Things Aren’t So Good Suggests Survey of 1500 Americans

by | Jan 5, 2011 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    A recent survey conducted in early December 2010 suggests that, while the smell of recovery is in the air (or is that the bullsh*t coming from government, the Fed, and mainstream media?), most of those in the trenches aren’t feeling too optimistic:

    • 72% are dissatisfied with national conditions
    • 89% rate national economic conditions as only fair or poor
    • 55% say the nation is losing ground on the ability to compete economically with other countries
    • 17% think the economy is now recovering while 33% say recovery will occur soon.
    • 47% cite the job situation as the economic issue that worries them most, while 15% cite rising prices
    • 51% say it is difficult to afford health care.
    • 48% say the same about their home heating and electric bills.
    • 29% say it is difficult to afford food.

    Expect these numbers to continue rising, especially once the failure of our government to mitigate the economic crisis becomes apparent to those who are still asleep.

    The December 2011 survey will likely show an increase in a number of areas, including those who cite rising prices as their primary economic concern and those who say it is difficult to afford food.

    General sentiment, despite what we’ve been led to believe, is poor. Evidence of continued malaise is everywhere.


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      1. The other 49% don’t have health care.

      2. 100% of me is sick and tired of the corperation and its games..
        the corruption, the lies..etc..
        you know the bail outs, the printing money, the corruption..
        the lies..the thug government. the Czars..the outing of a public held companies CEO (GM). OUR money used to bail out banks and GM and no shares given to the public…did i mention the CORRUPTION?

        what the heck does it take before we the people as a unified group say enough is enough..yer outa here!

      3. Comments…..I’m laid off……..After 12 years with the company.

      4. ONLY 55%??? was there an reading test that went along with this??

      5. i work for a large brewey and beer volume is down but we made 37% profit. how do u make profit if you dont sell product….answer raise prices and lay offs.  i will be the first one to know when the recorvery starts. people will start drinking again.

      6. @VRF

        “100% of me is sick and tired of the corperation and its games..”

        Corporation? What do you mean? Please explain…

      7. Net Ranger
        the US government..fed reserve..IRS..fbi cia..etc……etc….etc..

      8. Net Ranger..

        not my article but some of my sentiments

        maybe im off base , its just a gut feeling i guess..its all about fleecing us, lieing to us..and taking from us as much as they can.
        its not run as a Government for the people By the people anylonger so in my eyes its a coperation and we are all its slaves

      9. Net Ranger

        The United States of America’s Congress formed a private corporation named, “The District of Columbia” (Corp. USA) in, The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.  The purpose of this corporation was to carry out the business needs of the government under the martial law aftermath of the Civil War.  It trademarked the names: “United States Government”, “United States”, “U.S.”, “U.S.A.”, “USA”, and “America”. The corporation was not well received by the people and by the end of 1873, it was nearly defunct.
        The corporation was reorganized in 1878 along with its trademarks. Corp. USA began issuing bonds to cover the expenses of running government. They continued to issue these bonds until by 1912 there were more bonds due than there was money in the Treasury to pay for the bonds.
        Seven very powerful families had been buying up the bonds and in 1912 they demanded their timely redemption. When Corp. U.S. couldn’t come up with the money due, its owner was obligated to pay. The Treasury of the United States of America did not have sufficient funds to cover the bonds either and to satisfy the obligations the seven families seized the Treasury with all of its possessions.
        By 1913 there was still no money for operating the government/corporation, and if Corp. U.S. didn’t do something the people would revolt against them, so Corp. U.S. went to those seven very powerful families and asked if they could borrow money from them.
        The Federal Reserve Bank
        The heads of those families made arrangements and provisions to loan the money to Corp. U.S. and in 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was formed and agreed to fund Corp. U.S. in their endeavors. Such an action would have been a gigantic violation of law but there wasn’t any problem with a corporation doing such.
        The real problem is in the name. How does one tell the difference between the corporation named, “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, and the government of the United States of America? What’s worse, how do you tell the difference between the “United States” [a Trust and the body of government that represents the Trust, as Trustees], and the “United States” a trademark name for, “THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”? The answer is simple, you can’t unless you know the context of what’s being done.
        The problem gets even larger when you take into consideration the fact that the officers of government are also the officers of the corporation. They were simultaneously appointed or elected into their offices, both in the corporation and in the government at the same time. In virtually every way the name of their offices and their responsibilities as corporate officials and as government officers were coincidental.
        There was no conflict in interest because the corporations purpose was to fulfill the business needs of the government. We don’t need to go into all of the details and ramifications of the arrangements between Corp. U.S. and the Federal Reserve Bank. The fact of the matter is: Where the government couldn’t lawfully be involved with the Federal Reserve Bank, the corporation can be.
        Having recognized the Federal Reserve link with Corp. U.S., let’s again jump forward through history. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to jump right over the Trading with Enemies Act of 1917 and the Emergency War Powers Act of 1933. Though those Acts are very important in relation to the War we’re involved in today, they won’t affect the outcome of this presentation of history, and in this presentation we want to stick with the money and Corp. U.S.

