They Fight the Law and the Law Wins

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

    I saw the tears of the oppressed—

     and they have no comforter;

     power was on the side of their oppressors….

     –  Ecclesiastes 4:1

    In viewing the daily headlines and reading various online blogs, it appears many of these have converged into discussions on law and rights. Two examples of ongoing national conversations include mass shootings versus the Second Amendment and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s preference for prosecution of process crimes in a bogus election hacking conspiracy, over a real investigation into documented corruption at the highest levels of American government.

    On April Fools Day it was revealed the Washington DC permits for the March 24, 2018 “March for Our Lives” event were acquired months before the Parkland Shooting even took place. The irony is palpable. One would think that would be the smoking gun (pun intended) evidence of a conspiracy, but no. Nothing shall prevent the children from wielding their emotional wounds, like a Samurai sword in a Tarantino flick, against the Second Amendment; and Laura Ingraham’s right to free speech.

    The very next day, on April 2, 2018, Deerfield, Illinois nullified the U.S. Constitution and gave their residents 60 days to turn in their guns or face fines of $1,000 per day per gun.

    The day after that, on April 3, 2018, a previously undisclosed memo was unveiled proving illegal collusion between Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and his co-conspirator, Robert Mueller, in the special counsel investigation of President Trump.

    An August 2017 memo from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to Special Counsel Robert Mueller surfaced late Monday evening in a court filing. Mueller used the memo to defend his scope of the investigation against a recent motion Manafort filed to dismiss his case.

     In the heavily redacted memo, Robert Mueller admits Rosenstein’s order appointing him to Special Counsel was intentionally vague.

     ‘This violates the special counsel law that requires a specific statement of facts to be investigated’, says Attorney Gregg Jarrett.

    So let’s get this straight: Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller to be special counsel, signed off on at least one of the misrepresented, and therefore illegal, FISA applications on Team Trump for a counterintelligence investigation. His aforementioned August 2, 2017 memo to Mueller is now being used to justify the July 26, 2017 home invasion on Paul Manafort after it happened. Now Mueller is, instead, investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice for firing former FBI Director, James Comey.

    As Fox News Legal Analyst, Greg Jarret has additionally pointed out regarding Mueller and Comey:

    The two men and former colleagues have long been friends, allies and partners.  Agents have quipped that they were joined at the hip while at the Department of Justice and the FBI.  They have a mentor-protégé relationship.  The likelihood of prejudice and favoritism is glaring and severe.

    This, even though the special counsel statute specifically prohibits those having “a personal relationship with any person substantially involved in the investigation or prosecution.”

    This whole special counsel fiasco is more incestuously disturbing than some hillbilly siblings getting hitched on the Jerry Springer show.

    Furthermore, while reports of Trump’s fictitious collusion with the Russians continue to dominate the Lamestream Media’s talking points, the actual sale of twenty-percent of America’s uranium deposits to Russia, which resulted in the Uranium One payments to the Clinton Foundation, remains, shamefully, ignored. This, even though it was confirmed by the New York Times in 2015 and Obama’s FBI and DoJ were aware of the crime:

    Federal agents used a confidential U.S. witness working inside the Russian nuclear industry to gather extensive financial records, make secret recordings and intercept emails as early as 2009 that showed Moscow had compromised an American uranium trucking firm with bribes and kickbacks in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, FBI and court documents show.

    They also obtained an eyewitness account — backed by documents — indicating Russian nuclear officials had routed millions of dollars to the U.S. designed to benefit former President Bill Clinton’s charitable foundation during the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton served on a government body that provided a favorable decision to Moscow, sources told The Hill. The FBI Uncovered Evidence that Russian Money Was Funneled to the Clinton Foundation

     Who was the Director of the FBI at that time?

    Robert Mueller.

    Who led the investigation into the Uranium One sale?

    Rod Rosenstien.

    Now these same co-conspirators are investigating Trump? Like Batman and Robin gone bad, the real-life dynamic duo must be giggling like the Joker at how their plans came together. Indeed, these Neros are fiddling while America burns.  Just yesterday, the Justice Department, missed the House Judiciary Committee’s deadline to hand over FBI documents on FISA and the Clinton Foundation.

