“They Got In There And Totally Took It Over” – The Tea Party, Black Lives Matter and the 99% Protesters Have All Been Absorbed By The Establishment

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    If there’s one thing that the rise of Donald Trump and Britain’s Brexit has proven, it’s that the people have had it with the establishment. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on, you are likely sick and tired of the outright corruption prevalent in every aspect of the system.

    Over the last decade we have seen several movements try to take the initiative to create real, lasting change by upending the business-as-usual behavior of entrenched politicians, corporate lobbyists and mainstream media. All have thus far failed and were eventually absorbed by the power structure.

    The Tea Party was co-opted by the establishment right. The 99% Protesters were co-opted by the establishment left. And according to recent Wikileaks releases, the Black Lives Matter movement has been sucked up by the Clinton camp and Soros-funded globalists.

    Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple explains how politicians, including Hillary Clinton, have used these grass roots movements for their own nefarious purposes and to push forth their own agendas:

    If you remember back in 2006-2007 there was something called the Ron Paul Revolution that took off… at one point in time there was a million man march that took place and there was close to a million people that marched on Washington… it was a tremendous grass roots effort and uprising that took place… and after that you had the Tea Party take off… and then it got co-opted. The-Powers-That-Shouldn’t-Be put their operatives in there.. they got in there and totally took it over… and now the Tea Party today is nothing but your mainstream Republican operation that advances the Republican Party platform… certainly not what Ron Paul was doing… certainly doesn’t have the Constitution in mind…

    Watch At Youtube

    Also from Joe Joseph:

    The Election Is In The Process Of Being Stolen With Rigged Voting Machines

    2016 “Selection” to Usher in Period of Chaos and Turmoil in U.S.

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      1. we’re all just pawns on their little chess board. what gets me is that most of these people don’t even realize they are doing the bidding of the old guard.

        • Internet Crashes Will Be Hard To Stop After Obama’s Internet Giveaway

          ht tp://dailycaller.com/2016/10/24/internet-crashes-will-be-hard-to-stop-after-obamas-internet-giveaway/

        • I personally know leaders of the Tea Party in Illinois. They are categorically NOT co-opted, period.

          But thanks for the cynical, nihilistic, obscurantist, defeatist attitude. If our elders had been like that, we’d all be speaking German and Tojo’s Japanese right now.

          I’ve had enough of the Grima Wormtongues.

          • Awesome reply TEST! My thoughts exactly.

          • Bet they are nationally and don’t even realize it. ISIS cannot fodder doesn’t know that their AK47 came from the CIA.

          • The intel agencies would not be doing their jobs if they are not trying – and normally succeeding – in owning every dissident group at the highest possible levels. I don’t know how Americans do it, but in the UK our government traditionally would try to buy, blackmail, or murder their way to the headship of such groups, and then steer them into dead-ends.

            • “The intel agencies would not be doing their jobs if they are not trying – and normally succeeding – in owning every dissident group at the highest possible levels.”

              Being a British Subject your relationship is government and governed with the latter accepting a subservient role to the former. Americans are citizens and believe that government is subservient to the governed. It is completely unacceptable for government to meddle into lawful, peaceful political action.

              “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

              • I’m not a British subject (though some people are), I’m a British citizen. And many of us have a slightly more developed view of the rights of citizens than you apparently imagine. Don’t forget, Magna Carta and English Common Law (on which the USA’s laws are based), came from the UK.

                • Regardless its happening in both nations. I believe its more psychologically tolerable with the British having been conditioned with Sinn Fein and the IRA. I had greater hopes that the Vietnam War protestor generation wound’t tolerate government meddling in lawful political activity. Unfortunately some of the very people that were involved in Vietnam protesting are now hawk authoritarians.

                • Jay in UK (now Latvia)

                  Why would you believe that government that is supposedly representative, would not just have a right, but a duty, a responsibility, to covertly, “owning every dissident group at the highest possible levels”?

                  I think your view of government differs from the majority of this BB and with Americans as a whole. Unfortunately the US is a oligarchy so the governed have no say. The actions that you justify facilitates its perpetuation.

                  I’m very curious about your definition of political freedom.

          • Member of Sedona Tea Party.
            We are NOT a threat to the Constitution or the law.
            We are as supportive of Sherriff Joe and all the local cops (to my knowledge).

          • a little harsh, don’t you think, test? the author is RIGHT, you know. hell, i aint heard NUFFIN’ from the BLM movement in at least 2 weeks…..incidently, THEY are right too…as is the tea party…and ron paul….and the 99%, but they aint got no 5 million man march going just YET….why…..they aint cold and hungry….but they WILL be soon.

