They’re Going To Attempt This One Way or Another: Will You Send Your Sons and Daughters to Fight? *Video*

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    War Deployment(Photo: Eric Fefferberg/AFP/Getty)

    Most people think that World War I started as a result of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. It’s an easily digestible narrative, and one that can be summed up in a thirty second talking point. But students of history understand that neither the assassination of Ferdinand or Pearl Harbor were the underlying reasons behind the wars that subsequently ravaged our planet. These were mere flash points – catalysts for a broader expansion of wars that were already in progress. The conflicts had been building for years, even decades, before these events took place.

    Both World War I and II were the result not of singular events, but rather, of economic policies and regional expansion that pitted one group against another – often with various groups of like minded conglomerates all over the world involved.

    The point is, that these great wars, which were ultimately responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people, weren’t one-off events that came out of nowhere.

    The chess pieces were being moved long before the official start of the conflicts archived in our history books.

    Right now, today, the grand chess game is in full swing yet again (in fact, the game never stopped). And though we are led to believe that we live in a world of relative peace here in the West, there are regional wars actively being fought all over the world. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, if not millions, are actively engaged in the fight.

    Here in America, we watch conflict play out from the comfort of our couches. Somewhere in the middle east, however, is an 8-year old with an AK-47 fighting a real life war that kids in America experience only as entertainment on their Xbox or Playstation.

    We’re comfortable today. But despite our seemingly peaceful lifestyle, there is a great conflict brewing on the periphary.

    One day soon, we’ll have a catalyzing event, much like Ferdinand’s assassination, Hitler’s invasion of Poland, or Pearl Harbor. And then the reality of the situation will come clearly into view.

    It won’t be on television anymore, but rather, right outside of our front doors.

    Can’t happen in America, right? What’s going on across our oceans is nothing to worry about… it’s way over there.

    Or is it?

    The Storm Clouds Are Gathering and the following evidence suggests that we’re just a single event away from wide-scale global war, just as humanity has experienced so many times throughout history.

    Clearly, the most powerful nations in the world are involved.

    If tomorrow a direct war between the United States and Russia were to break out, this would mark the official beginning of World War III. Obviously this wouldn’t really be accurate.

    A proxy war between the US and Russia is already underway in Syria and Iran. And a currency war is already underway between the United States and China.

    The question here is really only one of scale. How far will this go?

    It’s a classic problem, reaction, solution set up, where those that create the problem manipulate the public into accepting a solution that puts more power into their hands.

    They’re going to attempt this one way or another. If they don’t, they will lose everything.

    The question is, how will we respond?

    Will you fall for this? Will you send your sons and daughters to fight in these corrupt wars with your eyes closed and your hand on your heart?

    (video sourced via The Daily Sheeple)


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      1. Very good read – Thanks.

        • Wake up! We’re at war with Russia. It isn’t fully hot, YET. The Russian government is supplying arms to the Syrian government. The US and some European allies are supplying arms to the guerrillas fighting (al Queada the supposed terrorists) the Syrian government. Obummer wants a nofly zone established over Syria just like he did over Lybia.

          And Russia’s response?

          It ain’t going to be long before we have a Gulf of Tonkin “incident”.

          • @ Wilson……The Russians sending rockets to Syria must be a little ‘payback’ against the US GOV’T.?? I heard years back, that the Russians pulled out of Afghanistan because of US Stinger missiles (given to the Afgans) were bringing down russian Helicopters every day !!?? …PAY-BACKS are HELL !! …….mm~

          • Wilson – Yes, the proxy war is amping up. No doubt there will be an incident as in the Gulf of Tonkin and over a decade of open warfare in that region.

            My “tour” in that hellhole was a HUGE eye opener. Limted warfare is business for someones pocket. If the GI’s could have done it their way, Viet-Nam would have been over in a fraction of the time. Maybe not happen at all. Why?, because the troops know what the REAL cost and who pays it.

            Real warfare , in my opinion, should not be letting GI’s get shot in the back by stupid ROE (Rules of Engagement) imposed by desk drivers, but war as a last resort only. Once initiated, use TOTAL destruction. Throw enough rocks through my windows and you, your relatives, possessions, close friends, disappear. POOF!

            For all you young guys thinking war zones are an adventure, remember, simple promises to GI’s when young will end up having bureaucratic traps to prevent providing nothing but frustration in your later years.

            So my biggest gripe is what it costs us all. Who the hell approves giving money to countries that hate us? Why send GI’s into places we pull out of later? It is their turf, let the 7th century residents fight it out like they have been doing for thousands of years.

            We have enough problems within and on or borders.

            • @9er Xray-
              The only flaw in your theory is that Vietnam never threw any rocks thru “Our Windows”…….. Most the places we “attack and liberate” haven’t.
              So you advocate going in, and basically murdering women and children too.


              PS— money NEEDS to be sent to the “other countries who hate us” BECAUSE>>>>………….. the dollar is the world reserve currency and it is in OUR best interests that dollars stay in demand all over the world. We PUT them there for THAT reason….

              You may want to learn a little about economics and History before engaging keyboard.

          • @ Wilson,

            More likely it will be a USS Liberty incident.

          • The “Cold War” never really ended. The Berlin Wall came down but that was merely symbolism. Mr Putin is ex KGB and millions of former Soviet Citizens long for the “good old days” where no matter how pathetic and meager, the state provided everything for them.

            While the USA under OBummer and the corruptocrats are trimming the military and unilaterally reducing not only our nuke capabilities but our ballistic missile defense as well, the Russians are fielding brand new nukes of various types, as well as developing new tanks, planes and other weapon systems.

            It’s simply a matter of time and inevitably the Russians and Chinese will stomp on the U.S. the USA has become a den of filth and corruption from the town hall to Washington DC. Politicians steal, set up programs to benefit themselves and their families, steal elections, give sweetheart contracts and it is wides[read and rampant. Look at the current scandals in Washington.

            America lost it’s moral compass in the 1970s. We allowed the left to hijack America and turn it into a PC fantasy-land where God, guns and human life are all bad things to be ridiculed and even punished; replaced with state control, PC and a secular progressive agenda that has destroyed America’s superiority in everything and in every way. We have a government that encourages welfare and government dependency. We actually market food stamps and welfare programs to Mexicans telling them to come to America!!!1 Our own government does this! We refuse to control borders, culture and language and it will soon be our undoing.

            I graduated from high school in 1984. Ironically that year we were required to write a term paper on Orwell’s book, “1984.” I never dreamed I’d be living the nightmare in just 30 short years.

            Yes we are at war with Russia and idiot, morons like Senator John McShame want boots on the ground in Syria! The same idiot who was a POW wants more Americans to die! Iraq is slowly reverting back to the shit hole it was before the USA “liberated” it as is Afghanistan and before the pullouts are even finished, already the idiots in the US Government want another war. After all, we have to keep the American corporations happy and keep the money rolling in.

            The difference is that when the Russians start shooting at us, it wont be like the Iraqis or the Taliban. It will be a real war and Im afraid our military will simply not be up to the task. We have been at war for a long time and our military and their equipment are tired and worn out.

        • If war breaks out with Russia —
          hope we get Putin as our Commander in Chief.

          • 🙂

        • Some important things are worth repeating. Keep your eye on the ball.

          The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1
          by Thomas Dalton

          “Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and his co-assassins) started World War ONE—25 million died.

          “Chosen People” (the 1933 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

          “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

          The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

          How many will you let them kill in the 21st century?

          Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

          • I see…they arranged it so 50% of their race would be murdered in cold blood during WWII. Poor planning on their part?

            • “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”–Robert Burns, Poem to a Mouse

              The machers (“big shots”) care little more for the fate of the frum Yidden (the common Jews) than they care about goyim.

              And then there is that math problem…

              The Kabbalah, gematria, Jewish Magic & the Holocaust’s sacred 6,000,000

              6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 etc etc: 34 appearances of the Kabbalistic 6,000,000 figure of Jews in the
              New York Times from 1869 – 1945 (months before the end of WWII)

            • And, oy vey, what are those machers doing?

              World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve


              A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. The network has seized control of the media to cover up its crimes, too, she explained….Citing an explosive 2011 Swiss study published in the PLOS ONE journal on the “network of global corporate control,” Hudes pointed out that a small group of entities — mostly financial institutions and especially central banks — exert a massive amount of influence over the international economy from behind the scenes. “What is really going on is that the world’s resources are being dominated by this group,” she explained, adding that the “corrupt power grabbers” have managed to dominate the media as well. “They’re being allowed to do it.”

              Genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

              Nuremberg 2

              Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

            • No! it was to Kill off 1/2 of the WHITE Race, fool. But your minds already made up right. No amount of factual evidence will change it right. Folks with such a mindset are the Most Pathetic of all. At least with truly ignorant folks, there is still hope they can be converted with facts and time. But those whos minds are already set to reject All/any such evidenciary proofs, like JQP posted, Nameing Names-Dates-Places-Events etc. Yet these Pathetic excuses for an american cling to every Falsehood they were told to believe since their youth.

              As much as we can lay blame onto public school systems and kommie union influence/controls, None share More blame than those many false preachers, who Long ago Sold out for Huge Cash to the vile khazer enemys of All americans.

              TIGERTAIL: As a matter of Fact in answer to your question, Yes there were very High Level Zionists and Rabbi’s involved. Some have actually later on after WWII ended Admited that Yes they Wanted a huge number of Innocent Jews killed, so as to have a better means or reasons to claim “persecutions” which they planned in advance Prior to WWII, would work in Their favor to enact Their evil zionistic Nefarious goals.

              I wont bother to spend the time looking up the exact links or proof statements that Verify this I am telling you, as I think no matter what Your mind will refuse to accept such Truths, even when from the Culprits Own testimonies. Go Back to sleep now.

            • Any person, with an ounce of humanity, that has ever set foot in the Nazi death camps of WW2 cannot even comprehend the the level of antisemitism and hatred necessary for such evil to have been perpetrated, much less condone such barbarity.

              Failure to acknowledge the innocence of those Jews not involved in the nefarious actions, when attempting to properly assign culpability for those that are, undermines the message and leaves the messenger open to charges of antisemitism.

              • Semites are inhabitants from the area of the middle east, syria, iraq, etc. So the correct implications of the word ‘antisemite’ or ‘antisemitic’ have nothing to do with Jews in particular. This word has been accosted by Jewish/Zionist interests in order to garner more sympathy for the events of WWII and to perpetuate the Jews as ‘victims’ long after the fact so that stupid Americans will continue to think Israel is an ally, and not question why the US Government gives Israel insane amounts of money for nothing every year.

            • @Tigertail….yeah, that’s pretty much how his twisted conspiracy theory played out.
              They figured they would throw 6 million under the bus for ha ha’s.

              Smart people here, huh?