    What an extraordinary convergence of events.

    At the same time the U.S. Government is being exposed as exceedingly corrupt at the highest levels, the Second Amendment is simultaneously under unprecedented attack.


    But what about the law? What about the rights of U.S. citizens? Well, obviously, those were only valid under the old, constitutional, plan.

    The English philosopher, John Locke, once wrote:

    The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom. For in all the states of created beings capable of law, where there is no law, there is no freedom.

    – Locke, John. Second Treatise of Government, Ch. VI, sec. 57

    Today we stand at the intersection of Liberty and Tyranny. We’ve seen this final fork in the roadcoming for some time. In truth, we’ve taken many decades to get here.

    Corrupt government officials, greedy bankers, corporate pirates, and profiteering politicians have hijacked the nation and shredded the Constitution; but they are not the only reasons for America’s decline. They were, in fact, encouraged and facilitated by the decimation of American education; combined with manifest materialism and a pervading apathy in the hearts and minds of the people.

    However, although the majority of the nation has abrogated their rights and responsibilities as free citizens, it doesn’t necessarily reflect negatively on the U.S. Constitution. On the contrary, it was great while it lasted.

    From the times of the first songs, mankind has oscillated between civilization and savagery; from liberty to tyranny.

    There are those who believe rights come from power because, after all, power passes laws. Moreover, in the example of the U.S. Government today, as well as third-world shitholes, power also breaks its own laws at will. It’s how James Comey decreed Hillary Clinton’s obstruction of justice as extremely careless”. If only those who now stand convicted by Robert Mueller for process crimes could be so lucky.

    Evidently, the government giveth at will; and the government taketh away.

    The German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, believed the will to power was the main driving force in humans. He was influenced by his Deutschland predecessor, Arthur Schopenhauer, who embraced Wille zum Leben, or will to life; which is, essentially, self-preservation. Self-preservation occurs in both civilized and barbaric societies; yet by differing means and towards separate ends.

    But where is power actually derived from? A divine source? A piece of paper? The people? The end of a gun?

    If I said there were no real answers, per se, but only choices – would you agree? Either way, cognitive constructs, like human governments, require the acceptance of certain principles, or premises.

    Therefore, let us consider this foundational question:

    What is the essence of mankind that separates his existence from lesser forms of life?

    Plants are alive but they have no emotions or cognitive function. Animals have emotions, limited cognitive abilities, and even emotional memory, which some define as a “soul”. But what divides Man from all other animals?

    Is it not his awareness of the concept of Time? Isn’t that at the core of Man’s consciousnessThinkabout that for a second (get it?). Without a perception of time, how could consciousness or free will exist? Without a comprehension of a beginningmiddle, and end, or alpha and omega, there would be no means for logicreason, and volition to occur. Whether the understanding of time was a divine spark from a deity’s fire, or it evolved like magic through the ages, it now allows mankind to cognitively travel beyond this instant. And, without that ability, the actuality of opposable thumbs would have provided zero benefit.

    Now let’s mentally launch from this moment and consider mankind’s travails through history in relation to time and space. Assuming Einstein was correct in proving these as commutable; is not volition, then, indicative of direction?

    From the times of Eden, consciousness and free will was manifested as an understanding of “who”“what”“where”, and “when”. In the case of Eden, we would recognize these, in order, as Adam and Eve, the apple, the garden, and a long time ago. The canvas of spacetime, or at least an understanding of it, is required for the latter three. Adam and Eve, then, accordingly, were symbolically, or literally, representative of volition and, therefore, direction.

    Perhaps it is direction after all, by which the standards of qualitymorality, and common senseare defined; and by degree, as good and bad, for better or worse.

