“There Is No Plan B”

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    Bazillionaire financier George Soros, in a recent panel discussion in Europe, suggests we’re in serious trouble:

    Let’s face it: we are on the verge of an economic collapse which starts, let’s say, in Greece but could easily spread. The financial system remains extremely vulnerable…

    We are on the edge of collapse and that is the time to recognize the need for change.

    There is no plan B at the moment. That is why the authorities are sticking to the status quo and insisting on preserving the existing arrangements instead of recognizing there are fundamental flaws that need to be corrected.

    Via: The Daily Crux, Economic Policy Journal, Reuters

    Considering that Mr. Soros was one of the biggest proponents of “change” in the 2008 election, we find it amusing that he says it’s time to recognize change now. We were under the impression Mr. Soros and his conglomerate of Obama supporters implemented said change two years ago.

    We’ve previously opined that “change” is something that we humans vehemently object to until we are at the very precipice of disaster.

    Guess what? We’re back here once again.

    Mr. Soros is an extremely large global financial player, so when he speaks, we ought to listen. In his book The Crash of 2008 and What It Means Soros outlined several steps with how to deal with the economic catastrophe that swept the world.

    Among other things, he noted that government needed to manipulate the price of oil at or around $80 per barrel in order to implement alternative energy initiatives. More importantly, he strongly pushed for monetary easing, saying that the deflationary deleveraging of the system in 2008 required governments and central banks to first induce the opposite of what’s happening in the economy (print lots of money) and then reduce it (to avoid hyperinflation). The idea was to implement a stabilizing effect.

    The problem, as Mr. Soros himself points out in his book, is that once we inject the economy with massive amounts of money through quantitative easing and the like, it would be extremely difficult to pull back on the gas to induce its opposite. This is where the hyperinflationary danger comes from.

    Essentially this pulling back, combined with regulation and policy changes, was “Plan B.” But, given that Mr. Soros now agrees nothing has been done to fundamentally change the underlying causes for this crisis, we are about to re-collapse into a scenario potentially worse than what we saw in 2008.

    We can cite horrific economic numbers that include the millions of unemployed Americans, record breaking food stamp participation, consumer sentiment, home sales, collapsing GDP, food and energy inflation, and our ever increasing national debt as evidence of how much worse things are now than in 2008.

    Today, however, we have one specific chart, provided by Zero Hedge, that should solidify the fact this economy is about to roll over:

    Manufacturing in this country has absolutely, without a doubt, and unarguably, COLLAPSED.

    It’s worse than what we saw in 2008.

    Expect this data to be buried much like the recent New York Times story that reported our economy was falling apart.

    We are, without a doubt, and regardless of the data machinations being propagated in the halls of our government, in another technical recession.

    Moreover, this is just the next phase within the Greater Depression.

    The scary thing? Most people have absolutely no clue, nor do they care to:


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      1. Its the people on here that have their eyes open and arent afraid to know the truth and that are preparing and will carry on as the rest of the titanic goes under.
        Thanks Mac for keeping us enlightened.

        • We know it’s gonna sink. But you have to give these people credit for having the very tight, uniform and strong support of its members.

          They pass a system down from one generation à to the next. That’s why the system remains unbroken and under control.

          On the contrary, the American people are constantly fighting all over the world, get into more debt and become more divided internally.

          Bravo for Universal Rights!

          • Today per Chris Wallace (Foxnews), he asked Michele Bachman during the interview:

            ….. Talking the Talk is not equal to Walking the Walk ……

            1. Today she made another announcement that she is running for president.

            2. I thought she already did during the last debate which was in the news a week ago.

            3. Three month ago, Bachman also announced her running and responded to Obama’s speech, which the Republican Party did not authorize her to do; Paul Ryan was the only one authorized to respond. She makes a lot of dumb mistakes.

            How many times is she going to declare her candidacy??

            Conservative network hosts (Foxnews) do not want to cover her, and Liberal Network Hosts (Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, PBS …) only cover Obama or Hillary.


            • His behavior is a sign of his mental agitation due to your postings. If I ever acted anything like that jerk, I’d want to remain “anonymous” as well. You’re doing a great job, keep on posting and ignore that jerk.

