These Are Not the Normal Activities of a Government Planning for Peace and Stability

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Something is amiss. Most Americans know this – they can feel it deep down inside – even if they don’t know what it is, things just don’t seem right.

The signs are everywhere. The headlines are true.

The global economy is faltering. The United States has become wholly dependent on the Federal Reserve injecting nearly $1 trillion dollars a year into financial markets and the U.S. government just to stay afloat. Over one hundred million Americans are living in poverty and dependent on government disbursements just to make ends meet.

Across the world the cold war between the U.S., Russia, China and regions in the middle east is heating up. Just last month our President brought the entire planet to the very brink of what could have easily devolved into conflict on such a scale that even global leaders were suggesting that World War III was imminent. War mongers in Congress were so adamant about launching a middle east strike on Syria that one of them even suggested a nuclear weapon could be detonated over South Carolina if we failed to act.

On the domestic front, homeland security preparations and exercises have accelerated to the point that the government has now said that a cyber attack capable of taking down the national power grid is a 100% certainty. They’ve stocked tens of millions of emergency ration and supplies, and nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition. They’ve trained for the last decade for scenarios that include economic collapse and the subsequent civil unrest that would follow.

These are not the normal activities of a government planning for peace and stability.

In the following interview with SGT Report, Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show connects the dots in a way that will leave most of our countrymen stunned.

There’s a plan in place and it involves political leaders, business conglomerates, the military industrial complex and a massive global agenda. And one day soon that plan will be executed. Once that day comes, look out, because everything you’ve ever imagined going wrong will, and the world will delve into one of its darkest periods in history.

“Anything is possible. I wouldn’t put anything past them,” notes Sean of SGT Report.


Pay attention to this amazingly insightful interview, because it details how the elite think, what their priorities are, and how far they are willing to go to accomplish their goals.

What are they preparing for?

Look at what’s going on today with regard to DHS and FEMA. There are no less than eight disaster drills planned between the period of time which started September 25th and goes through November 13th. 

I suspect within one of these drills we will see a false flag drill, because it follows the old familiar pattern of having a drill and then having the event within the drill – 9/11, the 7/7 bombings, the Boston Marathon bombing, and so forth. 

So, this is what I think is coming guys. I don’t think we’re going to wait long to see some dramatic shifts in our country.

(Watch at Youtube)

There is a collapse that is coming.

The banks have been preparing for it for over a year now, and I go back to last year when the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that when you deposit your money in the bank that money belongs to the bank and they may do with it what they will.

An then you move forward and start looking at the Bank of International Settlements [the central bank of central banks] in which they most recently told the central banks around the world basically to stop loaning. They want to cut the amount of money in circulation dramatically.

If I was running a bank, and I knew a collapse was coming, I would want to gather all my nuts for the winter and store them, and I wouldn’t want them outside of my confines.

Well, that’s exactly what the banks are doing… The banks are gearing up for the collapse.

I really expect that, if this grid drill doesn’t attract more attention than it is currently receiving, this will be the false flag. But we have other possibilities.

In October… there’s a cyber attack drill involving 1000 banks… Well there’s another opportunity to take it down.

But my favorite here would be the Grid-X drill… This has to do with Syria and Iran. The globalists that support the Petro dollar need to make Iran stop selling their oil for gold to China, Russia and India; and now Brazil is threatening to get into this game, too.

The Petro dollar will crash. Now, the globalists are going to crash the Petro dollar and the Federal Reserve note at some point. But they want to do it at a time of their choosing.

Obama is under extreme pressure to get this war started in the middle east. This is why I believe in the month of May the globalist corporate controlled central media essentially ran five Watergate type scandals on Obama in a ten day period. That was orchestrated to get him off dead-center. He wasn’t able to get the job done.

So, they may be saying, maybe we can’t save the Petro dollar, so let’s go ahead and collapse the whole thing.

Let’s go forward to the Grid-X drill and see how this ties in… If you take down the power, by the third day people are going to be rioting in the streets, there going to have no food, and it’s going to be absolute and total chaos.

Within that false flag event could lie another one.

The globalists may have made the decision to collapse the economy at that point by taking down the banks.

And who’s going to be caring about how many digits are on your computerized bank account on the third day of a black out if you do not have food on the table?

This… is a likely possibility if Obama is not able to break the quagmire and attack Syria.

The difference with what will happen with the grid if they turn this into a false flag event and these isolated events like Hurricane Sandy, is the fact that there was still outside help being rendered.

If we have the entire grid go down across the country the cavalry will not come, there’s no 9-1-1- to call, the police will not respond, people are totally on their own.

As noted in the interview by SGT Report:

All of these things that we’re seeing in Cyprus, in Panama, in Greece… These things are essentially the model for what I think will eventually come here to our own shores. That’s why we want to rattle the cage and we want to inform as many people as we can about tangible assets, hard assets.

Hard assets. Those are the only things you’ll be able to depend on if the grid goes down, or if your bank collapses, or if the government rolls tanks down your neighborhood street.

You’ll need stores of food and access to water. You’ll need firearms and ammunition to defend yourself. You’ll need gold and silver as a medium of exchange. And you’ll need barterable goods and trade skills.

If you haven’t done so already, prepare a contingency plan for a long-term event that essentially destroys the life you have come to know in the consumer society.

How likely is it that such events will come to pass? Every century we’ve seen widespread war, famine, and destruction. Thus, the odds are pretty good we’re going to see it again in our lifetimes.

Give yourself and your family a fighting chance and prepare for the worst.


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    1. angrycitizen

      Dave Hodges tends to sensationalize his articles, but the sheer amount of drills is truly disturbing…

      • Be informed

        I say it doesn’t matter whom is correct about what is going on. Be it Dave Hodges or someone else, bad intentions are quite apparent from a government that has gone into high gear towards tyranny. I look at the extreme geophysical world, and it might just be that the government is preparing for a huge event or many huge events. Remember everyone, that Alaska and the Pacific Northwest is in the hot zone for earthquakes until Oct.17. Already two of the areas mentioned have had major earthquakes, Kamchatka Peninsula a couple of hours ago, and far north New Zealand also 6.7. A third major shaker is quite likely.

        • SmokinOkie

          BI, thanks again for keeping up with this for us. Your knowledge, and the time you spend gathering and relaying the information, is genuinely appreciated.
          Yes, it’s obvious that our government is hell-bent on reaching absolute totalitarianism. Lately, I’ve found myself edging closer and closer to the point of despair. All the news seems to be bad. And, between scrapping for the almighty federal reserve note to keep the bills paid, trying to keep a rookie from tossing us and the rig into the ditch, and dealing with the usual thousand urgent things at home, I get overwhelmed.
          But I’m not giving up. I take a breather now and then. Laugh at myself and the crazy events of life as often as possible. And (quietly) keep prepping. One more box of band-aids… one more pack of wicks for the oil lamps… one more old hand tool…
          And. I’ll be damned if I’ll let the SOBs in the new world order get me down. I’m gonna keep living, and laughing, and loving my family and friends till the very end. And when that dark night finally approaches…
          I ain’t going down without a fight!

          • Silver Lodge

            Okie, I don’t post much but just wanted to say that when you’re feeling down at times, know there are those be it a block or a thousand miles away that feel the same. Don’t know you from Adam but dammit, keep that strong backbone and keep stocking up..

            When that despair kicks in a bit, just remember others feel the same or stronger about the goings on of this once great country. Everything for a reason and stocking up and sharing information with like minded folk just feels like the right thing to do when when we’re confronted with these obvious challenges ahead.

            Good day, sir!

            • Wombat

              Man oh man. I’d love to know where the DHS is storing that ammo.
              Talk about pay-dirt.

              • Jeff

                Wombat, Was thinking the same thing. And with all those other .gov agencies getting their very own SWAT team – Seems to be THE latest, coolest fashion trend- a percentage of that, guns, ammo and military gear is bound to turn up “lost”, “missing” or “Gee, I have no idea where it is or what happened to it”. Somebody is bound to get their Christmas wish a little early. Karma meet bitch.

                • KY Mom

                  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
                  – John Dalberg-Acton

                • Gods Creation

                  If the entire grid goes down, the banksters have effectively killed the goose that lays their golden eggs. They need a lot of extreme drills to keep those who know the false flag truth focused on the worst case while they continue to chip away. If they get you to expect grid down, the lesser false flag will not be so alarming and you may even be thankful that was all that happened.

                  I suspect that even much of the brainwashed military will return to their family home if the entire grid fails, with or without permission, to take care of their own families. The people may lose electrical power for a while, but the banksters would likely lose power permanently.

                  The police and other thug enforcers will be without the communication they need to enforce the tyranny as they do now.

                  Freedom will get a second chance, complete with all of it’s difficulties and hardships. Those who are prepared for freedom will thrive. Those who are dependent will die, or adapt.

                  The key for the people is that if they do take down the grid, is to not allow them to rebuild the tyrannical corp that has been destroyed by it, but to start anew and rebuild the vision set forth in the Constitution.

                  When the major false flag does happen, it is window of opportunity for the People to take back control. The United States will likely die, but freedom will live if that is truly what the people want. For a time, there will be no one to stop them.

              • txjazzman

                Probably “Fort Knox”…..since there isn’t any Gold there!

              • DAVE

                DES OFFICES

              • gone under

                Under Denver airport where it will be safe after the storm.

              • Mr. T

                People we have to keep in mind that they don’t surround us….”We” surround them. That’s why they’re scared. When the SHTF, people will band together, at least some of them will in the beginning, and they will take the fight to them. Others will then follow and it will be like a tidal wave crashing over them. They are afraid; that’s why they’re hoarding ammo and food and supplies. This country was founded on people throwing off the shackles of a tyrannical government and if they move on us, we will reset the government of this nation. It will not be pain free and without loss, but the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots!

                • starglider5

                  amen mr t!! it’s been a long time coming!!we need to remove the corporate cancers from our government!! let the grid go down we will have our oppertunity!!

              • veraluz4


              • Ancient Echoes

                It is probably where the gold use to be, Fort Knox.

              • Spartan-325

                Wombat, I can’t say anything for a fact but always look for any large DHS presence. Personally, I have a DHS location nearby where I live and I’d be willing to bet that part of that stockpile is there.

            • Jeff

              Silver Lodge, Just adding my ditto to your comments. It does seem so overwhelming, with what the evil PTB and the .govs are doing that it does seem as if the die has been cast; the bad guys will win. Despair? Nah, not an option. Go and read the Old Testament book of Habakkuk. It will take less than 10min to read, only 4 chapters. Bottom line: Yes God does have the situation under control, and the guilty will be punished for their evil deeds.

              • Barn Cat

                The lesson of Habukkuk is that God will punish a wicked nation by using people more evil than they are. America will likely lose 90% of its population after the collapse.

                God is about to turn the world over to the antichrist. We’re going to see a one-world government in the next couple of years.

              • Ray

                Thanks for making reference to Scripture. There is so much fear coming across the internet that takes away the common sense that God has given His people. People in this nation have deserted the God of their forefathers and chosen to satisfy their own material lusts. God told Jeremiah, after a number of rejections by His people to stop praying for them. He said when His wrath is poured out dead bodies will line the earth. He also uses His people in that too, but, He Himself, is going to correct problems(I will destroy those who destroy the earth-Revelations). I seem to see more people referencing God as being our protector(91st Psalm) and also Psalm 37. The psalms are loaded with prayers against the enemies of God’s people. His people need to refresh themselves by reading the psalms, especially David’s as He called upon God to destroy his enemies. He said “do I not hate those who hate thee?(my translation. When the smoke clears it will be a new world order, alright, but, not the ones the enemies of God are plotting for.
                Put your faith in what He has said thousands of years ago. It was true then, is true now, and will be true in the future.
                I believe we should store up those things which will be needed(Joseph commanded the people to do that). When push came to shove and the people were going hungry he rationed it out. AND, when all was said and done, Joseph and the then Pharoah owned all the land and everything else the people had because they gave it to him in order not to starve. Have hope! Trust in what He has said.

          • OutWest

            Be informed

            This is becoming the scenario you have so often
            painted with your broad calculating brush.

            With the dark of the moon, and the Israeli dogs
            of war champing at the bit to be let loose, and
            now Obama desperately needing a diversion from the
            suppressing events taking place as we speak, I
            could easily envision the green light being given
            the Mossad to let ‘er rip at Syria or Iran.

            We would, of course, then have to follow our “staunch
            ally” to aid and abet their little sortie. This
            would, without a doubt, be just the elixir Obama
            needs, ala FDR, to put a freeze on everything that’s
            hitting the skids for his administration.

            This is only a gut feeling I have, but history does

            • braveheart

              Howdy, OutWest. The US government is the best in the world at staqing dog and pony shows. I think that’s all this ‘shutdown’ really is. They’ll go forward with their ‘drills’ regardless. I suspect a series of false flags leading up to MEGA SHTF. Everyone get everything you can now while there’s still time. braveheart

            • SilverSax

              Let them all be confounded and turned back that hate Zion.
              – Psalms 129:5

              • IseeISON

                Get OVER it Is-RA-HELL & Christianity & Islam are a Babylonian Matrix….Christianity in particular is HORUS Worship and signifies the Winter Solstice with HEAVY astrological symbolism…WAKE_uP fool people LIKE YOU are the cause of our World’s demise and the main perps of Human genocide along with your Male Genital Mutilations ~ strange is it not that the most evil WARmongers and hateful pathological beast of human history seem to have their peepee’s snip snip. monsters.GO METT YOUR GOD in hell where you belong.

                • SmokinOkie

                  Oh, I don’t know about that. Circumcision hasn’t slowed me down yet. The part they left still works fine. Besides, I was only 8 days old at the time and had no say in the matter.
                  Just like that Molly Hatchet Forever tattoo on my forehead. I was older then, but waaaay to drunk to think of the later regrets….

                • SilverSax

                  @lseelSON – Wow. Reading your lost and wandering rant makes me realize how thankful I am to have faith in THE Lord God, whose Name is Jesus Christ!
                  You may reject him now, but just remember – when you need him the most, he’s there waiting for you to look up.

              • SilverSax

                I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating –
                when the SHTF, the first to go will be those who trust in their preps over relationships. You guys have minds which are closed to understanding, instead, you prefer to hate and accuse. IMO, the coming collapse will be so bad that in order to survive, a man must be willing to build bridges and establish good relationships. You’ve proven that this is beyond your capabilities.
                You’re either going to die quickly or join up with the NWO Government to stay alive.
                I feel sorry for you.

            • OutWest

              Wheee – Look at all the red thumbs…..

              Did I hit a little too close to a subject
              that has some merit about it?

              I know how Edward Snowden feels now.

              I guess I didn’t know how many government
              trolls we actually have patrolling this site.

              • sixpack

                I don’t understand why everyone seems to protect the IMAGE of Israel so adamantly—they’re NOTHING special…Jesus Christ doesn’t live there and Israel has done some atrocious things to people around them for whatever their reasons.

                People just can’t seem to accept that Israelis are human and no better than the rest of us.

                • Barn Cat

                  The Israelites are the good guys. The Muslims are the bad guys. They don’t do enough to properly protect themselves. They never should have given ANY land inside of Israel to their enemies. There’s a time coming soon when God himself will protect Israel supernaturally. Just check out Ezekiel 38 and 39.

                • Pissed Off Granny


                  Does the red thumbs mean that the Israeli’s are Better than the rest of us?

                  Wish red thumbers had the fortitude to answer your posts; we could at least have a chance to understand their position.

                • SilverSax

                  Jesus Christ may not live in Israel right now, but when he returns he’ll live there. He said so.

                • laeagle

                  Like it or not, take it or leave it, the Jews are God’s chosen people. Bless them and your blessings will return to you many fold, curse them and the curses will return to you many fold. They have been judged severely down through history and until the return of the Messiah, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, they will continue to be judged severely. Judge not that you be not judged. Let God sort it out. Only He has the wisdom to judge such things. For better or worse, Granny, I am a red thumber on this one and will stand with Israel.

                • sixpack

                  “God’s CHOSEN People”?

                  I thought we were ALL His people, ALL sprung from the same two parents? Now I’m supposed to believe that God plays favorites, and that Israel can do whatever it wants to, to others, just because God loves them more than me?


                  If that was true, why would the rest of us want to follow a faith like that, where we’re all basically just second class followers, who will NEVER be loved by the Father because we weren’t born in Israel?

                  “For God so loved THE WORLD, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”.—KJV

                  …it doesn’t say “For God so loved ISRAEL…”

                • laeagle

                  I believe John 3:16 as well but that does not negate the fact that the Jews are God’s chosen people. They have been designated to carry out a very special mission. There may not be much of them left by the end but they have been chosen. They too are called to uphold a certain standard and when they fail, they fail, but, there will be a remnant who will welcome the Messiah when he comes to reign out of Israel as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

                  Just because they are God’s chosen people does not mean that you are worth less. You have the privilege to become God’s children and can address God as “Our Father, who art in heaven…” and become a part of God’s kingdom if you so choose. God is not finished with the Jews or with Israel and He who is Faithful will not abandon them no matter what.

                  There is much to be learned from the Old Testament and from God’s Chosen People. The New Testament and the entry of Grace and Salvation for all of humanity is a sea-change in the events of human kind but was predicted in the Old Testament. It is helpful to understand the Law and condemnation that came from the Law to fully understand and appreciate Grace, Hope and Salvation that comes from the death, burial, and resurrection of God’s only Son.

                  The choice is yours/ours whether to accept John 3:16 and that which comes before it and after it. It has changed my life for eternity. You are my brothers and sisters. God does not have grandchildren! Every generation must make their own choice.

                  Forgive me if I have offended anyone but this is my understanding based on my reading from the Old Testament and the New Testament. There are many vessels in a house and everyone of them has a purpose, some for honor and some for dishonor (spittoon, honey-pot). Nothing makes sense if you leave the Jews and Israel out of the picture; the puzzle cannot be completed without them. Everyone has a role in the Grand Scheme of God’s plans for humanity. In God’s Kingdom, there is no second class citizen.

                • Charles

                  Hi Sixpack, I agree and there was no ‘reply’ button for my answer to Barn Cat for the red mark I gave his rave, nor the apologia for only being able to leave one, but my point would be the Israelis are the “chosen” people by their God. It’s their God that chose them. Convenient isn’t it? That doesn’t mean its THE God.

                  THE God might wipe them away like a salty tear. Their God hasn’t done them many favors through the century and certainly hasn’t done the Earth and its indigenous people any favors. There is a very good chance, and a logical case to be made, that Yahweh is a false God, an evil entity who has trapped this planet, lifted up his minions into powerful positions where they can do great harm, turned his eye on evil while he encourages it in his believers, and basically his whole existence is to block out the better spiritual natures of people.

                  Yahweh and the Jesus myth is a giant well engineered soul suck, and has basically led us to this point of despair, but the truth of these matters would collapse society, and luckily society under the 1% is helpful to all, strong and sound as a dollar, and powerful thanks to him giving us weapons… whoops my sarcasm lock is stuck…

                • laeagle

                  @Them Guys,
                  Comment ID: 2523077
                  October 2, 2013 at 4:11 pm “Where in the entire bible does it state “Bless the jews”? The very word Jew is not even mentioned for almost 500 pages untill 2nd book of Kings chapter 16!” Can we agree to respectfully disagree for now? I am not sure that this is the forum for this theological discussion. I appreciate all the scripture quotations and I will plan to review them. The geneology of Jesus was traced several times in the Gospels to help establish him as a Jew, a decendant of Judah, the son of Jacob/Israel, the son of Isaac and the son of Abraham. For goodness sake, Jesus was a Jew and so were all of the early disciples. Because of man’s stubborness it took a while for the early disciples to understand that the Gospel was meant for the whole world but eventually this messge came through and the Church literally spread to the whole world. I do not worship the Jews but I do worship the Son of God who came as a Jew. I do believe that there are two parallel covenants that eventually merge. God’s promises to the Jews still hold true and are valid unlike our government’s promissary notes. Thank you for your admonitions and concerns. May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God Jesus taught us to call our Father, richly bless you and keep you and yours in the hard times ahead. Brother, we will need all the help we can get. God is only a prayer away!

              • RickE.

                You DID strike a nerve, OutWest. But they aren’t trolls that are giving you the thumbs down, it’s the ignorant sheeple that can’t think past what they WANT to believe is true!

                • SilverSax

                  @RickE – I spent a large part of my life rejecting Christ and sounding much like you. After I was saved I began studying the Bible.
                  Since I’ve lived and thought like you, but you’ve never lived and thought like me, who’s really more ignorant? The one who only sees one side of the picture, or the one who has seen both sides?

                • Them Guys

                  Where in the entire bible does it state “Bless the jews”? The very word Jew is not even mentioned for almost 500 pages untill 2nd book of Kings chapter 16!

                  God did bless the 12 tribes of orig israel. And since then God made a New covenant with a different peoples…Christians.

                  Jesus said “I was Sent ONLY to the Lost sheep of the House of Israel” now Why would Jesus even say that if all the jews surrounding Him Then were that lost sheep of house of israel? Because them jews werent!

                  Thats the main problem when you fall for Judiazer pastors teachings as the new testement warns NOT to do! All they preach is Old testement bless jews BS! When nowheres did any verse ever say bless jews. Galatians Explains WHO God meant when God told Abraham His “seed” will be blessed..It meant Jesus as That “seed” and other promices like that meant Christians get blessed as it Says in GALATIANS book new testement. READ THAT! see how You were so Fooled to believe bless jews is for real.

                  You foolish old testement jew worshippers and those who believe todays preachers Faslehoods need to READ Galatians in new testement.

                  As well as Many more verses Jesus and the Apostles wrote and said regards to “jews”. Stop belife in falshoods and Imposter jews as jesus called them in rev 2:9.

                  There are a few websites that do teach truth on this issue.

                  Who do you think Jesus Cursed when he passed that Tree and cursed it and it instantly withered and Died for not producing any fruit?…That represents Jews!

                  Who do you think He spoke of when He said “The Kingdom shall be TAKEN from YOU and Given to Another”?

                  Taken from YOU=jews Given to Another=Christians.

                  Who did John say are antichrists? ALL who refuse to admit or say that Jesus Christ IS God in the flesh etc…

                  Who is That refering to?…Jews who still after 2000 yrs Deny Christ with a passionate Hatered unlike any other Hate!

                  And You foolishly worship jews and all issues jewish?

                  Maybe if you think you are christian? A good thing to READ Is the New testement Gospels of christianity.

                  Start with REV 2:9 and JOHN 8:44 to see who really those jews are! Then tell pastor John Hagee to take a Hike!

                • Them Guys

                  Laeagle: you tell me this is Not the right forum to discuss it. Then go on with all You want me to believe based on Your still Faulty reasonings?..In other words This forum is Only proper for YOUR interpretations and Long rant eh?

                  Your stated idea of the Two covenants shows where you go OFF track and get the rest wrong.

                  They are NOT like two parellel Lanes of a one way road, that somehwere down the line Merge into one single lane.

                  The Old vs new covenant are explained in the new covenant/new testement. It specifically says REPLACED the Old as the old covenant made with ALL 12 Israel Tribes. Not just Judah, NOT made with or for “jews”. All 12 tribes Equally. It was an abject Failure as Jeramiah states. There God tells the Prophet Jeramiah to go Tell the jews of judah(the 10 northern tribes that KEPT the name israel were already dispersed and taken captive by Asyrians king etc)God tells jeramiah go tell tribe of judah”jews” that They are NO longer My(gods) people and I(god) am NO longer Their(jews) God. And that is Their fault as They, jews, disobeyed me, God, one too many times and continued to REJECT OUR covenant They agreed to at Sanani with Moses teir Leader etc.

                  Jeramiah also tells them a NEW plan, aka Covenant will be comming. That IS Christianity. Open to jews AND All gentile Others also. Jews rejected That also, still do mostly. There is NO other salvation plans. Yes many pastors Today teach that “jews get a special free pass cause jews are chozens etc”…Thats a bald face LIE.

                  Christ Himself says so!(no other Name given but His etc etc)

                  Much in the Old testement that “Was” orig predicted to yet occure in future or end times etc…DEPENDED Upon Israels 12 tribes Obedience to God and their covenant.

                  Like jeramaih says They Failed. It got replaced by a New covenant. Therefore some maybe alot of future events originally spoken in the Old testement were Replaced by a newer Plan. Same as a re finance mortgage loan. The new contract is the only one that now counts. Whatever That says is what it is Now.(for some odd reason mant pastors today do not believe that God Can also Change His mind and Plans etc..Nonsense! God Did change plans due to Mans failures etc. example: Adam “was” supposed to Live forever right. Adam later Died right. Because God warned adam, adam Failed to Obey, Gods orig plan for adam to live forever changed adam died. Jews disobeyed more times than you can count!)

                  Thats why we have Jesus in several places and an entire Book of Revelation that describes future end days etc.

                  Some of that new book rev is Different than orig OT prophecys. Both cannot happen if different. Right so it has to be the Final or Last books that will happen.

                  But many christians today have bought into the widely Popular pastors like john jagee and pat robertson and a slew of others versions. And All of their every versions twists every verse the word “jew” or “Isrel” can be found, into “Bless Jews” “Bless israel” and they teach it as If israel the “State” land, is to be Blessed.

