This Company Is Boycotting the Black Friday Madness (And Going Viral): “Spend the Day Outside”

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Commodities, Entertainment, Headline News | 76 comments

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    Outdoor retailers REI have sparked a revolution against the Black Friday consumer madness by encouraging people to connect with nature instead of electronics and holiday deals.

    The camping, hiking and cycling giant are officially shutting their doors this Black Friday and paying its 12,000 employees for a day off where they can #OptOutside and visit parks or enjoy the Great Outdoors. The Washington Post reports:

    A month ago, outdoor retailer REI announced that it would pay 12,000 employees not to work this Friday in apparent protest against the rampant consumerism that has come to characterize the day after (and sometimes night of) Thanksgiving.

    The company launched a social media campaign—#OptOutside—to encourage their workers and customers to spend the day outside. Gimmick or not, the company is getting a lot of credit for spreading the idea.

    [I]ts #OptOutside Twitter hashtag has been shared nearly 1 million times since the announcement nearly a month ago. Several government agencies were among the thousands to jump on the social media bandwagon and a number of states, several in partnership with REI, are opening up their parks for free.

    Imagine that… going outside after a day of “thanksgiving,” and saving the shopping spree for later.

    REI can afford to do so because they are a consumer-owned co-op that doesn’t have to answer to typical corporate shareholders, but they are also tapping into a growing segment of society that is fed up with over-the-top emphasis on binge shopping and obligatory holiday gift grabbing. They are actually upholding real values during a season that claims to be joyful and caring, but has really become greedy, materialistic and crazed.

    President/CEO Jerry Stritzke, while noting that much of their sales have moved online, seemed quite at peace with breaking from the consumer ritual and returning to more traditional activities found in nature. He said the message of the atypical move resonates with their base: “once the holiday season is here, that’s an incredibly important time to be outside.”

    More than anything, this company is offering a way out of the madness that has been seized upon in recent years, where fights, long waits and riotous consumers have shown their willingness to do anything for a bargain – including trampling upon their fellow man. hit the mark with this 2010 video:

    Society has really taking a dive, and one often wonders if it is too far gone. REI has taken a rare corporate stand against the trend of banal, shameless and exploitative deals that some would literally kill or die for. There is simply too much more to life.

    Meanwhile the crazy is on for far too many Americans trapped inside the consumer-holiday matrix.

    The British have regrettably also now embraced the Black Friday shopping spree, and seen soaring retail profits and the expense of civility, despite not celebrating the American Thanksgiving holiday.

    This man ironically went camping, but only so he could wait outside of a Best Buy for six days to buy five discount TVs.

    He is so glued into the frenzy that his “tricked-out tent,” set up outside the store, is outfitted with a flat-screen television and a microwave:

    For the past episodes of Black Friday insanity, see:

    Running Of The Sheep: America 2014 in Video: People Trampled, Brawls, Cops Assaulted, Tasers, Mayhem…

    Running of the Sheep 2013: Watch the Annual Migrations, Stampedes, Arrests *Videos*

    Running of the Sheep 2012: “Look At You Slaves Lined Up For Your Chinese Goods” **Videos**

    Shoppers Gone Wild: America’s Running of the Bulls 2011 *Videos*


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      1. Thanksgiving is a time to honor God for His grace towards us, not to have sales on underwear, dog food, and Maxi-pads!…etc.

        Here in the Midwest there is a group of stores known as Mills Fleet Farm, who spent money to advertise that they were closed yesterday….god bless’m!

        • Starrs,

          Some of us bleeding heart pusses need the cheap maxi pads.

          • The maxi pads are for acid.

            • Well, at least REI didn’t have to worry about the blacklivesmatter thugs blocking their entrance — “No justice, No shopping”

              …I never said BLM was a smart bunch…

              • Sixpack, BLM is just another black criminal group being used to hurt white people and you’re right about them NOT being smart.

        • One more reason for me to shop at Mill’s Fleet Farm. They have their priorities in order. This whole Black Friday thing has gotten out of control. What are those shoppers going to be like when it is food or emergency supply items they are in line for, rather then the cheap retail item?

          Another thing that has me PO’d, is a local FM stationed that started playing Christmas/Holiday music last week. I just may have to stop listening to that station entirely. I’m not an 80’s music fan, so I guess it would be no loss.

          • I have ROKU and am listening to Christmas music already!!! I love it!!

            • The only way you get rid of black friday is to get rid of christmas. And the only you are going to get rid of christmas is to convince millions they have been deceived, and that is harder to do than it was to originally deceive them. It is a man made holiday created on mans pagan religious traditions, not a Holy Day created by the Father. Its about a false messiah and it is on a false birthday. All you have to do is read the scriptures. it is the same wedding contract from Genesis to Revelation.

