“These Two ‘Black Swan Events’ Have Set Financial Dominoes In Motion All Over The Globe”

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog and author of The Beginning of the End.


    Swiss Shocker Triggers Gigantic Losses For Banks, Hedge Funds And Currency Traders
    By Michael Snyder

    The absolutely stunning decision by the Swiss National Bank to decouple from the euro has triggered billions of dollars worth of losses all over the globe.  Citigroup and Deutsche Bank both say that their losses were somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 million dollars, a major hedge fund that had 830 million dollars in assets at the end of December has been forced to shut down, and several major global currency trading firms have announced that they are now insolvent.   And these are just the losses that we know about so far.  It will be many months before the full scope of the financial devastation caused by the Swiss National Bank is fully revealed.  But of course the same thing could be said about the crash in the price of oil that we have witnessed in recent weeks.  These two “black swan events” have set financial dominoes in motion all over the globe.  At this point we can only guess how bad the financial devastation will ultimately be.

    But everyone agrees that it will be bad.  For example, one financial expert at Boston University says that he believes the losses caused by the Swiss National Bank decision will be in the billions of dollars

    “The losses will be in the billions — they are still being tallied,” said Mark T. Williams, an executive-in-residence at Boston University specializing in risk management. “They will range from large banks, brokers, hedge funds, mutual funds to currency speculators. There will be ripple effects throughout the financial system.”

    Citigroup, the world’s biggest currencies dealer, lost more than $150 million at its trading desks, a person with knowledge of the matter said last week. Deutsche Bank lost $150 million and Barclays less than $100 million, people familiar with the events said, after the Swiss National Bank scrapped a three-year-old policy of capping its currency against the euro and the franc soared as much as 41 percent that day versus the euro. Spokesmen for the three banks declined to comment.

    And actually, if the total losses from this crisis are only limited to the “billions” I think that we will be extremely fortunate.

    As I mentioned above, a hedge fund that had 830 million dollars in assets at the end of December just completely imploded.  Everest Capital’s Global Fund had heavily bet against the Swiss franc, and as a result it now has lost “virtually all its money”

    Marko Dimitrijevic, the hedge fund manager who survived at least five emerging market debt crises, is closing his largest hedge fund after losing virtually all its money this week when the Swiss National Bank unexpectedly let the franc trade freely against the euro, according to a person familiar with the firm.

    Everest Capital’s Global Fund had about $830 million in assets as of the end of December, according to a client report. The Miami-based firm, which specializes in emerging markets, still manages seven funds with about $2.2 billion in assets. The global fund, the firm’s oldest, was betting the Swiss franc would decline, said the person, who asked not to be named because the information is private.

    This is how fast things can move in the financial marketplace when things start getting crazy.

    It can seem like you are on top of the world one day, but just a short while later you can be filing for bankruptcy.

    Consider what just happened to FXCM.  It is one of the largest retail currency trading firms on the entire planet, and the decision by the Swiss National Bank instantly created a 200 million dollar hole in the company that desperately needed to be filled…

    The magnitude of the crisis for U.S. currency traders became clear Friday when New York-based FXCM, a publicly traded U.S. currency broker, and the largest so far to announce it was in financial trouble after suffering a 90-percent drop in the firm’s stock price, reported the firm would need a $200-$300 million bailout to prevent capital requirements from being breached. Highly leveraged currency traders, including retail customers, were unable to come up with sufficient capital to cover the losses suffered in their currency trading accounts when the Swiss franc surged.

    Currency traders worldwide allowed to leverage their accounts 100:1, meaning the customer can bet $100 in the currency exchange markets for every $1.00 the customer has on deposit in its account, can result in huge gains from unexpected currency price fluctuations or massive and devastating losses, should the customer bet wrong.

    Fortunately for FXCM, another company called Leucadia came riding to the rescue with a 300 million dollar loan.

    But other currency trading firms were not so lucky.

    For example, Alpari has already announced that it is going into insolvency

    Retail broker Alpari UK filed for insolvency on Friday.

    The move “caused by the SNB’s unexpected policy reversal of capping the Swiss franc against the euro has resulted in exceptional volatility and extreme lack of liquidity,” Alpari, the shirt sponsor of English Premier League soccer club West Ham, said in a statement.

    “This has resulted in the majority of clients sustaining losses which exceeded their account equity. Where a client cannot cover this loss, it is passed on to us. This has forced Alpari (UK) Limited to confirm that it has entered into insolvency.”

    And Alpari is far from alone.  Quite a few other smaller currency trading firms all over the world are in the exact same boat.

    Unfortunately, this could potentially just be the beginning of the currency chaos.

    All eyes are on the European Central Bank right now.  If a major round of quantitative easing is announced, that could unleash yet another wave of crippling losses for financial institutions.  The following is from a recent CNBC article

    One of Europe’s most influential economists has warned that the quantitative easing measures seen being unveiled by the European Central Bank (ECB) this week could create deep market volatility, akin to what was seen after the Swiss National Bank abandoned its currency peg.

    “There was so much capital flight in anticipation of the QE to Switzerland, that the Swiss central bank was unable to stem the tide, and there will be more effects of that sort,” the President of Germany’s Ifo Institute for Economic Research, Hans-Werner Sinn, told CNBC on Monday.

    As I have written about previously, we are moving into a time of greatly increased financial volatility.  And when we start to see tremendous ups and downs in the financial world, that is a sign that a great crash is coming.  We witnessed this prior to the financial crisis of 2008, and now we are watching it happen again.

    And this is not just happening in the United States.  Just check out what happened in China on Monday…

    Chinese shares plunged about 8% Monday after the country’s securities regulator imposed margin trading curbs on several major brokerages, a sign that authorities are trying to rein in the market’s big gains. It was China’s largest drop in six years.

    Sadly, most Americans have absolutely no idea what is coming.

    They just trust that Barack Obama, Congress and the “experts” at the Federal Reserve have it all figured out.

    So when the next great financial crisis does arrive, most people are going to be absolutely blindsided by it, even though anyone that is willing to look at the facts honestly should be able to see it steamrolling directly toward us.

    Over the past couple of years, we have been blessed to experience a period of relative stability.

    But that period of relative stability is now ending.

