These Two South Carolina Lawmakers Are Planning to Create Survivalist Communities Across the Country

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    When you hear words like “militia” and “prepper” and “survival retreat,” you probably imagine a rural, conservative, blue collar fellow who loathes the government. What you probably don’t imagine, are the kinds of people who run for state office. In South Carolina however, two state representatives are planning to create survivalist communities in anticipation of a possible collapse of the United States. According to AP:

    State Reps. Josiah Magnuson, R-Campobello, and Jonathon Hill, R-Townville – both from tiny towns in the Upstate Bible Belt – are in the process of setting up what they call the “Virtue Solution Project,” a group that is seeking to either save America or survive a societal collapse, which they both believe is likely coming.

    The organization is a mixture of religious ministry, grassroots political organizing and disaster prepping. At its core, their movement hopes to save the country by reshaping it to their interpretation of the Founding Fathers’ ideals.

    As part of their two pronged plan, their first aim is to do everything they can to bring America back to its conservative roots.

    They are advocating that their followers, and offshoot groups, form their own communities that will no longer have to rely on corporate America or the “tyrannical” federal government. They are encouraging neighbors to support “principled men” – such as themselves – who are willing to nullify laws and court rulings they don’t agree with, like abortion, gay marriage, gun restrictions and federal standards for driver’s licenses.

    For their members who are not in political office, they advocate doing their part by finding their way onto juries in order to acquit people charged with crimes they personally believe are “unjust.”

    And failing that, they’re getting ready for the whole system to collapse. Their long-term goal is ambitious to say the least. The lawmakers want to train 1 million “neighborhood leaders” who will be able to rebuild America following its collapse.

    If that doesn’t work, they will have “community preparedness centers,” where there will be access to “reading material, tools, food storage, ammo, and more.”

    The centers will be there when the economy collapses, a natural disaster occurs, a foreign nation attacks, the federal debt dooms the country or an electromagnetic pulse wipes out the nation’s infrastructure. All are scenarios they have considered.

    It’s also at these “micro hubs” that neighbors and fellow members of their “militia” will be able to learn about spiritual leadership, first aid, farming techniques, renewable energy sources, and setting up “perimeters” and other “tactical defense” strategies.

    In essence, Magnuson and Hill are trying to create a replacement for the current system; something that will act as a transition between the old decaying system and whatever comes next. They’re trying to create an alternative, and are adamant that this isn’t about secession, or overthrowing the government. As Magnuson put it, “This isn’t some type of political overturning movement. It’s more of a political and economic replacing movement.”

    I’m sure they’ll be called crazy by the mainstream. I personally think their vision is a bit too conservative to achieve widespread appeal. There are a wide range of people in this country who love liberty and fear our government, and it’d be foolish not to include them in any nationwide prepper movement. But at least someone in government sees the writing on the wall, and is willing to admit it and prepare for what is increasingly looking like an inevitability.


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      1. It sounds like government trying to control the uncontrollables.

        I’ld rather do it myself, but thanks, anyway.


        • That’s what I’m saying. Would it be any different if it were say Nancy Pelosi going on national TV and saying we all need to form off the grid communities because collapse is on the way? Hard to imagine right? Same with this story. They know its all coming down, and what better way to control people after collapse than to have already setup “post collapse communities” ?

        • Yep Group Think will get you killed. In groups there are leader and followers. No 2 are equal. Which created conflicts and insider conflicts, then somebody gets killed, or takes more than their fair share and contributes less. Just like in business, Business Partnerships mostly fail because one is doing more and one is doing less, not pulling their weight, and expects to be paid the same.

          In my BOL, I am the boss, chief, chef, decision maker and I never get into any arguments of how I do anything. And there is no one spilling their guts in loss of OPSEC. Works for me. Me and nature get along great together.

        • These “communities” are a good idea and something I would support in my area. They need to control local politics at the very least and have some influence at the State level.

          They can be communities within larger communities to lead, encourage, and train “members”. Patriot preppers must organize to increase their power in a group and magnify their voice through an organization.

