They Can Kill You With the Push Of a Button: Gaping Security Holes In Your Electronic Health Records

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needleIt should be obvious by now that modern technology comes with widespread security issues. Some are intentional, such as the NSA spying scandal which has proven that every digital interaction in the United States can be accessed in one way or another. Others are unintentional, where computer device and software operators simply make mistakes, as in the example of the latest revelation that every version of Google’s Android operating system has been exposed to cyber thieves since 2009 (a vulnerability that has yet to be plugged).

While computer and network security issues are rampant across every manner of digital device, a breach on your android phone or the government monitoring your real-time internet chats through backdoors doesn’t pose an immediate threat to your health and safety.

But with the continued centralization of our personal records, especially our electronic health records (EHR) under new universal health care mandates, there’s a new risk to every single American, and one that leaves us physically exposed to the real threat of being killed with the push of a button.

When Scot Silverstein’s 84-year-old mother, Betty, starting mixing up her words, he worried she was having a stroke. So he rushed her to Abington Memorial Hospital in Pennsylvania.

After she was admitted, Silverstein, who is a doctor, looked at his mother’s electronic health records, which are designed to make medical care safer by providing more information on patients than paper files do. He saw that Sotalol, which controls rapid heartbeats, was correctly listed as one of her medications.

Days later, when her heart condition flared up, he re-examined her records and was stunned to see that the drug was no longer listed, he said.

His mom later suffered clotting, hemorrhaged and required emergency brain surgery. She died in 2011. Silverstein blames her death on problems with the hospital’s electronic medical records.

“I had the indignity of watching them put her in a body bag and put her in a hearse in my driveway,” said Silverstein, who has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit. “If paper records had been in place, unless someone had been using disappearing ink, this would not have happened.”

Source: Bloomberg via Market Ticker

Some might assume the medical records systems being used by physicians and hospitals all over the country are secure. Why wouldn’t they be, as they literally hold life saving (or life killing) information?

But according to an assessment from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services this essential medical information is far from invulnerable, which means that a simple mistake by a medical clerk or a premeditated cyber hack could leave you or your loved ones at the mercy of a faceless computer, and a medical staff that assumes it is 100% accurate:

Three risks common to both paper and electronic records include include: 1) the risk of inappropriate access, 2) the risk of record tempering, and 3) the risk of record loss due to natural catastrophes.

With electronic records, inappropriate access manifests itself in one of two ways: 1) an unauthorized user gains access to the EHR data; or 2) an authorized user violates the appropriate use conditions. For example, if office staff access the records of a friend or colleague that visited the practice.   Electronic records can be subject to ‘serendipitous’ access in situations such as when a user account is left open or a passerby is able to view data on the screen or manipulate the EHR features.  Electronic records can also be subject to breaches of network security that may allow a hacker to gain access to user credentials and thereby to bypass the access control protections.

The ability to make changes to an electronic record depends upon the rights assigned to a user.  Users with data modification privileges can generally add, delete, or modify data or entire records.  Data can also be tampered with by directly accessing the files stored on the EHR servers using a server account rather than an EHR user account.

Fires, floods or other environmental disasters attack physical locations and can result in the complete loss of both paper and electronic medical records.

Accidents like natural disasters are going to happen, and a complete loss of medical record information is something that can be mitigated through off-site back up systems.

The real problem lies in the security vulnerabilities outlined by the HHS.

Our medical records are being centralized into one massive database, and by putting all the data in one place we are creating an easy mark for hackers.

We know how simple it is to hack a social network account, or email, or even a web site. Millions of credit card numbers are stolen through online hacking on a daily basis across the world. We’ve had hackers gain access to essential grid utilities like an Illinois water utility plant and take control of  its treatment facilities. We’re also well aware of the fact that our major oil refineries and power grid have staggering security holes.

The threat of malicious attacks is more real now than ever before as more systems come online and connect directly to the internet.

Our medical records are no different. In fact, with so many people across the country having user accounts to the front and back end systems, these system may be more vulnerable than even our personal email accounts.

The critical difference here is that access to your medical records poses an immediate and catastrophic threat to your health and well being.

Whether by accident or on purpose, your personal files can be easily accessed and modified. According to Karl Denninger, the scary thing is that it can be done with “no notification of the change in the system, no audit trail that was immediately visible on the change and no means for the attending physician to immediately, at a glance, know that the record had been changed.

What’s worse is that the medical establishment believes that it actually owns your medical records. Heck, we don’t even own our DNA any more according to the Supreme Court, so it would only make sense that your medical history, diagnoses over the years, treatments and assessments belong not to you, but to the government and medical industry. This, of course, further complicates the issue, as you have no idea what may have been modified because gaining access to your records may require you to jump through hoops for weeks or months to obtain a copy of your personal medical history.

Thousands of Americans are killed every year because of medical malpractice. And in coming years, as we become more dependent on Electronic Health Records, there is a real possibility that nefarious individuals with the intent to harm you directly, or even engage in a mass attack on our health care system, will modify medical records with the intention of killing people remotely.

It sure seems like a convenient mechanism for engaging in stealth assassinations should someone choose to do so.

When a mass-shooter kills scores of people with a gun in a movie theater or school there is an outcry to disarm the American people.

What about the threat of mass-killings by way of hacking the medical records of millions of Americans? Will the government move to ban all electronic medical records as well?

Doubtful… there’s just way to much money and control at stake.



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    1. Anonymous2

      Dude, what about drug carts? Talk about a wide open opportunity for a serial killer to hack death! I’ll bet few nurses or even doctors know how to measure out drugs any more. A little “mistake” in the computer and whamo!

      • OutWest

        We should have known when we saw those two boxes on our
        medical records that indicated Thumbs up or Thumbs down.

        • RickInOregon

          My wife works in medical records. The horror stories of mishaps in the records are usually due to upper management trying to cut cost. They under staff, go through personnel and fill positions with people that are untrained in proper procedures, they offer little or no training for record keeping and entry, new software is introduced and then it’s up to the the staff to figure out how to use it, IT remotely updates the software without notification, the blame game takes place when ever there’s a problem and when there is a problem, State Inspectors comes into the building to investigate, the blame game get’s put on steroids, upper management stomps around looking to fire someone.

          The length of the work day is set by how many beds are filled and when the census is low so are the hours allowed to work, you may be in the middle of working on someones records when the administrator sticks their head in the door and tells you to leave because they don’t want to pay for one more hour of work, work that would complete the record.

          The shifts don’t overlap enough for verbal patient information to be shared. Such as, “we have a new patient in room 1, their records are not complete yet, you need to finish them and make sure their med requirements are put on the chart”.

          If there was a nefarious change on your medical record through hacking, most likely it would just be redundant with the errors that the facility makes.

          • KY Mom

            A U.S. physician explains how to protect yourself from Obamacare
            by Robert S. Dotson, M.D.

            “Medical care is going to get worse under Obamacare. …

            As income reductions are being imposed on private practice, costs are being driven up by exploding regulations. In addition, the plethora of new mandates and laws have increasingly criminalized every aspect of the practice of medicine and created vast new armies of armed bureaucrats whose sole aim is to impose civil and criminal penalties on any provider unlucky enough to be singled out for attention…”

            “Avoid contact with the existing health care system as far as possible. Yes, emergencies arise that require the help of physicians, but by and large one can learn to care for one’s own minor issues. Though it is flawed, the internet has been an information leveler for the masses and permits each person to be his or her own physician to a large degree. Take advantage of it! Educate yourself about your own body and learn to fuel and maintain it as you would an expensive auto or a pet poodle. One does not need a medical degree to:

            1. avoid excessive use of tobacco or alcohol or, for that matter, caffeine;
            2. avoid poisons like fluoride, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, and addictive drugs (legal or illicit);
            3. avoid unnecessary and potentially lethal imaging studies (TSA’s radiation pornbooths, excessive mammography, repetitive CT scans – exposure to all significantly increases cancer risk);
            4. avoid excessive cell phone use and exposure to other forms of EMR pollution where possible (the NSA is recording everything you say and text anyway);
            5. avoid daily fast food use and abuse (remember: pink slime and silicone) ;
            6. avoid untested GM foods (do you really want to become “Roundup Ready?”):
            7. avoid most vaccinations and pharmaceutical agents promoted by the establishment;
            8. avoid risky behaviors (and, we do not need a bunch of Nanny State bureaucrats to define and police these);
            9. exercise moderately;
            10. get plenty of sleep;
            11. drink plenty of good quality water (buy a decent water filter to remove fluoride, chloride, and heavy metals);
            12. wear protective gear at work and play where appropriate (helmets, eye-shields, knee and elbow pads, etc.):
            13. seek out locally-grown, whole, organic foods and support your local food producers;
            14. take appropriate nutritional supplements (multi-vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3);
            15. switch off the TV and the mainstream media it represents;
            16. educate yourself while you can;

            And, lastly…

            17. QUESTION AUTHORITY!”

            Economic Policy Journal

              • DRD5508

                KY Mom, thanks.

                • Gods Creation

                  I can be killed by a visit to the doctor whether the file is wrong or not. I am much more afraid of the pills they push than incompetent idiots having access my file. Three people have died from them in the time it took to write this.


                  Maybe they can kill me with the push of a button, even then only if I seek “medical” attention, but I can kill them with the squeeze of a trigger so I guess that makes us even.

                • lastmanstanding


                  I’m on board with you.

            • cara

              As a practicing registered dietitian I would agree with all of the items on that list but add one more: Get your head right. Stress, for problems that are real or imagined, can damage your health. Use exercise, friends, hobbies, etc and of course daily prayer, to manage the stresses that come your way. Stress can be a silent killer or it can be managed.

              • cara

                Off topic. Mac, have your heard from Manos lately? How are he and his family and his town doing? I hear some stories that say things in Greece are really bad and then I spoke to some travelers who said it was not bad at all. What is the truth there? Any word?

                • Charlyne

                  Yes Mac. we all want to hear from/about Manos. Please.

            • Virginia Prepper

              Ok, so I just stumbled upon this article and wow, that is crazy! :: ::

            • JRS

              KY Mom…”17. QUESTION AUTHORITY!” And I agree. But where is the questioning when Obama exempts large companies from compliance for a year? Here he just broke his own law by doing this unilaterally without going through Congress. It proves he believes himself a dictator and above the law. Where is the media on this? They and most of us just blindly accept it. He cannot just change statute or code by decree. It has to be changed by Congress. Where is the Congress? Why aren’t they pushing back? No one can change a law without a vote. I don’t believe the media, Congress or the people understand legislative process…or maybe no one cares. Why are they letting him get away with this? If the ACA won’t work, he should get Congress to scrap it…not try to change it on the margins.

            • Man on the inside

              Pretty good list…. and grow or get localy all of your food it can be done…. now just one question the TSA pornbooths 1) are they like the orgasmatron and 2) were can I buy one…….

            • Ididntbuildthat

              I hope KY stands for Kentucky

              JK ;0)

            • mountain man 6-1

              @KY Mom…….In other words ,DON’T have any FUN & hide under the BED !!( you can come out to eat & use the bathroom, then back ya go)…….mm~

          • Lynn

            I work as a medical editor (medical records) and agree that mistakes on records pose problems. When I edit a record, I try to treat each report as if that patient were a member of my family.

            I have to ask everyone this, though: Are you aware that in most states your records may be shipped to India? This is a trend that has been happening over the past 10 years (costs less than an experienced US workers). WILL THE CLERK IN INDIA TREAT YOUR RECORDS AS IF YOU WERE A MEMBER OF THEIR FAMILY?? Maybe, but maybe not . . . I wonder.

            • LSB

              Yes, that’s correct. When I did transcription in Alaska, one of the rotating physicians said that where he did some of his work, the doctor’s dictation was sent overseas. When the typed records were sent back, many times it was hard to figure out what they were saying. Out-sourcing transcription is a money saver, but I wouldn’t say a life saver.

              • mountain man 6-1

                @LSB…….So instead of 10 cc’s of SALINE , I might get 10 cc’s of MORPHINE!!??…….Check Please! I’m outta HERE!!…….mm~

          • Theguy

            God it sounds like a nightmare place to work.

            What is it with American management anyway… giant dick measuring contest with the IQ of a houseplant.

            Well… no better in South Korea I can say from experience.

          • mountain man 6-1

            @ RickInO. …Just like in Politics & Military ,when things go FUBAR ,they all look for a SCAPE-GOAT!! When the real problems start at the TOP and come DOWN!!….mm~

      • wrong

        My father was killed in the Cleveland Clinic 32 years ago because they screwed up his records. They suck like all hospitals! Doesn’t matter how they keep records.

      • JustMe

        Well, it is no secret they want us either dead or enslaved, so they would have no intrest in securing your records from hackers, or whoever.

        They will not use a hack attack on med records to think about banning electronic med data, but as another big excuse to lock down the web…

      • JS

        It’s doubtful that someone could “hack” a medication administration cart and hurt anyone, since we read every bottle and vial of medication before giving it to a patient. Computers are involved, but there’s still a human looking at the medication and making sure its safe to give. If someone REALLY wanted to cause problems they would “hack” the companies that manufacture the medications. Put the wrong pill in a blister pack or mislabel a medication bottle and a nurse would have no way of knowing he or she was administering the wrong medication.

        • Amanda

          I have had 4 trips to the ER in the past 5 years twice being kept at least overnight. 3 of those four trips I had close call with meds being given that even my bright red wrist band said I couldn’t have…I don’t let anyone near an IV or come close to me with pills unless I know what it is and why you are giving it to me. I am starting to think your records mean very little and you have to stay on top of it yourself. (Which everyone on this site does Im sure. (Thankfully the problem is fixed and I haven’t needed an ER in over two years…working my backside off to keep it that way!)

    2. feedthehogs

      I grew up near Abington hospital. Anyone from that area knows what a butcher shop it has been for decades. I have no doubt that even if it was in writing and not electronic, they still would have made a mistake.

      Like all computer records they are only as accurate as the data entry clerk decides just how much they want to pay attention that day at work. Given today’s work ethic, I’d suspect that rather than some conspiracy.

      • mountain man 6-1

        @ feed th hogs…….might be safer in Marion …(NutHouse)…..or maybe not,they’ve already lost their Sanity!….mm~

    3. COBeach

      This is why I stay away from all M.D.s

      • COBeach

        Well just another reason really.

        • LSB

          There was one doctor who will always be something special to me… he was a pathologist in California. He, on multiple occasions, helped finance the education of kids. When he heard about the trauma I experienced as a child, offered to help me financially with schooling. At that time I was still too stressed to take him up on it. He was a wonderful man. I have known women working in medical offices, putting money on others bills to help them out. Not all health care workers are in it for the money.

      • California Resident

        This is why I take Niacin; so I don’t have to need a doctor to “pill me up” for clogged arteries when I’m 50.

        • The Cooking Mom

          Niacin for energy, red wine to keep arteries clear.

          Keep preppin’!!

        • Theguy


          Wow I’ll have to start doing that. Runs in my family. Figured I’d be eating clogged arteries in like 10-15 years no matter what I did…

      • Them Guys

        OT-Sorry, but this is good to read, while congress is messing with amnesty bills etc. Read this Mexican ex-Official(globalist swindler) says about a US Border Fence.

