There is No Fix: “The Entire System Will Detonate Within the First Year”

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Headline News | 487 comments

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    System Detonation

    We’ve got a serious problem on our hands and it’s one that many Obamacare apologists refuse to admit.

    The Patient Affordable Care Act is an unprecedented catastrophe in the making.

    While millions of Americans are losing their health care coverage within weeks, the health care exchanges advocated by Obamacare supporters are in shambles. So far, a little over 100,000 people have signed up. Moreover, what’s important to understand is that none of these people have yet paid a premium, so in essence, those are preliminary numbers. When the monthly bill comes due, we’ll see how many people actually have the money to pay the exorbitant new rates.

    The key problem is one of basic arithmetic.

    Remember, what this legislation does is it robs from Paul to pay Peter. This means that the whole system is essentially a pyramid scheme that depends on one group of people paying the premium for those who are the beneficiaries of this “free” and “affordable” insurance.

    As we know all too well, the new rates for those who have to pay into the system are double or triple their previous insurance premiums – and those newly minted rates actually stand to double again because there is not enough money in the system to provide coverage for everyone.

    We can sum this up in two words: Unmitigated Disaster.

    And just so we’re clear, we’re not talking about these issues rearing their head a decade or so down the road.

    We’re talking about mere months before the whole thing falls apart.

    The scary thing? When it crumbles, the broader economy goes with it.

    The reality?  This number sucks irrespective of so-called “technological” problems.  The system needs 100 times that number to be “stable.”

    It won’t be.

    If they manage to get ten times this number in the next six weeks (the cut-off), which is looking to be a fantasy-land impossibility, the entire system will detonate within the first year and provided they force it to “survive” premiums will see huge increases, likely double or more, a year from now.

    Let me remind everyone that nobody in the lower and middle class has the money to pay not only for the so-called “insurance” under these plans which are running roughly twice what everyone is spending now but in addition if you use the so-called “insurance” the deductibles are frequently double to ten times what you had before.

    There’s no fix for this folks.

    The stock market is ignoring a passed law that will cause these impacts starting January 1st and it’s utterly amusing to watch the S&P up 10 and the Naz skyrocketing today (not to mention the retailers) when you look at what this is going to do to people’s budgets coming into the new year with the holidays coming up.

    The numbers are even worse than I had expected they might be…. especially on the federal exchange side.

    Via Karl Denninger’s Market Ticker

    Americans have lost trillions of dollars in wealth in since the crash of 2008. We’ve seen jobs wiped out to such an extent that nearly one in four Americans can’t find a job. Over 100 million people are living in poverty or right on the edge.

    And now, on top of all that, those who are fortunate enough to have jobs just got hammered with a doubling and trebling of their insurance rates, which for many American families have risen as high as an entire month’s mortgage payment.

    If you think this isn’t happening, you’re living in a dream world. Your politics are irrelevant to the outcome. What your savior in the White House says makes absolutely no difference. If you want to close your eyes and pretend like it’s not happening, then reality will hit you square in the face at a high rate of speed in the very near future.

    The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

    Expect 2014 to be a rough year for America.


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      1. I agree the collapse is inevitable. The both parties should be saying lets get rid of this monstrosity but instead at best they say lets delay it for a year or let people keep their healthcare if they want when we all know this was designed to be a single payer system like a communist country would do it. this is not about healthcare at all but about power over We The People!

        • The plan…delay the problems until after the 2014 election.

          ‘Fairy Tale’ Continues as Obama Proposes Extralegal Obamacare Fix

          “The White House is saying that it will use “enforcement discretion” to allow illegal health insurance plans to be able to still be sold. That is, the Obama administration will not enforce the penalty on individuals for not having eligible health insurance plans and they’ll allow the insurance companies to still sell so-called bad plans — plans they technically can’t sell under Obamacare.”

          “Under the White House’s approach, the Department of Health and Human Services will notify the nation’s state insurance commissioners that they have federal permission to allow consumers who already have such insurance policies to keep them through 2014…”

          The Weekly Standard

            • I hope the Backfire of obama care is so loud,
              It will drown out the laughter of all the
              people who knew a pig-in-the-poke when they
              had it laid at their feet.

              • “””We’re talking about mere months before the whole thing falls apart.”””

                That is, is the people are foolish enough to participate. What will actually happen is that nobody will, except for the very old and sick.

                What will collapse is the peoples (sheep) respect for the corp “law”. Ten they will learn the tiger is made of paper and nothing to be feared.

                Hobama care will backfire in a way the “elites” never considered. It will wake up the masses to not only the crimes of the corp, but as to general impotence as well.

                Just maybe freedom will gain foothold and the revolution can start. First step, END THE FED.

                • Who would have thought a totally incompetent president and completely incompetent congress would have created such an absolutely incompetent plan? Simply astonishing!

                  • They couldn’t even do socialist right. This is pathetic.

                  • I am bewildered at the fact that people still think the administration and Congress are just blundering idiots. Do you really think people at that level get there because they have an IQ of 10? I know that it sounds better than the alternative but reality is this is all planned and has been for over 100 years.

                • What to do, oh what to do! Yet one more collapse of epic proportions is coming my way. There are so many that I can’t keep my eyes on all of them. I knew that I shouldn’t have signed up for the Disaster of the Month Club, now I’m up to my ears in catastrophes. Should I cancel my cruise and head for the bunker, or is there still time to get one more great vacation in before it all FINALLY falls apart?

                  • Just pack your Black Flag and cutlass and go on the cruise. If things go bad, take the ship

                • GC writes;

                  “What will collapse is the peoples (sheep) respect for the corp “law”. Ten they will learn the tiger is made of paper and nothing to be feared.

                  Hobama care will backfire in a way the “elites” never considered. It will wake up the masses to not only the crimes of the corp, but as to general impotence as well.”

                  Sorry Bro, I think you give ‘the sheeple’ too much credit here. If they aren’t awake by now, they will never be. Those that will be awakened by a collapsing governemnt will be the ones waiting on the government to send them food and safety when neither will be forth coming.

              • Hey Dems- What’s your excuse now?
                So the Dems and their liberal supporters condemned the Republicans for being petty by insisting that Obamacare be postponed 1 more year, and when that failed, they were ridiculed for even having the thought…
                NOW, Obama- by his decree, not by a lawful change of congress- decides that the political flack he is getting is too much, and says that he will “allow” a 1 year postponement on Obamacare.
                Why is it a good idea coming from him, but not when it was an issue in congress?
                Why is it okay for him to arbitrarily change a law that legally MUST be changed in congress?
                Only a dictator can change the laws to suit his whims.
                Where is the outrage?
                Where are the staunch liberal supporters on this?
                Where did all of the anti-Republican sentiment go?
                Republicans tried to vote this change to Obamacare MULTIPLE times, and the Senate voted it down over and over.
                Is it now a sound idea, now that Obama has “decided” to change the law?
                Only congress has the power to change laws, and that is by a vote.
                I really, honestly want to know where the Democrats and liberals stand on this blatant usurping of the Constitution.

                • They will do what marxists and their lackies always do. They will avoid open discussion of the issue, like every other issue this plauge-ridden farce propagates, then they will attack you.

                  They will call you racist, or whatever, and claim the moral high ground. This is how they avoid confronting the truth, and this is how they stifle discussion.

                  Then, tomorrow, they will act like nothing wrong has happened at all, when you remind them of the issue, they will call you a liar, etc, ad nauseum.

                  This has been the left’s m.o. for dealing with issues for the last century. People’s refusal to stop fearing being called names and being shouted down allows the parasites and their marxist lackies to press on.

                  People’s refusal to grow spines and brains, and face the hard cold truth for once in their lives is why this country is about to go down.

                  If people do not grow up, and make the hard choices, and do the hard things that need to be done, it won’t be long before this bs about obummercare will be nothing but a pointless bad memory.

                  • I’m with you JustMe. I’ve been watching this train wreck since they started their run. I’m really amazed they reelected OBushma. It just goes to show how complacent and brainwashed people have become. It looks like they are going to deed the dregs of this country over to the globalists long before the people think of getting their huge butts off their couches and doing something about it. Hope you guys like blue helmets.

                  • JustMe, I don’t know why are you calling them “marxists”. Marxism aims to revolution, and a revolution would mean no more money, no more market, no more banks, no more wage work, no more debt: only globally designed and coordinated human work and a goods production and distribution system based upon user value instead of surplus and exchange value. All over the world, both in so-called “free-market” or “state capitalistic” countries, the democratic or leftist parties are absolutely favourable to money, market, banks, wage work and debt, and in no way they can be called Marxist. Also, take into acount that a marxist revolution would need a global economic crisis a lot worse than this, probably followed by a general war.

                  • Orsobubu,

                    The people behind them, are marxists. They have long ago stated their political desires and aims.

                    Are you aware of the 65 points of communist takeover of America, read into the Congressional record? If not, you can search it. Are you familiar with marx’s “10 Planks”, and are you aware that most of those planks are now codified into rules, regulations, and laws? You can search these things out.

                    Of course, they have starry-eyed followers, who believe the dogma, but like all suckers, they are falling for a sales pitch. The people running the game are hardened marxists, with long term agendas and goals. Understand, that to them, money is not just a tool, but a weapon. “Capitalism” is anathema to their goals, and will perish with Freedom. Their own words openly expose their designs.

                    I do not state my position lightly, or un-informedly. My statements are the results of decades of research and observation. There are many good books out there, too many to list, however if you have not read it, a good primer is: None Dare Call It A Conspiracy”. The truth is already out there, all you need do is search it out.

                • They stand firmly behind Obama and on our throats, as they always do. In a just and sane world, Obama would be booted out of office along with Reid, Pelosi, Baucus and the other traitors. Since the US has become a Banana Republic, he will take a few more trips at our expense, put aways a few more million dollars, and the MSM will gear up the excuse machine.

                • @Fed Up

                  Republicans tried to delay or change the law several times. They were told you cannot because it is the law of the land.
                  Not only that. The government is telling people they have to buy this plan. Now they are telling private company’s that they have to sell the plans that they have already cancelled. Who would have ever thought we would live in a country where the government can tell its citizens and companies what to do.

                  Where the hell is the outrage? I am so frustrated.

                  • That is why we need to vote all Republican in 2014 and take back the senate. We need a lame-duck president again; just like what the dems did with Bush in 2006. Now look what we have had since 2006.

                    If the Republicans don’t take back the senate in 2014, then all of us will be lame ducks.

                    If the repubs win, then we can deal with them later. But for now, the madness needs to stop or at least slow way down.

                • @ Fed Up : + 10,000 ! Totally agree …..& can only add…..where are the Republicrats … not putting a stop to the Imperial Ruler’s constant violation of the Constitution ???
                  Whiskey – Tango – Foxtrot ……over ????
                  Montgomery County
                  Republic of Texas

                  • In agreement with you except with only a single part of one branch of government, I think Republicans have done what they can. We sent our Cruz missile and dang if his filibuster isn’t looking prescient! My congressman Pete Olson has filed articles of impeachment against Holder today. The Republic of Texas is doing our part! Fort Bend County, 6th generation native Texan!

                • While I realize I don’t come in very often, I do grow weary of seeing YOU are still using my handle-Fed Up. I guess it’s asking too much for you to get your own originally thought up handle, so I will hand it over to you and change mine in future postings as when I do want to comment it makes my ass tired and confuses people who the hell is who.

                  Unicorn Farts and all of that other Rainbow loving crap,
                  The ORIGINAL Fed Up

                • Paranoid: AAARRRGGG Maty, I be takin’ the ship for sure.

                • Here is one for you.My wife spent 4 days hospitalized for an unexplained shoulder/chest pain. 23000 was the bill. Medicare did not pay it because…are you ready for this?
                  According to hospital the Obama rules disallowed the hospital to admit her. She was in a hospital bed but AS AN OUT PATIENT. And so medicare was not obligated to the bill. Insanity in another Obamacare form.

              • Definitely. I hope Obamacare collapses with a titanic roar and it takes him down with it. (Is that racist?)Chances are, he’ll be untouchable and I notice all the Republicans are rushing to help save him instead of letting him drown. We are barely able to cover needs now, and we’re doing better than many. My heart goes out to the people who will be destroyed by this guy’s ego.

                • This idea that some people are optimistically and foolishly circulating that somehow, the millions of life-time demoncrap voters (the vast majority of whom are minorities, i.e., non-Whites) are going to suddenly go through some kind of ‘Incredible Hulk-Bill Bixby’ physical transformation as a result of this catastrophically destructive obammycare fiasco and then rush down to the polls and start casting votes for Republicans – is an unrealistic fantasy. It is a pipe dream.

                  This is never going happen, folks. And, the reason it is never going to happen is because of the simple fact that these demoncrap constituencies are parasites and they will always vote for the party that promises to give them the most free stuff – and guess what? That party isn’t the GOP, at least not yet – although these greasy RINO cockroaches inside the GOP are sure trying their best to turn the GOP into a mirror image of the demoncraps, or if they fail in doing that – try to get amnesty passed for 50 plus million illegal aliens and then give them the ability to import every member of their family tree, which will give the demoncraps a permanent one party dictatorship.

                  So, here is a news flash for anyone who thinks these parasites are going to punish the Democrats at the next election: Think again. Parasites do not shift their behavior (or their voting patterns) in the same manner as might productive, self-sufficient, hard working citizens. And, believe me – the leadership of the Democrat party fully understands this fact and therefore, all these articles we are seeing about how the ‘Democrats are in a panic’ over the disastrous obammcare fiasco are nothing more than wishful thinking baloney that is most likely originating out of the GOP establishment.

                  Parasites are always going to be parasites, and they will always vote for the demoncraps, and the failure of demoncrap policies do not factor into the equation.

                  • You’re probably correct.

                    Voting is not going to solve the problem that democracy has caused. When everyone can vote for this or that disposition of the national treasury and to vote on how much wealth can be stripped from his or her more prudent neighbors, there’s a receipe for disaster.

              • Hey everybody ,dont get to comfotable ,did you see him sweating today ,no you didnt thats because he’s smug as ever ,gotta remember how this guys mind works “take the eye off the ball” change the message ,and thats what really worries me now is he doesent have another situation to tact over to ,so that only leaves him one option ,create one

            • KY mom, thanks for the link.

              Mac,’..exorbitant new rates’ should read extortion rates. After reading KY Mom’s link, it becomes clearer that Obama Care is really about extortion (the Chicago way).

              • DRD5508,

                I agree. It is doing things … the Chicago way.

                “law based on what it chooses to enforce while sidestepping the constitutional process that is in place.”

                • ::::::::::::::::HELP WANTED::::::::::::::::
                  Am looking for one Bad Ass Law firm to represent
                  millions of Pissed Off People that have lost untold amounts of wealth and health and suffered undo duress. Will pay 30% of settlement. Lawsuit will need to be filed ASAP for an amount of 200 Trillion dollars. No need to respond to this AD, You Are Hired.

