A Cataclysm Awaits Us: Experts Warn Of “Worst Case Scenarios” Unfolding With “Danger Zone” From Summer Through November

by | May 29, 2017 | Headline News | 84 comments

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    This report was originally published by Stefan Stanford at AllNewsPipeline.com


    These Staggering Facts Prove A Cataclysm Awaits Us – Experts Warn Of ‘Worst Case Scenarios’ Unfolding With ‘Danger Zone’ From Summer Through November

    According to Saturday’s story from ‘Tyler Durden’ over at Zero Hedge, nearly 1 out of every 4 American adults are unable to pay their monthly bills in full with 25% of adults skipping medical treatments due to their expense while 28% of US adults have no retirement savings or pensions at all. Reporting also that 44% of American adults would be unable to pay an unexpected expense of $400 such as a car repair and would either have to borrow more money and go further into debt or sell something in order to meet such an expense, we take a look within this story at the very real human cost of the financial cataclysm that awaits humanity.

    With former Ronald Reagan Director of the Office on Management and Budget David Stockman recently warning Greg Hunter at USAWatchdog that a ‘fiscal bloodbath and market crash’ is about to occur, we see that such a ‘crash’ brings along with it homelessness, hopelessness, drug abuse, suicide and crime waves as people do whatever they need to do to survive. With every economic travesty comes great human sufferering and tragedy. And with expert after expert warning of danger ahead in the high stakes world of finance, the average American should prepare themselves for what it will be like to live without a house or a car or job should those worst case scenarios we’re now being warned about unfold.


    While Stockman believes this ‘bloodbath’ will likely occur between August and November of 2017, we’ll remind you that ANP doesn’t like to put exact dates on future events that are out of our own control. Though all things seem to be aligning politically, socially and economically for ‘an event’ as detailed within this story, it’s impossible to estimate the coming cost of human suffering as a result of the impending financial cataclysm. First, from Mac Slavo over at SHTFPlan:

    As time goes on, it’s becoming abundantly clear that Trump isn’t going to be able to prevent a major financial crisis in this country. Depending on your beliefs, that’s either because he’s inept in some way, or because he’s being hamstrung by a political system that’s determined to keep our nation on the same unsustainable path. Whatever the case may be, it seems that there is no way that we can change course at this point. We’re headed for a financial crisis, and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

    That’s also the opinion of David Stockman, a former Congressman and director of the Office of Management and Budget under Ronald Reagan. In this interview with USA Watchdog, he reveals why the market rally that broke out after the last election, “was the greatest sucker’s rally we have ever seen.” He also explains why the economy could go off the rails this year, after our government endures a major budgetary crisis.

    Earlier this month our government avoided a shutdown, because Trump decided to sign Congress’s $1.2 trillion spending bill. In effect, he postponed a serious fight with Congress for later this year.

    On May 2nd he tweeted “Our country needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September to fix mess!” So clearly, next time he’s going to be a lot less compromising in his efforts to change the budget. That’s going to spawn a fight over the budget between Trump and both political parities, and according to Stockman, that’s when the next wave of our financial collapse is going to arrive.

    “There will be no bid for the stock once the panic sets in. We’re going to hit an air pocket. The S&P 500 is going to drop by hundreds and hundreds of points sometime over the next few months as we drift into this unexpected crisis. . . .

    I would target sometime between August and November because that’s when the rubber is going to meet the road on a debt ceiling increase when they are out of cash. Washington is going to end up in vicious political conflict over what to do about the debt ceiling. . . . It is going to be one giant fiscal bloodbath the likes of which we have never seen.”


    In this new story from JD Heyes over at Natural News it’s reported that most Americans don’t believe what is now happening in Venezuela could ever happen here. With the failed socialist nation witnessing a 99.5% collapse in the value of their currency within a relatively short period of time, the wise understand that Venezuela is a dire warning to America should the worst case scenarios Stockman warns us of unfold here.

    As we see detailed below, Americans are already in record levels of debt – how many are prepared to ‘ride out’ here what is happening already there? As we’ve reported, the human cost of what is now happening in Venezuela is staggering with Venezuelans starving in the streets as the nation moves towards civil war. From the Natural News story.:

    Miguel Torres, the one-time spy chief for Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, has broken with the current government. He sees major trouble ahead — even civil war — if nothing changes and the already massive protests spread even further to the poorer, generally pro-Chavez countryside.

