They Said Go To College: “It Seems Something Went Wrong on the Road To Riches”

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    This article was originally published by James Quinn at The Burning Platform.


    When I graduated from college in 1986 it was easy to get a job. The economy was booming and 82% of college graduates had a job. The other 18% were probably raising kids because their college educated spouse made enough to raise a family. The mantra for my entire life has been – go to college and you’ll get a good paying job. It seems something went wrong on the road to riches. The percentage of college graduates with jobs has been falling for the last 30 years and has been plummeting since 2008. It is now at an all-time low of 74.3%. Shouldn’t these people have obtained jobs since the government tells us the unemployment rate has dramatically dropped from 10% to 5.5% since 2009?


    Not only is college graduate labor participation at record lows, but those getting jobs didn’t need a college degree in the first place to get that job, in the majority of cases. A new Careerbuilder survey indicates that though the majority of Class of 2014 college graduates are currently working, 51% of that group are in jobs that don’t require a degree. This is up dramatically from the 38% found in the 2010 US Census survey. The Careerbuilder survey also found that only 36% of 2014 college graduates had obtained full-time permanent jobs. The findings are as follows:

    • 65 percent of recent college grads are employed (of these, 36 percent are in full-time, permanent positions; 17 percent are in part-time, permanent positions; and 12 percent are in temporary/contract positions). Fifty-one percent are in jobs related to their college major.
    • 4 percent are in internships.
    • 31 percent are not working at all (although many in this group haven’t started their job search or are already back in school to pursue a higher degree). Of this group, not even half (43 percent) say they’re currently looking for a job.
    • Only 44 percent expect to make more than $30,000 their first year out of college.


    So we have less and less college graduates being employed, a majority of college graduates ending up with jobs that don’t require a college degree, many getting part-time temp jobs, and even if they get a job their wages are low. What did Obama and his minions do in 2009? They take over the entire student loan program for the country and proceed to dole out $600 billion of new student loans to anyone who could fog a mirror, let alone add or subtract. Millions have been lured into irreversible chains of debt over the last six years in order for Obama to artificially lower the reported unemployment rate, while pumping billions into consumer spending through a devious backdoor method. Now the brilliant summa cum laude graduates of the University of Phoenix are pouring into the marketplace with $30,000 of student loan debt and interviews at Ruby Tuesday, Texas Roadhouse, and TGI Fridays.


    Student loan debt has surpassed $1.3 trillion and the American taxpayer is now on the hook. At least 30% of the outstanding debt is already in default or deferral. The students are left with a debt burden that can’t be written off by declaring bankruptcy, very few jobs in their fields of study, wages that can barely cover the debt payments, and no chance of ever owning a home. They were told by their parents, politicians, and the mainstream media that college was the path to prosperity. They were lied to.

    The Federal Reserve and the politicians in Washington D.C. have destroyed our economy with their debt based solutions and vast array of laws, regulations, and taxes, which have drained the life out of our financial system. The number of good paying new jobs for college graduates will continue to decline, but the amount of government backed student loans continues to go up by $5 billion per month. Those who have been unwittingly convinced college was a great idea, will pay for the rest of their lives. Or at least until the $500 billion taxpayer bailout when future president Clinton or Bush decides to relieve the burden of potential voters in a future election. Our hole is deep, but we just keep digging deeper. And the vested interests get richer as students and taxpayers go deeper into debt. They like the system just as it is.

    This article was originally published by James Quinn at The Burning Platform.


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      1. I have a degree. But the real education was when I found out that I wasn’t built to work in a cubicle trying to claw my way up to middle management and topping out at 50k.
        Now I work much harder, much longer, make about the same money but am much happier.

        • Being 19, I get asked well why don’t you go to college. I simply respond, I have a well paying job garunteed when I wake up in the morning waiting for me. My dad is still paying student loans and isn’t even in the job field he has a degree in. Point is, in this economy, ill take what i can get.

          • from what i see allot of the kids who went to college and got degrees that were of very little job demand are the ones who are in trouble, the kids who researched and got degrees on viable jobs are doing well for the most part ( of course there are always a few exceptions) a relative of mine and his college friends ALL graduated and got great paying jobs in there respective fields, ie mechanical and electrical engineering.

            • Golly, I figurred colleg tipes wuz shmarter thun thet.


                “…when future PRESIDENT CLINTON OR BUSH decides.”

                • Yeah! No s–t! I spotted that, seams as though the ‘fix’ is in.

            • Fuk the idiots who borrowed truckloads of cash and spent it on everything BUT tuition. But then, I guess one COULD consider beer pong a marketable skill.

            • It used to be that you got hired due to experience. If experience was in doubt you would get hired on a contingency basis that you could show your skills for a few months then you went permanent or were let go if you were no good. Today for these same jobs they want a college degree of some sort and wont even talk to you if you don’t have one. Im a commercial refrigeration tech. I earned $25 per hour in 1985. Today I earn the same. Even my state is trying to tell me I have to get a license from them to work. Dont you have a right to work in this country? And to get a license they want me to go to school for 4 years. I was even told by an inspector that I do have the right to work but working in my field is a privilege and requires a license because I work with people……. I told him everyone works with people and if that was a requirement where was his license.
              Ill continue to work without a license until I get fired or cited by the state. Then ill sue.

              • Next time ask him “Can the state issue a license for an illegal activity?” The answer is of course no. Therefor everything that the state requires a license for must be lawful to do without a license or else the state becomes complicit in a criminal act.

                • A license makes legal what would otherwise be an illegal activity.

                  Legal with it, illegal without it.

