“They Spent It All On Hookers, Blow And Fancy Toys” – Hedge Fund Manager Predicts Lower Oil For Longer, Quantitative Easing For The People, And A Gold Bull Market

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    In 2011, as gold prices rocketed to $1900 and oil was trading above $120 a barrel, there were few analysts who saw anything but further gains. But Marin Katusa of Katusa Research had a different opinion. At a major commodity conference Katusa, to boos and jeers from the audience, held strong to his analysis that an imminent deflationary collapse in commodity prices was on the horizon. And collapse they did.

    According to Katusa, who is closely involved in the Canadian resource sector, most people simply assumed the good times would go on forever… because it was different this time. But like any uninhibited party fueled by unlimited cash, the hangover was sure to follow.

    There’s no doubt you had massive high paying jobs. In Canada, the province that benefited the most is Alberta… In the last twelve months they’ve had 70,000 layoffs of jobs paying over a hundred grand a year.

    …when I’d go to these oil towns you’d sit down at the casinos with them and these guys were all about the hookers and blow… they were all about their toys… big fancy trucks… snow mobiles… and they’re in the field for two weeks and they make $20,000 and blow it all at the casinos.

    You knew it couldn’t last. 

    As Katusa notes in his latest interview with Future Money Trends, though the crash has been brutal for the sector, it’s not over yet and it’s going lower for longer.

    They [OPEC] can survive at $20 oil…

    For two years everyone’s been saying, “OPEC’s going to cut back.”

    They reality here is, why would OPEC cut production? That would only prop up the Russians and the shale sector.

    And while most will argue that low oil prices will wipe out most of America’s shale industry, Katusa has a contrarian view, suggesting that shale sector debt, while significant, is not necessarily going to cause these companies to go under in the immediate future.


    Because what banker in their right mind wants to get dirty and actually operate an oil field?

    So the debt will be amended, extended and then they’ll pretend. 

    … Because you can’t just shut down an oil field. You have to reclaim those wells, which means you have to shut them down and environmentally reclaim them… and it costs more to do that today than what the actual value is.

    The bankers know that.

    … With innovation, in the Western world, costs will decrease and the bankers have no choice but to amend, extend and pretend the debt.

    So they’re going to go lower for longer.

    In short, going forward we should expect widespread manipulation from the producers and the banks themselves to keep the bankruptcies at bay.

    But recession still looms, and Katusa says that there are two things we can count on in the near future and why people need to rethink their investments:

    The economy is changing… In a zero-interest rate policy world people have to rethink their investments… You’re looking at higher volatility, lower returns, but much higher risk.

    With all this going on in the world there are only two things that can happen.

    We continue with negative interest rates, which I see the trend globally… 35% of Eurozone countries already have negative interest policies…

    And there’s going to be quantitative easing for the people… QE4-P… and that’s the reality here.

    Negative interest rates are a tax on wealth… a tax on savers.

    And if you haven’t already guessed, amid all the volatility and debasement of currencies, one asset class, according to Katusa, will survive and counter the coming helicopter drop of freshly printed dollars:

    There’s a great way to make money on this if you get ahead of QE4P… the quantitative easing for the people… and gold is one of the ways to do that.

    In his must-see interview, Katusa expands on this forecast by noting that, on top of all the bailouts, trade tariffs, and quantitative easing to follow, China, in an effort to maintain the perception of stability in their economy and financial markets, will soon begin flooding the global economy with commodities like aluminum, steel, iron ore and coal, which will continue to have a deflationary impact on broader commodity markets.

    But the one sector they can’t flood – precious metals – is the very sector investors should be looking at as a way to not only preserve wealth going forward, but to grow it exponentially as crisis continues to hammer the global marketplace. That’s why Katusa has disclosed he is writing million dollar checks to one specific gold acquisition company, in similar fashion to other noteworthy insiders who are moving heavily into gold including Doug Casey, Eric Sprott, George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller and Carl Icahn.

    For more research and analysis from Marin Katusa visit Katusa Research.

    For more news, commentary and video interviews visit Future Money Trends.


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      1. Like cresting the top in a rollercoaster.

        Going to be a long way to the exit…

        Be well all…

        • Screw the Lower Oil, Quantitative Easing, Gold Bull Market

          I want the Hookers, Blow and Fancy Toys……….

          • “Gold Bull Market”

            The bull market of 2011 quickly went into a bullshit market for gold in June of 2013, when it fell to $1255 an oz.

            Many millions were invested at that time on the hype and hope that it would quickly rebound to 2011 highs, in the event of just one more climactic event.