    If all that were true, then wouldn’t authority simply be a matter of selective, or mandated, preference? In other words, if time were a bus, we are either driving or riding, but we can choose this day what we will serve:

    – Chaos / Anarchy – (Self / survival of the fittest / savagery)

    – Constitutional Law – (U.S. Founding Fathers / Judeo & Greco-Roman canon)

    – Theocracy / Islamic Law – (Unseen or deceased lawgivers / Allah / Muhammad)

    – Martial Law / Dictatorship Communism / Socialism – (Big Brother / the collective)

    Of course there are other choices, including amalgamations by degree, but the point is this:  We are free to decide and if we don’t choose, then it will be chosen for us; in one direction, or another. For example, the first choice above, “chaos”, typically transmutes to “order” via the remaining choices (i.e. Ordo Ab Chao).

    When considering authoritylawliberty, and free will, I am reminded of Victor Frankl’s book “Man’s Search for Meaning”. Therein, Frankl proposes three ways by which people find meaning in life (paraphrased here):

    – Through one’s life work, creation and action; devotion to a cause

    – Experiencing beauty and through loving others

    – And, what Frankl calls the last resort of freedom (realized as he stood naked in an Austrian concentration camp):  Choosing one’s attitude towards any situation no matter how dire.

    The first two involve making choices within the freedom to act. The third involves a choice even when one is physically helpless. Therefore, in EVERY circumstance, free will presupposes choice. Whether by commission, or omission, decisions are made. That is to say, some selections are conscious and others are made by default, or negation. Either way, we believe, we choose, we act. What we believe, therefore, serves as the foundation of our conduct.

    Whether one supports Donald Trump, or not, there remains the possibility he could be the final gasp of a patriotic, liberty-loving minority in a dying Idiocracy of effete snowflakes who barely know how to unlock their car doors when the batteries die in their keyless remotes.

    If Democracy fails, who will fight the Second American Revolution?  It’s a good question because, just as Dorothy was not in Kansas anymore, neither is it 1773 AD when the Sons of Liberty destroyed a shipment of tea in the Boston Harbor.  In our age of technological centralization, surveillance, drones, and advanced weaponry, our choices could be limited; if they aren’t already.

    Even if things go allegorically south, and America descends into a Second Civil War, the post-industrial collapse will resemble neither the days of Lincoln and Lee, nor the ascendency of industrial civilization. In the new American collapse, EBT cards will revert from magic breadbaskets back into useless pieces of plastic faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck. There will be rampant crime in both overpopulated and rural areas. Family will be pitted against family. Neighbor will rise against neighbor and battles will be waged over food and water.

    Within the chaos, there will be voices screaming, in unison, for a return to order. This will, most likely, result in gang rule or little kings reigning over little fiefdoms. Or possibly, as many of the Christian persuasion are now predicting: A larger beast exiting stage left with a 666 tattoo on his forehead and a credit-card reader in his back pocket.

    With the technological powers at the disposal of those in control, the key to centralizing power becomes easier than game of Whack-a-mole. Besides, when bellies become empty and smartphone batteries are depleted, who will fight? The Millennials who voted for Bernie Claus? Of course not. In a politically correct nation of participation trophy winners, most people will likely slip on any collar for a slice of bread and learn to love their new “necklace”.

    What, then, will be the final destination? I suspect it will be global communism: a day’s labor for a day’s rations; also called slavery.

    From the time Karl Marx first dipped his quill pen into the black, the attraction of Communism to its adherent’s has continually appeared like cancer from remission; across all ethnic and national boundaries. The common desire, it seems, is for Man to create heaven on Earth; a longing no doubt derived from empty vessels and clouds with no rain; from flawed and spiritually vacated people promising paradise from the vacuum in their own souls. In the end, however, the result is always the same: civilizational savagery, widespread violence, starvation, and death.

    In another era, governmental checks and balances were the preferred choice. Why did America’s Founding Fathers prefer Constitutional Law over totalitarianism? Why didn’t we? These are questions for the ages.

    The Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia, Charles J. Chaput, quoting the French author, Georges Bernanos, once wrote:

    The world will be saved only by free men. We must make a world for free men. When trouble is looking for you it’s primarily a question of facing it, since it would be still more dangerous to turn your back on it.

