This Country Is On Its Deathbed and Obama Has Placed It There: “A Deliberate and Treasonous Weakening of our Defenses”

by | May 24, 2016 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    We have all seen the buildup of U.S. and NATO troops facing Russia’s western border and the steady push by those two groups in conjunction with the MIC and the IMF to enter the world into a new Cold War against Russia.  Some of the equipment is pretty impressive, such as the U.S.S. Admiral Zumwalt that has just been rolled off of the assembly line.  But there is an interesting point I wish to make that you may have seen.  Did you notice that in terms of effectiveness, the U.S. military has had its hands tied behind its back in terms of overall combat readiness?

    The Zumwalt can be taken out with one of those nice new hypersonic missiles the Chinese and Russians have integrated in their systems.  As of this piece, the Russians are emplacing new radar detecting equipment to offset the “Aegis ashore” ABM station that has been up and running in Romania since last Thursday.  Measure and countermeasures, yes, but in terms of combat readiness, in the words of our own military, we are not up to standards.

    On March 22, 2016 a hearing was conducted by Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee to discuss the shortage of parts and equipment suffered by the armed forces.  The Chairman, Mac Thornberry visited Beaufort Marine Corps Air Station, and found that parts were actually taken from a museum to refit aircraft, as follows:

    “…an F/A-18 based at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort that flew in the raid against Libya in 1986 needed a part. The part is no longer made and there were none on hand. Crew and pilots checked the F-18s on display at Beaufort to see if they might find a part. No luck. A lieutenant colonel visiting the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier about two hours away in Charleston, South Carolina. saw an F/A-18 of the same model, a HASC staff member told me today. They scrounged the part from what would appear to be the A  model on the carrier’s deck. (It’s the only F-18 at the Yorktown.  They got the part, but sadly, it didn’t work.”, article by Colin Clark, March 23, 2016

    Reports have mentioned out of Fox News recently that the Air Force is short 4,000 personnel to conduct maintenance, and is short 700 pilots.  The Air Force is reduced to relying on spare parts it can scrap out of a desert scrapyard of aircraft known as “The Boneyard.”  Fox interviewed a Master Sergeant in the Air Force, stationed at Ellsworth Air Force base in South Dakota and he told about burned-out, overworked air crews and maintenance staff and equipment shortages:

    “It’s not only the personnel that are tired, it’s the aircraft that are tired as well,” Master Sgt. Bruce Pfrommer, who has over two decades of experience in the Air Force working on B-1 bombers, told Fox News.  “We have only 20 aircraft assigned on station currently. Out of those 20 only nine are flyable,” Pfrommer said

    The report went on to state that only about half of the 28th Bomb Wing’s aircraft are even able to lift off of the ground, let alone perform combat missions. The piece detailed some good information on the B-1 fleet and its capabilities, as follows:

    “When operating effectively, the B-1 can be one of the most lethal bombers in the U.S. military’s arsenal. Designed as a low-level deep strike penetrator to drop nuclear weapons on the Soviet Union in the early 1980s, the B-1 has evolved into a close-air support bomber. Flying for 10-12 hours at a time high above the battlefield, B-1’s can carry 50,000 pounds of weapons, mostly satellite-guided bombs.  “It can put a 2,000-pound weapon on a doorknob from 15 miles away in the dark of night, in the worst weather,” said Col. Gentry Boswell, commander of the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth.”

    This is what the airmen and aircrews have been suffering.  What is very monstrous is the big picture, taken over the past 7 years under Obama: the systematic dismantling and deliberate reduction in combat effectiveness and defense capabilities.

    Obama has cashiered the senior Officer and Enlisted Personnel at the Command levels, and the ones with the most combat experience derived from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Obama has degraded the military’s combat effectiveness by the lowering of standards regarding personnel: assignments are done according to political “correctness” and quota, not by ability.  Case in point the appointment of Eric Fanning as the first “openly gay” Secretary of the Army.

    Not one day as a soldier, and this is what the Senate confirmed as their Secretary of the Army.

    It is all deliberate…the dropping of the TARS system that augmented NORAD, the mothballing of production for the A-10’s and the Tomahawk, and the lackadaisical stance for coastline scrambles when a “foreign partner’s” bomber or submarine ventures into U.S. territory.

