There Is No Way Around It: “The Manner In Which We Live Today Is About To Drastically Change”

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    Editor’s Note: The following article from Brandon Smith of Alt Market is a continuation of his series One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes (Part 1). As Brandon points out, the economic data being disseminated to the public is full of lies and half truths, and any meaningful information is often obfuscated from the general public. While claims of 5.5% unemployment are met with cheers on both Wall Street and Main Street, the reality of the situation is that our economic system is collapsing in its entirety because fully one-third of our available  workforce is producing absolutely nothing. This, coupled with massive personal debt for everything from homes to student loans, is the reason behind the collapse within which we currently find ourselves.

    Brandon Smith once again puts forth a succinct and irrefutable analysis that explains why the life Americans have come to know under policies of borrow, spend and pretend will soon be met with disastrous consequences. Our lives are about to change drastically. What’s scary is that the majority of Americans have absolutely no idea this is coming and have thus failed to prepare for the inevitable calamity that will soon envelop their lives.

    Things are about to get rough.

    One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes – Part 2
    By Brandon Smith

    economic-implosion-thConsumer spending in the U.S. accounts for approximately 70 percent of gross domestic product, though it is important to note that the manner in which “official” GDP is calculated is highly inaccurate. For example, all government money used within the Medicare coverage system to pay for “consumer health demands,” as well as the now flailing Obamacare socialized welfare program, are counted toward GDP, despite the fact that such capital is created from thin air by the Federal Reserve and also generates debt for the average taxpayer. Government debt creation does not beget successful domestic production. If that was a reality, then all socialist and communist countries (same thing) would be wildly enriched today. This is simply not the case.

    That said, the swift decline in manufacturing jobs in the U.S. over the past two decades, including a considerable 33 percent overall decline in manufacturing jobs from 2001 to 2010, leaves only the consumer and service sectors as the primary areas of employment and “production.” The service sector provides about three out of every four jobs available in America, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    The truth is that America actually produces very little that is tangible beyond Big Macs, pharmaceuticals and the occasional overpriced fighter jet that doesn’t function correctly and is filled with Chinese parts. All three will kill you at varying degrees of speed…

    In the first part of this article series, I discussed the true state of global demand, along with the unstable situation within numerous indicators from exports to retail. Swiftly falling global demand for raw materials as well as consumer goods is an undeniable reality. This is a distinct problem in terms of the U.S., which has been, up until recently, the primary consumption driver for much of the world. As I plan to show, U.S. demand is about to fall even further into the abyss as real unemployment and personal debt take their toll.

    Now, it is probably important to address the lies presented in the mainstream and by the BLS in terms of unemployment statistics because even after years of alternative analysts debunking establishment stats and how they are calculated, we STILL end up hearing the same arguments parroted by disinformation agents and unwitting useful idiots.

    Such people continue to parade around boasting about the latest BLS reports on job creation claiming that “all is well” because the unemployment rate has dropped to 5.5% and all other talk to the contrary is “doom and gloom.” So, once again, I must relate the fact that the current BLS numbers are an utter sham.

    Official unemployment stats are arrived at through disingenuous methods of calculation that were introduced in the 1990s, just before the bursting of the dot com bubble; the introduction of artificially low interest rates, which created the derivatives crisis; and the steady derailment of the U.S. financial system, which has occurred ever since.

    So who is actually counted as employed and who is NOT counted as employed by the BLS?

    Of the 102 million working-age Americans without work today, only 8.7 million are counted by the BLS as unemployed. Out of all working-age Americans, over 92 million are without jobs and are not counted by the BLS as unemployed. Why?

    Well, if you ever read establishment-leaning propaganda websites like Factcheck or Poltifact, the argument is essentially that these 92 million Americans are not counted because they “refuse to participate,” not because they can’t find adequate employment and not because the government is misrepresenting the numbers. Yes, that’s right, 92 million Americans don’t count because they clearly must not want work.

    So, first, I would ask how it is that the BLS comes to the conclusion that nearly one-third of the U.S. population does not want to work? Is it through its so called “household surveys?” Surveys, just like public polls, can be easily manipulated to affirm any particular bias merely by changing how questions are phrased. I would certainly love to see the raw data from such polls before the BLS adds its own spin.

    Second, even if such claims were true and tens of millions of Americans did not want to work, why would this matter? Shouldn’t they still be counted as unemployed in order to draw the most accurate picture of our economic situation? Wouldn’t 92 million Americans apparently on a long-term labor and productivity strike have a severe negative effect on real GDP? And obviously, they must be surviving somehow. Wouldn’t 92 million people eventually require government assistance through food stamps and welfare? Does none of this matter to the BLS in terms of the overall economic picture?

    Third, if the assertion is that 92 million people do not want jobs, then by extension the BLS would have to show that those millions of people could in fact get a job if they simply tried. Where are these tens of millions of jobs that Americans are refusing to apply for and what do they pay?

    Fourth, a common misrepresentation attached to the claim of “refusal to participate” is that many of these Americans are teens in school (16 to 18) and possible “retirees” (55 or older). The BLS and the mainstream media simply assume these people do not want a job and should not be counted as unemployed. Of course, the BLS includes such people in its stats when they DO have jobs. So, according to the BLS, if you are 16 or 55 or 65 and you have a job, then you count. If you are 16 or 55 or 65 and don’t have a job, then you don’t count. See how that works?

    Fifth, millions of Americans are losing long-term unemployment benefits every quarter and are being removed from BLS statistics. Many of them are not teens or retirees. These are average-working-age adults who now no longer have any real launch pad to progress in their career or life, and who should be fully motivated to obtain work if jobs are so readily available. Again, where are these jobs that said prime-working-age people refuse to accept?

    The BLS also invariably discounts the number of working-age Americans who enter the market as well when boasting of jobs created to the public. Job growth numbers do not weigh the number of new participants each month with the number of supposed jobs made available, thus creating a misconception about how many new jobs are actually needed to keep the economy functional.

    Another important factor to observe in government labor statistics is the issue of part-time work. When the BLS releases its monthly stats on unemployment, it does not widely promote or discuss the fact that 18 percent to 20 percent of those labeled “employed” are considered “part-time employed.” The BLS defines “part-time employed” as anyone who works 1 to 34 hours per week. Yes, if you work one hour per week, you have helped to bring down the overall unemployment rate of the U.S. to a fantastic 5.5 percent, even though you likely have zero ability to support yourself financially, let alone a family.

    What does the 5.5 percent unemployment number actually represent on a fundamental level where the real world actually matters rather than the world of hypothetical calculations? Not a damn thing. The number is absolutely and unequivocally meaningless.

    If one were to calculate unemployment using pre-1990s methods, as websites like do, counting U-6 measurements as well as the underemployed, you would come up with a U.S. jobless rate closer to 23 percent.

    Many of those workers in the service sector on the higher end of the part-time and full-time spectrum still cannot support themselves adequately due to falling wages, rising prices and growing debt obligations, which brings me to the next problem at hand.

    Beyond unemployment as a destroyer of consumer demand, there is also personal debt. Much of the focus within the mainstream and even alternative economics revolves around national debt (I will cover the many lies surrounding national debt in my next article). However, effects on fundamental demand are far clearer when one examines household liabilities. According to averages supplied through government stats (meaning the real numbers are likely far worse), the average American household suffers from between $10,000 to $15,000 in credit card debt, $155,000 in mortgage debt and $32,000 in student loan debt.

    Americans owed nearly $12 trillion overall in 2014, an increase of 3.3 percent over 2013. Declines in some debts, including a decline in credit card debts since 2011, are attributed to numerous defaults, not repayments.

    What we have here is a deadly fiscal combination; namely the combination of real unemployment at permanently high levels and real personal debt at unsustainable levels. Thisis the core reason behind the collapse in global demand that was discussed in the first installment of this series. With U.S. consumers no longer able to support their historical consumption habits and with the inflexible skeleton of the U.S. economy in particular dependent on past consumer dynamics, the system has little financial plasma left circulating.

    This is not necessarily a new trend; but 10 years ago, Americans were able to offset their dwindling buying power by taking on massive debts through easy Federal Reserve fiat fueling questionable bank loans. They no longer have this option; thus, consumption is going to degrade (and is degrading) to the point that the current financial structure, stuck in its rigid and fragile dynamic, will collapse. There is no way around it.

    As stated in my last article, the numbers given here are in most cases establishment-generated statistics. A common argument among state apologists and propagandists is that we in the alternative economic field should be labeled “hypocritical” if we debunk some mainstream stats while using others as reference points. I would make clear yet again that it is the contradictions within the government’s own numbers and claims that alternative analysts are most concerned with. My view is that when mainstream numbers actually reflect negative economic trends, they should be multiplied according to other prominent factors. That is to say, when the government bureaucrats and fantasy masters finally admit things are bad, they are actually much worse than indicated.

    Some mainstream statistics are outright fraudulent; some are half true; others are factual yet hidden in plain site from the general public. In between the lines of all of this information, good and bad, alternative economists attempt to discern as much foundational truth as possible. As this series continues, I believe readers new to the Liberty Movement, as well as longtime activists, will come to view a wider and fuller picture of our fiscal situation and come to the same conclusion I have – That the manner in which we live today is about to drastically change, and that this coming change is being hidden from us deliberately by those who wish to use a tactic of financial shock and awe to their ultimate advantage.

    This article has been contributed by Alt Market. If you would like to support the publishing of articles like the one you have just read, visit our donations page here.  We greatly appreciate your patronage.

     You can contact Brandon Smith at: [email protected]


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      1. We will gauge our personal financial position
        according to the decline in our lifestyles.

        • Ross Perot talked about the giant sucking sound in regards to our manufacturing

          Can you hear it now

          We are so screwed all those who voted for NAFTA – GATT – PRI ( Pacific Rim Initiative )& other off shoring trade policies should be strung up

          • Aren’t most the people on this site already prepping? Kind of like preaching to the choir…

            • But he’s right. Life is going to change. Pretty soon we be able to get good tomatoes and corn again. And real ripe strawberries not these gigantic tasteless junk things in the store, but real ones. Change is called SPRING. Not sure what he’s talking about, some kind of doomsday has been just around the corner for GOK how long now. Still carry my S&W or Browning but I’m not really concerned. If it’s alive, I can kill it, and if it’s good, I can cook it.

