They Know Social Unrest is a Foregone Conclusion

by | Nov 22, 2011 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    One simply cannot ignore the progressively deteriorating economic and political conditions in just about every industrialized nation (as well as ‘periphery’ countries like Syria and Egypt). The people are getting frustrated at the inability of political leaders to put forth any meaningful solutions. Moreover, they are dismayed at the utter lack of empathy from politicians who claim to be just like the rest of us, but regularly use their positions of power to amass more wealth and influence for themselves and their well connected friends at the expense of the electorate.

    As Sovereign Man Simon Black points out in The Government Is Getting Prepared, What About You?, the last week provides some insight into the emotional and psychological state of the globe’s populace as evidenced by the First Lady of the United States being booed at a major sporting event, and a similar occurrence in Russia with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, not to mention the continued protests in the U.S., Europe, the middle east and elsewhere.

    It really doesn’t matter where in the world you are. The people have had enough. And, the majority of them are holding on to the (false) hope that the next election will somehow change things. Just as Scott Brown’s election to the Senate in 2010 at the height of the Tea Party movement failed to change or improve anything because it turns out that the knight in shining armor was just another political prostitute, so too will the next election fail to fundamentally alter the direction we’re headed (unless something amazing happens like the election of a true third party thinker).

    People may be holding out hope that things will get better. When the elections of 2012 come and go, and nothing has improved, what we’re seeing play out on the streets of America today is going to intensify. If you think police response is brutal now, wait until the Molotov cocktails start flying.

    From Sovereign Man via The Daily Sheeple

    These minor instances are emblematic of the massive rift that has emerged between the ‘people’ and their leaders. Politicians may be completely out of touch, but they’re not stupid… and they’re taking steps to prepare.

    In so many places around the world right now, anger, animosity, hostility, and anxiety rule the day. For the time being, though, the vast majority of this negativity has an outlet in the political process.

    You see, between now and the end of 2012, several hundred national and provincial elections are scheduled around the world– from this past weekend’s parliamentary elections in Spain to presidential elecions in Russia, France, the United States, Mexico, Finland, Iceland, India, Switzerland, South Korea, Yemen, Egypt, and more.

    Consequently, people have an outlet to invest their anger and hostility. Emotions are running high, but people at least have a shred of hope that if ‘their guy’ gets elected, everything will get better.

    It won’t. And, next year once the election-cycle has disappeared, there will be no more peaceful outlet for all of the anger that has been building up.

    That’s when emotions will spill into the streets. And it won’t be peaceful protests being met with violence… it will be violent riots being met with even worse violence.

    Politicians are cunning. They can see the writing on the wall, they know that social unrest is a foregone conclusion, and they’re preparing to defend the status quo at all costs.

    [emphasis added]

    Government game theorists, who have been war-gaming scenarios that include large scale economic breakdown and civil unrest, know what’s headed our way. If you’re wondering why military troops are being trained for domestic policing and why local police forces are being weaponized and militarized, then you need only consider the law of parsimony (Occam’s Razor). The simplest explanation tends to be true – and in this case, the simplest explanation is that the government is planning on complete pandemonium in America.


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      1. Its really not that hard – don’t live in Oakland 🙂

        • Or any large city. Get as rural as you’re able and still able to sustain yourself. I wake up happy every day that I don’t live in the city and that my neighbors are pretty self-sufficeint -no zombies here!

          • Most rural areas within a tank’s worth of gas will be inundated by the Golden Horde. The few that can make it on foot will find their way through your retreat area and beyond scavenging, pillaging, and looting anything they can find to try and survive. No matter where you are you may get contact from people fleeing those cesspits that are major metro areas. Remember maintain good fields of fire/killing fields around your retreat and keep those mags topped off.

            • Beefcake, don’t forget to have some lye for the dead bodies and a burial plan. Just food for thought.

            • Or some muriatic acid!!!!

            • Denio NV…
              …4hrs from Reno
              …4hrs from Boise

              And 10 hrs by horse back to the camp….you can drive part way and thus announce your arrival 🙂

            • Two words. Dogtown Reservoir.

            • Who deludes themselves that bloodthirsty behavior will get you into Heaven?

              Defense of innocent life, sure, but relishing the kill? I think not.

            • No one should condone the killing of innocent people, but you still need to keep your enemies at a distance from your retreat. I’m not gonna shoot a family of four without giving them a warning to leave the area (yes even children in desperate times will kill you for food or your supplies) and will most likely send them off with a couple of cans of food or water as charity permits. Chances are if they see you are armed and they are not, they will comply and no one gets hurt. If by chance you encounter a well trained and well armed group of looters or rogue military/law enforcement then your odds of survival just went down but it doesn’t mean you go down without a fight.

          • Unfortunately, Beefcake is right, though only to a point.

            You have to draw lines out along every major highway from every major city, out to about 350 miles (the average distance someone could get on a full tank of gas, assuming all they do is drive). Shade all areas on the map to about 5-10 miles of each side of those highways from the 350 mile point, back to the city. Now draw a line about 30 miles out from the outer suburbs, and shade the area that it covers. You can throttle the lines back a bit for things like rough terrain, rivers, mountain ranges, and the like.

            The result is the first two days of full-on zombie migration in your area. The outer edges will be lightly populated, while the inner ones will be heavily so (as traffic snarls up, etc).

            However, here’s the trick: Not everyone will be moving at the same time, or at the same rate. Also, not all situations would result in a mass evacuation. The leading elements of the horde may still be able to buy gasoline and move even further outward. Governments (local, state, federal) may institute checkpoints and quarantine zones (for lack of a better term). Criminal elements may quickly take advantage of the situation, and slow the outward migrations to a standstill through simple predation.

            Other bits to consider: Many will have at least some idea of where they’re going, even if it’s vague. Many others won’t.

            Not exactly an easy formula to have.

            One final thought… Simply shooting any everything that comes at your property is a quick way to rile up enough of them to coordinate an assault on your home. It could also get governmental attention, and in a big enough crisis, they won’t bother coming to your door to arrest you – they’ll more likely call in air support to drop a couple of bombs on your house. You’d either wind up dead, or a refugee yourself.

            It may be better to simply keep everything locked up as tightly as possible, and hunker down until the mobs pass by… and pray that you’re not in their direct path.

            • Re: “t may be better to simply keep everything locked up as tightly as possible, and hunker down until the mobs pass by… and pray that you’re not in their direct path.”

              If the house has plenty of old cars out front and no new ones and paints a vision to a passerby of that scene from “Deliverance”… you won’t have to fight anyone off…

            • My playbook is different. While there will be limited numbers of sheople refugees, do you really think they’ll have a full tank? I’ve never seen but a very few people (less than 10%) that keep their tank much above half. Most of the people that live in the low rent district only put in $5 at a time. They can’t save up enough to put more than that at a time in cause they gotta afford them cigarettes and booze.

              So, they are so very used to having it all just down at the corner and they are so used to being taken care of, do you really think they’ll think (which thinking would be a first) and in thinking they’ll even get a clue that someone outside the city will have any food? No. They don’t know what food is or where it comes from. They’re so incredibly ignorant about life and sustenance that they’ll simply wander around town, killing and stealing until they’re out of gas.

              They’re home is the city. They won’t leave it if they can possibly avoid it. You think they’ll go down the highway and turn off? Ha! They’ll be bouncing on empty when they leave the city limits and they’ll be terrified. If it doesn’t say: “Kroger” or “Wal-Mart” or “Marathon”, 99% of the city people I know won’t go there to find food or gas. It would never occur to any of them that someone else might have some food or some gas. No, they will huddle in the cities until 40% of them are dead. Another 40% will die at the hands of the ones that are left. The ones that are left will use up all their gas and all their energy raiding close into the city and fighting each other. Eventually 80% of the city population will die. The 20% that live will have either already left the city because they recognize it as a cesspool, boiling or they’ll have given up and move out to the country to start raiding.

              See there is this problem with raiding in the country: we’ll shoot them. They’ll have a few guns and maybe some of them will know how to shoot, but, they’ll get thinned out pretty fast. Attacking someone on their home turf is problematic.

              Oh, and that guy running that APC, above? I can pierce his goggles at 400 yards and he’ll never even hear it coming. Bullets fly WAY FASTER than sound. (3x as fast, in fact.) A Sierra 50gr Blitz pushed by 26gr of 3031 out of my 223 bolt gun would ruin the day for the whole crew. Just sayin’.

            • …99% of the people I know don’t even know how to siphon gas. They don’t know basic physics principles. In a world without money and KMart, they’ll be dead in a week.

            • @ Net Ranger

              I agree in large degree with your analysis EXCEPT those that go rural to escape will be bringing their kevlar, thermal imaging, machine guns, vehicles, and tactics from their precinct armory. They will be VERY dangerous.

            • Your right on key!!

            • Do not underestimate rural towns, we have been preparing as well. This process will take several weeks to unfold. I disagree that most people will only travel a short range. They will head to family in other states. Movement will be staggered at first. Some will know the signs and bail early, as the reality continues to unfold more and more will flee the cities and towns. They will clog every major highway with chaos. It will not be pretty and at times violent. Those left behind will be the aged, infirmed, ill, and the gangs(think Escape from NY).

            • @ Odd,

              you say ” You have to draw lines out along every major highway from every major city, out to about 350 miles (the average distance someone could get on a full tank of gas, assuming all they do is drive).”

              I think the range for sheeple to traverse is correct you are correct, but for some of us who have prepped we would double our ranges with our preps. I have modified my jerry can racks to fit 2 of these containers (see link below)to triple my range. I made the test trip to my cabin in my BOV and had no issues in functionality, even fully loaded to the gill I made the entire 842 mile trip and still had a couple gals left. everyone should look into these. Just saying, ok me back to prepping


            • @NetRanger:

              Agreed to a point, but there’s one thing to consider: Underestimation is a bad, bad thing.

              Let me pick on my own neighborhood to prove the point.

              Portland, OR has a population of around 550,000 souls within city limits (2010 census). If you add all of its suburbs (from eastern Gresham out to western Hillsboro, from Vancouver, WA up north, south to Oregon City), you get 2.2 million people.

              Even assuming your numbers to be correct, 10% of 2.2 million comes to 220,000 zombies with a full tank of gas, that can make it east as far as the Idaho border or thereabouts, as far south as the California border and a bit beyond (Call it, say, Yreka or so before tanks run totally dry), as far north as SeaTac, and the coast is not a problem for these folks to reach by car.

              We have four major corridors outward from town. I-5 makes up the north-south axis, I-84 goes out eastward, and Hwy 26 and Hwy 6 are the main arteries westward to the coast. I-84 is bounded by massive cliffs on one side, and the Columbia River on the other… the zombies who go that way are going to be funneled. Hwy 26 and 6 are rather tight as well, quickly becoming 2-lane roads bounded as they pass through the coastal mountain ranges. I-5 south is wide open all the way down to the head of the Willamette Valley, where it finally narrows after traveling about 150 miles southward, before the mountains start to restrict that route. Call it Roseburg, maybe Coalville, before the zombies slow down and start getting funneled.

              This is what I’m talking about as far as driving, and 220,000 is still a metric assload of people… and I haven’t even counted Salem’s metro area (state capital, population 500k or so in that region), which is south along I-5.

              That rough 30-mile ring around the PDX metro area (north, East, and West it’ll be a 10 mile ring due to mountains), is the result of two days of walking on foot. In four days, that ring will stretch to 60 miles south, and 20 miles in all other directions.

              Let’s say I live way down in Grants Pass, about four hours’ drive south of Portland on I-5 (I don’t, but I know the area fairly well…) Even if your 10% is correct, that means, counting the terrain up there as described, and adding Salem’s population to the pile, I can fully expect to see a horde of at least 250,000-300,000 human beings passing through by car in any mass evacuation, and since Grants Pass is somewhat close to the end of that 350 mile tether, a lot of those cars will start running low on fuel at this point.

            • Odd bits:

              * I don’t have to know how to siphon gasoline if I have a bucket, a funnel, and a large screwdriver with which to puncture gas tanks. C’mon, this is too easy.

              * In my neck of the woods, you’ll need literally tens of thousands of bullets if you want to shoot every refugee that comes by your town.

              * It’s bad enough morally to have to refuse unarmed women and children because you don’t have enough supplies to possibly feed them all. Shooting them on top of that is IMHO a one-way ticket to eternal punishment, and makes you into something about as moral as a guard in some WWII-era concentration camp. Best to let them pass and hope for the best after they’re gone.

              * Bragging about your shooting abilities against soldiers? Pure suicide. You might get one, but the moment he goes down, his buddies are going to very eager to drop you and your house. Good luck using your rifle to stop the rest of that APC crew (and its support – they rarely travel alone) from quickly ventilating you and your house with .50 cal rounds. I won’t even touch on the fact that most of these soldiers have years of experience in dealing with insurgents who thought they could do exactly as you described. Either way, you’d end up quite dead in a hurry, which is the very antithesis of survival, you know?

          • “…my neighbors are pretty self-sufficeint -no zombies here!”