    It is a deliberate and treasonous weakening of our defenses.  Obama is a traitor that has managed (with glacial slowness) to implement his policies and destroy the country.  His greatest tool has been the American public, who are too busy trying to wrangle free cell phones and money to care about anything but their own desires.  The country is on its deathbed, and Obama has placed it there.  While he golfs, vacations, and raises funds, our Air Force is reduced to a scavenger hunt to obtain the parts they require, and our military is understrength and weakening by the day.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Oh no, our military spending is only able to keep our military at 50% strength which makes it only 20x better than our next closest military spender instead of 40x. Perhaps if we’d stop being the world’s police force, we can use some of that money for making our education system better, our infrastructure better, our veterans care better, etc. I get so sick of articles that bitch about cuts to the military spending when the reality of the matter is we could cut 75% of our defense budget and still be competitive with the next strongest country. Our defense spending is ridiculous and part of the reason why this website has articles to write about our national debt levels and supposed coming collapse.

        • @Arkaden: Agreed on everything except using the money to give veterans better care. They can take their place in line with the rest of us. When Clinton went out of office our Military budget was less than a hundred billion, now it’s nearly ten time that and our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines still can’t make muster. What not just close the whole damn thing down and start over. It couldn’t be any worse?

          • “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions.

            In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”
            ― Adolf Hitler

            “The way to crush the bourgeoisie (middle class) is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”
            – Vladimir Lenin

            20,642 New Regulations Added in the Obama Presidency
            “More than $22 billion per year in new regulatory costs were imposed on Americans last year, pushing the total burden for the Obama years to exceed $100 billion annually.

            These are just a few of the 2,353 regulations of 2015, and there have been 20,642 since Obama took office in 2009.”

            “The worst of last year’s wave in terms of cost, at least was the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Clean Power Plan.”

            The rule represents the first direct regulation of so-called greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, at a cost of $7.2 billion a year (and far more according to critics). Despite the huge costs, the plan will do NOTHING to mitigate global warming.”

            “And there is much more to come. Obama’s final year in the White House could be his busiest.

            Historically, rulemaking increases as presidents scramble to fulfill their regulatory agenda before leaving office.

            There are already more than 2,000 proposed or final rules in the pipeline, including 144 that are expected to cost $100 million a year or more.”
            ht tp://

          • I Bet the congress/senate never yet nor plans to do so..Ever yet did a deep investigation hearings on that $8.5 Trillion us dollars Missing from the Pentagon eh?

            Probably never happen as it will definatly expose the Main #1 pentagon Comptroller guy Dov Zakiem.

            And since Dov Zakiem is a Dual Israel/usa citizen, and is a member Rabbi of that Ultra-super Ultra orthodox Talmudic of Chabad Lubavitures group…NOBODY within ANY part or agency of entire usa fed govnt such as FBI-NSA-CIA-State Dept or whitehouse let alone us congress can be allowed to do such an inquiry of missing massive funds.

            How many spare jet plane parts and salarys for enough certified expert jet repair techs can be had with $8.5 Trinllion us dollars Cash eh?

            but as long as amerikwans remain duped and deluded into total israel-firsters and defenders of folks like dov zakiem…nothing good nor any proper investigations shall occure ever…not that pentagons massive missing cash, nor the true role played in 9/11 events by our “best friends and allies of mid east Israel” and their Mossad agency.

            Add in another at least 10,000+ Sayanams as reported in the Book by an EX-Mossad Col. when his book outted most everything israel-mossad-jewry has been guilty of all along, and zero proper senate or congress actions shall ever happen.

            Whats a Sayanam you may ask?…It is a pro-israel jewish person that has sworn abject total devotion to state of israel and to assist every and any deed necessary in order to assist-hide-fund-kill others for-etc etc whenever a israli Mossad agent asks for their sayanam help.

            And such sayanams while numbering at least 10,000 within usa lands, are also located within litterally Every or close to every nation globally…and each sayanam is acting under the cloud of darkness and well hidden by being a citizen of america and every other nation located in…I can’t recall that ex mossad Col’s name now? Nor the naame of his book?

            But after viewing live interviews of him on several yutubes and once on RT TV show there is zero doubts he knew what he spoke and wrote of…If I recall correctly I believe he was found Dead after his book came out for sale on open market.