      10. Another survey that is meaningless.    When you sample a pool of brain dead TV watchers you can expect garbage results. 

        Go survey productive self reliant people and the results will be much different.   I have more business than I can handle and I can’t find competent help.  Life is good.

      11. Hopefully I don’t get attacked for this but in essence those families rightfully own our United States? They invested their money and this is their return.
        and also, Is there anywhere I can read more on this topic? I’ve always known about and believed this but I would like to learn more details about it.

      12. Comments…..laid off with 6 year old and a baby on the way.

      13. Comments…..The sh has hit tf for me but life goes on!

      14. Shit in, shit out.  Who needs food & electricity?  Got an extra cheap  generator from Northern Tool?  Convert over to tri-fuel.  Small is better.


        January 5th, 2011 at 3:00 pm
        The other 49% don’t have health care.

        NOT!!  they’re on our tax-provided health care…medicaid or welfare.

      16. Comments….. crashandburn

        i work for a large brewey and beer volume is down but we made 37% profit. how do u make profit if you dont sell product….answer raise prices and lay offs.  i will be the first one to know when the recorvery starts. people will start drinking again.
        I bectcha anything that those who said things were looking up, are those getting free cocoapuffs.  I saw first hand again of cocoapuffers buying crap with food stamps (WIC).  With cash, they bought dog food, a case of Corona beer, and a carton of Marlboros.  If asked they would certainly say things were going good.  What in the world would they have to complain about?  I also left out the fact that both women were fat – at least 100 lbs overweight,.  Where exactly are these people who answered the questions? Does anyone on welfare have a complaint other than they aren’t getting enough?  Wait until food prices really skyrocket.  They’ll take to the street demanding more.

      17. THE U.S. IS DEFINITELY NOT A CORPORATION, BUT A COUNTRY WHICH HAS IT OWN LAWS (Constitution) although the U.S. has a shadow government which would like to run it like a corporation. 

        The elites try to sell you on their propaganda and want to HIJACK this country. Don’t be so naïve and don’t believe in such a stupid statements. ..All countries around the world, and everyone deals with the U.S. as A COUNTRY, NOT A BUSINESS CORPORATION.. In some countries, anyone who says their country is a corporation or owned by corporations will be considered to have committed a very serious offense or  TREASON. 

        The U.S. has problems keeping accurate records. Many things can happen to them.  With current technology, documents can be altered or created, for the wrong reasons and to fit their motives. 

        With a stroke of a pen, American people can take back their country if you put the right people in the right office and empower them.

        God Bless

      18. The posting is directed to JR!!!!

      19. VRF, you’re on fire. Thats good! You are spot on! Hey! Gods Creation! I found us another brother!!!

        Good work VRF. You saved me a lot of typing. Thanks. The more people I find that know this, the more I realize that the Union is still alive and kicking.

        You found out just exactly whey they are trying to keep 0bama’s birth certificate a secret. Its because he is perfectly legally eligible for the office he is in. In another corporation it might be called The CEO. If they find his BC and they prove him not eligible, he’ll still keep his office because the congress and the senate will not go against their corporate boss. At that point, the cat will be out of the bag with the claws out! The full view of the corporate fraud will be shining in all its glory for the common folk to see. No one wants that. At least, not the ones in power. I wonder how many of the Tea Party knows?

        Anyone else on here understand this? We do not have a republic anymore. It is a corporation running under a corporate democracy. So far I know of three people on here now that know this:

        Gods Creation

        Anybody else?