    I hope that you are getting ready for what comes next.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Get it over with

        • Chris Kyle’s death seems to confirm that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword. Treating PTSD at a rifle range doesn’t make any fucking sense.

          Fuck all you old duty honor country shitbags who went to see this turd’s movie. I hope your kids get shot by a sniper. Assholes.

          • we see YOUR true colors Acid

          • I’d get rankled over your comment, but it’s too obvious that you’re just trolling… Even the 15-year-olds out there can do a better job of clandestinely stirring up the pot than you’ve done. Try again.

          • Way to stay on topic

          • What a jerk.

          • PEACE to Acid.

          • please continue to lick michael moore’s weiner

        • “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money”

          the late Sen. Everett Dirksen (1896-1969), R-IL

          • The people that voted in Obama thought
            they were going to get another MLK.
            Instead, all they got was someone not
            fit to carry MLK’s water.

              • why do you constantly repost links to recent articles already linked via the main page on this site..??

            • OutWest.

              Not to worry. The Black Messiah will fix everything tonight.

              • Same shit, new day.

                • All I’ve got to say about these “currency traders” and hedge funds is LET THEM IMPLODE.

                  A bank is supposed to safeguard your money and pay you a little something for using it to make loans, not act like a casino and gamble with it at your expense.

                  If banks can’t be satisfied with making an honest buck, then they need to be gone. It’s that simple.

            • Kind of funny, J.Q.. They voted for his black half and are getting screwed by his white half.

              Would be more funny if we ALL weren’t getting screwed by both halves.

            • MLK was just a commie dupe of the Satanic Tribe. He isn’t fit to carry MLK’s water, either!

            • What makes you think either MLK or BHO is fit to carry anyone’s water?

              • The Killing of Malcom X is just more proof Blacks prefer to kill other Blacks.

                • “The Killing of Malcom X is just more proof…” that regardless of the shooters color,he recognized the fact a rabid dog needed to be put down. Its that simple.
                  Interjecting some sort of racial stereotype dilutes that fact.

        • Goldman Sachs lost money? That breaks the hearts of so many people (NOT).

      2. What is your prediction for the Dow at close tomorrow?
        Down 250, just a guess, of course….

        • It’ll be up for them and down for you.

          • Options makes that possible. Sitting in cash, waiting for a bottom. Any predictions on a Dow bottom, month & year?

            • art cashin said it best….”the market will do whatever it takes to take the MOST amount of money from the MOST people.”

              • I had an old acquaintance that was a mobile home salesman put it to me best. He went to a required continuing education meeting and when he returned I asked him what they taught him. His reply, “Well, basically they teach me how to take the money from yo pocket and put it in my pocket.” I thought, hmm that sounds about right.

            • If you like soothsaying you might want to put a lone black sock and a white sock in a load of colored laundry and predict when one or the other will appear at the top within said 20 minutes of Time.

              For even more fun turn to heavy-duty cycle!

          • “It’s like deja vu all over again”

        • I would imagine the plunge protection team will step in if dow drops 350 plus early on.

          Hard to tell how hard the hit will be by days end tomorrow.

          • Um, have you looked at the futures? Tomorrow will be a huge up day.

            • Bob

              Everything looks good in the Futures.

              • The fall will not come today my friends. The President is asking for more taxes from the people. The stock market may be down but not out (today).


              • Heirloom seeds are now sold at Tractor Supply.

                The brand is ‘Seeds of Change’.

                • KY Mom
                  do you know who owns Seeds of Change? you might not be very happy! over half of it is owned by M@M Mars, well not so bad ? HMMM, well check deeper and see where that goes,I believe Monsanto controls most of M@M Mars, only a matter of time until it is all owned by the big scumbag companies, you had better start learning how to get your own home grown seeds, before they make it illegal for you to do that as well!

                  • apache54,

                    Good point. I did not know that.

                    People have asked about heirloom seeds being available for purchase without ordering online, so I offered a place that sells them.

                    Most of my (original) seeds were ordered online. I have learned how to save seeds. But, every year I still like to see what varieties are available and usually purchase some additional seeds and plant a new item.

                    Corn does NOT seem to grow well here in this mountain soil. I have tried several varieties. I don’t know if it is the soil or I need to choose a different type of corn. (?) I know corn is a heavy feeder, as I have family members who were dairy farmers.

                    I do compost and have raised garden beds that do really well with peas, squash, cucumbers, onions, lettuce, radishes, and contender bush beans. Tomatoes and peppers grow well here too.

                • thanks for that info K Mom .will be moving forward with my two gardens this year so these will come in handy

                • Try FEDCO out of Maine. It is about the only seed co-op left, and buys mostly direct from farmers.

        • So a few currency traders lost their shirt

          and a few banks and other ‘gamblers’ as well

          in the grand scheme of finance

          a few billion lost here or there is chump change


          when gambling

          the” house” always wins in the end

          surely the ‘house’ knew ,with insiders,that the snb would peg..

          less competition now in the global markets


      3. Problem, problem? Anyone here see a problem?

        • I’m not trying to be a dick but what happened to this site. It used to have prepping articles, gun articles, and general good to know things. Now this site has turned into an infowars wannabe site. Conspiracy stories are fun but let’s talk about guns, food, water systems, buyout strategy, and leave the chicken little stuff to Alex Jones. Brought to you by hey Diddle Diddle straight up the middle.

          • A, alot of the prepping stuff has been ‘in the archives’, and the site has changed. But it will get better, trust Mac.
            Thank you, Mac

          • Anon….Fair request. so here you go. I forced my family members to watch this often so they don’t forget about it since it is an absolute necessity for all law law abiding gun owners to be smart even under a 100% legit use of deadly force.


          • The Coco Puff wars brought in to much traffic. To see the rights.

            The Page isn’t dead yet.

            • lol ;0)

          • Amen

          • Anon.

            It is due to higher stress levels.

            “What’s the Buzz, tell me what’s a happening?”

          • Anonymous,

            Jericho is an excellent series (only 2 years of the series) to watch.

            It is about a small town and what happens after the grid goes down.

            Watch it with your family (teenagers and up) and afterward discuss the situations together.

            It is available on Netflix.

            • Jericho was a good show but not even close to reality if the grid went down. Life would not be so easy and cheery. Even in a small town like the one i live in. Around 4000 pop. mostly farming and pretty self sufficient, i give it 2 months without power before 90% would be dead. The old ways are lost.

