They Will Seize Your Food and Resources: “Hoarding of Just About Anything Can Be Banned”

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    In March of 2012 President Obama signed an executive order which, among other things, gives the federal government authority over every resource and infrastructure element in the United States.

    The new order provides specific definitions for each of these essential infrastructure elements, indicating that all resources, not just those owned by large farms and businesses, are to be directly controlled by the government.

    The signing of the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order grants the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Labor, the Department of Defense and other agencies complete control of all US resources, including the ability to seize, confiscate or re-delegate resources, materials, services, and facilities as deemed necessary or appropriate to promote the national defense as delegated by the following agencies:

    That the government would seize energy depots, large farms, water reservoirs, and infrastructure-critical factories  in the midst of a widespread disaster is a given, but how far can they really go?

    According to a detailed analysis by Code Green Prep,  The Present Legal Support for Seizing our Food and other Supplies suggests they can go all the way, including what you have stocked in your home pantry.

    …the President can order the military to do pretty much anything to anyone, at any time, for any reason.

    Specifically, he can order the military to ‘restore public order’ – and you might wonder what ‘public order’ is.  Truly, that’s a broad term capable of many meanings, and so too is the verb before the noun – ‘restore’.  What types of things can he order the military to do to restore the public order?  There’s no limit specified, so presumably whatever he (and he alone with no need to get approval from Congress) feels to be prudent, necessary, and appropriate.

    The legal framework was partially outlined in the aforementioned executive order, but David Spero notes that it’s not the only law on the books:

    Hoarding of Just About Anything Can Be Banned

    These definitions are written in to the 1950 War and National Defense Defense (sic) Production Act, and so let’s see what the act itself has to say for itself.

    Go directly to section 2072.  That’s the key part from our perspective.

    §2072. Hoarding of designated scarce materials

    In order to prevent hoarding, no person shall accumulate (1) in excess of the reasonable demands of business, personal, or home consumption, or (2) for the purpose of resale at prices in excess of prevailing market prices, materials which have been designated by the President as scarce materials or materials the supply of which would be threatened by such accumulation. The President shall order published in the Federal Register, and in such other manner as he may deem appropriate, every designation of materials the accumulation of which is unlawful and any withdrawal of such designation.

    In making such designations the President may prescribe such conditions with respect to the accumulation of materials in excess of the reasonable demands of business, personal, or home consumption as he deems necessary to carry out the objectives of this Act [sections 2061 to 2170, 2171, and 2172 of this Appendix]. This section shall not be construed to limit the authority contained in sections 101 and 704 of this Act [sections 2071 and 2154 of this Appendix].

    So the President can simply say that anything more than (for example) a week’s supply of food (and all the other things listed) is an amount ‘in excess of the reasonable demands of personal consumption’ and then order the Army to impound everything you have in excess of that amount.

    We don’t want to get into the deeper darker conspiracy theories of what FEMA and HSD might be and do in the future, but we would like to be reassured that these theories truly are as impossible as we hope them to be.

    We have no answer to these questions.  But we wish we did, because we can readily see a future scenario where the government (which, of course, always ‘knows best’) decides the best thing to do is to centralize all food and other survival resources – all the stuff listed above in the Executive Order – and then distribute it ‘fairly’ as it sees fit.

    And, in case you didn’t read the first part of this two-part article, distributing ‘fairly’ is a code phrase that means ‘we’ll take as much as we can from people who have the thing, and then give it to people who don’t have the thing’.  The people without the thing doubtless feel that is fair, but how do you feel, as someone more likely to be losing your preps, while seeing people who laughed at you for being a prepper now having your preps passed over to them?

    [emphasis add]

    Full Reports via Code Gree Prep

    Part 1: Preppers Beware : Our “Hoarding” Can Be Deemed Illegal
    Part 2: 
    The Present Legal Support for Seizing our Food and other Supplies

    It should be clear from the laws that are already in effect that the government has given itself a legal pretext for confiscating anything they so choose in the midst of an emergency.

    During Hurricane Katrina we saw officials go door-to-door to disarm Americans against their will and in violation of the Second Amendment. They had no authority to do so in a legal sense. They did it anyway.

    Should an emergency befall the United States, the military, national guard, and local police operating under orders from the Department of Homeland Security will have carte blanche to do as they please.

    For evidence of this look no further than Boston, Massachusetts just a few short months ago when the government declared nothing short of a de facto state of martial law. Militarized police forcibly entered the homes of hundreds of Americans without permission.

    In a widespread emergency where supply lines have been threatened and millions of Americans are without essential resources because they failed to prepare, the government will swoop in and attempt to take complete control.

    They will enter our homes and search them without a warrant. They will confiscate contraband. And they will take any ‘excessive resources’ that you may have accumulated. This includes food, toiletries, precious metals and anything else emergency planners and officials deem to be a scarce material.

    Expect it. Prepare for it.

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      1. Seize away bitch…you feel lucky?

        how much can a dead man carry or seize?

        they wont all walk away with their hands full now will they?

        • I believe the government would seize food from people’s homes … if the need arose. From what I have read, the government ’emergency pantry’ is near EMPTY.

          Years ago, the U.S. used to keep large surpluses of corn and other grain…just in case.

          But, that is not the case now.

          The article below is 5 years old. I wonder what the current situation is?

          U.S. Grain Reserves Dangerously Low

          As of 2008, “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief. … Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry. There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve.

          The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”

            • If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.
              -Henry Kissinger

              • @Administrator/Moderator

                Schizophrenia: A state characterized by the coexistence of contradictory or incompatible elements.

                i.e. The State and Liberty.

                • This is why all good preppers should have a “last man standing” contingency.
                  Last man standing activates the pyrotechnics that makes sure:
                  a) Bodies cannot be easily identified.
                  b) The scum don’t get to pilfer your ammo and food.
                  c) Any plod that fall down during entry have to be buried in a closed casket ceremony.
                  d) Any preppers in the area know that one of their own is down for the long count.

                  • Addendum. It also gives tunnel rats a good cover for E+E 😉

                  • Wombat

                    100 lb. tank of propane. Two A.P. rounds. Two tracer.

                  • Check with Mythbusters on that one. From memory it didn’t work.
                    Think “Joker”.

                    “See, I’m a man of simple tastes. I like dynamite…and gunpowder…and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They’re cheap!”

                  • B”S” Could we do a tiny bit of reality here. Little simple math. 300 million people in US, average family say 3 people, gives us 100 million families, If larger family size, even fewer, For each 1% preppers that’s 1 million. if each family hordes $4,000 of food that’s 4 Billion dollars of food. With me so far? Now I believe very few have that much, But for about what Ben prints each DAY the Gov could BUY more than we have. That’s assuming they cannot get a better deal than we do; Which is highly unlikely. While it’s possible they would tell the makers to quit selling N-Pack and take the whole suppply there is no way it’s economic to search 100 Million houses. The idea of taking individuals food is stupid.

              • No idea how this fool is still alive. I saw him on the TV the other day and thought it must be some serious pumps and stuff in him cuz he should have died years ago.

                  • Our education system at work!! These people don’t even know what their freedoms are!! after 6 years in Special Forces USAF I know what rights I had lost! I guess I will along with my wife(also SF USAF)will be the first to die protecting our rights and family!! My kids have all been taught to THINK for themselves and question the Gov!!

                • Only the good die young. This bastard could live forever!

            • Then having too much money in a bank, an IRA, 401K will be hoarding also. This is where it is going. Same with having more than one home. Advice for those of you having rental property: sell. Remember HUD? How many, rented property where they received HUD (guaranted) payments?
              Now can you see the damage they had created with HUD?
              Financially it looked good, but now they can take the homes/apartments over, because of the hoarding principle or if you want; the executive order.

              • @ DRD5508

                “Then having too much money in a bank, an IRA, 401K will be hoarding also. This is where it is going.”
                The people that keep their money in any form other than physically under the guard of an AR-15 or similar is begging for reality to smack them silly.

                I’ve been “less at risk” since March 2009.

                Turn your paper wealth into tangible assets before it’s too late.

                • I’ve got a shoe box full of bills they can have.

              • A must-read for anyone with cash savings…

                The shocking way the U.S. government can “legally” steal your money without recourse

                “Once you deposit money in a bank, from a legal standpoint, that money is no longer yours. Instead, the bank owns it. You are an unsecured creditor.

                What’s more, in the event of future bank failures, the U.S. government has now confirmed that rather than paying off depositors, it may instead force them to submit to a “bail-in” regime similar to what recently transpired in Cyprus.”

                The Daily Crux

                • I laugh at the ones who give a thumbs down to your statement. It is FACT, not theory. Any finances you have in a retirement account, savings account, investment account, will ALL be part of the great leveling coming up. The Bankster Mafia want it all, not just what you want to give them. I have nothing out there in digital land that they can take. You bank/investment accounts are ones and zeros and can disappear at a key stroke. At one time, you could hold real stock certificates in your hand and actually own them. Not so today. “For YOUR convenience” they are all digital and out of your control. Nuff said…

                • you are correct. These psycopaths are telling us what they are going to do. Does anyone think they won’t? They are making these laws for a reason. They know what preppers are doing, and they know where the “stuff’ is. Sounds like a good hiding place is in order.

              • Blah, blah, blah, I call bullsh*t. Those who are bad at math always fall for this crap. These are over 320 million people in the 5th largest country in the world (3.8 Million square miles). There are over 145 million homes in America of which more than 91 million are individual homes (not condos/apartments). There are less than 3 million military members and around 1 million LEOs. Now consider that a large part of that nearly 4 million are support personnel and not combat arms, just how long would a door-to-door search take? For reasons of safety and to do a complete search, it would take no less than a four man team. Now add the time it takes these teams to go to each dwelling across our entire nation, the support necessary to transport, billet, and feed these teams, and haul away anything they find, and you’re talking about years and years to do this. And while they’re off doing this-who’s guarding the rest of the country? So yeah, I call bullsh*t on this happening on any large, or even medium, scale!

                • Then why was it written into an executive order?

                  • roast duck,
                    Please don’t use facts and logic here, it only confuses the people.

                  • Nobody said they wouldn’t like to do it. But these people couldn’t give food to a few hundred thousand people in New O but they are smart enough to take it from 300 millions? They will use more gas and eat more food collecting what they’d get than they would get.

                • First thay will call for a voluntary turning in of food stuff. second thay will threaten with penalties for those that do not. thard thay will use there data base to see who was on prepper web sites, who made large buys at sams club. low income homes will be pasted over.

                  • Here’s the reason why one should keep on “reasonable” stash of food where it is out of sight but fairly easy to find, say, about 2 weeks worth of canned and non-perishable food while going to lengths to conceal the main portion of your supplies.

                    That way if all they ask is if you have some food preps, you can honestly say yes and if they want a look you have a show piece that isn’t going to compromise your long-term storage if they decide that instead of a few weeks worth you only need a few days worth.

                  • Here’s what you guys are missing. Stalinists never go door to door to do their dirty work, they use the snitch and bounty system, employing greed and jealousy. It’s all to be fanned on by state propaganda (billboards, etc..). Your neighbor next door who covets your stuff will turn you in. People with kids will be the most likely to snitch, justifying their cowardice by their kids.

                    Lots of those who were searched in Katrina were snitched out. They pull in outsiders (of the area) like in Katrina (California Voluteer Cops, mostly) to do the doorkicks. That way the local cops don’t get their hands dirty and become targets for retaliation.


                • I did the same math last year and came up with 20 years to complete a good search of all dwellings in America.
                  Any faster and they would miss a lot of stuff hidden.
                  Of course I took into account that all of the troops and officers couldn’t be used, but maybe 1/2 of them, since the others would be needed to maintain order and assist in other wars/battles and work in shifts and tend to the ones shot by a few folks who would stop them.

                  • Walt: Thanks, my quick math said, at a minimum, that it would take 10+ years. Your analysis seems to be a bit more detailed and therefore more accurate. As you and I know, it took several thousand federal, state, and local LEOs 24 hours to do a cursory house-to-house search in small 20 block area for the Boston bomber. To do a much more thorough search as would be necessary for goods confiscation would take at least a week in that same small area. So your estimate is far better than mine. Facts win out again over fear and ignorance.

                  • Walt: How much Faster would it be, if say, hobammy Deputized 50 Million africans, and illeagle mexicans if he needs them also, and sends an even One Million to each of 50 states, with explicit orders to Move as fast as posible and Steal it all. And of course kill all who resist?

                    In Mich with 12-Million or so residents, thats 12 homes Per african savage thief-deputy hobammy-us african milita aka New Blak Panthers, Expanded greatly.

                    That method could get the confiscations job done in ONE weekend! Nationwide.

                • I’m one of the zombies, did not prep and am starving. Am I going to join up to help search for food. You bet! Hide your food for heavens sake. Can I do a good search? No. So minimal hiding will keep it safe. And also have some larger clothes to wear. So that in a month after TSHF put the larger clothes on so that you do not look well-feed compared to all the other silly NPs.

            • Keep a low profile and know that in short order of them starting to confiscate anything, they will bring forth anarchy like they have never seen before. There will be rebellion and a force that they underestimated. We are Americans, we work hard for what we have, we are strong and we are not stupid.

              This is not a third world country, this is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We will fight till our last breath preserving the right future for our children and our grandchildren. The giant is not sleeping, he is awake and he is getting pissed off.

              Bring it on suckers, we are ready.

              • I love the sentiment Star Swinger, but my take is that most Americans are too dependent on FedGov to take any action against it. Sure, there’ll be a few who “shoot the bastards” when they arrive at the door but most will think of Waco and Ruby Ridge and regretfully open that door so it won’t get kicked down.

                • Ruby Ridge was a “draw”. The locals started getting real pissed. Remember, one of the Nazi gov sharpshooter’s ate a 30cal

                  • Dave: I never heard of a sharpshooter at Ruby being sent to his maker. Never heard that nor can I find it on internet. Please show link if you can. Thanks

                  • @ Ike… google Ruby Ridge. wikapedia explains the whole story. Kevin Harris (r. weavers friend)shot us marshall Deagan after he shot the Weaver kid in the BACK. I hike the Ruby Ridge are alot.

                  • I don’t remember a fed going down at Ruby Ridge. Maybe you are thinking about Wounded Knee in 1973.

                  • Dave, you say you hike Ruby Ridge. Do all the people there remember Ruby Ridge still. What is the atmosphere of the people there? It would be interesting to know if you feel at liberty to share…thanks again for Kevin Harris info…

                  • Dave: Kevin Harris eventually walked after killing that son-of-a-bitch as it was ruled self-defenses. Harris also got a settlement of $380,000 for his troubles. Not bad: kill a child-shooting coward and get paid for it. Sometimes there is justice in America.

                  • @ Ike… some older folks still remember. The attitude seems to be that it will never happen like that again.

                • Sad but true oldfart…

                • On a level of national anarchy, the government scum wont have the resources availiabe to do a waco or ruby ridge. Theyll be taking fire from every direction.

                • Have you priced the cost of a new front door today? Those things are expensive! And they may take out the back door for good measure.

                  But, Oldfart, I agree. The shooters will be far and few between. Most will grovel in the corner and say “yes sir, how high sir, can I help you carry that to the truck sir?” And I’m another old fart (69 this summer).

                • Oldfart,
                  You are correct, did not Boston just recently give a fine example of what you describing?

                  • Not exactly, but then its Boston. Not really a pro 2A hot bed of pissed off bitter clingers.

              • This adminstration is so screwed up half these soldiers won’t even obey Obamas orders. Besides it would be way too much of a meat grinder for them. If they were smart, which most are, they would go AWOL and find their families, and protect them. And as far as using Foreign troops, American Soldiers would not tolerate the atrocities the foreign soldiers commit. Hence, meatgrinder. There would be 4,5,or 6 enemies all fighting one another, and us in the middle. Oh and lets not forget if this administration decides to use mercenaries like Blackwater, Section 8, Triple Canopy, KBR, Dynacorp and many more, yeh they call them contractors but still merc’s. I know alot of these types well. Remember they do it for money, and it would be our tax dollars paying for them. If they (merc’s) are cought during a WROL situation, they will probably be severely tortured and killed, by both sides. As far as seizeure and confiscation the people will not tolerate this, they should start waking up, for whats coming is not good at all.

                • There are ALWAYS people who will kill for profit or just the fun of it. Not all military types are family.

                  So, maybe some will desert, but not many. They just will not be sent to the town they live in. And, military families live on base most places and would be safe. Think about that. I’m sure the military has.

                • My guess is, they’ll use lots of contractors. Foreign ones for sure. They know that foreign contractors don’t have a personal connect to the US (well, 99.9% on them) For the Govt to find, hire and then deploy contractors (Professional Mercs) the fact they have no family ties, loyalties to the US and don’t recognize the Constitution, make them the obvious choice for the job. I’m quite sure, our leaders, realize that many US troops may waiver, if ordered to go against the people. A big percentage will follow and carry out their orders, as will LOE’s. Many will side with the people. It all comes down to how many Platoon, Company and Battalions sized units stand their ground with the people. Time will tell.
                  As for confiscations? Good planning and prepperation goes a long way. If you think they’ll come for your food, then have the bare basics in the pantry/cupboards sitting in plain sight. If they want it, give it to them. Just don’t tell them about all your other prep food stock, hidden in behind false walls, in the ceilings and under the floor boards or cashed out in the woods behind the house. Same with your guns and ammo. Happily give away the rusty old .22 that’s not worth $10.00 at a pawn shop and your ” last” half box of ammo. The “good stuff” kept well hidden away from prying eyes.
                  Its all well and good to declare you’ll fight em at the door. Better to stay alive though and out of a concentration camp for as long as you can. Comply to their demands ….. But on your terms. Defending your 562 cans of spaghetti is commendable, but you’d be doing it on your turf but on THEIR terms. Plus you’d be putting you family at risk.

                  • Better to go on the offense then. Attack them at their staging points. This is where CB and Ham radio comes into play.

                    Shoot and skoot with yer hunting gun.

                  • Cede: Complete and utter crap from another product of American dis-education. You’re incapable of critical thinking and that’s why you’ve come to such a ridiculous conclusion. There has never been a total, or even near total cessation, of food production in all of Earth’s history. In a total collapse that paranoids like you and some others here have fantasized over, the government would step in and seize all means of food production and transportation. There would be no need for confiscation of the paltry sums of food a few million preppers have hidden away. As for your guns, the government doesn’t want them. They figure that you’ll end up shooting each other over the scraps that are left during a major economic downturn. In the eyes of those that run this world: “it’s problem solved” because in a few years there won’t be enough of you to matter. They call it draining the shallow end of the gene pool. A lot fewer people, especially the less educated such as yourself. Tah tah.

                • Ryback,
                  If they were smart, would they join the military to begin with?? I think not!!

                  • SD I thot you were pro military, now that O has invited your boyfriends to join, remember, youre not only fighting for freedom , but also fabulous uniforms!.. anyway Bitch, you don’t have the brains or the balls to do what they do. Good luck when SHTF, faggot.

                  • Virginian,
                    I hope when things get a little crazier, you and I can run into each other. Looking forward to that day!!

              • I have an Indian (not native American) friend who says the American character is very hard to figure. In India,he says, people scream, shout and threaten all sorts of mayhem during traffic altercations and then, somehow it gets sorted out and they disengage. He says in the US, people will very, very calmly simply get a gun out of the glove compartment, walk over and shoot the other guy in the head.

                What is a definite negative in road rage incidents will be a definite plus in resistance. If you think some of these rednck fukkers are just going to let a pasty faced kid in an army uniform shove them around, you ain’t from Dixie. Everyone on the other side isn’t a SEAL or Special Forces. If you get Americans pissed off enough–and they are about there for many–they won’t care who shows up as long as they can drop a couple first. Count on it…

                • The deal is this: the cities will be decimated. Once that crap starts flowing out into the rural areas, thats when the sausage grinder gets turned on.

                  The cities, for the most part, are used to being pushed and ordered around. They’ve been programmed to just obey. I work in a smaller city of about 75,000 but I live 15 miles to the west of the center of town. Even in a town that size the people that live in town are such sheople and just trust and obey the state and the cops.

                  5 miles from the center of town, the country people are there. There is still a sheople component but there are a lot more guns, a lot less crime (funny how THAT works) and a lot more determination to be independent.

                  10 miles from the center of town and you run into people that are even more self sufficient and even more pissed. Pissed about being told we have to get a permit to dig a hole in the ground (so we don’t). Pissed about our money being stolen by taxes that benefit the inner city far more than our area. Pissed that we get told we can’t carry our “evil guns” where we want to carry them. Pissed about the traffic stops, the home “oops, sorry, wrong address, sorry we shot your dog” invasion drug raids.

                  Frankly, rural America is so fracking pissed that a WROL/YOYO situation that is accompanied by confiscation will turn it into a lock and load event.

                  My state just passed a law that says we can use deadly force against “public servants” (which is defined as law enforcement officers) if they are acting outside of their authority.

                  You think we will put of with this excrement? Don’t bet on it.

                  They might get away with the first house. The next one, there will be casualties. After that, they better hope the people they’re using aren’t local. Local law enforcement better start battling them, because, their families have to live here. Even a slight suspicion of local LEOs collaborating will be disastrous for the locals. They will have to resist also. If they don’t, they would be well advised to relocate.

                • I think you make some valid points. Whether it’s in the cold north, or the hot south, there are rednecks of every kind. There are plenty who just don’t take to being told to “back off, we’re taking anything we want”, type of orders. They will shoot first, and ask questions later. I know people like that. I personally think that officials are going to be too busy in the cities, to worry about what some yokel has in his garage stored up. It just doesn’t make sense to spend the resources to raid a few houses out in the country. I believe they will have their hands full in the cities. That’s just my take.

                  • The cities will die in a week or less. No fight, just shut off power supplies and water. End of story.

                    Then it will move to the country. Those city dwellers will be looking for anything to stay alive. Some will be in gangs and armed. Others will just be desperate.

                    When that dies down, the ‘authorities’ will clean up what is left or just wait you out. Most Americans will not last through the first year. They will either die or surrender.

                  • Makati…all you promote is fear and you advocate despair! Are you an Obam cyber troll?

              • Thank you.
                DetA LRP 51
                Echo 51

              • Yes- but keep in mind- many many millions will die.

              • ya ya ya,
                seen this in Afganastan, Iraq.
                reality is not the same as cow boy movies.

            • BI,
              I hate BO, the NWO, and everything that erodes the Constitution.
              However, when I read something by a Mr. Dave Hodges that says, “In the present political climate, I see no way to stem the tide of unthinkable brutality and violence which seems imminent.”, I pause.
              You see no way, Hodges? Who the HELL are you and who appointed you to any position of authority? You are a fat guy with a web site, and you have motives for wielding opinion that none of us will ever discover.

              Then there is this: “The federal government has invested in 30,000 drones, super soldier robots and intelligence gathering techniques which are mind-blowing.”

              Classic disinformatsiya; making marginally true statements in such a way that they mislead. Even if the USGOV has “invested” in 30,000 drones, they do not all exist today and they are not all aimed at the American people. I know some Raytheon people and they are working on “invisibility” a-la “Predator” and they have robotic suits for soldiers, but the US does not have “super soldier robots”. Give me a fucking break. And OOhhhh, the mind-blowingness of their intelligence gathering! Yes, NSA has had that for many years; cf.: “Body of Secrets” by James Bamford.
              BI, the US government DOES intend to fuck us all with a pile driver wrapped with a mile of barbed wire. I get that. But it does not help the cause, and it annoys the Hell out of me personally, when yet another circus barker presents distorted claims, inflates his case with raw chutzpah, and concludes that “The preconditions for armed conflict and the likelihood that the conflict will be guerrilla is very likely.” I don’t know that a guerilla conflict in the US is “very likely”, and you don’t, and neither does anybody else. Nobody has that continuum in a jar, along which the glass bead slides to and fro according to reliable evidence. We are all guessing. A little humility on the part of certain bloggerati would be becoming in this connection.

              • First, the last article I read the US has over 7,500 drones that it could bring home easily. That would cover the cities and major security areas at 150 per state.

                You have to overlook the techies who are wetting their pants over the new technologies being developed for warfare. They won’t be happy when they are used on their own families.

                We don’t actually know what the military has, but they may have robots and even ‘invisibility cloaks’. You can see an old video from a Japanese engineer showing how it works. I lost the ad, sorry.

                That they have sound cannons that can kill was news to me but seeing them used for crowd control proved their existence. I would not be surprised to see more of that type of weapon. After all, didn’t the walls of Jericho fall from sound bombardment? ^_^

                • Fear monger!

                • {{{ They won’t be happy when they are used on their own families.}}}

                  This is on my mind a lot.
                  Are they this stupid or just plain ole naïve and unsophisticated about warfare??

              • Actually, The government (including local governments) probably have that number easily. You are probably not taking into account the micro drones. These aren’t the multi million dollar ones flown remotely from MacDill AFB. Rather, they are the size of model airplanes. Some have motors, some are gliders, and some are plain ole balloons.

                Heck, as I understood it, almost every patrol in Afghanistan and Iraq had access to a micro drone. They just deployed it and watched what was just over the ridge via the laptop.

              • You diatribe above adds some sanity.

                There has to be motivation and gain to do anything. Nothing is going to happen for sure.

                I see skirmishes here and there in the future but not a total armed conflict and standard confiscation policy. They will test the waters (aka Boston Bombing, Sandy Hoax) and so on.

                As I said in an earlier post, “Only dumbasses and blind monkeys try this shit.” They government is stupid and they’re not blind. They do, however, have the morality of a monkey but thats another story.

                This is not inevitable. Can anyone tell me why? Well, I’ll just state it: WE ARE ARMED. Logistically it takes a lot to “round up” and “confiscate” and all of those phrases used in the article above. Add getting shot at by everyone from 8 years old on up puts a dimension of expense and effort into the mix. The armed aspect of it becomes a major deterrent. Right now, our public oficials move around in relative safety. Piss off the populace and crosshair views of politicians will become more numerous than newsroom phone ops. They know it. We know it. Nobody wants to talk about it, but, if things get bad enough and, as Gerald Celente says, if don’t have anything left to lose, we “lose it”, then you’ll have a bunch of suicide snipers out there trying to put a hole in anything percieved as against the people.

                One thing I’m hoping for: the criminals get convicted, we turn from our enforcement of the UCC and back to The Constitution. No shooting.

                This is what I am praying for and expecting. But, the battle right now is between the Liberty People and the Slavery People.

                Take a read so you will more perfectly comprehend where you stand:


                • Good Article. Tim Dunkin should be congratulated for writing that.

                • Intimidation by the government vs intimidation by the people. So you think that will keep everything calm, neutral, quiet. I disagree, you forget there is way too much of a criminal element in this administration. They want power, money, real estate, and they want to destroy the American way of life. Their Fanatical Greed is too great to not follow through……. Shoot straight, Watch your Six.

              • They also still gotta have a grunt flying the drone, they are not automatic,

            • Be careful with Dave Hodges. Mixes some fact with speculation, along with Bible prophecy. He has always deleted my comments when presented with any argument contradicting his own. Or that one of his posts recently calculated that DHS has 2700 Assault vehicles which he said equals 500 per state…I pointed out it equaled 50 per state, quit different logistics to deal with. (50 x 50=2500 not his calculation of 50×500=25000)

              If you want to get worked into a frenzy this by all means read Hodges. His work is not that to plan logistically on. A few months back he was spouting on about there will be no resistance, now he’s laying the ground work for it, make up your mind Dave!

          • and believe me..that wheat ain’t for the likes of us..


            • Any rights we think we have are pure fantasy.
              Rights were part of the “change we can believe in.”

          • Mac..

            For all us regulars here..

            Any news on the shtf forum?


            • We’ve ordered bigger fans… just waiting for delivery.

            • On behalf of all the idiots that had something named after them, I’m the biggest DUD!

          • Yep. Ky. Mom–I read and shared this idea years ago.
            The silos are empty.
            I read the regulations call for 3 days grain(joke joke for what will I do with grain??)for every household (not person) in the U.S.
            And whistle-blowers were telling it ain’t there. Nothing is.

            • Your right alot of the grain silo’s are empty. But there are alot of them that are still very full. Around here we have some private ones the stay full until the price of the grain is up and then they are sold. And yes alot of it will be GMO sh-t. But it sure doesn’t hurt to know where they are.