    There are laws, like gravity, that are hard to fight.  It’s like standing on high ground watching a flooded river and waiting for it to recede. Time flows forward and whatever happens next, virtue always points in the right direction; back to better. Some choices will be more valuable than gold and silver, or digital cash, in the days ahead. Some laws may be inevitable but, at the same time, some rights are inalienable.

    Beware the patient ones. They’re out of time.


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      1. “What, then, will be the final destination?”

        I suspect it will be a lot of dead traitors.


        • B from CA: WERD!

        • Unfortunately this author has made some downright incorrect statements for the purpose of sensationalism.

          “The very next day, on April 2, 2018, Deerfield, Illinois nullified the U.S. Constitution and gave their residents 60 days to turn in their guns or face fines of $1,000 per day per gun.”

          This implies all of their guns, that is a NOT CORRECT. It is the guns on a list that has been created by the Deerfield authorities. Secondly, the “face fines of $1,000 per day per gun”, is NOT CORRECT. The fines range from $250 to $1,000 per day.

          If the author can’t get something so basic correct in his article, or if he is choosing to go for sensationalism by incorrectly reporting about the guns and fines, what else is wrong in his article?

          Mac, you need to vet theses authors and their stories or you will lose credibility for posting their articles.

          • Wilson disagrees with the author by confirming everything the author said. Go Wilson!

          • Wilson: The main “point” is that those clown ass local gov’t buffoons are pissing on the Constitution and citizens rights. If it is a $1 fine or $1k, a fine is a fine and saying an item is illegal, is yes illegal and those thugs commies in Deerfield deserve to HANG!! WTF is going on people? Wrong is also WRONG, DEAD WRONG.

          • You’re saying its more sensationalist that the article below it that says I need 5 specific skills before we are visited by Venezuela’s collapse? Ot the one a few articles down that says an eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano is imminent?

      2. Yeah, I just read in the news that the IN-justice department just upheld the ban in Massachusetts on Assault rifles.. the judge said they were military rifles and people basically, had no need for them, that they were not guaranteed in the constitution… but I disagree!! Of course they are guaranteed– Jefferson or some other of our forefathers said that’s the main REASON for the second amendment– to protect against tyranny– and how can one protect the nation against tyranny without going to war– the militia??

        • agreed….weapons back then were considered”weapons of war”….guns have just evolved that’s all….

        • An excerpt of the Declaration Of Independence penned by none other than Thomas Jefferson.

          “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…”

          That wasn’t accomplished with Minute Men with long bows against Red Coats with muskets.

        • Go ahead a try to take the guns. Then Shoot all Trespassers on the spot who cross your property line. Get your No Trespass signs up ASAP, as that is plenty of warning to shoot violators.

          Get all your guns in perfect working condition. Replace all worn out parts ASAP while you can still get parts. Like ejectors, magazine tube springs, and all hardware like scopes, laserlights, carry slings, bi-pods and get to the gun range and get your scopes sighted in. Make a list and get working in it. Civil War may be Coming soon to a town near you. Buy up all the ammo you can afford for every gun you have. Hideca scatter your weapons around on your property. I open carry daily on my property. And my pistol is to lay down enough supressive fire to get me to my main battle rifle. And get your battle belts set up for extra magazines and pouches for flashlight, specialty ammo, etc.

          Or do nothing and prepare to die like a slave on his knees.

          • Who will attack patriots?

            Trump and his goons? He is pro-gun, pro second amendment.

            Liberal Left is anty-gun and disarmed.

            Is everybody going nuts?

      3. Imagine a city votes a law that says owning firearms are illegal and will carry a $1000 fine for each day in violation. Sound familiar? So the fine goes on their books and a letter is sent to the gun owner stating he has unpaid city fines and if he doesn’t settle up, a warrant will be issued for his arrest. The warrant is issued and the police know nothing more than there is a warrant for someone’s arrest due to unpaid city fines. The police serve the warrant, and in doing so removes all guns from the home.

        Imagine the gunowner knows exactly why he was fined and decides to fight back and kills the policeman who did not know the whole facts. The gun grabbers now have another newsstory of an unhinged cop hater killing police officers with Ar15.

