These Men Are Training To Put You and Your Family In a FEMA Camp

by | May 16, 2014 | Headline News | 230 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Our country is truly intercoursed, isn’t it?

        • adds a whole new meaning to FUBAR doesn’t it?

          • VRF

            This is old news repackaged and sensationalized.
            FM3-39.40 was published in 2010.

            Infowars did a big expose on it in 2012.

            Regardless, it’s good to increase awareness of these contingencies to more people.

            I have been sucked-in so many times that I had to reinstall the Bravo Sierra Detector on my hard drive.

            Here is the cover to the original document and a link to the download. It’s not a live-link because I wanted to get this up and not have to wait for moderation.

            (Reminder: You will have to reinsert the DOT’s in the link. )

            FM 3-39.40
            February 2010
            Distribution authorized to the DOD and DOD
            contractors only to protect technical or operational information from automatic
            dissemination under the International Exc
            hange Program or by other means. This
            determination was made on 8 December 2008. Other requests for this document
            must be referred to the Commandant, U.S.
            Army Military Police School, ATTN:
            ATZT-TDD-M, 320 MANSCEN Loop, Suite 270,
            Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 65473-
            Destroy by any method that will prevent disclosure of
            contents or reconstruction of the document.


            • I have been thinking about the collapse of the world all day long, it is too obvious. One of the best ways to combat any type of SHTF event is to remain as clear in the head as possible. I took Mac’s advice on turning off the internet that was several articles ago, and attempted to clear my thoughts.

              The bad guys are trying to distract this clear train of thought from each one of us. They are trying to keep each one of imbalanced as possible. The government, this one and most others, will spew false and real threats to the public. When we become overwhelmed with all of this our whole bodies become imbalanced. Some call this stress and fear. This affects the mind especially, but also the physical body. THEY know this, and will employ this to get at each one of us that is still awake and still cares about the hell that is coming.

              Anyone that has gone to a casino has seen all the bells, whistles, and other noise and light distractions. This is to enhance the excitement, but also meant to keep your mind and brain as imbalanced and lack of clear thought as possible. The same holds true when each one of us tries to figure out what is really going. many will feel a lot better getting a lot closer to God for example, especially since many of us could be approaching Judgemnet Day depending on where we live and where the Chinese and/or Russians target.

              I have decided to attempt to retake that clear thinking process and figure out what is really going to happen. This includes much less internet time, and especially much less TV time. I think that each of us could benefit from this drop off of all the intense high strung stress that this world is vomitting up each day. This doesn’t mean to just cut off the world, but instead cut down on the dangerous crap that is being fed into our minds by those that are trying to keep us imbalanced and less ready for what is definitely coming. I think that many of us need a reset or restart button to be pushed. It is going to get ugly and our clear thinking is going to be a benefit to all of us WHEN it does happen.

              • Hey folks! Did you know that every police department in America has a designated “terrorist officer” to track domestic terrorists? Yes, apparently so. Colorado has 860 of them.

                Multiply that by every police department in the country and you have a National Police Force. They will likely require Uzzi’s. Heres the link: 🙁


                • BS

                  • It will be hard for these Tyranical Thugs to enforce any of their bogus laws or policies, when they are all DEAD. Aim small and fire often. Better to be a free man on your feet, than a broken slave on your knees.

                  • I hope these people know that many of us will never go to a FEMA camp. Please stand down troops and spead the word to all of you and take this very serious. Never follow orders or detain someone who is in their own home or not causing problems. Again remember they will control the highways and roads, they will ALL be roadblocked and you must understand people just want to get home or in a good area, if you steal their weapons and try to detain them and all their other weapons at their home you are winning for the enemy!! People are not hurting anyone, they are control freaks and NOBODY has to die. I tell you this I will be carrying all of my best weapons and with multiple people with ar-500 steel plates with kevlar over the top of that and ar-500 plates covering my femar leg area and so will my passengers. Im not bragging but Im a better shot than 90 percent of our troops under pressure and I just want peace not to be harrassed or treated like a slave. People will defend themselves and this is not worth it to harm others. Tell your active duty friends to NEVER fire one bullet on prior vets like me and you. We can take these people out of office and put people in power who have intgerity and real honor. Don’t be fooled and lets all bond together and work together. they will try to divide us even more as things get worse. BE smart guys.

              • Ironically reading this the song “The Final Countdown” is playing in the back ground on the radio
                While this articles premise could be one scenario which I hope never occurs but MAY BE PROBABLE , their could be another explanation that I will attempt to explain.
                Full Disclosure I work for DHS , ( You can now throw rotten vegtables ) in the last year in training we have been training many NATO countries personal in enhanced law enforcement capabilities
                ( SHTF GRID DOWN TEOTWAWKI extreme stuff) true this could be used against the people in this country and may be if the Dear leader gets his way ( but he won’t garanteed trust me on this one) . The training involves an uprising but not one of the countries own citizens . For years immigration from the middle east has exploded ( NSA has locked on that one ) in the UK , US ,Europe, eastern Europe . I personally have worked with UK , German , Czech , Polish , latvian and OZ and NZ Personel. The Oz ( Austrailian, are a trip) along with our own domestic military.
                What is the 800 pound gorilla in the room you ask?
                Any guesses ?
                Crickets …..

                Islamic imagination ,
                there are some towns in the US that are completely Balkanized and controlled by these citizens, many in Michigan ( iraqi s, iranians Afganis, ) some in
                Maine ( Somali) Brought here in the last twenty years from our various foreign adventurers
                Along with many illegals that have streamed across the border since the 90’s .
                Some have set up towns where their own law applies ( sharia ) . We have seen the riots in France and England in the past few years , if they rioted about a simple cartoon think of what will happen when the israeli’ s NUKE Mecca and Medina in a retaliatory spasm.

                The world we live in is a very dirty nasty place anything is possible like the scenario in the article, the best position of our populace is to be prepared on an individual level , Train ,
                prepare and form teams . THE DHS , DOD , ETC cannot put down a massive unrest including gangs etc operating with these people , their sole mission in life is to form a caliphate across the world wether you agree with me or not this is coming , the world is primed for a world war of the type never seen in the history of the world and will never be seen again .

                The government never releases information directly or in directly that it does not want out in the public domain , one man or organization does not control this country , the military will not fire on its own people on the direct order of one man. nothing ever happens by chance .

                Unfortunately many have been manipulated in this process , all the Anti- gun agenda , shootings in the news have served one purpose to get as many arms into the hands of as many AMERICAN CITIZENS. As fast as possible some times fear is used as a force for good , why do you think there are so many small unit tactical instructors out there now ? Military program to train all those US citizens to use them effectively. I will admit our political class is a bunch of assess but they are not the ones really running things why , do you think most of the anti gun laws have failed ? Why do you think all those rounds are being dispersed around different agencies ?
                Supply lines that will be difficult to interrupt , prepositioned for emergency use in secure facilities all FED gov buildings have a Security Service Element guarding their assigned sites.

                Hopefully I will not be halled of to a FEMA camp for explaing this , this is just a few pieces of the puzzle to contemplate . checks and Balances on the government elite , some times we all need a kick in the arse to get motivated unfortunately with out giving up operational security it had to be done in a clandestine way without violating the constitution , right now we face a dangerous time in our own polical system , the extreme Statist Liberal socialist left will not react kindly when the time comes , realizing they have be used to further a pro constitution agenda and their minions kept occupied and happy out of the way. But they are out numbered and do not have the following they think they have but that is another story for a different time.

                Some times we see through a glass darkly , sometimes with crystal clarity .
                In the end we decide with Gods help what is wrong and what is right .


                PREPARE , TRAIN , FORM TEAMS ,


                RESIST TYRANNY

                Semper Fi 8541

                • Spell check I hate it should read Islamic immigration .

                  Semper Fi 8541

                • When amnesty is granted later this year there will not be enough housing for all the millions that will charge across the border when they realize that the US has ceased to be a country with borders. What better place to get the housing than disposing of the current occupants.

                • You’ll have to forgive me if I dont believe you..While what you say is possible, it is not PROBABLE. I highly doubt that ANY govt agency would act against the Executive branch given your scenario…They are all acting criminally towards civilian already, right down to ALL of the DOJ agencies and the courts…All I see is corruption, and with the current way the govt agencies are acting< I highly doubt your explanation. It is not credibly sounding and reflects a NEED that the reader accept that this whole conspiracy to "arm" the citizenry, is nothing more tha crumbs thrown to the crowd that is paying attention….

                  • …I call BS on this, you can’t really expect true Patriots to accept this explanation while the same agencies you cited are all acting exactly like jack booted thugs towards average people and ruthlessly (especially the BATF) pursuing gun shops and the gun industry through extra Congressional means and through the finance industry to deny modern bank accounting to gun selling businesses…….I quote you,

                    “Unfortunately many have been manipulated in this process , all the Anti- gun agenda , shootings in the news have served one purpose to get as many arms into the hands of as many AMERICAN CITIZENS. As fast as possible some times fear is used as a force for good , why do you think there are so many small unit tactical instructors out there now ? Military program to train all those US citizens to use them effectively. I will admit our political class is a bunch of assess but they are not the ones really running things why , do you think most of the anti gun laws have failed ? Why do you think all those rounds are being dispersed around different agencies ?
                    Supply lines that will be difficult to interrupt , prepositioned for emergency use in secure facilities all FED gov buildings have a Security Service Element guarding their assigned sites.”

                    This is a “come on and trust us” message to win over doubters….complete and utter BS…epecially as all those agencies label Veterans as “extremists” and “domestic terrorists” in their training literature.

                • Ive got 25+ years between the military and government service, and NEVER has the government EVER done anything like this, planned anythig like this aith HELPFUL NOBLE INTENT…..I think you r explanation is bogus and is to get people to think that on the very LAST LEG OF HOPE, that this really is for the besyt and a complex plan to take out foreign nationals illegally here and trying to take over enacting Sharia law…In fact that sounds just like the typical fear mongering of the Bush era talking heads/ NEOCONS……

                  Now I am certain your explanation is pure BS, so I intend to remove any doubt in peoples minds…What they are seeing happening, this prep for war against America by DHS, IS EXACTLY what they think it is…. and from where I work and sit, there is NOTHING in any channels I am seeing or hearing that supports any of your contentions….Free Americans greatest threat IS Obama personal Civilian Army that he has created in DHS/FBI/ BATFE supported by his activist courts…Vets and Gun Owners, Now is the time to vigilant, your long wait for the showing of real Tyranny is coming, and it was paid for with your hard labor and tax dollars by a government of traitors, and political officers within the military swayed by corporate interests buying loyalty. Be very afraid.

                • @Night Breaker

                  I can buy into ALL of what you said, but these “orders” are not coming from the top, but mid-level folks, true Patriots who are in the F’ed Govt. employ.
                  Every one of the former military and current govt. workers I meet, I ask them, if they are on the side of “We the People” and I always get the correct answer. Even that BLM officer that was assigned to the Bundy Ranch seemed to be “just doing his job” and was saying “let the courts decide” etc.
                  I could see an individual like that coming down on the side of the PEOPLE, not the “govt.” if given illegal, unconstitutional orders. I hope you are one of those and not a troll tickling the ears and hearts of truly good folks who love this country.
                  Honor that oath to the constitution…

              • For the Christian, clear thinking is called
                “a Christian/Biblical world view”

                When they come for us, it will be called
                Christian persecution, pure and simple.

                It will be the true test of your Christianity.
                It will be the true test of your witness for Christ.

                Prepare now for that test.
                The first thing they will take away will be your Bible.
                Hide the Scriptures in your heart now.
                They will serve you well.

              • BI, I agree. Yesterday was my first time back online in 3 days, primarily because of some projects I had to take care of, but I was doing some reflecting of my own at home. We all know what is coming. Spritually and mentally I am prepared. I’m still gathering supplies all the way until the last minute.

              • BI

                That was an excellent comment. Psychological manipulators have known for a long time that the masses are more malleable and gullible if they can be kept in a constant state of fear. Marketers use similar techniques to sell products and ideas because they know that fear is the greatest human motivator.

              • Well said and I plan on following your advice!

            • “Stacy was declared to not be a citizen and, as such, was not entitled to any Constitutional protections because a “sovereign citizen” is in effect a stateless person.”

              Sounds like I need to bounce down to Tijuana and get me a dual citizenship. Then, I can sneak back across the border and get all of the rights and privileges of the other 12 million illegal foreign nationals…?

              • note: if they tried to grab my daughter, they’d bring her back real quick.

