“There Is Something Changing In The Market” – CEO Hints Of Massive Shortages As Tech Manufacturers Are Now Going Direct To Mining Companies In Search of Silver

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    If there’s one thing we know about precious metals, it’s that everyone has an opinion about how gold and silver will behave as we delve deeper into global economic crisis. So, who better to give us a bit of perspective than the Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s largest primary silver producers?

    Keither Neuemyer, who has been an outspoken critic of rampant price manipulation on commodity exchanges is the CEO of First Majestic Silver and the Chairman of precious metals mineral bank First Mining Finance. His latest revelation suggests that despite billions of dollars being traded daily on paper exchanges, physical silver supplies around the world have tightened to such an extent that manufacturers have been left with no choice but to come directly to mining companies to acquire the precious metal for their high-tech products. With this in mind, and the fact that silver demand today is greater than when it was trading at nearly $50 in April of 2011, one can’t help but think that based strictly on the fundamentals we should see a much higher price in coming months and years.

    We got approached by an electronics manufacturing company that manufacturers cell phones and computers about four weeks ago… There were three of them in the meeting and they wanted to bid on our silver… It’s the first time in the fourteen years that I’ve been with First Majestic that we’ve ever been contacted by an electronics manufacturer… That tells me there is something changing in the market.

    Full interview via Future Money Trends:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Despite the supply demand fundamentals clearly indicating prices should be significantly higher, Neumeyer understands that this isn’t always the driving force behind market moves.

    I don’t think it’s supply demand fundamentals… You can’t tell me for a second that when silver was trading at $50 in April of 2011 that the demand for silver was greater than it is today. Actually, silver demand at current levels at $16-$17 is greater today than it was when silver was at $50.

    So, if the price was impacted by supply/demand fundamentals silver would be trading at much, much higher prices than it is today.

    And fundamentally, Neumeyer doesn’t even consider silver a precious metal, but rather, a strategic metal that is absolutely necessary for the modern age and one that is a lot more rare than most people understand.

    This is what I don’t really get and this goes to the pure rarity of the metal… I look at silver as a strategic metal not a precious metal because it is so required for the human race for everything we do on a daily basis… and people don’t really understand that… nothing of yours would work…  your computer… your cell phone… everything requires silver.

    Right now, for every ounce of gold we’re mining only nine ounces of silver. So that would suggest we should be trading at 9-to-1… So at $1200 gold that would be $140 silver or so… If you just look at what we’re mining today that’s where silver should be trading… and we’re trading at 75-to-1.

    I just don’t think that ratio can last.

    Fundamentals aside, looking strictly at gold’s monetary position in the world as the only physical currency available to central banks, Neumeyer explains that while average investor sentiment remains muted, the big players, including financial institutions and some of the world’s most well known investors, are already anticipating the fall out:

    I’m a big bull on gold [and silver]. I think that we’re going to see a major reset in the world… It’s coming, maybe not to mainstream thinking, but definitely in some of the upper circles… it’s pretty well understood that the debt in the world is never going to be paid off.

    We have to have some kind of major reset that is likely going to include gold… The Americans have the largest hoard of gold and to pay off their debts they’re going to need probably north of $10,000 gold, which I think will happen.

    I’ve been quoted many times saying I expect to see triple digit silver… that’s assuming gold doesn’t move. If gold goes to $10,000… silver will be some ridiculous number… it could even be $1000 silver.

    And like China, Russia and investment fund managers positioning themselves for when this reset does come to pass, Neumeyer’s First Mining Finance has been rapidly acquiring gold and silver mining assets around the world, to the tune of some 15,000,000 ounces.

    As crisis accelerates and physical demand becomes so overwhelming that paper markets can no longer contain it, the broader sentiment of market participants will drive the next bull market, a trend that according to Neumeyer has already started:

    It was almost like it was this last capitulation of selling that took place at the beginning of the year.

    Then all of a sudden there were no sellers left. Gold started to get a bit of a bid… then due to all the talk about negative interest rates… and some very influential and large well known players started to come into the sector and the press started covering some of these investors who were coming into gold… 

    There were a lot of things that suggested the sector had bottomed… all of a sudden there was this huge rush of money… it was like there was all this money sitting on the sidelines waiting for a reason to buy gold and silver mining stocks… and it just all happened…

    I’ve never seen such a broad-based move in such a short period of time… It was pretty dramatic.