                  What do you have when:
                  People have lost jobs
                  People have lost hours per week
                  People have lost the ability to expand their Bz
                  People have lost Medical Insurance
                  People are dying because their Insurance cancelled them
                  People have lost, lost, lost,etc
                  ———-ALL BECAUSE OF OBAMACARE———
                  You have millions of people eligible to create a Class Action Lawsuit against the Federal Government for damages
                  that could run in the trillions.

                  • @ghostrighter
                    and who will pay the millions if the “Government” loses?
                    Yeah, Ben Dover (again)

                  • Do it.

                    For real man.

                    I think the entire Republican party would fund that little venture for you…

                  • the couldn’t afford to pay it.

                  • We all have no standing until the law goes into effect. Not a lawyer, but I will bet this means all of the law as originally written and it will not be deemed to be in effect until all the exemptions, waivers and extensions have ended.

                    I will add something to your suit: damages need to be paid personally from the private equity holdings of every politician and bureaucrat who worked for, wrote, lobbied for this law. Anyone on record supporting it should be assessed double and triple such damages. These damages need to be paid personally to every individual American who lost assets, health, jobs, security, peace of mind and trust due to any and all aspects of this law, including all its extraneous mandates and taxes. All future income of the culpable should be garnisheed.

                    There also needs to be a personal acceptance of culpability made by everyone involved. Something on par with the scope of the Nuremburg Trials would be sufficient.

                  • what about this


                    So where are all the mouthy attorneys at now???????????
                    now I`ll voice my opinion they are all too damn greedy


                    ps I have family that are attornys I hAVE THROWN THAT IN THEIR FACE all I hear is get real


                  • Why on earth did this receive two thumbs down? Yeah, we’re kind of suing ourselves, but Obama must pay for his crimes in some fashion. The level of anger in our country will have to be appeased if we are to continue as a civilized world.

                  • I would rather see them swinging from a rope

                  • You can not sue the government. The voters must ban together and make sure that no lawyer ever gets elected to office again. The candidates should have a proven track record of running a successful business and there must be term limits for all politicians.

                • The Constitution is for forums and bloggers. Its an idea not to be acted upon.

                  • I wasn’t serious. But it sure seems that way. Perhaps some protests and pickets will show TPTB that people mean business.

                  • After a full 24hrs non stop research I believe I have found where you can call to get a Lawyer/Law Firm to begin your class action suit….Just dial…

                    1-800-jew-boys, as that number seems to be valid for 98% of american lawyers and law firms.

                    The only tough part will be in convincing them to act against their Fellow tribe travelers who also own most insurance co’s, and control most if not every important us senate and us house, committe and sub committe with a tribe member who sits at the Head as Chairman or chairwomen as pertains to finesteins senate commitee she heads.

                    It seems their religious Talmudic teachings absolutly Forbid any tribe members from taking any actions against another tribe member. Perhaps there are a few goyim gentiles involved in this current Swindle that they will be happy to file a suit against though.

                    After 20 yrs of researching these issues I have come to comprehend and understand the real and valid reasons, that once back a few centuries ago, a vatican Pope actually convinced every european nations Kings to send out swat teams to hunt down, find, and Burn every copy of Talmud they were able to locate. Then per pope’s orders, those Kings also re-aranged state or national laws etc so to Forbid Any tribe member from holding Any office or position related to a Position of TRUST! IE: No tribe members were allowed to obtain a position in nor own any Banks, money lending inst., Teaching positions, political office, etc etc…And also due to the tribes Kol Nidre yom kipper Prayer which once recited, fully Absolves tribe members from Keeping or Obeying ALL and ANY, Oaths or Promices of truthfullness. None were allowed to be sworn in to Testify at any court case or proceedings. It was too hard to place trust in people who believe that reciting a kol nidre prayer once per year, means they are free to Lie and give False testimony etc. Once these new laws or decrees went operational fully, it lasted 1000 yrs of betterment for europeans everywheres. That is for Christian europeans I mean.

                    And for aprox 1000 years afterwards, all of european nations did Much better in every way, shape and Form.

                    Oh and also during that era, NO Usury/Intrest was allowed on any loans etc. That was way back before the vatican and catholic religion got infiltrated by Talmudic “conversios”(fake converts from judaisim) and Freemasonery. Today we probobly will not see any assistance such as that done prior, as the vatican’s 1965 vatican-II(jew) was implemented and ever since refuses to stand against evils and wrongs, especially when perpetrated by talmudics. Instead they now most often work as a Team effort along with the zios and talmudics in shafting and screwing and swindle scamming Us american folk every chance they get…And lately it seems those chances they get have dramatically Increased exponentially eh.

                • Everyone just remember that when the time comes we can also use “Chicago” tactics in our own way. Think of the 30`s but turn the tables if you get my drift…

                  MOLON LABE

                • The law is the law and it will be harshly enforced AFTER those people who think the Prexy’s Word is worth something and takes advantage of what the Liar-In-Chief now promises is the “law”. Expect huge fines for those who believe him.

            • KY Mom,

              This is lawlessness on a nearly incomprehensible scale.

              Obama is giving the insurance companies permission to ignore a standing law on the books for political expediency. If Americans do not call for his impeachment in the very near future there is no limit to what he cannot get away with.

              Why should we even follow laws now that the President is so flagrantly cherry-picking, and deciding by himself without constitutional authority, which laws and provisions should or should not be followed?

              “Unmitigated Disaster” is the understatement of the century.

              • YH,

                I agree. We now live in an atmosphere that I could not have imagined while growing up.

                It is obvious the Constitution means nothing to him, unless he can “use” it in some way to benefit his goals.

                Be safe. Keep praying and prepping.
                KY Mom

                • YH:You make a very valid point. When high placed officials refuse to obey laws, then that will cause reg avg folks to think it is ok for them too to ignore whatever laws they determine as unlikeable or stupid etc.

                  Does anybody think it is just a ‘coincidence” that right around the Same time frame that ATTORNY General, Top-LEO federally, Eric Holder testified to congress hearings about Fed Hate Laws for crimes of “Hate”. When Holder told the senators at that hearing broadcast Live on C-SPAN TV, that “NO I will Not file Any Hate crime racial based criminal attacks charges if the criminal perps are NON whiteys…Since I cannot charge any of MY people, like I will charge Whites, for Hate based and Racial motivated crimes, as MY People Blacks I feel have good reason to harbor hate againts whites for past grieviences”(Not eric holders 100% exact words spoken, I am Paraphraseing it here but it is Very Close to his actual orig wordings to the senate hearings, and if anybody needs it I can post a Link to a website With the actual cspan video you can view as Proof holder IS a Vile antiwhite Racist man.)

                  Now dones anybody think it just coincidence that shortly after eric holders antiwhite testimony, which basically Absolved every african or mexican and NON white in america from ever being charged for attacks on whites, which in effect is Holder paroting Hobammys attitude of hes NOT going to obey nor Uphold the laws unless he “Likes” that particular law…We began to see Massive numbers of Chimp-outs of violence against whites nationwide and continuing today? And to Date far as I know, NO non whites have as yet been arrested and charged with Hate crime against white folks even when that violence ends with Rape or Gang rape then Death of the white person. Several whites Have been so charged though.

                  This is proof that citizens Will adopt the attitude regarding obedience to Laws that their “leaders” have. Soon as african blacks heard that their number-2 HNIC-Primate eric holder testify to no charges for non white blacks, it was Game On! And worsening weekly since.

                  Marxist leftist destruction of americas founding class race of whites through, Death by 1000 cut’s.

                  Like Posted by “JUSTME” stated, far too many folks so FEAR being called names such as racist and antisemite or hater of: name your choice of protected group minority here. And there can be zero real Fixes untill a vast Majority wake up and rid themselves of all forms of PC-and whitey guilt. Untill then for each patriot that does speak truth regardless what names he or she is called, we will continue to see 10,000 more folks Hide in Fear and let their concerns or voices be Stiffled and silenced.

                  So stupid and assinine to so Fear being called stupid names eh…Yet one of The Most effective plans marxist leftists dems and libs has ever done. America today is litterally Saturated with PC correctness and Whitey Guilt. Soon even cement sidewalks will go “Squish” when walked upon from such a deep penetrating Saturation.

                  • You are the biggest loser. Ever.

          • I just realized what Obama just did to his law. There were 100k people who have “purchased” plans so far. But most of them, or maybe all of them, haven’t paid yet.

            So, how many will pay now? Won’t they wait to see if they can get their old plan back?

            The Upton plan goes even farther than Obama. As I understand it, the Upton plan allows anyone to get on these old “substandard” plans, regardless of whether they were already enrolled in that plan. And, Upton’s plan exempts people from the penalty if they buy the old plan. That’s what they said on C-Span this morning if I understood correctly.

            So now, instead of 100k new sign-ups for October, there will be a few dozen sign-ups for October and none for November.

            • Insurance is a product you buy just like a new car, clothes, furniture or a home. When you cannot afford a car, you take the bus. When you cannot afford a home, you rent. When you cannot afford new furniture, you buy used or go without. If you cannot afford food, you use an EBT card. If you cannot afford health insurance you go Medicare, Medicaid or Medical. These programs have been in place for years all a long, but the government wants to get out from under them.
              To some there is something uplifting about going to the grocery store and whipping out a card and paying for their food as apposed to handing over a pile of food stamps as others look on. While this is demeaning to some and motivates some to get a job rather than living this way. This plays right into the Ilks hands. If we feed you, you will vote for us!
              All the while the ilk pass policies and regulations on business and employers that restricts expanded hiring.
              This Obamacare is little more than an elevation of their followers esteem. Living off of entitlements and being proud of it. They will be /have insurance.
              It’s being called insurance to comfort those that utilize it and allows the users to look as if they are financially responsible, when all the time it’s nothing more than just another welfare entitlement.
              The poors med bills have always been paid by one or the other medical entitlements. The only difference was their treatment was conducted in county hospitals and clinics by staff that is working for the government or counties. Not a great just an adequate level of treatment and care, but never the less still treatment.
              As a result, all of us no matter how responsible, buying insurances and looking out for ourselves and our families are going to be subjected to the same generic bargain basement level of treatment even though we have bought good or top rated policies. We will be forced to compensate those that don’t care for their well being and willing to sluff their responsibilities off onto others perceived as being more fortunate. Thinking and being told by guys like Obama, they can afford to pay a little more. Yea, that justifies it alright.
              But the real despicable thing that is running here or what is their underlying motivations. $7to 10 trillion in cash and real assets that are languishing in the feeble hands of people that have all of their lives have worked to save for their post working lives and retirements.
              The argument I’ve heard, why should we expend $300K for a treatment on you when you aren’t going to produce enough revenue to replace it just to keep you alive for a few years? The answer; we paid for health insurance all of our working lives and now it’s coming due!
              Why should the young have to pay for the old?
              Answer; we paid for your coverage long before you knew what it was while you were still shitting in your diapers! That’s why!
              Who’s going to pay for theirs when they get elderly? Refer to the last question and answer.
              The eugenists and the Obama ilk wants that $7to10 trillion freed up and back in circulation doing something other than financially supporting some languishing old fucks, and not benefiting them/ the government.
              It’s much easier crafting policy that will prematurely kill off the useless elderly and grabbing their estates. The government will eventually be going after those estates and not going to the survivors. Bank on that shit!! Remember Obamas little statement “you didn’t build that”, something like that will be used on survivors. Don’t worry about it, you will get over it.
              Those of you that subscribe to the “life is a moonpie and a handout taken from the more fortunate”, there is going to be a downside. All you have to do is keep electing pieces of shit like Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Landrue, Reid, McCain, Boxer and a whole host of others that can sing an appealing political song swaying low/no information voters into thinking that killing off the perceived old and unless and theft by the use of law is the way to go. Your in for a eye opening surprise, this shit will work on you too, eventually.
              Life is a path of choices. Choices that have ramifications, once you allow these policies get a foothold in society, it’s going to be almost irreversible and will take a war to get rid of them.
              I won’t see it, I won’t be alive, but my kids and grand kids will. My concern is for them and what they will have to go through caused by lops that want nothing more than a life of government subsistence and a box of BonBons.
              My sole belief is that a majority do people want to be self supporting, independent and proud of themselves and what they have accomplished in their lives. But as long as we have administrations that champion policy that stifles businesses, job creation and expansions. Most will be looking for the 1st and the 15th to get their EBT cards reloaded and standing in some waiting room for hours to see a doctor while having to listen to somebody interpret information in some language other than English. The so called fix is going to be the Medicaid/Government insurance company. That’s the new, your new insurer. You will pay or be taken from you, your premiums there. And you will fall under their limitations and restrictions.
              Good luck in what you’ve been prodded and indoctrinated into wishing for,
              you just might get it!

              • Huh?

              • Couldn’t have said it better if I tryed +1gazillion Hammerun

                • It is what I have been saying all along. They are doing to america the exact same plan they did to Russia in 1918 with the communisim They invented and first did on russia back then. The only main differences are that unlike in russia, we in usa have way More and better guns, and were Born free as a Birthright.

                  They are simply doing a slower version due to that. Instead of simply sending out thug kommie teams and cheka secret police types to Mass murder your entire family, then call soviet HQ and tell HQ to now send in a new jewish family to become the New occupants of Your home and entire possessions. They know it cannot be done that way in america.

                  So the soviet marxist kommies here have kinda re-invented communisim methods and are useing Healthcare tactics, labor and buisness controls by EPA-FDA-USDA-and an entire myrid of fed govnt agencys staffed and headed By fellow traveler kommie brethren. It is just takeing alot longer to fully kommify america than it did in Russia.

                  And their end game goals have Not changed. That being to Exterminate the white portion of society nationwide to be able to better control the masses of various non whiteys left. There is now just One main method to halt their kommie efforts and plans and its Not by voteing or marches and protests.

                  All marches or mass protests do is to appease the participants of marches and protests. After a march on “DC” or the state capitol, all the mass of marchers have emotional feelings based Feel good feelings…They think “Boy that march/protest sure showed em eh!”

                  While most every DC protest march or “Million man march” that occures, the congress and Prez are GONE to Other places before the marchers even arrive in DC!!

                  They feel fuzzy warm awhile, untill the Next protest march!

                  What Else can be done or Tried with probobly $500 Million spent by the entire Million marchers if they instead did other things with so much cash? Buy lots of ammo? Fund Patriot candadits by the several dozens? Buy Preps?

                  Because to me at least a few Billion dollars has been spent and Wasted just for the past several million man protests in DC, and ZERO has been fixed or acomplished other than folks who went have good “Feelings” after doing it and even that fades away fast.

