden camera reveals…
        “Planned Parenthood is selling fetal organs for a profit, a felony, while violating medical ethics by altering normal abortion procedures so as to preserve the organs.”

        After Planned Parenthood Launches Defense, Group Behind Undercover Video Fights Back
        News: The group says Planned Parenthood, which is under fire after a video showed a Planned Parenthood employee discussing the sales of fetal organs, has made two key admissions.

        “Planned Parenthood makes two key admissions in their statement today: 1) Aborted fetal parts are harvested at their clinics, and 2) money is exchanged in connection with this.

        They also tell several lies: 1) That proper consent is obtained from patients, 2) that Planned Parenthood does not make money off the body parts, and 3) that everything is legal.”

        Top abortionist confesses: I sell dead babies
        “Nucatola admits on hidden camera that Planned Parenthood charges per-specimen for baby body parts, uses illegal partial-birth abortion procedures to get salable parts, and is aware of its own liability for doing so and takes steps to cover it up.

        Nucatola described how abortion procedures are altered not for the safety of women but to get the most marketable body parts, including intact livers, hearts and heads, which are highly sought by those who procure human body tissue for research.

        In the video, she speaks in detail about how she meticulously “crushes” above and below the thorax to destroy the baby while leaving its head intact.

        Nucatola said she “huddles” with her staff in the morning to go over which body parts are requested by buyers and then comes up with a game plan to “harvest” those organs from the unborn babies that will be aborted that day.”

        *Dr. Deborah Nucatola is the “head of Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Medical Services division, Nucatola has overseen medical practice at all Planned Parenthood clinics since 2009. She also trains new abortion doctors and performs abortions herself at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles.”

        • Amazing how nearly this entire country has been mind controlled to accept abortion especially at this level. It should be natural instinct to protect children at any age especially the unborn. Children are defenseless. It is your duty to protect them. All children. Even a mother rat will fight to the death for its children. We are an insane people.

          • Speak for yourself.

      16. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” (Thomas Jefferson)

        It has always come down to this. Tyrants must be killed.

        They won’t stop doing what they do no matter how much the people protest, complain, waves signs, and vote. Death is the only thing that stops a tyrant and they know this. This is why the police state is forming in front of our eyes. The tyrants want to protect themselves as much as they can from being shot on sight for their continuing crimes.

        The coward spookies would never have successfully gotten to the Proxyham inventor if they knew there was a real chance for them to be swiftly killed.

        Death to tyrants. Otherwise, the next step will be people forcefully lined up to receive the implanted mark of the beast.

        • They know most people are afraid of gov agents. Makes me remember when I was about 13. Summer day, two FBI agents came to our trailer, yeah I was trailer trash, even in a real house now, I still am.

          Anyway, the feds were investigating the neighbor, I guess he had robbed a bank in NOLA somewhere. My mom said she didn’t know anything. They told her lying to a fed was a crime and they can take me and my sister to foster homes. She told those guys to suck ass and said nobody threatens her cause she didn’t know nothing and she has a gun and a shovel if they come back. The agents nodded yes and said thank you for your time. They laughed as they left, they knew they were assholes. I guess that’s where I got my respect for feds…

          • I have even less respect for feds than you do.

            • And that’s why respect you Six. Plus you always have good posts and humor.

        • SB – ‘Tyrant’ and ‘Psychopath’ is synonymous.

          Most world governments (the USA not being one of the exceptions) are mostly run by psychopaths.

          Google ‘psychopaths’ for general info about them, but for now psychopaths are Godless people who work for the Devil.

          Their arrogance and sense of entitlement, along with their other toxic traits, are why they make the worst leaders.

          • Psychopaths will always work their way to the top in any government.