        In an interview …on Univision’s “Al Punto” program, former Mexican Foreign Minister Jorge Castaneda sharply criticized the just-passed U.S. Senate bill’s provisions to lengthen the border fence and limit the number of temporary worker visas. His comments, together with those of Univision anchor Jorge Ramos, contradicted the claim by many advocates of the Senate bill that emigration from Mexico is declining rapidly.

        I love this part. Get a load of what Castaneda said about a border fence. It ought to win some sort of award for sheer hypocritical chutzpah:

        “It is very adverse for Mexico. … All the Central Americans who come from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, fleeing from violence, pass through Mexico. If they’re not able to cross the border, what are they going to do? Are they going to return to their countries. No. They’re going to stay in Mexico, creating a burden for us that we have to carry.” ( Add this elietist to somebodys List eh!)

        Wait a second, Jorge. Aren’t we constantly lectured about how great it is for us to receive all these illegal alien Mexicans? So why isn’t it great for Mexico to receive all these illegal alien Central Americans? Why do you call them a burden? Aren’t they a benefit for your country?

        As Americans, we need to craft our own immigration policy, and we shouldn’t give a hoot what elitist Mexicans think about it.

        ps: do Not get Fooled by us senator Corker(repub Tenn) amendt added to increase a fence longer etc. Its a swindle and sen Jeff Sessions(Alabama?) Exposed it Big Time online and msm…Corkers another RINO swindler.

        Vdare’s website should have sessions article expose’ and a Link to it is at Alan Wall article This mex info post came from.

        © 2013 Allan Wall – All Rights Reserved

        full article at newswithviews dot com

        • Ike

          Them Guys:
          As far as the discrepancies in the Bible I would start here:
          Many of the links are OK but some are dead due to website being re-designed. You can get a good beginning idea of the problems with the Old Testament. We have to use our reason to ferret out the true from the false. The best books are the prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah. To me these books contain more Truth than most of the Old Testament. They are rebukes to Israel for their sins and show the distinct disdain God has for the Levitical way of doing things. The Scribes and Pharisees or Levites and Sanhedrin only wanted to keep the people in tow (framing mischief by a Law). Use discernment, the Old Testament is a mine field. There is no doubt in my mind the Old Testament UNLIKE the New Testament was penned in many areas by men who obfuscated the Truth. For instance the adding of so many ritual laws that no one could keep or wished to keep…Jesus Christ straightened all that out and upbraided the Scribes, Pharisees and Hypocrites for doing it, with little results.

          I have made up my mind not to post on this blog again…and that is given to me by the Holy Ghost. Most of the regular posters on this blog are ‘Christians in Name Only’. They glorify themselves and they are in the matrix they created for themselves. They do glorify the Lord Jesus Christ for all his blessings. If a Christian posts reproof, rebuke or exhortation they ignore it or attack it; they never add to anything. The God they glorify is another Christ another gospel. Here one finds no depth of thought about their eternal souls or show any thanks to God. Many of them are reprobates concerning the faith the Apostles delivered unto the saints. None of them wants to build anyone up in the faith but just want to talk of this world and tear down. None can give any spiritual response to a godly post. Jesus Christ said do not give what is holy unto dogs…The day will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.

          One would think that there would be more light on a blog (especially this one where ideas are exchanged freely) where many are awake to the evils that confront them…there is not! Most of them will be taken by surprise as the coming events unfold (hearts failing). I say this, repent and change directions while you still can, God is not mocked.

          This is not addressed to you ‘Them Guys’, you never stands back from glorifying his Lord, Jesus Christ. You alone, grab hold of ‘real Truth’, the Word of God… May God bless you. Keep yourself!

          Do a search, on any topic, on the word ‘God’ or ‘Jesus Christ’ or ‘Lord’; the results are a shame. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh or rather the mind puts to words, or we testify.

          • Them Guys

            IKE: I did check that website Link from your prior post with it. Interesting info. Old testement discrepencys is why I prior in another article back, suggested that folks buy a bible called the “New American Bible” it is a catholic bible, yet it has very exallant side notes that describe and list many various situations-dates-names of roman leaders or ceasers etc-and gives a great description where due, to weather or not the actual text is used or is missing in records and was ad-libed etc.

            It also contains 6-7 More books than usual KJV contain, and it tells you they are added not as cannonized, but just for our info or curiousity. They are books that did not get full concensus approval as to actual authorship, or were unable to verify concensus on cannonization into the bible, but are Still Important info to read.

            Also for every book liks John for example, it begins with a 2-4 page explaination of who john was-when he wrote it-where he lived-what he did etc, and also How his book pertains to things overall. Also lists older country names, like what was say, Jordan before it was jordan etc.Thats important info to clear up confusion.(I used jrodan only as example here).

            Another great xample is, and I doubt many folks are aware of this, the bible book of Danial in the final few chapters was NOT wrote BY danial!…They do not know for certain who wrote those chapters, but do know it was not Danial that did the other chapters. It seems maybe several Other writers after danial died added to his book of danial. This type info is not usually found in most bibles. A couple more OT prophets were useing fake names too, probobly to Hide ID from enemys or dictators etc.

            And it also tells us that not every word in Innerant Gods words. Most baptists will disagree or come Unglued at that. But it is a Proven Fact that what many preachers teach that every word written IS Gods words and infallable innerant etc is simply Wrong.

            The fact that, that bible, actually Tells us this info to me says it is being Honest and concerned with Truth rather than for example Scofields delusional fraudulent Rothchild funded versions.

            I also found alot of online info that basically agrees with You Ike, that the Old testement Jewish scribes and Pharisee had several Ungodly agendas, and added various wordings to make them appear corect and Justified with their devious and at times evil plans for themselves and future plans(NWO etc)….Their Talmud reflects such evil and nefarious desires and plans to the Max!

            Now as for You, Ike,not posting here anymore? That is something for you personally to decide. However…I for One shall truely Miss reading posts written By You Ike. I have gained much info from many, Most posts you have written and I do Hope you Reconsider that decision.

            Even if not many folks reply to it or like it, there are some folks here I am sure agree with me that you contribute much, and many fine informative posts Ike.

            It perhaps may be that some folks who appreciate your posts are not sure what to reply with if they are still learning etc. I agree it does seem with so many here who claim to be Christians, yet to observe so few replies does seem strange of sorts.

            But I also think like that regarding other posters here such as, Mine-Ahab’s-John Q. Public-and a couple more I cannot now recall their names. They post very well written and exallant info or advice, yet usually very few others reply back or add any comment. Not sure the reason?

            Maybe I am Misguesing it all, and maybe most folks here do not like those posts? hard to say.

            I guess it comes down to as I said many times…Whenever anybody makes use of those couple “Forbidden” words, that begin with a Z…And…J…and I…It causes kneejerk reactions and most folks kinda Freeze-Up and Hurry away so to avoid it all totally. I know in any Public zones or areas if I speak out loud in reference to those “Forbidden” topics or words…It is the exact same reactions…Either 100% quite can hear a Pin drop…Or total unglued kneejerk bashing me with the usual names used like nazi or hater etc…I just Laugh loudly when it happens. Can only do so much to wake people right.

            Anyways I sure Hope you re-consider not posting here Ike!

            Take Care Brother, you Know you’re right about the Lord etc…That matters Most. Others Knows it also…I sure Do!

            Them Guys

            • Ike

              Them Guys: Your answer carries much grace.
              Joh 1:11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
              Joh 1:12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
              Joh 1:13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.

              I will keep [email protected] open for two days. If you a led contact me and I will give you permanent address. This way we can share as God reveals.

              Pro 27:19 As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.

        • Deportation advocate

          Deport all mexicans beginning with the 30,000,000 illegal mexicans, at the point of a bayonet if necessary. If they are constitutional Americans, we’ll talk.

    4. Personanongrata

      HHS per obamacare HR 3200 section 164 titled administrative simplification sets the stage for implemententing the Class II medical device capable of reading and storing data. This is the verichip which will be mandatory. Ironically enoigh the electronic health care plan was initiated from 666 11th street NW Washington DC. Look it up 666 11th street NW HIPAA Act. Here is testimony from a Senate committee stating that in order to get people to comply it will have to be legislated. TESTIMONY OF DANIEL J. SOLOVE “RFID TAGS AND INFORMATION PRIVACY” Before the Subcommittee on Privacy and Confidentiality of the National Committee for Vital Health Statistics Hubert H. Humphrey Building, Room 705-A 200 Independence Avenue SW, Washington, DC 20201 Jan. 11, 2005 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

      This is how RFID was legislated from 2005 till now to get us chipped. Crazy? Download read and decide for yourself.

      “There are some special unique issues involving the use of RFID in the medical context. RFID in the medical context has many potential benefits. People can either wear a bracelet or some item with an RFID chip or have one implanted in them. This will allow medical personnel to read the chip and locate health information about a patient. This might help diagnose unconscious patients or discover allergies. Many people might voluntarily want to use such technology. But there are costs that might inhibit the process.”
      Daniel J. Solove
      Subcommittee Testimony

      • MM

        HR 3200 was not the bill that became law.
        Can you give a reference from the bill that was passed?

        • Personanongrata

          As far as i know the bill is still the same except version 1 was not passed and version 2right was. Also the wording ended up different and removed from the 2000’swall section all the way up to 164. It’s been a while so it isn’t fresh in my mind but you can look it up at

          • KY Mom


            The actual words about the “RFID chip” for the population were removed from the final version of Obamacare that was passed.

            But, within the many pages are “right to pass additional requirements … as needed to implement the healthcare law.”

            I believe they left themselves a “back door” option to pass “future regulations” they want.

            • Personanongrata

              Hello KM it is my understanding that it was not removed but translated into what i call congressional language. The new term for it is contained under the banner of Administrative simplification sounds congressional doesn’t it. Under this section you will find other congressional language that provides for everything that has to do with allowing the HIPAA act/compliance and IRS management to come to fruition. This is from the version that passed.


              America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (Reported in House – RH)


              (a) Standardizing Electronic Administrative Transactions-

              (1) IN GENERAL- Part C of title XI of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1320d et seq.) is amended by inserting after section 1173 the following new sections:


              `(a) Standards for Financial and Administrative Transactions-

              `(1) IN GENERAL- The Secretary shall adopt and regularly update standards consistent with the goals described in paragraph (2).

              `(2) GOALS FOR FINANCIAL AND ADMINISTRATIVE TRANSACTIONS- The goals for standards under paragraph (1) are that such standards shall–

              `(A) be unique with no conflicting or redundant standards;

              `(B) be authoritative, permitting no additions or constraints for electronic transactions, including companion guides;

              `(C) be comprehensive, efficient and robust, requiring minimal augmentation by paper transactions or clarification by further communications;

              `(D) enable the real-time (or near real-time) determination of an individual’s financial responsibility at the point of service and, to the extent possible, prior to service, including whether the individual is eligible for a specific service with a specific physician at a specific facility, which may include utilization of a machine-readable health plan beneficiary identification card;

              `(E) enable, where feasible, near real-time adjudication of claims;

              `(F) provide for timely acknowledgment, response, and status reporting applicable to any electronic transaction deemed appropriate by the Secretary;

              `(G) describe all data elements (such as reason and remark codes) in unambiguous terms, not permit optional fields, require that data elements be either required or conditioned upon set values in other fields, and prohibit additional conditions; and

              `(H) harmonize all common data elements across administrative and clinical transaction standards.

              `(3) TIME FOR ADOPTION- Not later than 2 years after the date of implementation of the X12 Version 5010 transaction standards implemented under this part, the Secretary shall adopt standards under this section.

              `(4) REQUIREMENTS FOR SPECIFIC STANDARDS- The standards under this section shall be developed, adopted, and enforced so as to–

              `(A) clarify, refine, complete, and expand, as needed, the standards required under section 1173;

              `(B) require paper versions of standardized transactions to comply with the same standards as to data content such that a fully compliant, equivalent electronic transaction can be populated from the data from a paper version;

              `(C) enable electronic funds transfers, in order to allow automated reconciliation with the related health care payment and remittance advice;

              `(D) require timely and transparent claim and denial management processes, including tracking, adjudication, and appeal processing;

              `(E) require the use of a standard electronic transaction with which health care providers may quickly and efficiently enroll with a health plan to conduct the other electronic transactions provided for in this part; and

              `(F) provide for other requirements relating to administrative simplification as identified by the Secretary, in consultation with stakeholders.

              `(5) BUILDING ON EXISTING STANDARDS- In developing the standards under this section, the Secretary shall build upon existing and planned standards.

              `(6) IMPLEMENTATION AND ENFORCEMENT- Not later than 6 months after the date of the enactment of this section, the Secretary shall submit to the appropriate committees of Congress a plan for the implementation and enforcement, by not later than 5 years after such date of enactment, of the standards under this section. Such plan shall include–

              `(A) a process and timeframe with milestones for developing the complete set of standards;

              `(B) an expedited upgrade program for continually developing and approving additions and modifications to the standards as often as annually to improve their quality and extend their functionality to meet evolving requirements in health care;

              `(C) programs to provide incentives for, and ease the burden of, implementation for certain health care providers, with special consideration given to such providers serving rural or underserved areas and ensure coordination with standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria being adopted under the HITECH Act;

              `(D) programs to provide incentives for, and ease the burden of, health care providers who volunteer to participate in the process of setting standards for electronic transactions;

              `(E) an estimate of total funds needed to ensure timely completion of the implementation plan; and

              `(F) an enforcement process that includes timely investigation of complaints, random audits to ensure compliance, civil monetary and programmatic penalties for non-compliance consistent with existing laws and regulations, and a fair and reasonable appeals process building off of enforcement provisions under this part.

              `(b) Limitations on Use of Data- Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit the use of information collected under this section in a manner that would adversely affect any individual.

              `(c) Protection of Data- The Secretary shall ensure (through the promulgation of regulations or otherwise) that all data collected pursuant to subsection (a) are–

              `(1) used and disclosed in a manner that meets the HIPAA privacy and security law (as defined in section 3009(a)(2) of the Public Health Service Act), including any privacy or security standard adopted under section 3004 of such Act; and

              `(2) protected from all inappropriate internal use by any entity that collects, stores, or receives the data, including use of such data in determinations of eligibility (or continued eligibility) in health plans, and from other inappropriate uses, as defined by the Secretary.

              `SEC. 1173B. OPERATING RULES.

              `(a) In General- The Secretary shall adopt operating rules for each transaction described in section 1173(a)(2) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1320d-2(a))

              `(b) Operating Rules Development- In adopting such rules, the Secretary shall take into account the development of operating rules that have been developed by a nonprofit entity that meets the following criteria:

              `(1) The entity focuses its mission on administrative simplification.

              `(2) The entity demonstrates a established multi-stakeholder process that creates consensus based operating rules using a voting policy with balanced representation by the critical stakeholders (including health plans and health care providers) so that no one group dominates the entity and shall include others such as standards development organizations, and relevant Federal agencies.

              `(3) The entity has in place a public set of guiding principles that ensure the operating rules and process are open and transparent.

              `(4) The entity shall coordinate its activities with the HIT Policy Committee and the HIT Standards Committee (established under title XXX of the Public Health Service Act) and complements the efforts of the Office of the National Healthcare Coordinator and its related health information exchange goals.

              `(5) The entity incorporates national standards, including the transaction standards issued under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

              `(6) The entity uses existing market research and proven best practices.

              `(7) The entity has a set of measures that allow for the evaluation of their market impact and public reporting of aggregate stakeholder impact.