            • thanks for that N.O.
              come to think of it, I do think I have read something like this before, may be all BS, or there could be bits and pieces that are true ..thrown into a BS article to comb it over

            • People who are most afraid of these stories are the ones that are really bad at math. In the (tied for third) largest nation on the planet, with the third largest population; we have at least 270 million guns amongst around 100 million gun owners. There are 7.4M Vietnam era vets and 9.6 Gulf vets for a total of 17M vets. Yes, many are non combat and many are disabled, but that still leaves a few million. Add to those the millions of gun owners and that’s a shitload of folks. Now on the other side; all current military active and reserves are just under 3M. There are about 1M LEOs at all levels for a total of just under 4M. So we have around 100M gun owners of which about 17M are vets, it’s going to get very hairy very fast as the word spreads. Even if the U.S were to get help from other countries, we would still outnumber them by a ratio of at least 10:1. No. we’re the ones who have the power and TPTB know it and is scares the hell out of them. There are 1.4M gang members in this country and they would take full advantage of any major social upheaval such as any roundups. no, TPTB can’t afford to rock the boat.

              • Our enemies are evil, they are not stupid. When it hits the fan, it will be done in such a way that we are the bad guys and we will be alone. For example: they will have some poor rookie police officer with 3 kids “murdered by a domestic terrorist”. It will play 24 hours a day on every channel and they will use it as justification to take our guns. Then they will stage a few more incidents where “domestic terrorists” shoot up schools or kill other innocent civilians for no reason. Again, it will play 24 hours a day on every channel. In reality, nobody may ever be hurt, but that doesn’t matter, what matters is the story. And the story will be “anybody that owns a gun that is not a LEO is a terrorist”.
                After that happens, 80% of gun owners will voluntarily hand over their guns like good little sheeple. 10% will join with the LEOs to fight against us. And the remaining 10% will be us, the few that know the truth. And we will be alone against the full military, every LEO agency, and 90% of the public.
                The people do not know the truth, they don’t want the truth. They want to feel safe, and that is what the government will offer them: the feeling of safety against the domestic terrorists (us).
                The military and LEOs will not be on our side. Humans are tribal, and anyone in uniform is part of their tribe. As soon as one soldier or LEO is killed, all of them will stick together to protect the tribe and fight us.
                I’m not a pessimist, I’m a realist. This is not 1776 where our enemies are an ocean away and distracted by other wars. This is 2014 where the enemy is 90% of your neighbors and all of the people that you currently pay “to protect and serve”.

                • Truly spoken, wmcritter!

          • RE: FUBAR…yeah, amazin’ how you have to pick up this type of “get ready” info from internet sites, like this forum. So where the fook is the main stream media in reporting stories like this? Oh, that’s right the content is all controlled by the FCC under the thumb of O’Bummer and Holder. So, national news is ordered to present some dipsh*t story about a lost dog or some high school girls setting up a food pantry for the legions of immigrant deadbeats residing here. So the reality is, FREE SPEECH is DEAD! And as far as the main stream media goes, they are on same the line as JOE GOBBELS and the Nazi propagandists. The slide towards US GOVERNMENT FACISM increases by the second. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

        • Intercoursed? Good one!

          They good news is: They can’t do it. When they reach in to grab, they’ll pull back a bloody stump. Once 100 million Armed Constitutional Militiamen realize the call to arms has been sounded, the federal sausage grinder will be engaged.

          If something like this does go down, what the feds don’t realize is that its akin to duck taping a grenade to your chest and pulling the pin. About all you can do is just hold your ears once that click is heard. It will be a slow motion federal fragmentation grenade. When the patriots are done, all that will be left is a greasy, shitty smelling hole in the ground where there once was a shitty smelling federal government.

          The founders knew! THEY KNEW! …and we know: when they take the guns then the next thing they intend to take is your freedom and then your life.

          • Howdy, NetRanger. I’m with you all the way. They’ll be biting off way more than they could ever chew. All of those troops and cops are training to die for a lost cause.

          • That’s why there will be an emp first

        • At what point do you start hating your country? Twenty Five years I served this nation! Twenty five years I felt an obligation to my people, I did it as a labor of love. I fought for it, I bled for it, and this is what it has become. A nation led by worthless people. Lions led by pigs. How do we allow this.

          Ut in gloria sempiterna Deus

          • US Centurion: Thank you and I’m sorry….


          • Don’t hate the country but despise the .gov, they are without honor. The Founders gave us a great nation but the sheeople got greedy from sell out whore liars giving away the farm.

            I’m afraid you didn’t fight for the nation, you were a merc for the banks and the corporations. You were used like a tool to take away freedom, they deceived you into thinking opposite. I was too, I fell for all the deception, lies and propaganda.

            The last soldiers who truly fought on behalf freedom and Liberty for this land were called Confederates. Funny how the War of Nothern Agression enslaved all of America…

          • Don’t hate our country, hate the corrupt, criminal federal government. I too served our country for a total of 30 years. Retired in 2008. I hate what has become of our “government” and when the time comes I will stand by my countrymen and fight the enemy.

          • A lot more of us respect and appreciate you and your service far more than you know…

          • I can relate with your statements. After reading articles on this site for about 8 months one thing that screams out to me is that the press and the .gov have been lying to US for centuries. This is not new. The globalists have owned and controlled the press for centuries….and the currency ( 1 century in US…but centuries for our “global partners”) and the federal gov’t (here and around the world). Much…no MOST…of what we have been “taught” as history in school is propaganda. We are slated for “depopulation” and China is going to step into the role of world economic powerhouse.
            Always follow the money throughout time and the true history of nations will reveal itself.

            • Absolutely true, Anonymous! Alexander Hamilton (the guy on a $20 bill) and his Federalists like John Adams and even closeted imperialist George Washington himself are the ones who got this empire started. They wanted an outright monarchy with a German to be “invited” to wear the crown. People like Washington decided better since it hadn’t been long since Charles I of England had lost his head to the republican Puritans. Washington especially must have feared for his head, being sought by some of those imperialists as the obvious choice for monarch. Jefferson despised them all. He visioned a society of totally free (sovereign) yeomen who were educated and informed to govern themselves for he protection of others, to be self-sufficient to be free from others and to be self-armored to defend from those who insist on ruling over others. Jefferson was worried and annoyed at how the slaves seemed to not catch on to being self-governing, self-sufficient and self-defending. He also often had to “join ’em” by using Federalist tactics himself when they had surrounded him with their sheepish followers, the people who loved the false sense of security of being prisoners of a “Federal” empire.

        • Obviously I am new to this forum….I have posted a couple of times and would like to ask all you veteran posters your feelings on what or if there is “Truth” somewhere in the midst of all of what we are hearing..

          I read this blog a long time before posting….and I oft times feel like I am somewhere out in the “Twilight Zone !!! ” What are we supposed to believe ? Could all this information or disinformation just be part of TPTB plan.

          Do you think TPTB are just attempting to drive us all to the edge….In talking to the few friends that I have that are on the same page about this world I have found so many who have changed drastically….Gotten divorced over the stress (Myself Included)….Drinking more….and sometimes just talking just a little bit whacky !!!

          I have always felt that somewhere in the middle of all statements made is

          lies the “Truth”….but I catch myself wondering more these days ” What is the Truth ? ”

          I do see and feel and notice and I am based in Reality and understand that we are in one helluva shape…..Is it just me …or does anyone else who has been on here for a while have the same feelings ?

          I am prepared just in case…but what is the case ?

          As VRF stated ” Adds a whole new meaning to the word FUBAR !!! ” I served…I understand “FUBAR “.


          • 3rdown: Not a veteran poster, but, yes, yes or no, yes and yes. I don’t know anything anymore, nothing makes sense, don’t know what the “case” is and the stress is killing me too. It’s very hard to keep any kind of balance these days.

            Pray a lot….


            • God is the only Reality. Its His play or drama. Don’t worry about it, just do the best you can to play your part well. That is all thats required. God is Love.

              Its important to take some time to meditate. (“Be still and know that I AM”)… then you can be more in tune with His will and thats all thats needed. (And feel His peace).

              Hard times, but it will probably get worse before it gets better. “I will lift up mine eyes…” and be sure to exercise a lot– gets you in shape for the coming collapse AND gets rid of stress– makes you happy!!

              • ANON: Good advice. The best way to separate the wheat from all of the chaff is to pray and meditate about it, listen for the still small voice, who will sort it out for you, and what is true will resonate with you.

                Cream rises to the top. So does truth. 🙂

          • It’s all true. All I can say is I know several people in the military and one in Homeland Security. It doesn’t look good for the American People.

          • 3rddown, welcome to and you’re in the right place. just remember there are NO reliable sources in the corporate mainstream media. We’ll be glad to help any way we can.

        • At what point in time will this frog jump out of the pot of boiling water?

          • When everybody else does, Stan… and that will be when? (When one monkey peals its banana a certain way, soon they all begin pealing it the same way.)

        • Perhaps we need to train to put them in their graves.

        • DURING WAR— I THNK IT SAYS DURING WAR…and since Dick Cheney said the “war on terror” will never end in our lifetime… basically, we are all screwed… thank you, Darth Vadar, imbecile Bush and traitorous Democrats!

        • DURING WAR– I THINK IT SAYS DURING WAR TIME… and since Dick Cheney said the “war on terror” will never end in our life time, I guess this means we are all screwed… thank you, Darth Vadar, imbecile Bush, and all the traitorous Democrats!

          • The American people are getting just what they deserve. Stupid has a price.

            • Not stupidity, complacency. We, as the citizen militia have an obligation to overthrow the illegitimate government, but what to replce it with? Who’s to say while we are “cleaning the cabinets” Russia, China, and Middle East forces inundate U.S. while our attention is diverted? This is a chess game we’re still trying to play by checkers’ rules.

              As long as money is controled by the FED, foreign policy (immigration) is ignored, judicial review is vacant, capitalism is regulated out of reach of the non-ruling classes, and enforcement (cops, military, and alphabet agencies) are exempt from public scrutiny, (and discipline) the path the U.S. is on now is the path the U.S. rides off the rails….

        • What a coincidence, I’ve been training to just kill them.

          • Bless you, Fuckingpissed! Ha,ha,ha! Hope there are a whole bunch more like you… please save a gun for me; I don’t have one yet. : )

        • In other words, they have stolen our country (their opinion) from us just like they stole it from the Indians… we have to shape up, be dominated, do what they say, pretend to believe what they preach, or they will do to us what they did to the Indians. Bastards!

      2. Guess we are all going to die.

        • Yes we are, but not without leaving

          some scorched earth on the way out!!

          • Yes we all are. But not today. When word gets out as to what is happening do you think people will just load up in the cattle cars like the Jews? I really don’t think so. Nothing will happen until gun confiscation is accomplished. Until that happens observe, be mindful, and go fishin. God Bless, James

            • I’ve been to two alleged concentration camps in my state. One is a federal prison and already full. The other is a national guard base that evacuees flew into directly after Hurricane Katrina. Clearly it is designed to keep people out. The operate a alternative school there for troubled teens and they have no trouble sneaking out at will.

              The infrastructure simply does not exist to hold even a fraction of our population against their will. I do not pretend to know why, but the government is preparing for a major disaster and possibly the societal unrest that may accompany it. Perhaps a pandemic given the amount of mobile hospitals they have ordered. Clearly they do not know where or they would be stationary.

              Don’t confuse the same fear mongers beating the same drum over and over for confirmation. Steady plodding brings success, but hasty action brings destruction. Just keep on plodding toward self-sufficiency.

              • bammy released a ton of illegals.
                Is that to make room for us?

                • I think so.

                • Heck no Steve, gotta get them located in the right places. Got an election coming up this fall. Trekker Out.

              • FYI; Here in Casper the large Wal-Mart has started to carry N-Pack food. The same thing has started in several other large grocery stores I have been in, in surrounding states. I think this is significant. Says main line people are starting to buy, not just us 1% Lunatics. Hmmmmmm

                • Paranoid: What is N-pack food? Sorry for my ignorance…


                  • Food packed in Nitrogen, not air. If packed properly will last 10 years to forever.

                  • Paranoid: Thanks…


              • Pastor, I respect you, but I must respectfully disagree with you here.

                First, there is no dispute that FEMA camps have both crematoriums and guillotines within. At least not in my mind. I refuse to engage in denial about this (not saying you are in denial). Yes, there’s a reason why no journalist has been permitted in any FEMA camp, and now we know why. [For those who wish to learn even more about this, research some recent posts at]

                Second, there are already hundreds of thousands of (sighted!) foreign troops that continue to be seen training in our country. For what purpose? To assist either with gun confiscation or in “quelling rebellion”, such rebellion being resistance by armed citizens against ANYTHING that smacks of Hitler’s Germany.

                Third, we must all listen very attentively during The Warning [] to what Christ will tell us and how He will instruct us.