        • Seige, I don’t recognize you. I have been on here for about 5 years now. Welcome. I agree with you. Protesting and waving signs to stop will do nothing and your right. Most will not agree with us but that makes total common sense what you said.
          We know Obama is trying and will do the next step come after the veterans with their BS makeup unstable conclusions at the VA because someone was taking a medication in the past that has no whatsoever impact on most of the people. Unstable people to start with jacked on drugs makes people do killings not someone who is normal and might of had a big divorce or something that impacted them in the past but still will get a letter saying they are no longer fit to own or possess a gun. Then at that point you will see real anger and action.

          This is a takeover and we know it. I will NEVER surrender my property to some unethical tyrants and hope you don’t either. There needs to be action peaceful at first, but that will do nothing. We are becoming slaves to this beast. Only way to free everyone is to destroy the monster and get our country back. I have cared for every race and type of people. I can’t stand people telling me how to live my life while they act like the fricken saviors and are nothing but corrupt hypocrites. Again keep your gear in multiple locations and you sold all your tools at the gun shows so you got cash and needed it to survive in this environment. Don’t ever back down or be afraid. this is the real world and we know BS when we see it.

        • The tree of gov’t must be trimmed from time to time by patriots. But somehow they seem to have found a way around that little problem, whether it be fluoride, or increased technology, or 24/7 media propaganda or simply the fact that we have all become self absorbed scared little weaklings. We have allowed That tree to get so damn overgrown and out of control nobody knows where to even start. Now we just all seem to be sitting back waiting for a big ass thunderstorm to come through and blow the whole thing down.

          • As I have said before, and have been ostracized by many for doing so;

            This level of whimpy pants patriots as a majority, is the reason for Revelation coming to fruition.

            There is no stopping it now. The time for action was in 1973 over Roe vs Wade. The proverbial straw in the camel’s pack, was scrotus decision of, “gaymorrah America”= is now a majority.

        • We would never need to fight the tyrants at this level if we hated organization. The organization minded people would be weeded out and stopped in their tracks before they organized anything. Organization and freedom are mutually exclusive. Think outside the box. Humanity is enslaved until that concept sinks in.

      17. Siege,just got a tree of liberty shirt with the roots made of blood.They took liberty(pun intended)with Thomas quote and just with the blood of tyrants at end,am good with that.

      18. This can all be easily done with basic ham radio equipment. Look up “HSMM Mesh” or “Broadband Hamnet”.

      19. The zog intercepted the tech at the conference this Benjamin Caudill guy gave it up to the zog. All you have to do is come up with a new technology that furthers the power of the Jew and you will be approached and pulled aside and will take their deal and keep your mouth shut or you will disappear off the face of the earth no one will know where you went you just disappear into thin air. Think about it the Jews own everything especially the stuff that realy matters. Every technological breakthrough gets intercepted by the zog. Create a device that can find nukes that is man portable they will get it first and hide the fact that it exists. If it’s really really needs to be kept hush why would anyone say a fuckin thing on the phone or internet. Only an idiot wouldn’t keep secrets. I just laugh at this stuff. I protect my agenda at all costs.

        • You too! phwwwwwwww… TEST is right.

          • Anon use your name you foul smelling psyop agent.

            • Charly Brown me thinks king of computer warriors.

              Psyche op agents try to disrupt sites. Maybe you are one.

              Things that make you go hhhhmmmmmmmm.

              • I’m pointing out psyop agents and there are many more than I have mentioned. But I suppose that does mean I am disrupting the site. How could it be any other way since this site was likely created as a psyop. Strange how normal readers here could go on and on rubbing elbows with the psyop crowd and not even notice.

      20. Personally I thought the poster Test is a paid Israeli supporter, not surprised he exited stage right, he was an expert on everything or so he thought. I already get his drift towards those who differ in opinion. Hmm, dual citizen Canadian American, two of zionism’s infiltrated biggest supporters. It is the dual citizenship Israeli Americans heavily involed in top U.S. positions supporting the endless war of terror which Israel’s present government pushes in their attempt to control the entire middle east, using the American people and government to fund their murderous madness. Their involvement in 9-11 has been proven, as well as incidents too numerous to mention from the distant and recent past. The USS Liberty attack, OKC bombing, JFK, RFK, MLK murders, the creation of the U.S. DHS. These Israel led plots just barely touch on the extensive magnitude of zionist crimes against the American people. Look it up, the proof is there to be found. As far as internet privacy, the criminals have to know who knows they are lying, their survival depend on total subjugation. Like the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill, the controllers are evil personified.