    “What is happening may be the starting point for a huge armed confrontation between Venezuelans,” he told Reuters. “Nobody wants that.”

    Unfortunately, far too many Americans living in deep blue states and who were enamored with the presidential candidacy of socialist U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., would favor exactly the kind of government that is destroying Venezuela and has left other countries like Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador and others in desperate poverty.

    If that form of government ever takes hold, it would not only be an economic disaster for the world, since the U.S. dollar is the globe’s reserve currency, it would doom generations of Americans to the same hopelessness and endless cycles of poverty and desperation being seen now in Venezuela and other socialist governments.

    Anyone who seriously believes that America’s currency would not undergo a catastrophic, deadly collapse under socialist government is no serious student of history. The evidence proving otherwise abounds.


    According to this new story over at My Budget 360, household debt for Americans has now surpassed even the record levels that were reached during the 2008 ‘great recession’ with debt spending keeping the economy afloat while Americans leverage future income on buying material items today while believing the financial situation in America won’t be changing for the worse.

    Warning us that people are living beyond their means and the banks are once again ‘gaming the system’, they report what is most problematic is that much of the debt increase is coming from student loans, auto debt, and credit cards at a time when even The Week recently reported America is going through a ‘retail apocalypse’. From My Budget 360.:

    This is critical to understand here. Housing debt is actually down from the previous peak by $910 billion. However non-housing debt is up $950 billion. This is even more problematic for wealth building for Americans since most derive their net worth from home equity if they do own. We have broken down why most Americans are too broke to buy a home.

    The massive growth in non-housing debt is based on items that don’t build equity. Auto loans definitely do not help and credit cards essentially spend out future income. Going to college is good but at what cost?

    This shift from housing to non-housing debt just means the solvency crisis of this upcoming correction is going to look different. This debt spending is simply a continuation from the last crisis where the middle class is trying to cling onto their lifestyle by spending money they do not have.

    A new record in debt brought on by items that don’t inherently build equity. This is going to go well.


    We also see that all things are aligning socially and politically for what could be a very difficult summer according to this recent story from Paul Joseph Watson over at Infowars who reports police departments across the country are now stocking up on riot gear for what they believe may turn into a summer of rage. In another recent Infowars story we learn that mass nationwide anti-Trump riots are being planned for July 2nd in which “militant leftists are allegedly hoping to overthrow Trump” as Watson also reports in the 3rd video below.

    With the failing establishment media ‘fanning the flames’ of rebellion by continuously reporting upon President Trump as being ‘illegitimate’, we see in this May 17th story from Michael Snyder over at his Economic Collapse Blog that while impeachment talk reached a fever pitch on Capitol Hill recently, the Dow plunged 372 points, showing us a direct correlation between US politics and the markets. And with even more US retailers now preparing to declare bankruptcy, putting even more Americans out of work, even more people may take to the streets.

    In the first video below, videographer ‘Realist News’ discusses the recent Zero Hedge story sharing with us that nearly 25% of Americans are unable to pay their monthly bills as they continue to go into more and more debt. And as our same videographer shares with us in the 2nd video, tens of millions of Americans have ALREADY slipped through the cracks of the globalists economy that has wreaked havoc upon America, shipping good paying jobs overseas while here in the US, some American workers last tasks on their jobs are training the illegal immigrants who’ll be replacing them.

    With tens of millions of Americans already suffering from the downturn that the globalist economy has brought to America, what’s going to happen to the average American, those who are living day to day and paycheck to paycheck, when a grave financial cataclysm take place here in the US and/or globally such as the experts are warning us about?

    As ANP friend Steve Quayle recently mentioned to us, it’s time that we have a reality based discussion about these worst case scenarios that should they come to fruition, could catastrophically change the lives of nearly every person living here.

    This report was originally published by Stefan Stanford at AllNewsPipeline.com


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      1. It is about time!

        • Finally!

        • “…most Americans don’t believe what is now happening in Venezuela could ever happen here.”

          It would have started here had Hillary been elected, culiminating in a hard core Alinsky-Socialist regime. The current crisis in Venezuela took a couple of decades to mature.

          While it could eventually happen here, TRUMP’S election to the Oval Office is a game changer. That, and the fact that Americans are armed to the teeth and know when to shoot and who to shoot.

          Engage the status quo politically now, or be forced to engage them militarily down the road when the next NWO Candidate is elected POTUS if you want to keep your Freedoms.