                  Whenever Israel is mentioned in such a way, it either means Jacob the Individual man whos name changed to Israel, or means ALL 12 tribes…

                  UNTILL, Solomon(?) died and His very Young son became King of all 12 tribes…BUT..He increased Both Taxes and Work Loads twice/three times as Bad as prior and thats when the 10-Northern tribes SPLIT apart, which Later in bible God says thats was His doing that caused a split into TWO seperate Nations, with Two seperate Kings etc.

                  Ever since That split Judah, with, benjamin and aprox 1/2 the levi priests, were called “Kingdom of South, Judah”

                  So once they Split into Two nations “Most” places the word “Israel” is wrote Means Those 10 NORTH tribes and NOT Judah’s ‘jews”

                  Jesus was a Nazerene as were All 12 apostles. None lived in jeruselem or practiced the Pharisee Rabbis form of False religious beliefs called today Tamludic Judaisim.
                  (and Jesus Left jeruselem due to Fear of the Jews! and did NOT go there anymore.)

                  The orig torrah Moses 5 books is what Jesus and apostels did believe and practice. Christ Condemnd that “Talmudic” practice he called Doctrines and traditions of Men, that twist the words of God so badly that they Lose all form of right proper meaning etc.

                  I think all christians who have been taught so many falsehoods like hagee et al teach today should reject whatever that was and start FRESH and BEGIN Only with the New testement at first. That IS the new covenant, it did Replace the Old one, and as the bible states It is a Permant never be again replaced Covenant.

                  The “jews” as most call them today even though 98% are Khazars, and their talmudic practice that Jesus calls the Synagogue of Satan, have No pact or covenant. They Can convert to be a christian as all others also can.

                  And what I say or write has zero to do with any anti jew agenda or whatever some claim or call me names over. I am simply repeating whats already IN the bible so if they want to call one a racist or antisemite(define semite as khazars, todays jews are Not decended from Seth, but from Japeth aka sons of Noah, 3rd son was Ham).

                  They should call the originator of the words I quote and write from the bible an antisemite not Me!

                  Or when I post a quote spoken BY a jew rabbi etc whos the antisemite? me? why cause I wrote what a jew rabi first said? Then call HIM such vile names not me!

                  Its just more BS due to the last 100 yrs of falsehoods from phony pastors who wouldn’t recognize Truth if it was a Great white Shark and Bit their Ass with truth!

                  Laeagle, Re read your bible, compare Galatians verses that state Us christians Are the future reciepients Of All the Promiced BLESSINGS God made to Abraham etc.

                  If you are a christian, then the new testement covenant of christianity Is what You have and believe right?

                  And if they so desire blessings too? Jews as they are today called are welcomed by and Christ(whom they caused to be Murdered) to Repent, and convert to be a christian also. Thats the ONLY method for blessings and salvation Left and Thats a Permamant Covenant for ALL time. Your BIBLE says so. I am only repeating it here as I do believe it.

              • Montana Max

                Stand and be counted, the TROLL’s will do what they do !

                • Ancient Echoes

                  I have an idea: Lets get rid of all religion and let the real God (if there is one) come down here and set us all straight. In the mean time lets stop fighting over this issue and just learn to love our fellow man like all the religions try to preach when they are not preaching war and hate!

              • Barn Cat

                No, it’s because you sound like an ignorant racist.

                • sixpack

                  Yeah, yeah I know—if you admit that blacks are responsible for the bulk of gang violence in America, illegal aliens from Mexico mainly vote for obummer and that Israel has bombed children for decades over a little patch of sand, YOU MUST BE A RACIST…it’s perfectly clear to me.

                  Well, I AM a racist—I believe we should all be proud of who we are, no matter what our race, what country we were born in and what color our skin is.

                • Them Guys

                  All Jew blessers and worshippers of jews READ CLOSELY!

                  NOTE: This info Is from Jewish scientists etc!

                  Because of DNA science, historians and anthropologists have been able to find missing links and to unravel the mysteries of race and ethnology.

                  In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews. (there are several Hundred Christian Palestinians there today, also Persecuted by Israeli “jews”! Did Your Pastor teach you That yet? why Not? is he a Wolf in sheeps clothes false prophet perhaps?)

                  The Definitive DNA Study–READ VERY Closely! TRUTH!

                  Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.(Confirms Means Fact-Truth-undeniable!)

                  Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.

                  (Khazar Turk, Turk are from Edom aka edomites! Edmoites are from ESAU, Esau= Jacobs twin brother! God said “Jacob I Loved, Esau I hated!” Esau sold birthright for bowl of Soup). Ok Keep Reading so You can Learn Truth!

                  Who Can Argue With DNA Science? (brainwashed stuborn pastor hagee type fools?)

                  So DNA science has proven that the findings of many historians and anthropologists is correct. The “Jews” of Israel are not Abraham’s descendants but, instead, come from the subjects of King Bulan of Khazaria.

                  The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct. (note that Date, Dec 5,2012 less than a year old dna Proof info!)

                  What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

                  Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

                  The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

                  Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

                  The people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.(read Rev.2:9 “imposter jews”)

                  “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.” (by a jew scientist published in a jew israel newspaper haaretz!)

                  Thus, when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of Abraham, they are mistaken. (Or Lying! see John8:44 lie-steal-Murder like Their father satan)

                  The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has nothing to do with it. (WWI-and Balfour doctrine of british scheems and scams also had a little to do with it, as did the swidnle, jew warII aka WWII)

                  All you Jew Blessers! PAY ATTEN HERE!! READ Slowly!

                  God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:

                  I ask my evangelical Christian friends: What will you do now? Will you heed what God said, in Revelation 2 and 3, about “them which say they are Jews and are not?” Will you accept modern DNA science as legitimate and valuable in proving the truth of God’s Word? (Great Question for christians, No?)!!!

                  Or will you, dear Christian friend, walk right on by, dismissing what both God and science have informed you? (only those who like libs cannot Admit they were wrong or Taught falshoods! will do so)

                  God said that the seed of Abraham would inherit the land. Therefore, we must—absolutely must—in light of the DNA evidence, ask ourselves: Where, and who are the seed of Abraham?

                  We know that Netanyahu and the people who now inhabit Israel have no claim to the land. They are interlopers, false pretenders. But there is a true and legitimate Chosen People of God. In fact, the scriptures had it right all along. The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:(the Grand Slam homerun, of answers and truth eh)

                  “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” (after 2000 yrs 99.9% of jews are Still Not of Christ by their Own choice. There is NO free Pass to heaven for anybody who rejects Jesus, as is written, That includes Jews too. Please wake up and stop blessing fake “jews” or Perish with them.)

                  So, if you belong to Jesus our Lord, you are “Abraham’s seed,” regardless of your physical race. You are overcomers, and Revelation 21:7 promises, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.” This is the great Truth that every true Christian knows.

            • The_Dr_Is_Real_In7

              I believe that if you look closely, Obama is NOT a true supporter of our “staunch” ally Israel. He may be a part of the NWO, a friend of the bankers, etc., but he will not do much to support Israel if they need it. He is too close to the Muslim Brotherhood boys. Look how willing he was to do their bidding in Syria.

              However, I do believe that we SHOULD support Israel.

          • slingshot


            Aye! Feel the same way.

            Same with Silver Lodge.

            • Them Guys

              MOE: I am replying to You here as that other article is old now and you are more likly to see my reply here.

              What you stated shows you have a massive lacking in understanding the Founding of America by all those white european, mostly, christians folks.

              Moe, you say muslims has a Right to come to live here in usa. Wrong. You base that on as You stated “Since white christians came to america, killed off the indians and Stole the land,” that somehow gives muslims and all others a “Right” to live here Now.

              Wrong Moe. First off as most early euro whites that came here were christians their goal with indians was to spread the Gospel and Hopefully convert what were abject Savages into civilized folks, and NO other religion has worked as well as christianity to civilize folks. Islam teaches convert or Lose your Head!…Christians do not force conversions. Yes you can find instances thru history of the past 2000 yrs where some christians did wrongs etc. Thats Human nature as All humans are Flawed and imperfect beings. Becoming christian don’t change you from still being a Human person. That don’t change facts that that represents a small almost insignificant number overall.

              As for whites killed off indians etc. Not at First they didn’t kill indians. They first attempted Peace and to teach biblical Gospel to indians. It was due to indians remaining savage and kiling white folks that led to whites use of self defence in most cases.

              Again you can find exceptions to most every issue or situation etc. So what. Thats NOT the main Point here Moe.

              Also you say we stole indians lands. What did indians build? besides a traveling tent camp group that moved as the deer or buffalo moved. Or when winter set in indians may move to warmer areas.

              You caould almost say indians were akin to Gypsys who Never set down roots. Name ONE city indians built. A Real actual city. Not some rocky zone with convienent cave holes they can reside in and call it home Moe. Real city compared to white built develpoments and cities etc.

              Name one govnt buildg, name a school etc etc. Indians never even built s road to anywheres. So thats a massive streach to say we stole the indians country Moe.

              Have you ever wondered what If indians did accept christians versions of civilized society to dewll together?…Maybe much blood shed would been avoided eh.

              Its not the rosy picture You paint of little indians sitting around the camp fire knitting bootys while whites came and asap soon as they seen the first indian opened fire to kill em all off.

              Why does muslims arabs Own suadi arabia today Moe? because they moved in there conquered arab land etc right.

              And that today gives arabs the absolute rights under ALL mans laws and national or international laws of the nations etc to Make their Own law standards as to WHO gets to live in arab lands right Moe.

              Well Us whites being the main peoples that discovered america, moved here, built most all you see as you gaze across the vast usa lands, That Now gives Us the rights today to determine Who we allow to Live in america with US. What do you not get Moe?

              Where were indians Prior to comming to live in north american land? because indians didn’t sprout from the ground like some grass or weeds right. No, indians Came here also from elsewheres.

              Also recent evidence of last 20 yrs or so has proven that archeologists digging around out west and in PA eastern usa areas, have found Skeletons and Iron Tools or bronze tools etc that Prove to not only be 9000 or more years Old, but also proved to be bones of dead Whites. Maybe early Vikings or Pre vikings folk.

              So that would mean that just maybe it was Whiteys here 8000 yrs Before indians came, and indians that killed off the early whites already here. Far as I am aware the jury is still out on it all.

              But thats not due to no evidence Moe, Rather its due mainly to various tribes indians Today has chiefs councils that get folks like Prez klinton for one, to Hush Hush up such newer finds of burried white bones and TOOLS, Very Important them Tools of iron or other metals since its whiteys that made metal tools while indians still used rock tools and remained very Primitive.

              Untill of course much more advanced whites Taught indians about steel or iron etc.

              From the little I read of it all it seems several places and several Times such whiteman bones were found and tools also. Yet every time instead of Major MSM stories of such findings, people like Klinton helped indians keep it very Quiet. And let them claim the bones to Bury in reservation lands where NO more scientists can research it unless indians give permission, which they wont.

              How badly will the indian “Lore” that we were taught as true historical Facts of indians being in america First before whites, be upset Big time of such white man bones and Tools are the true factual truths?

              Indians has made Bank and did much over past 200 yrs all based on indians were here First right.

              What “IF” that is not true history? That will cause affects similar to as Example: suppose new proven evidence showed beyond all doubt that blacks were never slaves?… Or never so badly treated as claimed?

              Picture how That would affect things. 99% of every Pro black, same as most every Pro indian issues or benifits etc those groups get or have Today are all based upon their respective claims of this or that bad stuff occured and whiteys is to Blame.

              What if Real truth proves whites were here 8000 yrs Before the first Indian Moe? As so far bones and Tools proves. Then what I stated prior, what happened to those early whiteys? Either they ALL left usa, or indians killed whites off. Not much other choices eh.

              Picture an indian crying how whites did bad stuff to indians. And it turns out NO thats backwards of real facts. If truth, indians wont be able to keep drinking booze and recieving free shit whiteys pays for no more eh.

              Reservation lands may be shrunk down a little if whites were here first and killid off by indians eh.

              Thats the Major reason what I read of it all suggested. Indians wanted those white bones burried on res land to Nip research in the Bud and Halt it.

              Either way Moe bottom Line whites came here and Built america BY Hand. Roads-schools-churches-towns-States-a NATION of 99% Whiteys at first. That earned Us the Right to determine yes or No to can muslims just wander over and begin to Live here in Our nation Moe. Get it yet?

              America aint some type Disneyland Playground where its fully 24/7/365 Open to all Public and we cannot turn any away!…Thats a wrong attitude Moe. Today we do have a diverse group yes. But whiteys are Still at least a 2/3rd Majority. Decended From that 99% white Majority who discovered and Founded and Built america…

              So when it is all said and done Moe, nobody else But whiteys has more birthright to what we call america.

              PS so far in Every advanced society and nation, whiteys has Proved many times over, that no others seems Gifted to Run a nation as well and proper as us whites do.

              Its NOT whiteys still living in the 8th cent ad Moe, like mid east region does. Its Not whiteys still building a Village of Homes with Mud huts created from Raw dirt, human shit, cattle shit, and very dirty raw waters from some puddle after it rains like african hut villages of Today in africa Moe.

              So yes while one can find examples of whites doing wrongs or even evils, etc as a Whole, overall, in the entire world over no others besides whites has acomplished invented or built so much Good stuff.

              No others besides White Christians has ever been so compasionate, kind, peacefull, willing to Share our good blessings and good fortunes with most every Other race or group. And you can Read the entire New testement which IS christianity aka the New covenant between God and Christians, and see that NOwheres in there does it even Remotely promote such Violence towards Others as does Your Koran Moe, and the Judiacs Talmud books also promote.

              When it comes to Two basics of Religion and Civilization. No other of nations. religions, peoples races etc has proven to be as good and sucessfull and blessed as christianity and white folks. Its just the way it is Moe. God decided to bless whites if they agree to be christians. Well Most whites did agree and overall most whiteys did get blessed like no others especially those who Founded America. All that combined gives us the Birthrights to make laws and decide who we allow to also live here amoung Us folk Moe. Same as Your mid east bros or pals makes Their laws on immigrants etc.

              • Silver Bullet

                Have you lost all your brain cells snortin, sippin, or shooting up or something? You sound like a white surpreme-ist. And you just say anything be it the truth or not…like you can’t seem to distinquish between reality and n o t. Get some help!

                • Silver Bullet

                  Sorry Slingshot: Slip of the eye…Them Guys Says is the corret handle I’m refering to.

              • Charles

                Sorry Them Guys, Your long delusional rant was as lacking in factual history as you are in inclusiveness. It would take a book to correct you here (Start with Peoples History Of The United States, Black Elk Speaks, and Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.)

                In short, Native people had a radically different view of how we are to live with the Earth. The Earth does not, and never has “belonged” to us. We don’t have “dominion” over animals. We are animals, and belong to the Earth. Luckily we can reason and not just be animal instinct, which is the root of your racism.

                We see around us the society created by the dominion myth and it’s not pretty, healthy, or sustainable. That is why its collapsing around us. To the natives, it was no badge of advancement to have a city or road, but the west is full of them. There are ancient sites that are so accurately astrologically aligned that modern science is just now catching up to it.

                Statistics show all kinds of races, every one of them an immigrant, built America and it really is not all that advanced. Many nations top America now in all manner of good living, we just rule in starting, and threatening, major wars, including world ones, if we and the “chosen” people don’t get our way. A very good case can be made that it is time for that to leave the planet. Racism is not the future my friend. For any race, but especially for the whites. We’re what’s known as “the previous manager” and it’s about to be new ownership.

                • Them Guys

                  If you choose to believe mambo jambo Pagan religious cultic indian type stuff go ahead on. Reject that God created Man and Gave Man dominion over the earth and animals etc. You say humans are just animals. Fine You can believe You evolved from an Ape if thats what you want to believe. I reject that.

                  I said that there always exceptions and not all whites ever did wasnt wrongs. Of course whites as humans do wrongs sometimes. Yet if compared for example to todays past 50 yrs FBI crime stats it documents factually that in usa Blacks while just 10-12% pop, are responsible for an avg each yr for 85+% ALL violent crimes in ALL catagories of violent crimes.

                  So I Am NOT wrong nor a Racist when I state the acomplishments of whites in General.

                  You cant take one or two wounded knee events as examples and say whiteys are all bad. Nor that all indians are poor persecuted folks that never did wrong to whiteys.

                  What I stated is accurate. You sound like a new ager type so I exepct you to reject it all.

                  You think america would be way better if no roads or buidgs were ever built. I do not. Then you state the many other nations are better Built up than usa is. Sounds like YOU are confused to what you believe or desire.

                  Thats ok though, many confused folks arive here and later become wized up perhaps you too will!

          • Paranoid

            I’m ready, got beer, pizza coupons, popcorn, and DVD’S stashed. This is America, what more could I need?

            • Muddy

              NFL Sunday package?

            • Them Guys

              PS Charles: Check stats for the Mayflower ship. 100% were WHITE European Christians, as their Mayflower Pact Proves.

              Those Other races you speak of? Name a few. For the first 1/2 of americas history or more, it was 100% whiteys that came to live here. Chineese and oters arrived After whiteys did.

              Perhaps if you are also white? That you are affected with massive white Guilt and PC correctness agendas eh. Not to mention you can use some history lessons it seems.

              Ok later, gotta go see if I eat Pagan Peyote by the pounds, sit next to a camp fire for 4 days straight with zero food or water rations, I too will be able to view a huge grey wolf as he emerges from the smoke of that camp fire and accend up into the cluds beyond to show me the direction the next bufflo herd is going to approach from.

              First I must go pray to dirt buggs and rocks though. I love them Pagan ways.

          • Mr. T

            SmokinOkie – Just make sure to have some friends or like minded people around you so you have a fighting chance.

          • SoldierB

            Once everyone figures out that the USSA has lost the second cold war, the collapse of the union will be under way.

        • laeagle


          I have come to appreciate your comments and insight regarding many things but especially earthquakes. Can you comment more on the energy arcs in the western China, northeastern India, northern Burma area. Kingdon Ward, the great British explorer and naturalist, personally witnessed and described the impact of a huge quake that devastated the area back in the early 1950s. I know a lot of folks that would be effected by a disastrous repeat quake like that. He described a scene where he witnessed a King Cobra and a Gaur racing uphill for safety. Apparently animals can tell way ahead of people when an earthquake is about to hit.

          I have sent out your warnings to many family and friends living and working in Thailand, China, Burma, and India and have sent a piece written by Doug Copp on earthquake safety that proposes we should avoid ‘duck and cover’ but get next to any structure to find the ‘safety triangle’ and to avoid stairs. Any comments and pointers on what to do in an earthquake scenario would be helpful as well both for initial survival and long term survival. Thanks.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • BigB

          Good call BI.

          “Look at what’s going on today with regard to DHS and FEMA. There are no less than eight disaster drills planned between the period of time which started September 25th and goes through November 13th.”

          If the shutdown is really a shutdown then I don’t see how these “drills” can go forward. If they do it is more proof that this is all Kabuki theater, again.

          Our politicians have so few ideological differences I don’t know why they just don’t call themselves Repdems. I only hope that people like Cruz – Paul and the Tea Party themed politicians can make a difference. They may (imho) be the new patriots of the United States.

          Which brings up another point. For all of those Sarah Palin haters out there no this: The reason for this shut down is politician’s that she supported getting into office.

          It is my sincere hope that this shut down is the beginning of the end for our current form of government. Out of the 1.2 million federal employee’s only 800,000 are not going to work today. Sounds to me like that is the number (400,000) federal employees that we should have working for us anyway.


          • The Old Coach

            So, you’re saying that Sarah supported Obama and Harry Reid? Seems a bit farfetched to me. Check to see if your tinfoil hat fits right.

            • gone under

              @ the old coach… You misunderstood his post. Big B is saying that the government would not have shut down(bamacare would be funded)if it wasnt for the Patriots standing thier ground on Not funding Bamacare.

          • Muddy

            Could we change that to Demreps, as in ‘dem representatives, or DAMN representatives?

          • KY Mom


            Maybe, the administration wanted the ‘shutdown’. Whether planned or not, I have no doubt they will try to USE it for their advantage. I am sure those in their ‘inner circle’ of government are still here.

            Think about it. With the reduced numbers at work, they have the opportunity to work on/complete ‘plans’, that some employees may have questioned.

            • Night breaker

              That could possibably be. A lot of departments got the notice last night not to report ,
              At my base regardless of what the MSM is saying, is completely shut down including DHS security teams . Called the base was told not to report , rest assured the upper management echelons are there and getting paid.

              Though I work for the government I do show up and do an honest days work for the American people I was lucky to get this job in this economy . Some of my co- workers will be in bad shape because they didn’t prepare for this eventuality.

              What a better time to compromise the safety and security of our country
              great job politicians !

              I guess my team / group cannot be trusted to keep on the job, rest assured we will wear this as a badge of honor.


              Semper Fi 8541

            • BigB

              @KY Mom,

              Could be, I can’t figure out what the end game is except to mess with us. Shutting down a statue (re: WW2 Vets) What the hell?

              @Muddy, Sure can, that is if you bother to call them anything. It sure doesn’t seem to call them anything but incompetent.

              @Old Coach, must have worded that wrong as you are right and that was my intent.


            • al

              Seems a bit odd , I was looking at fox news and the photo was Jefferson memorial or something like that ,but they had this nice fresh plastic sign saying sorry closed govt shutdown etc. If they didn’t want this where the heck did the sign come from ?It just happened today and they got the printed plastics signs ready that fast ?
              just seemed curious to me lol

              • Them Guys

                Maybe the Same Plastic signs as the Past 17 shut downs feds had since Carter was Prez eh? ps zero full collapses occured with any of those 17 Other shut downs either so its likly to be same this time around.

      • Man on the inside

        Well we are getting the shut down we wanted. Now get on the phone and overload you representatives (I use that term VERY loosely) switchboard. I know… pointless but at least they will know we are pissed and done putting up with this crap. Keep prepping. Keep an eye out for the false flag. Bear in mind I do not think this will go on for long. I do think we have started the slow but painful decent. 20 months. If anyone (facebook) wants more proof I am not going to provide it. Everything the average conservative has predicted over the last ten years has come true in spades. Time to get the ole head out of the butt and get prepein. If you can, move paper assets to hard assets. Sell the crap you don’t need and get the stuff you do need. Learn or sharpen usable skills. We will always need farmers, welders, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, electricians, painters, nurses, doctors, equipment operators, gunsmiths, farriers, blacksmiths, and so on. I am building a still. Yep time to get back to moon shining. Get to a rural area if you can. FORM TEAMS!!… things are spooling up and you all know it (take away all you read here and just look around and use a little discernment) you know I am right. Please stop yelling at each other, stop giving us history lessons on the Jews, Romans, the Templers, or whatever. We get it!! Thanks !!! Now let’s get back to the business at hand and help each other prepare. History is good so we don’t repeat it, but right now I don’t care about the Jew banker, or the Illuminati, … I care about how to grow beets, clean my gun and filter water. At this point let’s all agree we are in for some hard times and prepare. The time for payback will come but we have to be alive and strong to do the payen. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. God be with you all….

        • possee

          Man on the inside


          It is quite obvious that many here already know of this globalist it zionists,bankers,corporations,jews,muslims, brits.illuminati,satan…or all of the above and more!

          It is time to quit debating who they really are and as you say..get on with the business at hand..

          The cards have been laid on the table for us all.

          Does it really matter what ethnic or religious sect the ‘dealer’ is at this point?


        • old guy

          Yes call them and insist that they defund Obama care. I believe that if your lively hood comes from the public coffers your a taking parasite. Your money must be robbed from some present or future productive maker. Im all for the end of govrment confiscating & redistributing. Now If BI,s big clatyclismic earthquakes would come to pass so much the better. The federal government is too much of a worm eatin shakey vessel to be putting much faith in.

          • Muddy

            old guy,
            I gave up calling the Washington office of my 2 senators, and 1 representative days ago, they didn’t answer and their voice mail was full. Instead I called all of their offices here in the state and left voice mails when their voice mail wasn’t full. Then I drove to a local office and spoke my piece. A bit difficult to do because if you don’t handle yourself well they call the cops.

            For those still thinking the Republican party is the “good” party go here:

          • Tor Munkov

            Old Guy, the more you waste your time on these Government Moochers, the more they like it. Wasting your energy engaging in their crooked systems merely increases their hold on you. Stop believing in them and calmly disengage, it’s as easy as escaping from a Chinese Finger Trap.

            A lot of the so called preppers on this website are parasite takers in official costumes, and are all too happy to help you keep you bound and engaged in their wasteful parasitic idiocy of the Republicans and Democrats bread and circuses.

            Never forget that the founders were plantation owners and commodity traders. Productive makers, every one of them. America was formed from the Old Dominion, the Virginia Company of London, by productive makers.

            From Jamestown onward, many pledged not only to settle the New World, but to work and to produce a profit for their sponsors from the Old World.

            The orators and fancy pants parasite takers are a distraction. They came much later, and any who accept their concocted version of history are abject fools.

            A farmer, trader, or industrialist who takes time away from his labors to fight against tyranny is a hero and a founder.

            They who spend their lives in fancy costumes, they who layabout their frivolous offices of authority, they who pray upon every decent working man until he is unable to labor for himself and his family, while they themselves produce nothing of value. May they be exposed as the scummiest of the scum. The lowest of the low. The evilest of all evils.