                  Long established law.

                  • RUBISH!! If you believe that I got some prime bottom land in Florida to sell you. Check out Marburg vs Madison US Supreme ct decision in which the opinion states that “The State cannot convert a ‘right’ into a privilege and attach license fee’s and penalties to it.

                    In 1958 the US Supreme ct ruled that if a state converts a ‘right’ into a privilege the citizen may ignore that law with impunity.

                    “Long established law.” my ass. Said ‘law’ does not exist.

              • Joe,move out of the Red state you now must live in & go to a Red state where you will be allowed to work!

            • This is it in a nutshell apache. You are right. Study marketable skills and knowledge and you’ll be fine.
              My wife and I both are in demand with our medical licenses and we took turns getting our degrees and had little to no student loan debt.
              My daughter has some student loan debt for her BS degree but was wise enough to sign up for a 2-year stint at Teach America; in return for her 2-years of working at an inner city school in Philly with disabled kids ( yes we worried some for her safety) however they covered her costs to finish her Masters Degree at Penn University and now she has Ivy league on her resume–she did it with hard work and smarts and also has her choice of job offers.
              People need to think outside of the box or do it the old fashioned way–work to pay for school and take lighter course loads. So what if it takes 6 or 7 years to get your degree if you graduate without debt?

            • Yup, the engineers, computer sciences, petroleum geologists, medicine, and related fields are getting hired.

              The English majors, lawyers, social sciences folks are starving. They’re graduating thousands of lawyers every year, with not enough honest work for them to do, so we get a sue-happy society to keep them busy.

          • John in MT: You are much wiser that I was at your age.

            There is an author, James Altucher that wrote a book called Choose Yourself. I would encourage you to read it. It certainly has affected my life in positive ways.
            I don’t regret getting my degree but I could have learned the same things on my own for a fraction of the cost.

          • I think we are dependent on our education and our connections in the business world. If you don’t have both , you will be hindered.

          • My son is 20 and is a carpenter. He builds mostly custom items but is still learning from a pretty vast group of local guys who are all friends but each have a specialty. Some days he’s building frames and others he’s waxing vanities. Just depends.

            My husband had a tough time with it as he’s all about the degree. But he sees this is working.

            I think you will be at an advantage later when everyone is paying off their loans. It took USA loooong time to pay off my husbands $92,000 student to be a M.E.

        • off topic:

          Air Force veteran chic ‘saves’ American flag from punks walking on it and gets arrested. But it was OK for her to get (paid to be) naked and use an American flag to cover her cooch. That was different.

        • All the answers are in the Book, not shrugged or forth turned, the real Book which neither Brandon or you have read. If you are on the right side of things, you only know one thing we win. The boss of the “globalists” is not Soros but it does start with an S.

      2. I never bit on the cheese in that trap.
        Careers were too much like being an
        indentured servant for forty years to me.
        Chose the carefree highway instead.
        No regrets.

        • Why pigeonhole yourself into 1 area of so called expertise? I have learned several different skills during my life so if plan A fails I have plan B and C. I make as much or more than a lot of college grads and work 6-7 months a year lol. Go to skool, get a job, keep your ass on that grindstone the rest of your life and suck some corp. kokk and hope you make it up the ladder. They can stick their corp. jobs and over rated education. A/C D/C had a good lyric… “you can stick your 9-5 living and the color in your tie, you can stick your moral standards cause it’s all a dirty lie…. you can stick your golden handshake, and stick your silly rules, and all the other SHIT that you teach the kids in school”

          • hello genius, what skills did you learn that make you more than most college grads. just curious, thanks

            • I make more than 50K doing plant maintenence, even without overtime. My community college was pay as you go. My employer at the time paid nothing, so I felt no guilt at moving on.

            • Geralt: Sounds like he may either work in some oil rig or perhaps as a merchant marine. Both jobs work very long, hard hours for months on end and then get some long breaks. They both require some training (schooling), and that costs, but nothing like a college degree would. Just a guess.

            • Union equipment operator, solar designing and installing, selling equipment.If I feel like working 7 months its about 50k.

              • That doesn’t include side work. I work to live, NOT live to work 🙂

                • My husband lives to work. He puts in crazy hours, 80 hour workweek and loves it.

                  Wish he’d see what he’s missing.

              • genius, you sound like you’re really full of shit. I doubt you make ANYTHING outside of your monthly social security payment.

                • You sound jealous idiot. Now get back to McDonalds and protest for more money lol.

              • What has happened to the world? I made a bit over $51K in 1990. NAFTA and other trade agreements? Useless college degrees? If I was in the younger generation I would be raising hell as it does not look like you guys are going to do better. With robotics and electronics automation I’d say you are in deep bandini.

          • Hell just move to washington and make 15 bux an hour at McDonalds. You will make 31,200 a year! And get fed free fries!

            • @jeenyus; If $15 an hour is good pay, then you are the problem. Having a college degree is not the problem. It is how you get it. Going to a community college and then to a “state” institution will get you a degree with little debt. Also, as a veteran, most of your education can be paid for. STEM degrees get jobs…degrees in “interdisciplinary studies”, “sociology”, “psychology”, “italian literature”, etc. DON’T GET JOBS…well at Starbucks they do, I guess. THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT A SKILLED WORKER, WELDER, PIPEFITTER, MACHINIST ETC. don’t make good money, they do. An ASE mechanic can make %60K a year in the right setting. Use your brain and economic sense and you can do good either way.

              • That Women’s Studies degree really took me places …

                • Hahaha!!!!

              • Good pay for you not me. I make more than twice that.