                  I rather see partiots use such vast amounts of money to maybe Buy an Entire Mountain and then we all Move to it and set up a patriot town that WE Own. Or anything else thats not simply wasting money to “feel” good temporarily.

                  If we keep sitting and hopeing for some “Re-set” all thats going to Really happen is that they are goig to use Hospitals and Dr’s instead of CHEKA secret police squads and bullets to back of heads, to Kill off all of Us.

                  And instead of placeing jews into Your now empty homes or business’s, its going to be mexicans and blacks. Otherwise the exact Same basic sovietization plans like Russia 1918 is what to expect soon.

                  They wont allow for any total collapse and their loss of power or controls. There is not going to be any Re set by Gold holders or silver holders that plan to “emerge” from a hiddy hole cave or basement. Thats Pure Fantasy dreamed up by Gold sellers geting filthy rich from gold sales to patriots.

                  Did Russia 1918 fully collpase when the jewish bolshevik soviet kommies began the revolution tactics? Nope! It colapsed for 1/2 of the White and christian class folks. But the soviets simply Replaced the former russian Kings rulership, after 1/2 dozen hired jewish hitmen whacked the king and entire royal family, with their Own communist jewish rulership. Which Lasted almost 75 years!!!

                  RE-set after 75 yrs? Yeah dream on. Not till Putin and several others like him Booted OUT or Jailed the vast majority of soviet jewish bolshevik kommies and TOOK power back for Real Russian citizens again.

                  Funny eh that every nation so wrecked by That tribe never gets a RE set try, untill they first BOOT OUT most if not every tribe member and begin the Fixing part.

                  • You are the biggest loser. Ever.

              • IMO,

                All business owners should have standing to sue the corporate interests that created the ACA, under the anti-trust law, for their financial losses due to the implementation of the ACA. Big corps sue each other for their financial losses all the time. For example, Samsung made a tablet PC that looked too much like an Ipad, so Apple sued for patent infringement and monetary losses from that infringement.

                A homeowner sues a neighbor, because his chicken coup and bad landscaping drives down his property value.

                Big oil once sued the govt, because of legislation that caused them great financial losses. Of course it went nowhere, BUT the legislation was changed to suit the profit margin of big oil.

                The federal govt, as well as individual states, sued bog tobacco because they LIED about the ramifications of their product, causing financial harm in the form of medical responsibility and harm to the people.

                The ACA is just another “product” that has caused financial harm to smaller insurers and individuals, as well as most businesses who are not exempt.

                Just my opinion.

            • yes , you got it right, but , all the old plans are no longer available , they have been dis-continued.
              so its all hot air.

              • OOPS i forgot to mention that the Upton plan was only a one year extension , so the plans will still be no good in one year.
                either way as i have said before all will be calm
                until AFTER the midterm elections .
                So in one year from right now it should all implode.
                crazy scary stuff

                • Hammerhead, the way things are going I think they’ll implode between now and spring. I doubt if there will be any mid-term elections.

                  • Maybe because Obama will suspend all elections and declare himself “Dictator for Life”? This has the potential to be the end of our country.

                  • The Sheeple will just forget by the midterm elec….


                  • Braveheart and Vicky: Will this next election suspension be like the ones we had in 2012 and 2010 that everyone here was talking about? I certainly hope not because those were terrible!

              • If you think O’Bummer Care is bad, count your blessings, I am a Vietnam Vet who can go to the closest Veteran’s Administration Hospital and be a Guinea pig for the latest human experiment.

                Thankful, My God is an awesome God and He heals me when I am sick. 🙂

                • Durango, experimentation is true for Medicaid recipients, too.

                  • as well as the denial of treatment.

                  • They just did a shitload of work on me.

                  • Medical experments need to use career welfare moochers, as should a given experiment fail and the patient die the productive are freed from furthur life time support of scum.

                  • Now, now people, D students who get to be doctors have to work also.

                    No………..Seriously, I believe we will look back l0 years from now and say Obamacare was the best thing that ever happened to our medical thinking. It is going to force all of us to look for alternative ways of healing and find out that popping pills is not healing it is just keeping the patients sick and broke. We all have the ability to heal ourselves but will not learn how until we have no other choice. It will also put all the doctors, with their outdated thinking, in the bread lines and looking for a profession that actually produces real results.

                • So true DK, and I’m so sorry. My Nam-era vet husband and I plan to go when it’s our time, and I doubt we’ll ever see another physician.

                  • NOW your talking, Vicky!! Avoid doctors as much as you can. They are not about health, they deal in illness. Good for you and your husband!!

              • Why does the antichrist think he can just change laws as he sees fit?

                • Are you familiar with the term; crooked Asshole, that’s why.

                  • Because He thinks He is GOD…


            • Yep, true to form and creative government accounting, the same accounting that makes the unemployed simply “disappear,” they used the “people who visited and plopped something in the cart but didn’t pay for it (and never will” as their figure for Obamacare sign-ups.

              Even using that HUGE stretch of the imagination, the numbers are dismal for our beloved Comrade.

            • The ones who signed up probably got subsidies, so they may keep those plans.

              The only reason to sign up on the exchanges is to get a subsidy. If you weren’t eligible for a subsidy, you could go to the private market and get the same plan they’re selling on the exchange without putting all your personal information on that crappy website. No one with any brains would do that willingly if they had a choice.

            • It will be almost impossible to re instate the old policies. I really wish the employer group plans were also being cancelled. That would wake up the slugs that now make up the American electorate.

          • How could anybody in their right mind, vote for something that would change America forever, without ever reading it or having detailed analysis done by outside experts?

            How could the entire congress agree to a rule that only requires a bill to be posted for 72 hours prior to them voting on it? It would have taken many months for financial experts and health care experts do a complete analysis of Obamacare.

            “We have to pass it to see what is in it” has to be the new definition of insanity.

            Folks the only conclusion that any rational person could reach is we are own in every respect. We must plan to take care of our families without government help and with government interference.

            I know you all reached that conclusion some time ago so that’s why you come here.

            • “””How could the entire congress agree to a rule that only requires a bill to be posted for 72 hours prior to them voting on it?”””

              How can 9% of the people still claim to say they are doing a good job, as the latest approval poll suggests?

              It’s pretty telling when only 9% can be blinded to the truth.

              • It makes more since when you figure that almost HALF the country works for the government.

              • Wouldn’t be great if there was a note beside each encumbant person that is seeking re-election as to whether or not he/she voted for the Afordable Care Act without ever reading the legislation. The note should also state whether that individual voted pro or con. I think the only encumbants that would have a chance of being re-elected are those individuals that read the Bill and voted NO.
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • Just wondering….

                  Does everyone know that Obama Care started out in the House as..

                  –>Bill #768 “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act”<– with 416 yeas and 16 no votes.

                  Then went to the SENATE, was completely Stripped and Re Written!! Then on a motion to "Suspend The Rules and Pass Vote" H.R. 3590 Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act became law…

                  Completely Twisted…!


                  Look "NUMBER #768"

                  Here are the votes for #768 shows original title

                  This is the Senate's health care bill. The bill started off with text regarding an unrelated matter but the Senate is co-opted this bill as a vehicle for passage of ..

              • There are some good congress critters. Few and far between.

                • Good Critters but critters just the same only with soft furry pelts hiding their greed and malace toward your well being. They are only allowed to vote pro-people when the outcome of the Bill has been predetermined. Wouldn’t it be nice if while these nice good critters addressing their peers from the podium that we could actually see the number of legislatures in the forum and if they were paying any attention. I know that would be way too expensive to turn on the house cameras that are already in place and have a split screen.It makes me remember the youtube from a tourist that secretly videotaped all those representatives running around punching everyone elses ballot button. Whatever happened to any initative to correct that issue. I laugh every time I watch that clip. Wait – here’s a novel thought, maybey we might possibly divert a few dollars from the NSA budget. Sorry that wouldn’t work because some poor worker that is responsible for monitoring your sexy e-mails to your lover might loose his/her job.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

            • Red Leader, you are correct. All of this Obamacare crap is just making the TED CRUZ and RAND PAUL folks look better and better. Folks, don’t forget those pitiful Republicans who turned political and would not blast Obamacare and actually voted in favor of it. They all need to be hung by their toes.

              • Not a single republican in he house or the senate voted in favor of Obamacare. Check the records.

                • Obama care started in the house as bill #768 totally UNRELATED to ACA…

                  the original bill was titled “Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act”

                  It was stripped and re written in the senate. Then “on a motion to ‘Suspend the Rules & Pass Vote'” it became Law.

                  Links awaiting moderation… comment #2845352


            • They are good little soldiers and follow their Comrade in Chief. ( My sincere apologies to all those who truly are Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Guard, Marines or anything like thereunto for not finding a different term in this statement.)

          • Wow. An entire year. They are too generous *sarcasm*.

            What makes you think that people will be able to afford the shitty expenive Obama crap a year from now? What, we’re all getting jobs as brain surgeons next year?

            This is just him getting the egg off his face for his teleprompter screw up (aka if you like your plan you can keep your plan).

            All this thing is is the following:

            Insurance companies: we’re going broke… we need customers…

            Obama: Oh, I can force people to join…

            Insurance companies: Ohhh you’d do that for little old us? *wink*

            Obama: SURE! And if people don’t like it, well that’s their tough shit isn’t it? Not like they can actually DO anything about it…

            And a good laugh was had by all!

            Oh yeah except for us…

            • The insurance companies don’t like this. They’ve put a lot of time and money into restructuring all their plans and rates. They are already up in arms and it’s only been a half day since Obama dropped this bomb.

              • Good, gosh, a’mighty….. what the hell is going to happen next? My wife and I and our kids before they became “adults” (snicker, snicker) have been on the same plan for literally decades. When I retired a few years ago I was paying a little over $800 for the two of us with a $5,000 a year deductible (2,500 each). That has almost doubled to a MONTHLY payment of $1566… if these wonderful folks keep this up I may be forced to just move into the hospital as i’m paying more for this damn health insurance than for my mortgage…

                • Same here, my crappy plan with a $12000 family deductible costs more a month than my mortgage!!! It has doubled in the last 3 years, and the deductible used to be $1000.

              • Just an FYI for anyone who thought I was defending the insurance companies. I certainly wasn’t! But I do know they spent a lot of time an money as mentioned having to restructure all their plans.

                My point was that they were not just going to go along with this sudden change of heart by Obama willingly. Plus, there is a lot of red tape in reinstating the plans, like regulatory approvals from the state, etc. You’ve probably heard in the news that insurance companies and some states’ Insurance Commissioners have been balking at this already.

                It truly is an utter disaster and it’s only getting worse.

            • This thing needs to be implemented. All the jerks that voted for this jerk and Pelosi, Reid and the rest need to feel the burn. Bailing them out just keeps them stupid.

          • Delay the plan until after the 2014 elections! I don’t agree with much that Professor Higgins has to say, but he’s point on in his comment in yesterdays article about chess and checkers. It always seems the Democrats are playing chess and the Republicans are playing checkers. That’s why the nation is in the sorry condition it’s in. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus.

            • More of the Chess game. We’re 3 years away from the next Pres. election and all ready the media including FoxNews are setting up the puppet masters choice for POTUS. They give us polls on how Hillary and Christie stack up against each other. How easily the sheeple are funneled right into the foal. Don’t get me wrong, I like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, but all of a sudden, I hear alot about them as Conservatives in the forefront, but what happened to Rand Paul. I think Rand will be dealt with just like his dad (Ron Paul) No media attention and they die on the vine. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

              • Ted Cruz is a phony. Just like the rest of them.

              • God not Hillary.

                Are they going to force me into the old “anyone but THAT guy” voting strategy again, like they did with McCain (insane McCain)…?

                Eff that I quit.

                I hear New Zealand’s lovely this time of year…

              • Ive a feeling 2014 is pivotal….the united states may not last through it…America is rising and all of obammas BS is only stoking the fires of discontent which can not help but flare up into open rebellion….if it happens it wont end like it did last time…tyranny is not the trend of the future even if barry wants it to be so…it has to be fixed…one way or the other… and the peaceful way hasn’t been doing well for awhile now…wish it would but I want freedom for myself and my family…my American family and if I gotta bust some heads to get it then so be it!

            • Trekker, I think the fact that they are playing any GAME with our lives is the problem, whether it’s checkers or chess.

            • So you want to bail Obama out? The pain is necessary to smarten people up.If Obama gets a delay this he will get away with no cost. He needs to be made an object of ridicule which he can not stand. The same goes for amnesty and allowing those here illegally to stay. Time to quit playing games.

              • No John, that is the dems. chess move, delay the plan until after the 2014 elections so there will be no pain. The RINO’s will play checkers and go along with this instead of sticking to there guns and continue to demand that this is a bad plan and should be scrapped. Trekker Out.

          • You people just don’t understand. I was at the insurance store today. Was selling like hotcakes. Must have sold 20,000 rds of insurance while was there

            • That’s great, paranoid

              Wonder what the bulk rate is on a paid-up

              whole life policy?

              • …depends on the “caliber” of protection you want… 😉

            • Paranoid,
              — Considering I am not familiar with a lot of the terminology or abbreviations used on-line , Can I assume that ” rds ” means rounds ? — If so, I love your post.
              — Take Care,
              — Miss Dee Dee

            • Let’s not forget where their “100,000” people signed up figure comes from. The govt AUTOMATICALLY ROLLED INTO THE ACA, ALL MEDICARE AND MEDICAID CLIENTS. There was no signing up to do, it was automatically done for them.

              That’s probably the only reason ANYBODY has signed up for obamacare.

              • six pack,
                — Yes we have to sign people up first so we can see what the ObamaCare plan says !!!!!
                — Miss Dee Dee

              • …just my hunch but Id say their figures all come out their backside…theyre all BS

          • Do a search for “FUBO”
            Time to buy some new T shirts !

          • “…..federal permission to allow….” How is this Constitutional? And they wonder why so many of us hate him!

            • Ya…when I heard him say he’d allow us to get our old policys back I nearly came unglued… ALLOW US???!!! he may think he’s a king but fer sure he aint….grrrrrr!

        • This is so sad what is happening. I am so glad that i’m on medicare and I don’t think it affects me yet but I feel it will with raising of my premiums. I am trying to get any procedure I need done now and hoping and praying for the best. God Bless,James

          • Are you kidding? The Un-Affordable Care Act rapes $750,000,000,000.00 from medicare to fund it. But the really sad thing is our grandkids will pay dearly for our corrupt greed.

            • No maddog, they will benefit by not being subjected to the medical butchers and pharma cap pushed off on us.

              • Sorry, ALL medicare and medicaid clients are automatically rolled over into the ACA.

              • Butchers? Really? When my appendix went South I was real pleased when my butcher took it out. Want to get a broken bone set at home? You post nonsense.