              (PS—-the other half here think the Holocaust did not happen at all)

              • Much obliged, Jack. (Makes you wonder who the good guys are, doesn’t it?) The human race is fallen, Jew and Gentile alike. God has provided for us.

      2. the BIGGER picture

        It’s Not About Obama…

        “Only an oblivious fool would try to deny that America is on the verge of revolution today. Public discontent politically, socially, and economically, is at an apex not seen in decades. The White House under the presidency of Barack Obama is in a shambles, sweltering in a sweaty sauna of corruption and scandal. The revelation of Nixon’s Watergate is a joke compared to the Benghazi conspiracy of covertly funded Syrian insurgency and false flag treason against a U.S. diplomat, the IRS persecution of conservative opposition, the wiretapping and privacy invasion of mainstream journalists, the admission of assassination initiatives against American citizens, etc, etc. Truly, whether you consider yourself on the “right”, or the “left”, if you have any sense of conscience or honor, Barack Obama is a monster of epic proportions”

        • They will not take away my Son’s life by using him as a pawn in their diabolical plan. When they come knocking at the doors of those who have teenage boys, perhaps then the masses will wake up and say no, not my child.

          Right now these parents allow the brain washing to occur in our schools by turning a blind eye, they allow the dangerous medicating of their children because it makes their lives easier.

          We are on the precipice of insanity, we will be required to give up our Sons in the name of evil and insanity. Now is the time to take steps that will keep them from stripping you of your most valued possessions, namely, your children.

          Just when you think you can smell what is in the air and try to prepare for it, they throw something else in the mix in order to confuse you and manipulate you. This administration will be referred to as the most vile and corrupt government in the history of the United States of America. Unfortunately this will not be accepted as truth or written about until they are all out of office and the people have awakened.

          Now they are playing for real and I fear they can not be stopped. With the whole world on fire, including currency wars, cyber wars, deadly viruses with no known cure and demonic entities in charge, we are basically screwed in so many ways. This is an empire that is ready to crumble, morals are no longer something to be proud of, decency and honesty are no longer valued, believing in God and proclaiming it has become almost dangerous and certainly not admired. We are becoming a lost civilization and the reasons are absolutely obvious.

          I will keep saying my prayers and do whatever I have to in order to keep their filthy, vile hands off of my children. If they try to put their hands on what I have nurtured and put my whole life and love into, then they will not have a hand left.

          • Mac, there is so much we could add to what you have presented. You have presented a very good read. So much of what we believe and have been taught is a lie and a smoke screen for tptb true agenda. Very few can actually handle the scope and depth of all the evil we are up against. Because of that we become confrontational (as preppers) to the blind and unwilling to face the facts.

            Keep up the good work Mac and know there are people praying for you.

            • DRD, thank you so much for your kind comment!

            • DDR,

              The depth of this deception is so incredible so deep…
              blows me away…it’s all around us…sensory overload is the new norm.

              and you’re right, Mac is on the cutting edge exposing it.
              good post.

              • jerry, I have been a life long student of history and religions. With that said, in the movie Shooter, Walberg talks with this guy in the boonies who says ” just when you think you got it all figured out, you are wrong”. The point is that almost everything is a lie. But I am not easily discouraged my man as much as disappointed in man.

                • should have read ‘by man’ not ‘my man’.

                  • Understood…and I won’t take advantage like JOG would… 🙂

              • Well I am sure glad to see that all of you have identified the problems we have in front of us. But let me ask you all this. What is your solutions? Let the dollar fall? Let China be us for a while? Let the Russians with the help of the Muslims be in charge?

                These videos are real good at pointing out faults but never do they have a solution other than the U.S. has to fall. That is as bad as the Obama answers to anything and everything. Dismantle the U.S.

                Well I say f- that s**t. Yes we must do some thing here in our country to bring about a major change but I don’t want to sacrifice our heritage and all we have done over the years for that. Because of our help in WW1 and WW2 the world owes us. All of them! None of them would have the standard of living that they do if it were not for us and the sacrifice’s we have made.

                Let the 47% ship their kids over seas to fight this war. They believe in Obama so much. Less welfare aid to that bunch will have to be laid out after a good willowing of the masses. Once again I say to all of you and I know a lot of you think I am just saying patriotic things but just because I hate my government does not mean I don’t love my country.


                • Big B – I understand you completely. Your love for the USA is shared by all of us.

                  Posters here sense the pending F 5 national tornado about to send us all through a wash & spin cycle. That unknown will produce a solution. I just hope I live long enough to see what precipitates when the F 5 has completed.

                  Thanks to all for some great informative posts!

                • “The world owes us”.
                  Are the pounds of flesh the US has taken at bayonet point for the past 60 years not enough?
                  It is sad to see how deeply you have bought into the idea of “AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM”. This is that “rule” where everyone needs to play nice except for America. Where everyone needs to stay out of a nations internal affairs except for America. The idea that global government is wrong unless America is in charge.

                  Keep drinking the kool aide BigB, it is obvious you love the taste.

                  • And it is obvious Common Sense that you have bitten off a big bite of liberalism. You don’t think the blood we have spilled over the years for the sake of democracy doesn’t buy us some thing other than a piece of ground to bury our dead? Do you think the technology that we have developed and either have given freely to the world or had stolen is some thing we also owed the world?


                  • Ooohhh noooeess out comes the “liberal” card. It this because I don’t agree with you?
                    The only thing we owe the world is the right to self determination.
                    The fact you see Americas wars as fights for democracy only proves my point about the kool aide.

                    Sadly I fail to understand how anyone can defend any of the “police actions” carried out by the US military in the last nearly 70 years.

                  • This is a truly sad issue…
                    The problem ( I believe )is most of us agree with both of you to some degree or another…
                    This is precisely what “they” want…it is so obvious…
                    you both have valid points in your points of view…
                    But the ultimate goal, of both of you or at least BigB, is to express the outrage of how it’s going down.
                    Divide and thus conquer…time immortal axiom…

                  • Jerry,
                    I do not believe that BigB is thinking of the standard of lving we have inflicted upon so many countries; Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, where we have either decimated the country and vastly reduced the standard of living or in the case of Afghanistan, helped to continue a violent interlude to what was in the 1950’s-60’s a thriving export country. The US foriegn policy is based upon destroying countries which show potential for strong independence at the earliest convienence. The standard of living we have givin the world is less than that which it would have had if we had stayed at home. But that is surely not the point BigB is making. He is trying to sell the same lie that tptb are selling. “2000 lbs of laser guided freedom, brought to you by the worlds good guys”.

                    I am tired of seeing the same old party line here. Invading another country is not good.

                    BigB wants answers? Stop justifying invasion, destruction and murder. Stop joining the system, stop honoring those who serve the system, and stop whitewashing American history to make us look like the good guys. The US is an imperial power and has been from day one. We grow and thrive through force of arms and have the audacity to constantly call it defense.

                    There is no middle ground for me when someone not only justifies murder but then claims our victims owe us for the effort we went to to kill them. The US was a beligerant nation before the Japanese attacked pearl harbor. This does not mean the germans and japanese were the good guys but merely acknowledges the truth of what happened.

                    How can I believe someone actually gives a spit about freedom when they fail to even acknowledge that the rest of the world deserves it too? Human rights do not only apply to Americans. And those who feel this way can easily decide that you or I suddenly fall outside the group that deserves freedom. They do not call them human rights by mistake. This is the very action being inflicted upon us by our government today. The subjective choice of who does or does not deseerve rights.

                    As to all that tech we have “given freely” to the world. How the heck did we become the most affluent nation on earth if we were giving it all away? The point is that we didn’t. We sold it and got paid. This “the world owes us” is bullshit. They owe us if we insist on a hatfields/mcCoys world of tit for tat, keeping score, revenge based world. We owe the world the simple act of stopping our gross interference in their business and that is it.

                    Someone has to be the grown up and stop the endless cycle of revenge. I sincerely doubt it will be anyone.

                    I often question why I even bother. Once tasted the idea that “my team” is always right and can do no wrong seems to be able to live simultaneously with “my team” wants to take all my freedom away. Doublethink at its finest.

                    So keep waving the flag and patting those soldiers and cops on the back. Just know that even after they do unto you someone else will be there to console them and tell them how much they appreciate their service.

                  • Hey Common Sense,

                    Amerika is full of Amerikans like BigB.

                    They drink the fluoride when they mix up the kool aide.

                    People like this fall for State propaganda and believe politicians will save them.

                    “AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM”???


                    The only thing “exceptional” about Amerika is the exceptional number of addled idiots in the Amerikan Soyuz.

                    “What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men you just can’t reach.”

          • They are commies and they will come to your door in military garb.

            Stand by.

            • @Common Sense,

              I do see where you are coming from. I agree with you whole heartedly that the U.S. has been the aggressor over the last 70 years. At least since Korea. It is wrong and has been wrong.

              With that said though I say that Russia and the United States both fought a cold ward for many years to see who would be the nation t lead the rest of the world. It bankrupted Russia. Could have been the other way around and as a matter of fact it is bankrupting us. But I would rather we be the worlds policing state than any other if one needs to be which by way of your thought process it indicates that some one else should be. And make no doubt about it there will be some one to jump into that void when we fall which we are doing.

              When I say they owe us I am talking about the Western world. We saved them in two major and what I think were justified wars. The last justified wars as far as I am concerned. But who host’s the United Nations? Who is first with aid when any other country has a natural disaster. Who has given more to the peop[le of the world than we the Americans. Enemies included. Over the years we could have and in my opinion should have let the North Koreans starve or let the Chinese take care of it. But when they did not who stepped in. Us, that’s who. To try and help the people not the governments. Remember when the people of India, Pakistan, Somalia and others were starving? Who was the country that stepped in and helped.

              People say we had no reason to go in and stop Saddam Hussien. We did. He invaded Kuwait, The guy was a dick wad and needed to ne disposed of. I don’t understand why the CIA just couldn’t tale him out but that is just my thought.

              Anyway, I did not mean to insinuate in such a grandeaur manner that The whole world owes us, only that we have given a lot and have asked for dam little in return. I actualy think that if the two of us were sitting in a bar together we would have more in common (not a pun) than we would have differences.


              • BigB,
                Thank you for this comment even if I disagree with some of its assertions. I enjoy a disagreement but cannot stand the name calling, especially the use of over loaded words. So thank you for simply stating your facts and opinions. You are quite right that we likely have more in common than differances. As humans the world over desire from life the same basic things out of life.

                I think you should reexamine just what comes of US aid before asserting that we give so much. Our food aid is designed and packaged to destroy a nations agricultural sovereignty and its ability to be food self sufficent. Our monetary aid is designed and packaged to destroy a nations internal banking system and begin a system of perpetual debt. Our aid is in nearly every instance a trojan horse, ment to open up a nation to the rape and pillage of the globes richest. We are more than compensated for our “aid” in opened markets and destroyed competitors.