            So between too many Tens of Millions fully delusional fanatical israel firsters in usa, along with over 10,000 actual Traitors as sayanam ‘citizens” within usa…and entire fed govnt unwilling to ever ruffle jewish feathers for any reasons bar none…What other prediction for usa can be had except for a total Ruined Nation done by the worlds greatest Nation Wrecker tribe to ever exist?

            Remember…Satans main Goal is to destroy whatever God created good…But unlike God that Can do whatever and can create stuff out of nothing…Satan cannot do so.

            Therefore Satans Goals can be also labeled as Christ stated it as “Lusts”-John 8:44- and Satans Lusts again as stated by Christ would get done thru his satanic demonic children aka satans “seeds” as in parable of wheat Vs tares.

            Research true real history to see that indeed every unfortunate nation to become a “Host” nation to at least 1/2 or greater of the entire tribe has always fared badly.

            It is why true history also lists 109 nations as Host nations that has booted them out, and then regained prosperity and safty and No More fraud wars!

            So patriots must help make the usa #110-and Never again! The new national policy or end up in that history dust bin of would of could of should of but due to mass Fear of being called a Nazi or antisemite rayssist Failed big time.

            • Them Guys:

              I spent the day watching U-tube “Communism Through The Back Door”. It is in 15 minute sections. I have watched a few before but today I watched almost all of them.

          • Until the real Americans rise up and throw out the bankers, secret organizations, the so called elite, smash the federal reserve who has stolen our currency in the dark of night we are doomed to be ruled as they say with a rod of iron.

            • “It is a deliberate and treasonous weakening of our defenses.”

              Well I guess we’re REALLY lucky that Russia has no interest in invading us then, huh? They just want US to leave people alone.

        • I get so sick of the imbeciles that keep yammering about the military and that we need to dump MOAR money into all their pet liberal projects like money is going to solve all the things libtards ruined in the first place.

          “Our defense spending is ridiculous ”

          and so are the trillions we’ve spent on libtard wishes and dreams.

          • The official federal debt is about equal to the amount spent on the “war on poverty”.

            Most dollars spent on “defense” are wasted. We spend hundreds of billions, but Navy Seals share rifles. The F-35 would still be junk if it cost 10% of it’s current price. Every Tomahawk fired depletes inventory. The A-10 HAS to be killed off. Contractors don’t make enough selling 30MM ammunition. The list of examples of total waste is endless.

            The problem is NOT that we aren’t spending enough.

        • MONEY won’t make americans any smarter…..take away their video games and smartphones, and you MAY get some results….but no, MORE money won’t make it happen.

        • We dump money, 16% of the budget, into the military machine which keeps a lot of the “right” people employed. Been there, seen it. I have no problem with this.
          Unfortunately, it looks like our PC/socialist/commy bunch decided to shortchange our military and dump the money into our burgeoning entitlement programs which feed and house the illegal aliens before we take care of our own. Not acceptable by any standard. On the other side of the coin, there are a lot of Americans who can’t make it on their own these days. Giving Americans a hand when they need it is the right thing to do.

          We have dumped untold billions into our education system only to have the “no child left behind” mantra rammed down our throats by the PC crowd. No child left behind is code for teaching our kids at the lowest possible level, the least common denominator. So your kid is being taught at a level of the dumbest kid in the class. So if you have a bunch of third world illegals in your school, you can expect your high school grad to have an education at the level of a 9th grader 20 years ago. I guess we are dumbing them down so it will be easier to accept the PC doctrine.

          If you need some facts about the fed budget…..
          ht tp://

          • no child left a DIME!

          • Sorry Rednek
            I get my facts about the country’s budget from the OMB annual budget. You can download from the government. Not written in legalspeak, it is written for Congress. The first year I downloaded it was 2010 when the government was lying about social security. Try reality folks, read the federal budget.

            • Rebecca
              No apologies needed. Realistically though, I don’t think having a lot of faith in the stats our .gov feeds us is practical. Current unemployment according to Bureau of Labor Statistics is 5.0% as of April. ht tp://, not buying this for one minute. Unfortunately almost all stats have some type of bias spin applied according to the needs/wants of the entity crunching the numbers.

          • Ignoring of course Obama and his gay military initiative diverting military funds into more social programs in the military and world wide.