            May they be cut down like the chafe they are. May they perish from the face of this land of plenty, which upon being freed from their predations, will again provide for us all, as much as we all could want.

            May they all soon pass away into the ground, may their numbers decrease, may their descendants deny them and change their names, may their bones wither away, may their names and thieveries be forgotten, and may they never be spoken of again.

        • Former Cal Girl

          Amen Man on the Inside.

        • Kulafarmer

          Good post bud,
          I know i have year round growing but if i lived stateside i would add a greenhouse on to one of the outside walls of my house, near a chimney or wood stove or possibly even put one in it,
          You can grow all sorts of stuff in a good greenhouse, real important to be able to do.
          I have one here but its usually too hot even in the winter months for anything but starting plants.

          • BlueH20

            Kula, that is true here, in the winter. Even for starts, people should plan on sleeping in the greenhouse and getting up every few hours to check the stove.

            Greens can be grown in a below grade cold frame with a ventable 45 degree South-facing angled glass side above grade. You need to dig it about 4-5 feet down.

            For a greenhouse in a hot climate, check out commercial shadecloth suppliers. There is a pink one that will cut the heat and let in light that is the correct reddish wavelength for bloom and production. Expensive, but it lasts for years. My little plastic greenhouse gets to over 90 degrees or more in the summer. Still, in past years, I have successfully grown anything needing heat and light by 1) using the pink shadecloth, 2) keeping a fan going and 3) misting everything 2-3 times a day if I see it starting to wilt. There are low wattage box fans and 12 volt fans that can be run off alternative sources.

            Hydro also need some power source for the pumps and lights. There are now compact florescent grow bulbs that pull lower wattage and work if they are within a foot or less of the plants. That said, it still takes 5 months to grow even an early cherry tomato. Hydro lettuce is not that tasty and lacks substance. Some Japanese vegetables have been miniaturized and naturally prefer cooler temps. These seeds are mostly available from the PNW and the topic is searchable. I haven’t tried mini Brussels Sprouts, but I bet they would substitute for cabbage, especially if harvested early.

            I imagine in Hawai’i everything depends on elevation. I have seen wonderful farms on Maui that are high up in the hills.

            • Kulafarmer

              Elevation definitely makes a difference
              Im at 3200, even though, it still gets a bit warm for real good lettuce, temps have been quite a bit higher over the last 5-6 years (noticeably so)
              Th shadecloth helps, ventilation too,
              Kale can be a substitute for cabbage, i grow green curled, makes an excellent slaugh when blanched first.

              • Joe the grubber

                Good that you guys are growing something. However if you are talking about a garden for survival, Id stay away from the leafy greens and non starchy root plants. You cant grow the stuff fast enough for even enough food for a single person. They contain little calories. Grow potatoes and beans and if able, rice. Corn tasts good but the amount produced per area is low. Potatoes are really the best bet.

          • JayJay

            I have 3 celery heads growing me new celery.
            Just put the cut end in water for one week, then plant in soil.

            • Vixen

              You can also grow leeks from ends cut off ones you buy. I wasn’t sure about celery but I’m going to try. I got basil to root from cuttings too. A guy down the road has a hydroponics shop I kind of think caters to folks who grow exotic plants but it has lots of applications for growing veggies indoors. Only problem is that it requires a big power supply for ventilation and circulation and the lights of course. Same with aquaponics. Needs power for circulation and aerators and is costly to run. I was too late getting things in for a fall garden but have high hopes for next year. Kind of new at all this but trying to figure it out. My green beans left on the plants will be my seeds for next year and I’ve saved some squash, bought up heirloom seeds I could find. Put in blueberry bushes and will put in a few apple trees next year. My new neighbor cut down all the fruit trees in his yard! Apples, pear and peaches! I actually cried when I realized what he did- said he was tired of raking leaves.. He didn’t want the bother. I wish I could have dug them up or knew what he was doing, would have offered to tend them. There one day, chopped up into pieces and hauled off the next. Now I hear they want to take our woodstoves away and give us crappy ones that don’t smoke as much because of environmentalist concerns.. and horses were just declared vicious animals in our state- going to state supreme court next, sure hope they knock that one down- what will we have to work the fields with if the grid goes down and people have all gotten rid of their horses? At least we can still collect rainwater here. Big Brother leave us alone…

        • Pissed Off Granny

          Man on the Inside:

          As I scrolled back through the subjects on this SHTF site the subjects given to us by Mac seem to be about information, information, information.

          Not just information on preps, information on the banksters screwing us, the infernal revenue screwing us, the government wanting to take us to WW3., etc., etc.

          One of Mac’s subjects was titled “You can call me a doomer or whatever you’d like…..

          There was a paragraph there that dealt with “Reality”:

          “Reality is being an ‘informed concerned citizen’ in a Republic that is quickly deteriorating, and being an informed citizen who realizes he, she, all of us must take steps to protect our family for what is clearly coming.”

          Now I take that to mean that something is/has happened to my dearly loved Republic and my way of dealing with that ‘reality’ is to begin a search to find out what is happening, what is going to happen, and through history, why it is happening.

          I want to know why we are being thrust unwillingly and by a lot of citizens unwittingly into what looks like world war three.

          I want to know if all those preps you are making and the tools you are sharpening and the education you are doing for yourself will be used by you and the patriots on this site; or if Homeland Security and the government agencies have a more sinister idea in mind for you, your tools, and your education.

          Know how to find the answer to this? Read some of the educational posts here and then let your fingers do the walking through the internet.

          If some of you do not like the historical posts, etc. all you have to do is scroll. Not too much to ask of you. I am sure that there is at least one post a day that I don’t like. Pretty simple. SCROLL!

          There are people daily who view SHTF who never post here. Are we to assume they are all up to date on their preps and their understanding of history. Hardly….

          • Man on the inside

            They also come here for info and many new preppers have looked here for that and are annoyed at the nonstop beat down of certain people. I send new prreppers here for help with info…. and I have backed off on that abit… How many times do I need to hear about the same history???… We get it and having to SCROLL through 20 to 50 comments of this to get to one good recipe, or how to build a greenhouse near a chimney (thanks Kulafarmer and BLUEH20) is frustrating. I also have Jewish friends who are preppers and have never stole one dime or screwed one person and who are very generous and just awesome people (two are on our team) and they are sick of the bashing and don’t come here anymore. Some of these “history lessons” are just an excuse to be a Jerk and spew hate so don’t sell it like it is not. MAC dose not spew hate. But some of these posts do… and please don’t try to tell us otherwise… there are some very smart people who read and post here including MAC.

        • David

          Well said and about time. When I read some of the crap being thrown around here at what other folks say I know that there’s a troll floating turds with the sole purpose of getting someone upset. I’ve lived long enough to know that “Sticks and stones Will break my bones but words will NEVER hurt me.” Get over it. For those of you folks who are trying to present information about some belief system over another, it has the same impact as a prepper trying to convince a died in the wool sheep of the truth. Listen, folks, the information is out there, it’s available and not just about TSHTF. Give it a rest for your own peace of mind.
          There are a millions ways of saying we are standing on the threshold of hell and the longer it goes without blowing up the bigger the bang it is going to be, but the good side is that just gives us more time to get another can of beans or powder. Your comment about finding and building a team has haunted me for the past few years as every door I think it’s okay to knock on is shut in my face. Not bothered by the shutting but running out of options.. Was at our Sanctuary in the White Mountains of AZ last week and the realization that the only folks who would probably show up are the kids, their spouses and children. While that is heartwarming in the “family” effect it is chilling in the “here’s the gun now shoot that SOB.” Anyway, i decided to take a rather drastic step and start wearing my BOB when i go for my daily/evening walks. Another like-minded soul would see that and my hope is maybe they’ll make contact or “open a door” to the possibility of friendship. Pray, prep and protect, dj.

      • Doubtful Dave

        I call bullshit on this article. Who makes up this “unseen” army of Feds? FEMA: are you kidding, they have less than 7,500 personnel and many of them are unarmed support personnel. Maybe it’s the Coast Guard with almost 50,000 uniformed and 8,000 civilian personnel, but again, most of them are not armed either. Yeah, I know, most of the uniformed could be then who’d watch our water ways? Maybe it’s those fat old farts from TSA! No, they’re not armed either except for a few of their bomb dog handlers. Let’s see, maybe it’s CBP and ICE with nearly 84,000 personnel. But wait, about 40% of them are not sworn officers and don’t carry guns. To use them you’d have to close down every international airport and seaport, along with all boarder crossing stations. That’s over 300 ports of entry in case anyone was wondering. This would definitely kill what’s left of our economy. This accounts for nearly 204,000 of the entire DHS staff of just 240,000. I know, facts backed up by math are really a Buzz-Kill for paranoid fantasies, but that’s really for you! Is the economy falling apart, absolutely, but there’ll be no “army” of any kind to either help us or take-over much of anything. Certainly no one from DHS unless you live a major metro area. It’s about to be YOYO Time (You’re On Your Own).

        • Man on the inside

          And having worked with FEMA durring huricane Sandy I can tell ya… they can barly handle thier oun job… lett alone these “suposed” FEMA camps…. sorry Alex Jones … I have went to multiple sites in the Pacific Northwest that were “FEMA camps” THEY DON’T FRACKING EXSIST”…. realy… they don’t….

          • Facebook Page

            I have also been to many. Most are great hunting areas now. Or just plain old storage areas. One in Wa is an ammo dump. They better have guards. One was a civil defence storage. It was just restocked and resealed. But once again that how it is sup post to work. Great we’re mostly open area with maybe rusting equipment.

            And the army bases. Goes what there was army guys working there.

        • Charles

          Those are great points Dave, and it’s good to be rational and practical, but all we know of their numbers is what they tell us, and God knows who all will join their team when the SHTF. Wasn’t it John D Rockefeller who said he could hire half the working class to kill the other half? It’s amazing what some will stoop to when they go a couple days without food. Personally, I think we’re about to have massive chaos, on the level of Libya, Greece and Egypt, for much the same reasons, it’s what our government foments, to benefit its banksters and police, hoping that after a few weeks, or months, of this, people would beg for any atrocious government just to get the lights back on and a sandwich. Sad to say it.

    2. tired of ny bs

      How can obamacare start if it isn’t funded?the government shut down,but the exchanges started automatically.

      • Anonymous

        Obamacare was passed as a stand alone initiative that has a funding source SEPERATE from the gov. News said today it will not be financially impacted by shutdown.

        • tired of ny bs

          I must hurry to get in line behind McCain,Reid,Pelosi,Feinstein,Jackson,Sharpton,and of course Obama to buy obamacare.

    3. PA farmer

      Gov shut down, does that mean the printing press has stoped?

      • Silver Lodge

        Don’t think so. is still plugging away at 16.958 trillion. I doubt drones have landed and that some milk toast hack somewhere has stopped monitoring these very key strokes.

        Keep stocking and stacking, folks.

        • kimintn

          as someone pointed out yesterday, debt clock isnt running, it is blank!

          • KY Mom


            I just logged on to debt clock. It is up and running.

            • sixpack

              Where I live is a geographical wind tunnel. The Pacific typhoon threw 65 mph winds at us all weekend. On our street, we lost power 3 times for a total of about 10 hours.

              Once, I was right in the middle of cooking my taters and eggs when the power went off. Before my pan got cool, I switched over to my little propane stove and finished my taters without skipping a beat.

              I ate my dinner by oil lamp light–very romantic, even if it was just me. I think I’m ready for the grid-down scenario…

              • Kindle

                I spent 10 years working for Outward Bound and we were always in a “grid down scenario”….by choice of course.

                No electricity, no big deal. Life goes on if ya got the skills, know-how, and right frame of mind.

                One of the only difference I see is instead of worrying about bears, mountain lions and wolves, it will be the underprepared and clueless we will have to worry about.

              • Brane Frees

                “I ate my dinner by oil lamp light–very romantic, even if it was just me.”

                And did you happen to have an after-dinner romantic interlude to top off the evening?


                • sixpack

                  “And did you happen to have an after-dinner romantic interlude to top off the evening?”

                  Yeah, I’ve got a little four-legged friend who’s always ready to cuddle…

                • Facebook Page

                  Life can be simple. What about that. Tornado north in Wa. Lots of vidio.

              • TheAnswerIs42


                get or make yourself a rocket stove and you can keep cooking those romantic dinners long after the propane tank runs dry 😉

            • kimintn

              @kymom – ok, thanks. when i checked last night and early this am it was blanked out, no numbers anywhere.

      • Them Guys

        If as Hodges says that the fed res and us fed govnt are so worried about Iran trading gold for oil? Then Why did the us fed govnt place such srtingent Sanctions against all forms of nations trade with Iran etc?

        Those sanctions on Iran Are the main issue that causes Iran to begin to trade Oil For Gold in the first place!

        That was the exact same tactic used against germany in 1933 and beyoned to stifle trade with germany since germany soley depended upon international trade with other nations, and usa was their number one trade partners then.

        Overnite sanctions were imposed on german goods then, same as todays recent trade sanctions on Iran.

        And today Iran like germany back then has no other choice but to consider such sanctions as an econonomic Act of War.

        After all when just feeding your entire nations peoples as both in Iran now and germany then was/is reality dependant upon open lines of trade what else can any such nation believe it to be besides an act of war.

        Starvation of 2/3rd of your nations peoples is just as deadly as armed military forces raiding your shores to kill with bullets and bombs right. Starvation is just a slower way of mass killing folks.

        America would do no less if whatever we need was suddenly shut off by sanctions or other means to deprive us of necessary items.

        So this all sounds like the wrong idea or fails to see that irans oil for gold deals are a direct responce to usa imposed sanctions against iran.

        As such it came as no suprize to usa officials as They are who imposed sanctions and Had to know iran will exchange oil for gold to buy food or other items needed to survive.

        As for those folks here who think all they were told by tv news like fox tv news about how evil and backwards and stone aged iran lifestyles are today?

        I recomend highly You type folks go to Yutube videos and search for and View “Persian Nights”.

        And one or Two related iran videos that show the actual life and day to day in Iran and its main major city. Terhan is it?

        One of that series of iran yutube vids shows NOTHING But Pure White folks. Iran means aryan as in white folk aryans.

        In That all white iranians video you shall see some of The Most beautifull white women with awsome bodies, Blue and Green eyes, brown-red-and blonde hair, and the most prettiest womens faces you have ever seen in the best playboy layout centerfold ever.

        No joke! Seeing IS believeing right. Go see those Iran yutube videos. Notice also in persian nights it highlites Day and Night life scenes from Bars-dance clubs-to day time shoppers galore walking the streets like it is Rodeo Drive store fronts, and their Bar/club scenes are as if you were viewing Miami Fla clubs and women.

        99% of the women Only wear colorfull scarves that barely cover the top half of heads. None walk around in burkas like saudi arabia with eye slits and all black tents head to toe.

        Iran is nothing as fox news leads one to think.

        Like I said Seeing Is believing right…Go view both videos, the lifestyles of iran vid And the video that shows Nothing but photo after photo after photo for 1/2 hr, all of white women and many small kids and babies up to teens ages kids…EVERY single person whiter than most white americans are even in winter without a tan are.

        Once you see how advanced and massivly built the main city Terahan is especially a few photo shots from an airplane overlooking the entire huge city at nite and daylite I think your perceptions of Iran and its Peoples, includeing at least 2-3 Million Christians, your pre formed fox tv induced attitudes on iranians may need Re thinking a bit.

        ps as long as your main source for info is DEBKA or Jeruselem Post newspapers its not likly you will ever achieve any real idea of what common iran folks and life there is really like. Israeli and usa MSM tv news etc have a vested intrest in You Not viewing those yutube videos and seeing what really goes on in Iran today.

        pss I have seen 3-4 such videos so far and not one shows cave dwellers eating goats after the men screw the goats.

        Like I said if one did not know it was life in Iran they’d think it was beautifull ladys shopping Rodeo Drive like movie stars in Kalif do.

        • king krazy

          آنچه که انتظار می رود من دوست من نیست.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            That’s what you say.

          • TheAnswerIs42


            sorry, I can’t read retard 😀

        • The Old Coach

          How does someone with such an incoherent view of reality stay focused enough to write such an incoherent post? Ah, maybe it’s a Google translation from the Pharsee original?

        • Tactical

          Excellent insight Them Guys as usual. I also recommend the readers do a search on David Dukes insight on Iran and the Persians after he attended the TRUTH Seminar in IRAN. During my college years I got to know many Iranian students (btw they like to be called Persians). I can’t say anything negative about them. Brilliant and smart and amazingly fun and friendly people. Yes they are true ARYANs…and that’s why they hate arabs since they believe the arab invasion caused their empire to collapse and the people to be forced to adopt Islam (which is a norm for Muslims to force their religion on others as they called non believers). FOX news is zionist owned like other corporate media so they are full of lies. I personally believe the only real friend that USA can rely on in the Middle east is IRAN. But as always our beloved government follows the zionist direction and sides with Al Quida, Saudis and other Arab nations who are the scums of the earth.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            You might enjoy this site:


            Watchmen Bible Study

        • Kevin2

          If the US was cut off from foreign imports we have sufficient indigenous food and energy to self sustain. Granted those electronic luxuries would be prohibitively expensive but I’ll live with that.

          Those that say, “I’ll move” I have one question: Where?

          • John_Allen

            Taking a quick look around my home, boxer shorts are made in Guatemala. Blue jeans are made in Mexico. Towels made in Pakistan of all places.

            Things get used up, worn out. When foreign manufacturers stop accepting our worthless US Treasury securities in payment what are you going to do, go naked or ask the wife to make you several pairs of boxer shorts?

            The vast majority of folks who don’t live on a farm, and that includes urban areas, aren’t food sufficient. What difference does it make if there are thousands of tons of food in California if the grid is down or the money is frozen? Those millions on the East Coast aren’t self sufficient. at least not in any large numbers.

            Unlike the Great Depression relatively few Amerikans could fend for themselves given what is coming. The die off will be horrendous.

            • Man on the inside

              I’ll just go naked…..

              • Facebook Page

                Please no.

              • vincent

                You can get alot of practice now by going to San Francisco and celebrating diversity! Or head over to any other heavily Democrat infested locale. Get the Obama logo tattooed in a strategic location..Why wait for the collapse?

            • Kevin2

              The alternative is live in a country that is not self sufficient on food and energy even if this dispersal is not equal?

              Necessity is the motherhood of invention. No T shirts? Well there opens up the textile industry. The entire grid going down in the US? First highly improbable. Second it could only be caused by something like a solar disruption which would go global. Would I rather be in tim buck two or here in the US (granted outside of a city) in such event? I’ll take my chances here.

              • Facebook Page

                Any many things are still made here many are very high end and pricy. The company’s will just need time to retool to meet different demands.

                And teck won’t be gone will just have to power what we need most. At first. While culling the herd.

            • Kevin2

              If the USD collapses the entire world is in free fall. Approximately 2/3 of the USD is overseas. The domestic worry is concerning. Global warfare as the have not nations say, “screw it” and steal off the haves is frightening.

              I’ll stay right here.

            • Vixen

              Yes, you are right. Worst case is grid down really. Too many people won’t listen to warnings to learn how to grow a little food, learn to cook on something other than a gas or electric stove, or manage to have chickens or something. Many of us are trying but are still behind the curve. And what good will it do if they declare martial law and come take what you have anyway? I heard they can do that- take your food supplies, livestock, anything to feed the masses. I live in a dense population area- rural but still lots of people around. Zombies to the left, zombies to the right, here I am in the middle. All I can hope is that more people prepare than I know about but from what I see after storms that’s not the case. We were one of the last towns to get power back after Sandy in this state and folks were getting freaky- and they KNEW help was on the way. They could still get out to places with power and buy what they needed. They would get on their cell phones and message the power company on facebook and were all nasty with them, threatening stupid things. People were going around cutting up downed lines and trying to sell the wires inside. Generators were stolen, homes broken into. I can’t imagine those same people staying sane if the pizza place in the next town wasn’t open. Or the liquor store. In a grid down scenario the stench of bodies will be horrible and there will be no law except survival of the fittest and the fastest shot perhaps. Or those able to be diplomatic, skilled at de-escalation. I didn’t understand the scope of a planned EMP attack until I read One Second After this past summer. I haven’t been able to stop preparing since. It’s expensive to do this however and I worry about being over run for what I manage to store. I’ve tried to prepare for that as well but need some advice. What do I need for self protection? To hunt? How much will it cost? How much is ammo and how much do I need? I’m serious. Who needs permits? Everyone?

              • Facebook Page

                At first they won’t be taking from the little hoarder. If the recovery goes bad then worry about your local power to be formed. That’s when you may have t9 look at even the good sheriff’s in a new light.

          • Lone Wolf

            How about Canada?

        • sixpack

          Funny how bullies HATE IT when their victims FIGHT BACK…

          • Kulafarmer

            Most bullies are also cowards and are incapable of true victory,
            Intimidation is their trump card,

            • Man on the inside


            • Facebook Page

              There is a difference between a bully and man who can be a bull.

              • sixpack

                A bully is a coward who attacks only the defenseless and a man who is a bull charges forward no matter the obstacles that lie between him and his goal…?

                • Them Guys

                  Facebook appointed Himself as Decider of all who will get “Culled” as he says it. Hes the Grand Wazzoo wizard of knowing which exact Humans that should get killed off, so He never runs out of whatever He needs when His 96 40ft Cargo Containers filled full of every possible prep known to exist, along with 18 dozen surplus military vehicles he also Burried runs out. He and His Crew of 5000 Trained Herd Cullers will be The Go to Patriots Bar None.

                  If you doubt Me? Just ask Facebook he will confirm it all!

        • J. Roy

          People need to understand that Persians are not Arabs

          • Tactical

            Exactly right J.Roy.

            • Them Guys

              Tep like I said go see those yutube videos on Persians. You will swear you are seeing pure white beautifluu women and kids and babies. Some of the most whitest folks on earth. And one will be Hard pressed to find better looking babes when you see the women there in iran!

              I am talking like a majority a hgue majoirty look good enough to be in playboy magazines centerfolds and Not even need any photo touch ups.

              it blows your mind if all you ever knew of iran or its peoples is what Fox tv shows tells you.

              I ws stunned when first viewed that one yutube vid with at least a hundred mixed photo shots of a mix of adult women, teens, smakk kiddies and even babies a year old.

              Pure white skin, Brightest Blue eyes you ever seen, same for green eyes. Every color and shade of colors of hair.

              Simply some of the Most beautifull women I ever saw. And dressed in tight jeans and normal tops etc….It is NOTHING like Fox hannity or news tv shows leads you to picture Iran. If nobody told you and you began in Middle of video, youd likly guess it was Miami or any major us or euro city and peoples.

              Perhaps Thats why Israeli jews so Hate iranain Persians eh…Because Persians Are Aryans and the Craddle of aryan White civilizations. If I recall my learnings correct, back when after Babylon was overthrown by the Medes-Persia group, or in book of Danial the Chest of silver portion of medeo-persia, it was that MEDES parts that are the Whites orig called Arayns. Not certain on that, but do think its correct info.

              • Tactical

                The interesting part is the jews know that Cyrus the great saved their asses by letting them to go free while others were prosecuting the jews. So the net is for the zionist lovers using thumbs down on such historical comments that are 100% fact based either you are just angry because they are ARYANS or you are corrupt as your blood sucking leaders.

                • Facebook Page

                  Who cares.

          • Man on the inside

            Spot on… (having been there myself…)

            • Facebook Page

              Pre 79. When the us still worked on their f4. Good food men were friendly and helpful they didn’t hide their woman s. Nice store and the earierr ladies where very friendly.

              It took only a small amount of hardcore to tear that country apart.

          • Nutbag

            They all look alike. 🙂

            • Tactical

              Nutbag…They look the same to you but the good part is they don’t look like you. They are humans and not a sub species like you. Oh well your name said it all.

            • Facebook Page

              No they don’t, that even though a scope I could see the ethnic difference. Some facial some cloth. Some by the use of hand feet.

        • John W.

          What is with you losers and the Fox news putdowns? The other news channels are perfect? That comment alone destroys and creds to anything you post. get back over to DU where you belong. Only thing worth watching on Fox is Imus.

        • sixpack

          Of course you’re right, TG.

          The United States gov is so arrogant as to truly believe, that people in other countries should have to sit there and watch their people starve and die—just because the U.S. says so.

          I think ALL bullies need to be taken down a notch or two…it’s good for the soul.

        • Charles

          I liked that post better The Guy. Iraq was much the same way before the US attacked it too. Understand these are white people attacking whites (technically Persian) and you’ll see the bigger picture: The US, based on the jealous God, can’t let its slaves know other cultures actually have successful cultures, completely without us. That is why they are demonized, disarmed and attacked.

          • Them Guys

            Charles: it seems you neglect to distinguish between christian americans, and jewish zionists aka Talmudic Judiacs. It is the Talmudic “god” that is as you say jelous or racist and promotes one race alone and all others are gentile Goyims.

            The word Goyim actually is hebrew for Nation and Greek Ethnos of the new testement also is nations. Therefore both ethnos and goyims Means Races.

            BUT if you read the many, many tons of quoted statements by more jewish rabbis and jews in general than you can count, what They usually always mean by Goy and Goyim is “Animals” as in Herd animals.