        Do you think they care about another dead cop? Do you think they care about a another dead gun owner?

        Any legal experts here? How do we fight this?

        • The way you fight this… Get together with like-minded friends who you can trust. Buy AR or two, mags, ammo. Make sure you are prepared for this food/water wise….

        • Burn their houses, shoot them as they escape the flames.
          There is not a “legal” way to deal with Democrats.
          Either tolerate them or eliminate them.
          They will kill you.
          Your life has no meaning to them.

          • Wonder what the Names of those Trustees are, that Voted that unconstitutional law into effect in Deerfield Ill. Maybe people should be aware and keep them in mind. Trekker Out

            • The Great Culling of the herd population is coming. We need to cleans Merica from all the criminal traitors and politicans who openly violate the Constitution. Public beheadings of traitors needs to happen now. Why is Hillary still free to travel and continue her criminal activity? B!tch needs to be sitting on death row right now waiting her beheading.

          • Relik: Sir, you are correct! There is NO other viable option at this point folks, as they have literally put us in the small, dark, lonely corner and are coming back for more. It sure seems to me it’s do ir die time. And you cannot discuss or work out a single thing with progressives, liberals, DemonRATS!! They are seriously mentally damaged critters and yes, they will absolutely kill you doubt-dead if you allow them. Folks, we are way past times for making calls and writing silly emails and letters and all of that impotent, worthless, futile business. . . . . . . . . . . .Can everyone not see what is going on and what they have in mind next??

          • cute, you still think in terms of the two-party paradigm. how quaint.

      4. Furthermore, I’m sure the reason Trump said he was sending the military to protect our borders– that was a trade off- a way to assuage our feelings for betraying us over his signing of that bill which says they can take our guns whenever they want and decide later if we have a right to get them back… Its a way of making us feel he has not left the base– that he is on our side– that voting counts… its all bologna.

        The same thing happened under Obama. He promised to restore our Constitutional rights– just as Trump did! Instead they BOTH took more of our rights away! So what did Obama do? Occasionally he threw us a tidbit to assuage our feelings, make us think he was “for us”…that he hadn’t left his base… it was all bull sh–

        Their only allegiance is to the NWO, the state, the elites, the one percent– and if they didn’t feel that way before elected, they did later, after shown the film of Kennedy’s assassination!

        • Anonymous: Well, at the end of the day, I think it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that politics and Gov’t are utter, vile trash!! They constantly tell us what we want to hear and then screw us each and every damn single time. In fact, I have ZERO faith in local, state and Federal Gov’t – to hell with ALL of them. I do know we need to take back OUR damn country before it is literally Destroyed…Enough is enough.

      5. Just remember, there is always a way to fight and win provided you just don’t give up. The article is one very bleak one. Then too, it may just be a good illustration of exactly what is needed. Thing to do is not fear what’s coming. Just be ready – heart, mind, body and soul. For those who are religious, recall that we were given the gift of life and it is expected for us to do all we can before crying for salvation. No ‘heavenly host’ is coming to save any of us. That’s our job as free men and women. Provide for your own futures.


          • still waiting on the tyrants of Highland Park Il o be made an example of. or Cook county. Or NYC.. or California… or Connecticut.. or or or..

            I suspect I’ll be waiting a long time on this one too

      6. HEART


      7. The FBI and DOJ at the leadership levels are as corrupt as any Mexican cartel
        I pray that Sessions wakes up and starts to fullfill his responsibilities.
        He is OUR top cop – If he truly believes in the rule of Law we should see
        Comey, Holder, Lynch, Hillary etc up on charges


        • Won’t ever happen.
          Until we Get an American Pol Pot.
          Democrats will rape and pillage, steal and
          beguile, murder and rob. It is what they are.
          I don’t agree with how Pol Pot dealt with Liberals,
          but his quote “Since he is of no use anymore,
          there is no gain if he lives and no loss if he dies”.
          Pol Pot was a good Buddhist.

