These Powder Kegs Are About To Blow: “Trump Needs To Halt The Downward Spiral That Obama Orchestrated”

by | May 25, 2017 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    President Trump just took a trip to Saudi Arabia in an effort to obsequiously “shore up” the ties.  Expected.  It is expected for any U.S. president to “recertify” the Petrodollar and the commitments to protect the House of Saud that were initiated by Kissinger and Nixon almost five decades ago.  Times change, and administrations change; however, the systems in place are very slow and resistant to modification.  The BRIC nations are shoring up their interests as the U.S. continues to send more naval “support” for South Korea in the form of another aircraft carrier.

    In order to keep the MIC (Military Industrial Complex) happy, defense contracts have to be on the rise: A Republican administration is the foundation for this.  The creation of a threat is ongoing.  The creation of a threat (whether viable or not) is essential to justify the defense contracts and the ongoing deployments of U.S. troops that were initiated under Obama and are continuing under President Trump.  The MIC is too deeply lodged within the framework of the government to extricate in one fell swoop.  It is inexorably intertwined with the fragile (almost skeletal) domestic industrial base of the U.S. economy, as well as all of the foreign policy instituted at home and carried out abroad.

    Europe is redefining itself with Britain’s exit from the EU, and NATO is trying to maintain ties and commitments with Britain even as she dumps the Eurodollar and cuts the economic ties to the other nations.  Yes, the three super-states as outlined in Orwell’s “1984” are well on their way to taking shape: Eurasia, Eastasia, and Oceania (North American and Great Britain).  The sides are posturing themselves both economically and militarily, with several “loose ends” to ties up.  Those loose ends are none other than Syria and North Korea, around which there are two different lines forming: The U.S. and Western allies, and Russia with its Asian and Middle-Eastern alliances.

    The U.S. Congress and the MIC want to invade Syria, and then Iran.  They also want to “clear things up” in Korea.  These nations are in the way of the establishment of a U.S.-controlled hegemony in the areas and a face-off with Russia.  The first part of it is economic in nature: to attempt to stalemate Russia and China with sanctions and interference in trade (such as the maneuver previously mentioned in other articles to run a natural gas pipeline from Qatar into Eastern Europe).

    The Russians have pretty much taken over the Arctic in terms of exploration and mining.  This was enabled to be brought about by none other than Obama, along with the islands off the coast of Alaska that he magnanimously “gave away.”  Obama has left us in very dire straits in our position with the rest of the world: The Middle East is still in a shambles from the “Arab Spring” and all of the debacles in Egypt and Libya; the Eastern European question is not yet solved in relation to Ukraine and the tug-O’-war over it between the U.S. and Russia; Syria and Iran are “powder kegs” about to blow; and the potential for war with North Korea is far from exhausted.

    The President is going to need to take the initiative in order to halt the downward spiral that Obama orchestrated and began prior to his departure.  To avert at (the minimum) a new Cold War, he’ll have to sit down and do a face-to-face with Putin instead of dispatching Tillerson to play ping-pong periodically with Lavrov.  The time is now to head off these alliances between other nations that exclude the U.S. to a detriment.  Such economic alliances eventually always turn into military alliances…based on the need to preserve the flow of money between the nations involved.

    We do not need another Cold War to materialize.  The way to stop it from occurring is through sound diplomacy and strength of position, not through imperialism and posturing.  Therein lies the challenge: the restructuring of iron-clad policies and institutions so as to make a better deal and position for the U.S. and really “draining the swamp” of Washington.  Saudi Arabia, eh?  Well, why don’t we start out the “new deal” by going into all of that untapped oil that we have domestically?  What are we waiting for?  Or is it just a matter of not wanting to tick off the Saudis and changing the status quo of our worthless fiat Petrodollars?  Only time will tell whether true actions will be taken and not another dog-and-pony show to enable the President to be reelected.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. Well having read what JJ just wrote I think the chances of making playground buddies is slim to none. But let me have a look-see at my magic eightball…. Eh, Ah, “Outlook not so clear, try later”. Well folks there you have it.

        • “This was enabled to be brought about by none other than Obama, along with the islands off the coast of Alaska that he magnanimously “gave away.”

          Actually, these islands (The Wrangell Islands if I remember correctly) were much, much closer to Russia than Alaska and served no real strategic purpose that substitutes couldn’t provide.

          Any military use would have made them an easy target.

          However they probably hold considerable oil & gas reserves, but at current and foreseeable low prices, these reserves are not economical to develop. There are too many elephants available that are developable.

          Obviously the author is not up on oil & gas industry news because WE ARE developing American reserves, on and offshore. The low price of oil & gas is evidence of that fact.

          Catch up. 🙂

          • Thanks for the info, you are correct, that group of rocks is closer to Russsia then Alaska and there has been no evidence to show they were part of the Alaska purchase. Although they were surveyed by the Us. Military in the late 1800.

            JJ is certainly right that Obama did just about everything he could do to hinder the US in both the Oil / Gas industry and even Military operations in the North and off the West Coast of Alaska.

        • PO’d Patriot, I looked into my crystal ball and it said, “For Spanish press 1, for English press 2”, LOL!

      2. The brownshirt fascists at Antifa attack a pub in UK, and instantly regret it.

        2:39 min.