            Nope and the number of 12-gauge shotguns, high powered rifles, and heavy caliber handguns exceeds the number of people by at least 3 to 1! 😉

        • Read :”Throw Them All Out” by Peter Schweizer. He exposes how Congress benefits from insider tradeing that would be illegal for any civilian. Our Congressmen who owned bank stock voted for banking bailouts and those that did not own banking stock voted against it. Those Congressmen who knew what was in the bailouts could buy stock at very low prices of distressed banks who would be getting bailout money and then their stock prices soared after the bailout. In effect they took our tax money and put it in their pockets LEGALLY.

      2. peoples who didn’t saw this coming are in deep sleep zombie trance and fool, i love the tag of this website that say when the SHTF don’t say we didn’t warn you. some sheeples will be hit by a tons of brick verry soon..

        • They won’t even see it coming. I do know a couple who have woken up just recently. If they hurry, they can be ready…..

          • “If they hurry, they can be ready…”

            They don’t need to hurry. Oh, sure, the more they hurry, the more comfortable they’ll be, but, you don’t survive by the amount of ammo you store or the the amount of food you store or even by where you live (though, urban survival could be nearly impossible, longer term regardless of how good you are), you survive by your wits and your skill. If you don’t have them, you’re prematurely dead anyway because you won’t be able to store THAT much food. They need to learn useable skills. You have to know how to do stuff. If you don’t, you’re dead quickly.

            • could’nt agree with you more,without useable skills to take care of your basic needs,and wits to be able to tell when there is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

            • Can someone please tell me why they disagree with this comment by netranger?
              I would honestly like to know how he is wrong here.

      3. The NASCAR booing of Michelle Antoinette was quite telling.

        I’m glad I moved out to rural property this year. Next year is going to be rough!

        • Agree 100% and I’m glad I got my family out to some rural property also. It’s STILL not quite far enough out for me, but it was a compromise…

          • “it was a compromise…”

            Everything is! But, you’re awake. Hopefully you can store enough food to make it through the thin parts until you can either earn more or grow more.

            Got guns?

            Need at least one. Preferably a 12ga shotgun and then you can move up from there.

            A guy wrote an article out there “You Only Need Three Guns” Google “YONTG” and you’ll find it. Good article.

            Also, there are the “7Gs of Modern Survival”, google that one also. Gotta have a balanced approach. Too much silver and not enough food make Georgie a very dead boy! You can replace silver and food with two of the following:


            …and probably a lot of other stuff.

            Keep talking guys! Good stuff in here. I’ve gotta go move a chicken feeder.

            • I agree immensely – this is good stuff to participate in.

              And NunJoBizness, yup – everything is a compromise. You do what you gotta.

              Living in Northern Saskatchewan may keep you nice and zombie-free, but good luck getting a job there, staying warm in the winter without a steady stream of supplies, starting a vehicle without something to warm the crankcase first, getting a decent broadband Internet connection, etc.

              OTOH, it doesn’t mean you have to live in Manhattan, either.

      4. If Obama is reelected I believe the military will take control of the government.

        • Hi Tom,

          You just stated one of the greatest cover-ups in this country,…. The military has ALREADY taken over the government, with the help of the Criminal Federal Reserve and the International Banksters thru the IMF, World Bank and the International Acceptances Bank.

          See: Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farwell address, warning America of a take-over by the Military-Industrial-Complexe. (What he should have included, was the financial system needed to suppoet that – The Federal Reserve and Wall Street)

          The real issue is: The US Gov’t has ALREADY been overthrown.

          I repost from a similiar article:



          The American gov’t has ALREADY been overthrown!

          This country has been invaded and taken over by the international bankers, who then corrupted every aspect of our government.

          The US Federal Government is NOT an American gov’t. It is an ENEMY FORCE IN OCCUPATION that has camouflaged its overthrow of the US Gov’t.

          From the point of view of a Constitutional America,….none of the current events make sense.

          From the point of view of an “Enemy Force In Occupation”,……EVERYTHING makes sense.

          Their design is simple:

          1 – SUBJUGATE: TSA, DHS, FDA, FBI, Cops, Courts, Cameras Everywhere, etc.

          2 – EXTRACT WEALTH: IRS, The Federal Reserve, Sheriffs (they willingly kick people out of their homes), Congressional Bail-Outs (Being Un-Constitutional hasn’t stopped them)

          3 – EXTERMINATE: False-Flag Ops – 9/11, WTC Bombing, Oklahoma City Bombing, Anthrax, Forced Vaccinations, The Coming False-Flags Ops of Nuclear-Bio Agents.

          This has been the British/International Banksters/Israeli mode of subversive takeover through out their respective existences,… especially for the British, thru outright coercion and thru the Banking systems (look at what they did to China, India, Indonesia, and EVERY other country they had been in).

          They (the Wealthy Elite that constitute the Shadow Gov’t, CIA, FBI, International Banksters, Rogue Elements of the American, British and Israeli Gov‘t) are about to take all the previous experiences they have learned to a whole NEW level.

          As such, the USA is not “America The Free”, it is actually the largest POW Camp in the world and we are all prisoners and potential disrupters, hence the Dep’t Of Homeland Security (which is actually Homeland Gestapo) has labeled Americans who still think and act like this is the USA and “resist” the occupation as…….. “terrorists”.

          Since we ARE technically POW’s, then the Law Of War and the Geneva Convention should apply, and the principles for ALL POW’S to observe is:

          – It is the Duty of all POW’s to RESIST our captors by every means possible.

          – To disrupt their designs and actions by any and all means.

          – To REFUSE to cooperate in any way.

          – To Refuse any/all special treatment.

          – To provide no information expect name, rank, serial number (SS #)

          – To create as much difficulty as possible to cause the greatest use of personnel and assets so as to reduce their capacity to wage warfare elsewhere on us.


          It is our duty to “defend our country against ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic”, and clearly, the enemy of greatest destruction against the US, are the domestic ones.

          It is time for Americans to recognize that the USA HAS been overthrown by the International Bankers, aided and abetted by corporations, corrupt politicians and a judicial system that has been wholly bought-off.

          We are not fighting to correct an American Gov’t, We are fighting to eliminate this Enemy called the Federal Government, and PUT an AMERICAN Government Back in power!

          People will not realize the value of Freedom and Liberty,… until they have lost it.

          Then, it is to late to restore it without violent confrontation, or,…simply yield and welcome death.

          JD – US Marines – Fighting To Restore An American Gov’t.


          The “Enemy Force In Occupation” called the US Federal Gov’t, is controlled by the same people who control the Free Press, Mass Media, or the proper term – “The Joseph Gobbels Ministry Of Propaganda”.

          Most Americans genuinely have no clue that they are simply fodder, and in the view of the International Bankers that are running this country, we are LESS than roaches in their eyes! At least roaches don’t consume some of the earths more valuable resources like oil and natural gas,… hence their desire to reduce the human population by over 90% to less than 1 Billion (there are currently 7 Billion people, estimated)

          They will soon be moving into the final phase of “population mitigation” by using a Nuclear False-Flag to obtain the shock and awe needed to institute COG, REX84, Martial Law, and it will be coupled with a Bio Agent (Small Pox and Pneumonia Hemorrhagic) to provide the excuse to herd the masses into “Treatment Camps”,.. FEMA Camps, where most will die and leave up a flue pipe as hot exhaust gases (high heat is the only way to destroy pathogens with 100% certainty). This is called an oven no matter how you wish to describe it.

          Solution Assets:

          We have Americans willing to fight.

          Most Americans have firearms.

          We have the moral high ground (A Sun Tzu requirement to win)

          What we lack:

          Organization, communication, concise information.

          If a group of selfless men can organize a Patriots Group to address the Overthrow of the American Gov’t that has occurred, everything will fall into place on its own,… hence why DHA, TSA, FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO, and a host of other alphabet organizations we never even heard of are SCOURING the country to spot any such effort.

          The Prison camp guards don’t want us inmates to realize our predicament, a develop a response plan.

          But we will succeed.

          JD – US Marines – Defender of The US Constitution.

          • JD-US Marines,

            You are the #1 US Marine in my book. I wish all Marines and all Americans were like you.

            • Hi hbeachrealist,

              Thank you,… and, their ARE many Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and American Citizens like me.

              The great lie is, the “Joseph Gobbels Minsitry Of Prorganda”, our Main Stream Media, do NOT want people to realize this!

              The physchotic excuse for leadership in this country KNOW, IF we understand this, then organize,… they are through!

              Their Basic Rule: Divide and Conquer!

              Class against class, Republican against Democrat, Left against Right, Rich against Poor, and so on, and so on, and so on…., Basic Rule – just get us fighting amongst ourselves!

              My Basic Rule: Unite and Protect!


              – ALL Freedom Loving Americans,

              – ALL Liberty Loving Americans,

              – ALL Constitution Loving Americans,

              – ALL Family loving Americans,

              – ALL nation loving Americans,

              – ALL Americans whose DESPISE:

              – Tyranny,
              – Corruption,
              – Avarice,
              – and this infection on the American land by an “Enemy Force In Occupation” called the US Federal Government and ALL its Criminal Agencies


              Protect our Constitution – The Fundamental Principles embodied in it, which is the “Soveriegn Rights Of The Individual” are the pinnacle of Freedom and Liberty.

              Protect our homes: Stop government from stealing our property.

              Protect our wealth: Stop government, its agencies and PRIVATE institutions like the Federal Reserve from STEALING our wealth!

              Protect our military – Bring home our boys (and ladies!) from overseas, and STOP interferring in the affairs of foreign lands.

              Protect Our Citizens – When police, officials, or government agents of any sort abuse their power, or our citizens, it is LIFE IN PRISON for them, bar none, no plea bargins allowed! It is the job of the vanguard on our own soil (police, investigators, courts and so forth) that are SUPPOSE to ensure that our rights being upheld and protect, instead of what we currently have, which is, they (COPS ESPECIALLY) are the most CRIMINAL abusers of the rights they are suppose to be upholding.

              Their are indeed loyal Americans, but the Ministry Of Proganda does NOT want you, or any of us to realize it!

              To Late.

              JD – US Marines – Fighting To Unite Loyal Americans!

          • NEWS FLASH: America has CEASED to be a Republic since 1913.

            America has been overwhelmed by the forces of Bolshevik Nazi Fascists.

            The International Bankers and the Military Industrial Complex wish to control, subjugate, and destroy YOU. This is their Final Solution.

            Politicians are their Puppets, themselves murderers, thieves, psychopaths, pedophiles, and rapists.

            TSA wants to grope you and slide their hands down your pants to further assault, injure, and insult you and remind you who is Boss.

            The police are extensions of the military as civil enforcers of the enterprise of Organized Crime of government. The rest of the alphabet soup of bureaucracies are the apparatuses of their Criminal CONTROL.

            The mainstream media is composed of hungry journalists beholden to politicians and their masters in order to have some story to beguile and deceive the public. They will NEVER speak the truth, except to keep you in thrall to fear. This is what earns them their paycheck.

            With the Central Bank in control, they will make your currency worthless like discarded toilet paper. They know that control of the people’s currency entails direct control over them.

            War is an excuse to erode your civil freedoms. War is murder. Taxation is theft.

            THERE IS NO CURE FOR THEIR PSYCHOPATHIC STATE. The Totalitarian State regards itself as OMNIPOTENT.

            You are always being given the offer you can’t refuse, because the government regards itself as your Overlord, Master, and Godfather.

            Left-Right Wing politics is intended to beguile, discomfit, bamboozle, hoodwink, control, and destroy you, as you fight like silly idiots over party politics.

            You are not a human being. You are a stupid ANIMAL to them. Nothing but Chattel.


            The Declaration of Independence mandates that you ABOLISH this Tyranny that poses as your putative government. It is NATURAL LAW.

            Your state is your Country, and it must declare its independence from the VOLUNTARY union. If you respect your individual sovereignty, then you must realize there is no other way.

            The Zeus of government has swallowed you whole to destroy you, and NOW you must kill him with your sword, and tear his insides out.

            Land of the Free. Home of the Brave.

            Sic Semper Tyrannis.

            • SST,

              The 1913 FedRes act was the other shoe falling. The first one fell in 1871. Look it up:

              The Act of 1871 created a corporation. This corporation is owned (as is the FedRes) by the IMF (or the UN. 6 one way, 1/2 dozen the other).

              In reality, the federal government is a corporation. If you look on the books, they haven’t passed a law since before the civil war because THERE IS NO CONGRESS!!! There are only posts in a corporation with names that mimic the government. These posts are not true congressment and senators. What the American People need to realize is that they do not have the power to rule over us. *THIS* is the occupying force that JD is talking about. I wish I had you and JD in the same room together with a whiteboard. By the time we left (say an hour or so) you guys would have to crawl out you’d be so dizzy.

              I would solicit the help of Gods Creation to help me keep it all straight.

              What so many people don’t realize is that you are already free. You don’t have to fight. You just have to lawfully remove yourself from the influence of the corporation. This takes study and knowledge and, to free all the people, will probably take bullets.

              I’m no Marine, but I salute those that are and were. At least there is one branch of our original government that is still partially operational. Now, if we can just wake them up!

              I’ll see your “Sic Semper Tyrannis” and I’ll raise you one
              “Molon Labe”!

              Its not go time but I feel it may be damned close!

          • The mass of people have somehow sanctified the Federal union (the USA). In light of recent experiences, such seems unreasonable. However, there is a strong emotional basis for such idolatry because the constitutional rule of law has served the USA populace well.