              `(8) The entity supports nondiscrimination and conflict of interest policies that demonstrate a commitment to open, fair, and nondiscriminatory practices.

              `(9) The entity allows for public reviews and updates of the operating rules.

              `(c) Implementation- The Secretary shall adopt operating rules under this section, by regulation or otherwise, only after taking into account the rules developed by the entity under subsection (b) and having ensured consultation with providers. The first set of operating rules for the transactions for eligibility for health plan and health claims status under this section shall be adopted not later than October 1, 2011, in a manner such that such set of rules is effective beginning not later than January 1, 2013. The second set of operating rules for the remainder of the transactions described in section 1173(a)(2) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1320d-2(a)) shall be adopted not later than October 1, 2012, in a manner such that such set of rules is effective beginning not later than January 1, 2014.’.

              (2) DEFINITIONS- Section 1171 of such Act (42 U.S.C. 1320d) is amended–

              • Personanongrata

                I am a self proclaimed Chip chaser, ive been on it for a while. Ive seen it grow ftom its infant stages to full grown ready for the world. Ironically to of the first to try and get this passed in earlier through a bi partisan effort was Senator H.Clinton D and Senetor Browndback R. That was around the time when she said “people care more about their pets than they do about their children.” Also the members of the board of the Applied Digital company received huge sums of cash in order to fund the Verichip program and they where also instrumental in the E85 ethanol addition to our gas because they had access to Alcool the gas company from south america strange relationship i know. Im more and more fluent in congressional language, and it translates into English as foul words and lies.

              • KY Mom


                HR3200 is NOT the final bill that was passed. Changes were made.

                HR3590 was the replacement bill that was eventually passed as the healthcare law.

                Here is a link to the healthcare law.

                The Affordable Care Act, Section by Section

                • Personanongrata

                  Thanks im on it and rubbing my hands together anxious to see what hideousness lies within it.

                • Personanongrata

                  Ok what about HR3962 section 1501you medical device registry i see included still is the Class II medical device.I feel like if they dont try to chip us everything is going to be ok and things are so bad that i know that’s not possible. So i kinda need for them to try and chip us so that it can validate most of our hypothesis that this entity ruling over us is inherently evil. Probably more than any take over or collapse of any kind i wait for the chip. To me the chip encompasses the full essence of the beast and to legislate it and creeping it along as they have and ducking and hiding it smuggling it in under our noses even smells like the beast its like it’s stalking us and learning our behavior gathering as much intel as it can and then………i hope i dont trip in the woods while running from Jason.

              • Commie hater

                Commie care is as good a reason to start the war as any.

                Live commie free, or die.

      • The Old Coach

        What they expect to make universal is what’s already occurring in a clinics a friend uses. You don’t get assigned a doctor in these places, you see the next doctor in the rotation at whatever time you come in. The doctor you see today may never ever have seen you before, and the doctor you saw last month may have been re-assigned to another location 50 miles away.

        The other thing they’re pushing is “nurse practitioners” in place of doctors. I had to find a new doctor when mine quit his practice in March of this year, (gave us ten days’ notice!). I ran into that over and over again in my search for a new one.

        Britain’s National Health Service is their model. Pretty soon the only “doctors” in the system will have unpronounceable South Asian names and degrees from some diploma mill in Karachi or Calcutta.

        • JayJay

          ~~~You don’t get assigned a doctor in these places, you see the next doctor in the rotation at whatever time you come in. The doctor you see today may never ever have seen you before, and the doctor you saw last month may have been re-assigned elsewhere.~~~

          Old Coach, welcome to VA hospital.
          A death trap. Two years of incompetence witnessed here.
          Finally got a response from the 3 night recorded data about sleep apnea test from 2 months ago.
          Scheduled a training session 9:00 AM (September–it was a rush)for the CPAP in Murfreesboro, 100 miles from home.
          I suggested sending someone to each home and they laughed!!!
          VA is right behind the USPS in incompetence and waste.

        • JL

          You are right, my father in law has had so much trouble with a free clinic he goes to. Every time a different Dr all foreign, 5 blood pressure medicines, they just keep pushing pills at him. Now he needs disability, and it having a really hard time getting it. I see so many people who get it that shouldn’t and someone who really needs it can’t get the help they need.

      • cara

        Besides it’s record keeping uses the verichip was touted as a method of stabilizing blood pressure and blood sugar via computer terminal. They can look and see that your ____ is out of wack and adjust it via the computer. They say they can also address depression, anxiety and behavior issues via that chip. Now THINK ABOUT THAT. If they can dial your problems down, they can dial them up also. They can create depression or behavioral issues. In other words they can control your body and your behaviors and how you see the world.
        Chip anybody?

    5. troll killer

      we have already seen how they want to use our medical records against us when we try and buy a gun.
      what next use our medical records to keep us from buying junk food ? sorry guy you are too fat you cant have those ding dongs and Ho Ho’s

      last month you gained 2 lbs so no cheese curls LOL

      its the ultimate nanny state and its all brought on by ovomit and Bloomingidiotberg

      its time we look at eliminating some govt jobs and the people who occupy them.

      Before we have MOOOOchelle and her monkey children telling us how to eat and live.and with her Fat ass what an example huh ???

      • PO'd Patriot

        Tie her astride one of them satellites and have her fat ass pointed a that hole in the sun. That’ll heal that hole up pretty quick. No match for ‘ol sasquatch ass.

        • OutWest

          Still got a figure like a Coke bottle
          only now it’s more like a 2 liter jug

          • wrong


            Didn’t see you last week at the Cherry Festival. I waited for you at the target arcade but you never showed up! 🙂

            • OutWest

              Wrong— I was up visiting for the Fourth

              You probably didn’t recognize me as I was incognito
              masquerading as a cherry-pit spitting tourist with a
              box of Mackinac Fudge clutched in my hand.

      • The Old Coach

        Paula Deen had her on her show and claimed that the Moocher never stopped eating. LOL !

        • troll killer

          well talk about a disconnect from reality
          any one remember the WH dinners and Picnics where they had fried chicken and Hush puppies and all that bad for you type food. any one ever notice how when the menus were published ( or Leaked ) they tended to follow southern type Meals didn’t know Chicago folks ate hush puppies and collard greens.

          BUT she got on TV and promoted healthy eating.

          Wrong says
          I would bet it takes 4 assistants for her snack devouring sessions and one has to pre chew everything for MOOOCHELLE.
          one lazy assed Mtn Gorilla.
          wonder what the OVOMIT children will do when he is not president. any one want to bet they try and release them back into the jungle ?? or maybe chimp island

      • wrong

        My wife thinks that if your “FAT” you shouldn’t be able to collect food stamps. I tend to agree. Maybe when you use food stamps you shouldn’t be able to purchase 4 bags of chips, 3 – 8 packs of “diet” pop and 12 Frozen Pizzas. I bet moooochelle has one “assistant” that does nothing but open her Snickers and her Zingers.

        • lastmanstanding

          I don’t think there should be food stamps, ebt, etc, etc…at all.

          Be productive, try to survive or die.

          that is how the earth works.

          • troll killer


            how about we go back to the good old days and give them Govt cheese and powdered milk and such

            or here is a radical idea Dont give them anything !!!
            let the churches carry out Charity and keep the F*&king govt out of it
            Churches and other private groups used to do this kind of stuff till some ass wipe got his ( or her ) nose all bent out of shape and figured the wrong people were getting too much help and that the playing field needed to be leveled.
            or because the churches knew who really needed help and who was just too freaking lazy and looking to game the system.

            Welfare is just proof that when the Govt gets involved in turns in to a huge mess and costs too much money

            some one out there please tell me just how the Liberals came to be such guilt ridden and self loathing shit weasels i am still trying to figure that one out

            had a conversation with a young liberal women and good grief talk about guilt ridden and self loathing

            she told me her parents and grand parents were just too successful and made way too much money and i asked her well are you denouncing this wealth ?? and she said well ” i live in there house and i “LET” them buy me a car and of course there is my allowance of $400.00 every 2 weeks ( she is 29 ) but other then that i work part time for my other money . so i asked her what do your parents do with there money do they help charities ?? or The homeless ? NO she replied they travel and buy nice things that i think they should not buy but i cant get them to stop ( shame on them right ?) enjoying the fruits of there labors.
            but you should hear about the supposed guilt this little hypocrite yelps about and how all her parents and grand parents money could solve sooo many problems in the world

            so i asked her did you oppress any Blacks ? and Hispanics Indians homeless ? so why the F*&king guilt ??

            so i asked her why the hell doesn’t she give up her allowance to these people but she replied she needs nice things and they cost money.
            she has an image to project to her liberal friends as a hipster and these clothes cost a lot of money to look like some out of work bum.

            so again i ask what the hell is it about these twerps that they suffer from such guilt ??

            • lastmanstanding

              they are weak…their day is coming…

              and it will be violent.

              • troll killer

                Last man standing

                weak minded ? weak willed ? or just brain dead ?
                i vote for the last one as it explains many things Liberals do.

                such as pass laws in the middle of the night on a holiday week end

                and again i point out did any one notice Ovomit was no where to be seen around the 4th. bet his ass was out of town as always. most likely took the small monkeys to forage in the jungle. so they can get ready for his retirement.

                any one want to bet he figures out how to spend the last 2 years of his term on permanent vacation
                since its on our dime why not. surely he can fit in an extra trip or two too Hawaii

                Troll killer

        • Them Guys

          GimmeDat! Chitlins! Demz beeez Goot grub.

          Ruters news service: July 9-2013

          Latest figures for the expensive nature of the current resident First Sheboon, residing at 1600 Penn Ave. Have been “Leaked” out. It seem’s the First Sheboon, Meswell Hobammy has her own chef flown in at least five to six day’s per week on average, to rustle up Sheboon’s favorite dish….Deep Fired Chitlins!

          Whitehouse anonymous sources tell Ruters news, that on an average normal afternoon, Sheboon Meswell is able to consume as much as 16 Lbs. of the famous delicasy known far and wide in the Southern State’s as Chitlins, Deep fried in Lard Grease mixed with “secret” special spices known only to the unamed Chef the Sheboon has quitely flown in almost daily on her Jet, Air Force II.

          Congressional anonymous sources say an investigation has been authorized to commence soon, due to the recent revelations that in fact, such massive consumption of almost daily quantities of 16 Lbs per lunch of chtilins has racked up a huge grocery bill. And when combined with the outrageous cost for flights and master, deep frid Chitlins, chef specialists, Sheboon Meswell has cost the American Taxpayers, All 3000 of them, a whopping One and one half Billion dollars in total Chitlins fees!

          When asked what she knew of this scandle unfolding, Hillery Klinton, former head Kommie at State Dept. Told reporters to “Fuck Off assholes, I’m gettin outta here while the gettins good”! That has been the last anybody has seen or heard from Hillery the state dept head Kommie at large. Any american folks who may have pertinant info regarding Chitlins and Lard are asked to email such info to Ruters News Service asap.

      • Commie hater

        It is communism, not a nanny state. Deal with it or die.

    6. Droid

      Obamabot’s have maintenance records. Public maintenance.

    7. AnonLegion

      No they will say see this is why we need another internet security program put in place to protect medical data, OR this could be the beginning of see this is why we need rfid chips or like the article in before its news the data stamp.

    8. Hammerun

      It’s getting to the point where we have to ask ourselves, why are we playing this game?
      What have they got if we don’t play? They will eventually have a big friggen doughnut in hand and begging us to reenter the game. Without us they have nothing. Nobody to pay taxes, no labor, no science, no growth, no participant’s, no one to command, just blowing smoke to an empty audience. They gain when we play and are fearful or scared of them.
      It’s looking more like the thing to do is “NOT PLAY”
      A lot of us will get hurt and may even die, but playing their game gives them the power they are willing to beat us with.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, Hammerun, and I agree about not playing the game, especially whenever they bring about the RFID chip. braveheart

        • The Cooking Mom

          YAY FOR BRAVEHEART!!!!!

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Cooking Mom, and yes, it does work out better. braveheart

        • Vicky

          We agree on refusing to play the game. My husband and I have (had) a doctor who is a very pleasant person, albeit an indifferent physician. He has, however, been taken over by the Kraken, the name by which we refer to our local mega-hospital complex. His office “affiliated” with them and they handle billing (very badly) and insurance claims. They also push test after test, all of which need to be done at one of their satellite labs, and the money flows in for them. In theory, you can get the tests done anywhere you choose, but in actuality, all the labs have been bought out by the Kraken. We told our doctor we wouldn’t cooperate with any type of electronic medical record and he agreed. At the time, he was a superficial conservative and a friend with whom we had coffee and attended functions, and think he would be still if it didn’t require any form of discomfort for him. I’m up to four different blood pressure meds, one anti-anxiety and one sleeping pill and am weaning myself off them one month at a time. Our doctor told us he was now “obligated” to enter all information electronically and that if we refused, we would be considered “problem patients” and he could no longer see us. This is due to “government regulations” which he seems to consider as binding as the word of God and he was honestly amazed and hurt when we canceled the next appointments. Fortunately, both my husband and I are basically healthy although we’re getting older, so this act of defiance probably won’t have serious repercussions except that we’ll die of natural causes (maybe) earlier than expected. As for a RFID chip, if implanted in the upper arm, we’ll dig them out. We’ve done minor surgery on each other before, incurred during the basic chores of farming. Get OUT of the system!

          • DoctorDoctorMrMD

            He was lying or repeating hospital lies. There are no government regs that mandate use of electronic medical records.

            • Vicky

              Really??? This is good to know but now I’m even more disappointed by my old friend than originally. Nearly every office in NW Ohio says they require electronic records, whether or not they are affiliated by the Kraken. Also refreshing to see than MD can admit that hospitals lie, and no, I’ve never sued anyone, nor even come close.

            • LSB

              Exactly where did you get that information?

      • Kulafarmer

        This is what i keep wondering too.
        Give the govt a big old one finger salute and refuse to go along with the constant crap, time for a reality check if you think status quo will eventually change for the better,
        Time to pull your game piece and refuse to play their games.

        • LSB

          Before sending off the salute, I should let you know that this is not true. My friend has been changing the written charts over to electronic records before the mandatory date. This is the new law. Don’t believe everything written here.

      • Commie hater

        I hear there are battalion level units organizing in the mountains and there are lots of mountains in this country.

        Live commie free, or die.

    9. MadAtchew

      Mac, you are dead on with this article. Everything we do for our loved ones and ourselves regarding health care starts with keeping our own records in print, in private, and on your own person. Electronic data mining, uhm, storage and cloud computing personal health information, as spearheaded by the NWO IRS Homelanders and their mark of the beast is the primary way they will be able to erase us, whether by accident or default. The 4th Amendment specifically protects(ed) us from this type of infringment by tyrants and nincompoops alike!

      A hospital in the Winchester VA region (get it) just about dehydrated a family member I’m caring for and wanted to catheter him for urine and keep him an extra day on the medicare bill rather than feed him water, gingerale, prune juice and coffee…the normal stuff I feed him at home to keep him regular. Let alone that they neglected to properly document his medications during multiple Pre Admission Testings, while they were busy NOT properly feeding him over a simple 24 hour period, he caught MERS or whatever that nasty skin infection is, additional treatment was needed, out-of-pocket and out-of-gas-time of month, and which is now contaminating my home and family.