            • Brandon thinks everyone else is an idiot and he must lead the parade. He has said the same things in 15 articles and astonished it with what we already know. Or would we be reading a blog called SHTF Plan?

            • This reminds us to keep on keeping on prepping. This situation is what we are prepping for… I had to remind my family that preparing for growing food is what we need in the event of a collapse not after when there will not be time to set up before needing food to eat. I Lived on my uncles farm as a kid and he taught me preparation is key to meeting needs not after you need it. Cheers.

              • “The manner in which we live today is about to drastically change.”

                Yes, life is plastic; each generation gets to put its stamp upon it. Look at Greece, Ukraine, Libya, and scores of other countries where the people rose up and demanded POSITIVE change.

                Life is a four letter word. If you do not engage your employees at EVERY level, now, while the political and economic environment is plastic, you will continue to get fucked: you, your children and your children’s children.

                Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women. Start a Freedom Cell where you live. Engage. 🙂

          • The facts that McDonalds is listed on the Dow Jones Industrial Average is sufficient evidence to show us that we are all screwed.

            • Yep

              A total joke

              McDonald’s on on the Dow

              unthinkable 20 years ago

              a lot of politicians need to be tried for treason

              • doesnt appear that no one in america has the balls for that

                • Double negative! Pass me the fries.

                • Yep right you are

                  The MIC ( Medical industrial complex ) has & IS doing their job. Getting most adult males on some script that neuters them ( BP meds staten meds anti depressent meds ect ect ect )they have turned the middle class into the walking dead. Sick folks dont revolt.

          • YUP,
            the NWO scared him into submission and anyone who did listen to Ross, all he said has come to pass, will take civil war or worse to clean the scum out of this country and start to repair it!

          • Yooper:
            Ross was right, I watched my job and 500 plus other jobs get shipped to Mexico. By a stroke of an ink pen. Then lost 25 or 40% of my pension on top of that.
            Now there are no jobs to ship out of country, and the jobs that are overseas are getting fewer and fewer.
            No Jobs, No Money, One Hell of a lot of Trouble!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

            • That 2/5th of my pension

              • When I asked my father about his pension and how it might be cut, like so many in his industry by judicial decree, he said “for six thousand bucks I can get a world class sniper rifle.” This from a deacon in a Southern Baptist church.

            • Northern Reb

              you are not alone – I lost a business & 30 employees

              I hope there is a special place in Hell for the politicians who passed NAFTA

            • Same here. My husband was out of work for five years before we left our state and moved to another. (Ohio, surprisingly) Ohio has actually gotten better over the years, but his new job and my new job DO NOT pay pensions. We’re both afraid to quit because you know Social Security is going to go belly up. We’ll work until we’re really sick or senile, whichever comes first. Not quite the way we pictured it when we started out. I can actually see a “Soylent Green” scenario coming up. Just hope Hillary isn’t the cook. She apparently doesn’t know how, so that might give us a few more years.

            • that loss of pension is a pissing point for me

              you signed a contract, and so did your union.. how is it your fault that they mis managed your money?

              and how do they get a pass at diminishing ones pension because they fucked up?

              wait until this hits the municipalities ,, the unions have gloomed on the municipalities because unlike car companies and other manufacturing .. municipalities cannot move to a different state or a different country to skirt the unions, like companies can

              these cops and municipality workers think that their pensions are safe .. wait for that wake up call to hit .. if you think the free shit army is going to be a bad day,, wait until you have a bunch of thug cops that just found out they have no better representation from their union than did the auto makers , or skilled trades sucked in by the good ol mafia unions

              • I

                Am getting pretty fed up with the bankers always getting bailed out & we get screwed

                THIS HAS TO STOP

                • Iceland had the bankers and politicians imprisoned Iceland’s economy turned around overnight we have the power as citizens to do the same thing.

              • When towns or counties have declared bankruptcy one of the first things they did was to declare the pension funds as assets and liquidate them against their debts and then declare their inability to pay any future pension payments due to lack of existing pension funds and their bankrupt status. They were permanently freed from obligation to pay those future( as in next month and beyond) pension payments for those who had already retired. Some pensioners were paid pennies on the dollar and many got nothing. That is pretty shocking when you are still working but what about those who had been retired for 5-10 years or more and suddenly have only SSI to fund themselves?

                The laws protecting pensions and retirement accounts should be reinstated. Those funds are not the property of the government or corporation. They are not assets to be liquidated. They are/should be, secured funds set aside to meet contracted obligations. And the courts should recognize those funds as more than a debt or future debt but an almost sacred pact of trust and co-operation that should never be broken.

                We the people, must start speaking up at the local and state levels. We must demand honesty and accountability of our elected officials from desk job to legislative to judiciary branches. If we get vocal they do get nervous. Look what happened when Obama started sending troops to Syria last year. People got very vocal and the movement of troops stopped.
                Ask your local town or county council about burn bans, chem trails (it is your airspace, electronic ballots, local expenses and pensions, local laws that protect mom and pop businesses, federal road closures in your county ( federal travel directives =road closures to public land even in emergency situations) etc. Ask what they are doing about these things. And vote OUT anybody that lies. Your county servant should NOT lie to you. Be sure to tell them and others that you don’t vote for liars. We need to return to public servants and remove corporate servants. Reinstate local and state laws that require a 5 year wait between working in the same field for government and corporation.

                If we can redirect out local and state governments, they can help redirect the federal agencies. There is power in changing local and state actions because they are big enough to go up against the feds. The right state officials can make changes at national levels and they can protect us and our way of life within our own states. Be we need to be out there. We need to be attending meetings and taking notes, asking questions, sending emails, making calls, writing newspapers, being a vocal pain in the backsides of anyone who wants a communist America.

                I know I don’t have time and don’t want to, but I will be out there because I must. If I don’t then I have given up and I just don’t to that!
                An army of ants CAN move an elephant. Join the army of one. One call. One email. One letter. One meeting. One x one thousand at the county level is HUGE.

              • i largely agree *except* remember that the pensions/unions were pushed to the head of the line with the gm bankruptcy.

                “wait until you have a bunch of thug cops that just found out they have no better representation from their union than did the auto makers”

          • People used to say Ross Perot was crazy. Rush Limbaugh said that. He was made fun of and laughed at. Turns our Rush was wrong. Come to think of it he was a big proponent of NAFTA as well. Looks like Rush was wrong on that one too.

            • Ross Perot was nothing more than a shill for the Bush family/mafia.

              He did his job well, he drew votes so when they rigged the votes it wouldn’t look so lop-sided.

              I didn’t know it at the time so i voted for him.

              • Bush family? —didn’t Clinton win because Perot divided the repub ticks?

          • Heh Pacific Rimjob.

          • i don’t remember voting on any of the many treaties like NAFTA, CAFTA, PRI, all of these treaties are unconstitutional and have taken our sovereignty from the u.s.

          • Wait until the NAU and the TPP goes through? We will be 100% done. America will become a dirt poor 3rd world nation filled with illegal aliens. That is why Obama is legalizing all 15 million illegals. He’s creating a country within a country, and it will be US who will be forced into the shadows while the illegals are handed the keys to America.

        • I wonder who each of you has selected for revenge for the destruction of your lives. I’ve chosen, and it it some that are within reach. There are many that have betrayed us.

          • The OSCAR MAYER wiener mobile. If I see that thing after Doomsday I’m going to burn it. and NEVER hear that theme song again!!

            • I thought it crashed?

            • Paranoid, I’m with you on Oscar Mayer wieners. I tried one once and threw it up. And if I ever see that machine I’ll give it a dose of 00 buck. I also hated that theme song.

              • Ok are orders are;

                Overthrow the current government and secure the country-Check
                Stabilize the European union and re-establish functional free market government–Check
                Blow up the fucking Oscar Meyer Wiener-Check

                • Our Orders are.

                • Ideas are good but order isn’t so hot. How about a slogan of; “First the Weiner Mobile, then the Bankers”

          • Fucking pissed.

            I have not selected those for revenge but for justice to be served if they survive what they caused. I am not going to look for them. Might be a chance encounter. The Big Fish will run to bunkers and all you would have a the bait fish which the Golden Horde will attend to.
            It would be good to do/learn, Threat Assessment. Single person or multi person. Fight or Flight.

        • For many of us.

          .the manner in which we live is already drastically changed

          Thank you very much..


      2. I hate to be a decenter here but, this is typical Brandon Smith ramblings.

        • Hammerun, I’m out in the public every day and the things I see fit right in with what Brandon is saying. In the past 5 years, I’ve been approached by more people begging than I ever was in my whole life before the african virus came along. All over my area there are commercial and residential properties vacant, some of them for the past 3 years. There’s more people on welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability, etc. now than ever before. There’s not as many people working full-time and paying taxes now as there were before the 2008 financial crisis. They have cut benefits for veterans but have no problem letting in all of these foreigners to freeload from our tax dollars. And BTW, those foreigners are TAX-EXEMPT unless they become naturalized US citizens. The day is coming when those programs will dry up. When the checks stop coming in the snail mail and the EBT cards stop working, the free shit army will be on the rampage. It will be horrific.

          • Braveheart….BINGO!

          • Braveheart:
            You hit the nail on the head, about more and more people out of work and homes and buildings being empty.
            In central Illinois this place is getting bad for the working class. You work your tail off just to see someone in the grocery line hand over food stamps for better food than you can buy, with tattoos all over them and more hole in then from piercings than Hillarys e-mail story’s and enough bling on them to make Stevie Wonder squint.
            Then you walk out of the store and see them getting into a new car???
            Gee, I wonder way the country is 18 trillion indebt. I know its not just all the freebees we hand out to the people that are citizens, but this country is hand out money to non-citizens and other countries that hate our guts and would kills us in a heart beat. I have no problem with assistance too countries that have are back, but the rest can go to HELL as far as I’, concerned.
            I’ve just about to the point that I would like to see it all come crashing down, I’ve hade enough of this free-be army, that I wish the would all go away.
            Oh well I guess I’m from the old school, If you don’t work you don’t eat, and you don’t depend on others to take care of you and yours.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • I’ve got guys with masters degrees trying to work as bottom end technicians for 9.25 an hour. I opened a position for 5 days and had over 400 applicants, all college degreed, several dozen masters degrees and a couple of PhDs to boot. 9. Dollars. An. Hour!