        • How right you are! It was test who was responsible all the time for jfk,rfk,911, and all the other acts of terror. How blind we all are for not seeing it earlier, you’re really intelligent to know all this! We don’t deserve your brilliance here, you’re way to important to the future of this country! I’ll bet that your internet postings will change the world almost overnight! In fact, the only way to save the world may be to make you the world leader! Yes, that’s the only way for us to survive, PLEASE say you’ll save us, even though we don’t deserve you!

          • Jim reb. Shut up you psyop puke.

            • Charles king, it’s gonna take a hell of a lot more than your sorry ass can bring,concentrate on getting your hitler youth badge, children like you need something to keep themselves occupied.

              • Do you you really think readers here can’t see through you calling me Nazi. Nothing I have said points toward Nazi. You are a psyosp puke or down right stupid.

        • Asshat, Aljamo:
          Guy’s You don’t have a clue do you. You blame the Jews for everything. They are only the decoy’s.
          The real problem is the GRAY’s from the planet EXTRONIA
          They are the ones that are screwing up the world. They are the ones that are doing all the dirty deeds.
          Keep your tin hats on, that is the only way you can stop them from finding your brain. And don’t eat any thing that smells fish it has a tracking device in it.
          N. Reb

          • Uh Reb,for most part the greys are cool,they are at war with the reptillians who created the greys as slaves which is why the greys pick up a few folks for med reasons,they need to reverse as it were the dying genes in their lines that threaten them.The reptillians are the ones who control the planet and are the rockefellers ect.The greys may not be our friends completely but the enemy of my enemy is at this point a ally,the more you know…..

            • Warchild:
              I forgot about the reptilians, but they are only involved with the climate change I thought. They need to heat up the planet so they can live here and have the humans for supper. the grey’s don’t need us for food they need us for DNA, Yes you are right about that…
              S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

              • Reb,don’t get me going!I have seen some crazy stuff in me life and the grey/reptillian conflict no stranger then me believing in gods/norns or many other religious beliefs!I saw some cool vehicles as a kid,not saying not man made but if they were they are in hiding!

          • Israel, Vatican, bankers, secret societies, corporations, city of London. Destroy those nests and all that will be required afterward is Some cleanup. By the way one common thread across all of these is the Jew. The Jew might not be the top of the pyramid but if not he is close. And the Jew is most visible for anyone with eyes to see. And anyone that defends the Jew has to ignore all contrary proof. It takes mind control to cause one to be so blind. Or a psyop agent.

        • YAWWWWWN and roll the eyes. Pathetic.

        • Aljamo

          I am not paid but I for sure support Israel. Just thought I would make your day and let you know that.

          • Mike if you are not paid then what could possibly be your excuse for supporting Israel? Please enlighten us. Please don’t try to justify it with some delusional religious argument.

      21. Keystone rights lost because we fail. Probably a valuable tool for freedom that needed support and its communication is derailed by racism. These comments demonstrate that always works. Are we fully awake yet? Some are still “herdable” it seems. The Peter Principle must be genetic, we will need all of us or there will be no need for any of us. This shutdown needs a bright light shone upon it right now, not to blind, but to illuminate. Stay focused.

      22. There is things people just should not say we know what they are thinking. But saying something to just one other person can bury you in a second if they tell someone else. This is why opsec is paramount folks. The shit will collapse in on itself just keep up the daily grind getting our lousy paychecks when it collapses quit the stupid job and do what you need to do. Remember the system can’t recover without your labor and skills and why would You want it to either. Money is not everything in life folks.