          Its your choice. 🙂

      2. I have been waiting 40 years, geeze.

        • “we see that such a ‘crash’ brings along with it homelessness, hopelessness, drug abuse, suicide and crime waves as people do whatever they need to do to survive. ”

          This guy lost me at this point in the opening. This concept is utter fucking nonsense and exactly why we are in deep shit today. Americans have become incredibly weak and willing to buy into this kind of crap as a giant excuse. I had ti stick a needle in my arm because life was unfair ? This is snowflake thinking at it s height. Worhtless article

          Also the next event of protest/riot/violence will be in Portland Oregon next weekend June 4. All the major players will be there from Kawleefonrya and across the nation. Antifa/BAMN/BLM/John Brown militia and Black Bloc. Also Stickman and at last 60 Trump supporters from the last Berkley event and all the regular liberty groups out of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. I guarantee there will be violence because the left has made that completely clear. But there will also be many arrest by DHS who is already making their presence known and will have agents on the ground. They have stated that anybody burning or destroying property during the event will be arrested and prosecuted as an act of terror under a federal charge ! So we shall see who is who in this zoo next Sunday. PPD has said they will arrest all parties in any physical altercation, both perpetrator and victim. which of course is quite illegal and is simply a way to tell people they are not going to allow anybody to defend themselves if attacked. So I imagine there will be some serious kickback and arrests and law suits that will set the stage for how the rest of the Summer plays out. Portland Oregon is about equal to Sweden or Norway or London, maybe Berkley in their rationale.

          I believe we may see the feds sue the municipality of Portland for various bad acts and not being aggressive in their arrests of the perps. When was the last time you saw any liberty type or any Trump supporters burning up anything and breaking windows and throwing large objects randomly ? It will end up in numerous legal battles because the feds seem to be drawing a line and deliberately changing the BHO paradigms of patriots are potential terrorist when the real terrorist are obviously left wing fascist ! Hopefully a bunch will get arrested for terror acts. But PPD may screw it up because they are not known to chase after any of these perps and they easily get away via their hit and run tactics. Just another way to screw with Trump, defy the new DHS and DOJ and try to bully the patriot groups. What they don’t know is there is a surprise at the end of this rainbow !

      3. The 2nd rider of the Apocalypse is saddling up.

      4. Anyone thinking that the hard left power brokers like Soros don’t have things planned all summer is clueless; the left still thinks it can sink Trump’s presidency and they’re going to do everything thay can to ensure that.

        I would put money down today that this summer sees some violence in many major cities, the dow dropping 10% minimum as it looks like the fed isn’t going to carry the economy like they did for Obama and serious military attacks in the middle east or on north korea.

        I’d put the next recession starting this summer at 50%.

        • Lena, your guesses are as good as anyone else’s. Personally I think nothing is ever going to happen.

        • With the world most powerful Military Complex and the money printing presses. The beat goes on. Im beginning to think this will never happen in my life time. Lits of room for more error and destruction. Pillage and plunder till the last man is standing. Game on. Git ya some of dat.

        • Lena, agreed. But we’ve already been in a recession since 2008. Going to be a long hot summer.

        • Democrats are colluding with the media to create chaos

          “They want to completely obliterate any sense that the Trump administration is making any progress on nothing.”
          -Zero hedge

          George Soros is like the head of the snake, shaping the news…

          “George Soros spends over $48 million in over 30 major news organizations, serving on the boards of the groups he funds.”

          “Every month, reporters, writers and bloggers at the many media outlets Soros funds, easily reach more than 330 million people around the globe.”
          -News Busters

        • The Socialists will destroy what’s left of this country. When the sh*t hits the fan the Socialists will deserve what they get. I have no pity for them. I h*te them!!!!!!!!

          • I like how you put an asterisk so you don’t spell hate fully. Kind of like saying F*ck. Except hate isn’t a bad work like f*ck is. lol

            • “I hate them with a perfect hate.” Interesting how the commies have managed to make “hate” the new “N-Word.”

      5. “I’d put the next recession starting this summer at 50%.”

        Depression not recession. I welcome it. Most all the people this article talks about are Democrats. The fewer of them the better off the entire world will be.

        • rellik

          “Depression not recession. I welcome it.”

          With the poverty it brings why do you welcome it?