              Oh, yeah, it’s friggen rosy out there in the job market!

              • In our city where Lowes Home Improvement has some major home offices and tech support, etc.; they won’t hire but so many of those college degree types because of kickbacks from the gov for hiring Pakistanis and indians.

                Our town is full of them and many can hardly speak english, but they got a good job at Lowe’s.

                The system is rigged to fail.

                • We’re FUKT

              • Last month I had 3 openings for project management positions, all paid $80k with up to a 10% bonus, matching 401k, medical, dental, etc. We are a large fortune 500, 94000 employees, $25billion a year. HR uses all avenues for recruiting posible, I received a whooping…..ready for it 8 applications! Thats right 8, as in eight, not seven, not nine, but 8. Only eight friggin’ people were interested. I was looking for anyone, even with out a PM background, nada, nothing. fortunately, I found 3 of the 8 that qualified, but with so many out of work you would think I could have attracted more qualified candidates.

                • I have a hard time believing that your tale is not BS. 80K a year and no one was interested? For PM jobs? Please1 Stop the BS.

            • Braveheart and Northern Reb.

              I agree.

              • Northern Reb and Slingshot, I’m the same way. We don’t even have money for countries that LIKE us, let alone HATE us. I also believe that if you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat or do anything else. I’m ready for it all to come crashing down and that day is coming like it or not. The free shit army won’t last long at all in post-SHTF.

                • @ BRAVEHEART….

                  If you take most everything out of the Equation except for the ” Free Shit Army ” and their “EBT” Gold Cards that alone will be the shot heard around the world…because when the EBT Cards stop….All hell will break loose…Rodney King Riot…Ferguson…LA Watts Riots….Detroit…on and on….cause you ain’t seen shit yet !!! But certain cultures do not understand that it will be ” Genocide !!! “…..Let the Shit Crash…Most of us are tired of the scare tactics and waiting on the other shoe to drop !!!

                  • Yep, tired of the death by 1000 paper cuts crap, lets get it over with already,,,,

                    • I know what you’re sayin’ but this is engineered (for now) to be a slow grind to the bottom. Every yesterday will have been the best and every tomorrow will be less. Its being done to beat us all down to a whimpering nub and give us reason to submit to the NWO. Resist.

                    • The 1000 paper cuts are merely a flesh wound Kula..

                      As PO’D stated below..

                      It’s all by design

                      Nothing is by accident..

                      and we ain’t seen nothing yet!


                    • Kula:

                      Go to nomorefakenews dot com and see what Monsanto has in store for you Hawaiians. Poison experiments. The truth is unbelievable.

                • Perhaps, but then the free shit army already lives a life lacking morals so emotionally they are equipment to rape and pillage on a grand scale post collapse.

                  • The rest of us have allowed it to happen. Now what? When things get tough you can bet those slugs with govt. backing will be coming for what we have. Those 1.8 billion hollow points now with weapons to match will be given to the new millions of illegals with instructions to go take whatever you need and leave none alive. End game is elimination of the existing especially the white population. I have no idea what if anything can be done to prevent that.

          • Braveheart, I won’t disagree with anything you’ve stated. Heres my point. Do you think that these longwinded prognosticators fall into anything or any bracket you’ve stated?
            How many times have you heard someone touting Gold and Silver as a hedge on the falling dollar? And how many years have we been hearing about the death of the dollar? And a high percentage of time the very guy doing the touting has a little business selling gold and silver? I know little to nothing about Brandon Adams other than the few videos I’ve seen him in and didn’t care much for them. Do we know anything about him other than what we’ve seen in his videos? What qualifies him to posses the vast amount of knowledge he claims?
            I’ve had the pleasure of being lead down a path before? By a slickster. Not saying he is one but I just have a tendency to look at things a little differently because of it.

          • Amen, Braveheart.
            My hope is that the free shit army is given a list of all the govt workers and where they live. They need to have the home addresses of their congress reps too. If theyre from the govt, theyre part of the plan to defraud and destroy. Theyll destroy the free shit army after they destroy whats left of the middle class. They need to go.

            After I quit being a job slave, I guess I didnt even get to be a govt statistic. I quit my job so I aint counted as taking benefits. Too bad there aint a category for people who stop working because they wont be a govt slave for the free shit army anymore. Past couple of weeks I helped a friend cut wood and he was good to deliver 2 loads of wood as a thank you. Got to love barter, its tax free.

        • Yup. Sure is. Just like Churchill’s repetitious rambling about Hitler in the mid-1930s.

          When people like you are caught with your pants down, you will deserve what you receive. Yes, it may not be tomorrow, or even next year. But as in Oct. 1929, better to be a year too early than a day too late.

          But, like all leftists, suppose you don’t understand.

        • “dissenter”

        • If you hate to then please don’t. Brandon Smith is just one of many saying the same thing. He just says it with a little more finesse. I think what he says about the truth being hidden until the crash actually happens is actually the way its going to happen and then it will shock and awe. People will be so shocked that they won’t know what to do. Many will die.

        • “..typical Brandon Smith ramblings.”


          Look, I’ve been reading this guys “ramblings” since about 2006 when he used to write under a different name for a different site. While disagreeing with him on some minor technical points about various subjects, its pretty evident to me that:

          A) He is a far better writer than myself.

          B) He studies his economics about like I do.

          C) If I wrote an article about the same subject the only substantive difference would be the line indicating the author.

          You labeling this article as “ramblings” shows that, you, sir, don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

          I’m guessing you actually BELIEVE what the establishment says? All one has to do is experience reality to see that what the establishment says is all wrong. Alternatively one could read their statistics and see the conclusions they draw to know that Brandon is correct. Brandon and I both have done both: statistics and reality. The statistics actually correlate but the government associations do not.

          Being a decenter is honorable. Being an obstinate idiot is not. Your “ramblings” accusation need some backing. We would love to hear it. Please show us how Mr. Smith’s “ramblings” are wrong.

          • NetRanger, I also enjoy Brandon Smith’s articles.

            • As do I NetRanger. A lot of facts and statistics that anyone with any knowledge knows how much work and effort Brandon puts forth.


          • I don’t always agree with him, but Mr. Smith does put up a good argument, right or wrong.

          • To ALL here…
            Remember this conversation in 12 months and we’ll see what is what!

          • All you gotta do is drive around the country and see all the for sale and for rent signs to know what is true. I’m in northeast PA where fracking is supposed to be making us rich (ha, ha, that is until you need to buy something or get something fixed and the price is up the wazoo) and we’re full of those for sale and for rent signs too. Jobs are scarce, the rents are sky high, and my taxes are nuts.

            • Why are you complaining? You voted for and love Obama. You should be basking in the success of his policies. Pretty ungrateful you are sharonsj. At least your past posts would seem to indicate that you are a flaming lefty.

        • Hammerrun.

          What is wrong with Brandon Smith’s writings?
          At least he tries to put info out on the street.

          Then spool this up a bit.

          Do We Have A Leader Of Any Type? No spokesperson.
          No Malcom X, By Any Means Necessary. How about Alex Jones. Does he fit the bill? Colonel Klink perhaps? I mean we bite our own ass and enjoy it. We are all on our own. No leadership I can see.

          Some men wish that they could lead men into battle but never obtain it. While others have it thrusted upon them.

          • Over at the daily sheeple, an interesting article simply titled, “Rise”. Also check out Interesting videos. This young lady definitely “gets it”.

            • @ BRAVEHEART

              I have been watching josietheoutlaw for several years…she “Is” wise beyond her years….and gotta say she is very easy on the eyes !!! Now that’s Combo !!!

            • Good site.
              Smart Woman.

              • A smart woman would not be posting things like that for all to see and putting a target on herself. People like her will be dealt with first. While I agree with her it would be better to not be the tall nail begging to be hammered.

          • We are better off with no leaders and no command structure,
            When the marbles get rolling it will make us quite difficult to shut down,
            Think ,,,, the search for Tsarnev in MA but with snipers hitting the swat pricks and far too many targets for them toeven come close to swatting everyone,
            Sometimes the flies win

            • @kula

              I hope you’re right….But look at how it went in boston, what makes you think it would go any different anywhere else? Oh wait, I forgot…those were moooslum TERRORISTS!! So people didn’t mind having their rights raped by the real terrorists (pigs). Sadly if any “patriots” do anything, they will be painted out as lunatic nutter fanatics, and most everyone will go along with it while the pigs shut down their neighborhoods and bust in their houses pointed rifles at their childrens heads. I know everyone likes to fantasize what they would do. And I sure hope I’m wrong…But we’re FUKT!!

              USA!! USA!!

        • It’s really messed up. In the counrty, stores are closed and empty. In the suburbs, stores are closed and empty. In the heart of [some] big cities, looks like nothing is wrong, and everyone drives a Mercedes. Go figure…

          • I don’t drive a merc. Neither does anybody in my district. You talk nonsense dude.

            • I work in San Fran. Mercedez, BMW, Tesla, the occasional lambo/ferrari many porches, all the cars you see on a daily basis. Everyone’s partying here like it’s 1999 and going out of style. No one has a clue what lies a head.

            • Go see what’s happening in Atlanta, then compare it to ANY place 50 miles outside of the downtown area. Downtown, Midtown, etc… BMW’s, Mercs, Jags, et al. Outside, rusted pickups and people on the side of the road selling their stuff to buy food.

              No nonsense here. Don’t know where you are, but this is what’s it’s like in the metros.

              • The same in coastal calif. and inland central alley calif. One wealthy as can be the other a third world wreck.

      3. wasn’t this story on here about three time in the past few weeks with just different titles and a few words changed?

        • Perhaps. But in today’s tone deaf (reality deaf) world commanded by the radical left Kool-aide purveyors and Edward Bernays acolytes, it takes a few time to get facts through the intentionally close-minds of the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters.