              LOL bet some will be glad for me to get back to work.

              • My 6000 bushel bin is empty. Private Grain Bins are empty in my neighborhood(heart of corn/bean country). There is less than 2% carry over. The only ones that have any corn are for their livestock operations or is contracted for delivery(ethanol plants). Most farmers unload most of their cash crop by February. They don’t have time to deliver in the spring due to calving and prepping for spring planting.

                Only hope is to hang on for new crop this fall. Watch the corn/bean/wheat prices for fall delivery. When they sky rocket you will know there is a problem.

                • Can you then explain why the grain futures are at their lowest point, now, 3 months before harvest, after a cold wet Spring that delayed planting? Also, with comparatively low grain prices (feed), compared to the past several years, why are livestock futures sky high? I know in my area, the pastures are full of beef and have been for several years. Most of what I see looks to be the right size for being butchered, too. And why are pigs so darned high? Pigs have big litters and they mature quickly.

                  I know about 1/2 the store price is processing, given I paid $2.60/lb to butcher a beef last February and that was the cheapest price available.

                  Let the store meat reach 1 day before it’s Sell By, though, and the price comes down by 30%.

                  It makes so little sense.

                  • BlueH2O,

                    Not sure about the grain prices but I can tell you that last yr our ranchers dumped almost all the 2 yr olds due to drought. Beef sure got cheap and now look at it. And SHTF family buy as much beef as you can afford NOW! The rancher I get beef from told it could almost double by the end of July.


                  • @DPS:

                    Your post had no reply button, so I’ll answer here.

                    About a month ago, I heard secondhand from someone in the grocery business that meat prices are due for a severe drop. Supposedly the comment came from someone in corporate in a nationwide chain. My informant was advised to NOT overbuy until Fall. Who knows?

                    All I know is I drive along and see pastures filled with big black beef the size of a VW bus that are at least 2 years old and therefore ready for slaughter. I know the grain spot price is not the price the farmer pays,or even the price he gets, but if you grow your own, it is easier and more profitable to feed $5.50 corn than $8.00 corn. It will all come down to supply, of course. There is always demand. The 2-year-olds got dumped, but last year’s yearlings are now two. Here in the Upper Midwest, our drought was milder last year and this year, the grass is lush, but the corn went in late and some got washed out. Some guys will make out. There are always winners.

                    It just seems like such a disconnect, to me. This is the time of year for high grain futures…..unless they have surveyed and think there is going to be a bumper crop. And, as I said: there are hundreds of those big old Angus out there in each pasture. No one is going to feed them past fall, no matter how low corn might be.

                    So, I guess we’ll see.

                  • Same reason gold and silver are at their levels. Just wait.

                    There have been massive shorts on the market. Margin calls. It is artificial.

                    Cut wood, store food, buy lead, get your back breaking tools lined up. We will be working for our food.

              • @DPS… you are right. I know of at least four different very large private (owned by the farmers that grow the grain) grain storage facilities in my area. Each facility has multiple (5-8) silos with a capacity of about 100,000 bushels in each silo. They are all full… of mostly wheat, corn, and soybeans with probably a few oats and sorghum. I think a lot of the US Strategic Grain Reserves are private farmers or Co-ops who contract with the government for storage. I don’t think the government buys up millions of bushels of grain and then ships it off to a “government” storage facility. I could be wrong, just saying. I think it’s kind of hard to get a full grasp of what exactly the US Strategic Grain Reserves consists of.

                • I know the gov. contracts with local elevators. They may sell their contracts before they come due and buy contracts for future delivery constantly filliping contracts. The SGR could be their contract obligation? The other trick the gov. used to use was to pay the elevators .10-.25 a month per bushel to store the grain with out actually purchasing the grain. They did this to keep the grain out of the market and support the grain price.

                • CrabbeNebulae,

                  We did some work for a local farmer a few yrs back. Single man been farming for 20 yrs and had istalled several of his own private silo’s he keep them full yr round rotating them out after each harvest. I know after an hr he was a prepper. Since that time I have done work for several other ranchers and let me tell you these older men are wide awake almost every one of them have silo’s. Its really great to see that in rural America, I even had 1 that paid my bonus in Ammo and reloading supplies. I really feel for the jackboots that go and try to seize anything from those old men.

                  CATIYM’s NOMI,


              • Dps you are very right , we grow alfalfa and all of ours is spoken for so this is gonna get interesting in a hurry . the price from last year dropped 35. on the ton so get it while you can cause it is gonna go high. The west is burning up and the east is flooding , strange weather patterns indeed, but i dont believe its got anything to do with global warming maybe the sat missle program across the southern us. just thinking hang tough wildman

                • wildman,

                  One thing I know about the weather, is we will have some..LOL. BI would know more about that then this old redneck but I have always seen it as you gotta look at it over a long period of time to see the patterns. Its not never rained. As for as crop futures you guys get screwed every yr, they jack up the prices for planting season and then come harvest season they let the bottom fall out. Guess some suit needs his new Rolex from the backs of our farmers. I call that person a POS. Hang tough brother.

                  CATIYMF’s NOMI,


                • West is burning up. Cattle kicked out of the mountains way early, so now they have to put to hay, which is going to go through the roof. They will not feed these all fall and winter. It will be similar to the dump last year, but prices will go even higher than the record prices so far this year. I’m going buffalo hunting this year… 🙂

          • What was the reason the gov gave for changing from giving food commodities to food stamps? I was under the impression it was to save the cost of storage and transportation. If you would compare the costs of that to the costs of sickly people who rely on the gov for medical care, which would be cheaper? Not all, but many people given food stamps or debit card will buy unhealthy food.

            • They changed because Big Ag and Big Supermarket were P.O.’d that the foodstuffs weren’t flowing through their hands for a rakeoff.

            • >>>What was the reason the gov gave for changing from giving food commodities to food stamps?

              I don’t know, but having EBT and food “stamps” are easier to fraud the system and bankrupt it faster. (cloward piven)

              also, with cards there’s no stigma attached, it’s lke they are proud of it, (entitlement) if people had to stand in line for their PB, cheese and dried milk, they’d do their damndest to get off that line, with EBT it’s a partay! buy lobster! buy arugula!
              and after all, you can sell them on the black market and use them in strip clubs, liquor stores now.

            • Because the system went from a few % of the people to 50 million! It’s gone completely insane. They cannot even print food stamps fast enough so they went to cards

          • What our stupid government needs to do is purchase a lot of the milk products, cheese etc. from the dairy processors to redistribute to needy folks. There is way too much food in the grocery stores, expiration date approaches and then it is just thrown into the garbage. That is shitty.

          • KY Mom,

            I would be willing to roll the dice and bet that Fort Knox is as empty as the nation’s strategic food reserves. China is already busy buying up our meat production, it’s no stretch of the the imagination to believe they’ll acquire more over time.

            • YH,

              I agree!

              I have read that China also has contracts with the U.S. for many bushels of wheat and corn. Regardless of weather (extreme heat/flooding) and the size of the harvest, I bet the govt. fills their contract first.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

          • Just like the gold that used to be in Fort Knox, if I were a betting man, I’d bet a sizable sum that the ‘US Grain reserves’ are very likely sitting in the same place that the gold from Fort Knox is probably sitting.

            In Israel.

          • KY MOM,this ain’t no accident americas food reserves are gone,FOR the past three years,OBAMA HAS BEEN SHIPPING EVERYTHING america has in reserve TO CHINA,theres been longshoreman fights on the colublia river over this very thing,he has been empting out every grain warehouse in the country,AND SHIPPING IT ALL TO CHINA,he’s even sending the food to mexico,for the chinese troops who are waiting to invade the USA………………….

          • Ammunition is much easyer to store . less space and much longer shelf life plus the added benifit of using it to get everything else you need . its not that the government shelves are empty its just what is on the shelves has changed

          • Add this to the mix KY Mom , The president has now taken away any incentive to grow your own garden ! Why grow one (Which is a lot of back breaking labor I might add) when all thats going to happen is someone will come in and take it from you. I can see the military like the Guard or reserves doing this all over the country in the name of martial law and getting away with it .

        • VRF, commies red thumbed you. Don’t worry about it. Stalinist commies everywhere.

          • I plan on throwing banana peels all around the porch and hope they slip on them.

            • Wd 40 works better , or so I heard

              • Actually 2″ inch drywall screws 2″ apart in 1/2″ OSB or Plywood will pierce any boot or shoe except Viet Nam Jungle Boots with the steel shank.

            • good on you, meanie………;)

              and never forget, when a man’s down, kick him.

            • Put tread mills around the perimeter.

            • I can’t remember who posted it, but a few weeks ago someone posted about laying a steel plate at your door, and running wires so that when they hit the doorbell they will electrocute themselves. Southern fried BBQ blue helmets. Tasty!

              • PenCRNA,

                zzzzzttttttttttt. When one would need it most, if the grid were down, it could do no harm. Unfortunately.

                I don’t remember its name but you mentioned a chemical that would put the horde out for good. As in sedating a wild animal at a zoo, but permanently.

                Finally, I saw only one of them more than a month ago, thankfully outside the window, but I don’t like yellow jackets any more than your husband does.

                How long does the epi in an epi pen remain effective? And how much harm are you doing yourself if you use it and you’re NOT going into anaphylactic shock?

                • i dont know the exp. on the epi pen ,but using it is not going to give you any damage all it is ,is a artificial adrenilin (epinephrin)when i go to the dentist i have them give me novacain instead of latacain because it has epinephrin in it and i hate the way it makes my heart race

                • @ anon6.8 I would think that in a cool dry place the epi would be good for a long time. Maybe some degradation in potency. The important thing is to know the proper dosage. Epi pen solves that problem for you. Surgeons inject local anesthetic combined with epinephrine in the OR all the time. If it rapidly absorbs into the blood stream (sinus or mouth surgery) it will jack up your blood pressure for about three minutes and make your heart race, but if over dosed (much higher than ever found in a local anesthetic) could lead to heart attack, stroke and possible death.

                  As for succ (sux) it’s starts losing potency after 14 days out of the fridge. However, I once cared for a physicians wife way back before i went into anesthesia. She had a drug reaction in his office. He had to intubate her and the only vial of sux he had was from an ER bag he had as a resident years earlier. It worked well enough for him to provide life saving measures.

                  Btw….By products of sux are detectable in postmortem blood tests…..just so nobody gets any ideas!

        • I am not arguing with your mind set and temperment. Just remember that when the so called leo’s and other uniformed members of the state come to steal from you, they will have the math on their side; more men in body armor, superior fire power and a certain level of consent from your “neighbors” who believe they are entitled to what you have. I only wish to remind that when they start coming door-to-door, that the odds against us. I can only hope that I will be either out of Dodge, or able to hide in plain sight.
          I suppose that line from Band of Brothers fits here, to realize that one is already dead. If that is the case then take as many of the evil bastards as one can.

          • True, but how will their troop moral be when each time they go out and their numbers get smaller and smaller?

            it wont last long before the ones with two brain cells to rub together figure out they better back off or risk being food for ones dogs

            • “How we burned in the prison camps later thinking: What would things have been like if every police operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive? If during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever was at hand? The organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt.”
              — Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize winner and author of The Gulag Archipelago, who spent 11 years in Soviet concentration camps.

              • Hoff at hofflandia dot com has all but chapter 15 of his final book, 200 yrs together, tranlated into English you can read free. You can’t buy a copy in english as zero publishers will publish it in english. They Fear folks learning whats in his book. It names the names and hides nothing regarding zio-bolshei russian kommies.

                Hoff also has over 100+ other books free online to read. Many are Rare or long out of print, all his book’s reveal or expose factual truths we were never privy to.

                • “This webpage is unavailable”…

                  Shut down already?

                  • Never mind, i found it. Not sure I believe all the anti-jew stuff, but here it is anyway:

                    try hofflandia dot wordpress dot com

                • You gave an email address. No way to search or find a book via an email address, and the web address hofflandia dot com, doesn’t resolve to a website.

            • When the government ordained marauders are sent back into their own neighborhoods to scavenge and loot the populace, perhaps being sent to kick in the door of their own Mothers’ home, do we think they’ll grow a conscience or set of brassies? My gut feeling is they will not…and if they do, that is part of the reason for foreign troops/UN/DHS on domestic soil…Folks, this is about to get very ugly for us all. No Woo-Hoo’s from me this HollerDay!

              • No but as their numbers dwindle their pucker factor will also proportionally increase. The only real threat will be professional soldiers…but they also have families they want to go home to…to hell with these chicken littles that talk about gorilla warfare. Be focused and move with purpose. I would say the only effective fighting force would be mercs and foreign SF. If I were the American congress I would be afraid…very afraid. Those drone pilots may fly one up their ass which would only be fitting payback for all their evil. God will have the last word in all this you can be sure of it. They will not be able to protect all their munitions…they will not know where the next bullet is coming from…they are nothing but destroying bastards and should be treated as such. Soldiers will turn on their best friends when they begin to fire on US citizens. Many will go nuts and take out whole platoons or companies at a whack…you can bet on it. It is hard enough to see foreign women and children die let alone your own countries women and children. Many GI’s have a conscience that evil cannot destroy. Does anyone know how much damage 1 pissed off well trained soldier can do? Lots… You can bet these tin pot soldiers DHS, NSA, Forest Service and even the Police punks will royally screw up and kill innocent Americans…thats when the SWHTF. Americans have been long suffering, praying things would change…but when the powder keg blows its game on and free men will die for their beliefs. Obama is sure to precipitate this encounter. He told Putin’s buddy Medvedev that he had to wait for his 2nd term…well here we are! They are all in on it…Russia, NATO, GB, all Traitors and Israel will be shitting their pants with joy when it happens like they did at 9/11. Every red blooded American with brains is red toe tagged for elimination…bet on it! These are monsters, cultivated in the pit of hell. These love death. They a liars, treacherous, woman and child murders, deceivers. They are following the protocols to throw all the nations that reject Judaism into CHAOS-CONFUSION-BLOODSHED. No different than Bolshevik Russia, Communist China, Indo-China, North Korea, Germany. The brain dead and chicken shits will get their wake up call…God help them! And should they get predominance in any area of the country you can bet some bitch or bastard Jewish commissar will be heading the purges……..hell yea! All this could cause the WRATH OF GOD TO IGNITE…NOT THE SHIT HOLE ISRAEL BUT AMERICA COULD BE THE FUSE…think about it. America is not Babylon the Great…Israel is! If you don’t like it, oh well…to hell with you! They have covenanted with death and hell! Israel is Satan’s whore, Israel is the Image of the Beast, Israel is Satan’s Tabernacle. Israel is built on the great city of lies and deception and there is not truth in her! Flee out her midst lest you be partakers of her sins and receive of her plagues…from God Almighty Jesus Christ. Israel revived the wounded beast that treads down the nations. Those who support her receive the Image and mark of the beast on their right hand and forehead. Since it is her beast you receive his mark…chew on that for a while and you reprobates are mad on her wine, drunken with the blood of the saints and prophets of God.

                • Just a rant, guys:

                  It’s guerrilla war, not gorilla war
                  martial law, not marshall law
                  cache, not cashe nor cash
                  government, or gov’t, not gubmint

                  Rant over.

                  Once had a crew chief who, in his surveying field book notes for the day, ‘nailed a steak to a fur tree’. We never let him live that one down…

                  • Well Taken Smokey, but this almost looks like Eisenkraut on steriods. Trekker Out.

                  • guerrilla or guerilla: depends on which side of the bed you get up on! I like gorilla! It more jungle-eee

                  • “It’s guerrilla war, not gorilla war”

                    After what we all saw in New Orleans, during Katrina, I think this statement needs a little more consideration.

                  • Did someone say “STEAK!!!”??

                  • the Dude mispills words onpurpis. so he dont triger the watch list. you coorect his spillin so it triggar the watch list. not cool man, not cool.

                • Ike,
                  alot of what u say is true and Im glad that you have taken the correct position on Israel, we can only hope more americans wake up and see what is happening and why and who is behind the destruction of our nation, all because they do not want to be in second place to anyone or anything ever again.

            • or they come home to a smoldering foundation where the house used to sit.

          • There is no body armor available that will stop a 7.62X51 round at close quarters combat range.

            And your last comment is quite correct. Once you realize and accept that you area already dead…..the rest becomes much easier.

            • That’s why I got one… with 20 round mags. My buddies laughed at me when I said it was for home invaders!! They thought I’d be worried the rounds would go through the walls and hit a neighbor, or a passing car. All bets are off when some asshole is kicking your door down and I don’t give a shit about my neighbors, I only care about the SOB that is storming through my door. 7.62×51 with a 20 rd mag is a perfect home invasion weapon!!!!!!!!!!

            • @Walt Kowalski

              All you need to do is hit the femoral artery in the thigh.

              If you sever that, it’s game over.

              He… she… it, will be dead. (within minutes).

              Screw the 100yd + shots.

              Get’em in close.

              • yourmother, you are right and that is what I share with people all the time: hit their thighs. How you got thumbs down is amazing. By the way, the thigh shot works.

              • At 25 yards a steady hand can pierce an eyeball with a lead pellet traveling @ 350 fps plus. If they keep coming,or have on eye protection, fire the magnum pistol.

                If they run the other way, fire a 150 grain FMJ round of magnum powered lead up their ass hole/lower back region.

            • Wrong…ceramic plates, level IV will stop .308

              Get a plate carrier, the plates themselves are $400 each…but they take multiple hits

              • How’s that armor hold up to dragon fire ? As in industrial flamethrowers are a economical means of point defense. Plus completely legal too own in many areas. Reader is strongly advised to check local laws , as in your failure to do so is not my problem.

              • Wont stop 300 win mag, and are marginal with 30-06, especially multi hit or heavy SMK

                • 3 things that are key to defeating armor. Velocity, Sectional Density, and Bullet composition.

              • Go Big Bore 375h&h,416,454 casull,460S&W its a lengthened 454 with more energy, 4570 or modern ar equivelant 458socum. I am not sure if .44mag 310gr hard cast or even 444marlin from a lever action will punch through plate but i am sure all the rest will do the job

              • Depends on what kind of bullet you are using. It may stop the bullet…..but there is enough energy to flatten them. It may just kill them from blunt force trauma. If they do stand up again it will take them 30 minutes to wake up.

                Buckshot bellow the belt works every time.

            • Beg your pardon Walt. Check out test of Infidel Body Armor on an old post on Paratus Familia Blog. Seems it stopped the 7.62×51 rather nicely. Trekker Out.

              • At close range, the energy of the .308 will put them on the ground, whether it penetrates or not. And they don’t wear anything on their head heavy enough to stop it.

                If I have to shoot and scoot, the 5.56 will be my weapon. But if I’m in the house, the FN/FAL gets the nod.

            • AR500 armor plates.

              personally tested and stopped 5x .308 and 5x 7.62x54r at less then 50 feet. zero pen. cant say wont cause broken bones, but did NOT penetrate.

              • Shoot yo ass with a .308 or 7.62×54, then walk up and cut yo throat with a straight razor before the shock wears off. Don’t matter what kind of body armor you have on.

        • I figure what they take after stepping over my dead carcass will be a few 30 round mags lighter.

          • They come for mine! Bring a vacume to suck up the ash,,,,

        • It’s really very simple but having your preps hidden in a safe place is essential. To completely confuse the hell out of them when they come to confiscate, simply say “There were 4 guys dressed just like you here two days ago that took everything”. The key is to have a few like minded neighbors in the same area say the same thing, the crooks wouldn’t know what to think.

        • A thief is a thief….whether they break into your home….or rob you at gunpoint….and even if they do it while wearing a badge or under the authority of an executive order.

          And they will all be dealt with in the same way.

          My approach to them taking my food and other resources in the same way as them taking my guns…….

          From my cold dead hands.

          Bring body bags. Lots of them. You are going to need them.

          I will be in the widow and orphan making business.

          • Amen Brother! Keep the faith!

        • Amen brother. after the years of bullshitting me and my family, the countless lies, thinking that if I worked hard and followed the rules, the world would be my oyster. Only to find out that the whole thing is fixed!

          Now they want to take something that is meant for the survival of me and my family. I’LL BURN THAT SHIT TO THE GROUND BEFORE I GIVE THEM ANYTHING!

          BANK ON IT.

          With that said, they can offer payment or some kind of other worthwhile compensation that can be used in a crisis but as far as giving those evil do-gooders my stuff for free, shows that they are completely delusional or stuck on stupid

          • This is an exact copy plan of how russian bolsheviks did it 95 yrs ago. The people doing the confiscating really believe they are on a mission of good. Designed to “Equalize” everybody with same stuff. As well as assisting the needy etc.

            But the true nature and evil is they plan to make all persons equally desperate and poor. When done in 1920 russia, they had a Master List of how many suits-ties-dress shirts-shoes allowed Per individual. Same for casual clothing, underwears-socks- etc.

            You get to pick 2 pair each. To keep for self. Rest you have gets Taken for “redistribution”.

            It will begin with Food and necessary items of clothing/shoes First. Then will quickly be Added to their lists various Other items. Whatever you have Will be added if not already on their lists.

            Same as todays Laws-exec orders-system changes-schools changes-Constant state of “Changes” faster than you can keep up with. By Design to not just Loot You “leagally” by State, but to also cause massive depression in folks. Fear + Depression= Loss of All Hope and Future.

            Then at some Pre-Apointed time frame, those not yet dead or Murdered(oh yeah Many get Murdered during these confiscation & redistribution events), Will be Systematically rounded up and murdered. Mass-Murder-genocided. That is how and what kommie marxist do and do everywheres they gain Kontrol of all what matters in society and nation.

            And Hobammy Is their best bet yet to actually Do such evils. FDR-Wislon-Carter-Klinton(both)-Gore-all other past prez’s as bad as most were, will all come up short when compared to the current Marxist trained anti american anti whites african black ceaser/Pharoh.

          • Im with you Brother, I feel the same way, work and work and work, thinking that it will pay off, then the more you make the more they take the more that is expected of you, then more regulation and red tape just to stay in business, and for what???
            Then we read this crap and start listening to what others write, it makes my blood boil, then to hear the rumblings of all the various infringements, and bullshit from the top assholes on capitol hill,
            MOLON LABE

            • When I am out and about in town, I find myself watching people. Some spend big bucks on their nails, hair, tattoos, clothes, vehicles, fake tits, suntans. I will be very angry when these people will expect something of mine. Almost everything I wear comes from the Goodwill store. I cut my own hair, sometimes my husband helps me with the back. I cut his and it looks better than when he use to go to a shop. We pay our bills and don’t expect others to eat a loss because we chose to be foolish with our resources.

              • you sound just like my wife and I . most people look shocked when you say you got your clothes from goodwill . I also give to goodwill every chance I get

        • I suspect that seizing of supplies will be limited to businesses with economies of scale like Wal Mart and other major food stores, etc where the size of the cache and the lack of resistance makes it worthwhile.

          If every prepper takes just THREE Federal thugs out if they try to take your meager stocks, the cost to benefit ratio of such an action increases exponentially in a hurry.

          Make every ballot count. Then reload. 🙂

          • durango kidd says:

            “Make every ballot count.”

            Q: How can you do that with “electronic voting.”

            A: You can’t.

            • Yomamma Says, Whatever I read becomes something Other than what was actually written. But because I “Think” it so in My Mind…Therefore it Must be true otherwise why would I think it so? This means That…That means This…Therefore a Squirel Must be related to a Blue Jay Bird…Otherwise Why did my mind think it so if not fact or truth? Ok Now I better post a reply question that makes zero sense.

              Example question: DK why are You saying Squirels screw Racoons and prodeuce Blue Jay Birds as their off spring? How can a squirel Hatch from a Birds egg?

              Such Profound Magnitudes of Deep thinking! Pure “YoMamma” genius!

              • Them Guys

                … is pure SHTFplan kinda folk.

                I does not know what ya’ll was tryin ta sez, but I like Blue Jay Birds. Therefore it Must be true, otherwise why would I think it so?

                “DK, why are You saying Squirels screw Racoons and prodeuce Blue Jay Birds as their off spring?”

                Son, I have no idea. Ask a wannabe lawyer. I’m sure he has a defense.

            • 18 thumbs down by those that can change their cell ring tone in 10 seconds and don’t get electronic voting machine hacking?

              Oh, by the way–hackers are obsolete. The compromising of votes is done remotely now.
              Take that you uninformed voters that like to thumb down the truth!! 😉

            • Ballot/bullet….get it yet?

        • vrf the food they will have to take the lead I will freely feed them WHO’S HUNGRY

        • If they want my stuff they will have to pay in blood and brains. I will not give what I have worked so hard for so many years. I will see them coming and I will give them hell. Put that in your NSA database boys.

        • Mac You better loosen up that tinfoil hat just a bit.
          Yes…kicking in door to door looking for canned goods in a collapse. They won’t have more important things to do huh>?

          More sensationalist crap for the kook population at SHTF PLAN!!

        • Something these animals need to remember, I served from Vietnam to Afghanistan, fought in more firefights that most an imagine and I WILL FIGHT for my FREEDOMS.

          While I may die today know that I will not die easily and I WILL NOT DIE ALONE.

          I will take as many of the SOB’s who follow a clearly illegal and unConstitutional order as possible before they finally kill me.

        • Hahahahahaha!

          …and they thought it was hard in Afganstan and Iraq. You start pulling that shit in American and the American Nationals will pile on your ass.

          YOu think we’ve been buying ammo because we just needed to get rid of the money?

          Its called the federal sausage grinder. Reach in to grab resources, pull back a bloody stump.

          Only dumbasses and monkeys try shit like the above article.

          Yamamoto thought “behind every blade of grass.”

          Federal jackboots of 2013 will think “Oh! Shit!”

          • Remember Waco? The Fed assholes chicken shit snakes stormed Mt. Carmel with all their fancy equipment and had their clock cleaned by a bunch of non-trained Christian men, women and children (the local Sheriff and mounties stood there with a thumb up their ass and allowed it). They retreated dragging their wounded and cussing like hell. They were in total disarray and confusion crying for mama and asking for a ceasefire. They got their ceasefire then they murdered them all. Remember this and give not quarter when it starts, there will be no ceasefire boys. You NSA snoops are dirt-bags also. There is no honor among asshole chicken shit snakes. They sit in their little comm vans diddling each other cracking jokes with the asshole chicken shit snipers.

          • Remember Waco? The Fed assholes chicken shit snakes stormed Mt. Carmel with all their fancy equipment and had their clock cleaned by a bunch of non-trained Christian men, women and children (the local Sheriff and mounties stood there with a thumb up their ass and allowed it). They retreated dragging their wounded and cussing like hell. They were in total disarray and confusion crying for mama and asking for a ceasefire. They got their ceasefire then they murdered them all. Remember this and give not quarter when it starts, there will be no ceasefire boys. You NSA snoops are dirt-bags also. There is no honor among asshole chicken shit snakes. They sit in their little comm vans diddling each other cracking jokes with the asshole chicken shit snipers.

          • “You think we’ve been buying ammo because we just needed to get rid of the money?”

            Hahahaha, WELL SAID Concerned Citizen!

          • If they try this shit,
            Take the fight to them, start from the top down,

      2. I’m open to suggestions as to how someone “prepares” for a potential government confiscation of one’s goods. I have at least one year worth of food saved up. It would be devastating to see the government just waltz in, declare it hoarding, and steal all of what I worked for just so I could survive. The same goes for ammo. I wish I have a floor below the basement.

        Tell no one what you have except people of the same mind, and even then be careful.

        • This is not a new thing its called pillaging, when wars or civil wars go full blown & prolonged you can add to pillaging, scortched earth, rape, brutal beatings & the on the spot execution.

          • Yep.

            Ole “honest” Abe Lincoln locked up editors that disagreed with him, and the Maryland legislature to prevent them from voting on secession. Sherman’s march to the sea is still remembered here in the south for his burning, pillaging and looting of anything and everything all along the way.

            • Perhaps if that Deathcamp called Andersonville had not existed Sherman would not have been so Pissed off.