            Sooner or later the union will break up (or break down). We may as well recognize that and be prepared. It won’t be all fun and games; every effort will be utilized to maintain the fiction of the “United” States because those who benefit from the union have the persuasive power and the fire-power. But the challenge to remain united will prove to be a Sisyphean task. – – And is there any rational reason to remain united?

            • Hey You – You need to learn all about the Tenth Amendment Center. Click my name for the link. The Tenth Amemedment of the Constitution specifically retains any powers not enumerated in the constitution to be held by the states. This is not just a detail of law, it is fundamental to the concept of freedom and liberty. The Founding Fathers knew from historical precedent that federal governments naturally expand their powers to a point where essentially the Sovereign owns all private property, thus justifying confiscation. I also urge you to watch lectures by Dr. Tom Woods when he talks about his favorite topic, Nullification, or the obligation of states to nullify legislative actions on the grounds they are unconstitutional.

              If everyone understood the true meaning of the Tenth Amendment and the constitional mandate to nullify unconstitional laws, the country would start moving in the right direction.

            • Dear Hey You,

              Yes, you are absolutely correct in understanding that the the current concept of the “United” States is a pure fiction.

              In 1787, it was understood that the individual states were SUPREME as representatives of the people. James Madison expended much ink in the Federalist Papers reassuring the states that the federal government would never become a tyranny. It would be limited in its scope only to the powers delineated to it in the Constitution.

              Further, and unlike Europe, Madison made it known that Americans had the right to bear arms, and would have the firepower, essentially, to ABOLISH any such tyranny that they might fear.

              Until the War Between the States, the individual states understood and exercised the power of nullification of any law that they, as representatives of individual citizens, deemed as unconstitutional. This is why, for example, Robert E. Lee understood to defend his country of Virginia from the onslaught of the northern industrial conglomerate.

              In other words, the STATES were regarded, essentially, as their own COUNTRIES.

              Subsequent to the War Between the States, Ulysses S. Grant wrote in his autobiography America had wrought divine retribution upon itself for a previous false flag operation.

              The Supreme Court had once authorized a National Bank to form branches in the states. The individual state legislatures, knowing themselves as SUPREME in their interpretations of the Constitution, on behalf of their citizens, acted to NULLIFY this ruling before it ever became law in their country.

              Individual states should have to compete for you to wish to agree to be a resident and citizen, rather than ever dare to force you to be enslaved to the TOTALITARIAN STATE.

              Before the Constitution, there was the Declaration of Independence. Your country must declare its Independence in order that your unalienable rights be given proper and due respect. Then and only then, and not a moment sooner, will it make perfect sense to defend the Constitution as well.

              As things exist, they have perverted Natural Law and the meaning of the Constitution to serve their own malignant interests of war-mongering, thievery, murder, mayhem, and destruction, until you are enslaved on the very continent that the forefathers had conquered for the sake of our perpetual Liberty.

              This FRAUD will never end until Independence is declared from the VOLUNTARY union. There is no other cure for the Totalitarian State (in the singular) composed of Bolshevik Nazi Fascist pigs.

              Sic Semper Tyrannis.

          • JD, I am with you 100%. How do we organize without infiltration by the enemy? This blog is definitely not secure.

            • Hi wcnitram,

              This is why the the Federal Gov’t is now hurriedly trying to pass the bill called the “Homegrown Terrorist and radicalization Act” (or something very close to that), in where any American engaging in any activity (real or imagined) contrary to the complete takeover of the USA by the Criminal US Federal Gov’t, can be labeled as “terrorists” and held under the Un-Patriot Act of indefinite detention.

              The first move of all criminal gov’ts is to erect “legal” and political barriers to protect their own crimes. This is what is occurring right now.

              As to your question, how do we do it then, when it is guarantted to be infilitrated by treasonous Americans working for the FBI, NSA, TSA DHS and a dozen other alphabit soup organizations?

              First, you do have to stay within the confines of the law as they currently are, but there is in fact a few different strategies that will still work.

              As you have pointed out, this site is not only unsecure, but infact if you look at the number of “thumbs down” my postings have gotten for speaking of, “Honor”, “Treason”, and the “Constitution”, tells you how many of them have hit this article alone. (NO loyal American would have done that).

              I will not discuss it here, but just remember, not all cops, not all FBI, not even all CIA have been radicalized and are treasonous, so the ability to infilitrate Patriot Groups, by the very organizations in the Federal Gov’t that are trying to destroy America,.. works both ways.

              It starts with local people you can trust, people you know a long time, people you know are honest, true, and loyal Americans.

              The next step is broad organization, which, like anyhting else, now requires working capital, people, and intelligence gathering capabilities.

              Then, and only then can the full extent of the strategy be developed that will work.

              The general strategy and tatics that will make a difference have already been developed.

              What is needed now, is people with resources that are willing to committ to such noble efforts.

              Should you know any, please feel free to contact me at a scrub email that I set up for just this purpose:

              [email protected]

              There is a way/process to vett people, and check their intentions,… don’t worry about that. As I said, infiltration works both ways sometimes.

              Keep your chin high and your eyes sharp, the hour of “challange” is almost here.

              JD – US Marines – Fighting to save America,…. again.

            • wcnitram…from what I have saw you could only organize in packs of TIGHTLY knit friends. I mean men you know inside and out, no outsiders in my opinion.

              Undoubtedly you have all heard of the 4 “terrorists” from North Georgia. The men supposedly tryin to make a bioweapon and obtain a silencer and explosives, so they could attack the gov for what they deemed as treason…

              Three of the four men are from right here in my town, one lived about 3 mins from my house. I didnt know personally any of these men, but I know some of their families. These men were caught because the feds had 2 rats in their militia group. Same reason I have had no desire to join the militia.

              The point of my story is be mindful of what you say to someone even when in jest, and especially put on the net.

            • The FBI has made every arrest since 9/11 with infiltration by an FBI Agent ( so called informant)and pushing the person to commit whatever crime they are accused of.

          • Hi Jd! Whats your email address?

        • no matter who is elected the military will take over the country

        • @ US Marines

          Perhaps you are familiar with the 1950’s era Swiss publication “Total Resistance.”

          Is there a similar updated English language publication that addresses resistance to current technology and tactics?

        • “If Obama is reelected I believe the military will take control of the government.”

          In that horrible event, one can only hope that sanity would be restored in some fashion… and quickly too.

      5. Starts in the ghetto.

        Moves to the suburbs.

        Ends in the high class neighborhoods.

        • No, it will end on the farms. They will be the last holdout.

      6. The natives grow restless. I hear the drum beat on the logs growing louder, sharper, no longer muffled, its near time……..

        • O Almighty God, hear us, we beseech Thee, and bring succor and guidance to those we are about to bring to Your divine notice. First we are thinking of Mary Walaber. She is only 16 years old, but she is keeping company with a soldier from Fort Dayton. He’s a Massachusetts man, and Thou knowest no good can come of that.

          Drums along the Mohawk-

      7. Inside every uniform was a child that was either raised by parents with love and compassion or raised with neglect and abuse. Cops perform their duties based on that upbringing. Violence begets violence.

      8. Ron Paul 2012!

      9. If they keep burning thru cash like they are, there wont be enough money to put qualified butts in the seats of those things..but Us patriots will fight for free(mostly because thats all we have) look out Government keep burning your bridgs with the ones who put you in that possition..I dont forget as easy as the next guy

        • The police in 30s Shanghai was paid a pittance. Instead, they were expected to extract money in any way they could, and they did.

          • Yes but the citizens of 30’s Shanghai weren’t armed with AK-47s and AR-15s with massive stockpiles of ammunition, provisions, and a game plan.

            • right on brother!

            • Shanghai was a more or less lawless place and all the rich people and gangsters had their own mercenary ‘police’ force. However the police always outgunned them, and Chiang Kaishek’s secret police arrested whoever they felt like and killed.

            • Yee! Haa! Beefcake. Add to that well fed, educated and *PISSED*.

        • You forget they have a printing press–if they run out, they’ll just make some more!

          • Until inflation makes the Dollar into toilet paper.

            • Which it will. Eventually, it will shrink in buying power faster than they are printing it. Shortly thereafter, they will enter the “why bother?” zone.

      10. European American:

        @Inside every uniform was a child that was either raised by parents with love and compassion or raised with neglect and abuse. Cops perform their duties based on that upbringing. Violence begets violence.

        Not so with the case of Mongols.

        A Mongolian child was expected to steal, and kill if necessary, his food right from the beginning. “Love” or “Compassion” didn’t exist in the vocabulary of the Mongols, the Vandals, and all other nomads.

        I have to say that Communism was an improvement over whatever they had on these hinterlands.

        Cops are trained to kill without remorse, and are protected by their peers. In addition, the moment they lose their cop status, they are open game to those they have wronged to.

        Little has changed from the days of Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, who was never fired and passed his job to his progeny.

        Eventually there will be a caste of cops, like Kshatriya in India or the Eight Banners of Manchuria, which will exist for the sole reason of keeping the masses down.

        • you mean like the FBI, TSA, CIA, IRS, State Police, federal Police, Local Police, Sheriffs, Court Cops, and a multitude of other agencies that pay for, train and radicalize as government thugs?

          I couldn’t agree more.

          JD – US Marines – Not Bought-Off, Not Corrupted, and Not willing to violate the US Constitution under any conditions.

          • Yes. I don’t care whether they were loved or hated as children, and I don’t really care whether they are good parents in the home (which they tend to be; the more cruel the cop is, the more tender dad he is at home. Often their children have no bad memories of their cruel cop dad.)

            They are govt thugs, and that ends the arguments.

          • I just pray you are right Marine! Honor above all is exactly what we will need.

            • Hi Claymation,

              Yes,…Honor!,… above all else.

              In the end, it should NOT have mattered what the International Banksters wanted, how much money they had, how much they were willing to offer to see their covert designs get carried out.

              In the end, IF,…if our Elected Representatives, Appointed Officials, and Employees of our government had discharged their duties with complete selflessness, and performed their primary task of protecting the US Government and its peoples from the scourge of corruption, we would NOT be facing the complete tyrannical usurpation we are now toe-to-toe with!

              The Constitution as designed by our Founding Fathers is an incredible system of government, designed around the fundamental premise that, “Government exist to protect the soveriegn rights of the indivudual”, NOT what this criminal gov’t has distorted it to be, which is, “People Exist To Serve The Government”.

              Although the Constitution was designed with checks and balances to stem the excess of any single branch of government, it had one serious flaw, an Achilles Heel which has now permitted its complete subversion to occur; it REQUIRED men of HONOR and SELFLESS Dedication to serve it.

              In other words, our Founding Fathers, for all their brilliance, forgot one aspect of human nature,… greed,….the wanton disregard of duty when replaced by avarice and the notion of self-importance in the hearts of men.

              This is EXACTLY the physchological weakness that was exploited by the International Banksters, the Federal Reserve, and later the IMF and World Bank.

              They simply bought-off our own politicians to have them destroy our cherised bases of Consitutional Protections from within.

              Now, because the Banksters own 95% of all the worlds wealth, they can bribe virtually any politician, any Official, any Judge, or any person in a critical postion of authority or power, by simply offering them the excess that will allow any of them to fully realize any manifestation of perversion, debauchary, and treachary their pyschotic abberations can imagine,…without consequence.

              Yes Claymation,… I could not agree with you more,… HONOR above all else!

              It is with great sadness that I must inform you, our fellow countrymen, and the citizens of the world, the single most important trait needed in our leaders, politicians, police and institutions;…. HONOR,… is the virtue most completely missing from their hearts,…minds,… and actions.

              Please Claymation,… prepare yourself, your family, and friends for the worst.

              JD – US Marines – Suffering from a broken heart over the destruction of our beloved country.

            • “Suffering from a broken heart over the destruction of our beloved country.”

              The day of rekoning for the “destroyers” is close enough to reach out and touch now. It use to just be “nutjobs” like me talking about the coming revolution. Now, the topic is akin to discussing the weather.

              What continues to fascinate me is the large numbers of “fellow citizens” that see all this “in-your-face” police militarization as “for our protection”, rather than understanding it represents 180 degrees of “their ignorant observation”.

              Nothing can stop this now. The process is simply waiting for the “starting guns shot”. It is going to be a brutal race, but alternatives to not running the race…..all sound much worse to me.

          • JD, I’ve read all of your posts and would really like to become involved in some of what you wrote about earlier. However, I have too many trust issues to send any financial support or any other personal info to a stranger. I am sure I am not alone in my trepidation. I will though, be looking for friendly like minded people as yourself to unite with. I already know a few, but the problem is that we are indeed few.

          • “JD – US Marines – Not Bought-Off, Not Corrupted, and Not willing to violate the US Constitution under any conditions.”

            So. How do you boys stand on sitting on the sidelines and watching the home of the brave / land of the free disintegrate from the incompetence of a corrupt bankster-run government?

      11. When this all falls apart there are going to be 7 billion angry people all looking for answers and willing to sacrifice anything, yes anything for someone to provide them with a “solution”. Do your preps people – skills, tools, metals, food/water, etc and move away from large population centers or at least have a refuge.

        • If even 1% of the general population moved to the rural areas, they would have to put condos in the barns. Relocating is a good idea, but the reality for the vast majority, is to learn how to make it where your’re at. Staying put will be the name of the game for most. If you haven’t moved by now, you’re probably too late. learn to protect what you have now, and prep as best you can.