            It Is Their talmudic beliefs that teach jewish folks that all NON jews are Goyim/animals and that ONLY jews are Humans with a real soul from “god”.

            Talmud teaches that whenever a jew Human, kills or harms or robs or scams or lies to any gentile goyim Thats OK and zero sin or crimes. ONLY when reversed and a gentile does those things TO a jew human is it a punishable sin and Crime. Most such goyim commited crimes to be punished by stoneing to Death the guilty goyim.

            So basically there is a vast huge difference between christian and jew. Although Most pastors and evangelicals today will tell you NO the jews and christians worship the Same God. Obviously that cannot be true as if jews did they will accept Jesus which 99+% do Not and likly wil never accept Him.

            I have a few Rabbi quotes that they all admited, reluctantly, that the Real god of their talmud is Lucifer who we usually call the devil Satan! Their Tamlud racist teachings prove those few rabbis are at least Honest!

            Will see if can find those rabbi statements to post. Not certain where to look now, but will check.

            One more issue. There is a difference also from a racist and a Racialist. I am a Racialist. I recognize that God created races that are different. Different in many ways besides just skin color. Yet God Loves them All equally when they Obey Him. And all the races are created with various qualities that other races may lack in or excell in. Thats Not racist to aknoweledge such.

            Its NOT racist if one preferes to be around his Own Kind. And its not racist to admit that things like violent crime stats proves certain races commit more than others does. Its simply the way it is.

      • Ugly

        PA farmer.

        It stopped in 2009. Since then, it has been electronic to keep the rich very wealthy in the banks and stocks. Where is it all going and whom will pay the assets from the propping ups? We’ll see soon.

        • JRS

          Ugly…the date on an FRN has the word “series” beside or above it. This is not the date it was printed.

          Series dates are changed (modern FRNs) when there is a change in the note. This can be just because of a new Sec. of the Treasury signature or another change.

          They are still printing FRNs…well, not sure with the shutdown…

          The new hundred will be released in a week. I would be willing to bet that the series on that will not be 2013. It will probably be 2010 since a bunch were printed that year but not released for some reason. Just sayin…

          • Facebook Page

            2010 were destroyed. If they solve the issue with the bills they will all be 2013.

      • SilverSax

        @PA farmer – No, the Federal Reserve is in charge of the printing presses, and it’s non-governmental.

        • Facebook Page

          No the only presses are under control of the us treasury.

          There is believed to be one in North Korea.

          Saddam had one and I believe it was destroyed and the pieces returned to the treasury.

          The fed red can only great election money or numbers in a ledger like older times.

    4. mallardhen

      Anyone who has ever read this site can never say they were not made aware of things to come, now that the shutdown has become a reality things are going to move fast so all that are coming aboard better do so NOW; the wait is over and the real story is beginning. Each day is precious so do what you have to do or you will wish you had. Tomorrow morning I will be out stocking up on a few groceries and getting the few things I have been saying could wait awhile, well the waiting is over it is crunch time.

      • lil'birdie

        It seems to me you contradict yourself in your post.
        First you comment on how one cannot claim to be uninformed if they read this site.
        in the next sentence you admit to needing
        “Tomorrow morning I will be out stocking up on a few groceries and getting the few things I have been saying could wait awhile, well the waiting is over it is crunch time.”
        I find it difficult to understand that statement. Since the fall in ’08 it has been obvious to anyone even mildly informed that another fall was coming. That is a minimum of 5 years we have been given to prepare. In that 5 years my husband & I have spent every ounce of energy & every dollar we have preparing. We’ve listed nothing that “could wait” this was to avoid the situation you referred to as “Crunch time”!
        every dollar has been accounted for. For us a date out is a red box movie every other week @ $1.20. Between us we have 5 children their spouses and 15 grandkids. with the 2 of us that is a total of 27.
        We have put away food for 3 years livestock & seed for replacement. Through yard sales & thrift stores cloths & shoes for them & us for several years. Firearms & ammo reloading components, medicines, kerosene, propane, etc. etc.
        A few nights ago we were sitting out on our swing discussing our progress…..
        we came up with little we could use & and even less that we figured we “needed” !
        It has been a rough several years! We are in no way wealthy ….. ( most would consider us working poor)
        We just pushed ahead a little at a time. What was on sale was what we were stocking. We bartered for a lot traded work or produce for another work or produce. I traded pork for potatoes & grain for the pigs! Milk for hay & grain for the cow! etc. For permission to pick the fruit I canned some for the owner (her jars for her fruit).
        At one of the secondhand clothing stores I traded the grandkids cloths they out grew for cloths they can grow into. ( I had to convince her on the idea of 2 for 1 like the used book store)
        What I am saying is if you are “Informed” you should be “ready” by now. We’ve had 5 VERY obvious years to prepare. When you speak of “crunch time” should be popcorn & a movie you are talking about!

        • Man on the inside

          Your awesome… This is what people need to here and do. Enough history lessons on why… water uner the bridge at this point. Time for ideas on how to ramp up the prep… lots of smart people here… us eyou energy to prep and help others prep. We will all deal with the chumps that put us here and yes it will be brutall pay back… but lets get through this together and then get our country back. It is us VS them… not us VS us…

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Man on the Inside:

            History has a way of repeating itself. Scroll up to read my post to your original post. My only objection to your post is your insistance that we forget history. I think that is part of the Agenda 21 and the fight going on in our schools today.

            • Man on the inside

              No were in my post do I suggest we forget history ever… re read it. I do state that enough of the lessons (some are just a way of bitchen) and get on with what we need RIGHT NOW… info on prep, moving assets to safer places, grid down medical, how to form teams for survival (take SELCO’s course for example)and so on. History is a GREAT teacher and we SHOULD NEVER FORGET IT, BUT FOR NOW ENOUGH!!!! HOLY FRACK!!!!

            • Man on the inside

              and yes agenda 21 is in 45 states now… it is called Common Core and it will be a death blow to this country… so USING HISTORY… sell the dumb boat and get your kids in private school or home school them. See… less history and more ACTION (using the lessons of history)…. Just saying…

            • gone under

              OK.. WE KNOW THE FUCKIN JOOOSE DID IT, ARE DOING IT, AND ARE GOING TO DO IT. SO, LETS PREP FOR IT. Knowing a adversary without prepping is useless. Thank you Them Guys, Tactical, and the rest of the Jooose history buffs, for enlighting us on who is TPTB (not sarc). got any PREP Ideas to contribute?

              • Facebook Page

                They will just suggest to trust no one. They could be on of them guys. You know one of them.

                • Them Guys

                  Well if you Look at all/every Ad onsite here, and include the Massive listing of Many Other Prepper sites that deal with and offer all sorts of preps avail from A to Y…It seems that the ONLY Letter missing is the “Z” as in Zionists. So I think its real swell that This site has about 1/2 dozen folks here who posts replys and info on what would seem to be the ONLY missing Prep info I was able to find when first learned of this site.

                  That of course would be that elusive missing “Z” related info. And while some folks take it as insignificant or old info etc…Many more do Not. As they recognize that, if only, it were Past distant history of troubles, that would be welcome info indeed.

                  However those who are fully awake know that is wishfull thinking since it Is the same group, same ideals, same evil intents, that now Today not only represent a continuation of the original decievers and destroyers of america as a Republic. But in fact are even way More in control today, control way more agendas, more info and msm sources, and due to modern high tech abilities which they also Own or mannage or Both, if anyone agrees or believes that the fed res bankster cabals of 1913 did some evil shit, and were definatly an evil bunch of Demonics….They once one learns of and considers just How much More advanced and how much more In Control they have become todays era.

                  Then one will have to also agree that unfortunatly as much as we may wish it were not so, the cabals and banksters causing vast troubles as far back as Civil war 1865 eras if not earlier yet, have never gone away. Therfore like a sore wound that Fails to heal properly.

                  While yes that wound sore does have a Scab covering it, so to some folks it may “seem” healed, or no longer of any importance, yet in reality if they simply slightly Lift that scab, to Peer inside under that scab, and use a magnafier glass to peer close and Deep, they soon realize not only has the wound not as yet ever been healed. But as you stated above, what will be seen under that scab deep inside the wound sore will be tiny Mirco sized Joooose germs.

                  And as long as the main infecting Germs remain, then its not likely we shall see a true need to halt all talk of such issues and histories.

                  Many others reading here may be “newbees” and as yet never learned of the issues some folks like me post here.

                  Those who do not desire to read more such info are always Free to pass by my info and not read it.

                  I do notice one “complainer” in Particular, himself has the same “Habit” of repititious post infos.

                  And I assume the reason he repeats always “Form Teams, stock foods, train etc etc etc”…Is probobly for the same reason as Mine is. Because you never know when newbees are here and not yet aware of such important info eh.

                  Others have thanked some of us here for Our type info as they agreed it vastly Opened Their formerly closed eyes. They too thought they Knew..Really Knew whats what.

                  Untill after reading info like I post, then going to Verify such info on their own time, they realized they never yet learned of such info. Some folks even agree that knowing Who and What is at work destroying Us real true american folk is at least as important as storeing Food etc.

                  Personally I am Glad to have, and I truely Value most Every poster person here regardles What info they post. Thats the reason I rarely complain, as even if its already known by me its still great info and necessary.

                  Some may think I complain, but there is a diference from complain, and “correcting” wrong info based upon false teachings we all been subjected to our entire lives.

                  I will attempt to further satisfy the few complainers and research to see if I can dig up Any valid info that shows that besides zionists etc we face an equal potential threats from ET’s, or any so called false religions’ Fairys or Leprechauns etc …because you just never know right. I shall report back on my new findings, if any exist.

                  Just as in the Medical professions, today we have a wide variety of doctors who specialize in different ill’s and disease’s. It is comforting to know that even in the Perppers community we too have a wide variety of “Doctors”. Unfortunatly unlike an even goodly number of doctors of the medical fields…Today as advanced as we are, we still seem to Lack sorely, enough prepper “doctors” whose specialty is of that elusive “Z” catagory of infos. That Will change when others get wized up, and some of them also become doc’s assisting in awakening many more folks across the nation as we few now do.

        • JRS

          Lucky you to have a mate that is fully on board.

          Mine just shakes her head, lets me do as I like and heads out to go shopping for plastic junk…sigh…

          • BadAmerican


            Hello Sir.

            My girlfriend was not on board until I bought her a Ruger GP100. It was her first firearm. We have taken several safety and tactical gun courses together. We plink and practice when we get the chance. She thinks that being in condition yellow is kinda cool. Her situational awareness has even improved her driving habits, lol.

            Oh yeah, she now owns more firearms than me, whoda thunk.


        • Anonymous

          birdie. Are you having a bad day? Everyone is at different levels. Always will be. Not trying to pick sides but maybe Mallardhen is feeling the time is short.
          Many on this site know that feeling and also know the reason why most are scared of the dark is because of what they can not see.

        • John W.

          Some of the dumbest mo’fos in the world post here. Almost as bad as Free Republic with the small little ignorant comments.

        • JayJay

          I wish I could give you 1000 thumbs up–you are what I pray for in a neighbor. It ain’t gonna happen.
          Your story is my story–just the two of us here though.

        • mallardhen

          @ lilbirdie, thank you for taking me to task and I am so glad you are sucessful but I think you forgot to remember we each have our own faults (even you) mine seem to be that I put things in order as to what I feel are most important to us down to I can live without it, which is where I am now at this point my garden and canning came first and popcorn and movies must be on the next sheet of my list.

          Thank goodness it is just the 2 of us and when you are 76 & 75 living on a very modist income without any gov. handouts I am satisfied that over the past 3 years we have done a great job not only preparing for what comes but living a self-sufficant life everyday and continuing to prep sorry I didn’t live up to everyone expectations.

          • Facebook Page

            Sound like you are happy and have a plan that fits you. Where’s the problem.

    5. The VOICE from the Outer World

      A few short minutes ago the Federal Govenment has entered ‘shut-down’….

      As Jefferson observed long ago in the Fondational document, the Declaration of Indepndence;


      “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such
      principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictatethat Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are
      accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”


      Where are we now Friends, today?

      The governement embodied in the Federal Authority which has long overseen the affairs of of this Nation stands on the brink of being shut-down; held hostage by an elite group of special interests who have NO interests in the actual welfare of those of whom this
      Nation consists, “We, The People…”

      On sufferage: The Blood o many has been spilt by these self-same special interests, through innumerable Wars….time and again callously, and without regard for ought but the enrichment of the few at the expense of the many; this IS AN ABUSE.
      Placing the Wealth of this Nation in the hands of the most venal segment of Humnaity – the Bankers – and authorizing those to ‘coin and print’ the money of the Nation in clear violation of the enumerated powers originally granted by ‘We, the People” who FORMED
      this government, leading to a long train of abuses tooo numerous to count, IS AN ABUSE.
      The recently revealed extent of the collection and archiving of the conversations of the People by the various agency’s of the Federal Government without proper warrant or oversight is an abuse of ‘We, the People…” of the First Order and Magnitude, scarcely
      less wicked than TREASON by those who have done so.

      The Founders, though only Men…and NOT Gods, laid down the principles they did in the clear and reassonable consideration of WHAT they themselves had WITNESSED as excesses in all previous institutions of the Governance of Men to preclude these things from
      arising again amongst us…did they not? I submit that they…and We, have FAILED.

      Therefor, in Grim contemplation of what now is, it is with a heavy Heart that I now submit that we have passed beyond the confines of tolerance and are come to that place where RECTIFICATION is required, to wit I would ask those here to consider the following proposal and
      to ask themselves whether the curent circumstance warrants the invocation of the latter portion of that of Mt Jefferson’s thought, reproduced here above,

      “How Long, OH Lord!, must the Rightreous suffer?”

      Perhaps, as this Nation was brought into existence by the clear statement of the Founders which is the Declaration of Independence then the only reasonable route left to us by which rectification can be obtained lays in and along a similar path, to wit I ask you.
      consider then the following which is here delineated…


      A Proposal, for A Declaration of Nullification

      In the passage of Time since the Founding and in the course of Human events since then, it has been seen that the Labours and Efforts of All, from the Founders themselves to the Lives lost in the hundreds of years which have passed in innumerable Wars – many without merit – to this very day and all who now live, have PROVED Fruitless and in Vain. In light of this Great Failure, “We The People…” do here by Declare the current Governance of these hithero ‘United States of America’ to be Null and Void.

      A Decent Respect for the Opinions of Humankind requires that the reasons for this action should made open and plain in the sight thereof,
      Though the Wisdom of the Founders was Great and fully tempered by the excesses they themselves Witnessed in the travails and turmoils which led to the Independence of the Colony’s from the Britons, they could not and did not forsee the fullness of the evolution of the American experiment and so failed to install adequate safeguards
      for thier posterity. Chiefest amongst these oversights was that of failing to grasp the influence of excess Wealth in provoking the Corruption of the province of the Governance of the People, by the Few, Who have in All time since demonstrated clear and unswerving
      dedication to thier own increase at the Expense of All others, even unto the Base and Dire Corruption of Democracy itself.

      It is to be noted that the Founders did not err in principle, but only in sufficiency, and that the bulk of what comes down to Us from Them is both Good and Wholesome. The errors of the Old World, and indeed, the America’s in All time since, are seen to be the effect of the endless efforts of the Few to make of themselves Gods amongst Men, and by so doing reduce all others to
      a state of abject poverty and enslavement. That the Object of the Few is as stated is evinced by the following: The Federal Government of These United States has acted directly to abolish or circumscribe the Rights of the People as Guaranteed by the Constitution and the
      associated Bill of Rights, to wit, The passage of, and later amendments to, the 2012 NDAA effectively revoking the due process of Law established since the time of the writing of the Magna Carta in the following ways,

      1) Removes the Guarantee of Security of one’s own person and papers from unreasonable Search, seizure and confinement,

      2) Removes the Guarantee of the Freedom of Speech; placing any who give voice to Objection, in arbitrary fashion and outisde of all standard’s of Law, at risk of summary and indefinite detention,

      3) Allows for the exercise of unlimited authority over the Citizens of the Nation by those not elected by the People, who are instead Appointee’s and Civil Servants,

      4) The Federal Government has acted to sustain War outide the boundary’s of this Nation for over 100 years both to the detriment of the People and for the enrichment of the Few as embodied by the Military-Industrial complex and all associated therewith, causing
      the Death’s of untold millions of person’s, both Foreign and Domestic and in so doing granting even fuller measure of control of the Governance of the Nation to those who benefit thereby,

      5) The clear revocation of the acts of Posse Commitatus.

      6) The impending ceasation of the functioning of the Fedaeral Goverment, whilst held hostage by the special interests which have come to excercise unlawful authority thereover…


      Neither is the preceding to be accounted as a full listing of the Offences which the Federal Government has sanctioned to be committed against “We the People”, but only a small fraction thereof.

      In light of all foregoing it is clear therefor that TREASON has been commited by the Federal Govermernment of the United States against the many individual States of which it Consist and the People thereof, and that thereby it’s actions have established a state such that it has Abdicated Any and All Claim to Authority over the People of said States. For consider that the very basis
      of the our form of governance, as set down by the Founder’s in the Declaration of Independence which asserts Imperatively;

      “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by thier Creator with certain unalienable Rights. That AMONGST these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      To be sure, the arbitrary removal of one’s liberty via
      Supra-Legal Authority is absurd and wholly anathema to the Governance our Founder’s conceived and writ large upon the fabric of thier Creation…for what is described above IS Identical to what they fled centuries ago, and thereafter Rebelled against upon the founding of this Nation itself. NO clearer example of the Perfidy of those who have Co-opted the governance of the Nation
      from the People can ever be described and SO the [erpetrators of these acts are seen to have commited the crime of Treason against the Nation, and the People thereof.

      Beyond this, it has become clearly evident that Federal Governance of the many States has fallen into such disarray that it cannot even effectively govern it’s own activities and that the increasing magnitude of it’s failures to do so now threaten’s the People themselves unto the Destruction of the Nation and likely all within it….

      The Utter and Complete Failure of the Congress of the United States of America to pass laws for the good of the Nation at present is wholly manifest before the People, and self-evident, needing no further explication herein. The Shameful Artifices employed therein to garner limitless and perpetual Authority unto the Few is an OFFENCE against the Founder’s conceptions and
      the principles set forth under thier hand’s, of the First Order and Magnitude….

      The destruction of the basis of the Fair and Equitable trade of this Nation with other Nations by the agency of “Free Trade” arranged and supported by various of the administrations of the past and adhered to to this day is clearly seen to provide the final mechanism of the destruction of the commerce of the whole
      Land and all it’s people’s. That this has served only to benefit those already most priviledged amongst the People is inarguably self-evident for at no other time have the profit’s accrued by Industry in the Country have been seen to be so eggregiously concentrated amongst the Few. Whether or no this has occured by
      collusion or happenstance is irrelevant; it is – Prima Fascae – evidence that the system, as currently ordered, has been Corrupted….

      By all thus and therefor, and also by these presents, be it fully known to all Humankind that by the Will of the People and the attendant States which are formed thereof, that the Federal Goverment is as of this day Dissolved and made Null, for the Founders expressed clearly the conditions which merited thier original Seperation in the words reproduced in Nr Jeeferson’s
      thoughts in the second paragraph leading here;

      Millions have perished since the Founding such that;

      “…Government Of the People, By the People and For the People shall not perish from the face of the Earth.”

      Those who have given thier last, full measure of devotion cannot, should not, ever be denied; for the ground upon which we walk today is hallowed by the blood of those Far above any measure which we who yet walk it can provide…

      I quote now the words of a previous supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandies;

      ““Our government teaches people by example. If the
      government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for
      law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; …it invites anarchy.”

      Therefor CHOOSE…and so PROFIT or be DAMNED Thereby…What say You?

      • Be informed

        @ JustOneGuy. If you see this please let us know about the Solar activity. It is dead right now during a solar maximum, just like before the Carrington event of 1859. There are many in the astronomy community that think the Sun is building up for something quite large, as in a solar flare and a planet wide EMP. What do you think about this.

        Did you see the second major earthquake that was accurately predicted on Comment# 2435660, Please check this out when you can and see all the danger areas as you may be in one of them. The earthquake forecasting is really getting accurate, 6.7 Kamchatka Penisula, 6.7 in far northern New Zealand, and the 7.0 in peru were all accurately forecasted. The 7.8 in Pakistan I thought was going to be on the eastern part of the Australian plate, not the western. More is still coming. Let me know what you think of these predictions as I have refined my earthquake forecasting since you last commented on a regualr basis months ago.

        I sure hope you can communicate on a regular basis soon, your intelligent insight is solely missed by me and all of us.

        • lil'birdie

          there was a video I was watch last night that brought up the fact that Ison has 3 bodies in it. They are shaped in a “V”.
          Many of the coronal holes have been in a “V” shape.
          The hypothesis was maybe the comet is already effecting the sun.
          If it is at this distance……what happens when it gets closer?

        • The VOICE from the Outer World

          Geez…Apologies here all, two LONG ones in a single thread; BI, we;ve GOT to stop meeting like this!! 😉

          Here goes…the formatting may be screwed tonight…

          Good Evening BI,

          A surfeit of battery power allows me to here ‘weigh-in’ this eve..

          I DID indeed see your prediction vindicated Friend…Need I say
          ‘Congratulations”…AGAIN for the Umpteenth time? 😉 BI, you are
          our very own site-treasure, ‘Well-Done’ Friend.

          It appears that a repeat of the events post-April 27th this
          Spring past is afoot. I recommend refering to out dialogues from
          that time for I can add little else here. It may be that – inasmuch
          as we KNOW that there ARE dynamic deep-Earth ‘structures’ which have
          some permananece (think here the of frequent deep-earth manifetations
          near to Fiji or the mantle plume underlyiing Yellowstone) that there
          are other regions where such exists as well. Specifically, I might
          sugget that the deep earth bebeath the basin which contains the Sea
          of Ohkhotsk is onesuch, Eh? For we are now seeing exactly the same
          manifestations there that we did in the Spring,,,post-April 27th.
          This is an exciting time actually…we are witnessing something
          wholly ‘New’ here, something which has certainly occured before this
          time but was NOT previosuly ‘apprehended by us!; A ‘New’ thing
          therefor! I presume you have NOTED the sudden increase in deep-focus
          events since the high magnitude GRB some 36 hours ago? I beleive
          you shall be ‘busier’ than is the norm, for some few days to
          come, seismically that is. Eyes Open. here methinks.

          The Sun…it is not the case – in any fixed period – that the Sun
          MUST evince any particular behaviour(s). The notion that a prior
          prediction that we are nearing a relative ‘Solar Maxima itself
          implies that the relaive ‘hiatus’ that we are currently observing
          itself implies that at some future time the Sun will suddenly disgorge
          a corresponding ‘balancing’ burst of energy does NOT Follow here; the
          train of implication in that thinking is flawed. We have spoken before
          about Humankind’s limited grasp of the many and varied processes
          which are yet a mystery to us, Yes?

          All that we see of late STRONGLY suggest that a distinct ‘Solar
          Minima’ is nascent, presently. Indeed, there could yet be relatively
          high-magnitude phenomena generated thereby but the average trend at
          this time almost certianly will be to the diminutive, ie, decreasing.
          IF this pattern continues we will presently see less and less,
          distinctly indentifiable spot groups on the visible Solar Face until
          finally, for a protracted period ther are NONE; thqat i NORMAL for a
          protracted minima such as the Maunder; this should be also be taken
          as ‘definitive’ where this prognostication is concerned. If instead,
          this observed trend is not seen then ‘all bets are off’, for in
          truth nothing relative to the current Solar cycle has been what we
          were expecting thus far, what was aniticpated: this cycle should now
          be nearing a relative maxima; it is not. A myriad number of other
          things which should have by now manifested, have not.

          The soul of scientific prediction lies in infering future events
          based on prior ones; the obvservation and determination of
          chracteristic patterns from which we draw valid conclusions; this
          is predicated on there being some relative ‘normalcy’… a reptitive
          series of events from which to base a prediction. Presently, there
          is an insufficiency of the ‘expected’ to be able to do so. This may
          be a simple consequence of the limits of our (historical) knowledge
          of the Sun’s behaviour long-term…it may be something otherwise,
          again, time WILL tell here. Please to note here BI that I SELDOM
          ‘go out on a limb’ in predicting anything…the preceding should
          therefor be viewed as a measure of my convictions here, Yes?

          IMHO, we will hereafter proceed – within a standard year – into
          a period of extraordinary Solar quiecence…a very, very ‘quiet’ Sun.
          We shall see…will we not? Need I mention that IF SO, then all the
          hou-hah about ‘Global Warmning;’ WILL ‘go out the Window’ as the mean
          planetray temps fall in spite of what mere Humankind does here.

          Again, “Congratulations BI… Job Well-Done Friend.”

          Tis late, and this day was a bit more strenous than have been the
          last few, thereor I will bid you ‘Good Night’. I will ‘check in’ on
          things in general over the next two days. Adios All.

          As an aside to a poster below; your point is well-taken, but not all those of a Chrstioan bent are fundamentally intolerant; that appears more an issue of Islam than anything in Christianity. Aside from THAT, we must all learn to get along with each other, everywehere …else things are going to get very, VERY bad…very soon. There is room for discussion here, No?