        • $30 billion here, 80 billion there, soon you will be talking real money?

      4. Hold on to your seats everybody while many kiss their asses goodbye!

        • T-town: I can’t bend that far so I’m safe…

      5. The banks won’t lose. It’ll be their servants, err I mean their customers, that will be forced to take the losses.

        • yup, bail-ins are a way of life now.

      6. Might I suggest *now* is a reeeealllly good time to purchase *physical* gold, silver and platinum? Do NOT buy the ETFs GLD or SLV. Goldmoney.com and Sprotts funds, as well as the Central Canada Fund are fine.

        Might they keep kicking the can down the road successfully? But bettr to be a year or two too early than a day too late. And relative to kicking the can down the road successfully, I’m reminded of Heminingway’s comment about going broke, which was slowly, then all at once. We don’t know how this is all going to play out – but given that, some insurance (AU, AG, PGM metals) is certainly advisable!

        • Did I miss something? Last I looked commodities were plummeting.

          • Yep, you missed something. When gold is up appreciably in at least 3 currencies it is considered in a bull market. Gold is up in ALL currencies right now. So is silver but slower. Load up now, before the bear market comes fully out of hibernation.

          • Better look again Coach!

        • I want to add be careful where you buy your silver. We bought miscellaneous sterling jewelry on websites like ebay, yard sales, boutique shops, and the like. Everything looked okay when it came, but a few pieces seemed too clean looking. A magnet stuck. Magnets should only stick to the clasp of a chain, not anywhere else. It sticks to the clasp due to a tiny steel spring required for the clasp mechanism to work. If it does stick to a magnet, the silver is not 925 pure. Out of a box of multiple pieces, only five were junk. They were bought from legitimate folks with decent feedback or well established businesses, not overseas. Though people who sell silver to which a magnet sticks may say that it’s the “other” impurities getting attracted, I can tell you for a fact that smelters, pawn shops, and those who buy metals for a living refuse anything a magnet sticks to.

          • Oh and some were charms and all the ones I’m referring to were stamped .925, Ster, or sterling.

          • If you don’t have a PM test kit and the knowledge to use it BEFORE you buy, you might consider buying only bullion from reputable sources.

            Jewelry making is my hobby and I am rarely fooled, but, even for me there was a couple of close calls where I decided to consult my test kit to be sure. I melt down and repurpose most of the scrap I get.

            Better jewelers and dealers than I have been fooled.

            DON’T TRUST EBAY.

      7. They talk about a billion dollars like its a lot of money. We’ll just print up 80 or so billion every month and bail em all out.


        • Isn’t it ironic that politicians talk about billions as if it is just a paltry amount, until it comes to entitlements,medicare/medicaid, and social security.

          Then, the billions it is costing the fed gov is going to bankrupt the nation……Oh no.. the sky is falling upon the taxpayers, we have to make drastic cuts.

          The next day they are scrambling for legislation for a trillion dollars to bail out Big banks and Wallstreet, and infuse the economy with more corruption dollars thru “green energy’ companies. Wasteful billions to states to piss away on “pet projects” for bridges and roads to nowhere, or the next negra/immigrant college fund.
          What good is a fucking education when there are no jobs to use it in. Go to school for two years so you can flip burgers?

          It’s a freaking racketeering con game in D.C. and the sheeple are the recipients of misfortune.

          • What gets me is they’ll cut funds to elderly and disabled Americans, but they refuse to stop handing billions over for regime changes, arming terrorists and forcing sterilization vaccines on women, and giving cancer-ridden shots to people in all countries.

            They’ll spend billions protecting exxon and monsanto’s interests…

            It’s more important to them to arm rebels to get rid of Assad than to attend to the needs of our own people who have nothing left…like our returning vets.

            This world is so fucked up, I wonder if it’s really WORTH saving.

            • Rather than saving its time for a complete reset. A big Ctrl+Alt+Del is due.

      8. Eh

      9. It’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop.

        Hahaha! Might not need Hillary after all!

      10. First of all the banksters and the organized zio owned reserve cartels won’t lose a damn thing. Did they lose anything in 2008 per so called the melt down? NO, they got richer.

        Just had a very successful hog hunt with my son this past weekend and proud of my 16 yrs son for taking out a 280 lbs’er at 80 yards with a beautiful head shot.

        I am ready now for Black Swan hunt…. enough talk …lets start the hunt. I am tired of the pigs to suck the roots and to leave us the peasants the crap.

        • Cool beans,
          What you folks going to do with the meat?
          Smoked meat!
          Wild boar loin roasted over mesquite!

          • Heu Kula, the farm owner, gave me a recipe to get the wild taste out of the meet. I am going to give it a try. loin marinated 48 hours in brown sugar, Garlic, red wine , salt/pepper and some Tabasco and then roasted over mesquite.

            btw, the land owner only invites selected few to hunt on his land (about 5-6 folks) and most of us give almost half the meet to his right hand man who has a big family living on the farm. He is amazingly fast butchering the hogs.

            • Vinegar, any flavor of your choice….

              • Kula, did a pig in ground at new yard, was great…

            • Good deal, grew up eating wild pig!
              Slow roasted in good

            • Ginger goes well with pork or chicken. Smash it and add it to the marinade. Venigar helps get rid of the wild taste. Pork Vindaloo would be great as well. Great eating. Down here we would be making Andouille sausage.

              • Andouille = Potagee Sausage

                Pig in the ground = kalua…but works the best with big lava river rock and lots a banana leaf..rock salt. Taro leaf. Takes me back to the lu’au’s at grand pa’s house in Pupukea…sigh…

                Live Free or Die…soooo…. ONO!!!

            • To get the gamy flavor out, soak in a mixture of tomatoes in 1c white vinegar, 1gallon pure water. Rinse, rinse, rinse. Then, do it again until it’s tolerable. Works like a dream on swamp buck. Here’s an article my wife wrote on the subject:

              Swampy, gamey meat is often one of the realities of living in a hunting family, but it need not have to be. Here’s a method to reduce the gamey flavor of even an old buck, bear, or mountain goat. Included is a tested soak recipe that is extremely helpful!