      20. Just for the record..Im not laying down for what i put up on this board about the “corp.”
        Im an American and will fight for what I believe in and feel I am a soverign individual that stands by his countries ideals, and constitution.
        I just feel that our government is on the wrong road, and run like a corp, insted of a republic thats the point i was trying to make.
        I was also bringing up some history that some of us might not be aware of, and that we should be informed about.

      21. NetRanger
        thanks for the support,
        yes the Union is alive and kicking and im dam sure ready to support it.
        and as we all know Democracies die a horrible death…lets bring the death of this corp. democracy on.
        expose the corruption , expose the deceptions, expose the liers , cheats and theifs of this once great nation.
        Its time to hang em high, before they destroy the ones left to fight for the Liberty, and Justice of the true Americaan way and heritage.
        and believe you , can be done within their own game.
        there are even rules to follow for thier game, and they are breaking them too.
        will the real Americans stand up and demand proof, justice..and be relentless in its persuit? I dam sure hope so, because i dont want to be alone at the front lines when the S hits the fan, ’cause the crap is already flying.

      22. Net are dead on about the BC of the chosen dead on you even brought up something i had in the back of my mind and havent said to many..

        and as far as im concerned that Cat is out of the bag when it comes to me..what we are seeing is the aftermath of a dollar bet of the holders of the fed. reserve..

        one said {no he wont win the” election”} ..the other said  oh{ yes he will..”betcha a dollar”}
        and so here we are..

        but when it comes to people like you and I..the jig is up, because we are free thinkers..and we are in control of our mind ,,not the other way around.

        the funny part is..its unraveling right before their own eyes..and that is whats causing most of this.
        Their own greed is going to take them out, and the huge growth of this government will cause itself to implode if we all just sit back and stop supporting it..

        with out our money , playing in their system, they wont be able to support itself, and as greed is, it will kill itself
        oh yeah, its going to be and get ugly, thats why we all need to prepair ourselfs for it, ’cause it aint gonna be no walk in tha park.

        ever see a tyrant lose?  its really really ugly

      23. VFR and NetRanger, I am there with you.  When I first heard about the Corporation I was in disbelief, but then I started doing a bit of research and it is all there for everyone to see, but if you dont know what you are looking for you will pass it right up.  But the Corp wants it to stay under wraps so the common man does not get wind of what is really happening.

      24. its real easy people..if you dont believe Net Ranger and I

        look it up for yourself

        type in your browser
        and look up  title 28 section 3002
        and read…you will see where it says
        line 15 or so..
        “United States” means
        (A) a Federal corperation

        and a whole lot more that you probably never have read…we have been sleeping at the dam switch in this country so dam long we have let the blood suckers fuck us all over.

        we cant own property..look at your are listed as “Tennant”
        look at some of your legal your name all in capitol letters?..thats because you are a trust in the coperation, at least your name is.
        from the moment you had a social security number..
        notice if you have a baby these days they dont let you out of the hospital until that number is assigned
        I could go on and on..but i think its time you educate yourselfs because i got things i need to do to be ready for the judgement day…and i sure hope we dont let these times pass us by..because its now or never folks
        sheeple, please wake up they been doing you doggy style for your entire life! and without the lube

      25. Comments…..  @ VRF… great post man.  My hat is off to you for the history lesson.  Thanks.  I have heard those same ideas mentioned before on different blogs.  We may not think it makes much diffeence, but to the elites banksters who run things, it means everything.
          I will say this though. I believe that at some time in the future, when enough Americans have had enough, and are ready to do what is necessary to really change things, those points you made about the government as a corporation won’t mean anything.  I’m not sure people will get pissed enough.  There may be too many sheeple around to effect change.  Elections won’t change anything, as i believe that this is a stall , or diversion tactic that the elites use to make people think they have a say. When there is only one party—the” republicrats”,  things will never change.  These people have one master, and it isn’t the American people.  things have gone to far now, and I fear violence is the only thing that will force  real change.  The real options are running out.
          To all us preppers, those survey results are just a “Duhhh, ya think?”  Do we really need that survey to tell us what we already know?  What a stupid waste of time.  That shows you how far behind reality the main stream is.

      26.  VRF …Well done!/Net ranger…I get it,I got it  years ago, Im glad for the company!

        I hope that helps some people to connect the dots and see how we got here from a free republic back there.