        • Obozo is going to burn in hell for the things he has done. I hope he will pay in this life too. All the members of congress and corrupt judges can go to hell with him. If the people protecting these monsters would turn on and kill them, there would be a huge celebration worldwide.

          • saw that first sentence, and was thinkin’ “why wait, but you covered it with yer second sentence(wink).

        • Arkaden

          “Perhaps if we’d stop being the world’s police force”

          That should be rephrased to the corrupt cop on the beat owned by Multi National Corporations and Globalist Bankers.

        • Yes. “Beware the Military Industrial Complex”.

        • We need more affirmative action pilots, women infantry “persons”, and urgently need to ramp up production of the F-35.

          THAT will fix it. Spend hundreds of billions more on junk planes, “soldiers” who can’t carry their own packs or throw a grenade far enough to keep from being killed by it, and pilots who are put in place to achieve “diversity”.

          No, USA’s military is NOT 20x better than the next in the world. The rest of the world gets many times more bang for their military buck than USA. At a recent tank competition, USA did not even place in the winner’s circle.

          In a major conflict with more than a third-world opponent, USA will get thrashed. I doubt Americans held as POWs will be given their choice of bathrooms.

      2. Our military is one big gay pride parade! And we continue to provoke Russia and China as though we can actually dominate and “win” a nuclear conflict with them! LOL

      3. That’s odd, because Obama and the Republican Party agreed to release the military from staying within the sequestration budget last year. The Republicans increased the military budget and Obama signed off. I suspect poor management on the part of the military and bs releases by military to pump up their slush fund… the military-industrial complex has first class manipulators and fear mongers OK on their payroll. How about a major cut in the psychological warfare against taxpayers group? Possible to switch money from the NATIONAL spy on citizens violating illegal search and seizure. TBA wanting to do a background check on every person taking a domestic flight… drop that, how about?
        You are the enemy, not Russia or China.

        Trump is coming to New Mexico and already backing down on deporting millions of illegals. He played white boys for fools.

        The D/R Corporate Machine wins because you believe the latest rhetoric from the latest savior.

        • Sorry
          NATIONAL should be NSA

        • Get the invading mexicans’ votes, tell the commie people whatever you want, then deport invaders, with prejudice.

          Then don’t let ’em back in, legal or not.

          Tall wall, Trump. One Marine division next to the wall. Camp Pendleton, south. All Marines with live ammo.

          The lean green killin’ machine.

          f ’em

          • Semper Fi
            Trump going for NM vote and already backing down on that tall wall.
            “Takes 2 to lie. 1 to lie and 1 to listen.” Homer Simpson

            • You don’t hear too good, Rebecca.

              In the speech referred to Trump said very clearly that he will build the wall high and he referred to the height of the ceiling of the room he spoke in.

              You sound like you are for the invaders, ISIS, mexican flag wavers and all.

              Build it high, Trump and deport all illegal invaders.

          • and for CRISE-SAKES!, build that wall on OUR side far enough that we can patrol BOTH sides of the muhfugguh!

      4. We’ve been long gone. We’re just riding the death rattle.

      5. KFarmer

        ht tp://

        • Its on FTTWR too KFarmer.. you can see my opinion about it there

          • Yup, aint government grand,,, 101 reasons i wont be taken alive

        • Kula …burn that fucking thing down as fast as they build it!

        • Hawaii gun laws are in many cases the worst of the worst of anything you will find in any other state.
          Where else will you get arrested for protecting yourself or family inside your home or business with a legal, registered gun? If nothing else they will charge you with discharging a weapon in a residential area( your home), in order to confiscate all household guns. The case will take years to get thrown out and your guns stored improperly will be rusted and useless when they are returned.
          Fortunately Hawaii is so poorly run and underfunded, there are so many conflicting laws, that there is always a way to get around them or just ignore them as most locals do.
          So if you have to shoot someone in your home, clean up the mess, borrow your neighbors Kubota backhoe, bury your dead “Newfoundland dog”, and plant a garden over it.
          Aloha, and keep on prepping.

          • Actually you will never see your guns again, Hawaii has a forfeiture clause in their gun laws, so when they are gone they are gone. Best to learn how to mix chemicals

            • Yeah you are right. I looked it up.
              PVC pipes are your friend.
              Of course if it comes to that, the
              next gun I buy will be a Venezuelan
              made AK47 full auto with 30 magazines.