              • …ever heard of Elmyra NY or camp Douglas Ill?…and that’s just two of a bunch of yankee POW camps…two acknowledged by historians to be even worse than Andersonville…ya,they were all bad and oughtn’t have happened but NOTHING justifies the Butcher sherman..a true basturd from hell who decided that raping robbing and pillaging his fellow Americans was an acceptable way to break the back of the rebellion…just remember the SOB in the present federal tyranny learned from him and those who approved of his barbarism and if anyone can in anyway seek to justify such actions you need to really do some serious soul searching!…war may be hell but he didn’t have to enjoy it so much…

                • Check actual history and find that the nearly entire upper level officer core of the Union armys of Lincoln, were from Germany. And they were Hired on or appointed as generals and col’s etc, even many down to Major or Capt, status, due to Previous War Experience.

                  What most historians or teachers never teach, is that almost before the Ink dried on Karl Marx’s commie manifesto in 1848, that Same year of 1848 saw a mass Commie Revolt attempt in Germany.

                  It lasted but a little shy of one year. German Govnt Halted that revolt and the Marx Commie Revolutionary’s who were not killed nor captured for Trails of Treason, Fled.

                  Where did they flee to? I will tell you. Most every single Marx Inspired jewish German revolutionary that fled athorities in Germany after their Defeat, Came to…..America! Where Many settled in Mid west areas of Wisconsin and perhaps Minn also. Some scattered into various mostly midwestern states.

                  They were called back then, in 1850’s “The Fourty Eighters”, due to their failed revolt occured in germany of 1848. As soon as Lincoln’s aides alerted him that they thought they solved his problem, of finding qualified battle hardened men able to serve in Union Army as generals etc as well as Leaders of other men.

                  Lincoln had a meeting set up, and once he interviewed those “48ers” he was satisfied they will do, and Lincoln appointed em all to High levels officer positions. We are talkning as high as 95% Generals and Col’s as well as perhaps as high as 55+% lower ranks officers.

                  Lincoln’s delema was that most all american men who served in Prior wars were dead or way too old. As the last real battles or war usa fought was 1812 with british again. By 1860 the few still alive of that officer group were too old or dead. Where would Lincoln Find qualified Generals etc?

                  Those Commie jewish german 48ers fit the bill swell. At least had a full year war experience, Well versed/trained in Marxist ideals and Methods…And Likly to posess an Inbred or Inborn propensity to enjoy Killing gentiles and southern white christians. Like their forefathers did for about 18-19 centurys prior.

                  The Tyrant Lincoln, wedded to his new batch of 48ers from germany, mixed with their commie ideals made it possible to achieve huge success in…Lincoln’s War of Agression against the White Christian South.

                  And all this time You probobly believed as taught, that the so called “civil” war was really all about “Freeing African Black Slaves”….Right?

                  A great true factual Historic perspective can be researched at www dot codoh dot com

                  Every era and age of History and every significant war-revolt-holocaust-info possible is explored and documented there by more than 800+ phd’s, Masters degreed, Historians and History revisionists, whos Main Goal is to present actual Historic events and wars etc AS they Really Occured. Not as we were told and taught to believe. Their Main Code, if you will, is to search out-Find-Prove-Document and Share such Verrified acurate info Knowledge with as Many other folks as possible. So that All folks can Finally Learn truth and Facts of what really Did occure…..Very swell source, Try it!

              • This may piss a lot of people off but I believe if you
                fly an American flag you are a union federalist if you
                fly a stars and bars or know flag you are AMERICAN 150
                years ago union pigs starting taking what was ours very slowly 150 years later their going full force seems funny
                that a little over 50 years after the civil war the
                (UNITED STATES) NOT (AMERICA) was in its first world war

                • That sounds right! the “Lincoln Putsch” link. I recall That is the exact title for the now defunct link I saved in favorites after I orig read article aprox a year ago.

                  As for War of agression on south etc, I didnt mean codoh has any titled articles as that. Their civil war stuff is more likly to be under the header of civil war of america or 1860 or similar I would think. I have not as yet read very many articles at codoh. A few yes but want to read many more there soon.

                  • thanks THEM GUYS

        • I’m not sure this can be thwarted if the present administration and its minions remain in power.

          They can scan your walls, outbuildings, hillsides and ground with sophisticated tech. They have records of anything you purchased w/a card or a check. Purchases with cash over a limited amount are flagged and that could change to all cash purchases and require a signature or other ID.

          Right now, the government itself tells us prepare and to have 3 weeks of food, personal meds and various items for home safety (plastic sheet, duct tape, et al) on hand. I think it will come down to location. States will vary by their willingness to go along with the Feds and rural localities where everyone is prepped to some degree may be more secure. Out here, it is common to raise or buy a meat animal and store the packaged meat in your freezer. Many folks garden, can and dehydrate. Camping is popular. Since you cannot legally donate venison, home canned or home dried food to a food bank, I don’t think those items would be confiscated and redistributed. Emergency commercial dried food would be welcomed for redistribution, but commercial packaging that is close to or even past the Best By date would likely not.

          Gold and silver: who knows? It is far easier for them to simply devalue these PMs or to enact regulations preventing us from using them in trade.

          Medical supplies: again, your own legal prescriptions up to 3 months worth likely would be left alone, but quantities of antibiotics might not. First aid items probably would be left alone. Pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers could come under governmental control, though. There would be limits on how much anyone could buy or how much a store, clinic or hospital could have on hand

          Don’t forget, the Feds have stockpiled food for a disaster. They have warehouses full of blankets, water, first aid and toiletries. They will use those to pacify areas with looting and rioting.

          They seem fine with imposing new rules on truckers that will impact fresh and frozen food shipments the most. I won’t worry until I begin to read or hear MSM discussions about the *ethics* of stockpiling. At that point, I would count on them doing *something*, but who knows how far it might go? The large agri-businesses, including the processors, all contribute to the left and the right. We have 2 large cave complexes (Missouri and WV) that I am aware of, each of which is said to store 10% of our commercially packaged and processed food. Tactically, it would seem best for them to simply seize those sorts of stockpiles and not bother with individuals. I doubt they would actually take possession and move anything, though. More likely they would assign a number of troops to storage facilities and elevators and invoke strict rules on transport and sales to ensure *fairness* in distribution. They don’t need more riots and this would likely pass muster with a majority since it would seem to mean a wider availability of essential goods.

          Ammo, etc, is another thing entirely and will depend on things like there being martial law in an area or the individual state/local governments. Thought long and hard on this one and I know they could find anything if they wanted to. I suppose you could talk with those you trust in advance and make plans to redistribute such items so that no one has a large amount to be found in any one place. Excessive amounts of lead, brass and powder would be difficult to hide, though. The PTB would define *excessive*.

          I think skillsets and tools would be safest.

          Whatever they do, it will take time and your preps will buy you some breathing room.

          • Ike: I just tried the Link I got in my Favorites list, and all it now shows is no longer avail. I Know it was from codoh site as it is the Link I added to save in favorites after reading it(lincolns generanls etc). Now I cannot find the info again. If I do I will post a new link to info.

            • Them Guys: Thanks, got my work cut out for awhile. I did search on Forty-Eighters and quite a few websites came up…Very interesting!

        • Less than a handful of people know im prepping. When the SHTF I can guarantee you I will begin to hide my stuff including firearms and ammo in discreet locations. 😉

          • BlueH2O: All you wrote of is well written from a leagle and logical perspective. Makes Much common sense too. However…Do you really believe “They” will use such common logic sense or remain leagle as we understand leagallity?…The Very effects of such exec orders Smacks of totally UN- const activity. Not to mention Violates most every current state local and fed laws on all their law books. No offence. But to me what you wrote sounds like a Pipe dream of wishfull thinking to believe our so corrupted govnt officials would ever consider to follow a script even close to yours. I too would desire they did. I highly doubt that is a reality though if such events come to be. Karl Marx’s “script” is more likly.

            • I dunno, TG.

              Being cursed with the ability to think, it is difficult to predict the actions of fools. However, there must tacticians within the administration and they must be at least informing the politicians. Whether the politicians listen or understand, let alone follow on, is another thing entirely.

              Thing is, as I see it: you don’t go out of your way to provoke an entire mass of people if you intend for the system you are successfully milking to continue to produce enough that you can take your cut, dole out enough to the underlings and sleep soundly in your own bed at night and then go play 18 holes at the club the next day. I think they are evil. I think they only see as far as their next bonus and next position, but I don’t think they are suicidal or stupid.

              History is never an exact repeat. It is more of a spiral and at certain points there are aspects that are congruent, but the context is never quite the same. So far, the jackboots have worn velvet gloves. No guarantee that will continue, of course.

              I suppose it is possible that some in power think they must kick us all to the gutter and then stomp on our necks. But I’ll be damned if I can see how anyone profits from that.

              Actually, I don’t desire they follow my outline. I desire that they leave us all the hell alone and stop tinkering with systems that can so easily go sideways and take everything along with it. This control for its own sake scenario is failing everywhere.

              • The beast uses well thought out plans and telegraphs them like a naked lady on a street corner. I believe we will know where they are going which will give us time to react accordingly. Survive to fight another day is a good motto. Shelter in place can only last so long. We do what we have to and leave the rest to the Lord and we certainly do not become animals like they are.

                • The greatest commandment is Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy self. Matt 22:36-40. I believe stopping tyranny at my front door even momentarily is one of the greatest acts of selfless & it goes against everything that modern society stands for & those that come to my front door to do me evil would not be there if they to obeyed those words of my Lord and Saviour.

        • Have multiple caches, particularly ammo.

          • Commie hater says:

            “Have multiple caches, particularly ammo.”

            Q: Hey Commie, what’s the first rule of prep club?


            A: Shut your face about prep club… “multiple caches, particularly ammo.”


        • Home can your homegrown food and backdate it by 10 years. Store it in your dusty spider infested root cellar. They will not bother with it. Maybe throw some old blacksnake skins around or whatever. They will let that shit alone. Not that I would do something against the wishes of Empire…but just a possible suggestion.

          • I have thought of that and even better make some home canned foods that are never to be eaten by the family.
            (These are decoy foods, and they could have some compounds added that are not good for ingestion). 🙂

        • Hey Scout hide it in plain sight! I built a closet in our basement for winter clothes storage.when you open the door,…all you see are coats,snow suits for the kids,hats gloves scarfs ect!you don’t see the food because your not looking for it!

          • Good thought. Thanks Steve.

        • I would like to tell everyone about my experience in Alaska. We lived in interior – not far from Yukon border. Temperatures there can get down to -68 to -70. I wanted plumbing easy to get to, also place for canned foods so they wouldn’t freeze then break jars. When we had the house built, the men made a room underneath the downstairs bathroom and hallway to the outside door. This door was used for the majority of the time, visitors etc. This was a well insulated room, about 12 x 12. It worked well for keeping fresh veg etc just above 32 degrees. The hallway was tiled with an area rug in front of the door. Under the rug was the opening to the room underneath. We shortened a metal ladder to get down into the room. One day a man and his wife came to visit. This man may be reading this…I know they are preppers. Shortly after they came in, he informed me that we had a room underneath the hallway. Wow. He was so observant. He was able to tell when he walked across the floor that there was a space below the floor. Go figure. Just be careful.

        • there is only one way. cashe it.

        • It’s real simple. If anyone moves to take your food, which is rightfully yours, during a disaster, its a life and death situation: your life and their death.

          The choice is clear and morally righteous. Engage! 🙂

        • ScoutMotto feed them LEAD it wont take them long to fill up

        • A good start is to quit talking about how much food you have. I am surprised as to how much info you guys talk about on here.

          • Magoo get the squirrel out of your cage!

          • Mr Magoo…I really don’t care. I want to give other people ideas. Some just started and need a lot of help, fast. Others helped me get started, the best probably, was a friend of Chris Janowsky. I am just passing the favor on.

            • LSB, I Commend you for your Willingness to help a fellow pepper, you can retreat to my camp anyday if need be…GOOD LUCK..

              • thanks.

        • I think it works like this:

          They don’t know you have food if you’ve done your OPSEC properly. When they show up to search yell, “Oh! Thank God you brought us some food!!! You did bring some food, right? We’re starving. Where’s the food? Officers?”

          Be sure to get into costume by rubbing some ashes on your face and arms. Then, when you shock the hell out of them and they turn to leave payback time has arrived! You’ll know what to do next.

          • Or give them exactly what they are looking for. Say a small stash of cheap food preps. I’m talking here just canned crap like Chef Boyardee type junk and crackers. You know, basic non-perishable foodstuffs, with maybe a few Army Surplus store MRE’s thrown into the mix?

            Keep that stuff “ready access” but not too obvious or too well-concealed. That way they will find a “hoard” of food that would last your family a few weeks (just make sure you don’t have a nice convenient amount left there, say eat a few days worth out of that stash and make it look like it was once a lot bigger).

            Exhaustive searches take time and effort and odds are they won’t look too hard for your main stash once they find the show piece. Think of it as a throw wallet for your food preps.

            And same goes with guns. An old pump gun, maybe a beat-up rifle and a cheap pistol to be easily found along with a modest amount of ammo, make them think they cleaned you out without having actually done so.

      3. They will only seize what they know about. I buy a little at a time with my weekly groceries and keep my lips shut.

        • Ooops

          • Just be low key about storage,folks kicking in doors will be the end for many on both sides at that point.My guess is though is that those with small farms ect. will be the target of looters be they govt. or not first,perhaps another reason to support your local farmers.

            • Yea, I bet they wont waste time coming after my extra box of Tuna Noddle Helper but will seize commodities and Farms or maybe resort to rationing like during WW 2. My grandmother told me all about it.

              • It all depends on What type emergency it really is. And That is key to what method govnt will employ. If in fact a true Unexpected events occures, and “if” we can Trust MSM reporting on it? Then perhaps Yes fed govnt will actually have as their Main concern citizens well being etc.

                However…There is a very good reason that barely 1/4th or 25% of americans still trust MSM TV and newspapers. Even Far Less trust fed govnt, like aprox 15% do.

                With new headline artilces online how hobammy is Promicing to Invest BILLIONS dollars of Taxpayers cash for Africas “Infrastructure”….While not spending much at all to Repair American Bridges and Roads as well as most every other sector of OUR nations woes.

                And after what we saw occure to Law abider citizenery after Katrina, it is very doubtfull we shall see such benevolent carring fed govnt actions even if it really is an unexpected true emergency event.

                I have not yet even discussed an event that is what we call a Flase Flag opps. Which today is Far more likly a scenario as a prelude to a Final Takedown in america.

                I wish I could feel more positive as I hate feeling so negative always. But today we do NOT seem to have many true patriotic type govnt work forces. And it does seem that litterally Every fed or state worker in any type capacity of rulership or supervisers etc are by Far the Least likly to care or be real patriots.

                Calm before a mass storm is more like it today. With pure evil bastards chomping at the bit while awaiting their orders to Cut Loose, and Release the Dog’s of War against us folks. By Us folks I mean vast majority of citizens everywheres.

                Rationing like during WWII, we can live with if need be. But back then prolonging the usa was main goals. I do Not believe they today have the same type goals. Except of course to preserve our nations Vast wealth of oil-water-other resources, for….Themselves and Their select few accomplice’s. Their greed for ownership of all, and Lust for Power knows No bounds.

                If they had any real preservation of usa plans for us folks too?….We’d have already seen at least Our nations infrastructures cared for and other nations such as africa and 150+ other countries would long ago been told “Sorry the usa Well Ran Dry for all of you guys”.

                With all the cash we all provided just for gasoline tax-road taxes-lic plates-driver lic fees/taxes for the Last 50+ yrs of deterioration of our infrastructures, that was Supposed to Pay to Fix and Maintain america swell…By now We should have an Autoban system that would make europe’s Pale in comparrison. I recall how well maintained and nice america looked 50 yrs ago. No real honest reason it should not still be so…Then came LBJ-Policy.

                One single Day in congress and senate is all it takes to Pass proper new laws to Return america Back to proper and splendor again. That aint going to happen. Therefore I think if we ever see actuation of such exec confiscatory orders employed in the usa?…It Will Follow on the heals of Russia circa 1918 Kommie style to the Max.

        • ‘They will only seize what they know about’

          Or what they can find….

          • Live in a rural area? The govt. planners

            I also am concerned that the government will ‘relocate’ people from urban areas to rural ones.

            A good friend told me that “Should something ‘happen’, the govt. already has plans to RELOCATE people from a city (over an hours drive away) to our rural county.”

            He also said, “They would be sending people here and there isn’t enough emergency food for the people here already.”

            • Okay–my first question is where are they gonna sleep?? In tents?
              And that is just the first question to mind. 🙁

              • JayJay,

                Without saying more, the person that I spoke with … has years of knowledge, contacts and experience with this.

                I don’t know where they would sleep. (?) I assume FEMA, DHS or some of the other alphabet agencies have tents.

                I wonder what some of the ‘situations’ where they might relocate people…tornados, earthquakes?

                • Where are they going to sleep? That is no problem. Just like when they relocated refugees in this country, they just take your apartment for them and give you what they feel is a fair price. I have seen them move whole groups of foreigners into a town and set them up in houses and start them in business. They can confiscate you rental property just as easy as your preps and not give you anything if they so choose.

                  • a friend of mine told me the govt is moving a bunch of muslims into Georgia near the Cherokee Reservation. I hope they like horseflies, noseeums and snakes.

                • dead peeps don’t give a damn where you lay them.

              • If they stoop to that level then they’ll be forcing us to feed and shelter them too…this evil has no limits…except the limits we impose at the risk of our lives!

                • I read so many articles that I can’t remember all the facts, but recently I read somewhere that the gov was interested in how many bedrooms people had. I guess it was in case they needed to assign homeless people to a place where there were extra bedrooms not used. That’s interesting…

              • Ky and JayJay this is nothing new, the Communist have always done this, the latest being Veitnam and Cambodia. They move the people out of the cities and put them to work on Government Coop. farms, don’t think they really worry about where they get to sleep and to answer some of your other questions just watch the movie, The Killing Fields. In North Korea our spy planes did flyovers looking for slave labor camps and had a hard time finding them because they were so large. Could it happen here? You be the judge! Trekker Out.

              • That is what the camps are for boys. Relocation and thinning the herd.

            • Relocate? Yea to mass graves I bet!…. No really, I have said it before: this government cant find it’s own ass with both hands. The only relocating they are going to do is for themselves! The cities are on their own and will most likely burn during any given crises

              • “Resettlement??? To the East? You mean, they already have homes and jobs waiting for us? And all we have to do is to take a short, refreshing shower after we get out of the cattle cars that they will ship us to our new homes in? Just s simple healthcare procedural precaution before they finish processing us into our new lives?”

                “It all sounds like a really good deal mama; a much better life than that which we have now. We had better make sure that we get on board early and not miss that opportunity. They say that our new home will be named FEMA Camp #47.”

                • Nobodys yet mentioned that within all those exec orders and patriot acts etc are provisions to Relocate individuals-Families-Split up Families!-to OTHER Nations of the feds choosings! For work in those countries-and for other purposes, as every law seems to end with.

                  And many deluded dumbed dowm sheeps of today will very likly resemble the retarded or “special-B” kids as called when I was in grade school, when they boarded a yellow school bus and kept repeating over and over “we’re goin to Camp! we are going to Camp!” Never did find out what exact camp them kids went to? Maybe to the Paper mill or Kellogs cereal Plant like us “normal” kids went to now amd then as class trips.

                  Perhaps grade school class bus trips to that Kellogs Cereal Plant in Battle Creek, is what some of us can Blame as excuse to why we beome “Cereal killers” when the appropriate time arrives to deal with corrupted kommies.

            • They won’t make it through our winter in a tent. Their stink pickles will freeze before they hit the ground.

              • Believe me, if you have a real desire to live, you probably can. One family, 5 children moved to remote AK. They arrived in the state well into the summer, purchased land and had a basement dug out. They were able to put some supports over the top of the basement area and tarp over that. They installed a woodstove and lived the winter there. Burned a ton of wood but survived. Now is the time to start learning to rough it. Force yourselves to do without all the comfortable things. You will learn a lot about survival before it is forced on you. Remember that wherever you hole up, there are animals there living under ground and have lived there for thousands of years. Learn alternative ways to survive the cold.

                • I said in a tent. They will be on their own with a tent. Not my back yard with my knowledge, foresight, and tools. I have lived in a tent at 10,500′ when the nights hit 9 below. They will die because they went to public school, get lost in Chinamart, use the electric cart, and rely on a gov. debit card.

              • here also(north Idaho), the gov’t can pick up all those frozen stink pickles by the clean end.

        • That is the way to go, and how I operate. However, I am not sure how I will keep all this stuff hidden if govt forces perform an illegal search. There is only so much one can do. I am certainly not going up against four soldiers with ARs with my single shotgun. I mean, duh.

          • If you aren’t willing to defend it against “govt forces”…who ARE you willing to defend it against? Or ARE you willing to defend it? If not…you might as well sell it all off now and go on a nice trip, buy a new bauble etc., cuz if you can’t/won’t defend it- you won’t have it very long anyway!!

          • “Basement is all clear – nothing but piles of old junk down there and boxes of junk.”

            “Did you search THOROUGHLY?”

            “Uh…yeah. Yes I did.”

            • I believe that the gov men/women that they will send to search for needed resources will be well trained. If you think that you can hide stuff in a real messy basement, just make sure that the upstairs is well compatible with what the downstairs looks like. My husband likes even the out-sheds clean and orderly.

              • Yep, they may not even be very well trained, but they’ll learn quite quickly how to find hidden food, ammo, and guns. They’ll miss some at first, and miss less later on. Life expectancy of the squad will be the key.

            • Nothing here but this box of rattlesnakes sir!

              • You do give one some very good ideas.

                Uh Sir we found 23 rattle snakes in his barn!

                Sir we thought he had dried beans in that box, and it turns out there were several copper heads in the box.

      4. How they heck to you prep for an illegal confiscation? For me maybe keeping an ear on as many radio waves as I can and if I get a glimpse or report of house to house searches load the Suburban front to back and floor to ceiling then head out into a desert wash for a couple of days until they pass? I just don’t know. Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe the Panhandle of Idaho would be better than Phoenix in the long run. Gonna take some time to pull that off though.

        • If it comes down to house-to-house searches, it would be best to be out of dodge before it starts. I know someone with a remote place in Colorado i could go to, but getting there when the shtf would be a stretch. Road blocks would be numerous. Trying to keep things low key during such an event will be impossible. now is the time to plan, but man I feel out of useful ideas most days.

          • That is most definitely a true statement. The best possible approach, I think, is if you could liquidate everything you’ve got – sell your house, off-load everything that doesn’t have some purpose that is necessary for survival, find a retreat location – purchase some land, 10-20 acres minimum, preferably with a cabin already on it and try to make sure it has its own water supply and has soil that would be suitable for growing food and also plenty of trees to help with concealment and to provide shade in the summer.

            The time to do this is before the SHTF, and before the jackbooted thugs have their road blocks set up.

            Problem is – doing this is not feasible for the vast majority of people, who still have to go to work each day and carry on their regular lives.

        • Never thought I’d be on a boooat
          It’s a big wet watery roooad
          Poseidon… look at mee ohhh…

          That’s how.

          It’s a big ocean kids.

        • Theres a poster in the Northwoods bar. It says “Bonners Ferry Idaho… set your clocks back a hundred years”. We still do busness with a hand shake, but you had better not renege on your deal.

        • Put some tarps over vehicle and anchor down so wind doesn’t blow away. Then bring out your cans of spray paint, desert tan, lt grey, green shades, little brown or black. You know…camo tarp.

        • Preppers need some way to communicate with one another when the sh… goes down. One thing for sure: they will have some communication devices to contact each other. we need more organization… perhaps like the underground railroad scenario or something.

          • I do believe that the “tramps” had a code of their own during the depression. They would mark fences, etc. as to where there were kind people. If someone knows more about this, I would certainly like to have a refresher.

      5. first rule of prepping club is…you don’t talk about prepping club..KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!…2nd rule is…don’t keep all your goodies in one place, keep it close, but spread it out….3rd rule is…defend what’s your’s (you know what i mean)

      6. A lot of people talk about how the will cap a government official coming to their home…. “ I’ll shoot those dammed revenuers”. Well that is a bad move. You will bring some real unwanted attention to yourself. First… keep your trap shut and practice OPSEC. Me and the wife practice this now. Two … when you see it “go south”…. Set up your stored goods cache style. Plenty of prep web sites that will teach you this. Leave little for them to find or do like I have done and have some (not much) for them to find, put up an appropriate protest without getting arrested when they take it. Make it look like that is all that you have. I even have a gun I bought at a store to “surrender” under protest when they show up. They will feel they have done their duty and generally will move on. This has worked for drug dealers and gun runners for decades. Three …. After this lay low and don’t be on the radar. You only have to last a couple of months in this mode and then they will have too much on their hands to worry about you. All of your hidden cache will sustain you and don’t forget the fake biohazard signs and a dead animal or two to drive the point home. Four… have neighbors and friends in the same mode. Soon the government folks will retreat to their “green zones” and we can then set about rebuilding our own communities devoid of these idiots (who I work for). God bless, stay safe and watchful.

        • ever contenplated troops just waiting in your lounge boots soiling furniture & carpets digging through your kitchen eating your food & every now & again saying “mr we know you are a prepper why are trying to make fools of us we will stay here as long as it takes & it will only get harder for you your wife & kids” then from behind you you get the first of many hard slaps across the ear followed by a voice sayin “speak” What you going to do it hasnt happened in the US yet but thats how things go down in the unconstitutionalised world & what I have described is mild

          • I was in the millitary… They woulnt have time…. give them a crum and they move on.

        • Bullshit. Running away is for pussies. Stand and fight and we MAY win.. Run and we will lose.

          • Read the “Art Of War’ young man. You stand and fight at the wrong time and you are the example. You will make a great distraction for us adults that will realy win in the end so thanks for steping up and become cannon foder. A lot of folks talk like this and that is great we like your pasion. But knowing WHEN to fight and were is the real key to victory. Patton, Bradley, Shwartskauf (spelling), Powel, Mcarthy, King Lionites (spelling) of the 300, they all knew this. Nepolian, Custer….. not so much…..

            • So when IS the right time? Just curious, any input is apreciated.

              • Note I did not say run…. Stand let them get your decoy and they then move on…. please re read my original post. Oh by the way the decoy they grab (you let them have with a bit of protest for show) can be laced with what ever suits you…… Think and Fight smart. This will be nothing like a hollewood movie

                • Definitely wont be like Hollywood!
                  More like Syria

              • Every man has to decide when that time is for himself.I do know the machine isnt as powerful as they would have you belive.

            • First Im No Young man. Im a retired Army sgt. 55 years old and I been around. Im gonna say When And If they come to your front door to take your shit, We as a people must stand and fight and die. I dont want to live in a world where Im forced to be a boot licker. You can take it in the ass as for me and my family we walk the walk..Old school. Stand up for whats yours. Peace and keep prepping.

              • Just not getting it Bart… and we are the same age…… you don’t lick thier boots.You give them a little so they move on…. the killing part will come latter once they “feel” they have control. Its all about pcyops…. if you are “complient” when they show up and you have hidden your real goods. They take the crums you have set for them. (mine will have some nasty side effects). Then once they feel they are in control then the “night of a thoasand nives” begins only we are the ones stabing. I protect my family by not going Rambo when I am facing 5-10 armed solgiers who are in better shape and have the advantage “on that day”. I will be around to fight many more days and the payback for the bastards who did this to our country that I spent 21 years defending will be high. My neighbors are of this mind set also. We will not be a precived threat when the goons show up. Good for us and reeeeaaaaalll bad for them. We will be wolves in thier sheep herd. I may have them over for dinner many nights. Great time to gather info and possibly even “work” for them. Then the real pain for them begins. It is all about timming. In Boston when the lockdown came that would not be a great time for shotting back. Let them in, be nice, then they move on not seeing the obvious threat in front of them. Then you get together with your teams which you should have built by now and start the pain. The goons won’t last when they start disapering.

                • Good points,

                • Thumbs up on the term “The Goons! It’s perfect for what they are. Great word. Goons!

                  goon (gn)
                  n. Slang
                  1. A thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents.
                  2. A stupid or oafish person.

                  I like 2.

        • I agree with you and got grilled for stating the same on my last post. So many on this site are craving a fight to the death with LEO. That is not the best card to play. It will take a lot of man power to go door to door in America. They will hit the high value targets and the common joes will be missed.

          Adapt and improvise.

          • Exactly!!!