          • K2
            I already live in relative poverty( based on my meager income) and a depression will only make my situation better. Inflation is a real killer when you have a safe, stable, but fixed income. I hate inflation of any amount! My home is way over valued, it keeps going up, so they tax the shit out of me. I’m debt free and have most everything I need to survive fairly well. I may have to give up beer, but that is easy.
            My biggest threat is from Democrats and anything that hurts them is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.
            Does that answer your question?

            • Once more rellik, the volcanic idiot spouts forth his selfish ignorance. It’s all about me, my, I, with you isn’t?

              So you have a meager income and want everyone to suffer because of financial mistakes you made earlier in your life…oh you poor little boy. I bet you drink alone too.

              • Anonymous, wtf is your problem?

              • Anonymous says,
                You don’t seem to get it. I didn’t make any financial mistakes. I retired several years ago at age 55. Everyone will not suffer in a depression. In an inflation everyone does. The Democrat dead beats you and I support with our taxes will have problems in a depression. If your 2 million dollar 401K drops to 1 million you’ll be OK. The POS living off welfare, whose kids get free food at school, and are driving a $60,000 diesel 4WD are the targets of my comments. As for the “WE” I long ago gave up on this “we are all in this together”, when Eric Holder talked about “his” people, that lost it for me.
                Selfish, no, you can’t make that claim about my ideas. Self defense is my focus.
                Have a good Memorial day, A lot of people died so we could be free to do what we do.

                • Rellik, damn good points. I understood your posts perfectly well, especially about the ‘we’re all in this together’ shit. I’m an individual and I’m not in anything with any mofo. It’s all I can do to keep me and mine alive. I also hate the freeloaders you mentioned. Sunday I was in a Kroger picking up more cases of bottled water for the stash when I came across a spic woman with two carts fully loaded, 4 kids, and of course the ever-present EBT card. And she loaded of her groceries into what looked like a new GMC Yukon. All on my tax dollars and I can’t even get a stinkin car loan. I also agree anonymous doesn’t have 2 brain cells to put together. He needs to STFU.

              • How do you know anybody made financial mistakes ? Sometimes something as simple as a divorce can seriously harm people financially here in USA thru no fault of their own, simply someone else’s greed ! And our government goes right along with the crimes and helps create them. Gotta keep those lawyers and judges fat and happy !

                You are being a bit judgmental here ?

              • He merely believes that, like most of working class America, he can’t afford to carry the government funded parasites that live off other’s pay and refuse to work. A crash would take their entitlement away and force them to work like the rest of us.

        • Good luck rellik, I hope you get your Armageddon ?

          • Gandhi,
            I’m somewhat prepared for “Armageddon”. It is the Democrat run government that I don’t have the tools to fight off. As I said earlier, my biggest threat is from Democrats and anything that hurts them is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

          • Hey Gandi. Read what Gandi’s son said and what happened to him. It’s hard to believe?

          • Gandhi, we ALL have Armageddon coming whether we want it or not, so WTF is your point?

      6. Prediction number 5000 for economic or social collapse. What about all the predictions over the last 10 to 15 years. All these “experts” touting themselves to be prophets, or have inside knowledge, or have some type of special understanding. They were absolutely certain, even showing “proof”, only to set another date, then another, then another…… It has become laughable. Although, if one makes predictions often enough, and long enough, statistically they are bound to hit the target al least once.
        I am not saying an economic or collapse or social chaos cannot happen, (I’m even a prepper) but nobody knows how or when, regardless of their credentials, no matter how well one makes a case in their articles. We’ve seen added to the mix of predictions imminent global starvation, civil war, revolution, nuclear war, asteroids strikes on the earth, pole shifts, EMP’s, Chinese army invasions, Ebola pandemics, etc. Each prediction more dire than the last.
        Some of the posts to these articles have been equally absurd; like they’ll just shoot it out, or live off the land, or they were so badass nothing could happen to them. Some have even written they want devastation, death, and mass misery. These type articles pander to what many want to read. Why would any rational person keep giving these so-called prophets any credibility? It is because they want to believe the message being offered.

        • Mr. Bill
          “Some have even written they want devastation, death, and mass misery.” I have a very specific and well known dislike of Democrats and Moslems. Devastation, death, and mass misery is what they cause. Do not think I wish this upon the entire world. I only wish that fate for them, a fate of devastation, death, and mass misery, they have earned it.

          • rellik

            “Devastation, death, and mass misery is what they cause.”