      6. Anyone who has been paying attention for the last 7 plus years can see, unless they are blind, or mentally challenged, can see what this president is doing to harm America. I have read, and read, and read many comments from others about this old news, yet Americans has done NOTHING about it, but commented threats, amongst other jargon. They have spoke on sending emails to their Reps in DC, and has gotten no where. So, let’s hear of some more vain suggestions from the people, because it is obvious, that no one is really listening, only complaining, and that is as far as it goes. We all write as if we know what is going on, yet we have no solutions, at least it does not appear. We still have our same old people in political office, and the same old lousy dictator as a President, along with his ghouls, such as, the AG Loretta Lynch, making sure the President’s Dictatorship succeeds. In the mean time, we see it, and do nothing about it, even our military has fallen in line with this President, along with the police force, and every other chicken dung Law enforcement offices. When we sleep, or slumber, our enemies takes over.

      7. BUT…….. WHO Has the Guts to Call him out on it? Congress??? HA, they’ve been neutered to the point of being completely useless? The American People?? HA-HA, they, other than a few thousand Keyboard warriors, also have been neutered and dumbed down to the point of being clueless AND useless!! So NOTHING will happen, American will sink slowly to it’s death, Like a fat woman into a warm Bath, and we will all sit here and bitch about it on our keyboards until they come to take us to the “Progressive/Liberal/Socialist/communist/Rainbow coalition/Leftist” Re-Education camps. Best of luck all……

      8. Well, it hardly seems deliberate. It seems that the DoD has bipolar issues and can’t seem to decide just what they want in their arsenal.

        It certainly isn’t for lack of funding. 600 billion for US defense and 300 billion for NATO, ffs. That’s nearly a trillion FRNs. Russia spends around 200 billion and CCCP spends about 300 billion.

        So what’s the problem? Too many $500 hammers? Too many stars drawing six figures? If Russia and China can fund a credible military at 1/5 the price, someone’s giving the taxpayer a fucking here in the “Land of the Fee”.

      9. You don’t need the Military till you need it.

        When the Towers were hit the next day the High MuckieMuck came down and said we were going to work 12 on and 12 hours off till everything was up and the war ended. One Aircraft engine that belonged to the jammers had 235 engines awaiting repair with 25 bare firewalls of aircraft on the ground sitting there. Half the jammer fleet was down.
        When funds were released and wartime supply hit the lines it was nothing but work, work, work.

        Before we road across the desert all the Aircraft were up and there were no engines awaiting repair in supply.

        I doubt that can be accomplished again.

      10. Obama’s isn’t the only one to blame.. Just about everyone in Washington DC, the FBI, Secret Service, U.S. Marshals, Ect.. All of them are to blame.. They should have removed his ASS and most of the Democrat party as well….

      11. I cant agree with this. Obama is the greatest leader we have ever had, its all bush’s fault!

        I would like to see Obama made our King!

        • Not “leader” but “asshole.” What kind of leader would be working on a reality show in southeast Asia instead of sitting in his office where he’s supposed to be?

          The Israelites wanted a king, and you can read in the Bible what that got them.

      12. Till the last straw, the one that breaks the proverbial back, is placed we won’t fight over the trampling of our way of life. Yet when it finally starts nothing on earth will stop it.

        • @logicrazy

          It is because most people do not understand the bigger picture.

          Far too many people believe that it is democrats vs republicans or that it is all barry’s doings or george bush’s fault and don’t understand what is really unfolding.

          Can’t fix the problem if you don’t understand what the root of the problem is.

      13. Old tired Jeremiah Johnson, what more needs to be said.

        Like the Obummer, as Jeremiah fades into the sunset, selling more junk while spreading fear.

        Old news from the past once again..

        • Lot of commies posting today.

        • Call yourself a Christian yet can’t spell it? I’m having my doubts…

          • That’s because your are one of the “PERFECT Ones”.

            Been there, done that, Served my duty to the USA and still do daily.

            Have you yet BUD??