          As former CBS News president Richard Salant once said about the leftist lamestream media myrmidons: .“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

        • Yup. So were a couple others…

          Getting kind of boring reading the same old doom and gloom. How about some new doom and gloom?

          • This article has already been read by over 3,000 people. No doubt some of them are hearing this for the first time. Wouldn’t it be worth it if one more person saw the light?

            • maybe the 3000 people just glanced at the title like I did and said same old, same old and moved on, as someone said above, it’s time for some new doom and gloom

              • If they did that, the counter wouldn’t be over 12,000 now. Someone has to actually go to a story for the counter to go up. There is no new doom and gloom. What we know has to be repeated for new readers. Or don’t you want anyone else to know?

              • Well then why don’t you post some new doom and gloom you old70 fart. Either that or stfu. Go hang out somewhere else. Maybe you can start posting about how great everything is. You can probably get some feel good BS from whatever govt. agency you are shilling for.

      4. Do we really need anyone telling us the government info on the recovery is not true?

        • Swinging Richard, the govt. info on the recovery is not true. [SARCASM]

        • swinging Richard.

          We sure do need to set the record straight.

          Oh, let rephrase that, “What does it matter?”

        • Noooo,,,,
          Its ALL true what the government says,,,,,,
          Sarc off

      5. In summary, don’t believe anything the gubbermint says.

        • …and always watch the other hand.

        • If it wasnt all smoke an mirrors , if they wanted to be open, they could quite easily publish employment figures, they tax everyone to death whos working so they sure has hell know the numbers there!

      6. don’t worry
        be happy

        the good ship Lollipop just docked
        and a skittle shittin’ unicorn told me
        everythin” is gonna be OK

        sorry kids
        but the economic FACTS
        speak for themselves
        unemployment is holding at over 20% and has been for awhile now
        wages are decreasing
        defined benefit pension plans have went the way of the dinosaurs

        say buh bye to the middle class
        in 20 years you won’t recognize this country

        we will have a few at the top who are filthy rich
        and then there will be a small,emphasis on the word SMALL so called middle class

        and then there will be everybody else
        just STRUGGLING to put food on the table

        the endgame is here

        we’re livin’ the fall of the empire

        • we’re livin’ the fall of the empire


        • Right on Satori. The empire is falling. The only real debate, as I see it, is the speed of the decline and the timing of the actual end. Everybody is trying to hang on, hoping to be one of the last to go ‘splat”. Meanwhile…. we just keep preppin’ away, best we can.
          Oh, by the way, I took a night off from reality to go boot scootin at a local club. Can’t say it was fun, but it did inspire this little ditty:

          (If this aint the perfect country & western song, David Allan Coe can kiss my ass!)

          I’ve lost at love
          Still lookin’ for truth
          And gettin’ shit-faced
          In this corner booth

          Came for Happy Hour
          But Happy was missin’
          Keep feedin’ the jukebox
          But can’t bear to listen

          I sat at the bar
          On those tall shiney stools
          A half hour later
          Said ‘I’m surrounded by fools’

          Thought I’d better move
          While I was still able
          So I staggered on over
          To this corner table

          The whiskey don’t move me
          Like her lovin’ does
          But I’ve had seven shots
          It’s a pretty good buzz

          Now they’re sayin ‘last call’
          It’s about time to close
          I’d get up and leave
          But I can’t feel my toes

          So I’m sittin’ here lonely
          Still lookin’ for truth
          Just gettin’ shit-faced
          In this old corner booth…….

          • SmokinOkie, glad to see you back and yes, that song sounds just right to me.

          • One of a kind country singer, and will never be replaced.

            Saw him and Hank Jr. together in concert in late eighties. What a show.

            Fifth row center stage seats. My rowdy friend and I each had a pint stuffed into our cowboy boots and the women had jays in their bras.

            That was before i quit inhaling. Between songs, Hank would go behind a tower speaker and turn up a fifth, so we turned ours up with him. Really good times until the punks behind us got trashed. The were teenagers and were so messed up that they were all holding each other up barely, and the middle guy had his pecker out and would squirt a shot of piss into the back of my womans chair she was standing on, while having her arms thrown over my shoulders.

            With music roaring, i kept feeling her move and wiping the back of her legs over a period of about ten minutes or so, until i finally said quit moving around or get off me. She said I think the roof is leaking. I said you better not smoke anymore cause it hasn’t rained in days and wont’t for at least another week. I actually thought it was a condensation drain tube clog from the cooling units, but didn’t explain.

            She was still looking up, and bending down wiping her legs, when i had enough and stepped to the side and said to get over in the other chair and off of me. When i turned around there was the problem. All three punks were short and couldn’t see because everyone was standing, so they were swaying back and forth in unison, holding each other up, with their eyes closed, and not realizing their buddy in the middle had his pecker out and was squirting piss every now and then.

            I slapped at my buddy, and we proceeded to clean house till the security came and hauled their asses out.

            What a show. Btw, girlfriend went for a quickie sink bath before i let her touch me again.

          • The closer we get to the end of the master WONS second term in office the more things will get sped up and bad things piled on top of bad things. Cloward Piven on steroids with some Alinsky thrown in.

        • Last night in the City Heights area of San Diego there was a brawl involving people using machetes and chain saws. Many serious injuries. I can remember when that was a quiet little area but it is now third world as is a lot of Calif. and the rest of the country. I have had black friends who moved because they could not stand the emerging ghettos.

          • john w.

            Chain saws. Got to Love It.

        • The mad hatter has another false flag coming your way soon.

      7. Our current GAAP national debt, including unfunded mandated debt obligations, could be paid off with only about 2.5 trillion man hours of labor at an average wage of $30.00/hr. done by real production private sector workers (those people that actually produce real goods and services that are tradable for other real goods and services on world markets, like nuts, bolts, software, agricultural products, mined materials, etc.)

        Not including interest, of course, or the ongoing daily costs of government at all levels.

        Also not including personal private household debt, or business debt, or accumulated balance of trade payments debt along with some other stuff that’s not easily pinned down.

        So looking at it that way things don’t look so bad, now do they?

        • Sharon, You do realize that one trillion seconds is equal to 32 thousand years in time!!! sarc.

        • Aw, come on Sharon!!!
          You mean we have to actually PRODUCE something? It’s not enough for me to manage your 401(k) and you to flip a house to me?

      8. Brandon, thank you for another outstanding article on where we’re headed as a nation. Everyone get everything you can now before it’s too late. My prepping is continuing for as long as possible. If you’re not prepping, you’re definitely inepting.

        • Braveheart. Great advice. I hope more folks wake up & take that advice.

        • Racism:

          Anyone here at shtf should look at that shocking, truthful video. If you want to protect your family from what is happening… not skip the link racist posted. It is horrifying truth about what could happen to any family member who happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time…..

          It is a wonder the race baiters have not killed Sotomayor for his courage to state the truth about the state of our country.

        • MSNBC should replace Al Sharpton with that guy

          • Old 70:

            I would like to see how many people here took the time to go to “racists link”?

            I also would like to know what has happened to the black girl and the mob that screamed encouragement that beat that white girl and her little brother.

            Taking the time to view that video just might save a family members life.

      9. NO part of fighter jets made in the US and/or for the US are foreign manufactured.

        • MG, I once read somewhere that the circuits in all of our high-tech weapons come from CHINA and they can supposedly be disabled by remote control via a Chinese satellite. If that’s true, the US military will be in a world of hurt.

          • @ Braveheart

            On Youtube there is an hour and fifteen minute video about the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA, the RF’s 5th generation fighter. Goes into exhaustive detail about how it was designed, manufactured and tested.

            As I said a dozen threads ago, I don’t have any technical background. The video compared essential systems of the plane against the Raptor and Lightning.

            In my worth what it costs you lay opinion, I think our pilots are gonna be in a lot of trouble going up against that Sukhoi. The days when it could safely be assumed that American technology is the best there is … aren’t necessarily over. But it isn’t the sure thing it was 25 years ago.

            The Indian AF allegedly has a 5th generation Sukhoi more advanced than the Russians have. With innovations home grown in India.

            As far as the “more experienced US pilots” one must ask … experienced against whom? Tell me about the Taliban AF. Oh, they don’t have one.

        • HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

          I’ve been making aerospace parts for 3 decades. You know not of which you speak.

          • @ Billy Hill


            You been making those parts in China or where.

            Maybe you make all the parts in the world so you know it ALL about every part made anywhere in the world !!!

            Then again – maybe you know jack shit !!??

            • I have a bud who was a mechanic on the F22 and he did say lots of the parts are foreign made,

            • Quick, you’re quick to look like an idiot.

              Pay particular attention to my next sentence, I will type it slowly so you can keep up…

              After 30+ years in machine shops making parts for all the main jets up to the F135 Joint Strike Fighter, I’m in supply chain now and we are sending have sent over 75% of our manufacturing overseas.

              I make more money now finding overseas shops to make parts than I EVER did making the parts. The shop rates in China are right around $12 to $15 USD/hr. They’re closer to $25 USD/hr in Mexico.

              However, the middle class in China is rising and they are beginning to demand more and more wages so the difference is not what it was even 5 years ago.

              We will soon see manufacturing moving from the current LCR (Low Cost Region) to the next big thing; South America.

              So don’t make yourself look like an idiot by opening your mouth when you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.

              You know, like those poor fools that still think the Republicans are here to save them.

              • BTW, as a comparison to the shop rates in China and Mexico versus my supplier base in the US (consisting of 43 shops, most in California), the absolute LOWEST rate I’ve got is $55 USD/hr. The average is between $75 and $90 USD/hr with specialty shops going from $120 USD/hr and above.

                Yeah, sure we have to send crews over there from time to time to teach them the trade secrets but once they figure it out they can do just about anything.