      12. “The people are getting frustrated at the inability of political leaders to put forth any meaningful solutions.”

        While I realize the next sentence clarified things a bit, it is vital, IMO, to set aside this idea that our ‘leaders’ are simply “unable” to solve the crisis, etc. We did not get into this mess by accident, or because a bunch of intelligent-but-good-willed bunglers made mistake and mistake after mistake. When I read things like, “Bernanke is wrong again!” or similar drivel, I want to scream! No one in history has made as many “mistakes,” whether in succession or in toto, as the Bernank supposedly has. He does what he does because that is THE PLAN; it has been executed perfectly. All the while, otherwise-intelligent people continue to call the moves of the Bernank, et alii, “mistakes,” even at this late hour when it is as plain as the summer sun that the sociopaths in charge of the asylum do not have normal consciences and will continue to rape and pillage until they are forced to stop. Anyone who still hopes for change via the system is out of touch with reality. Godspeed.

        • Eamon,I agree. There has got to be a PLAN for them to screw things up this well. But hey, even if they came up with a proposition to fix things, Obama would VETO it.

        • Eamon: I do not agree with the idea that all these problems are part of a grand plan. What we have are various concepts worshipped by segments of the populace. There are sincere believers who support socialism and other collectivism schemes regardless of history of failures. There are people who support a political doctrine because it was good enough for “my daddy”. And there are people with zero conscience (about 4% of the populace) who are out for their own benefit regardless of costs to society in general.

          So, no; I can’t believe that there is any coherent plan. The problem is that we’re not a nation, but only an assemblage of pressure groups being supported by unthinking people who provide the emotional and financial wherewithal.

          • This may well be the most intelligent comment of the day.
            We all have our beliefs, our suspicion, but all the facts are not in.

            My concern is that once all the facts are in, it might be to late.

            Therefore, prepare……………………………

          • You don’t have to “believe” in fire to get burned.

            • “You don’t have to “believe” in fire to get burned.”

              No, you don’t. I feel the same way when people reject the idea of heaven or hell because, “I don’t believe in that”. Their belief is irrelevant. What is, IS, and their belief in it is not required. 500 years ago, most of the people on Earth believed that the Earth was flat. Their belief did not make it so. Instead, the facts of the situation crushed the life out of their “belief”.

        • Eamon

          It’s quite possible that it’s one of two things.

          1. All of this is planned and on course so the Power Elite can achieve their goal of global domination.


          2. The Power Elite set forth a series of events to obtain global domination that has spun out of their control and they are attempting to grab as many resources as possible and delay the collapse as long as possible.

          Sometimes I think it’s #1 and sometimes #2. I scratch my head at the logic behind building up China’s industry and wealth while arming yourself against their expansion. I’m apparently too small minded to see the big picture.

          • Kevin, I think you are correct. #2 is simply the progression of #1.

            So, what we have, IMHO, is #1, followed by its natural progression to #2. Why did it go there? Sprinkle in the PGS (Pressure Group Syndrome) mentioned by Eamon and you’ve got what we’ve got.

            In essence 1 + PGS = 2 (and it sucks)

            But, we’re moving ahead and for those that don’t see the direction we’re moving, I feel sorry for them. I was raised in a pseudo self sustaining environment. At least I know how. For many, its going to be VERY difficult.

            You need 3 very basic things:

            1. A place to stay, out of the city.

            2. Guns and ammo for security.

            3. Sustenance (food, water, a place to crap, a place to sleep, heat, roof, etc.)

            If you don’t have those three things or you don’t get them soon, your chance of survival drops significantly.

            Get A Plan Before It Hits The Fan!

            • 4. basic medical supplies so that a simple wound doesn’t progress to septic shock and death. Remember that in the pre-antibiotic era most soldiers died from infection of otherwise survivable wounds.

        • Eamon, you said it. There isn’t enough incompetence in ONE STATE alone to have arrived where we are, let alone the entire nation.
          It is what it is; people need to know–this is the plan to starve you and if that isn’t quickly enough as this moves along, expect bio-warfare. TPTB are getting restless.

          • JJ, for some reason, they have a deadline. What is the deadline and why is it there? Any clues for us?

            • The “plan” that so many attribute to the PTB was written down long ago, in several books of the Bible; Daniel and Revelation among the obvious ones, but also including the Gospels. God uses men and nations to carry out his “plan”, whether they are aware of it or not.

              Yes, Citizen, there IS a deadline, and I believe it is this “Planet X” thing allegedly coming our way next year. As an avid amateur astronomer, I can vouch that it is entirely plausible based on:
              1) on the sky events described in Revelation
              2) the Google Sky (and others) “black-out” box on the infra-red maps
              3) the planetary atmospheric disturbances going on, specifically Jupiter and Saturn
              4) the uncommon activity of our own sun
              5) the massive earthquakes during alignment dates with the supposed location of this object, and the general increase of seismic activity overall
              6) the early Babylonian and Egyptian writings of a “destroyer” in the heavens
              7) Our government’s crash building program of underground bunkers, AND moving agencies (CIA) to the Denver area

              It amazes me that the Mayans could have had this “cycle” nailed so many years ago.

            • Lindsay Williams, like him or not, said the Elite KNEW something was going to happen in 2012, but they didn’t know what.

              I don’t either, but it is apparently beyond their ability to control it since they will not have been the cause like they are economically and politically.

              I believe interesting things await those who can survive them.

        • Eamon, you are absolutely correct. We are past the point of no return. Our debt in simpler terms… you make $60k, you spend $100k a year and your debt is $2 million. You can never possibly pay that back and live any kind of life. So you default or in their case print money until the Dollar is worth nothing (Wiemar Republic). Either way, we are going to suffer.

      13. Word is, the U.S. will start bailing out European banks, if it hasn’t started already, does anyone know for sure?

        • Has already happened.

        • The US is part of the IMF so yep, we started awhile ago!

        • I heard Corzine loaned them about a billion…………….

      14. Look up “Operation Clover” food for thought…..

        • “green clover..or “red clover”?

      15. This idea is nutts. We , America are not some fledgling society on the precepts of total collapse. This is more of the Companies propaganda. They let this stuff out in order to steer the public and its actions. To put the fear of God into the hearts of the populous.
        The Company knows they are wildly out numbered and they cant stand against the said numbers so the only alternative they can resort to is Psyops operations. And this is what this is and nothing but. I am going to make an observation, I don’t think if I was on the other side riding around in a vehicle looking for the supposed “bad guys” and knowing every time I poked my head out there might be a recital being trained on the side of my head, this might be a little disconcerting. In the blink of an eye my future could be gone, HOW BAD DO I WANT THIS JOB!! Just how committed am I going to be to this lofty cause.
        This is not going to be some assault on a 3rd world country where the fighters wildly flailing around an AK47 spraying and praying, there’s some “real” highly trained retired talent in this country. Just ask Janet.
        There are trainees, experienced fighters and highly trained and committed leaders just laying in wait. Just how bad are they going to want this, is the question? We all as Americans will survive this on slot once we see who fires the first shot.
        And he had better dive under the sod.

        • “To put the fear of God into the hearts of the populous.”

          That’s is the exact opposite of what they seek. They seek to replace the fear of God with the fear of them.

      16. Social unrest is not coming, it is here! Just look at the violent occupy movements that have been co-opted by the unions, the communists, the radicals & the marxists.

        They want the violence, that way they can clamp down on us and at the same time “save us”.

        In fact, the recent shooting incident at occupy Houston was probably staged just like Fast & Furious was. To try & remove gun rights from us.

        If the occupy violence spreads (and it will), look for a loss of more freedom. It is inevitable.

        We are facing dark times. But, we are at a crossroads. We can continue down this path, roll over & take it. Or we can try to influence the elections in 2012. And if we fail, we can move to Plan B. I believe you will start to see states secede from the union. That, my friends, is inevitable.

        • I think secession is the inevitable course of things as well. After all someone from say, washington state can not make it to the capitol of this country to protest say the way an Italian or Spaniard can get to their capitol, making it easy for TPB to pretend they don’t exist. Then add in the Government sticking its nose into state rights issues on a daily basis. What else is there to do, i don’t envy the situation, but until the people are truly represented…

        • Plan B… I’m afraid will be the rule of the future.

        • “I believe you will start to see states secede from the union. That, my friends, is inevitable.”

          Perhaps. But history shows that this has not been successful. Will it be any different this time?

      17. The supposed super committee was “charged” with the duty by congress to to put forth fiscal reforms amounting to well over a trillion dollars. As far as I am concerned they failed to carry out their duty and should be arrested for treason. Each person on the committee was more concerned about their relectability then doing their job!
        And whey don’t we trust Government?

        • Your forgetting the other 500 or so.

          • Old man, I wish we could, I really wish we could! Peace. Clay

      18. You guys don’t know what you’re talking about. By this time next year we’ll all be drinking free Bubble Up & eating rainbow stew. Mitt Romney will be elected POTUS and old Mitt will have all of the answers and it will not be long before unemployment will be done to 2%, gas will cost less than a buck a gallon, we’ll be able to order Browning BARs right from a catalogue and have them shipped straight to our homes. We will once again be building factories and selling goods that are “made in the USA” overseas to every country in the world. And they will all love and respect us.

        Syria, Egypt and Jordan will offer land for a new Palestinian nation and the palestinians will happily agree and will suddenly become great friends with their Israeli neighbors. Iran will build more nuclear power plants and they will just be used to generate electric power.

        Back in the US someone will invent a new type of asphalt that is impervious to ice and I80 will never have another pothole. Farm yields will be up enough that all farmers will be profitable even though food prices will be declining by at least 70%. An inexpensive cure will be found for cancer and Barry Soetero will provide an actual birth certificate proving he was born in Des Moines, Iowa.

        Trust me.

        Would I lie to you? 😉

        • That is great, are you thinking of running for POTUS? With this kind of hopey change, you are already elected. Grin.
          The crap is quickly rolling down the slanted ground, BE PREPARED. When the SHTF, remember the old saying of a nail sticking up getting pounded down. Hide and hunker down until the first couple waves of sheeple have died, then establish yourself. God bless us all

        • Did you happen to have drank some Kool-aid laced with LSD today? ROFLMAO!!!!

        • No, you won’t lie to us. However, your view of the future seems a bit optimistic. Perhaps you are basing your view upon what you’ve read in the MSM.

          • I wrote that a couple of hours ago when I was under the influence of of some of Smokin Okies white lighting & BBQ brisket.

            I have since sobered up and figure it is time to start shooting zombies….

            or maybe I’ll have a cup of coffee first.

            Then we’ll shoot the friggin zombies! Whoooo Yeah baby !

            • Where’s my chicken?

            • Don’t forget the Double Tab!

        • You had me, right up to part about I80 not having potholes. Then I knew you were lying.

          • LMAO. Yeah, I’ve driven it.

        • Barry? Is that you? Why are you posting as Plain Old American?

          • Nah, I’ve got a birth certificate and social security # issued in the state I grew up in. I did have to give ya a TU tho.

        • POA: Its not the ice making the potholes on I-80. Its the salt.

          Cancer cure? A tablespoon of honey and baking soda once a day, and two almonds.

          Put the check in the mail.

          • But the honey has to be from a local source in your area, something to do with the pollen!

        • and, and… pigs will fly. Yes! Air-mailed bacon for all!

      19. Greetings Everyone!
        As things fall apart the UBER-RICH are going to keep theirs et the expense of anyone one else.No compassion,love of fellow man,just the desire to maintain their wealth and power.MF is the foretaste of the main dish the 99% is going to be served quite soon.Notice in all the hoopla that “large Institutional investors”(I.E. the U.R.) were warned some two weeks before it happened?Or that the varlet running the whole sham is getting 12.5 MILLION in the failure?Or that LARGE sums are sitting in “unreachable” offshore accounts?
        Any Wonder?

        • They will survive, and evolve into Uber-human. The rest will end up like Neanderthals, hunted out for centuries until the last drops dead.

      20. Deuteronomy 28.

        • bambam, have you ever posted @ the packer wire?

      21. Widespread social unrest won’t be for several more years.

        • Dear RICH 99
          What to you consider the waves of “flash mobs” and such now occurring across the land?
          The unrest is upon us as we speak.
          The cops are sooo busy putting down the peaceful protests
          they can’t waste time to actually “protect” the citizens.
          Is just me or does the picture at the top of the police “vehicle” look like a fatter version of a Dr. Who dalalk?
          (Sorry about the spelling Dr. W fans)

        • Ahh, but you agree it’s coming..

      22. Hey!! 2012 sounds loke its gonna be a lot of fun end of the economy, sun spots[ cme’s ]or emp’s or just the old mayan end of times. People need to be prepared just because everyone will be so freaked out that year!!!!

      23. Ah, Occam’s Razor, how I love thee. If it sounds like a duck, it probaby is a f***ing duck.

        • And a f***ing duck makes duck soup. Or orange duck or duck with cherry sauce…..

          • You guys are confusing me? Wouldn’t an f’ing duck make f’ing duck soup? Ugh! I just don’t know anymore…

            Hope and change…
            Hope and change…
            Hope and change…

            F’ING HOPE AND F’ING CHANGE!!!