                As for Saddam. You are aware he was our dictator? We backed him in his takeover and were very happy to encourage his part in the Iran/Iraq war with money and arms. (Of course we armed Iran as well, another example of US policy being about the destruction of any nation which could grow into a potential rival,) I will not argue as to his character but the question is, who decides who leads a nation? No matter how little I like Obama I simply could not justify a foreign nation using military force to remove him. How would you really feel if China whacked Obama and then set up “elections” to decide who would rule America? Doesn’t sound as good when it is done to you instead of by you does it?

                In closing if you (heck, any of you) ever come to see the Grand Canyon I would be happy to sit down and have a real chat over a good brew. As long as we can treat each other as we wish to be treated we can resolve most anything.

                Have a nice evening and thanks again for helping to end this in an adult and civil manner.


                • You got it. Respect!


                  • Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about…
                    And I can’t help but think that this disagreement has a generational flavor to it…
                    I remember the “American exceptionalism” of the 50’s. To be just a kid and explore my environment.
                    The look on my Father’s face and in his eyes after Ike’s farewell telecast. How all the stanch conservatives were fearful of JFK. How we slowly and surely have been sliding down that proverbial slope since then, or at least come to realize that we were since the beginning of the century. We all know that this evil has been around for a lot longer than that.
                    Now it’s obvious…Power and corruption…they’re synonymous.

                    And I don’t know what to do about it, except to keep teaching the young ones how to get tight grouping with breath control and heartbeat awareness…
                    and pray they never have to do it.

                  • Fantastic guys, this is an example of why I came and stayed on this site; the ability to read other’s opinions without name calling. Well done and thanks for showing each other respect.
                    Now for the Imperial US from the beginning; the imperialism started after the Civil war with a lead in to the Spanish American war then right into Wilson’s selling the country down the road to the Fed Res.
                    Keep up the sharing of ideas and info, I know I’m not the only one learning here.
                    To the individual that gave the link on ” Inconvenient History” Thank you and WOW! Another source to prove my theory.

              • Saddam invaded Kuwait because the C I A taught the to slant drill into his country to steal his oil. You can look that up, it’s on line, just search for “Slant Drilling”. Behind almost every evil, you will find the hidden hand of Clowns In Action.

                As for finally taking out Saddam, it had everything to do with the almighty dollar. Saddam wanted to be paid in gold instead of dollars. Same thing happened to Gaddafi. They were following their own scriptures which state gold is the only money.

                Afghanistan happens to be sitting on 1.5 trillion dollars worth of rare earth elements. Something the C I A found out from a KGB mineral study. Patraus spilled the beans on that one in a video where he states we must stay to help Afghanistan exploit these resources.

                No matter what you are told by the media or the District of Corruption, all you have to do is follow the money.

          • It’ll be just like Viet Nam, Half of them will run to Canada, and the other half to the Draft Board. History just repeats itself.

            • DRD5508: That was a link posted by John Q Public. He has tons of such valid factual truthfull info that Most folks have never been privy to. So do I! DRD it is really an awesome thing when you consider how it has taken entire lifetimes or at minimum 40-50 yrs for those evil bastards to create and employ this system to brainwash our nations peoples. And yet, often times once any person learns the real truths and is able to find a Receptive truth seeker, or even just a totally Fed up american who is ready to hear it, it is no exageration to say that We are able to Reverse or at least screw up Royally in One or Two hrs time, what took 40+ yrs for TPTB to brainwash that same individuals mind and thoughts!

              It is no wonder they so Hate us types. Those PTB type folks are not “believers”. So they reject that some of us were Born with the Truth etched upon our Hearts, and Embedded deep into our Minds by God the Creator. This is why I think since very young ages so many of Us were always singled out by school teachers etc and labled as “rejects Authority Figures and their orders” etc etc.

              They just don’t get it and never will DRD. Its not they we reject, but rather it Is their Wrongheaded Falshoods, they try to convince us to believe. When They fail at it, they blame “us”! Yet we knew all along We was/is correct because God Wrote His truths upon Our Hearts, right!

              They cannot grap why we will Never quit speaking truth and rejecting Their crapola. So in Their frustrations, and usually due to a heavy Dose of liberalizim/kommieizim, they Blame Us. At or near the true end point they will then realize we was correct all along, may be far too late for them then, thats not up to us to determine. But determined is will be!

              Welcome to that “Spiritual Warfare” the bibls states “Few shall Understand”. Our job is to Change that to, Many, Many came to Know it!

              PS: DRD If you ever decide to Post info on that “Theory” of your’s you wrote of?…I sure would enjoy reading it!…Perhaps I would also Learn more from it too.

        • Commies, all of ’em.

          Our draft comes from power exercised by congress as stated in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.

          “To declare War, grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal, and make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water;

          To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

          To provide and maintain a Navy;

          To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces;

          To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

          To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress.”

          Beginning with the “police action” in Korea and then to Vietnam through the present day our military actions are unconstitutional.

          War must be declared by Congress, according to the Constitution, to fall within the purvue of the Republic.

          No constitutional war has been entered since WWII. Our present army is voluntary, that is, mercenary and unconstitutional.

          The Constitution doesn’t mean anything to commies, commies everywhere.

          Stand by to receive the garbage scow.

        • Satori – Your post is an excellent summary of the swirling cesspool we are in. I would give you a triple thumbs up if I could.

      3. Scary. I wish people on this world would spend their time trying to help other people instead of planning how to win wars.

        Our world could be a utopia if our first concern was to help others.

        God Bless,

        • Good Morning NP,

          Just so Friend…Humanity has long had the wherewithall to render Human existence on this Sphere a Paradise; We have not done so..nor even seriously tried.

          Regardless of whom this might irk, there are reasons for this failure; clear, evident reasons. What might those be?

          The firt of those, clearly, is the Human propensity to Greed. though what we see about us today is FAR from ‘Sustainable’ in any wise, it is the case that even this would not BE, not have become the slow-motion ‘train-wreck’ that one see’s anytime they chance to turn of the News. THIS state of affairs is DIRECTLY attributable to the insatiable appetites of only a few to obtain !MOAR! and thence impoverish everyone else upon this planet. I have heard every LAST argument on the part of those who would HOLD MORE to themselves, thereby leaving little or none to the rest of thier fellows…and it is all, in a word, “Bullshit”, plainly, simply. Let us dispense with the sophistry here…they WANT to be Gods amongst Men…only then are they SATISFIED.
          ENOUGH I say…Period.

          In the next case we have the simple state of affairs which is the issue of over-population of this World. Can it REALLY be so difficult to believe that THAT is not at the root of many of Humanity’s ill’s? Please. Nowhere on Earth is it so obvious that Humanity has a ‘Breeding Problem’ as it does in India and China. For all that the Chinese have attempted to control thier own population it has come to nothing, the problem remains. In the case of India, none such has even been suggested, let ALONE implemented…Do those in those country’s BELEIVE that thier unretrained population growth will have a Happy ending…will NOT result in Horrific WAR with thier neighbors and others elsewhere? Again, Please!

          Lastly, the most obvious of all the problems faced today in the modern world is right before our eyes EVERY day, without FAIL: The utter, complete incompetence or capture of the Governance of the Nations of the World by those who have the financial means to do so. We have been told for Generations that it WILL get Better..but only if there is MORE Governmental interference, intervention in the affairs of Humanity. Such is a bald-faced LIE of the first Order and Magnitude, propagated by those whose interests are SERVED by the existence of Greater, Larger mechanisms of Governance…is it Not Clear that the People are NOT served by this, “There is none so Blind as He who will NOT See”…

          Humanity can CHOOSE to Mature, to accept the basic truths that are clear to even the Children of our various Nations or it can Choose something else. If the latter, then all Civilization on this planet will cease to exists….this has now nearly become a mathematical certainty, at this point: Think not? Point to one thing that is NOT going WRONG this very day, qualifiably and quantifiably…you will not be able to…there IS none such now. So then…it is only a matter of TIME, Personally, I no longer beleive that Humanity is even capable of seeing ANY truth sufficient to so act upon. Humanity will likely survive, but it is most likely that that will be limited to possibly no more than a few tens of millions of People scateered across the face of this Earth….and STILL it IS beyond the Mind of Humanity to ackowledge such and then to act in it’s own defense, for it’ own benefit. Correct me if I am wrong here, but is that as good a definiton of insanity as exists? That is KNOWING that the consequences will be terminal and STILL doing so….some have a word for that, namely, ‘Suicide’.

          Some few days ago I posted here a brief bit on what happens to ANY who cannot see to reason through what is neccesary for as to survive: Clearly, ‘Humanity’ is now classfiably also onesuch. What a pity…Prepare then for the decision made by will not be long in coming.
          Did you, here, enjoy your last Christmas with Family? Remember it fondly, things are already deteriorating at a rate such that another MIGHT not come. Treasure those memory’s…there might well be none to replace thm with in the future.

          For THAT is the path selected now, by ALL Humanity…


          • It all reminds me of when kids would find a high
            mound of dirt to play the dominance game of “King
            of the Hill” where everyone pushed each other off
            the peak to see who could remain on top.

            This is the international version, big people style.

            • Howdy OW!

              Yup..pretty muh sums it up nice with a bow on the top…don’t it? Heheee. Excuse me, I WAS just over at the ‘Hedge checking out the morning’s latet “Follies of Western Civilization” and Lo and Behold there is a NEW article from our old friend Brandon Smith…You HAVE GOT to STOP over and take a look-see…

              Brandon IS TEARING EVERYONE in the Univesre a NEW ONE Today!! I swear, That Fella has ‘got ’em’ the size of AIRCRAFT Carriers!!!…YEP..THAT BIG!!!

              Hhahahaaa, Damn… I WISH I had a SET that BIG…Hhahahaaa Oh YEAH…GET Em BRANDON, ‘Sick em Boy!!!

              JOG *I declare..that boy makes me PROUD to be an American!!! Hhahaaahaahahhaa…Go TEAM GO!!*

              • Thanks JOG—I knew you would know how to unravel
                the twisted and demented musings of a fool.

                Thanks MadMarkie—When we had to endure government
                conscription in the 60s & 70s it turned the whole
                Country upside down for a decade.
                The phrase “life is a bitch, then you die!” which
                came out of that era, seems to have as much or more
                meaning today than ever. I think the bullet has
                already hit the bone.

            • @ Out West –

              The only problem being that politicians want to send YOUR children and grandchildren off to fight THEIR wars for profit. THEIR kids and grand kids will receive their acceptance letters to college and draft deferments on the very same day that YOURS receive their notices to report for induction into the military.

              The United States Army murdered the last patriot member of our family on August 5, 1980. Now our kids are being raised from birth to avoid military service, none will volunteer and NONE WILL BE CONSCRIPTED. The day that the “draft” is reinstated in the United States will be the day that we load all the magazines.

              It is long since past time for the citizens of our country to have made their choices. DON’T be ‘fumble-fucking’ around with indecision when the time comes. Everyone should already have their choices made, supplies laid in and plans in place.