         As more people “get it” the beast will become even more dangerous as its days will be numbered!

      27. VRF …Well done!/Net ranger…I get it,I got it  years ago, Im glad for the company!
        I hope that helps some people to connect the dots and see how we got here from a free republic back there.
         As more people “get it” the beast will become even more dangerous as its days will be numbered!

      28. My apoligies on double post.

      29. I can’t wait until someone screams “shazam” and jerks the black sheet off of the magic trick and we see what they are really up to. I feel like we are on the slick end of a ridiculous P.R. campaign.  “Pound it into them enough times till they believe, no matter what they see.”  Without a doubt there are going to be those that are going to have their faces stuck so far in the backsides of Obama and his Ilk that there is no hope for them. To bad they are going to be considered “acceptable losses” How pathetic.  

      30. <s> Well, at least we still have Hope-N-Change! </s>


      31. Hello everyone, I found this website about a month or two ago and have visited daily since.  I appreciate what everyone is doing here.  I happen to agree with these stats.  While I feel that I have achieved a good amount of success in my 27yrs, as well as have been blessed, I can’t help but feel more and more that I am being cheated by criminals and in Washington and Wall St.
        From everything that I have been reading and researching over the last two years, after I lifted the wool from over my eyes, I sincerely and regretfully believe that the entire economic system is corrupt.
        Some of my beliefs are…
        Keynesian economics is ruining this country with unbelievable effectiveness, and is gaining in speed and magnitude of its damage daily.
        Inflation is here and hyperinflation is coming
        People need to go back to basics as far as what really holds value (food-stuffs, oil, precious metals, and water (don’t forget that one), the basic commodities, and skills/knowledge)
        I for one have my money on the “sidelines” of the stock market looking for the next crash, but now I’m contemplating if I can even win since it seems so manipulated and rigged against all of us outside the power/wealth circle.  I may just give up on investing all together.  Only my 401k remains in the market, which I just recently changed the investment strategy to 75% money market and 25% oil/energy exposure.  Seriously thinking about taking the huge hit and cashing it out so I can come out with some money before the govt nationalizes all individual retirement accounts, and invest that money into tangible goods,PM, and supplies.

        On another note I also believe that China is perpetrating economic warfare against this country and possibly the world.  China isn’t stupid, they know that we will never be able to pay back our debts and the only reason I can think of as to why they are still lending to us is to get us so far into debt that our economy and country does finally collapse.  I believe that the motivation behind the Chinese government is actively telling its citizens to purchase precious metals is for the sole strategy of being able to confiscate it in the future, to help soften the blow to their own economy once we default, and the “S” really “HTF”. Once everything tanks, they’ll be able to buy up parts of this very country, pennies on the dollar.  They have already started purchasing property and industry in this country.  Just some of my thoughts and strategies.  Scary times ahead and no one (with the exception of my dad) I know sees it coming or wants to hear about it.  Its a pretty isolating feeling.

      32. Explains a lot when you look at it this way doesnt it ?

        The firing of GM’s the HNIC….Obama.
          GM was a publicly held company..did you get any shares for the money of yours they used to “bail them out”?
        the Czars
        the Bank bailouts…again your money, and people are still loosing their investments to them daily. (the banksters)
        how GM came out of bankrupcy in only, what 5 months?
        forcing a health care policy down our throats
        Allowing, and ignoring BP’s decimation of our gulf..with out as much as a law suit directly placed on them by our government (they are complicite)so they wont sue
        funny how all the financial records got destroyed (supposedly) when the pentagon got struck 9-11
        and our financial trade centers on 9-11
        I could keep going on and on..and i could drag back up history to support how this game has been played out on the American people for decades.
        My gut feeling is Kenedy found out..and thats why he got what he did back in 63.
        No one single person Assassinated him..he was taken out by the corp. because he wasnt playing along, or knew too much and didnt like what he saw.

        think about this..use your own intelligence, not what they cram down your throats and what you get jammed in your ear on a daily basis..its all re-direction, half truths and complete bullshit, geared to keep you as slaves to the Corp…worker bees

        What person (educated) would spend millions, or even billions on a campaign to get a 400,ooo $ a year gig?(the “presidency”) especially with all the baggage that comes with it..these presidents(CEO’s) become rich and protected in the Corperation for life, were being duped.

        come on people WTFU!