      24. Just because the government has a contingency plan, doesn’t mean it’s a foregone conclusion.

        The likelihood of widespread civil unrest, similar to the union uprising during the 1930’s is possible, but not inevitable.

        More likely isolated demonstrations like OWS by the FSA, and those entitlement seekers, similar to Europe. You don’t have to participate.

        Worst case, government shutdown stops SNAP and SS, total anarchy within 30 days and golden horde time. My mags are topped off.

        • The Golden Horde was stopped by the castles of Poland, and it will be the same this time. The castles of uber-rich will be defended with all the high-tech money can buy, and the hordes will drop dead in the fields after starving for days.

      25. The politico can plan all they want, even thinking they got the majority of us hood winked. They still have one major flaw in their plans: how do they evade God’s plans?
        Want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.
        Folks, keep the faith, “for what man intends for evil, God intends for good”.
        Our history is full of examples of God’s intervention.
        “If my people, who are called by my name will repent…”.
        The majority of us on this sight are preppers and hopefully most start each day prepped in His will!
        For those of you all that don’t believe in God, rest assured He is waiting on you.
        Peace and His grace be with you all.

        • God always tends to be intervening on the side of Kings throughout history.

          • Comenius, BOOOOO

        • Wack

      26. Bo getting heckled during speech today. First Lady getting heckled in Dimville, S. Florida. LOL

      27. The sad thing is that everyone knows what is coming yet not a finger is being lifted to stop it or mitigate the damages by those who could do so.

        How can a cop or soldier train to fight the citizenry and still believe they are doing good?


        If someone is training you to fight with the People you are supposed to protect, shouldn’t that send up a red flag that the trainer is an enemy of the People, and therefore your enemy?

        If you are a cop or soldier, choose which side you are on now. We need YOU to stop this insanity with the guns they want you to turn on us.

        • Unfortunately, most of these cops and soldiers are just brainwashed sheeple. They will follow orders just like Nazi and Communist soldiers did. They will lookout for their paycheck.

        • They only fear court-martials by their own peers. They know civilian court will bail them out. If a soldier refuses to shoot a child he will be court-martialled and treated as a pariah by everyone in his peers. If he does that, he might get tried in a city court but will most likely to be acquitted, or get a slap of wrist, and treated like a hero by his peers. At best he will be falling into memory hole, his pension intact.

        • “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s”

          • It’s ALL God’s, which is why Jesus worded his answer that way.

            • Amen. The next time I read that portion of the Bible (or hear it in a sermon) I’ll bust out laughing. I’ll get dirty looks from the congregation, then, the preacher (who loves my interjections) will ask me, “So, Nathan, what is so funny about that?” To which I will reply, “OK. Thats just hilarious! I mean, Jesus made a funny. Which part of it *ISN’T* Gods? Its kind of like saying you don’t have to obey Gods law if you can go where He’s not.”

              …and it wouldn’t surprise me if thats what happens next Sunday.

              Its all Gods. *HE* made it all. Including you and me. When reading those parts of the Bible where Jesus is talking to the Jewish leadership, I can’t keep from busting out laughing at times thinking about how the leadership felt. …which probably where the famed “Doh!” of Homer Simpson comes from.

              Jesus proved (as does our USA, Inc government), beyond a shadow of a doubt that while two heads may be better than one it goes down hill after that.

          • If you render Caesar does it smell like pig fat?


          For every Rambo action you make against our daughters, sons, mothers and fathers, a Rambo is on his way to your town to take action against your daughters, sons, mothers and fathers.


          • Genius has its limits but stupidity is infinite.

        • Unfortunately over time a reversal of social conditioning has taken place. Anyone about 50 years old or older was taught in grammar school and JR high that the US Citizens control the government. Over time crime had risen and a change was accepted where the government needed to control the people; naturally for their own safety. The public asked for it and they got it. As they say, “Beware what you ask for because you might get it”.

          The police socially surround themselves with police, their kids often become police, their relatives are police and they all look at things differently. It’s become and us verses them. Everyone but a cop is suspect and a potential one of them. Outside of small town USA where Andy and Barney know the natives this mindset is quite common.

          Yep, it’s the “Judged by 12 verses carried by 6” mentality. If by some chance they make the wrong call their friends will do a lot to inhibit that Judged by 12 part too. “He is all beat up”? “Ahh the SOB fell down the steps, a lot of steps”.

          I know of a couple of very small towns that have one or more full auto weapons in their inventory. One had a Thompson since the 1930s that never was shot in anger (actually for the last few decades as long as I can remember no shots from any weapon in anger) and they traded it in for two H&Ks MP5s rather than stuff they could really use and save the taxpayers money in the process. You can’t be too careful, there are threats EVERYWHERE you know.

          • Oh forgot to add, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Too much power has been handed over.

            • Too much power has been stolen. Nobody has handed it over.

      28. This is why we prep……canning yellow squash today.
        Fall crop made well here in E. TX.


      29. One more year, I really need one more year. I know I will never be completely prepared, but I really could use one more growing season to feel a little more prepared. 2012 could be a very chaotic year, but I know it will be a very busy one for me.

      30. Good evening

        It is great to read the posts here and as I have said I have learned a great deal. Sadly heading for the hills is not an option when you live on an island some 700 miles long and 200 wide that currently carries some 70 million souls….we are very overcrowded here. We have some open spaces, Dartmoor (peat bog) and we have a mountain or two but they are small enough to walk up without too much gear if you are fit enough to do so. We have no animals except deer to hunt, not that we hunt as we are not allowed guns so nobody knows how to do it anymore. Our national forest is small, I think you would refer to it as a clump of trees lol. So, what does a woman do? Well, my idea is to listen closely to what you, my American acquaintances tell me, about wasp spray that can be used instead of pepper spray about electric wires on door handles and about air rifles and broom handles with nails in. In addition I am following your suggestions about getting some skills that may make me an asset that is best kept. My medical knowledge gained p.a (pre-arthritis) put me in good stead, and now I no longer work I have learned to knit and crochet and sew, I am not very good at it but a blanket or wrap is something to keep warm in not a fashion statement, repairing clothes could come in handy also I think. Everyone in the area think my very large dog is as vicious as hell she isn’t but looks the part and I am happy with that. Thanks so much for telling me about wedges for under the doors, I would never have thought about that, or using strips of wood with nails through just inside the entry points at night. I accept there are many, many gaps in my preparations or the future and would not be offended at ANY ideas tips or advice you chose to share with me. Just for the record I have been to the United States, the vastness and beauty astounded me even though I visited a relatively small area. Thank you all for your support. Take care x

        • Carolie

          The English had a reputation as fine archers. Are bows and arrows legal? Ideally a crossbow. A slingshot called the “wrist rocket” we used as kids shooting ball bearings and marbles. Regardless if they are illegal their pretty easy to make and if you hit a bad guy in the face with a nice size (3/4″) ball bearing they are going down, maybe for the count. They are not a toy.

          My Father spent 3 years at Bury St Edmunds with the 8AF.

          • Kevin, As I was reading her article I was thinking the same thing. She could get or make an era reproduction crossbow or plain bow and just say she was exploring her heritage. But,If you can and do this Carolie, this is no different then using any weapon, Practice, Practice, Practice. Practice in the situations you plan to use it. If your child is old enough they must see you practice. This will allow you to instill respect for the weapon and for you from the child.

            • I just was looking at amazon UK and they sell Bows and arrows. I know money is tight for you Carolie, so don’t discount some of the smaller junior ones, I would stay away from anything that looks to much like a toy, for obvious reasons. Peace Clay

            • A poor weapon with standoff capability sure beats no weapon at all. Criminals in the UK are not used to a armed resistance such as that. My bet is put a bolt from a crossbow into a bad guy anywhere and they will all run especially if they believe there are more then one of you. Fire and yell, “George you get the next one while I reload”.

              Carolie, buy that bow and arrow or crossbow before your government bans them. I suppose they will very shortly.

              I suspect that if things got this bad the good people once they are fearful and threatened would band together and form de-facto “police” and unfortunately the rule of law would somewhat go out the window.

              I played by the rules and invested saving for retirement. This is all a royal pain in the tail. I would much rather be concerned about fishing.

            • Carolehontas has arrive…bow and arrow ordered, quite reasonable prices Clay, who would have thought of Amazon?

              I was thinking of the experiment and practice comments I have been getting, time for some kitchen chemistry I think, I have a couple of things in mind and will let you know how it turns out if you don’ see me around in the next week, well just assume it didn’t turn out lol


            • Kevin2 brought it up too! They say great minds think alike so Kevin2 must be pretty smart as well 🙂

              My wife and I owned a hot tub, back in the day, before children. We used Muriatic acid to clean the filter. I spilled some on my shoe once and it started eating my laces straight away and I did get my leather sneaker off and in water before it had a hole eaten through it too. I remember thinking “Holy Sh1t” I can’t believe this stuff is legal and it is a good thing I didn’t get it in my face. I still have over two gallons that I bought and need to get rid of (I paid less then 10 us dollars), but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet hmmm.. So, be careful if you ever buy a hot tub Carolie, you seem like a nice person and I would absolutely hate to see anyone getting hurt, Peace

            • And don’t forget to order several extra strings for the bow. They are cheap now but devilishly difficult to make by hand. Arrows can be made by hand but machine made ones are straighter and more accurate. Crossbows are powerful weapons but slow to reload. A short recurved bow isn’t as powerful but shoots much faster. Just a thought.

        • Carolie, my heart sinks when I hear of people like you. Survival minded yet penned in and shackled. But, it sounds like you are doing the best you can. Your OpSec (secrecy in what you store and have hidden) is even more important. Keep some mud around. When it hits the fan, be sure you look dirty and forlorn. This will keep the other locals from thinking you’ve got something they dont. Hopefully the horde will bypass you if you make you and your place look ravaged enough.

          Rocks. Golf ball to baseball sized rocks. The write rocked approach (slingshot) is good, but also, practice throwing rocks. A baseball sized rock thrown with a hit to the average guys noggin (head) will temporarily disable him. Even a small woman can practice this an get good enough to kick some tail.

          Practice, also, with that broomstick from hell.

          Hair spray and a bic lighter and some practice can yield a fearsome short range flamethrower. It will work with that wasp spray to, however, the was spray will continue to burn and could set your house on fire. The hairspray just makes flames and heat. It won’t usually get on stuff (unless its close) and set it ablaze.

          All of these are extreme measures, I know, but ideas you can experiment with in place of guns.

          …and if you ever want to come over here, I’ve got a travel trailer you can stay in out back while you get in the groove.

          • Thank you Netranger, I have to admit I have dreamed for years of a cabin in the woods in your beautiful country, but that was more of a choice thing, not because I had to, if you know what I mean. Like many of you here I am loyal to my country, or rather the country it was before the rot set in. Even if moving was a possibility it would not happen now, I owe it to my children and grandchildren to make sure that life can be as good as possible even in dire circumstances, remove all of those old enough to have some knowledge and you are left with a country full of idiots, many of these people end up supposedly running the country, you just have to look at the politicians in your country and mine to prove this statement lol. Progress is good in many ways but forgetting some of the old ways is in my opinion a massive mistake. My grown up kids are fine people, work hard, play hard and produce beautiful grandchildren, that said they will fall apart when the cable goes down and the shops have empty shelves, my five year old has more common sense than the pair of them. This is my fault, I was so busy working my arse off to give them everything they wanted I never took the time to point out what they needed, with Gracie the little one, I saw the writing on the wall and educated her accordingly, she has less material things than the elder two had but far more of my time and a hell of a lot more of what I call her alternative education. She thinks it’s great fun to make unleven bread on an open fire and to turn off all the appliances and spend a day and night pretending we are camping in the woods. She is allowed to make things with bits of wood hammer and nails and assists in all household chores willingly, providing tidying her room is not on the list lol. She will do okay, and shtf or not she will be more rounded than the other two, she is growing up knowing that she will not wither and die without a television to watch, she will appreciate that the roof over her head and the food on the table is far more important than brand name trainers, I know she will probably have her moments but the speed of the decline over here is such that she will probably not remember the so called ‘good times’ she will however be able to make meals from scratch cook on a small fire and repair her own clothes. She will understand the concept of justice, fairness and charity, she will realise that she may not have a pocket full of cash but she is indeed very, very rich, rich in spirit knowledge and determination. I pray to God that enough people will educate their young ones so that the society that rises from the wreckage will be one we can be proud of.

            Kevin….where can I find details f this ball bearing wrist thing you mention?

            • Google “wrist rocket”.

            • Your five year old will love the slingshot aka wrist rocket!

      31. I have to admit that over the last year or so I’ve grown increasingly wary of our Government in general. But my concern centers more around individual corruption (i.e. greed) and the apparent collective ineptitude more than some sinister plot.

        Even if there was some sick plan in the vain of East Germany’s Stasi I just have a hard time imagining the Government “occupying” the entire USA as if it were Bagdad. I just can’t see the Federal level or individual states having the resources necessary to put an entire nation under some evil boot. Especially when you consider just how may citizens demonstrate they’re right to bare arms.

        I mean really, the DHS put out a warning today about deep frying turkeys. Does that sound like a crack squad of jack booted thugs looking to drop the hammer on innocent ole’ you and me… or more like a bunch of clowns looking for any way they can to justify their paychecks?

