These European Countries Are Refusing to Accept the Unchecked Influx of Migrants

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    This report was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    Much has been written about the unchecked influx of migrants into Europe recently. As the EU promotes the warm, fuzzy, “inclusive” policies that are overwhelming countries with immigrants, some of those countries are bluntly starting to say, “no more.” At the same time, other countries seem to be quietly preparing for…something… without being quite so forthcoming about the event for which they are readying themselves.

    Millions of refugees and asylum seekers, primarily from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Somalia are flowing into Europe, largely unchecked. This is because of a welcoming “open door” policy promoted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel back in 2015. Despite the backlash from Europeans, Merkel says she has “no regrets.”

    But some overwhelmed countries have decided that enough is enough. They cite the refugees’ refusal to assimilate, increasing crime statistics (particularly against women), and no-go zones in which the migrants have banded together and created areas in which Europeans are not welcome.

    The European Union is so displeased about this that they’ve taken 3 of their member countries to court for refusing to “share the burden of hosting migrants.”

    I don’t have a crystal ball, but I wonder if we could see this disagreement becoming a catalyst for the dissolution of the European Union.


    Austria is currently conducting exercises at their borders in preparation for a wave of 80,000 migrants expected to attempt to cross through soon. Zero Hedge reports:

    Just a few weeks after the opening of a new “Balkan route” of travel through Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia, Austrian forces will conduct border-security exercises on June 25 in the border town of Spielfeld in preparation for a wave of 80,000 migrants expected to travel through the route to Western and Central Europe, reports Kronen Zeitung, Austria’s most widely-circulated newspaper.

    Taking part in the exercise will be between 600 and 1,000 members of the riot police, “Puma” border squad and Federal Army will participate in the exercise…

    …”We must also be prepared for the case that in a sudden large migratory flow, the border protection measures in these friendly countries no longer help,” said Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, adding “We also show that we are serious. There will be no registration and wave-taking with us, but a real defensive attitude.” (source)


    Austria’s neighbor, Slovenia, has also taken steps to staunch the flow of migrants. Back in 2015, they began building a razor-wire fence along their border with Croatia after Hungary closed its borders and 180,000 migrants were redirected through the country of only 2 million people.

    Slovenia began erecting a razor-wire fence at its border with Croatia on Wednesday to stem the inflow of migrants, as winter closes in and countries to the north tighten their own border controls.

    A convoy of army trucks carrying barbed wire and construction equipment arrived in the border town of Veliki Obrez at dawn on Wednesday. Soldiers rolled out the wire along the Slovenian bank of the Sotla River, which forms part of the 400-mile border with Croatia…

    …Though the new fence threatens to block the route again just as winter is approaching, migrants have largely been able to find their way around such obstacles. (source)


    Hungary has been adamant since the beginning that they would not be taking in refugees and migrants. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has defended his country’s refusal. He said:

    …the European Union’s migration policies threaten the “sovereignty and cultural identity” of Hungary, in an interview published Monday.

    “We don’t see these people as Muslim refugees. We see them as Muslim invaders,” he told the German daily Bild newspaper…

    …Orban also rejected the idea that Hungary should be open to accepting people from majority-Muslim countries, saying his country “doesn’t want to be forced.”

    “We believe that a large number of Muslims inevitably leads to parallel societies, because Christian and Muslim society will never unite,” Orban told the paper.

    “Multiculturalism is only an illusion,” he added. (source)


    Poland has also refused to take in migrants under the 2015 EU ruling, right alongside Hungary.

    “In agreeing to take in refugees, the [previous government] put a ticking bomb under us,” Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak told reporters in Brussels. “We’re defusing that bomb.”

    …The reason given is that Muslim migrants could be a problem for Poland’s homogenous society.

    Kaczyński reiterated his antipathy toward refugees in an interview with the Gazeta Polska Codziennie newspaper published Monday, warning that Poland “would have to completely change our culture and radically lower the level of safety in our country.” He also said that Poland “would have to use some repression” to prevent “a wave of aggression, especially toward women” on the part of asylum seekers.