            • re: $15/hr as a hunger relief technician

              Maybe we can start a betting pool on the date of the grand opening of the first RoboBurger franchise. People like me will be installing that equipment.

              • The only reason I even disclosed that much info was to make a point that you don’t need college to make a decent living. It took me years to get into the position I am now. As for the 100 per hour for equipment sales Heres how it works. Look in a 200 mile radius for used or new panels online. If its a deal I can make money on I buy them and clean, teast, resell them. I bought 13 large panels new and made 70 bux on each one. The total labor I put into it was about 3 hours. Thats 910 bux for 3 hours work. I bought a new inverter for 1000 sold it for 1500 total hours labor about 3. Do the math. Just because some punk kid can’t comprehend what skilled labor pays in a good area and it baffles him how much money you can make wheeling and dealing he poops his diaper. I really don’t give a shit if anyone believes me but adults know how much a 22 year veteran operator makes.

      3. Education starts the day after graduation.

      4. We have turned to a service orientated society. Medical degrees are much favorable in jobs than other areas, but that’s because the government is footing a lot of that service.

        If I were to advise kids planning to go to college, I’d tell them as an option to find an apprenticeship in a field you like and get skills in another.

        • “We have turned to a service orientated society.”

          That is actually the absence of an economy which is inherently unsustainable. A Chrysler plant closed and they had advisors at the UAW Union Hall to give advice to the laid off workers. My wives family was caught up in it. The advisor said for them to get skills in the, “Hospitality Industry”. I told the “advisor” that is not an industry. Wealth is not created there. The look on her face was a puzzled stare.

          • a service oriented society produces nothing. We have far surpassed the unsustainable result of too many parasite takers and too few producing makers. the socialist government has run out of other peoples money to spend. The result is the 18 trillion dollar debt.There isn’t a pot of gold at the end of the education rainbow.

            • The “service economy” was planned for in the late 90’s….to assist working America do and take care of things at home and in our lives, so we could focus on working (for the man). That concept came about as Bass shoe company started to move production overseas (that is when I became aware of America’s manufacturing decline)…this was an American company making quality shoes.

              Since then, it has morphed, by design, into a concept of low wage opportunities….as we all know, the biggest budget of any company is payroll and benefits.

              While I mention central planning, let me remind all of you, government take over of health care was also planned for as the feds knew there would be a “crisis” when baby boomers retired. This was discussed in health care circles for as long as I can remember….(I have been in the field for over 35 years….)….No rainbow, no gold….only debt…..

              • The vaulted, “Service Economy” was a stop gap, short term, unsustainable, velocity of money driven, employment producer that was designed to last long enough for the US manufacturing sector to be shipped overseas thus placating the displaced workers with some false hope.

      5. Do drop outs have less problems than the well educated.

        Either way they can pick up a gun and shoot at you.

        • Bush, Cheney, Obama, & Putin all have advanced degrees. Anyone for a good war? As do the Banksters who have raped & destroyed the American economy, as do the industrialists & MBAs who have exported profitable companies to China because slave labor makes even more money. The long-haired ‘organizers’ who can be seen orchestrating all the “hands up don’t shoot” demonstrations likely also have degrees. My last job before retiring as an industrial electronic tech with a GED paid $85K (non-union). Could have made much more if I wanted longer hours. What am I missing?

          • Like me you could make more if you wanted but, I have never heard anyone on their death bed say ” I wish I would have spent more time at work ” lol.

      6. College is like food. There is nutritious food that takes an effort to prepare has some flavor and junk food that is quick, easy, fun and tasty. All degrees are not equal. My friends son got a degree in Film Editing from Temple University for the then cost of about $70k. From a labor market standpoint it was a waste of time but the kid wants to be employed in something they like. The problem is what you like has very limited to no opportunities. Needless to say no job in that field.

        Engineering, math, science and medicine are now and have been traditional well paying occupations. In the end a skilled tradesman that does not need a factory for employment can make a decent living. I put in three decades of rotating shift work early on in conditions that we’re just shy of intolerable. You can’t work in 140 deg heat? Oh yes you can but you can’t do it for long. Asbestos? Benzine? Both part of the landscape.

        College is not a panacea.

      7. All the Ivy league assholes ceo’s made profit by slashing jobs. We are a service economy now. Thank you ivy league fuckers.

        • As George Carlin said, “Its a big club and your not a member”.

      8. back in to early 70’s I attended 1 year of trade tech in L A after witch I told the school they were 20 years behind the electrical trade (still teaching things no longer used in the trade). I got a job with of all places the federal reserve bank in L A and after 4 years started my own company in 1976. 39 years later still going strong. my son is finishing up this dec. his 6 years of education he will have an AA and a BS from the U of A at a price of over $100,000.00 in total. already says he hates what school did to him, and will not use the degree. he has woke up though never really bought into the system. no loans he will not be a slave to the government master. my wife and I will be eating cat food…

      9. College is overrated the colleges steal$ from brainwashed people that thing they are gonna be something. This is one of the biggest scams right up there with cigarettes waste of $. If you believe in this I got some land for sale. Had a buddy went to college to be a physical therapist. Never became one still has the loans to pay. People dreams only come true at disney world reality is totally different. I remember teachers asking me what I wanna be when I get older. That’s how they try to discuss college. Then you’d check it out and the cost to go is outrageous with no promise of employment. No thanks I go to work and make $ now. Which is what I needed to do to survive. Any $ gains in income gets zeroed out by loan payments. I’m sick of intellectuals telling people how to live be educated and cultured fuck them idiots they can’t even change a tire. Seriously no commonsense. I can get the same education renting library books for free. They give you a degree that’s the only difference that don’t make you smart.