            The event never came, and in fact the market sunk lower until just about a month ago. Now many are back to even after nearly three years.

            If those same speculators would have bought Tyson stock at the avg. price of $25 a share back in June of 2013, they now would be able to boast a gross profit of about $40 a share. A hundred share purchase back then would make a nice little bundle of profit in three years.

            But hindsight is 20/20 and not everyone has the nerves.

            Little brother is a hermit, and lives like a bum, but he has thousands of shares. Since he went to work there (Tyson Foods), in 1985, he has spent a weekly percentage on shares.
            Although he has some preps, he is not prepared to fair very long after the wild game is gone. I have been ribbing him for years to divest some paper and stock up on food reserves, but he has an ostrich mentality when it comes to the collapse.

            Now it comes down to how greedy he will be as the stock climbs.
            Some say it is expected to split in the coming months. If it does and the economy is still chugging along, we will buy, and get back in the market for the short term…but not the gold market.

            Hopefully for those into it as an investment, it will go full on Bull again, but for now it is just looking like a skinny bear. For long term security and possible barter, it does not make any difference what the market does, unless one is looking to purchase some more for security purposes.

            • 3 years to make 1500 on a 2500 investment? 500 a year? That isn’t very good. A 2500 investment will net me 3500-4000 in 1 year buying and selling solar panels.

              • Yeah, but buying and selling solar panels isn’t an investment,It’s a business.

                • No it is just a part time hobby. spend about 20 hours a year on it lol.

                • And if his math he uses in his determination of a $500 per year profit margin; is used in his business..he is a sorry ass business man, as well as a worker, ( admittedly he claims that he only has to work about six months per year).

                  The 100 shares of purchased stock in 2013 was just an example.
                  In that example, the original cost was $2500.00 for the shares.
                  Selling of all those shares today @ the $65.00 per share rate, would net a decent profit of $4000.00 (less broker fees and taxes) in less than three years.

                  Not to shabby of an investment.

                  Now say you were a larger investor, and had put four times that investment into the stock with an initial buy-in of 10k?
                  Now your net profit would be closer to $15,000.00, after taxes and fees, for less than three years.

                  When genius, a part time, worker and business person, spouts his claims of profits on here; I seriously doubt that he is figuring in his overhead. He has to maintain a vehicle for transportation of said panels, and unless he owns an oil well and can get it refined for pennies on the dollar, he has fuel cost associated with driving to said town of cheap panel purchase, and then there is delivery and advertising costs, and ………..

                  I’m not buying what he has been selling here or any other place. Some people bought into his bs early on when he showed up, but even they who were gullible have been dropping away from his team like flies, especially since I have exposed him for the atheist that he is.

                  • He wasn’t ” exposed” by you or anyone else. The guy never said he was religious one way or the other. Where exactly do you get your information from?

                    • He makes it up as he goes…

                    • Pissin in the wind is bloviating yet again. That happens a lot with room temperature IQs…..

                  • OK Pissin, I misread what you said Gross profit of 4K. I read it as 15 bux a share profit. Unlike you I admit when I make a mistake. And for your info I buy panels in the town I work in so maybe 5 bux worth of gas extra and People come to me I don’t deliver. Advertising is FREE (ever heard of craigslist?) Expose me??? The only thing you have exposed is your micro dick to little boys! Now run along minimus and try and pick on someone stupider than yourself (might be hard to find) lol 😛

                    • Oh and also expose how stupid you really are constantly. You don’t need my help, you expose yourself all the time lol. My team dropping like flies??? Where the hell did you make that shit up from? I have no team I just share experiences and facts. Did your parents drop you on your head when you were a kid or something?

                    • LOL. Your team is the group of atheists and passin bashers.

                      You have interjected yourself with your statements and accusations many times here, when the haters/trolls, like Jimbo and Silent Eyes just did.

                      You know it’s true because it is in the archives. You know you have happily jumped on the “bashin passin” train with your idiotic and childish comments, just like you are doing now.

                      This is bullshit lies of yours….” The only thing you have exposed is your micro dick to little boys! Now run along minimus and try and pick on someone stupider than yourself…”

                      Just as before, you had to run your lyin tongue when you could have just kept your pie hole closed. It doesn’t bother me, like you and wwti wish that it does. I think it is funny how you atheist think it is OK to mock and accuse my Saviour and Heavenly Father, then call me a fake and liar.

                      What I am is the rope bearer for idiots and low IQ, big feeling, workers of iniquity, like you. When you pull it out and make your own noose, then you can’t stand the fact that you have been exposed for what you really are.