              Almost every hunting family has experienced gamey meat. Tough, wild, and musky buck can all but ruin one’s taste for venison. From the elderly, hormone-rich rutty trophy buck to a cow doe who was incorrectly hung or gutted too late, many perfectly good roasts are tossed every year because no one seems to know how to get the gamey flavor out. Though a wild taste is preferred by some, many desire a tender, less-pungent steak. Here’s how to get even rugged bear to have a delicious, mild flavor. For this article, we will describe the correct treatment of venison, but all game meats can be similarly treated to improve flavor.

              A good deal of the odor and undesirable flavor of gamey venison is due to how the meat is prepared initially. Careful, immediate gutting in the field and quick cooling helps immensely. As a rule of thumb, if the area you plan to hang the deer is not as cool as your refrigerator, don’t hang it long. The meat can spoil and develop more of a gamey flavor. As soon as you can remove the hide, it needs to come off. Be sure to remove the inner tenderloin immediately upon hanging, as it can dry out and ruin the best cut of meat.

              Gamey flavor hides in only a few areas on a deer – the blood, the lymphatic system, and the fat. During rut, Hang game quickly. Remove the hide, and get the meat processed as fast as possible. Some meat like the hearty neck muscle, especially on mature bucks, can contain hormones. This meat can be soaked to reduce gamey flavor but is often a popular sausage choice due to the cheater’s method of using spices to mask the undesirable strong taste.

              To create the correct bath to improve the gamey flavor and tough texture, I recommend using large granite ware containers or glass mixing bowls. A plastic dish pan will work if you have a lot of meat to process. You want to set the bath up in the sink so water exchange is easier. Try to remove all viscera, silver skin, lymphatic tissue, and congealed blood from the meat before soaking. I use a brand-new wire grill cleaning brush for this task; it works well. Just be sure to choose a high-quality brush that won’t leave metal bristles in your food.

              In a large bowl, combine a gallon of water, (preferably filtered, spring, or well water,) 1c white vinegar, and a quart of whole tomatoes in juice, or v8, or three cans of diced tomatoes including the water they were canned in. Add your cuts of meat to this bath, as many as can fit at a time while still having enough room for the bath to freely cycle around the meat when stirred. You should soak each batch for fifteen to thirty minutes, stirring on occasion and pulling each chunk out every fifteen minutes to smell them.They will be ready at different rates depending on the cut, thickness, and damage.

              The bath can be re-used for up to three batches within a 45 minute period, but it should be changed at least every 45 minutes or any time it gets too bloody, musky, or cloudy. After soaking the meat for at least fifteen minutes, any viscera left will pull away easily as the acidic vinegar tenderizes the meat. In addition to a noticeable reduction in odor, this is a sign the meat is ready for the next step.

              For more difficult to de-game deer, put the entire cut of meat into a plastic baggie, and add a generous amount of the solution, making sure the entire piece is saturated. They make humongous baggies that are great for this. Refrigerate three to six hours, similar to marinade, rotating the bag every few minutes for even coverage. When the musky smell is gone, usually most of the gamey flavor is gone too.

              Rinse the meat well under running water and transfer to a bowl of clear water with a teaspoon of salt added to soak in the fridge overnight. You will want to plastic wrap the top and make sure your baking soda box in the fridge has recently been replaced. Every two hours, rinse the meat and replace the salted water with fresh. When the meat rinses with little to no color, prepare and store it as usual. The pink color will return somewhat, but the gamey flavor should be gone. Bon appétit.

              • There is a common misconception about “gamey tasting” venison. One that has very little merit, is that a rutting buck tastes more gamey, than say a younger buck that hasn’t reached the age of rutting maturity…hence a yearling/ sometimes a spike or small fork horn.

                The rut can impose a stronger flavor for many reasons though. The main one is that a mature buck that has been rutting heavy for weeks, has not been eating normally and has been relying mostly on stored fats.

                In a good mast year, the fats are mostly stored from the rich proteins in acorns. Acorns are responsible for more of the “gamey’ taste than anything else. So a mature buck harvested before the majority of acorns fall, will be way less gamey/strong tasting. In fact, any experienced hunter will tell you that deer fattened up on corn for a couple months prior to the mast crop falling, will be ten times better tasting, than one that has not been fed any corn or apples.

                Ideally, a hunter should start feeding corn/sweet feed and, or, apples/sugar beets/etc., about mid July (depending upon climate and area) and keep a camera on the feeding area. Mid September or before the major mast fall, one should know the deer coming to the feeding station pretty well and can already have a pick for harvest. It sounds kind of manipulated, but to make sure you are getting the best possible meat, it has to be done this way, unless: one is fortunate enough to live around corn and soybean fields, without many hardwoods nearby. Then it’s down ’em and brown ’em all season.

                In the above comment/piece on preparation of a fresh kill, the process stated, is very critical to make for less gamey tasting meat. Bleeding out of a deer is one of the most overlooked priorities of processing.

                Immediately after locating downed deer, or any big game animal, cut the throat and angle down hill if possible.
                Field dress, and hang up by the hind legs ASAP.
                Riding around in the back of pick up truck for three hours showing off, with hind end elevated doesn’t count.
                Get that blood drained out before the body cools down and the blood congeals.

                Depending upon the outside temp and if a cooler is available, will determine if you should skin out or leave skin on. Leaving skin on with musk glands attached won’t make much difference. Just don’t get knives near glands and then start cutting on meat. Those glands are really strong on a rutting buck and will ruin any meat they touch. I leave the hide on if I expect the temp to rise above 40, because of flies and gnats. Also the outside layer of meat will dry out way too much if hung for three days when skinned out.

                Fat’s where it’s at. Fat holds the strong stuff. Any meat cuts that you are going to freeze and keep for any length of time longer than six months…. get rid of all possible fat. it turns rancid after six months, even in vacum sealed bags in the freezor.

                Deer burger is a definite No-No unless you eat before the six month expiration date. I have eaten burger that was frozen for eighteen months and it didn’t make me sick, but I couldn’t put enough spices in it to rid it of the strong rancid taste. Never again. It is better to freeze whole lean pieces, thaw and grind with fresh added fat or beef tallow for tastier burger.
                Sausage is the same deal.

                Beef and chicken fat start turning at the same rate but we don’t notice it as much because the cows and chickens aren’t eating twigs,briars, and acorns.