      10. Good article, it touches on some real stats that the government does not want you to know about.
        If half of the country would wake up and smell the roses instead of believing in “hopeless and change” (the stuff that rattles in your pocket, if the government left you any. I think they would be more like us on this site that can see that big trouble is coming very soon and it’s going to get real bad real fast.
        Please don’t think it is only going to happen in the U.S.A., this is a world wide problem. The Shit Will Hit The Fan and there is really no way to tell how bad it will actually be. Its not going to be pretty!;-{
        Here in the U.S.A. TPTB are worried once the collapse starts that there will be a war in this country that will be like the civil war of the 1860’s. It will not be the North VS the south it will be the liberals VS the conservatives VS the constitutionalist VS the libertarians VS the commies VS the fascist.
        So get ready for one real wild ride. I wish I could say, “Live Long and Prosper” ( Thank”s Leonard Nimoy)
        and you would, but its not looking that way for any of us. I pray it does not happen, but it’s not looking good.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N. Reb

        • My money is on the free shit army being the real problem,
          Initially those who hunker down will be ok, the free shitters will rampage and both sides will take heavy losses,
          I could envision patriots joining with whats left of local LE and alphabet soup along with military to keep the peace.
          But who knows, anything is possible.

          • Kula, as long as I can make it to the BOL BEFORE anything happens, I and my family will survive. The free shit army wouldn’t last 3 days in those mountains IF they made their way to them.

          • Kulafarmer

            The Free Shit Army is the Wild Card.

            Big Smile.

            • Wild card and will depend on the region how mental they act.

              • Kula
                I think that you have hit the nail spot on. Regionally, the FSA and its acolytes/disciples/minions et al, will be acting differently. Their actions as an organized group will in deed upon their regional leadership and WHO/WHAT they will be going up against. It won’t be pretty in the Northeast, for the average family who has bought into the political rhetoric from the Marxist-Progs who rule there. Likewise for the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles Metro area and probably the entire MOnterey, CA peninsula on the West Coast. Seattle and Portland won’t fare well either. Areas on the West Coast outside the Marxist-Prog “sphere of influence” WILL fare well as they do have the means and the will to resist and defeat the attacks of the FSA. Those areas are just an example. The current regime in DC has to disarm the populace as a whole before the FSA can be mobilized to attack those who are intentionally “disnefranchising” them from their rightful “place at the table”. (to quote Jackson-Sharptone race Baiting Empires)
                Each regional area of the country will have unique FSA “activities” based on the idiots of the FSA living there.
                Know your enemy, and know their leadership well. The FSA political pimps could care less how many of their FSA-disciples have to fall or be sacrificed in the name of their political ideology. Just something to remember. WE will still, have to rid the FSA fomenting snakes of their heads to disrupt the plans to use the FSA slaves as cannon foddder. Taking away our ammunition, and disarming the legal citizenry, is critical to “fundemantally transforming the United States of America”, to coin a phrase from,an infamous sack of crap.

                • The free shit army will kill themselves before any of them venture far from home. They will expect that the government will ultimately save them. Such mentality is so far inbred into themselves that they will never know what hit them till it is to late.


            • Hey Kula,
              You must be having fun!
              You and I are so far away
              from the FSA we will probably
              never hear about them.
              Unless they can walk on water
              they will never get off Oahu.

          • Kula:
            I forgot about the Free Shit Army or the FSA.
            Their the ones that will be the biggest problem at first,
            they will kill each other off and the survivors will join up with the liberals after all they are the ones that created the FSA back in the 60’s.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          • Kula & others–>

            I guess it all depends upon one’s “definition” of a SHTF scenario..

            IMO, ‘martial law’ is NOT..SHTF. ..its a ‘shitty-situation’ with very negative consequences for the public, due to some measure of (to varying degrees) federal control / power, exerted over us, per economics, needed supplies/infrastructure etc..etc.

            ..even a dollar collapse, at least for a period of time…fails the SHTF test initially, as the goobermint already has a….

            …financial plan “B” (for monetary transactions etc)..


            I think a true SHTF scenario is (almost) a binary sit-rep:

            ..i.e.) ..a natural continental wide disaster/catastrophe, per a New Madrid +9 quake-shake or a Yellowstone caldera “orgasm” out West.

            or…manifold nuclear detonations, erupting across the country…because our zio-idiots in DC & Wall st. thinks its “cool & profitable”….to fuck w/ the Russians!


            The limited above scenarios are the only ones to make the cut…at this point, methinks..
            Primarily because, the feds would be severely impacted as well..and thus rendered…impotent..across maybe 97-98% of the USA landmass/real-estate.

            Thus, we’ll be ‘on our own’ for a long, long time…which connotes a new set of perils & hazards!

            In truth, should we find ourselves in a ‘true-SHTF environment’..we’re looking at a return to a near 6th century A.D. lifestyle..

   somebody/somewhere will gather an army of followers(soldiers)..and they will conquer/lay-claim to given/respective areas and….(wash, rinse & repeat ..times XXX numbers of warlords etc) all across the land….call it a return to the medieval era of Lords/Dukes/vassals & serfs…and so on.

            ..a serious review / study of the fall of the Western portion of the Roman empire…bears witness to my hypothesis presented here tonight!

            ..sans the above, the alternative is the 6th century B.C….complete w/ the horrors of real, in-your-face…SLAVERY!!!!!!!


            Do the research & think about it…then read the SF book:..

            ..Lucifer’s Hammer ..for a rough (though limited) idea of SHTF…

            • –addendum to above–


              ..forgot to mention a true national/global SHTF situation…you’re going to see ‘cannibalism’ rear its ugly head & plague/hunt those who survive, the initial “smack-down.”

              ..’tis just a heads-up, for those who can see…to the real horizon..

              Prepare accordingly!

            • @Hunter
              “or…manifold nuclear detonations, erupting across the country…because our zio-idiots in DC & Wall st. thinks its “cool & profitable”….to fuck w/ the Russians!”

              Thats the one that really worries me, that whole thing will not end well.

      11. Former Counter-Intelligence Op: Obama is Leading us to World War III

        This from Joe Miller at Miller is a trained lawyer and was almost a US senator from Alaska; if you don’t get his daily email news compendium, you are missing real treat. Benghazi, Lois Lerner, AP/snooping on the Congressional cloakroom, Fast & Furious, monthly uber-luxe vacations, sending emails to Hillary then lying about it, the Obamacare disaster, and the list goes on and on…

        A former counter intelligence operative who served in eight counter-terrorist operations, worked as an Arabic linguist with the SEALS, and was employed by both DHS and the FBI, is convinced that Obama’s policies in the Middle East are leading us to World War III. Video at

        Capt. Joseph John, a Naval Academy & Harvard graduate… believes Iran is “within six months to a year” of building a nuclear weapon and that that will spawn a Middle East nuclear arms race. More terrifying, Captain John is convinced that Israel will not stand idly by with a “dagger at its throat,” and may make a preemptive nuclear strike against Iran. The international impact would be catastrophic. He suggests that Russia’s involvement in such a conflict is not outside the realm of possibility. Captain John also mentions the significant Muslim influences on Obama noting that although he is probably not a practicing Muslim right now, he has sympathies toward Islam. He states that during one Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting, Obama stomped out after someone mentioned Islam.

        Captain John singles out one of Obama’s chief advisors, Valerie Jarrett, and notes that she is Iranian and likely a Muslim. He also talks about Obama destroying the readiness of the US military, taking our navy down to pre-World War One size, socially re-engineering the military with homosexual and “transgendered” soldiers, causing major retention issues, and other problems.

        • Russia has just recently signed new military agreements with iran and China.

          They are gearing up for something big and me thinks it will be a march for the valley of Hamongog. Not the one in the country/nation of Israel either.
          Coming to the last frontier in the near future after USSAG has been taken down to a lower economic state.
          Watch for it to unfold.

      12. But really, Brandon, there is no problem for us fascist leftists. We’ll all just live off of one another! Heck, it worked out reeeeeeally well in the USSR, didn’t it????

        And even if it didn’t, it sure is for Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama and her monthly uber-luxe vacations. Heck, I hear she is renting out the country of Lichtenstein next month for just her and 800 of her Chicago corruptocrats. (Current residents will just have to take a hike. Anyhow, they are all just “little people”… y’know… just like they Hollywierd Learjet leftists think of us poor unwashed masses here in flyover country

      13. Lifestyle changes are for the better in most cases. It is the WITHDRAWAL PAIN from our imagined, life requiring necessities, that will drive many crazy.

        “Cold Turkey, has got me. On the run.”
        John Lennon.

        • Slingshot, that’s why it’s essential to find a way to COPE with those withdrawal pains BEFORE TSHTF. The pains will be a bitch, but survivable if people know what they’re doing.

          • Braveheart, that is a very compact and correct statement. The problem is that their normalcy bias will allow them to be deluded and they will attempt to continue their old lifestyle to a suicidal end and they’ll never understand.

            It will be like a guy that has unknowingly had his cereal spiked with heroin for years and years just enough to keep him feeling good. Take the heroin away and he’ll go through all the withdrawal symptoms and not even know why. Most people don’t even want to know why or how as long as they get their dollars and their toys.

            I’m fortunate. I can amuse myself with very little expense. Its called work and it pays me so, I’m not worried. Mechanics, electrical, electronics, networking, computers, ballistics, gunsmithing, its all as fun as a barrel of monkeys to me.

            However, the guy down the road thats a PHD tenured professor is probably going to be begging at my doorstep.

            • NetRanger, I don’t even have any ‘normalcy bias’. That puts me ahead of the 95-97% of the people who don’t prep. I’m still preparing as best I can for the lifestyle change. It will be monumental.

              • Braveheart.

                So what will change? The way we acquire information.. Will our cell phone be of value when they can monitor and track you. Same goes for your Ipods and tablets. Will your 80 plasma T.V. showing the evening news be only a propaganda devise. Will short wave and C.B. radios be the resurrected form to communicate. What will become of the internet.
                When and if all that goes away, what we all will have to master is fear. Fear in the darkness. See how well your senses amplify.
                Rambling thoughts that’s all.

      14. Facts for the fascist left:

        Per in February the U-3 measure of unemployment continued to indicate that the American economy is expanding. Here’s what the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported: “Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 295,000 in February, and the unemployment rate edged down to 5.5 percent … Job gains occurred in food services and drinking places, professional and business services, construction, health care, and in transportation and warehousing.” The better measure of unemployment, the U-6, edged down to 11% and the civilian labor force participation rate changed little at 62.8%. But troubling is where most of the job gains occurred. Jobs in the food service and drinking industries don’t contribute to long-term growth — they are as permanent as a burger with a side of fries.” And the real unemployment figure of 11% is still in Jimmy Carter range. On the plus side, I do hear that hiring is waaaay up for travel agents for Michelle-Marie Antoinette vacation services. So, no everything is bad in the employment sphere.