            Do you equate any of the US decline to the industrial evisceration complements of Free Trade that came out of the Neo-Conservative right abet aided by (but not planned and facilitated) Bill Clinton? The useless, and extremely expensive bankrupting wars are out of their think tank / agenda too.

            • I blame the people that made the 16th and 17th amendments to the constitution. I think they were Republicans. I hope they are rotting in hell.

          • Thanks rellik, I share the same dislikes as you, and don’t mind if people disagree with me, only that they just be clear-headed. Though Christ said “you reap what you sow”, this isn’t necessarily a divine statement, it is also a natural law. I don’t fully understand why this principle works or how it works, but can absolutely say through experience and observation that is does work. These vile people may think they are different or smarter or have great power, but while they inflict others they ultimately plant the seeds of their own destruction.

            • My life experience of many matters and years has not shown me that at all. The criminals many times live quite well and get away with any deed the commit. Realize the worse criminals on the planet are American politicians, lawyers, judges and bureaucrats ! How many millions of people have they deliberately harmed seriously or killed ?

              I wish what you say were true, but it clearly is not even close !

          • Yes, the left deserve all they get. They are weak anyway.

        • Personally, I fear irradiated ants growing to the size of Winnebago’s. “THEM” 1954 cult classic.

          • Mull,the movie Them is awesome as a kid,saw it on late night tv early 70’s,creeped me out back then!Reptilicus from the early 60’s also a great for it’s time film.

            Done right,Them and Attack Of The Mushroom People would make awesome remakes!

            • Day of the Triffids.

            • oh no, Warchild– no remake for “THEM”. No one could do it any better.

              My fav new years eve movie of all time.

              ants were fascinating creatures after I was terrified by that movie

        • I dont believe any of it, am just sick of assholes like you!??

      7. Ways to prevent homelessness.

        1. Ignore the people who laugh at you for living in your parent’s basement.

        2. Work while going to college and pay as you go.

        3. Have a specific job in mind that you know is in demand. Get in touch with the Company you will work for after you graduate. Have a relationship with your company’s human resources department and keep them informed as to your desire to work for them, and your high grades and accomplishments that will make you a valuable asset for them when they hire you.

        4. Hold your tongue. If your boss or coworkers are intolerable and you can’t stand them, don’t make yourself feel better for a minute by telling them off and quitting. Go home, take out your resume, update it and start looking for another job. Employers prefer to hire someone who is already working. Make interviews for days off or call in sick. When you talk to a potential new company don’t trash your present company. Just say it is not a good fit for you and you want a better position where you can use your skills.

        5. Get written letters of recommendation before you leave a job. Try to get the high ups to write recommendations for you. Take them with you to the job interview.

        6. Take a Thank You Card with you. After the interview send an e-mail thank you. Drop the physical Thank You Card into snail mail immediately. Make sure to get a card from your interviewer and spell his or her name correctly. Make some comment on the card that will put a smile on the interviewer’s face.

        7. Be sure to keep up a good rapport with human resources after you are hired. Some women like flowers others would rather have chocolate. All people want to be appreciated.

        8. Show up 15 minutes early every day. Come back from lunch break early and make sure you use the bathroom while on break. Stopping work to use the bathroom should be avoided. Personal phone calls should be avoided even if they are allowed. Go somewhere where you can talk without being overheard. Separate personal from work. Don’t tell coworkers your business.

        9. Save up for a home while living with parents. You should be well established in your job or profession and be able to buy a property outright or have a substantial down payment. The value of one’s property should not exceed your income unless you save up while at home. Loan payments ie mortgages should be equal to or less than one week’s salary.


        • B from CA, spoken like a true coward. Good advice for snowflakes and antifa. May you live in your parents basement forever. Live long and prosper.

          • Gandhi, why are you calling B from CA a coward? I thought he gave some damn good advice for the kids.

          • Gandi,
            You’re off base with your criticism of B from CA. He/She offered some good advice. Re-think your criticism.

        • B from CA,

          Good and practical advice!

        • Excellent. Thanks.