    Błaszczak warned that EU pressure on Poland to accept refugees “is a straight road to a social catastrophe, with the result that in a few years Warsaw could look like Brussels.” (source)

    Czech Republic

    There’s strong anti-migrant sentiment in the Czech Republic. So strong, in fact, that a recent poll showed that 94% of Czechs wanted to deport ALL the refugees.

     According to an opinion poll, conducted by the Focus agency, 78 percent respondents demand that the guarding of Czech borders should be re-introduced, even if this means limiting the free movement of European citizens. 87 percent of respondents have said that the refugee crisis is a large problem for the Czech Republic. 94 percent of Czech respondents are convinced that the European Union should be deporting all refugees. (source)

    Although they were given a quota of 1600 refugees that they were required to take in by the EU last year, they refused to accept more than 12.

    Italy and Malta

    Italy recently made news when they turned away a ship carrying 629 refugees. Italy’s newly elected interior minister Matteo Salvini kept his campaign promises and denied permission for the humanitarian ship Aquarius to dock at an Italian port. Malta also refused to take in the ship, despite the fact that they had run out of food.

    The UN had called on Malta and Italy to immediately allow the boat to dock, describing the situation as “an urgent humanitarian imperative”.

    The EU and the bloc’s biggest member state Germany made similar pleas.

    “The priority of both the Italian and Maltese authorities should be ensuring these people receive the care they need,” European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told reporters, calling for a “swift resolution”.

    But Salvini refused to back down.

    “Saving lives is a duty, turning Italy into a huge refugee camp is not. Italy is done bending over backwards and obeying, this time THERE IS SOMEONE WHO SAYS NO,” he wrote on Twitter followed by the hashtag #closethedoors. (source)

    Spain agreed to accept the ship, and Malta provided them with food and water to make the journey, still holding fast that they could not dock.


    While not flat-out refusing entrance to refugees, Denmark began publicly discouraging would-be immigrants in 2015.

    The Danish government responded to the growing humanitarian crisis with a barely veiled warning to migrants in Lebanon not to come to the prosperous Nordic country.

    Danish newspaper advertisements highlighted the stringent regulations and constraints that await migrants: It can take five years to attain permanent residency; there are tough requirements on learning Danish; those who are granted temporary residency permits will not have the right to bring over family members in the first year after they arrive; and recent changes in the country have slashed welfare benefits for them by 50 percent. (source)

    Their government website says:

    Denmark receives fewer asylum seekers per capita than our neighbour countries and other European countries that are comparable to Denmark, and we also grant asylum to fewer of them, if you compare each country of orgin separately….

    …The fact that a country receives many asylum seekers is also linked to the country’s geographical location and how consistently the country takes fingerprints and registers arrivals (e.g. Italy, Greece, Malta and Hungary) and does not necessarily reflect where the asylum seekers wish to claim asylum. (source)


    By nature of geography, Greece has ended up with an overwhelming number of asylum seekers. It was supposed to be a situation in which the migrants were accepted into Greece, processed, and then sent elsewhere across the EU based on “quotas.” But a lot of the migrants actually refused to leave, leading to hard feelings among Greeks who are still struggling after the economic collapse of their country. In case you’re wondering why they had hard feelings, here’s a glimpse into the workings of the mind of the mayor of the Greek city of Livadia, Giota Poulou:

    Citizens of Livadia and elsewhere in Greece were “living in the limits of poverty”. It was “inconceivable” for them to see that refugees would have heating in their houses, when some of them did not have heating themselves.

    “We told them we wanted to host the refugees based on solidarity and to offer them humane living conditions,” Poulou says. (source)

    But after 3 years of shouldering more than their fair share of the burden, Greece has finally stood up, refusing to take back refugees that Germany wanted to return to them.


    Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico refused to accept the EU’s quotas back in 2015, stating that the refugees didn’t want to go there anyway.

    “Migrants arriving in Europe do not want to stay in Slovakia. They don’t have a base for their religion here, their relatives, they would run away anyway. Therefore I think the quotas are irrational,” he said. (source)

    And they’ve maintained their stance, backing Italy’s recent refusal to admit the boatload of asylum seekers.