            • What a nice thing to say.

              Just remember you are in control of your own life, and they’re only in control when you let them be. Thanks for all the support.

              It’s very rude of someone to come and spoil the fun. And yes, “Backup Plan” you said it better than I can:

              “Shut the F@##$ up and go to hell. You need to leave people alone. Your mind is full of garbage and your life is nothing better. Go to Hollywood and see all the porn you want. Leave lady Jane alone, you did a good job.”


          • Sweet baby Jane, what are you trying to say? Be nice and I’ll take the duck tape off.

            • @ Anonymous = Annoying Perverted Spammer = Conservative Shill = A name used to target opponents/conservatives.





              JANE says: June 25, 2011 at 5:06 pm

              @ Anonymous = Annoying Perverted Spammer = Conservative Shill = A name used to target opponents/conservatives.

              Nope, only YOU, the Washington post and a few other groups (e.g. the filthy rich) who try to rule the world are obviously CRAZY.

              STOP your stupid behavior. Too bad, cannot marry you, because I am a mixture of all the races that you so disrespect.

              It’s so nice to see how you work as a team with Durango.


            • Jane, no. You can not have that violent game. Put it back & keep your hands in your shopping cart. We are not in Cali forn I a.

              Greeks will not roll over and play dead.

            • Shut the F@##$ up and go to hell. You need to leave people alone. Your mind is full of garbage and your life is nothing better. Go to Hollywood and see all the porn you want.

              Leave lady Jane alone, you did a good job.

            • it’s DUCT tape…

            • Michelle, it can be called duck or duct. In fact duck tape is arguably the original name and ‘duct’ came later.

            • Quack, quack.

      2. Why would anyone take what G.Soros says publicly for granted? The man can not be trusted. This is the guy who sold short on Silver the week it peaked and the Friday before our troops shot Bin Laden. The guy who spends 2 nights a year at our white house. Oh and a convicted Felon in France too.

        • The never ending story of George Soros, he is spreading Liberal agenda, manipulating our judicial system, and who knows what else….. OMG! Read more:

          Soros Spending Millions to Spread Liberal Agenda

          Billionaire George Soros Trying To Stack the Courts, Critics Say


          Billionaire George Soros spends tens of millions each year supporting a range of liberal social and political causes, from drug legalization to immigration reform to gay marriage to abolishing the death penalty.

          But a less well-known Soros priority — replacing elections for judges with selection-by-committee — now has critics accusing him of trying to stack the courts.
          Most non-federal judges around the country are selected by voters in elections. But some states use a process called “merit selection” in which a committee – often made up of lawyers – appoints judges to the bench instead.
          Soros has spent several million dollars in the past decade in an attempt to get more states to scrap elections and ADOPT THE MERIT METHOD. Supporters say it would allow judges to focus on interpreting the law rather than on raising campaign funds and winning elections.

          “Merit selection would end the money race and get judges out of the fundraising business,” Lynn Marks, executive director of Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts — a group that has received money from Soros’ Open Society Institute — told FoxNews.com.


          • one thing in our favor is Soros is an old man and the clock is ticking

            • I wish it speed up!

          • Jane,
            Are you blind, or live in a house with no mirrors?

        • Soros wants and has been pushing for and heavily funding the One World Govt and UN Agenda 21 and his man is our Pres. Hand and hand they are trying to walk us into their communist world.

      3. He is a POS, plain and simple. We do need to pay attention to his methods and motives, because he has f…ed eveyone before and doesn’t give a rats ass about anyone but himself.

      4. “Most people have absolutely no clue, nor do they care to…”

        The exceptionalist “we’re the greatest” mantra still colors what passes for thinking among most USans. They take this for a grant of immunity not only from the laws of history and physics, but also immunity from reality.

        We may not be the greatest, but the US is indisputably the world’s LARGEST country: Its army is in Iraq and Afghanistan, its industry is in China, its (future) population is in Mexico and its government is in Tel Aviv.

      5. How come the guy in the pic still has his pants on? This does not adequately represent our true state of affairs. LOL

        • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          His pants should at least be pulled down to his ankles. Maybe a tube of KY jelly nearby?

          • Gross, but funny!