          I have been puwshing that idea here for a number of years. Yes, of course, it’s in the Archives. 🙂

          • Those two men should get statues. It’s the first real endavour of this kind I have ever seen since prepping became fashionable and it’s the one rational and actually effective solution.

            It makes so much sense. While the US government has everything prepared in case the president and/or the government is blown out of existence, this has never before been done for the population itself – until now.

      2. i can see one of two things happening:
        1. people jump at this opportunity and in the process break federal law and the govt crushes them.
        or the process of teaching these new community leaders they are indoctrinated and become state worshiping cultists.

      3. Not living in South Carolina, I can’t vouch for the reputations of Magnuson or Hill – but, if these guys are legitimate and sincere, then I suppose they deserve to be commended.

        However, I would also say that they are both pretty naive if they think that the very audience of people who they will be trying to appeal to are going to be eager to be drawn into anything that emanates from the very same corrupt and diabolically evil government who they do NOT trust, do NOT respect or like, and which they correctly view as a potential enemy.

        As I was reading this article, I found myself remembering the story about Jamestown – and how the SJWs of that time tried to impose socialism upon the original settlers by demanding that the settlers had to turn over the fruits of their labor to the ‘community’, to be shared by the productive and the lazy alike. Naturally, this turned out to be a near disaster – because it erased the motivation for the productive to work as hard as they might have otherwise worked – since the lazy bums who refused to do any work were receiving the same benefits as the producers were receiving. Is this idea another attempt to repeat the mistakes of socialism that almost cost the lives of our Jamestown ancestors?

        Also, then consider the idea that the government would love to create a gigantic database of all known preppers, and of course, a corresponding inventory of each prepper’s survival gear, materials, weapons, ammo stockpiles, and food supplies. And, you can bet the farm – that any ‘survivalist’ oriented organization that is established by the government would most certainly tell it’s members that, for logistical reasons, such information as this would be essential – since the ‘leadership’ of the organization would want to know where its resources were and whether or not there would be enough to last through whatever crisis might occur.

        Whereupon, members of the prepper/survival organization would be ‘asked’ to surrender their supplies and ammo and critical gear to a central authority – so everything be logged, inventoried and placed into a ‘secure’ supplies warehouse that would be heavily guarded – for everyone’s safety, of course. To be issued on a ‘as needed basis’, and the definition of ‘as needed’ sure as hell will not be determined by the original owners of those survival supplies or gear.

        But, hey. Maybe I am just overly suspicious and paranoid?

        • Tucker: good points, I agree with your view that patriots could end up being controlled and monitored. I say: form small cell groups of close like minded friends/family and keep it under eight, then branch off form another cell/group each one communicating, yet not organized. Ref to: Louis Beam leaderless resistance (online). I say never join a large group run by gov. officials, even tho’ some are sincere, they still cannot all be trusted.

          • I outlined a similar cell/networking plan for this community a year ago or more; like I use with my veteran buddies. Yes, its in the archives. 🙂

            Having a common bond like that, or something else like prospecting, is a good basis for developing a deeper friendship with quality people.

            Know your neighbors, communities, and the organizations that operate within your area(s), now. You never know. 🙂

            • Yours is the best approach, unless one belongs to a very large family. And thinking about family, I think churches need to start preparing for the influx of people who will arrive needing food, shelter and spiritual guidance during a crisis. They also need to set up or re-vitalize church camp as a place where members and their families can retreat to for group survival. Farms with arable land and woods for cover, with plenty of outbuildings to hold vehicles and RVs for those who come to retreat. Everyone works to provide food, shelter and safety.

        • My thought are similar. OSPEC will keep individuals alive, but with a community of a million as they say, it will breakdown to a socialistic society when things get really bad. Some will have more than others and those who have not enough, will force everyone to share what they have.

          Jamestown wasn’t the only colony that involved socialism, the Plymouth colony pilgrims also shared this type of social structure which failed and decided to abandon their socialist mandate. It existed in Europe longer than most people know, it wasn’t anything new. This is what made Americas great, and when other countries imposed these socialist ideas back into the system, they revolted. That’s why we won the Revolutionary War, why we got rid of Carter and OBuma. However, we face socialism in our demoncrats and media more than ever now. It will be a never ending battle as long as someone wants what you have.