        • BigB


          I can tell you that I have had communications, if spotty, with our dear friend JOG. He is doing well. His communications is limited at this point but being a genius like yourself you can imagine he is working on alternate means to rectify his problems. But rest assured all is well. He has not mentioned any solar activity of concern but I do wonder if he has the assets to keep up with it. I will ask him when next we speak.


        • Watcher

          It’s not actually dead or dormant. The filament launch Sunday night/ Monday that will glance us on Sep 2-3 is evidence of that. That Sun is finishing a pole flip, happens every Max, and the filament launch indicates to me that things are getting back to a more active state. Several days ago, NY experienced a power outage. On the USGS geomagnetism monitoring page, it indicates we had quite a sustained impact, disturbing all the monitoring stations during that power outage.

          So, no, the Sun is not “dormant” as many falsely think.

        • Canada Canuk

          @BI…Pretty sure we will all hear from him soon!! But I do know that he is Safe…. Sure do miss that ‘Guy”!!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry dude, but you lost me at “How Long, OH Lord!, must the Rightreous suffer?”

        Up to that point you held my interest, but after that, well, I’m just sayin’. Not everyone here is Christian. Believe it or not, people who are not Christians can understand morality too. Finances and economics, also. And common sense. In the coming weeks, you are going to meet people you never anticipated meeting, under circumstances you could not have imagined. You might want to be a little flexible.

        • REB

          And by being lost at “how long oh Lord must the righteous suffer” you showed how “flexible you are?…not sure you understand the term “flexible” do you?

      • SugarHoneyIceTea

        Beautifully written…Where do I sign???

      • karen

        Voice, not only is that just about perfect, I nominate you for our next “first” president of the Republic of America.

      • REB

        Very good compilation of reason and historical arguments aimed at the present situation…I only pray people wake up and get it whilst there is still a chance to save this thing…this American experiment in self governance…again,well spoken!

    6. SmokinOkie

      “Shine On You Crazy okie”

      When things get overwhelming, I used to practice ‘ammo therapy.’ Now it’s too expensive, or impossible to find the ammo. So, to keep what’s left of my sanity, I’ve developed a new 3-step technique. I call it ‘Shine therapy.’
      It involves:
      1- Re-bluing a barrel or two
      2- A dab of silver polish and a couple of one-ounce rounds (coins)
      3- A sip from a mason jar.

      The whole process takes only a few minutes and it get’s me right back to equilibrium. (or as close as I’ve ever been) Best of all- there’s nothing to buy. Already got all the components on hand.
      Chances are, many of you do too. Try it. See if it doesn’t help. Oh, and it’s okay to repeat step 3 as often as needed.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah dude. You and I could hang.

      • PO'd Patriot

        #3 definitely. Mountain Geritol.

      • Night breaker

        I hear you Okie,
        I sort of have conrumdom about the ammo expenditure right now, should I go to the range and check my zero’s on my MBR’s or conserve for the up coming festivities. .308 is rather expensive and in short supply for range expended replacement. Being one of those furloughed federal workers right now does not help. Kind of ironic huh ? Federal contract worker and a prepper.
        I think this is a good time to take a stock and be thankful for what I have.
        This could be the start of it all I would like to thank all on this site for putting up with me and I really appreciate what you all do here to help. I think Mac should be thanked for providing a valuable service in a time of need . I think now would be a great time to set aside our differences and concentrate on information sharing that could make a difference in the world to come . We should take advantage of the internet while it still exists for information exchange.

        Mac you my friend are a MODERN DAY PAUL REVERE .

        Okie your advise to kick back is a great idea !
        Being prepared is being ahead of events not being overcome by them.

        I am going to use this time to post more useful information on survival in a hostile environment in respect to preparing for a mobile SHTF event. My be even post some more of the “headlines from the near future”


        Semper Fi 8541

        • Smokey

          3 rounds each to check your zeros

      • Warchild

        Okie,hence my bow,inexpensive to shoot and gets a nice peaceful feeling.My buddy bought a airsoft rifle to just help a little,shoots in cellar when not wanting to go to range or spend on more costly ammo.Hopefully he will soon be moved before it “degrades”,is looking at a home with enuff land to say the range is the backyard.

      • JayJay

        ***Now it’s too expensive, or impossible to find the ammo.***
        Problem solved–get a 22 Ruger Magnum Air Rifle–got a new one I’ll sell ya since I can’t cock the damned thing.
        Not allowed to put on Craigslist; gun shops turn you in even when it is coded.

      • BadAmerican


        Howdy Sir:

        Re-blued the barrel on my marlin 444….sexy.

        Replace the butt stock and forend with birds eye maple, cut a little thicker for my big hands……pretty.

        Changed out the paracord sling for braided leather and a matching, smaller possibles bag, that matches my Dan Wesson scabbard……mmmm leather.

        If my girlfriend complains, a little hoppes no. 9 behind her ears……you know the rest.

        I’m drinkin’ Rye, so as I can see that train a’comin’.

        Best to you and yours.


    7. durango kidd

      Shut it down. Fire the 40% of government workers who are classified as “non essential”; since they make 60% more in government than for a comparable job in the private sector.

      50 million American workers, taxpayers, and families survive on food stamps. Let government workers eat cake. 🙂

      • eeder

        I say let them all eat feces.

      • Sigi

        Well, there are movie theaters who are letting them eat popcorn for free. They should be doing that for all the unemployed, to be fair.

    8. kynase

      Without sounding morbid, in my opinion the best time to orchestrate a false flag would be as the cold weather approaches. As people pass, excessive decay will be put in check, at least temporarily. Just a thought.

      • king krazy

        Imagine the grid going down in the northeast on the coldest day of the year.

        • Warchild

          Imagine me starting my wood stove or adding a log.

        • eeder

          I can imagine it. There would be a huge sale on sheeple flavored popsicles.

        • PenCRNA

          Bring it….we’re ready. Oops….maybe I shouldn’t speak for my neighbors!

      • Walt Kowalski

        Why do you think TPTB would want the decay of dead bodies to be put in check?

        Their goal is population reduction. The more disease they can create, the better they like it.

    9. jonathan feilke

      ive watched you folk for a while.i respect quite a few of the opinions expressed… i’ve a your opinion,are my vets disability payments an entitlement?i hear this lumped in w/snap, troubled that “can do” and “git er dun” folk’d think poorly of me for in truth rather 40 acres and a mule(with water rights -)) i did not and do not consider my service slavery.would rather keep my own meat and make my own biscuit.cant move real well no more,wouldnt bother me to die doin it though.just wonderin yere feelins ont.thanx.j.f.

      • durango kidd

        American veterans are the life blood of the Republic. True Patriots, WE will stand between the NWO and the American Constitution.

        Liberty or death. Engage your employees or be sold into bondage by them. 🙂

        • BackSpace


          You and any other veteran Are Entitled/deserve to receive benefits for your service to our country!!

          IMO, ya’ll should get More than you get now!

          You did your job over/wherever… Thank You!

          Don’t ever lump yourself together with those who “did nothing” for this country…

          Hope You Are Doing Well,


      • old guy

        My feelins? If your money comes from the government coffers your a taking parasite. You disability may be well deserved however that don’t make you productive. that don’t change the fact that the money must be robbed from a present or future producing maker and redistributed to you. Right or wrong -Fair or unjust that’s just the hard cold fact.

        • Mohawk man

          So it’s okay that me, a cripple, can be discarded? Shame on you. I feel more fear than you ever will. Crippled,broke and scared.

          • Mohawk man

            And I’m an proud American Indian. Why don’t the eastern european atheistic communist jews and their leftist ilk GET OFF MY LAND! killed my people and have enslaved the remainder with an overbearing totalitarian mindset and the revolution should be GET THE HELL OUT AND GO HOME TO YOUR UTOPIA EUROPE-which is the source of the virus that has infected and slaughtered mine. Enough is enough.

            • Mohawk man

              Those with a virtuous mindset can stay as welcomed brothers but don’t badmouth the actual (not all are-hardly) disabled and band together for a brighter, liberty minded future. Embrace your virtue and kindness with acts of love and kindness. Without that-we’re done.Evil cannot kill our inate virtue and Liberty.

            • Anon

              Mohawk man: A nv da di s di– Wounded Knee.

              • Anon

                (A nv da di s di) Cherokee for remember

              • BadAmerican

                @Mohawk man:

                in a gadda da vida—Iron Butterfly. [lol]

                …down with trolls……

                ….be safe……stay the course…BA.

            • old guy

              That’s you own fault for being on our land before we Europeans got here.

              • Facebook Page

                Key word was their land. Why should we give it back. It took a lot of work to get it.

          • Them Guys

            I Rather see USA vets disabled get disability pay and same if its a citizen who has zero choices after an accidnt but to collect soc sec disability. They paid into it. It was sold as a fed created Insurance type system for all folks.

            Besides Do you like it Better that Jew banksters, 75% of which are European citizens, collect aprox $2 BILLION dollars Per Day for Intrest/Usury fees to “Loan” america its OWN moneys?….I rather see disabled americans get paid and if someone must be deprived. Let that be jew bankster zionists cabals.

            • Facebook Page

              Why didn’t you just stop at the first paragraph.

              • Not So Much

                The half-wit cant help itself. Scroll up and down this page. Apparently the white supremacist nutbag thinks it has something valuable to share.

        • RickInOregon

          old guy, I disagree with you. Government and taxation is a necessity of a civilized society. A military is necessary to secure the safety of that society. You can say that society parasites their safety off of others sacrifice. There will always be a military in one form or another, being it a gang, a militia, a warlord. A civilized society raises and funds a military for it’s own protection from those gangs and warlords. The parasites are in fact those that never served but enjoy the security that others have provided. You may disagree with the politicians and the direction that they have taken things but most that volunteer to serve in the military do not do so for politics and so far they have given security to us here in the States.

          The military’s job is security, the civilian’s job is freedom. The civilians of this country have failed in their job. We are where we are at because of the bad choices and the cowardliness of the civilian population to hold their chosen leaders accountable and now the political leadership has grown into a powerful beast that can’t be controlled. The military may end up being our only savior and with the recent rash of firings of the top military brass, Obama realizes this too.

          • old guy

            Necessary or deserving it don’t matter, Your either a making producer or a taking parasite. He asked for a opinion. The only way a taking parasite can live is from the fruits of present or future a making producer. That’s is a hard cold fact. If those taking parasites cant survive now how will they cope in a real SHTF future?

            • Facebook Page

              90% of them will die most very quickly.

          • kimintn

            that would make for an interesting article, how many O-6 and above in all branches of service (yes, coasties, too) have been relieved of command, reassigned, or forced into retirement in the past 3 years? betcha more than we even know…

            • John_Allen


              I know exceedingly little about the military compared to many here.

              “2 Marine generals fired over base attack, Taliban entered NATO airfield in Afghanistan, killing 2 destroying jets”

              The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James F. Amos, fired MGen. Charles Gurganus and MGen. Gregg Sturdevant … because the successful attack “reflected poor judgment in officers of their rank.”

              today’s Washington Post, article by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, October 1, front page.

              To this ignorant outsider it looks like the Marine Corps has a kick ass Commandant.

              Failure in the military has consequences at all ranks. Too bad it has so little in civilian life.

        • Gonetoolong

          Old guy is an idiot. People can have great value in a civil society. Many people are useful in much greater ways than how many beans they can pick in an hour. Many people are beneficial as an inspiration to other younger more able bodied people. What about those that are simply wise and can direct people into doing the right thing in a given circumstance? Human value comes in many different forms. I hope folks like you are the first to go when it goes down, so there are some decent people to deal with.

          • JayJay

            oh, he will be one of the first to go–cause some pissed off vet will help him meet his end.

            • Smokey

              When SHTF, he’s one of a select group that will be invited to the local community security review and ice cream social, and popped behind the ear with a .22 pistol.

              They’ll last just about as long as the local gangs, about two weeks.

        • RICH98

          OLD GUY. You are an OLD fucking SCUMBAG and from the stupid ass fucking comment i can tell you never fought for this Country or for anyone but yourself.

          Your a foul old asshole.

          For the VET OS DISABILITY- Your check is not nearly enough for this Country to pay its debt to you for supporting and suffering for it.

          They could not pay you enough.

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Eich98. Here’s another area where we have some common ground. The vets in my family who get checks certainly deserve them. the only benefits they don’t take advantage of are the VA benefits. They’ve all had trouble with the VA in the past and just avoid them. So I’m with you on the vets.

            • RICH98

              Bravehart, your family members SHOULD take advantage of the VA Benefits. My brother is 100% from his “vacation in SOutheast Asia” where he actually FOUGHT in combat ( that is directed at the full of shit OLD GUY who was NEVER IN Nam)
              NO NAM VET WOULD EVER say what he is saying about a disabled……. He would have been like Neidermeir in Animal House… Killed by “friendly fire”
              Also tell your family if they do not know to contact the Soldiers Sailors and Marines….. they will help however THEY can also.
              A vet is NEVER a leech. They can NEVER be paid for what they went through to get a 100 per cent rating.

              OLD GUY… you SCUMBAG. You were in SE Asia like *I* was……… and I wasn’t.

              • braveheart

                Rich98, there was a time when they used to, when there were fewer bureaucratic problems in doing so. Within the past 20 years, the bureaucratic BS at VA has gotten so bad they became discouraged from going to VA for any reason. VA nowadays gives the vets all kinds of reasons for doing so. Since those times, my vet relatives have totally discouraged their sons and daughters from joining the military. Look at how the govt. treats them after they leave the service. In some ways, it’s a good thing I never had kids. I wouldn’t have let my kids join and get used as cannon fodder for the NWO either. Every vet of every branch of service knows what a joke the VA is. I’ve even heard some interesting stories from a former VA doctor that would make your blood boil. I agree that no veterans are ever leeches. None of them could ever be compensated enough for what they’ve been through. The leeches are the welfare queens, drug addicts and alcoholics, people who live better than I do who play the system at YOURS AND MINE expense, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, etc. THOSE are the kind of people who need to be cut off entirely from the system. Let the f#$%in leeches starve to death. They deserve it. What this country needs is a good does of Pepto Bismol and totally shit itself out; total cleanout of the nation. The nation has diarrhea. Diarrhea can stay in your system for only so long. braveheart

                • Facebook Page

                  Culling. But do we keep just certain weak or do we truly clean the useless eater up.

                  That is the old guys argument. Brave heart. Look close and you will see their are many ebt care with a Va card right under them with a army retirement is there too.

          • old guy

            You guys are the type that since you dislike or don’t agree with the message you attack the messenger. If im so wrong please explain what & who is a taking parasite and who & what is a producing maker. Explain just how the too few & shrinking making producers are supposed to fund the large and growing number of taking parasites. By the way I turn 63 this month and when I was 18 the US army gave me a free vacation in southeast asia. Way back then I thought I was protecting americans freedoms. I now realize I was just cannon fodder for the UN & NWO.

            • Gonetoolong

              Not everybody that serves is a good person. This does not give you the eternal right to devalue all humans that don’t meet your standard of being a “producer”. People can add to society in ways other than physically moving objects around. I agree that the US has become primarily a nation of takers. Just be careful and try to evaluate each person on case by case basis before writing them off as worthless.

            • Shogun

              You must be a real productive 63 yr old to have such a high opinion.
              A coupple more yrs and you’ll be on the goverment teat yourself!
              Hope you can live with that!

              • old guy

                Shogun You are correct im planning on becoming a parasite after the first of the year. I plan on signing up on the social security Ponzi Scheme after the first of the year. Shure I paid in to it. But the fact is most get every penny they paid back with interest in within 5 years. and don’t bring up that if they had took that same money and invested it themselves the return would have been greater. Most wouldn’t have anything if they hadn’t been forced to contribute through payroll tax deductions. Myself the majority I paid both halves since I was largely self employed. Ill be happy if I get back what I paid into the fund. After I recoup what I personally paid in Yes Ill live with it. And yes Ill freely admit my social security is money robbed from a producer and freely admit that im being a enabled parasite

            • RICH98

              If you don’t know……. you OLD scumbag, I could NEVER explain that to you.

              • old guy

                RICH98 says:
                Comment ID: 2501530

                October 1, 2013 at 8:47 pm

                If you don’t know……. you OLD scumbag, I could NEVER explain that to you.

            • John_Allen


              The Troops Don’t Defend Our Freedoms, Jacob G. Hornberger, founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation.


              An Open Letter to the Troops: You’re Not Defending Our Freedoms.

              Read one or both before your mouth platitudes about who was serving whom or what.

              I disagree with anyone being categorized as “unproductive” on superficial grounds. Maybe that man in a wheelchair can’t climb a mountain. But he can play a piano like nobody’s business and teach it.

              Who decides what makes a person “worthless?”

              I do agree that wars trumped up on the slightest pretexts are stupid enterprises that waste human lives and other productive resources. And benefit nobody other than the billionaire banksters.

              Maybe for the first time in your life ask yourself who or what were they “serving?”

              If you dare ask the question honestly you might find the answer unsettling.

              “Thank you for your service?” To whom or what?

              The knee jerk warmongers won’t like this post. I can’t say that I care. Please don’t retort with the patent nonsense that “you were fighting for our freedom” because you were doing no such thing.

              • old guy

                Those fighting in the middle east are nothing more than cannon fodder for the NWO. However they joined and willingly went. They believed some lying recuters propaganda. at least they where not drafted they had a choice. all Those wars since WWII where not about protecting US freedom they where simply to futhur the UN & NWO agenda. They where and are a waste of lives and money all for nothing.

          • PenCRNA

            Sorry rich…didn’t mean to down thumb. Dang phone. I appreciate your sarcasm and agree.

          • JayJay

            Thanks, Rich. You have no idea and I pray you never will.
            Thanks again. What Gene is going thorough, I’d not wish anyone to have to endure.
            65 going on 90 can’t be fun.

        • z-71

          old guy, your a ” TALKING PARASITE” because of Vets you have the freedom to spout your b/s without fear. Go F**k yourself from a Vet who appreciates this freedom.

        • Pissed Off Granny

          Old Guy:

          I apologize to anyone reading your post today. Obvious from the ‘red thumbs’ your comment is unacceptable to most of us here.

          • old guy

            Unacceptable? well I suppose it hits a nerve. However Its a fact that the productive are the only ones who actually are robbed when they pay taxes. If the income comes from government coffers those folks actually pay zero tax. Shure they pay sales tax, property tax, income tax ect. However since their income is derived from the public coffers it must first be robbed fron a producing maker before it is redistributed to them. Or in the case of the borrowed money It is a tax on some future producing maker. So whatever taxes those on the public payroll incidentally pay is simply a recycling of money already Robbed (taxed) from the producers. Its like getting a dollar for free and paying a 10 cent handling fee. When we have a large number of high paid producers and a small number of parasites that’s a luxury the economy &government can afford. Now with the middle class almost extinct the government has a shortfall. Not enough producers to rob and redistribute from. And too many parasites with their hands out. So now the US government borrows 40 cents of every dollar spent. Too many parasites are slowly killing the host. If that fact hurts some feelings and incites some to anger and name calling that’s Ok. Think whatever you want & wish your the one who has to live with the results.

            • Pissed Off Granny

              Old Guy:

              I think if you would have vented your anger at the woman who has 10 kids with 10 different fathers so she can draw her government freebies; or the druggie who is on the government dole and doesn’t try to help himself; or just to the the scammers on the system, your post would have been more acceptable.

              I am sorry that a kid going into the military does not understand that he is just ‘gun fodder’ for TPTB, he has been brain washed to believe in the “rah,rah,rah”. How many years did it take you to figure out that you had been used the same way?

              The way our government is treating our returning vets is a damned shame. When the shtf those vets are going to be on our side; you may see the day when you welcome their help.

              If you think I know nothing about paying my share; not so. I opened 6 fitness franchises in a period of 6 years. Worked my ass off (literally and figuratively). One year I wrote a check to the thieves at the Internal Revenue for $90,000. How painful do you think that was. How disgusted do you think I felt knowing what rathole that money was destined for.

              My only hope, Old Guy, is that some of it went to help a crippled kid, a returning vet, a single mom trying to get her education and make something of herself.

              Are there people playing the system amongst us? Sure are. And always will be until we get our useless government straightened out. The government loves those players; keeps our evil politicians in a job.

              I don’t know how we put a stop to everything that is evil in this country. Prayer seems to be the only hope now.

              • old guy

                Shure I agree with granny. There are degrees of parasites. Our elected officials are at the top of the list. And some are necessary. As I stated in another post about a different subject. My property taxes paid to the county are used for Without the road tax the road to my land wouldn’t exist. and by and large our local elected officials are fiscally responsible. We get a good return for out tax dollar. Its necessary to have a certain amount of government. The best government governs the least. however even though they are earning their pay it still is derived from the producers & and their still parasites. If the USA starts another war and brings back the draft I would support draft dogers. That whole middle east isn’t worth the life of even one persons son or daughter. parents should encourage their children to shun the military, doing the bitting of the UN & NWO is never going to make anyone safe or solve any problems. How long did it take me to realize I was cannon fodder? when I seen the first dead young person.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  Old Guy:

                  One day on the ‘telly’ I saw crooked Charlie Rangel suggesting they should re-implement the draft.

                  Suppose people are waking up to the fact that their kids are going to be “gun fodder” and the feds are going to have to institute the draft to get enough fodder for their world war 3?

        • JayJay

          Fuck you–old guy. Eat shit.

          • JayJay

            I wish for all here to know that ‘parasite’ I live with and have been married to for 39 years was working from 7 each morning till dark most days and on Saturdays.
            The inoperable aneurysm in the base of his skull?? Well, that could be from agent orange along with the reason for the seizures and I don’t think there will ever be enough money in the fund to right those wrongs.
            No one can give you what your health is worth in dollars.
            I’d like to grow old with him; not gonna happen. 🙁

            • old guy

              That is sad. However life isn’t fair just and sometimes just plain sucks. I never stated parasites where evil bad or undeserving. I simply stated that there are too many parasites and too few producers. What happened was the producers started asking themselves why? Why produce when the fruits of my labor are robbed (taxed) and redistributed to those who had ought naught to ddo with my production.. Then the part Im allowed to keep has to compete against that which was robbed from me for the same goods & services. Myself I quit producing more than just to meet my basic needs. we used to spend about $30,000 every spring just planting crops. grossing $100,000 and just swapping nickles. I drove truck and The wife worked part time to buy groceries and pay the bills. So we simply quit. Downsized & relocated sold the big house. Auctoned off the equipt & cattle. we now have a small 1000 sq ft house and grow a garden ect. I quit driving truck. and the wife let someone else have the part time job. We sold some land got out of debt and rented the rest of the land to another nickel swapper. We can live on $100 per week. I hope to become a parasite soon. Im going to sign up for the social security Ponzi Scheme in Janurary of 2014.

              • RICH98

                Oh Dont worry OLD GUY… I have a funny feeling YOU have been a parasite all your fucking life, and would REMAIN a parasite if you were a BILLIONARE paying MILLIONS in taxes.

            • braveheart

              JayJay, sorry to hear about your husband’s situation. Naturally, I wanted mrs braveheart to grow old with me, but a drunk driver from Haiti prevented that from happening. Not too long after she was buried, he got his punishment. Poetic justice.

        • gone under

          If you dont know the difference between a Disabled Vet and a parasite, then you are senile. He paid into the Gov coffers before his disability with his blood. Fuck you asshole.

          • gone under

            OOps, forget my post, I guess I should have scrolled down and seem the other ones…no need to beat a old dead horse.

      • Warchild

        John,there has to be a happy medium between abandonment of people and the insanity in place right now.Folks talk about a social safety net,we need a social trampoline to get those back that can working and fending for themselves and family and perhaps in moments of kindness doing the same for others when in that position.I look at a service injury same as any work though different circumstances obviously,workmans compensation,you earned it by being injured at work,just hope you find something you enjoy doing and can move forward and perhaps along the way help others.By limiting in many ways taxes/duplicate non necc regulation ect,ending crony capatilism we could as a country get our economy actually on a decent track,best of luck in your life John.

        • JJTX

          I like the social trampoline analogy. I keep thinking that if the government could focus on providing education (work training programs, paying for some college in medical, technical, engineering and science, and/or vocational schools) we could get people into jobs with decent pay and benefits and out of government programs. Many who are in the social safety net don’t want to be there, they just don’t have many options.

      • JayJay

        No, jonathan–they are not an entitlement and not deemed as income when filing taxes either.
        They are viewed like an insurance settlement; which is why they are called an ‘award’.
        Check your paperwork and notice the word, ‘award’??

      • Shogun

        As a Vet who isn’t on disability you have nothing to be ashamed of!! Thanks for your service! I was one of the lucky ones. You use those payments with pride and I’m just sorry it isn’t more.Most folks that have a low opinion on such topics jdut do not understand the true meaning of personal sacrifice and the costs that may go with it. Some just are bitter ole farts.

      • Smokey

        It’s like a pension, you earned it, as opposed to a gift like welfare.

      • Facebook Page

        Veteran and military retirement has been earned. You made a deal with the gov and the american people. You fulfilled your end. We should hold up our end.

        • old guy

          Facebook Page says:
          Comment ID: 2536699

          October 3, 2013 at 3:49 am





          Nina just brings it out in me. But I still mean it as I said it.