    How is this going to end?

    I’m not completely unsympathetic to the plight of those who want to leave countries in the Middle East and North Africa that have been bombed and droned beyond recognition. NATO has been “freeing” the heck out of them for decades, and as these viral photos show, there isn’t much left for people there. We have to accept the fact that interventionist foreign policies have had a large hand in creating this problem.

    This being said, it’s lunacy to accept an influx of migrants who have no intention of assimilating into the culture of their host countries. It’s sheer madness to call it “racist” to prosecute immigrants for raping the women of your country due to cultural differences. It is the height of stupidity to allow outsiders to take over “zones” of your home country in which your police cannot maintain order.

    This doesn’t mean asylum seekers should be abused and treated like animals. That leaves us at risk of losing our own humanity. But, it means that the world needs to employ some common sense and prevent this situation from worsening.

    France has a new zero-tolerance policy “for the illegal occupation of public space” and although they haven’t squelched migration, they certainly seem to be paying more attention after a barrage of terrorist attacks that have been largely the work of Islamic migrants. And while Sweden hasn’t outright said they’re putting a stop to things, recent events make me wonder if that’s what is coming. The sad thing is, like the Trojan war, they’ve reached the crisis point at which they’re going to be forced to defend their countries from the inside.

    That’s not multiculturalism.

    That’s suicide.

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      1. Good, they can’t assimilate into white European culture very successfully anyway, Soooo Go Back Home!!

        Meanwhile Watching Silver get stomped on again. It was up to $17.32 today then the Controllers crushed it down to $16.53 Mark, their favorite place to sit on this. And its all on coming from the New York NYMEX market. Look at this horror chart. This Manipulation Crap is Criminal.

        ht tp://

        • They won’t be able to manipulate it forever thankfully. I’m still buying as much as I can.

          • Factoid:

            Gold is the only commodity that has a fan club: “gold bugs”…


        • 17.32 to 16.53 is called CRushed?? pulease

      2. The ones with nuclear weapons are the ones I worry about. Namely France and the UK. Europe as we knew it is dead forever and the future is uncertain. I hate it for the white people that have no firearms. Better get out now.

        • FRANCE will be the first “White” nation to surrender to Islam. It is too late for them. Thousands of rifles are being smuggled into France, with millions of rounds of ammo, for when the order is given.

          Islam means SUBMIT. How do you say SUBMIT in French? Islam.

          • Hasn’t “Great” Britain already submitted to them?

            • Not yet. It is coming to a turning point in the UK.

              In Japan here, immigration, legal and illegal is strictly controlled and permanent residence confers no right to vote. ONLY Japanese vote. This will keep Japan for Japanese, as it should be. Every country and culture has the right to carry on its culture and traditions, INCLUDING the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and all of Europe. THAT is TRUE diversity.

      3. Traitors inside the gates have invited in the enemy. Traitors always die first.

        • Him: and traitors should. Merkel, Macron and other leader-traitors need to be rounded up by citizens and shot. Folks, check for more updates on these issues:,

          • The sad thing is, no one has the damn balls to do anything but talk shit and run their mouths, that is the problem. These vile, cancerous vermin are NOT the least bit concerned or scared as they are practically untouchable and so are the scum running the US now, the worthless, clown Gov’t, the do-nothing Congress and on and on and on. ALL of them deserve to HANG!!

          • All these take their orders from one very rich Family.

          • I take my hat off to the countries that are resisting the immigration but I question how long they can hold out. Immigration here, legal and illegal, needs to be stopped before we start experiencing what’s been happening in Europe. The foreign scum are already a burden on our system and demanding even more goodies. We have people of our own who can’t get any kind of help whatsoever.

      4. Tom Donohue as head of the US Chamber of Commerce has spent 100’s of millions of dollars on lobbying congress to keep the borders wide open. Traitor number one?

        • These elitists who want open borders could care less about their g’kids, gg’kids and are useless idiots like Tom Donohue and liberals in general. MS-13 have infiltrated public schools even.

          • Anyone who stands up for illegal aliens instead of their own people deserves whatever is coming to them.