                And those of us in America must heed Christ’s Messages to John Leary [], namely, that after The Warning will come the declaration of the Antichrist, Martial Law in America, and much, much more. From the 18-months of studying I have done on these issues, I have previously posted here what Christ’s Plan to protect His Faithful in America is.

                Let me briefly conclude from my overview of both an ungodly amount of Executive Orders and just about anything that has been published at this site, including the militarization of the USDA:

                1. Either an EMP or attacks on the power grid will commence literally to disempower Americans and keep them in the same dark that Hurricane Sandy did (a warm-up, courtesy of the HAARP machine) and this will necessarily mean the END of this site AND the internet, at least as we know it. The fight going on regarding net neutrality is, I believe, a prelude for this.

                2. This will coincide with a Currency Collapse and a False Flag event (or more) which will result in the seizure of food distribution centers across the U.S.

                3. No one will be permitted to obtain any food whatsoever unless they submit to an RFID chip which WILL be the Mark of the Beast, yes, as specifically described in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. Please, REFUSE the Mark, or you will consign yourself to Hell and Hell is for eternity.

                4. The foreign and other soldiers who will arrive by helicopter, train, highway, and other roads will have already been “chipped” with the Mark of the Beast because the Mark does three things: it disables free will [you can research patents for such online], you will hear voices commanding you what to do, and you will be powerless not to be controlled.

                Remember all the shootings blamed on suicided shooters who had been on psychotropic drugs? That they were on psychotropic medications was a cover for the fact they had been chipped and hence, controlled.

                5. Ignore all talk about the next Presidential Election as there will be none! That way you won’t be distracted and you can work to protect yourselves and loved ones from the evil some seek to unleash on us way before that time is to come. These people, right before our very eyes, continue to “tell” us their “game plan”.

                One of my prayers the past 18-months has been and continues to be, “Jesus, I trust in You!”.

                But I also believe Jesus trusts that I will use what He has given me to outthink these doers of evil and prep[are] accordingly in order to keep my family, friends, and other loved ones safe and protected physically, spiritually, and otherwise.

                For some strange, inexplicable reason, no Congressman or Senator is confronting the topics published at this site.

                Why the silence?

                My own belief, and I could be wrong, is that they are scared. Something, or someone has gotten to them.

                In fact, the lack, indeed the absence of political courage in our country is appalling. I’ll tell you another reason and it’s because every demon from Hell has been unleashed into the world. Thus, many around the world are infested who have given their will over to Satan (instead of to the Lord!) who continue to commit such atrocities, and, in our own country, strip us of our rights while allowing foreign troops to train here to overtake us.

                These are the same people who want our children to learn from “Common Core” (common bore) which is a curriculum that robs them of their ability to think critically, analytically, and independently. 2 + 2 will NEVER equal “5”, not in THIS lifetime, nor in the one to come!

                In addition, because something WICKED this way IS comING, the time is NOW for ALL of us to get right with God, repent, pray, and PREPARE!

                Pastor, I applaud all you do in and with your vocation and here at this site. Thank you for alllowing me to respond to you here. May God bless you and yours and I wish the same for everyone here.

                In short, we must think like a Chess player. They ARE coming: for our King and our Queen [parents, homeowners], for our pawns [children who are powerless], for our Bishops [religious leaders who defy the new world order], and for our Castles [our very homes!]

                But fear not, my friends: God the Father will Not permit the new world order to reduce the 7.5 billion population to just 500 million.

                In fact, I expect that all of us in America, and around the globe, will be confronted soon with Chastisements from God the Father, and when I say Chastisements, I mean huge, devastating events because the level and amount of sin in this world He can no longer tolerate.

                One I am currently researching is a purported Tsunami that might hit our East Coast. We have already seen, and continue TO see VERY aberrant winter and spring weather patterns. Could God the Father be trying to GET OUR ATTENTION so we all turn AWAY from sin?

                If you say “no”, then what would YOU do if YOU were HE to get people’s attention because the children You created were falling into Satan’s hands and hence becoming destined for eternity in Hell instead of with HIm and His Son in Heaven?

                Finally, Christ will emerge Victorious over all these evil doers and all evil whatsoever.

                And what is our job? Our job is to repent, practice kindness and forgiveness, and work as hard as we can to keep our souls from becoming contaminated (here and offline) by the darkness we discuss here at this site, lest we, too, get thrown into the Lake of Fire.

                – the Lone Ranger

                “Jesus, I trust in You!” – St. Faustina

                • Post one address to just one and I will fly there and take pictures. And yes I have a plane also.

                  • Lone Ranger: EVERYTHING you so far said was certain to happen as per the two visionarys and prophetic “experts” both whom have a Direct God hotline where they claim and YOU believe in that God or Jesus has SPOKEN to them or SHOWN them in various ways what IS going to occure and WHEN!!

                    Well So Far everything you posted that Them two Phonys and False prophets has said is NOW proven a HOAX. Because you listed actual dates and Months and Years said events were to happen per the two prophets etc..

                    ok so NOW almost 1/2 a Year has PASSED. yet…Wheres da Beef eh?

                    I have been wondering When You will finally Admit that we who have advised You to dump those Two phony prophets and quit placeing your 100% trust into Their false “Dream Visions” etc, are who has been 100% Correct!

                    Yet instead of admitting WE who said dump the two false prophets were correct since TIME Passed has PROVEN we are right and them two was wrong 100% now, you are back at it with trusting and promoting the SAME two FRAUD FAKERS!

                    This Begs the question as to Why are you still doing this?

                    you seem far too intelligent to be taken in by such Hoaxters and swindlers…And..Yet…you are.

                    I do Hope you soon awaken and start trusting in what the Bible itself declares as the main method of dicerning how we can KNOW certain who a False Prophet and False teacher truely is…

                    And Your Two fraud persons John Leery and that woman(cant recall her name? is it Maria? or???) Have MET every biblical description of what to look for to determine weather or not somebody IS a FRAUD fake false teacher or false prophet!

                    Therefore if You keep trusting those two frauds, and keep promoting their website and their predictions or warnings etc…You too shall be considered an acomplice of the Fraud faker false prophets!

                    like i stated prior…you seem far too smart to be that way Lone Ranger…So?….When will You finally admit this is the real truth about them Two frauds?

                    you cannot possibly be so hooked or dependant upon either that women or man’s phoniness and false prophecys to continue promoting them or their website.

                    Why anybody would desire to Lead Others astray with Now KNOWN/PROVEN by Time passed And Them twos OWN words you posted here, to be simply Fake Fraud false prophets…

                    And dare I say…LIARS for telling You or others that these two fraud fakers has HEARD Gods voice and SEEN Visions From God also!

                    The bible clearly details that such a “prophet” MUST be 100% Accurate and Correct in EVERY word spoken and every detail prophetically Uttered by them…Otherwise…if even One small detail fails to happen…They are FAKERS!

                    Surely You Lone Ranger must be aware of That particular bible verse eh…So whats next? An Admition by You that You agree on the falsehoods of those Two frauds?

                    OR like This post by you, More false promotions and websites of theirs?

                    In Other words..You Do desire to be taken as Serious correct Lone Ranger?…Because Most folks that come here and read etc are far too smart to keep trusting folks like tose Two fraud prophets…only remaining question is…Are You that smart also?

                  • FBP, good to hear from you. hope you don’t mind me asking, but have you heard from NinaO? I sent himan email and have heard nothing. Nothing done on his blog since March 23rd.

                • The Lone Ranger: I have had some very disturbing dreams about the end times…we are in a world of hurt. I’m not a catholic and I do have issues with the C religion and some of it’s practices. But I do know people who are of the catholic faith that revere Jesus.

                  That being said….again, we are in a world of hurt and it is frightening what is soon to come upon the world.


                  • PKLL, I probably have MORE issues with the C religion than you do!

                    That aside, you are so right that we are in a world of hurt.

                    One of my concerns is what the supply of food will be come September to next June given the reports about failing crops and how bad weather this year in California (thanks to our HAARP machine and those who “command” it) will send food prices so high we might see people rioting, let alone fighting for/over food.

                    As for fear and fright, I do what I can, I pray, I prep. Let’s continue to “connect the dots” and give thanks for this site.

                    – the Lone Ranger

                  • Lone Ranger: Amen to that….

                    I was looking for some water filtration and ran across this….easier than a Katadyn and faster…Platypus Gravity Filter on Amazon.


                • I will evacuate this country, before I will be chipped like a dog. If I can’t escape, then I will die. Period.

                  • Disturbing dreams of end times scenarios can sometimes be the result of eating too much Spicy mexcian foods prior to bed time. Especially if a Combo of Spicy foods And a full Hour of TV TBN shows such as pastor hagees sham shows!

                    That combo can and Has caused many a Nightmare of end times draem scenarios to many fine folks!

                  • Them Guys: Wow, you were insulting in less than 500 words….must be off your game today.


                  • Sixpack, I’m not going to be chipped and I’m staying and fighting, period!

                • I read Revelations recently. What I got from that is to have complete Faith and Trust in God, no matter what! Thank you Ranger, good read.

                  • Thank you, Sir Vyvor! Keep trusting, keep praying, keep preppin’.

                    It all comes out in the wash, and once God puts on HIS washing machine all evil, all doers of evil, and all stains they have “spilled” on HIS creation will be washed away.

                    Until then, we pray, we prep, we hope, and we stand UP to the bullies who would try to scapegoat liberty-loving, pistol packing, God-loving people of various faiths who are all trying to follow the Golden Rule– not Satan’s of starve, rob, beat, defraud, cheat, exterminate, kill by any means, however slow, however fast.

                    – the Lone Ranger

                    “Violence is that which violates, force is that which protects.” – Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

                • Them guys, let me be clear:

                  – I am not coming for you, THEY are!

                  Do you get that at ALL?

                  – Every objection you raise I’ve already answered several times many months ago and I will not waste my valuable energy or time repeating myself.

                  – I am not here to win over your respect, your admiration, or your love. I freely give you my respect or I’d reply quite disrespectfully and while I have nothing against you, sir, quite frankly, I am tired of your reactivity which seems to be in direct proportion to your closed mindedness for which I am not responsible because that’s your choice. As much as I don’t “like” how your choose to react, I do respect your right to choose whatsoever you believe.

                  – So for the sake of example, let’s just assume that God does not address nor speak to prophets today. If that be the case, do you REALLY believe the post by Mr. Hodges above is full of crap? You fail to address this and all the other points I made. Why is that? Are you some kind of disinformation specialist working for the powers that be?

                  My belief– and I am not alone– is that God is outraged at the evil being committed in the world He created. God will not permit those people who have aligned their will with Satan to destroy those who believe in, trust, and pray to Him. If you believe otherwise, that’s fine with me, because I respect all beliefs. But when you express your own beliefs in a verbally violent way, I’m gonna call you on it, ok?

                  Again, “visionaries” aside, read the signs of the times:

                  * We have aberrant weather patterns and they are persisting into late spring;

                  * GMO food and unregulated vaccines filled with death causing toxins continue unchecked by a spineless Congress;

                  * Foreign troops are already here and spotted in the East and Mid-West;

                  * Gun confiscation is in the works, and I could go on and on..

                  In pre-Nazi Germany there were no doubt people who believed as you believe: that evil is not amassing to deflate liberty and kill patriots, gun owners, and patriotic dissenters. Today you can add to that list Christians and those of us who defend the Constitution against those who would continue to incinerate the values and freedoms it embodies.

                  But students of history state that given the “signs” their fellow citizens implored them to pay attention to, that those particular pre-Nazi era citizens were in D*E*N*I*A*L*.

                  Are you, sir?

                  – the Lone Ranger

                  “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

                  “One person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.” – Thoreau

                  “Satan never attacks that which is a lie.” – the Blessed Mother

                  • Lone Ranger: “Are you some kind of disinformation specialist working for the powers that be?”

                    Yup. Says he knows his bible and I asked some very simple questions re: Jesus…basics any bible believing Christian would know…Them Guys answer was that he couldn’t possibly address all my questions…. Really? They were yes or no questions. Pretty simple ones at that.

                    I believe Them Guys is a jew hating dis-info agent that uses verbosity and insults, belittling and condescending language to shove his views down others throats. He takes a response, plugs in HIS fantasy opinion as “facts” about that persons thoughts or beliefs and then insults them for it. Right out of the play book…

                    verbose |vərˈbōs|
                    using or expressed in (many) more words than are needed : much academic language is obscure and verbose.
                    Ex: Them Guys posts…

                    To disengage is best, but I still like poking him with a stick occasionally.


                  • Lone Ranger: Typical reply from you as I expected. You dance around with all sorts assumptions of me or how I feel or think, of which you know little other than what I post here.