        Maybe I’m just naively optimistic about such things. Or rather pessimistic that our Government has anyone bright enough to pull off an “evil” plan. Hell, they can’t even pull off a “good” plan… just ask the folks that lived through Hurricane Katrina.

        I also have a really hard time seeing those who serve in the Military (active or reserve) or the National Guard being willing to essentially turn on their friends and families.

        In my youth I joined the USMCR and I still consider my oath to defend this nation from enemies both foreign and domestic as binding. The moment I would be asked to round up or disarm US citizens is the very moment that I would consider our own Government the “domestic enemy” I swore to defend against. (Yes I’m aware arms were confiscated in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Hence my interest in the Oath Keepers.)

        I don’t know… I do feel that there are difficult times ahead for not only the US but the world altogether. And I’m doing my best to prepare for it. But in the end, I sincerely hope that all our “prepping” was for not.

        (Now, if you were suggest that there are those who would like to start another great war for the sake of profit I may be inclined to agree. Unfortunately it doesn’t take a genius to start a war… and our Government has a surplus of halfwits.)

        • That surplus of “halfwits” are the Dual Citizens that have infiltrated the State and War departments and manipulate American foreign policy for the benefit of their home country.

          • OMG–it must be the wine last night–I actually agree with a post by dk…
            The BIGGEST problem in decades is the dual citizenship problem—our laws are now made by assholes whose loyalty IS NOT here.
            I watched a video of a Muslim speech in Canada..he said there were 3, yes 3, Muslim Brotherhood in the White House.
            WTH is going on that we have a white house full of traitors to allow that??
            Because they are all un-American and have no love for this country–just the dollars they are swindling, stealing, and defrauding from the tax payer.
            Rant Off!

            • Can’t be nearly as bad as Michael Chertoff (who is a dual citizen of Israel) being Director of Homeland Security.

            • JJ: Bottoms up!!! 🙂

        • FDR said something like “if it happens in politics it happened on purpose.”

          I think it was Hillary who said something like “don’t let a good crisis go to waste.”

          The buffoons are just for show.
          Don’t think for a second that the shots are being called by something less than the most genius, conniving, patient, advanced and ruthless enemy beyond your comprehension.
          I think America must fall before they can consolidate their power. It’s not the government that keeps this a Nation, but us. And it’s not solely our arms that they fear, but our faith. We are a restraining force against them. Unfortunately their fifth column is deeply embedded in our society on all levels and has been for a long time, seeking to destroy us from the inside. News, music, tv & movies, sports, advertisements and products, our childrens education, even into the Church. All those things that make up our environment and behaviour. You have to seek to find things that aren’t touched by an evil hand, while on the contrary – if you know what you’re looking at or for – the symbols and progression of the plan are obvious, right out in the open, written in their own words, laying out their plan from centuries ago to the present, just as it is happening now. I think that bears emphasis – JUST AS IT IS HAPPENING TODAY. And who do you think would have the longevity to hatch and tender and foster the ultimate power grab?
          Our fight is against Powers and Principalities in high places, not against every hurting piece of wretched flesh that may have the misfortune of wandering into your fire lane. We have to try to maintain some semblance of humanity through the maelstrom. If when whatever happens comes to an end and we don’t re-establish Community we are finished!

        • One word “SPEEPLE”

          • SHEEPLE I meant

      32. I hope the public is getting the idea now that “it can happen here.”

        • Are you kidding? It is going to happen here. Most of the people are clueless.

          OsiXs (Common Sense 3.1)

          • Mad Max: Communism is not a solution. It has proven itself to be a failed ideology without practical benefit that resides on the ash heap of history.

            WE want an American revolution.

        • I’ve always thought that the inane comment “it can’t happen here” was hilarious. Fact is, here is the ONLY place it can happen when people don’t care enough to stop it.

      33. This thread is a rousing endorsement for anarchy if you but knew it. No, not THAT anarchy. The real kind. Statism is the enemy and the Constitution was a nice try at disproving that fact. We see now that it did not. Hence, not 50 States, 225 million States.

      34. The $65 dollar question at this point is: Will the Powers That Be let the shit hit the fan before or after the Presidential election?

      35. Thinking of Small bunker for to put small item’s for my prepping.Bug out or bug in.Kinda thing been scouting some area close to the homestead. two place’s.Which I believe will be a good idea.I believe the goverment will have something to try and scare the people’s to group into camp’s etc.Which would be very bad idea to me.I just what to be with my family.The writing is on the wall.When it happen’s .I think it will shock and awe us to a high degree.I just don’t want to waver,I want to hold the course.Being able to move swiftly and lightly ,I think is a good thing.

      36. grab the rug

      37. Once you get to your hidey hole, you must be of the mind set to treat street thugs and government thugs equally. If you don’t, you’ll just be a statistic for historians. Neither one is there to help you. Both have given ample proof of how vicious they can be. War is ugly. Do all you can to make it uglier!

      38. Watching the Republican debate. Must say, with the exception of Ron Paul, I have never seen a bigger group of f***ing idiots on one stage ever before. Numbskulls. One guy, the Gingrich who stole Christmas, stated that the UnPatriot Act should not be nullified by the people and their state legislatures, along with the TSA, but rather should be expanded?!!!! And this mofo is supposedly the leader in the polls?!!!! They’re a bunch of lawyers who lie with every sentence spewing through their nasty teeth and ugly maggot faces, looking constipated in order to look tough. Sick. Somebody please give them some Pepto Bismol. I feel so bad for this country’s future!

        • If Newt, the slimey lizard, remains ahead in the polls, it’s the power of TPTB, not the power of the people.
          Oh, and a few liars in LSM!

      39. The only way to make the warriors submit is to kill their wives/husbands and children.

        The British did that during the Boer War.

        • It’s amazing what a democratically minded people will do to promote democracy. I’m so shocked.The high minded civilized British behaving no better then Stalin or Hitler. Oh I almost forgot, “We destroyed the village to save it”, yep we do it too.

          It’s all about wealth. It might be tea, oil, diamonds, gold or anything else of value. The excuse for state violence has always been freedom and order. They are correct; It’s the freedom of the rulers to force a people to submit to their order.

        • And you see what happened in the end of that little fiasco WAY back then….

      40. rule number one: zero contact
        rule number two: if rule number one is impossible, understand two clear things:
        a. shooting a gun reveals two things
        1. your position
        2. your intention
        (since you cannot change number two. you must change number one. once you reveal your intention, change your position.)
        rule number three: do not shoot from the position you intend to protect or else it will become the target.

        if you can see intruders coming, get out of your house and manuever around them. shooting from inside the house will invite fire and endanger your loved ones.

        stay safe and at all costs do not engage in a fight. the greatest victories are wonw without firing a single shot.

        Semper Fi

        • Semper Fi

          You sir are a wise man. Those were great points without the bravado nonsense that appears too often.

          That quote is from Sun Zu or Carl Von Clausewitz. I forget if it was in The Art Of War or On War. Two great books though.

          Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

      41. I am a bumbling old chicken shit. I don’t like loud noises. If I bought a gun I would probably shoot myself in the foot (or worse). What the hell am I supposed to do?

        • Get your act together.

        • Spend less than $200 and buy a Ruger 10/22 semi auto rifle. Buy several Ruger factory 25 round magazines. Buy as much 22 long rifle ammo as you can afford. P<$20 box of 500 rounds. Buy roll up ear plugs (hardware store or China Mart) and the ear muffs that look like stereo headphones. Use BOTH types of earplugs and practice with your 10/22.

          If you're only going to have one weapon and for the reason you stated, I would make it a 10/22.

        • Sell it to me cheap before you hurt yourself!

      42. OK. Time for some serious questions and, I hope, helpful answers.

        Am I the only person that is kind of dreading spending Thanksgiving with their clueless, family? I mean I have to wonder if Satan could do any worse to me than forcing me to watch overweight, overeducated women play guitar hero on the Wii ignorantly singing their praise to a 19th century homosexual pedophile that practiced black magic?

        I guess I’ll try and layout a bit of the info but try not to get boring. I have a ladyfriend that kind of drives me insane. She doesn’t have a clue what is coming, bought a house to get the 8 grand rebate. Of course the house has now dropped another 20 to 25 thousand in value, but “Hey! they’ll come back up. Always do.” I do have some gear stored at her house, and some at mine. I don’t live in mine, I let the kids and grandkids live there. (I don’t live with her either) She stays somewhat close to my kids and kind of brushes off everything I say about the coming collapse. Since she has three college degrees no one else can possibly be any smarter than she is so you cannot argue with her. She says I’m just too negative.

        Confession time. I had a business in the 90s. I kept getting things in the mail from Bill Bonner, James Davidson, Nick Gaurino and a host of others. I went to a so called “militia” meeting at a church in 96. There was a retired US Navy Captain (O6) and a retired US Air Force Major General (O8, 2 star) and they were spilling the beans about Gardenplot and studies done by the government working on preparing for the coming financial collapse. They were saying don’t trust FEMA and all of the good stuff. Well, I went home and read The Creature From Jekyll Island and was so shocked I contacted Ed Griffin, bought a case of books, (hardcover) and gave them to friends.

        No one read the book.

        Bottom line is that I shut down the business and got out of California. I prepped hard for a few years. They kept spending and taxing and killing aides and spending and screwing interns and taxing and warring and spending and POA damn near went insane cause no one else could see there was not a happy ending coming at us. I gave up. Then in 2008 when the banking crisis hit, others were asking “what happened?” and I was screaming “Finally, it’s coming!”

        I am almost at wits end with the family. I really don’t have anyone else to prep for or to face the future with. Does anyone else have such problems with sleeping family members? Is your awareness destroying your family life?

        Awwe hell, maybe I’ll occupy LA and the mayor will offer me free office space and farmland. I’m gonna fix a drink.

        • Ya. I feel you brother. I live in Orange County, California. I’m 42, and my parents, sisters, uncles, aunts, and cousins all think I’m nuts.

          I DREAD having to spend time with my family who live a little north of Los Angeles. I haven’t seen them in a year. I don’t want to go watch them watch tv. I don’t want to go watch them play video games. I don’t want to have to listen to the men talk about sports and their jobs, especially the accountants who love taxes.

          In fact, I’m going to do Thanksgiving with my girlfriend’s friends. They don’t know me. I’ll just pretend for a few hours.

          I just can’t look at the faces of my family. I sent them all a bunch of Alex Jones DVDs. A couple saw them, got scared, and told me that they don’t want to talk about what they have seen.

          This country is nuts. George Orwell’s 1984 is here.

          • @hbeachrealist,
            I grew up in SW Santa Ana in the late 50’s and 60’s. It was pretty cool back then. The closest store was an overgrown roadside fruit & vegetable stand called Red’s Ranch Market. Lots of orange groves and fields where they grew corn, lettuce, strawberries and such.

            I suppose you are stuck down there with family. There is NO bugout possibility from HB. I haven’t been to Silverado, Trabucco or Modjeska areas in over 25 – 30 years. I imagine it is all developed into homes, condos and strip malls with the ubiquitous Mexican restaurant. You do realize that the only way out is 1, 101, 5 or 15 to the north. Angeles Crest (#2 Over the San Gabriels from La Canada) would be blocked by one dumbass crashing his car then you’d be hosed on foot in that terrain. 210, 10, 60 east is a long shot. Where you going to go? Laughlin? Can’t hide / survive in the desert without a really good water source. South is San Jaun Capistrano, Elsinore and the megopolis of San Diego.

            I have friends that live in Cucamonga still. What I’ve told them is have a cover story and when it looks just slightly hot, bail out up to Bishop and hang out for a day or two. If it ain’t going down, go home. If it goes up in flames, well you’re starting a ne adventure, LOL. I don’t know if you have the financial means to do that but one thing that I haven’t seen discussed here is having the debit card or other plastic to buy a plane ticket, but to where? You’d only have the preps you could carry and you have to have a beard and swarthy complexion to be able to carry a gun on a plane.

            I don’t know man. Grab your girlfriend and just get out.

            I’ll keep you in a prayer tonight.

        • You know, POA, I’ve found that the older a person is the HARDER it is to convince them of the dangers right under their noses. It seems the longer they’ve been brain-washed by the system in this country (and the world, for that matter), the harder it is to accept an alternate reality.

          Conversely, the younger “internet” generation seems to be easily swayed by the truth. Just back everything up with undisputable facts, and common sense prevails. I’ve been telling my wife and kids for years now that times are going to get tough. They haven’t really believed me up until recently, when actual events unfolded.

          I think we’re going to have a mass awakening soon, the question is, will it be in time for them to do anything about it?

          On a side note, I can’t get a word in edge-wise with friends of the liberal (left) persuassion. It doesn’t matter how many facts you present to them; they either shout you down with name-calling and re-hashes of what CNN or MSNBC just told them, or just laugh at you.

          I actually feel sorry for human beings that can’t think for themselves in a logical fashion…

          • I do believe that my daughter and youngest son would pay a lot more attention if I didn’t have an ex ladyfriend that seems to want to try and argue about everything pretty much saying I must have hit my head. She has three college degrees, AA, BS and MS therefore she has got to be smart. I think the truly educated and wise would agree with me that having a college degree doesn’t necessarily prove that a person is stupid but sometimes it’s a pretty good indication. Oh, I can get along with good engineers quite well. It’s the ones with a masters in education or journalism majors that seem immune from logic. Just my opinion.