            • Every Person will have decide what kind of life he/she wants. If you like the idea of being told what and when you can do then run and hide. I have no respect for anyone who claims to fight another day.Then one day you find yourself standing in a fema camp ,your family dead or in another camp somewhere else …How you gonna fight.. Remember. Those who surrender security for freedom deserve neither. Your front door in your last chance to be free and alive.The ptb dont care about what happens to you. At least I will make a statement about freedom. As for death there are worse things. My reward is being with The lord. Keep the faith. Keep prepping.Peace

              • The only way I would know how to survive in that situation would be by controlling my thinking. I probably would start collecting seeds from any possible source, the food I was fed or plants growing in the area. Find an isolated area, if possible, and try to grow something. I have heard that a survivor in prison camp, Viet Nam, kept his mind under control with interaction with an insect. You could water a plant by peeing on it. Use your imagination. But you need to have a focus, something constructive instead of poor me thinking.

        • Lets all be real quiet about all of our preps, and they’ll never know, cause it’s just between us and the NSA. That’s the beauty of these good old comptuers. The NSA don’t have to sit and listen to everything we say. The day they decide to confiscate everyones supplies they’ll just “enter” Preppers or any related word into their big old computer bank and up will pop your name and aka and on the road they go. Ain’t worried but am aware! Trekker Out. That’s The Reason I Don’t Prepp, And Ain’t Going To.

      7. Find hiding places, then be prepared to defend your lifeline. The government takes your supplies during a true mega SHTF you are in the same boat as someone that is not prepared, you lose. You might as well lose defeding your supplies, you lose if you give up without a fight. This is the logic beyond a bad and worse situation.

      8. let em have all the lead they can carry in their chest and heads.


        • Support our Troops! and Support Local Law Enforcement!
          Anybody illegally confiscating from Americans is by definition NOT an American Military person NOR a Law Enforcement offical but a simple criminal.

          I think having diversified preps is good too. Sure, people would love to steal your freese dried foot but who wants to mess with stealing chickens? Or stealing the fruit from your trees? Or steal your fishing gear?

          Criminals are lazy. That’s why they are criminals. I think.

          • BTW, there was an article here about gooberment stealing some doctor’s preps back in the 1930’s.

            If you ask me, taking my money to pay 100M people to not work is stealing my preps. I put in 60 hour weeks to provide for my family. The theives who take handouts rather than work out to be in the streets looking for work: not sitting behind the xbox eating free cheese while I bust my butt every day. Let them work to eat. Something like that rings a bell…

            • The Xbox/ Call of Duty is a great way to train when you can’t get the range because the price of ammo. COD can help you with target aquisition on all the different sight systems like Eotech and red dots.

              • Indy Colts says:

                “The Xbox/ Call of Duty is a great way to train when you can’t get the range because the price of ammo. COD can help you with target aquisition on all the different sight systems like Eotech and red dots.”

                This country is in SERIOUS F**KIN trouble.

                Hey Indy, keep playin your game.

              • When we teach that is the first thing we deprogram out of the person

                The game will get you killed. There is no reset or life meter in real life.

                • Its all about your death/kill ratio. I didn’t say it replaces going to the range; but its better that sitting on the couch watching dancing with the stars or whatever people on here do for entertainment. It teaches you where to hide in buildings to ambush, best sniper locations, and helps you decide if your a spray and pray kind of guy or a planter. I prefer ambush and until my cover is blown.

                  • CoD is good for teaching you run-and-gun stuff that will get you killed. I have been in combat. It isn’t ANYTHING like CoD, so while entertaining, it is not at all “training” for anything. You try that CoD cut-the-pie assault of a blind corner without real training, you are going to get yourself maimed at the very least. CoD is also many, many magnitudes of order faster than real combat is, to keep the adrenaline high and you interested. Real combat is usually slow, tedius, and emotionally and physically draining. You aren’t going to be dashing from one cover to the next, playing super ninja special forces man, because if you do, you might as well put on hunter orange clothes and shoot flares in the air while you are at it. You only move quickly when a really bad situation forces you to and you are already exposed. Otherwise, you move slow and make sure you know exactly wtf is going on around you before doing ANYTHING. I expect we may see quite a few armchair commandos run around like idiots, thinking that they’ll “get the drop on ’em”, just to find out thermal imaging, directional sonic tracking, and SATELLITES will make your running nothing more than a fun house shooting gallery for militarized forces. You do exactly the opposite of CoD. You pick a strong point, easily defended and abandoned, you stay there quietly, you never fire a gun unless you are FORCED to because you will draw in much more than you can fight in minutes, you boobytrap as much as you can, and you snipe and run when the opportunity presents itself and you are fairly sure you can escape the area. That is real combat. Long hours of no sleep, constant tension, despair, the eventual exhaustion of adrenaline, short spats of extreme terror, panic, and chaos, and the eventual loss of sanity in one form or another…be it delusion hallucination, suicidal action, or psychopathy, sadism, and pleasure derived from murder. I have been there. CoD is nothing close to reality. Besides, I still can’t load a damn M1014 that fast, and I have many years of practice.

                  • The point is it’s entertainment. I learned how to shoot a sniper rifle from COD using breathing techniques. I never said its going to make you a super trooper but it does help you get used to different weapons. If its not for you its not for you.

                    I love how every comment someone makes on this board gets greeted with some know it all that wants to get in a piss’n contest.

                  • Indy: dammit son try to learn from those who know. Those who have been there. Your words are just that words. You would be better to leave it alone that trying to justify everything you say. That is not the real world…experience will brand you a pain in the ass real quick.

                  • Ike, I’ll do whatever I damn well please and won’t ask you permission.

              • Ok now I have heard it all! Good luck your gonna need it.

                • WoW! Cactus Licker. Just your name shivers me timbers. Trekker Out.

                • Cactus Licker…you know what you are talking about. Instead of giving us your 2 cents worth, try giving us dollar’s worth. I would like to hear more. I think this interaction of ours on this site must be quite entertaining to “them”. Kinda like the Hunger Games.

                  • “They” won’t find it nearly so entertaining when men like myself find their little hidey hole bankster bunkers. I won’t “smoke ’em out”, like ol’ Bushy said, but I will make sure they never leave those bunkers. Ever. I won’t be charging into anything like an underground facility… that’s almost suicide… but I am not above welding their damn doors shut and dumping buckets of meat into their ventilation ducts for a bit of putrid aroma to compliment those expensive wines they are sure to have stocked up on. Happy camping bastards!

                    Money won’t keep anyone safe from harm. Eventually, that blood money will shed its foul karma on the bastards who stole from us. This sick lust for power and arrogant disregard of our rights so brazenly displayed by this government will be their downfall. Let them believe we are all dumbass sheep… their bravado will have them marching into a meat grinder soon enough.

                    I am always happy to share what I know works in dangerous situations. A key thing to remember is that it is always easier to defend than attack. Passive defense strategies and devices can turn a single man into a formidable fighting force, for all that man needs to do to gain victory is make their enemy believe anything and everything is boobytrapped not get caught. The attacker has a much harder job and is going to be forced to expose himself more often, in areas the defender will know will be difficult, forcing them into an eventual quagmire likely to result in their deaths. Knowing how to use a gun is important… Knowing how to not have to use that gun is even more important. That should give you some food for thought. Happy public announcement of Independence Day! (Independence was actually approved and declaired July 2nd, but not announced until the 4th)

            • Even while we were with you, we gave you this command: “Those unwilling to work will not get to eat.”

          • Your “freeze dried FOOT”? No one will want that! Hehe

          • Have you heard any of the stories about the last depression? Gov men were going from farm to farm shooting all the stock animals. They are evil assholes.

            • 6 million pigs were shot in an effort to reduce demand to drive prices up. This is a prime example of how government workers are the dumbest fucking people in the universe.

              • finally a sound remark…you must have awoke on the right side of the bed today. Congratulations!

              • I meant supply not demand

              • lets give them to the muslims……..

                • Haven’t we learned anything yet…Our government made Moslems our enemies by lies and subterfuge…we still don’t get it. The assholes pit us all against each other and enrich their fat asses. Corporate cleptocrocy. They use us like dumb cattle to do their dirty work in other nations so they can steal, murder and destroy innocent victims…when we hate Moslems we play into their hands and give them power. Hell none of us really knows the full power of ungodly propaganda. The fu#$^&* government created the asshole terrorist groups they use to deceive us into murdering innocent populations and hating them…if that does not piss you off you are not human. The real America is being revealed in Syria and was revealed in Libya. Let’s get rid of the bigotry they use to divide and conquer with…quit being a pawn on their chessboard and in their matrix.

            • LSB..maybe that’s where the phrase comes from, ‘there are two kinds of folks –those that shoot and those that dig’!!!

          • Illegally confiscating? They decide what is and isn’t legal. In 1933 President Roosevelt penned an executive order requiring people to exchange gold for paper. That was legal with the US Government behind it. The penalty was a decade in jail for non compliance and huge fines. Law Enforcement and the Military will do as their told. They work for those who sign the check not for you.

        • While I see your point, could you at least please TRY to be nice?

          • ScoutMotto says:

            “While I see your point, could you at least please TRY to be nice?”

            NICE?? WHY! HE’S 100% CORRECT!!

            I would add to “MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT”: Their “minions (A follower devoted to serve his/her master relentlessly).”

        • You mean all those history books showing government as the primary perpetrator of that stuff is wrong?

          Who knew that EisenNutBag could actually contribute. oh wait

          • Even better. Here’s one that’ll make nutty bag’s head explode.



            should we believe all your other nutbag posts that indicate ‘IT WAS THE DAMN JEWS’


            Things that make you go hmmmm.

            • Not so Much says:


              Ya… And it’s got a name: DEMOCIDE… Death by Government.

              Look it up (you do know how to coduct research, right?)!

              “Democide is the murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide and mass murder. Democide is not necessarily the elimination of entire cultural groups but rather groups within the country that the government feels need to be eradicated for political reasons and due to claimed future threats.”

              ~ Wikipedia

              • LMFAO. Good job you snarky idiot. Pssst, I know where mass murder comes from, I was making fun of EisenIdiot because he normally blames all the world’s ills on DA JEWS. Hence the question ‘should we believe X or Y’. You all caught up now?

                You may think you’re the great and powerful Oz but you seeem to lack even basic comprehension. Yikes. Now run along little boy.

                • Pssst, BTW oh great and powerful douche. See comment 1852883 3 posts above. Yea, I knew where the bear shit in the woods before you thought you could enlighten me.

          • It is still early in the day…just wait awhile!

        • You been so good with the caps,

          Serious now. It makes it hard to even read, And lately you been posting some good stuff. SOME. Please so we can read it.

          And I may disdain what you say but I will defend the right for you to say it with my life. (If I can read it) Using the Second admend. of course.

          You have a following even if it is the one who would piss on your words. You have set a hook. You could reel them in if you worked the reel correctly. Be a little nice and take it a little slower. And you land it in the end,

          • Screw the hook — can’t you see the guy’s harpooning!

          • FB- don’t worry, eisen is currently

          • Facebook Page says:

            “You have a following even if it is the one who would piss on your words. You have set a hook. You could reel them in if you worked the reel correctly. Be a little nice and take it a little slower. And you land it in the end.”

            You mean like Ann Barnhardts “nice”, “slow” approach???


      10. Bury a plastic septic tank on your property. Seal the inlets and outlets with caps and you have storage covered. They have access holes big enough to crawl into and keep your goods at cave temperature. If I see the end coming in time, that is my plan.

        • A metal one might work even better. Maybe it will hide the metal of the cans on a metal detector. It will just look like a septic tank.

          Be creative, people! I have an idea for my husband to build, but I can’t share it, because it’s our little secret. Every idea we post is telling the PTB what to look for. Of course, the ones who know about an idea may not be the ones looking where the idea is in use, so posting ideas does have potential value. You can bet that some of them are trained to look everywhere that the books about where to hide stuff suggests, although not all of them are. That’s why we each have to get really, really creative, and tell no one!

      11. Something like this is hard to prepare for…..yeah you can hide your preps, but unless you have some sort of neighborhood defense plan, you won’t be stopping dozens of militarized federal agents from tearing your house apart once they are at your door. A large force would be needed to resist something of the scale mentioned in the article. And then it may escalate from confiscation to full blown pacification.

        • They may also burn down whole areas. Done many times during war.

      12. This makes me physically sick to my stomach. I have no place to bury my stuff. I have no place to hide it. I’d rather die defending myself than die of starvation or in a FEMA camp.

        I guess there’s my choices. The bottom line is, I have no choice but to fight to the death if necessary.

        Once I accepted that, everything is clear to me.

        • It wont be the fed that is the ones coming after ind stuff. It the local gov when the fed stops or runs out that will be the issue.

          Day one you are too small day 120 you may be the the few that have any left then that local Gov possibly sheriff will make a choise, That’s when I would be concerned.

          I have been clear with my local deputies and law. We will defend our road. But I also will be there helping when I can in the first 110 days Maybe after sealing the bunker for 10 days to let the crazies kill each other off.

          • Even if it is the fed, i agree with your points, i think to a huge degree it will depend on your location and the population around you, were on an island, many still have that old school mind set, i think have no problem working WITH the local, state or even fed to help feed our comunity, IF they are civil, they come to me and say Mr R we are running low on food supplies, we will give you whatever assistance we are able to facilitate you growing produce to help feen the island, im in 100%, they come in and say they are taking over the farm! Ill go along then disappear in the middle of the night like obe of the characters from Atlas Shrugged, ill be fishing and diving in Kaupo, see ya on the flip!
            I have a hard time believeing that our local, or state government would come and pick through our pantries, the fed? I doubt they would get too far, way too many activist minded folks here, even if they are quiet and plod slong in their dayly lives, wayy too many people who know people who know peope and more people, the coconut wireless would be buzzing,
            Our biggest threat will be the idiot druggies or the real dumb fuckers who will think they can steal what they want, they will disappear quick. Then its back to business.
            IF the govt is going around taking peoples shit, its not a government anymore and need to be dealt with by any means possible.

        • I have too much to hide…NSA..can ya hear me now??

          I even know preppers with basements full and they aren’t Amish!!!

          This is a scare tactic because the first dozen that get shot will stop this invasion fast.

        • @ sixpack…go bury it in the woods.

        • Sixpack – Do you have a very trustworthy relative you could hide it with? Is there some land nearby where you could get away with burying some? I GUARANTEE there is space in your place to hide some, even if you live in a one room apartment. You just have to be more creative.

          • @LT– I’ve got no one anywhere close to me for it to be feasible for them to keep my stuff, besides, if they can take it from ME, they can take it from THEM just as easily. Have you ever actually seen LEOs searching a place? If they can find a pot seed on the carpet in the corner, they can find my food stash if they really wanted to. I don’t own this place, so building elaborate secret compartments isn’t an option.

            @dave– Being disabled, I’d need somebody help me bury my stuff, and really, how secure would that be in the end? Especially when they’d have to go get it for me, because I’m not physically able. Being dependent on somebody else isn’t the answer.

            This is a small courtyard, and if I was to start digging here, I might as well just print up flyers and pile my preps up for the taking…why bother.

            There has got to be another answer. Trust me, I’ve thought this through constantly, lack of imagination isn’t the problem.

        • I aint going to hide or bury a thing.I have preps etc and lock my doors when gone. I also have trust and Faith in the promices from the Lord. If it gets that bad you must have a dozen hidy holes every 12 miles and go hide in a cave etc to survive? Most wont survive even doing that.

          I have zero desires to live or remaain alive in such a world. Maybe if I was still 20 yrs old, or had kids depending on me. I am alone. No others depend on me. I refuse to do what many suggest as survival tactics if it goes that bad here. I rather die in battle.

          I think due to mass lacking of usa schools and text history books used, to teach the Truth of what really occured during the russian 1918 revolution, is what so many folks lack in reality education.

          Today if some younger persons asked my advice of what is the Main thing to research to plan ahead and Know what or how the enemys truely does in an all out scenario. I definatly would adivise them to find and Read all they can about what actually went down in russia 1918 era.

          There is a reason americans never were taught of that Nor did hollywood make Any movies of it besides Dr.Shivago a Phony based Love story sorta.

          But russia 1918 IS the main Most likly type scenario we will face today if it heads south. Only with Updated high tech improved kommie operators.

          Once one has a good grasp on true kommie tactics like in russia 1918 era…They find many tactics they promote or plan are Futile at best. Not saying it cannot be beat or won against as yes it Can be. But Not untill you really know who-what and How real actual kommies opperated.

          Its not like TV WWII movies and nazi hype. But still it is real and now most likly event we shall see here if we see anything.

          • Them Guys: your about the only one I see who has faith in the Lord to guide him. It really saddens me to see others I love and care about talk about survival and planning without any anchor point. This more than anything causes me to question what the results of their standing will be. Are those who plan to stand up truly in a position to do so without a trust in Jesus Christ.

            Psa 20:7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.
            Psa 20:8 They are brought down and fallen: but we are risen, and stand upright.
            Psa 20:9 Save, LORD: let the king hear us when we call.

            2Ch 32:8 With him is an arm of flesh; but with us is the LORD our God to help us, and to fight our battles. And the people rested themselves upon the words of Hezekiah king of Judah.

            Jer 17:5 Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.

            Trust him and pray always. If you can’t, ask him to help you…he will you know! He is meek and lowly of heart, in Him there is no shadow of turning.

            • Ike: Thanks Brother. I think many others here are also Believers too. I also think a couple things has Clouded some folks minds somewhat. One being and I know I will get many thumbs down for saying it, is many libertarians are of an atheistic mind, and many are also “I got Mine screw all others” mind set. The other is many good christians folks has been brainwashed by many of todays Flasehood teachers calling themselves “Pastors”.

              And You cannot seem to convince those christian folks deluded by such preachers to even consider seeing it from another angle so to speak. Once they Trust a pastor…Thats it. But Many today preach falsehoods, fake escapisim pre trib raptures, touchy feely feel goodisims, and None ever preach Truth or will ever Speak out loud the biblical verses regarding Negatives on jews. Only Pro-jew-Pro israel is taught. Most Falsly! PC-corectness gone wild!…Because those pastors Fear IRS tax free status loss More than Fear God! Fear of God Is the Beginings of Wisdom. Fear of IRS-Removal of tax free status 501C, is to SERVE Mans Fed GOVNT!…Man cannot serve Mammon And God both..he shall Love one and Hate the Other…Guess which them type preachers Hate(not irs fed gov).

              IRS 501c tax free and MSM’s Demand they never do anything other than…Worship Israel the state, and jew-worship. Any preachers who speak truth and Deny the famous claim of “Six-Million”(nazis etc), or tell folks about Khazer decendants, will likly Lose folks and end up with many empty Pews seats…So whats best? 100% seats filled?…OR, Less pew seats filled, But filled by Truth seekers and Truth Knowers Loyal to Truth?…The Latter is my choice if I had my own church body.

              Then when deluded christians Mix Libertarian self centered No compassion for others agenda it is like a mix of Oil and water. Same for “jewdeo or zionist” christians.

              Too deluded or Blinded to realize if they Research and Study what the jewish Talmud teaches of Jesus and christians as well as all gentiles basically, is totally Uncompatible of a mix. Again like Oil and water mixed.

              True christianity cannot be mixed with jewish beliefs and Practices, any more than can be mixed with Muslim beliefs or practices. Yet due to a Lifetime of falsehood preachings, and hollywood nazi WWII movies, all 800+! designed to Keep the Lies believable along with TV msm etc, it is near impossible to get todays many christians to seek facts or truths. Just like getting others to Prep.

              Folks do NOT desire to make changes. Especially to long held beliefs or beliefs passed down from older gen’s to them. But it Is necessary if one is to learn factual truth sometimes.

              As for Me personally…I have had several Real actual experiences that I KNOW…I mean I KNOW were from God’s doing with me. I won’t delve into that here. Most will never believe it if I did anyways. Perhaps one day we shall get a chance to meet in Person along with a few others here, and then can talk about such stuff. Trust me though…when I say I KNOW…I mean that 110%!

              And I do Not mean as in “Gods in control” so we need do nothing. I aint buying that as Gods plans. The Bible says untill Christ returns it is the Devil Satan who is in Control of This world and especially its Leaders-Kings-Prez’s etc….Spiritual Wickedness in High Places…That aint talking of Outer Space zones! Its about the UN-DC-Wall St.! as well as european and others also.

              All I do know is If the Holy Spirit Dwells within You, and you Pray for His Guidence to true, Truth…You Will find it. It may not be what you were taught by preachers or parents etc…But it Will be acurate and Truth and you will know it. Not knowing truth on israel and jewish issues is akin to a box of 1000 puzzle pieces, and you have One missing…And are Missing the Box Top puzzle final picture when done. Good luck with 1/2 truth or missing parts!

              All will eventually Learn of these issues. Once it begins in earnest. They will not be so worshipfull then of those demonics and devils.

        • I gotcha a basic little tip that might make you feel a bit safer. Get a few of those really thick yard waste garbage bags, 3 or 4, and put 20 lbs of dry rice and beans in it. Tie it shut, rebag and tie shut 3 or 4 more times, depending on how wet the ground is there. You can even use pvc cement to seal the bags on top of the knot, if you really need to be sure of moisture protection. Then go bury them. They won’t be found. Even ground penetrating radar would have a hell of a time picking that out from dirt and pebbles… rest easier knowing you have a simple but safe resource available. Mixing ammo in gravel seems to work well too. If you get it a couple feet deep, it just looks like scattered scrap.

        • At night, go to your public library and dig down in their nice manicured flower bed, hide something deep. Something illegal would make it more exciting. Then laugh hysterically every time you drive by.

      13. Mac

        They have plans for every contingency imagined and then some..

        Look at how successfully they pulled off a “lockdown” on the entire metro Boston area affecting millions of compliant citizens..and then went door to door “warrant-less” I might add..and everyone complied once again..

        Should the “inevitable” happen..and it will..what becomes of us who are prepared with all the above water medicine and lead..?

        Will they come quietly in the night and force their way in ,once again, without warrant or due process?

        Any resistance will be met with superior firepower and technology..surely they will have their heat signature copters overhead for any such scenario as they did here in the Boston area recently..and add the probability of drones as well..

        It does not bode well for any of us in the populated areas..even semi rural suburbs where we are located..

        Thanks for giving me even more reasons to keep my peripherals in constant scan mode.


        • Good point BUT… No one was shooting at them .Its easy to secure an area when the police are the only ones throwing their chest out. If we all came out mad and fighting they woudnt have a chance. It ll come to that one day.Im sure. The blood of patriots and …well ya ll know. Peace.

        • The Republic died long ago. Only a few noncommies left. What cha gonna do when the commies come? Commies everywhere and now they’ve turned stalinist.

        • Look at how successfully they pulled off a “lockdown” on the entire metro Boston area

          Exactly..operative words…metro Boston.
          Try that in rural Kentucky or Texas. Psst!

        • Posse: My dad grew up in Southie, South Boston. Boston is a socialist, communist playground. It used to be a tough neighborhood. Now it is in the crapper. They are from another planet because all the liberal assholes took over, they live off gov’t contracts and welfare…the likes of Ted Kennedy…and boy they used to lick his boots. It’s the same with NYC, its a Jewish haven for the likes of Michael Bloombergs and Cuomo. The only hope is the rural areas, the cities can be written off. If the people of NY allow the new gun laws they too will become un-American pansies. But when they run into real American resistance the starch will come out of their pants quickly and we will see the WACO window shuffle real quick. Boston shows the aberrant behavior of traitors. They are governed by fear and timidity. They have no spiritual root or foundation.

          As far as coming quietly in the night…bullshit. Maybe a first but that will change quickly! We will rule the night in the country and we know our backyard! If we live in fear we’ve lost, get rid of they have superior firepower…pray and trust in Jesus Christ. Live each day as it comes and stop looking into a crystal ball.

      14. The first man in line gets a bullet to the head. Then as many as possible befor they get me. My front door is the last NOMI Line. At that point I ready to go. Peace and keep prepping.

        • I think a useful defensive prep that no one really talks about are sand bags. Relatively cheap and easy to fill. Each bag filled weighs about 50lb. Stacked in front a door would make it almost impossible to open. Search around for prices. .40 cents a bag is a decent price.

          • can you say Igniter… part of the playbook.

            • If one hides their “pressure cooker” bomb inside a pile of sand bags, would that be considered “sandblasting”? 0_o

              • too funny…

          • And I really liked someone’s idea of a can of marbles booby trapped above the doors!!
            Now, that was a cool idea.

            • That is being kind… there are MUCH worse boobytraps. Ever hear of vomit gas? It works. It will make a man vomit constantly for a couple days, and people have committed suicide from it being used one them. Bear Spray makes an evil boobytrap too. I woud rather be hit with a tazer than bear spray, and it can be rigged for a pull or trip wire. There is no single man that is likely to survive a head on fight with any sizable force of any armed group… but… there are instances in war where a few men have held off THOUSANDS of combat hardened troops by innovative boobytraps using only the things they found in the area. They were not geniuses, well trained, or special. They were plain men who needed to buy time for their families and villages and used the biggest force multiplier known… surprise. If you plan on gunning it out with anyone, you won’t live long,and I don’t give a damn who you are. Even the best trained special forces soldier knows that without his squad, a gunfight with ANYONE is a losing proposition they will avoid at all costs. Our lot won’t be squads of trained men. We will be lucky to have a few good friends who can handle a gun well… so direct combat is really something you should be avoiding no matter what. Being able to devise stand alone devices, from natural sources, ammo, common chemicals, hardware, fuels, and whatever else you can come up with is a tactic proven by history. Why fight when you can demoralize? The Vietcong knew this… we all know who really won that little fiasco.

              • Cactus Licker, I like your point about the bear spray. You know some time the simplest things are over looked. When you go to your door and there are four or five agents ready to rush in, you would be in a heap of trouble trying to repulse them with about any kind of weapon, but a good sweeping shot of bear spray would pretty well turn the whole bunch. Now were talking bear spray here, not mace that you buy for protection from a bad guy. Just hope the wind ain’t blowing IN your front door. Trekker Out.

                • for those who cannot afford a gun. Bear spray is about 40$ for a large griz size can.

              • @ Cactus Licker,

                “Vomit Gas”…I assume you mean by that, what you get when you burn ‘Banana Oil’? Really, I’m aking here guys…I THINK that is what I’ve heard here before. Your general train of thought here is ‘Spot-on’ Brother…(or Sister), imagine what a can of that ‘turbo Wasp Spray’ would do to a Human nervous System if it were shot into the eyes…just a happy thought here!

                Incidentally, your handle is …ummm, ‘Graphic’…good one, really! Lastly…if what we all fear comes to pass, then I will put is it simply as “DON’T fight Fair…Fight to WIN”…every dirty trick imaginable – no heistation, no reservation; if THEY start the ‘SHIT’ then we make ABSOLUTELY SURE that WE FINISH it…you work for the Corp or the Gov?…then you’re the fucking Scum of the Earth as far as I’m concerned…no pity, NO Mercy, PERIOD…’FINITE’ – The End. I beleive that shoud just about sum it up.

                • No, vomit gas is a chemical manufactured by angry people with chemsuits and gas masks that want to seriously mess someone up. It is not difficult or complicated to make, and everything for it is in various items common in any household or hardware store. It is a liquid initially, but the vapors from it are all that is necessary to cause violent involuntary projectile vomitting that will last for a couple DAYS. Imagine having those “barf so hard I saw stars” contractions constantly, making you have to fight to breathe between them…….for DAYS. Men have killed themselves rather than wait for it to wear off, it is that unpleasant. It is technically “non-lethal” though, just like Tazers and pepper spray (both have killed many people for being “non-lethal”). The thing is, even though it can be whipped up by someone who may just be curious fairly simply, it is not the sort of stuff you can “mess around” with. That is a great way to wind up in hell for a couple days. You’d better be very, very, very sure you have a good cause and an extreme and righteous hatred of those it is intended for, because it is agonizing and your conscience will never forgive you if it were to affect an innocent person, not to mention how pissed off they’d be. It is an EXTREMELY horrifying area defense item though, and will stop pretty much any attack of any size if they aren’t already wearing gas masks. Those effected will not be going anywhere soon, and those who witness the effects will be so terrified of possibly being exposed or “infected” (because it is unlikely they will know what it is… it is banned by the Geneva Convention) they will steer clear by a wide margin. If a bad SHTF were to occur, and lethal force is expected, it is something to at least be aware of… outside of a completely desperate situation though, it is not something to even be considered. It is akin to torture, and any functioning law system would punish one severely for inflicting it on another person.