                    Most all you stated is based upon a typical Liberal dem minded way of thought..IE: If Lone ranger “Thinks” it..Then it Must be So! because if it was not true? why does His mind think it so?…Therefore if its a thought maintained in your mind…Its an automatic fact or truth.

                    Thats how mindless libs and antigun libs think Lone ranger…And once Their mind “thinks” it so…NOTHING on Earth nor in Heaven can ever change their minds period.

                    Another “Trick” libs use and you do too with me and a couple Others who has challanged your Two pals John Lerry and that chick, Maria is it?…

                    You back Then addressed Their challanges or questions the same way as you do Mine here now.

                    you Dance around it all…Include stuff i made zero mentions of, invent Your own ideas or thoughts about me, then Believe thats facts, yet never or “barely” a mention of My Main complaint!

                    I Will again state that Main complaint I have…”Lone ranger WHEN are YOU going to DEAL with and ADMIT, Finally…That all that deep trust YOU placed in those TWO FRAUD Phonies or self claimed “prophets” whos many Claims of Hearing direct from God or Jesus etc and SEEING Goldy created Visions etc, that YOU so also claimed were REAL TRUE Persons we all should Believe in and take 100% serious because YOU traveled far to Meet John Lerry and now know hes the REAL deal etc..

                    Me and PO’d Granny, and perhaps a couple Others too(?) Called You out on that issue several times when NOTHING those Two Fakers said that You reported on and URGED Us all to trust Implicitly as true Prophets empowered BY God Himself!…You said YOU 100% trutsted them two no questions about it!

                    WE aid “No, sorry, they are Frauds and YOU lone Ranger SOON shall see Thats Real truth!”…..WELL?

                    WELL?….Instead of projecting Your idiotic trust wrongly trusted, and Your failings and likley feelings of embaresments etc for posting their “Prophecies” as FACT…

                    maybe instead of ad hominim attacks at Me, same as you did to PO’d grannys questionings and Warnings that they are FRAUDS…perhaps it be best if You reflect upon That MAIN issue here of what MY post was mainly about…

                    Then Issue a simple straight fwd answer to weather or not You are prepared to finally admit We was correct….Those two you so hugely promoted as the “Be all to End all prophets who has HEARD and SEEN from God Himself” so its all Facts and Truth folks!, are fakers and NOT ever to be trusted!”

                    You rather attack My honest questions and Concerns! I am doing as we christians are commanded to do in MY use of Discernment like the early christian “berens” did and NOT simply trusting in any guy or gal who “Claims” this or that as facts…Because MY method of discernment and questioning You about Those Two folks has proven as the accurate way…Also has proved they are Fake Frauds who Obviously have an agenda…Be it to get cash donations?…Get a Cult like following of believers in a state of semi Hypnotic Trance similar to Jim jones cult, or they just Love fooling gullible folks?…

                    One things fairly certain lone Ranger…Them two frauds Are up to NO good period.

                    My other question was “Why are you Still promoting them two folks?”

                    I NEVER questioned much if Any other stuff your post contains, and much of it I agree with!

                    But if I ruffle a few folks feathers here by asking hard questions, nameing zionists etc where necessary and Appropriate, or any Other things I write on that “offends” those who remain in Deep Denial, likly Due to a lifetime of brainwashings from Phony Pastors like those I name, and of that Horrid fraud TBN Tv “ministry” group of whack job pastors and followers.

                    I do NOT do PC correctness…I believe EVERYBODY needs to stop doing all forms PC correctness!…I do Not worry if what i say or write “offends” any catholics, baptists protestants, atheists, jews, zionist, commies, etc etc.

                    It is really TRUTH that so offends such foolish folks. a Few are Here at this forum site also…regardless how many times, and how Much proofs, Links, quoted statements, articles written BY those we expose etc etc I and a few others here Provide to assist these foolish, in demial types Here, with which to help WAKE them from their Mass Delusional ideas or beliefs…Well that IS what we are supposed to do as good christians.

                    All that “God is Love” so happy happy folks all is swell or soon will be so carry on!”….Thats Nonsense.

                    And so is it nonsense when folks do as you do, dance around many straw man issues in order to AVOID dealing with the Main issue or two in question.

                    And as I expected from You lone Ranger…Your reply post here again has vindicated me as correct!

                    I won’t bother with it any longer as it is pointless at least untill You are willing to finally admit it is wrong to keep promoting folks like those two whos OWN date settings and own Words you copy pasted of theirs here has so aptly proven as FRAUD FAKE False prophets Period.

                    “IF” you do feel like admitting this is so?…I am glad to Read that reply post…I read 99% of everything you ever posted since you first write here…I never Yet seen any such questions addrssed by You as you said you have done..perhaps I missed that post by You?…Somehow I highly Doubt it though…

                    And, hey! even if you Never admit how fake and wrong your two favorite fraud prophets are?…Thats OKAY also Lone Ranger!

                    either way it changes MY life not a bit…Its You I am worried for and all Others who have fallen for those two frauds or any other frauds such as pastor hagee and that TBN Tv crowd of scam swindlers and jewdeo zio christian fools…Thats who I am worried for since they Number so Many in usa alone today!

                    Ok sorry for being so long winded, carry on Lone Ranger maybe one day soon you too shall learn good discernment and awaken!…let me know if I can assist in that huge job as I am Happy to assist You and Others here awaken.

                  • Them guys: proof is in the pudding…LOL!

                • Them guys, you are SO full of CRAP it is really not funny at all.

                  What you write is long-winded, imprecise, non-specific, and references NOTHING, and just about everything you write is an endless rant that I can’t make sense of.

                  But, yes, I will defend to my death your RIGHT to say it!

                  – the Lone Ranger

                  • Lone Ranger is indeed a fraud

            • James
              That sounds nice, although I have something for you to ponder..
              I have a view that goes like this
              they don’t come for the guns, because they want this war, and as many of us dead as they can get..even if it takes out many of their foot soldiers

              when it comes down to depopulation they don’t discriminate..
              the cops are not even part of their “chosen ones” and neither are any of those that might think they are on the Powers side
              the elite will wash their hands of all those they sic on us, as they watch from their cushy hidden enclaves

              A war with no borders, no uniforms, no sides..complete and utter chaos ..and they are the ones fanning the flames
              just a thought

              • 4GW – 4th Generation Warfare.

                Works on those “hidden” enclaves as well.

              • Note how soldiers who’ve been used up are treated even now. If you’re not part of the machine, you’re the enemy. No points for “used to be” part of the beast.

                • If you act like an attack dog, you’ll be treated like a dog by the NWO…there are no “pet princes”.

              • Wow! Another “TYPICAL” reply! PKKLL is I am willing to Bet, #1 Female! #2 typicaly bases ideas or thinks it so based on mainly “Emotional FEELINGS!” so typical of most women today, especially the dem lib varity…Good thing we have several women here at shtf who think based upon Logic and common sense or facts eh!

                Another common Trait in emotionaly feelings based lib dem women is a Deep desire to…Know what best! and always act like a bleeding heart ready to rescue everybody else!

                Why Else would they try to post a answer for somebody Else’s questions or replies?…Typical eh.

                As for my answering back?…I have several times and I gave various Links or quoted statements and articles info BY those I consider as questionable or evil etc.

                It has zero to do with “hate” regardless what denomination or beliefe one has…And I have Posted the EXACT VERSES From that judiac TALMUD, same as Fox TV shows has aired verses From the koran as proof solid as to what a certain religious group believs or the type they Practice….So ANY complaints need be to THE talmudics! Not me the messenger!

                As for some folks Massive denail, of That I Am 99.99% Certain its due to a lifetime or long time frame of delusioanl false teachings from pastors like john Hagee or one or more of the many located at TBN TV shows…The Lunatics that make ALl real christians look so bad to non believers!…They seem to think we all are like them lunatics at the TBN cult of fabled fantacy minded Fools!

                I do believe a few are Here also! as for That proof I offer..A few Here at shtf Has posted Links, yutube vids, and named some of the more notable fraud phonys such as Hagee, as some type Great pastor we all should consider learning from!!!!!!!

                ok so where do we begin learning from Hagees fakery?…Hows about His yutube video where John Hagee proclaims that “Christians are NEVER to spread the Gospel of Christ TO Any Jews!”?

                Thats nowhere written! except hagges warped mind!

                Christ said “NO one comes to the Father BUT thru Me!” No one Includes jews eh!…Not per Hagees teachings!

                yet when thats pointed out to the foolish ones here…Their denails are so damn Deep, they cannot grasp that Hagee is a fraud phony NO sane christian should ever adhere to nor even bother with at all!

                And yet some here still do!..When a hagee Minded set of mindless ideals, gets combined with a Female emotional feelings based mind set….LOOK OUT! Libsville here we go!

                you just Cannot make this stuff up huh!

                • Them guys: there you go again assuming and insulting without any evidence: “DEM LIB FEMALE” but what your mind made up….LOL!!!



            • Exactly! People in America will not just go about their daily lives and wait their turn to be targeted. Even if they shut down the internet and the MSM completely ignores, we will find out this has begun and it wont be long thereafter that word will travel. The Govt Loyalist will find themselves in the camps separated by a red or blue dot. I vote mostly red.

            • Thats exactly what 90% of Americans will do James. You are on your own and either you kill and or be killed.

              • You are 110% right….
                SSG USMC 1965-1972

              • When the time comes, I won’t go to “camp” shall we say.
                I didn’t say that I would not be vigilant and as ready as an old guy can be. God Bless, James

              • REf Ric:

                +1…..Vietnam Veteran here….

                That was what I was partially referring to in my other post. What the hell are we in for…this ain’t gonna be no small event !!!

                Sadly, I think the figure of 90% is low !!! I think that there is fewer that will stand than we realize and that is the scary, uncertainty, FUBAR scenario that concerns me….and hopefully starts concerning more people.

          • Im with you on that one,,,

        • The question is, what will constitute a “political dissident”? Will it be –
          Someone who refuses to part with his “fair share” of money?
          Someone who insists on voting contrary to the PC agenda?
          Someone who refuses to turn over his weapons?
          Someone who refuses to receive a subdermal implant?

          • Grafique, I don’t care what they call a political dissident. Let them bring it on. It will be the last thing they ever do alive.

          • Someone who is left breathing..

          • What if you qualify for ALL FOUR?

            Hmmm. I guess they won’t be able to find that guy.

        • we will take allot of them out!! come and get some!!
          when there are gone we can hang the rest !! take out country back!!

          • Im sorry but you may be younger and but we know our homes and you will die one by one if you do. Don’t do this unlawful order!! WHy do you have to listen to another human. Make sure you tell your other troops that you dont stand for this. We can change this course and make thme look like idiots and then arrest them after its over. We dont have to die young troops. Many of us can shoot just as good and I can shoot better than 99 percent of you general troops and that is not a threat. I dont ever want to fire on brothers but invade my stuff to do dirty work for the corrupt mobs and i will take you out. Think smart.

        • I am sorry but I have to call bullshit on this scenario until I see it myself.

          1. We bring foreign troops to the US to control Americans in civil unrest. No country has enough spare troops to pull this of and no UN army has ever been worth a damn.

          2. Our brain washed US service members would either A. Stand down or B. assist these foreigners perform this action. Total bull shit.

          3. What political group is going to trust these foreign mercenaries to keep them in power?

          4. What are the powers that be paying for this with? The dollar will be worth even less and our gold is in Asia.

          5. Ultimate trump card is at least 10 million gun owners not willing to roll over ( I think that is a conservative number ).

          Civil war may happen, economy may collapse, world war is possible but Russians fighting for congress or the banks against Americans to me is garbage.


          • As George Bush Sr. said.

            New World Order.

            • He also said NO NEW TAXES.

          • 10 million out of 100 million gun owners? Conservative estimate?

            If the rest of the gun owners are anything like the ones in my county, 90 million would be a conservative estimate!

            There are even people that don’t own guns are ready to lock and load! Nah, its a total no win situation for CPTB. They’ve got to keep the music playing and try to “nibble” the guns away. They have no choice. But, they are out of time. The dollar is on the brink. 2 years max and this party starts.

            …and it will all be totally different than what you think!

            • More like 3 % will be active to win back the bation the rest wont fight until it is at thier front door and for most it will be to late. I do not have the same confendence in my fellow americans as you do. They will kill each other for and xbox but not for a fredom they do not even knows exists.

              Survivr Its Death

          • I have to agree, Dick (sorry your name is almost like Cheney’s –smile).. but I was thinking the same thing. If we are at war with Russia, and we are… then how the heck will they bring in their soldiers here to do Obama’a biding??!! That does not make sense!