    I’m hearing from a lot of big institutions that they completely missed this move… this correction is well welcomed by many of these big investors because this is their opportunity to start coming into this market in advance of the next big move. 

    While we may not be able to time markets, we can certainly identify trends.

    If you’ve been paying attention then you have no doubt noticed that investors big and small are realizing that when the economic, monetary and financial systems detonate on a global scale there will be only one safe haven asset class left to preserve and grow wealth.

    You can learn more about Keith Neumeyer’s First Mining Finance mineral bank and the various mining projects they are involved in by clicking here.

    For more interview likes this one visit Future Money Trends.



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      1. Meanwhile, silver is back down to ~$16.00 / oz.

        Wish I had a few more worthless FRNs to trade.

        • same here. I buy a bit of silver when I can.. gold is a rarity because of the cost. Plus, I think silver will see a bigger increase, plus in a SHTF scenario it should be much easier to barter with than gold. I have some gold ETFs in my retirement account too. I’ll add a little whenever i can.

          • You guys might want to spend a few minutes and watch this video. Many nuggets of info in this video.

            US Seizing Gold And Silver Mines Across America


            • SIXPACK:

              Did he say “China took over The Fed”?

              Talk about tossing a hot potato. Now what? This is some bad happenings. Fed Gov closing down metals mines, polluting water with Nuclear waste, and Los Angeles is radio active Cancer spot.

              Any other bad news?

              • Plenty.

        • I don’t have a truck to back up (or the money to fill it). But if I did I would! At this point there is no way i am buying any investments except precious metals (and of course regular preps and such)

          • I have some spare cash but can’t put it towards silver right now because I’ve been a victim of the (very false) unemployment numbers for the last 2 months.

            The company I worked for is an OEM in the semiconductor industry and I was the Sourcing Manager. When I refused to travel to China to teach them what I know about machining difficult parts they laid me off due to “lack of work”, even though I continued to save them around $1,000,000.00 USD each year I was there.

            It’s ok, I got a sweet severance package and more importantly, I sleep better at night knowing I’m not part of the off-shoring effort any more.

            • You should have gone and taught them every wrong way possible to do the process.

              • You should have gone there and partied hard, got some local ladies and enjoyed yourself. You have no idea what you missed!

                • I think everybody should own some mining stocks, Preferably, Eldorado Gold (EGO) and Silver Wheaton (SLW) They “could” triple in the next week. Trekker Out. No Hidden Agenda Here!

                • TnAndy, that’s frickin brilliant! 🙂

                  Frank, I had the opportunity in the Philippines 4 years ago, but I’m happily married and am not “that” guy.

            • Sorry to hear that, but your job probably wasn’t going to last long anyhow. As soon as you trained enough Chinese, they would have replaced you with one of the people you just trained. I only wish more people would just walk out instead of training their replacements.

              • I knew it wasn’t going to last long, but I figured since I was still saving them about a million a year they’d keep me on board for a couple more years. I’m glad they made up my mind for me.

            • Thank you good sir

        • Regardless of Silver’s Price, I have not lost a single physical ounce.

          A nice size Doe wandered in today about 40 yrds from my door. Kinda of strange for 1:30 pm. See, it so quiet back in my place, very peaceful, they feel comfortable. Maybe looking for a place to drop a fawn.. They have births in July here in FL as well as Jan.

          I also got a great laser bore sight for my Crossbow. The laser light screws right on the end of the arrow bolt. Amazing, when I loaded it, held it up at the bulls eye, the laser was pointing right at the hole 2 inches right and 2.5 inches up. Right where my last bolt flew. Wow just a few adjustments to my scope to bring it in to center, and bingo dead on. 385-FPS crossbow will be a great SHTF Tool. Razor broadheads. Bring it.


          • I love my crossbow.



























          • Acid, I saw the article at The Daily Sheeple about that censorship crap. I won’t follow it. If anyone wants to penalize me for my speech, they attempt it at their own peril.

        • Boyo, was that a couple of trolls?

      2. A good Article, How the 1970’s Energy Shortage Crisis was a payback to the US for Supporting Israel. Our Government Sold us out to support Zionist Israel. Read below: And the birth of the Petro Dollar. We can thank Tricky Dickhead Nixon for this mess.

        The Saudi ruling elite, and lays out the history of how the petrodollar was born.

