There Were “Active Shooters On The Runway” Bombshell Air Traffic Control Audio From The Night Of The Las Vegas Massacre Reveals

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    The site of the Route 91 music festival mass shooting is seen outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

    In yet another striking example of a widespread cover-up currently underway regarding the worst mass shooting in American history, new air traffic control audio has been released that details the fact that there were multiple active shooters on the airports property which is extremely close to the venue where at least part of the attack took place.

    The audio recordings, taken from the night of the October 1st massacre that left 58 dead and over 500 injured, are further proof that multiple shooters were used throughout the area, a fact that directly contradicts the official story.

    During the air traffic control recordings, which were released by political strategist and co-founder of “The New Right” Mike Tokes, one of the dispatchers is heard telling an incoming plane that landing might not be a good idea because there were multiple active shooters on the airport property itself.

    “Shutting down might not be a good idea, there’s active shooters on the runway,” he declared. “The 19s are closed, we are in the process of trying to round them up, they are on the airport property.”

    This stunning tower audio once again provides proof that the entire narrative that claims that Stephen Paddock operated alone from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel is complete nonsense and that authorities are actually actively covering up what really happened on that fateful night.

    While there have been countless stories since the attack that raise the very real possibility that this was a false flag, one has stood out due to the fact that the person who released the information died shortly after.

    As Shepard Ambellas reported in a now viral article, “Kymberley Suchomel, who posted her eyewitness account of the Las Vegas massacre in astonishingly vivid detail to her Facebook page on Oct. 4, subsequently passed away in her home on Oct. 9 from what reports are claiming are natural causes.”

    “Shockingly, just days before her death, Suchomel posted key details about the shooting to Facebook that contradicted the official narrative which claims that Stephen Paddock was the lone gunman.”

    From dozens of eyewitness reports, including Suchomel’s, that clearly indicate the presence of multiple shooters, to the possibility of helicopters being used in the attack, the American people are clearly not being told the truth.

    It is also important to keep in mind that multiple investigative reports conducted by other alternative media outlets have actually named government officials and private companies that may be behind the attack and so far there has been no official denial from either.


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      1. They have been doing this stuff so much for so long that they have gotten sloppy.

        • No, They’ve always been sloppy.

          Here’s where they screwed up:
          They gave us cell phones and the internet with the intent to spy on us. What they didn’t anticipate was everyone walking around with a camera/video recorder for people to document events that disprove the mainstream propaganda. Secondly, they never anticipated the birth of the alternate media that sprang up through the internet. (They have been trying desperately to censor it since.. )

          • JFK wanted to break up the CIA into a million pieces and scatter them into the wind. There has been an internal conspiracy against the American people to destroy America with endless costly wars, loss of Freedoms and devision using hate. And its working. Do you have a full belly full of this yet?

            • Hillary built this.

              • Whats going on in the world it´s way bigger than Hillary, she is just a puppet for the real powers behind the curtains. The persons behind the curtains are in the banking industri, Big oil industry, the military industrial complex, in big pharma, in (eu)genetics industri, politics, secret societies like the Freemasons and others.

                It is a big gang of criminals who are trying to implement a One World Government through the United Nation and then using their powers to put a global technocracy governance in place for the world where the population a demandesd to implant a RFID-chip or get kicked out of the economic system. With the help of the trojan horses Agenda 2021 and 2030 they will take all the privately and state owned property and put it in a environment fund called The World conservation Fund, created by Edmond De Rothschild. He talked about it in the World Wilderness Congress.

          • They’re getting more reckless and bold. Technology is throwing them curse balls. Fracking is a contributor to the abandonment of the oil peg. Certainly mass communication and recording beyond their micro management is too. Regardless they’re getting bolder.

            • Curve balls not curse balls

              • I bet the ptb are cursing, right about now.

        • The propaganda to paint Paddock as psychologically unstable, and depressed for two years of losing video poker has begun but fails to understand that an accountant probably understands the odds better than the average Joe or Jane.

          Also losing 3% of millions of dollars every year is a small price to pay for laundering that money. 🙂

          • I have read reports documenting seven distinct shooters in the Vegas massacre. They cannot hide this False Flag there are two many witnesses, human and digital. The Deep State is not as clever as they think they are.

            Time for a Congressional Inquiry by Trey Gowdy. 🙂

            • DK

              So far they’re batting thousand. Being clever isn’t what keeps them in power, control over media, institutions and academia along with a public that is far more willing to ignore reality than confront evil keeps them in power.

              • “So far they’re batting thousand.”