            • Actually our debts will be paid from past production… not future… ie, all the dollars in the world will be devalued to nothing. People who say “our kids will be saddled with debt” do not understand how this will work. Think about it…

              • Hawk, that is happening now. We are living on capital. All of the West is simply eating the stored seed corn. Our kids will root hog or die and live hand to mouth. They will have nothing extra with which to pay these debts.

                • Agreed blueh20

                • Kids these days are already doing that.

                  As disenfranchised as Gen X was… it’s a laughable farce compared to the Millineals. Those guys are so completely screwed it isn’t even funny. I’ve seen some of those guys OVERJOYED that they could find a dish washing job at a restaurant.

                • The kids will be displaced by third world settlers who will be brought in by the tens of millions, even more than are being brought in now. That is the plan and it is working.

                • Blue,

                  It is happening now but relatively speaking, compared to hyperinflation, is happening at a slow pace. It will happen slowly and then all at once. Being saddled with debt and living a lower quality of life are technically different, although may feel the same.

                  Gold will be used to recapitalize the system after it all crumbles. Not silver…

                  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best…

            • Not MY corrupt greed. I doubt many, or any at all, of US, wanted this and all of us tried to prevent it. We’re on our way back to the 1800s when you lived or died according to luck and your genes. At least my husband and I gave our kids good genetics. That will probably be all they get. We’re hard-pressed to stay afloat, much less leave anything for them.

              • Not luck, but determination, knowledge, experience, tools, and supplies.

            • With respect maddog…I and most here had no part in that corrupt greed…aint mine…although I do understand your point…

          • Invest heavily in freeze dried food, guns and ammo. You will need it.

            • Need it for WHAT ?????

              • Rich: I had to give you a thumbs-up in the Democratic time-honored tradition of taking one thumbs-up from somebody else and giving to those who have not.

              • Don’t forget the antibiotics. Alldaychemist dot com

              • For your mom. I hear she’s not taking credit anymore for her services.

            • big steve

              man where are finding those freeze dried guns and ammo at???


              ps just teasing ya

          • My Mother got all her procedures and testing done earlier in the year for fear of the death panels, she knows she’ll be denied care very soon.

        • So the way I am understanding this is that 300,000 people have signed up for Medicare and 100,000 have signed up to purchase a health plan. That would translate into 1 in 4 people are paying for the other 3/4 peoples health insurance? WTF?


          Impeach, vote out the bums.

          • Big B: That’s why the premiums have tripled. You are paying for three other people who have FREE rent, FREE food, and a FREE O’Bummer phone.

            Its a FREE country in the Peoples Republic of O’Bummer.

            Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women. Get involved where you live, My Peeps, or you will be getting a FREE O’bummer Chip to attend the O’Bummer Rallies at your local FREEMA Camp.

            Don’t worry about transportation, the red, white, and blue bus ride will also be FREE!!! 🙂

            Engage the enemy while you still can.

            • I know DK, still haven’t found the sarcastic symbol. 🙂


              • Speaking of FREE bus rides, I was in Tempe AZ the other day and happened to pass a small blue bus. I noticed these “Orbit” things all around town and wondered what they were as the regular Metro Transit system was in place.

                I finally happened to pass one that was stooped as I was walking down the street and asked the driver what they were and how much they cost to ride. I also noticed that the bus book was also in Spanish.

                He said they were “FREE!” A free bus to “orbit” the city.

                I said “FREE?” “FREE!” “You mean the cost is paid by the taxpayers, right?”

                “Yes, he said , SHEEPLELY. There is no FREE lunch people. Someone is picking up the tab and it is US! 🙁

                • Salute to you for having the guts to gather the intel..

          • Medicare is paid for via a self sustaining tax! We all have been paying out of our wages for years. The Medicare Trust Fund along with the Social Security Trust Fund, totally over 4.5 Trillion, was accumulated over years.

            Then Congress decided to allow itself to borrow money (Misuse) from the Trust Funds, to show a false Budget balance.

            As a result almost, $4.5 Trillion, which is almost 34% of the National Debt, is the Funds borrowed from those two Trust Funds.

            Mind you, if a lawyer tried borrowing from a clients Trust Fund, he would be tried and sent to Jail. But, since Congress makes the Laws, Congress said it was OK to misuse these funds.

            Time to hang all 435 members of Congress for their crimes starting with both Speakers and working down. . There are enough lamp posts in Washington for this to happen, all that’s need is ropes and i would toss in 5-6 to get it rolling.

            Remember carefully Congress and no one else holds the PURSE Strings, in Washington DC. that’s by the Constitution of the United States of America..

            nuff said, back to prepping.

            • Great idea, and I’m in. A friend told me today, although I have no proof nor a link, that social security was being referred to as a “Federal Benefit” on the FICA check she receives. (She’s 77) Does anyone know if this is occurring? Social Security is not an entitlement! In the lean years, I would have liked to have had the 7% stolen out of my paycheck, plus the employer’s portion. It would have paid for more food on my son’s and my dinner plate.

              • That would be correct. All checks to SS and disability read federal benefit.

                • Nopitty,What checks? All retirement benefits that come through the Feds come direct deposit. Unfortunatly My railroad retirement comes through the feds. So I opened an account at another bank when I was forced to do direct deposit, so I withdraw all but a small amount on payday and redeposit it in my own bank. Forced direct deposit, instead of a check that I could cash and put where I wanted, I now pay a $12 monthly banking fee where I’m now forced to have direct deposit, that’s the way they control “We The Sheeple” Trekker Out.

                  • Then find another bank!! I pay no fees

                  • Scott, but do you have to keep a high balance. Trekker

            • Well Said!!!

          • The 100,000 that enrolled have gotten subsidies so we are actually paying for them too. They are not paying for the additional people that are added to Medicaid through this giant expansion. The rest of us taxpayers are with our insurance rates going through the roof!

        • What kind of moron calls Norway, Japan, the UK, Kuwait, Sweden, Bahrain, Brunei, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain and Iceland communist countries?

          Or how about the two tier countries: New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark, France,Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Israel? Are they, too, “communist”?


          • i was born and raised in norway until i was 20. I am not sure why so many people think that the USA, with 300 million+ people, could adopt SOCIALISM and actually become successful.

            there is a reason the world, over the years, has become “Americanized.” its because America WAS doing everything right. Capitalism. Competition brings out the best brains to solve the most complex problems.

            anyone who wants to be like Norway, or any other country that the MSM says “has a higher standard of living,” is a fool.
            Japanese, Norwegians, swedeish, all the other countries have people who travel to the US and LOVE IT HERE. because WE ARE NOT SOCIALISTS.


            • I do/did a lot of bill/law writing a few years back and was at meetings from time to time on liberty and the things opposite…one time another speaker(a knothead defending socialism) said that America was way behind… that these other countries, especially European nations were well down the path to socialism…I was a bit too loud with my muttered response that being farther down the path to hell wasn’t exactly something to brag about and certainly nothing to emulate….little ole REB got a standing ovation in the middle of the other guys speech…sorta took the wind outta his sails….its been a few years and it still feels good!… 🙂

          • BuelahMan:

            Kuwait, Bahrain, Brunie, UAE as Islamic Fascists and retards with lots of money from natural resources and not from using their intellect.

            Norway, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Iceland, New Zeland, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland: Peaceful nations but got screwed by the bankserts……See the end of the comment. Also Iceland kick the banksters out early and took over their country and are in a good shape compare to others.

            France… Last stage of socialism before a complete communist system.

            HK and Singapor are just the tools to make money for the banksters for now as they have a close ties with China and haven’t been screwed yet like others.

            Israel……Mand made entity which goes back to the soviet union era and the start of Marxism/ Leninism ideology. However every single country above is being controlled by their systems designed and controlled by the masters in Israel, NY and the UK.

            The net is the promoted system via federal reservers and IMF although looks like a capitalistic system but it is getting closer to the new era of communism and this time they are using the name of Progressives, Liberals but I call it the gang of international criminals.

            • Tac-

              I think per Europe, especially France & the UK the real issue is, which will they become first….Muslim or Communist!

              Really, the situation is that bad over there!

              • Indeed Hunter. Thanks as always for your input.

              • Hunter,
                — Is there a religious government called ” Muslunist ” ?
                If so, that is where France and the UK are headed.
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • Miss DD- (wow!)
                  ..sorry to be snarky..couldn’t resist! -(grin)-

                  ..per your question–dunno about Muslunists!

                  ..well, if I were you & was invested in commodities/futures in said countries…I’d have a serious discussion w/ my portfolio mgr, per pork belly futures!

                  –(sharp folks will catch the…humor!)–

                  Green to you!

                  • ” snarky ” I like that new word in my ever expanding vocabulary.
                    — Miss Dee Dee

                • Hunter,
                  — I took your advice and told my broker to sell all European pork futures.
                  — He asked what he should do with the money.
                  I told him — Buy into the VIX
                  –I told him to sell all my large , mid and small cap stocks and mutual funds.
                  — He asked what he should do with the money.
                  I told him — Buy into the VIX
                  — I told him I just re-mortgaged my house with some equity take out and was sending him the check.
                  — He asked me what he should do with the money.
                  I told him — Buy into the VIX
                  — Finally I informed him I was sending him my nephew and niece.
                  — He asked me if I wanted him to get started on a secure plan to enrich their future.
                  — I told him NO —
                  Sell them and put the money into the VIX.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

                  • LOL!!!

                    Thanks much madam, I really needed a good laugh, this evening.

           your first Up-thumb from me!

        • Obama is just a polite smooth talking melato. He’s smart, polite and has been tasked with destroying America. It’s awesome that Obama care will fail. LET IT!

          Pull back all your spending…get out of debt.
          Don’t hire any Obama supports. Derail these fuckers who are tying to enslave you.

          Fight back economically.
          Work hard to keep your job and thrive…triggering an Obamanite to be shown the door instead of you.

          Corporate Survival time!!!
          Only the strong will make it.

          Final thought…


          I have more respect for the janitor at work who’s been with us for decades.

          I LOVE Mag LIghts. Get the six 6. You can use it like a club.

          • Polite? He says the most deranged things and is always given a pass. Remember he called the Republicans “terrorists, hostage takers and killers” when they tried to shut down his evil programs. I’m NOT a Republican, but Obama’s not a polite, attractive person either.

            • Bravo, Vicky.

              Obama is many things, but polite, “smooth talking,” and smart he is not.

              He comes from wild, undiscliplined, animalistic urges on his father’s side, and from screwed up trash on his mother’s side. He is a communist, and may very well be the rumored black American who was spotted, cultivated, and groomed for high political office, specifically for the presidency, by the Soviets. He is a practiced and habitual liar. He does not have a humble bone in his body. He is disrespectful to the office of the presidency. He is disrespectful to his audiences, not bothering to use good grammar or to speak with seriousness. He is haughty, apparently believing that he has status and power. He is rumored to be a homosexual, and to have indulged homosexual urges. He has a long history of heavy drug use. He permits foul-mouthed, tyrannical, bad-tempered, unelected staffers to make policy and run roughshod over anyone who disagrees. He relishes the luxury of the presidential lifestyle and milks taxpayers for obscene amounts to spend on vacations, parties and other perks. He is unconcerned with his highly negative image and apparently believes that there will never be a consequence to his never-ending unconstitutional actions. He does not care, or perhaps does not comprehend, the extent to which he is vehemously disliked. He is dismissed by our foreign allies and enemies alike. He’s in this for his, and only his, own gratification and material enrichment while he makes his way toward “transforming” America into a fully communist country.

              His wife and two daughters comprise the poster triplets for America’s biggest snobs, which they see as a badge of honor and as the mark of “having arrived.”

              This will not end in a neat and tidy manner.

          • Mr. Geek,
            if I may correct your trivial error, per your assessment, you said:


            In truth, he’s actually a bi-sexual community organizer from the ‘hood and a teleprompter dependent, package of rancid butterscotch DNA in a suit & tie, plus he’s FULL of SHIT..his ardent daily endeavor involves a lust for queer-sex and clubbing a little WHITE ball silly…in a vain attempt to force it into….a hole in the grass!

            –(By GOD, I could have a field day w/ those metaphors)–

            Alas…and the son-of-a-bitch is supposed to be the C-in-C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            …where’s Lee Harvey Oswald, when we really need him?**


            **To you lurking net-monitors who snitch out posts like this…FUCK YOU!!!

        • trebling …..
          @mac, I think you meant tripling.

          • It’s the same thing.

        • Here’s the problem…..Under “The Plan”, these people want the “middle class” to disappear. The “president a.k.a frank marshall davis’s bastard son Obama” wants to destroy this country. There is no mistake. There was no “lie” to the country (about the healthcare act). This is all INTENTIONAL people. It won’t be long until this “manchild” will be backed so far into a corner that he will start killing people. Those that do not follow this monster will be eliminated…..not hard to figure out. His boss ( Valerie Jarett ) said that it is time to “punish their enemies”. These monsters want everyone ( including all illegals ) that is young to be covered by as much assistance as possible i.e. disability, food stamps, etc. Those that are older (that no longer contribute) should go away……die. If you don’t contribute, your “life units” ( what Ezekiel Emmanuel) has stated are worth much of nothing. Those that can possibly contribute (the young) are “worth more”…….even if forced into work. Those that are older (Medicare recipients) should be eliminated. Medicare was cut by a half a trillion dollars under the ACA. Medicaid is going forward like gangbusters…..I see it personally every day…

        • I hope it does crash and burn, America has become far too full of the entitlement mentality. When you have too many parasites the host must succumb and die. I pin my hopes on the fact that after a major negative event, (civil war, depression,epidemic….), those who survived will not be of the gimms me dat mentality. People to lazy to survive without stealing the gains of the working people should in fact die out. Life is not fair it never has been, however if a person wants to sit around doing nothing and expecting support from the productive,then let them die of their own laziness and stupidity. In fact if I am going to be forced by the Government to su;port useless criminal scum, then I should also be allowed to decide their fate.

        • Hollywood was telling everyone to “Get Insurance!”, now we should be asking, “Got Insurance?”. How is that ‘hope and change’ thing working out as ‘the most transformational’ candidate turns the country upside-down. It is all about control but the sheeple on the dole still don’t get it.

        • Nonsense for anyone who thinks there is no fix for this. There is a fix. It’s called… GET GOVERNMENT OUT OF HEALTHCARE! Flood the market with doctors, nurses, pharmaceutical companies and LET THEM COMPETE DAMMIT! And you will see prices come down. The problem is this… there’s monopolies and everyone knows it. Insurance companies are making a fortune… hospitals are making a fortune! And the people are getting poorer. Government is extracting America’s wealth, resources, knowledge, patents, it income, and all around it’s fruits and labors…. and it’s not letting up until the people have had enough!!! Now you can all go kid yourselves but you better wake up and figure this out fast… Start holding accountable all the big corporations who have been committing treason along with politicians who are buying votes and nothing is done. Congress is BOUGHT… Every branch is BOUGHT! States need to stand up and take their states back!