        Can it get worse under Obunglernomics. Mais oui!! Now, a record breaking 56 mm women are unemployed (the REAL war against women), and black unemployment rates are TWICE as high (funny, Jesse and Al are NOWHERE be found to protest this….) Ali Meyer just wrote a record 56,023,000 women, age 16 years and over, were not in the labor force in February. Not only was that a record high, but it’s also the first time the number has exceeded 56 million, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). To be counted as ‘not in the labor force,’ according to the BLS, one must not have a job or have looked for one in the past four weeks. In January 2015, there were 55,756,000 women not in the labor force, which means that 267,000 women dropped out of the labor force since then.

        Black Unemployment? The rate is now nearly TWICE the national average on eve of Selma anniversary. Caroline May wrote. “On the eve of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the civil rights march in Selma, Alabama, the unemployment rate among African Americans remains more than twice that of white Americans and nearly twice the national average. According to the latest jobs figures released Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the African American unemployment rate for the month of February was 10.4 percent, compared to the white unemployment rate of 4.7 percent and national average of 5.5 percent. The latest African American unemployment rate represents a slight uptick over the January figure of 10.3 percent. Whites experienced a slight decline in unemployment from January’s rate of 4.9 percent and the national average also dipped from 5.7 percent.” Full story at

      15. And, kids… how’d all that “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” mindless leftist chanting work out for ya? Let me help, in case your worthless degree in 18th C Belgian Lesbian Musicology (which you borrowed $75 k to get) didn’t leave you with math skills:

        – Almost half of all recent college graduates are working at jobs that do not even require a college degree. (sorry to use the fascist HufPo, but even THEY get it!) or

        – The number in the 16 to 29 year old age bracket with a job declined by 18 percent between 2000 and 2010.

        – Incomes for U.S. households led by someone between the ages of 25 and 34 have fallen by about 12 percent after you adjust for inflation since the year 2000.

        – In the United States today, 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees. One poll discovered that 29 percent of all Americans in the 25 to 34 year old age bracket are still living with their parents.

        – Overall, approximately 25 million American adults are living with their parents according to Time Magazine.

        Thankfully, for Democrats, theirs is the land of Goebbelian propaganda on steroids, so we can be sure the next election, many of the young will be out voting yet again for their own demise, all because their socialist leader is painted as “groovy.”

        • TEST

          – Almost half of all recent college graduates are working at jobs that do not even require a college degree.

          I know things are difficult but have you seen what people major in today? In good times you can’t get a job in Art History.

          Many of them are taking up Space and not the Aero-Space variety.

          • Simply put:

            Well, we can’t suck money from your parents and the government trying to get you an IT degree, so, how about an Art History degree? Anthropology anyone?

            Seriously. Today’s colleges are Degree mills. When an economy gets into the shape this one is they want productivity. How are you doing to get that out of someone with an Art History degree. Pleeeeeze.

            The fact is you will get the job you are supposed to get. If you’re a dipshit, you’ll get a dipshit job. If you’re a genius, you’ll get a genius job.

            I personally love what I do and I work my ass off doing it. People ask me why I never take a vacation and I answer, “I’d have to work to take a vacation.” If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life. That being said, these damned colleges are selling people on the fallacy that a high powered degree will get you a high powered job that will bring in lots of money and that will make you happy. …and its a total load of horseshit. …and without a money back guarantee!

            Most of the kids I know want to party, do drugs, play video games and sleep late.

            Here is an anti-college success story:

            One guy, a protege’ of mine attended 2 semesters at a well known university and they hired him in their IT department. They hired him in his second semester for $50K a year. He dropped out of his classes to work. He was then hired by another university 2,000 miles away for $90K a year 4 years later. 3 years after that he was hired by S3 in Silicon Valley for $115K a year. Tired of the ratrace, he asked his old university if he could have his old, 60K a year job back and they hired him. 2 years later and he’s working out of his hamshack for Mozilla for $100K a year. He’s been doing that for a number of years now.

            …he’s technically still an IU Sophmore at the age of 39 and he’s making over $120K. Just another example of how someone who thinks out of the box (Yes, probably thanks to me…) and doesn’t believe the establishment lies, now, owns his life.

            He preps. Owns about 12 acres of lakes and woods and is mostly debt free.

            If you have drive and brains you don’t even need a degree. Gary is a good example of that.

            • NetRanger, I’m not rich nor ever will be, but I’ve always had drive and brains and only made it through high school. I’ve always kept my nose to the grindstone and gone the extra mile for the people I work for. I’ve developed damned good work skills over the years and never deviated from them. I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging, but I believe I have a higher IQ and much, much more common sense than a majority of people who have come out of colleges and universities since the 80s. Granted there are SOME success stories among them and I do wish them well, but there’s not enough of them to go around. Depending on what you are majoring in, colleges don’t really teach anything useful and once you graduate you have all of that loan debt staring you in the face with no way or even any hope of being able to pay it off. The irony is that ‘educators’ [and I use that word tongue-in-cheek] still push the idea of going to college on public school students.

      16. Next up: the mindless masses begin to realize the economic system is a fundamentally rigged organized criminal enterprise, which has been financially raping them their whole lives.

        As faith in the system disintegrates, the system collapses – because what we have is a faith-based economic system, with no underlying substance. It is an empty shell, and people – average people – are beginning to realize this.

        • AC

          “the economic system is a fundamentally rigged organized criminal enterprise”

          Now, now, now, their really not criminals because they generally through the ownership of the elected officials have the laws changed to make what was illegal merely immoral and unjust (See Glass-Steagall). Yes, sometimes they go over the line and break a current law but its just because they haven’t got around to getting those regulations and laws removed yet. Its really just forward thinking and not really criminal.

          “An uneducated man robs a train. An educated man steals the railroad”.
          President Theodore Roosevelt

      17. Didn’t read the whole article because as others said before me, most of us know this.

        Spoke with a neighbor today who has a high placed job in Target and she told us that the Executives of her company are well aware of how the retail industry is collapsing. Which explains Target’s recent lay offs.

        She and her DH, who are not Preppers, have decided to cash in their 401K’s and buy Silver, food, guns, and ammo. When I heard this, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

        Watch out fur them hogs!

        • Them:
          That one less person that you have to worry about.
          It would be good if you and her could work out some type of group with her family and yours that can work to gather after the fall.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

          Off topic: what part of the country are you in?
          I love hunt’n hogs, it’s “almost” as good as sex.
          Do you have any in your area?

          • Hogs= A-10 “Warthog” the best dam ground attack plane ever made.

            Hunted “them hogs” when I lived in the South.(yes almost better than sex, but so is bass fishing at night in the Everglades) The main HQ for Target stores is in Minneapolis.

            Don’t ask how a righteous Son of Dixie ended up here in “Yankee Land” as it is a long horrible story.

            Northern Reb, for God’s sake, watch out fur them hogs!

            • Them:
              I’ll pray for you, NO!!! Son of Dixie should have to be that far north!;-{ Well unless you are converting them to see the light!;-]
              Northern Reb, is half hillbilly, and DAMN proud of it from south central Missouri and half yankee from Illinois I’m sorry to say.
              But my heart belongs in DIXIE. I believe in the rights that was lost after the civil war that belongs to the states, Not the federal government.
              Stay warm and keep your powder dry!!!!
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.Reb

              • Northern Reb, if there’s any way possible, relocate to the South. We can use all the like-minded people we can get. Them Hogs, return to the South if possible.

      18. Off topic but dam interesting. Most of us now know that it was Valerie Jarrett who spilled the beans on Hillary’s emails. Why?

        Is Barry planning to run Michelle as Pres. and thus get a legal 3rd. term for himself/herself?

        Governor George Wallace did the same things in Alabama back in the 1970’s!

        Watch out….you know the rest

        • I seriously doubt Michelle would get a reasonably measurable percentage of the vote.

          She’d have much more problems with her lunch program than Hillary would with her e-mail.

          I just think Obama sort of dislikes Hillary, Bill too, and the feeling is mutual.

        • Intramural battle: The Marxist ideologues vs. the merely corrupt.

          But running the Wookie for prexy has lots of precedent among tyrants…..Marcos, Peron, Kirchner…..

        • 1960s. Wallace was effectively governor for over 20 years. I think Lurleen might have lived if not for him pushing her. He was also a racist Democrat.

        • Them Hogs, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t even mention the honorable Gov. Wallace in the same comment with those other ***holes.

      19. There is going to be a thriving business in gating communities that currently are not gated and converting mac- mansions into townhouses/apartments and condos.

      20. Brandon Smith has done some research and written a serviceable essay. He gets it right several times a year. I give him credit for his clarion activities, since it puts him on their list of journalists to be rounded up and shot.

        Conceding all that, I have come to certain conclusions over the years independently. It’s nice to see other people more or less agree.

        But how many times do we need to hear “THE SKY IS FALLING?” I’ve acted on my conclusions so I don’t need to see it 600 times a year.

        The earthquake of the century will kill us all.

        No, oil trading in anything other than the USD will set off World War Three. (So buy my book.)

        No, the polar ice cap melting will drown us all. (So buy my super duper survival supplies)

        No, a solar flare will fry us all.

        Enough already.

        • It will never be enough John. We come here to validate our thoughts and actions for prepping. If nothing happens we can say, “Well, we prepared just in case, no harm done… anyone one to make some rice and beans?”.

          Or, something big and bad will happen and we will scream, “See! I told you so!”.

          Preppers win either way. We truly have and will inherit the Earth! And I don’t feel the least bit meek either!

          • Townsaver, damn straight about not being meek. Meek people will NOT survive what’s coming to this nation.

            • Cuz,Cuz,Cuz, if only they could see you, so big and so mean. Reminds me of the Wizard of Oz,if they could pull back the curtain and see your little skinny ass sitting behind the keyboard, with your single shot shotgun and your little 30 cal. carbine. Almost forgot, and your mossberg 590, Oh thats right, that was your neighbors gun. But We Love You Man!