        • thumbs up asshat!

      10. I graduated Sam Houston State in Texas. It cost $25,000 for all four years including housing, food, books everything. That was in 1994.

        My niece is about to attend Sam Houston. According to SAMs own web site it will cost $10,000 a semester, not including living expenses.

        That is $80,000 for 4 years.

        Totally outrageous.

        I am lucky that I was able to pay as i went. If the Government would stop underwriting student loans the costs of college would fall off. The only reason it costs so much is that people get student loans to cover it with no thought of ever having to pay it back.

        It still have many friends 20 years later that are still paying on student loans.

        It is nothing more than a second mortgage.

      11. I hate hearing the folks that say it’s a waste of time, or I don’t need a degree or even worse when I hear people say……”oh, he’s one of those college types”…….I work in a very, very, very blue collar industry, I have a college degree that I work right alongside those that have gone through the time and industry experience to gain the same credentials (minus the degree)……I also work with college grads that give the rest of us bad names along with those that came up the ranks and will constantly have a chip on their shoulder.

        Everyman has a choice, chose your path, make the best of it and it will be good for you, I have 20 year student loans that I pay off happily each month, best investment I ever made, in myself.

        • Well, my brilliant master degreed husband is in sales. Requiring no degree. Last year he made almost $200,000

          Thank God for that ‘degree’.
          Could’ve spent that 100k on a lot of preps.

      12. I’m 22, made over 60k for two years now, no college. everyone told me to go to school, bet i make more than most my age that did.

        • we are only talking about legal occupations here. Your homosexual prostitution does not count.

      13. I never went to collage, but my boys did. They both have a job that fits there degrees. That does not mean that as soon as they were out of school they walked into those jobs. It took a few years to get that job that they worked for in school.
        The one thing they both told me that is they learned more and fast after they graduated from the school. I told them good, you will keep learning and keep learning because that is the same school I am still attending and I have 20 plus years on you guys.
        The best School in the country… The School of Hard Knocks.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • I forgot they both have paid there loans off whit out any help from anyone or anything. Dad Very Proud!;-}

          • Take a course in gunsmithing and do it under the table. Now there’s a good deal 😉

            • I took a couple of courses in solar (cost 1900 bux) and got a job in 30 days starting at 15.00 and if I had stayed would be 25.00. But I had self education the prior 15 years and some experience too. Easy side money and pays well! Sell new and used equipment for big ass profits too! I have a 100% rating from all my customers and that helped me get a on grid job. Do auto repair or whatever you can make good money 🙂

              • Genius:
                That makes you a full blown Prepper. Keep up the good work
                I wish everyone had your mind set. Do what you have to survive and work to make yourself better.
                S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

                • Reb, yep knowing different things has helped me a lot. The best paying gig is selling solar equipment. On average I make 100 per hour for my labor 🙂

                • Northern Reb, wake up! You actually believe this guys bullshit? Have you ever noticed he knows everything about everything? He does all this big money making work but hangs around on this web site all day? THINK about it.

                  • Anon you are obviously jealous and stupid and never had a real job. Get one and shut your 12 year old piehole

                  • Did you read how much I work retard?

                    • Yeah “genius”, for somebody who works so ” much”, you sure seem to be hear posting a lot every day don’t you? You’re the typical bullshit artist, you’re better at EVERYTHING than anyone else, you’ve always got ALL the answers, you make all this money doing all this work but somehow find the time to post here multiple times every day, how long did you think it would take before someone of reasonable intelligence started putting the pieces together and decided something smells?

                    • I am off for a few months right now and I also post after work when I’m working. Get a clue little boy, the world is a lot bigger than you comprehend. I bet you could make some extra cash selling your little boy ass to some politicians lol.

                    • Anonboy, Point out anything I have ever posted that is bullshit. If you can’t then shut the fuck up and go back to mommys boobie.

      14. Forbes had a good story on how the college degree became a minimum work requirement: Thank (Or Blame) The Supreme Court For Credential Inflation

        The argument is that employers were forced to use a college degree as a kind of test for intelligence since they were essentially barred by anti-discrimination law from using actual intelligence tests. (Of course the idea that a college degree means one is more clever than another is BS, but employers needed some legal way to help them select whom they should and should not interview.)

        The young figured out that they didn’t have a chance at a good job without a degree and rushed to get them.

        Now so many have degrees that employers can’t really use them effectively to help make hiring decisions.

        Of course professional educators are happy. They’ve set themselves up as toll collectors.

        It doesn’t matter how clever, industrious, or enterprising one is, one must first pay just for the chance to work.

        • This is just a symptom of the reduction in standards for certain demographics.

          When I attended college for comp-sci, I had to study, work constantly, and be in every class. While I was steadily toiling away for a degree, I watched another person come into class late, if they were there at all, and sleep through most of the lectures. Magically, 4 years is up, and we both get degrees. Me? Magna Cum, because I got really sick my last semester. Him? Same GD degree even though he FAILED every single thing he put his name on.

          College isn’t the problem… The lowering of standards, OTOH, is.

          Degrees don’t mean that you’re smarter than someone else. They do, however, show that you’re willing to persevere and perform regardless of short term payout. Or at least, they used to.

          Degree destruction happens because we have to push certain folks through college lest we be called racists or sexists. Many people in STEM professions really shouldn’t be there, but the barrier to entrance had to be lowered, otherwise certain demographics would be even less represented than they are right now. I watched it happen, and then watched those self same people who couldn’t tell you JACK about a turing machine or how to construct a DFA. Forget predicate calculus.