      5. All they have to do is hold the line. (and spit)
        ht tps://

      6. Well,after seearing up and fown the ‘caravan” would not be admitted,Trump has ok’d almost 300 of them. Personally speaking for myself, I’m ready to block the entrances to the border. Anybody want to join?

        • Trumpet really worries me: All he does is talk all kinds of mad shit and then pulls the typical politician move and does the opposite. Keep the illegal scum out – he lets then in. And how many times guys have we heard build that god damned fucking wall and well, where is it?? It will never happen, READ My Lips. They are ALL a joke, a scam and a waste. . .

          • Keep a very sharp eye on this wishy-washy, flip flopping P.O.S from New York City. RINO treasonous cuck rat Paul Ryan and his cucky pals draft up a ‘compromise’ bill on the immigration issue that turns out to be intended to pass the biggest amnesty in American history – if, of course, it could get through the Senate and hit Trump’s desk in the Oval Office. Ryan then tells the enemy media that he has talked to Trump and Trump supports his bill.

            In his typical, disjointed, seemingly disoriented fashion – Trump issues a statement that says he DOES NOT support the Ryan amnesty bill, and then issues another statement that the enemy media suggests is an attempt to ‘walk that early denouncement back’. This is kind of wobbly, flip floppy bull manure behavior that we have repeatedly seen coming out of this Trump White House. Does this guy have ANY convictions or principles or positions that are firmly entrenched in his freaking head?

            Does this guy have any fixed positions on any of his 2016 promises that he can be counted on to not waffle on?

            Trump did NOT get elected because his supporters wanted him to give amnesty to these 20 or 30 million illegal criminal aliens who the left and RINO right have allowed to invade our nation. He promised to end DACA on day one of his administration – and now this idiot is talking about how he wants to give these illegal aliens amnesty and let them chain immigrate dozens of their relatives.

            If there is one lesson that can be learned from watching Trump in the White House – is that this guy can NOT be trusted on anything. I have a strong feeling that he and McConnell and the RINOs are waiting to see how the midterm elections go and if the RINOs get reelected, they will try to shove a knife in the backs of the Trump base by passing amnesty early next year.

            If ANY form of amnesty for ANY group of illegals is signed by Trump, I will NOT vote for that SOB in 2020. I will go back to voting for the Constitution Party candidate.

            • I agree. Trump is a slick slimy pos who duped us all.

        • s side: Trump is allowing them in and not enough jobs for Americans. Welfare rolls burden medicare and SS for citizens. If Trump is not on our side, no need to vote.

          • “If”, what do you mean “if”

            NEWS FLASH: Trump IS NOT on our side. No border wall, illegal immigration, and he’s not going to make abortion illegal, to name 3 of many broken promises.


      7. Europe is not dead.

        This is the first sign of hope.

        Europe lost to Communism during ww2. Hitler was fighting Communism. When Germany lost to Communist Russia which had been invaded by “Jews of the greasiest kind”, Europe fell into the hands of Jews who hate the white European people. Jews opened the gates to Spain; back in 1492 they were expelled for doing so.

        Jews are responsible for this current treason. Jews want to exterminate all white people everywhere.

        Under the Rothschild power and money, Churchill made a plan to kill every man, woman, and child in Germany and was only stopped by Germany’s surrender. Many other Countries other than Germany would have been murdered with this disease.

        Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were all Masons (Jewish secret society Hitler fought to eradicate).

        Merkel though she may not actually be a Jew herself, is like Churchill, fully operating for Jewish power and Jewish money. She is a traitor within the gates. Europe is full of them, traitors.


        • Truman was also a Mason. He received his 33rd degree by bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki even though Japan had already started negotiating for peace.


        • You do know your History. The real History of the world.

          It is going to get really ugly, soon.

        • Europe is on life support as invasions continue in certain countries allowing it. A Tet offensive is in the works endorsed by Merkel, Macron, May and others, so the Muslims easily will overpower the docile European beta males who refuse to stand up for anything as they see their country not worth defending. Self hatred, self destruct mode continue (ref: D. Murray: The strange death of Europe (Amazon).