          • No KY jelly. That is an extra we just can’t afford right now what with this recession/depression/economic collapse/Armageddon on and all.

      6. Hell has a special place reserved for George Soros. At 80 years of age he’s on the fast track to meet Obama’s mentor face to face, that being El Diablo.

        • He’ll have to get in line behind Henry “Killinger”.

      7. Let the defaults begin… crash the world banks.. it is they who must be squashed like the parasites they are..

        We CAN go forward without the banks… The banks can not go ANYWHERE without us.. the longer we play their games the more they will crush us all with their debt based economy’s and fractional reserve banking..

      8. MAC: Didn’t you get the memo? We are a service economy now!

        A nation of internet shopkeepers living on Google Adsense, the wife selling the family jewels on ebay, the husband collecting unemployment, while the kids eat their breakfast and lunch at school!

        Just saying Mac …. just saying. 🙂

      9. The sad thing is our actions do have meanings and electing a ” community leader” whom I believe couldn’t lead himself around the block without help. You would think he would of met at least a few smart people but in Obama’s world it all about money and what can you do for me. So he ends with tax evadors and all sort of criminals around him. Now I hate to say it but G.Soros is the same way. Me,Me,Me is no way to lead a country and the dang people need to straighten up and take some intrest in this great country not just me,me,me. The true leaders have already accomplished themselves and want to do for the rest of us what they did for themselves.If you lie,cheat,and ripoff people,places,and our country I can’t see where you would do a thing for this great country. Comes right down to were all screwed! Your right S.J. he should’t have his pants up.


        Lets stop pussy footing around and take our medicine. We’ve lived way too high on the hog for too long and we just have to stop it. We need to stop screwing around and trying to kick the can one more time.

        The whole plan was to take all of our earnings, our profit, our value that we created and suck us dry. They’re doing that now, as we surf, deflating every dollar you have.

        The fact is they are going to try and make you think that they can tax their way out of it. Its just the last shoe to drop before the revolt.

        Thieves, liars and crooks. Banks, lawyers and politicians. Ah, but I am redundant yet again.

        • I’d like to experience high on the hog (American style) at least once, just once before we take the the medicine

      11. George Soros IS the problem….

        That bastard should have hung with the rest of the Nazis at Nuremberg in 1945…

      12. +1, NetRanger…

        I say let’s take the shot of whiskey, bite the stick, and get this $#!^ over with.

        We are well, well past the point at which there is a better overall solution.

        However, I’ll put the chances of that happening at like 0.5%.

        The powers that be will keep kicking the can as long as they can…

        …right off the rapidly approaching cliff.

        • I’m with ya there. I’m getting tired of this s**t. It needs to get into the street and get it settled there. You can bet on one thing though, the ones that are making all of the noise will be nowhere to be found. We have to keep that in mind soon.

      13. On Dr. Kate’s View today, many were talking about Soros’ company and the purchase/control of wheat and silos.
        Hmmmmm…isn’t he the splodydope that phrased…”useless eaters”???

        • kissinger

          • Kissinger also said that he who controls the food controls the world….. something like that.

            • When the devil took his 1st dump, it was love at fist site…he smiled and called it “kissinger”.

      14. 5Truths #1- You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealth out of prosperity. #2-What one person receives without working for another person must work for without receiving. #3-The govt. can not give to anybody anything that the govt. does not first take from somebody else. #4 You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. #5- When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for then that is the beginning of the end of any nation. WAKE UP AMERICA

        • #6-You can’t make sense to a dim. Most of them don’t want to work and the others just want to be a lawyer.

      15. Soros WANTS the economy to collapse here in the U.S. This is NOT news or a new story. He has collased economies before and this one (the U.S.) is taking a bit longer as it unravels. The Obamination is his puppet.

      16. Choose a caption for the photo-

        “One minute I’m kissing the Blarney stone, then ELEnin roars by, the earth tilts, and now I got sand in my mouth”

        “I’m a new convert to Islam. Is this the direction towards Mecca?”

        “Helloooo China. If you can hear me down there, send some of our jobs back!”

        Ichabod, the unemployed stockbroker.

        New York legalizes inter-species marraige. Man celebrates by marrying gopher.