      2. Mr. Slavo, How can you equate the TEA PARTY with the subversives you mentioned. The TEA PARTY was an attempt to return to limited Fed. Govt. and Constitutional values. The TEA PARTY is a minority of those in power. Ted Cruz, elected as a TEA PARTY candidate to the Senate tried to buck the tide of the Senate (House of Lords) and gained enmity from the Good-Old-Boy club. His run for the Presidency was severely hampered by that same Good-Old-Boy club. Please don’t lump us together with the non-patriots.

        • I love Mac. He is doing a wonderful job. But I think, overall, he is wrong on this. Are there a few bad eggs somewhere? Probably. But the Tea Party is our last, best hope.

          Concerned about the Tea Party being co-opted? Then GET INVOLVED yourself. It’s easy to wait for perfection, easy to criticize.

        • cranerigger,
          I believe that what he was saying is that these agencies have been infiltrated by the current scumbags ruining this country and YES, i have noticed that many things changed in the Tea Party and NOT for the good! It is like what happened to the Bundy’s in Oregon over half of the people that came were actually FED’s undercover!! and you really need to be aware of how the current scum has been able to do this over the years and it is ONLY recently that enough people have caught them and is now becoming how well know it is!!
          unless WE all stick together and can KEEP the scum from dividing and conquering us we are TOAST!!
          stay alert the next few days or weeks are gonna be NASTY!!

        • LYING Ted Cruz is not a Tea Party. He is labeled a Conservative, Lying Ted. A bought and paid for Banker Shill by Goldman Sachs. Just another lying scumbag. Grandpa Munster.


          • Ted Cruz is a piece of $hit globalist. He is a bankers boy all the way. He would pass the TPP sellout of our sovereignty to the bankers so fast your head would swim

          • One need not look too deep to she how shallow Ted Cruz “conservative” credentials actually were.

        • cranerigger

          “The TEA PARTY was an attempt to return to limited Fed. Govt. and Constitutional values.”

          In our modern upside down America advocating traditional American values is subversion while advocating communism is not.

          “The public needs to know the kinds of things a government does in its name, or the “consent of the governed” is meaningless… The consent of the governed is not consent if it is not informed. ”
          Edward Snowden

      3. FBI Re-Opens the Hillary Email case. Silver and Gold take off North. Silver almost $18. In my opinion, Hillary to be indicted before the election. lol

        ~WWTI… FBI freaked out Trump will clean house in the FBI Post election. So they found some more emails. Heads up to what’s coming next.

        • Perhaps a WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT will be filed naming WTFK as a DEFENDENT as this POS INTENTIONALLY, WILLFULLY, AND KNOWINGLY bullied, harassed, slandered,and encouraged an innocent man to commit suicide, a man who then just 10 days later died from a massive stress-induced MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION – the electronic chain of evidence exists and cannot be deleted – so note to WTFK, better start hiding all your ASSETS (non-operational Ford Pinto, sticky porn magazines, and used duct-taped lap top) before you GET SERVED. It is all going to come down on your ugly head you worthless POS.

          • Go Pound Sand you virtual idiot, Anybody comes on this site at their own risk. eppe drinks like a fish, faked his death and his ghost is writing this bs. Nice try Dopey. Oh he said, “this is all fear porn and stupid to act on any info on here.” So what’s your point? And how can anything be slander, when everybody on here uses fake aliases? LMFAO…

            You sound like a hillbilly down to his last quarter trying to buy a lotto ticket. And wonder why you just got kicked out of the store. lol


            • you were wrong in what you said WhoWTFKnows/~WWTI

              you were wrong

              • I was exactly right, spot on. I pointed out the weak link. Wanna know who’s next in line? Keep yapping.


                • W,again,fuck you!


                • not so cute, funny when you’re on the receiving end, is it?

                  frustrating to have your heels nipped at all the time?

                  you messed up.

                  let’s see what kind of a man you really are.

                  a real man admits when he’s wrong.

                  you were wrong in what you said.

                • Think I’ll wear that threat as a badge of honor, all things considered.

                • come on guys, cut WWTI a little slack. if my mom’s right, i was dropped on my head when i was a baby….this poor guy musta’ been thrown ACROSS THE ROOM. afterall, he was born with nothing much more than a brain STEM, and wasn’t expected to survive, but here he is these 10 years later, forming ALMOST coherent sentences on mommy’s computer. born without the slightest chance to EVER write a paragraph, he has learned to cut and paste so well, that MANY here mistakenly believe he actually has something intelligent to add to our conversations. make no mistake, he is a TRULY remarkable idiot, who STILL rides the short bus to school…every DAY. but some people just haave no hearts these days…like his 1st grade teacher the other day said to him…”you know, WWTI, school’s not for EVERYone”. i don’t know the NAME of what’s wrong with him, but i BET it’s really hard to pronounce. poor poor WWTI…we can only HOPE there’s a cure for it.