          • relik, may I remind you that all this shit started with Bush and Cheney (REPUBLICANSS!!)??!! Stop trying to divide us!!! I’m a democrat and I’m livid with rage over the shit this woman is doing!! People need to go to her house and confront her!!!!

            • Anon,
              I respect your beliefs.
              I live under the heel of Democrats
              crushing all my freedoms.
              Please don’t hold it against me,
              that I despise Democrats.
              I don’t like GOPe either.
              I’m just a gentleman farmer/rancher,
              out in the middle
              of a big ocean trying to figure out
              how to fix all the crap that breaks.

              • Rellik make no apologies,anyone that can’t or don’t or maybe I should say won’t see that the Democrats have done their best to disarm us for over 50 years is totally blind, and it’s not you that is dividing us it’s the Democrats, they have been trying to divide us through class warfare as well as racism and sexism, and it’s not a matter of dividing us it’s a matter of controlling us. Trekker Out

                • Man Trek: You are right. The DemonRATS/Liberals/Progressives do nothing but support all of these communist ideas, tax, tax, tax, take, take, take – such vile rotten bunch of cancer.
                  You cannot deal or reason with those apes.

          • wow, cant say I’ve ever seen someone here try to sell me on the virtues on a radical leninist/marxist/Maoist tyrant.

        • Jakar: At first I though Sessions was going to be a very good choice, boy, sure was dead wrong on that note. I think that Sessions is about as worthless as Muslims are at spreading true and genuine Love & Peace. . .All in Gov’t and especially the buffoons in Congress ALL have to go or HANG!!! Folks, they are passing all of these ridiculous laws, ass raping us every chance they have and on and on.

      8. Trump gave the green light for Gun Confiscation. When he said Take the Guns. Worry about Due process later. We are doomed.

      9. the second amendment didnt give you any gun rights, and losing it wont take away your gun rights, you were born with it, we have too many idiots in this country.

        • That’s probably why the author of the article use the word inalienable, ya think?

        • darned straight rellik – a right is a right. No more or less. Good reminder to all idiots.

      10. Here lies the

        United States of America

        A once prosperous country that tore itself apart


        Rest in Peaces

        (hopefully not!)

      11. Did anyone actually read through the entire post? I got about halfway and stopped.

        • same here. author is stretching quite a bit and filling it with random bullshiz about the nature of time and tying it together with slogans.

        • One of the best I’ve read. Dimwits don’t finish the article then wonder why it doesn’t make sense? No wonder we’re doomed.

        • Brian,

          The author tied it all in at the end. The time and consciousness parts simply illustrate how the way laws are enforced are indicative of DIRECTION and CHOICE. At the end, he speaks of the “patient ones” which obviously did not include you.

      12. Some good news maybe.
        Hasn’t happened yet but it appears that some weapons might see some protection from the gun grabbers. Interesting method to protect 2A for law abiding citizens. It really appears that Trump has some good company helping him find legal ways to get what he was hired to do.

        • Some good news maybe.
          Hasn’t happened yet but it appears that some weapons might see some protection from the gun grabbers. Interesting method to protect 2A for law abiding citizens. It really appears that Trump has some good company helping him find legal ways to get what he was hired to do.

          ht tps://

      13. Well, I just read on Steve Quayles web site that a Republican State Senator I believe, is drafting legislation for South Carolina to secede from The United States if The Federal Government if mandatory confiscation of weapons occur?

        Also on same web site, it is being reported that Homeland Security is compiling a list of journalists:HOMELAND SECURITY TO COMPILE DATABASE OF JOURNALISTS AND ‘MEDIA INFLUENCERS’ The database would be designed to monitor the public activities of media members and influencers by “location, beat and influencers

        Pre-communist take over atempts.

        regardless of what is said about the media, must have freedom of the press.

      14. “shall not be infringed”! Doesn’t federal law supercede state,county or city law? This needs to be challenged in court!

        • Hitler knew how to deal with those who were destroying Germany. Swift and immediate justice. If Hitler could see today what Chancelor Merkle has done with the invasion of brown illegals, he would have fought wven harder. The US was again on the wrong side of history in WW2.