                  ….so yes, it is real, but it is mostly a “theoretical conversation piece” in any but the most dire of situations.

      15. They can have it all; but it will be cooked very well done. After me and the little women have taken out a few and they have taken us out, guess what; the first case of black beans (LOL) they pick up, stand back and watch the FIRE works, she wired to go. They won’t get sh-t at our adobe.

        Keep the FAITH (III)

      16. Your next post Mac…. “Best ways to save your preps from martial law”!!
        I would be very interested in reading that!!

        • @ SH,

          What I’ m about to write is fiction. Hasn’t/isn’t happening, to me at least. Or so I say in public here.

          My friend the Ph.D pharmaceutical chemist for one of those gubmint agencies the name of which begins with National has generously given me enough hydrogen cyanide pellets, and on-site tutoring in how to use it, to lace 7 super pails of my vittles.

          Let me give you the news, raid captain. A micro milliliter of it, smaller than the period at the end of this sentence, will kill a large man in seconds. I have enough to kill thousands laced in seven of my super pails.

          Which 7, you ask? That’s for me to know and you to find out the hard way. If I die, or if you confiscate my supplies, it’s gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight.

          Vaya con whatever deity you worship, raid captain. May your family live long and prosper, said to their departing backs as they file quietly out my door.

          Idea from raiders in the corporate world, and savvy executives using “poison pills” to thwart a different kind of hostile takeover.

          • Poisened foods could be taken, then passed out to avg citizens elsewheres. Then what? No thanks. I dont need be answering for dozens folks killed due to anything I did. Self defence yes, defence of usa yes. Lace food with poisen not knowing who eats it later perhaps?..No.

            • If some uniformed thugs are going to seize my food only to give it to some inner city yoofs, then all is fair. I have been forced to support the welfare leeches for my entire working life, and damned if I wont give them some special recipe foods. I work 7 days a week no holidays, or weekends off because I need the money to survive. Why would I feel any desire to support inner city yoofs with their 5 or 6 head of bastard ghetto children?Steal my food stuffs be prepared for suprises of the negative and possibly lethal variety.

      17. Get off the rant Eisen. A lot of troops and police won’t do any more than they have to. Most of them don’t like our fearless leader and will look the other way when such orders come down. I’ve talked to many of them (friends) who have stated such. After some of the dumb ones have been shot trying the rest won’t have the motivation to try the same. They’ll be in the cities trying to stop that mess before they show up any where else.

        • But some will. Both are right. We will not know the truth until it is hitting us in the face. So it is safer to watch all then start to trust.

        • Jim in Va. : Eisenpoophead has never been in the military but he thinks that playing war games on his XBox makes him some sort of super soldier. Half the entire military now comes from the guard/reserve forces, and like the police, and even some active duty personnel, their families don’t live on secure military bases. Their families live amongst the rest of society and are as vulnerable as everyone else should there be a large social breakdown. Everyone whose homes are in danger will leave their posts and return to defend their families. No real man would leave his family out in the cold. Eisenkraut is nothing more than some fat little mall ninja-wannabe warrior who hasn’t got a clue about the real world. Hell, he probably still lives at home in his mom’s basement.

      18. I live in the South and I cannot imagine this scenerio happening here without major push back. (Except ofcourse in the large cities.) Although there are exceptions, there is still a culture in the South of independence. Letting the military, especially foreign military, come into your home and take food and supplies from the mouths of your family? They do not want to go there.

      19. Something to consider here is yes scatter out your supplies with muti caches. Also if and when it does start happening defend your familes supplies. After that I would start hitting back with the same tactics. Look around where you live do you know where the grocery store warehouse is? If close to the city then it would be wise to have that intel. Would it be guarded? Hell yes it would be. But when has that ever stopped anything from being hit? I read a article today and it really made me think. The 4 stages of war. I think we will fall in the guerillo war stage, and it will not been a short term event.
        If you have the time it would serve you well to brush up on those field manuals that we all have saved. And if you have not saved them or found them just ask for help finding these free declassified manuals.
        Not back to eating everything in the house, try 7 days on a liquid diet.

        CATIYMF’s NOMI,


        • The Cooking Mom,

          According to the article, Obama wants the 15,000 Russian troops ‘pre-positioned’…

          “An unsettling report prepared by the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) circulating in the Kremlin today on the just completed talks between Russia and the United States in Washington D.C. says that the Obama regime has requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be PRE-POSITIONED to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster.”

          • What smell?…oh that smell!….15,000 ruskies rotting down on a hot day does make a stink…don’t it… 😉

          • Why in the world would any American congress person or senator allow the President to request foreign troops to enter the US during a disaster? At some point their brains must question this type of nonsense.

            • Not if they are part of it… I am 100% sure they all have a bit of blackmail on their plates, courtesy of the NSA.

          • 15,000 Russian troops couldn’t take Grozny, in the Caucasus. They won’t be able to take Detroit, either. That leaves a whole lot of country they won’t ever see.

        • Verrrrrryyyy interesting,
          Glad im about as far away from DC as you can get and still be in the USA, sort of,,,

        • @ Cooking Mom,

          Their article about the 15,000 Russians coming here doesn’t pass the smell test.

          First, from 1,100 years of Russian history, their central problem has been having too few men to defend too large an area. Consequently, they have been invaded scores of times. And occupied several, from the Mongols to Napoleon to Hitler. Seen through Russian eyes, their occupations elsewhere have not been from imperialism but from an effort to avoid being encircled. They are the world’s largest nation. They don’t need anyone else’s land.

          Second, Putin was raised in a family that had access to the highest levels of Soviet society. He was an “expedient” communist. Without a doubt, what he is bone deep is a Russian nationalist. His academic field was international law. Dumb he is not.

          Third, he despises Oblunder. He would no more put his troops, Russian blood, at Oblunder’s disposal than he would drink gasoline.

          Fourth, according to Wiki, which printoffs I don’t have in front of me, there are only 193,000 active duty troops in the RF Army. That they would consent to sending about 8 percent of them here for garrison duty is preposterous. The average Rus has a deep love of nation. They aren’t guns for hire to defend our frightened plutocrats.

          I prowled around the Emercom of Russia english language site. Their highest officer, General-Colonel Plat Pavel Vasilievich, came out of traditional military schools earliest in his career. Since 93 – 94 his career has focused on Civil Defense and Rescue.

          I don’t share the view of the Russophobes on here that their life’s highest ambition is to murder us in our beds.

          What MIGHT be in Russia’s interest is Russia has a Muslim problem with some of the USSR’s former republics, for example the Chechens. They might want to pick our brains for whatever useful skill we’ve gathered in Iraq and Afghanistan.

          This is a fear porn monger ultimately relying on his can’t name him “highly placed source says so.”

          I”ve got to call bullshit for the reasons I listed.

          • I’m right behind you on this one, 6.8. Putin sent one over the bow when he asked why the U.S. govt was supporting cannibals who eat the organs of their human victims…this is nothing more than another attempt to get US to hate Russians again.

            Here’s an old article after hurricane Katrina, when the Fed Govt turned away aid from other countries…please go read the list of countries trying to help katrina victims.


            Then, the U.S. wants Russia to hand over Snowden, and Russia coughs loudly as they “no, thank you”. Remember the Russian govt tried to tip off our govt about the brothers? The U.S. ignored it and the bombing went on as planned.

            Doesn’t anybody else see that as long as the world cowers before the U.S., the globalists will continue to use the world superpower for their own agenda. Think! If you’re gonna put a dog in the fight, you want to control the biggest and baddest dog you can get…that is exactly what the banking cartel has done.

            I think other countries, like Russia, understand that our govt has been taken over by the globalist bankster cartel, and if nothing else, they know they might be next.

            The globalists can’t defeat US ALL…and they know it.

            • SixPack: The absolute Highest Power in entire Universe is God…Ok…But Whats the Highest god-like Powers any humans can posess in the phys world we live in? I will tell you. It is Government. For all intent and purpose, Mans Govnt’s Are absolute highest power anybody can posess on earth. That is main reason the russian Bolshevik kommies desire to gain total Control of russia, being the worlds Largest land mass and filled with resources. And with back then prior to the killings 150-Million people in russia alone.

              Them Kommie Bolshei’s thought if they can capture russian control, then Next can gain total european wide control Under Their rule by Communisim. Then…North America and south america be a piece of cake to grab hold of. Bingo a NWO of Kommie Rule By them.

              Just One major problem with their plans they seemed to Overlook..How does Russia as leader Invade North america etc withOUT acess to Water for a huge navy?

              What good is it to build ten thousand Figter jet planes and all types of bombs, if you cannot Fly that far and have NO good method to get a huge naval fleet heading there and fast?…About that time is when those kommie bolsheviks realized they Must capture usa from Within, as we Do have plenty access to oceans of water for a real and massive navel force to rekon with. They could capture europe but Need usa and S- america and mexico etc to have an entire NWO totally in Their hands.Nukes were for Deterent Only. What good to Nuke world into submission? Controll What Then? 99% Devestated world and They can rule over it? Undesireable to say the least, they are kommies but aint Stupid!

              So they changed plans and began work to get the usa under Their commie control. Now after 60+ yrs efforts, look what america has become. Total nwo kommie run top to bottom. By the Same tribe and actual grandkids of the original Bolshevik russians.

              And what are they trying to Now do by useing america-its cash-resources-Manpower-Military etc?…They Are creating what the orig dream was when they overtook russia by the hairs on its very head. a NWO/Jwo They totally OWN and Control…Very little still stands in opposition to them today…Armed usa Patriots being top tier troubles for Their evil plans. They desire to be Gods…Man Gods and think with a NWO they will equal God.

              Wait till they find out what God’s plans regarding that and Them really is though! Not to mention usa Patriots plans too!

              • Agreed. They MUST fail.

      20. Stealing is Stealing no matter how you look at it..even if its done with a uniform on.

        If I spent my time and my money providing for my family and some uniformed or non uniformed thug thinks he’s just going to waltz in and take it..than I might as well die protecting it..if not what’s the sense of being an American?

        I ain’t no dam boot licker and I sure as hell ain’t starting now!

      21. Does anyone think the fedgov can control 330 million nuts? Just a few cities will be more than the military can handle. After the first couple of days people will realize this is it and the savagery will start. I wouldn’t want to be a cop or a military person when the SHTF. I guarantee it will be rough.


        • Even if they have a couple hundred thousand un boot thugs they wont even be close,

      22. Bribery will be a normal way of life with government officials when tshtf.

        Yes, all out home invasion/confiscation scenarios are pretty easy to imagine, but I’m guessing it will be a lot more subtle, especially in the beginning.

        People willing to pay the price will be able to avoid inspections and harassment. For a while.

        Don’t think I’m endorsing it or suggesting it’s a good idea, but I think it’s probably best to be prepared for reality.

        If I’m wrong, you’ll have a few extra items to barter with for food or services.

      23. This is old news. Next.

      24. When’s the military going to “walk out” ? Just say f*** it! We’re not coming to work until this bullshit stops. Stand in front of the Pentagon and White House yelling and holding signs etc…like every other pissed off group of workers. That scnerio would be interesting however would probably be the move that brings foreign troops to the U.S. and starts the war. I kind of wish the troops would pull a move like that to really send a message and to show support for the people!

        • Well, apparently the Egyptian military has done just that. Morsi (their President) evidently didn’t make enough changes in the General staff and now they’re flexing their muscles. Whether that’s a good thing or not is still to be seen.

          • Probably is a good thing. The general population in Egypt is barely literate, but the Army is pretty well educated. It’s long been considered the only “party” that’s educated and organized enough to manage the country.

            • …so they adopted the “no child left behind” education system too?

            • Coach you got that right, the military is well educated. It didn’t take them long to realize what all them zeros behind the 2 means, that they receive from the American tax payer every year. Trekker Out.

      25. This just goes to prove, that after over two millennia, we have no more “civilized” now than we were then:

        “For as nowhere was there corn to be seen, men broke into the houses and ransacked them,” Josephus wrote. “If they found some they maltreated the occupants for saying there was none; if they did not, they suspected them of having hidden it more carefully and tortured them.”

        • Exodus 22:2
          “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed;

          Esther 8:11-12 11 By these letters the king permitted the Jews who were in every city to gather together and protect their lives — to destroy, kill, and annihilate all the forces of any people or province that would assault them, both little children and women, and to plunder their possessions

        • Hunger, desperation and anger are universal…and timeless.

      26. I can hide most of my McDonald’s gift certificates in my bra.

        • ***Post Removed***

          • **************************************

            Come on Slavo…Eisenkreuz is a freak of nature…do something!!!

            Enough is enough… savy vous

        • @ So Cal Prepper CXhick… thats why you are now on my barter list.

      27. I’m with VRF……..seize away bitch. I’ll just open the front door and ya’ll come on in and get them.

        • 😉

      28. “Molon Labe”…not just for weapons anymore! (but WILL be protected by them!!

      29. All weird conspiracies aside, one has to ask oneself.

        #1. Why has Barry signed EO like these if he is not expecting to need them?

        #2. Why is Homeland buying the stuff that they are buying and proceeding in the manner that they are?

        #3 Why is the NSA and IRS doing what they are doing? (Why does the IRS have It’s own SWAT team?)

        4. Why does our foreign policy benefit Saudi Arabia but not U.S.?

        5. Why are shows/movies like Jericho, The Walking Dead, and WWZ so popular.

        6. Why are sites like Survival Blog, SHTF Plan, The Survivalist Blog. net, and The Modern Survivalist so dam popular?

        7. Why are PM’s still selling so briskly?

        • Because “he” the Christian is planning on bringing all of his fellow “mosque” attending Christian’s to the USA along with all of their customs.

      30. i had a run in with some of my Local town cops a few days ago

        they helped me get a wayward drug overdosed very confused sick kid home to his dad who had just happened to flag me down for help at 5am as i drove by him by jumping hysterically in front of my truck from the woods waving his arms asking for a ride home , food and water … except he couldn’t remember where home was

        the kid kept sayin ‘i’m so hungry’ over and over with snot bubbles coming from his nose all fresh bruised and bloody scratches across his face arms and hands

        i was a little weary at first thinking he was trying to car jack me … but not to much as i’m kinda a big guy and have been in my fair share of bar fights

        by the time the officers arrived after my call for help to 911 i had the kid calmed down

        the police officers were great very professional , didn’t get aggressive with the obviously drugged up kid , and even extra gentle patient with the agitated confused kid who was constantly jerking moving agitated

        after this experience seeing my local town cops in action i’ve a feeling the ZOG FEDGOV is under estimating the Local Small Town Police Department Chiefs and Police Personnel , some of them , hopefully more still Care about their local towns people and their kids to do the Right Thing

        lets hope most police officers remember their oaths of service on illegal unconstitutional zog fedgov martial law day

        and they will provide some real resistance to the zog fedgov

        if not and they join the zog fedgov dhs gestapo to punish and enslave us illegally unconstitutionally … oh well

        they’ve got great ‘life insurance’ plans i hear for their widows and kids to enjoy

        NinaO ;0p

      31. Collectivization of farms and the confiscation of food is the hallmark of Stalin’s communism in 1920s 1930s USSR.

        How can such a thing even be thought of here?

        • Stalinist communism is here, Keven2. 50% commies the rest cowards.

          • @Commie hater

            There are no real “Commies” anymore. Cut the crap.

            “Commies” today are know as “Fascists”

            Your government is Fascist.

            Didn’t you get the memo?

            The Commies ran out of other peoples money and decided to join with Fascists.

            “So you get what we have here today.”


            • There never was a difference. Didn’t you get the memo?

        • Stalins collectivization resulted in the deaths of millions,but did give govt. control over majority of food production,see no reason govt. would not do that here,in last ditch efforts.Though hunt and fish realize so will millions of others,am trying to get a better handle on wild edibles for my area,realize won’t be alone but much less competition,plus,time spent outdoors in nature is always a valuable time!

          • I think it’s already happening tbh. Swap the word collectivisation in your Soviet history book for “corporate” and then take another look at the stats for agricultural land ownership over the last 20-30 years in the West.

            Then take a look at all the “raw milk” laws, and the impact that has had on independent farmers. In Russia and in the modern West it the agricultural takeover started by driving out small producers by tying up as many as possible in so much red tape they could were no longer economically viable for several years before the final “push”.

            The final “push” that reduced the entire population of the Ukraine by as much as 1/3 according to some estimates only took 18 months to achieve, but the build up to it was done over a period of several years. In large part Stalin was so successful because people refused to believe such evil was possible until it was too late.

            History doesn’t repeat exactly, it merely rhymes. They put a new face/coat of paint on an old idea and roll it out to a generation too young to remember the last time.

            • Very astute observation there!

      32. my plan is to keep 50-100 cans of food, a few cases of water, and maybe 200 round of ammo in the back of my closet… they will take it, and think they’ve won.. what they don’t realize is, under my house is 1000 cans of food, water filters, water jugs, and 1000’s rounds of ammo..
        I will act upset, until they leave. then il laugh.

        • What a wimp.

          • Good Luck! If it happens it wont be they will act nicy nice and Gently ask or search. More like Crazed doped cops doing a violent Drug Raid on a crib. Where 6-10 cops violently ransack search every nook and cranny. Even search in places You didnt realize existed in own home!

            And they wont try to keep it all neat or in one piece when done. More like RIP to shreds everything. Take what They want to, and too bad if do not like it.

            • Apparently you HAVE seen an LEO search…

              • Sixpack: Yes I have. a long time ago, 40 yrs, I was RENTING an apt, in a very huge home. Main faimly, with Two seperate family sons apt’s. one older retired guy apt, and My apt with wife(no longer). BNDA(now NDA fed dope cops) along with Many county cop/local cop combined efforts called DRANO….Spent over 1/2 Million Taxpayer dollars(40yrs ago was alot of cash then), and 18+ months doing an undercover opps to Bust One of the family sons(NO relations to Me! I was Only a Renter) unknown to me.

                The son was dealing massive amounts coke and guns etc.

                After over 18mo and all the cash spent “Observing” and investigating…They finally did a Bust. One nite aprox 9:30 PM weekday if I recall it, I heard what sounded as if a Dozen Elephants were Running up or down the main stairway that led to upper 2 apts each son lived in.

                While I and wife were kinda concerned, wondering what the hell was going on(the dope seller son also had a rock and roll venture and booked many Famous rock star bands…Often after their Gig’s they’d come back to party at sons apt upstairs. I met a few now and then, partied with em like beer and chit chat etc. I never knew of any dope crap though!) So at first we figured it was just another rock band drunk running on the stairways. That weekend son booked a band from England, cannot recall band name, they are famed for a song I do recall..”30 days in the Hole” damn if I can recall band name? Peter Frampton was Singer, very famous though many albums etc. Anyways, we thought it was just that band comming back to party.

                THEN!!! All a sudden, My basement apt front door window gets broken, glass flys all over, so I Grab a Rifle, ruger .22 was closest loaded gun so I grabbed that and went to see WTF it was!…Can’t say why but at final moment Prior to entering room with front door area, I set the Rifle Down against a wall….Real good thing I did too!

                When I stood in frond of door and looked Up to street level, I saw aprox 8 Men standing there ALL Pointing 12ga shotguns-.45 pistols-and TWO Had FULL Auto Thompson Sub Machine guns! All Pointed at ME!…So I asked “Who are you what is this all about? Why did you guys break my window”?…They One time told me Open the door. I had no other option so I tried open the door..But it sticks unless you place a foot at door bottom, then yank door knob to open….Well I was kinda nervous forgot door sticks, tried to open without my foot braceing bottom to assist it open. Them guys All Rushed down the 4-5 steps and slammed the door inward. Pushing Me backards into the wall, spun me around slammed me face first into wall, handcuffed me, while screaming swear words and kept asking me “Where is Your Brother?! and Where are the Thompson Machine guns?!

                How was I to know where? I rented an apt knew zero of that stuff! They refused to believe me. Began to Violently ransack my entire crib and stuff. I mean tore up all I owned. Grabbed my wife repeatedly while shes in a tshirt and Panties…I yelled for them to stop it and get the fuck OUT unless they got a signed warrent.

                Forget follow law for THEM! NO warrents shown, NO warrents had they!…Every one Looked like a Damn Long Haired bearded Hippie most wore Green army M-65 coats. Some flanel shirts. One single guy was clean cut shaved short hair nice overcoat. HE was the Head Fed drug agency cop. REal Bastard too!.

                After NOTHNG illeagle nor any dope was found in my apt, they left wifey inside crying profusly, took me Outside still handcuffed, two huge cop/hippies kept slamming me into their car side, again and again very hard while asking me over and over “Where is the brother? where are those Machine guns?!….I could Only answer honestly and tell tham over and over I DONT FUCKIN KNOW! and I AINT His brother! I am ******* ***** and am NOT Related etc!

                Then Head Fed cop in charge(mr clean cut) told me “I am going to one more time ask you, and if you refuse to tell me what I want to know…I will slam my Flashlight(3lb type Maglite cops has!) across the bridge of Your noce and fuck your face all up for good pal. Then he told the other two holding me to again slam me face first onto car side before he asks final time.

                I was kept telling them two cops “Please take MY wallet from My back jeans pocket and LOOK at MY driver lic as I am NOT that guy your boss thinks I am”…They laughed said we aint allowed to look into persons wallets!

                I got real pissed said I GIVE permission to do it! One cop must have believed me and told other cops Wait let me see if hes telling us truth…BINGO! I Was telling the fuckin truth since I should and DO know Who I actually am.

                Finally I got taken Upstairs to doper sons apt, them feds had a guy in Lab scientist white coat PEELING wall paper awat from the walls looking for stashed Cash-Phone numbers and Drugs hidden! PEELING wall paper off a wall!!!

                There were aprox 5 guys in That upper apt, with a Huge cardborad box in middle of liv room, to place Confiscated stuff-Evidence into. They sat me down near front apt door turned my head to face wall so I wont see anything They was doing…Thats when I first saw one of the Thompson sub machine guns. Leaned up wall next to door.

                I Heard a dope hippe cop go into front bedroom…few sec;s later he says “Guys! Think I found Coke! then I heard a Very Long loud SNNNNIIIFFFFFFFFF! Sniff…Cop yells out “Oh Yeah its Coke alright! Good stuff too!”

                Then cop exits bedroom shows another cop-hippie a huge stash of Cash…”Look what Else I found guys! Its $15,000…Does the Cash go in the evidence bax too”?

                The cop next to me by door smiled says “What the fuck do You think asshole”? 1st cop put Cash in His OWN Pocket tells Me “You Never saw Anything asshole”….I agreed. What other option was there for me…None.

                Then the Bastards knowing I had zero to do with it all Called LOCAL cop shop to take ME in as a FED Prisoner for “questioning etc”!!!

                Took me downtown detroit Fed build HQ, kept me there another 6+ hrs, finally a guy I was allowed to phone(My contractor partner for work etc) Arrived with a small brown paper bag(like for kids sandwich) full of Money orders and Cash…16 Grand cash! incase I needed bail money etc…The suit and tie fed guys there at HQ, eyes opened very wide as my Bro dumped the brown bag full of cash/money orders on his desk! Asks what That for? My Bro says “Bail cash”….NO bail needed I was FREE to leave!

                And return Home to begin Repairs etc from them Bastards operations gone WRONG! Very Wrong!

                NO warrents for me or any others, near gave old retired guy heart attack, ambulance came to assist him!…

                They Spent OVER $500,000 Tax cash for an 18 mo investigation Under cover Opps…And Never was able to figure out that Home had THREE Non Family Renters! Me-wife-old guy retired!…Fuckin Total Idiots-Failed ordeal.

                Thats NOT counting money spent for 1/2 Dozen Other local cop and sherrof depts!…BOONDOGGLE to the Extreeme!

                Thats quite alot of cash 40 yrs ago huh.1/2 million + othr agencys too!

                END results were: ONE son the Main one they were after, spent 5yrs Fed Prison for One Thompson sub mach gun. Lost a houseboat-Bently rolls royce-HD coopper-Other guns- some several lbs of Fake dope(do NOT ask I know nothing!)

                And I got screwd Royally and was NOT able to find any lawyer willing to file a suit against fed govnt or assisting local cop shops! What a SWINDLE the USA is.

                I learned it the Hard way even though Innocent! Bastards! Fuckin Bastards. And do not tell me all You Bad asses that You would have Killed em at door etc!! Yeah right Rambos! NO….YOU..WONT do such…Not when it …IS for…REAL You wont.

                ps: I asked a couple fed cops before I left for good that morning(was daylite by then! aprox 7am) What would have happened if I Kept that Rifle in My hands as I went to see whos at MY door etc?

                Both fed cops at same instant told me”You would have been Shot Dead by All 8 men Instantly!”….I asked How can fed cops do such on Innocent folks?

                Their answer was…”See This report I am typing up? All I need do is ADD on THis line here….Federal Mistake…Shooting!”

                Like ruby ridge or waco…Innocents get shot dead…Cops especially FED cops Gets OFF 100% everytime allways.

                YOU die…They get Pay Raise and vist whitehouse for a Medal!….

                Do I have good reasons to……..Oh yeah I do! Been a Long wait so far.

                • Humble Pie was the band. Also played “Idont need no doctor”

                • Them Guys: maybe I finally figured out how you came up with ‘them guys’. Hell of a burden to carry around for years and a traumatic way to get a wake up call about what really is going in in America. Surely the Lord kept you and your wife from being one more statistic in Detroit, but more so wanted you to experience it. Been a long wait for Jesus also…God Bless.

                  • Ike: Thanks, also actually I “invented” Them Guys when in detroit untill 18 yrs ago moved out, I rode harleys since age 18yrs, and always Remained Indep, IE: never joind any club or flew colors. Got nothing aganist that, but I had bros in like 20+ detroit and also Tx-Kalif(angles) and Austraila and germany also! Clubs all of them. Which to join and not offend others?! Plus it always seems aprox 1/2 in a club are swell great guys. The other 1/2 lets just say they do stuff I would never do. I cannot abide joining a club unless I Can agree with all they are about.

                    So…Us independant guys actually ended up with the Largest numbered “group” around. And when Bikers go most anywheres, normal folks most all act very afraid. Like if two guys roll up and park harleys at curb to stand in a line for Movie ticket sales etc…Without Fail every time, as soon as we enter back of line, folks in Front of Us say “Oh You guys can Take Our spot in line! WE Insist!”

                    No matter how you tell em its ok we do not mind waiting like all oters has to, They INSIST!…Because of Fear due to MSM-Hollywood mis representations etc. So to shut em up we take the place in line offered to us. Then again them in front of us says same..Soon we are at front of line and done buying a ticket.

                    Then always as we leave, we hear murmerings from the still in line reg normal folks…Its always “Who Are THEM GUYS”? or “Who Were THem Guys”? Or “Did You See Them Guys!”

                    One day I got the brainstorm idea to get T-Shirts made and Buisness cards for all Our indepd guys!!

                    By next week later, we had a couple Hundred guys rideing around detroit everywheres with “THEM GUYS” and a real cool Chopper bike picture, with Detroit as bottom rocker panel….My T shirts looked as good as any real clubs colors did! I sold em for cost only no profit. Same for Buisness cards…My cards had Them guys and a Phone number on front…Back side of cards says “You have Just been Assisted By “Them Guys”….When we do Wrong..Nobody ever forgets….When we do Good….Nobody Remembers.

                    We had so many guys most real detroit clubs got concerned because they do Not allow ANY new clubs to fly the word DETROIT on Bottom rocker panel of colors unless you Join one of exieting clubs. It is to Keep “certain” clubs Out of detroit. So none take over detroit. Kinda operates like the Mafias. Only Harleys and long hair etc.

                    Thats the way I invented Them Guys. I kinda liked how it sounds when normal folks always say that stuff “Who were them guys” in a sorta shocked or amazed way. Its really just about Them type folks “Think” they Know about bikers from TV news etc. They most always Misunderstand harley riders etc. Yes some are very Bad men. Evil men. Most aint though. me and My crew’s would give a stranger our shirts-Money-Gallon gas and Keep the Can too!- Rides-Anything they need if for good reasons. But most “citizens” folks never sees it that way Ike.