          Lastly, YES to STEM professions. There’s money to be had here. Anyone who wants to make $100k + a year, PLEASE look into petroleum engineering… If you have the math chops and the work ethic to get through, you’ll have yourself a darn fine career in something that pays insanely well.

      15. I started college thirteen years ago. I never finished. I saw through the heap of crap I was being sold and went straight to work. I’ve hit a few bumps along the road, but I have almost always made more than my peers from high school. Instead of smoking pot, drinking, experimenting, and free loading I developed my work ethic. My resume is bulletproof. Any regrets on my part? Heck no. I began prepping my senior year of high school, married, have one child, two paid off vehicle that are mostly restored, no house payment, and all my brain cells. Thank God for all that.

      16. Please don’t tell me this is a recommendation to avoid college. As the saying goes, “You can cut down a tree faster with a sharp axe than with a dull axe.”

        • Jo-Sam: I wouldn’t say avoid college. But a person can receive an education in other places besides college.
          A degree doesn’t make anyone a “sharp ax” so to speak.

          • True that! A lot of people I know that have college are morons lol.

            • I know at least 11 peeps with degrees 4 masters no less, who are working as wait help or in food service one way or another,
              I know 3 guys with engineering degrees who are doing whatever odd jobs they can get to feed their families and self.
              A degree does not equal a job

          • Having a degree does not make anybody smarter. I does open doors that otherwise would not be open. A lot of careers require a degree to even be considered, like a school teacher. However, if you want to be a welder or pipe fitter, you can do that and make more money than a school teacher.

            The real problem is that getting the degree does not mean you will get more money than not getting the degree. More often than not a degree will not pay for itself in the end.

        • Jo-Sam:
          Where I work there is a lot of degrees and a lot of college educated people that it would make your head spin, but there are times that I have to ask myself if you have to go to college to be so STUPID!!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Of course there are always examples of college people who can’t find work in their fields, or non-college grads who make great livings. That’s not what I said.
          The point I’m trying to make is that a mind trained in higher math, science and critical thinking will in almost all cases be better at problem-solving than one that isn’t trained.
          Sharp axe, dull axe. Which would you pick?

          • And yet Fukushima leaks. Must have been all that critical thinking. I was thinking the pole axe would be suitable. That would be “hache” to a professor.

          • I worked with a college-educated IT person years ago. I had to show her how to format a floppy disk. She had years of college, but didn’t know some of the simple skills that an IT person was required to know. The school she had attended let her down.

      17. Hey Braveheart! Great News. I’ll be leaving communicut June first! Woohoo! Back to Gods country where I can shoot my AR all day long.

        Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers everybody.

      18. Off topic somewhat, yet the evil behind all this is mind boggling. I watched the episode on Vietnam on PBS, the madness was just obscene. The My Lai massacre slaughtering civilians, old men, women and children, calling them Vietcong sympathizers. The leaders of this is what kind of criminals run our government presently. I was drafted in 1970, I told the inducting interviewer that I didn’t believe in killing. I was sent to Vietnam in early 1971 assigned to 7th psyops printing leaflets to drop by the millions over the population. I had printing experience in vocational high school. I was fortunate to evade infantry, although the danger there was countrywide. I can’t believe the antiwar effort in America today is so suppressed. What are the American people waiting for to speak out against tyranny and murder planned against our very existence? Is America that dumbed down? It is contemptibly pathetic.

        • @aljamo
          People just dont care, they dont even watch MSM news and the vast majority have no idea what is really going on with anything other than Dancing with The Stars or the latest professional sports season, or Kim Karbutgirl,,,,
          Unless someone they personally know has gotten the shit blown out of them overseas or killed theyhave no clue what is going on and dont care.

        • The people responsible for the My Lai massacre were brought to justice. That was not the rule it was the exception. Make no mistake about it, the people running our government now are the socialists and communists of the 60’s and 70’s with the intent of destroying America. They got there by the same means they persuaded young people that our soldiers in Vietnam were nothing more than baby killers, they lied and they lied and they lied and they did what was necessary to accomplish the task by any means necessary.

      19. Depends on what u go to college for and where u live. My daughter is graduating next month as an RN, plenty of well paying jobs.
        Yes college is too expensive, campuses are becoming little kingdoms, some professors are paid ludicrous amounts, as are some college presidents. Too much is spent on sports that don’t generate any money, money wasted on ignorant courses.

      20. Sorry but O ff topic..
        Kill jew ads can run on nyc buses. So i can run kill muslims ads on buses if we want to? The political correct morons and muslims would have a fit, screw em.

      21. The Washington Post today ran an article about the sufferings of recent law school graduates, and how hard it has become on law schools. Seems there is decreasing demand for lawyering. All together now, let our hearts bleed for the long-suffering among us who demand $400 an hour to do anything.

        A lot of people went to law school because at the ripe old age of 21 or 22, they didn’t know what they wanted to be when they grew up. But they knew they wanted to be well paid.
        I own the crying towel concession. The line forms to the right.

      22. Case Study: I went to college and worked full time to boot. Got a Masters and then a Doctorate. Topped out at $60k/yr.

        My kid brother never made it out of high school; he can hardly put three words together in a sentence and speak plainly.

        BUT–he joined a local international union at day #1, and now he makes $200k as a factory crane operator, works 7am to 3pm, full bennies, great retirement and has a stock and bond portfolio the envy of many. The majority of his work crew is Mexican in the factory; he says “white people no longer want to work or get their hands dirty.”