              God Bless & good luck to all.

              • Amen! Lock and Load…Standing by In SC.

                • Hello from another in SC. I sure hope there are lots of us in the state.

                  • COPY THAT !!….OverWatch HERE! …

              • Im still in Saigon Charlie Daniels!

              • @MadMarkie- So, you and your family want to live in the best Country in the World as long as you don’t have to give anything up for that freedom?


          • Pretty sure I’m IP banned, but I’ll try a short post anyway.

            >> In the case of India, none such has even been suggested, let ALONE implemented…

            Actually Indira Gandhi tried a coerced sterilization program in the 1970s. I believe over 4 million were sterilized. However, it was likely a key element that led to her electoral defeat. And there has clearly been a backlash in India that has possibly increased the population well past where it would have been without the program.

            While there is no forced sterilization now, local governments do offer incentives (cars, gold, etc.) for tubal ligation. There is a high mortality rate with other atrocities associated. What a f’d up country. Worse than us.

        • If you were familiar with the philosophy and doctrine behind the Utopian society paradigm you wouldn’t use that analogy.

        • NP
          Although I do agree with your ideas of helping others, I do not believe it will come to the point of utopia. Their are those that will work their rears off to help, and those that will sit on their haunches and allow others to do all the work. There will not be utopia until the Son returns.
          Was this not the idea of the Great Society of the Johnson administration. Utopia, Yeah, Right…. this society are divided between those that will bust their humps, and those that haven’t hit a lick in their entire lives. I will help those that are willing to help themselves.
          Say When

        • From the smallest microbe to the largest or most intelligent organism, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.
          It the natural way. It is the law of life. Fiddle with it at your own peril.
          There are so many examples of ” subsidizing ” this , that or the other, that one could spend hours listing the failures.
          Weak,slow,stupid,distorted or otherwise less that perfect are meant to fail. Mettle with this fact, and the consequences will be dire.
          That is not to say ” do not help the less fortunate”. Just don’t make it rule number 1.
          Socialism is a joke. It ALWAYS ends with the masses getting screwed, and the leaders getting fat. But it is so enticing. All for one, and one for all. Bullshit. A suckers game, to be recognized and rooted out at all costs.
          And the moral supiority of the socialist dimwits. They are so righteous because they just want equality. And all others are just selfish pigs.
          Want an example or two, that will get me slashed and burned?

          1) Spending gobs of money and resources making sure “every child” ( you know what I mean), has an “education”. Far better for EVERYONE if society isolated the smartest children, and loaded resources on them. But no, they are all but ignored, while ” special Ed” is exploding. Some of these kids get one on one treatment. Go ahead, rip me.

          2) Bill Gates. Brilliant. One of my heros. He’s working to wipe out disease in Africa. Great. What a guy. Bill, once you get the disease rate down, how do you propose to feed these people? Will you play Thomas Jefferson and help them set up governments? They are dying because their systems are not there. They can’t feed themselves. They haven’t figured out how to govern themselves past tribal systems. Best for mankind to stay in the USA, build special schools, and give free education to the best young minds in the country, independent of government. In my opinion. I just fail to see the positive end game in your Africa altruism.

          3) $65 million to build a school? ( Sandy Hook) this has nothing to do with the tragedy that occurred. I build commercially . Just finished a high tech building. 45,000 sq ft.,Elevator, access control, smart wiring, 200 k backup gen, 4000 amp service, $1 million hvac, class A finish throughout. A world HQ, employing 75 engineers and staff, with labs, gym,etc. $10.5 million.
          $ 65 million dollars, for what amounts to a glorified daycare? Yeah, right.

          Folks, we’re being hosed.

          And Norse Prepper, without being patronizing, while your thoughts are noble, there is no Utopia. There is life, and it’s hard. And it’s really hard if your stupid. ( not you, you!)

          • Bill Gates shouldn’t be your (hero) The money he donated actually went to fund planned parenthood and abortion clinics. He’s one of the NWO people that want a population reduction for the ruling elite like all the other buliderberg criminals.

            The idea of him being a nerd that made an empire is a nice fantasy. He’s been in the governments back pocket the whole time. Almost as bad as apple and jobs.

            Watch your six and carry a big stick!

          • {{Bill Gates. Brilliant. One of my heros. He’s working to wipe out disease in Africa.}}

            Are you sure there isn’t poison in those vaccines he pays for?/
            Just saying.

        • NP…it’s just not profitable for those who pull the strings…

          I could now post one of a million pervious coined quotes or say something whitty…

          Instead my usual…don the full armour of God and…

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • As long as there is religion, there will be no peace. Your “God Bless” signoff has already killed millions of people over the millenniums past, and more to come.

          • Nobummer, then How do You explain the Facts that during the 20th century the Largest/worst ever Genocides occured in Kommie ATHESTIC Bolshevik Russia?

            More innocent folks were exterminated by them russian kommie jewish bolsheviks, than at any other time in all recorded history. And the entire structures of communisim Is based upon Godless-Atheisim. I believe You have it All Backwards. PS for some Immediately available Proofs of what I wrote here…Scroll Up near top of comment posts. LOOK for and READ John Q Publics “Listing” of the 1/3 of a BILLION Killed in 20th cent. By those folks who call themselves “Chozen People”. Then perhaps Re-think your post reply. They sure were Not christians.

      4. The link wouldn’t work for me. But no I would not allow my children to fight while there is a breath in my body. I do not believe in going to war, prison is a better choice in case of a draft. I know most people don’t agree and that’s ok. But we all make our own choices in life. I don’t believe that God is ok with sending children to war. No matter what God or lack there of that people believe in.

        • The downside to teaching our children martial arts and other military skills is that it increases the likelihood that youth, being more idealistic, will choose to go to war for those ideals.

          My daughter will not be going while under my authority. A time will come, however, when she makes her own decisions. Hopefully, she will follow my example of vehemently defending our locality while at the same time staying out of international affairs.

          • @PP- so yet another who wants to reap the benefits of the greatest Country on Earth, and do nothing.

            You guys are the same as the welfare people you so vehemently despise.

            You are sucking our Country dry.

      5. Mine have been training for war for years now…
        Call Of Duty I, II, and III.

      6. JL;

        Unless you can be certian that you have the ability to fight, then you leave no choice but to have the children get involved. Jail just make you easy pickings. Get a set and prepare for what will most likly occur in our life time, and try to avoid having our children pick up the slack. We “United States” will face a new adversay doon enough, will you be there ready? That is the question.
        NOMI period.

      7. Proxy wars were fought throughout the cold war, it is just started back up again, the cold war. It now has extremely dangerous situations to it. Russia before had a huge buffer zone with the ex-soviet union and eastern europe. Like I calculated out before Russia lost what is equal to the U.S. losing the land mass of California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, when it lost the ex-soviet states, forget about the satellite states. This is enormous and puts the Russia homeland defense in a much more dangerous situation. It is not like before the 1990’s, Russia is on a hair trigger.

        Russia needs these proxy states such as Syria and other Caspian states are they are boxed in and like a corner wolverine will fight with everything they have, that means the end of human civilization. The U.S. is fooling around with the state of the human species by messing around in the Middle East and other countries that border Russia like it was 1980 again. Boxing in China also is extremely dangerous as they have the ability to destroy the U.S. also.

        The children fighting will be fighting, but it won’t be in the conventional sense, it will look like something from a movie like “Lords of the Flies” over the remaining scraps of what is needed to survive after the mushroom clouds have dimished. The unthinkable is no longer the way, nuclear war in many minds of these fearless leaders is winnable. Neither side is just going to roll up like a pill bug, the introduction of equalizing weapons will be used everytime one side feels it is losing. Every weapon of war has been used in combat during the time of war that is is available. The exception to this was chemical weapons not used on the allies by the nazis.

        The ease at which war will racket up will amaze people. These little proxy wars are nothing in compared to the true fighting. They can and do lead to the big wars. That is what is so hazardous about these proxy wars, they can start far easier than a big war. These proxy wars are often manned by idiots that may just decide to start the fighting for the hell of it, to get revenge, to just plain start the fighting. Now the main proxy, Hezbollah has adavnced weapons and is more than capable of doing something to get the whole region into flames.

        I have got the Debka home page locked and I have been updating it several times a day to get rapid news on what is happening in Israel and the Middle East because it is just one more major attack right now from going up like the dry side of a mountain full of brush from a campfire, lightning, car backfire, whatever. It is that dry tinder over there. Both side seem to want a fight. There is more firepower right now over there than any place in the world, including more than the North Korean/ South Korean border region. Chemical and biological weapons add much to the cauldron of horror there. That is why we need to watch this area and be ready to hear that major fighting has started over there and plan to act rapidly and accordingly to our plans.

      8. Ever stop and just visualize how you would fortify your castle if the need arose, even just the most basic preparations. As I’ve mentioned in other comments, one of the best things you can do is use a lot of railroad ties around your house for landscaping, they would come in real handy if you had to drag them inside, place and stack them around your walls and prop them up with a piece of furniture. You might even want to make a rectangle out of some and place your mattress on the floor inside of them for a safe place to sleep. Bullets can and will go through several walls, as most here already know. And probably one of the most important items is plywood, which I’m sure is no great revelation. If you have a shed or garage where you can store it, this would be a great item to stock up on, even more than you need for your own personal use. I hear many talk about precious metals, beans and bullets, but when the Schumer Hits The Fan and they come and try to take your PM and your beans, what would you give for a few sheets of plywood, when you and your spouse are running from room to room trying to guard each window. You would probably be glad to trade 4 or 5 of those 10 guns, or 2 or 3 cases of that 10,000 rounds of ammo for a couple of sheets of plywood. And in a SHTF event, I bet the lumber yards would run out of plywood quicker than a $10 brick of 22lr at a gunshow. These are not new idea’s, lets just say it’s a refresher thought. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • bags of ready mix are easy to move with one person, have a bulk density of around 130# PSF.. enough of them stacked up behind your doors does two things, too heavy for the jackboots to force open the door, may afford some ballistic fortification also.

          • I have a good supply of plastic animal feed sacks for future sand bags. Free…

        • Mountain Trekker

          How to hide home fortifications in plain sight. Been doing it for years. Each project of home improvement or landscaping involved stone. Those pretty white rocks, cinder blocks and cap/flag stone. Made a bed of roses surrounded by cinder block with cap stones and covered the ground with those white stones. Lots of areas are lined with border blocks. Walk ways are stone flat blocks. Every stone can be move to make a wall filled with stones with the use of a wheel barrel. Oh , the yard looks nice all trimmed up and flower beds. I even considered breaking the patio up with a 15 lb. sledge hammer if need be. Dig up the yard to fill voids with dirt. House is made of cinder block. Each area of the house has a stone project nearby to be disassembled and reassemble when needed. Neighbors have no clue as to the secondary motive.