        • Disagree with you B from CA. You will never be unemployed working for yourself. Everybody else can lay you off in a nano second for no reason no matter how much sucking up to your boss you do. Screw all of that BS slave, BS worker Bee kiss ass concept. Be smarter than everybody else and go work for yourself, be independent and tell everybody else to go fuck off. You don’t need to kiss anybody ass in this world. Get your own business started and go make some money on your own time. You will never get rich by working for anybody else. Its a big waste of your time and energy. I’ve been self employed 27 years, and Kissing ass gets you no where but under some supervisors control to milk all your resources dry. Go find your own niche in this world and work your ass off building up your own customer base. And btw/ Half of your customer base is a pain in the ass, the most time wasting customers pay the least, so get rid of the lower tier customers. Not worth it. They too will waste your time and energy. Then focus and concentrate on this upper 50% of your client base and work those who will make you money.

          BTW/ I was out of the house when I was 18 years old and never looked back, or lived in Mommas basement like a snowflake useless eater as you are trying to tell other people to do. Grow some balls and whip the world in to the putty in your hand. Be a leader not some schlep kiss ass momma basement dweller follower for fucks sake punching a clock and worrying about pissing during your lunch our. WTF??? That is so pathetic. Be your own boss and take 3 days off in the middle of the week and go do some traveling all over the world when ever you want, because you are the Boss.

          • That was a bold call to action for the younger generation: thank you!

            I am also sick to death of two things: the whiners stuck in their parent’s basements who are waiting for the government to create a job for them; and the kiss-ass losers who tell people to be some manager’s ‘bitch’ and ‘slave’.

            I have run my own business since the early 1990s and it has been amazing: amazing work, amazing travel, amazing people. And I am not anyone’s ‘bitch’. I take holidays when I want, I work when I want.

            And you are right about getting wealthy. If you kow-tow to others, then you are livng their dream, not yours. They will make you do what they want and they will steal your life story for their own advantage. And, importantly, when they get tired of paying you what they are paying you, they will just find somebody cheaper and fire you. As has been noted by psychologists, the majority of senior managers are psychopaths. So kissing the ass of a psychopath – a person who has no empathy or sympathy – is going to get you nowhere. I have seen it time and again: the martyr worker who puts in all hours, sacrifices everything and the psychopath manager doesn’t even notice or care.

            ALWAYS work for yourself. Set your own goals, live your own dream. Because when all is said and done, it is only to you you are accountable to. Did I achieve my dreams? Did I enjoy my life?

            There is also another benefit: women. Women love a free guy who is in command.

            • You got that right Frank, I have had so many dates, so many gorgeous women from around the world in my life, I don’t even care anymore. I have had more than my fair share for multiple Man lives. And Smart women love a smart guy, who is in control of their destiny. Be a leader, not some ass-kissing schlep sucking up to some other schlep manager hoping and praying for a few more dollar raise annually. WTF kind of weak-Pussies think like that? You are surely not any man or leader. Lead follow or get the F- Out of my way, cause I’m coming through.

              Wanna predict the Future? Go create it and go get you some of dat!! If I kissed somebody’s ass I would be lying, and I am no friggin liar, I will tell anybody right to their face what I think of them, and their motives and what is right and what is wrong. You will soon find people will value your truth and honesty over ass kissing and lying like some here prescribe. How pathetic.

              And you youngsters, get off your ass and die trying, you will get a few good licks in there now an then, and learn a lot on the way. And move on to the next challenge. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

      8. What about all the predictions over the last 10 to 15 years?

        Over the last 45 years. When you say “after all these years, it just ain’t gonna happen”- it will soon happen, with “soon” being hard to define. . .

        Depends on what you mean by collapse.

        It could a long slow rot, or sudden collapse.

        The guts are being rotted in slow motion- monetary and intellectual and artistic rot. There is no question the collapse is upon us, and has been since at least 1913. I would argue that the collapse began when government was allowed into education. . .in the nineteenth century.

        This is somewhat like carbon monoxide- odorless and painless, yet lethal in the end.

        A long slow rot could convert into sudden catastrophic collapse- like a rusting bridge finally collapsing.

        A sudden collapse would mean no commerce is possible.

        Thus, the question is raised, how many ways can commerce stop?

        Keynes quoting Lenin:

        “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalistic System was to debauch the currency… Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the (((side of destruction))), and does it in a manner which not one man in a million can diagnose.”

      9. I don’t understand the deadline. Expect QE #4 with even greater direct handouts.

      10. 10. If you are not a prepper, become one.

        Contrary to some people’s understanding, prepping is not a lifestyle for paranoia. It is merely a common sense approach to avoid being blind sighted by unforeseen events such as natural disasters, loss of a job, insufficient funds for whatever reason. A prepper’s goal, as far as I’m concerned, is financial independence; as well as, independence in general. It is avoiding want and need by being responsible and consuming a small amount while putting away the lion’s share for the future.