        He just worked the Easter weekend and grossed $3k for 3 days.


      23. I’m saving my B.S. Degree and my Paralegal certificate as fire-starters in my prepper supplies…..useless classes….wasted time and money…..

        I made $133K last year with an Associate’s degree working one FT job and one PT job as a CT technologist on nights….mostly surfing the net for doomer/prepper/alternate media links between occasional patients…

        That combined with my military disability pension put me right at $142K…..College is a scam.

      24. The American college system is an industry. They are interested in perpetuating it and making profits and keeping the faculty well paid. The education of the student and their getting good paying jobs after graduating is far from important to them. However the public is catching on to their lying scheme. Many degrees are utterly worthless and leave the student with a huge mountain of insurmountable debt and dismal job prospects. As many Americans wise up or cannot afford the tuition the universities are looking to foreign students (mostly Chinese) to keep the profits coming in. The education game has been exposed and the curtain is coming down. Thank God.

      25. I don’t have a college degree and I’m 32 now.
        I was a snowmobile tour guide from 18 to 22yrs old making 100 a day + tips. Horseback trail guide in the summers. I had the time of my life.
        Worked at Lowes delivering washers and dryers from 22 to 24. 1600 a month. Graduated the police academy with a 89.8% final grade and choose not to work with a bunch of jack booted thugs.

        Then I started working on a drilling rig in many different states from 24 to 30. Making 65 to 92K a year. 6 months on 6 off.
        Now I work for a company that caters to the oil field Internationally making 155,000 last year only working 6 1/2 months out of the year as service engineer! All meals paid for travel, room and board. All those teachers that said I would never be anything or make above min wage can pound sand!! All possible through the great Lord above.

      26. In most instances but not all, college is nothing more than a grand illusion hyped up by circus vendors. Been there, got the T-shirt.

      27. Got my degree in realism at VU (Vietnam University), the best degree I could have gotten. Sure open my eyes to what to do in life. Now retired debt free small farm pays all the bills, out by myself, clear fields of fire 360, just living the life. Oh spent my working career as Oil Field Trash.

      28. It’s even harder when you have to fight minority hiring. My son has 2 degrees. One is Criminal Justice. You would think
        police dept and sheriff office would hire him. Smart , built, clean cut white educated person. Nope, they hire uneducated blacks and thugs. I forced him to go to college so he could get a decent job, best he can do is 10/hr with no benefits. So,—- back to nursing school this fall.

        • Mike
          Has he tried small town departments? The pay isn’t as good but why waist his degree.
          I wish him luck!

          • Hey sargy, try a remedial reading course sometime. The word is waste a degree, not waist a degree. And you’re the one that people supposedly put in ” charge” of their prepper group? If that’s true, there is certainly no shortage of stupidity in Illinois is there?

            • Hey Anonymous:

              Sgt. Dale has been on this board for years. Has a worthwhile point of view based on years of experience. He respects people who deserve his respect.

              I don’t give a damn how he spells. I listen to the stories that he tells (line stolen from the Yardbirds circa 1966)

              I deliberately omitted that final period Anonytrash. If you don’t like it go blow a goat

              • John Allen, sounds to me like you are an admitted expert on goat blowing. You obviously majored in ” Animal Husbandry”. Yeah, you believe his ” stories” don’t you, don’t mind he’s bull shitting you because you ” like” to hear his stories. If you’re as stupid as you sound, then by all means worship your cop idol, I’ll be laughing like Hell when he turns on you.

                • Anonnytrash,

                  The biology course I took didn’t cover trolls. But if you abide by normal mammalian topography you have two orifices. Visualizing two billygoats taking full possession of both yours makes me chortle. Perhaps trolls have several more? Then there’s that empty space inside your skull.

                  Seriously, you malign the guy because of his spelling? What have you ever contributed to this site?

                  • John, he contributes NOTHING and is a big FAILURE at trying to prove himself. A low intellect little boy who is shadowed by the people on this forum. Just a jealous, know nothing, pathetic little creature that writes checks his ass can’t cash lol.

      29. Gotta love them libertarians – it’s always the end of the world, or the government wanting to enslave the citizens, or the bad ol Jews running the USA from a shadow government.
        Have you heard the latest? Not only was 9-11 an ‘inside’ job, bit now it was done with an atomic bomb.

        • zionist troll

        • Well, of course the government doesn’t want to enslave us.

          You are being spied on for your own good. If you are doing nothing wrong, what should you fear? Gotta capture them “terrists” and stop them crazy Iranians and Russians from raining bombs on everyone.

          Government employees are only looking out for you. The police are here to serve and protect you. If you question their authority, you must be a Communist or have a mental illness. We should welcome their help and show our loyalty by honoring them with the name of “hero” every day. When you see them giving a well-deserved beatdown to someone, see if you can help by knocking the phone cameras out of the hands of those filming the beating.

          Make sure you pledge your allegiance to the corporate flag every day ending with the chant “USA, USA, USA”.

          Now go watch some sports or FOX news.

          And don’t forget to vote for Jeb Bush and check the presidential campaign donation box on your 1040 when you pay your taxes with a smile.