      8. My comment was moderated. It is full of the word that rhymes with poo.

        He who you can not criticize rules over you.


        • B from CA: Your posts are not only total BS, they are really boring and repetitive. No matter how much you spew this garbage, you’re not convincing anyone. Talk about going off the deep end. Wow.

          • B from CA is correct. Everything he writes is real, proven and documented. Just because you can’t handle it, OR are one of (((THEM))), gives you no special right to condemn him.

            Rather than do the tired, childish, ignorant technique of “attacking the messenger”, why not refute his comments with facts?

            Many of us are getting really sick of (((your))) games and crap and there will be a price to pay.

            • Oh yeah, Centurion, you’re sick of my games and crap? What price will there be to pay? You’re another useless keyboard warrior. You won’t make me or anyone else pay a price. All talk, all typing. Actually, I think you are really B from CA disguise.

              • No, I am not B/CA.

                I notice you still can’t defend your stance, but jump right in to attack the “messenger” (me, ha) rather than come up with any facts to refute those you disparage.

          • DRR, what does that stand for? Dickheaded Retarded Runt?

            • Deplorable Blowhard- You’ve already used that one. Really lame. For such a “tough” guy, it’s obvious that the only fighting you do is on the keyboard. A lonely guy like you in his 60’s sitting there picking fights online. Loser.

              • DRR I gave up in trying to reason with the racist idiots who infest this site. Boredom from CA spouts complete nonsense. He abhors Semites yet quotes Jesus…duh? A massive contradiction in terms there, yet he doesn’t see any irony in his stance.

                As for the deplorable bravefart, he simply parrots whatever nonsense is currently prevelant. Original thought and critical thinking aren’t his strong point.

                First he nearly climaxed when the Dump got elected. Then he turned against him. Now he’s rooting for him! He’s against immigrants, yet he married a Cuban exile. He buys used crap yet complains industry is being moved offshore.

                You can see where this fool is coming from before he knows himself! A typical footsoldier who slavishly and unthinkingly follows a leader. Any leader.

                Mind you, you can get minutes of amusement reading the vitriol posted here masquerading as sense?.

              • DRR, you don’t want to meet me face-to-face. Bank on that.

                • DRR is another useless troll.

                  • What a foolish and hollow threat, Deplorable Blowhard. No, I won’t go meet you at your place (your sister’s trailer; your BOL, ha!). You’re such a miserable failure that you can’t even afford your own place (aren’t in your 60’s?). Bank on that, keyboard warrior.

      9. B from CA, there’s a reason for that. Seems that rants that are full of “The Jews are taking over the world” stuff, border not only on boredom, but they follow the moslem plan. Try answering this question. If the Jews DO conquer the world, what do they intend to do with it? .02% (that’s two hundredths) of the worlds population cannot KEEP it either. Less than half of Germans were actually Nazi Party members back in the day. And they ruled by cowing and bullying the rest of the population of Germany into raping and pillaging almost all of Europe. If you want to really test some one, give them power. Almost all humans cannot resist the urge to lord it over their fellows when they gain even a little power. The Nazis were powerful after conquering France, because in France, many French were rewarded by the Nazis for rounding up thousands of Jews and doing other things the Nazis wanted. Power. The most powerful drug of all. Collaborators crave it, and socialists revel in troweling it out. When you pin that yellow star on the Jews, you show collaboration with the Nazis and Soviet Union, and the moslems too. Great company, eh? Not calling you any names, just pointing out the company you keep.

        • According to the myths in the Christian Bible, the Jewish Tribe is to Rule over the Nations. A direct order from GOD him/her self.

          For this reason, the Jews are entitled to RULE the world. With the massive wealth and power of the Rothschild family (which naturally is smart enough to hide behind fellow tribal members, like Soros, Schumer, Bloomberg, Feinstein, etc.) they will do so.

          They are backed by the insipidly stupid Evangelical asses, and that is why they are winning.

        • “NATO has been ‘freeing’ the heck out of them for decades”

          Then, migrants threw themselves at NATO’s mercies, then, NATO gives fake, social promotions to the migrants, then, NATO didn’t mean to do that.