        Here is the background:

        It was July 1974. A steady predawn drizzle had given way to overcast skies when William Simon, newly appointed U.S. Treasury secretary, and his deputy, Gerry Parsky, stepped onto an 8 a.m. flight from Andrews Air Force Base. On board, the mood was tense. That year, the oil crisis had hit home. An embargo by OPEC’s Arab nations—payback for U.S. military aid to the Israelis during the Yom Kippur War—quadrupled oil prices. Inflation soared, the stock market crashed, and the U.S. economy was in a tailspin.

        The rest of the story: ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-31/secret-story-how-saudi-petrodollar-deal-was-born

        ~WWTI… Sellouts need to be hanged. Or Impeached.

        • Rather see’em hanged or impaled.

          • If memory serves, the ‘petrodollar’ came into being ‘whenever’, and at that time all of our allies trusted The USA to “keep their monies safe” in our ‘invincible banks’ …then our politicians plundered and spent ALL OF THEIR MONEY AND OURS TOO. This is the reason for everyone wanting OUT of the petrodollar, which would be devastating to the economy, and Obama has arranged for a large part of it (though Bush and one other before him (at least) got it all rolling to ‘fuck’ our allies.
            Now, they want us dead (not so much our politicians but we the people …cuz we have the guns that can kill them if wanted to invade, which they do, but are still waiting on Obama to disarm us as none of them wish to be killed and not live in total luxury.

            We can defend our country at all costs, and none are too large as compared to the total loss (as some here would love to have you believe, or think). America is still intact enough to withstand about anything barring natural disaster, which is unpredictable at best.
            When people like Soros pay millions to go into The USA to “act” and disrupt …then they AND Soros should ‘take the heat’ full-face for daring to do such a thing.

            We need a LOT of lines to rig millions of ‘nooses’…

      3. Just bought 1000 oz’s, took out a loan for it. Shits heavy.

        • Yep 62.5 Lbs for 1000 Rounds. My stacking plan is to acquire 100 Lbs of rounds. They will spend great. Swap 1 Oz for a case of beer, at today price.

          ~WWTI… When the paper manipulators run, dry Silver will sling shoot up to $30 Oz. Electronics manufactures are going strait to the Miners for the Silver now. Its getting tight for physical silver. They are selling plenty of the paper silver IOU’s down by the Brooklyn bridge.

        • Fecal, how much does a 1000oz bar weight?

          • 28.35kg

            • Wrong, Troy Ox is not the same size as Avd OZ. 31.105 gr in Troy Oz if I remember correctly.

      4. So… what’s wrong with this picture? Dollar strengthening and gold and silver tanking again. Yuan devaluation? Yellen saying, “hike,hike”. Euro circling the porcelain bowl of oblivion should Britain exit the EU. When the pendulum swings to cheaper silver, I buy some. To me, it is irresponsible NOT to. This is also the club’s way to boost housing sales (loans) by scaring everybody into thinking they’d better get on the low interest bandwagon before that window closes. Well, that’s working… for now. But again, as in automobiles, the lenders are making loser loans- why????
        Come on, take the money and run. Trying to squeeze every last cent out of people before they crash this rotten system. Deutsche wants to give “donors” 5% if they let them use their money for a few months. I used to make that much in low risk CDs. If Deutsche doesn’t do a big black swan dive in a few months it will only be because the money masters want to keep it around as a whipping boy or distraction. The price of RE is going to crash again. Along with that, the tax base because, as demonstrated in the last crash, the banks and the municipalities really don’t know what to do with all those empty, rotting hulks and really can’t deny the fact that property values go down when nobody is buying.
        Houses are selling like hotcakes in my area. But, there are also empty, unoccupied houses sitting curiously in the midst of an RE faultline. These homes are quietly ignored by people in the area, but I suspect that is convenient for the agents here. Those are the leftover victims of the last crash. Aargh. Time to search the tax base and put the fiat into hard assets.

      5. This time of year the price always gets weak.

        I see the same old paper shares being shorted game to drive the price down, it makes the dollar look better.

        A look at the chart for the SLV and I see a great head and shoulders pattern that says silver is going down for a time.

        I’m thinking the next few months may be the last that silver sells at such lows.

        World consumption of silver now exceeds mining production by a fair amount. The only way they are meeting demand is by people in financial trouble selling jewelry and grandmas silver to be melted down.