                I like to cold age my deer if they are mature animals.

                Two to three days hanging at 32 to 38 degrees is optimal.
                I use frozen jugs of water to place in and around the carcass to make sure temp is cool enough, or else I process into smaller chuncks and hold in refrigerator for a couple to three days to tenderize meat.

                Yearling (not fawns) does or bucks don’t really need that much tenderizing but, every little bit helps.

                Any person that kills a fawn deer, is a piece of dog shit in my book. Dog shit ain’t fit for anything, but tossing into a ditch.

                A person in the early stages of starvation is a different matter, but God is against killing any animal that is possibly still suckling. I have seen big bodied fawns, without spots, still suckling in December.

      11. Omg the sky is falling! Get a grip, take a sip and chilax. If you’re stocked and prepared chill and sit back and watch the show. Better than TV.

        • Yep time to make some popcorn and watch the show.

          • Dangit!

            Three years of food, toilet paper etc. Forgot the dang POPCORN! …it’s always sumthin’

      12. I want to see bankster vermin doing two and a half gainers out of skyscraper windows worldwide. McDonalds is always hiring, scumbags.

        • John A. I offer my helping hands to the vermin’s.

          • I’ll wave the checkered flag at the finish…

      13. The only surprising thing about this latest crisis is that it didn’t happen sooner. The signs are all around including the sign that reads uncharted waters and war directly ahead.

      14. And you can be sure that if you’re feeling right
        A daydream will last long into the night
        Tomorrow at breakfast you may pick up your ears
        Or you may be daydreaming for a thousand years

        What a day for a daydream
        Custom made for a daydreaming boy
        And I’m lost in a daydream
        Dreaming ’bout my bundle of joy

        Lovin Spoonful – Daydream

        • ewww that smell
          cantcha’ smell that smell
          ewww that smell
          the smell of DEBT surrounds yoooouuuu
          lynyrd skynyrd

      15. phyzzz pm invest tip: buy now – this is the global established bottom best price.

        came across a brief note on the phyzzz precious metals gold / silver miner biz blogs today.

        the shuttered gold and silver mines are being awakened brought back online as the cheap oil glut makes mining and processing ore profitable again.

        which tell me they see profits increasing , the market price for pm’s will continue to climb and they are going to try to meet the demand as the price rises to a level they can again do profitable biz in the black annually , instead of just keep shuttering their mines and waiting for the international banker oligarchy manipulated phyzzz pm price to be profitable for them again as some of them have been .

        find financial shelter in phyzz pm’s and look to the far east as the place to sell them when you want to cash out .

        hint: gold at the moment is selling with a added premium of 35% in asia.

        got phyzzz?

        • …so taz…how do you buy PM’s with worthless dollars? And what is that PM worth after you buy it with worthless dollars? Bottom line…these things are temporal. If a reset occurs…better not show off how much yellow rock you got…a fool and his wealth are soon parted.

          Live Free or Die…there something happening here…what it is..ain’t exactly clear

          • huh?

            wow you must have a real high i.q.

            like probly in the 80’s at least i bet.

            lol ;0)

          • Talon,
            There’s something happening here,
            What it is ain’t exactly clear…

            A song from Buffalo Springfield 1967
            A reality today!

      16. Why is it a bad thing that hedge fund companies that produce nothing and benefit virtually no one but themselves go bankrupt from trying to short another country’s currency? I say good riddance. The whole lot of them should have their assets seized and be thrown in a Dungeon under Fort Leavenworth.

        • Amen.

      17. Fights not rights. The page still has bigfingers

      18. Any news on Iowa?

      19. In so many ways, as the great song from the 60’s puts it, “We are on the eve of destruction”.

        YouTube it, the words will speak to you every time. The lyric is universal.

        – Russian soldiers, almost a million, are here, ready to “assist” when Obama declares Martial Law.

        – We ruined God’s perfect food by modifying it genetically.

        – We spray toxic vapors and diseases through chem trails.

        – We praise the foundation that gives free vaccines to girls in Africa that end up sterilizing them.

        – We wage asymetric warfare against Russia which devalued their Ruble by 50%, thus motivating Putin to initiate the rest of the parts of World War III.

        So the stock market will crash, and our currency will collapse.

        Probably by March 1, but since we are in the year of the Shemitah (see the book by Jonathan Cahn) the crash could likely be around September 15th.

        This is all part of God’s punishment of a once Great country that decided to take His name and Prayer out of the public schools, legally permitted 53-million aborted deaths of His children, and puts 213 cable channels and endless idolatrous sports entertainment over and above giving Him one hour a week in worship, as if that were way too much to ask.

        Remember, God cannot protect bad behavior or those who consent to it or who are complicit with it. That is why our country will suffer a crash and currency devaluation.

        Cowardly political correctness silenced people of conscience.

        We got the President we deserved, one whose policies, decisions, and executive orders are all designed to destroy the financial and political infrastructures of a country once protected by God Almighty, a man who is eerily silent when certain factions of Muslims put the heads of Christian boys and girls on sticks.

        Free speech that is Truthful speech must be spoken out against such evil “free violence”.

        To understand Divine wrath, how many of you are parents?

        Now imagine being the Divine Parent and tell me you would NOT send Chastisements to punish your wayward children who have ignored their faith, or, who wage death against all those who will not believe in ‘their’ god.

        Prepping is quite important, but don’t forget the most important one of all: getting right with God each and every day.

        Time is short.

        In God we trust? Or in ‘prepping’ we trust? There is a huge difference.

        Both, arguably, are important, but I fear many have prepped and neglected their prayer life including trusting in the God whose Power makes all nuclear weapons but a speck of dust landing on your shoulders. Ask for His guidance– in all things!

        If the only prepping you can do is to pray, then you have prepped sufficiently, for nothing is impossible with God.

        Look, I am not good at ‘praying’ but I do the best I can. My friends, prepping without praying and getting right with God smacks of idolatry.

        It is not too late for worldwide repentance of all of our sins– no country is blameless. We are all one family but the king of lies has us believing we must wage war – death – destruction – mayhem and chaos against each other, but, nothing could be further from the truth!

        All people everywhere need to get down on their knees, recognize the grip evil has on our world, repent, and ask God for His help.

        The king of lies cannot do anything without a human body to cooperate with him.