      2. The real goal and the intent of this plan is way more serious than the comic system issues we hear each and every day. My two cents btw.

      3. Suddenly I feel impending doom.

        But really its a feeling thats been getting louder and louder, screaming loud. Me and the wife are busting buts to get as much done and add what we can to survive whats coming.

        • “India’s stubbornly high inflation rose to 7 percent in October, the highest level in eight months despite efforts by the central bank to rein in prices by hiking interest rates.

          Government figures released Thursday showed that prices for food were up 18.2 percent, with vegetables leaping by 78.4 percent. Fuel prices were also sharply up in October, rising 10.3 percent.

          Higher prices for food and fuel hit the hundreds of millions of poor Indians living on $2 per day particularly hard because they spend roughly half of their income on the staple items.”

          “Interest rates have been increased twice since September – to its current rate of 7.75 percent.”

          “In addition to high inflation, India is also suffering its slowest economic growth in a decade.”

          Business Week

        • Calgacus,

          Many here feel that too.

          I fear that what is now happening in India, will in the near future be here in the U.S.

          Keep praying and prepping!
          KY Mom

            • The Patriot,

              LOL! That must be YOUR video.

              That is NOT me. I NEVER post videos.

              • KY Mom

                The woman on that video must be Peterson-less or his woman.
                He’s posted several videos of her.

        • I’m feeling the impending doom, but I’m also picking up on rage. Let’s hope it doesn’t go to waste. Like you, we’re just trying to prepare and stay out of sight. Good luck and Blessings!

      4. I believe the basis for this was the healthy young would subsidize the sick older people.

        What young? The Millenials? The purple haired 20+ year olds with the snot rings, full body tats and I phones? They can’t find work, much less any thing that pays enough to make this work.

        I suppose the aging Boomers will create a huge market for Old Fucks care. “C’mere sonny, I’m too fat to reach my ass…can ya wipe it for me?”

        • That’s always been the basis of insurance though. Those that pay but don’t use it cover the expenses of those that do.

          They’re just compounding the issue an order of magnitude now by trying to get people who can’t pay for it now, to somehow come up with the money to pay for it tomorrow.

          It’s a system that’s… well we all know what the end result is going to be, why beat that dead horse any deader. 🙁

        • JRS,
          That’s fu**ing funny. I bow and applaud you sir, that was brilliant. I’m giggling my ass off as I’m trying to type this.

        • “C’mere sonny, I’m too fat to reach my ass…can ya wipe it for me?”

          JRS, I’m sorry dude, but I worked in a nursing home for a few years, while I made it through college. I can tell you EMPHATICALLY that, absolutely nobody in a nursing home WANTS anyone wiping their ass for them.

          I got a very small taste of it after I got out of spinal surgery. It feels humiliating and degrading.

          The elderly feel the same way about it, if not even more so. Most of those people worked their whole lives, more than a half a century of doing everything for themselves, only to end up with some smart-assed kid slinging them around like a sack of potatoes and shoveling gruel down their throats three times a day, then getting pissed off at them, because their physical and mental limitations aren’t ‘convenient’ for their schedules.

          If those nursing home patients could speak for themselves, they’d surely tell you to go fuck yourself and wait until YOUR turn comes.

      5. To quote Braveheart:

        “All men die…but not every man truly lives.”

        Since many here *know* what’s coming, the big question that remains is- What are you doing to prepare for it?

        Remember, prepare as best you can, teach others and take as many of the evil ones with you as you can. Then…you can say you have truly lived.

        • If in the old West the towns had signs that said.

          “Bad behavior will not be tolerated. You may be faster and badder. But you cannot stop a bullet in the back.”

          It would have been a much nicer old West.

          IMHO, you don’t yell and scream at a tumor. You emotionlessly remove it. Same as a POS assehole who is screwing up in society.

          Where we went wrong in American is passing the buck to the legal system. They’re not in the business of fixing the problem. Just making a living off of repeat business.

        • Socrates, I feel honored that you would quote me. Thank you. braveheart

          • Braveheart-

            I got your 3 O’clock (or 9 O’clock)depending on what side of you I stand. Notice I didn’t say, “I got your six”. That would put me behind you and you would put you out in front. NO sir! We are right NEXT TO YOU! 😉

            • I’m with you; But I want dibs on the empty brass. Looks like that may be the only profit to be had.

              • Paranoid-

                ..I’ll split that booty w/ you 50/50, if I live long enough!

                You’ve got a green one from me.

            • Socrates, thanks for that. I’ll stand by your side also.

          • Thats a grand total of 86 mettings you’ve missed MISTER !

      6. I know my view will be unpopular here, but I’d prefer a single-payer system. That way, I could do whatever I want to do as far as jobs go and would not have to think of insurance issues. The main reason many people continue to do a job which may not fit their needs, desires, or even the part of the country they want to live in, is to hang onto their health insurance. Single-payer solves that.

        A person might even want to take a year off, head out with a tent and some savings, and they’d still have healthcare if something bad were to happen. For me and the way I’m wired, single-payer would mean more freedom than being tied to a job and a certain level of income due to possible healthcare needs that may arise.

        I’d prefer the healthcare be paid with a tax-at-point-of-purchase instead of premiums. You go buy something and the tax is added. (That way, even drug dealers, hookers, those working under the table, etc. are also contributing). They could come up with the tax rate by looking at the prior year’s medical costs across the nation and then set the rate that will cover it.

        Okay, nail me to the comment-cross now 🙂

        • I am a dual citizen…Canadian and American. Be careful what you wish for.

            • Actually that was single prayer and we just lost that one.

          • There was this ugly gwakward skinny young cowboy. He was riding along on a horse and spotted a rattle snake. He drew out his six gun as as he cocked the hammer the snake shouted don’t kill me. Im a magical snake let me live and Ill granny you three wishes. The Cowboy thought and said first I want a million dollars in gold. Poof his saddlebags where full of $20 gold coins, the cowboy wished to have a Second gook looks on a sculped body. Poof he looked and he had muscles on his muscles. His third wish was to be endowed with genetalia like his horse poof he felt different down below. He couldn’t wait rode as fast as he could back to the bunkhouse. He looked in the mirror a face like rock Hudson body like Charles atlas. excited he dropped his pants. He cried Oh my god! I forgot I was riding Nellie! Be careful what you wish for?

            • old guy
              I`m r o f l m a o


        • I want freedom of choice……
          I want freedom of rate competition for my money.
          I want to choose my Doctor.
          I want a Doctor to decide my future health care needs.

          Most people may not remember but a nationalized health care plan was put forward by The Clinton Administration.
          Ms. Clinton testified on Capital Hill and it was shot down. She was so unprepared…….She acted as if they had to do it because of who she was……..

          I am not going to nail you to the comment-cross now.

          The ones who will are coming behind me…….and they are good…..

          Have a nice day……..

        • Unbelievable. The brainwashing has been total and complete with you. I will only be able to address one of your statements and remain civil. The main reason honest, moral and respectable people continue working is to support themselves so they are not a burden to others and end up demanding single payer healthcare and force other people into supporting them. Really, you need to look deep and “reset”.

          • Fuck being civil. You want to be free and take a year off work go, but I for one will not be forced to fucking pay for it.

            This is why we need the “reset” people. This is the mindset of the “new society”. You owe them and they WILL take it by force if necessary. Prep, pray, and fight to your dying days if you want your kids free of this shit.

            • Maddog:

              No PC in your post! Love it!

              • Howdy, POG. There’s never any PC in my posts either. That leslie anne will never freeload off me.

                • Hi Braveheart:

                  I know from your posts that you are as mad as I am about what is happening to the America we love.

                  Someone on the former subject said they read my posts and have decided I must be mad all the time. Truth is I am more sad than mad.

                  I love all the patriots on shtf that has the guts to call out the “spin doctors” and the PC fools. Keep up the good work and hold their feet to the fire.

              • You know POG, I’ve had it with these people. It is our fault for not wanting to hurt anyone or cause problems in the past, but no more. I’m sick of standing in line to buy can-a-roni’s and day old bread while the POS ahead of me gets steak & lobster with EBT, while talking on an Oshitbag phone. No I get chance I will let them know how I feel. They have no problem telling us while they have you bent over. Glad to see so many in support, were gonna need each other more than we know I think.

                • Maddog, I’m with you on that. A couple of nights ago I was in line at a supermarket getting some more supplies for the food pantry [GRID EX]right behind a crackwhore with a fully loaded basket and paying for it with EBT. She was complaining about the recent cut in her “benefits”. I let it slip out, Well what do you expect when you live on working peoples’ tax money? You should’ve seen the looks on everyone’s faces when I said it. Everyone thought I had shot someone’s mother or something. The crackwhore and I had some words with each other. She finished with, I’m entitled to it. I said, No you’re not entitled to shit. Nobody owes you a damned thing! She got all huffy and rolled her basket out to her BMW. I felt damned good letting that out. didn’t care what anyone else thought of it.

                  • Just be careful BH. It’s not the same nation of our youth. Now a days your life isn’t worth shit if they think they can’t get anything from you. Around here theft is way up especially home and auto at night. Lately it seems they have no problem using weapons either. Just watch your not followed, after all you know they think you owe them.


            • Maddog, I’m with you. She can go do whatever she wants for herself, but SHE WILL PAY FOR IT OUR OF HER OWN POCKET. I’m not paying for her to have squat. Nobody owes her a damned thing. The same thing applies to all of us.

              • Ditto Ditto and Ditto

                Consider yourself nailed!

            • Maddog, I forgot to add, let someone come to my place to take anything by force and it won’t end well for them. braveheart

            • Oh we need to crash and burn just to weed out the gibbs me dat crowd. I forsee the day when looting moochers will be shot down like dogs, adn the Police will arrive just to take your statement and clean up the mess.
              When the Government implements austerity measures you can bet that Sitiavious isnt gonna suddenly decide to work a job, plant a garden….he is gonna wants what you gots. I suspect that things will be so bad that any laws against carrying a concealed firearm will be ignored by law enforcement as so many innocent people will be saved by their decision to carry legally or not.

            • Oh we need to crash and burn just to weed out the gibbs me dat crowd. I forsee the day when looting moochers will be shot down like dogs, adn the Police will arrive just to take your statement and clean up the mess.
              When the Government implements austerity measures you can bet that Sitiavious isnt gonna suddenly decide to work a job, plant a garden….he is gonna wants what you gots. I suspect that things will be so bad that any laws against carrying a concealed firearm will be ignored by law enforcement as so many innocent people will be saved by their decision to carry legally or not.

        • So what’s keeping you from paying for that year off in advance?

          If you want the free lunch, pay for it yourself.

          • She can’t Smokey. It wouldn’t be the commie-progressive-liberal way, in better terms: theft.

        • No nailing…unless you want to be nailed… 😉

          That’s cool – you can have your own opinion; it’s still somewhat America. Though I disagree with you.

          My question to you is who runs this ‘system’? If the government is your answer I would wonder why you hang out at a site like this.

          How about we just treat insurance like every other product and service in this country and let it cross state lines? That’s right, open it up for competition. Then you’ll see some changes for the better.

          More government is not the answer. Read Atlas Shrugged if you haven’t and if you come out not seeing what is going on then please move to NYC (first city to go when it all goes bad). Get the highest floor apartment you can.

          • Hold on right there! The biggest fallacy is that buying insurance across state lines will solve the probelem. It won’t. Republicans repeat this idiotic line every time they’re asked for a solution and it frustrates the heck out of me.

            I’m an insurance broker so let me tell you why it won’t work. Insurance companies price their plans based on the expected cost of claims. They contract with doctors and other health care providers (hospitals, labs, outpatient surgery clinics, etc)to get a discount on the rates the providers charge. The way the insurance company gets discounts is to promise the providers a volume of patients who will use their services. So insurance company A in California who has thousands of enrolled members promises the provider group that they can bring the provider all their members in the provider’s area. The provider group discounts their pricing based on the volume of patients they can expect from the insurance company.

            Now, for example, let’s say Alabama Life decided to offer insurance in California. So they send their provider contracting representative out to California to negotiate with the local providers so the members they sign up have doctors and hospitals to go to. What kind of patient volume do you think they can promise the providers? If you said, well they don’t have any members yet, so none! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! The insurance companies already providing plans in California have the market locked up. The only way Alabama Life would be able to get contracts with providers is if they promised to pay them more than the other insurance carriers. Guess what that would do to the monthly premiums they’d have to charge! It would drive them up and they wouldn’t be competitive and no one would choose to buy their insurance.

            So there you go. That’s why buying insurance across state lines is not a simple solution. The carriers in other states simply have no product to sell until they negotiate with providers to get a network. The network IS the product and it is priced according to the discounts the insurer is able to negotiate.

            • My coverage where I live now is 800$ a month less for the same plan than when I lived in CA.

              • That’s good!

                But it says nothing but to reflect on the cost for providing care in a certain region. In other words, the providers in your area charge less for the same services than providers in California. That’s also why insurance plan rating is done by geographical regions, because the cost of care varies from region to region. In California, the cost of care is generally higher. As well, it is higher in some regions of California, like Orange County for example, than it is in others like the Central Valley. So people buying policies in Orange County have different rates than people buying policies in the Central Valley.

        • Do you think the single-payer plan has any chance of working? Haven’t you learned that anything the government touches goes down the crapper? You will end up taking care of a loved one for the rest of their lives because the government has deemed them unsuitable for a life saving operation or med. Don’t even think about taking a long vacation. The government will be having top notch services as usual while we won’t.

        • What gives you the right to ask other people to pay for your health care while you take a year off?

          It’s lazy people who are ruining this country.

          • I meant the above comment for Leslie Anne, who wants single payer so she can take a year off.

            I see she has been minimized, so my comment doesn’t make sense unless you see who I replied to.

            Sorry about that

            • wot Daisy said!!!

              Newsflash – you are all grown up now. Instead of looking to the state to play Daddy, while you play step up to the plate and take responsibility for yourself, preferably before you have kids of your own. Work hard, save the money to cover ALL your dues, then take a break.

              (KIDULTS are a personal bugbear of mine – they do my head in)

          • A vivid example of the “I’m entitled attitude” of the mentally challenged drones that feed at the public trough.

            It’s always someone else’s responsibility to take care of me.

            It’s the essence of what is so wrong in this country……that a large percentage of the population thing that it is perfectly ok to take from one segment of the population in order to redistribute it to another segment that is, in their minds…more deserving.

            They are no better than Stalin, Mao and Castro…..and they have no qualms about using the force of law to do it. Of course…they won’t do it themselves. They always have someone else do their dirty work for them.