              • BJ. nice to hear from you. Im almost finished with the house.

                • Awesome news….can’t wait to see pics 🙂

      2. Tis the running of the sheep!

              • Genius –

                Thanks for the videos … these just reconfirm why I hate people in large groups. The day grocery stores have no more food … will be the day I wish I had a Sentry Gun or two set up in my presence.

                [if you have food … they will come]

                • Genius, I know you mean the best, but I couldn’t stomach more than 2 minutes of the videos. I’ve seen enough of them to know how far we’ve fallen as a nation.

                  • Try and get through the 2nd vid, it is hilarious lol 🙂

              • People are buying crappy no-name electronics thinking they’re getting a good deal. The above video shows a Dynex TV. I had never heard of the company, so I checked online. Every single TV that they used to sell is marked “discontinued.” That makes me wonder how bad the TVs are, since they quit selling them altogether.

                • Archivist – they are not safe. They are inferior/rejects and have the potential to catch on fire. Many of these off-beat names are knock-offs and were not held to any quality/safety standards…. once again, profit over lives.

          • Damn, G
            Went to biker parties in early 80’s that were better organized. At least they had a code of ‘ethics’…

            Be well all…

            • Eppe, you got that right. I have to a pantera concert in the mosh pit and it was better than that lol. Mark Dice is hilarious, that vid reminds me of something I would do. Stay home, Stay safe my friend 🙂

              • Eh,Genuis,we knew the fun was coming!Going to watch a few with me meal for laughs!Pantera huh?What,you take the grandkids to their first concert!

                • Dammit, ha ha ha I like a lot of different music. Anything from John Denver to Exhorder. Anything with some good guitar (have played most of my life) except rap and pop crap. Mostly used to listen to aerosmith, priest, sabbath, songs that I learned. I have 3 panterra cd’s lol. Also some frank sinatra and simon and garfunkle. Roy Clark was an awesome guitpicker!

                  • Genius, Roy Clark was one of the ones I grew up with. Any C&W artist who plays guitar is worth listening to. Latin guitar is also some thing good to listen to.

                    • Jimmy Page was my guitar idol 🙂

                    • Genius, Jimmy page is still a legend among rock-n-roll guitarists. It’s true that anyone would be hard-pressed to top that act.

                    • Ahhh the old days of going to see “The Song Remains The Same” at the midnight movie. Reeked like pot and everyone had flasks and it was a great party! Zeppelin is an absolute legend!

        • Small wonder politicians hold the American people in such contempt. Get your food preps in now or prepare to be cut down by the primitives of all colors.

      3. I dont like going shopping on normal days, day like today,,,,
        Not even thinking about leaving the property!
        People suck

        • I’m with ya Kula, I just have one problem, I’m out of beer 🙁
          Now that thanksgiving is out of the way I hope everyone has a great weekend and thanks to Mac for this site 🙂

          • Out of beer?? YOU call yourself a prepper?? 🙂

            • Well I have plenty of shine and wine does that count?

              • Besides beer is a pain in the ass to make compared to wine and shine. I can make wine out of dandelions or whatever else grows around here lol. Speaking of hooch, I need another pallet of sugar, thanks for reminding me lol.

        • Black Friday people suck.
          Oops, one too many Friday’s in that statement.

          • Nobama, DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner. Yes, Black Friday do suck. And so does acid. [My first attempt at humor since the home invasion.]

            • Whoa Genius,now this is serious,you ran ouy of beer on black Friday!?Dude,work with me,there are places that sell beer that are no where near the malls/big stores ect.This fiasco can be resolved but you need your opsec in high gear.I to in the past when I was drinking ran out at inopportune moments,we got more beer and lived to talk about it.You can do this,consider it a trial shtf final shopping frenzy and you will get thru unscathed!

              • LOL ya it was code red for a while But I braved the snow and the crap and got some more. Traffic wasn’t to bad in town and I picked up a new pair of gloves too 🙂

              • Warchild, if I run out of goldfish, that’s a code red for me.

                • Brave,you run out of Goldfish tis game over!I know you hate buying on net but good deals right now,perhaps time to start the rebuild and a transfer to shop near you?Once again,sorry to hear you got hit by “locusts”!

                  • Uh Genius,what is this snow you speak of?!Twas a balmy upper 50’s here today in New England!

                    • Where is New England lol. Is that an island off the brittish coast? I hear they have good clam chowder. Just kiddin, you are a long way from here in Snowville lol. The woodstove has been goin for 2 weeks now. Damn early winter, I was hoping to be at the cabin right now 🙁

                    • Warchild, LMAO! Not to worry, my stock of goldfish is Ok for now but will get some more between now and xmas. I’ve got to replace 2 members of my ‘ventilation team’ that were ‘kidnapped’. Some people have speculated that maybe the same ‘locusts’ will come back. I doubt that, but it’s a safe bet that some OTHER ‘locusts’ may come around. I’ll have some 00 buck waiting for them. This is the time of year when home invasions increase. As I said I’ve got something some mofos DON’T want, so they better just stay the f#$% from my place. I’m still fuming over this whole affair.

