They Knew: BP Was Trying to Seal Seafloor Cracks in February; White House Was Warned

by | Jun 22, 2010 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Remember that nothing-to-see-here thing we mentioned about Goldman Sachs and BP CEO Tony Hayward offloading millions of dollars in BP stock in the first quarter of 2010, before the rig explosion in April?

    In Put On Your Tin Foil Hats: Did Someone Know the Rig Was Going to Blow we suggested that maybe, just maybe, someone knew something bad was going to happen:

    As more pre-explosion evidence is uncovered, signs are suggesting that there may have been foreknowledge that an accident was imminent.

    Reports are now surfacing that BP was well aware of problems with oil leaking through the sea floor.

    BP Plc was struggling to seal cracks in its Macondo well as far back as February, more than two months before an explosion killed 11 and spewed oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

    It took 10 days to plug the first cracks, according to reports BP filed with the Minerals Management Service that were later delivered to congressional investigators. Cracks in the surrounding rock continued to complicate the drilling operation during the ensuing weeks. Left unsealed, they can allow explosive natural gas to rush up the shaft.

    With all this talk about the Bush administration failing at rig safety, inquiring minds are asking why a February 13, 2010 Congressional report indicating there was seepage through the ocean floor was completely overlooked by regulators and the green White House administration. This was essentially an experimental well which was one of the deepest ever drilled in search of abiotic oil deposits. The depth is reported in the range of 30,000 feet. Pressures at those depths are incredible and any blow out would be devastating, as we have witnessed thus far.

    BP’s report implies that they were able to fix the problem in February. But if this was no big deal, and the well was functioning properly, then why would Goldman Sachs unload 44% of their shares of stock totaling roughly $250 million? It could have been a normal sale, but if you were an investigator, wouldn’t you be asking questions?

    Even if Goldman could explain themselves, what about Mr. Hayward? He is the CEO of BP and cashed in $2 million one month before the ‘accident.’

    One viable conclusion is that BP knew that they had made a mistake. Maybe the pressure in the well became uncontrollable. They tried what worked in the past, but it didn’t work this time, perhaps because they were dealing with an unproven drilling approach for those depths and that type of oil.

    Is it possible that BP got in over their head and couldn’t shut off the spigot?

    If so, this would be one explanation for why Goldman, Hayward and other shareholders sold out for millions in profits.

    This does not explain, however, why BP did not get the workers to safety if they knew a disaster was imminent. Anyone who had foreknowledge of an imminent disaster and did not take action to preserve human life should be criminally charged.

    Independent investigations should be carried out starting immediately. This is the largest environmental disaster in US history and 11 people lost their lives. Investigators should be looking at everyone, including  BP, the regulators, White House personnel, and Congress.

    We want answers because Americans really need to know whose ass to kick.


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      1. of course this was intentional…and they have no intention of fixing it either.
        BP CEO sold 30% of his stake just weeks prior to explosion:
        And Goldman Sachs sold nearly 5 Million Shares (44%) of their holdings as well…Both Hayward, GS execs & Dick Cheney are members of the Bilderberger group BTW.
        Also, no need for two relief wells.  If the first one (deployed on 5-2-10) can’t adequately carry out the “bottom kill,” you can rest assured a second well won’t do any better.  Many independent sites claim that the pressure of this geyser is 30,000 PSI or higher, which exceeds all current technology’s threseholds.
        The second relief well was started on 5-16-10 (2 weeks after the first and is about 4,000 feet behind).   It is my guess, that after the original well’s bottom kill attempt fails, the President will address the nation from the oval office announcing that:
        “We are at dire crossroads America.  We have exhaused all conventional options, and without drastic intervention, this well could continue to spew unabated for up to 30 years.  Thus, we must now seriously entertain an option that none of us ever hoped to be faced with.  As you know, BP has been drilling a second relief well in the hopes that it too might be available for a bottom kill attempt.  However, it is now confirmed that the pressure exerting from this virtual, oil-volacano is far greater than any of us could ever have imagined (Bullshit).  Thus, that second relief well no longer offers us a viable option for a solution.  With that said, we must remain reasonable in spite of our fears.  We must remain hopeful when all appears lost, and we must never accept defeat.  My fellow Americans, it is with heavy heart, and a profound sense of disbelief it has come to this, but as of 9pm tonight, I have authorized the use of a tactical nuclear device deep within the seabed below the Gulf of Mexico in a last ditch effort to arrest the deadly flow of petroleum which shows no intention of surrender.  As Americans, we’ve never shied away from the impossible.  We’ve never turned back when the horizon looked bleak.  Throughout our history, when the line was drawn in the sand, we never turned our backs and retreated…No, we ROSE UP, and as we tackle one of the gravest ecological challenges that have faced the history of our planet, I ask you tonight to hold fast to that undying and never faltering American spirit as we face this challenge head on for the benefit of all humanity.  Good night, and God Bless.”  (Obama the Bullshitter).     