          Why would I have any more confidence in you than Don Sterling had in the LA Clippers.

          I think, when Barbara Spectre Lerner talked about population collapse, who is to say she was the cause of your passive, pathological altruism.

          Acquisitive people don’t hamstring a business concern, afaic.

        • Collaboration with the nazi,s and Soviet Union? The nazis fought the Soviet Union. Carl Marx real name is Moses mordicia Levy ,son of a Jewish rabia. Bolshevik communist Jews. Own the media ,Hollywood ,the banks . So who’s to blame?

          • Lenin: Jewish
            Stalin: Jewish
            Molotov: Jewish

          • Stop spreading blatant lies. Lies simply show what an ignorant ill educated buffoon you are. There’s enough ammunition in Marx and Engels work to condemn them through their own words:


          • ‘With Open Gates’

            At which point does the conspiracy decide to close the gates.

            Because, violent third word savages aren’t going to pay into their pension plans, afterall.

            When does that become a realization.

            Does anyone want to know my race?

      10. Africa is resource rich and all Africans should be very well off, but they are not. One has to ask why?
        Two answers come to mind, culture and Islam.
        If these animals can’t do well in one of the worlds richest lands, why would you want them as your next door neighbors?

        • All of that worthless scum deserves to get what they deserve, which is death eventually…if you can’t survive, well, too bad Charlie Brown.

      11. EUROPE is for WHITE people.

        • Ha! Not anymore.

      12. Good for Eastern Europe
        Its way too late for Western Europe. The damage has been done – Now its just time before the Muslims out breed and out vote the locals. Hello sharia – bye western culture – fools

        • jakartaman: Soon to declare E. Europe DOA, life spt is fading because the Euro males are docile idiots taught from youth to self destruct. Self hatred prevails and they get what they deserve: slavery and executions.

      13. Here is what has become normal in Europe. In the local park, when white children go to play in groups (soccer etc.) there are always police to watch over them. The next day, the park fills up with Muslims in traditional garb with many children: a de facto sharia separation is taking place. This is happening because of the attacks and threats – because of radical Islam.

        It simply does not make sense to let in groups who we are at war with (since the 9/11 attacks started by radical Islamists). If they are displaced by war, they should go to camps until the war is over, not be imported into the West.

        Eastern Europe will thrive because they will have beautiful white women, safe cities, no slums and no-go zones, and traditional European culture still alive and thriving. Whereas, as we can see in London and Paris, inner cities look like the thrid world and have crime rates and filth to match.

        • Frank Thoughts,

          “It simply does not make sense to let in groups who we are at war with (since the 9/11 attacks started by radical Islamists). If they are displaced by war, they should go to camps until the war is over, not be imported into the West.”

          I would go as far as keeping out clashing beliefs. Years ago, a communist didn’t stand a snowball’s chance in h*!! of gaining entry to the USA. There are other belief and political systems which simply don’t integrate with the American culture and political systems.

          It seems like those accepted to come live within our borders should be those who will have positive contributions to our country. It could be a starving artist or a high tech person, but either way their contributions should be constructive and promote a decent American culture.

          • The Chinese do not mess around: they put radical Muslims into re-education camps. And they stay there until they get used to eating pork and drinking beer. In the West, we stick a very small number of terrorists behind bars and then we feed them Halal meals and let them pray five times a day and plot their next attacks. That’s just dumb.

            If you move to a country, you must be doing it for a reason. That reason should be to improve your life and contribute to that country, not to plot and attack that country while seething with hatred for everything that country stands for. I have never once heard a positive thing said by a Muslim about the US. They do not like the US nor its culture. I have never heard a Muslim say they love California’s surfer girls, or BBQ in the Deep South, or Lou Reed in a divy club, or John Wayne, Clint Eastwood etc.

      14. Islam means “submission”;Islam does not mean peace. Their version of end times events was created by someone living in the seventh century A.D. It predicts an all-out series of wars between Muslims and non-Muslims. When Mohammed and his successors envisioned this, they had no concept of the weaponry that would be present in the 21st century. If they had, they would have called these people crazy.