                    And YES I agree the Lord Was lookin out for me and mine the day that failed bust went down…

                    DAVE: Thank You, yes that is the Band name I could not recall! It was driving me batty! Thats band there that week(Not there during bust!) it all went down. he had Many other famous rock bands for a couple yrs till he went to jail 5yrs. I met a few had beers etc..Most were nice avg guys types. Some from England were kinda “Snoooty” like think are better than us americans! I set em straight on it as I am kinda Outspoken at times! They Hate when we remind em we Kicked Their asses Twice! 1776 and 1812!!!

                    PS: hey anyone here recall that stero store “Highland Appliances” used to run many ads on TV like every 10 min?

                    Recall a TV AD for Highland Appliance that had aprox 40-Harley hard core Bikers ridding Two abrest in Long line, and all a sudden the entire pak Pulls over to give a Ride to MR. and Mr.s CRUMPLE? “The Crumples” series ads!

                    They pull over ask “Where ya headed to”…mr and mrs answer bikers “We are the Crumples! and are going to the Big Sales at Highland appliance stors blow out sale!”

                    Then nexy film scene change shows the crumples seated on back of a couple harley chopper bikes trying to Not fall off or lose hats! It was a pretty cool tv commercial 35-40 yrs ago.

                    Well that was a detroit Biker Club…The “Road Agents” of detroit club. Bunch of my pals was in it. One worked for the TV comercials film crew co. he got the club the job. Paid about $150 per guy, all the Free Beer and Smorgasboard food can eat! did entire filming in a single day! That was a huge one day pay and in CASH too! back then.

                    When the Rolling Stones band Played Detriot(at auburn Palace stadium I think) they Hired My other bros bike club for Security! “Drfiters” of detroit biker club.

                    I wasn’t able to attend do to family concerns etc, but they had a blast partying with entire rolling stones band and roadies, got paid couple hundered cash each, free booze-food-“other” whatevers rockers party with I suppose.

                    Got to party all nite at the RITZ penthouse suite!

                    Wonder how the reg normal patrons at that expensive Hotel took it when seeing so many crazed rockers with 40 craizer bikers! Yep Detroit Was the Happenist city to grow up in in the good Ol’ days I rekon.

                • I went through something similar Them Guys. They tore my place up and found nothing illegal, so they left my safe open and tossed everything in a pile in the living room and left the door unlocked—I guess their snitch wanted to shop at my house, so that’s probably how they paid him while I spent 10 hours in detention.

                  They didn’t know my brother lived next door and saw the whole thing. We found out who the “shopper” was when he came in through the window, only to find my brother with his AK and my 150 pound pitbull waiting for him…my brother isn’t a “customer service” kinda guy.

                  Moral of the story—” I don’t have anything to hide” won’t keep you free or safe.

        • Thats the kind of thinking I’m talking about. Its a lot better than the gun fight and you get to keep breathing!

        • Bad move. You wrote it here. They now know.

          A guy I met that defected from Armenia in the 1980s agreed with anyone in authority and was so trusted he did a stint as a border guard while in the Army. One day the other guard did not show up (they worked in two’s he thinks hung over) he dropped his AK and just walked across the border.

          You got a secret you tell no one.

          • trust me i consider whose watching my posts.. i live in florida, nothing is under my house. just giving an example of how i think. maybe, i loot/trash my own house, hide on the roof, and wait for them to pass.

          • Met a guy from Bulgaria years ago, he worked a shift as a border guard. His guard buddy became ill one day, so he drove him into town with the guard jeep or vehicle, dropped him off at the clinic, drove away, picked up his family at home, then drove across the border into Greece.

            He said he and his wife had been waiting for just such an opportunity for several years. Could have done it himself more than once, but waited until he could take the family, too.

        • I am sure they appreciate you announcing it here. Good plan, too bad you did not keep your mouth shut.

      33. It’s not if, it’s when. A collapse caused by political/ economics will be a cascading break down that is unlikely to happen all at once across the whole country or world, this will allow them the ability to target assets/Military/DHS to communities based on trigger points within the loss of infrastructure.

        In my opinion this is our worst case scenario because it allows them to chip away at us with limited manning and resources. As we all know the cities will be the worst followed by urban, rural and country.

        I think of it in the terms of ramping up an invasion on short notice, take the events of 911 from the initial attack to our invasion was 39 days as I remember. I think much will depend on when the major city within a 100 to 200 mile radius of you falls apart, then I’d backwards plan within a 20 day window to either hide my assets or BUG OUT.

        It’s very difficult to plan for an event like this because it’s easy to foresee how events will cascade. Will gas and food dwindle over time allowing us to see and react to events as they unfold or will it fall apart rapidly giving us little reaction time?

        The process of planning is the only way to mitigate risk too oneself and family, but just as important always have contingency plans built into your primary that can and will address as many probable events.

        • Heck 99,also keep in mind natural disaster including say a solar emp,hits without warning but the power ect. just shut down country wide for most part.

          • If your planning and contingency plans are set properly they should allow you the latitude to react to even a scenario such as the one you brought up, every type of collapse scenario will provide advantages and disadvantages to even the most prepared.

            As we all know preppers make up 3% of the population, this means that regardless of the collapse event we will have an uphill battle, although I take soulless in the fact that the revolutionary war was fought and won with only 3% of the population.

      34. Wise to scatter the goodies at two or more locations. My backups even have backups. Final destination is in remote mountains, but even then I suppose a drone could spot activity.

        I am of the opinion that in a true collapse, local and even federal law enforcement people will be deserting to look after their own families, with only a few single people left behind. Where I m going are a lot of like minded mountain folks who grew up there and know the country well. Having once spent many years in the mountains, the area can be pretty unforgiving for urbanites who haven’t a clue, and that includes trained law enforcement. Rooting out survivors and trying to plunder the goodies would be no easy task.

        Incidentally, foreign investors are unloading US Treasuries, gold is up today, with massive physical buying in the Far East. The Fed has done its best to smash gold and silver, so now is a great time to load up on what you can afford. I think the next run up will shock the hell out of people.

        That said, lead is still paramount, and in Texas, my primary gun store has ammo but rations to one box per day. No worries, live close by. Many handguns and Ar-15s available now, and prices are coming down.

        By the way, don’t forget to cache fuel. While I have a sufficient amount of hand tools, power equipment makes things easier in the early going. Try hand tilling a one acre garden, or hand chopping a few cords of wood. And don’t forget to stabilize the fuel with an additive. I’ve got some 12 year old gasoline that I treated with PRI-G and its still good.

        Also been loading up on hand pumps for water, and extra filters. Also lamp oil – a bunch of it, a lot of extra wicks., By the way, does anybody know if lamp oil goes bad?

        Back to redundancy. I have twos, and often threes, of everything, in the event of a long haul. My personal view is that economic collapse will trigger the fall into chaos, martial law et al, and it will be ugly for flat landers for a very long time.

        • Ralph,it hits the fan my mom ain’t moving,too old to give a damn!That said have her set up with hand pump ect.As for fuel she is not too into power stuff but did get her to buy a standby jenny,she is on propane and explained seems more then a day outage start rationing it’s use for small necc. runs.Good thing about propane is that unless leaks good for many years,that and living on a small island hope she fairs well.I do a lot of gardening by hand now and always have cord wood for beyond this winter but am seriously considering propane myself due to its longevity as a usable fuel,what is PRI-G and is it easily available?

          • @warchild
            PRI- G is a gas stabilizer, industrial strength. A lot of prepper sites have it. Like the idea of propane, and keep a bunch myself for cooking. I ‘m a 63 year old geezer, still in great shape and can still chop wood just fine and do my garden work. Of course anything can happen, so I have power equipment to make things a bit easier, hence the gas storage. Also invested in a gas powered genset a bunch of years ago which runs great. Probably won’t need it though, as I have an off- grid solar system at my mountain hideaway. Only problem there is that batteries are only good for about 10 years, and I have to replace mine soon. $$ ouch!

            Got materials for a greenhouse but not built yet, but also have an acre for planting up there in the hills, which is good because the growing season is much shorter. My dad was a farmer and farmed until he was 88, and he had a full acre for veggies. A full acre vegetable patch can be done by hand labor of course, but even with power equipment, it’s a heck of a lot of work. So I got a used gas powered root tiller that’s in pretty good shape, and I’m hoping it holds up .

            I figure an acre will produce more than my wife and I need, so we’ll put up the excess. Of course, weather can really screw up yields, critters get to some of it too, Good to have some reserve on hand.

        • Never heard of lamp oil going bad. Water separation may occur. Be careful as the plastic containers could become brittle over time and break when you try to pick them up.

          • I found that out the hard way a few years ago. Prell shampoo used to come in a nice plastic bottle with a screw top that was easy to pour from. Then they changed to the current flat squeeze bottles with the hard to open flip top lid. So I would buy new bottles and refill the old bottle. One day, I dropped the old bottle of shampoo on the floor. It shattered and I had a mess cleaning up Prell shampoo from the floor.

        • Lamp oil doesn’t go bad. It may smoke a little more than it should, but it’s still good. Decant it out of the plastic jugs into metal or glass gallon containers if you can find some cheaply. Those glass juice jugs, for apple juice, with the handle, are good. Just buy a 40 cent hose washer to put under the screw-on cap.

          Buy lots of wicks, lamps, and lamp glass. Very useful barter or charity item when the power goes out.

          • And lamp chimneys will be needed–once broken, the lamp is pretty much useless. 🙂

            • no more so than if it was a candle. Candles don’t have chimneys and I’d use my oil lamp without one if I had to.

              • I tried mine and it smoked and that ain’t happening in this house.
                I’m allergic to certain things and smoke IS one of them.
                Using those without a chimney can not be healthy indoors.

      35. Here’s an appropriate quote from Solzhenitsyn on this very scenario described by Mac:

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        Fortunately in America we aren’t limited to such primitive tools such as axes, hammers, and pokers.

        • Nothing left to loose, key phrase,
          Combine that with independent thought and firearms and you have an armed resistance of epic proportions. Team that up with all the tens of thousands of NG or LEOs or mil who desert because they WILL NOT go along with that crap,,,,,
          Were good, stay away from crowds.

          • never underestimate your Obama…I mean your enemy.

            • Wise words Barterman

            • 10-4

        • No Brent, but we are limited by so many people not loving freedom enough and not aware of the real situation.

      36. “……..the President can order the military to do pretty much anything to anyone, at any time, for any reason.”
        “Oath Keepers rule # 9 – We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies.”

        Any military person or delegate that shows up at my doorstep to carry out an illegal order like the NDRP will be shot with extreme prejudice.

        I may only get one before I’m swiss-cheesed by his traitorous buddies, but I’ll still take one out.

        Do the math – 70 to 80 million gun owners in the USA that only takes “one” seditious fuck with him or her when the SHTF. How long would the bad guys last?

        …….ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.

        I’m an Oath Keeper, and a disgusted American.

      37. Bug-in can also mean trapped-in… but ‘what else to do’ if age and/or handicap prevents running loose in the wastelands.

        Loss of stores or guns leaves one helpless due to the loss, so therefore, stacking magazines and preparing to defend or die in place must be an accepted consequence.

      38. The government is in the business of transferring wealth from the more able sheep to the useless eaters. Just look at how taxes and social security work. It shouldn’t be any surprise that they the FEDS would feel that their responsibilities of wealth transfer should cease in the aftermath of an economic collapse. The government is stacking food supplies underground. It’s probably not sheep food though. Rifle air pistol rat traps water purification system poncho blanket kabar fire starters. Everything after that is a luxury. I have been planning very very cynically for the mad max scenario. I’ve got loads of cheap wine and gmo snacks for the zombie hoards when they crash through the barricades. There is no use in leaving anything valuable behind for the indolent and ill prepared.

      39. They will have their hands full in three days or less of food production/delivery being interrupted . They will be hard pressed to secure their own food supplies , from armed , angry hungry hordes. You know at least one of these assholes in person or on forums. They have 18 scoped rifles , 360,000 rounds of ammo . reluctantly bought 5 old cases of MRE’s off of craigs list 5 years ago .

      40. ” GOD WILLS IT !” ;0p

        Vatican Jesuit Priest Black Pope Sex slave Rentboys and Satanism Claims Revealed by convicted Pedophile insider Priest Don Patrizio Poggi

        Italian investigators have opened an inquiry into claims by a convicted paedophile priest that an underage prostitution ring has been operating inside the Holy Roman Church with clergymen hiring rentboys for sex inside churches.

        • ” GOD WILLS IT !” ;0p

          Vatican Jesuit Priest Black Pope Sex slave Rentboys and Satanism Claims Revealed by convicted Pedophile insider Priest Don Patrizio Poggi

          Italian investigators have opened an inquiry into claims by a convicted pedophile priest that an underage prostitution ring has been operating inside the Holy Roman Church with Homo Pedo Jesuit clergymen hiring rentboys for sex inside churches.

          N.O. ;0p

          • Your collection dollars at work.

            • Dutch Injustice: When Child Sex Traffickers Rule A Nation


              * (this is happening all across zog amerika as well , ITS EVEN ENCOURAGED BY THE MK-ULTRA MASS MEDIA WHO SEXUALIZE CHILDREN ON T.V. AND ON/ IN ADVERTISEMENTS , (its even advertised SOLD on craigslist and backpage dot com) , there are EVEN 5000 known ONLINE child porn lovers working at just the DOD u.s. pentagon

              people EVERYONE must stand firm , raise Red Flags if they suspect children or animals are being abused as there is never just ‘one victim’ and those who are abused just turn into abusers themselves without proper therapy / counseling .


              N.O. ;0p

      41. Good luck with that! At least in my area. I can imagine the sheep giving in & even guiding the traitors as to who has stockpiled goods. I don’t think their situation would be better for long!
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • Kula & Matt— A Navy Seal once told me~

          In a successful resistance all the people would have to
          be brought into play as an overwhelming confusion. How?
          By taking out power lines, transformer stations, gas
          mains, fire, etc, etc.
          He said that only by getting the masses in a frenzy
          by disrupting their normal lifestyles and apathy and
          perpetuating a stampede, that a resistance could work
          around and through and be relative inconspicuous by
          becoming part of the crowds themselves.
          He told me this before succumbing to agent orange. RIP.

          • Blending! Stay away from crowds! And if you need to be there, look like everybody else! But just plain stupid to be near any sort of protest or unruly mass of people unless you are after a target.

            • Kula

              If on the run – Yes!
              If infiltrating, blending in is a well proven tactic.
              Think VC.

      42. I don’t see this happening. Once word got around, it would just end up in one big civil war. You don’t TAKE someone’s food that is required for their survival without a fight…even animals know this.

        IMO: It would be a fight for survival at that point, not let’s go along to get along; uh, you can’t get along with someone that is giving you a death sentence, i.e., stealing your food and supplies when it’s all your family has to survive.

        At that point, I can’t imagine many Americans saying sure, go ahead, starve me to death. It would result in a civil war.

        • Nah, they will just give the people some BS answer and everyone will believe it. As long as everyones TV still works; it doesn’t matter what this government does. The people will not stand against tyranny because we have become over weight, pleasure lovers.

          Everyone keeps referring to the revolution. In the revolution people were fighting King George who rapped their women and controled their religion. Everyone also fought with weapons that we the same in lethality. Today the government has technology we don’t even know about so a couple semi autos aren’t going to stop their plans. Best to get right with GOD and let the cards play out.

      43. Roving Marauders will be the NWO of the day. MadMaxx Stuff backed by an Orwellian State. Great news for us Homebodies! Just F’n Great!

        Keep the Peace and Keep the Pieces, and Keep yer heads down! Like another poster said…have the ability to hide in plain sight. I just worry about my pets being on someone’s plate or under a tank tread…that’s when I get real edgy!
        God bless the good ones!

      44. guess my “No Trespassing” sign and BB gun will not suffice.

      45. Oh, great. Where to hide all this stuff? We used to talk about prepping with friends and some family, but haven’t mentioned it for several years. The raised eyebrows were a clue, but so were the calculating looks. I can’t bury everything in the nearest field. We’re getting older and trying to dig up ingredients for dinner every night is going to become ridiculous, if not impossible. (I get a mental picture of trying to remember where I put the beans and rice and digging up a 45 by mistake.)

        • love the mental picture

          too funny ;0) lmao

        • Or maybe digging up something you didnt put there!

      46. If they believe they can steal from people without repercussions then it will be prudent to have fake poisonous supplies in your house and your good supplies hidden. They can steal at their own risk.

        Thanks for the warning. I will be preparing lots of fake stuff. People don’t expire or get sick from guns alone. They can rob at their OWN RISK. It won’t be free.

        • It would be best not to intentionally poison food because they would get wise to it. What you should do is can some extra food improperly, perhaps even unseal it. Then it would be naturally bad and just a “mistake” on your part.

          • No I aM NOT interested in a mistake. If you steal folks food EXPECT to PAY the PRICE! Even peopel at work who steal food have found themselves in the emergency room.

            You don’t go around stealing, so you don’t have to worry.

            On another note my EXIT PLAN will be implemented even if I have to sleep on the ground of a new country. If you want to see what REALLY is coming read about the GULAG and how the back of the Russians were broken along time ago.

            Nope that experience is not for me. Got to go. The international mafia guys have the good ole USA in it’s sights. They won’t stop till its ruined.

            Soon those of you who were born here will hate it and want to leave,and will have to stand a line for EXIT VISA’s. They won’t be letting there serfs escape. Sorry

        • And I thought I was alone in that thought..

          • Nice to meet you Jay Jay, but stealing from a death dealer isn’t what they want to do is all I can say. We are very serious about this. I will not force anything down anybody’s throat. I will never and have never harmed anybody BUT if you steal what you should not steal and not know what you are stealing, you could, and just may end up dead or permanently injured.

            No I am sorry. I would burn my house to the ground before I give it to them. I have had to start over more times than I can mention.

            All I can say is that the only food they will be able to take from me that they will know with a-surety they won’t die from is what they take out of my mouth. I will not give anybody anything bad, but don’t steal food. It is like playing Russian Roulette.

      47. think local on this effort first, vis., New Orleans with the involuntary relocation to a stadium and other major complex useless for such a collection of humans… then think of the door-to-door search for people and weapons confiscations… and just think, according to what the ruskies have published, they will have at least 15,000 strong with boots on the ground on our soil to “assist” our own storm troopers with the melee… oh yes, it can and will happen right here in the good, ole US of A… better find place(s) and ways to hide your stuff if you haven’t already… get ready folks, cuz it’s a-comin’

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst

        Prepping Preacher

        • Have any large trees with big crooks where you could put some crates of canned goods or gallon buckets. When I lived in AK, one of my jobs was at a clinic. I worked at night. Many times I was there alone. In 2008, when the economy seemed like it was going to go at any time, I hauled gallon cans of food into a large area underneath the clinic building. It wasn’t a basement. It was a creepy crawlspace. And I am a woman…get creative.

          • Excellent idea.

            Think underground, at least 5 miles from where you live. More than that might be too long a hike, but if you don’t mind the hike then make it further away….preferably with flowers etc growing on top.

            Also have overseas contacts…..I have several excellent ones…too many really. They are storing up money, guns, food, clothes etc. I can take a plane or a boat. If I need to go.



        • If im forced to leave my home Ill take what my pack animals can carry and burn my buildings when I leave. Fence cutters cross country away from roads. Just as well burn it if I dont someeone else probably will. Also knowing there is nothing left We wont be tempted to return. If you have to shoot someone shoot to the butt is preferable. Taking care of the wounded rquires more resources than the dead do.

          • Cutting fences will show the person following you which way you went. Take something to pry off the fence staples holding up the barbed wire. Then repair if you have the time.

          • Wounded people can still shoot back. If you have to point a gun at someone, you better be aiming to kill them first shot. Wounding someone is a great way to get shot in the ass yourself…

      49. OpFor tends to forget that “carte blanche” to seize whatever one pleases is a *two-way* street. Soon shall come the time to give them a little *reminder* of it, personally.

      50. Remember everyone: the government is the tiny dot. We citizens are the MANY tiny dots! We CAN overcome the tyranny that’s trying to take over our land!

        • Sorta like the ants in A Bugs Life, watched that this weekend, these politicians and their minions think they can control all of us, when we outnumber them 5000/1
          Even if half are sheeple were still WAY stronger in numbers, think for yourselves and spread the word whenever you can, when things go south many of the naysayers you have spoken with in the past could well become valueable allies.

      51. Please, Please, what ever you do, do not store any type of poison in a food container. When they come to steal your food, we would not want them to take the wrong container, and accidentally eat rat poison. Safety First! Please DO NOT store any poison in food containers!

        • Jon Jacob is that a wink-wink?? 🙂

        • Why not? That is another excellent idea.

          I never thought of rat poison. I have a cat to take care of that problem.

          No what you want is odorless, colorless, or something that will blend in with what you put it in. Eg. ex-lax goes well with chocolate……

          Think pharmaceuticals…….

          I have a very very (extremely) long list of compatible items….

          You can cause all sorts of anatomy problems if you so choose.

          No stealing food is the VERY VERY VERY LAST THING YOU WANT TO STEAL. This all I have to say. This goes the same for toiletries.

          • Damn straight! No one is stealing my poo paper without paying dearly for it… I rub jalapenos all over a roll and stick it back in the stack. The only downside is that all my toilet paper looks the same, so sometimes the Prepper Pepper Paper of Posterior Pyrotechnic Pain gets lost on the Pallet of the Poopocalypes. That makes things interesting and helps fight boredom… it’s like playing Russian Roulette with your butt.

      52. Can you say High Plains Drifter? Gonna paint my house red, set up a table at the end of the lane with food galore and put up a banner that says, “Welcome to Hell”. Gotta go find me a midget somewhere………

        • LMFAO, we got a midget stripper here see might work for ya. She goes by the name sugar but I call her sweet n low.

          • Bridget the Midget was here in town a few months ago.

          • Souns like that mexican 4ft tall prostitute, her name was cuntswaylo

            • Them Guys..are you akin to Smokie Okie??
              Brothers maybe?
              Cause, your post is funny 😉

              • JayJay: You jokin? me hang out with a damn Truck Driver?!!

                JUST Joking!…Truck Drivers is Good drivers! but no got no actual blood related brothers. Plenty of Biker type bros in days gone by though! Left all biker bros and a few Black bros behind when moved way north of detroit almost two decades ago. Up North= Gods country compared to deroit!

        • Comedy gold

        • PO Pat, Did you get the glock 19? I called glock today and they are replacing mine since this is the 2nd time they’ve had it. I’ll let you know if this one is good to go. I’m thinking about selling it the 2nd it comes in since I can sell as brand new. I really want a M&P

          • What was wrong with yours, just curious, sorry, ive got 1, had feed problems with it, turned out it was the plastic follower in the mag, wrong angle, for ball ammo was ok but hps jammed. Even new mags had the wrong followers in them

            • You know the glocks are ok, but I can throw my 92fs Beretta into the muddy water pull it out after a hr of so and she has never let me down.


              • The Taurus 92FS is my main pistol also, with a PT24/7 PRO as backup. Both are excellent weapons that will digest any ammo happily and are consistently accurate. I have had a few 92FS’s, with thousands of rounds through a couple, and I can count the number of failures I have had with them with my thumb. 1 failure to feed out of 4 guns is all I remember… there is a reason militaries use the 92FS. Besides, it feels solid and sturdy in my hand, whereas the Glock has always felt like composite tupperware to me. I am not at all impressed with any of the Glocks I have shot. I’d take an XD, 24/7, or a Sig over a Glock if I had to pick a composite framed gun. They just feel weird if you grew up shooting steel frame 1911’s and revolvers, plus the ejector is a brain fart extrodinare. Who at Glock thought kicking hot brass back in the shooters face was a good idea??

            • It was ejecting brass casings back at me. Every shell would eject at six o clock. When I get it back I’m selling the new one and getting a M&P, XD, or sig. The new glocks suck because they are using MIM parts now. Colt tried that crap and had to stop because the public got piss. Glock refuses to address the issues.

              • Glocks made to shoot Sideways like ghetto bangers does! That way ejected shells at 6 oclock should go into shirt pocket for reuse.

          • If you can afford it, get a Sig.

            Y’all Beware! Blazer rifles are so fine!

          • IC, yeah I went ahead a sprung for one. I’ll pick up some aftermarket (but good) extractors if needed. I went on line and read the reviews and the problems with ejecting. Over the weekend a friend of my son came over with his 19 and I popped off a few mags of hardball. There was a couple of times that the spent brass landed on the top of the bill of my cap. I didn’t care for that much but if it screws up I’ll fix it myself. My son is in the process of sending back his 21/SF to have the frame replaced (recall). He’s gonna have to do the paperwork all over again due to the new frame having a different serial number. It sucks but it happens. As long as customer service is decent. I have dealt with Sig and HK customer service before and they leave a lot to be desired. Especially Sig.

            • I really don’t believe glock know how to fix the problem. Apex extractor seems to be the best solution but its $59 online. I refuse to buy a new gun that I have to put money into. I’m pretty much convinced I need to sale the new one.

              • I understand how you feel. I’ve owned two other Glocks,(21 and 36 early models) and they have ran without a hitch for quite a number of years. A few years ago, I purchased a “summertime” pistol, a LCP in .380. The weapon ran fine with no problems. A year later I received a recall safety notice from Ruger stating there was a safety issue whereas the gun could discharge if their was a round in the chamber and dropped on a hard surface. They sent me the box prepaid with shipping label to send back to them for the “fix”. I got the weapon back in a couple of weeks and took it out back of the house to try it out. I couldn’t get the gun to get through a clip without failure to feed. I tried both magazines as well as five different ammo brands to see if it would go to no avail. I notified Ruger and they again sent me a box and prepaid label. I got the gun back in a weeks time with a new barrel/feed ramp and dual recoil springs. The pistol now eats everything I put through it without a hiccup. Now that is great customer service. But to add, I as well as others here I’m sure, have seen the degradation of the quality of products, parts (for just about everything), clothing and food products. It seems as of late that no one gives a damn about quality. Its “beat the check to the bank in hopes that I never hear from you again”. There seems to be little pride or craftsmanship remaining in this country. JM2CW.

              • Indy Colts, if you get the chance, google up the story of Gaston Glock. This German fellow made curtain rods for a living during the time that Germany was prohibited from producing firearms right after the surrender of WWII. Its a good read and I’m sure that if he knew how things were going in the company today he would be kicking some heinie to say the least.

        • 😉 you know , I like the way you think

      53. hmmmm, then lets use logic.

        If you live in an area that allows basements, ie not a shallow water table, then dig freggin 10x10x10 hole, build a concrete “room” with manhole type or similar cover on top, seal it inside to prevent water seepage..think basement, and “bury” your stashes. period.

        a 10x10x10 room of block isnt that much…what 640 blocks plus “crete”? I cant recall exact but i think mine cost me about 1500 bucks and took a couple ( 3 ) weekends of labor with 4 people.. 2 years later, you cant even tell there is a “room” in the middle of my yard.

        • Who has the time or money to do that? I know I don’t.

          • Sucks to be you then.

            If you want to secure something enough, you find time and money. else you loose it.

            • Yeah, sometimes it does suck to be me—but I get over it quickly.

      54. Yall ya’ll should look up passive point defense items from the days of yore.
        Too wit one word for your perusin pleasure too deal with property invaders. CALTROPS

        Come on in sparkles get yourselves some barbed pointy things in your footsies. See how fast the gestapfor lasts when it’s troops are being taken out of the fray for weeks, sucking down resources. Some days I am tempted to E BOOK this stuff , however it would be a waste of time since it would be printed out en masse sans any compensation.
        No pay , no play.

        • Caltrops are excellent and easy to make if you can weld any at all. Small 1″ ones for feet 2″ heavy duty ones for tires. They WILL slow down an attacker.

          Another gem of deviousness is size 12 or 16 nails driven through a piece of plywood and laid down under windows with a thin blanket or sheet over it. Should someone decide to try and be a sneaky little ninja and hop through a window, they will have an unhappy landing once impaled on those nails, and they won’t be running away quickly either… payback time… I am partial to superglue. Liberally apply to the would be bad man’s palms and firmly press them over both eyes. It’s a never ending game of peek-a-boo, without the peek part. Superglue is sooo much more than a glue…. it is a diabolical tool if you are creative.

      55. I guess if I have to, I will give up some of my pickled lambs tongues, turkey gizzards, chicken feet and calf brains. Help yourselves officers.