            • thing = think

            • Hey Walt if these lazy people want someone to take of them, then why cant they be shotm and thus taken care of?
              I believe that to “Take care of someone”, was Mafia slang for someone to be wacked. So if they really want to be taken care of……………

          • Ive been working my ass off for years and cant afford health insurance,
            I would love to take some time off and have someone pay my freakin bills,
            Only problem with that is im not a lazy piece o shit, so 1. Would never be able to do that and 2. I pay my own way.
            Dont want any handouts from anyone. PERIOD!

            People like Leslie anne make me sick and pray for the collapse that will purge our system of people like her.

            • +1 Kula.

            • I agree with you but truthfully I’m hoping for a new government program to provide subsidized ammunition; It’s to be called AMMOCare. Properly used It could significantly reduce our gov debt.

              • I think they could do away with DHS TSA etc and just let us form citizens militias to protect the homeland, now that i could get behind.

                • Or just get rid of the TSA and DHS and let us protect ourselves.

                  I guarantee you, that a group of terrorists would think twice about commandeering and crashing an airliner, if they knew that every single passenger on the damn plane had a hand gun in their holster and a rifle in their checked luggage…no box cutters here!

                  The TSA has never caught a real terrorist, and DHS is only for controlling common people. Both are unnecessary financial burdens.

              • And think of the cost savings, they just supply us all the ammo and training facilities and give us some of the cool black SUVs and were good to go
                Can give us all cards our CMTF card (Constitutional Militia Training Fund) like an EBT but for patriots, is good for 2k rounds of ammo per firearm you own per month from the armory, $400 in accessories and $200 in preps!

                • [And think of the cost savings, they just supply us all the ammo and training facilities and give us some of the cool black SUVs and were good to go]

                  No chance- that would be a “well regulated militia” in the original sense and we all know that the Second Amendment is the cause of all evil in the kingdom.

        • Leslie Anne:

          What a pleasant surprise! (sarc)

          • Leslie Anne:

            On some of your posts on shtf you told us you live in a little bitty house; ate beans and rice for a month;

            Did that diet of just rice and beans in your little bitty house have any effect on your little bitty brain?

            I suggest you invite a little bitty psychiatrist to visit you in that little bitty house until he has helped you expand that little bitty brain.

            • POG, i almost fell out of my chair with your post about Leslie Anne’s ‘little bitty brain’. She must be an Obama supporter. Keep it up, Granny. BTW, I gave you the green thumb.

            • Expansion may cause that itty bitty brain to burst. Granny where is your compassion? That burst will cause collatreal damage (sarc.).

            • New to the site. So is insulting others in a juvenile fashion permitted ? If so, what a waste of time this turned out to be. Out. Bravo Oscar

              • Barret

                Welcome, I too was a new comer to the site, hoping for some prep pointers and advice. Just wait until you read some of the racist posts.

              • Barrett Overwatch,
                — I also am a little new to this site. I see what you complain about. I also see that many good and knowledgable people on here have tempers that can be baited to cause outrage. Most here will listen and attempt a civil dialogue until their blood boils. This is IMHO how TPTB disrail the train. They keep topics off focus and are attempting to lure someone into writing something that can be used as incrimination. Say the wrong thing and you are guilty on a FEMA camp bound express someday. That does not mean you should hide in a hole. I’m sure you probably have as much value to give as you do to receive. All I mean is Be careful , listen ,seperate the fact from the nonsense and trust your inner conscience.
                Take Care,
                — Miss Dee Dee

            • Hell hath no fury like Pissed Off Granny. Again.

            • Nice one POG!

              • According to Alan Jackson, “it’s alright to be itty bitty”…

            • Damn girl, did you go to school to learn how to be a cunt or does it just come naturally ? You are obviously poor white trailer park trash. Grow the fuck up allready !

        • I am going to give you a thumbs up just because you are thinking.

          However you are wrong in several ways. One is that a single payer is just plain socialism. There is no getting around it. Two, why do you think so many people from around the world and especially from countries who have a single payer system come here to the U.S. for medical treatment? Because up till now we have had the best medical system in the world. The finest care can / could be had. Where they are at one plan fits all and they cannot get proper treatment. Neither in quality, continuity and attention to detail.

          But at least you are thinking about it.


          • She may not be able to ‘handle the truth’. She might not even be a she.

            • DRD5508—

              -FLASH TRAFFIC-

              ..per “intentions”, I caught that also—–

          • She’s not thinking at all….other than thinking how she can pick the pockets of her fellow Americans for her own benefit.

          • BigB – That was a nice and productive way to respond. She put her opinion out there as nicely as she could knowing it would not be liked and you were respectful of her even though you disagreed. Very classy.

          • BigB,

            Finest medical care?? WTF??!!?? Prescribing one pill after another is good medical care??

        • Leslie Anne – Are you going to be working on Hillary’s campaign?

          • Tac, can you imagine her resume? Voted for Obama. Then the resume is stamped: HIRED.

        • LESLIE –
          single payer is socialism , and although you may think it looks good on paper , you WILL lose those freedoms that you hold so dearly.
          Its been tried and it always ends badly.

        • Math wasn’t your best subject in school, was it?

          That’s ok…most of the rest of the brain-dead population can’t do basic math either.

          Because, unless you understand basic mathematical principles, you’ll never understand that there is no way you can have more consumers of a resource than you do producers.

          The folks who designed this either couldn’t understand the math themselves…..or they knew it could not work and did it for other ulterior motives.

          I believe it was the latter. This program was never intended to work. It is the Cloward-Piven strategy in action. (go look that up, I won’t do your homework for you)

          • Above comment addressed to Leslie Ann by the way.

        • Leslie Ann, we have a single payer system here in Aussie but it is kinda “subsidised” by Gubbermint incentive to take out private healthcare as well. We have the Gubbermint run Medicare which is funded by the “Medicare Levy” on all people who pay tax, with an extra slug “surcharge” if you earn more than a certain amount. If you take out private health insurance you get a rebate of 30% of the premium but all this did was allow the Health Insurance companies to, surprise!!, jack up their premiums and rip off some of that lovely Gubbermint money and declare obscene increases in profits each year. If you dont have Insurance you pay a higher levy.

          So, as you can see, if you are a working, taxpaying person you pay – if you are a parasite it’s free.

          I have private health insurance and that allows me to claim some things that are not covered my Medicare – dental, physio, glasses but it doesnt cover all of it – there is still a considerable “gap” between what my Insurance will pay and the cost of the service.

          What private health cover is really good for here is for things like “elective” surgery. For instance I needed a full knee reconstruction after a motor bike crash which is considered “elective” or non essentail surgery. I could have had it done through Medicare and it would have been totally free but I would have had to go on a waiting list and I would have been waiting a few years at least. Also, I would not have had a choice of surgeon – I would have got whoever was at the hospital on the day. Because I had Insurance when I finally decided I wanted it done I spoke to my chosen surgeon on the Tuesday and it was done on the Thursday. I had to pay a gap though, about $1,300 I think from memory, very much worth it in my opinion as I got to chose a top surgeon and remember I’ll be walking on this knee for the rest of my life.

          Leslie Ann, I gave you a green thumb as your comments did show some intelligence and thought – bit misguided maybe – but cant crucify you for having a different opinion to mine, we both still live in free countries after all – for the time being anyway.

          Our system is expensive and getting more so. Gubbermints are very inefficient at running businesses (healthcare systems, hospitals) as they are incredibly “top heavy” with seemingly non essential executives on enormous salaries which means a lot of services dont reach the people they are meant to help.

          Been a long post, but what I am trying to say is if you let the Gubbermint do what they think is best for you, you are gunna get screwed. Also, once the Obummercare system is in place it wont implode and be scrapped, WONT HAPPEN! – Gub’mints dont work that way – they will have reviews and enquiries (at more obscene cost to the taxpayer) and come up with ways to “fix” or “improve it”, also at obscene cost to the taxpayer so that “All my fellow Americans can benefit from these wonderful reforms ……..” (Vision Stars and Stripes being waved and “Oh say can you see ….” being sung)

          Yes, I was being sarcastic in case you hadnt worked out the Aussie sense of humour. And I am not singling out you Yanks either, my scorn is directed just as much at my own Gub’mint.


          • {{Our system is expensive and getting more so}}}

            So are Americans and it seems we get nothing!!

        • Your fuckin useless, lameass lazy bitch!

        • @Leslie Anne

          I also gave you a thumbs up for intelligently presenting your view on this hot button subject. While I whole hearted disagree with you on the basis that this country was meant to have a very limited government and this POS piece of legislation violates that principle in every way.

        • It appears some were unable to read the part about: tax-at-point-of-purchase. There would be no freeloaders. Everyone (including illegals, drug dealers, under the table workers, those of low wages, those of higher wages, etc.) would be contributing every time they make a purchase…so unless they are 100% mountain-man with zero purchases over the years, they would be purchasing and contributing toward the cost. Under the new obamacare, some are stuck paying more so others get free or subsidized care. Tax-at-point-of-purchase eliminates the freeloaders as they pay, too.

          • Regretfully, everything that has come out of this administration has been a complete and absolute failure and outright lie. Trusting the present administration do be successful at anything is delusional.

          • So your solution to ‘free’ healthcare is MORE taxes? Hmmm…where have I heard this before.

            The solution to many of the country’s economic issues lie in less and less taxes. It’s been PROVEN every time they lower taxes the coffers start filling to the top and overflow with ‘revenue’. Look it up.

            No more frigging taxes. I think the 25 – 30% I’m paying in my check plus every single time I buy something it PLENTY.

            People like you are soaking the hell out of my wallet!

            • Heck I’m giving up 40+% by the time you figure in all the “hidden a taxes”. I actually cut my hours this year to drop a bracket, and started a business in the second half of the year with a decent loss leader. Hoping to cut that bill for next April.

          • Leslie Anne, Really?? How do you come up with such a stupid logic to defend this crap? Are you working with the ACORN folks who were promoting prostitutions and drug dealing?

          • Leslie Ann:
            You still don’t get it. Government does not do anything well for Americans. They are the only ones to prospers.

            • Right now, we foot the bill for the politicians and their staffers (who are exempt from obamacare). With a point-of-sale-tax, they’d be paying when they buy that fancy boat or vacation home in the Hamptons. At least they’d be contributing some of that prosperity…better than the free ride they’re currently getting.

              • After the way you started off everything coming out of you translates like Charlie Browns parents
                Wao wo waa woo waawa woo weaaa woo waaa

              • Leslie Anne,
                — How long do you think it would take for the politicians to draft , submit and legislate a Bill to exempt themselves from your point of sale tax ? I think it would be even less time than it took them to repeal the law that forbade them to inside trade restrictions.
                — Miss Dee Dee

          • Leslie Ann, I did get your point about “point of sale” tax and your argument was well articulated. We have a “Goods and Services” tax of 10% which raises enormous amounts of revenue. There are some exemptions – fresh food for instance – but not many. It is a surprisingly equitable tax – pain in the you-know-what for guys like me in business who have to collect it – as no matter who you are, you pay it. Rich people spend more and cant avoid it like they can use a team of Accountants to minimise income tax down to near zero. Even your corner drug dealer who your IRS or our Aust Tax Office wouldnt even know existed pays tax this way. Still, its just another way to extract money from people and like Any Mouse I am all for the absolute minimum Gub’mint interference in my life.


            • I’ve always believed ALL taxes should be point-of-purchase. No IRS, no property taxes, no taxes other than a grand total at the cash register. That way everyone has skin in the game. Also, if that tax goes up, everyone immediately sees it went up and will demand to know why. It’s a much more open system than a multitude of different taxes and hidden fees they use to make it appear the taxes haven’t risen.

              • Ready down under….You’re correct about it eliminating loopholes or the advantage of “creative accounting”.

                • Leslie Ann, even though I am a tax collector for my Gub’mint I do believe our GST is a very fair and equitable tax. There is a bit of a “black economy” here where people work for cash but all that money doesnt go under the mattress and when it is spent tax is collected. It should replace income tax completely which would do away with a massive industry the feeds on avoiding tax altogether – the downside is, guys like Al Capone would never have been sent to the slammer 🙂

                  Also, I do find some of the personal attacks more than a bit offensive but some of the rebuttals to your views have been polite enough. Just coz some of us dont entirely agree with your opinion (me included) is no reason for some of the comments. I think it was an American who said, “I may not agree with what you are saying, but I will defend with my life your right to say it!” (or words to that effect).

                  One more thing that may have been overlooked – if Leslie Ann decided to take a year off working and travel around your great country (or mine for that matter) dont you think whe would have to have saved up the $$$ for that first by working? And under her proposed system she’d still be spending ….. AND paying tax!

                  Aussie (gotta go and do some work, count my red thumbs later 🙂 )

                  • Aussie: I gave you a bunch of green thumbs. It’s been nice having an actual give-n-take conversation (especially with someone who can extrapolate). Have a decent rest of the day.

              • Leslie Anne,
                — What are the chances if a point of sale tax is implemented that they will eliminate or reduce any of the already existing taxes ?
                — Miss Dee Dee

          • Problem with a single payer system is that the Gov becomes god and decides if you qualify (age, condition etc) for a life saving procedure. Regardless of the fact that you have payed into the system.

          • We did read that part. It’s the part about single payer medical care and not paying your own way during a sabbatical that we found objectionable.

        • Leslie Anne,
          — I’d love to take the time to tell you why I disagree with your desire for a single payer insurance system. But it has been many hours since you posted your comment. I am sure you have had time to rethink your position and most likely have an extreme headache from pounding your head against the wall while you were screaming ” What the F was I thinking ? “.
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • … youre correct…that opinion is unpopular…not just here but with any freedom loving person,have you really thought about what youre advocating…what you describe is selfish…that’s what single payer as per Obama is…selfish…you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I defend your right to speak it but I also have a right to disagree and correct it when it flies in the face of the very rights that protect it…you are entitled to the fruits of your own labors…but not a wit to anyone elses…we all are not in the same boat..nor do we wish to be…we are in our own boats…I have no desire to be in societies boat and no inclination to allow myself to be shanghaied into it either…freemen and women in free association with each other without third party constraints… anything else is anti liberty and an enemy to any liberty minded person…not on my watch…not in my world…please think about it.

      7. Obama governs like a child….the boy who would be president. Insurance companies cannot move on a dime. Via an empty suit speech, he just snapped his fingers and poof, the horrible ACA can just be halted or altered because he said so. He is either delusional or just plain nuts…we’re talking about peoples lives here. This man is cold and calculating….an evil nightmare in the flesh.

        • jo jo, too bad Chris Angel couldn’t be invited to the WH and make him disapear.

        • Any one of my children could do a much better job.

          Hell, my dog could.

        • He’s all of those things, and worse, and totally protected by the media and his own kind.