                    • Genius, if you don’t mind, what part of the country you in?

                    • upper southwest.

                • Braveheart1776, have you tried making your own goldfish yet? If you make your own, you’ll never run out.

      4. REI: A note of Sanity in an Insane world!

      5. I am boycotting Black Friday too. After the meal I had yesterday, I still want to take advantage of some ZZZZ’s.

        • We hate crowds and holiday shopping and avoid weekend crowds or eating out. I spent the day catching up on yard work to incl. pruning and picking up limbs. Best time to shop or eat out is early in the day, early in the week when few are shopping and restaurants are quiet. America is trashed and people are stuck in stupid because there are less than 5% that are tuned in and even less that would stand up and fight, mostly elderly men! start bartering networks in your area with people you can trust. It’s too late to try to inform others because if they don’t see it by now, they never will. Stay low key and get house in order.

          • Old Men Rock! (mostly lol)

            • Genius, that’s right. LOL. I also rock. anyone who says I DON’T rock is full of shit.

      6. “Black Friday” certainly has literally turned out to be just that in the streets of Shitcago. My teevee is full of the Communist News Network and their non-ending string of fellow travelers lauding the group of human excrement bent on mayhem.

        Our “fave” commie Jesse Jackson leading the packrats.

        A question?

        Has there NEVER been a white man who was not guilty, shot and killed by the police? Why don’t we whiteys pillage and burn when that happens? Or as far as the MSM is concerned it never happens or is not worth their reporting?

        I really do know the answer to my question. Whitey does not fit into THEIR AGENDA, now does it?

        • Except most so called Elites are white.

          • Anonymous:

            You haven’t a clue.

        • Makemyday, it’s ironic. Supposedly, white males don’t fit into the agenda promoted by the tribe-controlled corporate media, but most elitists are white males. Go figure.

          • The tribe do not consider themselves white.

            • Once again, most of the tribe are Khazars. They are not Caucasians. Take a good look at Soros or Kissinger and tell me they are Caucasions.

              God named them Kenites.

     might help you in identifying your enemies.

              • All the magic man in the sky stuff does is addle your brain.

      7. I am thankful for friends and family and the ability to still gather and celebrate with each. I am grateful for the “homegrown” turkey and veggies we enjoyed together yesterday. I am grateful that we can express our various points of view in our home since we can no longer have varying points of view in public without total condemnation from one side or the other (forget about learning from each other). I am grateful that so many people I love have a place for God in their lives. And I am thankful for all of you and what can be learned when we listen and do our own research. Enjoy today and the moments it has to offer but stay vigilant.

      8. Went into Rei once and the prices were high but in their defense they had top quality shit. The type of gear that you will have the rest of your life under normal usage. The clothing is good. My feeling is we should boycott cheap consumer crap made somewhere else but the us. People here need jobs and the fact is 95 percent of us made stuff is top quality plus it keeps people here working. Companies should not make shit to fit a price point so it can be sold in a big box store like Wally’s or Home Depot. This is settling for inferior quality items that will not last. I would rather pay more$ for quality stuff and not buy it again a year down the road. why do people go crazy for cheap crap and are willing to battle crowds of assholes to save a few bucks. They look like refugees fighting over a bag of rice. yep like a bunch of gov dependents. no matter how hard up I ever get I will not throw my dignity away. live hard and with less now and when shtf you will be way ahead of the panicked masses.

        • Asshat, same here. If I can find some made in USA items I’ll be happy to get them. I’m sick of cheap, made-in-china crap too.

        • Even when a product says made in USA doesn’t mean MADE in USA–just assembled here.

          • AND..while we are on the American made crusade, my street has 10 houses built during 2006-2008.
            One(moved in 3 weeks ago) is on its 3rd heating unit, and 4 have replaced the original that came with house.
            5 of 10???
            I’m not sure about one, the latest built; it’s hidden with trees and not visible to me.
            What is happening??

            • Sorry to steal the thread…

              If your question about “Heating Units” involves a natural gas or propane fired appliance, the durability may be affected by the quality of the installation, not the product being installed. As an HVAC technician I often encounter problems a few years down the road that often could have been avoided by proper planning and/or tuning at installation.