      56. You probably won’t like me for saying this, but all of these draconian measures are for one scenario only and it is not economic collapse. It is unambiguously a provision for the transition to WW3 and follows very rigidly our own declassified British war plans of the 1980s. Some highlights and extrapolated conlusions:

        Food, fuel, ammunition and medicines are to be hoarded by the government in advance of the first strikes, so it may be desirable that some kind of diversionary emergency be enacted to cover for last minute preparations.

        Any level of dissent is to be stifled during the transition to war phase, even pacifism. Ringleaders to be interned along with other subversives; the UK plan was (still is?) to put them in camps on the Isle of Man. US plans will be much more expansive, no doubt.

        Roads are to be locked down prior to the full / real emergency (i.e. WW3 going live), so that the military can move as unhindered as possible. There goes your last minute bug-out plans. Gasoline stations (if that’s what you call them in America!) to be shut down or forced to limit supplies to the public during transition. Airports and ports to be locked down also. Civil aviation – even by microlight – may be difficult or banned. Another bug-out means blocked.

        Evacuation of urban areas to be discouraged; a diversionary emergency such as a contagious flu pandemic might make this – and the other measures above – more acceptable to the public. If accompanied by a cyber attack, the roundup of dissidents (i.e. people who run and visit websites like this) would be made much easier.

        Continuity of government becomes the number one priority of “the secret state”. An armed public poses the risk of rival power bases forming in the wake of a nuclear exchange and therefore must be countered as early as possible in the process. In my view, this ties in with the attempts at disarming the American people.

        Fatally irradiated survivors of the blasts to be “triaged” into death camps to die of starvation / radiation sickness, whichever happens first, or summarily executed as an “act of mercy” or if they try to forcibly acquire food and other aid.

        Old people, disabled, mentally ill to be probably abandoned to die.

        Food and medical aid triaged so that young people and those with young families, plus older people with specialsied skill sets (such as doctors) to be kept alive.

        Survivors over 35 to be press-ganged into labour teams and forced to probe periphery of irradiated zones in search of anything of possible utility to the state in weeks following the initial strikes. Families may be split up – fathers into work teams, wives sent elsewhere, children taken into specialist care locations; such measures may be temporary but also, could transpire to be permanent.

        Currency to be massively devalued, i.e., reset. WW3 would be a great way for TPTB to solve the sovereign debt crisis.

        Economic activity to be maintained prior to hostilities as long as possible to minimise risk of panic, self-evacuation, etc. TPTB may pull out all the stops to keep the western economy afloat until they are ready to get into their bunkers. That is why the EU will not collapse, the USD will not fail, and hyper inflation will not occur this side of global conflagration.

        After the radioactive dust has settled, absolute martial law (or “martial order”, as the UK government calls it), with summary executions, elimination of private radio stations, raiding and possible execution of hoarders (that’s preppers), a merger of the police and army and the total requisition of anything and anyone deemed useful to the continuity of government. Western governments would all fragment into pre-planned decentralised regions under the headship of reggional rulers exercising totalitarian power over the surviving populace, but critically, only limited power over local military assets, which will remain largely under central command. This is possibly a measure to prevent a regional commander seceding and starting his own new country.

        All in all then, everything you have seen of late – NDAA, PRISM, FEMA camps, the works – it all exists for one super emergency and one only, as no other crisis truly warrants such extensive and nationwide countermeasures from the USG.

        • Jay in UK,

          What you have written is mind blowing but rings true. Many Americans are armed and have an incredible amount of ammunition. How would one prepare for such an event?

          • @ Swinging on a star: It depends one one’s resources and family circumstances. If you have young children I take the view that they need to grow up in an environment as lacking in trauma as possible, which for me would mean emigration to a low key neutral country with no obvious strategic value. On the other hand, if for whatever reason you must stay in the USA, I would try to avoid a bugging-out strategy because of the very likely difficulties in movement in the buildup to WW3, so you would have to think – and this is just my own considered opinion – in terms of already living at your retreat location which should ideally be a private home for you and your family only (i.e. no friends) but within a small settlement of people of the same general mindset as yourself, away from large urban areas. I believe a communal fortress retreat (such as that featured in the novel Patriots) will suffer many problems during a crisis and that people who advocate their use are idealising how things will be rather than understanding how fraught with life-threatening conflicts they really will be. Besides, hardened fortress-like retreats attract attack very early during a grid-down crisis, as was the case in the Balkan conflict of the 1990s, presumably because people rightly assume such setups contain large supplies of food or other useful items.

            America is somewhat different to my own country (UK) in that you have a large armed populace whereas all regions of the UK (except Northern Ireland) have been disarmed through absurd gun laws. In Britain the police and military are the only ones trained, equipped and organised for conflict and thus they would hold a monopoly on the application of coercive force, whereas I understand that’s not the case in the USA so it is an issue the powers that be in America are sure to make an effort to mitigate. That means they will infiltrate militia groups, target potential resistance leaders now for later “processing”, and generally wage a full spectrum campaign against American patriots including trying to limit the supply of ammunition and weapons, trying to marginalise patriots in the general public’s sight on the one hand, whilst on the other upping the ante with jack-booted treatment of the population in general which is as much vital conditioning for the coming lockdown as the Snowden NSA disclosures are. The whole idea is to get everyone used to compliance because they cannot wage a hi-tech world war with normal societal activity and etiquette.

            In summary, if you can assume that the government is many moves ahead of even the most switched-on members of the public and has only the preservation of itself and the elites who “own” it as its primary goal in the coming nightmare, then you have clawed back some initiative and can start thinking accordingly about strategic choices on your own part. I would say, start with the thought of preserving your own immediate family’s wellbeing and liberty, and then try to develop wider reaching plans from that foundation.

            • Jay in UK,

              Thanks for your brilliant incite.

        • I have been wondering if one of the reasons our country went into Afghanistan was so that they could stock up on some poppies…gearing up for WW3. Ya know, the pain meds.

          • or more likely, the profits from the illegal heroin trade.

            • Afgan entry=For making Big $$$$ Profits. And teaching usa military and especially Nat Guard troops methods of “Urban” warfare/kick down home doors etc.

              Brother N. Kapners latest articles has one about Diane Finestien and all tha cash she used her senate comittee positions to foreward massive BILLIONS to her husbands never ending array of corp’s and co’s he always seems to be able to Buy at least 51% or More controling shares of, just a week or less prior to senate comittee passing Funding advances to! Go read it!

              That crook bitch has to be the main worst crony conflicting intrests member of entire us senate.

              Hundred of Millions going to her hubbys co’s to “Rebuild Roofs on military supply buildgs” Hundreds millions More to many varried similar “Fix-It’s” in afgan.

              PLUS! if I recall it right, $25-BILLION she sent to husbands new Real estate co so he can Sell off Foreclosed usa homes, foreclosed since 2008 fiascos!

              My God…That is one swindler-scamming-crooked-Evil Demonic child of Satan if ever existed one.

              That website is www dot realzionistnews dot com

              Check his list of prior articles at Right side of main page! A to Z and More even! All one can ever desire truth of regarding them evil demons aka zionists.

              Want to Know Their connections to Prez wilson 1912-13? Its there…..FDR info related to zionists? Its there…All you can posibly know is there with documented Proof Galore. Kapner should know…He was Born and Raised as a full Jewish Zionist Member of New York’s Largest Synagouge from his Birth till he converted to christianity aprox 20 yrs ago…A Virtual Powerhouse of Knowledge and facts and Truths about every issue related to that and them. He Names names! and never backs away due to PC crap….Check it out.

        • Jay in UK:

          Your two posts are very wise.

          I, myself, envision a similar scenario:

          – Some sort of event that kills literally millions of Americans which will stun and traumatize even the best and most experienced preppers, including our veterans; in fact, expect a series of coinciding events = terrible events that happen very close to each other;

          – immediate shutdown of the internet;

          – immediate implementation of martial law;

          – intentional collapse of the power grid;

          – the sheeple looking to the “government” to aid, assist, and help, who instead will be manipulated into servitude and other horrors;

          – fear perduring in just about every community.

          The Solution?

          a- Be Prayerful, stay Spiritual– now, and when such horrors descend upon us.

          b- THINK!

          c- THINK before you ACT!

          d- THINK before you REACT impulsively!

          e- REJECT being “paralyzed” (from fear or whatever) and instead, coordinate your own prepping and other responses according to your real needs.

          f- Prepare for the LONG haul– physically, mentally, spiritually– as best as you are able.

          My friends (and I DO address you as my “friends” because you love life, you love God who GAVE us our lives, and you love Liberty, and our Constitution), please consider life as a Chess game.

          As you know, in a game of Chess, you do not make a move without thinking ahead how the other person will countermove AND how your move and his/theirs will affect the rest of your game. So, will your “move” INCREASE your chances of “WINNING” the game (staying alive to ‘play’) OR will it MORE likely lead to your LOSING the game (= losing your very life and possibly those of your loved ones).

          Sun Tzu’s book, “The Art of War” contains many wise strategies but keep in mind its basic point: the way you defeat your opponent is not to pulverize or to destroy him/her necessarily but to OUTTHINK him/her!

          Make a Plan NOW, because I suspect we may not have each other to tap into if either the power grid or the internet goes down. Should either happen, each of us will have to rely not just on our preps, but on our wits.

          If I’ve never said this before, thank you to everyone here for all that you have shared in the past, today, and will share in the future. I learn a lot from everyone.

          As to how to make a Plan, think “Hurricane Sandy” and then Multiply it by 49 other States: no power, no heat… etc, etc, etc.

          Here are my final points:

          I AM a free person.

          I was BORN a free person.

          I will DIE a free person.

          I will NOT surrender my GOD-granted liberty OR GOD-granted freedom to anyone or anything.

          THAT liberty and THAT freedom are what I believe our Constitution and Bill of Rights Enshrine or Codify.

          Nor will I surrender or repudiate my Faith.

          The powers that be can keep on dismantling the Constitution and Bill of Rights but they can Not EVER take away what our GOD has GRANTED to us, GIVEN to us.

          Those who misuse power are SO drunk on control and arrogance it’s enough to make me sick to my stomach.

          My will AND my life are given to the Lord each morning in prayer, not to any tyrant or minions of such.

          I do NOT expect my life to be an easy street. Like perhaps many or all of you, I, too, have had many trials in my life as well as traumas. I do not claim I am “fully” prepped or prepared for that matter, who can be. I am of modest means.

          But I do believe one thing: everything I have been through in my life I choose to see as a preparation for what might come down the road.

          I ain’t no Saint, I’m not proud of some the things I’ve done in my life, so may God have mercy on my soul. May God bless and have mercy on all of us, including evil-doers, because they too are sinners.

          Most of all, I invite all of you to join with me in continuing to HOPE. Resist the temptation to despair, to give in, to give up. The devil has already been conquered but make no mistake, it will try to take to hell as many souls as it can, so whatever happens, as Obi-Wan wisely warned Luke in Star Wars, whatever you do, do not give in to the Dark Side.

          “Reverence life.” – Albert Schweitzer

          “There is not enough darkness to put out the light of one small candle.” – motto of the Christophers

          “This land is your land, this land is my land
          “From California, to the New York Island
          “From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters
          “This land was made for you and me
          – Woody Guthrie

          The Lone Ranger

      57. Have a large cashe of not very well hidden home canned goods. let them find that hoard. Just be shure it,s all been poisoned. If your self reliant and have Know How they cant take that away from you. you to need Know How to use stuff for food that isnt commonly food. things like thistle, kudzu, sassafras, Bugs & insects ect.

      58. This is also written into the county ordnance for emergences in a lot of states. The feds gave funding to make it happen. Check to see if you have it, I do.

      59. Lucky! Some of you all get to have basements!
        The appropriate response, would have to be based on
        the scenario/disaster and who is asking (or forcing the issue without permission) to ask to come
        into MINE and MY FAMILIE’s very humble dwelling. Not much to take but…….
        its MINE. The optimal situation of course would be to know in advance (way before
        they are congregating on your doorstep) that “something’s up”…and react to the threat(s) accordingly. Those
        that live in tight knit communities with coordination with their neighbors (and or family)
        will have a better chance if it ever comes down to the scenario mentioned in the article.

        Peace out

      60. Much talk of resistence here which thankfully so far has not had to be backed up with action. Years ago when I was in high school and we had the Iranian hostage crisis going on several classmates expressed outrage and how they would love to take up arms and teach those savages from the Middle East how Americans take care of their own. I mentioned this to my father (Korean war vet) and he pointed out how easy it is to work up courage and outrage when the battle is thousands of miles away! Point is we don’t know how this is all going to go down nor do we know when, but this is certain: no one will stand and fight for their preps next week or next month who isn’t willing today to push themselves now to the limit both physically and mentally in preparation for such a day. Talk is cheap so get out there and hike, shoot, camp out without a tent or sleeping bag, go three or four days with no food, turn the power off at your house this fourth of July and see how you whether that inconvience. Yes many of the readers of this sight are doing these things but I know that even though I have been prepping a fair amount with items I can buy the real preps I need to work on can’t be purchased such as physical conditioning, learning to live without luxeries, building community (with tested and trusted people of course), etc. Buy in the preps you believe you will need and build the preps money cannot buy.

        • Palouse, do you live in lentil country?

          • yes, fourth generation in far eastern Washington

            • Let me tell you, that Judge I use to clean house for loaded me up with a LOT of those. Real good stuff. I like to keep the windows open tho.

            • @ Palouse, If you are in the NORTH far eastern washington area then you have some nice, rugged, inhospitable, and dangerous mountains to hike in. Spend a week out there, it is the best prep you will ever do.

      61. Oh almost forgot, “Don’t ever count yourself out, no matter
        what the odds may seem like.” If it ever comes to this kind of scenario, I don’t care how BAD ASS they are or who trained them and how they were trained or what gear or equipment they may have…..Equipment fails, team members fail, plans fail. They may just be attacking/fighting for a paycheck, the thrill of it, false ideologies, to take my meager rations, etc…….BUT
        we will be fighting for our lives. When any animal fights for its life, even if the aggressor(s) survive, they should not be without injury.
        Peace out

        • …gee officer what a nice surprise….you and you boys bringing me all that nice equiptment and supplies….thanks a million…BANG!

        • Yes, when you back someone into a corner, be careful. Even someone smaller than you could surprise you. People have even lifted vehicle off of someone like they had superhuman strength.

      62. Sorry to be late for this one. I’m not giving up anything I have, period! Fortunately, half of my supplies are already at the BOL, so when it’s time to bugout, I can load the other half in the truck and go. I don’t care what laws they pass, etc. I’ve said this many times before and it bears repeating. Never forget that we are dealing with an evil, illegitimate government with some of the worst intentions imaginable toward all of us. We are being forced into a nightmare scenario none of us want. I made my stand a good many years ago and been prepping since. None of us owe this evil government a damn thing, no obligations, period! but we do owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to stand up and fight the evil that will eventually confront us. OT, I took the weekend off from the computer to go to a park, enjoy nature, do some other things I don’t get to do often anymore. it was also a break from prepping, just trying to enjoy life before the hell on earth descends upon us. At one point, I actually sat under a tree, reflecting on all the SHTF events I’ve ever been through, how I handled those situations, and the SHTF still to come. That will be the supreme test; the biggest challenge that any of us can face. I believe I’ll be equal to the task and I think everyone else here will be also. I dread what’s coming as much as everyone here, but I know there’s no turning back. It’s way too late to prevent what is coming. I just hope I can bugout in time. braveheart

        • You can fit half your stuff in a truck? When are you going to get serious about prepping?

          • Paco

            He has a 24 wheel truck lol

      63. To be perfectly honest, I would not try to have an armed fight with a large group of military or LEO. We just could not win, plain and simple. I would fall back and attack another day, one enemy at a time. As for my supplies of food, if I could not hide it, they will be welcome to it. It will be all smashed and dumped in the front yard waiting for them. There is no way I can leave and take it all with me and I will not allow them the satisfaction of redistributing it or using it themselves.

        • Garden sprayer makes short order of any of it being edible

          • …about the only valid use for roundup.

          • VRF

            Super soaker full of drain cleaner fires the liquid 30 ft and s almost silent. Stings a bit i believe Lack of arms makes a woman inventive.

            A jam jar full of drain cleaner and a jam jar full of bleach taped together with duct tape and thrown produces a cloud of chlorine gas when it smashes.

            A long extension lead with the non-plug end stripped to bare wire. Duct tape to a broom stick with the wires hanging over the end. Switch on at the mains plug as required. I call this my cattle prod lol.

            Excrement in a glass jar 3/4 filled with water. When that’s thrown any cuts are seriously infected within 24 hours.

            WD40 makes windowsills so slippery people can’t hang onto them

            Wasp spray and a lighter….nuf said about that.

            More to follow…the phones ringing x

      64. Any props I have I purchased with my discretionary income. Others have purchased $200 sneakers, or go clubbing, or take expensive vacations. I’ve elected to invest my extra cash on preps – a precaution, hobby, etc. I will not surrender any of it and I have more than enough means to defend it. If some gov. drone wants to die over a freeze dried meal, then that’s his choice. I have access to a backhoe. I’m really starting to get irked.

      65. I don’t mean to critize but I have a friend who is in law enforcement and according to him during the martial law that was in Boston, His group didn’t force there way anywhere. They knocked and asked permission to search. Most people gave their consent. There where a few who said no and at least with his detachment they thanked them for their time and walked away.

        • And so the point of searching was what, EXACTLY?

          I know its not you, mitz, but the whole concept you are describing is disturbingly stupid. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not……..

          • They were searching for an armed islamic terrorist Who bombed a popular sporting event and gunned down two police officers. They had few clues as to his whereabouts. The fact is that a majority of the police officers were also family men who reside in the city and did there best to catch this guy without trying to trample on the individual rights of their neighbors. A very fine line to balance

        • Apparently the “American Community Survey” is being distributed by the Census Dept and it says in bold letters, “your response is required by law” with threats $5,000 fines for failure to comply.
          Agents are sent out to homes to force people to answer a 20+ page list of questions that include such questions as “what time to you leave for work”.
          All of this is quite innocent I’m sure.


            • Survey answers. Where do you live? Wherever my Two Feet are at. What is your Job? Traveling Patroit

              Have a second job? Yes Traveling Hitman.

              Own tools for jobs specified? Yes way more than I can shoot at same time…Yet Still not nearly enough!

              How many hrs per day worked? Depends how long it takes to Find my Next Hit job.

              What method used to travel to Job? Stolen cars with stolen lic plates. Prefer FBI Fed lic plates!

              Are you paid in cash-checks-other? CASH ONLY! and they best Pay Up suckers!

              Any other job related specialties? Yes High Iron-Steel worker experience…Keeps me Closer to the Lord when working High Up! Provides wonderfull oppertunities for zero wasted ammo when controlling high ground.

              What are your Future Goals? To Never quit nor retire untill every single last evil bastard is gone.

              What Is your next job assignment if known?…Some Idoits at the Census dept.

              What are your plans for Profits made? To Arm my Own Patroit army militia of at minimum 2000 More qualified “Hitters”.

              What method do you use to contact job sites?…Long Distance…Reach out and Touch someone!

              Who taught you current Job Skill sets? Sammy “the Bull” Gravano.

              Name last place worked at: John Gotti, Enterprizes.

      66. This article scared me so much, I donated all my preps to the poor… No hoarding or prepping here anymore… I’m a sheeple… I’m just here to see where NOT to go when it hits.

        • BAAAA!

      67. So I saw on CNN that the dude on the run issues a statement and took a swipe at king obama. Note the little o.

        I wish he would have gotten in a dig on the NDAA bill…that Obama created…
        This is the lock your as up forever bill. It’s completely Un American.

        Obama is acting like a Commie dictator.

        We’re all tip-towing around this smooth talking black man.
        Yet, he’s gutting our constitution.

        We need to look at this guy for who he is.

        If he pulls any 3rd party shit…we need to make sure we all scream loud to stop it.


        To the Govt. We are not domestic terrorists…if anything…we are all peaceful American citizens. We’re Mom, Dad, sons and daughters. We cook your food and clean your systems. We work long hard hours into the night to keep this country rolling.

        Thank God there are millions of armed Americans like me.
        We keep these arms to protect our country.
        They are safely locked up and if called upon we will do so in the future to protect the Govt and our Constitution.

        Even if the enemy is within lately.

        I look forward to the day Obama is out of office and in good health.
        I do like how the man speaks…yet he says one thing and does the opposite.
        Look at the coal miners…. he was licking their asses and then turned on them.


      68. After the first two weeks, if I hear right; the number of the mercenary dead just may stop them in their tracks right then and there. Look the dead on both sides is going to be unbelievable. It will take thousands of merc’s just to hold all the cites under their control. They will need fuel to run the machine, knock out the refineries and shut down the crude production. I’ll say at least 90% of the production of oil needs electric to produce; an insulator here an insulator there etc., and guess what, production goes down. They just do not have the man power to keep everything they need to run a full scale take over safe and running.
        Now comes the Blue Helmets, they have to use them. Thirty or Forty Thousand of them dead in a month and they just might be left holding an empty bag, just maybe. Again they need electric and fuel cut it off and they stop in their tracts when they run out. That my thinking.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Take it all down, the PTB and their foreign mercs need a lot of supplies to keep running, ditto for LE and NG, supply lines are vulnerable, even airlifted, still needs to be mobilized from A to B. air support is quite effective but is also vulnerable, they also cant be all places at all times so many windows,
          I was reading and thinking more about the foreign boots on the ground thing after reading it in a few other iterations and places,
          Over my dead body will anyone enter my home, bring body bags because im taking a few to hell with me. I have been around too long and worked too hard to just be pushed around and am done jus “going along” with this kind of crap.
          Im at peace with the Lord and am ready whenever he says its time to go.

          • I’ve been adapting some wooden dowels for use with my crossbow (dowels are disposable and cheap). It might be nice to be able to send ’em a cocktail or two during ‘happy hour’…

            • Think you can get straight wooden shaft stock for traditional arrows too for down the road. Gave up on reloading components but theres still lots of arrow making hardware!

      69. Fucking awesome. Let’s support the loser ,lazy fucks when SHTF too Not like we haven’t supported some of them their entire life. WTF?? Looks like the scamming have nots will be taken care of again. Fuck I thought we would finally be rid of their non productive asses. Well like they said only the roaches will survive the nuclear blast add the low life losers too. As far as I a
        Concerned ,they are Zombies to me No problem takin em out B SAFE OUT THERE IT’S GONNA HAPPEN SOONER THAN YOU THINK.

      70. Ok last one for the day, DON’T forget to
        get on yer knees and pray for Protection, real Peace, and God’s Mercy and Justice.
        I have read many many acounts of people (both civilians and soldiers alike) witnessing
        miraculous stuff and surviving “against all odds” in times of great distress and
        danger (the World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and many others).
        Going back to prophesy, I had read awhile back from
        a seer in Germany (1800’s I
        believe) that the US would never be attacked/conquered militarily, but would be brought to its
        knees economically and due to “natural” disasters…….and this
        in turn (for those that survived the chaos) would eventually make us live a more simple lifestyle.
        Who knows?
        Peace out

      71. Poison it sure that will happen Bon appetit fucker. Enjoy

        • Mix a few ozs of paraquat with that tub of flour

      72. Orwellian States, welcome aboard, and I agree with you totally. JAS, do whatever you want for yourself, but I cannot see just giving up anything I worked for and bought with my own money to anyone, regardless of who they are. braveheart

        • Amen Brother!

      73. It will take a lot of man power to go door to door to find food. And I can not see that has their first project. That would give people time to do something about hiding food.
        Yes, they will head to large food source first. Maybe even the food pantry. Sad to say it will be more likely family and friend who wont stock anything now that be at the door first.

        • Mormons had better start thinking about the cannery and their Bishop’s store house.

      74. I guess when they prohibit hoarding, they will make themselves exempt, no doubt! What about all the ammo and guns the DHS has been hoarding??!

        That’s what’s so sickening about this government: laws only apply to us. They consider themselves above the law. It’s called, “dictatorship”.

      75. Whateva ya do dont tell Nanny Bloomboyg Ive been hoarding big gulp sodas. Yup the illegal highly dangerous over 16oz type. So keep that on the down low and yeah each and every single one of em is filled with sugar and caffeine, Im a badass I know.

        Get the picture yet guys? The control mechanism is allready in full operational mode.

      76. Government Workers will eat your lunch.

        • Yah, after they eat my lead appetizer.

      77. Over time they pretty much pooped on the entire Bill of Rights short of the forgotten 3rd Amendment. After reading some of this they might just be dumping on the 3rd too. Think of it as a foreign exchange student with an AK.


        • +1 Patriotic American
          Like i said, been around too long and worked too hard to let anyone take anything!
          MOLON LABE

      79. You only die once, unless you are a coward.

      80. PBBN, there are nowhere near enough government workers to eat anyone’s lunch out here, so just forget about it. NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      81. Thought I would peruse(that means check out) this site to see some of the commentary. Bunch of paranoid lunatics blogging here. I’m going back to ZH,Doc,KWN,and BJF.

      82. COME AND TAKE IT!

      83. I have come to the conclusion its all talk..

        Talk to scare us, and they aint got the dam balls to do nothing about us..

        Either put up, or shut up..dam pussies

        its like the bully on the play ground scare scare scare with words and threats is all they know, but when it comes to getting thier ass beat they run home to mommy crying

        sick ass losers.., bring it already.

        until than your nothin but a punk ass bitch and we own you

      84. Eastern Oregon small acreage, every time you dig a hole for a fencepost, first goes in the pvc pipe with the goods, the a board on top to keep the concrete from encapsulating the goods-been doing it for months, neighbors just thinks I’m carrying concrete one bucket at a time cuz i’m old and slow–“hide in plain sight”..

        • When there is snow on the ground or ground frozen, hide some preps in the snowbanks you create when you plow your driveway. If you had frozen ground, and you needed a particular prep fast, you would need to build a fire over that area to thaw it out.

        • Here in Wyoming every time I dig a hole I hit Coal, dig another hole I hit Oil, all fossil fuel and Al Gore say’s if I want to use them holes I have to buy Carbon Credits. So I just fillem back up and forget it. Trekker Out.

      85. Now you’d think that we’d have a forward thinking world where folks plan well and can take care of themselves and help take care of their neighbors.

        In 2003 we had a huge storm that knocked out he power for a week. I previously converted the entire house to gas. It was winter. I had hot water for showers. A gas stove for cooking. I even had three gas stoves to heat the place. When this hit..I opened up my humanitarian packets and gave them to the neighbors. In it were candles, matches, MREs, some cans of soup and cans of sterno. Some glow sticks and pen light flashlights. Ever since then….they’ve been like old friends and they know…if any bad shit ever happens we’re prepared.

        By the way.. Note to the Federal Government.
        Stop treading us regular folks like we’re the enemy. WE ARE AMERICA.
        Is the SHTF goes down…just knock on our door. I’ll gladly contribute and help Uncle Sam out. You have to understand…on my car bumper and home door are NRA stickers. We are the salt of the earth folks. If you ask and are polite…I will gladly comply and be part of our great country. If you kick the door down… you fully understand about the castle doctrine and why a man does not live in fear in his own home. Now that would break my heart…as all the gents that work for you have family I’m sure. If anything…I’d invite you in…sit you down for a cup of coffee and we’d chat on how I can help our community out.

        I think you need to start looking at the folks on this site as your backup plan.
        There’s no way I’m going to fear this government as they work for me.
        So I’d treat you like an old friend, invite you in and see what you need to help others out.

        But sad to say our government has been taken over by dems who are really commies.

        That’s the sad fact today.

        Live your life, do what you must. Don’t live in fear.
        Why fear anything…that’s why you’re armed and prepped up.
        Further, most of you also might do readings on survivalism.
        If I had to make it with next to nothing..I have the skills.

        Go to youtube and pull up many videos on how to do backwoods survival, krav maga, building debres shelters and all that shit.

        You sleep better knowing you have your shit together.

        What I really fear in life are the dems…they are really commies and taking over our country.

      86. I got em fixed up good boys, got 300 cans canned on the kitchen wall labeled and dated ready to go, full of hot warm human shit, edible it says , tasty too, come get ya some yeeehaa

        • label it brown gravy.