      8. Right now, Obama is trying to do damage control, arbitrarily changing the law by saying that people who got cancelation notices can now keep their plan. That will depend on the individual states’ Insurance Commissioners. Even if they can now keep their old plans, the insurance companies have already made acturial rating assumptions for all the benefits they have to include in the Obamacare plans. Without the current members moving to these new plans, their rating assumptions go out the window. This is not over by any means.

        As an insurance broker working with all our clients who have gotten cancelation notices to get them covered with new plans, I can now expect them all to be calling to see what they need to do to unwind their deals and go back to their old coverage and, rightly so. What a circus!

        • Exactly Anonymous, I cancelled an appointment earlier today with my local ins. broker. I heard Obama’s speech and decided the guy just wouldn’t be able to tell me anything I didn’t already know. My plan was cancelled and the new one was going up $250.00 per month. Who knows how all of this will work out. Would you mind answering a question for me?

          Have you ever dealt with or do you know anything about a not for profit group called medi-share? I am thinking about going in that direction as the price is much cheaper than my existing plan.

      9. The Patient Un-Affordable Care Act was never designed to work. Single payer has been the plan from the beginning and even Oshitbag is on record saying it. By playing on the greed of the American sheeple to believe they would get free healthcare they passed the PUCA to destroy the health insurance industry leaving the government to replace it. Now comes the really real truth about the PUCA – it has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with control. Controlling the really stupid sheeple. Is there honestly anyone left out there that still believes that Americans will ever be free again without a total reset?

        • “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
          – John Dalberg-Acton

          • “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” -Margaret Thatcher

            • “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” — Winston Churchill

              • “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”(by all the unwashed masses who are not priviledged to belong to the exempted upper classes) — Winston Churchill

                Ammended modern translation by REB

        • Obamacare, single-payer, or just scrapping it all and repealing it to go back to the way we’re use to it being DOES NOT matter at all…there will still be a collapse and reset at some point, if anything, due to the unfunded liabilities and entitlements. Even electing 100% true constitutionalists won’t stop the pain as we’re so deep in debt-n-promises.

          • You are dead to me!
            Away you liberal lamprey!

          • Leslie Anne,
            — Thank you for finally saying something that is true.
            Miss Dee Dee

          • Yes a reset must happen that’s true…but ask youself if you had to have major surgery say due to a malicious injury… would you rather have the doctors be people who at least cared if you survive the procedure and have a good outcome or those who gave you the problem in the first place….good men will always be better than evil in any situation…even a terminal one.

        • No Mad what it was designed to do is to is make the productive pay fro free health care for the career welfare moochers.

      10. Yup, yup …. but they’ve been calling for ‘next year is the year!!’ for how many years now? Worse than the Cubs.

        Of course the ol’ mantra of ‘after the elections’ popped up right away. If everyone recalls the woo there were not supposed to be elections in 2010 or 2012 (zero was just going to take over by then). Yet, here we are gearing up for another election.

        I like a good dose of doom as much as the next human but when will these guys ever learn NOT to place dates on things.

        Now I have to go count my $5000 gold that has hit 5000 bucks several times in the last few years.

      11. Zip up folks, here comes winter.

        • Yep…Just getting some more dry wood into the basement today. All that’s left in the garden is some late cauliflower that can stand some cold.

          If any “reset” should happen to cross our path this winter, my wife and kids have enough skills to carry us all through. It’s just a way of life.

          My plan is to wear my “I told you so” T-shirt and sit in the easy chair drinkin beer. We make an awesome team.

          • The EPA is trying to ban all wood burning stoves in the U.S. by imposing impossible to meet standards for soot production. Be sure your wood pile has camo. I went to buy one, and was forewarned by an honest local retailer.

            • Well, my furnace is “grandfathered” in. The EPA regulations allow for that. They only apply to new stoves. You can still buy a used one privately, but a dealer must scrap an old one, from what I gather.

              If you buy a new one, it will most likely have to be EPA compliant. These regs have actually been around for a number of years. They only regulate the stove…not whether you are permitted to burn wood or not.

              Local regs are the only ones that could prevent you from burning wood and they don’t work well out in the sticks.

              Of course, if you still have a mortgage, the insurance will probably have a say in it, too.

              • Tell em all to shove it and lite the match, if they don’t like it.. tell them your running low on wood , but you hear the human body has over 100,000 BTU’s in it.

                I dare them to tell me I cant burn

                • BTW when the US collapses , the EPA will not be able to do shit about anything

                • lol…got that right VRF…send out the SWAT EPA teams…err…do they have them?

              • JRS, even without a mortgage, the home insurance policy will have a $500 waiver for a wood stove. This is because that is the charge for the volunteer fire department to come put out a chimney fire. In my township, our taxes pay 1/2 the fire charge and the homeowner is responsible for the rest. Then, of course, you pay for the chimney cleanout and (maybe) to have it re-lined.

                There may actually be an advantage to those modern stoves if they also produce less creosote.

            • Internet rumor about “EPA banning woodstoves”.

              What they did do was require higher efficiency for new ones….and it’s actually a GOOD thing for a change.

              The new “gassifier” type stoves burn so clean, there is virtually no creosote formed, and use far less wood since it re-burns the gases that form creosote.

              My previous stove (Fisher), I’d remove a 5 gallon bucket of creosote from a winter of burning ( and I burn DRY hardwood ). The new stove I replaced it with, about 1/2 a #10 can. BIG difference.

              Old stove, smoke would belch. New one, almost can’t tell it’s burning except to see the heat shimmy the air out of the flue.

              Big difference.

              I’m sorry it took a govt regulation to force stove manufacturers to build a better stove….the market should have done that, but it didn’t.

                • MongoPissed,
                  — Their next move they will attempt will be to force you to install a carbon scrubber system on your house chimney and the exhaust pipe of your generator. We all must feel the pain of our Eco footprint by giving our government more money. That will solve the problem. It will also reduce unemployment with all the new Federal inspection and enforcement agencies we can create. Yes , everything is so simple and logical to the liberal mind.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

                • Any Mouse,
                  — Thank you for that link to Low Tech Magazine. I placed it in my favorites file. The examples of the design and architecture of these wall stoves are incredible.
                  I’m sorry for accidentally reposting my reply to MongoPissed onto your reply stream.
                  Someday I’ll figure out how to use a computer like a teenager.
                  — Miss Dee Dee

              • Usually agree with you but there is no place in a free society (for an EPA/FDA/USDA and so on) for govt to force us to do anything…the path to hell is paved with these good intentions and we are on that slope because we bought into the false doctrine of the gentle guiding hand of govt oversight…either we are free to make our own choices right or wrong and live with them or they are correct in micromanaging everything we do…Im firmly in the first camp!

            • MongoPissed,
              — Their next move they will attempt will be to force you to install a carbon scrubber system on your house chimney and the exhaust pipe of your generator. We all must feel the pain of our Eco footprint by giving our government more money. That will solve the problem. It will also reduce unemployment with all the new Federal inspection and enforcement agencies we can create. Yes , everything is so simple and logical to the liberal mind.
              — Miss Dee Dee

        • I am getting ready for winter. I just bought some new shorts haha. Snow, what’s that????

          • Snow is what provides you with water in your otherwise uninhabitable desert.

            • LMFAO

            • @The Old Coach

              The Sonoran Desert is surprisingly habitable once you know how. Snow actually has very little to do with it.


              Remember, you can’t shovel sunshine!

              • And where do you think the aquifer you pump your water from gets its charge?
                And if you are not on a well what mountain fed river does the domestic water come from?
                I suppose if you catch your water from the dew on leaves you are right, but most of those areas have a pretty low humidity so that dew point is not always around!

                • I know where it comes from.

                  Arizona is unique in that it contains within itself 3 different climate zones. The southern most part being the Sonoran desert receives the bulk of its water through a system dams primarily located on the Salt River. Previous to being dammed the Salt River was a mostly a seasonal river being only being filled during the rainy season. The Verde River also empties into the Salt River Basin near the Mesa area. The bulk of the water is pumped from the river bed, over the mountains and into canalways that follow the same paths the ancient indigenous peoples used.

                  I can’t remember the name of the dam off the top of my head that diverts the river into a pump system that pumps the water over the mountains, but the riverbed is dry immediately after it until it rains, the whole river is diverted.

                  There are smaller rivers and streams closer to the mountains that do run year round, I know of more than a few east of the phoenix area, but a capable (read lifted) 4X4 is needed to access them.

                  I am only covering ground water in this message, Many of the desert plants store copious amounts of water within themselves that could be harvested quite easily. Care should be taken when attempting this because not all plants yield drinkable water.

                  • The area addressed is the Phoenix area as it is where I am most familiar in that area.

                  • Sigh. And where does the water in the Salt River come from?

                  • Rain, snow is minimal in these aquifers.

                  • A lot of people might not know this but there are huge underground aquifers in Arizona. Some of the largest in the country. Huge underground rivers. People are unfamiliar with Arizona, thinking its one big desert your far from the truth. we have the largest pine tree forest in the country. Our high country pine tree forests are from 4500′ to 9500′ elevation. All the snow that dumps up there melts off and supplies water to the phoenix valley. Now as I say all this, I am originally from Washington amd i would rather live up there or Idaho. But I am here and its way better than California or new York etc.

                  • azpepper, please explain to anymouse that what falls in winter at 8000 feet elevation in the Fort Apache and San Carlos reservations is not rain.

          • That’s whats covering up my grass. Ok Weeds.

        • Nuclear winter?

      12. Simply amazing that the stock market is up with this news. This is going to be the death knell of America unless the people say change the law/repeal the law. Our economy is consumer-based and people will stop spending money. Yes, 2014 is going to be a wake up call for those who are still asleep or are hitting the snooze button.

      13. The auto industry already took a big hit and is going to go under again real quick. The auto industry also makes up about 1 in 6 US jobs. The healthcare industry also supplies 1 out of 6 US jobs. Obamacare is going to put a real hurt on those jobs. The government doesn’t create jobs, it destroys private sector jobs. The number 1 employer in the US is the Federal Government. Second is WalMart. Third is Kelly temporary services. Do you understand what that means? There are virtually no private sector full time jobs available.

        • Already is in healthcare…several area hospitals have started laying off nurses even though they were already short staffed. If you must be in the hospital have a loved one stay with you to watch over you.

      14. Anybody who thinks anything to do with Obamascare was not planned and purposeful is fooling themselves or supports what is really going on – they are enemies of freedom and the constitution.

        Its not to get single payer IMHO, no, its an economic weapon of mass destruction pointed right at the productive class.

        The “can’t read it, till it passes” right up to the bribery and political subterfuge used to pass this monstrosity hid the true purpose and showed how far progressives, socialist’s and communist’s would go to destroy the freedom loving middle-class of this country.

        That is the design, milk out the last vestige’s savings and spendable income from the middle class so that they become impoverished and dependent on government largesse until that plug is pulled too.

        Obamascare was not designed for health coverage, health coverage is only a byproduct used to mollify the poor and ignorant until its designed mission is completed.

        I’ve been following Karl Denninger at Market Ticker for years and think he has aptly put real numbers to this and many other economic issues – numbers don’t lie.

        Karl has made a convincing case that were monopolistic laws and regulation removed that protect insurers, drug companies and healthcare providers costs would dramatically and substantially decline – I happen to agree.

        Begs the question, why was Obamascare designed as it was – only one obvious conclusion for me.

        Cold, Hard and Naked Wealth Transfer!

        • Phoenix 1960:

          Your post is the cold, hard, naked truth. Thanks!

      15. I Think we need a 50 million man and woman march on D.C., the people are mad as hell that they are being ignored by noncaring elitists who demand continued excessive profits for their business cronies. People hate socialism, communism and other isms except capitalism. TPTB have continued the lust for money at everyone’s expense, driving prices of basic necessities ever higher. worldwide. This system needs a major tweaking just to survive. The NWO is already here, the u.s. being the police state of the world. Everything you say or do will be held against you. Obama has sped up the wrecking of a once great nation.

        • Bring pitchforks, torches and ropes.

          • Really rough, scratchy ropes.

            • barbed wire

              • Yes, forgive me.

              • old rusty but solid bobwair… 😉

        • aljamo-

          It actually needs to be much bigger than that. You need EVERY courthouse and gov building surrounded at the SAME time, much like a ‘nationwide flash mob’ Call it the day of reckoning or whatever you want but the PEOPLE if they band together can stop this madness, but only if they all act together. Not talking about picket signs either. We are far beyond that, I’m afraid.

          • III%

      16. i think the first month or so of 2014 will find US in major chaos.we all find out by then what the TRUE cost is….and we are GONNA BE P*SSED! like the article says, there aint no way to survive this one! but why hasn’t the stock market figgered it out yet and CRASHED????? it WILL. maybe THEN we can start working on the REAL problem with healthcare in america….the allowance of COLLUSION to keep PRICES high. corruption, bribes, kickbacks….get rid of THAT and we got a chance to get back on track!

        • Another forecast that WILL fail just like YENTAL saying by thanksgiving !!!

          • Yea that forecasting thing is a little like these nutjobs predicting the rapture or stuff like that, gets a little hard to take seriously at times,

      17. I still remember the smug self-congratulatory comments from members of Congress when this Obamanation passed. “We’ve given the American people affordable healthcare” was the gist. As if removing choices from the free market with prohibitions and mandates is a “gift”! Idiots and thugs, all of them.

        • …and smug they were. Conservatives who opposed this legislation, were called racists. In reality, everyone but the elite, (including Obama himself) will be caught in the snare of this health care take over, whether they sign up for it or not. If you are a working individual, opt out, pay taxes, it will visit you on your annual tax return. Nominal the first year, but check the annual graduation of opt out fees based on your income as it progresses.

        • Colorado has shown the way. Start recall petitions for every one of these animals.

        • Those lame asses ALL need a bullet to the back of the head while they are on their knees begging for mercy. That will be the merciful way for them to go.

          • Waste of ammo, you still got volcano gods we can sacrifice to? That’s a big pit on the Big Island, should hold a bunch. A llttle sacrifice is always a good thing.

            • Can do like the Hawaiians and just chase them over the pali(cliff)
              They used to do that with an enemy they had defeated, any survivors would be chased over ot thrown off a cliff, i didnt believe it till a friend showed me a bone pile in the rocks along the coastline in Kona, i guess it was a sacrifice to Manu the shark god.

              • Hmmm, yes. Those peaceful natives again.

                • …we might learn something from them in that though… 😉

      18. The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2009 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2010 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2011 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2012 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2013 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2014 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2015 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2016 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2017 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2018 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2019 to be a rough year for America.

        The collapse is dead ahead. It cannot be stopped.

        Expect 2020 to be a rough year for America…

        • EXACTLY my sentiment !!!!
          This game will go on until ALL their moves have been made including and most importantly the american guns …..the system isn’t going anywhere until that is achieved !!!