            Like the Foreign Owned Beer Company

      14. And I thought Carter’s cuts were bad!! His were nothing compared to what bozo has done. With Carter, we were scrounging for paper just to write a letter on. I remember using the backs of old aircrew maps for official intrabase letters. New letterhead stationary was saved for off-base correspondence only. Carbon paper was as precious as gold especially if it had been used less than 10 times – far beyond its life of single-use. We didn’t have computers back then, only typewriters and some of those were WW2 surplus. Planes still flew but not as far because of fuel shortages and parts were scavenged from other planes to keep some flying. Now, it seems, they can’t even find parts. Seeing the way our military is today, I am very reluctant to recommend it to the young people I come in contact with who ask me about serving.

      15. Obama took Military funds to fund Obamacare and illegals

      16. Congress is complicit in the treason. They could have shut Obama down years ago if they had wanted to. The GOP even tho given a mandate by the voters to stop his agenda has done nothing.

      17. …Head like a hole.
        Black as your soul.
        I’d rather die than give you control…

        Bow down before the one you serve.
        You’re going to get what you deserve.”

      18. There doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Air Force from where I live. They are still sending up hundreds of flights every day to spray chemtrails.

      19. Send more women the the front! Particularly the feminists and those women with faux male appendages.

        And dumping all our experienced military leaders in lieu of that new gay army secretary is another great idea, Obama. Sacking military leaders reminds me of what Stalin did. Not that Obungler is that much different from Obungler.

      20. Trump can’t be worse than Obama has been.

        The American public will do what we can. If all we can do is communicate via this keyboard, so be it. Who knows, out there in the public will emerge young people able to arm themselves with tis bits of truth from ordinary Americans on their keyboards. To say we do nothing is not so. What we do is a drop of water in a mighty ocean. The main stream media mountain of lies has to have a few willing to take the time to impart a different point of view.

        • Has anyone else noticed that upon this site there is little to no conversations? Just post after post and rarely does one post remotely answer any previous post. Division? I reckon so. The very best written and “sound” ideas that I have read have gone totally unnoticed and ignored, as it seems most everyone is just trying to get “their time at the helm” (then press Send) and read more, get another idea, and then throw THAT out “as an opinion.”
          If you are not working together as a unit now, you won’t be when it will be needed either. And it appears time is In fact, your prepping may have been impeccably accomplished …but, it appears that everyone here has their own ‘hidey-hole’ with no intentions of entertaining the very thought of a TEAM. (The Military has TEAMS for damn good reason (as one-man Rambo squads just do not exist in the real world). SEAL-TEAM SIX is one of the best. Used to be a SECGRU (Security Group) until Rich Marcinko took it in the shorts for misappropriation of funds …but I’m on his side to my dying breath). Now, if you aren’t aware, Team Six is now Anti-Terrorist (in basis). As for the rest, I have no idea because I no longer have “the need to know.” (As in Security Clearances). I’m quite sure there is no-one left from those days as they’d be pushing 60 or more). Since THEY (the world’s finest) use Teams, why DO you folks frown upon the idea? Why do you folks ‘trounce and harass veterans, from time to time’ as being the ones that put it all into motion. Hell, if you’d ever bothered to serve YOUR country you would know we were following orders. In time of war, if you do NOT follow orders you’ll catch a bullet from “friendly fire”, or take a long swim off a flight deck 400 nautical miles out to sea, etc. (Naval ships NEVER change course due to a lost man. By the time you are missed (at ‘muster’), you could be 45 nautical miles behind ‘her’ and most likely “chewed up” in the props (big ships ‘suck you under’ very easily) …just like they will suck you down as they sink.
          So, DON’T ‘collude’ in the least. Keep stocking up and polishing them bullets and cleaning them firearms and give no thought as to tactics, other definitive OPTIONS and ‘the like’.
          Let yourselves be “every man for themselves and see how well that works for y’all, as you won’t get a second chance at it.” (At least I’ll have an inkling of who I am stepping over). It is common to find ‘single bodies’ and UNCOMMON to find ‘scores’ of them unless it was due to an RPG or ambush-from-hell. Neither a team nor a lone-wolf would win that game right? Wrong. The TEAM would stand a damn good chance at taking OUT the ambush before they have a chance to fire, as they know exactly what to do and when to do it, and how to do it correctly to maximize their chances of survival.
          One man against even three or four in an ambush will be aerated and fall in seconds …never knowing quite what hit him.
          This is exactly where you all stand, (defiantly!) …save for the vets on here and many others who keep pleading to go back to prepping topics …yet for over a month it has been this wasteful bullshit …which is getting everyone nowhere fast. (You are NOT using your best weapon, the human brain). As for myself, no hard feelings but “the straw” I was waiting on just ‘broke’ …and so we are going to just vanish as was planned upon years ago.
          You should have tried to see some vets when you had the time to do so. You’d know how to pull the vanishing act …at the very least.