      The gifts that keep on giving. Thanks you F’n worthless smug doctor E and specific dilatory Winchester Valley Health staff, cleaning and food services included. I swear, they have it geared so people get sicker while they make extra money on the underdogs. Don’t worry…I’ve already complained and I’m NOT finished complaining. This is a Micro situation in my life…the BIG BROTHER CRAP is a MACRO situation in ALL of our lives. Even if you are one of the evil ones doing this to us, it will come back and bite you as well. I can only hope.

      • Vicky

        Our daughter is in her final year of nursing school, and she is just appalled at the filth and quality of treatment at our local hospital. She said she’d never let us go to the big ones, and would take care of us herself if at all possible. Both my husband I have
        decided that if we have (for instance) a heart attack or stroke, that we’ll die at home. It’s hard to stick with that if you’re scared, but after all that we’ve heard, I’d be more afraid to go anywhere else but home.

    10. braveheart

      This is only one reason I avoid doctors. I don’t even try to get a checkup. With my luck, I’ll end up with some quack that gets dollar signs in his or her eyes, fabricates a particular diagnosis on me, and prescribe surgery and/or medications I don’t really need. I’m 56 and fortunate enough to have been in good health for my whole life. I stay active, eat right, drink a lot of water, etc. I have no drinking or drug issues. I’m not on any medications for any reason, period. Any and all decisions about my health are mine to make and no one else’s, period. Too many people get into medicine for the wrong reasons these days. As far as medical or any other record are concerned, there’s no such thing as privacy anymore. On my DNA, I’ll decide if anyone can get a sample of it. braveheart

      • REB

        Agreed! I havent been to a doctor since I was a kid over 40 years ago…on no meds of any kind…took care of myself 🙂

      • sheptical citizen

        I went every year to get my DOT medical card. I lost my hearing in one ear and cant pass any longer. So thats Never gonna happen again. Im past 60 and still active & healthy. Those who champion that we quit playing the govermentsgame are correct. What is happening is that over half of the folks are taking parasites they dont produce anything. Now the making producers are aking themselves why? Why produce when im punishe by being taxed and robbed for doig the correct things. And the parasitic takers are being rewarded for doing the wrong things.

      • Commie hater

        Stay away from health care providers every chance you get. Invite a real physician to your group and have him tell you about the old days when medicine was an art.

    11. PO'd Patriot

      WE need it….. it’s for the good of the people…….. it’ll make you safer…….. why can’t you just go along…….. its really not that bad……… we’ll implemented it and then tell you all about it………everyone else likes it……. you seem to be the only one who has a problem with it……..things would be much easier if you’d just comply………

      • OutWest

        PO’d Patriot

        Kindly add: “It’s the patriotic thing to do.

        • sixpack

          Don’t forget, “It’s for the CHILDREN”.

    12. fiftyfiver

      Second the motion; opt out now and beat the rush to the bottom. Be already surviving without the whole corp/guv BS machine and you are way ahead of the learning curve. See previous article; the crash is here already even if you did not get the official memo. Water Gardens Off the Grid Skills Barter Networks No Fiat Currency … or just turn the channel and order another KFC take out… up to you people Time is just about up. Peace and Security to the Prepared.

    13. MadAtchew

      Doxycycline is the only thing to take to fight this crap and TPTB rode that medicine out of reach unless you have some ripoff insurance policy or can ride the medicare trainwreck.

      180 tabs 100mg or 90 days worth used to cost me $10.15 with a prescription as needed to deal with Lyme…you think I’m p.o.’d telling you the cost is now $500.00 for 100 tabs…TRUE STORY…out-of-pocket…guess I get to feel the pain. Meanwhile the medicare folks authorized 20 tabs for $95.00 for 10 days of treatment for the old guy no thanks to Winchester Valley Health. Where’s Mine?? M’F’rs!!

      Thanks FDA for that one…and NobummerCare futures speculators!

        • MadAtchew

          Thank you for the link TCMom…but I’m not sure that fish food is the same as people food…I’d need to look at that one a little closer. It would be nice to think the FDA could do better making sure they don’t bottleneck the market with non-expiring/renewable patent rights, etc on critical medicines. Livestock requires Doxy at this point to…which of course we’re all consuming at some point. I think the 1000 count+ big jar my rancher buddy gets is the exact same yellow pill I take and/or give to my dogs when needed. It helps prevent malaria, too. Ru saying this stuff is close enough for a grena…horseshoes? Thanks again.

          • The Cooking Mom

            Mad, it’s the same. I’ve ordered from aquatic pharmacy and Thomas labs.
            Check with pill finder. Com if you need visual confirmation.
            also, thus is a well discussed topic in the prepper community so you
            Shouldn’t have any problem finding more info. It’s a “grey” market
            so the pet Med companies can’t discuss people issues, for legal reasons.
            I order what I need off of eBay from US sellers and everything is perfect!!!

            Keep preppin’

            • jr23

              i read many of the comments good diet and minimum drugs/alcohol excellent advice with antibiotics self use just do not use for colds flu sniffles save them for emergencies
              but i do disagree with the no vaccines while some people have had problems its rare it does not give autism the dr that started that has been totally rebutted and it was discovered his research was non existent he lost his license and all articles retracted by the british medical journal, google polio and measles epidemics lockjaw etc.
              with medical records the drs office can give you a printout synopsis of your treatments,meds,tests then you can tell if the next one has got it right and research your conditions the internet has all the info just check the source wikipedia is nice but it not checked information is king

          • ILmom

            Fish mox is also recommended by Dr. Joseph Alton. Author of The Doom and Bloom Survival Medicine Handbook. A must have book for preppers.

      • JayJay

        try Thomas labs online.
        I got Fish Mox Forte there.

      • Vicky

        Buy your own at No, I’m not affiliated with them in any respect. They furnish pharmacy grade antibiotics for fish and animals. We’ve done very well with these medicines. Be sure to get a good PDR so you don’t underdose or overdose. Good Luck!

    14. lena

      this stuff happens now, every day.

      i’m convinced my mom would not be alive today if my stepdad wasnt there 24/7 when she had surgery years ago to watch what medicine she was getting and make the staff and doctors stop and actually think about what they were giving her.

      and this was a great hospital with great doctors, but even great doctors will still follow charts and dosage requirements over thinking about the patient. my mom wieghs 100 lbs. and these brilliant doctors were giving her the dosage they would a 200 lb. man and they were wondering why she was over-reacting. jeez.

      just another reason to have a great marriage because if you have to go thru a serious medical condition, you really want someone there fighting for you when you cant.

      • sixpack

        “you really want someone there fighting for you when you cant” and that someone has to be a PITBULL who won’t back down when they are in the right.

    15. LT

      Interesting article – I haven’t thought of that angle before. The most dangerous thing about it is, errors or deliberate mistakes, even adding unnecessary drugs or treatment orders, would be under the radar and may not be discovered until it is too late.

      Another thing that concerns me is employers and other people who may gain access to your records. People who have no medical training and who don’t have the details could easily jump to conclusions based on your records. For example, some drugs that are primarily used for a certain purpose also have secondary uses, and if someone sees one of those drugs listed they will assume it’s for the primary purpose if they look it up. And the primary purpose may be for something much more severe than what you have.

      Also, your medical info WILL be used against you at work if they have access. If you’ve ever had an immature or hate-filled employer, you will know what I mean. You may even be denied employment. Even if there may be laws against such things, it would be hard to prove their motives. Plus, whoever at work has access to your records will most likely tell someone else there (if they swear to secrecy!) if they find some really “juicy” or amusing info, like erectile dysfunction, VD, hemorrhoids or anything involving that area. It will be all over the office!

      • COBeach

        They tried to get me on some anti depressants for something else, sinus related. I said no thanks I’ll just not give you a reason to take my guns. They would have for sure used that against me if they wanted to. I just use a netty pot now and I’m all good.


      • JayJay

        {{For example, some drugs that are primarily used for a certain purpose also have secondary uses, and if someone sees one of those drugs listed they will assume it’s for the primary purpose if they look it up}}

        Yep–happened to me for over 25 years.
        I took a nausea tablet for excessive urinating urges, NOT because I was nauseous.

      • LSB

        I’ve done medical transcription. Believe me, you are so busy typing that you couldn’t care less about gossip. It’s illegal anyway, so don’t think you would need to worry about something like that passed around. Most medical personnel don’t want to be sued.

    16. braveheart

      Lena, good afternoon, ma’am, and I know exactly where you’re coming from. In 2000, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my father hid this fact from me and my brother until 2007, when her cancer started getting worse. She was then placed on chemotherapy. When I first saw what chemo was doing to her, I almost lost my sanity and knew he wouldn’t be around much longer. We lost her in Jan. 2009 right after the monkey got into the White House. I’ll go to my grave believing that chemo is totally useless. While my dad was taking care of her, he started having a heart murmur, but put off doing anything about it because he was afraid if he died before Mom did, we would be taking care of her. after we buried her and all her affairs were taken care of, we brought him to the hospital in Memphis. He had a heart attack while in admissions filling out paperwork, so he was taking straight to the emergency room. They did a triple bypass on him. Today, he’s 81 and still going strong. He was fortunate enough to have the right kind of doctors and nurse where we took him. I last saw him in April and he still looked great and we talk by phone every week. If I ever get anything serious, I’ll just take my chances with it. No surgery or medicines for me. braveheart

      • sixpack

        After seeing a doctor, I come home and research EVERYTHING: the side effects of all medications, the procedures recommended and possible side effects, as well as alternate procedures and tests that could be done instead. Once, I found one prescribed medication altered blood sugar levels that could possibly make me a diabetic. I never even filled that prescription. Instead, I called the doctor and declined it.

        I’ve declined “let’s look and see” tests. I decline ANY and ALL tests that are advertized in waiting rooms or on TV ads. I have averted some real medical disasters by researching EVERYTHING and taking nothing to chance.

        Doctors really HATE IT when a patient is truly informed and refuses to defer to their authority. I firmly recommend taking control of your medical situation to everyone. Research and VERIFY everything, no matter how innocuous it seems. Take charge of your own body.

        • braveheart

          Sixpack, AMEN to your comments and I’ve already been doing the same things for myself since I was a teenager. At 56, I feel good and I’m in better shape than a lot of other people my age and even younger. There’s young people at my company who say they’re tired after being at work for just 2-3 hours. I put in on average 12-hour days. Although it’s a bit harder to do than when I was in my 20s, I still manage it very well. As I said earlier, I have no drinking or drug issues, my heart is still good, never even had blood pressure problems; well, at least not serious ones that required any medical attention. Whenever that pressure does go up, I take some white vinegar and that gets it back down normal. Vinegar tastes like crap, but it sure beats getting on medication. I stay very active. I don’t sit too much during the day. Have plenty of things to prevent that. in the evenings, when time permits, I go for a mile-long walk in my neighborhood, which also helps. If you don’t have good health, you don’t have squat. braveheart

          • sixpack

            I’m trying the vinegar, Braveheart, thanks. Anything that might help loosen their grip on me is appreciated.

            • The Cooking Mom

              Vinegar has tons of uses. The one you want to drink is Bragg’s apple cider
              Vinegar. Pour a healthy splash in a cup of water with honey. Microwave or heat
              However you wish. The taste is much better.
              1500 mg garlic gels (Now brand is the one I use) will pull BP

              Keep preppin’

          • SmokinOkie

            Braveheart- my bro in law has used vinegar for years. Works for him. He’s 60 and healthier than lots of guys half his age. Is it the ph?

            • PO'd Patriot

              SO, I’ve soaked tools and drill bits in white vinegar that had gotten rusty. Cleans them to the point of looking brand new. Guess I’ll keep a bottle of it next to the vanilla bottle. ‘Ol Granny Clampett is smiling now. I can feel it.

              • Commie hater

                Vinegar and a little salt – cleans up dirty, oily brass cartridge cases. Rinse well and load ’em. Aim the thing at a commie and, bang!

                Pretty soon no more commies.

            • Ry

              Cider vinegar is an alkaline ash food, which in a nutshell means that after being metabolized by your body what is left over is alkaline, thereby contributing buffers to help your body regulate pH levels. Also, those with chronically low stomach acid (think frequent heartburn sufferers), apple cider vinegar after meals helps digest protein, reduces gastro-esophageal reflux, and aids in absorption of B vitamins, calcium, etc. Pretty good stuff I’d say.

              • Emily

                Ry – Your post on apple cider vinegar interests me.
                What would you recommend about dosage?
                1 tablespoon a day of apple cider vinegar daily?
                Or, every other day?
                Thank you for your reply.

          • MadAtchew

            Apple cider vinegar is easier to swallow, if it’s any better or worse I don’t know. White vinegar and baking soda are my combo drain cleaner and counter scrubbers. Whenever I feel anything like a sore throat or just haggard from being around sick people…especially after being in a hospital elevator like the other week…I munch on a raw garlic clove or two, maybe with a slice of pepperoni to mellow it out a little. And drink plenty of filtered well water…most of us are chronically dehydrated and don’t even know it, including myself. Yeah, i know, that pepperoni will kill me…but that garlic will save me just the same. Happy preppin’!

            • sixpack

              It sounds like (apple cider) vinegar is something I should buy by the GALLON.

      • JayJay

        ~I’ll go to my grave believing that chemo is totally useless~~

        I watched it destroy my father –oh, yeah, his cancer was advanced..but he would have been with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas if he didn’t take chemo.

        • braveheart

          Howdy, JayJay, and I’m sorry to hear about your father. I’ve seen that article previously; it really speaks volumes when doctors themselves won’t touch it. those were GOOD, HONEST doctors speaking out. A money-hungry quack wouldn’t give 2 bits if you died the next day. As I said earlier, too many people get into the medical fields for the WRONG reasons these days. braveheart

        • sixpack

          There is no logic in trying to treat a disease by poisoning the host. Surprising doctors don’t see that.

          • JayJay

            Sixpack–they do see that.
            They are fed by the chemo corporate industry. They probably own a few of those machines–if not, have stock in them.
            My dad was TERMINAL..why chemo??

            • sixpack

              I think some doctors might be too stupid to think for themselves. They go through med school being indoctrinated by big pharma, and I’m not so sure most of them know any more than how to fill out a prescription or a referral to a “specialist”.

              I’ve found doctors to be nothing more than pill Dispensaries, which must be what the “D” stands for in PH.D

        • REB

          Id have to agree….EVERYONE Ive ever known who got chemo is dead…all of em… just watched one close to me die after a couple months of poison…its a false hope and they know it!

          • JayJay

            Well, next door ostupid fan had chemo last May/June for ovarian cancer(still smokes).
            She thinks she’s cured–it’ll return in about 4 more years so says the research.

            • REB

              Well I guess that’s the difference…all the people Ive known who died were not the type who would have voted for barry….more proof that only the good die young? 😉

    17. California Resident

      Couldn’t ObamaCare be considered a violation of the 4th Amendment?

      Sounds like no American will be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects and against unreasonable searches and seizures.

    18. Outthere.

      I have seen nurses that seem to have an IQ of a turnip. Take care,watchout and becareful!

      • REB

        The ones that get to me are the ones that tell folks they arnt eating correctly whilst chompjng on a twinkie and weighing WAY too much to even be in medicine…seems hypocritical to me.