      30. The great thing about America is you can make it and do very well for yourself and family without a college degree. The lie is still being told. Kids are made to feel worthless if they don’t go to college. I have two kids who will go to college. They have very high aspirations. They want to be medical doctors. The other kids. Not so sure. Think they will benefit from a vocational school and learn auto mechanics. One might go into the military to blow stuff up. Who knows.
        The good thing is if your kids want to go to college they can do it while in high school. My daughter is graduating high school this year and will be a sophomore in college due to a program that is probably at most high schools called PSEO. Don’t know what it stands for but she goes half days to high school and attends a local university during the afternoon. My tax dollars pay for it but at least I am seeing some use of my dollars. She will attend a university that she will contribute half, by waitressing, and we will contribute the other half. Graduate with no debt and in three years. Med school is another story all together. There are ways to get that paid for as well. Like working in undesirable places for a few years.
        I agree most jobs don’t require a degree. Most are on the job training. A great lie has been perpetrated just so some professors and others can hide in academia. What’s the saying…those that can,do it, those that can’t ,teach.

        • i have a medical degree and it costs so much to get it relative to the pay these days.
          Research it for your children’s sake.

          • We have researched and continue to research. They may change their minds when faced with the cost of doing it. They will inherit a little money from grandma so that will offset the cost if that is what they decide to go with.
            Time will tell. Hell shtf could happen and they could be stuck here raising livestock and gardening.
            Had our first litter of baby bunnies last night.

      31. Well if you don’t go to college in this country right now… you will find yourself self employed or unemployed. Many can make it but many get stuck in the rut of less than middle of the road jobs today because all those great paying jobs of long ago went south… say what you want about college they sure don’t teach you anything in high school.. you just have to smart enough not to get a monster student loan to be a 30 thousand dollar a year social worker. On the job training is great but without a degree most won’t let you in the door because your competition has a degree!

        • We have researched and continue to research. They may change their minds when faced with the cost of doing it. They will inherit a little money from grandma so that will offset the cost if that is what they decide to go with.
          Time will tell. Hell shtf could happen and they could be stuck here raising livestock and gardening.
          Had our first litter of baby bunnies last night.

      32. You can have all the degrees you want, BUT when TSHTF they can be used as T.P. The only two things will matter Faith in God and Hard Work.

        College can’t teach common sense. And that is where it is at, when TSHTF. They don’t teach how to be a Good Old Boy that can Hunt, Fish, and prepare his bounty in college.


      33. The USA were #1 propaganda spewing filthy disgusting colleges of Corporatist Fascist evil shit stain Murica are nothing more than a profit center for money pig fascist filth, where brain dead dumbed down ignorant boot licking young fascist Brown Shirts become more indebted to the most evil vile Corporatist Fascist FEUDAL SYSTEM the world has ever known. Of course the young, dumb, and full of cum fascist boot licking chemically altered toxic dumps use some of the $30,000.00 average debt the idiots accumulate to party at Spring Break around the country, where the young boot licking coddled COWARD PUSSIES consume massive amounts of the shit drug of alcohol. Of course the chemically altered dumbed down young boot licking coward pussies eat as much poisonous toxic processed shit food as they can, so they can be the most ignorant filthy fascist boot licking Muricans they all strive to be in the evil collapsing Corporatist Fascist GENOCIDAL shithole of the world.

      34. Now i know why was attacked by Mr M. about the misscles in Lubbuck Texas. David Hodges just posted a response.

        Mr Kanine, Mr M, and possbile others with a new handle. Not sure how these azz clowns will respond to this article. Lets see if i am going to be getting chewed out a again. But this article is some really damning evidence.

        I can expect to be called more names after this post. One thing is a certainty, i can trust David Hodges 100%.

        • I only thought you were crazy before, now I know you’re crazy. Don’t every trust anyone 100% you’re just drinking hodge’s koolaid instead of obammy’s

      35. Married to an MBA, smart as a whip, pretty as a new-in-the-box 1911A!

        It used to be that for every one year of college you have you make like 20K more than the average person. Maybe not anymore?

        Off topic: Watch out for the Trans Pacific trade Treaty. If “Emperor Barry the First” gets fast track on this thing, you can kiss the Congress/Court’s control of our borders bye-bye!

        I hear that they are erecting huge signs in D.C. that read, “STICK A FORK IN ME,BECAUSE I’M DONE….signed the former Republic of the United States”. If not, they should, I weep for America.

        Watch out fur them hogs!

      36. My BRISTLE for yesterday/today……

        CNN interviewing a Turkey diplomat who said he was in America to meet with the right people who would help Turkey overcome its porous borders…..

        Asking for American boots on the ground to protect Turkey from terrorists coming across their border.

        OH THE IRONY OF IT ALL.. you could not make this insanity up if you tried…..

      37. God and faith in him is the most important thing, especially in times of persecution and unfairness.

        Then a ROI on any degree/job should be calculated. But having a college degree versus not having one is a useless debate – the jobs have been off shored or made part time and with lower wages, so there is no consistent route to wealth for the younger generation, who are made to be enslaved and impoverished by the bankers and their brethren.

        This ends with much poverty, and then war. The banksters have brainwashed the people and own all movements via subversion, so even if a revolution were to happen, the snare on the common people would become tighter. Waiting for and spreading the word of God is key; one day this beast and global economic system have to be destroyed.

        • Lastly, be mindful of the things you think of. For we live in a time of spiritual warfare and ‘impure’ thoughts over time lead to these impressions being engraved into the neural network of the brain, thus leading to negative behaviours and separation from God.

        • Lastly, be mindful of the things you think of. For we live in a time of spiritual warfare and ‘impure’ thoughts over time lead to these impressions being engraved into the neural network of the brain, thus leading to negative behaviours and separation from God.

        • Lastly, be mindful of the things you think of. For we live in a time of spiritual warfare and ‘impure’ thoughts over time lead to these impressions being engraved into the neural network of the brain, thus leading to negative behaviours and separation from God.