        Based on the premise that this incident was known of in advance, that opens the door wide for all us to speculate on motive…allow me continued poetic license here…
        My guess, is the nuclear bomb option was always the end game.  Who is the culpable person(s) will always remain unknown, but it doesn’t take a leap of faith to know that TPTB (Bilderberger, Davos, Boehemian Grovians, Rothchilds, Rockerfellers etc etc) have always planned on a New World Order centered on the pretext of a unified, global government.  Heck, the current CEO of Goldman was the former CEO of BP…The only remaining chip that stands in the way of accomplishing this goal is the USA.  Bringing her down must be Agenda #1.  So why this scenario…
        Well, the New Madrid fault line runs directly underneath this massive oil deposit.  That fault runs due north to the Great Lakes which reside 600 feet above sea level.  Drilling for and successfully capturing oil at this location was never the motive…Getting a rig there, and plowing a drill bit as far down as humanly possible into a high pressure oil dome was the catalyst to set this disaster in motion…Throw in some dubious “regulation/oversite” shorcuts that appear to have allowed BP to cut important corners, along with some “shoddy” casing & well bore work by Halliburton or Transocean (to keep the MSM busy and the sheeple completely distracted with who is at fault), and then let that thing EXPLODE to the surface with an ungodly amount of pressure.  Then, jerk-off the public with top-kills, junk shots, containment efforts…Heck, let’s even live stream some video of some ridiculously small riser pipe and how we dance around it with a straw and a small remote controlled submarine for a few months…
        In the end, we’ll have bought enough time to get these relief wells drilled so that we can execute Operation Holocaust.  A sub-terrainian nuclear blast could easily slip this fault all the way up to Michigan potentially releasing the Great Lakes in a torrent due south down the now 30 mile wide Mississippi River.  That River by the way will now become part of the Gulf of Mexico.  (Obviously, that would be the worst case…cataclysmic scenario).  However, even if the fault didn’t slip to the Lakes, it would still be on an order of magnitude far greater than anything we’ve ever seen, and most scientific experts agree that it will only exacerbate the flow of oil ensuring that it is NEVER capped.
        Go ahead, fire away with the Tin Foil insults.  You certainly are entitled.  However, lest you forget the two links in the top of this post which clearly indicate this was a foreseeable outcome (not an accident). 
        A mind is a terrible thing to waste.  Don’t waste it insulting me.  Just use it to think, and offer counter-arguments if you wish.  However, you have a difficult task ahead of you as to hold muster, you’ll need to explain the inexplicable timing of Insider dumping…

      2. We believe that BP was on such a race to outdo Russia, with having the deepest largest producing well on the planet…

        They failed to make sure it was done right.

        Now we all have to pay for it!!!

        DAMN THEM TO HELL!!!

      3. “We want answers because Americans really need to know whose ass to kick.”