    19. JES

      I work in the health care field as it is called. I have seen the transition to the electronic health care record. I am concerned that many abuses could be coming including hacking. I had not thought of the ability to retrieve records after some catastrophe such as a natural disaster or worse. That is a very good point and I am not sure what contingencies hospitals and clinics have for that scenario.
      Hospitals in America have been mandated to go to EHR.

      I would like to know how the physician mentioned in the article was able to access his mother’s medical record. Only the medical staff caring for the patient or consulted in the direct care of the patient have access to the Electronic Health Record in hospitals. It is a violation of HIPPA to allow a computer terminal with patient information to be visible for others not directly involved in patient care to read. Sharing information with persons not involved with the care of a patient is also a HIPPA violation. These points are drilled into every hospital employee on a regular basis. But HIPPA cannot stop hackers or those with an evil purpose for illegal access to the record.

      • sixpack

        I imagine they can always retrieve copies from the NSA database, if something happens to hospital computers…since they care about us so much.

        /sarcasm off/

        • Archivist

          I don’t think you needed the sarcasm tag there.

      • DoctorDoctorMrMD

        There is no mandate, only a few % points of Medicare reimbursement cuts if they do not go “electronic.”

      • Merree

        The physician could see the records if his mother gave permission for release of records to him. I have my family members do this whenever they receive medical care. It allows me to access their records and monitor what is going on.

        If someone won’t let you see your own records or records of a family member (who has given you permission) you can have a physician you trust request the records from the other doctor and then allow you to read the records.

        Of course,if you want to be nasty and get folks paranoid, you can have a lawyer request the records.

        The article is good but it greatly understates the danger of electronic health care records. There is the danger of hacking, of course. I can think of many ways a record could be hacked and there are some ways that might be hard to detect and could be deadly.

        One big problem is the staff using the records. I have known of nurses leaving a computer open to a patient’s records when someone else was in the room. I have twice had assistants incorrectly enter my own health information and get very angry when I corrected them.

        I have seem medical professionals finding all kinds of ways to scam the system. There is a service that sends emails to doctors and chiropractors that tells them the devices to prescribe that returns the highest income for their clinic. Of course, they don’t allow this to influence their clinical judgment, right? (sarcasm)

        My biggest fear is that electronic medical records are being set up to create a national surveillance data base that mirrors the surveillance of NSA. (I suppose these comments will definitely get me on some list.)

        Electronic records make it possible for authorities to know all kinds of intimate details of people’s lives. It will know the person from cradle to grave. I think that the system could also find ways to alter the records to meet their own goals although I have never seen signs of anything like this actually being done. It would make it easy to do human experimentation without the person knowing what was being done.

        The electronic records are also being used to make sure that doctors follow predetermined guidelines in patient care. For example, big pharma is behind the current standards for treating high lipids with statins. With electronic records, doctors will be followed to see if they meet these guidelines and they may eventually face sanctions if they are shown to not follow the current standards.

        I agree with so many of the posts here. The key is to stay healthy. I think everyone knows how to do this but, as a physician, I found the number of people willing to do the effort to be healthy and take care of themselves was quite rare. I loved the people who accomplished this but I seldom saw them because they didn’t need my help.

        If you have a medical problem, find out everything you can about the problem, then make an educated decision on what you want to do. Anyone can gain the information needed to diagnose and treat a medical condition because so much information is available on the Internet. Find a physician who works well as a colleague rather than a dictator. (The best way to find a good doctor is to survey a bunch of nurses and see who they recommend.)

        If you have to go to a hospital, try to have a family member with you as much as possible. Be polite but question everything that is done and why. When I was a resident, I decided to keep track of mistakes made while I was on one in patient service. 25% of the patients had some type of error during their stay. Most of the errors were minor- mistakes that were clarified before they reached the patient. (For example, a nurse misreading a dose but being corrected by the pharmacist before the medication was given.) But there were some mistakes that did affect patient care. Fortunately, the worst mistakes were minor inconveniences and not anything catastrophic, but the risk was definitely there.

        I could go on and on with concerns. Maybe someday I’ll get ambitious and write a book. For example, what happens with a power failure? Not all practices have back up generators. What if the business loses Internet connection and cannot receive and send information?

        As for me, I am now officially out of practicing medicine, a project I have been working on for a long time. It has been a relief to walk away and I have removed huge amounts of stress from my life by getting away from this crazy system. It was a lot like leaving an abusive relationship. Electronic records are only one symptom in what appears to be a seriously ill system in danger of a terminal collapse.

    20. The Old Coach

      I said almost exactly this in comment months ago and got accused of being a Government shill by the assembled multitude, including some high profile posters here. Let’s see where we get to this time.

      • Zeke Zombie

        Coach, you are a stand up guy. Don’t let the bastards beat you down.

      • Anonymous

        You’re still a tad bit of a shill. Just Sayin’!

    21. swampratt

      I haven’t been to the doctor since 2006 you have two choices you can go to the doctors get your microchip
      without them or you knowing it have your amunuesystem
      destroyed or you can trust in GOD that he will have
      mercy on you and take care of you I chose the second

      • sixpack

        Avoid letting them do any procedure where they put you under.

        • PenCRNA

          @sixpack….I do hope that is a joke. Almost ALL of the anesthesia personnel I have worked with are staunch patient advocates. Do no harm. I have spoken up more than once when things were starting to diverge from my ideals of patient centered care. When I’m curious as to a physicians choice of approach (there are many ways to do things–some ways pay more) I ask questions, seemingly curious about the patients history, but really to find out what they are thinking and why. I’ve only ever worked with on truly devious POS surgeon, well maybe two (once when I was an ICU nurse). Fortunately that scum bag is at a hospital I left behind.

          It is our responsibility as members of an OR team to question the system when things don’t seem right.

          And if somebody tried to put a freaking chip in you I would give him a succ dart! LOL. BTW, my Anesthesia department was the only group in the hospital that put up a fight when the hospital forced flu vaccinations on us. And I quote the CEO (who attended the meeting with head of medicine and infectious disease) “a groupe of highly educated individuals were the last I would expect to have to explain the need for this move. Environmental services, whom I expected to have staff who would not understand, we’re all happy to roll up their sleeves for pt safety.”

          Horseshit! The last two years I had the vaccine, and the last two years I got so sick I needed inhalers. Got to figure out what we are doing this year. We lose our privileges to provide care at the hospital if we do not COMPLY.

          • PenCRNA

            I meant to say also…….those folks who didn’t question it are all Sheeple…….get in line and get what’s coming to them.

          • sixpack

            Unfortunately, there are many who don’t have your integrity, PenCRNA. Keep fighting for the ones who can’t fight for themselves.

          • JRS

            PenCRNA…”succ dart” is that Succinol Choline(sp)? Naughty, naughty…lol.

    22. Zeke Zombie


      Today 51 people died in street fighting in Egypt. I’m not certain which side that they were on.

      Meanwhile, here in “The Land of The Brave and The Home of The Free”, we sit and whimper about crap like this article, and do nothing.

      Obama has been destroying OUR COUNTRY for 5 years now without anyone of us (me included) standing up like the Minute Men at Lexington.

      John Roberts crushed us on Obama care, where is the outrage?

      Daisy Luther’s piece was spot on, our economy is slowly being dissolved, why aren’t we marching in the streets instead of counting how many #10 cans or 9mm ammo we have hidden away?

      Maybe it’s time to grow a spine and act like the brave heros who gave us the title, “Land of The Free ect….”

      • Satori

        “John Roberts crushed us on Obama care, where is the outrage?”

        that isn’t all Roberts has crushed us on

        Secret Surveillance Court Bends Rules of Language and Law

        the guy is a REAL snake in the grass

      • The Old Coach

        That was a mob of “Brothers in the Hood” trying to get into the place where the army is holding Morsi. Not that I give a tinker’s damn how many Brothers get their porcine virgins, but it’s a good lesson for us all. Don’t make frontal attacks on well-armed troops.

    23. Infidels-r-us

      I worked in a hospital for 30 years repairing medical equipment. Believe me, all kinds of monkey business goes on in hospitals. I had the NICU (nursery icu) call one day saying a baby monitor failed to alarm and caused the death of an infant. I brought it downstairs and put it on a simulator. Couldn’t find a problem. Started asking around and found out from a friend in NICU that the parents had the ECG leads removed for a minute to hold the child and when the child was returned to the incubator, a nurse failed to reconnect the leads. They reported it as an equipment malfunction for insurance reasons. It is cheaper to pay off on this than failure of personnel. This is just an example of what I saw in my 30 yrs. You wouldn’t believe some of the other stuff I saw. Just a warning to you all. Be alert, ask questions, check and verify you are getting the proper drugs, etc. Maybe one day I will do a Edward Snowden on them. “)

      • Former Cal Girl

        Oh I would believe that and much worse.

    24. JayJay

      see..this is a big problem, because

      • JayJay

        whoa..what happened to most of my post…it’s just that easy.

        • JayJay

          I do NOT participate in online banking or pay any bills online.
          It’s just that easy…for digits and words to be erased.

    25. Be informed

      The best advice to anyone out there is to avoid dr. quack. And tri to always avoid ever taking the pharm. dope that in many cases is worse than any “illegal” dope that you get on the streets. Preventive is key here to avoid these blood sucking vampires of the health care world.

      I know that there is really nothing that is absolute and there are some true saints out there that want to heal people. To all those that are committed to getting people well, thank you for your dedication.

      To the rest of you miserable parasites that keep people 1/2 dead to get at their last bit of money they have, F%^& you. To these dope dealers of the pharm companies that make people addicted physically and mentally to their chemical brew of toxins, you are either going straight to hell or you will come back again and again as a fly or cockroach to be squashed over and over again.

      I think one of the largest fallacies of those that get into the medical fields is that they want to be paid twice. First with overinflated salaries they have been paid, but this is not enough. They “think” that they deserve even more from God, the universe, whatever, and to be worshipped as little gods for making people get better. Which is often hardly the truth. They want more and get little tin god egos to go along with it. This leads to attitudes that allow secrets of everyone to gladly flow to “fellow” crooks of the dope quack field they call medical, to screw the regular person.

      This is yet another aspect of the whole rotten collapsing system that is decaying so rapidly that the next physical hit to the country and/or other countries is going to bring everything down. If you were to look for precursors to martial law and no freedoms for anyone, this type of manure in this artilce would be one of the vast many that are ripping the entire foundation of any stability left apart.

      • JayJay

        Difference in doctors and dope dealers-better clothes??

        • REB

          One does it out in the open with the full and open backing of the state…the other does it covertly and in secrecy again with the quiet backing of the state…same crooks running both shows!

      • braveheart

        Be Informed, good evening, and AMEN to everything you said. The way things are looking for Monkeycare we may not even have to worry about it. they obviously didn’t think everything through before writing the bill. It’s turning out to be more of a monstrosity then even they imagined. regardless of how it turns out, I’m not signing up for it, period! braveheart

        • Kulafarmer

          +1 Brother BH
          Not signing up for shit, come n make me fuckers!

        • GV

          Same here. I will never buy health insurance when I don’t believe in the current medical/pharmacological model used. Wholistic living and naturopathic medicine has and always will be our family’s path.

      • anonymous6.8

        BI, I have visited a gifted ophthalmologist in Mosby’s Confederacy who in his career has saved hundreds of people’s sight. Given that he is a virtuoso at what he does, and jumped myriad hurdles to get there, he is a regular person. He’s the Mick Jagger of eye doctors.
        He doesn’t need to be an egotist. His work speaks for him.

        For those times when one needs the very best, I am grateful there are a few like him around.

    26. Former Cal Girl

      Healthcare and our personal records is a scary area. My 94 year old Dad had a stroke last December. He takes no medicine other than over the counter Geritol. Since I use to be on the Business Advisory Board for the JCAHO(accrediting organization for hospitals) I have seem how scary some of these hospital stats are. So we never left my Dad alone the entire time he was in the hospital or rehab facility. We questioned every med or procedure. Twice they were ready to give him the wrong medicine. They tried to get my Mom to devluge all their financial info. “just in case” we were unable to care for my Dad at home later. I told them “no need we will be taking him home”. And we did bring him home, his only medicine is baby asprin and his Geritol. He has recovered except for his speech. But please do not just go along with anything asked of you or family members. Ask questions, do not be afraid to say no but most importantly stay with family members to make sure their meds and care are what is expected. As for electronic records, we all know how easy it is for errors to occur without typing, etc.. Expect errors in healthcare, be aware, work to stay healthy.

      • PenCRNA

        @ former cal girl… and everyone else speaking of questioning care is right on the money. I’ve worked in 6 hospitals in my career as RN and CRNA. The hospital I’m in now is heads above the rest, but when humans are involved mistakes, can and do happen. And no one wants a mistake when another persons life is involved. Some institutions don’t give a sh!t, I’m proud to say I am credentialed at one that does.

        If you can stay with your loved ones by all means DO IT. Have your family members write out a list of medical history, surgeries, allergies and medications AND KEEP IT WITH THEM AT ALL TIMES. In their wallet with ID. If something happens and they go unconscious and no family is around, it will be found. It’s also great as folks get older. We had an anaphylactic reaction/shock in the OR one day just after getting anesthesia underway……cancelled surgery, treated, when pt was awake he/she was given a list of possible medications to be tested for at allergist…..”OH, I forgot to tell you I’m allergic to that antibiotic!”. Even though the question was asked and negative allergies was verified 3 times before going into OR. It was a long time ago at another hospital and they forgot. Sometimes the unthinkable happens, and the majority of care providers are conscientious and are devastated when involved in an error.

        On the other hand, during tough economic times, people do go into healthcare for the money and not the passion of caring for others. You can spot these folks a mile away. Need I say more?

        • braveheart

          PenCRNA, good evening, and I know exactly what you mean. I definitely know how to spot them, especially since my late wife was an OR nurse and a true professional, as well as the other doctors and nurses she worked with. I can spot a REAL and QUACK doctor and nurse a mile away myself. braveheart

      • slingshot


        They are, “Back to the Future”.

        Too bad they didn’t ask, What was Yankee Doodle?

        Good one.

    27. Boss Hog

      Everything you see happening in the healthcare system is designed for one purpose and one purpose alone and I cant wait to see how many red thumbs I get on this one. Well here it is, its the mark of the beast, prolly in the form of an rfid chip. Again here we have a spiritual problem and all but a few are looking for a political solution, it will never come. The answer is not going to come from anyone in DC you can rest assured of that.

    28. smoopa

      Gimme a f’n break. No more dangerous than anything else. One thing about the prepper mindset…paranoia to the extreme. Don’t wipe your ass with that tp it might be laced with ricin from the Mexican on Obama care that took your job in Arizona after getting released from Prison and he’s got MERS. Get back on track dude some of this shit is just fucked.

    29. JEW.S.A.



      the v.a. and u.s. military healthcare systems are deliberately intentionally killing harming poisoning patients and their dependents with toxic poisoned medical treatment drugs , tainted toxic immunization shots and cancer causing medical treatments .

      FUCK THE V.A.


      if you want to save yourselves heal yourselves seek a natural homeopathic private care physician , chiropractor and dietician health care providers givers – HEAL YOURSELVES NATURALLY IT WORKS .

      NinaO ;0p

      • Facebook Page

        Don’t start this again.

        • JEW.S.A.