        • There is a very distinct difference between “a prepper” as it is put forth commonly on the net and other venues and someone who is actually prepared for any event and matter. The first lives mostly in fantasy and the latter is much more capable and realistic for many valid reasons. But most who claim to be “preppers” are stuck on their own kind of stupid and that is all about the marketing to them as a group think entity.

          Let there be no doubt I am all about actually being fully prepared but that is a rather different thing than what most call being a “prepper”

      11. A friend of mine father worked in the steel mills in Pittsburgh for 30+ years retiring in 1974 making about $5 an hour. He owned a modest house on a beautiful wooded lot, three gas guzzler autos and ate good steaks multiple times a week while supporting 6 children. Food prices today are obscene, rents are through the roof and steadily rising. You either go niggerism or satanism in today’s world. Too many people for capitalism to work without pricing the majority out of existence. Those who have the most are the greediest.

        • Coon savage apes are a real problem and concern. They are a modern day plague actually. Watch those she-boons!

      12. @B from CA

        In your explanation for #10 come the words almost everyone middle class and below tried to live by before the Post-WW2 consumerism/credit boom.

        I remember what a BHD it was for my parents to have a “Charge Plate” (which actually was metal) and how diligent they were to pay off all charges every month.

        They didn’t use it as a revolving credit tool, but as a convenience so they didn’t have to carry large wads of cash for more expensive purchases.

        They conducted most of their business in cash or money orders and never had a checking account until late in life.

        Now, if you act like they did you are a dangerous paranoid…..


      13. BB,I AM dangerous paranoid,seems a stable set of mind in todays world,as always,tis why we prep to best of ability while having a life.

        Oh,and as another poster mentioned,not sure why but make sure you have some green squirrels!

      14. Consumerism is the problem folks. Being a poor kid my ma would put things on layaway. Go to yardales and have them too once a year cus it took a year to get enough things to have a yard sale. Going to thrift shops Salvation Army was how you did it. I can remember things were made of steel and wood. Now everything is cheap plastic junk and costs more too. Products are made to break sooner while costing more. Forced consumerism. easy credit. Welcome to your enslavement. You could refuse it and live like a real human. That would take guts that most soft civilized folk just don’t have.

        • My brand new toasters only last 2-3 yrs and then they break and i have to buy another one!

        • Asshat, damn good points and I’m one of those who refuse to have credit. My 2000 Honda I’m lookin out the window at is mine and paid for from a private owner for cash. No stinkin notes and no repo man to worry about. No credit card bills either. So I’m able to buy more preps at one time in one trip than I could have otherwise. I have the guts to live without credit. It’s awesome being debt-free. Living without credit is one type of stress I don’t have to live with.

        • There is no question most Americans are slaves and controlled by their own materialism and they don’t even know it !

          And they are deathly afraid of losing their “stuff” and therefore easily controlled. This is not a political issue at all, just another of the many control mechanisms. Both left and right are consumed in it all.

      15. Totally agree with this article. However, I would contend that the US Dollar is no longer the world reserve currency, or it won’t be much longer. The BRICS Org. has been switching out the dollar for the Chinese Yen for a long time now and should be about complete. Any ‘reality based discussion’ is a pipe dream. There may be a discussion but it will based on the usual ‘media spin’ that we have heard for years. It will not be based on truth. The globalist, through Soros and gang, will use this as a way to get rid of President Trump or at least make him totally ineffective. President Trump will have had nothing to do with this collapse which has been in the making for a very long, but he will be blamed.

      16. Well o.k. we are either going to get it on, or we are going to have burgers on the grill this summer, drink beer, and watch the festivities.

        I am glad my life is coming to a close, so go get them young boys and girls go kill each other.

      17. I suggest shooting liberal troublemakers in the face with 10guage or 12guage shotgun shells loaded with seed rice. Under the skin it is not detectable by x-rays and will start to sprout in a few days and will cause infection and hopefully blood poisoning. Better yet, use jimson weed seeds if you can get them.

        • What kind of rice would work? Regular rice? Brown rice? Where do ya get seed rice. I never heard of it. Kool concept.