        OK fair enough, but that will be of little consequence considering the magnitude of this disaster and the incompetent efforts to fix it!

        NO amount of $$ will repair the damage, which leads me to the conclusion that the ecological damage will be treated as COLLATERAL damage, once the real reason for this “accident” becomes evident.

        Mass evacuations of all those in the Gulf region based on environmental pollution and health dangers?
        To where?
        FEMA rears its ugly head!
        These evacuees won’t be billeted with their countrymen, rather they will be forcibly interred in “camps”!
        I fear the US has had “Pearl Harbor”, only this time it is the Government who will do the attacking, not the people!

        AKPC_IDS += “6247,”;

      4. Check out this live feed of the BOP below.  Notice the material coming up from under the BOP.  Looks like sand debri coming from the deterorating casing and cementing job is allowing pressure to escape from the ocean floor subsurface.   Bad news just got worse.

        Let’s be real, Obama and Hayword know the entire well structure is going to fail opening up the entire wellbore to the ocean above.   That’s why one is playing golf, and the other on his yacht.   There’s not a damn thing either can do about it except tell more lies until the ugly truth has to be admitted.   The relief wells are merely a ploy to placate the American public until then.  

        Obama is a closet racist (remember, he attentively absorbed  Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s rants for years damning America to hell).    Do you think Obama really changed after dissing Wright for political gain?      

        Obama despises the southern states and their culture anyways so could care less about their eventual fate in the aftermath of this BP/Washington D.C. collaborative disaster.       

      5. Insider trading no doubt; these CEO’s (Goldman ,etc) knew best to sell stock before the blow out.

      6. I believe, ” In for a Penny, In for a Pound “, is an English saying.Whether it’s the U.S. Government signing off on the most dangerous oil drilling venture in history, or BP’s lack of safety protocols to meet stock profit margins,they both created the worst oil spill in history. And they are all equally guilty ! Including the banks ! This is a National Tragedy !
        There are not enough “I’m Sorry’s” in the world to fix this.

        Greed and lust for power may have created an extinction level event for all of us.I would hope the “Powers That Be” run out of pork & beans before I do.

      7. Great post Mac I’ll no doubt be mentioning in my site’s report tonite, the assclowns at BP including the CEO who cares about the small people of the Gulf coast but would like his life back since all his precious time is now consumed with the oil spill are strait up crooked ass criminals, it’s only a matter of time before the public catches on to the smoke in mirror charade games BP, the Obama Administration and mainstream media sources have been spoon feeding all of us.  Anyone else ready for an explosive summer?  If not, you should be cause things are about to get out of control swiftly

      8. And I concur, the American people deserve real answers because the ‘asskicking’ Obama is currently handing BP is a joke…It wasn’t just the Bush Administration, our government has been and always will remain in bed with Big Oil until serious changes are made

      9. Wow the comments here are way too far out there to be considered viable advice. I guess thats what makes the difference between a good financial site and well the

        Obama damning the Southern States to Hell?

        Bilderberg New World Order?


      10. June 22, 2010 (LPAC)– Serious consideration for the design and tailoring of a peaceful nuclear explosive to seal the BP well must now be a highest level priority. On the basis of information available in the public domain, such preparation is mandatory. Testimony from the leading U.S. expert on peaceful nuclear explosions as to the efficacy of using a nuclear device to seal the BP well has now been made public. Evaluations of the probable compromised condition of the well bore and seafloor come from reliable professional sources, which can be checked. BP’s presentation of the situation must neither be believed nor tolerated.
        The political problem is that we have a President who is not in the real world. The very existence of the United States is endangered by the President’s determination not to offend the British Empire, Wall Street, or both. But we can’t let that stop us from saving the United States from a horrible fate. We can’t wait two elections to save the United States from an incompetent President.
        The prospect of massive flow of oil into the Atlantic within as early as 18 days, according to a projection by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, will make this a global disaster. There might be debatable features of such estimates, but lying by BP and its apologists is so severe we cannot base policy on such vast and portentous cover-ups. At the point this massive oil leak enters the Atlantic, it is a point of no return for North and possibly South America, and will rapidly move on to become a European and a global crisis.
        This has become a major national security question, the only one more dangerous being the President himself.
        For more details see
        Chuck Stevens