          ” PISS OFF @fagboypuss you know damn well i wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire , i’d throw a bucket of gas on you instead and get out my camp fire ‘hot dogs and smores makings’ !” ;0p pssszzt

          * i gotta a life-long grudge and vendetta against the v.a. that i intend to scratch at every opportunity …



          the v.a. and u.s. military healthcare systems are deliberately intentionally killing harming poisoning patients and their dependents with toxic poisoned medical treatment drugs , tainted toxic immunization shots and cancer causing medical treatments .

          FUCK THE V.A.


          … unless its in a pine box dead from V.A. EUGENICS DEATH CARE caused CANCER or heart , kidney and liver failure .’

          if you want to save yourselves heal yourselves seek a natural homeopathic private care physician , chiropractor and dietician health care providers givers – HEAL YOURSELVES NATURALLY IT WORKS .

          NinaO ;0p

          • JEW.S.A.

            America’s Lowest Class The homeless are a powerful example of economic injustice and the failure of all levels of government to provide for the nation’s poorest.

            Yet Washington’s only response has been sequestration budget reductions that are cutting funds for housing—the best cure for homelessness—for more than 100,000, the majority of whom are families with children, mentally and physically disabled people and veterans.

          • TTC

            Nina- just for clarification: The VA does NOT
            provide Health/Deathcare for Dependents.
            Other than that,yeah, I know firsthand
            what a RoachMotel the VA is- I fucking get it!

            • JEW.S.A.

              really ???

              Health Insurance for Dependents (CHAMPVA)
              Managing Agency Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
              Program Description
              The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA) is a comprehensive health care program in which the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) shares the cost of covered health care services and supplies with eligible beneficiaries. The program is administered by the Health Administration Center and our offices are located in Denver, Colorado.

              Due to the similarity between CHAMPVA and the Department of Defense (DoD) TRICARE program (sometimes referred to by its old name, CHAMPUS) the two are often mistaken for each other. CHAMPVA is a Department of Veterans Affairs program, whereas TRICARE is a regionally-managed health care program for active duty and retired members of the uniformed services, their families, and survivors.

              In some cases a person may appear eligible for either program. However, if you are the spouse of a military retiree or the spouse of a Servicemember who was killed in action, you are and will always be a TRICARE beneficiary. You cannot choose between the two plans.

              DUH ;0p pssszzt

              • TTC

                NinaO: A VA Facility is Not the same thang
                (Check out Roseburg VA- Sure, a vet can get
                180 Oxys’ per month(so he can sell them in order
                to make their Rent on a Motel…) AND wonderwhy there is a dope problem, Oh I could go on and on…….
                Secondly, Tri-Care has been Abolished- Now Under
                United Health Care- oh yeah, oh baby Yeah….

    30. DeaD MeaT

      ladies and gentlemen, this is just one step toward ”fundamental transformation of America”….into third world hell

    31. DeaD MeaT

      lets not forget to keep our eyes open to the other attacks…..God help us all in these comming days

    32. DeaD MeaT

      OH YEA…. and to the state goon who is now reading all about me, GO SHOVE THAT UAV DRONE UP YOUR BROWN EYE

    33. Satori

      on Orlov’s stages of collapse

      Will the Collapse of Civilization Begin With Global Corporatist Totalitarianism?

      “It’s hard to read the litany of news of massive government surveillance, political and business corruption, violations of constitutional and international laws and human rights, trumped-up excuses for international “wars”, the use of torture, the cynical support of despots, the interment of whistle-blowers, the bailout and non-punishment of corporate criminals, the set-up and vilification of dissidents, and new laws and rulings that place the rights and privileges of corporations above those of citizens, and not get an uneasy sense that our political and economic leaders (rulers?) are fully aware of the state of Financial, Commercial and Political Collapse and its inevitable worsening, and are working furiously in their own interests, and against ours, to protect themselves from the effects of collapse while throwing us to the lions.

      Corporatist Totalitarianism is the creation of a state that disenfranchises the majority and funnels all decision-making, wealth, power and security to an integrated Corporatist few. They do this ostensibly on the basis that this few know better than the masses how to deal with crises, but in fact they know there just isn’t enough of anything left to go around any more. So, like alphas in an overcrowded rat cage, they deem it appropriate to lie, mislead and deny, and to hoard everything they can steal for themselves and let the rest suffer and starve.

      A reporter recently quoted a Turkish professor of saying about Obama: “He talks like the head of the American Civil Liberties Union, but he acts like Dick Cheney.” Use of killer drones, force-feeding uncharged decade-long prisoners at Guantanamo, xenophobic border hysteria, lawless Grand Juries indefinitely incarcerating innocent people, the ruthless prosecution of Edward Snowden — these are the actions of right-wing extremism, and frighteningly comparable to the actions of leaders of nation-states just before democracy was replaced by brutal totalitarianism in the past around the world.”

    34. Stan522

      I am in this industry….. EHR (Electronic Health Records) have version control. If someone deletes something, it is easily discerned. You will know when, and who did it. You just won’t know why.

    35. Middle aged white guy

      Seems to me that 50 middle aged white guys with baseball bats could shape up a town over night. Think about of these thugs step out of line..yeah…we’ll let the law hold court…but if you are found guilty…then it’s gladiator time on these “tan klan” assholes. Funny…I bet this lady voted for Obama. How’s it feel honey?

      It’s all going down.

      • JEW.S.A.




        * the days of leaving your homes cars unlocked and going for a neighborhood stroll safely are over .

        * if your not dealing with ORGANIZED CRIMINAL GANGS street thugs

        * even amongst amerikan citizens its becoming more brutal violent as the poverty stricken lower class criminally cannibalizes itself and those around them in their own neighborhoods lashing out in jealousy , anger and despair at their poor plight in life .

        * this is common now becoming a pandemic average joe americans forced to deal with ASShole criminal druggy impoverished neighbors , their ASShole pitbulls/ viscous dogs , no muffler junker cars and their ASShole punk kids / teens who are sneaking around your property BREAKING AND ENTERING robbing your home and car for kicks just cause their own ASShole parents don’t like you or a member of your family .

        as zog amerika economy crumbles , law enforcement becomes even more brutal corrupt and more illegals invade amerika through its deliberately WIDE OPEN porous southern border ; who are violently displacing white and black Natural Born American Citizens from their own HOMES neighborhoods across zog amerika especially in california texas arizona nevada , you will continue to see even greater violence towards NATURAL BORN AMERICANS affluent whites and blacks .

        i see that happening daily in my rocky mountain home state and its getting worse as more folks flee to here bringing their poverty , crimes , DRUGS and social diseases here with them .

        ARM UP STOCK UP PREPARE PREPPERS it will only get more violent , worse for all from this point forward for the next 30 years .

        this VIOLENT CRIME ECONOMIC COLLAPSE TREND will continue till 2050 … GET USE TO IT as a whole generation of zog amerikans BEING BORN TODAY will spend their entire ADULT lives living the ZOG AMERIKAN ZIONIST JEW NIGHTMARE as amerika is deliberately destroyed by the GLOBALIST NWO ZOG JEW BANKERS !

        N.O. ;0p

        • James in Dallas

          What does “zog” mean?

          • JEW.S.A.


            • James in Dallas

              Thanks for clearing that up for me.

      • VRF

        Theres a way to take care of this, I just cant say it here..

        but one thing I can say is if this ever happened to my daughter or wife…..fill in the blank NSA fucks!

        100 heads mean anything to you?

      • lastmanstanding

        Regarding the 50 middle aged white guys shaping up towns overnight… it will happen in towns, cities all over the USA.

        the fucks will make a fatal mistake…just be patient.

    36. Ted Kennedy

      Open your mouth, stick out your tongue and bend over… They will TAKE your DNA w a Q-tip with 30% more cotton.

      • RICH99

        I prefer the long wooden stick with less cotton I got you a dollar.

        • Anonymous

          You have clearance to 28R. Is that pot in your system?

        • PO'd Patriot

          You gotta be faster than that

          • Anonymous

            How’s St. Johns?

    37. SmokinOkie

      Dr Singh: According to your chart, your oil pressure is 20 psi low. Looks like you have a bad throttle cable as well. I’d advise you to schedule a surgical implant for new muffler clamps immediately.

      Patient: Thanks Doc, but it looks like you’ve been hacked by a disgruntled worker at Harley-Davidson. Just give me a couple of aspirin and I’ll call you in the morning.


      Dr Mustafa: This is a very unusual case. I think we’d better get you down to radiology for another CT scan and more x-rays.

      Patient: But why? I’ve been down there 18 times in the last week.

      Dr Mustafa: Yes, but your spleen is orange and glowing. It’s a case that definitely needs further diagnosis.

      Patient: This wouldn’t have any connection to the 100,000 shares of American Tomography, Inc that you bought last month, would it?


      Dr Muleskinner: Just chew on this poplar bark for a half hour. Then soak your toe in some cider vinegar. That’ll cure your arthritis, clear up the athletes foot, and it’ll bring your cholesterol and blood pressure right back down where they ought to be.

      Patient: Thanks, Doc. By the way, me and Mom was talkin about you the other day and we couldn’t remember. How long you been treatin our family.

      Dr Muleskinner: Let’s see… I met your Pap the same year he wed your Mom. That was 2 years afore you was born. I remember deliverin you, but I can’t remember what year that was… How old are ye now?

      Patient: I’m 77 this October. You been the best Doc our family’s ever had. In fact, the only one. How much do I owe ya for the treatment?

      Dr Muleskinner: I reckon a bushel of onions from yer garden and a half pint of your Uncle Bo’s squeezins would be about right. Pay me next time ya see me at the domino parlor… Oh, and tell yer folks I said howdy.

      • Anonymous

        Stick shaker, pull up, glide slope down, ILS approach down.

        • SmokinOkie

          If you’d paid the electric bill, they wouldn’t have shut off the lights. And it’d make my job a whole lot easier…
          Gonna circle around while #2 fiddles with the radio. Maybe John Wayne has an easier approach. If nothing else, we get killer classic rock over Fresno…

          • SHARP tOoL

            F### San FrAN.

          • LSB

            Fresno, CA?

    38. James in Dallas

      I read an article a few years ago that said that the number one cause of death in America is doctors. It tallied all the misdiagnosis, Prescription med complications and Interactions, And mistakes that doctors make, number of deaths far outnumbered the other leading causes of death. ie. heart disease, cancer, ect.
      I personally have known people that go to the doctor, and upon hearing a bad diagnosis, gave up and died shortly after.
      If you look at the statistics for chemo and how often it works, you would realize there is no point to it. It does not work, it only poisons you. But the fda says that and radiation therapy are the only allowed approved methods for treating cancer.
      Tell all of this to someone with cancer and they will ask you ” well do you have a medical degree? `Cause my doctor does and he does this for a living. So I am just going to stick with with what my doctors say, and not some `know it all”.
      I give medical advice a lot, to everyone who can use it, but no one listens. Even when I an proven right, time after time, no one listens. I guess that is the definition of not being “awake”. Ooh well, I tried.
      Personal story… I broke my leg at work. No doctor would see me in the town I was in without insurance, even though I had cash to pay every bit of it off then and there. It took eight days to get a cast on my leg and a four hundred mile trip back to dallas to find a doctor who would take cash. I had a massive blood clot in my leg, but refused surgery, so they wanted to inject me with blood thinners. I said no. They said” are we going to have to strap you to the table or are you going to let us give you these shots?”.
      It might just be my own personal experience with the medical industry, but it seemed like they all tried to use scare tactics and force to try and up_charge every thing and get the most out of my wallet.
      We’ll as far as I know, I did not die from it all, so I will keep and believing that they were wrong.
      Just my 2 cents.

      • The Cooking Mom

        James, you were “lucky”. I don’t think they wanted the blood clot
        in your heart. I’m not “medical ” but I’ve been blessed to have a
        Wonderful family doctor all these years. Never pushy.
        We also have some wonderful doctors that visit the plan, here,
        And their comments are always appreciated.

        Keep preppin’

        • James in Dallas

          The whole ordeal was about cash extraction not healing. They are very good at it to. Good at finding reasons for charging more, or adding “necessary” procedures.
          They do it to everyone. Poison people with food, then poison them with medication. Poison peoples minds, and again, poison them with medication. Eventually people become dependent on the poison, and perpetuate the cash extraction process.

          This money hungry greed is what has ruined America. The lust for the dollar has blinded most all of the world. The pursuit of it has wasted the lives of billions of people. The dollar is the real poison that has plagued humanity.
          I earn my dollar with sore muscles, sun burnt skin, and gallons of sweat. I appreciate, and hate every cent I earn.

      • JayJay

        ~~~ But the fda says that and radiation therapy are the only allowed approved methods for treating cancer~~~

        Radiation/xrays Tripled the Cancer Risk of 1.65 Million People Last Year Scientific studies indicate that citrus (including lemon) contains compounds that may indeed be beneficial in preventing or combating some types of cancer
        Therapy with sodium bicarbonate solutions
        55-year-old former model battles breast cancer with diet changes; refuses chemo and surgery

        Hemp Oil

        I will not be having chemo. I take hemp twice a week, and other vitamins.
        Repeat, I will not be having chemo.
        Story: my neighbor will not prep. She states emphatically if TSHTF, she just wants to die.
        However, she is a hypocrite, for when diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she couldn’t wait to have chemo (in between her cigarette sessions which are constant (cough–cough).
        Honestly she did stop smoking through the sessions!! Then right back if not stronger.

    39. Ted Kennedy

      Hernandandez shirt for $200. BOUGHT!

      • SmokinOkie

        Trade for a Pete Rose rookie card? Throw in an OJ lunch box (complete with thermos) and I’ll think about it.
        Got any Honus Wagner stuff?

        • Anonymous

          yOU ARE from Amerkia!

        • Ted Kennedy

          Bottle of Heinz ketchup…

    40. Anonymous

      Who is that fat black kid while BO is signing the O Care?

      • Slim

        He doesn’t know his father.

    41. Ted Kennedy

      I had to fly “civie” for the first time to get to Cairo last week. Why do they show CNN only at the terminal in Atlanta? My G2 doesn’t have the legs. I’m the one with dark drinking glasses…

    42. Anonymous

      Twitter is no longer for me.

    43. sheptical citizen

      Scott Silverstien 84 tear old mother died because it was her time to go. If Im on the jury he dont reciecve a penny. I know its mean and isnt politically correct. But yhe finiancial burden of caring for oxygen thieving parasitic eldelry or incapicated folks is unsustainable. It is not logical it steals from the productive and redistributes to the parasitic. Those doctors and nursing homes are big Parasites they produce nothing. When where in a full blown SHTF survival of the fittest situation those folks wont be stealing anymore oxygen.. My parents where a poster boy example. They sucked up more than$300,000 of social security and paid in very little. For 30 years they prouced nothing. Just complained about being cheated becaus they where NOTCH year reciepents. Im not worried about the goverment spying. If thre is a list im on it. So What? I never owned a credit card. I never use a debit card and I never keep much money in the bank. I am debt free. So what are they wasting time spying on anyone for any way?

      • DoctorDoctorMrMD

        you’re right. It is mean.

        Maybe you’d like to throw the elderly, Saddam Hussein-style, into plastic shredders feet first?