        “I can’t see my watch. Have I been in the time-out hole for 10 minutes yet?”

        • ROFLMAO!! You crack me up!! Laughed so hard I’ve got tears in my eyes! Oh, maybe that’s not from laughing. May be more from what’s coming! Anyway, thanks for the good laugh – haven’t had anything to laugh about lately!!

        • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the humor, there isn’t much of it in my life as I spend to much time getting prepped for what I believe is coming. THANK YOU!!! Keep smokin’ whatever it is your smokin’ and I’ll look forward to more humor from you.

        • I’m just wondering how his head got in the sand like that in the first place. He must’ve dug a hole, put his head in it and filled it in around himself. He could probably still hear. I imagine if the camera person said “Hold it…no, hold it a bit longer…” the model might show him how head burying is done, the hard way.

        • that’s frickin hilarious 🙂

      17. I want to see jane use the dong

      18. I agree with crash and burn. The ones that are watching carefully are the ones who want to be ready when it all goes down. We have our lifeboats ready.

      19. Anybody that has their head in the sand needs their ass kicked and kick hard. I volunteer. Liberals first! Line em all up…I say. I’ll even put my cowboys boots on, the ones with silver tips.

        Jane, lets practice with a hot dog first. No bite.

      20. I must admit…for the first time…. Jane is my favorite post of the day [it made me laugh].

      21. SmokinOkie

        How bout:

        Don’t bother me now, I’m lookin for oil.

        Now where did I bury that gold at?

        Back in the matrix with everyone else.

        At least this way I wont have to smell how rotton the world has become.

        • Excellent!

      22. I haven’t been down under (yet) but I can kick a pair of liberal balls. SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      23. Lets let the Conservatives have it first, they have ruined this country with their fake religion, stupid politicians, racist tendencies, hypocritical thinking especially about sex, lets kick their small balls into the game.

        • anony- as I read you’re post I almost broke into an elton john song…”can you feel the love tonight?…”
          then i remembered elton is one of those evil homo type persons and I’m supposed to be phobic about it. Damn! Can I still sing Sweet Home Alabama? I think all those guys were straight, right?
          Seriously though, if you’re still looking at the dem/rep debate then you haven’t yet identified the true enemy

          • sister elton can shoot yellow bricks out of his azz and he will never feel the love tonight! Money can’t buy him luv but it will buy him lube. What a homo burger. He needs a nose ring and I’ll lead him around…

      24. The world monetary system is in the process of crashing. We know this. Mr. Soros is along for the ride but just what is he saying here?

        “We are on the edge of collapse and that is the time to recognize the need for change.”

        What change? A chance to establish a world currency? Form a world government? With our beloved George at the helm or in a high position?
        It appears to be more hammering until the mold is formed. Those in office who embrace these ideals are flipping the hand signs and proclaiming “BRAVO George!” As he speaks to a select few.
        This is what is being sold here. Order out of chaos and guess who is a big player. Wooooooo, I’m impressed. Act 2 will start soon enough.

      25. George Soros, oh my. Where to begin?

        This man was for Barack Hussein Obama, ummm ummm ummm! For heavens sake, can he be trusted in ANYTHING he say?

        But one thing is clear: We are headed for a major economic castrophy, one which will eclipse everything we have ever seen. But the timing……

        Get out of debt, live below your means. If at all possible aguire some skills or products which you can use to make a living or barter. Do not trust gold or cash. All that will be confiscated.

        And don’t trust any politician or political party.

        The warning signs are clear. Ignore them at your peril.

        • They can come get my gold…..if they can find it.

      26. Anybody catch ‘Doomsday preppers’ on the National Geographic Channel last night @10:00pm est? Caught some of it through the snore periods. Glad the missus taped it…Manos, how are you and your family doing, your countrymen?