              Things like proper appliance sizing: a bigger furnace is not always a better deal. Greater capacity to heat actually creates problems by short-cycling. (sounds mildly dirty, but it’s OK, just work through it) Heating too quickly and satisfying demand at the thermostat shortens the lifespan of the heat exchanger due to expansion and contraction during the heating process. Or a blower sized too large for the ductwork can lead to “starving” the furnace for air, since it only heats the air that blows across it and less air means higher temperatures, leading to premature component failure or cracked heat exchangers.

              Also, things like setting manifold gas pressure, blower speed and verifying airflow and temperature rise (all voodoo magic mumbo-jumbo to me too before becoming immersed in this industry) all have an effect on longevity.

              In short, if you aren’t moving enough air around the house, it doesn’t matter how many BTU’s your furnace puts out. Some less than scrupulous “technicians” are happy to sell a larger appliance because they get a taste of the action. Some larger companies actually spend more time training in sales than actual industry technology… Bigger ticket = bigger commission. Amerikuh has become obsessed with “bigger is better”, “more for your money”, “industrial sized”, “bulk pricing”, etc. Furnaces, (and AC units) need to be sized to perform correctly for the size and construction quality of the home, not for the commission of the salesman.

              Sorry for the long post. I become rather passionate about annual maintenance and proper equipment sizing this time of year, as the phone starts ringing and I have to remind people that they could have saved an enormous amount of money by just having their furnace checked sooner, before it becomes a late night, after hours emergency.

              “It’s the little things, the niggling, boring details that will get you killed out here…” – Burt Gummer

      9. This is what Christmas is now about. Seasons greetings.

      10. I’ve never been out black friday shopping, ever! I did go to Publix this a.m. to see the post Thanksgiving sales and picked up a pumpkin pie for $2. I’m a real penny pincher in grocery stores. I use coupons by the dozens and wait for that item to be buy one get one free. Coupons added to bogo I probably get it for what the store paid for the item, or less. My supply of coupons are steady as I pull them from thrown away newspapers in the recycle dumpster. A little embarrassing but I save money.

        • Aljamo, me no play black Friday game either, keemosabie.

      11. Chimps! the lot of them..

      12. Having spent most of my adult life in the Seattle area. I’m naturally a REI member. My favorite line was to walk into the store and ask where to go to get my hunting license, I loved to watch them froth at the mouth when I did that, they are full of bitchy anti hunting yuppies, they do not sell hunting or fishing licenses. They sell the best gear, but it is pricey.
        They get away with no black friday’s and give the employees a paid extra day off, because the Walmart crowd would never go to an REI store. Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon employees go to REI, Pay way too much and get a REI dividend check at the end of the year. REI is a co-op, so in a sense they are non-profit for members.

      13. I had a good day. Slept in, ate good then took my son to the range.

      14. Rellik,you should be ashamed of yourself,seems the store is a “safe zone”!

        • That is an interesting way of putting it! I do all my REI on line these days as I’m now too remote and can’t easily get to one of their “brick and mortar” stores.

      15. Yesterday I had a can of chicken noodle soup for supper. I was thankful for it and the fact I live alone in one of the safest places in the contiguous 48. Today I drove the 30 miles to town to get a couple of things for my ham radio shack but that store wasn’t too crowded.

        For Christmas I will enjoy the snow and the woodstove. Possibly even a nip of whisky. The world has gone insane and I didn’t want to go along with them.

        Keep on prepping. The day draws nearer.

      16. They did the right thing. The whole black Friday crap is beyond comprehension. I did enjoy a nice day outside. People have lost their minds as far as I’m concerned. A fight over some cheap ass Chinese tv…….don’t think so. Whatever have we become? 🙁

      17. These muppets are fighting over some trinkets and babbles. Imagine if they had to fight for food if the food stamp system collapsed.

      18. Nexus,no need to imagine,remember when a few states snap benis went down a couple of days,folks stealing then,believe was just a test to see the reaction by powers that want to be!

      19. Those videos really made me angry and sad at the same time. Totally useless morons fighting over electronic crap and acting worse than starving hyenas after a kill. I cannot figure out why some land-whale needs a flat-screen TV so badly to warrant fighting over it, and why they would bend the boxes and sit on them… I wonder how many of those crap TV’s ended up with dead pixels or cracked screens… serves them right.

        I am sad because none of those morons understands what is real. Personally, my wife and I put the car in the garage on Tuesday evening and haven’t gone into town since. We cooked a great dinner on Thanksgiving using veggies and potatoes we grew this year, visited the neighbors, wandered around our property enjoying the fresh air and the rain, we discussed our plans for a chicken coop in the spring, and we silently watched the flames in the pellet stove while sitting on the couch with our cats, listening to the rain on the roof. There is food in the house, plenty of fuel, some PM’s at the bottom of a nearby lake (don’t ask), no debts, and warmth and contentment. Oh, and then we watched a couple of movies on our 2004-era TV.

        OK, I’m happy again, just describing our holiday and our quiet home…

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