      23. It’s all set now as in my meeting with the scientist. I am no longer paying attention to currencies, quoted my friend. What are we going to do, eat gold plated and silver bullion.. ..i will be getting some more Intel on the September to March 2016 time frame. One thing is a certainly. Do we honestly believe that the American people are even going to accept another ca.didate selected by the cabal.?

      24. They could sell millions of these to Facebook users who wanted to hide where they are posting their public Facebook posts from.

      25. Thinking about turning the internet off and we already don’t have cable. Need it for work or it’d be off tomorrow.

        I figure it won’t be hard to figure out WTSHTF…

      26. I’ve said before about technology being used by evil against everyday folks. Tech like smart phones tablets has also really helped us out. I’ve learned a lot from this site by people posting their opinions on the problems out there and on survival items as well. I wanna learn how to do something I go on youtube and someone is doing it step by step. Years ago this was impossible you had to get books or know someone to teach you. You gotta know the privacy of people will be compromised. I looked at a pair of boots one time and they popped up on an add if marketing firms can fish on us the oppressive gov regime can certainly. You bet your ass they will do everything to keep their ability to see what’s on our mind. They are losing control and continually tightening the noose on us.

      27. Nothing is the same. So much of the internet is gone. I have shut down all of my accounts all over the net. I miss Kula and a few other; but this is now the new ‘norm’.

      28. Looks like only the ass kissers get their comments posted. Mac how about post my comments and links to the MH 17 aircraft that was shot down over Ukraine. Come to find out in a yesterdays article that the missle was an Israeli made python air to air missle. People need facts and the truth or is this site for daily droolers only?

        • WWTI

          My son. You have not listened to another one of the things I tried to teach you. Patience my boy. Patience.

          All my post are going into moderation. I have patience though.

        • Ole buddy ole pal,wwti, how’s the bo locale coming along.

          sounds like you have thought everything through, and ready to go off the grid if necessary.

          Anyways, just wanted to add comment about the theory that Aids Doctors and scientist had a possible cure for aids to be released in their Summit they were enroute to.

          Sounds like the downing of flight oo7 in the early 80’s whereby congressman from Georgia was about to release info about a cure for cancer. 269 killed to squelch cancer cure…possibly.

          We live in a very dark world of demonic powers in high places.

      29. Off subject is the so called refaceing of the capitol building jusy a frony to build that big faraday cage around it i know its supposed to be scaffaling but why all around and bottom to top at once any thoughts

      30. Technology is a race with innovations coming every day. The good guys introduce something to benefit the world, the next day the bad guys defeat the technology.

      31. you just never know when stuff is gonna happen. Last Saturday out power went out for a few seconds, then came back on at very very low power. a/cs messed up had to shut them off, shut off all other electronics. Didn’t think to throw the breaker on the well. However the well pump doesn’t go off unless the tank pressure drops. That night at around 9 pm we ran out of water after doing laundry and dishes. It has been a very wet year here, and even in dry years dad used his well to water gardens, etc. at 8am the next morning we had water again. well, the same thing happened again last night. I’m on call at the hospital, no details surrounding that water going out yesterday, So i’m curious where to trouble shoot this problem. For now we are going on county water, because the iron is so high in the well that it ruined the last washing machine with buildup in the lines. the filter doesn’t get the fine stuff it seems. Plan to use the well as back up and barn/garden use.

        LOL, my husband didn’t like it when I reminded him he left all of my water preps and barrels at his mothers in CT, so no water stored except 2 cases bottled water. Maybe last night he got the picture.

        We’ve now got 2 dozen chickens. a variety of meat and egg layers. MS has chicken auctions….who knew? He’s turning into a real farmer. I’m proud of him.

        BTW Obama building more data bases, these surrounding race. check it out on drudge.