        • Thanks for asking.
          Things are a bit tight regarding economy. Still have a job so we manage to survive.
          I try to save money every month in order to make supplies of canned meat, spaghetti, rice, dried bread, and potable water. Already we are in the position to shut down the hatches and survive for 3 months (3 people).
          I need some more shells for the shotgun, and a solar oven but this is expensive. I’m thinking of fixing one on my own.
          I also bought 3 lanterns of hand-crank mechanism, so in case of power grid collapse we are covered.
          What we hear though is very worrying. Army special forces are in high alert. The army is taking back the G3 rifles from the national guard, and finally the government is thinking of forbitting hunting so all hunting guns should be given to the police.
          This means that the people will be totally defenceless.
          The next site hosts videos from what’s happening right now in Athens.


          Be safe. Protect your families.

          • Wow Manos, the weapon confiscation sounds like a page right out of Hitler’s history book. Please take care, and I wish you and your family well.

          • GREECE: possibly Harbingers Ghost for America.

          • manos, is it true what I have heard, that the German gov owes Greece like over 500 billion euro’s ??

            also let me ask if I am correct in my feeling that Germany is working, or in cahoot’s I should say with the Israeli money master’s ??

            To me, something just isn’t rite or not being reported. I don’t like this, the people of Greece hurting so badly makes me sick..
            looking forward to your reply if you see this.
            Thank you.

            • Probably you are talking about the WWII war compensation.
              All or most countries agreed that Germany should pay money, to those countries, states, or families, for crimes of war.
              The German debt to Greece because of those unpaid money is around 500 billion indeed.
              The problem derives once more from the Greek polititians who were sucking the butts of Germany for reasons unknown to the people.
              But in any case the plan has been set. Greece or Spain or Portugal or whoever, will pay for the global debt either as canaries or as a warning.
              Weird stuff.

            • Thank you manos..
              I guess it appears to me then that, The EU is determined to postpone the Greek default “until” taxpayers there have assumed the banks’ liabilities… I should say the same game that was run here in the USA with the banker bailouts of 800 billion(cough, 12 trillion)

              I wish you the best manos, stay strong and keep the family safe as you can..

      27. Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack. Ladies and gentleman, alot of us here are all about plan B. We didn’t like the feds plan A, so being the independent people like our ancestors were, we took the initiative. My father use to say to me, “Boy you gotta learn to do things by yourself. Don’t look around for someone to come along, cause help just ain’t a’commin'”. WE THE PEOPLE, need to remember that we the people don’t need but a bare bones government. A slightly stronger local government that allows us to stay in their faces and haunt their dreams at night, and keeps them remembering that we know where they live, and they ain’t far away.

        • How about a thread to comment on the Doomsday Prepper show last night, Mac ?

          • I’m interested.

        • Great point. Well said.

      28. This hits it right on the head without saying it. We have very little manufacturing base left in this country. During the Great Depression we had a way work ourselves out of the mess and the will to do it. Now, we have no way to work ourselves out of this mess and a vast majority of people that don’t want to work. We are ripe for an invasion. We got fat and lazy. Time now to pay the piper. Buckle up boys, it’s going to be a bumpy ride

      29. All this debt is on the shoulders of CON*gress and the bankers! I don’t owe a damn dime to anyone and they can all kiss off! All these freaking elites like Soros (a globalist, socialist, communist, wishful dictator) will be hiding in their holes when the masses start hunting them down like in the movie where the monster is in the tower and they burn it to the ground. POTUS the illegal puppet of the Int’l bankers will “F-up” and try to declare marshall law are some BS and all hell is going to break loose! I am feed up with TSA, FEMA, Treasury, State Dept, POTUS, CON*gress, EPA and all the other none Republic BS. Let it burn and we’ll pull out the Founding Fathers origianl documents and start again!!! When I see FEMA leadership teaching a class to civil servant law enforcement stating “our Founding Fathers were terrorist” I know the game is over and the idiots have left the state hospital.

      30. Most Everyone ALREADY knows that the ship is sinking, “the current economic system” is collapsing right before our eyes.

        For some it is happening in slow motion.

        For others it is happening as fast as a bolt of lightning.

        We are like people on the deck of the titanic, looking at each other and waiting for a cue when to start panicking and going into survival mode.

        What might be the panic buttons?

        when a major food chain has no real staples of food for weeks in the isles and the media blames it on fuel shortages.

        Or the government implements alternate fueling up days and limits each to 5 gallons of gas.

        loaf of Bread or a pound butter reaching $10. each.

        What will be the panic button?