            Furthermore, Old Alex Jones may be right about somethings (it was cool how he put old whats-his-name in place over the second ammendment!) but Alex is completely CLUELESS when it comes to some issues–some very important issues! Plus, I don’t like his weird voice at times– kind of weird/spookey!

            anyhow, they may have facts right, but I think they are missing some points…! (Just doesn’t make sense!)

        • Just make sure that if your going to die anyway, you take as many of your attackers with you as you can.

        • It’s better to die in a fight standing than to live on your knees begging.

      3. Gun up and hunker down

        • Survive Its Death

      4. China cannot afford to lose an inch of its territory:

        WASHINGTON, May 15 (Xinhua) — China could not afford to lose an inch of its territory and called on the United States to hold an objective view on the South China Sea and East China Sea issues, a senior Chinese general said here Thursday.
        The “border territory which has passed down from our ancestors into the hands of our generation — we cannot afford to lose an inch,” visiting Chief of General Staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Fang Fenghui stressed at a joint press briefing after meeting U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey.
        Fang, who was on a U.S. tour since Tuesday, said: “We do not make trouble. We do not create trouble. But we are not afraid of trouble.”

        • Now China REALLY can’t afford to lose an inch of land, now that the American public is on to them and Harry Reid’s scam for our public lands…so they’ll just settle for all of our fresh water instead.

      5. I made a copy of FM 3-39 and it doesn’t look good.
        A manual to take down the American people. I just thumbed around the sections.

        If I was to let other people read this book, most would say it was crazy. Not a damn thing is going to happen until people go to the camps. That is after they make all of “us” enemy’s of the state and kill us.

        • I don’t think they plan to tell anyone, slingshot– just disappear us one night. How can we have any back up then?

          • Anon.

            I have told some of my friends and family, who are not on board, should I disappear without a trace then it’s it. What they do then I will have no idea. I know for sure they will at least look for my weapons and hope they make the connection on where the fuck did I go to.

          • Anon, they’ll disappear you ONLY if you let them take you alive. I’m going to stand up and fight when they attack my home and if it’s my time, I’ll die fighting at my home and some of my attackers will be going with me.

        • Howdy, Slingshot. I’ve had a copy of FM3-39.40 on my computer since 2010 and printed a hard copy. They have the nerve and audacity to spell out their true intentions toward us, then turn around and claim something to the contrary. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what all of this can lead to. We’re facing either a 2nd civil war or revolution. That’s the only hope I see to save this nation. I realize that most local and state LEOs and not even all of our military will carry out such orders. They realize their own families live among us and are just as vulnerable as anyone else. Since 2008 when the chimp first got into the WH, I’ve suspected a combination of a “civilian national security force” aka Obama army and foreign troops will come after us. I do believe more and more that one night they’ll start coming around for us and I am prepped and still prepping. I don’t care who they are or what they’re wearing; they force their way into my home, they die. I might die also but I’m damned sure taking some of the SOBs with me. they better bring plenty of body bags for themselves.

          • Hello BraveHeart.

            In my travels I came across a book/leaflet called Vampire 2000. That was way back about 1986. I loaned to a person to read and he moved without giving it back to me. The unnerving part as I remember is that it had similarities to this FM 3-39. It did say Foreign troops but did not specify who would be on US Soil.

            This MERS can be used to move people quickly to other locations using chemical suits and gas masks to scare the hell out of you.

            Good you have a copy. Others should acquire one. Lots of detail not known to the regulars here.

            • Slingshot, I don’t know who all has troops stashed away here and/or in Canada and Mexico and don’t care. No matter where they’re from, they will be invaders, fair game, and targets of opportunity. I’ve never heard of Vampire 2000 before. I’ll google it and check it out. thanks for the tip.

            • I’ve had a copy for about 18 yrs. Scared me half to death when I first read it. Time has deadened the shock of it all. Sixpack do u want me to send u a copy?

              • LSB, I have a digital copy, thanks. I scare myself every time I pull it up on my computer. I just wish I could get some of these other people to read it…and understand what they read.

          • I agree BH, they are fools to think we won”t fight back, and there are more of us everyday, seeing what they intend to do. and it makes me Sick, that I can”t enjoy the last years of my life in retirement with my family, I hate to have to put my boots back on after 45 years, and I am not in the Best of Health, but by God if these Bastards mean to Make War on Us, I’ll give them all the Hell I can, and there are plenty of us Ole Farts, that have Nothing to Lose, So see you on the Line!!

            Semper Fi

            • Cameraman, same here. I wish I could be doing anything BUT fighting in a 2nd civil war or revolution, but if they mean evil toward us, then we have to stand up and challenge them. I’ll die standing, not on my knees.

          • Hi Brave: Actually those Body bags are just the Giant economy size; Seal-a-meal, bags. Not to worry, with what BO is doing to the Army, they won’t have anyone left to even start this. It will have to be Homeland Security and I know exactly how much you would hate to bother those boys.

            • “Giant economy size; Seal-a-meal, bags”

              They’d best be using those for all of the shit oblahblah is full of…

            • Paranoid, the military could hand DHS their own ass to them. they’re a joke.

          • What commie f-ers red thumbed you, renegade?

      6. There was a time in my life were I was so ignorant to some of this stuff and the world was simpler. I spent a carrier in the US Army and can say without question many of the original MOUT site reflected the known battle ground of the time, this new site is small town American with a mix of the big city.

        In my day a building was a building and a door was a door, but creating an atmosphere of America is strictly to affect the phycology of the person being trained.

        We are already in this country under attack, most just don’t know it yet!

        • Howdy, Y99. I wonder how many of “Obama’s army” have been training at those MOUT sites? It will be interesting to see the makeup of the ‘army’ when they finally show themselves.

          • Well Brave he just released 36000 alien criminals last week, that’s part of the fodder that they’ll start the war with, backed up by USDA, FEMA, HLS, SS, FBI, NSA, CIA…and so on.
            War of some kind within this country just seems inevitable.

            • What I don’t get is, why would Russia, after the U.S. SANCTIONS THEM FINANCIALLY, freezing assets and such, be even willing to send troops over here to “train” for anything?

              …I know I know, it’s all a lie and Putin is in on it with oblahblah, but…

              Does it make any sense that somebody like Putin, would acquiesce like that, TO OSTUPID? I don’t believe so. I don’t think Putin would help obummer catch a stray dog in his own latrine, much less put his men in harms way and make a fool of himself in the process.

              Y’all talk about how Putin wants to “take over the U.S.”, but he’s going to help obdumbo fight/round up “insurgents” first, people he already has to know aren’t too happy with obumbler as it is? No, I think IF Putin was going to take over this country, he wouldn’t even consider siding up with a kenyan mulatto, who has declared financial war on his people and country.

              What IF the Russian troops that are allegedly here, aren’t here to fight FOR obraindead? What if they have no intention of rounding up anybody? What other purpose could there be?

              What purpose did they serve in Ukraine, where an unelected junta has installed their bankster and taken the country by coup d’etat?

              Did the Russians fight along side of the banksters?

              • I honestly think if we had a civil war or a 2nd revolution, the Russians would back the Patriots and not the US government.

                • Putin has gone ON record Publically stateing that he and Russia will come to the Aid of Christians located Anywheres globally if they come under attack.

                  Weather or not Putins sincere?…or that he and russia forces will assist christians under attack anywheres globally?…Remains to be seen and proven yet. At this point all we can do is let it be, Time shall tell, if true or not…It Is true he stated that on a Live tv interview publically…But words are not the same as actual actions, so as I say time will tell eh.

                  “IF” We in usa actually did get arms, ammos, assistance etc from Putin/russia or even any Other nations…Boy That sure would change the eleiets plans a bit no!

                  Such assistance from any outsiders for Us to recieve would be the One major thing not counted on by current crops of so called “officials” eh.

                  One just never Knows for certain how things may end up as.

                  • Themguys:

                    Apparently some here have chosen to ignore Brandon Smiths article on Putin and Russia.

                    If you believe that the international bankers that financed the overthrow of the Christian Russian Government have loosened their grip on their prize Russia, then I have a bridge to sell you.

                    Comrade Putin gets his marching orders, same as Obama, and most all other leaders of nations from these same international bankers. And if those marching orders are cloaked in lies, what is new?

                    To say that Putin is a christian and goes to church is the same as saying Biden, Pelosi, etc. are fine upstanding patriotic American Christians, because they are supposed Catholics.

                    To believe what RT TV is putting out as the truth, and only the truth, is the same as buying into the MSN in America.

                    Kruschev said we would fall from within. He has to be smiling in his grave each time he hears that Putin is just our friendly neighbor.

                  • Cool thought!, themguys

                  • The current Russian government allows its citizens to beat up Gay Pride marchers, and it is at odds with the Islamic government of Turkey. TPTB, including Obama, hate Putin. Our White House mullah would gladly disarm and exterminate 10% of his subjects, just like Bill Ayers. But this narcissistic madrassas student would never invite Russian troops to quell unrest in the US. Can anyone document the presence of Russian troops in the states?

                  • Them Guys, POG says you “ignored” Brandon Smith’s article—I read it, and unless Mr. Smith is currently in the midst of it over in Ukraine, then he is JUST GUESSING LIKE THE REST OF US, and his guess is as good as mine and yours.

                    Let me be clear—opinions are like assholes, everyone has at least one.

                    I respect Mr. Smith’s right to have his opinion, but I have my own and it is NOT based on any media, including RT.

                    When I said”Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see, I meant it for ALL media, not just western.

          • More commie f-ers,renegade. It is telling that the red thumb is red.

            • i Never said i believe Putin is sincere! I Said Only Time will tell and actions speaks louder than words.

              I do believe that If any other nation or group nations rescued usa patriots with weaponery and ammos etc same as usa does to so many other nations ‘rebels”…That would screw up big time the plans currently in progress of the eliets in control today.

              i have ZERO doubts on That issue!…Especially if they supplied usa petriots with heavey stuff like rocket launchers etc!….Then we will see many eleits RUN to closest airports for a ONE way flight Fast as possible. Likly place of their Landing will be Israel! as Israel has NO extridition allowed…That ONLY applys for jews of course!…Howvever I expect vast majority of said eleits exiting stage Leftist from usa TO israel are going to be the Tons of AIPAC Jewdeo-Kommies so infesting america today. I am certain of That also!

              But as to Putin or russia issues?…Time will Tell.

              If I were to wager it?…I wager that yes Putins a shill scam also. But Maybe hes not….TIME will Tell at this point. we have far worse troubles with the us state dept so infested by Zionists and lib jewdeo kommies today i think.

      7. Basically, we are at war.

      8. We need to check out all references to make sure this thing is actually for real– that is the first step. Make sure if its legitimate or not…

        • Anon, google “FM3-39.40” and read the manual for yourself. It’s the real deal.

          • But Hodges article Reeks of the same sort of out of context and half sentences as false pastors always make use of.

            He quotes a sentence from some fed ct trial of the women he knows. Then hodges ADDS the word soverign citizen in his explainations of what it all means. Yet no such word of soverign was used IN the actual court statements.

            Theres a few Other places in article this has been done also. Like the description of armed persons NON military etc. Hodges explainations Jumps to a conclusion that sounds to me more like what he desires to believe it to be. So he does same method as many preachers do with bible verses…Take a few out of context words or partial sentences, add His stuff, mix it all into a whole New meaning not stated.

            Like where it says persons denationalized…Well what else should they be called but a person who no longer Has a state or nation to call home?…The Leep to it Has to mean soverign citizens like a libertarian or chirstian believer is absurd.

            Every such article by him seems to follow this type pattern, which IS the same pattern so many fraud pastors use too.

            “ok folks we KNOW that, This means That right…AND…We Also KNOW that…That means..THIS! Right!

            Therefore “this-n-that” MUST mean that or this because…WHAT Else Can it mean.. right folks?

            OR!! maybe it means a dozen OTHER potential things that You or He has NOT yet thought of eh?

            But it sure don’t mean whatever one “Thinks” in their head Must be Facts and truth, simply since they Think it so and cannot dream up any Other ideas or thoughts of what it “Might” mean.

            Why do so many otherwise wide awake folks jump on the bandwagons and be so quick to sign up or join whenever a guy tells them what they desire to hear or read?

            This reminds me how many pastors today take a few words Out of an entire dozen or More chapters of the Book of Danial in the old testement and “Change” it all by Adding many more of their OWN words and descriptions to come up with their brand of desired “End Times” scenarios.

            They use these words ONLY from Danial book..
            And HE( whoever he is? pastors claim its the real antichrist guy but offer zero proofs) Shall END the Daily Sacrafice”…”He will end the daily sacrafice”

            Thats totally OUT of context not even a full single sentence! Yet it is used to verify it speaks of The antichrist, used as proof jews need a 3rd temple to kill and cook animal sacrafices again(moses and abraham and many others never had any “temples” yet They had NO problems doing animal sacrafices right…Why NOW is it so Mandatory jews Must rebuild 3rd temple or cannot do animal sacrafices again? Makes zero sense eh).