      33. sorry ..i doubble typed the “O” in” losing”

        my lap top does that a lot on some letters for some reason..: (

      34. yes the U.S may be incorporated but it does not mean it is a company. most cities and towns are incorporated, hell, I am incorporated, doesn’t make me an evil blood sucking corporation.  Its a legal thing, it makes an ethereal body a legal entity,  its like creating a physical body for  a soul.  I am as much on board with the whole guberment / corporations are screwing us as you guys but this is all legalese bs, not a conspiracy theory .

      35. Cmon people, use your heads, just because the word “corporation” is used doesn’t mean we have to go into hollywood conjured fantasyland of evil CEO’s sitting in gilded offices wringing their hands while saying “Eexcellent” while their diabolical plans unfold!  Incorporating is a way to give an idea or other non-breathing entity  an identity for legal reasons.  Most cities and towns are incorporated as are most states.  You are equating a legal definition with global companies.  Being a corporation doesn’t mean shit except in court, and if they haven’t started taking our rights away in the name of the corporation by now, it ain’t gonna happen. Deeming something a corporation is just for legal reasons, all the dimestore dictators that run the government do so as from a throne, not from a boardroom. Do you think Pelosi knows the U.S. is incorporated or what that really means either? No!  While I most certainly agree things are definitely messed up and our government is controlled by special interests, the fact that an entity of The United States of America exists as a corporation means very little if anything to the average schmoe.  Be much more worried that we have been infilitrated by  communist ideologues who are for now working with corporate interests to bring us the fascism we are seeing evolve.  And always remember, very few people, including the so called global players, plan as far into the future as our imaginations lead us to believe, nor do they have the power and control that they have led you to believe they have. They only have as much control over you as you let them have, their power is in making you think they have control.   They are just humans, and there are much less of them than there are of  US!!

      36. Jane and others:  This country is controlled by banks  and major corp. known as the global elite (Bilderbergers, committee of 300, etc)  The infighting among these diabolical families is why they haven’t completed their “end game”.   On the history channel last night a two hr special on environmental problems: water crisis, energy (oil, etc) and pollution world wide.   HIgh gas and power bills going up all the time wil hit the econ. world wide with no hope for recovery.

      37. “What person (educated) would spend millions, or even billions on a campaign to get a 400,ooo $ a year gig?(the “presidency”) especially with all the baggage that comes with it..these presidents(CEO’s) become rich and protected in the Corperation for life”

        Your answer is in the question. These people are usually failures in the private world, so they spend other peoples money to get themselves elected to a cushy job which will keep paying them for the rest of their lives , AND allows them to make  connections to get them jobs as lobbiest’s, etc once they have been voted out.

        But as I said in previous posts about the corporation conspiracy theory but apparently MAC didn’t like them as he hasn’t posted them, you are making a bigger deal out of the District of Columbia incorporating itself  as it pertains to how much it has changed the control over our lives,  Dimestore Dictators and a compacent populace do much more harm to our Republic than giving our country a legelese designation.

      38. And just to add a little icing on the cake, the gov has just broken ground in Utah on the largest ‘Spy Center’ ever, under the jurisdiction and oversight of the NSA. And what does the article report? It hypes how GREAT this all is for the construction jobs it’s creating! We’re all doomed.  Selling our souls to the devil for those construction jobs. Nevermind the pervasive expanse of the all-seeing eye, people. Move along. Nothing to see here! Just popped up on DRUDGE a few minutes ago. Check it out. Double plus good it is not, brothers and sisters.

      39. i’ve never read so many goofy blogs as i do here on shtf.

        all this continuous bithching about things that aren’t happening and will never happen like hyperinflation, starving children and road warrior scenarios constitutes absolute evidence of serious rejections of motherhood. . all of you (except manos) should be continuously thankful for living in the home of the brave and land of the free and drop onto your knees and plead for foregiveness and then render god-given praise and appreciation for america and all our bountiful republic stands for.                                                  

        where else in the world can aspirants dance with the stars or gamble on nfl games and totally leave management of our countries affairs to our independent highly skilled wall street bankers and corporations who use trillions in secret derivatives to create the debts that create jobs and enhance stability in the housing market

        god bless america and god bless our magnificent federal government and our harvard and yale trained federal reserve banking geniuses who, in concert with their european partners, work hard every day toskillfully manipulate  the united states dollar which is under continuous assault by sadistic mexican drugsters, chinese currency manipulators in san francisco and drunken doped up teen age rag head terrorist muslims with fully automatic 7.62 ak47’s.