            I sometimes find myself wanting things to go south just so I can call her and gloat. Pretty childish I know. That’s why I won’t do it but it feels good to get it out.

            Dealing with liberal progressives can be difficult. I actually worked with a fellow (lib) for a few weeks out of town. During the course of several weeks of dining together I finally convinced him that non-libs really don’t want oils and chemicals in our water. We drink it also. And I quit pushing old ladies in front of speeding Greyhounds years ago. Heck, the last ime I wore bedsheets was in third grade when I won a Halloween costume contest at school dressed as a mummy. He finally realized that I just wanted sanity, common sense and spending less than our income as policy. He’s still a union man tho.

            As to the awakening, well I don’t know. Will there be an event that everyone can recognize? Who knows? Some folks can’t learn without a certain level of physical pain. If it just keeps dragging on I may just have to go to the occupy camp and see if I can score some drugs, LOL.

        • We were made for each other lol…I tried with my grown kids and they asked if I had been feeling depressed for long and apologised for not noticing. They are good people but are blind and deaf unless it is something they want to hear, and of course this is Britain, nothing like that can happen here. The trouble I went through with their education. Makes me wonder if it was money well spent after all.

          I cannot support an extra 8 people at this point in my preps, four adults and four kids who all eat the best branded stuff and would not eat a cheap cut of meat if it was given to them as a gift…oh are they in for a few shocks. Thing is they have never known truly hard times. Wartime rationing only finished for some items a year or so before I was born so my parents were quite frugal and always kept emergency supplies as they called them having grown up and lived with the hardships during the war. I spent so much time working to give them all the stuff I never had I neglected to point out that things can change fast and that they need to account for this. I therefore have to take a share of the blame.

          That said it is frustrating that it is impossible to have a sensible conversation with them without them assuming that I need a psychologist and/or medication.

          Take care x

          • “That said it is frustrating that it is impossible to have a sensible conversation with them without them assuming that I need a psychologist and/or medication.”

            To quote our most beloved and famous American rapist “I feel your pain.” I just can’t get the bubbly, southern drawl in there, LOL

            Honestly, it would be so much easier to face the future with a partner. Someone that sees what you and I see heading at us. There is a real variety of viewpoints and, obviously, greatly varying levels of education and intelligence here. It is good because some of these folks are pretty darn bright and learning is something I enjoy. (At least when it doesn’t hurt and the bananas are fresh, LOL)

            I may be easily fooled but I believe most of the folks here are very honest, concerned about our great nation, (and yours) and present their best ideas in the hope that others will learn. The ones with greater knowledge and experience will improve on those ideas so we all benefit.

            The thing that we all have in common is that we are aware of the momentous historical significance of today and that is a gift to be thankful for.

            Every day I realize more and more that the events playing out before us are part of a script written a couple thousand years ago. I gotta quit looking for Waldo and find Jesus. He is the only foolproof prep we’ve got.

        • A well told and entertaining piece POA. Particularly liked the Crowley reference, so true!
          I’m sure many of this Forum’s readers are already tired of me getting “preachy”, but I have to say that education or IQ has never had anything to do with “getting it.” As the Bible says, such truths are spiritually discerned, making the simple wise and the wise foolish.
          I am gladdened and surprised that ALL of my siblings are preppers. We have never discussed the notion, and in fact really don’t get together or hardly communicate at all, yet we’ve all reached the same conclusion independently.
          My children as well, while not as yet feeling compelled to allocate their own limited resources into preps (young families and all), expressed relief upon finding that I was prepping for the family.
          Friends and co-workers are a different story.

        • Everyone at Thanksgiving worships The Sphere or Spheroid. The BIL stock broker could not identify Turkey and Greece on a map and has zero interest in world affairs. When we told them a crash was coming and to invest in gold back in 07 they took the advice of the professional instead. Actually both he and I are the only people with investments / savings anyway. However ignorant the males are the women with the exception of my wife are even less knowledgeable. When my wife said that, “Americans have a shortage of money” the reply from one of the women was, “Well just print more”. I see a public official in the making.

          They collectively don’t know, don’t care and obtain their information in a few second sound bites of what passes for news waiting for the important part, the sportscast.

          The upsetting thing is they do vote.

          • “Americans have a shortage of money” the reply from one of the women was, “Well just print more”. I see a public official in the making.

            The first thing I did when I read that was laugh. Then, I thought about it.

            You may be far more correct than any of us want to admit.

        • POA, I understand. I am having some friends and family over for dinner. My folks are coming and they are onboard, mom more than dad. They are even bringing their motorhome to my place to store as I live in a very rural town. It will be their BOL and as they have said to me, it will be easier to drive a car here than drive this damn thing if we have to leave in a hurry! I have preached to them for 30 years and just recently my mom says, “we heard you all those years but never listened”.

          The others that will come by, well, dumber than a box of rocks, so I have given up on them. We will eat well and have a good time but thats about it. Being prepped won’t come up. Don’t need anymore stress.

          Take it easy dude!

        • “Is your awareness destroying your family life?” Literally for years. I was the genetic abberation, prophet of doom, conspiracy loon, etc.

          I could no longer relate to their day-to-day activity anymore than they could relate to mine. Fortunately, my wife grasped the concept early in the game and became a subtle part of a stealth campign. She is considerably more “diplomatic and calm” with respect to my obsession.

          She helped me understand that “constantly ranting and trying to stuff it down their throats out of shear frustration”………probably not the best approach.

          Over time, the last 2-3 years, the majority are now in “my camp”. Subtle Email link contributions often geared to one of their specfic problems, less intense debates where I would concede some point of lesser importance to provide the illusion of a “win-win” converstation. “Sneaky sh*t” basically.

          It took some time and effort, but I’m happy with the results. Outside of family is another issue. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it is becoming “too late in the game” for most of them anyway.

          • “She helped me understand that “constantly ranting and trying to stuff it down their throats out of shear frustration”………probably not the best approach.”

            She is certainly right about that not being the best approach. Back in the 90’s when I was first aware of the NWO, the federal reserve, Gardenplot, 16th & 17th amendments, 1933 bank holiday and all of the other evidence that people trip over, I think more than a few friends and family started refering to me as “that lunatic,” LOL. From about 2000 up until 2008 I just tried to forget about it. I kept the guns, ammo, reloading gear etc. Ended up having to sell off most of my PM’s (I had well over two hundred pounds of silver) because I suddenly become a single dad when the ex ran off with an alcoholic salesman.

            It wasn’t until 2008 when Juan McCain offered to postpone his (non) campaign because of the economic meltdown that I realized it IS going to happen. Well they can call me names all they want as I stuff Turkey, mashed potatoEs & gravy and green bean casserole in my coat pockets. I’ll show them, Ha!

            Really tho, I have a lot of good preps except the most important- the plan. If I were to abandon the kids & grandkids I would be over in eastern Oregon where jackrabbits get lost. But I can no more leave the kids than fresh peach cobbler so I guess I’m going to have to wing it.

            I hope & pray the Lord gives me the plan in time.

            Good luck to you. Be thankful for an intelligent wife that stands by your side. Just a little jealous of that one.

        • You’ve got the guilt complex..all here know how to handle that…..Let us tell ya..

          One sentence!! Genesis 8:16
          “Then the Lord shut him in!!’

          If our God can destroy an entire population, I DO NOT have a problem saving myself; it’s my christian right.

          The NWO plan…or God’s plan? You decide.

        • You are not alone Plain Old. I have a large family and several years ago I attempted to talk to them individually about what I was learning and how I was preparing. To this day, even with the obvious corruption in the government and on Wall st. they refuse to acknowledge that anything can go wrong in the good old US of A. Luckily they live 6 hours or more away, most in Florida, so I don’t expect WTSHTF that they will even be prepared to travel.

          I think we who are aware all have similar situations with friends and family. I have gone about my preps totally unknown to my local friends and neighbors. When the Shumer hits I will decide depending on the situation if I will dispense charity and to whom.

          I read recently that for most people the stuff we talk about causes them too much pain. It’s called “Normalcy Bias” They would rather not deal with preparing just face what happens when it happens. Unfortunately that is their worst possible choice.

      43. In my opinion the State does not really care about the moderate amount of resistance from it’s totalitarian take-over. The USA is one big jail. In a shooting war it has all the heavy weapons and can invite NATO to help. NATO units not being used in Europe that is. Masses of people will obey and those who do not, well there is this fine quote in German, which comes from Martin Niemoller:

        Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
        habe ich geschwiegen;
        ich war ja kein Kommunist.

        Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
        habe ich geschwiegen;
        ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.

        Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
        habe ich nicht protestiert;
        ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.

        Als sie die Juden holten,
        habe ich geschwiegen;
        ich war ja kein Jude.

        Als sie mich holten,
        gab es keinen mehr, der protestierte.

      44. An Open Letter to the Police

        The time has come for you to make a choice. You must choose where you stand. You must take a stand and decide what society you wish to live in. Do not tell us that you follow orders, we dealt with that one decades ago. We don’t want to hear that policies are set far above you, by those with more power than you. They have no power without you; you are their power. Without your willing participation, they are nothing more than miserable creatures, talking to the walls in overly decorated rooms. You convert their statements into physical actions. You decide which orders to follow, and from whom. It is your call.

        We know why you joined the force. You wanted to protect the weak and the innocent from the strong and vicious. You desired a society where justice is done, the guilty punished. You abhor the use of violence against women and children. You wanted to stand for good, protect those who need protection. Are you doing this now? …

        You are the hired muscle of a small group. You no longer work for us, but for an alliance of businessmen, politicians, and bankers. They are determined to make society over in the vein they wish to see it. You are their muscle, their enforcer. This is why the public no longer respects you, but rather fears you. It is why your ranks have become full of sadists uninterested in the tasks that motivated you to join the force. It explains the orders you have been receiving. …

        Read the freaking rest at

        Or else, Support Your Local Police State

        “Which is better – to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away, or by three thousand tyrants not a mile away?” –

        ~ Attributed to Boston physician Mather Byles, 1770.

      45. i suggest if you haven’t done so, that you buy yourself a high caliber rifle and a 1000 rounds for it… your gonna need it for when “THEY” come for you! fema has already preplanned what is their response to the next national fed false flag… complete and total national police state lockdown! door to door gun searches seizures and forced gun registration!

        and it’s going to be your very own local neighborhood pigs , state national guard wanna be’s and deep pocket politicians helping them do it!

        they will control you through fema food distribution and medical care centers… where you will be required to be chipped with a rfid bracelet/ implant/ tattoo!

        veterans beware the v.a. , the v.a. is working with f.e.m.a. and dhs to control you!

        arm up stock up prepare

        preditor or prey the choice is yours!

        • Just curious, what kind of gun do you prefer nina?

          • Yeah, Nina is talking utter nonsense. Why would she need a high caliber rifle? And what exactly does she mean by “high caliber”? Is it .50 BMG or does she advocate 30 caliber as high caliber? Most armed forces use 5.56 and 7.62 x 51.

            The truth is that regardless of what caliber firearm you have, it is useless if one is outnumbered and must evade.

            Nina should read about S.E.R.E. which teaches SF operators to do a lot of surviving and EVASION before rescue.

            A lot of folks will be doing exactly that – evasion and constant moving. Nina won’t survive with her “high caliber” rifle against well trained and well armed military police.

            • quote: Nina won’t survive with her “high caliber” rifle against well trained and well armed military police.

              nina is one of those well trained military police… and they aren’t that well trained and most of them die just as easily as anyone else… buy a high caliber rifle of your own personal choice… simply so you have the abiity to terminate anyone wearing body armor… if martial law is called your going to need the rifle to fend off roving packs of predatory ex cops/ ex military types and renegade law enforcement and military awol’s running for the hills… you having the ability to defeat a bullet proof vest might just save your life!

              not all cops and military folks , are good folks… better to have and never use than to need and not have!

              but obviously… @clayma and mr g plan to use only flower power and positive thinking to fend off their predatory neighbors and transients in a shtf scenario! good luck ladies… ;0P pssszzt you’ll last 3 weeks and then you’ll be actual “Lunch!” for some starving marvin!

          • @clayma… ;0P i don’t own a gun… i’m a pacifist! i did though once own a daisy red rider bb pump rifle once… and on the day after xmass 1988 , i shot my eye out! ;0( sniff sniff

            mommy only allows me to use my bear crossbow now…

      46. POA, my brother and sister think I’m nuts. Brother works for ACORN promoting homosexuality and fighting family values and religion, both of which he says don’t exist, only made up to control the masses. Sister is a millionaire in Colorado, last time I talked to her she said there’s lots of “kooks” in Colorado also. Immediate family here at home are all on board. The rest are on their own.

        • Obviously God’s word is the best defense against the onslaught of perversion and the rationalization against biblical truths but I have just finished an extraordinarily educational book. It is titled “The Pink Swastika” by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams. It is an very readable expose of the homosexual roots of fascism. It also informs the reader about the involvement of those in the occult and their influence on Nazi policy.