                      Nothing you, or any of the haters, say, can get to me. I just sling the same shit right back at you and see how many other little pussy boys come to your defense, just like Jimbo, silent eyes, ketchupondemand, wwti,paul and many others that won’t even use a handle. it just shows all you idiots are up to no good, and have nothing to add to the conversation worth hearing.

                      Learn to read, and stop interjecting your low IQ insults into my conversations/comments if you don’t want nor can handle the truth.

                    • Passin,

                      You aren’t going to cry, are you? The ” bashin’ passin” train? I think your problem stems from the fact that you see yourself as the last word on everything, and you’ve told more then your share of lies too. You are unable to respond well to anything but people telling you how great you are, when people do that you gush over them like a slobbering puppy. For anything else, you’ve convinced yourself there’s a ” bashin’passin” brigade that’s out to ” get” you. Obviously you don’t have a thick enough skin to engage people in conversation on this site without falling apart like a cheap suit, now you’ve invented an imaginary group who’s sole purpose is to ” get” you when the reality is it’s only other regular posters who’ve become tired of your self indulgent fantasies.

                    • @ Genius, When I finish my 3 projects I will buy a couple of panels from you. 250watts+ each panel. I can meet you in Post Falls. (my permit isn’t good in your state.) Or you could visit your relatives and drop them off.

                    • @ bimbo,

                      You give yourself too much credit on your assumptions about me.
                      I could care less what posters think of me or how they do or do not like my posts.

                      Those i speak of are the anti-christian crowd that does the bashin about my biblical posts. They are like you, either a liberal or an asswipe, and from your comments it is apparent that you have both covered. lol.

                      Genius jumped on the train with his mockery about Christ and the Bible when i was having a heated discussion with wwti, a long time ago.

                      Many others, like yourself show your true colors by jumping aboard a heated discussion between me and others, when it was none of your business, nor concern to begin with.

                      You and them are like the nasty nosy neighbors, that nobody likes, always poking your nose where it doesn’t belong, like a bully. I hate bullies, and If you where my neighbor, and did that i would bust that nose for ya, and send you back across your property line. You remind me of a little pipsqueak weasel, that doesn’t know when to shut up, so I would be glad to shut you up for the rest of the neighbors.

                      Genius is not anywhere close to a genius nor is he as smart as he builds his ego up to be. However; i do believe he is smart enough to defend himself without any comments or backing from the community peanut gallery.

                      Now, since i have pencil whipped your ass, go off and cry baby like ole Paul just did when i fired back at him for calling me names and a liar, the other day.

                      You puke faces can’t get up early enough to out pencil me, nor get the best of me. I have whipped the best, and no one on this site has ever come close to any one of them.

                      Just so you will understand, I will get down on your level of understanding, which is pretty low IQ, and explain it for you.
                      I am NOT running for any office or position here at SHTF. I am NOT searching for any type of approval from anyone, for any kind of accolades or brownie points.

                      Put that in your little piss ant pipe and smoke it…dumbdick, oh excuse me…I forgot, it’s bimbo for you.

                    • Passin,

                      So you hate bullies do you? Then you must have reserved some special self loathing to roll around in. It seems to be you’re constantly jumping in the middle of conversations between two people when you aren’t concerned, reference the comments between Rebecca and myself a few threads back, it’s all there for anyone to see, plain as day. You’re accusing me of doing the exact same thing you’re doing, and complaining about commenting that isn’t ” anybody else’s ” business.

                      As far as you punching me out, I wouldn’t be too worried about a 62 year old geez with a bad back actually doing me any harm, you’d probably throw your back out the first time you tried lol. And as for having a low IQ, you demonstrate the fact that you’re incapable of debate without resorting to infantile name calling and idiotic physical threats, both are the classic hallmarks of someone with a less then fully developed adult brain, more of a preteen adolescent boy with an acute inferiority complex. Naturally, this would explain all the infantile tantrum throwing and an overwhelming need to be seen as the ” voice” of God on this site. You have to try to get people to pay attention to you constantly, so what better way then to threaten everyone with the ever ready standby ” molten lake o’ fire” for all who dare to ” question” the wisdom of a delusional retired truck driver.

                      Why don’t you humor us again with the story about how ” God” told you that this wasn’t Mac’s site at all, that is was really YOUR site instead? I ALWAYS laugh my ass off about that one. And how about the great Hamlet performance you gave just a few short months ago about how you were ” leaving” this site because ” God” was calling you on to bigger and better things. Guess the new callings didn’t work out, did they? So, by all means, show us how truly intelligent you are by calling me every nasty little boy name you can think of and foaming at the mouth. It’s ALWAYS the sign of superior intelligence.