            Those FEW words “he shall end daily sacrafice” has been used to create an entire new set of meanings, Prophetic truths, end time events scenarios, and as proof solid jews MUST be allowed to build a 3rd temple or else God cannot ever fullfill the Rest of bible predicted events!

            As “IF” God needs to depend on ANYBODY be it jews, temples, pharisee rabbis or even so called christian preachers!…As if God’s hands are Tied and as if God can never change His mind when for example those he ONCE long ago chose, rejected God and every law or command they prior agreed to do, even so God cant ever “Change” His mind or Plans!….And Many christians believe such hogwash!

            Others seem to Copy the pastors methods of Out of context 1/2 sentences, add own words and Change words or meanings and invent a whole new deal!

            Sorry folks I aint buying into either such preachers “expertize” nor that of secular article writers promotions…Especially when BOTH groups are full of promotors that always refuse to name the true culprits where appropriate!…instead they always use words to name culprits like, Hitler-nazis-SS storm troops, Kommie soviets, RUSSIANS! CHINESE! etc etc…But never Ever actually name or write the words of ZIONISTS! or Jewish Zionists! or Jewish Kommies!..

            Either say and Write 100% facts and truths including names of culprits where warrented…OR say or write 1/2 truths and additions NOT there etc…Because one cannot do Both eh!…personally I shall stick with those who are 100% truth tellers and reject all such 1/2 truths or additions as it suits what is desired for You to believe in!…And in EVERY instance or example, that the Proper-Honest word or term for say…TPTB and Banksters.. SHOULD be stated as what they really Are…IE: ZIONIST Jewish Banksters or kommies, For.. “tptb” in “High Places”.

            Nobody Ever complains whenever a writer or speaker uses words like nazis or Communists etc to describe evil or bad guys etc right…Well then they should also never complain when a word like jewish zionist is used if indeed Thats the proper appropraite factual words of description necessary to use so Other unawake folks will wake up…You can’t fight an enemy if you can’t even name it or them eh.

            Who really believes any self proclaimed “patriots” are actually willing to Fight against or even Shoot an enemy of freedoms etc when that same “patriot” so FEARS such nameings as, zionists etc?…I sure don’t see them fighting or shooting the enemys they FEAR to Name!

            Does anybody else here?

            • blah, blah, blah….your right, everybody else is wrong….

              • Hey you! the so deep in Denial one…Perhaps your feelings emotionaly based ways will be better served if you go Back to viewing that huge collection you prior promoted of videos by what seems your favorite preacherman…pastor John “jewdeo-zionist-christian”(an oxymoron is ever one was eh!) Hagee!…

                you don’t seem to Learn from Anybody heres postings of any amount of reality, proofs, links Videos, Talmudic verses or anything else I or several Others here has Often supplied persons like You in such deep Denial of Truth if it involves issues jewish or israel.

                Therefore one would guess that You get a much better enjoyment from all those Pastor Hagee Judiaizering zionistic talmudic jewdeo nonsense hagges so famous for!

                Maybe even you can Join his latest scam org called “CUFI”!

                “Christians united For israel” thats mainly a swindle to get mass cash donations to help rebuild a jew 3rd temple so jews can do what hagee also highly promotes and fully approves of…That being to use a 3rd temple to RE introduce jewish San hedrin and Pharisee Rabbis ANIMAL Sacrafices!!…..Obviously Hagee and all who agree with hagee Must therefore believe that the sacrafice done BY Jesus Christ on the Cross 2000 yrs ago…Is NOT sufficient! Why Else would anybody like hagee and all His followers be so duped into such stupid beliefs?

                Animal sacrafices again? to Cleanse the world of ALL Sins?

                That Failed miserably for 2000 yrs Prior to ad 33 era! yet a pastor who claims hes christian promotes animal sacrafices and in a 3rd temple?!

                Hey go on waste your cash and donate to so asinine a cause!…Or just sit on the couch and watch endless hrs of hagees many scam vids…I suggest his 4 red moons tetrads videos!

                HINT CLUE #1 on Red Moon events…Talmudic judaisim practices and beliefs CENTERS around the MOON’S Phases! as did most ALL prior Mosaic hebrew religious old testemsnt practices by israelites!

                Therefore it is NO wonderment at all that jews or israel seems to have so many events happening centered around a full or Dark moon etc eh!

                It sure works swell to fully Geek up jewdeoziochristians on israel nukeing iran or sieria eh!

                lets all sing along with Sen John McStain! Bomb Bomb Bomb iran! yeah but be sure you never send too many jewish sons or daughters to that war right folks!

                PS if Hagee eats any more fatty foods, he too is soon going to look like a huge full Moon!

                • Them Guys: Wow….I love how you make assumptions…


        • Ref: Anonymous

          This is what I have made reference to in my few prior posts…

          My concern is something that continues to come to mind constantly from my time in the military..

          1) Fear will make you stupid

          2) Panic will get you killed !!!

          I get the feeling that more people will be just be in a total freaking out mode….sheer Panic….and will bring more harm than good……

          What say you ?

          • Completly correct

            This why the Prepared Must stay the hell out of the way in the first 30 days of a true collapse

          • 3rd down, there are a bunch of “Anonymous” writers who post comments here– not sure which one you are referring to…

            But in reference to the comments you made, I would suggest highly we all meditate and exercise daily– gets rid of stress, makes you happy, lifts your spirits!

          • I say what time has proven true, on many occasions—I don’t panic.

      9. This evil plan will most likely start in some small rural area where there are not many to defend against. That is where I live.
        I plan to take some of “them” with me before I die. And I will NOT die in a FEMA camp. Rather die on my feet than live on my knees and I will make a terrible “subject”.

      10. I just read this over at Dave’s site… got there via Steve Q’s site… you know just making the rounds… So if it winds up here it can’t be fear porn, right?

        Seriously though… this has grave implications if only partially true…

        However, I want HARD CORE evidence, proof positive of sufficient foreign troops to pull it off… in all the versions of this theme, that is the one factor that is always missing…

        Show me the money!!!

        • Jerrytbg and everyone else who is skeptical, just google “FM 3-39.40” and read the manual for yourselves. it will definitely “show you the money.”

          • I have, and as I say below it is for a FEW… very few…

            The space doesn’t exist for all that many…

            Maybe for ten’s of thousands… not millions as Dave is implying…

            Sorry, I don’t buy it…

            • Agree and there is some people who should be rounded up and contained in a total collapse.

              EX that group of dipshits in WA state that thier plan was to just take from everyone else and wanted to do a c section on his wife with his bayenet.
              How about all the gang members losing it when the food runs out in the cities
              How about the detoxining druggies
              How about all the people who just give up.

              I know this will be hated but there is many in this country who will need a “FEMA” camp just to live another day. So maybe since to this day I have seen no proof of the BAD CAMPS. Maybe FEMA is doing what it is suppose to do and prepare for the worst.

              • I’m sort of hoping all the troops and bullets will first be used on the areas where the riots will start first, the ghettos. May give me time to kick in action plan.

              • FP,

                I can’t disagree with any of that…
                Except maybe fema doing their job…

                Katrina and Sandy come to mind…

          • I haven’t looked it up yet, braveheart, but even if it is there as you say (and I believe you), still the idea of RUSSIAN TROOPS being here to help Obama does not sound plausible!! Obama has declared war on Putin (currency war which usually leads to military war). They don’t seem too friendly at the moment!

      11. Wow. You people who say:
        PROVE IT!
        FEAR PORN!

        You sound pretty much like the dulltards of Noah’s day:

        YOUR CRAZY!

        Blub, blub…blub….

        If you cannot put 2 and 2 together on your own based on all the *overwhelming* evidence out there, then I guess you will drown in your ignorance.

        ALL of these horrible things are coming to pass and we may not be able to prevent them. How we react to them IS our choice and doing.

        Stand or Fall. Because YOU make that choice!

        • I’m a little surprised you’re reacting so strongly….
          I can certainly add and the numbers don’t add up…

          These guys are gearing up for:

          1-SAR on a large scale… plucking the stranded elites from any strange place they happened to be…

          2- facility protection… banks, food distribution centers, transportation, water treatment plants, power plants(nuke)etc etc

          They may come for a few…. but the operative word is FEW…
          And I don’t believe any of us are that highly sought after by them…
          They would just as soon have us kill each other off…


          • @jerrytgb

            People keep thinking that “there is not enough room or soldiers to round up each and every one of us”.

            True that.

            They don’t intend to… only the survivors of whatever pandemic plague, natural disaster or other large ‘culling event’ that takes place first. It is easier to plan ahead and have all your items ahead of time and then implement them when the time comes, than trying to do it after the fact.

            The extra large FEMA coffins are proof of that itself.
            Did the government have any such thing stockpiled during WWII? Nope. You went home in a cardboard or pine box.

            They do now because they EXPECT mass casualties. The coffins themselves are patented and considered ‘state of the art’. A large plastic box that can hold multiple bodies for cremation? Yep. State of the art disposal all right. Link to the actual FEMA coffin patent here:

            Multi-functional cremation container for a cadaver
            US 5425163 A
            h t tp://

            The ONLY reason the government ‘needed’ these is for the fast, efficient means to store dead bodies and possibly transport prior to burning. Why burn bodies?

            Well, plague comes to mind. Why have containers that stack neatly and don’t leak? Plague again.

            Basically, a MASS die-off is coming and again, it is better to have resources ahead of time, so you are somewhat prepared when the SHTF. If this mass die-off is due to bio-weapons or some plague, then there won’t be a need to ’round up’ millions of dissenters and enemies. Only the ones that are still alive.

            • Now that’s the Socrates I know…

              I agree… AFTER ___________, fill in the blank… they may round up survivors and put them to work…

              But that’s not what Dave is talking about, at least not in this article… and that is what I was reacting to.

              Sorry for the confusion…

            • Socrates your pretty much on target.The thing is the planet is beginning a end of an age magntic pole shift. Great mega world wide clatyclismic events are in the near future. That’s what the government is prepping for. They will need to control the unruly mobs & chaios that will happen. And yes 90% will die and their bodies will need disposal. The government wants to know where and who has the food & supplys . and they will let us Even encourage to kill each other off if it furthers their agenda.

            • califoricated is burning, torched, mostly by invaders.

              • Just got a weather alert email and it also has terrorist alerts and news updates…This emails news alert says that arsonists just got arrested for kalif fires started due to arsonists!

                I suspected so many huge forest fires cannot all be due to a meere lightining strike every time eh!

        • Socrates:

          Amen to your post. The Lord said over and over that some will NEVER have eyes to see and ears to hear.

          • Yet those without eyes to see or ears to hear with Ironicly have a huge massive TV satalite broadcast network of “TBN” that contains several hundred Global tv channels and stations!

            The total number of the many deluded by TBN networks preachermen shows has to number in the couple Billion globally by now eh?…20+ yrs ago when far smaller of a network with only one or a few tv channels, they bragged of having Several Hundred Million daily followers and cash donaters!

            Paul and Jan crouch just may Pass up the Rothschilds jewdeo banksters as the worlds richest folks before it all screeches to an end soon eh.

            I located a great webiste that posts the actual Net worth of every such TBN TV pastor and also the huge Megga church preachermen like Joel Osteen et al.

            And its proof solid net worths based upon Public entitled Info avail FREE to all who ask for it due to those 501C taxfree org IRS rules!

            Anybody can send a letter request for Every financial piece ifno for entire Past year or year’s and that tax free church org or preacher MUST supply it to you asap!

            This website I found has tons of such net worth info, salarys pastors Pays themselves and their wives and many sons or daughters etc…What properties they own, what properties are worth..ALl pertinant infos related to mass wealth of so many pastors today has..I shall look for it and if I find the web will Post the Link..

            I think Many folks here would like to see just how good at scam swindleing such preachers really are.

            TBN says” And God says YOU Must give up 10% church tax(tithes) because when Christ ended ALL the prior Mosaic laws of the old covenant…He forgot to put to end Moses laws of tithes!(not really but Thats whet many believe and Pay thru their teeth).

            So Send in that CASH$$$$ Now! make That Vow! Plant that Cash SEED! in the “Store House of the Lord” where the pastor is to be 100% in total control of ALL such cash!

