There Is NO RECOVERY In Sight, And It’s All Engineered This Way

by | Aug 20, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 7 comments

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    This economic crash was designed, and the purpose of the lockdowns worked perfectly: to kill small businesses and impoverish the masses. It was all engineered this way by the political puppets and there is not going to be a recovery.

    There may be a “new system” if Americans are stupid enough to allow it, however, there will be no recovery.  If we are smart, once this system crashes and burns, we won’t replace it with another system at all. “We know the agenda and we understand what they are trying to pull off here,” says Gregory Mannarino in his latest video. “These subhuman individuals must lie,” he says of the Federal Reserve banking cartel hellbent on world domination as they intentionally destroy as many people as possible.

    “It’s insulting because [The Federal Reserve] believes that we are stupid,” adds Mannarino.  Some are, as we have been dumbed down on purpose, but Americans are waking up at an alarming rate. The more the bankers try to control and crash the dollar, the more people will awaken to the chains around their necks and begin to live freely away from this rigged slave system.

    “They’re trying to manipulate your mind because they think you’re stupid,” said Mannarino. This is what happens when things are this sick and this twisted. “These characters are going to continue to lie to you on an epic scale. It’s just the norm these days, the lies, the corruption, the propaganda, the misinformation, the misleading of the people on a scale that I don’t think we’ve ever seen before. And that just plays right into the New World Order, this New America.”

    We are in a terrible situation. The only way out is to recognize it and reject the digital dollar. We know it’s coming. We know all transactions will be tracked, traced, and shut off at will, wholly centralized in the hands of the elitists and used as the new chains around our necks.

    When this system falls, what do we replace it with? Well, if you cut out cancer, what do you replace it with? There’s your answer. Live free. Some fates are worse than death.



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      1. I believe that these psychopaths will fail, exactly like the Nazis failed. They are dedicated to being stubborn, wrong, sadistic, corrupt, abusive, predatory, and evil. They cannot win because they are wrong and guilty of fraud on a global mass scale, not just the dollar, but the entire system run by megalomanic, narcisstic psychopaths whose egos have taken over the world. Their hubris, and egos in addition to the fact that they are living in denial, is going to devour and destroy them, exactly as it happened to the Hitler, Mengela, Goebels, and the Nazis, the difference being that these are globalists rather than nationalists, and they are not all Germans, but they are using the same tactics that the Nazis used, which ultimately destroyed them. Although they are globalists, they control the U.S. government, Federal Reserve, and corporations, and governments, central banks, and corporations all over the world.

        They want to destroy the dollar. The EU and and European Central Bank is colluding with the IMF to use debt enslavement for Latin American countries to transition to a green energy program as a basis for the loans. Yeah, the European Central Bankers will save them! Really generous and touching to lend money with interest. Truly heroic!

        Andrea Iravani

        • The Nazis failed purposely, to live to fight another day. They reemerged as the European Union.

          • Very funny. Guess that the EU must be failing just so that it can live another day in the year 3000.

            Andrea Iravani

      2. It’s like we’re hanging in midair. No one wants to take action. The risk of loss is too great. And solidarity of like minds is insufficient. Those who understand the problem speak in soft voices. They agree on what is wrong but dare not say what is needed. They wait for the tide of commitment that ripens with careful determination which it then rivets deeply into one’s soul with a snap of sudden recognition that changes everything in an instant and makes men’s fingers curl into fists and starts the wheels rolling. – Bobby Brave

      3. DARPA is claiming that it is working with Silicon Valley on the Chariot Program for new encryption with deadly 5G to connect
        3 trillion things to the IoT, ( Internet of Things ). It would also grant Silicon Valley a backdoor into all of those things for data theft.

        What if we don’t want our things connected to the IoT?! I sure as hell don’t!

        How is that even possible?! That would be 375 things connected to the internet for each individual with a population of 8 billion.

        Exactly what in the hell is going on here?!

        Suspicious as hell!

        Andrea Iravani

        • I still have a 3G trac phone and can’t even send a picture any longer.
          I’m okay with it.
          Insurance and monthly bills still bother me to go paperless–NOPE.
          I just say, I don’t have a smart phone and don’t trust anything on internet.
          I get a check from husband (he gets one from VA. I get SS check) and pay household bills using cash and keep left over.
          If they go all out digital, I am screwed—I don’t have a checking acct

      4. Problem is the brains coping mechanisms against anxiety and depression are in high gear amongst the “Double Digit IQ’s” and a lot of intelligent people. Liberals are by far the worse. Study after study shows the mental prowess of these folks is seriously in decline. Nothing is gonna stop this freight train from disaster. So what does one do, they prepare.

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