                K2, I’m not buying that percentage. Americans are (finally) awake and aware and the bungled job by the Deep State in Vegas has only made them more so, while the LSM weaves a narrative that reasonable men and women recognize to be complete fantasy.

                The release of the JFK files have only CONFIRMED what most thinking Americans have believed for decades: that Oswald was not a lone gunman and there is no such thing as a “magic bullet”.

                If that hasn’t been enough to catch the attention of intelligent men and women in America, the strange and unusual fires in Napa that only burn structures and cars from the inside out, but not the grass and trees in the backyard of these homes staggers the imagination.

                A Fire Captain in the area who trains other fire captains says that these homes were destroyed by an “energy beam weapon” (caught on tape) that burnt holes THROUGH engine blocks. Curiously, this type of destruction was predicted in 2011 by an activist in the area who initiated the backlash against PG&E for smart meter installation. She claimed then that PG&E was owned by Rothschild.

                Just a coincidence I’m sure. 🙂

          • Been living in Las Vegas and going to the casinos to gamble for over 10 years, so I know a lot of gamblers. Not one of them has heard of or met Stephen Paddock, we have been asking each other. Someone dealing with large amounts of money tends to get spotted. Possible he went to different places a lot and dressed down to avoid being noticed, as in hos pictures. The casinos will say that this guy played all this money, but did he? Why have casinos been loose with amounts he gambled but tight with pictures. Shouldn’t that be the reverse?

        • or, it’s bullshit

      2. Kevin2-That is true sloppy and the lies to cover it up even sloppier. Who masterminded this? And why?

        • It got the Hearing Protection Act bill (Democrats hated it and didn’t have the votes to stop it) shelved when the shooting of Congressmen in DC failed to do so.

        • No……. call me contrary; but, it was not sloppy as meaning ‘not done to proper form’. Just the opposite. It was done in a fashion where it can easily be questioned and proven to be false compared to the MSM narrative. Why? Because the more they learn how much they can get away with due to the flat-out sheep-like mentality of the American people, the more they will ramp up the onslaught of change that they desire. Soon I predict we will see entirely false reports that totally fly in the face of the reality and we will be told to accept whatever moment by moment new take on an event they want us to. It will eventually get to the point that the stories will change so rapidly that in short order the very worst news will just be ignored while the public awaits whatever the next titillating blurb that comes. Ignorance is truth.

      3. This lone gunman is the end deal. Completely wrapped up as concert goers ran for their lives and were confused. Move along, Next. Oswald fired the magic bullet.

        • Unrelated:
          The chump who ragged on Sarah Huckabee Sanders about weight may actually have a point. She has probably put on a few pounds since taking the job because of wusses like him. She eats their lunch on a regular basis. Glad to see she’s not afraid of the “protected classes”.
          She’s cute, but obviously has more balls than this beta/girly man.

      4. To play the devils advocate, if I was airport security and shooting broke out on an airport border, I’d send armed security and call it an active shooter. This would mean only airport security along that border should be present, anyone else is a target.

        To warn planes away from those runways makes perfect sense.

        The active shooter warning to pilots means they just turned every pilot and copilot into airborn security spotters.

        I’m not sure I’d read more into this.

        • yup yup!

      5. According to the LV Review Journal last week there
        was one shooter caught at the Tropicana. Nobody
        is reporting anything coming out of the Casino’s.

        It also said a Mr. & Mrs. Carver who survived the LV
        mass shooting, told friends on facebook, that they saw
        multiple shooters that night. Three days later they
        were killed 1/4 mile from their home when their
        Mercedes car crashed and burned.

        Sounds like their car was tampered with somewhere.
        Starting to sound more and more like an Antifa communist
        Anti gun setup.
        There were scheduled gun shows in the area at that time.

      6. I want to know who wiped the cell phones clean?
        Who had access to them?
        Who gave them back to the people?

        Did the FBI/CIA / Police use signal blockers
        in helicopters, ground, Casino’s?

        The LV Review reported they caught one suspect at
        the Tropicana……anyone else hear about that?
        All crickets now.

      7. I’m a pilot. If I heard that there were “active shooters on the other runways” you can bet your last dollar that I AM NOT GOING TO LAND AT THAT AIRPORT, even if they are on the “other” runways. DUH.

      8. On the other hand, a reenactment of The JFK assassination in a different place, more shooters, but still the same idea, paint it all on a stooge pigeon.