          May you all be blessed, KYMom, Kula, Sarge, Taxn2poverty, Marine, Navy Man, HCKs, MAC (handshake) …you all know who you are, and of course I wish everyone the very, very best of luck and help from the man upstairs, in every way. (My sincere apologies for not stating all names, my brain is old and being a veteran of course my mind is all frigged up with government brainwashing and shit …I know this cuz many of you have told me so. 🙂
          Old Guy is right. This IS a good time to be old, and I feel blessed that we are. (Yeah, it is just an opinion).
          The good years of life have been lived and enjoyed ‘unfettered’ (mostly), and now we are ready to greet death whenever it may come, no worries. And THAT just may make the difference between failure and success at what WE have decided for ‘tactics’ (Dozens and dozens of them, all calculated upon what is and isn’t available “at arms reach”, the “lay of the land” and more foxholes (and natural tiny caverns …complete with bats and their guana) than we can remember making.
          It may be against your religion, but among one of the first things you MUST DO when this has ignited and is entering “full swing” is to learn to steal unseen. (You’ll want their ammo, grenades, C4, Commo, clothes, belts, knifes, plates and lives, in no particular order …’steal’ any and all of them, no exceptions).

          If there be any here today that remain unsure of the future, rest assured that this has not all been done in vain nor for entertainment purposes (Obama plays golf for that).
          We, as primo targets, have reached (nearly) the completion of a long, drawn out, list of ‘culminations’ all carefully assembled to bring us down to a 3rd World Country (or worse). Why in hell anyone may feel or think anything different must be ‘touched in the head’ …Hillary has already ‘spilled the beans’ on that much (as have many others via ‘slipped tongues’ along the way. I am sure everyone ‘noticed’ yet nobody did one solitary thing about it at any level. That’s incredible! I suppose the power of the media and “the power of subliminal suggestion DOES INDEED WORK! I have seen nothing “but living proof” in each and every Article, reinforced by each and every (with the mentioned exceptions) post that gets made. (Fucking off the trolls and naysayers…).
          THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN WITH THE SAUDIS “BOMB” – and everything you read is pure truth. The WTC was “blown” at the bottom under a false-flag attack. I am relieved it is finally over and out on the table for all to see. Hurray! Except…

          We shall see war unlike any other before us (that were recorded or left any record …aside from The Asteroid Belt). If you are white, you will be fighting Muslims, Blacks, Immigrants (illegal or not), ISIS, Americans-with-a-taste-for-violence will come crawling out of the woodwork and dozens more to numerous to mention. Who’s to stop them? 121 million-armed Americans all acting independently? Are you insane? Are all of these gun-slinger white with the same intentions and wishes as ourselves? I sincerely doubt it. I DO feel the 50million veterans are “good to go” on all counts. Trained and ready and unconcerned about their decisions made thus far (as they KNOW they are right). Disagree? I don’t give a hoot.

          The very same crowd of thugs who started this country are precisely the type of folk WE MUST BE if we expect to win anything. Free-thinking men who organized and won, no matter the cost. THEY DID NOT ACT ON THEIR OWN. THEY COMBINED FORCES AND WON AGAINST AN ENTIRE NATION HELL BENT ON TAKING THEM DOWN TOO!

          We MUST do the same or the option will quite likely be death (or worse).

          You have done nothing at all up to this point except “worry for your own ass” (all three of you: Me, Myself and I) …I am discouraged to say “that ain’t gonna make it guys’, and I am deadly serious.
          Those who disagree with HCKs need to get their heads screwed on straight as EVERYONE HAS SOMETHING WORTHWHILE TO BRING TO THE TABLE – NO exceptions. It just may be HIS bullet that saves your ass “on your six” …who is to say no-way? Nobody, that’s who…

          Those with families have gone the extra mile and that is commendable, training their children, etc). By the time what I’ve written has time to sink in, there will be NO law on the streets. (They will be home taking care of their own too, as they should do). However, they ARE STILL A TEAM and will combine forces in a heartbeat, and being trained …well now, everything will just fall right into place.