        • The practice of democracy, ala Switzerland style, or like in Vermont would be a good model. Leadership must be elected from the membership with checks and balances in place and proper oversight like in any good organization, with complete transparency for its members.

          Prospecting clubs have a similar model and say the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of every meeting. The ones of which I am a member are open to all: black, white, yellow, brown, and red. Most members are also preppers.

          Prospecting Clubs are a good place to start networking with like minded, red-blooded Americans in whom the USA Constitution is embedded in the DNA of the members.

          Join one, or two, or three. 🙂

        • Don’t trust Em any further than you can throw Em !

      4. “I’m sure they’ll be called crazy by the mainstream.”

        Uh, yeah! Anything that isn’t mainstream is first crazy, then laughable, then dangerous, then criminal, then accepted.

        Our system is a big ball of BS brought about by government, media and the elites. They’ve created this false perception of what life is in America and that false perception is not all that far from implosion. “The lie can only be maintained as long as you can keep away the pain the lie causes.” That is a paraphrase of Joseph Goebbels. Look him up. The pain caused by the lie has become to great for the lie to be maintained.

        Personally, I never participated in the lie. In doing so, my children have a tough time participating in the world because they see the man behind the curtain and they don’t agree. I feel sorry for them and proud at the same time.

        This initiative these lawmakers are starting is a good thing. Take it for what its worth and join in. It may be the salvation of The Union.


      5. This is all fine and dandy but CIVIL WAR or WW3 has to happen first in order for this to take place.

        In other words how is left standing from the 2/3s that is supposed to perish.

        Me I do not think I will be here thank goodness.

        The only peace you will have is in the grave.

      6. Its a a better plan than your govt. will give you. At least you can maintain your identity,a modicum of freedom and survivability.

      7. Lawmakers are allways freemasons. So do not trust them.

        • Can’t trust politicians or large groups of people to org. anything. There are always control freaks in any org. group or club. Informants abound and are bought/bribed, as history proves. Best to stick to close friends and form a small group for bartering and protection. Folks will be wise to stay low key and not trust local gov. officials to org. these groups or put all your supplies in some central location as a group and end up being ripped off. As militia groups form and begin to fight, there will have to be logistic and supply people helping like any war.

        • Jupp…….BS!

      8. Mixture of “religious ministry” and..”political..”

        That’s all you need to know. When you bake a cake and add the same ingredients, don’t expect a different outcome.

        • You forgot about the “time in the oven” factor”.

      9. When it all hits the fan – you only need 1 gun and 1 round – for YOURSELF and then it’s over and you don’t have to worry about anything…The End.

        • @ wtf
          My will, and my families will, WILL be stronger than that!!

          • WED i`m with you

        • That certainly simplifies things,,,
          It has been the topic of discussion, eternal peace or a life of horror and struggle?
          I say hand full of barbituates and a nice fruity cocktail full of everclear and some delivious pot brownies! Sleep

        • WTF: Older people with medical issues will agree, if they cannot get needed help or treatment, or insulin, etc. better off dead.

      10. Great Idea! For those of you who already prep – just ignore this. For the rest – it offers a survivable alternative. As a prepper (in the best sense of the term); I welcome strong centers of preparedness training and thought. It helps develop the culture of preparedness we need in our country. I don’t relish the idea of a few small bands of survivalists remaining after a large die off. It will be too hard to rebuild a stable society where warlords are no longer needed to survive. No man is an island – and there will be to many islands if the worst collapse occurs.

        • YGBSM definition:

          Motto of the Wild Weasels – You Gotta Be Shittin Me

          The expression comes from an elite group of fighter pilots that were formed in the Vietnam war in 1966 to combat increasing losses from Soviet SAM (Surface-to-Air) missiles. The mission of the Wild Weasel was to to fly (“troll”) ahead of incomming F-105 Thunderchief formations. In essence, the mission was to trick the VC (bad guys) into thinking that the WW (Wild Weasel) was an attaching Thud, when they targeted the Weasels, they would initiate a tactical maneuver to hit the SAM site with a radiation seeking missile.