        • No pity…call your power company and have them check your feed. It could be the transformer (service provider) going bad. If your husband has a good voltmeter, have him check the voltage on both 120v legs in the breaker panel. You haven’t given enough info such as what type of service panel you have, well pump voltage ie 120 or 240 volt, if 120v, does it have a control box as some 120v pumps have built in capacitors. As far as your Iron, first you must determine what kind it is. Soluble iron can be filtered out using aeration, then a filter element. Bacterial Iron (red slim with a rotten egg smell) requires cl2(clorox) injection, then a green sand (glauconite mineral) filter system to remove it. It also requires back washing and regeneration (fancy name for cleaning) with potassium permanganate.The amount of iron first Needs to be measured (ppm) to determine how extensive, and what type of filter system. you can have a water softener company come out and test it. They WILL try to sell you something along with a monthly service agreement. You can also try to figure out what kind of iron you have and try to treat it. Take of the lid of the toilet tank and see if there is a red slim in it. Keep in mind the county water is chlorinated to 1/2-1 ppm so it will have a cleansing affect since you shut off the well. If it isn’t slimmy, then you probably have soluble Iron, which is a lot easier to treat. go to and look at the systems available. Don’t buy any filter with a inlet less than 1 inch and make sure it can filter at least 10 GPM. should also be double length (20 inches) unless you like to change filters all the time.

          • Also I would like to add that you need the PH checked too. You can do that with a swimming pool PH colorimeter. I bet that you have high calcium deposits along with soluble iron, and that’s causing your build up. I can only guess from here, but a water softener might solve all your problems.

          • As far as the electric, I forgot to mention that a Raccoon got fried in the substation a week ago saturday. Yesterday, the well stopped working again. the Power was okay.

            • If your well stops working and the power is okay then there is a problem with your well. I have had an issue where it came and went and it was the pump.

              Regarding dim or low powered lights. That means there is a problem coming from a transformer. You could also only have half of your feed. Power turning off coming on and going off quickly is a device on the line called a reclosure. It tries to cut the power back on after it goes out to see if the problem is resolved. An example would be a tree limb falls on the line. Power goes out. The limb falls off and the reclosure closes the line back in. It happens in a matter of seconds.
              I suggest you call the power company and explain what happened. Get them to check it at least.

              • thanks mike.

          • we have to change the filters pretty regularly due to rotten egg smell that is just horrible. When dad was living, last summer he didn’t change it, so in october we were at the 5 month mark. The filter had black specks in it and stuff that just looked like trash. Change the filter, smell goes away for a month or two. Sometimes the red sediment is almost oily in the way it sticks to the sink and toilet bowl in the bathroom. I assume that would be what you mean by slime.

            I’ve had people suggest the problem is sulfer, sulfer eating bacteria. In rurual MS trying to find someone really knowledgeable about wells and water proves challenging. When dad was living I sent the water out to be testing, and the only result they sent me was that there was no bacteria (cholera, etc) in the water.

            Thanks so much for your suggestions, your response has been helpful. I am going to show it to my husband. He is stay at home hubby for 2 more months before he has to go find a job.

            • that smell is from hydrogen sulfide, a byproduct from bacterial iron. You need to treat it and filter it with the system I recommended above. The bac-t test the lab did does not include bacterial iron. Its was for coliform. You still haven’t provided any well PUMP info. Dont know if you have a control box with a bad capacitor.

              • I had a grade 2 in water treatment and distribution in CA. you have iron bacteria. A water softener can remove a lot of it. Sears used to sell a softener called a iron buster. You need to have Culigan or another company test it for you so you can buy the correct system. A carbon filter would remove the sulfide odor, but would clog up quickly if you don’t treat and filter the Iron first. I used to inject Clorox in my waterline down stream from the captive air holding tank, them filter it with a green sand filter and regenerate it on a timer 3 times a week. I bought the solution tank and filter from sears about 15 years ago for 800$. the green sand filter requires maintenance and media replacement every couple years. the unit will wear out in about 5-6 years. There is another way to remove it through aeration and clorination then using a cheap carbon filter with a replaceable element, but requires a lot of work and you must buy a large holding Black plastic tank(about 1K gal. not white)a booster pump, pressure switch, float switch and a solution tank (15gal) with a parastolic injection pump. Cost would be about 1500$ in parts and last quite a bit longer than the media filter with the required permagenate back wash which would run you another 100$ a year for consumables in permaginate and media.