      18. When the time comes,perhaps will be time to enact the words of Cris Cornell’s(RIP guy)song “The Day I tried To Live:

        I woke the same as any other day
        Except a voice was in my head
        It said seize the day, pull the trigger, drop the blade
        And watch the rolling heads

        Yep,sigh……,that would work.

      19. Something drastic has to happen, things cannot continue on like this for so many damn reasons people.

        • I think you are probably right.

      20. Robbing from the rich to give to the poor hardly ever happens! Robbing from the “not as poor as the desperately poor” to give to the “desperately poor” is what kills most of us!

      21. Aperently Morissey . Lead singer of . The Smiths . Is on our side. And being pounded for it. Watch. The Smiths how long is now rare live version. Support him.

      22. Sorry. The Smiths . How soon is now rare live version. He’s got balls. Who else does?

      23. August-September-October this year.
        Everything will be exposed (the planetary truth).
        2018 will be worse than this year for earth changes. We finally come out of planetary alignments around the end of this June, and i feel we will see big EQ’s around that time…

      24. Sorry grandson.

      25. I’m not a fool but I have measured my life by the gratitude I feel from the blessings I have received. Many from my awaking into the system and corruption going on. Yes, this too is a blessing for me.
        I haven’t delved into the possibility of total collapse but am as prepared as possible…not saying much since that could include “Anything” unconsidered and unaccounted for.
        After years of prepping I’m still considered “Unusual” from family and friends.
        Perhaps I live on the other side of the tracks, but as far as I’m concerned, I’m on the same side.
        I must say: Anyone wishing this horrific outcome should rethink the horror show…..and no, popcorn will not be provided.
        Your Life (and family’s) is not a joke or party time….it IS reality in real time.
        Be Safe, Be Well, and carry on.

      26. I believe this summer will be “hot”. I am looking at a possible terrorist/lefty attack on our grid.Looking to get more water storage,food and ammo stocked.I don’t know about anyone else,but I’m feeling a tension I’ve not felt before.

      27. Nothing is going to happen until Trump is out of office.

      28. I feel sorry for the ordinary American and all none parasitic citizen. But wasn’t there a certain German leader in 1933 who wanted to get rid of all those parasites of a certain religious group that spread all over the planet by now and causing havoc and chaos with their monetary greed like zombies sucking the whole world dry. We need a great leader like that again !!

        • Everything called bad is good ,And everything called good is bad? The Big Lie? Rev. 2:9 ,3:9 ,John 8:44.

        • Kraut,
          You have to be kidding? We need another Hitler like we need a hole in the head. The Jews were a convenient scapegoat because they escaped the hyper-inflation in a more prosperous fashion than the average non-Jewish German citizen. What did they do to escape the hyper-inflation, you ask? They knew to purchase tangible assets not financial assets. They were just smarter than the average German “Joe”. Being more prosperous was there downfall and made them a target for the Nazis to blame for everyone’s problems. Kind of like the Demorats blaming the Russians for their loss in the presidential election.

      29. “it’s becoming abundantly clear that Trump isn’t going to be able to prevent a major financial crisis in this country. Depending on your beliefs, that’s either because he’s inept in some way, or because he’s being hamstrung by a political system…”

        It’s the business cycle. The Socialists/Communists think they can prevent it. And they couldn’t, look at how the Soviet Union collapsed. You can only postpone the cycle, like we are doing here. The longer the correction is postponed, the deeper the correction. Best to let it run it’s course.

        • I agree. Indeed, the former USSR is an excellent example as to what happens when a government attempts to control every aspect of life. The result was the break up of the former USSR. I actually own an atlas from the Royal Geographical Society that I bought while I was on active duty in former West Germany. Yes, from the Cold War era. I like picking up that old atlas every now and then and leafing through the pages for a closer look.

          Why? Because we have normalcy bias and people think tomorrow will be the same as today and yesterday. Usually that is the case but every now and then disruptions occur that are strong enough to change borders, to change the names of countries, to change the currency that used on a daily basis.

          The USSR no longer exists. Those old lines are no longer relevant. East and West Germany no longer exist. I have already accepted that the USSA will also be broken up after a massive debt default, war, or second civil war. It is inevitable. I think the outcome could be positive for upcoming generations.

          I certainly think Russia is proving the case. They have adjusted to having more freedom and more capitalism whilst the USSA has gone the other way, towards more socialism, less freedom, and the use of what is considered politically correct to control what people say, publicly. Which means people are more careful about what they say in public. For now.

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