            • WWTI head chickenfucker. You’re a lonely SOB ain’t cha? Now, even the only outlet you have to connect with humans constantly shows disdain for you. Only child? I know there’s no women in ur life u simple minded keyboard Commando. There is no prep for learning how to be a man. Course, your blowup doll of the male gender prob came with the best set of instructions you’ll ever come close to. I didn’t know this Eppe they speak of but damn he musta been a good dude.

          • Send your virtual complaint to my virtual Attorney. lol


            • Chickenfucker, how’s about you send me your coordinates and I’ll bring them to you personally. You always come across like I imagine that weird dude in Silence of the Lambs would be like as a neighbor. Do you collect butterflies by chance? Or just a drawer full of clit rings? It’ll be ok chickenfucker, seems everyone on here already knows how stupid u really are but I bet your mommy still loves you, she’s just still concerned at how difficult it’s been for you to ever make friends. Must be tough on you coming to grips with believing your the smartest guy in the room? I know I know most of the time your the only dudette in the room. Been to Target lately?

            • Consider it done – all copies already handed over to proper channels – comment ID’s, date and time stamps, etc. You are in for one very big surprise. Time to be accountable.

            • Done.

      4. The media is part of the establishment, who owns them. It was media coverage that gave life to the three movements mentioned. Donald Trump is the only person that I know of who has bucked the media and gotten away with it (maybe).

      5. when there were peaceful occupy wall street protests in san francisco there was a crew of provocateurs who destroyed shop windows and assaulted a police station. Watching the news you could see how much they stood out from the crowd , so depressing how evil and greedy they are

      6. Mac,
        Any thought about a short article about Eppe?

        Just a few cut and pastes from his best and funniest posts and a couple thoughts about the community from your view?

        • Mac, I’ll second that…? ?

          • third that !

            • Plan/chaf/grand,that would be nice,am trying to get on a post next Friday to all put up a joke as a memoriam for Eppe,folks seem on board and will keep mentioning it.I say a post full of jokes would be a nice remembrance.The reason I say next Friday is a lot of posters away/busy and want to try and get the whole gang that knew Eppe and appreciated his work in keeping the site laughing,someone has a better idea am all ears.I will until I hear something better keep posting once a day about next Fridays joke fest as it where,can be one of yours or a Eppe classic,all are good1

              • The biggest joke I know about will happen on November 8th!

            • How about sifting through his posts and gathering all his jokes into one large “read” ? I dunno…

              • Equo,that would be cool,can’t search that I know of by a posters name,thus would then literally have to go thru archives and all posts for a few years back!I remember the few he told that hit me best,hope others have a favorite or two also.The best thing is though A LOT of jokes,seems fitting send off,am sure he will laugh from the other side!

                • the guy cracked me up when I (most) needed 2b.

                  a post on and 4 eppe would be … unifying.
                  I’m all 4 it.

                  good spirit, he.
                  to take the time to crack you and me up.

                  way cool guy.

                  • 4eppe, welcome and thank you for your kind comments about Eppe. He was our brother and we’ll miss the hell out of him.

            • I’ll write a 2 word article.

              “The Fiddler”


              • thanks for your offer

                However, it’s nothing more than a “Flash” in the pan, nothing really.

                The genuine mark of a decent community/civilization is how they treat their so-called weakest link, WhoWTFKnows/~WWTI.

                So I will continue to be charitable towards you, but also remind you that what you said was wrong. When you said it, it was wrong. And how you continue to use your ill-chosen and untimely words is still wrong.

      7. The number one tool to facilitate this is:

        NSA Spying Of All Communication.

        Terrorism is the ostensible excuse. The manipulation of the public is the reason. They move in and steer the groups off a cliff. The “mensa morto” (brain dead) masses who in its defense say, “I have nothing to hide”, have nothing between their ears.

      8. Post WWII the US ran roughshod over Europe manipulating, often using false flag violence blaming it on communists, to put who they wanted in power. The US public, focusing only upon the ever increasing standard of living couldn’t care less about what was done to who and for what reason. Those skills, honed overseas were then more tactfully employed at home against the anti Vietnam and civil rights movement cooperation with the former. Technology has now allowed 24/7/365/ 360 degree coverage of the masses completing George Orwell’s vision in 1984.