      32. People, people, people….please please please understand what has happened to the citizens of this country. You sit in amazement and bewilderment about why the sheeple refuse to wake up. You scratch your heads, you stomp your feet, you all scream in anger…”WHY WHY WHY WON’T THEY WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRUTH”. You theorize and ponder the reason for no mass awakening. You come up with valid points of cognitive dissonance, fearful apathy, and learned helplessness as the reasons for no mass awakening in the Orwellian Fascist Police State Feudal System shithole we find ourselves born into slavery in. What you have to do is ask HOW???? How did our country get to this point where the citizens gladly accept the illegal surveillance by Stasi Fascist evil filth like the world has ever seen??? How did it get to the point where our citizens could care less that their ENTIRE GOVERNMENT is now under the control of criminal fascist boot licking puppet trash in the Republican and Democrat “DIVIDE AND CONQUER” Parties controlled by Corporatist Globalist NWO elite evil monster genocidal shit stains???? HOW HOW HOW did this happen??? We can go back as far as we need to to see when the control and slavery to Corporatist Fascist evil monsters started in this country, but that would take far too much time. So lets skip past the alphabet agencies involvement in the murder of JFK, so the Military Industrial Complex shit stains of fascist filth could have their Vietnam War and all the profits that came with it. Skip over the Iraq invasion to secure the petrodollar, and the Afghanistan invasion to secure the opium fields for more heroin to the US metro area cesspools of insanity. Skip past the Stasi fascist alphabet agencies involvement in 911, so the Patriot Act and other NWO agendas could be enacted. Yes of course these Corporatist Fascist NWO genocidal monsters would gladly sacrifice all the innocent lives in 911, because the evil monsters will always justify their evil actions as being “done for the good of all”. We have seen that used too many times throughout our violent greedy history. THE REAL REASON THERE IS NO MASS AWAKENING TO ALL THIS CRIMINAL EVIL PSYCHOPATHIC INSANITY BEING COMMITTED BY THE CORPORATIST FASCIST NWO GLOBALIST FILTH IS STARING YOU RIGHT IN THE FACE EVERYDAY. The answer is on the depressed dumbed down disease ridden faces of your friends, family, coworkers, and your fellow citizens walking around you. The answer is in the fat hanging off the bodies of the cowards who smack their bellies and try to use humor such as “why have a six pack when you can have a keg”. We all know insane humor is a cry from cowards not willing to admit what has been done to them, and what they have done to themselves. The answer is in the skyrocketing obesity rates, skyrocketing diabetes rates skyrocketing cancer rates, skyrocketing gastrointestinal diseases such as Celiac, Crohns Disease, Colitis and others. The answer is in the rise in asthma rates, autism rates, autoimmune disorders. THE ANSWER IS WHAT HAS BEEN GOING INTO THE BODIES OF OUR FELLOW CITIZENS WHO NOW HAVE NO ABILITY TO WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THEM, TO THEIR COUNTRY, TO THEIR HEALTH, AND TO THEIR CHILDREN’S FUTURE. It is time for everyone in this country to realize the cold hard facts staring you right in the face. Your food supply has been taken over by Corporatist Fascist criminal monsters it is that simple. They have done a nice job of marketing poisonous toxic fake food to a population swimming in addiction. The addiction to the poisonous toxic fake food garbage is the hardest one of all for the sheeple to accept, because of the massive GROUPTHINK indoctrination and propaganda being shoved in their disease ridden dumbed down brain dead faces everyday by Corporatist Fascist filth mainstream media. The NWO Globalist Fascist filth Kissinger said it a long time ago “control the food supply and you control the people”. What else do the dumbed down brain dead coward Zombies in this collapsing Orwellian Brave New World get a steady dose of from the mainstream fascist filth media????…”ask you doctor, tell your doctor, ask your doctor tell your doctor”. All day long commercials are run from the Corporatist Fascist Big Pharma evil filth…all day long on Faux News and other Corporatist Fascist outlets of propaganda spewing bimbos and boneheaded boot lickers they peddle the Big Pharma poisonous toxic garbage. The cumulative effect of poisonous toxic chemical filled and GMO fake food, Big Pharma toxic garbage, fluoridated and chemical filled water, and vaccines all combined wreak havoc on your mind and most importantly on our immune systems. 70% of the human bodies immune system resides in the gut. We now know the negative effects to the brain from all the chemicals such as MSG and HFCS in the processed fake foods. The Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL Globalist NWO filth knew exactly what they were doing when they got control of the food supply- it was the easiest way to their de-population program and FINAL SOLUTION for the human race. Make no mistake about it people, your fellow citizens and all of us have been targeted for TERMINATION. The brain dead dumbed down sheeple have been hacked by the poisonous toxins they have been consuming and force fed at restaurant and grocery store crime scenes throughout this country. Now they are fat, dumbed down, brain dead, disease ridden, depressed, anxiety riddled, and completely INSANE, so they will gladly accept any control by a fascist evil government of criminals leading them right to the slaughter. History once again repeats itself with another GENOCIDE the sheeple refuse to see, it is just too evil for their minds to grasp now.