            So He can Buy Private jet planes! $10 million dollar mansions, Jet runways on his 8000 acre private hunt club ranch(part of his 401K retirement package!) in Texas!

            just tell Phone operators standing by waiting Your call in donations and “Love Gifts offerings”. Tell operators You desire to Join that 1000+ club! where when You donate at least $1000 at once…God promices to Bless you Back a thousand fold!…Folks! Thats a Million dollars in Your mainbox asap likly before the week ends! Because $1000 donated multiplied by God a thousnad fold times is a Million $$$ back to You the benevolent donater of said Love Gifts!

            Special today only folks! Those who Donate $10,000 or MORE! Can visit me and the wify at Our Mansion! and get One Free Plane ride on Each of Our SIX planes! Yes we have TWO Jets and 4 twin props planes folks and You get a free ride to view Our massive ranch from “above”(where the Lord lives folks!)….make that VOW NOW!

            And a couple Billion globally…DO!!! Oh my my! What Has this world come to eh?

            • I suspect that most 501c3 churches will be in bed with DHS or FEMA, if they are not already working with them. The staff loves those tax benefits, so they will make sure their members SUBMIT, even if it means using a perverted interpretation of Romans 13. They might even report parishioners who are Constitutionalists, gun owners, home schoolers, or otherwise outspoken about the tyrant. I am being paranoid, I know…

      12. No wonder these criminals at the top sit by quietly and smug in their assurance that there is nothing that the people can do to interfere in their fail safe design of utter subjugation of the American people. It looks like the shit has hit more than the fan.

      13. When we are received in the halls of Valhalla we will be measured by the number of the honor guard we bring with us.

        Stay locked and loaded my friends.

      14. I pray to the almighty God no such scenarios will ever take place in the US of A. However fascists banksters , members of the satanic tribe named AIPAC, heartless souls who will kill innocents for money including women and children are fully capable to make the above scenario to become a reality. My confidence level is high enough that such plans are in place but if this is going to take place and to become a reality in the US oA, then guess what…….NO PRISONER WILL BE TAKEN.

        • Anon-

          Bankers/AIPAC etc, are symptoms…their “tribal affiliation” is the pathogen!

          • HUNTER: And Anon! you guys got that correct!!!

            Its always been the method used by them…#1-Begin the Infiltrations of the chosen Western nation of mainly Whites and Christians….When enough tribal Kommies and zios has infiltrated into said nation…Then it all turns from infiltration Into an “INFESTATION”! a Pathogenetic infection of a tribal proportion!

            AKA known of as “The NATION WRECKERS”. And of course The Main number one reason that same entity has been Booted out from Every Nation, Country, City, Area, Zone thats ever been unlucky enough or duped enough to actually Host said tribal entity…So Far its #109 Nations since 70 ad or so…America so far is continuing to be the Lone exception nation…..For now so far that is.

            One way or the other be it another major Boot out?…or some Other events…We do seem very Close to the typical Patterns prior followed by this tribal entity and its included evils upon Every “Host” nation previously done.

            America Today Is at the very Cusp of a huge Tipping Point on the Scale…That point in time when enough folks get fed up and seek truth etc and become wide awake to it all.

            That is exactly what occured in all of the prior 109 nations! Each time it took aprox 200 yrs or so from first Infiltrations….Untill a major mass awakening!

            Then a Final Boot-Out Solution occured.

            Afterwards, Most such host nations Regained prosperity, safty, zero confrontations by other nations, overall peace, safty, and huge prosperity!…Simply by Takeing back their nation controls and booting out the evils ever present wherever the tribal enity exists!

            Maybe we Boomers shall live to see that Return to proper normalness eh?….Time shall tell!..Got BOOTS?

      15. They may train to take us to a FEMA camp, but they will soon learn it is not going to be as easy as they think.
        There will be some that will walk into the FEMA camp with no problem.
        For most of us on this site there will be a fight, and if they get us into the camp it will be our duty to escape.
        I know that most of us here on this site will fight like hell to stop our families form going to the camps. We know what the camp means, the sheeple don’t.

        Keep your weapons on the ready. I believe very soon we will need them.
        I’m going to die standing up and not on my knees!
        GOD HELP US!


        • Amen

          If I have to go this way, when I die I will fall to lay in a huge pile of brass

          • a “brass bed” the gubmint hadn’t counted on.

        • Howdy, Sarge. I left a response for you at comment # 3087821 on the last article. No one is taking me anywhere either.

        • Yea theyll get me to go to the camp,
          Ill be the guy driving the D9Hightrack with road plates welded onto it through their barracks and store house. Then piling up their vehicles into a big pile of junk.

          • Will the last one out shut the lights off—oh hell, fuck the lights, just RUN…

        • Sgt Dale..

          The military has been joint training with foreign troops,on both native and foreign soil/waters, for decades now .

          The feds would most likely issue direct warrants /orders to local and state LEO to ‘arrest’ certain “targeted” individuals under the cover of night as “enemy combatants.”

          That scenario is plausible..

          However, considering there are literally millions of us who would now qualify for that dubious distinction,just how how logistically would that be carried out?

          Have you heard or been briefed on any such scenarios?

          Thanks in advance..


          • This is truth. How will they execute such a plan? I was a cop years ago – a SWAT deputy – the manpower they utilize in your average barricaded gunman, hostage situation, etc. is pretty significant.

            Lets say a 20 man team, 4 5 man squads including commander. Also include communications personnel to coordinate them at their local dispatch center. Then EMS personnel standing by for medical transport of casualties – maybe 25-30 people?

            That’s for one deal! Plus add the demoralizing impact on the teams from daily loss of men to resistance. The stress alone would be too much.

            Sure maybe some scenarios could be handled by some smaller teams, but for the real resistors, they would need overwhelming resources and manpower – they simply don’t have it.

            Think of how many gang members, veterans, patriots, nuts, homeschoolers, anti tax people etc there are in this country? How many ARs and AKs are sold every year…

            Plus, even though you couldn’t count on them, there ARE many LE/military personnel who would go UA, resist, break rank etc. Lack of unit cohesion is deadly to such a unit.

            Mission impossible for them!

            • Yep, but when they come for you at your house..dont be there


              and that most recent one

              you will get blown up and or blown up and burned out

            • I agree they do not have the manpower to do this. Many at the highest positions in our military, law enforcement are Christians and Patriots. I understand there has been significant changes in every facet of American life but I highly doubt that all those in the military and law enforcement would even fathom doing this.

          • Posseecom: Heres easy simple math a 2nd grade kid can comprehend for the massive differences in “Numbers”.

            7 Billion total world POP aprox correct.

            Thats 7000 X a MILLION right…

            Or, just 7000 for short, global POP.

            OF that 7000, Only aprox 13-14 equals tribal membership!

            And if folks are correct that NOT every member of the tribe will go along with or do such evils etc?…Which I Too Agree with, IE: NOT all will do so or be that way.

            Then if it seems like 13 or 14 OUT of a Total of 7000 makes the tribe highly Outnumbered?…Picture how worse yet it is if ANY portion of that original 13 to 14 members Deflect or desert the tribe and remain neutral or even JOIN Our side!

            Even “IF” all of that 14 as top number total, go up against the rest that makes up the Goyims or that remaining, “6986” members VS the “14” at Most.

            When its all reduced to easy to comprehend yet accurate numbers like this…Well as I said even a 2nd grader kid can understand such easy Math and it is quite Obvious whoever is in that goyim number of “6986” vs, the others in that “14” group, has Much to look fwd to as far as winning the Main event goes eh.

          • We haven’t trained with the military, as of yet.
            At first they will us warrants for somewhere from out of our area. There is no way for us to confirm the allegations on the warrant. They will go after the leaders of the groups.

            Using a false flag to try and get the rest of us. If we have a EMP be ready for anything.

            If I hear of find out anything I will let everyone here know!

          • It suddenly dawned on me– I don’t think they will do this because it simply is not necessary. In 2016, when the unconventional oil/gas supplies have run out and the arctic is finally ice free in the summer, there will be a mass die off, so they don’t have to “round us all up”. Their plan, I think, is to just let us starve to death (no oil= no corporate farms and no corporate farms= mass die off). ONLY if we rebel (don’t die quietly) then, they will put us in concentration camps.

      16. It’s one thing to send an email. It’s another thing altogether to actually do something about it. To muster the courage to walk away with your colleagues en masse and expose what is happening to the press and the public. Yeah, I know your taxpayer funded retirement benefits would be lost as well as your taxpayer funded educational benefits. And yeah, you could face prosecution for desertion.

        The letter that opens up this essay is disgusting. Frankly, as I read through it I thought to myself “coward and traitor”. If he is legitimate then he and his fellow soldiers are treasonous cowards. If in fact the US military is allowing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of Russian and Chinese troops into the US and training them then they are in fact violating their oath and committing treason. Article 3, Section 3 of the constitution says in part – “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

        Those in the US military are complicit in what is taking place. “Aid and Comfort”, that’s what they are providing. The very definition of treason.

        • AMEN.

          Also: “I know your taxpayer funded retirement benefits would be lost as well as your taxpayer funded educational benefits.”

          Hell, they’re gonna take all of that anyway. What the sheeple don’t realize is, even IF they have a pension, SS check or EBT left, they don’t give any benefits to inmates that don’t fit on a tray.

          • David: Exallant Point of Facts! And to also add to it in what seems a very similar situation ongoing today, is..

            Don’t the us const also have a Clause that Prohibits ANY of the 50 States, or their political sub-divisions, county govnt’s etc etc, and Includes ALL elected and Apointed “Officials” of said govnt entities From…

            Entering Into, promoting of, or in ANY other way, shape or form, any agreements, contracts, negotiations etc. WITH…

            ANY Foreign Govnt’s, or Their entities or sub divisions of govnt entities etc etc?

            I am 99.99% Certain our us constitution contails such a clause provision totally prohibiting all of what we today see occureing on a regular, and Rapid pace of such violations!

            IE: for example, IDAHO’S Governer, has signed agreements with CHINA, to allow China Kommies to Create a , 50 Square Mile sized City under some newer Fed policy or program called something like “Enterprize Work Zones” or a similar concoction…..That to me sounds like Eaxctly what that us const clause totally Forbids eh!

            And acording to what I have read of these “zones” the fed plans calls for creation of aprox 247(?) such seperate “Zones” in ALL of the 50 states!

            Actual sq mile city sizes may differ, but the facts that said enterprize zones will be allowed to forego ALL fed and State Laws, ignore all us const and BOR issues, and basically act as if it was an Embasy of a foriegn power nation with full diplomatic Immunities!

            REEKS of scam swindles and un constitutionality to the Inth’ Degree No?….Therefore it would seem that We who consist of the 99% of americans, has a whole lots More Tresonous violaters in Dire need of a…ROPE!

      17. you might think this is off topic, but it isn’t

        think about it

        10USC311. We’re *all* militia, and we dam sure better all be acting like it

        • Most wont because it will take away from thier TV time and online GAming

          • Most are commies and cowards and they like what they’re getting from this commie .gov.

        • Time to get to know your neighbors…

      18. There will be hell to pay!

        • Who will step up and collect. For the most part we all here are just arm chair patriots anyways

      19. I faced the dilemna of having to shoot a LEO who forgot who he was supposed to protect or a US Soldier who had somehow not understood the difference between his “country” & his “government” if one of them came to take me or mine to a FEMA camp.However I face no such dilemna in resisting with every means available to me a soldier from the UN or USSR or any other such place who expected to do the same.

        • I have no such qualms. That badge makes a good identifier. If the law showed up at this very moment at my place even with a warrant in hand. You would be hearing about me on the news. Because I know ive done nothing wrong and the warrant would be trumped up charges. They could & would bring evidence to plant to make their case. So if they came here ive got nothing to lose just as well be cocking the hammer & pulling the trigger. I live behind a locked gate if a badge or uniform climbs the fence or breaches that gate they really are risking their life. And that body armor wont help them the old 7.62 X 54 will go right through almost anything.

          • Two thumbs up! 🙂

      20. We will not go peaceably will consider yout actions as an act of war and we will stand firm against you. We are much stronger than you think don’t start nothing you can’t finish

      21. “An authority not recognized by this criminal government would include Libertarians, Constitutionalists, a former Ron Paul supporter, a Bible believing Christian, a Second Amendment supporter and a veteran. If you belong to any of these groups, you are a domestic terrorist, an enemy combatant, a sovereign citizen and a stateless person.”

        Hmmmm . . . five out of six for me. Guess I’m on multiple lists.

        “You will never stand before a judge and jury and have your freedom stripped from you. You will likely be taken from your home at 3AM, loaded into a transport vehicle with other designated sovereign citizens with only the clothes on your back, and shipped to your final designated I/R camp.”

        Yeah, good fucking luck with that. Be sure to bring at least ten body bags. One for me, and nine for the sons of bitches that are unlucky enough to come calling on me.

        I don’t think it will be long at all now.