        • Lastly, be mindful of the things you think of. For we live in a time of spiritual warfare and ‘impure’ thoughts over time lead to these impressions being engraved into the neural network of the brain, thus leading to negative behaviours and separation from God.

        • Lastly, be mindful of the things you think of. For we live in a time of spiritual warfare and ‘impure’ thoughts over time lead to these impressions being engraved into the neural network of the brain, thus leading to negative behaviours and separation from God.

          • The moneychangers were shown the exit to the Temples. All others were deemed salvageable. That is something we should be mindful of. The doctrine of empirical evidence always points to greed, always has.

      38. I do not have a college degree, only a few IT certs and I make a little over $80k/year in Southern CA where cost of living is super high. I work right along side other people who have bachelors and associates degrees, some make a lot less than me. Not saying that a degree is not necessary but in my case it did not help.

      39. If you’re a student and you’re planning on going to college, please, I’m begging you from the very depths of my heart, think very carefully before enrolling.

        I live in State College, PA, and like most people around here, I went to Penn State. Like many others, I did what society tells us to do; serve in the military (not saying this to boast), got my GI Bill, then enrolled at Penn State in 2000. Since I had interests in politics, economy, and environmental studies, I studied geography.

        When I graduated I was fortunate to land two jobs within 3 years, both in mapping. But since 2008, I haven’t worked in mapping due to the recession. No matter how much I maintained my skills, the job market in GIS in this area has dried up. For various reasons, I am unable to move away from this hellhole, and now I work in manufacturing, making the very same salary that I was making in my first job ten years ago.

        If I had to do the last 15 years all over again, I wouldn’t even dream of college. There are students at Penn State graduating from degrees in molecular biology with 4.0 GPAs, but can’t find work. Do the math and think logically about this. If Penn State, Pitt, Temple, Drexel, Lehigh, IUP, Carnegie Mellon all turn out about 50 software engineers a semester, but there are only 10 engineering jobs available at any given time, that leaves 60 graduates without a job. They’re forced to go to another state where other recent graduates are also looking for work. Meanwhile, the jobs that are desperately needing qualified candidates, like automechanics and plumbers, aren’t being filled because everyone people believe that you have to go to college in order to have a decent life.

        The fact is, you don’t need to go to college, and most majors, including geography, are a waste of time. If you have savings for college, take that money and put it into a passion that you cant live without. Use your innate creativity and passion to pursue the discipline you love. Permaculture, food service, mechanics, driving, whatever it is, do it. But for the love of everything that is good and decent in the world, please reconsider college. I’ve been paying my loans off and on now for 10 years, when I am able to, and I still have $30,000 left.

        The best education is dirt cheap if not absolutely free. After spending 15,000 hours in public school and 10,000 hours in college, I can honestly sit here and tell you that I learned more from my Boy Scout Handbook (1979), than I ever learned in school. Besides, most of the garbage they’re going to try to teach you won’t matter in the real world anyway.

        Sorry if I offended some of you, but being in the position I’m in and having the experience that I mentioned, I’m absolutely terrified for the future of kids who are getting out of college. Those are my two cents.

        • “hellhole”?

          I live within an hour’s drive of State College and there’s a lot of beautiful country to get “lost in” in that area.

          • Sorry, JRS, but to me it’s a hellhole. Mountain biking on Tussey makes this place much more livable.

      40. One other thing that I forgot to mention. I have a friend who works on campus who was recently tasked with searching for candidates for a bachelor-level position. He had more applications from candidates with Ph.D and Masters degrees than he did bachelors. And my math was way off on my point about the engineers. That’s closer to 350 students, not 60. *rubs temples*

      41. Face it, a college degree is now the new high school diploma.

        • It is, but even less useful. Unless you are gonna be a doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc…why bother?
          You learn far more useful information in your first 12 years IF you are homeschooled or in a private school.

          I cringe every time I have to smile and behave politely when my 24 year old daughter goes on her rampage about how screwed up the UC system is. I told her not to go but she wants her degree and extended family got to her. She’s talented but it will never pay for itself.

      42. Debt is only part of the slavery scheme. Burying your head in the political sands is the other.

      43. Ron Ahrens definatly post good content. That is a true explantion of the mental landscape of the dumbdown younger azz clowns coming up in society and whats left of it. Thier solution to to fixing things is mass genocide and a “chappie” post Shtf. You aught to see the movie, with them showing trashy people running around in patriot clothing and boxers, making us look like raging lunatics, showing robotic police runing around firing on people all over the city. This whole calapse thing is engineered to cause the desired result, to then destroy the populous, reduce us to a global 250 million, leaving only 3-5 million of us in the United States, then they hit us robitic soldiers pointing guns down our frikin throats all over the country. It is literally going to take divine intervention from God Amilghty to save our sorry azzes when the Post-“SHTF EVENT HORIZON” commenses. All we can do is prep and hopefully most us posting will survive and all wind up in the same area of the planet because these little stupes at starbuck texting away staring into a lap top, feels that the all the major grocery chains are all here to accomdate him is other ideots for eternity. The new SWIFT banking system is basically a set up to calapse us, they have to blame someone, something to say, we have to bring in a North American Union. Of course Jade Helm 15 is massing military equipment in all the cities to make sure that they are armed and ready to attack the people after the engineered false flag.

        We are all being played the fool and got set up.

        Putin is obviously in on it as he is out in pulic talking crap acting like he is fightin the cabal when he is contacted with the cabal. He is just another international fake with his fake sanctions. We are literally on the Pre- “SHTF EVEN HORIZON” right now, this is the scary part.

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