        our wonderful armed forces most of whom even speak english and are completely devoid of draftee riff-raff are in over 600 bases throughout the world forcing  freedom and justice upon millions of people many of whom are so stupid that they don’t even go to judeochristian churches or appreciate all the efforts america makes  completely on their behalf.  our mighty aircraft carriers bring food to starving nations while our ground troops give candy to starving children  throughout the world. our brilliant army and marine corps combat regiments  and stryker battalions have been hot on the trail of osama bin laden with the most sophisticated tracking equipment ever known for over ten years now and as soon as they rendition this agitating punk onto our back room waterboards america’s  problems in this part of the world will be over.

        have faith in america’s politicians, corporations and bankers for in them lay the heart and pulse of america’s inevitable march into the future….

      40. Mushroom, you’ve made so many silly statements in the past, all under the guise of obvious sarcasm, that making a heartfelt point now carries zero weight. It’s just the ramblings of a truly disillusioned soul at this point. Speak another word of all the good the Fed and our ‘leaders’ are doing, sarcastic or not, and your comment goes out with the trash. Along with your stupid ten dollar bills.  Wake up, brother.

      41. that “Texas Missle” almost hit a Continental Express flight at 13, 000′

        think we will ever know the truth on that one?

        a false flag that missed?

        there is more on the web..type in continental express and missle..

        bet this isnt really investigated any further

      42. I continue to be amazed at the inability of people to understand what they read. It’s like they get up in the morning and have not 1, not 2, but 3 heaping bowls of dumbass.

        First of all, the survey is suspect at best. We don’t have any idea what methodology was used or the sampled base.

        Let’s just blow the aforementioned off and look at the numbers. 29% find it difficult to afford food.  There is a high probability that these figures are heavily weighted towards families with children simply due to the additional costs of raising parasites.
        Don’t ask me to sugar-coat crap.
        Anyway, this 29% figure oughta give folks without children pause to reconsider any desire to breed.
        28 USC 3002
        Obviously my first statement rings true. Read 28 USC 3001 and you find out that this corporation thingy is limited to recovery of judgements.  Hmm, who to believe? The actual Code or the opinion of a commoner.
        Yes, our government has gotten out of control. The problems are tied to all parties lacking an understanding of the Constitution and each employee’s fear of retaliatory firing for making waves.

        Couple the above with the voter’s demands for government intervention into  almost everything and the complexity makes effective management impossible.

        But conspiracy? Perhaps a conspiracy of money, power and whatever by small homogeneous groups, but not an uberalles conspiracy. Once again it is the complexity issue. An additional problem is that the agencies almost refuse to work together. Want some evidence?

        Look at the joke called Dept. of Homeland Security. The creation of an Uber department hasn’t solved any problems that pre-existed DHS and created a few new ones such as TSA.

        Oh well. Believe what you will. Me? I’ll continue to chase credible evidence down any and every rabbit hole. The pursuit of knowledge demands all biases be recognized and discarded. Opinions can and often do change as new data becomes available.

        I don’t believe anyone and therefore I don’t believe what they wrote. Show me the beef!

      43. Comments…..     @ overtheedge
         I disagree with you point about our government workers, and their knowledge of the constitution.  The know exactly what it say, they just ignore it. The write new mandates that ignore it, the judges legislate on the bench and ignore it, our Presidents write executives orders and ignore it,—on and on.  They know exactly what they are doing.
             The only way this will stop, is when the masses start ignoring all these edicts, and refuse compliance. I don’t really see this happening –until—-most of the entitlements stop.  And that will come in time.  We can all see the hadwriting on the wall.  Typical mantra issued by our Congress—“We must all share the pain in these hard times.”  American citizens, whether caused by their own compliance or not, will be forced by federal edicts into more taxes, and less benefits.Things will get more and more tense, until the rubber band snaps.  That’s when the party will start..  Just look at history in any century, and this scenerio has been palyed out many times. In every situation, the crooked banksters were the primary cause.  
              Gullible and lazy Americans thinking that these no cost mortgages came with no small print, and lapped them up by the billions.  Now, it’s time to pay back the slave masters, who have all the exits covered. Like I said, this scenerio has been played out through the ages, and we already know how it will turn out.
            I can only hope that these stupid sheeple masses will finally figure out, that the very people who profess to have the answers for them, the government leaders, and their crooked bankster masters , were the ones who caused these problems in the first place.  What a con game.  A legal ponzi scheme.
             The coming days will provide much fodder for discussion, but I plan to continue prepping for what I know is coming.  Whether sooner or later–alll will come crashing down, and I await the fall.  goood luck all, I enjoy the postings.