      • Charles

        My personal opinion is those who actually fought, and were especially wounded, and especially before the wars on lies for profit and empire, back when our wars actually were fought to preserve our nation and freedoms, should get all benefits, but the 10,000s generals, the millions of black opers, the Homeland Insecurity bunch, rogue militarized cops, and the vast majority of the Pentagram’s military industrial empire complex is a giant government make work (and make psychos) program, beyond any entitlements and needs to vanish from this Earth.

        • old guy

          ready down under says:
          Comment ID: 2498137

          October 1, 2013 at 5:45 pm

          Thanks Ugly, we in Aussie wish you guys well too – the “Family” that is, all the parasites, leeches, druggies, crims and various other oxygen thieves can find out the hard way their days of being part of the entitlement class are over. Sooner or later – sooner I’m guessing – it will be a case of produce or perish. The perish part will be either turning your toes up because the gubbermint has stopped giving you an armchair ride or ballistically coz a prepper decided a dirtbag trying to loot his home/retreat was expendable. How many will go from leech to producer? Some can and will but just in the circle of people I know that percentage will be tiny. A couple I’ll take on board but most will get the message pronto that I aint their keeper.

          I agree with this guys post. He makes no distinction between deserving & non deserving. Kinda like John Smiths decree those who don’t work don’t eat? Bring on the thumbs down!

          • ready down under

            Hey Old Guy, I was making a distinction between deserving and non deserving. Like the US, we have a significant number, or percentage, of people who have the attitude that the system can look after them, that they are “entitled” to be looked after because, well, because the system can be abused and they have no conscience about abusing it. Those I consider parasites and I wouldnt lift a finger to help other than to flip the bird.

            On the other side of the coin there are people who through no fault of their own will always struggle, but struggle and try they do, and occasionally will need the welfare safety net. I’m happy with that. And there are other welfare recipients though who deserve all they get – injured Vets, disabled, people who are sick or injured through no fault of their own – and they should get it. Thats what defines us as a society and as members of humanity.

            When or if TSHTF we as preppers will be faced with people from all levels and for my part, the really decent and honest folks should be assisted whenever and wherever possible but the lawless, parasitic, evil, depraved people who will see TSHTF event as an excuse to loot, rape, murder – well, there is only one reasonable outcome for them – permanent removal.

            Hope I wasnt misunderstood and hope I havent misunderstood you.

            Kindest Regards


            • old guy

              Its all well and good to have the mindset that When or if TSHTF The really decent & honest folk will be assisted. What Defines us as a society & members of humanity is a good question. The way things are Punish By taxing & robbing the successful and rewarding the failure,s. Call it social engineering or government playing Robin Hood , that policy is regressive and not sustainable. Simply put the too few producers cannot carry the burden of the parasites any longer. When of if TSHTF the choice of who is a deserving parasite and who isn’t wont be made by the government playing Robin Hood. It will be made by the productive family friends ect of that parasite. Back in the 1800,s In the native American tribes the old and unfit would be left out to perish. Before autopsies a lot of elderly and sickly where smothered in bed with a pillow by their caretakers. I bet we will see a return of that policy. We will likely very soon see a return of the 1800,s life style. So its a good question Do you keep everyone alive no matter what and let all perish. Or do you simply accept the survival of the fittest? In the end it will become survival of the fittest anyway. You gotta admit what we now are doing isn’t progress its a dismal failure.

    10. the Wild Goose

      As He was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?”

      And Jesus answered and said to them, “See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many. You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs.

      “Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations because of My name. At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold.

      —>>> But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved. <<>> THIS gospel <<<— of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come." Matthew 24:3-14

      "Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door. Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place." Matthew 24:32-34

      • king krazy

        Fig tree- Israel 1947
        +last generation- us
        = End Times

        • Sigi

          He meant for His words to be taken literally, not as a code.

        • Sigi

          He meant for His words to be taken literally, not as a code.

      • david

        Jesus loves you- go to the church of your choice and wait.
        (Sufficiently advanced stupidity, is indistinguishable from evil- Packwood’s Law)

        • slingshot

          I don’t care if it rains or freezes.
          Long as I have my plastic Jesus.
          Riding on the dashboard of my car.

          His ass can slip and slide.
          But I know he’s magnetized.
          He’s riding on the dashboard of my car.

          Now plastic Jesus has got to go.
          Cause he’s screwing up my radio.
          He’s riding on the dashboard of my car

          But he didn’t travel very far.
          Found a new place, like a guiding star.
          He’s riding on the hood of my car.

      • JayJay

        Luke 21: 7-36

    11. DIII

      Hey Slavo….why do you write an essay without particulars ? You write of people in fedgov doing this and saying that. But you don’t write their names ! Who ARE these people you claim are doing/saying ?

      You write of one fedgov individual making claim a nuke could be detonated over the Carolinas. But you, again, leave out a name. Why ? For those readers interested the fedgov fearmonger of the nuclear detonation was chickenhawk Lyndsey Graham of S. Carolina.

      Slavo….your story with no names is pure bullshit.

      • Anon

        I do not see your name sir or is that different?

      • OutWest


        Mr. Slavo to you

        He respects the opsec of everyone, including you.
        Is your name really D111?

        • PO'd Patriot

          I thought it was short for….. Dill Hole.

          • braveheart

            PO’d and OutWest, I called him dilldo, there’s no good reason to attack Mac like that.

            • Indy Colts


              When I read you “Urban Dil do” post yesterday at work, I started laughing so loud people probably thought I was crazy. Cheers to you 🙂

              • PenCRNA

                Must go find this post…..

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        Don’t put down chickenhawks like that.

      • braveheart

        Dilldo, if you don’t like what you see here, you can move on to an MSM site.

    12. Anon

      Fall Military Draft Begins With Warnings of Hazing
      01 October 2013 | Issue 5224
      By Natalya Krainova

      The Defense Ministry is expected to call up about 150,000 young men for military service during the fall draft that begins Tuesday, amid contradictory reports about the scale of hazing in the army, a problem that has long plagued Russia’s armed forces and led to draft dodging.
      In accordance with the decree signed by President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, military officials must draft 150,030 young men between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31.

      Read more:
      The Moscow Times

      • Sgt. Dale

        Sounds like they are getting ready for something!

        • PO'd Patriot

          Coming to a metropolitan corner near you!

          • Sgt. Dale

            That’s no S$%^t. I just hope they wear blue helmets. I have a thing for wanting to stack them up like cord wood.
            Is there anyone out there like ME?
            Just wondering.
            I’m getting so tired of the B.S. this gov. is trying to shove down our throats!!!

            • PO'd Patriot

              Piled high till they block out the sun.

        • Sigi

          Just the yearly call up. Everyone puts in their time unless they can bribe the right people.

          They have reason to fear- the Russian army has never been a great experience for young men. In the later USSR years and before Putin there wasn’t a great deal of military precision and discipline. I was surprised to see how sharp the are looking in parades nowadays.

      • Sigi

        Moscow Times is owned by the same company as Playboy and, at least when I lived there, has been known for some not-so-reliable reporting. As with all journalism, take with a grain of salt.

    13. Anon

      Seaquake of magnitude 6.1 hits Okhotsk Sea off Kamchatka’s coast

      PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, October 1. (Itar-Tass). – A seaquake of magnitude 6.1 occurred in the Okhotsk Sea off the western coast of Kamchatka, as reported to Itar-Tass by Kamchatka’s branch of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
      The quake has been registered today at 15:39 local time (03:39 GMT). The epicenter was located 363 km south-west of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, at a depth of 642 kilometers under the sea.
      In some areas of the Kamchatka’s regional center ground motion was felt at the power of up to 2 points.
      According to the regional emergency department, no victims and destructions were reported. No tsunami alert was declared.
      Earlier, China’s Seismological Centre reported about an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 on the north-west of the Kuril Islands.

    14. ponomo

      grab the rug and hold on tight.

    15. ready down under

      Could be a trial run for sometime in the near future. You dont start something unless you have a fair idea what the outcome will be. You work out all possible scenarios and contingency plans for each. This could be some actual “real world” experience, to see just what is the most likely outcome. Should be some high level brainstorming after the dust on this settles – eventually though, there will be what is considered a foolproof Plan A. Then the “Famlily” will need to have all our ducks in a row coz there wont be any going back …….


    16. PO'd Patriot

      This government has become a complete disaster. We, the American citizen have let it become so. We had gotten so busy with our lives and became detached that we’ve let in the thieves, the perverted and the ner’do wells to run this once fine nation. We still got a ways to go before we hit rock bottom and start our climb back up. Lots of people won’t live to hear the “thud”.

      • RickInOregon

        In the 1990’s the stock market was fat, unemployment was low and labor was in demand. You could put $10.00 in the market and turn it into $100.00 in a short time without having much if any experience, remember the term “Irrational exuberance”. During this time I mentioned to my wife that something was up, that we are being fattened up to keep us preoccupied. There were laws changed and enacted that should have been on the radar but were ignored because we were too busy making irrational exuberance.
        I mentioned to her that history is rhyming. The early part of the 1890’s had a recession, the later part of the 1890’s the market was roaring and the industrialist were making money, there was irrational exuberance, then we had some small wars for about 10 – 15 years, a recession/mini depression during that time and then WWI.

      • Them Guys

        PO’d Patriot: some of the Blame should be leveled at those subversive folks from Frankfurt school, which trained their “students” to make use of Cultural Communisim against all of the american peoples ever since frankfurt relocated HQ opps from germany in 1933 and came here to usa to set up shop on the Sly.

        When the entire nation of usa folks including Our parents and even grandparents(if a boomer yourself) were culturally changed without our and their knowledge of it taking place. Subversive seems too nice a word for such swindlers as frankfurt advocates.

        Its really no different than say a war vet taken prisoner, brainwashed, and hes like a whole different person afterwards right. Yet nobody can rightfuly blame that vet prisoner as it was all done without his knowing of it.

        Maybe Thats the Main reason so many generations of americans before our gens never acted as badly or stupidly as our gens has. Because we were Unknowingly Brainwashed by cultural communisim done by subversive evil minded kommies, whos plans all along were to overtake usa society and remake it into what was never intended to be by the generations before ours.

        If you need more expert essay info on frankfurt school methods so affaecting us folks Today, I have a Link to an 1999 essay article written by a us naval comnder guy.

        Its a single long page essay and explaines it all from the birth idea of frankfurt school idology, when it began in 1923 germany by “intelectuals”(bolshevik kommies) and how it Moved to usa in 1933 to begin their evil work here against Us folks. Its also the Main major cause and reason for what we know as the “modern Liberation Femminist Movement” that has done More dammages to us and usa than most every other Leftist agenda combined has!

    17. king krazy

      Our Democratic Republic was doomed from the start. The FF never envisioned a bunch of deadbeats taking over. The next constitution should have clause that only property owners and taxpayers can vote.

      • Not so Much

        I’ve been considering the idea that only property owners should vote too, but in the end it’s highly likely that some enterprising leftist would buy up huge swaths of unwanted desert out west and sell 1 sq ft of property for $100 or something ridiculous like that. You have to think like the subversive left.

        No representation without taxation.

      • jerrytbg

        Ah King,

        You should research what Patrick Henry had to say about his fears for the future…
        Esp for his strong support of the second article in the Bill of Rights…

    18. Buzzfix

      We’ve all made it this far. What’s a bit further? The treasure of being an American is our strength and determination. The odds alot of us face and overcome on a daily basis are extraordinary. This situation and anymore to come are and shall not be a impossible challange to conquer in our quests to continue onward. Be smart about it. Be ready and, have some faith and optimism. You’ll surprise yourself. We Americans are some of the roughest and most rugged people in the world. We welcome adversity with open arms.

    19. Unreconstructed Southron

      Anybody else smell that?
      And hear that whirrring sound?

      • JRS

        The wife just turned the fan on and gave me a dirty look…

        “Wasn’t me…musta been that dang dog.”

        • PO'd Patriot

          You outside my bathroom window? I did leave the window up and turn on the fan, but forgot to spray or light a match. Sorry…….

          • Archivist

            You all need Poo-Pourri. Go to poopourri (dot) com and watch the funniest ad you’ll see in a long time.

            ps: It only works in a commode, not in an outhouse.

            • BackSpace

              The creamy behemoth ….

    20. Barn Cat

      You need stored food AND water. It will be too dangerous to go and get water. You need guns and ammo. A way to heat your home and cook your food. Forget barterable goods. At least 90% of regular Americans are unprepared. You need something to use as a toilet. No, I’m not going outside to an outhouse. I live in town. That would be insane. No, I have 5 gallon buckets with snap-on toilet seats. I’ll sneak out at 3 AM to dump them. The dollar isn’t dead yet. Right now I still have my savings split evenly between silver and cash.

    21. Anonymous

      Great website here, but it’s time to ditch the pnrase, “military industrial complex”. This is a phrase from the Woodstock era. It implies some kind of insidious conspiracy between corporations which have individual contracts with the Pentagon. No such conspiracy exists.

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Doesn’t take a genius to make a complete loop from the ‘military industrial complex’ and Halliburton and Blackwater, etc., etc.,

        No conspiracy there; completely out in the open. Have you ever read Eisenhowers speech on the “military industrial complex”?

        Do you really think most posters here haven’t figured out that where the money is, there are the corporations, the banksters, and the politicians.

        • Anonymous

          Just because “most posters here” have an opinion doesn’t make it true. I’d say that the posters on this website are largely conspiracy theorists who look forward to TEOTWAWKI with glee. Most here probably believe every wild and unsubstantiated theory that comes down the pike.
          “Military Industrial Complex” is an antiquated, archaic idea left over from the hippies.

          • Them Guys

            Anonymous: HERE…Please READ the Entire single page Essay on the Frankfurt school of Cultural Communisim and How it came to usa to subvert Us unknowingly By Us.


          • Pissed Off Granny

            Will the real anonymous please stand up?

            I believe you to be the anonymous that insulted “fat” people a few subjects back; that I took to task.

            Now we are largely conspiracy theorists looking forward to shtf with glee.

            If we are all so ignorant why hang around?

            “Before a man speaks it is always safe to assume he is a fool. After he speaks it is seldom necessary to assume it”.

      • Archivist


        If it was happening when Eisenhower was president, and things are much worse now, what phrase would you use instead? If industry and the military are not conspiring, how do you explain the high priced hammers and toilet seats the military has bought? Do you think industry is incredibly brilliant, or do you think the military is too stupid to breathe? The “military-industrial complex” happens to be the simplest way to explain what has actually happened. Occam’s razor.

      • JRS

        How be we call it “Military, Intelligence, Cops” instead?

    22. jerrytbg

      So insightful…I listened to this on SGT, one of my fav sites to visit every morning…

      We all know that this is staring us in the face…
      just waiting for them to pull the trigger so we can squezzzze ours…

      I mean…what else is there to say… suit up…

    23. Warchild

      OK,has been about 9 hours now,the first few after fed shutdown(slowdown?)felt great but now am jonesing for either more govt. or more govt. shrinking.I realize that with more shutdown will be no free phones/sec.8/ebt cards ect. to a large degree but can buy a soda the size I want/grow a garden anywhere to feed myself without govt. complaining/with less taxes and duplicate registration easier for me to start a business and hire others/stop foriegn wars for business/the list of benefits goes on and on with less govt.So,lets either keep the ball rolling or I am soon going to have to visit NYC ect. to get a dose of govt.,this in between govt. and anarchy cold turkey back and forth is giving me a headache and the chills!

    24. eeder

      Maybe the states and local municipalities can just kind of take over what the feds never should have had and have now abandoned. And maybe no one will even miss the federal government. You know what your .gov pays for? To put bands on geese to track them. . We caught (shot) about 10 this weekend and 3 of them had your .gov bands on them. So who knows how much money went into the useless endeavour of tracking where the geese are going. They are Canada geese! They simply came home to Canada. Why do we need to track this and pay some fat lazy goof to do it.

      • Them Guys

        Are folks Here aware that a fed govnt Shut down exactly like This one has occured at least 17 Other times since Jimmy Carter was prez? If I recall right, Carters prez had 3 shut downs within a year or two yrs time frame.

        Iys NOT a brand new thing never seen as yet. Those past 17 shut downs never collapsed anything for longer than a few weeks and even then same as This time only Certain fed jobs etc got halted temporarily.

        So many folks here acting as if within the Next 10 minits is all the alloted time left to prep and it all will go BOOM!…Are simply Over reacting it seems.

    25. Jenn

      I still say the Grid-X thing is just supposed to be a conference with a simulation in the building on computer screens, and will not affect any of us during that exercise. That’s what the conference SAYS it’s agenda is.

      They are just learning how to work together IN CASE a grid-down scenario happens in reality, so they can do a better job of getting the grid back up again quickly.

      But, I guess we’ll see soon enough.

      • sixpack

        Well, 9/11 and the Boston bombing were supposed to be drills too…we all know how those worked out.

      • VRF

        you have given them way too much credit where credit isn’t due, these pukes wouldn’t know how to pour piss out of a boot if the directions on how to do so were printed on the bottom of the boots heel.

        if they shut the grid down and fuck it up in the process, you think they would tell you the Gods honest truth about it? ROTFLMAO

        also “they” have never “worked together” in their entire lives and probably never will.

        im of the belief they could fuck up a two car funeral, and probably have in the past, so they are pro’s at it..pros at being total fuck ups, and passing the buck

        this is nothing personal on you, but you give them way too much credit, or so it would seem with your comment

      • Outlaw

        I sure hope you are being sarcastic Jenn.

      • Archivist


        Oops, the simulation program was accidentally hooked to the real SCADA system, not the simulated one.

        Easy to explain accident, easy to blame on an anonymous underling, easy to get the underling out of the way with a lifetime paid vacation or “suicide.”


    26. Be informed

      @ The Voice from the Outer World (Aka JustOneGuy). Thank you for the long explanation on the Sun. I was really wondering about all the talk in the space world about the Sun. Predicting the furture from past events probably is flawed with the Sun for because there is just not enough data from the large events to conclude anything. It sure works with earthquake forecasting though. Plates follow a pattern that changes very little over decades. Have an earthquake on a major plate boundary then a major quake and usually in the future when you have it in the same location the major quake will also be in one of previous major quake areas. With the Sun, the changes are much over decades, and the patterns followed might be highly variable.

      The Sun could be going through a decades long dimished period of activity and we could be seeing this right now. A sudden build up though is possible though and people still need to be aware of this, like back 9 years ago when the planet missed a mega event by 2 or 3 days of rotation of the Sun. I think the one issue we all need to be very concerned with if the Sun goes blank for a long time is climate here on the planet. During ice age periods the real contributing factor as been solar output, the lack of it.

      In regards to Christians and islam, I have to admit it upsets me a lot when I see totally peaceful people like the Coptic Christians be attacked over and over again because of their belief. Anyone can be intolerate of another, it is how they act on it. Ostracizing someone, snubbing them, is not a crime. For me there is a difference between acceptance and tolerance. Like on South Park they said you don’t have to accept a screaming and crying infant on an airplace, you just tolerate it. With islam, as long as the child is not muslim, their idea of tolerance is to put a plastic bag over the infant until the noise goes away.

      I hope you continue to be able to communicate with the site, it is so nice to hear from you again.

      • BackSpace

        “The Voice of JOG”

    27. king krazy

      I hope you folks are in top shape for the coming SHTF. I do a 15 mile bike ride every morning and weights after. heavy protein diet and lots of water. You think 15 miles may not be very far but try doing it when you are well into your 60’s. I feel like I’m 30 years old. I average 18 to 20 MPH with quarter mile bursts of 30 MPH.(not as easy as you think) My stomach is flat as a fritter by doing inversion table sit ups. If you are not in absolute top shape by now you are way behind the curve. My main worry is being nailed by a car. 🙂

      • king krazy

        Let me add that sugar is very bad for you. Also most doctors are full of shit.

        • laeagle

          Put that way, who isn’t full of it? Agreed, sugar is very bad for you, and most of us have done a lot of bad things to ourselves (not just the consumption of sugar), and as we grow old, the chickens come home to roost. If only we knew what we do to ourselves at a physical, mental, and spiritual level. But, it is never too late to change our ways for the better. As long as there is life, there is hope. Keep prepping and working on that healthy life-style. You are more likely to survive the Zombie invasion if you are fit in every way. We have so much/many resources at our disposal, we just need to be more creative and find ways to be more creative.

        • Outlaw

          Must be nice to have so much spare time on hand. Sounds like your work-out regime amounts to a full-time job. Thankfully my employment keeps me in shape. Other wise I just don’t think I’d have time.

          • Them Guys

            I had a Buddy in detroit who did all that weight lifting body builder stuff too. He was 45 yrs old and looked like early Arnold swartzenegger Movies such as Connan the Barbarian….Untill without warning a huge car slammed the side of his harely as he crossed on a Green light with right of way in His favor.

            After his leg was amputated above the knee, it just never was the same even being so fit and muscular.

            I rekon regardless What good stuff you do, you just never really know whats next.

      • slingshot

        My ass isn’t running nowhere. I will load up the weapons. Put on my heavy armor. Slide into my truck and ride to where I need to go.
        Otherwise I stay put and have everything within reach.

        Knees are bad. Can’t run.

        • king krazy

          I have herniated disc in my lumbar section and stenosis in my neck. My knees used to hurt so bad I thought I would die. They healed up. I don’t run because it hurts my back but I can hike as long as I want. When your truck runs out of gas what is your backup plan? If your knees are worn out maybe it’s time for replacements? Do you wear athletic shoes or work boots? Work boots are murder on the knees. If the cartilage is gone then yes there is no point in running, biking or hiking. Do the best you can with what you have. 😉

          • slingshot

            Yeah, King Crazy I have thought about it and the fact is I’m not going to do surgery. My knees sometime click. Guess I will have to walk and I do that fine. I wear high top boots for support. I have found if I displace the weight right on my LBG I can go pretty far. I’m no spring chicken, but make do.

            At this time I do not want to be laid up for six months anyhow.

            • PO'd Patriot

              Slingshot, As long as you and I make it to Concord bridge we’ll stand back to back and hold each other up. See ya there!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Mine are already loaded. My truck is full of gas and I have food and ammo ready to go.
          Your ass is to running, ITS RUNNING TO THE FIGHT. GOD BLESS YOU. May he watch over you, and protect you.
          If it comes to that look for a Candy Apple Red 2010 Ford FX2 with Illinois plates.
          Let me know what cal. you are taking to the fight, and I’ll bring some extra ammo!!!
          One nice thing about being a Cop. You are trained to loose the flight side of fight or flight. So yes I’ll be in the fight, and would be happy to give up my life so that my Kids and Grand Kids can live FREE!!!

      • sixpack

        You won’t need to be an Olympic gold medalist to survive SHTF.Sit ups won’t necessarily keep you alive either. Try exercising your brain for a while. How are you going to get nailed by a car, if you’re using back streets and tree lines for cover? Even if I could run a quarter mile in 3 minutes, I’d try to stat out of the street to begin with…

        But please, brag away.

        • king krazy

          The getting hit by a car is when I am riding the bicycle not SHTF. Does sixpack mean your abs or your drinking problem?

          • sixpack

            I’ve heard that question since high school, when I got the nickname. I don’t drink alcohol, but in HS, I got caught with my boyfriends beer in my locker. I was supposed to bring it to him after school. People ribbed me for the rest of the year for getting caught, whispering “sixpack” as they walked past me as a reminder.

            When I was young I had “sixpack abs” and when I worked as a heavy construction carpenter, it only accentuated them more. Of course I lost all of that at 47 years old when I suffered a serious back injury, a ruptured disk and permanent nerve damage to my neck.


      • BadAmerican

        I’m too pissed to run.

        Standing Tall


    28. Be informed

      The government shutdown sure has not, as of yet, affected the stock market, the dow is up this morning. This was a key to what many republicans were looking for to hold out as long as possible against BO care. As long as the business world was not too damaged by the shut down, stick to your principles that BO care is crap.

      Now the issue of default is an entirely different story in a little over 2 weeks. The debt ceiling not being raised would prevent BO and helicopter ben from running the country over the cliff for awhile. Of course it would lower the credit rating for the U.S. dollar. Something has to be done to stop this whacked out spending of the government.

    29. Ugly

      all my troubles seemed so far away,
      but now it looks like they are here to stay.

      (Sir Beatles)

      • SmokinOkie

        You say you want a Revolution, we-ell you know,
        We all want to change the world..

        (good morning ug 🙂 )

        • aljamo

          “I’ve had enough of hearing things from neurotic, psychotic, pig headed politicians. All I want is the truth, just gimme some truth now”.

          • slingshot


            There are no more BOOGYMEN the can materialize that is any worse than they have now.

            We can have a Bank Holiday.
            The power can be turned off.
            Take your guns.
            Not enough food or water.
            And so on.

          • Sgt. Dale

            Some times songs have a way of saying think people just can’t say on there own. Dose any one remember the song by MAX FROST and the TROOPER. Nothing can change the shape of things to come. Or something like that. (late 70’s)
            I don’t want a revolution I just want my Republic back. If it takes a REVOLUTION so be it!

            • Archivist

              It was 1968, and it was a fictional group in a movie. There was a later album using studio musicians who didn’t play on the movie soundtrack. The group was named on the studio album, but not in the movie. The song title was “Shape of Things to Come.”