      87. Bodidley, F#$% YOU!

        • Obama got a new hairdoo! Must have been inspired by his most recent royal trip!

      88. They have to have a base for the vehicles and such. Find out where that is, which is going to be after the ball starts bouncing, and take the initiative away. A disabled vehicle or tree dropped across their street means someone is going to have to get out and clear it. That will present one or more opportunities to attrit the force. One IED is going to foul up an entire operation. A D8 Dozer going full bore is going to wreck their headquarters, no question. Day after day, that is going to make their work impossible to complete.

      89. What people, and even the media, are not grasping is that NSA and therefore the US Treasury (IRS actually) has complete access to our personal computers, EVERYONE’s COMPUTER. That means they have access to all our financial account numbers, access control login ID’s and Passwords — EVERYTHING. The U. S. government can (and probably will at some point) clean out everyone’s investment and savings accounts, probably during a crisis period after the President hits the internet “KILL SWITCH” which Congress so benevolently granted to him. Once your funds are clandestinely sacked there will be no way of getting them back, nor even any way to track who or how it was done. The NSA is that good and everyone on the planet is in the same boat. That’s one of the points Snowden has been trying to make and no one is getting the message. If they are, they are not talking about it. The corporate Mockingbird media certainly isn’t. Snowden is telling us and it is scaring the hell out of the powers that be. If people start draining their accounts in anticipation of covert government confiscation, it complicates the DHS’s Thunderdome Op Plan.

        • They can’t access my computer. Maybe the one I’m typing on, but not the good one. No accounts for them to empty either. Too bad. Everyone should have a cheap computer just for internet access, and keep their good one with all the stored info offline and safe.

        • hmmmm

          So how’s the govt. going to come clean out my silver safe?

          Good luck with that…

          Somebody asked me why I stack silver…and they were going on about the loss of interest and dividends. But then I reminded them about the Cyprus “bank haircut”…it was a THEFT OF THE BANKSTERS FROM THEIR DEPOSITORS.

          It amazes me that these folks were not hunted down like the dogs they are and put on trial.

          So… keep stacking.
          When you need to cash out of silver or gold…then put an ad on craigslist and find a local private business man you meet in a coffee shop once every three months.

          Chances are…as we enter the age of socialism and communism…there are millions of private businessmen who will need to hide their wealth from these fuckers.

          I hope everything collapses and we see bankers running for their lives.

          Also… in the collapse.. do NOT help dems at all.
          They are really commies and traitors to the United States.

          Let them starve.

          Fuck you Dems for making slave of us all.

          Note… New prep… Bugout motorcycle. Better have spare parts.

      90. For those of you who have not seen the story yet about the beheading of the Catholic priest, take a moment to read about it. I caution you to not watch the video…it brought me to tears.

        Whether you are Christian or not, I think everyone who has a heart and a conscience would concur that this is horrific and that the US should NO LONGER send any support whatsoever to these Syrian rebels.

        Christians it is time to pray and be proactive. Be strong in the face of evil. Lead by example. I will pray that the elected leaders of the US start to make some wise decisions before we are all up to our necks in a world-wide religious war.

      91. Now now the president is always right.I only have 1 registered firearm , that I would gladly surrender (ar-7 that could use about $80 in parts) I don’t prep so only have 2 days worth of food. (remember our esteamed commander and chief has access to all your computer survivalist wackos posts ) Well excuse me as I have to order a case of “camping” food. Of course this will all be gone after I go camping. Think only good thoughts. Everything is all right. Praise be Obama.

      92. Wonder if Code Greep Prep and/or David Spero recently read Mike Foster’s The Right to Bear Arms: After the Riots Begin?

      93. BO’s plan is not only to re-distribute the wealth, but everything else as well. Not surprising that he’s putting the wheels in motion to control/confiscate everything of individual wealth and liberty.

        • His plan is to break the balls of this country. It is working brilliantly. We will soon be Kenya II.

      94. Pykrete another pro tip item to be investigated as too its potential use for your own personal defense .

      95. We have reached a new level by proposing to put poison in our preps as a deterrent.

        • Maybe, slingshot, we were forced to that level.

          Esther 8:11-12 11 By these letters the king permitted the Jews who were in every city to GATHER TOGETHER AND PROTECT THEIR LIVES– to DESTROY, KILL, AND ANNIHILATE all the forces of any people or province that would assault them, both little children and women, and to PLUNDER THEIR POSSESSIONS…

          Seems pretty clear to me, huh.

          • JayJay.

            To do something like that is beyond me. I am not saying it is right or wrong but a decision made by an individual. Are there not many ways to kill? How much terror can we induce into an already bad situation. Indiscriminate warfare such as mines, chemical, bio weapons, and booby traps leads to escalation on both sides. When using these weapons or tactics we must assume the responsibility of the of what can happen to innocents. Just ask the children of war.

            • I see you don’t classify us as innocents?
              I beg to differ. I didn’t ask for any of this.

              “May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’.

              • In response to several posts–giving all my food and supplies to those not prepared in a Christian effort is suicide for me and my loved one.
                I don’t believe that is the reason God prompted me to prepare.
                Not gonna happen, folks. 🙁

              • JayJay

                I agree with you that we did not ask for this crap.
                WE are not innocent in what we could have prevented as a nation.

                I will have to hire a taster for abandoned food supplies. Doesn’t pay much but all you can eat in small portions.

        • Why not put copies of the Bill of Rights instead?!!! Or even one of those little New Testament Bibles.
          You don’t want some nosy teenager dieing from poison.

        • you wouldn’t get repeat offenders.

          • no,I wouldn’t use poison, but “they” are escalating and it angers me.

        • Who ever takes poisoned or any other preps is a thief. A thief is not innocent. It dont have to be a poison that is fatal. something that would make them very sick would do the job. I suggest you read the book titled The Education of Little Tree. His grandmother fed the Revenuers fish that made them very sick. There is a joke that a grocer was fed up with thieves stealing apples.So He placed a sign stating one of the apples is poison. Someone else came by and crossed out the word one and wrote two!

        • If the powers that be are planning to seize my food and materials I have worked so hard to acquire, and kill me…..then I should want to have the last laugh as they are croaking on the foods they stole from me. ( I do have a problem with the issue of forgiveness, I dont!)

      96. Speak softly and carry a big gun. The government is not our fellow man. Band together with your fellow man. It’s the only way to survive when the SHTF. You can’t do it on your own. There is power in numbers. Stick together. Don’t be obvious but stand your ground.

        • Make sure he’s your brother and be 100% sure he’s not a .gov plant. How do you do that? Test him.

      97. For the ones having things stored in storage buildings (commerical storage builings) they will go thru them and take EVERYTHING. Your banks safety depoist boxes are not safe. You will need a place away from everything and store it in the ground to keep it safe, so buy that lot you are looking at NOW!

        • thanks, would also save us a lot. trying to get new storage areas built. just moved here yr ago.

      98. Look at the position of the soldier kicking the door. Remember to shoot low and use a shotgun…take out his legs…you can figure out the rest…

        • Aim low, the bastards might be crawling.

          Semper Fi

          • As Roy Rodgers said ” Aim Low Boys, Their Riding Shetlands” Trekker Out.

      99. The government will be our biggest enemy by far. They rob us now to “help” people who can’t eat by giving them foodstamps…paid for by we the people. The won’t stop “helping” and “stealing” until they are gone.

      100. Yes, I know its not on topic, yes Im sure some of us already know needs to be understood by everyone how the PAB are coming to screw you if you make it this far with your money you paid in..and how they abused this system to further screw you

        10 Things Social Security Won’t Tell You

        but im sure there are more than 10 ways

      101. Mac you wrote a great article on Fort McHenry that I’ll never forget! We’ve been pushed around before, and I assume we will be pushed around again. Every time I read the following my back gets a little straighter, my heart pumps a little harder, and I turn as I wipe away the tear forming in the corner of my eyes.

        Together we can send a message that there is nothing in our homes worth dying for! We can only win this upcoming battle if fight it together.

        Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
        What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
        Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight,
        O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming?
        And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
        Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
        O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

        On the shore dimly seen thro’ the mists of the deep,
        Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
        What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
        As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
        Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam,
        In full glory reflected, now shines on the stream:
        ‘Tis the star-spangled banner: O, long may it wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

        And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
        That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
        A home and a country should leave us no more?
        Their blood has wash’d out their foul footsteps’ pollution.
        No refuge could save the hireling and slave
        From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        O, thus be it ever when freemen shall stand,
        Between their lov’d homes and the war’s desolation;
        Blest with vict’ry and peace, may the heav’n-rescued land
        Praise the Pow’r that hath made and preserv’d us a nation!
        Then conquer we must, when our cause is just,
        And this be our motto: “In God is our trust”
        And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
        O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

        • I also like the marine hymn.

          • Agreed!!

      102. Can’t imagine what the first time prepper is thinking after reading some stunning articles and comments. As I have stated before, one thing leads to another and appears it never ends. Always something new to guard against. Gun confiscation, then supplies and finally detainment. Getting you head chopped off, gassed or shot you still end up dead. As another stated we as preppers are like trying to herd cats in organizing anything.
        So what should the beginner prepper do? Think small, but efficient. Multi task and use of supplies and materials. That way is easier on concealment or movement.
        Everyone talks of 90 day preps. Is that one meal or three meals a day? Water being about 8 pounds per gallon, imagine putting 30 gallons on your truck bed and then your food and other equipment. Thirty gallons of water at three gallons per day per person in a high heat environment is ten days for one person. More weight cuts mileage.
        Everyone should have done a Threat Assessment by now. Choke points and fast access roads. Out of the way dirt roads. At least to prepare for storms and civil unrest.
        Remember you can only do so much and that is not a guarantee, but do something.

        What say you first time preppers?

      103. I want to point out something else. EVERY one of you talks about SHORT TERM preps. Where SHORT TERM is typically 1-2 weeks but sometimes up to a year. In the words of Einstein, [WW4 will be fought with sticks]. I suggest most of you are thinking small. You are thinking “life as normal” and “back to normal”. This could be absolutely wrong. Peakers will tell you 50-150 years and we are back in the 1500’s. Kill Event people will tell you 1 major impact or mass solar or such and we are back 2500 years ago. Could very well be more of a Logan’s Run type post-apocalyptic society is in store. Watching that video of the nukes over 50 years really hits home that TPTB ARE WILLING TO TOTALLY CRAP UP THE WORLD environmentally. THEY ARE SIMPLY INSANE.

        • @ Anonymous2,

          Yah…I’m afraid that you and I’s thought runs along the same line here. I’ve followed BI’s and JOG’s (He’s already ‘headed for the Hills’) dialogues here or a long time and, in truth, I’ve come to beleive that WHEN it comes, it WILL be “MGTEOTWAKI”….”Multi-Generational TEOTWAKI”.

          The FOOLS who have been in charge up and to this point, are either wholly self-serving or utterly incompetent, or BOTH. Given that our dependence on energy in modern times is so absolute – as either electricity or as fuel – what the Hell are people going to do if there is EVEN a ‘limited’ War that interupts those for only a few months?!…Let alone some larger disaster that we can’t yet foresee? In my mind, now, no MATTER how you cut it, if things ‘go south’ at this point I’m thinking there ISN’T a ‘road back from there…”

          THAT is what messes up my sleep lately…Lots of Luck to you. The more I think about it, the MORE I think that getting out NOW, while the getting is GOOD, is the only answer…this IS NOT GOING to ‘End Well’. That is now plain…God help us all.

      104. 400 teens brawl in Greensboro N.C

        At Drudge.

        Coming to a city near you.

      105. Vince Aut Morire

      106. First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday described living in the White House as like being in a “really nice prison.”

        Obama’s comment came during her discussion with former First Lady Laura Bush at the African First Ladies Summit in Tanzania during an interview moderated by journalist Cokie Roberts.

        Roberts noted that Martha Washington, the first First Lady, also described living in the role as akin to being a state prisoner.

        Obama said she loved her job and found it liberating in some respects, but confining in others.

        “There are some prison elements to it,” she joked. “But it’s a really nice prison.”

        Former first lady Laura Bush reminded the crowd that First Ladies had a chef.

        “You can’t complain,” Michelle Obama admitted. “But there is definitely elements that are confining.”

        someone help this ungrateful bitch escape,, please

        • Moochelle said she loves her job….what is her job?

          • Being Baroness Sheboonkoon

        • Fuckin baboon

      107. They will take heavy casualties. Many will refuse to follow orders. It will be the beginning of a revolution if that is attempted nation-wide.

        • If any of you find that your car has started to accelerate (sp?) on its own suddenly, tell anyone in front passenger side to get in back, behind driver if possible. Anyone in back seat, move as far to left as possible, then start as soon as possible to begin hitting any solid object with right side of car to slow it down and then stop. We never know when they might do it to one of us. Its best to always be prepared.

      108. A lot of dreamers on this posting, do people really think they will win a personal Wako? I think they will be gunned down myself. Just spend your energies hiding your food etc and forget about the Magnificent 7. That was just a movie and life rarely turns out like a movie

      109. Just hide your stuff and forget about the shootouts with 50 FBI agents. Static defences are always overrun.

      110. “From those according to their means to those according to their needs”. Randomly ask the youth today if they agree with this governmental plan of sharing and I guarantee it will be way over 50% acceptance.

        Its taken decades but continuous brainwashing has changed the culture of America. The rights of old are now but a nuisance to be presently circumvented and later abolished. Fortunately the Second Amendment is giving them some difficulty for now.

      111. watching Bush just makes me want to puke
        he’s gonna go down in history as our 2nd worst President
        Obama will be the #1 FAILURE

        George W. Bush Defends PRISM: ‘I Put That Program In Place To Protect The Country’

        “. “I think there needs to be a balance, and as the president explained, there is a proper balance.”

        balance ???
        what a load of crap
        I guess it helps to be a brainless nitwit if you are President

        and this really makes my blood boil

        “When asked if he is a traitor, Bush said, “I know he damaged the country.”

        Snowden damaged the country ???
        REALLY ????

        take a good long look in the mirror you brainless twit

        you and Obama are the iceberg that sank the Titanic
        and destroyed the Constitution

        enjoy your retirement
        while the rest of the country suffers

        • I read that the Bush family has purchased a large spread in Paraguay. Perhaps they are feeling a little uneasy.

      112. Off topic comment:

        I went to the range today to practice rapid firing with my pistol. Anyway, the Sheriff came by and was saying they were considering closing the public range because people are bringing garbage to shoot at, using the wooden shooting benches for fire wood up in the hill beyond the range and even drug needles have been found.

        What he asked was: (he was asking everyone)

        How many times a month I visit the range.
        How far I drive to the range.
        How many rounds I fire each visit.

        Now that is all well and good, but how many rounds I fire seems a bit suspect. It was completely voluntary and I generally tend to comply with law enforcement up until the point that I feel my rights are being violated.

        Altruistically, there are two possibilties:
        (My wife and I discussed the ‘How many rounds’ question)

        They could be using that to extrapolate the time spent at the range. However, since firing from a pistol vs a semi-auto has a huge time variance, it would have been much simpler to ask how long I stay each visit.

        The second possible altruistic motive in the ‘How many rounds’ question is that it may be economically motivated. How much are people spending in taxes on ammo vs how much it costs the county to keep the range open.

        What do you think? And has anyone else been approached in a similar fashion of recent?

        • we still have the 5th
          I would have used it like this

          I dont know sir…good day

          and left

          no requirement to answer that ass hats questions, period

          • or, I might have started asking him a bunch of questions..because I know they hate it when we do that, I might have comepletely sidetracked his train of thought , than left him confused as to what just happened

            Officer: are you high?
            Me: No,officer, its.. Hi How are you?

        • I do not instantly take the offensive when approached by LEO. There are a great majority of LEO that are there to make their best effort at keeping law and order within their own communities of which I completely agree.

          There is a level of politics involved in any interaction and to immediately assume the defensive only serves to attract unnecessary attention.

          I guess that I am concerned that the authorities may be attempting to gauge what kind of ammo the sporting community runs through or may have on hand at any given time. This is why i asked if others have experienced the same or similar questions from local LEO.

          I am in Idaho by the way, not the North East or coastal areas.


          • Doesnt sound suspicious to me. He is just gauging the use. Check and see if he is on the Oathkeepers list. I pick up some garbage (and so do others) whenever I go just to keep it clean and avoid shit like that. If you are in the Boise area, thats another story.(libs)

        • Sounds like the Sheriff was being on the level to me.

          As to how many rounds you fire, maybe he’s just adding up what the public shoots so he can tell his bosses that’s how many rounds will be fired at uncontrolled locations throughout the County if the public range is closed.

          Or perhaps they might be thinking about selling ammo at the range if they can make enough money to pay for an RSO.

      113. My guess is that this kind of nonsense will start in places like MA,CA, NY, CT, NJ,…
        I would suggest to the officials of Boston not to even
        bother sending SWAT teams, but just send
        code enforcement or the meter maids or the dog catcher
        as there’s not much chance of resistance in “Bean town”
        Just don’t try that shit in the mountains of NC
        or backwater Louisiana and other places in the south
        where family ties are still strong , or better yet,
        do start in the mountains of NC, Oh, and send the
        SWAT teams used in Boston!

        • Don’t be so sure that most of us undeclared Massholes are gonna sit by and let these fuckers kick in our front doors and enter our homes like the Yuppie shills did in Watertown. We here in Northern Massachusetts which boarders New Hampshire will ban together and take care of our own. Its the Yuppy town and cities and Southern Mass ( blue dog Libtards ) who will fold like Domino’s. Give them nothing but give them everything…

          • I believe most if not all urban areas will comply
            with almost any order from the Feds, including
            my home town (in Florida).If I get enough warning,
            trust me I will be in the mountains (my retreat)
            and among “mountain people” that have a will developed
            distrust of government and Feds!

            Thanks for your comment.


      114. this guy does a great job detailing how the Constitution is now considered a meaningless document by the government

        its worse than you think people


      115. and yet again
        ANOTHER high government official caught LYING

        James Clapper: Answer On NSA Surveillance To Congress Was ‘Clearly Erroneous’

        no douche bag
        it’s not “clearly erroneous”

        it’s a LIE
        and you knew it was a LIE when you said it

        ya think he’s gonna get prosecuted for lying to Congress ??????

        probably get a promotion by Obama

      116. If you or I did this we would be yanked out of the car, at gun point screamed at and probably abused in some sort of way to be sure..

        any question as to if the rule of law appiles to EVERYONE?

        not to mention endangering lives of everyone out there on that shitty weathered day..90+ in a dam rain storm..Dick head!

        read up

      117. All comments are correct in addressing the point of the article. But my son pointed out to me that the likelihood of the government coming to my front door if the SHTF is remote. Irag has about as many people as California. Look what is happening there. The real dangers are gangs and insane neighbors. Prepare for those first.
        MOLON LABE

      118. Be informed— Caught your article on SB…..Nice!
        Wished I had written that.

      119. They know they cant convict him for self defense..

        they also know that the blacks need no reason positive or negative to riot..they will riot no matter the outcome of this trial

        the judge in this trial is also complicite for the the prosecution and is trying like hell to stack the deack against Zimmerman, she should be impeached, dis-barred, and sent out of town on a rail.

        You cant convict an innocent man just to quell the rioting blacks..that innocent man has been railroaded by this system, and the media, and he should have his day to take them all to court for it.

        the cops know the score, its why they didnt arrest him until the race baiters made it into something it wasnt..3 weeks later..

        if your near a large city , you dam sure better be ready from this day forward for the rest of your life, all of us from any other race have been targeted by the Black race as walking items to fuck with and kill, to be delt with at will for no other reason but to “pay us all back”

        this could be the next war

        • Read some of the leftist posts on the MSM about Zimmermann. Kind of funny how thousands of people who oppose the death penalty because an innocent might be executed somewhere, are screaming for an innocent man to be convicted and sentenced to life in order to prevent threatened riots.

          Talk about brain dead.

      120. stupid blue cali piggies

        Shoot Dog for Playing with them

        ‘cops kill destroy life when they are scared’


        Police Kill Dog

      121. Had an earthquake near Easter Island. At this exact spot in the past later very large earthquakes have occurred. Look at these:

        Sept.26, 1980, lead to a 6.5 in New Guinea, 7.3 in Morocco.
        Nov. 21, 1993, lead to 6.9 in Indonesia.
        June 8, 2005, lead to 7.8 in Bolivia, 6.8 south of New Zealand, 7.2 of the coast on Northern California near Eureka.
        August 10, 2007, lead to 6.5 south of New Zealand, 8.0 off the coast of Peru, 6.5 in Soloman Islands, 6.5 Mid Atlantic Ridge.

        The one in Bolivia took 5 days to hit, in N. California 7 days, and in Peru 5 days.

        This is the Nazca Plate and naturally you would expect it to hit South America. Other locations are also in the target area like the junction point of the San Andreas and Cascadia fault. The 5-7 day period from today would be just about right for the other precursor quakes that have occurred in the past week for the 15 day window. Very likely something 7+ in ready to go. I would actually put more money right now on something 7.4-8 range, and I would say 8-9+ is no way out of the question.


        Huge US debts will devalue the dollar and is causing govts of the world to abandon the US dollar. This will lead to hyperinflation or at least devaluation. Depression, riots and bad shit will go down. Martial law….with the govt. buying up hollow point ammo, fema camps…then in come the UN “peacekeepers” invasion of Russian and Chinese troops. Then civil war. It’s all going down the drain.

        Better keep your bases covered.

        Funny….one jerk in a bar was shooting off his mouth how he’s go steal food from the preppers. HA… Good luck with that. Like we’re all going to stock up and not be able to defend what we have.

        My ultimate backup survival plan if all else fails…. I’m talking…edge of death times…
        Put out a nice sign that says FREE FOOD AT NOON. Then turkey shoot and go cannibal. ha ha. I’m so joking. But you never know.

        ps. for meds.. Asthma… get a salt inhaler.


        It will be a real party when the dems and congress are rounded up if all goes to shit.

      123. Hi folks…I’m kinda new around here but you throw out some good info and even get lively sometimes so I wanna add my two cents. Starting off ‘on topic’ .. Been getting a USDA questionnaire the last two years .. says filling it out is mandatory or they send someone to your door to ask in person. Wants all food production itemized, how big my ‘operation’, how many ‘operators’ and I’m only on five acres.. got a few chickens, some fruit trees and a garden. Sounds like locating food sources to me.

        Then to go slightly sideways… Noticed all freeway access to major cities on the west coast are bordered by huge concrete walls. I think its fronted off as barriers to sound pollution for the adjacent neighborhoods but they look like corridors. duh.. you extrapolate!

        I’ve got the woods at my back and there’s some protein out there but it’s crawlin’ with border patrol. Ick! I know that sounds like diseased protein, but you know what I mean!

        And lastly..just my opinion. There’s a large group of meglamaniacal psychopaths who have the means to push around lots of big guns, money, regulations, and technology. The road they’ve taken is self destructive and I’ll stay out from under foot if possible. Unfortunately, they seem to want to shove us all off the cliff with them and they’re blocking off the side trails as fast as they can find them. A major EMP might slow them down some, or that 9.5 quake that’s been predicted for this side of the Pacific. Oregon quake assessment says it would drop most of the infrastructure.. roads, communication, power. Doubt if the World Bank would take much personal interest, though, unless someone has a vacation home on the coast. Gods! Don’t they have grandkids?!! Thanks for ‘listenin’



          N.O. ;0p

          • naa we just need to ban lawyers from controlling all 3 branches of our government and allow all politicians bank accounts to be open to the public. if anybody sees them buying/owning something that cannot be accounted for. then hang them. but remember first and foremost no more lawyers in all 3 branches.

      124. There won’t be centralized control until long after the collapse. We’ll be under the authority of a tyrannical world government. The government wants as many people to die during the collapse as possible. That’s why they’re stocking up on bullets and not MRE’s for American citizens. It all fits in with the UN’s Agenda 21. Globalists want a world population of 500 million, not 7 billion.

      125. This was signed in 1950 and amended in 1951! LONG before Obama was even BORN. Get your facts straight!

      126. I echo other comments here. Executive Order 13603 is very similar to, and is really just an amended version, of previous Defense Resources Preparedness exec orders. The scope of power conferred on the president by 13603 has changed very little since the end of WWII. Eisenhower through Obama, they have all had these types of powers. Anyone who thinks this is some sort of unprecedented power grab doesn’t know squat about post-WWII American History.

      127. When they come to your door, tis too late. Just let them in. Anthing else is just stupid.

        If, however, you’ve been thinking ahead, there are a number of things you can do and should have done.

        I recommend “Founders” by JWR. Good ideas in there.

      128. “THEY, THEY, THEY” Who are “THEY”? Name names. If you know who they are, then you should have no problem stopping. But, you people have such pathetic lives you can only sit in your mom’s basements and complain about the state of things and not do anything real about it. Pathetic losers.

        • Well, you know “THEY” killed Kenny

      129. Fellow preppers…
        I’m had very bad asthma for over 15 years.
        We’re talking I was always coughing up “lung butter”.
        I could barely speak.

        Here’s a link to a salt inhaler.
        It seems to stop the histamine reaction and the lungs stop
        creating excess amounts of mucus.
        This means…there’s no yuck to get infected.

        Give this a try. It worked for me.
        A bald middle aged guy north of Buffalo, NY.


        ps. The think last over two years I’ve read.
        It’s just rock salt from a pure part of the planet.

      130. Here’s what you guys are missing. Stalinists never go door to door to do their dirty work, they use the snitch and bounty system, employing greed and jealousy. It’s all to be fanned on by state propaganda (billboards, etc..). Your neighbor next door who covets your stuff will turn you in. People with kids will be the most likely to snitch, justifying their cowardice by their kids.

        Lots of those who were searched in Katrina were snitched out. They pull in outsiders (of the area) like in Katrina (California Voluteer Cops, mostly) to do the doorkicks. That way the local cops don’t get their hands dirty and become targets for retaliation.

      131. “Do you feel lucky punk,…well,..DO YOU?!

      132. I have seen some comments here that reflect opinions along the line of “the government doesn’t have the resources to search every home” or that “too many Americans would resist…”martial law”, “gun confiscations” or fill in the blank with whatever…

        This reveals a complete misunderstanding of the kind of power being wielded against us. The government will likely succeed in disarming the public, at least in the areas where they wish to…not through massive house to house searches, but by simply issuing a proclamation (or whatever you wish to call it) ordering everyone to turn in their now prohibited weapons by a date certain. We have the Australian example to show just how easily this can be accomplished…and if it could be done so easily there, there is no rational reason to believe it cannot be done here.

        Contrary to much of the bluff and bluster, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of Americans will comply with such an order with no more than some grumbling and perhaps a few futile law suits. The idea that Americans would violently resist a gun confiscation should have been put to rest by the events in N.O. in the wake of Katrina where a massive gun confiscation occurred without any noticeable resistance (or at least none that has leaked out).

        Some have argued that city folks might willingly comply, but that country folks would resist…well there may be a certain element of truth in that, but given that the overwhelming majority of the country lives within the metropolitan environs of cities, this “subtle resistance” will not significantly impede the government’s program, whatever that may be.

        At the end of the day, it will take a violent insurgency to unseat the powers which rule America today. These powers are largely foreign in nature and hence have little concern for the well being, present or future, of Americans. I’m not optimistic that such an insurgency will arise, or if it does, that it will grow large enough and fast enough to be successful. The truth is that most of Americans have no idea who their real enemies are and so long as this ignorance remains pervasive, there is no realistic chance the people can be organized into an effective resistance to these enemies.

        For those who don’t yet know the truth I’ll give you a hint, your real enemies rule over you through their total control of your money supply and your mass media. With control of your money supply they have access to unlimited amounts of dollars with which they can, and do, buy anyone and anything they need to perpetuate their system…and anyone who cannot be bought can be destroyed. They use their control of the mass media to ensure that the great masses of the people will always expend their energies fighting phantom fabricated enemies and in struggles the outcomes of which have no bearing on the interests of the real powers that be.

        Perhaps someday the tribe that rules over us will so over-reach, their rule become so oppressive, and their arrogance become so unrestrained that they will no longer be able to confuse people about the true nature and identity of our rulers…and that my friends will bring forth a day of reckoning that will be truly terrible to behold…Anyone who doubts the capability of Americans to exact their vengeance in the most horrific and bloody manners imaginable, must not have paid much attention to our real history.

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