        I think of Winston Churchill’s prophecy of an iron curtain descending over Eastern Europe.

      9. As I recall, the Tea party movement was originally intended for Congressman Ron Paul’s campaign for the Republican nomination for POTUS back in 2008 and 2012. It was somehow hijacked by the NEOCON SCUM and Congressman Paul and his family were threatened with death during the 2012 campaign unless he dropped out. So the Tea Party and Trump’s campaign are a whole world apart.

      10. This is the tactic of the tribe.

        They act nice in the beginning. At the end, it is torture and death.

        In between they use teamwork to push each other up the ladder
        Of success, while simultaneously privately and secretly destroy their

        They cause fake fights between themselves that sabotage
        the entire organization, the way some posters do. It is obvious if
        you know what to look for.

        Have you ever wondered why the professional sports players are
        almost all black? The tribe want rich black sports millionaires to
        bed white Christian women. They destroy white Christian male
        athletes by any means, usually drugs, alcohol, sex. To keep them
        out, any athletic white male becomes a target even while a kid, so
        he’s out of the way before anyone even knows he exists.

        Organizations are infiltrated, then used by the tribe to help them and
        suppress everyone else.


        • Can’t say “tribe” any more. It is now a bad word. The Internet Masters will censor you if you do.


          • Or “Zionist/Zionism”

      11. This country needs an enema

      12. Off Topic:

        It is important to include the healthiest and most nutritious foods in your preps. Protein is essential. Protein powders. Home made bone broth in pressure sealed mason jars provide both water and vital nutrients. Dried blueberries can be quickly rehydrated by putting them in water with or without a little sugar and heated. Then the berries can be consumed and the water is now juice which can be pressure sealed for emergency.
        Blueberries are extremely beneficial for blood sugar regulation, weight control, vision. Dried blueberries should be in everyone’s diet, now and if SHTF.

        • Women can get their protein from giving blowjobs.

      13. For a powerful detox. Make broth in a very large pot over night. Either make chicken and beef separately or together. But consume them together. Use a table spoon of Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar in the water to break down the bone in order that nutrients are released into the water. Pressure can the broth. Drink nothing but broth for five days. Be sure to use carrots, celery, onions, and garlic in the broth for one hour but remove them just as you remove the bones. Other spices can be included as well including but not limited to salt and pepper.

        After five days, add a salad with vinegar once a day for next five days. If you are over weight continue but if not end the fast with soup and salad for two days before going back to more solid food.

        If you don’t mind losing weight follow this simple diet.

        Breakfast: Steal-cut Oats with blueberries. Skip the butter and honey.
        Lunch: Salad with egg and apple cider vinegar.
        Dinner: soup with chicken & beef broth, small salad, meat and green vegtable.
        Alternate Breakfast: Eggs (2 or 3) grapefruit or half cantaloupe; any one or two items, or all three
        Black Coffee or tea plus a little milk in coffee (not tea) skip sugar (no sugar substitute)

        I used this basic outline and it helps.
        You can have other creations but skip restaurant food, junk food, sweet sugary food, wheat, and no white rice and white potatoes opt instead for yams and sweet potatoes and small quantities of whole grain brown rice once or twice a week.

        Neither ham hocks nor beans are dietetic but they sure are good, so once a week won’t hurt and the added nutrients are beneficial.

        Many people fail to realize that muscle is heavier than fat. Weight does not tell the whole story. Get out a tape measure. Keep track of your waiste measurement. Don’t do sit ups. Stand up to exercise.



      14. Okay,been punching the clock the last few days.When did Eppe pass?
        RIP Amigo
        Maniac –out

        • Eppe became deceased 10 days after WTFK terrorized, tormented, bullied, and encouraged him to commit suicide on this site (October 16th) – which has since been deleted – but not before copies were made of the thread showing comment ID’s with date and time stamps, and handed over to the proper channels so that WTFK will be held accountable. Google “Carrie Fisher” who is now being sued for wrongful death for doing a whole lot less than WTFK has done. Justice for Eppe.

          Those who had a hand in the flagrant abuse of Eppe will have to answer to an alphabet agency or two.

          • Eh,….Clarice.I really enjoyed Eppe’s comments and jokes like many here.That said,chatted with him over the years by phone and was trying to at some point meet up,perhaps hunting season or such.He died of a eart attack and w the fedophile was not the cause,he is just a prick.I would also say Eppe really was not a huge fan of alphabet agencies and thus they are not needed.

            I appreciate all who take on some asshole and his seeming joy over a regulars heres death,that said,lets keep it all in perspective.