              • Sgt. Dale

                Thanks man I’ve remember it but I couldn’t quite remember to right title of the song. I think it is fitting for today. Again Thanks.

              • Sigi

                I was born sometime around then.

      • Kindle

        Oh I believe in yesterday…that song has been going through my head for weeks now.

        • SmokinOkie

          I love the old songs, country or rock. Been listening to more up tempo stuff lately. It keeps my spirits up. Just heard Heart’s Barracuda on the classic rock station. Now, it’ll take a half hour for my blood pressure to get back to normal. Ain’t life grand?!
          If they ever make a post-apocalypse documentary on the Last Stand Of The Preppers during the zombie invasion, when they get to that 6 second scene of the last hold-outs at the okie compound, I hope they play Born To Be Wild as the background music!

          • Kindle

            “Stairway to Heaven” comes to mind but I would prefer it be played as the Okie compound takes out the last attacking forces.

            • slingshot

              I want to see it painted. Painted Black.

              Black as night. Black as coal.
              To blot out the sun.

              I want to see it painted, painted, painted,
              painted Black,


              Rolling Stones.

              • Ugly

                That a great tune, Brian Jones days.

                But my wife hates it when I sing ‘Under My Thumb’ especially when I get to the part….’she is a squirmy dog whose just had her day’….

          • Ugly

            I prefer the Magic Carpet Ride.

            Born to be Wild reminds me too much of Easy Rider.

            • PO'd Patriot

              “Whiter Shade of Pale”- Procol Harum
              “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress”- The Hollies
              “South City Midnight Lady”- Doobie Brothers
              “Gonna Hitch a Ride”- Boston (like the guitar riff)
              “Day after Day”- Badfinger

        • Ugly


          been quite a few oldies in my brain lately. Have even had some Bee Gees in my mind. Wonder if Smokin still has his white pants and white shoes?

          • Kindle

            Me too, i thought something was wrong with me but it seems others are a bit nostalgic also.

            The Beatles tune, “Let it Be” has been playing on overdrive in my head.

            “Mother Mary came to me and whispered words of wisdom..let it be, let it be, oh let it be”.

            I would pay to see Smokin in white pant and shoes…doing his best John Travolta.

            • SmokinOkie

              Tried singing Staying Alive in my jeans and Stetson at the Newport Jazz Festival. They threw me out before the first chorus. Maybe the mood was wrong or something….

    30. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      let’s see, the govt. “shut down” last night and the world was supposed to end….well, i got up this morning (and saw no zombies running amock)…got a chicken biscut (still no zombies)…now, i’m at work looking out my window and surprize, NO ZOMBIES!…guess i brought my mossberg with me today for nothing….govt. sucks!………is there a 72 hr. rule for zombies?

      • Sgt. Dale

        No 72 hour rule. But you can’t shoot until they attack. This is the best thing that has happened with this shut down. DOW is up around $40.00 points. I pray that it stays down until election time 2014.

    31. maudy fricket

      Most people overlook night vision equipment in their survival planning. Don’t make that mistake. Even if you have to get the cheapest hand held NV device, get it. The government almost always attacks in the dark. It is to their advantage. I was in 2 different armies in my career. One of those armies was based around the light infantry. We always did “stand to” just before dawn and just at dark. Prime times for enemy attacks. “Stand to” is basically everyone in the unit armed and ready to repulse a surprise attack. When the Feds attacked at Waco, they (Feds) were not prepared for the robust defense that awaited them. Had the people inside counter-attacked when the Feds retreated, Their probably wouldn’t have been any Fed survivors.

      • king krazy

        We used to string com wire about 6 inches off the ground between trees very tight.

      • sixpack

        I’ve got an old sony handycam I bought for a few bucks, hooked up to a 5 inch monitor. It has 93X zoom and night vision, very sensitive sound pick up AND I can record the incident for further review. I can leave mine monitoring an area, hidden (even on wide angle) for as long as there is power, then for another 30 hours on the rechargeable batteries.

      • Walt Kowalski

        If it hadn’t been for the Branch Davidians agreeing to a ceasefire, the BATF goons would have lost more of their wounded as well.

        Moral of the story……show no mercy. They won’t. They get off on burning innocent women and children.

    32. slingshot

      Any of you people in the Panic Mode?

      • Kindle

        Nope. Been set for years. Even though a flash flood in July destroyed some of my preps I had redundancy. I had to spend weeks drying stuff out. A lot of them aren’t as pretty as they used to be but are still functionable.

        But then isn’t that what good preps should be able to do? What’s the use of having a gadget or gizmo that craps out under a little duress.

        Granted, there is always something else I could use but for the most part I’m good.

      • sixpack


        • sixpack

          I’m on over watch.

      • jim in Va.

        Just for 5 minutes…ran out of tp.

      • Walt Kowalski

        Nope….no panic here. Panic is the result of believing you have a chance of surviving. Realize that you are already dead and you have a much better chance of becoming a problem for them.

      • Sgt. Dale

        Not no but, Hell No!
        I have been ready for years. If it all falls apart I hope its soon while I’m still young enough to help rebuild the Republic.
        Folk still keep an eye open for a False Flag, BO will use it to bring on Marshal Law! He is such a turd!!!

        • OutWest

          Don’t worry Sarge
          Those that are too old to do — Teach

      • PO'd Patriot

        No slingshot, not until the booze runs out or Ted Kennedy realizes I’m his next door neighbor.

      • candle in the wind

        No, but I really do not know which to pick up and become one with the AR-10 or the AR-15? Any Suggestions?

        • Facebook Page

          Both. At 10 for the house. The 15 when on foot and on the move.

        • PO'd Patriot

          ^ Here

        • king krazy

          Ammo for ar10 will be expensive and heavy to carry. ar15 ammo supply stabilizing but still not cheap. AK ammo is a lot cheaper. Between the two you mentioned get the AR15.

      • Sigi

        No, but I am a little twitchy. That may be the cold medicine. Time for some chamomile tea.

    33. CrabbeNebulae

      The US government will NEVER shut down. There is too much money involved and there are too many people. Check out the number of superfluous bullshit agencies in the federal government. 98% of these agencies/bureaus should die.

      And… this barely scratches the surface. There are many more than this at the state level. Government in America has morphed into an enormous cancer. This cancer will eventually consume itself into chaos. Good luck to all with your preps. The bigger the cancer grows the more tyrannical, psychotic and violent it will become and it will consume everything in its path. Be prepared and stay out of its path. Don’t call attention to yourself and keep your preps private. As I said before, the government, at all levels consists of your friends, neighbors and family members and this doesn’t include all the non-government people drawing disability, social security, food stamps, welfare etc… and when they have to choose between their job or check and you, they will rat you out every time. Good luck. just saying.

      • JRS

        Truth is, I recall a year or so ago, when I went out and figured who in my local area in some way depended on .gov for at least a portion of their livelihood, it was a sad situation.

        Seven out of seven households, including mine, had at least part of their income connected to .gov.

        2.Social Security, Teacher pension, Railroad pension
        3.Steelworker contracts for schools
        4.Social security, disability
        5.Veteran disability
        6.Social Security
        7.HUD housing cabinetry contracts (mine)

        • CrabbeNebulae

          @JRS. You are so right. I did the same thing several years back and it was a huge wake-up call for me. I’ve prepped accordingly. Be generous with what you have and you will have more, never stop learning and prepping and helping others… keep your hard core prepping private to only those that do the same. just saying.

        • JayJay

          On this street of 10 homes, I know of one disability(both husband and wife), one pension and SS, one teacher, one SS and disability, one pension and SS, another teacher, and one I know nothing of.
          Wow, JRS— 6 houses of 10.

          • JayJay

            OOPs, add military to one of those teacher houses.

          • Kulafarmer

            Across the street are two HUD units, (not a dump either) both also get ss disable, EBT, power subsidy, and one also gets snap

            • JayJay

              And I just read 9000 Louisiana Medicare members have been mailed a notice that the free drugs they get aren’t free any longer, but I bet they are still free for murderers, convicts, and undocumented immigrants(which is an oxymoron).

    34. GEO-LITHIC

      What about this government has ever been NORMAL?

    35. SmokinOkie

      There seems to be a small problem with my wifi signal. Or else my computer ate some spoiled cookies or something…

      This Is A Test Of The Emergency Comment System
      This Is Only A Test

      This has been a test of the emergency comment system. If this had been an actual comment, it would have contained actual words, some of which might have made sense. This concludes this test of the emergency comment system…

      • SmokinOkie

        See? Crap like this comes through fine. But when I spend 20 minutes writing the days news headlines, all I get is a 404 message. Even when I refresh. Something aint right here.
        Hand me the computer adjusting mallet… the heavy one.

        • king krazy

          Probably the NSA having some fun.

        • ponomo

          SmokinOkie says:

          I concur—I suspect that NSA remains at work behind various curtains, while as E. Holder fiddles. Hairy Reid and N. Pelosi are playing the banjos.

          • Sigi

            Who’s on the jaw-harp?

      • Kindle

        You forgot the Spanish version. In my area the EBS announces in Spanish first…then English.

        • Sigi

          Ai yi yi… I mean, oh my my my.

    36. Ted Kennedy

      Take a vacation Ben. You deserve a big one.

    37. Anon

      Now WTF how much did the Government Shut Down signs cost us and when/ where they where made? Makes one shake his head and say it all means nothing. I say keep them shut down as long as we can until it hurts. All the noise OMG its the end, its over if this happens. Bull Shit all they done was hang one of those card-board smell good pine trees in the f’n OUTHOUSE!

      • slingshot


        And somebody shit a Christmas tree.

      • Archivist


        That’s a good idea. I need to stock up for my outhouse.

        Or install a solar-powered exhaust fan.

        • Kulafarmer

          Or just eat roses.

    38. John_Allen

      How nice of them. While it names relatively few of the 1,219 names we can all thank for Kurt Walter’s report on how big money buys political power.

      “How Mc Cutcheon v FEC could tee up elite donors for more influence.”

      I just skimmed it but I remember one gentleman in the most exclusive zip code in Dallas has statuary of Hitler and Mao on his enormous front lawn.

      The minimum donation to be included in their list is $100,000.

      To the extent you have the time, give it a look.

    39. jim in Va.

      go head…shut things down …see what we really need to pay for. DEFUND Castrocare!

    40. Tractor

      Just a couple 100 watt solar panels cost you about $136 each (including shipping) on Ebay and a couple 12 volt deep cycle batteries and you can run several 12 volt LED lights in your home. And IF you want to get fancy buy 4- 100 watt solar panels and 4 – 12 volt deep cycle batteries and you can power a 12 volt electric blanket (which you can buy at about any truck stop or Ebay) for about $50 and that way you can stay toasty warm on the coldest winter nights.
      I know I use a 12 volt electric blanket the last 2 winters and it works great. With that much power you can have a 12 volt coffee pot, 12 volt clocks, 12 volt fans etc. For cooking check out the solar cookers, but you need a sunny day for that to work.

      • Kulafarmer

        I wonder if you could rig a pellet stove to run on dried rabbit and goat manure?

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Sure seems there would be government grant money for that!

          • Kulafarmer

            Rabbit and goat or sheep pellets,
            Not bullshit!

          • Them Guys

            I Wonder how much Taxpayers Cash it costs every year to hire a Crew-Huge Crane truck, to erect that 95 Foot Tall “devils Pitchfork” aka Minorah symbol on the front lawn of whitehouse? They refuse to any longer have ANY Christmass manger scenes, but a Tamludic 95ft tall symbol is ok, even though less than 2% population abides by such a judiac symbol while being Hosted by a mainly christian nation of folks.

            When all such Manger/Jesus type decorations were halted it was told to us all that it is due to it being a “religious” symbol. So what do the followers of a Minorah candle holder symbol believe That is if not a religious symbol?

            Some folks have said that 95 ft tall Minorah erected during Christmass season is simply the Talmudic jewish zionists way of throwing it into Our Faces that They are who truely own and control America now.

            By the looks on the faces of the 5 Rabbis in black wide brim too small hats standing along side the usa Prez as he lights those candel lights, it appears to me those alert folks are Correct.

            Where are a few Vandels when so needed?

    41. Barn Cat

      The Fed is creating a lot more than a trillion new dollars every year. It’s about a trillion just buying toxic mortgages. It’s about another trillion to fund the deficit by buying whatever new bonds the treasury can’t sell at artificially low interest rates and old bonds being redeemed. That’s not counting money they create to prop up the municipal bond market and providing liquidity to foreign banks. Altogether there are countless tens of trillions of dollars out there that will hit the US economy like a tsunami when the world dumps the dollar. Someday soon we could wake up to $10 gasoline.

    42. Archivist

      Silver is down almost a dollar. Buy on the dips.

      Gold is down almost $45, well below $1300.

    43. maddog

      “How likely is it that such events will come to pass? Every century we’ve seen widespread war, famine, and destruction. Thus, the odds are pretty good we’re going to see it again in our lifetimes.”

      Let do a little math in relation to history, real history, not then crap they are teaching our children and see how true the above statement is.

      We’ll start a about a couple hundred years ago.

      Around the early 1770’s the revolutionary war starts. Now go forward 80 years and were in the 1850’s. Recall the civil war was fought around this time. If we get back in the time machine and move forward another 80 years we find ourselves smack dab in the middle of a world of shit called world war I & II. Jump back in our time machine and jump ahead 80 more years and guess what, you are checking days off your very own calendar today.

      No rocket science here folks in order to say to yourself it might be a good idea to prep a few things just in case history repeats. Remember over 100 million people died from these events when world population was barely 1 billion. That works out to 1 billion dead this time based on the current population. My guess it will be much more, after all we are far more proficient at killing people and the population has been molded into killing. After all the list of threats has been never ending for 10 years now.

      Want more info on this subject read “The Forth Turning”. It is very enlightening.

    44. slingshot

      TPTB have scared me for so long. That I have prepared for all sorts of shit to happen to me, that I do not care what they will do next. I say pick something and DO IT! No more fear.

      I mean if they said they wanted me dead. I would say O.K. Try it.
      We will take your food or guns. O.K. Come and take it.

      • Kulafarmer

        Im with you on this,
        Like someone said “they are bullies”
        Like i said, “they are also cowards”
        This death by a thousand pokes sucks, mostly is just pissing people off more.
        Cant wait for everything to come unglued.

    45. markinaz

      Place Your Bets!
      When will the government turn its self back on?

    46. SmokinOkie

      Life After The Crash

      When it’s all over and the dust has settled, Some people will have survived. How many, and where, is debatable and I don’t know that answer. Just that Some will have made it. (unless our Lord returns and that whole tribulation mess starts, in which case all bets are off. but I didn’t come to preach today, so we’ll leave it at that).

      The next big question is- What will the survivors be doing to sustain themselves? Besides farming Amish-style? Surely some sort of society will emerge and civilization will return. So what are the jobs gonna be?
      The following comes from the Post Apocalypse Vocational Training Institute, Inc. They have a few suggestions for employment in the future…

      Medicine- People are always gonna be getting hurt or sick, so future employment trends in this area look good. Doctors in the New America, however will need to shift their focus from treating gunshot wounds to the more common ailments. Stuff like suturing bear-claw lacerations, treating rabies and, of course setting broken limbs. It’ll be a good idea to know how to grow, harvest or make most of your own medicines. Better bone up now while the information is readily available. And don’t bother learning how to write prescriptions. That probably won’t be necessary.

      Mechanic- Maybe not the kind to run a computer diagnostic system for an SUV, more like knowing how to make wooden wheel spokes. A knowledge of blacksmithing would come in handy for this profession as well. In areas where coal and wood are plentiful, boilermakers and steamfitters should find ample employment opportunities.

      Preserving Food- Yes, there will soon be a need to preserve and transport food to the towns and villages. Better start saving empty jelly jars and egg cartons for future use. We’ll be needing a lot of them. Some food, of course, will transport itself to market. In which case butchering skills will be in high demand.

      Also, we forecast robust growth in the food preparation industry. Grain milling should see improvement. Also bread baking, wild berry harvesting, and fermentation skills will be in high demand.

      And just so you don’t waste time and money learning useless skills, we predict a high level of unemployment in the following professions:

      Interior Decorating
      Pizza Delivery
      Window Washing
      Flight Attendant
      Smart-Phone AP Developing
      Professional Athlete
      and above all…. Banking

      Highest areas of job growth are:
      Rustic Carpentry
      Hide Tanning
      Chinese Language Translation

      • Kindle

        “Chinese Language Translation” could be in high demand.

        I’ve been growing medicinal herbs for a number of years and have spent the last couple of days storing up this years harvest.

        Obomabot is speaking on tube and it’s more lies as usual and all the repubs fault.

      • Kindle

        I’ve noticed a really weird things with plants around here…they are coming back from the roots and putting on new leaf though it were Spring instead of Fall.

        The Monday before the “biblical flooding” in Co. my area got hit with an incredible hail storm that left 1/2 inch of hail everywhere. My plants got annihilated. Now everything is coming back up.

        Anybody know if this will hurt the plants in the long run? They should be going into hibernation.

        • ChickenLittle

          Hey, I have pear trees that are turning buds into flowers now… I thought it was just me and my ‘magination…

        • Babycatcher55

          As long as they don’t put out a whole lot of growth, they will probably be fine. A few new leaves will get frosted, but the roots are probably in fine shape for next years growth. If you have carrots and turnips, you could probably mulch them with a 6 inch layer of straw, and pull what you needed before the ground freezes. Otherwise, pull your veggies and put them in a root cellar of some sort…;) hope that helps a little.

      • JRS

        My dad taught me about “hide tanning” as a young boy.

        It is a skill I will never forget…

        • Archivist

          One of my 7th and 8th grade teachers had a hide tanning tool. It was 3/4 inch thick and drilled full of holes. The teacher was a stocky man with muscles. He had quite a backhand with the “board of education.”

      • Archivist

        I believe knife and tool sharpening will be in big demand. You use blades almost every day. If you get the proper equipment, you can even sharpen carbide table saw blades. There is an article on survivalblog about what tools you need for different levels of sharpening, from bug-out bag to professional sharpening establishment.

        I have some of the stones and files, but I need a few more items.

        It’s funny that my wife and I were discussing this the other day, and then the article appeared on survivalblog. It’s like magic.

        • warchild

          Archivist,a friend picked up a large/tip broken old mill file almost 2-1/2 “wide x almost 13” long at a yard sale for a buck,tip was broken off,slowly hand ground it into one hell of a knife,said was steel from Germany a long time ago,keeping my eyes open for such humble beginnings to try my hand at it.I made him some rough mahogany blanks for handles,still waiting to see final results of this full tang knife.I am giving consideration to making a small forge if time permits.I was lucky enuff to see a master sword builder from Japan at Boston MFA make over a month a sword,stopped by during lunch everyday to watch the progress and got to shake his hand,thru his interpreter/sponsor found out I was one of a few that came by daily throughout the process,amazing how many times the material is heated/folded before even beginning to be a sword,a true craftsman.

        • JayJay

          This is for the ladies here, so guys shut your eyes.
          When your paring knife gets dull, just run it across the bottom of a ceramic cup about 10 times on each side–instant sharpener. And I am not paying for your cut fingers!!!

          • Smokey

            The inside of a ceramic cup works for razor blades, too.

    47. Ugly

      I called the Emergency Hotline to find out why our Govt has closed.

      The Operator gave the commands:

      .if you speak Spanish, press 1 now.
      .if you speak Ghetto, press 2 now.
      .if you are lost, press 3 now.
      .if you are stupid, press 4 now.
      .if you are a Patriot, stay on hold. The NSA is on their way.

      • king krazy

        Maybe the fired generals will start blabbing now that they are civilians.

    48. slingshot

      Mr. President.

      You can go to Africa for $7 million and on my dime. Don’t you tell me how to handle money.

      Term Limits.
      Balance Budget Amendment.
      Energy Plan.

    49. Ugly

      Preppers, you guys/gals are not taking this Govt shutdown serious enough. What the man wantd he will get.

      My name is Sister Rosetta Elephant. I am here to tell you just how serious this is–

      class, Class, CLass, CLASS!!!! SHUUUTUUP!!!!

      Now without Obamacare, this will happen to you….

      class, Class, CLass, CLASS!!!! SHUUUTUUP!!!!

      With out his health care….

      class, Class, CLass, CLASS!!!! SHUUUTUUP!!!!

      SHUT THE F UP!!!! $%&*@@@*

      (Yes alittle Cheech and Chong)

    50. Average

      so… should i worry about my 401K?

      • Facebook Page

        You of been worrying about it for a while now if it is still in the bank.

    51. Ugly

      Preppers and All Americans.

      I wish all folks luck that want to preserve America. All folks by Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Indians, Asians, and so forth. I wish our friends from Canada and Australia and other locales well also.

      The times of troubles are coming and coming very fast. We are the Paul Revere’s of todays America; thus we must give the warning calls to those that have a willing ear.

      Gotto go to work up to DuBoise (google map DuBoise, Idaho if you want to) for rest of day and won’t be back until tonite. Maybe I’ll see Smokin at Sage Junction?

      I went for a good 10 mile jog this morning. Beautiful air, and beautiful flowers on the greenbelt. I realized again just how great America is. It is worth our efforts of saving it. Good luck to all….

      • Eagle Rock

        Well someone on here that speaks spud. Nice post and hope to see you on the other side of this stuff.

        • Ugly

          Eagle Rock.

          Same to you. If you are a fellow Idahoan, then howdy!

          Good luck with everything.

          • Eagle Rock

            Born and raised in Ammon. Been reading this site for years. Good to meet someone else from the area. This area should do well as you stated but I still plan for the worst and pray for better. Been helping a neighbor cut up his elk from his bow hunt. Game looks good this year. Hoping for success in my upcoming hunts.

      • ready down under

        Thanks Ugly, we in Aussie wish you guys well too – the “Family” that is, all the parasites, leeches, druggies, crims and various other oxygen thieves can find out the hard way their days of being part of the entitlement class are over. Sooner or later – sooner I’m guessing – it will be a case of produce or perish. The perish part will be either turning your toes up because the gubbermint has stopped giving you an armchair ride or ballistically coz a prepper decided a dirtbag trying to loot his home/retreat was expendable. How many will go from leech to producer? Some can and will but just in the circle of people I know that percentage will be tiny. A couple I’ll take on board but most will get the message pronto that I aint their keeper.


        • Ugly


          I have bought enough seeds for about 100 acres of gardens. They are to share if the neighbors are willing.

          In Idaho, we are lucky. Specifically Eastern Idaho that is from American Falls-Pocatello-Ashton (known as the Eastern Snake River Plain). There are about 450,000 people in this area and about 350,000 acres of potatoes and about 1 million acres of wheat. So people should have some food if they are willing to work with farmers to get some.

          My area of Idaho is beautiful. Sun Valley and Targhee skiing just an hour or so away. Jackson Hole WY not too far. Yellowstone National Park is only 2 hours. Plus we have the mountain ranges of Sawtooth, Teton, Bitterroot, Salmon, Wasatch, all nearby.

          If and when shtf, I hope we can all work together and make sure food and water is available. No it wont be fun, but at least folks will get some daily needs. Maybe I am just wishful thinking?

          What troubles me is that it is very possible that UN type military will be policing those supplies.

          Australia is cool. I am a runner and am a fan of two or your running legends–Percy Cerutty and Herb Elliot. They, along with Arthur Lydiard of new Zealand, so of fashioned running and training as it is today.

          If you are ever in my neck-of-the-woods, let me know, I’ll buy the first Fosters.

          • ready down under

            Hey Ugly

            I’ll take you up on that. I had planned to be in Eye-dee-ho this Christmas but I have ailing parents and cant really afford to be away for a few weeks, just in case y’know …. I am planning a lion hunt, will have to wait till next year now I reckon.

            I got to Boise at Christmas 97 but the snow stopped me getting to Ketchum and Sun Valley (a Hemingway fan from way back). Coldest I have ever been is Twin Falls on the same trip!!

            Percy Cerutty huh? – what an inspiration! Had all sorts of problems and decided if he was gunna go he was gunna go doing something. When he started in his 50’s he was barely able to walk to his letterbox and within a few years he was taking our top level footballers on conditioning runs up sandhills on our beaches and getting to the top before all bar the very very best of ’em! Herb had a heart attack not long ago – they believe due to damage caused when he ran at high altitude (Mexico???) when he wasnt conditioned for it.

            Keep your powder dry Ugly and hopefully Mac can put us in touch with each other (my email address on my posts is genuine and I am more than happy for Mac to give it to you you).


    52. ChickenLittle

      Government shutdown? They still took out taxes on my retirement for this month. When is that going to stop? I still had to pay a 20 percent raise in health care monthly. Where’s affordable health? Why worry about something I can’t control, so I prep…

    53. Pissed Off Granny

      The Bank of International Settlements:

      The article presented here says the Bank of International Settlements (the central bank of central banks) have told central banks around the world to quit lending.

      In 1930 the Bank of International Settlements was established by Charles G. Dawes (Rothschild agent and Vice President under Coolidge 1925-1929), by Owen D. Young (Rothschild agent and founder of RCA and chairman of General Electric 1922-1939), and Hjalmar Schacht of Germany (President of Reischsbank).