        Most of us are waiting with bated breath.

        But guaranteed it is coming , brace yourselves and prepare people oh do prepare.

      31. The corp does not need a Plan B. Plan A is moving right along as expected.

        The Men among us don’t need a Plan B either. Prepping for the corps Plan A is their Plan A and the only reasonable course of action for a thinking Man.

        It is time for all Men to STOP paying the banks ANYTHING. There is no other way to stop the corps Plan A.

        Got credit card bills? Pay minimums until the balances are maxed out and then quit paying them anything.

        I tried to explain to my sheep wife how that system works. The bank issues you a credit card, based on a users agreement and not a contract, thus grants you permission to CREATE money on it’s behalf so long as you follow the users agreement.

        Upon making a charge and signing your name, you have provided the bank with an “asset”. The bank has provided you with NOTHING.

        When you stop paying a credit card bill, the banks must discharge it in 180 days after the last payment was made. At that time, the bank returns itself to exactly where it was before you agreed to create assets on it’s behalf.

        Upon DISCHARGE by the bank, the “debt” has been settled to the extent possible in the current legal system. The bank loses the asset you created for it, and you lose the “liability” for creating the asset on behalf of the issuer.

        What exactly does that mean? It means the banks claim ownership of everything, and allow you usage of the property by extending you credit to “purchase” it from them.

        It is now time for all responsible Men to STOP paying the banks for anything. You are buying stolen property. Property that was stolen from the people by the banks to begin with.

        Don’t believe me? Credit can only be given to buy something by the owner of what is being sold.

        Let’s say that I had a car that I “owned” outright. It is for sale, but not in FRN’s or other evidence of debt. The only one capable of extending credit for you to buy it is ME.

        Same thing with the banks. They can only extend credit to you to buy what they own, since they do not lend money.

        How many billions of dollars a month are people still sending these thieves?

        It has been said that if you owe the bank $10,000, the banker owns you, but if you owe the bank $10,000,000 then you own the banker.

        The only way the people worldwide will defeat the bankers is to understand who really has control and STOP paying a bank anything.

        There is nearly a trillion dollars of credit card “debt”, all UNSECURED and UNCOLLECTABLE after the bank discharges it as required. The only recourse is to screw up your credit report.

        If you care about your future, you will cease to care about your credit rating with the criminal banks. Once they are destroyed, your credit worthiness will be determined by you worth as a Man and not by what the bankers feel they can take from you.

        • I often advocate DO NOT PAY BACK THE CREDIT CARDS also but many people have assumed the Hell the Credit card loan sharks will put them through.

          Credit and reference checks for future employment, garnishing wages, garnishing bank accounts with auto withdrawals.

          If you can live under the table for the rest of your life then by all means DO NOT PAY BACK YOUR CREDIT.

          But not everyone can do that. The best way is for everyone to file for bankruptcy if they can fall into the salary range under $50,000. Most who have credit do not fall under $50,000 so they can’t.

      32. So when do we trade our dollars in for Ameros?????

        • The line will be long & the crowd restless. I don’t plan on standing in that line.

        • Never Chuckles. Never. If the PTB impose the Amero upon US it means that the US Constitution has been dissolved and that WE are living under a UN Compact.

          The person with the most “Blue Helmets” at the end of the game wins!!!!!

          Lock ‘n Load

      33. I have my own Plan B..and C

        • Amen!!

      34. “By a continuing process of inflation, the government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an enormous part of the wealth of their citizens.” – John Maynard Keynes

        The FED is INFLATION, and the US Corp worships Keynes for exactly the reason he stated in the above quote.

        The only fight is that with the criminal banks and the Corp that granted and supports it’s monopoly of crime.

        We will only have a hope of winning when the masses stop supporting the banks with their hard earned labor. If the bankers want assets, let them produce something rather than stealing your signature.

      35. “By a continuing process of inflation, the government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an enormous part of the wealth of their citizens.” – John Maynard Keynes

        The FED is INFLATION, and the US Corp worships Keynes for exactly the reason he stated in the above quote.

        The only fight is that with the criminal banks and the Corp that granted and supports it’s monopoly of crime.