      6. I seem to be back in the moderation loop. This is only a test———–Two older Jewish guys who haven’t seen each other meet up. One still lives in New York and the other has moved to Miami. The one from New York says ” Hey Youda, how are things in Miami?” Youda answers, Wonderful, We just went through a hurricane and I really cashed in on insurance. Heime from New York answers, ” How do you start a hurricane?

        • That should read haven’t seen each other in a while

      7. Mr Mac;
        Why am I back in moderation? Have I been bad?

        • Skeptic, I know you may be skeptical about my response, but we have no moderation requirements attached to your user profile. Not sure why AKISMET is forcing your comments into the moderation queue. Hopefully it’ll “trust” you soon 🙂

          Thanks for your patience.


      8. and yet ANOTHER red flag

        Big Trump checks to vets groups sent on day of media report

        h ttp://bigstory.ap.org/article/44c48343f6244ea58768180a94d09429/trump-detail-fundraising-veterans-charities

        “the Donald” is NOT what he seems

        is anything about this guy real ???

        • Don’t worry….’they’ plan to trot out another Ross Perot so we can get another Clinton in the white house.

          Bill got in with 43% of the popular vote in 1992 because Ross “None-of-the-Above” Perot got 19% as a 3rd party candidate.

          Bush The Eder was about as popular as Trump due to his “read my lips, no new taxes” pledge he later violated.

          You’re about to see history repeated.

          • and why does it seem that when history repeats itself, the PRICE always goes UP? i WILL back up the truck if silver gets much under 13.

      9. US Geological Survey said years back silver would be the first metal to go ‘extinct’, and they said by 2020 if I recall the report right. I assume by extinct, they meant not found in deposit large enough to economically mine.

        Silver is one of the most useful of metals…..everything from the contacts on the lighting switch on your wall to cell phones to smart bombs to anti-fungal socks to bandages, to photographic paper, to air filters, to ball bearing coatings, to solar panels (large panel uses 2/3oz each)….the list goes on and on…..and new uses found all the time.

        It’s fair to say our modern world simply wouldn’t look near the same without silver.

        Put silver away for money if the world goes to crap. Put silver away for it’s industrial use if the world doesn’t go to crap. This is one long term play you simply can’t lose out on.

        • Silver is often a byproduct of othe metals mining. Current refining methods let them separate it out. Mine for lead, zinc, copper, gold etc and you also get silver.

          With the worldwide collapse of retail, manufacturing and the commodities they consumed has also reduced dramatically the amount of silver that is available because all mining is down.

          Since silver is only a trace metal in some of these ores, the loss adds up and is significant. There are few “just silver” mines in the world.

        • Not so long ago a mining company found a large new deposit of silver. In South America and the company stock went up. USA watchdog I think was talking about it.

        • It would be pretty smart to buy pallets of Large Solar Panels now at today’s prices. They come with a 25 year warranty. Imagine after an EMP what price you could sell them for. Or keep a lot of them for yourself to run all your BOL Compound for years and as backups. Better than Gold. I need more storage area for this. I’ll get on that..


          • After an EMP fries everything those solar panels along with the pallets they are packed on will only be useful as walls and the roof of emergency shelter.

            • That’s BS JIM. An EMP only fries components that have electrical current flowing through them. Solar Panels wrapped on a pallet DONT SUDDENLY BLOW UP B/C of an EMP. DONT BE A UNINFORMED MORON AGAIN JIM.


      10. I really wish the Mac would take up baking. This mess would be a lot easier to swallow. Precious metals will be worthless after teotwawki-necoba. Spend your money on something to eat or purchase something to help you protect what you have to eat. Virtually every Jew that died in Hitler’s camps had gold hidden somewhere. Every Native American that was killed by the Christians walked over gold and silver each day. Precious metals…stupid indeed!

        • True: the Jews who survived and thrived were the ones who had ‘suction’: the scientists, the academics, the filmmakers, singers, musicians – something to offer and start working right away. Most had to flee with just a suitcase and that was it.

          The Muslim refugees who will do well will be the modern, educated ones who are ambitious. The rest will not because they are dumb, programmed to follow the word of Allah and the power of their dicks (rape and breeding).

          • Ditto, Frank. You cannot eat gold or silver. You may likely be able to BUY or barter what you need for a time, but as supply tightens and nothing is getting replaced, even gold and silver will NOT make folks part with precious commodities like food, water and ammo.
            I trust food, water, ammo and medicine more than I trust precious metals.