        • sheptical citizen

          There is no rational logical reason to keep folks alive for so long. Go to any nursing home and you can see the altizmers zombies. Many dont even know who they are. What for? Im of the opinion those folks would be better off dead. There wasnt anything wrong wit the native american,s method of dealng with the elderly and unfit.Spending a exorbant amunt of money keeping non producing parasite folks alive is a luxury we cant afford. That money if spent on the young would be more benificial. But we are robbing the present young and future young who arent even born yet to give to todays prasitic eldelry oxygen thieves. The cold hard fact is there are too many humans on the planet to be sustainable. If we dont realistically address the exploding population problem Nature will eventually do the job. And im old im past 60. You can bet I will take measures not to be part of the problem when Im no longer productive. I believe when you reach 60 you should be required to retake both the written and driving test when you renew your drivers license.

        • sheptical citizen

          I suppose the subject of what to do ith the parasitic non productive in our society is TABOO? Everyone supposively hates big goverment. Yet when it comes to their rlderly loved ones they want the goverment to pay for all of their health care. But to be rational is taboo . Those old folks must be kept alive no matter how high the cost.How are the Unfit going to srvive in World wide SHTF situation? So Far all we have expierencesd are relaively Small localized SHTF economic and Clatyclismic events.Pretty soon you wont have to worry about some doctor giving someone the wrong drug. There wont be any doctors drugs or sick care facilitis. Already may smaller towns dont have any doctors and all they have is empty hospital buildings. In the town nearest me the doctors dont deliver babies All they do is cater to the elderly. The closest towns closed the hospitals and turned into nursing homes to warehouse the oxygen thieves. I always got a kick out of my parents. When whatener doctor they where seeing left for greener pastures. They would get a new replacement. Theywould state Maybe this new doctor will figure out hat is wrong with me? They where in their late eighties and really beleved some doctor would find a cure for old age. When it comes to the parasite elderly they and many of their children are denialist. The fact is elderly folks dont get better. They regress and eventually die.
          why pospone the enivetable? If your past 60 Altizmers ,weak bones, heart disease ect. always get worse. no matter what your age many things like cancer, liver disese, aids ect are erminal they are never really cured. PS I dont mind all the Red Thumbs down It shows that I have shaken you up. You wont look at the subject the same any longer.

          • Ole Fogey

            Sheptical citizen, you young whippersnapper, what makes you think here in this nursing home is not a fun place. I get to chase all the old girls around the tv room and we just pull out our false teeth and gum each other. Sometimes it takes four of us to help each other to the bathroom (when you can find one not busy). I forgot all the movies I ever saw so every movie on tv is new. We have wheelchair races every Friday night. You don’t know nuthin about nuthin. Suck it up youngster.

            • sheptical citizen

              Yep thats a benifit of altizmers. my mom Insisted that someone turn of the tV to channell 106 and make Andy Griffith come on. Every episode was a new one to her. If she took a nap and woke up it was morning and you had to cook her oatmeal. After a year we where burnt out taking care of 80+ year olds with the mentality of 5 year olds. and you couldnt spak themfor misbehaving. and they werent potty trained any more.changing adult diapers ant any fun. Every day I wished they would die. Finally I said fuck it. I put them in the nursing home. Their paid for 150 acre farm & home everything went to the nursing home, cost $7000 per month to keep then warehoused for three years.

              • LSB

                Yea, and I’ll bet every day they wished they could die too.

          • Them Guys

            But it is Not Yet SHTF. It may Not happen for a very long time yet. As long as the system we now have keeps printing cash to pass out freely to Other nations-Un necessary wars Galore, every israeli or jewish cause they can Invent, every special black minority rights extras they can conjure up, why not spend cash to assist elderly folks who are sick?

            To be so much more concerned with “Money” compared to Compassion for others is more like Cruelity.

            Ever hear about the Lords commandments? that one says Honor thy Mother and Father? Sounds like you carry Hatred of own parents. Good thing they never believed in abortion when You were born eh.

            Money is Just That. Humans much more.

            • Them Guys

              Forgot to Mention, Main reason so many Hosp closed is due to Illeagles getting free care, 400,000+ Anchor babys Born costing taxpayers several Billions per yr, along with many others free care illeagles caused and you get closed down hosp. Due to One single Liberal kommie fed judge decided hosp cannot refuse free care to illeagles.

              Let Mexico pay for Their own here by violating Our border laws. Total yearly cost for all things illeagles related costs avg’s $350-BILLION+ per yr! I do not hear complaint of that.

            • sheptical citizen

              I loved my parents however I t got to the point that I did not like them. The rift began when I found my wife. She is a very nice good wife and they got jealious when I chose her ove them. They got angry when I left home and became independent of them they no longer had a free farm hand.They couldnt understand why I was my own person and they could no longer boss me and Physical verbal abuse me.So I left them to their own devices and didnt visit or spek to them for many years. Their lament was no one ever helps us. They never took responsibility for anything. If something went wrong it was always the fault of some one or something else. They belived the sun rose and set in roosvelts ass. Never voted for anything but a democrat. If they werentmy kin I wouldnt have given them the time of day. And they hated each other. I came to realize they where mentally ill. Greediest folks you ever saw. Ive forgiven them and it seems a good portion of their generation was similarin their preception of what was the correct things. Irrational denialist who thought big goverment and using their children for slaves to enable them was their right.They never made a will. their land was in their name until the DHS took it. Not everyones parents are good folks.Yet When their physical & mental health deterioated I was the only child who Did anything to try to take care of them.s And I wouldt get but one childs share their property. So I said fuck it. why Is my wife who they hated taking care of them? So I let the DHS have everything. One good thing there wasnt anything left for the siblings to fight over after they finally died.I didnt really care about their property. I got enogh of my own I didnt need anything of theirs. I even deeded my children paid for land when they turned 21.

    44. M

      Eat drink and be wary . Not that it really matters , the toxic clouds of filth will kill everyone off. When the resources are no longer available to keep them under even minimal containment .

      Until 3 d printers are being hawked by the sham wow guy # 2 with 4 easy payments of 18.99 plus s/h . Providing filtration gear for all toxic crap from the environment . We are all pretty much fucked. Aggressive ass cancer is an ugly way to die . Save a bullet for yourself and have a fun filled exciting armageddon ).

    45. Frank Thoughts

      They need to change the name: it isn’t ‘the healthcare industry’, it is the ‘sickcare industry’. As all doctors and health professionals know, real health comes from eating well and quality food, exercising, having a good mental attitude, staying sharp and agile and challenging yourself, clean air, clean water (access to clean water being the greatest health intervention in human history). Good health does not come from eating junk food, slobbing about and not exercising, taking whatever pills big pharma throws your way, and ingesting the various potions (chemo) and notions peddled by the medical industry.

      Modern medicine is simply amazing if you are in an accident: they can literally perform miracles to bring you back – even from the dead. But when it comes to long-term, good health, that is in your hands, not your doctors.

      Buy a doctor a drink and they will tell you the very same things.

      • LSB

        Excellent. Might add tho, stress from those close to you whether it is co-workers or family members can be a killer. We can choose to have a healthy attitude but there can be stress coming from others that we can’t find answers for.

    46. Be informed

      Anyone living in the following areas should expect a likely major earthquake within 15 days from today, or by July 24. The two precursor quakes today indicate an arc around the planet that a big quake will hit.

      Line from Panama to Columbia, Ecuador, and Northern Peru
      Eastern Caribbean plate
      Southern Pakistan
      Central to Northern India
      Western Indonesia, especially Nicobar Islands
      Central Austrailia
      New Zealand, especially the North Islands, including the Kermadec Islands.

      The earthquakes at Easter Island and The Mid Atlantic Ridge line up together, and previous quakes at these two spots indicate high probability of the same major quakes hitting again. Note: Northern Chile is not in the arc, but has had major earthquakes after both precursor areas were hit before.

    47. ShootShovelShutup

      What are the chances my newly-implanted right knee replacement contains an RFID chip? I never considered the possibility until I read this thread.

    48. KY Mom


      “The NYPD is releasing harmless gases into the subway system during the morning rush beginning Tuesday to study how chemical weapons could be dispersed through the air.”

      NBC New York

      (posted on Drudge Report)

    49. Be informed

      Was watching the pathologist in the Zimmerman trial, and the angle of the gunshot showed that Treyvon was over Zimmerman as his clothes where dipping down several inches. This would not be the case if Treyvon was on the ground, the clothes would have been pressed against his body. The gun shot shows that the range was 2-4 inches, the clothes away from Treyvon’s body. Zimmerman was absolutely telling the truth. There was also indications of much more trauma to Zimmerman’s head and face. There is no other way this could have happened. Physical proof does not lie.

      Blacks have to look at this and say that Zimmerman was defending himself and had every right to. However blacks will not see this, they want an excuse to riot. If somehow Zimmerman is found guilty, it proves that there is absolutely no justice left in this country, and those against freedom and self defense have the control over everything. Has to be non-guilty in any sane universe. Looks like the riots are coming.

      • VRF

        I think they look for ANY excuse to its riots we shall have.

        fine with me, bring it! this crazy ass cracker don’t play

        with all the twitter shit, youtube, and other social media flying that they will kill whitey, I already have my defense taken care of for me by their ignorance.

        • Ahab

          Mob rampages seem to be an important component of African “culture,” regardless of where the African is located or what period of history is being considered. The massacre of the entire White population of Haiti in 1804 was just one example. Consider also the extermination of the entire Arab population of Zanzibar by Marxist Africans in 1964, which Italian filmmakers Jacopetti and Prosperi filmed from the air while being shot at:

          The Arabs in question were demonized as “salve dealers” by the Marxist Negro leader Okello, and hysterical and stupid Negro hordes slaughtered them without pity, even though nobody pointed out that the slave trading in question took place and ended many hundreds of years earlier. The parallels with Amerika are hard to overlook.

          Negroes, nature’s greatest XENOPHOBES, have a primitive simian propensity for totally annihilating the physical presence of “the other” in their midst, even other Negroes (of a culturally similar but different tribe) in the case of Rwanda.

          Though I’m not particularly trying to ruffle anyone’s feathers, the similarities between Negro rampages and attacks by Chimpanzees are obvious. Does anyone remember the couple in Colorado that were attacked by a 275 pound CHIMP because the husband gave a piece of cake to ONE chomp but not his cage-mate? The man’s CHEEKS, BUTTOCKS, GENITALS and EYES were EATEN by this rampaging simian that evidently felt “he be disrespectin’ me an’ sheet.”

          Living in close proximity to large numbers of Negroes can and WILL be hazardous to your health, even in so-called “normal” times.

        • Indy Colts

          Creepy ass cracka’s unite!!! I told my wife she’s not going to work whatever day they comeback with a verdic. If they want to come to riot where I live; I got something for ’em. There should be no possible way Zimmerman is convicted unless they just want to avoid a race riot.

          • Gonetoolong

            Hung jury, retry.

        • slingshot


          Which will hit Florida first? The tropical Storm headed our way or the riots.

          Maybe have to pull double duty.

    50. REB

      Hey Durango Kid…are you near those fires I hear about?Keep safe!

      • Them Guys

        Sixpack: Not sure if yes or no?…However…Since usa Taxpayers have Litterally Funded the Entire state and aprox 7 million israel/jews there. That perhaps may account for certain “rights” usa may have in such an Outting of israeli nukes.

        Not certain how accurate info was, but a year or so ago, I read some economist guys article that he estimates Every year a grand total of $3+ Billion in Cash us dollars, Plus add in all xtra spent us dollars funding many various projects-settlements building/housings etc- Weapons(massive $$$!) and all assorted Other costs to us taxpayers, he says it add’s up to aprox. $35,000 Per Year for Every single jewish israeli person men-women-kids that america funds to them and their Rabid Maddog “State”.

        If true or even remotely Close to that ammount, then each israeli citizen(jewish Only) gets way more us moneys than the highest paid soc sec reciepients in usa does, as well as any other fed govnt or state gov programs that pays folks for whatever reasons.

        Keep in mind that figure of $35,000 Per jewish israeli person does Not mean they themselves recieve that ammount. It is a Combined total per person for Total Outlays of us dollar values as described above.

        IMHO, us taxpayers should not fund israel-jewsih folks there-nor any other nations etc. Emergency cash or supplies due to earthquakes etc is different and ok. But funding their or other states for 65+ yrs now is absurd.

        If they cannot maintain a State on Their own doings? They do not deserve a state perhaps. Just Pray Hard they do Not come here if funds get cut off!!!!!

        PS: I did not read that linked article you posted, but perhaps a reason for usa to Out israel in this way is due to the Fact that israel is the ONLY nuke owning state or nation worldwide to keep still Refuseing to Sign the UN Nuke Proliferation Treaty like usa and all other nuke nations has done. Plus with israel Never yet officially admiting they have Nukes, while constantly complaining of Iran etc, maybe this move by usa is to force Netanyahoo and krew to shut the hell up and stop trying to create WWIII, while being Massive Hypocrites on the nukes issues. Just a wild guess by me is all.

        • sixpack

          Amen, TG.

    51. Satori

      *****MERS UPDATE*****

      Concern at undetected cases as WHO holds coronavirus talks

      only 80 cases so far
      and we’re getting this

      “GENEVA (Reuters) – International health experts began urgent talks on the Middle East coronavirus (MERS) on Tuesday amid concerns about larger numbers of milder infections possibly going undetected, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.”

      “The United Nations agency announced last Friday that it was forming an emergency committee, to convene this week, to prepare for a possible worsening of the SARS-like virus.”

      urgent talks ???
      possible worsening ???

      • JEW.S.A.

        ‘ GOD WILL’S IT !’


      • JEW.S.A.

        ‘ GOD WILL’S IT !’


    52. WesternMdDan

      some one has been able to kill you with press of a button since 1945.

    53. KY Mom

      Speaking of things becoming more ‘electronic’ and ‘data modification’ …

      I think this is really CREEPY!

      Sky Deutschland has developed technology to transfer ads from train windows directly and silently into commuters’ heads.

      www dot telegraph dot co dot uk
      (Direct link below)

    54. Theguy

      Are you trying to tell me these things are not on isolated intranets with no access to the outside world?

      They sure should be… why wouldn’t you do it like that?

      Isolated intrantet, no connection to any computer with any access to the outside world, one time pad encryption, change audit trails and authorized user accounts.

      Back up through isolated RAID arrays. 5 redundant copies. Several additional copies written to removable media (good luck with that one, but then it’s not like you need anything super graphics intensive… a text entry program from the 1980’s with added mouse and menu support would be just fine. Something that could run on a 286).

      If they’re NOT doing it this way they need their heads examined. Either that or they need to fire their IT contractors.

      • Kulafarmer

        Even power systems and controlls, WTF are they doing connected to the internet?
        I can understand radio telemetry or some sort of fiber optic link, but tied to the internet?
        Total morons, government systems? Tied to the internet? Even dumber than we all thought!
        Proof positive that common sense doesnt correspond with tech smarts.

    55. Caliber

      “International health experts began urgent talks on the Middle East coronavirus (MERS) on Tuesday amid concerns about larger numbers of milder infections possibly going undetected, the World Health Organization (WHO) said.

      Eight of the latest infections in Saudi Arabia were reported to be in people not displaying any symptoms of the disease, which can cause coughing, fever and pneumonia, the WHO said. Half of them were female health workers, and the rest children under 15 who had contact with confirmed cases.”

      think about it. its in the US, I guarantee it.

    56. john michaels

      here is some more to this story—
      the technological manifestation of the beast of revelation


      You people don’t need doctors… you all need shrinks!