            • Bravefart!

      21. I’m living in America
        In America your on your own
        America is not a country
        It’s just a business
        NOW FUCKING PAY ME !!!

        • Yes Coach, the price of gold will fall because China is now on the team at the New London Gold Fix and the GB will suppress the price.

          China will be buying.

          We should too because Greenspan is right about one thing and that thing is that five years from now “gold will be significantly higher”.

          Add a little if you can folks, a little at a time. Gold goes to $3500 an oz when the shit really hits the fan. 🙂

          • With all due respect, DK, did you read the links I posted?

            • Yes Coach, but Mining dot com is as mainstream as you can get and their clientele in the main are miners; as in mining stocks.

              The real reason for the suppressed price is as I described. China on the FIX will push prices down while they continue to add as much gold as possible to their reserves.

              Lower prices will discourage speculators and gold bugs looking for a bottom, drying up demand. Its a perfect time for contrarians and Preppers to find a bargain.

              Back up the truck. 🙂

          • DR: 3500 of what? When the SHTF the good old FNR will be worth absolutely ZERO so what will the currency be to base the value on? IMHO if anyone thinks the dollar will live, I say wake up and smell the coffee. Rice, beans, bullets, oats, and peanut butter will rule.

            • Copperhead: Wishful thinking on your part.

              SHTF from nuclear war, emp, or Yellowstone may make the dollar “worthless” like you hope; but in a SHTF Depression which is the economic crisis ahead of us now, cash will be KING for those that have it and the dollar is the currency of choice for the NWO for some time to come.

              Global Investors will also flee to gold, so you will see both the dollar and gold rising in value at the same time. Gold rising farther, faster.

              If you don’t believe that, buy rubles. 🙂

      22. Inflation is debilitating and it looks like the Fed will raise interest rates which will put a dent in our economy. It will be like dominoes, one business after another hitting the wall and large ones that we all know. This is going to be planet wide which will probably lead to war on a horrific scale. surviving will be the real hard part,most people have no skills to get tem through.

      23. Inflation is debilitating and it looks like the Fed will raise interest rates which will put a dent in our economy. It will be like dominoes, one business after another hitting the wall and large ones that we all know. This is going to be planet wide which will probably lead to war on a horrific scale. surviving will be the real hard part,most people have no skills to get tem through.

      24. oh my!…..a twofer!

        • My iPad does that sometimes. Are you iPadding this evening?

      25. That was poppy bush and cohorts who set up NAFTA which clinton pushed into passage quickly after attaining office. The elected house and senate representatives looked the other way and thus the loss of manufacturing in America. “Conservatives” are the main war party and drive the overall agenda, if you are not a conservative, regardless of your political leaning, you are still under their thumb. If you can get excited about Jeb as president, or even Hillary the conditioning can’t be overcome. Elizabeth Warren up against Jeb, why she would’nt get that far unless it was fixed. How can anyone vote for candidates that both or all suck? How long can this bush clinton coverup of truth go on? Obama filled the desired role, keep lying.


        This is not a joke, I am dead serious.

        So with respect, I suggest everyone go to, a website that has been under constant attack the past two weeks, and read “Russia’s Seven-Pronged Strategy Designed to Conquer America”.

        And Mac, if you could carry this article, I think it would do our entire country a service, thank you.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Lone Ranger: I read that article. Hodges is off his meds again. I just can’t take this guy seriously. Can anyone show me where he has ever been right, well in advance?

          Didn’t think so. Dave?

          If this scenario is real its ten years a way while the US stands still. Not gonna happen. Hodges deals in hyperbole to attract viewers and sells you fear. 🙁

          • @DK

            Hodges lost me as soon as the article started with “according to my sources” This guy is always so connected, but never seems to give any real meat. I don’t think he’s off his meds, I think he may be mixing the wrong ones. Of course a Russian invasion could be the best thing for us. Maybe it would pull us together and teach us to keep our defenses over here and not meddling in other peoples business all across the damn world

            • RH: He may have “sources” but its more likely that the voices in his head may just be the local AM talk radio station resonating through his fillings. 🙂

              • DK, with respect you and the others here are in denial. I know that’s a dangerous word to use, but you are in denial of how vulnerable Obama has made Alaska.

                Of all the posters here, you get my vote as being undercover for the government because your posts are mostly poorly reasoned and attempt both to distract readers and detract from the basic points stated.

                I unequivocally stand behind Hodges: our Nation is about to be invaded!

                – the Lone Ranger

        • LR, if Russia wanted to conquer us, we’d know it first hand by now. Please stop adding to the war drums beating efforts. We already know Russia is under attack from the globalists, that’s where this BS propaganda comes from.

          It’s fearmongering.

      27. I think we’ve all read enough of this garbage! We all need to grab a bag of rice some Ramon noodles a bottle of water or two and get underground ASAP ! If you have a gun and ammo bring it with you. This is going to get ugly in 1 2 3 ! Be safe everyone I’m going underground now!

      28. Well now!
        My wife works for a Catholic School and they are laying off and terminating people like it is going out of style. She just got her hours cut from 40 to 20 and lost her insurance also.
        I’m in the public a lot and I see and talk to a lot of folks telling me the same story. (lost job, cut hours,) I talked to a guy the other day that has had a mom and pop factory for years and now he is closing it down, because of Regulations coming from the Guberment and Obullshit care. 38 people out of work. Another friend of mine is looking at closing her shop no business she had already had to let her sister go.
        All the numbers the Guberment puts out are made up and false. These Bastards could see or know the truth if it bit them in the ass.
        Kicking them in the ass very soon will be the True Patriots. The time is getting closer. 2015 just might be the year.
        God Help Us.

        • Sgt Dale sorry to hear the bad news in your household.
          Its bad, getting way worse. a few weeks ago we went to the next town over looking for a second hand cast iron skillet to add in to our utensils. Went to the big thrift shop place and saw it had closed down. WTF? Its so bad the thrift shop went belly up.

          Last saturday, the wife went to another thrift shop and looked for some play clothes for the grandkids. Thought she was shopping for bargains but the prices were the same as the new ones at Wallyworld. WTF? In todays screwed up world, third world imports can compete w/ the thrift store prices. How does the global economy get that to work? Is it another propped up lie? Does the USSA give those countries billions to offset losses so they can bring in imports to cut the used/thrift market now. WTF?

          Were going down.

          • Well, when the weather gets warmer, its time to hit the garage sales with a vengeance….you’ll be helping a neighbor, no tax, and be shopping outside, al fresco…(most people here use the driveway with their stuff on tables…)….

            • Amen Molly Pitcher

              That’s what I always say. If you can’t buy new American, buy used American. And if you cant buy used American, at least buy used. It helps keep all your money in country and local economies. People don’t realize how much you can stock your home with garage sales and thrift stores. Don’t buy cheap wal mart sheeeeite!!

            • To Molly Pitcher
              We do hit the yard sales but weve had a month of snow and ice and then it all melted and gave us swampland for a week. Yard sales will commence in a few weeks and well be out and about then. Sure dont disagree w/ used items, paying cash, ftf buys from locals, and tax free. It beats Chinamart.

      29. Sarge, I believe 2015 is THE year for SHTF. I can feel it coming. My prepping is in overdrive now.

        • Braveheart:
          I’ve been in over drive myself. Only have 25 223’s left to load and then onto the 6.8MM have 100 of them. Then I have a hand full of 44 Mags, 38/357, 45ACP, 30-30, 300 Win mags and 30 carbines to load up. If all goes well I’m going to be setting up 2 Mosin Nagants that I have worked on. I’m hoping that my modifications turns them into tack drivers. You can’t have too may Sniper Rifles.

          Just picked up some more silver, and more food.
          I hope and pray that we make it though and nothing happens. Then we have to look forward to another BOGUS Election. With two bushes running. Jeb and Hillary (pun intended) God Help us if either one of them gets elected!

          Still looking in Tenn. Last two places fell through can’t put in septic systems. too rocky. But we are still looking.

          Aim Small Miss Small

          • Went to costco yesterday and dropped 800$ for canned foods, baking stuff and rice,,,
            Feels good to have a decent pantry,
            been freezing home made chili and pasta sauces, quick and easy eats.
            Should get 100# of hard red wheat this week, ordered that and found a nice grinder that has stone burrs, looking forward to that one,,,,
            Need to vac seal coffee, have 40# of french roasted beans to repack,,, gonna be a busy week.

            • Kula:
              Great thing to be busy doing.
              Have you ever tried canning your Chilly and Pasta sauce?
              I have opened one up that was 5 years old and it was just as good as the day I canned it.

              • I am going to do that for sure, this was a few smaller batches. But definitely is on the list,,

      30. Beaten to Death at McDonald’s

        (“Before them, hundreds of young black males were loitering about, some without shirts. A police officer arriving at the scene, five minutes later, grabbed his AR-15 assault rifle when he stepped out of his patrol car, fearing he was amid a full-blown riot.”)

        To the four clean-cut college freshman out on a double date, it had seemed like a typical McDonald’s: spanking clean, well-lighted, and safe. It was in a good neighborhood too, right next to Texas A&M University in College Station — a campus known for its friendly atmosphere and official down-home greeting: “howdy.”

        Shortly after 2 A.M. that Sunday, they pulled into the parking lot of so-called “University McDonald’s” and beheld a scene unlike anything portrayed in all those wholesome McDonald’s television commercials. Before them, hundreds of young black males were loitering about, some without shirts.

        Read more:
        Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

        • It is sad to witness but there is one community that has spectacularly failed in every country they have rocked up in all around the world: from Sweden to Canada to France to the US. It does not matter what the local language is, or the local culture and habits, or what food is eaten, but one community produces vicious young men who cannot either work or contribute to humanity in a positive way, and thus fall into gang and mob mentality. They spend much of their time disrupting others and trying to drag them down to their level. Sad.

          White ‘racist’ men and Asian men got mankind to the moon and will take humanity beyond, but what will others bring to humanity that is positive and stretches their minds?

      31. The BLS exists for one reason and one reason only… and that is to cook up politically acceptable numbers that tell the low information types what they want to hear and not what is true. This provides cover for the jackals running the show. They hold up these numbers and thump them like a circuit preacher does his bible. As if they had real meaning, which in the case of the BLS, they do not.