        We will only have a hope of winning when the masses stop supporting the banks with their hard earned labor. If the bankers want assets, let them produce something rather than stealing your signature.

        Sorry for the repost. Had a typo in the email address.

      36. Economic Terrorist & Communist Soros has much of his money in economic collapse-proof investments. He has known for years that this was coming because he was instrumental in making it happen.

        His investments into controlling the media, controlling the politicians, controlling our elections (secretary of state project), socialist community organizing & activist groups etc should have been our first clue. He’s been quietly at this for years.

        Now he’s buying into oil companies, he’s buying millions of acres of land….. World economic collapse will make Mr. Soros an even more powerful & wealthy man.

        New World Order. Here we come!!!!!

        Sheeple. Line up at Mr. Soros’ food kitchen for your cup of soup and scrap of bread.

        • No Soup for you!!!!

          • Soup Nazi! LOL.

        • Fortunately, he will soon die as he is already 80 years old. When he does, he will bring nothing with him but an eternally damned soul.

          The rest will remain behind for the People to take back when the time is right.

      37. Americans may be dumb, but we aint stupid. I’m not worried about collapse anymore. We have a way out now. It doesn’t matter what happens. American will be bigger and better. I’m taking bets on it. Any takers.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )
        We don’t have to live like this anymore, unless you pefer it.
        “Spread the News”

        • don’t be a fool..

          if you have ANYTHING other than COMMON LAW you are still a slave to others and the mob rules democracy krap.

      38. Sheeple. Line up at Mr. Soros’ food kitchen for your cup of soup and scrap of bread.

        Mr. Blutarsky..only those who hold profitable merit will be in ‘his’ soup lines—he coined the phrase..’useless eaters’ and they will be eliminated–did you know Soros brags about stealing and looting during the Holocaust as a child ??

        • Wow. What a monster. That’s about all I can say to that.

        • Soros ratted out fellow Jews to the Nazi’s…his reasoning? It was either him…or them!!! And he wasn’t a child, he was about 15 yrs old…he KNEW what he was doing!! He alone has the blood of hundreds of dead Jews on his hands…hell is going to burn a lot hotter for him!!!

      39. I’ve been reading and hearing about the complete collapse 3-4 years ago and here we are today, nothing has happened. Every year, theirs always talk and prediction that the “economy will completely collapse” or there will be a “false flag” or comet Elenin will destroy the Earth. I feel that all this “doom/gloom” talk and predictions are all just a bunch of nonsense. Regarding this article, there is a plan B and plan C, etc. They will find ways to avert any crisis that comes. I’m not saying one shouldn’t prep but don’t be disappointed when TPTB come and save the day again and again.

      40. We should NOT listen to Soros (real name Schwartz), he is a globalist control freak who is funding Marxist initiatives all over.
        He also funds governer’s races in the US along with many media outlets to influence the perceptions of US citizens.
        He is a communist who’s dedicated to grabbing guns and liberties of US citizens as well.
        He is nothing less than wicked & should be treated as a menace to our freedoms.

      41. Interesting comments….Mr.G.Soros seems to be a bit of a blowhard.Just read about the Cook Country,Illinois 108 BILLION unfunded retirement crisis(yes,that’s right a local government owing 108 BILLIONS,That’s a LOT of red ink!).When the hard times hit really hit(Fed and State and local governments flat broke,retired folks checks bouncing at the bank,etc..)change WILL happen.I expect 3/4 of the “too big to fail”Banks and other companies to disappear,and perhaps even a cut of 1/2 of SSI payments.Stock markets will again do what they did in the 1930’s,drop about 90%(the supreme court just ruled that a CEO of a company can LEGALLY lie to his shareholders and the public and get away with it.Thanks to the “pro-business” guys that G.B. packed the court with,Way to go George W.!!)On a lighter note,water companies are a GOOD investment during hard times.There are a number of them that NEVER failed to pay a dividend even during the Great Depression of the 1930’s up to today.wonder what Gold did during that same time period?
        Best to All!

        • Priceless… Gold isn’t perfect but it’s the next best thing.