      9. Difficult to believe there would be shooters “on-the-runway” in a secure patrolled area. It’s possible they might set up on airport property – once you get an employee badge you could do it. More likely is a report from somewhere on the airport grounds by employees or security guards of shots being fired – maybe even some at the tower, planes, etc.

      10. This isn’t exactly “Breaking News”.

        Reported over a week ago.

      11. I remember an emergency I was involved in with the health service. Army told us to close hospital due to mustard gas shell from WW2 had been found. On the TV news it said WW2 bomb found, no mention of mustard gas

      12. We regret to inform those still concerned about the las vegas shooting that the country has been made to move on from the most vicious domestic shooting in its history and onto more important things like did some nobody from the trump campaign try to impress trump with some ideas he drew up on a napkin about Russia.

      13. This Vegas incident was during some type of drill right? The drill being to kill as many Americans as you can, shooting gallery style. Onward Christian soldiers where a terrorist lurks around every corner. Life is like a box of poop chocolate covered into small bite sized pieces.

      14. When people can pull off this shooting event and have the truth covered reveals criminality on the who shot JFK level. These continuing staged mass murder events are bunching closer to frequently occurring. The pace is quickening as freedom is vanishing. The media moves on anxiously awaiting the next terror episode.

        • aljamo

          The frequency and scope is increasing. The question I have been asking myself is why? For years they moved forward far more stealthily; they now abandoned it for expediency. Are “they” TPTB pressured because they think a public awakening is coming or is it just that they are embolden because they believe that their control is sufficient to thwart any investigation with teeth? Maybe some of both? Regardless they’re operating differently then they did a couple of decades ago and if one trended it the rate and magnitude is increasing.

      15. This was no drill, people! Those that spread those lies
        are probably working for the same Communist team.
        There is NO proof that Paddock shot himself….none!
        Only forensic exam could prove that and there was NO
        forensic exam on the floor of that hotel room. Lombardo
        gave his opinion, or that of his handlers…….not proof!
        There was dried blood (black blood) under Paddock’s
        head indicating he had laid there for several hours to
        possibly a day before the photo was taken. There was no
        autopsy at the scene.

        This is all kept hush hush by the gambling industry and law
        enforcement. They want to control the narrative so they keep
        every detail quiet. No names, nothing, it didn’t happen.
        Don’t close your eyes on this one, or there will be more.

        People died, so many witnesses, so much cover up…..
        This is huge and (((they))) don’t want us to know!

        There are billions of dollars at stake here and some big
        NAMES paid for it…….(like G. Soreass, HC, BO, and many others.)

      16. LV Review has filed a lawsuit against all records
        filed concerning the LV mass shooting Oct. 1.
        All requests have been denied so far. Other
        major news have done the same. Denied.

        Freedom of information is a public right.
        Taxpayer money pays their wages, they
        work for US! We have a RIGHT to know WHAT
        (((they))) know, and what and whom they are investigating.

        LV review says if Paddock was a ‘lone gunman’ there
        is absolutely no reason to hide anything, now that he is

        Good point LVRJ!

      17. Does evidence exist of an aircraft, labeled as a passenger jet, traveling very slow and “hovering” over the Mandalay Bay?

        Are there reports of possible gunfire coming from a helicopter at some point during the incident?

        Is it possible, in theory, that the “gunmen,” reported at the airport are related to this?

      18. There’s an article on SOTN reprint that the FBI had 30 agents staying at the Mandalay Bay casino during this ff. These bastards need to hang.

      19. Dear author;

        Why do you left-handedly support the Official Lie regarding all the dead and wounded?


        Nearly 600 injured – yet not one worsened or died?

        100% absolutely impossible.

        Not even CLOSE to reality.

        Can you provide Death Certificates? Any Funeral Notices?

        No? WELL, NO ONE ELSE HAS, EITHER – and THEY are looking – not just parroting nonsense.

        ‘If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem’

        While I absolutely applaud this revelation, STOP PARROTING MSM’s lies within the truth.

      20. Occams;
        You are an idiot!
        There is plenty of proof if you search for it.
        Problem is, you read all the keyboard jockeys, Farcebook,
        Utube, Fakechecks and other non-fact news accounts
        of what happens in the world, and never seach for the
        truth yourself. There isn’t enough space on here to lay
        all the information in your lap.
        People died….have a little respect to those who lost loved
        ones. Pray for them….that those responsible for this….hang
        from the highest tree.

        TPTB are hiding the facts because there are billions of dollars
        at stake here and everyone is covering their own butts.
        “The Deep Criminals” are in danger of being exposed and ((((blowing up))))
        their HOLD on LV. and even this country.

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