        • Sand bags brother! RR ties and creosote…bad news/toxic/heavy/awkward…

          plywood and lumber…good idea, have a bit myself.

          There will bE ABSOLUTELY NO! trading of ammo for anything.

          Freedom at any cost! That should be the thought for the year…it is at our home.

          • lastmanstanding, “Freedom at any cost! That should be the thought for the year…it is at our home.” I’m with ya all the way.

            You have to be careful with rocks as cover, they ricksha!

            • Luther.
              Good one on the ricochet from stone. Depending on placement I also shore up the front facing part with plywood to catch the debris from spreading all over the ground, loosing protection. The use of sandbags on top prevents the upward motion of flying debris. You can only cover so many bases and a 50 cal. rifle shot will just blow right thru.

              • There are many good ideas, the reason I go with rr ties is that I can still drag them around by myself and they cover a pretty good area. They’re roughly 8ft.long and 6in. high and 8in. wide. so you can lay down a piece of plastic on your floor and place the ties on it and after the event you can take the ties back outside without to much of a mess. Yes creosote is a problem, but most of the used ties that you get, the cresote is not a problem, just don’t try and use them for firewood. I like ties because they can be used to line your driveway or what ever and they don’t draw attention. As for sand bags they are great but where do I keep all of that sand, and or where do I keep all of the bags if they’re already filled. Storage is always a problem, I like old tires stacked and filled with sand, but where do I keep them until needed? But hey, there’s many good ideas out there and I like to hear them all. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost! And actually this was Randy Weavers motto.

                • Mountain Trekker.

                  Depends on how much land you have and what the neighbors will tolerate. Tires can be painted and stacked, then filled with sand and some sort of plant. Getting the same size tread would reduce an eyesore to an innovative yard decoration. Sand bags I have filled and wait in my shed which moans from the weigh each night. ;0) Over the years I have moved so much lumber building tree stands that it is not unusual for me to have a large pile of 2x4x8 or 4x4x8 under canvas. Most people here have plywood for hurricane season which I also store in a shed. As far as using blocks of stone you can create a raised plant platform and fill the center with sand covering the top with flag stone for finish product. Of course you have to buy plants or lawn ornaments to complete the disguise. How about a waterfall bird bath design?
                  You know MT. One day the neighbors are going to see all this shit ripped up and stacked in front of my home and think WTF? Hell, I might even fall over dead from a heart attack moving all this shit into place. Anyway it’s there all nice and pretty for now.

                  • A person really should have all of these items on hand, but even if you don’t have them, you should at least have a plan in mind, on what you are going to do. Even better have it written down, so that when you see thing start to really come unravelled, you won’t be running in circles wondering what your going to do. There are many things that can be done, but it’s to late to try and think of thing when your under pressure. I have three windows in my living room and an adjoining bed room with one window, and I just happen to have a four horse trailer which I can back along side the house and either block all three windows in the living room or block the bedroom and two in the living room and leave one open to shoot out of. These are just things that you can do when you sit down and think about it. I have some land in Missouri which would make a good bug out location, but here in Wyoming I only have an acre, both locatios have their +&- so I’ll probably stay where ever I’m at. Trekker Out. Live Free Or Die!

                • have sandy soil around my place…have empty bags stored.

                  I be shovlen like a mo fo when th first shot are fired.

                  I’ve also got a few other things up my sleeve…

              • Good point, fingers moved faster than the thought process, lol.

      9. I don’t think we will be fighting a World War. We will be fighting a Civil War!

        • I think you are right SV. Bitch about it is that while we are having a civil war we will have lost a world war.


      10. I watched the video. And the speaker lost all credibility with me when he makes America out to be the bad guy in WW2. Oh, the Japanese Junta was oh so peaceful and especially nice to the Chinese. And we provoked them into attacking Pearl Harbor, LOL. They fully intended to have military control of the Pacific.

        Has Americas’ motives been pure since WW2, I don’t think so. But The Chinese, Russians, and Muslims are far worse.

        I’m tired of hearing this one sided crap.

        • i agree dave

          stick to the points ,i dont like war anymore than the next guy ,but if there was a war that had to fought WW2 was one ,if not japan would have surely been in cali (not a big loss) and hitler would have been in new england ,to do nothing was not an option here ,and yes our leaders are some of the biggest pc’s of shit on the planet but they only make up a small % of the american people ,im going on 60 and have lived almost my entire life in the same town ,i know alot of people ,and i can honestly say even the worst of them would stop and reach out there hand to some one that was in a bad way ,no matter of race ,sex ,beliefs ,americans are the most giving people on this planet,so please dont paint this country with a broad brush

          • @Iower40- Hitler *IS* in New England.

            Goes by the name Bloomberg now.

        • I agree with your notion that we as Americans are always “painted” as the aggressors.not was our industrialists/bankers along other multi national industrialists/bankers who did covertly finance , as we do now worldwide,both sides of the coin to instigate war..and we use our military might as the enforcers.

          This plan has worked since the Roman empire and still utilized today through currency/trade wars and restrictions and covert opps to the opposition..much as we do in Syria,Iraq,Libya,Iran now and elsewhere..

          Germany’s ww2 industrial war machine was financed initially by industrialists and bankers here and in Europe..and then declared war on germany due to his successful creation of a banking system outside of the western powers..
          ..all created their own systems of currency backed by gold outside the petro dollar..war ensued.

          Everything is all about the money and control of.. period!

          And the complex utilizes our and UN/Nato to enforce the banking cartels plans..


          • possee

            While we Americans may not cause these wars the second the first bullet flies we adopt a street gang mentality. Its tribal loyalty. God forbid one says we’re wrong in the initial engagement.

            I think of the 1960s poster: “What happened if they gave a war and nobody came”?

              • Do a google image search for “what if they gave a war and nobody came” if the link don’t work 🙂

                • “Two little kings, playing at games, they threw a war and nobody came…”

                  • “The first world war came and its cost was laid on the people.
                    The second world war — the third — what will be the cost.
                    And will it repay the people for what they pay?…
                    The little girl saw her first troop parade and asked,
                    ‘What are those?’
                    ‘What are soldiers?’
                    ‘They are for war. They fight and each tries to kill as many of the other side as he can.’
                    The girl held still and studied.
                    ‘Do you know … I know something?’
                    ‘Yes, what is it you know?’
                    ‘Sometime they’ll give a war and nobody will come.’

            • An interesting thought,Kevin.For one time I’d like to see the US tell everybody involved in the Syria mess,Russia,Israel,Europe,that we’re gonna sit this one out guys.You go ahead and do whatever you want to,but don’t come to us for anything this time.

        • @Sierra Dave…

          Point taken, but you are missing the big picture. The fact is….just about every war in the last 200 years has come at the bequest of the banksters.

          See the link to the video I posted below: All Wars Are Banker’s Wars.

          • I agree Walt, its been that way since at least the 16th century. Every one above is right in their own way but I have talked extensively with people from other countries about this very topic. As a result it may be helpful to consider this in view of how many others do now. Now, more than ever there is a distinct difference between what can only be termed “Uncle Sam” and the American people. Or rather “the Corp” and the American people. Others are not fooled as their lives ultimately depend upon it. Now ours do too. When this realization becomes national the polarization will be complete and I fear Shane may be right. It is important to make this distinction post 9/11. Who said or is doing that? The people or the Corp. Two different things.

          • I have read many theories over the years. I might be as simple as Laissez-faire capitalists looking to make a buck any way they can.

            America has given money to both India and Pakistan. There has been no war there. I suspect it’s a poor attempt at bribery.

      11. ADHD meds or childhood asthma and the military dun want ya.

        • When its volunteers. During a draft that would change.

      12. ‘ A DISARMED SOCIETY …


        N.O. ;0p

        latest stats from the shitty of Sheeitcago Il.

        Disarmed Chicago’ Weekend Shooting Tally: 10 Dead, 44 Injured

        Fifty-four people were shot in Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning. Ten of the victims were killed, including two boys, between 16 and 20, who were found lying face down, naked, on the South Side early Monday morning. [Sun-Times]

        • Amazing how you got thumbs down for stating the facts.

        • no warning shots.

        • I live near Chicago, unfortunately (considering relocating to Milwaukee, a little less people better laws/taxes)

          But, I have thought about it – if someone breaks into your home you have to kill them and hide the body. Because if they leave injured they will come back, and if you shot them and call the cops you’ll get arrested and the whole Rainbow push will be at your doorstep.

          • Remember the 3S method: Shoot, shovel and shut up.

        • Never a warning shot. Let him come in and mow his a$$ like gra$$. Hope I never have to shoot anybody, but if you ain’t got the sense to go away when I tell you I have a gun, you deserve to relieve this planet of your piss poor judgement.

      13. Well yes of course its all going to end in a war, trade wars currency wars world wars, Im quoting Celente, who has been calling this for some time now. I agree with his forcast, without a WWIII this thing will fold sooner than later but a good ole knock down drag out that costs a lot o money and lives could keep it chuggin along for another 20 30 yrs or so. Most of us will be old men and women at that point, yup you too Eisen, imagine that. The victors will prolly not be us this time I suspect the Chinese would be an appropriate choice for the NWO agenda. Lets face it they allready killed off all the political oposition and 70 yrs later everyone of the gazillions of Chinese are in lock-step with the program. We however couldnt be more divided, we are the prey this time, a house divided can not stand. When the smoke clears we will go down in history as the stupidest people that walked the earth. History books may say ” they had everything they ever wanted, they just couldnt adhere to the one thing that made them so powerfull and united and free, they had a republic and a constitution but they pissed it all away thinking the grass was greener on the other side” so sad.

      14. We left the gold standard to switch to the oil standard. Then we convinced the Suadis to use us as a reserve curancy… (like the Eourodollars after WW II). Well they invested in the stock market getting a double return on there money. This worked and we could back our dept with printed money. We accuauly needed a trade deficit for this schem to work. This is why the U.S. wanted to move some manufacturing to Japan then China. Then we decided to run up massive dept giving dead beats and immagrints everything under the sun for free. This was still fine until the investers began to back out and the US has now begun to lose status as the reseerve banker. When this finally hits (in 18-48 months) the US will now have to back its dept with tangible assests which it is lacking instead of printed fake money. This will make the great deression look like good times. The takers will go after the producers and you will have a Hunger Games/Atlas Shruged scinerio. (Mabey even a little Mad Max). Inflation will insue (its kinda already here regarles of the govements Bulls#$t numbers). It will be the Euro vs the BRICS vs the China/Ausi vs the US Dollar. And yes there will be war. I did 20+ in the millitary and I tell every young person I know… don’t sign up. They will not be defending the America they think they are. The millitary is giving injured Vets drugs for treatment then drug testing them then giving them “other than hounerable” then kicking them out with ZERO benifits. One of maney ways they are wrighting them off the books. You can’t us the name of JESUS but you can use any other deiaty. Its all but over folks and you know it … you just don’t want to accept it. Time to put on your boots and get ready. Do it for your Family, God, Friends, your counrty.. What ever but get ready.