            Next Friday,we all pick a post and flood it with jokes,as the forum comedian believe Eppe would approve as a memorial in his memory!

            • next Friday

              Nov. 4th

              gotcha 🙂

          • Eppe was one of my favorites. Not always the most popular commentator but always had an independent view. His generational prospective will be missed by those of us.. really all generations. RIP Eppe and God’s comfort to his family XXXOO

        • Maniac a couple days ago,go to the Mike Moore Fuck you video post,his daughter posted there,sad fucking news.

          Trying to on a post say next Friday to have all who knew/liked Eppe post a joke,one of his or one of your own,either way cool.Waiting a week so folks that missed due to other obligations can know and contribute.I feel a slew of jokes a good memoriam for the site to remember Eppe by,any better thoughts for a memoriam am all ears,Warchild

      15. Thank God for Wikileaks. If not for Julian Assange the Klinton Cartel would be able to reighn scott free.

        • Old Guy

          “Thank God for Wikileaks.”

          I second that.

          • I hope Julian still Ok and in embassy,really seems no current word from him in awhile/from folks meeting him at embassy.I fear perhaps renditioned and perhaps even dead.While I hope for his safe return into the public eye if he was taken down/killed really hope he had a final deadmans switch that dumps all he is knowledgeable about and talks the whole mess down.

            While hitting hard on billary as he should over the years wiki has dumped info on any breaking laws in the political/mic/finance sphere,no political leanings,he with help was nailing em all,bless him and his helpers.

      16. The Black LIES Matter “movement” was always an establishment/soros creation.

      17. Why are they looking for a reason to push anti gun laws?

        They don’t care about guns, they care about taking American’s guns away from them.

        This is Zionist Jewry at work.

      18. Never underestimate the power of evil. And that is exactly what we are up against. We need a new nation(s). Period. We patriots have squandered so many years. At this point it would be earned with blood, not ballots.

      19. WWTFK aka Chickenfucker, so you tormented an obviously beloved friend of these folks. Remember what happened to Saddams sons, Uday Qusay? Remember what unit was responsible for their demise? Know who Gabriel is? Remember Fallujah? Remember “that instead of a man of peace and love, I have become a man of violence and revenge.”
        And my favorite Led Zeppelin song “Your time is going to come”. All together equals a perfect storm. Maybe Eppe sent me to do his bidding Chickenfucker.

      20. 101,I believe Ceausescu and his wifes(head of stasi there)final end on a brick wall a nice example of payback,loved when saw that video knowing what those 2 did to their people.W,or fedophile as I like to call the troll will bring about his own hard ending,no need for us to help

      21. War – I hear you. Correct. Difficult for me to stand down when just posting like y’all and chickenfucker disparages family and our honor. No need. Thanks.

      22. What is a blink of an eye worth compared to where you will spend all eternity at.

        Luke 16:22-26New International Version (NIV)

        22 “The time came when the beggar died and the angels carried him to Abraham’s side. The rich man also died and was buried. 23 In Hades, where he was in torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far away, with Lazarus by his side. 24 So he called to him, ‘Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.’

        25 “But Abraham replied, ‘Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony. 26 And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.’

      23. Badges ARE Redcoats. work for the SAME ESTABLISHMENT!!

        why can’t we get to the corrupt that have “taken it over” (country)?

        REDCOATS protect them!! Americans just dont get it yet. The Gold Fringed on court room flags, Police Departments are FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS!

        The Crown still rules us all thru corps, judges, courts, etc. which are ALL protected by redcoats!

        Sure, back in the 1700’s the redcoats were “just following orders” and “its not their fault”, and “they’re just trying to make a living”. AND they did arrest day to day criminals.

        BUT, they were REDCOATS. and they deserved bullets to the head, their houses burned, and their families homeless.

        WHY? they were the enforcement arm of the Oppressive establishment. WHICH is the SAME NOW as 1776. Same “private shareholders” behind the banks, etc.

      24. The bottom line is are we going to let our idiot bimbos destroy our civilization. .? With there what is politically correct bullshit? Or sacrafice them to save our way. . I say cull the little traitors. Isn’t it obvious? We will be exterminated if we don’t. Sacrifices must be made.. And if that means your wife sister or daughter so be it. And if you don’t like it your next. No more time. Pick a side.

      25. O yes we can’t get rid of your daughter just because she is a terrorist c word. We must let her go on with her treason because she is your daughter and just needs some understanding ? Well guess what . We ain’t playin. It’s party time and she’s on the menu. The Tares must be culled .? Regardless of your affiliation.

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