        • Ok, that’s funny shit I don’t care WHO you are. LMFAO!

      11. just like the name says, watch out, that is all i see coming – turds on the horizon

      12. The older 90% US silver coins are nice to collect also, but compared to prices about 15 years ago at flea markets and coin shops those prices have gone up rapidly. I bought about 40 walking liberty half dollars at a flea market for $2 a piece in fine condition. Also coin magazines then had good coins at great prices from seller ads, brilliant uncirculated quarters from the 40s and 50s for under $3 each. I also picked up BU Franklin halves for 4-6 dollars at coin shops. These prices are way higher now. Those buys are gone today.

      13. My aunt is in sales. She supplies major industrial corps with equipment needed for retrofit. Think 3000psi valves and couplings for fracking industry, us corps of engineers and others. The parent office does $2m a month in sales. Last 3 months…$500k. She does $200k a month. Down to $100-$150k. One of her customers is a company with river boats that carry cargo up and down MS River only 2 of 26 boats have work. Major slowdown across all their business over 3 months. Heads up y’all.

        • Thanks for the report from the field.

      14. a judge has forced “the Donald” to air some of his dirty laundry
        and he ain’t happy

        Inside The Trump University ‘Playbook’

        h tp://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-university-playbook_us_574dff7ee4b0af73af95b726

        just a taste

        “In 2012, Ronald Schnackenberg, a former sales manager at Trump University, testified that he’d been “reprimanded for not pushing a financially struggling couple hard enough to sign up for a $35,000 real estate class,” even though he believed the class would do more financial harm than good for the couple, according to The New York Times.

        “I believe that Trump University was a fraudulent scheme,” Schnackenberg wrote in his testimony, according to the Times, “and that it preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money.”

        • I wish this stuff had come out much earlier in the primaries. Now we have to hope it doesn’t put Hillary in the White House. Then again, nothing really seems to affect Trump’s poll numbers, so who knows?

          • Winston
            Drumpf is such an obvious con man and blowhard no one thought he mattered. Guess there is no such thing as so obvious a con that a good portion of Americans can’t be bamboozled by it. So many folks are working so hard at getting fooled by Drumpf, they beg on their knees… a pretty picture to the Donald.

            • Rebecca, have you got a better candidate in mind?
              (of the 2 choices)
              Yes or no would suffice.

              • zip, I thought so.
                You do have a liberal streak. Hillary’s your gal, right?

        • I think every university is fraudulent to the extent that they offer degrees that don’t lead to jobs, and grossly overcharge to do it.

      15. One thing easily readable about Clinton or Trump is that they both intend to follow the move towards a single dictator calling the shots as the head puppet. Clankton with her subdued evil slimyness and Drumpf with his blowhard mafiaesque belligerence. Two disgusting sellouts of the American majority, the people. I don’t think it could sink any lower, that is this total shit presented as presidential material.

      16. Might be trying to cut out the middle man. We all look for a bargain.

      17. So I’ve been trying to find new automobile without smartphone interfacing. Well I don’t think they make any car without it. I’m not in the market to buy a car it’s just I thought people should know big brother has snooping technology installed in every new vehicle. People need to boycott buying new cars with this installed as factory equipment. It is in the sticker price so your paying for your car to help gov spy on you. Fucking crazy shit is being pushed on everyone. They are pushing people to embrace technology. Cel phone guy seen my cheap flip phone and tried to sell me a smart phone. I told him I was fine he looked at me like I had two heads. Soon you won’t be able to get a cheap cell phone they will only sell smart phones to be linked into your car. It’s where we are going and idiots want it. Do a search for new cars without smartphone linkup. You will get only cars with it. We are told what’s good for us and we don’t have our own mind or right to decide for ourselves.

        • Asshat, just forget the new cars. You can get a decent used car for around $4000-$5000 and it will have less electronics than the new ones. My old Honda Odyssey has only 10% of the electronics the new ones have and I only paid $1800 for it. Use cash and don’t even have a stinking car note hanging over your head.

        • I just watched a guy on a tech show last night report about grave security risks with almost all networked things, in particular, things that don’t contain a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. These things include remote dimmable light bulbs, remote speakers, remote-controlled window shades, etc.

          He said that those things are meant to be hooked up to your home wifi using your smartphone.

          To connect to your smartphone, the thing sets up its own wifi hot spot. You connect to that hot spot with your smartphone, tell the thing your wifi password, and then the thing can connect to your wifi and be controlled through any of your computers or phones.