                    • Pissin, you are describing yourself you idiot. Butting in on my posts about underground shelters that you have obviously never had or made one. Making some stupid comment that only a knuckledragger like you couldn’t figure out. Not only a liar but a hypocrite and an idiot. But then your posts speak for themselves but your too stupid too see it lol. This post I hope shows up right below your retarded comment to Jimbo.

            • My family went balls-in on gold when it was a little under $300 an ounce… not that long ago. We sold in the 80’s when it hit $800 an ounce… we had bought before at $94 an ounce. Learn to think longer.

              • good move, ex-lax.

                • I think YOU need some exlax bud, Because you are really full of shit lol.

                • Hey pissin, in case you can’t subtract 300 from 800 Steve’s family made a killing in the 80s….. Now who is the moron here?

          • You see what we have now is CHEAP Barrel Oil, but it does not translate to cheap gas prices at the pump. You see American’s are subsidizing Gas and Oil companies at the pump. Gas should be less than $1 dollar today, but it is not. You see, the Politicians, Bankers and Oil Execs still need their Hookers and Blow, yachts and penthouses, so they can still look down on the little people funding this Shirade Scheme and laugh.


          • ….and suicides.

            • Speaking of Suicides, Wow, Read this Compelling Article:
              Hillary Ordered The Final Massacre At Waco

              Hillary was the one who ordered the FUBAR final assault on the holed-up Branch Davidians in Waco on April 19th, 1993. The final death count from this disastrous fiasco was 76 Branch Davidians, including 21 children and two pregnant women. The appalling disaster at Waco was what motivated Timothy McVeigh to participate in the terrorist-type bombings in Oklahoma City, two years later on April 19, 1995.

              Hillary was putting pressure on Vince Foster (her longtime boyfriend, sexual partner and emotional husband) and Webb Hubbell who was the #3 guy at Justice Department, to have a forceful resolution to the Waco standoff.

              One big reason Hillary place Hubbell in the #3 spot at the Justice Department was so that he would not have to go through a Senate confirmation hearing where the ugly and probably true details about Hubbell being the biological father of Chelsea might be revealed in this process.

              Full Article: http://www.economicpolicyjournal.com/2014/01/hillary-ordered-final-massacre-at-waco.html

          • I spent most of my money on wine, women and song, the rest I just wasted!


            • credit to WC Fields Please

        • I live in what was until recently a oil production area. Ive seen many cycles of boom and bust. One thing I noticed different this time is all the new construction. Every little 2 bit gas station is now a Super Center. The little fleabag hotels got either abandon or torn down and modern 10 million dollar hotels built. Everybody invested in new infrastructure, Trucks, Machinery so on and so forth. The cities and counties took out loans and built rec centers, New office buildings, New schools, New everything. Many new building supply centers such as Menards and Lowes
          I think we are going to have a really big crash this time around and it is going to last a real long time.

      2. time to pay the piper. i know most people think this oil situation is almost over. but it’s not. it’s just getting started. but no one thinks so because stock markets are moving back up which means the economy is good, right? kind of reminds of the beginning of 2008.

        just keep stacking. that’s my plan. the dollar will eventually fall. stocks will eventually fall. oil, i don’t know, but i can see triple digits again some day. silver and gold, that’s the only thing i can trust right now to at least be worth something some day.

        • I think that the oil crash was more indicative of the lessening of demand. People loosing their jobs won’t be going to the gas station.

          As for the stock market. Don’t be fooled in believing the markets are stable or rising based on only the 30 companies represented in the Dow Jones Average. 30 companies out of tens of thousands is not a good measurement.

          • There isn’t actually an oil crash. The Saudi’s and others that have oil pumping infrastructure in place, and have it paid for, without bank loans and speculation, are still making money on $30 dollar a barrel oil.

            As of right now, all that is about to change, as OPEC has put the freeze on some production to cause a drop in the over supply/glut.

            Speculators and some investors say their goal is to keep production down until oil gets back to about $50 a barrel, possibly by next Fall/Winter.

            There was never gonna be a continuation of $1.50 a gallon gas this Spring and Fall. The system is rigged to make hay while the sun shines; or, in other words, rape the travelers and vacationers during the warm months with higher prices.

            it has always been this way for decades.

            • It takes at least a year if you already have the permits to get a well to produce. Generally it takes 2 years or so before first product is delivered.