        I am against violence. However, *self* defense has been recognized all the way back to Blackstone and is part of common law. When the fascists of Antifa attack my family or me, they will also instantly regret it. Truth is, the left is, and has always been the one fomenting violence, from Robespierre to disgusting Wee Willy Ayers to the fascists at Berkeley, assaulting that prof at Middlebury College, etc.

        Remember: The to left, violence and H8TE is wrong, unless THEY do it. Then it is “justified” and “understanable.

        Freaking hypocrites.

        • TEST, damn right. Self-defense goes all the way back to the Bible. Our rights come from GOD, NOT from any manmade govt.

      3. WHY is it that EVERY time the left gets involved there is ALWAYS death and poverty that follows? Are they so utterly stupid they can’t see this ALWAYS and at ALL TIMES follows them???

        Robespierre. Venezuela. Cambodia under Pol Pot. The 62mm “excess deaths” reported when Russia opened their archives in 1991. Detroit. The destroyed black families of America where the state (read that the new plantation) has replaced fathers. Zimbabwe. 1.3 trillion owed by all these leftists on campus doing their degrees in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology. The $20+ freaking TRILLION the War on Poverty has spent (done a lot of good, hasn’t it!) The idiot fascists at Antifa, who are just modern day brownshirts. The campus thought and speech police – and no doubt book burnings soon to follow.

        Truly, the left – which MURDERED 100 mm last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, is arguably the most evil philosophy ever to emanate from the mind of men (Islam is a close second)

        • They ARE

          THAT STUPID

        • So exactly where is it that the right has been so successful without death and poverty?

      4. What islands in Alaska were give away! I’ve been here in Alaska for over 50 years, we still own all our islands!

        • Still waiting on a response to this one.

        • I believe it was the Wrangell Islands NORTH of the NE coast of Russia. 🙂

      5. PO’d…try the Ouiji board..better results.

        • tried that one time but it gave me the creeps.

      6. Let’s forget the 4,000 Americans who died in the terroristic demolition of the world trade centers and building seven, which the news announced as being down before it came down. The dancing Israeli and their flunked lie detector. Also recall the pentagon which appeared to be hit with a missile.

        After Saudi Arabia and the Mossad commit the biggest crime ever (not counting dragging us into fratricidal wars {brother vs brother}); we attack Countries who had nothing to do with the crime committed against America, but who were enemies of the people who committed the crime.

        Now we give 110 billion dollars to Saudi Arabia who even former President Joe Biden admitted is the financial backer and arms supplier to ISIS. ISIS wounded soldiers are nursed back to health by Isreal. Why? Isreal claims it is so ISIS does them no harm. But to the outside world it appears Isreal uses ISIS to kill Christians and others for Isreal, but Isreal uses America in deals like this multi-billion dollar gift to The Saudi for ISIS.

        It is typical behavior.

        When will America be free from this Israeli influence ?? It is a very old problem.


        • B from CA. Our Government has been hijacked by our enemy to drain of our wealth and blood, sucking us dry like the Golden Calf Netanyahu said we are, so we can be their slaves filled with poverty. Well I for one will never be anybody’s slave, so kiss my Red white and Blue ass. And you need to prepare to die for your cause you ZOG shills.

        • This began a century ago, literally. The M.O. is pretty much set in place, by generations of our own people who sold us out. Until you can get Joe six-pack off of his fat @$$, and focused on saving the Republic, nothing will change.

          As for the Saudis, they hold a huge amount of U.S. debt, in the form of Treasury Bills. They may well have just told President Trump they would dump them, and stop backing the petrodollar, or the U.S. could give them some hardware.

          The U.S. has been set up, long ago, to take a really hard fall, at some point. And the people who set us up, will continue to get all they can until either they can get no more, or they have used us to the point that they are in a more powerful position.

          • The PETRODOLLAR exists and will continue to THRIVE despite the naysayers because 1, the USA has tremendous oil & gas reserves of its own and development of our reserves is the ENERGY FULCRUM globally; 2, Sunni Saudi Arabia needs American military protection against Shia Iran if the Kingdom is to survive.

            They need US much, much more than we need them. 🙂

      7. God in heaven can you turn off that stupid video ad with the two Hawaiian guys?

        Every 5 seconds the stupid thing scrolls to center onto that video and I have to refresh the page to get the article back.

        • Will look into this — I believe this is an ad being launched by google .

          Thanks for the heads up!

      8. the only green beret jhonson ever had was when he was a trans girl scout.if this looser ever gets anything right its by pure guess work.

      9. The longer we delay the powder kegs from blowing . The deeper a hole we will be in? Isn’t it obvious? Let’s get it over with now . Before our public educated pussified next generation smiles politically correctly into slavery? Or extermination?

      10. If you haven’t seen the . Steven Gern Iraq video . This guy should get movie contracts. A real star? Not some pampered rich kid?

      11. NGI, IGO, UN and all the supporters have to go. Fed funding to universities has to stop. Build the wall and sign Exec Order reestablish Bill of Rights. Gut Obamacare trot reform the age 26 and preexisting conditions, that’s it. Burn Common Core then teach and test on the Constitution based upon actual works of our Founders, no interpretations. Raise taxes on Corps who have Globalist views ban goods form US operations if necessary as traitors. Tax credit small businesses. Cut DC by 80% keeping only support to field operations. Reestablish States Rights!

        The grind will stay slow as the UN2030 in your area is the tool being used to kick on your door. Go read it! Look into what your county is doing to your property by rezoning.

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