        Soon, very soon, an event of untold proportion will unfold for every man, woman, and, child over the age of 7. There will be no doubt after that event that there is a God.

        It is called The Warning.


        It will take place after all people from age 7 on up see a Cross in the sky that will be visible around the entire planet, and then, the Divine Warning will take place during which every person will see her/his soul as God sees it. And because each of us has free will, everyone will then be given a choice: to express repentance and ask for forgiveness, or, to refuse to. I will perhaps detail the other aspects of this at another time.

        It is an event to be welcomed, not feared. It will bring great joy to the faithful but fear to the unrepentant and those aligned with the king of lies whose promises to them are all lies and in whom he has infused with wicked fear. Some will not survive The Warning when they see the state their particular soul is in. Therefore, we must pray for them, and we ourselves must be ready for this Divine event through proper and prayerful preparation and repentance.

        Remember, God is much bigger than any of us as well as any group of evildoers and all the weapons man has ever invented combined!

        But the king of lies wants you to wage war. Why? To destroy your repentance, your trust, your faith in God, through prayer. The king of lies delights when man kills other humans.

        Whatever happens– of all the things we discuss at this site– do not panic, do not have fear, do not worry but instead, have faith = TRUST in God = PRAY, and you WILL be led.

        It would be a real honor for me to meet each and every one of you, if it were possible, including those with whom I have occasionally disagreed. Maybe, in God’s time, that will be possible.

        Regardless, God bless you all.

        Our Father
        Who art in Heaven
        Hallowed be Thy Name
        Thy Kingdom come
        Thy Will be done
        On earth
        As it is in Heaven
        Give us this day
        Our daily bread
        And forgive us our trespasses
        As we forgive those who trespass against us
        And lead us not into temptation
        But deliver us from evil,

        – the Lone Ranger

        • L.R.
          AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!

        • LR,
          Right on brother!
          Prayer is the only truly offensive long range intercontinental and cosmic weapon in our arsenal. The sword of God’s word/Truth is particularly effective in close combat. Train, train, train to become a true warrior, to know how to discern the truth, the times, the moves. Don’t wait until you really need it to take it out of the box and use it. We need to be thoroughly familiarizing ourselves with both our offensive weapons, defensive weapons, and the rest of our equipment. Preparation is everything and time is short.

          From deep in the swamplands, laeagle

        • Lone;And if all that isn’t bad enough? Go to natural news and read the article just released on the 600 aerosols being sprayed on us all!! When is the madness ever going to end????

        • the Lone Ranger,

          Well said. Thank you for posting.

          May God bless and guide you and your family.

        • Well said!! But what is the deal on children under 7 and over 7, I’ve never heard that before?

          • Mark, the age of reason is age 7.

            Everyone from that age on up will have a personal conversation/encounter with Jesus.

            This was prophesied from early in the ’60s and reprophesied in the last several years,

            Ky Mom, thank you, and may God bless you and yours.

            God bless you all!

            – the Lone Ranger

        • There are no Russian soldiers here to back up the HNIC. They’d just as soon gut him like the cold fish that he is. Why you buried that BS in all of the rest of an otherwise great post, I’ll never understand.

      20. My last purchase of Silver / Gold with cash above the $1,500 line to avoid sales tax came with a kicker. You need a drivers license TO BUY precious metals. Some #@*%# about national security. Ammo above so many rounds next? How about a FBI interview because you ordered a case of chili and You do not own a restaurant! When/If SHTF. Sorry folks , but it already hit the fan. Your just waiting for the splatter to hit you.

        • Yup. They want to know where it all is, because it’s gonna be confiscated eventually. In the best interest of the nation, doncha know.

          • A raccoon stole all of my PMs—we all know how they love shiny things…

      21. Logic might tell you that the DOW will take a hit or that the fruit machine is about to pay out but when you can manufacture any figures you like on a compute screen then you will understand why things we are seeing today are not logical and are used to part you from your money.

        International bankers are robbing us blind and no politicans will stand up to them because they are all being blackmailed using child sex crimes or are just taking the bribes.

        • Or they are in bed with the banking cabal

      22. The problem for ordinary people is grasping the thinking that motivates the financial services industry. By instinct, most people are cautious and risk-averse when it comes to money matters. A small number are reckless and high risk: think the ‘drunk uncle’ who likes to gamble etc.

        For people working in the financial services industry, there is no such thing as a crisis or a ‘bad market’, there is only ‘opportunity’. No matter what happens, there is always a way to make money and clean up. Always. And they have been at this game longer, and because they are focused on profit opportunities constantly, no politician or critic can match their knowledge.

        So, while some are sh#tting their pants right now, most in the industry are licking their lips and rubbing their hands in glee: volatility means more money-making opportunities. I shall share an anecdote: I went to a talk by the Black Swan author. Most of the audience was from the biz. They, on the whole, were very good looking, very well dressed, very healthy – and rich. Alphas on the whole. The author presented his thesis, which made lefties go tut-tut and shake their heads, but the people from the industry just laughed and shared jokes. Just a different attitude to money and wealth. The general public do not get it.

        • No, they do not get it. Too alien for decent folks.

          Young hotshots in finance are not unlike the young unemployed “urbanites” who rip off convenience stores and play “knockout”. Excess testosterone, heavy on the sociopath genes. (BTW it turns out that there IS a sociopath gene.)

        • Correct. Housing bust was a time when they would have had to pay the piper. Instead, they asked the next caste down, the government, to get the money for them. So, until today, this upper crust cannot lose; so, of course they laugh. Government caste is becoming more and more powerful; so, future looks GREAT for the elites.

      23. The sky has been falling for a long time stop trying to predict economic collapse there is money out there nowadays to be made who cares about the lazy poor folks. The economy is well established and it’s not gonna go away people will carry more debt that is all. There will still be $ loaned to people in debt if not they won’t spend and if too many folks not spending then its over but it’s not uncommon for people to carry debt these days it’s normal the banks will keep loaning $ as long as they pay the min amount they can do this their whole life . I know people who live without electric because they didn’t pay the bill and it got turned off they were on a payment plan and couldn’t keep up with that either so power was cut off and they live just fine just go to work and come home to sleep so never home why do they need electric. If they kept the min payment on the plan they would still have electric. What about these deals for tax relief they have .call us and we will settle your debt for half the$ this is what I should do why am I paying full price. hold out like you can’t afford it and they will offer deals to settle for less $ just to get something . Besides they can print more $ then the economy will never collapse. Now a days it’s all about the art of making deals this is where it’s at. The Obama administration don’t know how to make a deal that is why nothing gets done.