        • Man on the Inside, we did not trade the “gold standard” for the oil standard. Gold was pegged at twenty dollars the ounce. In 1947 oil was seventy-five cents the barrel, gold absent since 1934, but silver was still in the dime.

          Oil pegged at $2.00 the barrel as it was in the early sixties would have worked, but not for commies.

          Thanks for your service, gunny. Lock and load.

          Semper Fi

        • {{The millitary is giving injured Vets drugs for treatment}}
          Some are saying this is also responsible for the huge suicide rate of soldiers.






        N.O. ;0p

      16. Assad taunts: First S-300s are here, more coming. Green light for Golan fight against Israel

        Hizballah fighters in al-Qusayr battle

        DEBKAfileSpecial Report May 30, 2013, 10:09 AM (IDT)

        Taunting Israel, Bashar Assad says in an interview prerecorded for broadcast Thursday night, May 30, that the first batch of Russian S-300 anti-air missiles has arrived in Syria and a second consignment is on the way. Wednesday, May 29, debkafile reported the landing at Latakia of a large Russian transport carrying 60 tons of unidentified freight. This was the first S-300 consignment. Fresh Hizballah forces entering Syria Thursday are heading for Deraa, the rebels’ southern stronghold 30 kilometers from Israel’s Golan border.

        Keep the FAITH

        • I have in my collection of books a photo album of Palestine (Earthly Footsteps of The Man of Galilee) By Dr James W Lee & Mr E M Bain 1863 & 1887 amonst all photos of a landscape that in most places changed little from the time of Jesus up till then is a photo of a new housing development built in Roshpina by Evelyn Rothchilds great grandfather.
          For a very long time these internationalists have been prepping the groundwork for complete control of the middle east and the whole world & whoever controls the middle east controls the world. they destroy so that their phoenix can rise from the ashes. The main reason that the Israeli prime ministers think they can do what ever they want with such arrogant disregard for anyone but themselves isnt because they have the USA backing them its because they have the 100% backing of the internationalists who are very able to squeeze any country into submission or be finanancialy ruined these satanists trigger riots, recessions destroy good churches so that a country looses its moral compass. These reprobates have rejected Christ for Satans temporal kingdom of the world and the glory of them Matthew 4:8-11

      17. No.

        • Two Buckets, good info post! Yes it is too bad most so called christians have been so decieved on all that pro-irael stuff they been fed. In the Bible those pharesee and their followers(then AND Today too) are said to be “The Adversaries(enemys) of God, and of ALL mankind.”

          Ironic how so many refute all msm or govnt says, yet whatever same says regarding israel or jewsih folks, That is 100% truth!….How in the world can Any sane folks believe msm lies on everything else yet tells truth on all things israel?! We truely are living out that Prophetic era spoken of where “In Last Days Many false prophets, false Teachers, wolves in sheeps clothes shall Abound in many areas” Just turn on TV channel TBN or “Angel” network, or the EWTN(catholic) and a couple others too. It is mostly 24/7/365 Non stop Falshoods preached or taught! Yet Tens of Millions folks Believe it all without question. Unbelievable.

          • Hi TG, Satan & his disciples will try every which way to decieve Gods elect but will fail. No man is able to pluck us out of Gods hand John 10:22-30 gives us a true understanding of saved by grace not of ourselves but of God that willeth outherwise we would believe & behave the same as them

      18. be cynical ! what makes the world go round? MONEY!! can’t solve a problem ? its third grade algebra , X=$. the worlds reserve currency is the u.s. (petro)dollar. that reserve status is at stake of being replaced. other countries are tired of our games. world war 3 should be called Bretton Woods 2 – thats what it is about. massive troop movements and casualties not necessarily. remember X=$ . research the federal reserve: the creature from jeckyll island. big bankers are evil, they make scumbag lawyers look like teddybears

      19. Those words in the song by that satan worshipper not so far fetched today

        Come gather ’round people
        Wherever you roam
        And admit that the waters
        Around you have grown
        And accept it that soon
        You’ll be drenched to the bone
        If your time to you
        Is worth savin’
        Then you better start swimmin’
        Or you’ll sink like a stone
        For the times they are a-changin’.

        Come writers and critics
        Who prophesize with your pen
        And keep your eyes wide
        The chance won’t come again
        And don’t speak too soon
        For the wheel’s still in spin
        And there’s no tellin’ who
        That it’s namin’
        For the loser now
        Will be later to win
        For the times they are a-changin’.

        Come senators, congressmen
        Please heed the call
        Don’t stand in the doorway
        Don’t block up the hall
        For he that gets hurt
        Will be he who has stalled
        There’s a battle outside
        And it is ragin’
        It’ll soon shake your windows
        And rattle your walls
        For the times they are a-changin’.

        Come mothers and fathers
        Throughout the land
        And don’t criticize
        What you can’t understand
        Your sons and your daughters
        Are beyond your command
        Your old road is
        Rapidly agin’
        Please get out of the new one
        If you can’t lend your hand
        For the times they are a-changin’.

        The line it is drawn
        The curse it is cast
        The slow one now
        Will later be fast
        As the present now
        Will later be past
        The order is
        Rapidly fadin’
        And the first one now
        Will later be last
        For the times they are a-changin’.

        I personaly will remain on the old road.
        Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set. proverb 22:28
        Dan 7:23 Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces.
        24 And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.
        25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.
        26 But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.
        27 And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.

      20. They will have to shoot me before I allow my son to be fodder for the greed machine.
        Let them send theirs first!

        • Walt, this is absolutely the BEST 44 minutes that anyone could spend to see wtf is going on.

          I saw it about 6 months ago and have been sending it to people.

          Thanks for the repost. lms firm.

      21. I’m reminded of that old quote….

        “What if they gave a war, and nobody came?”

        • Doesn’t matter. The war is coming to us whether we like it or not.

      22. I don’t think we will have to worry about sending any of our kids to a different country to fight a war…it will happen right here, in our own back yards…if your awake enough you’d see that it has started already

      23. I’m not the Fortunate Son.

      24. They gave a war and nobody came.Now that there isnt a draft in the USA in order to get the cannon fodder for their wars the goverment has lying shyster recruter,s to dupe the gullible young folks into joining the military. If the economy & jobs situation wasnt dismal they couldnt lure the children to join the military. Think back to the USA,s early days. everything was done by hand so they wanted slaves. the contienet was overun with indians. yet they had to go to africa to obtain slaves. Why didnt they enslave the indians? It was because the indians refused to be enslaved. they couldnt be punished or rewarded enough to do another mans bidding.They refused to work and would stop eating and die.When it comes to the banksters wars we need to adopt the indians mindset.

      25. The further a society drifts away from the truth the more it hates those that speak it, because truth is treason in an empire of lies

      26. “Will you send your sons and daughters to fight?”

        Of course most will. What can you say about a culture that beats it’s chest to things called “predator” and “hellfire”. USA…USA…USA…pfffft. No one escapes the “Great Eye” wars. Hang some bankers.

        • I don’t think there will be a ‘choice’. My money says this will be couched as carving the nation up.

          I also think that since the govt is actively allowing China to take all of our ‘standard’ military tech thru hacking, I think we’re going to see the emergence of the blackest of black project technology. Seriously amazing stuff.

          • chinie doesn’t have to hack, they’ve got friends throughout .gov, top on down.

      27. Knife and scissors folks, here we go..

        they couldn’t have subdued her? another tazer shot?

        you know that if you or I got into a confrontation with some one that had a knife or scissors, and we shot them dead..we would be Zimmermanned for sure

        • “FBI shoots Unarmed Suspect in the Boston bombing”

          I wonder what the “Real” motive is pertaining to all of the GOV violence. Trying to read between the lines.

          Those cops were very poorly trained. She would have been taken alive if I was there, so many ways for two guys to disarm a crazy lady with a knife. So very, very sad.

          • they were doing an “interview” in HIS house at 1 or 2 am, to get him to sign a confession of involvement in an earlier murder investigation.

            ahh yeah right, so much about this line of Bullshit don’t stick to the wall..also 2 of the FBI’s associated with that group died in that helicopter beginning to think this was all a set up..and they are busy covering their tracks

            • I’m sure its just coincidence that he’s dead, Dzokar was shot in the throat and can’t speak, Tamaelin is dead and 2 FBI agents were killed in a “training accident”

              sarc/ off

      28. Theres Two main reasons most americans refuse to believe our own govnts and wall street banksters are responsible for so much intrigue. #1= We all have been brainwashed to believe whatever public school text books said. Along with a thousand War movies from Hollywood which was in cahoots with the cia on many movies of propaganda.

        And #2= Because most all of us have fathers or uncles or grandfathers that fought in WWII, and some even WWI too.

        Most folks reject any idea that these men of ours went to fight an Unjust war mainly for banksters and to create Communisim.

        Many never before heard of this, but communisim in russia where it began was acually attempted 3-Times! In 1895(or99?) kommie revolt attempted & Failed. Then again attempted and Failed in, 1905 russia. Not untill Leon Trotsky(birth name Lev Bronstien) came to New York around 1915 or so, and found then Trained aprox 300 Others from NY who orig came here From Russia earlier. Then Trotsky hooked up with Jacob Shiff of J.P.Morgan fame(shiff was then Rothchilds Main agent in america).

        Jacob Shiff agreed to Fund the 1917 revolt for a 3rd attempt to take over Russia with communisim etc. Shiff Gave Trotsky $20 Million in Gold Bullion.(back when gold was like $20.00 per oz!)…trotsky left NY with a boat load of that gold as well as the 300 fellow “travlers” from NY and headed for Russia. That ship went North from NY and was caught in Canadian (or greenland? cant recall exactly now) waters and halted. Canadians figured out they were kommies or somebody nefarious and were going to Keep them there for arrest etc. USA-Whiethouse interviened(Probobly Prez Wilson) so canada let the ship go on to russsia.

        Meanwhile the Warburg Bankster family in Germany or barvaria(?) had Lennin there and gave Him another $10 Million gold bullion! And had a special secret train car rigged up to securly transport Lennin and His gold Back to Moscow!…If not mistaken Lennins train car was welded shut doors to secure the gold and him form any harm or theft. Both Trotskys ship and Lennins train arrived in Russia, and the rest as they say is History. Only We were never told nor taught of These parts of Real history.

        Bottom line= No communisim would have existed without USA banks and USA PREZ assistance. Same for Chinas dive into communisim. These are difficult truths to accept for us americans yes. But you can now today easily find many websites and yutube videos which prove it all beyond all doubts. Instead of fighting the truth we instead should Learn from them and Plan ahead so we too do not fall for Lies and Swindles like Our parents or grandpparents did. They had nobody tell them and no websites avail then to learn from. But We do!