      15. Europe is on life support as invasions continue in certain countries allowing it. A Tet offensive is in the works endorsed by Merkel, Macron, May and others, so the Muslims easily will overpower the docile European beta males who refuse to stand up for anything as they see their country not worth defending. Self hatred, self destruct mode continue (ref: D. Murray: The strange death of Europe (Amazon).

      16. If we don’t become the so called NAZis we will be exterminated?

      17. The finger is pointed at the jews. If you knew the bible correctly you can see the outcome. First. The people in Israel are not jews. Thet are Ashkenazi. Made up of Caucasian with some Germans. When did a jew have blonde hair and blue eyes. About 2 percent are real jews. Jerusalem is going to be destroyed later and the muslim who are the wild ass of a donkey will be wiped out. Read in Ezekiel. These nwo people are using the muslim to divide then they will concor but will be wiped out. We have a little war coming soon so see whats left after that. Very good article and some good posts.

      18. The illegals don’t assimilate until they have major
        armies of their own tribes within our borders, then they
        fight us. It will happen. Look around you…. 7 out of 10 are
        invaders whom may hold your future in their hands, and they
        may hate your guts. They are everywhere……and when the
        SHTF….guess what?

        This DACA is crap…. most of those children are adults.. In the
        middle east they are taught to kill at 6 years old, to marry old
        men and have many babies by teen years. This is not our
        culture… this is craddle robbing.
        It is also evil…. very evil. These are satans children.

      19. “Malta also refused to take in the ship, despite the fact that they had run out of food.”

        Maybe Malta could have provided them with some food.

      20. Saw this coming when the Clinton Administration and the UN/NATO NWO machine invaded Yugoslavia and opened the back door to europe, because Mr Milosevic was defending his nation from invasion and ruin.

      21. In the end, only a remnant of Christianity will stand with Israel at the final battle and defeat of Satan

        It is probably from these countries that the remnant will come, not all of them but some of them. I’m watching this developing, you should as well because in it you will be lead to the truth.

        The United States will almost definitely not be among the remnant as a nation, but some of its people may join in with it in spite of what well end up as official policy and efforts done against them to prevent them doing so.

        I think the time is short and we will know soon.

      22. how can you forget the history of the old west when white people came in limitless humbers and refused to assimulate they spoke their own language formed isolationist communities with their own customs and laws just like the Muslims who are invading Europe. An aggressive species will dominate and take over a weak local species totally replacing it. learn from history the Moslems will take over and dominate Europe unless stopped Its the nature of their religion to do that

        • At least it won’t happen in America where resistance to it is high and almost universal.

      23. Hitler was right

      24. Nothing good comes out of Africa. A continent with a billion people, they expect to be given everything. They expect handouts. They don’t have a work ethic and they have few if any skills. If they want a better life …. then maybe they should stay in Africa and changing their own communities

      25. Angela Merkel holds power by a coalition with another party. Seehofer, the Interior Minister, wants to stop the immigration into Germany. Merkel is trying to hide behind the position that it is a European problem. Frankly, most Europeans as well as Germans have had enough.

      26. By 2050 the Muslims will control Europe. That was by design. Then the Muslims will be directed to flood into Russia and overwhelm them. Now with all of Europe and Russia under Islam. The danger of Russia, France, England, Pakistan and India turning on the US will be to great of danger to tolerate. Israel will give the order for the US to nuke them all, hoping that all the Goyim will be destroyed. How they will get rid of China and all its satellite countries I haven’t figured out yet.

      27. The biggest myth is that Europe needs these people for its labor markets. Europe has a SURPLUS of labor, with two-digit youth unemployment in Southern Europe and lots of highly skilled Eastern Europeans who would love to move to the West to work.

        Europe has more than enough people to meet its needs. The fact most migrants are still on welfare five years after entering Europe shows they aren’t there to work, or meet some demand for their skills.

        This whole scam is about financial markets and race replacement. The financial markets just need more numbers to speculate on, and turning Europe into the third world makes it easier to control.

        If these migrants were amazing people then they would have already made their socieities amazing (Asians have done it). That they haven’t, and the countries they come from are mired in war, poverty, failure, says it all.

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