      24. I don’t thin the economy is gonna collapse any more really we have a better chance at natural disasters happening . Besides if the economy did collapse people are not gonna die they will start a new payment system which most likely will be better than what we got now. Goods and services will flow no matter what. Even after the bomb falls. Folks will want to rebuild this is what always happens after wars and disasters. Why would that stop happening . It’s the folks who want to hold on to the past and truly believe they are self reliant and need no outside help. There is not enough game for every one to hunt and survive off that this will not happen tv has glamorized subsistence living like it is the only way to live we do not live in a tribe in some nation no one even heard of. We are modern folks with tender feet and hands we are not hearty like the pioneers and 99 percent of people are not motivated to live a harsh life and die young for it too. If this was the way to live why are the Amish kids trying to leave this wonderful lifestyle. You can’t go backwards in lifestyle you move forward period or everyone else leaves you behind .

      25. and yet another outbreak

        Avian flu found in ducks, chickens, geese near Port Angeles


        there will be hell to pay when this gets into the large commercial farms

        around here the low grade hamburger goes on “sale” for $4 a lb
        I won’t mention the prices of the better grades of beef
        just use your imagination

        if the avian flu takes hold in this country the price of chicken may very well skyrocket
        people may be too afraid to risk eating it

        rock and a hard place

      26. i LiKE Me gOd daMm DruNk uNclE.

      27. Good Golly Miss Molly; it will not crash, collapse, black swan, or whatever you wish to call it, until the powerbrokers in the little backroom say it will. Speculation is fine, calculated thinking on the events happening ok, but still it not going to happen before the backroom says. The up come event has been talked to death, with option after option given. It’s still turning and will till the brakes are applied and what will may trigger it is anyone’s guess. So I ask everyone to truly live (the way you think it’s going to be) like it’s all over as best you can right now and you’ll be glad you did. I heard a good saying the other day; “It’s not the mountain you face that wears you down, it’s the grain of sand in your shoe that does,”
        Thanks are to the author of that saying.

      28. Looks like the Swiss are seeing the writing on the wall, eh. Returning to their policies of fortified financial independence. Good for them…just hope our leaders have the balls to do a little reading of their own, but I fear it’s too late for us…needle is just too deep in the arm to pull out now. Forget the terrorists, as it’s our federal financial policies that are our largest threats to national security.

      29. just a reminder
        Rayovac alkaline batteries still available for a 45% discount
        at the Rayovac site

        promo code is birthday

      30. When the dollar is not used for oil anymore, and countries get out of the dollar. Then we will know all these bumps in the road we hit now are just bumps. The road will drop out from under us when the dollar is no longer the world reserve currency.

        • And we just had to keep throwing our weight around, until the rest of the world got tired of propping us up…now, we fall.

      31. Nah, the decoupling of the Franc to the Euro by the Swiss isn’t going to destroy the financial markets. All it does is put a monetary moat around Switzerland…particularly Basel Switzerland, home of the Bank of International Settlements….the Federal Reserve’s bank.

        Switzerland now becomes the “Kings” country…..i.e. you must be in the 1% to gain entry.

        • My thoughts exactly! I know the international system and work with these folks (as the Prez would say) and they always throw up the moat to protect themselves when the shtf starts. This was a protection move for the elite. Switzerland is home to the upper control agencies of the global system (the BIS, UN etc.): the last thing they want is to get poorer and not be able to afford to send Fifi to her finishing school/private academy next year. I think we will start seeing the ‘friendly states’ to the global order making their moves to get out of the currency lock-in before massive devaluation starts. My personal theory is it will begin with Japan. Japan, while mired in debt and deflation, is an awesome innovation and manufacturing machine. If they drop the yen good and hard, we will all end up driving Japanese cars and using Japanese-made electronic toys again (think robots, robots, robots). The Japanese can afford to do this because most of their people are comfortable being Japanese and are not going to leave in droves. As for labour shortages, the Japs can loosen things up to let in favoured Asian folks (there is the Prez again!) to boost the workforce. Knowing how the Japanese think, it will be only from the communities with the prettiest women.

          • @Frank,

            I totally agree with you. I think though the issue that prompted this was that the European oligarchs finally realized they have lost control of Europe.

            Their social policy of “just paying the immigrants in order to keep the peace” didn’t work. Ironically, it ended up providing operational seed money for all the mayhem.

            Combine this with Obama’s non-interventionist policy and European leaders have realized that they have to increase security (military) to rid themselves of the immigrant terrorism nightmare….and that means ECB printing money….the likes of which hasn’t been seen before. Of course, this will devalue the Euro immensely.

            Switzerland is now the European oligarch’s safe-haven. The elite will wait it out there. Europe is gonna be a mess for a long, long while.

            • I agree again! It is going to be hairy as they try to quietly hoof out of Europe hundreds of thousands of jihadis-in-training (lots of work for those Russian companies with the world’s biggest plane!). G4S and other security companies are going to mint it (invest in them if you want to make a fortune; also invest in anything to do with RFID tracking and ‘scum-mapping’ Islamo-dirt bags).

              I think France and the UK have the biggest problem. The Scandis and the Germans know how to do mass removals if they just reach deep into their cultural memory banks. The human rights lobby in the UK and France will make a lot of noise.

      32. I read this the other day in a comment section about a story of the ACA Obama care issues

        well the comment-er said his taxes always came out to zero ,, zero he was owed, zero he had to pay .. a 0 on tax day ..its doable ive done it so I know it happens or can be figured out especially if you make the same every year and nothing changes

        so his comment went like this .. he owes 81$ this year,, and said if he doesnt get obama care next year he will be owing 2500$
        why are we putting up with this shit folks?

      33. wanna know how fucked up this world is?

        people are bitching about a fake baby used in the movie American Sniper..but not bitching enough about the FAKE president we have in DC!!!

        • Enemy…Do you mean; fake PRESIDENTSSSSS? Excluding JFK.

