These 35 Minerals Are Absolutely Critical To U.S. Security

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    What do cobalt, uranium, helium, titanium, and fluorspar have in common?

    As Visual Capitalist’s Jeff Desjardins points out, according to the U.S. government, these are all minerals that are deemed critical to both the economic and national security of the country.

    The draft list of 35 critical minerals was released on February 16, 2018 as the result of President Trump’s Executive Order 13817, which asked the U.S. Department of the Interior and the Secretary of Defense to publish a list of mineral commodities that are vital to U.S. interests.

    Under the Executive Order, a critical mineral is defined as:

    A non-fuel mineral or mineral material essential to the economic and national security of the United States, the supply chain of which is vulnerable to disruption…

    The list includes minerals that are important for defense, economic, and industrial purposes – and it keys in especially on minerals that are not produced in substantial quantities domestically.

    Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

    Of course, some of these minerals could belong in multiple categories: for example, vanadium is used as a steel and titanium alloy strengthener, but also in rechargeable vanadium flow batteries.

    That said, the important commonality to note for all of these minerals is their crucial link to the U.S. economy and national security.


    Imagine the hypothetical impact of a lack of uranium for nuclear plants, a hampered ability to create high-strength steel and superalloys for the U.S. military, or if U.S. auto manufacturers had limited access to aluminum, steel, PGMs, and battery metals.

    The challenge, as U.S. federal authorities realize, is that many of these raw materials are produced in limited amounts domestically. In fact, according to the USGS, the country sources at least 31 of the aforementioned materials chiefly through imports.

    While it is unlikely that these supply chains would ever be disrupted, it’s never a bad idea to prepare for the worst-case scenario.


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      1. Western governments have been irresponsible in letting China dominate the ownership of some of these minerals.

        • Irresponsible my ass, they have been treasonous and sold it for their own profit.

        • The only metals essential to my security are lead, brass, steel, copper, gold, silver, and PGMS. 🙂

          • Wrong, you better look at what’s in primers, the tin in brass, the Chrome, Manganese, Nickel, Scandium, Vanadium in gun “Steel”, the Tungsten and Cobalt in tool steel and the rest. Lets not forget the Antimony and Tin in “lead” bullets. Forgetting the Al in light weight guns remember Beer cans.

      2. Minerals:

        Titanium pots are arguably the safest for health. They do not leach into food. But they are expensive.


      3. Nuclear plants are a detriment to life on Earth, who could argue against that with what just Fukushima alone has done to the Pacific Ocean? “Any shortage of this strategic resource constitutes vulnerability for the security and prosperity of the United States.” Aliens must be running this joint because that is pure poppycock.

      4. A good reminder article in that we as a nation must keep our resources for our own uses, acquire what we need and must have no matter the cost, prohibit by force if need be any other country from causing us to have any lack in such strategic needs.

      5. This is why China buys up all of our junked electronics to mine the presious metals out of. Eventually they will control most if not all of these metals.

      6. Both South and North America has enough minerals for their needs. Our problem is Democrats and politics that prevent us using what we have in our own back yards.

        • “Both N and S America have enough” Are you stupid or just nuts? Look into the truth for once in your life For example find out how much Scandium we produce, or rare earths. (Quick info: none, and one mine in the US (Mtn. Pass Ca, Shut in years ago just starting to maybe get back on)) I”m holding on my desk a chunk of rock from the only Platinum group mine in the US, Stillwater Montana, and that ore is processed in Russia because the EPA won’t allow it in US.

      7. I don’t know much about it, but I think Rothschild owns the land where minerals or water are, here in the USA and elsewhere. Rothschilds use other names such as Rockefeller, who is a Rothschild asset, and literally. The female Rothschilds marry wealthy men and the children have the name of their father.

        Their are a number of interesting videos on YouTube about the depth of Rothschild involvement in many things.

        This one is not religious despite the title.

        The Evil History of the House Of Rothschild (1743-2006) Satanic Devils Worship!

        The Rothschild Empire-The True Leaders of The Planet Earth
        Centrifu Galei 3&1/2 hrs.

        Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve
        corbettreport 1&1/2 hrs.

        Rothschild’s Water Wars, Vaccinations & Future Cities
        {I havn’t seen this one yet}

        The house of Rothschild-the Money’s prophets

        ? there is bound to be a lot of the same information repeated in these. But by repetition we become more certain of what we know. And I think we all need to know as much about the Rothschilds as we possibly can, seeing as they are the rulers of the world, top of the food chain. I think the Kardashians, rappers, movie stars, and celebrities just distract us from being interested in the really important people, the ones with real power to influence our lives. No one has more power than Rothschild and no one has more money.


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