      44. Comments…..Net Ranger,Gods Creation, VRF,
        the new commie troika,white supremacists, or brothers of the SS. Take your pick but thank the Lord that these racists don’t run things. They are full of shit, they have large fat arses, and they live in run down trailer parks.

      45. greaseman
        We agree on everything except your first paragraph. In 22 years of government service and I witnessed gross ignorance of the Constitution.  If we ask the question, “Are high level managers ignorant?” My experience tends to demonstrate about 80% yes and 20% no.  In most cases, I saw no malice at all. The few cases of malice I did see towards the “people” stemmed from fear of exposure as ignorant fools.

        Want an example? I got fired by a state agency for causing a political problem to be exposed. My firing evaluation clearly stated that the agency would never rehire me for anything.  4 months later, the same manager, who wrote the scatheing eval  at the same office called and rehired me as a temp supervisor. I didn’t do anythingto counter the firing; no grievances, no whining, no nothing.

        Never attribute to malice that which can be easily explained by incompetance. Vampires fear being dragged into the light.

        Oddly enough, the government workers that seemed to understand the Constitution best were almost always bottom tier and usually only stuck around for a few years at best. Those who stuck around longer  usually  advanced no further than working foreman level.

        I don’t bear any malice. I refuse too get mad at a puppy that craps on the floor. It doesn’t know any better. Nor do the ignorant. I do refuse to trust them or, … perhaps I trust them to screw it all up and then attempt to blame the resulting mess on _____________ (fill in the blank.)

        The problem is ALWAYS the people. They will always vote for one of their own. If I don’t trust people, why would I ever trust the people they vote for?

      46. @Jeff said….
        Comments…..Net Ranger,Gods Creation, VRF,
        the new commie troika,white supremacists, or brothers of the SS. Take your pick but thank the Lord that these racists don’t run things. They are full of shit, they have large fat arses, and they live in run down trailer parks.

        I dont always agree with everything these folks say,heck I dont even agree with myself on everything…BUT having read alot of what they have to say they certainly have  shown alot more ability to reason than you have…and I appeciate all intelligent debate/imput… unless you can site factual evidence that supports your childish rant then save it..people who resort to leftist politically correct slander rather than rely on an intellectually factual and honest exchange of ideas show that they are not capable of reason and are probably prime examples of all of the slurs they throw!
        You have something intellegent to contribute…. then please do so,otherwise please go to orYahoo news or any of the other leftist sites, theyre more in that league and will welcome your blathering/slander and you will feel more at home ! Thanks!

      47. @Jeff

        im not following your rambling?
        would you care to fill us in?
        its hard to tell if you are calling us these things , or what exactly it is your trying to say.

      48. Amazing, 1 in 6, 1 in 7, wow, yet its like 7 to 1 with cell phones, 7 to 1 with high speed ISP, 5 to 1 with new Ipads, and I see no let up on the traffic or the lines at restaurants. Looks like things are going along fine out there with damned near every driver I see on the road has a damned cell phone glued to their ear and yappin away, even in the check out line at WallMart I watched some with a cell to the ear all the way through the line and the paying process, unreal, and this is wallmart, a low cost retailer. I never owned a cell phone, use dialup ISP, still have my 35 year old 19″ TV, and still can’t deal with the cost of dental care or these no inflation no need for a COLA ever increasing food prices. I just want that Bernakapart to get off the low rates and get the damned banks to start paying better rates again with all that free money.

      49. JANE

        Please take a history lesson – the US Govt is a Corporation…. yesthe actual USA is upheld by constitution but it is not ‘acting’

        VRF is right, do the research and you will hopefully see the light 🙂


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