          I doubt that many here need to have someone tell them that the legitimization of homosexual behavior can only come when the opposition to homosexual behavior is de-legitimized. (ie: your rights must be abrogated in favor of the gay agenda)

          I suppose it is a good thing I do not have a national voice for I would ask why so many are feigning shock and disgust at Jerry Sandusky’s behavior. I find their specious self righteousness at least as morally depraved as the rape of the young men and boys. This is what pederasts do. You either accept the fact that the pederasts has the right to sodomize our youth or you stand against the gay agenda. I can gaurantee that any public stance for the Jewish worldview of monogamous heterosexuality confined within the realm of holy matrimony as opposed to the modern American acceptance of the Hellenistic pagan worldview where homosexuality is the highest order of sexual activity and women are just breeding stock and you will have the total hatred and accusations of homophobe, bigot and every other disparaging term thrown at you. All by the folks that just want to be equal and left alone.

          Read about the Swastika (WND books) and you will have a hard time looking at your brother in the same way ever again.

      47. At least some of my family is awake. Not much hope for my brother and his liberal democrat lifestyle. Freedoms are free, no need to worry uncle sugar takes care of everything.
        Staying at home this year, eating deer roasts and wild turkey.( liquid too)

        • I drank Wild Turkey once as a young fella of about 24. It was the only time I ever went to jail. I believe there used to be a “T” shirt that said: “Instant A$$hole, just add alcohol.” Well that one time that was me and I got kicked out of San Diego County about 3 AM in the rain with about $1.50 in my pocket.

          Haven’t touched it since. Like I said in another post, I like to learn if it doesn’t hurt too much and the bananas are fresh.

      48. There’s no evidence to suggest that violence by the people will be met by worse violence by the government. On the contrary, liberal governments are always hesitant to take crime seriously. Most likely, violence in the US will be met with insufficient force.

        • Farm cat

          “There’s no evidence to suggest that violence by the people will be met by worse violence by the government.”

          There is certainly no evidence to support that it’s not true either.

          Government is historically slow to respond to threats of person to person as the LA Riots of the early 1990s have shown. Threaten government and it’s institutions and a ton of bricks will fall upon you. The primary job of government is to protect the government.

        • WTF Farm Cat, students can’t peacefully protest out of control tuition hikes without being blasted full force with military grade pepper spray while sitting on the ground! No evidence to suggest?

      49. I beleive the preperations to defend ones family are just.I keep small supplies on hand but there is not enough space,money,or preservatives to store for a long extended period.I-myself beleive my approach will be the list I have put together of where I will be getting my supplies if a scenario calls for it.The legal crooks,the gougers,the lawmakers that make fake laws to profit and live large.You are on my list,and I already know where you are.I will not be roaming blinded,incoherently,zombie like as most describe.My targets are well thought out in advance.
        All the preperation in the world will not protect you,with a minor bit of luck,my patience and skills will find you, if I need to trade my smaller gun for a bigger one.I would never target those who have given and those who pound and plant and care for others.My actions will never be random.Those who have preyed off the unjust laws and weaknesses of others, are usally the first to yell unjustices of their fellow man.They will sit by the windows for days without sleep to protect what they unrightfully ans shamefully profited off their unsuspecting neighbor.It was called greed and shall have a new name if this scenario ever plays out.
        I too can live on bark and grass,I will wade through freezing water for hours and lye in a cold prone position for days to strike at the least suspecting time and I will not be alone.You can build a fortress but the people in my team will be to see some of the most inpenatrable enclaves.If you do not fit the description of the person I have mentioned,then there is nothing to fear.I am your friend,but if you take allegiance with this scum then there is a problem.Most of them will be easy to spot,they will be standing on the tallest hill yelling the loudest for their protection and security and rights,it will be in the guise of protecting their family but really it will be to protect their hoard.By the will of my god I shall seek you out and live as long as he decides

        • It sounds as if you have determined that you are qualified to be judge, jury & executioner. That view is rather arrogant in my humble opinion. I doubt you will receive much support for your plan to be a thief.

          Just my opinion.

      50. Don’t wait for the trouble to come to you. Make your area a free fire zone. Make it a No Go area. Study Sarajevo during their “unrest”. Study Lebanon during the 1980’s. Learn or die.

      51. For those of you with a country retreat, or wishing you had one, you’d better prepare yourself by reading what Ferfal has to say about such things.

      52. JD is the most correct in his estimation of what is going to take place. There will be a reset and a correction, but there will be much confusion, disorder, and loss of lives.
        This world is mans’ world, because we chose to disobey our Father. He does intervene on our behalf from time to time. Perhaps he will choose to redress and balance this world again.
        Pray, prep, and stack’em high. GOD Bless.

      53. Greeting Everyone!
        after reading all the posts here(including mine),I wonder just what may occur what you HAVEN’T prepped for.GOT with your BOB sounds nice in principal,it may not for the most part be viable.Time is of the essence in this.After seeing the “test” of “blocking” all forms of comm. nation-wide,we may wake up to silence.Of course in the name of public safety,U betcha.When they equip the cops with irradiated 50 cal. weapons and a “list” and the only working commo gear,many will never see it until a knock(if they are being nice,which I doubt)on the front door or at work(with backup covering all the exits)Prepping is a great idea for the natural disasters(alot of that going around too).When whatever REPOCRAT that has been chosen self-appoints himself Prez(with the blessings of UR of course,might even be Obama,who can tell?) for “the duration of the Emergency”,things will get very,very hot!When about five of those Irr.50 cals rip thru your location,1000+ round of small cal. will be worse than useless.They have armor,you won’t(or at least the kind that stops 50 cal).I’m not trying to be negative about the early parts of the coming CHANGE,just trying to give some thought to the unthinkable.
        Best to All
        (even the CIA,FBI,TSA,HS,local cops and their ILK reading this blog,your families gonna be in need of it too at some point!)

        • have it wrong–unless these boys are heavily drugged, don’t take for granted the military-industrial complex has all these guys fooled.
          At some point in the last few years, maybe months, they have figured out that what happens in one area, is happening in another, preferably the community of their families.

          • JJ:I hope I’m wrong and you are right.I think 20th Century history leans more toward my scenario than I wish for.”The Boys” are conditioned to follow orders,and many have families to feed at the mercy of the UR and their “patsy”.
            The UR in 1930’s Germany thought they had Hitler on a short leash….
            Bet we find out what the unoccupied,barb-wire fenced FEMA camps were created for real soon..
            All the Best

      54. POA, No Thanksgiving with the family this year. They are all out-of-state. So far none of them have woken up yet, and I’m not sure I have the energy and drive to keep at it. Some days I say to Hell with it, but other days I still want to “save” them. I can’t really afford to prep for us and them too.
        Right now I’m just trying to get my own family ready….3 little girls to provide for and still trying to get the hubby on board. Needless to say, I don’t sleep very well at night, lol! Or maybe it’s because the big 3-0 birthday is coming soon. Either way, I feel like I’m running outta time.
        But I confess, I LOVE to hang out on this website, all you guys(and girls) know your stuff and I enjoy reading the different views, ideas, comments on preps, etc.

        Does that make me crazy? I nope not!

        Have a good Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

        • Oh you’re crazy alright but in a good way Mama Bear! You can only do so much for family not with you. Take care of those girls, you’re old man should come around pretty quickly as this sh!t storm continues to grow. Stay strong and peace. Clay

        • No. That doesn’t make you crazy.

          Insane, obsessed, a whack job, loony or a fruitcake maybe but not crazy 😉

          Everyone has an idea how things are goin to go down when reality can no longer be denied. I don’t know whose prognostication will be the most accurate or most helpful but being somewhat prepared is far, far better than being one of those looking around screaming “what is happening? Why is WalMart out of food and buttwipe?”

          The waiting sucks, doesn’t it?

      55. Kevin2, thanks.
        The quote is from the Art of War.

        Now, rule four: once you pull the trigger your life is changed forever, especially if you take a life.

        From that point forward you will have to be looking over your shoulder and you will fear for your family’s safety. People will always seek revenge.

        Personally, I do not want to hurt any human in any way. That is not to say that I would not drop a man in his tracks should he threaten me or my loved ones. But, I do not have any illusion about it. Killing is bad business. War is disease. I would rather sit at the table and feast with my fellow man than kill him.

        Sun Tzu also said: know the outcome before you enter the fight. If you cannot possibly win, do not fight, but wait until you have the advantage.

        Running away from a fight is always a good option. Call it strategic retreat.

        Tomorrow, eat, drink, and be merry. I will.

        Semper Fi.

      56. Duty… not reward.

      57. That’s right. When push comes to shove, Western “democracies” will murder their “citizens” (subjects) by the thousands. Tens of thousands.

        The police are militarized in both training and equipment. They are ready to murder Americans.

        Resistance will only result in death.

        Welcome to the New World Order.

      58. Methinks the Empire lacks the manpower/muscle to effectively clamp down on the entire country (martial law), they’re over-extended globally. Nor do I fear the mass importation of UN troops (millions would be required), simply to maintain order/oppression of the populace & when the crash hits, damn near every government on planet earth will have their hands full too (think global economy, we’re all going down)! Don’t bet on many govts loaning ZOG their jack-booted thugs as they’ll be needed in their own country!!!
        I’ve noticed that the overwhelming majority of posts/comments center around looking out for the “me & mine” persona! That’s fine(normal)…as its a natural (DNA) hard-wired reaction to one facing an overbearing/massive threat to ones life/future.

        But, every cloud has a silver lining, so lets analyze from a different perspective….MARTIAL LAW entails what???

        1.) Oppression/control in the extreme by govt.

        2.) The troops/thugs require food/shelter/supplies/RnR & payment(!!!)…its a very long list indeed! Amateurs study tactics, professionals study logistics!

        3.) The DC regime will require a steady flow of “goods & raw materials” to placate their hired guns & the leadership elite. Those goods must be shipped via trucks/rail/boat, on roads/rail-lines & oil/gas pipelines traveling thru “enemy territory(us)”….

        4.) A given percentage of the population will resist, forcing the regime to become even more oppressive/cruel/vicious. I could go on but you get the idea…..

        ………………ever see the results of what a .308/30-06/.300 winmag can do to the side of a diesel truck engine? Do you really think its hard to sabotage a rail-road track? Do you know what happens when the same caliber rifle rds as above, strikes the side of a high voltage X-former in a city’s electrical sub-station? Do you realize how easy it is to make thermite? Ever see what thermite does to large diameter pipe? Do you remember what happens in large American cities when the power goes out? You think maybe this scenario will exacerbate the regimes headaches to the point of exhaustion, resource denial & collapse of control?????

        …Do you really believe trucks hauling coal to the regime’s eastern/mid-western power plants will make it out of the mountains of West Virginia or Pennsylvania? Do you think their trains doing the same will? How long before someone starts shooting the electrical power sub-station X-formers around the regime capital? You think the pipelines running from Houston Texas to the east coast will remain viable for long? What about the “external” saddle-pack fuel tanks strapped to the sides of diesel locomotives? Wanna bet folks will target those on remote stretches of rail-line?

        Folks, I’m not attempting to minimize our peril in this coming collapse. Its going to be more horrific than we imagine……..but, the enemy is not omnipotent, nor unbeatable….& he/they will have their own set of problems.
        The silver lining is this…..the more oppressive/vicious their tactics, the more they recruit for our side, thus my hope springs eternal that martial law will die a quick death & we can get back to a country/govt based upon the CONSTITUTION & the original BILL of RIGHTS.

        Once we hit bottom, it’ll be a long climb back up to Freedom/Liberty & I’m heartened immensely by the quality of the posters here. Good luck & GOD speed to all.

        • The military simply creates and protects it’s logistics. Helicopters can take the very basics to the soldiers. Problem solved. The can protect what they build. .308 is effective but .50 out of a mini gun on a helicopter or A10 wins every time.

          Most would be Billy Badasses will run scared when they see the first couple get capped. Most folks won’t even bother to back up their cyber bravado.

          Current Badasses can’t even take on local police or FBI. THE NOW BATTLE HARDENED MILITARY. Won’t think twice about half baked rebels.

          Hate to be harsh but reality needs to be brought back. Don’t wish or hope for mad max cuz it ain’t gonna happen.

      59. Sad…what I see are a bunch of people who are just itching for some war. Sitting back talking about killing people from the city almost as if you look forward to it. That’s sick.

        Fact is if the government REALLY wanted to get you they could. You putting stuff up in public forums means they can pinpoint potential nut cases.

        Another fact is that in some mad max world the rural areas are NOT safe. There are bad guys and biker gangs out in the sticks and relatively less police protection. Biker gangs and local thugs will be your oppressors. You’ll fight them and they’ll be at least as armed as you. They’ll be your neighbors and know what you’ve got.

        Sorry to burst you sociopathic Billy Badass fantasies.
        Hate to bus

      60. Easy to destroy a supply line to the big cities where the liberal progressives get their votes from. Pretty conservative in the sticks and …. Gee, I hmmm, think that most are armed outside of the oh so peaceful big cities with their gun laws and perfectly educated and not on welfare holding two jobs to feed the family and go to church vs drinks or drugs workers paradises.
        Just cut off the food and electricity for a week and they loose from self destruction by their own voting base. Other than the big corporate farms everything comes from us, those that are stewards of the land, they can’t feed or supply their own slaves. Sparticus anyone?

      61. If I were the 1% I would: create a global pandemic (H5n1), create a global economic collapse and start WWIII for oil. Their goal is to end up with only 500,000 people (max) on the planet.

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