      The Bank of International Settlements is referred to by bankers as the “central bank of central banks”. Whereas the International Monetary Fund and World Bank deal with governments the Bank of International Settlements deals only with other central banks.

      All meetings are held in secret and involve top central bankers around the world.

      The BIS has status of a soverign power and is immune from government control

      Diplomatic immunity for persons and what they carry (ie. diplomatic pouches)

      No taxation on any transactions including salaries for employees

      Embassy type immunity for all buildings operated by BIS worldwide including Mexico and China

      No oversite or knowledge of operations by any government authority. They are not audited

      Freedom from immigration restrictions

      Freedom to encrypt any and all communication of any sort

      Freedom from any legal jurisdiction, they even have their own police force

      Wikipedia has info on the Bank of International Settlements and of course the US Federal Reserve is listed.

    54. sunnybunny

      my house rep seat is empty….vacant…..he resigned and we have had to hold special elections, etc……..very frustrating to have no representation in congress(sarcasm) and will have none for several months because of “run-offs”…..thanks to those of you on this site who have helped me keep my sanity…..we are ready for whatever is coming

    55. Anon

      Just wouldn’t be nice if Mrs. O and the girls decide to go on vacation during the Government Shut Down. Who would pay for that trip Hmmmmm, I’ll say they do take a trip to Hawaii, so Congress can get together on this current shut down and debt ceiling raise coming up. I can hear it now, I need a vacation to rest and think, Oh don’t call me I’ll call you. See you after the New Year. The POTUS.

    56. patientmomma

      will someone plBI said there were 8 can you list those 8 events please .

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Your link is wonderful news…..

      • Pissed Off Granny


        Your link is wonderful news…..

    57. swampratt

      lets have a party

    58. Anon

      I bought a case of 9mm sub-sonic at a Louisville gun show a little while back and the shipping sticker was still on the case. It read Ship to: George Roger Clark Memorial, Vincennes, IN. 47591 (Was shipped UPS). I would guess this is where all the ammo or at least some of it is at; FED PARKS etc. all over the place. How it got to a gun show is anyone’s guess.

    59. Patriot One

      Bailins, Bailouts, Fake job and economic numbers, Headlies, Printing money, Propaganda, Whats normal???

      • anonymous

        The Dow getting propped up today until they go short.

    60. Ted Kennedy

      Three words for all that don’t come here. Mention Fractional Reserve Banking for your friends & libtards that think they understand or know that they don’t understand.

    61. NC joe

      Freedom will get a second chance.

      If you count tribal infighting, roving bands of murderous thugs and starvation of millions freedom, then yeah freedom will get a second chance. The tyranny that will follow a collapse will have you idiots wishing for the good old days.

    62. SilverSax

      This was all prophesied by Jesus Christ. Read Matthew chapter 24 and Revelation chapters 6, 7. Matthew describes “the end of the age” as it will look from an earthly viewpoint and Revelation describes what it will look like from a heavenly viewpoint.

    63. Are you ready?

      Are you ready?
      No electricity….. I can do without for a very long time.
      No gas….that would suck…but we’d get by.
      No food… got that covered.
      No water….got that covered.
      No police…. got guns and a big mean dog.
      No dollar…. already bought my shit.

      The way I see it…and I’ll put this in caps.





      • Charles

        Cool rant I guess Are You Ready, but it’s certainly not just the Dems who put us here, and there’s very little at all “communist” about them.. They are all corporatists. It is only the state and corporations they serve. I’m not a fan of Dems, but the way your so called team treats you, they’re certainly not your friends either. Just saying.

    64. warchild

      Ted,just wanted to congratulate you on over 4 years sobriety now!

    65. Arizona Dude

      Has anyone considered something even more eery ? None of this is making sense. There is definitely something about to happen and yes DHS, gun control, banks etc are all part of that. Something bugs me though. There is something missing to tie it all in. When you look at different scenarios other obvious factors don’t make sense and fall right in. There is something that’s missing here. Sort of like a math problem, solving a 3 simultaneous equations with 3 unknowns but one of the solutions isn’t falling in.
      I have wondered if it could be an something extraterrestrial that’s about to reveal itself. That would certainly bring all of these factors into play, DHS arming, control of the money, FEMA camps, uprisings in several countries etc etc. Its been said that if a superior intelligence revealed itself to mankind many people could not accept it and go nuts. Maybe we are all in for a big surprise.

      • jp

        Arizona Dude…I agree with you 100% and I think the “something” is cosmic or possibly extraterrestrial, but something is up and the elite know it….and they won’t be telling us!

      • Kulafarmer

        Good post, feel the same uneasy question mark.
        I think theres something we are not being told as well as a whole cadre of situations that are all coming to a head, natural disaster i can accept,
        Our government and their shit not so much.

      • CrabbeNebulae

        Maybe it’s the comet Ison. It’s due to pass by Earth soon in December and zip around the Sun. We will pass through its debris trail sometime in January, 2014. NASA just determined the comet is not white but rather green. I’m thinking the debris trail will be filled with little green eggs which will float down to Earth and hatch in February or March. We will soon be over run by little green men and women. They will probably walk around hissing at us, to take them to our leader. Then, they will suffocate all the politicians with their toxic Cyanogen breath 🙂

    66. sunshine

      There is an update today at the trucker’s website, outlining a lot of what is being organized… for the trucker’s strike Oct. 11-13… everyone can participate in lots of ways… all 50 states have their own groups organizing… it is beginning to get a lot of coverage…. spread the word!

    67. KorHi

      Power Outage to come! What?
      My power has been out since Sep 10, and no road to get home except for the new one my neighbors and I have built.

      Good test run for me. I really know what I still need and must get before the rest of you lose power and access around town.

      It’s being said that they’ll have power restored in another couple of weeks where I live in Colorado. Road restored by December.

      If SHTF don’t go to the mountain because my neighbors and I will prob shoot you if you pose a threat. There is NO Rule of Law where I live any more. We make the rules now and have since Sep 10, 2013.

      Thanks for reading.

      • Kulafarmer

        You anywhere near Nederland? Love that place, Neos! Best food, not sure its still there, has been years

    68. Be informed

      @ laeagle

      One of my main goals with earthquake forecasting is to one day forewarn people and save some lives. You know people in India, then warn them now that there is a decent chance of a major earthquake coming to their home if that is northern India. The arc of energy is a direct path between that south Mid Atlantic Ridge, the 8.8 Chile earthquake, and the 9 pointer Japan earthquake right to India, You will only see this on a globe using a tape measurer or string. On top of this the North Mid Atlantic Ridge quake had western China and India/Nepal major quakes in 1973 and 2008 occuring before when the same area was hit. Quake a few days ago on the Pacific Rise had west China/India back in 1981. The earthquake today on the Reykjanes Ridge points however directly to New Guinea to Tonga very specifically.

      The issue is really that the Australian plate is one of the fastest moving plates in the world and one of the strangest shaped plate. It looks like a catcher’s mitt. The past few years you have had the largest strike slip ever recorded directly south of Mynamar/Burma. The 9.1 on the day after Christmas in 2004, high activity on the northwest section of it, Pakistan, Iran area. Much movement on the central portion and the far eastern section, new Zealand and Fiji area. Nothing to speak of in the far northeast flank of it. That is really BAD.

      Anything that can literally be thrust over another plate as what has happened with the Australian and Asian plate to create 25000+ tall mountains is a tectonic zone from hell. I have seen this again and again where you have these dead zones where little earthquake activity where there should be a lot. The southern San Andreas is an example of a fault that should have moved many decades ago. So is the northern India region, it should have moved 10-20 years with the shear speed of the Australian plate. This means there is a magnitude of energy and tension built up there.

      The Cascadia fault should have broken after the 7.8 strike slip quake occurred last year in the Queen Charlotte region. Then it should ahve gone off after the 7.5 north of this. It did not. That means there is 8.9 to 9.2 energy pinned up there. The amount of energy pinned in the northern India region “might” eclipse low 9 to mid 9 range because of the lack of large earthquakes here. Look at the Nazca plate and Chile. You had a 9.5 in 1960 and a 8.8 in 2010. That much energy collected in the plate in which those two quakes were only about 150 miles apart from each other. That much energy was released in 1960, but still had enough build up 50 years later to produce a 8.8. That plate doesn’t move as fast as the Australian plate.

      What I am saying is there are a lot of energy signatures coming from northern India and western China and these past outer parameter plate boundary earthquake that have been hit in almost the same spots before, something right on the same spot, have had major earthquakes in the mnetioned years before. This one spot in the Southern Mid Atlantic Ridge had an earthquake on it, and the 8.8 Chile earthquake occurred 16 days later, and the same spot was hit in 2011 and 14 days later the 9 pointer hit Japan. I have never seen this before with a precursor earthquake as such that TWO mega earthquakes followed. There have only been 19 mega quake 8.5+ since 1900, and one of those was the aftershock to the 9.1 in Indonesia.

      Following the path, in time sequence also, the third mega quake is India or western China. I would say that this is an extreme danger period until Oct.17. Just look at what has happened since that one precursor quake. Northern New Zealand, 6.7, Kamchatka Peninsula also 6.7. Both of those are listed comment #2435660 as high risk target zones. So is India. Could be Alaksa/ the Pacific Northwest, or just simply the central Australian plate, New Guinea to Samoa/Tonga. Another major earthquake is near certain coming. Too many of these outer plate boundaries are going ballasitic. Warn your friends, just in case because that area up there is really to let loose, might not be this time, but it will happen. Too much tension to continue much longer.

      • laeagle

        Be Informed,

        Thank you, thank you, thank you for addressing my questions. I will be spreading the information you gave right away. Keep up the good work and may God bless you richly. I will be searching and waiting for your updates.

    69. brinksmom

      I feel a sense of impending doom. Been out of town since Saturday to arrange and attend my mother’s funeral in the big city. I was so anxious to get out of the anthill that is a big city and home before disaster strikes.
      Dear leader is like a cornered animal now-eve more dangerous when threatened.

    70. jonathan feilke

      well,i thank you for your opinion.i often feel like a parasite.sorry bout that.i was textiles in nc till the industry died.paid enough taxes to qualify for ss retirement i was never going to see even ican live with myself.after that i sacrificing my family to the feds and carried a gun for my country(without being forced to…sorry for you,guy)but im a helluva smart tick/flea that can still see out to 500 mtrs.mayhap i can pay yall back someday.those who would require recompe of me,since i reckon i aint put enough in the pot yet.fir yuns that think im ok youve my deep appreciation and are exempt from recompense,dont ye know.thank just a reverend soldier whose strong right hand can no longer wield the sword;but whose smooth left knows the difference between squeeze and pull.if that is useless…then i reckon im proud to be so.this is my name.i cannot b ashamed of what i have become.if it is not enough in shtf then only to my children i apologize.ive done what i could for my country.

    71. John Nordstrom

      These guys are pretty much spot-on. If the Bankers don’t get their WWIII, they will instigate a civil war within the U.S. Either way, they make a boatload of money funding the build-up, the war, and the rebuilding.

      So, in a way, we are better off allowing WWIII to start somewhere else.

      • sixpack

        I think WWIII should be fought in the Federal Reserve building, with major skirmishes in the white house and the U.N.

        NATO should be deployed on a humanitarian mission to save the lemmings, ordered to follow them over the edge if necessary, to preserve their numbers.

        Any bankster surviving the war front should be promptly hanged, to be sure there will be no new wars in the near future.

    72. Be informed

      Two more precursor quakes to a major one in the past hour. One on the Owen Fracture Zone, western Australian plate and the Northern Nazca plate. The warning for Alaska and the Pacific Northwest just went up two notches. Same goes true for Japan and from nothern Chile to Ecuador. The Philippines is also upgraded. The previous major earthquakes have range mostly in high 6’s to 7.5, with an 8.3, 8.1, 7.8, and a 7.7 when these two areas have been hit years and decades ago. The 8.3 was in Japan 10 years ago, and the 8.1 was in Tonga 36 years ago. Tonga is mentioned as in the red zone on the previous comments. More precursor quakes show something quite big is coming.

    73. Cowdoc

      This is without a doubt the best video that has come out and apparently 6 Million others think so too because there have been 6 million hits in 4 days. Please watch it again and again and send it on to others. I believe the pendulum has started to swing so let’s keep it going.
      This is very well done.

    74. Led

      all BS, nothing will happen. Elites needs there sheeps. Baaa

    75. Anon

      I think that there are two cans that just maybe; someone is starting to use a can opener on.
      The first is a can of worms that a lot of higher mucky mucks wish would never be opened.
      The second is a BIG CAN of WHOOP ASS!
      Let the games begin.

    76. Are you ready?

      I just took a shit and it looked like a liberal dem. ha

      Folks…. listen up you dems.

      A nation cannot take care of everyone if there’s no factory jobs
      to make the average guy very productive and work in the wealth factory.

      It’s all gone. What part of that don’t you liberal pricks understand.

      If the United States collapses and you don’t have anything to eat…
      Eat a DEM first…they caused this. ha

      Yeah, I know about the two party sys. set up by the Jews to distract us…
      But really…

      Here’s a nice quote from a capitalist..trump on the Obama nightscare…

      Let me get this straight…
      We’re going to be “gifted” with a health care plan we are forced to
      purchase and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least ten
      million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for
      16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he
      doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress who didn’t read it but
      exempted themselves from it, and signed by a Dumbo President who smokes,
      with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes,
      for which we’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect,
      by a government who has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare,
      all to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is obese, and financed by a
      country that is broke!!!!


      YEAH… it’s over.

      The next time you go to hire someone..
      Excuse yourself from the interview.
      Go the parking lot.
      If you see they drove in a foreign car and / or have an Obummer Kumbya sticker…
      You know you should not hire this fuck.

      Got it?

      Any questions dems?

      • Charles

        Again, not a helpful rant. As much as the Dems suck they major help putting us here from the traitors to the nation called republicans. Both teams need to go, and real people not owned by corporations need to take their place and fix our nation, but hating one traitorous team and letting the other one slide is completely missing the target.

    77. Are you ready?


      10. Your annual breast exam is done at Hooters.
      Received from a friend in an Email. Had to share.

      9. Directions to your doctor’s office include “Take a left when you enter
      the trailer park.”

      8. The tongue depressors taste faintly of Fudgesicles.

      7. The only proctologist in the plan is “Gus” from Roto-Rooter.

      6. The only item listed under Preventive Care Coverage is “An apple a

      5. Your primary care physician is wearing the coveralls you gave to
      Goodwill last month.

      4. Where it says, “The patient is responsible for 200% of out-of-network
      charges,” it’s not a typographical error.

      3. The only expense that is 100% covered is “embalming.”

      2. Your Prozac comes in different colors with little M’s on them.


      1. You ask for Viagra and they give you a Popsicle stick and duct

    78. Jimmy Joe

      I grow fatigued with the ‘crash is near’ stories. Last year at this time the crash was coming the following April according to some. This year it will be next May.

      Perhaps there is a crash coming. But these stories are tiring and I just cannot believe them any longer.

      In a macro sense will something happen that benefits the powerful financial forces? Certainly. Will something happen that hurts everyone else? Certainly. Is the federal government paranoid and digging in? Of course. They have been for ~80 years now. Do those in the government create/manipulate/facilitate/spin events for their own benefit? Of course they do.

      But the end of the world as we know it is always roughly 6 months away. Always 6 months away.

    79. Be informed

      @ Anonymous. Did any of us in the past see an Israeli strike on their enemy? One trait, they strike when the moon is dark, +5, or -5 days of a new moon. This is why each month as Israel gets closer to hitting Iran and other targets, I advice everyone to at least keep this in the back of their thoughts. Still have until Oct. 9, maybe Oct. 10. New Moon is Friday. 4-9 PM eastern time we would start to hear about it. I have a little bit of strange feeling this Friday because it is the weekend after this, gives time for stock markets to take in what is happening, and the stocks close at 4 PM eastern time.

      You see in the minds of the Israelis they feel that they will hit Iran, and get a few long range missiles that their Arrow systems will take down, and that they won’t be hit that hard as long as they can paralyze Hezbollah enough. They feel that Assad will back down because of the civil war. They can handle Hamas. And Russia and China they will talk big and do nothing because none of Iran’s oil fields were hit and as long as the U.S. doesn’t get into it. They can deal with widespread terrorism like they have before. Israel feels that it is all bluster and they can delay the mass production of nukes for a few years by striking. This is what makes an Israeli strike that much more likely, Israeli confidence that it won’t be that bad after it.

      Big problems are that Iran will likely set Saudi Arabia on fire across the bay, and maybe Kuwait and Qatar for good measures. Probably not mine the Straits unless the U.S. gets involved. In best case scenarioes the price of oil hits $150 a barrel and the economies of the world are not too terribly hit. Worse case is that it continues to escalate totally out of control until…..

      • laeagle

        You make some great points. It is hard to see how things would not escalate if Israel hit Iran. The proliferation of nukes in the Middle-East is worrisome and there does not seem anyone else out there with enough spine and power to project into Iran and destroy their facilities. One way or the other, the US and the Russians will be dragged into the fray. Oil may not be available for $150/barrel after such an event. It is headed in that direction now.

      • Anonymous

        BI. Yes you did. Some of us are young but learning a lot.

        I come everyday now for posts about NMSZ. I knew it was here but
        It is getting more real. We had 2 earthquakes in Aug. and 12 by
        The 10th of October. Thanks again

    80. NMBC

      When the government shuts down, you would think Trolls and the main(ex)stream media would slow down or take a day or two off, right?? But NO, their “Divide and Conquer”, the guerilla war game never ends.

      In fact, it’s at its worst. These people are the ones who are pursuing “To Conquer All”.


      TROLLS also want you to believe their agenda aka prophecies, and the US is being punished for bringing devastation to the world and to the native Indians. It’s just another one of their MANY LIES.

      So the Americans do not deserve to live and own their lands. The new race/groups will move in to REPLACE the old groups/the pilgrims, and the world will NOT even notice the difference; just like the France and other European countries, etc…. 🙁

      CRISES have happened in the past and were done by MADMEN, HAARP or by small NUKES.


      And if anything were to happen in the future it would be a false flag(s), not because of the wrath of (their) God, and certainly not by the Christian God.

      Safety, justice and happiness to all 🙂

    81. George Season

      Do you people know about the following? I think he’s brilliant. Please give him your support when he come over. God willing that is and trusting The Devil, Mossad, Zionists, the CIA, MI5 and MI6 don’t down his plane on the way to you guys over, in the USofA.

      Hello everybody

      On October 5th & 6th, 2013

      Gilad Atzmon is coming from London to NYC for a unique studio recording at Zeb’s wonderful studio.

      The recording sessions are open to the public but the number of seats are limited. You will be experiencing Gilad’s collaboration with two of NYC’s finest musicians, Ben Meigners on upright bass, and Jason Brown on the drums.

      This would be the first ever recording of this trio, and you can be a part of it!
      It includes wine and snacks (suggested donation) and discounts on Gilad’s CD’s and book (“the wandering who?”)

      to book a place:

    82. Smiddywesson

      The hallmark of every bubble is every single cent you made is washed away with the tide.

      During the Gulf spill, the authorities claimed that the oil had vanished, just dispersed into thin air, millions upon millions of gallons.

      During the MF Global scandal, the authorities claimed the hundreds of millions lost (over a billion if I recall correctly) just vanished. No, it wasn’t stolen, it was just mishandled and vanished in the storm.

      ANYONE WITH ANY CASH IN A BANK IS VULNERABLE TO HAVING IT JUST VANISH. Nobody’s fault or anything, it just vanished in a infinitely complex world of finance and a one-of-a-kind act of God.

      They have warned you with their behavior.

    83. old guy

      October 1, 2013 – JAPAN – A Yale Professor is compelling the world to wake up from its nuclear slumber and face some cold-hard facts, “All of humanity will be threatened for thousands of years” if the Fukushima Unit 4 pool can’t be kept cool. Your worries about eating cesium-contaminated fish from the Pacific Ocean are grounded in fact, but this is a world-wide disaster of the most epic proportions just waiting to happen. If nothing else, it points to the necessity of nuclear-free power to fuel the planet, but in the meantime, more than 1,535 fuel rods must be meticulously removed from Unit 4, which in all likelihood is crumbling. Charles Perrow, Professor Emeritus of Sociology from Yale University cautions: “Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable. The radiation emitted from all these rods, if they are not continually cool and kept separate, would require the evacuation of surrounding areas including Tokyo. Because of the radiation at the site the 6,375 rods in the common storage pool could not be continuously cooled; they would fission and all of humanity will be threatened, for thousands of years.” In early stages of the Fukushima disaster Tepco, under influence of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), tried to keep the full ramifications of Fukushima under wraps, and now the entire country faces a possible trillion dollar price tag and multiple decades of active clean up to make this go away, but that will all be a moot point if the fuel rods aren’t removed properly. All the boron between spent fuel rods has disintegrated.

      This means a nuclear chain reaction could ensue if the rods get too close together in the pools, causing nuclear mayhem like we’ve never endured. In less than two months, Tepco plans to try to remove these rods, admitting that they haven’t the expertise or resources to do it perfectly – and that is what it would take – absolute perfection. According to, “Some 400 tons of fuel in that pool could spew out more than 15,000 times as much radiation as was released at Hiroshima. More than 6,000 fuel assemblies now sit in a common pool just 50 meters from Unit Four. Some contain plutonium. The pool has no containment over it. It’s vulnerable to loss of coolant, the collapse of a nearby building, another earthquake, another tsunami and more.” Overall, more than 11,000 fuel assemblies are scattered around the Fukushima site. According to long-time expert and former Department of Energy official Robert Alvarez, there is more than 85 times as much lethal cesium on site as was released at Chernobyl.” This is no time for Tepco or the Japanese government to try to save face, or the world to turn the other cheek. If we don’t treat this as a global disaster it would be like waiting for the Russians to start nuclear war back in the 1980s – or worse. Harvey Wasserman has created a petition at to alert our own president and other politicians about the extreme seriousness of this incident. All while they were planning to go to war with Syria, the nuclear disaster right under our noses was escalating to unfathomable proportions. Not to sound doom and gloom, but it’s important to recognize the ramifications if this issue isn’t taken care of – properly. –Prison Planet

    84. Robbie

      Something is coming, why else would FEMA buy up 420 Million survival packs! But don’t worry, the poor and needy can eat the rich and privileged after they devour the survival packs.

    85. crazy2medic

      I have been watching and preparing for many many years, I have never seen this many people buying guns, ammunition, storing food and becoming prepared, there is an underlying current of anger that seems to growing steadily, with that same anger seems to be a growing pride in what our country once was and a desire to return to it’s days of glory!


    86. waterislife

      I work in water for a living. the treatment of it specifically. As such, I and everyone like me are considered first responders. There is an order in place for us as well, as human beings, we are considered conscriptable in the event of a national disaster to our water supply or treatment of wastewater. I say this because it seems important that other people know. I’ve been prepping, but no where near the level we are gonna need when the SHTF. All of our extra money and food stores went to my in-laws while my mother-in-law was dying slowly of cancer. So now, I am more or less starting over at ground zero.

      Be prepared. Something is coming. The sheer volumes of things we are getting told to do to the water plant is getting bizarre to say the least. The last 2 weeks random things have hit us, we have spent massive man-hours preparing for something that none of us knows what. But it’s meant routine operations have been neglected to get it done and provide proof.

      • old guy

        Water is life, Do you resent that all your extra money & food stores where expended on your mother in law? How about if it was a complete stranger and the government forced you to expend all of your extra money & food stores on them? When whatever the something is coming you warn us to be prepared for gets here! What then? Will you expend your preps on a parasite who cant contribute? Or will you accept the reality its Root Hawg or die survival of the Fittest. meanest, craftiest and lucky?

    87. waterislife

      family is all to us, all others are not my concern. And no I do not resent it, because it gave her a fighting chance at life.

      Family is everything to me.

      My mother-in-law was a wonderful woman. They helped us when my husband I were laid off right after we got married with 2 young kids to feed. They took care of us until we got on our feet.

      It’s just life. Family is all you have.

      • old guy

        Ok . I believe even Noah only let his family aboard the ARK?

    88. old guy

      Pissed Off Granny says:
      Comment ID: 2500912

      October 1, 2013 at 8:12 pm

      Old Guy:

      One day on the ‘telly’ I saw crooked Charlie Rangel suggesting they should re-implement the draft.

      Suppose people are waking up to the fact that their kids are going to be “gun fodder” and the feds are going to have to institute the draft to get enough fodder for their world war 3?
      Yes I researched ole Charlie. He does want to reinstate the draft. The draft was nothing more than government sanctioned shanghi. The draftees where impressed to fight others wars. The doing away with the draft was a freedom reinstated. shure we need a army. I would rather be like the swiss where every citizen is a soldier. Every swiss citizen is trained and issued a rifle. When hitlers army approached the Swiss border his officers told the swiss king to surrender. The king refused. the german stated you better give up we have twice as many solders as you have citizens, The King replied that’s ok it will be over quickly each citizen will only have to shoot twice. the german army bypassed Switzerland.

    89. Hugh Mann

      Stop with all the fear porn. We all have choices to make. We can act like fucking savages, raping, killing and looting or we can all work together to make this world a better place without the parasitic elite. The choice is ours.

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