      15. A lot of this Gun Confiscation BS seems to be escalating. Since Trump said take the Guns first. Then Due Process.

      16. Yeah, I just saw this on zero hedge this morning– this WOMAN trying to disarm the people. (I’m sure they picked a woman for this job on purpose– to begin the confiscation of guns!) I was livid with rage and I’m not even a republican!

        People need to gather in groups, go to this woman’s house, confront her and let her know she’s playing a very DANGEROUS GAME!!

        Throughout history, whenever ANY ONE acted in a tyrannical manner it usually turned out very badly for both those being oppressed as well for the tyrant and the tyrant’s family!! So someone needs to wake this woman up!!

        Ordinarily, its not ok for men to harm females (I’m a female!) but if a woman is trying to cut off a man’s ball… well…

        • Anon: What are those things called again, oh right Molotov cocktails, yes, that’s the ticket he said…

      17. Who do we trust? The dollar bill says, “in God we trust!”

        WE SHOULDN’T BE REQUIRED to trust the state! Look what happened to citizens when who put their trust in the state… “just trust us”… yeah, right! (Muosillini (sp?), Pot Pol, Stalin, Hitler…)

        This is what Edgar Cayce said:

        “In all these times, It (the individual) each declare whom ye will serve: A nation, a man, a state, or thy God?”

        Woman or no woman, NO ONE has the right to deprive law-abiding citizens of their God-given right to own the gun of their choice!

        • Anon,
          The rule is God, family, and country in that order.

      18. IF SHE INSISTS IN ACTING IN A TYRRANICAL MANNER, THEN SHE SHOULD BE PREPARED TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF HER TYRRANICAL ACTIONS! (Not that I intend to harm anyone or am I advising anyone to harm anyone! No!!) I’m just saying she is acting in a very dangerous manner to both us, herself and her loved ones! Someone needs to wake this screwball up!!!

        (Things usually don’t turn out well for tyrrants!!) 🙁

      19. (Wonder how much she was paid…?)

      20. Dual assault on both 1st and second amendment.

      21. Deerfield is a wealthy suburb of Chicago, Illinois. The village government is under the illusion that they can keep out the world’s problems by passing a law. The spoiled rich folks have no perception of the times we live in or the world they live in. They are the twenty-first century equivalent of the French aristocracy on the eve of the French revolution. Their false sense of security rests on their police force. The troubles that are coming will be too much for their police to handle; they will need the support of the citizens. That assumes that the police won’t stay home and protect their own families and leave the spoiled rich folk to fend for themselves.

        No one wants a confrontation between Americans who are police officers and Americans who are are gunowners;America loses. There is a lawsuit to stop the gun confiscation. Hopefully, the courts will exceed expectations and make the right decision. If they are successful and disarm the populace, Good luck, Deerfield with your kitchen knives and baseball bats!

      22. Liberal bureaucrats both federal and local, along with their left-wing lapdogs in the media, will continue their unyielding efforts to disarm Americans.

        This won’t change much until things get real messy, unfortunately.

      23. All this matter shows is just How CORRUPT “Governments” have become today (Especially HERE USA)
        The REAL Reason for the public to have rights to bare arms has NOTHING to do with sporting or hunting…It has to do with the PUBLIC being armed ENOUGH to REMOVE an overbearing Government…JUST LIKE THE SETTLERS IN THE BEGINNING WHEN ENGLAND BECAME OVERBEARING!..(STILL IS FOLKS!)The Only difference is that back there in the early days the People had only “Muskets” to fight with.
        TODAY, for the SAME reason THEY would NEED the very best we have today…Muskets (Then).. TODAY= Automatic weapons…even FULLY-Automatic…just as the “Enforcers” use.
        Your overbearing “Government” sure as hell have them…Thats REAL reason WHY Governments want to keep their “Citizens”(SLAVES) under their evil control.
        By trying to keep an ADVANTAGE over their “Sheeple”…SO THAT YOU CANNOT FIGHT BACK AGAINST THEM…UNDERSTAND FOLKS???

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