        • @ Ron A. agree. I quit drinking diet soda and any aspartame type shit, and my headaches have gone away. I read EVERY ingredient on the labels and don’t buy anything with HFCSyrup. Keeping in condition is a lot easier when I stay away from processed foods. The ass smoochin boot lickin poison pushing corporate food producers can suck buttermilk through a meat straw…

          • Good for you my friend, you managed to pull yourself out of the Matrix of lies and deceit in this genocidal fascist country to save your own life. Now you have a duty to save other hybrid chemically altered toxic dumps from a life of disease ridden misery and early death by exposing the Corporatist Fascist NWO genocidal evil monsters to all who will finally listen to the TRUTH.

        • Eat organic. Filter your water. Stay away from processed food. Don’t eat out. Exercise.

          • You summed up nicely the easiest way to avoid the genocide.

      33. There are bad Christians like Baptist, Methodist, and Catholics you get the picture, and yes there are bad Muslins, and by all means there a bad Jews. To lump all as bad in as Jews, Christian, Etc. is so for out in left field you’re a lost ball in the tall weeds. We are all humans and there are bad in some, so start naming all peoples and religions for what they all are some bad and some good and quit labeling only one people because we are all guilty in one way or another.


        • Agreed that one may find good and bad PEOPLE…. Sure, bad people may not live up to good religious precepts—happens a lot!….BUT…. the TEACHINGS of certain religions are VERY PROBLEMATIC.

          When a religion starts with BAD precepts—that only their adherents are humans—that the rest of us should be killed, looted, deceived, raped, etc.—don’t you see that as a problem?

          Compared to a good outcome from GOOD TEACHING, what are the odds of a good outcome from WICKED TEACHING?

        • Thanks for speaking the truth copperhead. If some don’t wake up to your point we cannot win the war ahead of us.

      34. OK, there is another solution. If somebody wants your information so badly, then help him – give him fake data. When you mix the real data with the fake one, the spy will not be able to filter the real one. Imagine that the end of every email you send, you write with white letters on white background the words “president, bomb, nuclear, isis,…” just to cause false flagging. This will cause all your emails to be tracked. Well, if so many people do this, and if the secret services want to personally check and read all flagged emails in the world – I wish them success! 😉

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