      3. Then there is war.

        • Indeed. It may come sooner rather than later.

          War is perhaps the very excuse they need to let the economy collapse. Joel Skousen made this point a few years back, that they will keep the economy humming along and use a war (not a proxy war this time) to set the whole thing into motion.

          However it goes, our prospects aren’t looking good.

          • Mac, thanks for taking off the leash 🙂

            As for war, I am surprised that nukes have not been set off in the ME and that tactical nukes have not been used to disrupt the electrical grids in NYC and DC. Every day I wake up and the Internet still functions along with cell phones and the MSM is a surprise and one more day to get ready.

            • Ditto to that Phil.. My Laptop IP has been on a leash ban for some time, until I tried for kicks posting earlier today ans it went through, wow…. We will try to keep it more civil Mac. Keep in mind we have a lot of info to share if given the chance. Banning IP’s just slows the info flow to the masses. However if a lively debate opens up, just stick to real facts with links or reason or experience. Dumb people will still be called out. haha.


              • W, it took 2 years for that to sink in???
                Dumb is only whom one thinks is dumb.
                Remember playing nice in the sandbox???

                Be well sir, we are all we got to get to the other side…

                • We don’t have to play any games in your childish sandbox. You need to grow up. Many on this site are already over to the other side, in our BOL’s making it happen in real time, checking off the last details. The rest are still trying to pound out a living and stuck in the quagmire. Pretending they are prepared. Good Luck in your sandbox sir.


            • It is not too late. We all should count our blessings although some of the info being spread is BS.
              The say we all wake up and there isn’t internet and power will affect the most hard core person.

              No one is speaking about the suicide rate in Canada due to this
              slow down. While it is true they should have packed something away
              for a rainy day, many didn’t:


          • War or some social unrest event will be used to postpone the November elections.

            just my .02

      4. What gets me is these oil guys have seen all this before. It just happened like 10 years ago. And they just assumed it would go on forever again? I hate to say it but they deserve what they got. Making $100,000 a year??????? Hopefully they thought to save some of it and not blow all of it on hookers when the gettin was good.

      5. Don’t buy gold stocks. Especially don’t buy junior miners. Its WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY to early in the cycle to buy precious metal stocks.

        A SHTF Depression is coming. Buy physical gold and silver. Take possession. 🙂

        • @dk,

          You probably have more gold in yer subterranean safe under the manure pile in yer barn than the Federal Reserve Bank of Denver has.

          Five-eighths in jest. But you’ve consistently shown commendable independent thinking on this blog. You give those of us who aren’t as financially literate something to think about.

          I concur with your “if you can’t hold it in your hands it isn’t yours” dictum. If the omnipresent “they” can steal it from us, they will.

          • “You probably have more gold in yer subterranean safe under the manure pile in yer barn than the Federal Reserve Bank of Denver has.”

            Actually I do.

            If only because the Federal Reserve doesn’t own any gold. And why should they own a barbarous relic like gold ??? It is sheer demonic genius to ascribe value to pieces of paper inscribed and certified with various denominations representing different levels of purchasing power for exchange and accumilation. Fiat money is the most amazing discovery since fire.

            All American Gold is owned by the US Treasury.

            That said, everyone who can afford some gold and silver should buy them; just make sure you have your other PREPS first, lots of dollars outside the banking system, and lots of ammo.

            You cannot be too rich, too thin, or have too much ammo. 🙂

            • I’ll give up my “barbarous relics” when the human race stops acting so barbarously.

        • Yeah Never buy any paper stocks ever. That’s fools gold. 401k’s are a scam on the masses to prop up Fascist corporations. It could all evaporate with a drop of a bomb as WW3 begins. BTW Acid what are your credentials in economics? Been buying DK’s CD’s? Bwhahajaha


          • WWTI, acid just blows hot air…..and something else!

      6. I’m not feeling the Heat, Karma or Mo Jo.

        Maybe tomorrow.

      7. From the Activist post.

        There is a carrier group headed for the South China Sea.

        USS Stenis

        What will China do? Over some disputed islands.

        • China will rush out to meet the carrier group….and sell them so cheaply made crap.

        • They will stop selling parts for said carriers lol.

          • Israel steals more US technology and intelectual property than China. Especially Military data. But you would not hear that from any MSM or Government officials. That’s another reason this dual citizen visa Crap needs to end. It’s easier to demonize China than call out the jew. People in the know, have the Facts on this theft. Israel steals Billions annually, then produces the same technology and resells the products cheaper to others undermining US companies.