        SSG U.S. Army 1985-1999.


        KySSG . . . out.

        • Right on KySSG,
          How many times can they swallow that pill before they choke

          • It only takes once.

        • Ky SSg
          You are right they will us the time frame of 2:00 to 5:00 Am. to make tier move.
          They will only do this about 3 or 4 times in several states. After that their losses will be so great that they will more than likely declare Martial Law. Or use Drones.
          Like I have always said they will have one hell of a fight on their hands if they come for me. I will more than likely won’t win the fight, but I won’t go down with out a fight.

      22. My message is to anyone who goes along with a Tyrant government.

        You will be eliminated when you are no longer useful. You have proven yourself untrustworthy as you violated your oath to the Constitution.

        Don’t question me. Read some history.

      23. Sierra Dave

        Useful idiots wind up in the trash.

        There’s nothing to be gained by being a useful idiot as Judas found to his cost when it was too late.

        • They Replaced the term of Usefull Idiots with todays version called a…”Shabos Goyim”

          Just another example of Lib kommies always RE-inventing, themselves, and their words or terms they use to describe others and every concievable thing or agenda they all crave and promote.

          Gun controls a great example!…As is “do it For the…CHILDRENS”!….Gun control gets changed into “Sensible Gun Laws”!…Do it for childrens changed into “Stop the inner city ghetto killings!”

          Likewise the former, Usefull Idiots has been changed into “Shabos Goyims”!

          Gee whats Next from kommie libs eh? perhaps they will try to change Black into White?!!…Good Luck on That one!

      24. rite on ky sst a fello kyn r u the eest weast oar centril

      25. There’s a time for every season in its turn
        And you can’t help but wonder, while your achin’ heart still yearns,
        For what could have been, or what might still be,
        There’s a time for you and a time for me
        A time for every season in its turn.
        -okie, 1993

        The America of yesterday is gone. Gasoline at 30c a gallon, pair of Levi’s for $6, clean shows on television, local production of most necessities, a feeling of commitment and mutual respect between neighborhood factories and the people who lived there… That’s all GONE. Wally and Beaver have moved out.
        Ward is dead. Coronary thrombosis at 61.
        June, widowed for 20 years and now nearing 90, was unable to live on his paltry retirement. She sold the house to a Mexican family and lives in a nursing home. Nobody comes to visit. But she wouldn’t know if they did- her dementia is so far progressed she can’t remember her own name.
        Wally worked a few years at the same office Ward used to. Then he got downsized when the Chinese bought the company. He tried telecommuting, ran an unsuccessful internet business, then finally became a minister in his mid 40s.
        Ten years later, a sex scandal involving the church secretary forced him to move out of state. He lost what little he had in the divorce settlement. Nowadays, he sits in a lawn chair (remember those rusty old metal kind with the clam shell looking seats?) outside his apartment in Reno. He dreams of hitting it big, but all he ever does is lose 3/4 of his social security check to the casino each month. He eats mostly ramen noodles…when he eats at all.
        The Beave dropped out of college to join the Peace Corps. After 4 years of blisters digging wells in Nigeria, he became disillusioned. He returned to California, campaigned for Jerry Brown (the first time), got disillusioned again and joined a commune outside of Barstow. Next, he got heavily into mescaline while dating a girl from the commune.
        After moving on to PCP and heroin, and two VERY scary overdoses, he went to rehab, got cleaned up and seriously considered joining his brother in his (then) ministry.
        Unfortunately, that was the year Wally’s church got hit with the IRS audit and a revocation of its tax-exempt status. Soon after, Wally went into hiding, following death threats from the secretary’s jealous husband.
        Beaver then moved to New York, got a cheap mail-order degree in accounting and went to work in a cubicle at a brokerage house 8 blocks off of Wall Street. Within a year, the brokerage was caught in a sting operation by the SEC. The Beave, who actually had no involvement in the matter, took the fall and did a 3 year stretch in Leavenworth.
        Following his parole, he moved in with a waitress from Topeka. (her brother was a guard at the prison and knew Beaver was innocent). A year later, LouAnn, the waitress, gave birth to twin boys. Beaver got a job loading trucks at a warehouse and tried to settle in to middle-aged domestic life. But times were hard…
        He soon tired of the long hours and poverty (he only made $7.25 an hour) and feeding his family on food stamps made him feel guilty, as if he hadn’t achieved as much in life as he should have. LouAnn quit the cafe and stayed home to raise Ulysses and BJ (Beaver junior). One day, while trying to start his aging lawn mower, The Beaver had a vision.
        He saw a New America. An America where people actually cared about each other. Where kids played in safe clean neighborhoods. Where a man could come home after work to a spotless house, a pot roast on the stove, and a woman who still looked good in an apron.
        Not realizing the vision was only the residual effect of the mescaline, he deserted his family and set off on a quest to find the ‘Real’ America. He hitch-hiked around the country for 3 years, never quite finding his dream. Sometimes, he almost thought he could see it. Then, like a mirage, it would vanish. Worse still, the mirage would often fade into reality- the crisp lawns and straight cut hedges of his youth suddenly became a freeway off-ramp. The white picket fence faded into a Denny’s sign, or a Motel 6.
        Just about the time he was ready to give up, he was picked up for vagrancy in Louisville. An hour after he was booked, a fight broke out in the holding cell of the city jail. A badly aimed tazer shot from one of the cops sent him into uncontrollable spasms. His hard life, the years of disappointment, the drugs…. it was more than his cholesterol clogged arteries could take.
        At 3:21 AM, on a Tuesday, The Beaver passed away. As he slipped from this world into the next, his final thought was “The devil looks an awful lot like Eddie Haskell…”

        • You should probably be writing ebooks for Kindle because what you just posted is better than most of the other garbage. Made me smile, thanks.

      26. July 1, 2014, a bill THE a**hole passed behind our backs will go into effect, and will allow him to declare Martial law because of the collapse of our monetary system. Time is shorter than we think. It may not happen right away, but Mark my words, July first 2014 will be the beginning.

      27. As General Douglas MacArthur said, “It is a dangerous concept that men of the armed forces must owe their primary allegiance to these temporary occupants of The White House, instead of to the country and the Constitution to which they have sworn to defend.” So if ordered to confiscate guns, capture, or kill fellow Americans mutiny against your commanders is authorized.

      28. So any Marines out there reading this article, are you going to fire on me ? I am a Nam Marine vet ! Do you have any notion what SEMPER FI means ? Do you have any idea who you have taken an oath to protect ? Well it’s not Islam, it is not that phony puppet in D.C., it is the American people !Wake up Marines before you make the worst mistake in your young lives.
        former l/Cpl O’Keefe
        “M” -3-4
        1st marine brigade, Kaneohe MCAS

        • Edwin,
          What you said!
          20,000,000 of us, living today, have served in the armed forces of the U.S. Most of us are armed.
          Semper Fi

      29. The MSM is celebrating the anniversary of Brown vs. the Board of Education. They claim it ended segregation. It did not. In Chicago, and I assume elsewhere, blacks and Mexicans can have their own schools, no whites allowed. They say their schools are afro-centric or La Raza. In these schools they teach Marxism and black racialism or Mexican racialism.

        • Integration didn’t happen in my town and county until 1968. During the previous three years, there were token black people put into each white school. There was one white high school and one black one. Since there were more whites, the white high school became only for grades 10-12, and the black high school became only for ninth grade. Now there is a new high school for grades 9-12. That’s the only choice for public high school now.

          • 1960’s: When “oh Oh! There goes the Neighborhood”! was first Coined.

            First the beautifull Trees on our detroit street got ruined by some tree beatles…

            Then the snow was so deep we had to remain home as schools closed…

            Then when spring arived finally…

            The very First Negroe hoard/family moved into the LONE crib for sale.

            That was in 1963, I was 10 yrs old.

            Two yrs Later when I was 12 yrs old and we now lived elsewheres…

            I rode my Shwinn Stingray Bike back to see my old neighborhood, to determine just what Granny and other adults meant by “There goes the neighborhood”?

            And Thats precicely When I fully comprehended what that phrase really meant! There goes the neighborhood, indeed!

            The entire Long three long blocks streach of homes on Both sides of street, at least a couple hundred homes within Two yrs time frame since first negroes moved in.

            Was totally akin to Heroshima! or Nagasaki! after those citys got Atom Bombed!…Total devestation!

            My old hood turned into Darkest Africa like as seen in many Tarzan movies! Baboons running absolutly Wild everywheres!…More like a scene from a hollywood top dollar Horror movie!

            1960’s and Oh Oh there Goes the Neighborhood folks!

            “George Wallace: The Onliest Solutions to these forced integrations folks, is to…Keep Us and Them Seperate! Us and Them Seperate!”

            Too bad some idiot fool shot wallace so hed drop out of prez race eh. Things might have been Far different today if wallace didnt get shot and ended up as usa Prez eh.

      30. If You Are Doing Nothing Wrong You Have PLENTY to Fear – 30 Examples–_30_Examples/35271/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        “Sometimes I just want to pimp slap people.

        Last summer, I was at dinner during a sales convention. The conversation didn’t get political until someone mentioned the NSA.

        There is one in every crowd. Someone piped up and said, “They can spy on me all they want. I am not doing anything wrong.”

        They sang this song in Germany in 1933. And they sang it with unprecedented gusto in the months following 9/11, all in the name of “security” and “keeping us safe”.”

        they sang the same song in Stalinist Russia also
        as millions were sent to the Gulag

        “right” and “wrong” is what the government says it is
        they have the most guns

        and now that even peaceful,lawful protest is classified by the Feds as “low level terrorism”

        even a brain dead idiot should be able to see where we are headed

      31. It’s good to have knowledge of what’s going on in this world today. But if you don’t follow the BIBLE then you can’t see how the facts of today’s events coincide with what has been written. It is our duty to inform others and Resurrect the dead or awake them in GODs ways. I fear no man, I only fear God coming back and me not prepared. Remember the devil knows his days are numbered. The devil fears God coming, which is why he’s pushing harder now. This war is spiritually. We are like mirrors and I choose to reflect Gods Light to others so they too can see the shine to also reflect. Some may look at this blog and say that it’s pumping fear into our people by informing them and making people paranoid. But facts are facts. The facts of life prove to me the BIBLE is true. I don’t fear what’s to come. RIGHTEOUSNESS. ALWAYS. WINS (R.A.W) FAITH !!!

      32. They will never put me in a FEMA prison…..No way. Like I said before I’ll die before that happens, and take as many with me as I can.

      33. he lived the dream.

      34. Attached are PDF files that I had from training exercises that shows the layout of the facility and the future expansion plans for the MOUT Facility.

        Where are these PDF files and why don’t we have access to them?

      35. First off, at least where I live, the insurrection would be incredible. Most of the entire state would revolt and would be a bloody war. Second, I have ZERO care about people whining about Christian persecution. It won’t happen, but if it did then you reap what you sow (everyone forget the “convert or die” mentality this religion has had over history? Most of our country claims to be Christian so that’s all bullshit to stir the pot. What IS real however is that our government will use outside forces once people realize they’ve been duped, our economy fails, and want the heads of the people who sold out our future. (ie. bankers, congress, the elite rich). This country has YET to see REAL class warfare, but when people start seeing their children starving to death I imagine things will change. Until then…what’s on American Idol? lol

      36. The .gov types will get resettled, in a body bag.

      37. I feel compelled to comment on the term ” sovereign citizen “…That term could be considered an oxy-moron, in that a “sovereign “is an individual proclaiming his/her
        “personal God given rights”…A citizen belongs to a designated group.

      38. There’s a whole lot more of US than THEM! A lot of this is to install FEAR into us, and also ANGER. Controlling us by fear and anger!

        These “Evil Thugs” at the top are going to fall! Their time is about up and they know it!

        Their Evil to rise completely above us all and to rule the world and in place of GOD the ALMIGHTY has been going on for 6,000 years. They and all of the followers of Satan will come to their end soon.

        There’s a New Day dawning for those who seek righteousness and The Kingdom of Yahweh God.

      39. The evil men running our government are not stupid. (I did look up FM3-39.40 and is available for anyone to read,on line.)The “happening” at the Bundy ranch should have struck terror in these idiots who plan to put US citizens in camps, AGAINST there will. Over 500 armed US citizens, more on the way, converged on the Bundy ranch to confront the 200 federal “enforcers” that were stealing cattle and were going to force Bundy off his land. Some of these armed citizens traveled a long way to confront these
        We have Conn. and NY refusing to obey gun laws. NOW the US citizen taking up arms, ready to fight these government thieves. Last time this happened was the Civil War.
        This should prove to these evil men that they had better re-think their plans. The result from an armed revolution is they would wind up “hanging from a lamp post”.

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