      42. Thier is a plan Z .That plan is when people stop bitching and complaining and actually get of thier ass and start doing soemthing about it in mass numbers swarming over the cities like ants at a picnic .

        the only thing we have done is knowing what they will do and cry and complain knowing that what will occur will occur . Instead we stand around , throwing blame around with our thumb up our Butt saying what are we going to do .Timefor talking is over , the agenda has been set and the plan is going into action . The coming events unfolding will be what has been predicted and talked about . My question to all of us is simply this ? What are you going to do when the Economic collapse comes crashing down on you?

      43. All CONservatives do is ruin things, countries, cities, states, continents. They are lazy pieces of shit like w loser bush.

        • Have you come out yet?

        • Reagan didn’t inherit a great situation. I don’t recall him sniveling about it for two plus years. You voted for Carter?

        • And you think taking on tripple more debt is the solution to the debt problem? Even CNN is starting to shine the light. You must be so far left that they broke the mold. Study Iceland and I’ll go fishing some day for my food.

      44. Which Zero Hedge article was the chart in?

      45. You want Obama to win again? It’s really east, just run Palin or Bachmann against him, it is a sure win for him. Where do the repukes get their candidates from?? They like to rewrite history, they no nothing of the history of this country.

      46. Today will be an interesting day (7pm CMT) “Central Mac’s Time” for you manos (GMT+3). Don’t eat any Legarde croissants. I know you know. Metals have bottomed out. Let me rephrase that….. $’s are floaters in the turd punch bowl… You will get your beautiful drachma back some day soon.

      47. Thanks man, really thanks.

        Be safe.

        • Is there any way that some of us here at shtfplan could mail you some shells for the shotgun? Without breaking any laws or getting you in any kind of trouble? If so I have a few hundred to spare. I’m thinking maybe have them shipped to you under a fake name at a business address or something. If there’s any way we can safely do it, count me in. And surely the devious minds of the readers here can come up with a few suggestions.

          • SmokinOkie,

            I’m ok. Already bought them. Now i have around 500 pcs of 12gauge for the mossberg, and 300 0,36 cal for the saiga 410.
            I really hope we don’t have to use them. This would mean that actually the shtf.
            What i would come in handy though, is mushroom’s 10 dollar bills 🙂

            Many thanks to all of you. Protect your beloved ones. The whole plan is already being unvailed.

            • Glad you’re getting things prepared. Stay safe

      48. While looking at some Augason Farms items yesterday this rather attractive lady whispered in my eat “I am buying some of this stuff because I think we are in trouble soon”. I turned and said “your not the only one there are thousands of us who feel the same way”.

        She waved for her friend to come over and said “this guy is really educating me here”. I noticed the look on her fat, dumpy rather ugly mug that reminded me of the millions of people round the world who have no clue. I really wanted to tell the first lady I was chatting with that she needs to buy 10 times the stuff cuz her fat friend will be living with her.

        Amazes me how many people walk around chanting the mantra – change, hope, change, hope, yes we can, yes we can. I would think their asses would be hurting by now but no they still chant away – change, hope, change, hope, yes we can, yes we can………

      49. I thought this was good article so you can understand Plan A a little better.


        The good news is that the “money” taken will be mainly 401K’s, pensions, and benefit reductions in the face of high inflation.

        To survive, don’t have ANY paper assets that can be converted to Treasuries, keep your “pension” in your safe place, and don’t rely on the unfunded “benefits” of Social Security and Medicare.

        It is important to remember that the collapse will be on the corporate level. Your harms will come mainly from what it will no longer be able to provide. the less you rely on it now, the less it’s collapse will affect you.

      50. Thomas Jefferson quotes…

        “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

        “It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes. A principle which if acted on would save one-half the wars of the world.”

        “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

        “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”

        “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

        Thomas Jefferson said in 1802:
        “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. ”

        (source: Brainy Quotes)

      51. I feel so fresh when I get up and the large (free) jet that I fly on arrives in another country. I’m the queen, room service and my own powder room/shower. I get to take “so so many” of my friends, staff (the largest), two hair stylist, no delays (except the one day we had to do a go-around), not even sure what that means. I have my own security and I let them know who’s the boss. You little people just don’t understand who I’m married to. I’m finally proud to be an amerikan. You should see my wardrobe, everything has to be altered you know where.

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