            • Israel doesn’t have plans to nuke the US. Big difference.

            • WWTI, Israel has also been known to turn around and sell US technology to China in some cases but for the most part Bill Clinton gave away the technology to the gooks back in the 90s.

      8. No Nation Has EVER Taxed Itself Into Prosperity

        You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating working Americans out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. Government cannot give to anybody anything that government does not first take from somebody else.

        When half the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to pay for them – and when that paying half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they worked so hard for, then that, my friend, is the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth to help the poor by dividing it.

        • Thats it in a nutshell for me,,
          Why work my ass off to give $ to government.
          I can work a whole lot less and smell the roses,
          I dont take any assistance, dont want it, dont need it,
          Also dont need to work and hand it over, not going to happen.

      9. Get rid of debt,stock the food and accumulate some silver,thats my goal for now.

        • And a fine goal it is!

        • Same here. I want to buy land. Period. Land away from people, land away from a city, land away from the interstate. Land that can sustain me and my friends (I have no family) indefinitely.

          My strategy is to have a well and land that can feed and sustain a small group of people, forever.

          • Look at Nova Scotia then. You are away from EVERYTHING, temps are moderated by the Gulf Stream, lots of water and fertile land, prices are still very low (rest of Canada is in a bubble, not the Maritimes tho), almost zero Muslims, Halifax is a big city with two universities and an international airport, but at 1/2 million, not to big. And in a crises, no on in Boston or NY is going to say “Hey, let’s to go to Nova Scotia!” In a serious situation, most would try to go south. And no one from Toronto would go there either, and precious few from Montreal. Americans can buy land no problem. I like Dignam.com (been around for 100 years) but do your own diligence.

            • Test, I am getting ready to take a road trip. I was thinking about Maine but the only reason some of my family ended up in Aroostoock Country was because they came across the border from Canada. I am tall and so were my grandparents. Scandinaivan for the most part. I have been to Europe and the one place where I fit in (until I talked) was in the Nederlands also known as Holland.

              I agree, I have wondered where will people go? Where they think life is easy and where it is warm. I don’t mind cold weather. It keeps down the bugs and diseases. You couldn’t pay me to live in Florida or Hawaii or Costa Rica because of all the fricken bugs. Just disgusting. I will take snow every day of the week over bugs.

              I agree with your analysis, unless someone is from the area most people will flee to the south. I like they way things work in the north. If you understand how to take advantage of the weather and the seasons it can be a very comfortable lifestyle and quite rewarding. Thanks for the reminder of that site by the way!

        • Stocking a little more ammo never hurts either.

      10. Silver is too heavy to protect and move around also, at least it would be for many people. The police state could confiscate it and probably would along with gold. Door to door searches with extreme force might be on the Feds menu, brute force taking weapons, cash and metals. You would think the citizen response will be all out war, but I doubt it, more like easy pickings and money for the perps. Likely another unconstitutional executive order enforced. Misguided self thinking true patriots will give it all up so Uncle Sam can protect them from the terrorists.

        • Most people don’t even have $1000 dollars in savings. Those that own silver can move it.

          I will keep saying this: what are the Federales going to do? Dig up everyone’s back yard? Bulldoze sheds and old barns? Raze houses? For some silver? And the only terrorists I am worried about are those that work at HS, the so-called department-of-fucking Justice, and narcs like you.

          • Philo, good point, they won’t have the guts to go door to door, the cost will be too high.
            I want to read more of what “man on the inside” says. Although he may be taking a chance posting, he’s a good source. We need him.

            • Ha ha I agree.

            • KOD: for now. I just hate naysayers. Silver is fricken cheap. If you can move a set of weights or a fricken refrigerator you can move silver. I am working on my 100-pound stack of silver. Day-by-day. The good thing is that most people have never seen a 100-ounce silver bar. I could set it on my desk or bookshelf and tell people it was a bar of lead for bullets. Most folks wouldn’t have a fucking clue as to the difference.

              • Philosopher

                The Precious Metal store that I buy coins from has a One thousand ounce bar from the Spanish Galleon, “Atocha”

                Now that’s a doorstop.

                • SS: too funny! Isn’t that the Mel Fisher wreck? Watched a special about it this weekend. Some really beautiful coins and gold from that wreck!

                  • Philosopher

                    That’s it.

                    Was down to the museum and had a chance to hold a 70 ounce bar of gold from the wreck, encased in a plastic security box.

                    Last I heard some one broke into the museum and got the bar of gold.

          • Phulofshitsopher… yeah and if a BS turd could fly you’d be winging it.