          Few of you will be able to accomplish the same, and won’t realize your error until it IS too late, and that is sad as it IS avoidable for the greater part.

          Keep on bitching and ignoring each other, and know we’ll be thinking of you every know and again ….wondering. You’ll be able to find us on the HAM. ( EQUORIAL ).

          Sarge – for you and yours, be safe.

          • Bud, that was an outstanding assessment.
            One reason for no conversations here is the structure of the website. Articles appear quickly and are down the page before you know it. The website BoaterEd uses a different format where you or I could start a thread and it stays current until everyone has their say. I was there for 10 years and enjoyed it but forum burnout happens. Plus too many liberals vs. conservatives with everyone arguing back and forth and no one seeing common ground and no one agreeing on a damn thing.
            At the least this site has people that are aware of the bigger picture, that both parties R&D have ruined the nation on purpose.
            Where will it end? Who knows but I think you’ve described the future quite well.
            Like I said a few days ago, from the movie..
            “A nation the falls from from it’s enemies can recover and rise again. But a nation that withers from within is dead forever.”
            I think we’ve withered.

          • Bud

            It’s like herding cats. Too many options and opinions. Skill levels vary greatly. Also some may be hard press to do what has to be done for war is very messy. Fear of retribution then there are those who are Arm Chair Commando’s. Lots of trolls and many times Vets are put down for their service. Being here for a stretch of time I would go it alone. Done trying to put a team together to train together. So I will work on my stand alone capabilities. Life is not fair and going it alone are the cards I have been dealt. I used to be a good guy but I will tell you that when the balloon goes up, the only rules that matter are the ones I made. You will find most here are of that lineage.

            You can take one in the head and it’s all over.
            Or fight long enough to take a few with you.
            If your lucky you might survive your first firefight.

            Throw the vest on and give them hell as best you can.

            • No firefights, anon.

              Each man his own fire team and responsible for his own ammo. One shot, hit from long range and fall back.


          • Bud:
            Just because people don’t acknowledge everyone every time doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate each other. I want to thank everyone who posts here especially those who leave useful links like KY Mom. I learn more from posters than from the articles most times.

      21. Whoa! Who, in their right minds would torque off the advantages of having an obviously well-trained SEAL from a prepper’s site? And, since vets are a no no here, colour me gone as well. (Life in England is hell, btw, and coming to a hovel near you too)! Oh, send bullets please oh please?

        • Crickette.

          Hold on there. Lots of abuse but you do get some nuggets from time to time. You get use to it.

      22. “Obama has cashiered the senior Officer and Enlisted Personnel at the Command levels, and the ones with the most combat experience derived from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”
        This is a huge understatement if this statement is referring to the hundreds of generals, admirals, etc..that Obama has fired since taking office. I used to think that Obama’s plan was to purge all Command that would not follow an order to fire on Americans. Now, it has become clear that he fired anyone who would complain if they were corn-holed while sleeping in their tent.

      23. We have our army right here! An army of patriots. As brave as those who came before us at Bunker Hill, Shiloh, Normandy, the Mai Cong Delta. May you always remember some gave some and some gave all. Molan Labe!

      24. Bud your teams concept is sound but if I was in one why on earth would I blow opsec by talking about it on a forum like this. SHTF is NOt the place to be having such conversations. I agree with you that ” no man is an island” will be prophetic should TEOTWAWKI occur but this is hardly a recruitment or training sight. At BEST it is a place to gather information, and hear thought of like minded individuals. As for team building and Assymetrical warfare planning not so much..

      25. On a different tack anyone knowledgable of the effectiveness of using Galvanized Steel trash can as a improv Faraday Cage.

      26. Big Blue Drew

        On utube there was a electronics person who showed how good a small trash was against EMP. He had a device and pulsed the can. It had to be below such a range. It passed with a tight lid. Then he used metal tape to seal it and the reading went almost to nothing. Using 2 in tape. One inch above and below on the lid. Also check and make sure the handle is solidly attached to the lid or you will have to sodder it in place. Also had to insulate the inside. No metal to metal.

      27. And president Obama has not been impeached because . . .

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