    58. JEW.S.A.

      Israeli NAZI JEW Settler explains Zionism to Palestinian farmers

      Israeli NAZI JEW Settler QUOTE: ‘ YOU CAN BE OUR SLAVES ‘

      WTF ???

      fuckin jews


      * ISRAEL JEWS DID 9/11

    59. Be informed

      Whom will win in a race war? Those experienced in firearms, that go out and practice with and understand guns and how to use them safely and to fully protect themselves and their families? Or those gang bangers that usually only shoot any firearms at those that are unarmed in drive-by shootings. In other words at targets that don’t usually fire back?

      Thumbs up for those patriots that will win a race war that support freedom, and understand the 2nd. Amendment, and can efficiently use firearms.

      Thumbs down for those gang bangers winning a race war, that want to kill everyone that is not their skin color, that want BO as their king, and hate everything about freedom and enjoy killing innocent people like muslim terrorists.

      • GV

        A race war, though unwelcome by citizens for sure, is nothing compared to the govt turning on us, as it’s unlikely the enemy will have sound/microwave/other advanced weapons with wide-spread kill range.

        As I’m sure most of us are aware, a race war would be welcomed by TPTB, as it would thin the herd and give “legal recourse” for imposing martial law.

        Obama should’ve never made that comment about Martin, and he doesn’t say much of ANYTHING that isn’t scripted for him…

        • PA farmer

          I hope their toys can go out 600yrd, mine will..
          Rush talk today on his show how the D.O.G and. Holder help setup the Protest in Florida, an had the Sheriff Fired for not charging Zimmermen.

          • PA farmer

            Thats D.O.J, Department of Justice..

    60. Watchman

      Unless you are the few that are enlists and exempt; Privacy will become a crime. They have to know everything about you, this is the only way they can totally control you. PRIVACY WILL BE A CRIME in the very near future. We are viewing what is in our lives to come. All we can do from now on is prepare to show that we did not conform to their plans. The time has come; soon we all will have to decide what we must do. Prepare and stay as PRIVATE as you can. EYES and EARS are everywhere!

      Keep the FAITH

    61. Satori

      this whole “accident” is starting to smell to high heaven

      On The Elusive Details of Michael Hastings’ Death

      LAPD withholding police report
      toxicology screen taking weeks ???
      a screen can be done in less than an hour
      I know
      I see them all the time

      glad I can’t afford On Star !!!

      • VRF

        Im sure you know this , but just in case

        even if you don’t pay for the service, if you have a GM, or Ford ( I forget their system name at the moment) or even a newer Chrysler vehicle..they all have a similar system and if they are directed to, or paid to, or told to do it by law enforcement, judge etc..they will turn it on to listen if they so please… without your knowing so, and will not tell you so.

        • Indy Colts

          Chryslers Uconnect doesn’t have the option to speak with an actual person like onstar. I’m not saying the couldn’t listen to you but I don’t know if they could turn off my engine remotely. Uconnect isn’t like onstar where they can unlock your doors and stuff like that.

    62. Cowdoc

      Radioactive cesium level soars 90-fold at Fukushima in just 3 days Levels of radioactive cesium-134 in a well at Fukushima nuclear power plant are up to 90 times higher than just three days ago, and may spread into the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, 10 applications to restart reactors under stricter rules have been received.

      Don’t be alarmed by this report. Our government will just raise the allowable level of radiation in our bodies again and everything will be fine. It could be several weeks before this radiation hits the California coast, so we will have time to adjust.

    63. Watchman

      Bill Gates and GMO Cronies Plan $30 Million Seed Vault While Poisoning the Planet

      Apparently, the seed bank is almost ready to conduct ‘business.’ The vault will have dual-blast proof doors, motion sensors, two airlocks, and walls reinforced with meter-thick concrete. Inside will be stored more than 3 million varieties of seed, and you can bet there won’t be a single GMO seed among them. The Norwegian government states the seeds are being stored, ‘so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future.’

      Keep the FAITH

    64. Daily Post #1 of 24

      What is up with this nina JEW.S.A. incessant Jew bashing?

      In the name of freedom of speech and non-censorship, would it be ok if I put up two dozen posts a day that simply say GO FUCK YOURSELF?

      Let’s see:


    65. Daily Post #4 of 24

      Gets old in a hurry — doesn’t it?

      • JayJay

        That’s why there is a scroll to the right of the screen–use your mouse. 🙂

        • Them Guys

          Try Reading info Nina o Posts and Use links provided and perhaps you may Learn why…There Is a reason and a Good one at that , that Their Tribe has Earned the name of “Nation Wreckers” over tha Past 2000-3000 Years now. Seems you need more learning on these issues.

    66. JEW.S.A.

      Turkey Protests Have Not Finished – Turkish Girl July 9

    67. Frank Thoughts

      Various posters have brought some excellent points about the correlation between your surroundings and mental and physical health. I would agree that having people who are failures and losers is detrimental to your health. It is why you never see a multimillionaire setting up their mansion in a Detroit ghetto.

      If you want to build success, you need to have the right environment just as plants need soil, water and sunshine. This means ejecting elements that will drag you down or mess with your success. Google doesn’t have its HQ in Harlem for a reason.

      Make a list of areas, countries etc. where there is a visible civility and majority population who are succeeding in life – and then locate there. These measures are becoming more urgent as governments fall apart and society decays. It is stark but you have to look after your best interests and do right by your family.

    68. sheptical citizen

      Frank Thoughts has a valid point. I think thats why folks have a getaway cabin ,RV or so called bug out location. They live and work where they must. For many the other is the place where they think they really want to be. Many think that somehow if everything falls apart somehow they will fare better in the aftertime. I think many actually do want everything to go to pot. I moved from a county with a growing population. they where constantly raising taxes building more schools & public facilities & goverment jobs ect. They had more crime and had to build a bigger local jail. There where plenty of minority folks and mixed race marrages & children. I moved to a place where less then .005% of the population is non white. That.oo5% claims to be native american! The population declines every year. And I really like it. The local political offices & jobs pay so little nobody want,s them. they had to combine the assessor & tax collector and lay off sherriff deputys and close the jail.Im the elected constable in my township. Ive never had to write a ticket or arrest anyone. Most folks dont even know im the constable. Its a non paying position and Ive never been opposed. I think its the pride of the folks around here that makes the difference. There good to their word mind their own buisness and are wary of outsiders. They accept me becaus In kin. My ancestors left the area in the depression . My last name is one of the most common the the county.I never felt at home where I grew up. Here I feel its where I have always belonged.

      • Them Guys

        Remember in 1980’s Blacks said “I’m Black and Proud”?

        Our White man answer back was “You may be black and “Proud”…But We are White and RIGHT!”

        Far as I am concerned Whites are Still “Right” and History proves it. Civilized life styles and mutual peace is natural for the white mentality. Total Opposite jungle madness and un civility are par for the course for blacks.

        I am tired of whites being blamed because most african blacks are Unable to Learn civility From us whites. If our attempt at civilizing african blacks, here in usa as well as All other white founded nations they dwell in,has failed, why blame whites when the Obvious Failures are due to those african black savages themselves…Some folks just never learn well. That aint my or our fault…We tried.

      • JayJay

        Sounds like a place I’d feel right at home in.
        You are a lucky man, Sheptical.

    69. slingshot

      Obama orders Fed Workers to spy on each other.
      Or face penalties.

      On Drudge.

      • JayJay

        I’m gonna guess this is old news from 2007 on.
        No one cares.
        They really don’t.
        We have experienced a political coup and only 24% of the nation really get it.
        Most of those are preppers.

    70. REB

      Anybody else hear about the breaking news from Judicial Watch concerning the Kenyan and his “buddy” eric holder over at what was once called the Justice Dept?….seems they sent paid govt employees to Florida to gin up and organize demonstrations in the treyvon/Zimmerman case…seems they bused little college pussies from over 40 miles away to put pressure on the local police to get the police chief out of the way cause he wouldn’t charge Zimmerman…this is sad,its illegal, and it shows this barbaric regime has no respect for law(for cripes sake it wasn’t even a federal case)not that anyone with two working braincells would think they do…Ive never seen a group so prone to ignore/break and rewrite the law!…its what we get for having the least common denominator in charge…think about it….the us fedgov organizing and stirring up protests against a common citizen in a sovereign state….not that Im surprised its just so goofy its almost unbelievable!!Truly, we are now operating under the law of the jungle!!

      • The Cooking Mom

        REB, everything is unpredictable right now. Everything …..
        that’s why we prep!
        50% off store wide sale at motherearth. Products
        Enter code HUGE. At checkout.
        I’ve ordered twice and the freshness and color of the products is amazing.
        Also, I’ve never see so many different kinds of INSTANT dried beans either.
        There’re fellow preppers, just trying to help people out.

        Keep preppin’

        • OutWest

          REB— law of the jungle is right

          There is no doubt in my mind that the new paradigm is
          them against us, predator versus prey.
          Justice Dept.? = Escape & Evade for them,
          Crucifixion for the hapless citizens!

          For the administration to stir the pot of hatred in Florida is just as effective as one of their felonious
          false- flag events, the end result being the same–
          the usurpation of more proletariat rights.

          There is a method to their madness, of which we must
          be ever vigilant, lest we awake one morning and find
          our country to be nothing more than a fond memory,
          and Hell has taken it’s rightful place.

    71. JEW.S.A.


      The Power of Paedophile connections in Europe and the United Kingdom

      In England, they continue to discover new paedophiles within various institutions and in the Government. Even in Downing Street and the royal family paedophiles are found. The Elm Guest House Scandal demonstrates partly how the paedophile network operated

      A week ago, we heard that a Conservative MP (d. 1995) Geoffrey Dickens warned the Government about paedophiles in the Thatcher Government . Following this warning he received direct threats against his life and was the victim of many burglaries.

    72. JEW.S.A.

      Full Disclosure: What the Media Isn’t Telling You About War in Syria

      Granny’s secret neocon kosher recipe:

      1. Scare the shit out of US voters with terrorist attacks

      2. Invade Arab country with massive oil reserves

      3. Sell lots of weapons; extract oil and stand by Afghani poppy fields

      4. Crush the Bill of Rights and censor the internet

      5. Crack the global economy and split Arab countries in pieces

      6. Scare the shit out of US voters again

      7. Invade Persian country with tons more oil reserves

      8. Invite Israeli friends and serve with finger biscuits and champagne

      yes you are very smart indeed, 3 problems :

      1st. 100000 syrian people died including lots of my friends.

      2nd. we didn’t create alquaeda so why should we pay our lives to solve a problem the USA created.

      3rd. you are disrespectful, uneducated, and supportive of war crimes committed by your country and it’s allies to a peaceful innocent civilization.

      p.s. syria is occupied by israel that is why you as a nation think that we are terrorist. cuz we want our land back.

      • JEW.S.A.




        N.O. ;0p

    73. JEW.S.A.


      • Them Guys

        Nina O: an FYI: JFK quote says- If you make peacefull RESOLUTION, impossible….Then you make Violent REVOLUTION Inevitable.

        You have both saying “Revolution” just a fyi is all. TG

        • JEW.S.A.

          @them guys … ooopsy ;0p

          i like my version better

          as there will be no peaceful resolution with the ptb

          only by violent murderous revolution will things change in zog amerika

          N.O. ;0p

          • JEW.S.A.



            ~NinaO ;0p

    74. Grasshopper

      5.SecularAnimist says:
      April 26, 2013 at 7:43 pm
      It is very tiresome reading these fatuous pieces about how “the media” has “failed” in covering global warming and climate change.

      It’s not a “failure”. It’s a deliberate coverup.

      The US media is not a “somnolent watchdog”. The US media is an extremely aggressive propaganda machine for the corporations that own it.

      And far from being a “failure”, the US media’s aggressive REFUSAL to cover global warming and climate change has been extremely successful at accomplishing its goal: it has kept the public ignorant and docile about the issue and has thereby defused public demand for taking the necessary actions for the last three decades.

      •Mulga Mumblebrain says:
      April 26, 2013 at 8:04 pm
      Absolutely correct. The trope of ‘journalistic mistakes’ is pure bunkum. As you observe, the MSM is a straight propaganda system. It is there to ‘manufacture consent’ for the rule of the elite, their wars of aggression based on known lies, their vicious social atavism, one-side class warfare and their insatiable avarice which is immiserating whole societies while destroying the habitability of the planet for our species. The propaganda apparatchiki know that their relatively well-paid employment, now and in the future, absolutely depends on not expressing any opinion that Rupert Murdoch or some other oligarch would find subversive, so they censor themselves and follow the Party Line, always. Many, of course, are rank Rightwing bigots with the usual bundle of attitudes of that group ie generalised misanthropy, racism, xenophobia (particularly these days, the mandatory Islamophobia of The Clash of Civilizations religion)misogyny, homophobia, class hatred, virulent hatred of environmentalists etc. The group think is complete, and denial or ignoring of climate destabilisation is required, so these ‘presstitutes’ oblige. They are, as a group, irredeemable. We might hope for salvation for one or two, but they will quickly be replaced by even worse specimens. The root cause of our calamitous situation is the global dominance of the Right, ie the worst, morally, ethically and spiritually of human beings.

      •atcook27 says:

    75. sheptical citizen

      Grasshopper golwbull warming is a myth, scam ,superstition,religion. In fact the planet has been cooling for the last ten years. Shure it was 102 at my place today. But its july its supposed to be hot. Making war on coal isnt gonna help anything. Coal is a natural thing so what if we release sequestered carbon. Co2 makes plants grow. Growing plants release oxygen. We are sequestering carbon in landfills every day.Every moment the Mississippi River sequester,s hundred,s of tons of carbon in the gulf every day. Every day thousands of tons of cosmic space dust enters the earths atmosphere. Shure we are having climate change. Its not caused by mans activities. man cant mitigate or stop the climate change. No two days are the same the climate has always been changing. no one has the authority to dictate what the normal or optimal climat is or should be. Mans activities are not causing the pole shift. Man isnt causing earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods ,clatyclismic events ect. Those things where occuring before man ever lit the first campfire or started using fossil fuels. For every action their is an equal & opposite reaction. That means quite simply for every change in the climate and for every human or natural activity there will be an equal number of good positive results as bad negative results. So why do the greenies insist the end results will all be bad negative worst case sceinario,s ? Man cannott make something into nothing. No matter what that something will still be present some where, some how, in some manner. Man also cannott make something from nothing like prepetual motion it cant be done. So Its all a wash It all comes Even Steven.

    76. John P

      Patients should have the right to control who receives their medical information. They should be able to opt out and determine for themselves where and what information should be passed on. The all or nothing approach is inadequate.

      I received a drug test and the physician misread the test and now I have a diagnosis of drug addiction. The doctor’s office admitted they made a mistake but now that diagnosis and information is all over the system. Instead of posting the test itself, the Physician posted a letter outlining my so called addiction. This physician does not usually use electronic medical records but felt obligated to input a letter into the system.

      I inquired about having that information deleted or filing an appeal and I was told I could not do either. Every physician I see now treats me as if I have a drug addiction. This is obviously unfair and will affect my ability to receive adequate medical care in the future for my severe pain, as well as increase my costs for life insurance. People who think these records are secure are ill informed. If hackers can hack into the department of defense or top security sites they can surely hack the medical records system.

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