        If anything we Owe a “Payback” to all these current liars and thieves and nefarious evilness bastards who themselves are copying and extending what Their fathers or grandfathers did when swindleing Ours!

      29. Sending John McCain to Syria on memorial day to publicly support the Rebel cause, was probably the decisive trigger that Russia needed for them to kick this war up a gear. With Israel bombing Lebanon now as well as Syria, Russia is fairly justified in trying to bring in S-300 missiles to Syria to back the Assad government. Putin ordered his Nations Military to start making full war footing preparations 3 months ago (around the same time, China did the same) I’d say they are ready. We’re gonna see this kick off in a matter of days …. Maybe even hours.

        I know a lot of folks believe Russia is no threat since the Communist collapse in 89. But that was almost a quater century ago. They’re capable again and with some pretty advanced toys. And they pissed off.

        Here comes the Draft, Martial Law and rationing.

        • Thanks BI, that was a good read. Its crazy that Russia is standing up for Christians instead of us. Man this world is getting crazier by the day.

          • Once Again! I am Vindicated by the Truth and Facts! A few here may recall I have Many times prior posted that Russia is NOT like before when under Soviet(bolshevik jewish kommie rule) and that Putin is a Christian. An Orthodox Christian. And a massive portion of russia, likly 90+% is once again a christian nation(like usa used to be etc). Russia was Forced to be an Atheiestic nation under soviet rulers. Every of over 24,000 churches were blown up or burned down. The few that remained standing during soviets rule were turned into Torture and Death houses! That was done to Spite their christianity.

            Yet after almost 3/4 of a Century of soviet Horrors that make the Nazis seem more like 5yr old Kindergarten amatures. Russia has nade a huge massive christian comback! With a Strong Whiteman Christian Pro-Homefront-russia first attitude Prez in Putin. Many posters here Laughed when I stated Putin has Vowed to assist Christians wherever they may be if necessary.

            Just a couple Days ago, Prior to Israelis Bombing of Assad troops(syrias Legit army and leagle govnt) which not only Helped them Rebels(alqueda-Hillerys Pals- funded & armed by us state dept and cia/Mossad) But likly assisted Rebels in syria in the Mass Killing of an entire village of Christians.

            Just prior to that Israeli attack, Putins main military spoksman, was on RT tv news clip, saying that even though Putins Russia agreed a YEAR ago to that contract to supply them S-Missles to Syria…Putin ordered it Halted!

            His reason was because he feared they may go into the Wrong hands of rebel Terrorists or other terrorists around the world. Now all a sudden he delievers a load of s-missles eh. Right. Putin Is a Man of his Word, hes kept his promice to Protect Christians.

            While the usa continues to Insist we must back our “best friends and Allies” of mid east!(israel)!

            Who Together are causing Christians in Syria and Iraq to be Forcefully booted out, Or Killed!

            When considering all the Many incidents where our so called best pals and allies have spied on usa-attacked USS-Liberty ship(killed 34? wounded 170 more) and planned to Blame Egypt so usa would begin carpet bombing of egypt back in 1967!…Of aprox. 297(?) SPies usa Caught since WWII era…ALL but 3-4 were Israelis or American citizen jews!

            So considering all that as well as much More to long to List here events, with Friends and Allies as They are?…Who the fuck needs Enemys! Oh wait! we Never Had enemys in mid east untill 1948 when along with Britan the usa assisted those evil Khazer-Kommies(todays kazaria is called Lower russia and part of poland/ukraine) in setting up shop in israel…NOW you Know the Real reason for WWII!…WWI=smoke screen to assist khazer Kommies create soviet kommie jew run russia-1918.

            WWII= To allow Commies to take over entire Eastern European areas!…So than soviet russian jewsih kommies can spread out to Take over ENTIRE areas of Europe! Once done, its a cake walk to take over usa and canada and mexico and south america for a combined NWO of Communisim total world NWO=Kommie bolshevik/zionistic jewish rule!

            And Those are the True reasons we went to BOTH WWI & WWII…Like it or not does Not matter. it IS truth and facts abound in More websites than one can read in Two lifetimes now! Check a few Out see for yourself and Quit being Deluded any longer folks. Truth is more important than our egos or “feelings/emotions”.

            we will end up allowing a Rabid Bandit state of a meere 7-million folks(israelis) in Palestine(its true name) to be the final Death of not just the USA, but maybe the entire Free Western world!…Wake Up.

      30. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        3 more deaths now being reported

        Terrifying New Respiratory Virus MERS Claims New Victims

        To Stop MERS, Longer Quarantines May Be Necessary

        these are the “official” figures from the CDC as of today
        however multiple sources are reporting the death toll at 30
        and not 24

        MERS Cases and Deaths, April 2012 – May 2013

        Current as of May 29, 2013Countries Cases (Deaths)
        France 2 (1)
        Jordan 2 (2)
        Qatar 2 (0)
        Saudi Arabia 37 (18)
        Tunisia 2 (0)
        United Kingdom (UK) 3 (2)
        United Arab Emirates (UAE) 1 (1)
        Total 49 (24)

        • Interesting statement in the second article that it might be spread by “bats or camels”. Bats are a worry here, camels not so much. Let’s hope that it is a camel flu. We’ve never seen one of those.

        • Nina-O great video, but I dont quite get him saying hes the “Leader of the Free World”? Who appointed him such?

          Other than that, he knows his stuff on nwo etc all right!

          Yes it sure looks like another false flag gov opps eh. He says Virginas Govner did exec orders to hand control for Martial Law over to DHS & FEMA. Hmmmm…His info on that Corp=Bekal(sp?) is well researched too it seems.

          If we had all 50 state govners like him in charge there would be alot Less fed gov troubles huh.

          Everybdoy HERE needs watch this video. 20 min long well worth the time.

      31. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        it looks like the most commonly reported stats are

        49 cases
        27 deaths

        and this is a VERY disturbing story

        French man with MERS may have gone 12 days without symptoms

        the fact that this pt went 12 days without showing symptoms is quite alarming
        it is not yet known if he was spreading the virus during this extended period
        but he very well might have been

        that would make this virus ESPECIALLY dangerous and MUCH harder to detect early and control

      32. “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” – Mark Twain

      33. When there is a shortage of Men – Get women to serve at first: Then come in with the mandatory non-gender specific draft when they start the big one!

        • I think the reason the US has been able to be almost continuously at war over the last few decades has been the lack of a draft. People don’t worry about the fighting if there is no personal risk.

          If things escalate, it will probably take a major false flag event (even greater than 9/11) to convince the masses that a draft is needed. It is likely that women will be drafted too. If only males are called up, it won’t be long until someone challenges it as discriminatory.

          Calling up women will make the draft unpopular. It would be a setting for a replay of the protests of the Vietnam era but I expect it to be more violent and bloody because our world has become more violent.

          I think some of the Pentagon realizes how likely this scenario would be and they are cautious about promoting a draft. But people forget the past, or figure that “this time is different”.

      34. Man can not live without WAR. Ironic is it not? Built into his genes. As long as there are two humans beings on earth, they will fight over something. Big money in war and each sides benefits as their own bankers, politicians and war production factories race toward WW3. What they fail to see that todays war can lead to the death of the whole world. More sophisticated, accurate and deadly. The world has shrunk. In minutes cities can be laid waste. Even from the byproducts of war that help mankind, we still accept them when so much destruction is done. How many household products, appliances, gadgets, food preservation and medicine is derived from the war machine.
        In simple terms we are at war every day in one form or another. Domestic violence, crime, invasive government,
        equal opportunity employment, racial tensions, taxes, inflation, work place violence, immigration, child and drug abuse to name a few. We are rotten from within.
        The War against Poverty turned into a War against the middle class. The American Dream of owning a home and raising a family has turned into a nightmare of debt, beholding to the bankers. We are coming apart at the seams and stupidity and ignorance reign supreme.

      35. Still in my opinion the best line about war ever penned.

        “If any question why we died,
        tell them because our fathers lied.”
        -Rudyard Kipling-

        • How about that Kipling? One of his:

          “When wounded alone on Afganistan’s plain, and the women come out to cut up what remains, roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go the the God of a soldier.”

          Soccer moms love to send their daugters to war and they’ll welcome a draft. That is, if their babies can carry a rifle and defend communism.

          Commies everywhere.

      36. The rebel against the controlled world

        and a few words from General Smedley Butler on war

        “In 1934, Smedley Butler became a rebel. He was the highest ranking general in the US Marine Corps. He’d been awarded two Medals of Honor. Approached by a group of corporate leaders to put together his own army, march on Washington, and dethrone Franklin Roosevelt, Butler pretended to go along with the plan, then exposed it.

        Here are two of his more famous statements:
        Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.
        Butler’s second statement was published by Common Sense, a socialist newspaper, in 1935. The newspaper failed to realize that Butler’s derogatory references to capitalism applied to a specific kind of theft and murder, practiced by corporate men who ultimately intended to destroy whatever was left of the free market and, then, own all markets—State Corporatism, Globalism. Socialism.
        I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.
        Butler’s rebellion was actually against the elite capitalists who came to support socialism as the method for securing and expanding their wealth and power.”

        and then there is this

        Hermann Goering’s Quote
        On War And The People
        “Naturally the common people don’t want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY.”

        –Goering at the Nuremberg Trials

      37. That which does not kill me makes me stronger,what a stupid saying,the man who wrote that ended up in the nut house,didnt make him stronger did it.

        • Don’t tell Kelly Clarkson!!

      38. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        another disturbing story

        Morocco MERS-CoV Case ex-Middle East

        the troubling part ???

        “The high case fatality rate in Saudi Arabia, as well as the failure of Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait to report any MERS-CoV cases raises serious transparency issues and reporting failures.”

        one of the reasons that SARS became so widespread was that the Chinese government DELIBERATELY LIED AND ENGAGED IN A COVER-UP

        are Middle East countries engaging in the same practice ?

      39. Letting the days go by.

        “Once In A Lifetime”

        By, The Talking Heads.

        Same as it ever was. Rock out!

      40. I made some comments #1733182, #1734763, and #1734768 on the “urban camouflage” article that would be most fitting for this article. Mac, is there any way to transfer those comments from the urban camouflage article to this one? If not, then I’ll repost them myself.