      11. @RicoSuave-
        Can’t say I understand your puzzlement.  You stumble (or come searching for) onto a website that presents/postulates theories on how the SWHTF, and never once suggests that it relies on the MSM for its information or that it is tailored to folks that lean on them for theirs, and then act surprised when you read about “the New World Order” or that Obama’s loyalties to the USA are dubious at best…

        Your outrage & surprise seem a tad too disengenous in this forum.  If this were CNN or CNBC or MSNBC or ABC or FOX your reaction would be more rationale.  With that said…fair question…why are you here?

      12. Conspiracy theories tend to obscure the reality of what’s happening,yes many big traders sold much of their stock AFTER it was known to insiders that there was a problem.
        So what?,tell me something new.
        This wasn’t preplanned,but there are some plans being laid as we speak for evacuations.
        Let’s get back to reality and take this one day,or one week at at time without trying to imgaine some twighlight zone scenario which just dumps emotions into our thinking.

      13. Whether or not this event was preplanned and/or false flagged there are some nagging questions I have that aren’t’ currently adding up. One is the pressure of the rock strata. I have heard estimates anywhere from 28,000 to 70,000 PSI. I calculated that the water pressure 1 mile down beneath the surface of the ocean is approx. 1,500 PSI. Taking the conservative estimate of 28,000 PSI for the oil gusher, this creates a pressure differential of 26,500 PSI.

        My question is, with this differential shouldn’t the geyser be streaming out with such force that the entire are around the geyser would be extremely turbulent? How the hell could the robots have even gotten close enough to attempt to seal the well pipe? How can they navigate a robot-driven camera down there with all that turbulence? Are we even seeing the real leak on that footage? I’m not so sure. I’m not a fluid dynamics expert but something doesn’t sit right with me on that.

        The nuclear option is supposedly the last resort. Even so, it’s going to take 4 months to drill a diagonal slant into the area through the strata and pre-position the nuke.

        Now I’ve heard reports that the 10-inch diameter steel pipe that is down there that was originally 2 inches thick is now down to 1 inch think due to the enormous pressure of the oil blasting its way up through the pipe. If the pipe lost half its thickness in just 2-2.5 months, then how the hell can the nuclear option even be entertained? Unless they started the endeavor in secrecy, they would only be half-way done drilling their slant before what’s left of the pipe disintegrates and then we have the epic disaster everyone’s talking about. Hmmm, perhaps that’s why nothing’s being done? Time’s already run out. They just won’t level with the American people yet.

        Another disturbing story I heard is that there is a giant methane bubble that could develop, since methane escapes along with hydrogen sulfide and a few other chemicals when a new well is drilled. A giant methane explosion could create an underwater tsunami according to some reports (just putting my tinfoil hat on for the moment).

        Last, but not least, the whole topic of abiotic oil has once again resurfaced (pardon the pun). Drilling 30,000 feet below the ocean floor sure does sound like an amazing feat to me, but even more amazing is that there’s oil down there at all if we are led to believe that all oil is organic. Maybe a geology or paleontology expert could chime in here, but how far deep does the fossil record go? If it does not go that far, isn’t this then conclusive proof that oil is not necessarily a fossil fuel and that we’re all being taken for a ride at the gas pump?

      14. Comments…..Maybe you did drink HRH’s tea, but HRH is going to drown you with oil anyway. In any case as you know Tony Hayward is a true son of BP. And given the long association of BP with the Shah of Iran, all such are known as Shan, so that when his yacht went three sheets in the wind, the fit hit the Shan.


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