        • Aljamo

          How much silver is too heavy?

          • SS: hehehehehe 🙂

          • Slingshot… how much is too much? More than I can carry around on my body safely.

            • aljamo.

              Good point. Without the jingling too. ;0)

      11. I’ve read the postings on the internet regarding the increased
        lay offs in the oil industry and increase in suicides in Canada.
        Nothing to poke fun at although much can be said for their wisdom in handling their monies wisely and having fore thought.

        But, it is the same here in the USA. When it really happens here,
        what you see in Canada will just be magnified here.

        It could be a long hot summer in the states.

      12. The Tug boat company I retired from was sold 6 times,the last time most of us captains cashed in our 401k and stocks,we received a good bit of money after tax.One of my friends got over 200grand.I ask him what he was going to invest his windfall in,he told me “houses and lots”,I said that would be a good investment,he said “right,whore houses and lots of rum”.I still laugh when I think about what he said.Knowing him he was serious.

        • Thats pretty funny Capn j, as i read yer post was thinking real estate then got to punch line,,,
          Good one, ten thumbs up!

      13. Oil way down, but gold going up… don’t buy gold…the government will reset its price.

      14. Hmmm, Back when the Kock Bros were trying to corner the silver market, some guys at work were buying silver for $50 plus an oz. and thought they were being smart ( and they thought they were smart in their minds ) and would make big bucks. Then the market went down and they lost big time. I recently picked up some silver rounds for 2/3 ‘s less then what they paid for it.

        • Al, Unless the Koch bros have invested in silver that I did not hear about,,,, I think you are talking about the billionaire Hunt bros from Texas who in the 1980s cornered the silver market and ran it up to $50. But it backfired on them and fell back to pre runup levels. They had one of the biggest losses on record at the time. Silver has an old saying going way back,,, “Silver makes poor men rich and rich men poor” ,,, a very true old saying. KF

      15. Don’t forget about the asteroid that is coming tomorrow at 1 P.M.

        • Oh ya thanks, I need to buy an extra 4 rolls of toilet paper for that one 🙂

        • Actually, it arrived exactly on time and it did explode over the Atlantic Ocean. But it wasn’t as big as advertized, and it didn’t make a splash.

          A lot like Marco Rubio. 🙂

        • Sling, a few other predictions we are still waiting for. Reagan’s Trickle down voodoo economics, Y2K Crash, Jebus Returning, Mike Snyder’s economics crashes, Alien Space Invaders, If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, the War will pay for the Oil, Read my lips, no new taxes, I did not have sexual relations with that cow in the blue dress. And what does it matter, at this point..


          • WWTI

            You have had to be around for awhile to catch all those. Nothing happens in real time and how many times we have been lied to.
            I am sure a few here don’t care what happens in the elections. We have our own problems to deal with.
            I do not have the fear of crime. Whether it will happens to me or others. When I see people hurting others like the “knock out game” or see people running for a job that 6000 are applying for. It doesn’t have the effect on me as before.
            When the reset happens, I am not going to put up with the bull.

          • Mooooo

        • With a lovely trail of debris following it…….aka judgment!

        • I have it circled on my Mayan calendar.

          Oh wait! That calendar ran out a little bit ago after it was hit by the yearly non-visit from fake planet Nibiru

      16. I summon the real Wishmaster to deliver gifts in return for all your great works (WORLDS WORKS). Cannot wait.
        Fuck them all I wish the world for the dead. Aliens and Gods make it happen by sending 10 big asteroids targeting planet Earth and that it won’t even hurt if you destroy the Sun too.

        • ht tp://www.thedailysheeple.com/alleged-cia-agent-leaks-inside-knowledge-of-planet-x-after-viewing-it-through-hubble-space-telescope_032016

          Mac’s sister site

          • CIA stands for

            I find it hard to take them seriously , especially when they are not on WE the peoples team

            Im sure if they “think something” its to propagandize it , or to use it to control us, even if its a lie or the truth , it will be used to subjugate us , not serve us

      17. Excessive debt is never a good idea for people or countries. The countries have bought the votes of the poor by making promises they cannot keep.

      18. The biggest bunch of stun-bunnies has to be the Canadians. They are soooo blind to what is coming their way. With Prime Minister Flaky-Flake in charge, Canadians have been set up for the final pump-and-dump (bailed out banks during the 2008 crisis, blowing up epic housing bubble, turning all Canadians into heavily-indebted dumb-f#cks). They will be selling their resources for pennies on the dollar in desperation to get any money they can coming in.