        • BH, I was able to find two of them. Posted below.




          braveheart says:
          Comment ID: 1733182
          May 28, 2013 at 10:19 pm
          Eisen, I agree totally with your last comment. There’s only 2 things about the military that burn me the most. First, they brainwash people and teach them to be mindless robots and not think for themselves. Second, they just use people. It is possible to support the troops but not to support any illegitimate cause they’re sent off to fight in. Our military has been used in illegitimate wars since the Civil War. The VA is one of the biggest jokes we’ve ever seen. They’ve been rotten to the core since Vietnam. they don’t take care of the veterans at all. Nowadays, if you join the service, go off to fight in a war like Afghanistan or Iraq, come back home alive, you get ridiculed and shitted on by everybody and DHS labels you a domestic terrorist. That’s the thanks people get nowadays for serving their country. I don’t blame the poor men and women who get sent out to fight in thankless wars for anything. I blame the top leadership; they’re just politicians in uniform. Now I’m glad I was discouraged by my family from joining the service after leaving high school. Eisen, I hate war and violence, too. War or a good old-fashioned street fight should only be a last resort. But this country is headed for civil war 2 which will be much, much worse than the last one and will cover the entire nation. A lot of us may not survive it, but I’m standing up and fighting regardless. I want my country back and I know everyone else here wants the same thing. I’ll either live to see it happen or I’ll die trying to make it come true. I don’t care what feds or anyone else think of me. I’m not here to win any popularity contest. I just wish all of our LE and military would wake up and join us in this fight. It’s their country just as much as it is ours. braveheart


          braveheart says:
          Comment ID: 1734768
          May 29, 2013 at 12:18 pm
          My Opinion, I forgot to add all of the LIVE POWs who were abandoned by the government in WW2, Korea, Vietnam AND NOT ONE DAMNED THING WAS DONE BY THE POLITICIANS TO BRING THOSE MEN HOME! Oh, yesm all done by the same government you served, the same government you seem to have blind faith in. Well, there are plenty of us out here, INCLUDING VETERANS, who know better. do the research for yourself before you go spouting off like a damned fool! Also, I have no substance abuse problem, but the SOB who killed my wife back in 1981 damned sure did! braveheart

      41. Regardless, something big is coming. The world is well beyond overcrowded and lacks the resources to sustain the population. God is nearly gone from public view and because of so the populace is falling into a terrible moral state. I see a global state of war coming in the future on all fronts including here in the U.S. Overseas old enemies will reunite for a very long awaited rain check date of destruction and here tensions of the various factions will eventually blow the lid off the pot. Wake up folks everything that can go wrong is underway. Financial collapse, food/water shortages, tyrannical governments, climate change, large scale natural disasters, illness pandemics and, savage minded populations ravaging once civilized societies. The signs are all too clear. Keep stacking, keep your powder dry and, keep the Bible near by. God Bless and survive!

      42. @mac or anybody
        could you post a list of sons and daughters lost by the senators and congresspeople for both the iraq and iran battle grounds? also but off topic…michele bachmann congressperson from mn has stated that she is not running again…could you post what her personal worth was when she was first elected and what her personal worth is now… yes i realize that her pay check as a congressperson has been in the area of 200k per year but she has also maintained two homes during this time which too me would make saving a lot out of that paycheck a problem. this is not directed at just ms bachmann, if this was done for each and every senator and congressperson the outcome would be the same. perhaps if each of them was asked where their extra wealth was coming from every time they got in front of a camera the american people would realize just how bad they have been taken.

        • David Petraeus just signed on with private equity firm KKR.

          It’s not necessarily what you can steal when you are in office, it’s the who you know that will help you steal once you are out. Trust me on this.

        • oldman

          Mac did post that list. Didn’t you see it….?
          That’s because there was no congress spawn on it.
          You gotta be kidding. You can’t be That old.

        • I am way younger than M and maintain 3 homes. They are not million dollar pads, but you can hang out at two and live at the other. My wealth did not come from the GOV. Made and invested one dime at a time. Ever think about how Kennedy got his money? None of them earned it. All old man money.

      43. If any of my sons volunteered to enlist they would have my support. I raised them to make their own decisions and then to deal with the consequences of that decision and not run from it. Would I want them to enlist, no. A draft is a different issue, things would have to be real bad before a draft would be implemented. Because of blow back, a politician would not vote for a draft if it wasn’t dire and by then, the propaganda machine would be in full force and possibly because of an attack on us, false flag or not. I would still not want my sons to be drafted or to be swept up in the propaganda and then volunteer, either way I would have no say.

        • And if they choose to become thieves, rapists, or murderers will they have your support? Unconditional love/support takes away all value. If you will support them no matter what then you are teaching them wrong. Choices have consequences and choosing to do wrong should suffer removal of support. This is just a personalized version of Americans rallying around the flag, regardless of reality, simply because it is America.

          • @ common sense, you comment is lacking common sense, just a bunch of hyper-bull, get a life.

            • Excellent response!
              So amazing how you deconstruct and demolish my point.
              Thank you so much, now with your permission I will rush right out and “get a life”.


          • As I see it now. There is No America. Nothing left to fight for. We are just a bunch of high opinions. No focal points. Patriotism is DEAD as I read it and is to be condemned. Hell, why don’t we just let Agenda 21 become the law of the land and welcome the blue hats. Hail the NWO.

      44. Am I the only one without an EBT Card at the grocery store?

        I mean, WTF?

        • Follow them to their cars!! Not what I drive. Trust me.

        • @Son,

          Look around you when you’re at the store.If you can’t spot the white man,it’s you.

      45. If they keep ignoring the Rule of Law in this country..there will be a war… Right here

      46. opps…should have been iraq and afgan battlegrounds…let this be a warning to all of you guys out there, the mind is the second thing that starts to give out.

      47. Looks to me like we are funding our own tyranny


      49. DHS new order

        45 Long Colt – 250 gr. JHP total rounds 4000, 200, bx;
        LI 002: 45 ACP 230GR JHP 1000 rounds per box total rounds 20,000, 20, mx;
        LI 003: 22 LONG RIFLE CCI GREEN TAG COMPETITION RIMFIRE AMMUNITION total rounds 40,000, 400, bx;
        LI 004: 30-30 160 gr. – this is being used for a Government gun. total rounds 4,680, 234, bx;
        LI 005: 12 GAUGE #8 BIRDSHOT WINCHESTER AA LIGHT TARGET AA128 total rounds 20,00, 80, bx;
        LI 006: 410 GAUGE #9 WINCHESTER AA TARGET AA4109 total rounds 10,000, 40, bx;
        LI 007: .357 MAGNUM 180 GRAIN JHP total rounds 6,000, 300, bx;
        LI 008: 7.69X39MM 123 GRAIN total rounds 5,000, 250, bx;

        so now they are cowboy action shooters? Just WTF is going on here?

        yeah I get it..this is about pumping up prices, and getting ammo off the shelfs…all of it!

        • 45 Long Colt 250 gr JHP 4,000 rounds (This caliber weapon is not issued to any branch of gov’t.)

          45 ACP 230 gr JHP 20,000 rounds

          22 long rifle 40,000 rounds (This caliber weapon is not issued to any branch of gov’t.)

          30-30 160gr 4,680 rounds (This caliber rifle is not issued to any branch of gov’t.)

          12 Ga #8 shot 20,000 rounds

          410 Ga # 9 shot 10,000 rounds (This gauge shotgun is not issued to any branch of gov’t.)

          357 180 gr JHP 6,000 rounds

          7.69 X 39 (must be a typo should have been 7.62X 39 123 gr 5,000 rounds) This round is for an AK-47. Does DHS have AK 47’s now?

          • any one who gives up their brass is an ass…
            if you don’t pick it up, it will never stay in the public hands.

            Get it?

          • They just learned how to build AK 47 that can’t be traced. Sending them to middle east. They never buy #8 shot unless the Chaney is going hunting. We all know how that worked out.

      50. Common sense…Isn’t so common!

      51. Mac, thank you for that. I’m surprised that it could be done. Satori, thank you for those quotes from Smedley Butler and Hermann Goering. In my mind, General Butler was more of a hero than any of our WW2 generals. MacArthur, Patton, Bradley, and Eisenhower were involved in the Bonus Army atrocity; they’re not so well known for that. The way those WW1 vets were treated was inexcusable. The way the government has treated ALL veterans, past and present, can never be justified. anyone since 911 who has considered a military career I hope has decided against it for their own sakes. If I had kids, I could never in good conscience tell to join the military, considering what can and will happen to them after they leave the service. braveheart

      52. Now come on all you P.C. Men.
        Uncle Sam needs a helping hand.
        Got himself in a terrible jam.
        Way on over in Disneyland.

        So throw down your Pods and pick up a gun.
        We’re gonna have a whole lot of fun.

        And its one, two, three. What are we fighting for.
        Don’t ask me I don’t give a damn.
        There’s no more freedom in this land.

        And it’s five, six, seven. just another Watergate
        Well there ain’t no time to wonder why.
        When freedom’s gonna die.

        Now come on Commie’s don’t be slow.
        The Constitution has to go.
        Take them guns. Secure the land.
        Agenda 21 is the plan.

        And if they shoot ,they have to die.
        You don’t have to say, Bye Bye.


        Now there’s just one thing you have to know.
        Clean your boots before you go.
        A place to lick, without no trash.
        They may want to kiss you ass.

        So be polite with all you’ve done.
        From the barrel of your gun.


        • Slingshot? David Peel lower east side . Do you remember give me an F?? @Woodstock

        • Well, bye.
          You ain’t no daisy.

      53. My son is fourteen. I was thinking that everything was going to go to crap a couple of years ago, and that I could protect him. Now it looks like they’re going to drag things out so he will be just the right age to go to war.

        • I’m here in CT. My oldest son is at FT Campbell KY. Have no idea for sure what he does–really he won’t tell us. So I just guess. Middle son at FT Polk In the 10th Mountain Division, set to deploy after July 4th. Youngest 16 wants to join AF ROTC and get degree in engineering. Concerns me deeply, but they believe in the America I grew up in, because those are the values we taught them. Willing to risk their lives to fight on behalf of their country. Their country that would call them crazy and take their basic rights from them when they return as VETS. how
          f¥cked up is that?

      54. Looking at the pictures, and when comparing with Israeli soldiers, I saw Israelis were better equipped with high tech weapons than our soldiers. 🙁

        The video “WW3 has already begun”, this video is inaccurate and with twisted logic.

        It’s not how you learn history or receiving accurate events info. from the guy who was in every video that’s selling gold and silver mining stock.

        WW3 aka the last battle or “ENDGAME”, as they now call it and know something that we don’t.

        WW3 which started since the uprising of the Arab (Egypt, Libya, Syria etc..) and sweeping to Mediterranean, including the U.S. (The LAST Bastion country).

        Every country that has had or will have a revolution or a civil war with a new chosen leader and a new system, except Iran.

        Because Iran will be used as an excuse for the last world war battle which will disarm the entire planet’s militaries and population, except for one country.

      55. If you go into a WalMart with a pair of farmer’s overalls on you can really get out of there with a lot of good items stuffed in the front. Just stuff in whatever you need to get and make it look like your just another fat ole farmer jones. I have stole many things in the fishing and hunting and camping area while the clerk was tied up looking for ammo that wasn’t even there. Last week i got out the door with 2 big boat seats stuffed in my waistband. Sold them quick for cash money… Walmart is a jew owned company that sure deserves it…

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