      34. Wait until the stock market hits the stops and trade halts.

        Is it still a 500 point drop?

      35. Any and all laws passed since Obamas been in office are null in void until we all see proof of his eligibility and proof he is who he says he is // people we dont have to put up with this shit , and we dont have to abide by the rulers game .. if he cant prove it , than nothing he has created in government is valid

        besides his actions are anti american and anti constitutional so I say we all collectively say F-U obama we aint gonna do it ,, lets see how they like that

        • Folks no sense in debating political figure-heads as dating back to Ancient Biblical times, God has given his people the leader they deserved…
          Heck, even when God himself was standing before us, we collectively shunned him and clammored for, “BARRABBAS!!” As he’s always done, and continues to do, God honors our free will.
          Point being, you could drum up the most charming, loyal, family friendly, Constitutional loving man on the planet, and when put before us, we’d all collectively yell “OBAMA!!”
          We’re getting the leader(s) we collectively deserve.
          -Abortion on demand
          -Pornography in majority of homes
          -Homosexual marriage ratified in many states
          -No respect for life
          -Divorce & broken homes
          -Incessant and never ending wars that have no basis in fact.
          -Corruption at every level in every facet of society
          -…Fill in the blank America!

          My point, quit pointing the finger at our illegitimate President (although I agree with your points EOTS), you’re missing the FAR bigger picture here and that is America has rejected God and his principles and now we reap what we sow. While Obama may not be a direct reflection of you & I in the mirror, he is the COLLECTIVE reflection of the USA…How repugnant we’ve become as a nation.
          The Good News is, all we have to do is REPENT of our ways and turn away from them and back to God…The Author & Creator of life…
          Do you believe we’ll do that?

          • say what you will
            I , ME NEVER VOTED FOR HIM .. so as far as your “collectively yelling Obama” your not talking about me one bit .. i had this assholes agenda down way before he even ran

            none of this shit has anything to do with what I wanted for my country

            -Abortion on demand
            -Pornography in majority of homes
            -Homosexual marriage ratified in many states
            -No respect for life
            -Divorce & broken homes
            -Incessant and never ending wars that have no basis in fact.
            -Corruption at every level in every facet of society
            -…Fill in the blank America!

            and no Im not missing the bigger picture .. the big picture is were fucked if we dont stand up for ourselfs and kick this bastard down the hall and put his ineligible ass in prison

            I also never gave up on MY GOD

            I really dont have a clue what every other sucker is going to do, all I know is what im going to do ,, or not do in this case

            • gave you a thumbs up, because there is a lot of what you say that has merit to many other people that have become sheep

            • here here so true.

            • here here so true.

      36. sorry I know its OT..but this ass hat needs to be taken down a notch or two

        Michael Moore was eligible for military service in 1972,there was still a draft, the Vietnam war was still going on and he was in Canada at the time.Only a short drive from flint.So let me get this right,A man goes to war and is trained to support his platoon by covering their movements from a strategic location is a Coward because he served his country,But this clown (Michael Moore) dodges the draft, does NOT serve the country that has given him the freedom to be such a waste of air and he is the Authority on what makes a man a coward?? NO Moore..No More

        • I have but one thing to say about the CANDY ASS Michael Moore FU~K HIM AND THE SWAY-BACK LIBERAL HORSE HE RODE IN ON! Fifty-Eight Thousand names of my Brothers-in-Arms on a black granite wall along with a few Thousand more will PISS on him when he walks by, when his time comes.

          • are you just as mad at the politicians who
            start all these useless wars ??????

            • I am

        • the Viet Nam war was based on a LIE

          why should anyone have went to fight there ?????

          what did General Smedley Butler say about war ????

          we were warned many many years ago

          • very good points Satori

            i was just pointing out how hes such a hypocrite, and that many did die for the bullshit reasons ..yet he thinks hes better than us all and he has no concept of what this man is, was or ever would have been

          • I said it in 1972 and I’ll say it now, Me and my sons aren’t giong to fight in any war we can’t walk to!

            • well , it seems you will get your wish than.. we have a war and its started here.. within walking distance

          • Satori: All wars are based on lie’s. With the draft going would you have went to Canada when called? As for WWII we should have not entered it also? You get drafted, you volunteer it does not matter you fight for the man beside you not the ones that send you. Your comments tell me you can not be counted on to fight beside. You don’t like it tough shit dude.

            • I will serve my country without hesitation

              I will NOT serve a corrupt government

              and I will not be cannon fodder for that government

              under ANY circumstances

              and this ” you fight for the man beside you not the ones that send you”

              is the bull shit thinking that they use to get you to go

              time and time again


              because propaganda works

              wave the flag,eat some government bought apple pie
              and prepare to lose your life for nothing

      37. There are two sections of The Federalist Papers that deal with the Supremacy Clause. In Federalist No. 33, Alexander Hamilton argues that the Supremacy Clause is simply an assurance that the government’s powers can be properly executed, saying that a law itself implies supremacy, and without supremacy it would amount to nothing.

        meaning .. if we the people do not abide by it, it cannot be enforced or forced upon us.. time to fucking stand the hell up!

        • the supremacy clause does not allow them to make a law that goes against our Constitutional rights

          Its high time we make a list of the shit this jackass in office has pushed upon us since he took office and wipe it all off the books ,, He is null and Void

          • Enemy, You have commited a serious offense against the lowly Jackass! :-))

          • The constitution is only a piece of paper…. is the president calls for Marshall law the constitution is suspended….. then the small arms treaty which passed Dec 24th can go into effect

            • but dont think for one second that this would be over,, that would start a shit storm ,,or we could only hope it would

      38. These people know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Oscar Wild.

      39. I still don’t know where your gonna be trading this gold at when the shtf….. you think your taking your gold to trade with who? And what will all the killers be doing while your walking around with gold…… get real

      40. Dorothy and the rest of the American sheeple can ALWAYS get back home BY surrounding the Federal Reserve & its attack dog’s (CIA, NSA, DHS, The Pentagon, DEA, FCC, FDA…….did I miss any crony outlets???) headquarters with MILLIONS of PISSED OFF citizens with pitchforks or worse!

        Send the crony bastards running for their useless, pitiful lives. Then We The People will have TAKEN BACK OUR GOVERNMENT!!

        @RebelEyes1776 on twitter

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