          The term YGBSM comes from one of the original briefings when a weasel pilot stated, in content “You’re telling me that I have to fly downtown Hanoi, with one bullet, and I can’t shoot at him until he shoots at me….. you gotta be shitting me” — YGBSM

          • Yes Sir!

            As a former Electronic Combat Coordinator, I worked closely with the Wild Weasels until they were retired after the First Gulf War.

            Unfortunately, there has really never been a good replacement for that mission – which we will pay for in the next 5th gen SAM conflict.

        • I disagree. Preppers would do well to ditch their usual rugged individualism and try to find some way of integrating with this project or constructively cooperating within its context.

          No one is an island.

      11. If they’re using the alt-right tactic, of hiding behind untouchables, never look back.

      12. Sheep huddle in masses for protection. Train and be your own boss. Loser are followers in group think.

      13. The Next Subprime Crisis Is Here: 12 Signs That The US Auto Industry’s Day Of Reckoning Has Arrived

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        “In addition to the woes of the auto industry, the retail industry is going through the worst wave of store closings in modern American history, pension funds are melting down all over the nation, and stocks are primed for a crash of epic proportions.

        Things are lining up just right for the kind of scenario that I laid out in The Beginning Of The End, but unfortunately most people are not listening to the warnings.

        The same thing happened just before the great financial crisis of 2008. All of the warning signs were there well in advance, and many of the experts were warning about what was coming as early as 2005. But because it did not happen immediately, a lot of people greatly mocked the warnings.

        But then the fall of 2008 arrived and all of the mockers suddenly went silent.”

        ht tp://

      14. I would not be welcome/comfortable in their communities due to different religious beliefs,that said,no reason folks can’t get together and have exchanges/workshops ect. on say off grid comms/medical care/food ect.Just keep your own communities plans to yourself but nothing wrong with learning/teaching skills to others.

        • You are right with that WARCHILD 100%

        • Where these guys get it wrong is WANTING to “rebuild” such a corrupt society. America was founded by Pilgrims (my direct ancestors) and Puritans. They let their foots slide (into commercialism and materialism), to paraphrase the good book. What they SHOULD be doing is assisting those who aren’t wealthy preppers and chastising the hypocrites like Jim Rawles who believe hoarding guns is the answer.
          Christ said “give up your cross and follow me.” He did not encourage anyone to hoard or build fortresses (upon weak ground, no doubt) or make other peoples into enemies. Christians need to rebuild America NOW, not fantasize about social collapse. Christian communities all over the country would be awesome. I would join one now.

          • “give up your cross and follow me.”

            The quote is: “Take up your cross and follow me.” Big difference in the meaning, don’t cha think ??? 🙂

          • Bro. John– It’s the Kingdom of God you want to be in.

            The Gospels repeat that 54 times, The Kingdom of God.

            Mark 1:14 …Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, 1:15 And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

            Jesus said, Matt 18:20 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

            As followers of Christ, we are His Ambassadors from the Kingdom of God. We don’t rebuild any earthly country. We represent the Kingdom of God to an earthly people.

            By the way, my direct ancestor Edward Starbuck and 19 others bought Nantucket Island.

            Also Christ said, Matt 16:24 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

            that’s TAKE UP not give up (your cross…)

            And you are correct in saying “He did not encourage anyone to hoard or build fortresses (upon weak ground, no doubt) or make other peoples into enemies.

            ~prepping in peace. God Bless

      15. These guys are late to the party.If you want to get involved in a religious prepper community, all you have to do is watch Jim Bakker (remember him?) on the teevee.

        Dial one of the toll free numbers and he’ll hook you up with buckets of food, water filters or even a house in his prepper town.

        Just make sure you got enough Fedbucks in your pocket…

      16. There ain’t no party, like the after party. Stock up on ammo cause chaos will be in full swing no matter who has control in the end. Chaos will reign in between..

        • Never barter ammo, but you can give it to the guy or gal who has your six. Just make sure they are paying 2% or more of their (PGDP) personal gross domestic product for the common defense. Otherwise, cut ’em loose !!!

          Just saying. 🙂

      17. ok lets play

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