        If anyone wants to know what SHTF will start out looking like, just imagine one of those Black Friday sales videos where the people are not fighting and clawing one another over a T-shirt, sneakers, or a TV but instead are grabbing the last can of beans or bottle of water off the shelf at the local supermarket. Once the SBT cards stop working, which they will when the SHTF, we will see food riots in every major city in the US. It won’t take more than 2-3 missed meals for people to turn ugly… well, uglier. If the only way they can get something to eat is to take it from someone else, it will very rapidly degrade into Law of the Jungle time.

        This is why it is smart to prep. Those of us who have prepped will not have to run out to the stores and get all caught up in the violence that is sure to ensue once the local stores run out of food or the local citizens run out of how to pay for it. Smash and grab will be endemic. By staying home and keeping a low profile, we don’t become targets and can hole up until the worst of it has passed.

        Given how poorly FEMA reacts to natural disasters, there is no way that they can handle this happening in dozens of major US cities all at the same time. The national guard probably can’t handle this either, so don’t count on them doing much except protecting their own. Same goes for most cops, as was seen during Katrina several years ago.

        My admiration and respect for the US Founding Fathers is great and Thomas Jefferson is my favorite. What a wise man he was! Here is one of his quotations that discusses this very point:

        “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work, and give to those who will not.” – Thomas Jefferson

        What part of this do the libtards not understand? They have spent the past 8 decades in this country doing the exact opposite of what TJ has stated as a fact… and it IS a fact. But they do not really care about these people, other than as votes. Training people to sit on their ass with their hands out for charity at public expense is a terrible disservice to them as well as the over-taxed public and it will end badly. When it ends, we can all be sure that the blame for it will go everywhere but where it deserves to go… squarely on the Dem party and those Repubs who sell their votes in congress to the mooch class, the bankers, the lobbyists, etc.

      32. to the 98% who are unprepared and ignorant I say, Sucks to be you dumb asses! See you on the other side assuming you survive. Tee, Hee, Hee….

        • I like how you think, sounds like something i would say

      33. Even the prepped are gonna be in for a shock your still gonna have to think outside the box on a lot of different issues. Of course the dummy’s that thought everything was gonna be fine are gonna go into shock walking about like zombies. I consider myself to be ahead of what can happen but I know there will be some dilemmas to handle and face it folks you can’t be prepared for everything. There will be preppers who made better choices with their prep$. The guy who has 20 guns but little food and water or didn’t have extra meds is gonna go down faster. Guns are fun but 20 of em is senseless really get what you need for the foreseeable situations you feel you will be faced with. Same thing with the mil surp guys that just got things that would have no prep value. Collecting is fine if your bases are covered. I wouldn’t waste $ on anything that won’t sustain life. Buy an extra good water filter like the katadyn pocket before you buy another gun this will be building redundantcy and you will have an ultimate barter item.

      34. My preps are in overdrive, have decided to add one last rifle, a Mossburg 308 Scout.This week I bought hand tools, even found an old hand crank drill. 2 weeks from now will buy some more seeds and a serviceable rototiller.. Next month will add fencing to my BOG location in Tenn. In the hopes of obtaining a mule and two horses this summer ( if circumstances grant me that long). I also I tend to begin stocking a “survival library” a prepper necessity I have sadly neglected till now. It is a bitch doing this with a finite budget. Still need lumber ,nails,screws ect. The list seems to grow instead of shrink. On a side note bought a Night Owl IGEN night vision monocular, 385.00, it is superior to a Gen 2 night vision at a 1/4 of the cost. Uses digital technology, highly recommend as a cost effective night vision option for limited situations. Only con it burns up batts fairly quickly when using infrared.

      35. I think it is clear the next crisis will reduce much of the West to a third world social and economic structure. The last of middle class jobs and wealth will be wiped out, and whatever is left will be taxed off people and handed over to the millions of refugees coming from the third world.

        At this point, a major war will be sparked with Russia and China. This war will devastate Western cities, but, as by design, since they will have filled up with sub-IQ garbage, the population loss will not be missed. The elites have already set up gene banks and seed banks to preserve what is best about humanity and the planet for a re-birth in 20 years time or so.

      36. Prepare for world war folks cause it is coming. This will be one of the large notches in the ratcheting down of this decaying country. Between Kommander Koon and his minions, the Sharia Islamists, the still sleepy-eyed population, and the blending in of spainards pouring across the border, we are in for a long hard road. Oh, and I almost forgot adding the “accidental” releasing of a viral infectious disease from some lab here in the states. Have I left something out? I wish this was sarcasm but it ain’t.

      37. The past four days.

        Four days ago my neighbor was arguing with his wife and she was crying. A shot rang out and wife called the cops. A minute later I heard the woman’s voice again.
        Black couple. Cops came 25 minutes later to investigate.
        Seems all is well.
        Three days ago. Shot fired in neighborhood a block over.
        Two days ago. Nothing.
        Last night. Seven injured from gunfire in the city.

        Elections coming up for mayor and the news is not saying if it is black on black crime or what. Also they give a general location where the crime was committed to mask crime ridden neighborhoods.

        Can’t wait for summer to see what happens. ;0)

        • There are shocking levels of everyday violence in some communities and among some groups. Honour killings, gang rapes and so-called ‘convoy’ sex, human trafficking, street assaults etc. But much of it is covered up because of the race of the perpetrators. In the UK, this has involved sex trafficking gangs and street assaults. It is a myth crime is going down and things are getting safer. Instead, what is happening is the violence is being ring-fenced and compartmentalized to keep it out of the headlines and away from the upper middle class areas, where politicians and their supporters live.

          In France, the violent people are moved to the suburbs; this also happens in Canada. Go to Toronto, and you will find all the poverty and violence is in the suburbs. Where there were never ghettos, there now are. We live in an illusion.

      38. Hello everyone,

        This is my first post. I have been visiting this site and other similar sites for a few years. I started prepping just over two years ago and thankfully my wife is on board.
        I have learned a tremendous amount from the articles and posts… thank you.

        There is something that I feel I should mention…
        I have noticed that many posts end with “God bless”, “In Christ” etc… which is awesome as we are Christians as well. My wife is actually a pastor which is pretty cool.
        What strikes me as odd however is that the posts that end with “God Bless”, “In Christ” etc… those same posts also say things like “i have 2000 rounds ready for the fight”, or “I wont be giving any of those stupid buggers any of my food, I warned them many times to start prepping, what I will give them is some lead”

        Something doesn’t seem right with that. It will definitely be a difficult situation when friends and family and neighbours that you’ve told repeatedly to start prepping, come knocking looking for supplies. I am praying for wisdom in that situation, that the Lord provides so that there will be enough to go around. What I am not doing is planning on shooting anyone. Yes I have guns and ammo for hunting and if the situation gets out of hand for protection of me and my family but still I don’t planning on killing anyone. Scaring them off is one thing… shooting them to kill is another.

        We all know that its just a matter of time before things get ugly. It tells us this in the bible as well. However what us “believers” sometimes forget is that this is all temporary. How we handle situations in this temporary life will have great effect on our eternal life.

        In scripture it says in Roman 12:19-21 “Do not take revenge, my dear friends” but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. On the contrary: If your enemy is hungry, feed him: if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

        Our decisions have eternal consequences!

        One other thing that I feel that I should mention is that “meek” does not mean “weakling”. In a few posts above some wrote about meekness.

        We are called to be meek. But what does being meek really mean. The best example is a warhorse riding into battle. Yes, I mean a real horse with a soldier on its back. It rides into battle knowing that its not safe, it knows better and every instinct is telling it to turn around and to go back to somewhere safe. However it gallops forward obeying it’s master (the soldier on its back) even though it is scared. It puts it’s masters will ahead of its own.

        My intent is not to offend.

        I know it is easy to get going into a place where we shouldn’t be as believers especially when the world seems to be falling apart around us. Trust in God my friends. It will all work out in the end.

        SolarGuy out…

        • Solar Guy.

          It does seem like we are ready to shoot or slit everybody’s throat. We are angered at what is happening around us and are overwhelmed that there are more of THEM than US. And the Law Protects Them and weighted that we must, SUPPORT THEM. Even to those who want to rule over us and make us destitute.

          In the end time will tell what we really do.

        • While you are scaring them off with your menacing hunting rifle they will be drilling you in the forehead with their AK47 then doing what they want with your wife,,,,
          Dont kid yourself bud,
          I would suggest Selco for a reality check on what colapse is really like

        • Heres something more to chew on as well

          Add the usual prefix
          What he says about religion resonates with me, i used to be one of those shackled by religion

          • God is so tired of the lily livered, pussy footing, religious morons like SolarGuy, that he knows this world is SUNK because of them. HE is going to lead the come back to save this world because we have lost the brains, will, and ability to do anything about it.

            We would never have gotten out from under the thumb of King George had SolarGuy been leading those patriots. And we are going under the thumb of the new King George (NWO) because of generations of SolarGuys.

            If you take the Declaration of Independence in which they listed all the grievances against King George and make a parallel list of the grievances against our federal government you will find yourself scratching you head and asking “When are they going to ride?”

            SolarGuy had better find a really deep hidey hole; his outstretched hands in what is to come is not going to cut it.

            Wonder if his preacher wife has got to the Book of Revelation yet?

      39. Night vision is great but the one they say is the best is over $1400 pvs 14 I’ve seen cheaper ones don’t know if they are any good. I wouldn’t drop 1400 on a night vision myself to me this is on the nice to have list not the needs list. I would get armor first it’s cheaper too. For 1400 I could get my whole family body armor. I don’t invest in optics for me I feel anything that runs in batteries will fail it gets damn cold around here and batteries fail in the cold plus I don’t want to impede the use of iron sights and weigh gun down. They are sensitive and can be damaged too.

        • Ass Hat

          What level protection.

        • Actually,
          A weapon capable non knockoff PVS14 is more in the 3600-4300 range,,,
          Be careful,
          If it sounds too good to be true it usually is

      40. Good read over at Zengardener

      41. our live are gonna drastically change again? cool.

      42. When Will It All End! Trekker Out

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