          What isn’t told to end users is that the thing’s hot spot is never deleted. It has no password, or it has username “admin” and password “admin.” This means a hacker can easily access that hot spot, find your wifi password, and then get into your wifi and home network.

          The tech guy said that of all the companies that have been informed of this problem, none of them have fixed it.

          So I’m not buying any smart gadgets at all. I’ll continue opening and closing the shades myself, and if I want to know what’s in the fridge, I’ll just open the door and look instead of punching it up on my smartphone like I just saw on TV. I won’t be buying a smart TV either.

          • Go Linux, and yes they make software for the new Smartphones (or it is said they do), and run FULL encryption (makes LUKS look like cave-writing).
            We do not use any cell phones, but the car does have OnStar …and that’s bad enough (so the antenna is covered in 1/4 inch of lead rendering it useless. Otherwise, they can monitor and control many, many circuits in your vehicle …including turning OFF the motor, turn off your ABC braking system, turning off your Automatic/Standard transmission and ‘three-way’ rearend (2010 Caddy CTS and CTS-V). Newer ones are far worse so we are sticking with what’s paid for and hoping to trade DOWN if the opportunity presents itself. If not, a day will come that THAT car will never again have a battery to feed ANY juice to it. We prefer the Jeep for a myriad of reasons that are not brain benders.

      18. Aljamo, your probably right.. I like Trump, I support what he is doing and believe that his goals for he country is legit and was told by my sources that he is the real deal.. only one problem.. why did he call Edward Snowden a traitor for outing the fact that Americans are being spied on and our phones tapped and the fact that citizens are being tracked…He said that traitors like Snowden should be executed..So who is Donald Trump really supporting. Is he trying to work up the American people for a fall, paving the way for a hillary presidency.. The a media keeps telling us that Trump will not be president.. They seem to really confident that this is the case. In all seriousness, the future can change and a Trump could win but I just don’t see it happening and their is enough evidence that something big is abut or happen on a negative scale.. If things work out and I am proven wrong, no collapse civil war, now ww3, no collapse, no mass die out, no WWZ, then I am happy with the results and we get to live a good life, I would be happy.. By reality has kicked in and what I have heard is that things are not looking good. Because the ingredients are there and the military equipment keeps rolling into our cities in mass is for a reason.. so it’s hard to see a good future..it’s too soon to prove me wrong… I am really worried about the things I have been told.


      19. *** H1N1 UPDATE *****

        it’s still out there

        Brazil: H1N1 has already made nearly 700 dead

        h ttp://www.ennaharonline.com/en/news/12385.html

      20. I just read an opinion piece that said the DNC might be moving toward Sanders a little, especially if he comes out ahead in California. The piece also said there’s still a chance that the DNC might draft Biden and make Elizabeth Warren his VP to help win over Sanders supporters.

      21. Hmmm. If you do not have the bucks to get your own ‘loose’ powder, primers and bullets now you may consider making your own blackpowder and putting it away (while it is still safe to have a fire, to make charcoal (for one). Or at least get what lead and whatnots you can while they are still available to get. Better safe than sorry.

        • Don’t make and store any significant quantity of black powder. It’s too unstable.

          There are many regulations on storing and allowable quantities of smokeless and black powder. They are comprised of federal and state law plus fire protection codes. You must comply with all. The amount you can store is also restricted by how you store it.

          Regs are stricter on black powder than smokeless powder because of the danger level. In my state you can have an absolute max of up to 100 pounds of smokeless powder, but only 50 pounds of black powder.

          Temper this with it being stored in a proper container that meets federal, state and fire protection requirements, which vary with quantity. I believe the limit for all powder in my state is 20 pounds, if it’s just in its original container sitting on a shelf in your house.

          Build a wood box with no ferrous metal parts, that has a minimum 1 inch thick walls, floor and lid and you can store much more. (No ferrous metal parts means you can use hardware made of brass, copper, bronze that won’t spark if struck).

          I would store primers in a separate box from powder.

          I don’t see limits on storage of black powder components, though they likely exist?

      22. would we be surprised if in the not too distant future all silver mines in this country were nationalized in the interests of “national security”? Next, slave miners..

      23. 4 pre 1965 quarters and 4 pre 65 silver dimes makes one ounce of silver! See if you can get all of them for less than an ounce round. If you can, buy all you can.

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