      19. if this is a surprise to anyone.. than they weren’t really paying any attention

      20. As Mark Dice demonstrated, most people have no clue what the value of a bar of silver is, choosing a chocolate bar over a 10oz bar of silver on the street. But, shortly after a crisis that awareness will rise…actually a very good thing that Joe Blow doesn’t care about the stuff right now. As far as preps go, I share the opinion of some who believe there will be a silver “window” in bad times that will allow for the purchase of hard goods before things completely fall apart. Food, water and shelter- and a way to protect the above are the highest priorities on my list, but I want some PMs, even if they are only to use as a bribe. Opsec on our silver ownership is, needless to say- very high here at the hacienda.

        Silver is super easy to hide as Philo said earlier. Doesn’t need burying. The right size pvc pipe can hold plenty of rounds and be mounted in the garage to hold tools upright. Under the sink to look like part of the plumbing. Part of the window treatments or Christmas decorations.

        • 2IO: I like the way you think! What are the Feds going to do? Check every little piece of PVC pipe in the entire country? LMAO. Sure!

      21. ” in the news today , some more shit we made up”

        “and here is some shit we want you to believe today”

      22. Organizations centralise power and wealth at the top. At that point the organization exists mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. That is the nature of organization. And organization destroys the sovereign individual and freedom. Organization and freedom are mutually exclusive. Organization is always moving in the direction of devolution of the individual. The oldest form of socialization is the social insects who are so specialized the individual can’t live outside the organization. Organization is always moving in the direction of enslavement and extinction. Evolution is toward the sovereign individual.

        So far there is no evidence that the people can control an organization for long. And no hope once the Masters of deception and manipulation take over that centralized power. You need look no further than government and religion to clearly see all this at work.

        The only know solution to the enslavement caused by organization is to disallow organization. A wise people will understand the danger of organization and shun organization minded people and never allow them to organize.

        Organization is at or near the root of all our major problems. The slavemasters could never enslave us and create hell on earth without organization. An organization minded people will always be enslaved or well on the way to being so.

        Control by organization has always been around but is hidden in plain sight. The Masters of deception are highly skilled magicians.

      23. Chinese Hackers Break Into NY Fed, Steal $100 Million From Bangladesh Central Bank

        …and then laundered it through Philippine casinos.

        “some of the funds” have been recovered

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-07/chinese-hackers-break-ny-fed-steal-100-million-bangladesh-central-bank

        • KM: I read that article earlier this morning. What next for the digital money? Or the electrical grid which is also vulnerable to being hacked. Who knows?

          • Philosopher,

            I read this morning at Zerohedge…

            Someone in the Philippines requested $100 million through SWIFT from Bangladesh’s FX reserves. Nothing suspicious about that.

            “Some 250 central banks, governments, and other institutions have foreign accounts at the New York Fed, which is near the centre of the global financial system,” Reuters notes.

            “The accounts hold mostly U.S. Treasuries and agency debt, and requests for funds arrive and are authenticated by a so-called SWIFT network that connects banks.”

            “A Federal Reserve Bank of New York spokeswoman said on Monday there was no sign its systems had been hacked after Bangladesh Bank reported the missing funds.

            There is no evidence that any Fed systems were compromised, the spokeswoman said.”

            ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-03-09/wheres-our-100-million-angry-bangladesh-holds-fed-responsible-historic-theft

      24. Most of humanity has always been enslaved by the Masters of deception and manipulators of organizations. But humanity is trained to look at the symptoms for solutions just like the medical industry treats symptoms and ignores the root.

        We are trained to look for our solutions to crimes against humanity within the very organizations that make that hell on earth possible. We are trained to argue politics, economics, and religion never realizing that those organizations are enslaving us and will never offer us a solution. That is how a limited hangout works. They get us focusing on solutions that address symptoms far from the root. We must focus on making organizations unacceptable. No other way to control them. It is insane to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result. But humanity has done that probably from the start by organising then spending each lifetime fighting organizations to get back freedom. Total insanity. Sovereign individuals despise organization.

      25. For most people it is impossible to envision how a community of sovereign individuals could and have worked. Most have never heard of the concept that is hidden in plain sight. Such a community must be free from any interference from any organization. That means organization is prohibited by wisedom of the people.
        Just as important the right to violence must be given to the individual and never the state. No organization allowed to exist let alone given right to violence.
        One exception. An organized military is necessary to fight off an organization such as a nation of organization minded people. Organization is always stronger than the individual. But that military can easily enslave the sovereign individuals that needed to create it.

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