          • That wont go so well, look at Afganistan and Iraq, think anyone won anything there? here we have the home court advantage, not the gov but the gun owners, how many military, LEO, and even fed agents will say O HELL NO!
            And then stand on the side of the constitutionals,,, locally in my area,, i would bet 80% of the LEO, All of the natnl guard, and about 1/3 of the feds other than tsa idiots. Even if they did bring in foreign troops under UN, they would all get snuffed out, guaranteed,
            So I dont see that happening either, not on a prediction and not as a government crackdown.

            • Your forgetting about technology ….they have drones and black hawks and god only knows what else

              • ah…tunnel vision and short memories are on the list… 🙂

        • Kickcanistan economics.

          • old guy,
            ” Kickcanistan economics ”
            All these new and exciting words I am learning.
            What really makes me smile are some of the log-on names people give themselves.
            Where else but SHTFPlan site can someone have so much fun reading about doom and gloom ?
            — Miss Dee Dee

        • Yep….inevitable does not mean imminent.

      19. Didn’t I see this on an episode of I Love Lucy? Better call Ricky at the club!

      20. You don’t need to be prophet to see what’s coming at us. Obamacare IS an extermination program. It was designed to destroy our economy, our nation, and our lives. May God’s righteous judgement consume the evil ones who forced this terror on us!

        • Where is the evidence to support such a claim?

          I have only enough faith for God. Everything else still demands evidence.

          • @AnAngryJew ….. You need to correct your comment. Instead of saying :

            “I have only enough faith for God. Everything else still demands evidence.”

            You should say:

            “I have only full faith on Federal Reserver and the total control of world’s economy and money supply. Obamacare is just part of the plan by my tribe to achieve the total human domination.

            • Tactical, are you just a redneck Bigot or are you just disgustingly insulting in all you posts ? It appears that this site has nothing to do with prepping. Just a forum for angry little people like you. Out. Bravo Oscar

              • I am just a truth teller. For people like you..the truth hurts.

              • Barrett Overwatch…..why you folks always label people as racist, Bigot redneck instead of providing facts to counter their questions/arguments?

                • Sorry Tacticle, but I have to agree with that Justice guy. You appear to be a redneck bigot. Truth teller? I doubt if you you could tell the truth if if jumped up and bit you in the ass.

                  • OPSEC, Who cares about you and your agreement? Folks like you are brain dead. All you can do is accusing someone to be this and that without being able to provide something tangible. GO AWAY.

              • isn’t it bigoted to call person a redneck?…just askin… 😉

          • AJ—

            Again!…whose GOD are you referencing?
            Your talmudic defined imposter or the real-deal CHRISTIAN one?

            • Hunter:

              If you get an answer it will be g-d. That was the discussion he and Justice had. Anyone here know what
              g-d means?

              • Jews don’t write the word God. They use G-d. I believe the conversation to which you are referring was when Justice stated that he had doubts about AnAngry Jew being Jewish or not.

      21. “While millions of Americans are losing their health care coverage within week”

        No. You can still keep your current insurance companies.

        It is called the AFFORDABLE Health Care Act. It is for people who either can’t afford current health care or don’t want too pay for shitty coverage.

        This new care will actually cover you fully and will keep your bill low, depending on your income. Between 40-200$ a month per person, plus there will be loads of programs you can enroll in to get your bill even lower if it is impossible for you to pay.

        It amazes me how little people know about this program. You have all fallen into the word of mouth propaganda without looking at the facts and deciphering between fact and fiction.

        • Pure bullshit. These plans are not affordable and don’t cover the basics. I don’t know who the fuck you are but you are dumb as shit. My plan is up 45% and the ded. is now at $3500 per person in my family. It was $3000. Nothing is better in this for my family. My situation is echoed all over the country. If it wasn’t, then the Dems would not be out there running for cover right now. Holy fuck you people are getting old.

        • Two words: Drug Rehab

          • Unreconsructed Southron….Actually drug has nothing to do with these folks. They are implementing all of this based on a well designed and long term planning with specific goals.

        • OAJ:

          Go to the Daily Mail/Mail Online or put this headline into google for a link

          Revealed: Obamacare plans will cost MORE ‘in many cases’ even with government subsidies, officials admit for the first time

          Included are quotes from Sebelius and Gary Cohen who is Director of Oversight for HHS and copies of the letters sent on HHS letterhead admitting these new plans cost more.

          Do you think the entire country is so ignorant that they don’t know what they had, what they paid, what they will now be asked to buy and the premium, deductible and out-of-pocket costs? Do women past 55 need maternity care? Do any men? Do people with adult children need pediatric vision/dentistry? Does anyone need paid contraception when it is $12-$15 month?

          Several different people with cancer who are currently covered and in care have gone public with their stories of restricted networks that cut out their MDs or their hospitals. The premiums for these pre-existing conditions have gone up 6-8x, the deductibles are hitting 5 figures and the co-pays are no longer 80/20 unless you have a gold plan. In the cheapest plans, the co-pays are 60/40. Yet, we are subsidizing all Congressional staffers and elected Congress Members for gold and platinum plans, which are not subsidized for anyone else, BTW.

          You are the one spouting talking points. However, your vaunted leaders just did a 180 on you, pal, and admitted these plans are more expensive.

          If the plans are so wonderful, why do unions demand exemptions?

          I usually ignore trolls, but this entire cluster futz is going to impact the entire economy negatively. Not only the increased cost of health care where you pay but the yearly deductible is so high it is like not having insurance, but all the other mandates affecting utility costs and food costs and the cost of doing business in the US are either totally inept or are planned to bring about economic collapse.

          Your choice: BHO is incompetent or evil?

          • Both, but I lean more heavily toward “evil”. That’s such a strong word, but I also think all of Congress is evil and that’s really frightening.

          • @ BlueH2O. ……my answer is “YES” ! He is the most incompetent evil vermin . All the Washington fools & national media seem so surprised. What a total crock. We have all known this entire deal was a disaster. You could not mess things up this bad by accident . It is all part of the plan. The question is…..are you going to continue to play their game….or opt out ? I am done with the 2 party BS. The GOP will not see another penny from me. I will not hold my nose & vote for another McCain or Romney. Taking all my $$ from the bank. No more stock market. I’m going to dig in & do what I can to be ready for what is coming. They can’t take what they can’t find. I may be old…..but there is nothing more dangerous than a man protecting what is his. That can defeat a”paid army” every time . The paid guy wants to go home. The man protecting what’s his….is home & will do what ever it takes to win. I will not comply. Period. Afghanistan & a bunch of uneducated Rag Heads have been kicking paid army’s asses for years. Just imagine what
            Retired Military….and real Americans will do when SHTF ! They have no idea. It will be biblical .
            I’m ready to start Rat Killin …… Say When …….
            Montgomery County
            Republic of Texas

        • AAJ – Really? Then why did my plan’s cost shoot way up, while my coverage went way down?
          Guess I’m not as smart as you are, since I seem to be missing something.

        • F*** you I couln’t afford it before

        • wow…you spout this retarded drivel and you say we’ve fallen for propaganda…for the record I have studied it in depth for years and theres no good in it anywhere…not if youre a believer in personal liberty…which obviously youre not… 🙁 …PS: PLEASE STOP TRYING TO HELP ME AFFORD/GET HEALTH INSURANCE…Y’ALLS CONCERN FOR MY WELL BEING IS KILLING ME!..and I don’t have any life insurance!

      22. This article is nothing but an assumption. It offers sources to little things inbetween that don’t relate to the point of this article.

        Demonstrate how and why it will cause a collapse. Furthermore, when we get to the point in time mentioned in this article and the system does in fact NOT collapse, what will the author have to say for himself?

        What happens when Obamacare ends up helping this country rather than destroy it? Will you admit that you were wrong? Or will you continue your “Oh, it is going to happen tomorrow…or next year, just one more year, okay, within a decade…”

        This is like the kook doomsayers that use The Bible to predict the end of the world and then have to keep revising their prediction when it never happens without ever accepting that they are just foolish.

        Where is the evidence? I don’t work on ‘if’s or ‘maybe’s or ‘but’s. I work on solid facts, evidence and reason. None of which have been provided.

        • @AnAngryJew……You wrote: Where is the evidence? May we ask the same from you about the imaginary number of 6 Million?

          • Wow not only are you a redneck bigot you are a Holocaust denier. Whoa. This fucking site isn’t for me. You skin head neo Nazi Klan types are so full of shit. I don’t even want to affiliate with pinheads like you. Bravo Oskar out. Over

            • Barrett Overwatch. Dude hate to see you go. But I don’t blame you. Thanks for standing up for what you believe.

            • Barrett OW……Here you go again…….where do you see the reference to the word Holocaust? What facts you have showing the I am a skin head neo Nazi Klan types? If I question the financial crimes against humanity by the banksters , ask for proof if a crime was committed do I automatically being labeled as what you have labeled me? If I ask why no one ever questions the genocide against Armenians by the Turks, Am I still a skin head neo Nazi Klan types? Do you believe me if I tell you I hate skin head, neo Nazis Klan types as much as I hate the CEO’s of big banks and financial crime houses?

              • Don’t waste your time calling these people out. They just go back to their copy of the Turner Diaries and replah that same old archaic bs that the Arynan nation has been preaching for years. Nice to see that others beside myself recognize the BS that they call facts.

              • Tac-

                Stand your ground, bro’!!!

                ..’cuz the limp-wrist yeshiva brigade are lurking!

       attention to the “syntax”.

                –(understand???)–..see ping-pong for details!

                ………I got your back!

                • Loser.

              • Just for a little bit of truth, The Germans did NOT kill 6 million Jews. The guy the army had total the numbers was a distant relative of mine. (Interestingly enough I found out after he was dead, he was also a spy.) (ours) Was actually 3 million Jews. The Jews just counted everyone as a Jew that died, because no one cared about the Gypsies etc. Still don’t.

        • I thought you were a jew,
          didnt Hitler and muslims try to exterminate youre kind ?
          soo why DO YOU THINK YOURE EXCLUDED from history
          repeating it’s self.

        • AJ-

          ..don’t know if you caught my lengthy response to you, per several threads back. But allow me to reiterate my “final response;”


          Final response:

          AJ, surrender is NOT an OPTION for many here and taking into account that, its your fellow tribesmen who’re pushing/financing the NWO/Communist agenda and the horrors it will entail(upon the rest of us)…we have no choice, but to resist!

          Your tribal ancestry will likely give you some degree of clemency, if push comes to shove and your side starts winning…

          (But in the end)– I recommend you tenderly pack up those little-bitty matzo-balls of yours and go home……


          …you f**king anti-Christ/Marxism espousing asshole!**


          **..much apologies Mac, yeah, I know I’m crossing the line & deserve PC punishment.
          ..but, I ask you to monitor his/hers END GAME, from here on out!

          ..& (please)reference the phrase:

          —“by deception (skullduggery), thou(them) shalt do WAR!!!!

      23. It’s not going to affect my pocketbook. I am not going to comply.

      24. Obama Folds: You ‘Can’ Keep Your Plan

        well apparently
        if you have a junk insurance plan
        you can keep it for another year ?

        I’ve said previously that my plan had not changed for 2014
        but just got notice this week that changes have been made
        deductible went up by $300
        and pharmacy copays went up some
        thats the bad news
        good news is I wont be paying any more per month
        and my total out of pocket expenses (excluding pharmacy)
        is capped at no more than $2000 a year
        thank God
        that means if something really terrible happpens
        I wont be forced into bankruptcy
        now thats what insurance is for !

        • Good for you. Not working for me. You must be getting a government subsidy with a ded. that low. Mine is $3500 and total $9000 for the family. They want $974 per month. They won’t be getting it.

      25. i keep watching retail sales. at some point, joe six pack is going to figure out that his insurance is going to double or triple and there is nothing he can do about it.

        when enough people figure that out, the wallets of the US consumer will slam shut the economy and its instant recession with depression coming fast.

        just a matter of time as to when enough people come to that realization.

        • Agreed, can’t for the life of me figure out why the market is so high. It’s artificial and will collapse again, and I believe it will be worse this time than it has ever been in this country.

        • Oh, lena, wait till they understand the deductible tripled and they are making a forced donation to the insurance companies!! 🙂

          • Jayjay you are exactly right, If I enroll in the forced obama care I will have to pay 682.00 per month and have a $10,000 deductable. This means I would be paying $682.00 per month for a health insurance plan that I cannot use unless I have the $10,000 in the bank first to pay the deductable. Meaning that I would be paying for health insurance that I could never use! I am not enrolling in this communist negroes scam.

        • lena, link @ Drudge to Gallup poll. They’ve been pushing the *Great Christmas Season* meme since August and “unexpectedly”, the polling shows a decrease in people’s spending plans.

          We have a manufacturing (low price point/mostly wholesale/some retail) and a service business. Wholesale is “The New Normal”, about the same over the past 3 years, retail is barely above ground, service is spotty with good weeks and bad ones alternating. I know a lot of small business people and they all report the same. eBay sales are dead for many, if not most.

          Nothing to figure out. Everyone knows their own bank balance and pay check. Heating season just started up here and that means higher gas/electric bills. Everyone has to eat, but they can eat for less, too.

          How many *SALE!* emails do we all get? How many *DISCOUNT* catalogs? Retailers know spending is down. Only the media touts a strong Christmas season.

      26. You guys really don’t get it do you? The object of this exercise is MARXEST DICTATORSHIP nothing more. You are watching the “old Order” destroyed , to be replaced by the “new order”. The ones doing this DO NOT CARE who dies, or HOW MANY, Or HOW OLD they are or what COLOR they are. This will probably end with 1/3 or more of the US population dead of cold sickness or starvation before 2016. God help all of us, because no one will believe the truth of this before it is far to late to stop it. Ask yourself WHY; Why outlaw woodstoves? Why outlaw rainwater collection? Why outlaw gardens? Why pass laws to outlaw home canning? Why destroy healthcare? If you can ask this and accept the truth…well…good luck. You’ll need it. For the rest; Enjoy the train ride! I hear you get a nice hot shower at the end.

        • IM WITH YOU

      27. The goofballs who shop Black Friday are the ones that this is going to affect the most. Then you’ll see the whining as they can’t afford Christmas next year. Black Friday will be no more…we won’t see “Thankless Thanksgiving” on Thursday night either.

      28. @ Mac

        This is not an “unmitigated disaster”.

        ObamaCare failures are going exactly as planned by Obama and the insurance companies.

        This Obamacare fallout is only the wisps of smoke from the lit fuse that will deliberately collapse the economy just as it was designed to do – to help move the sheeple into a one world government under a new monetary (probably credit) system.

        This is all the Saul Alinsky / George Bernard Shaw / Cloward-Piven strategy being thrust upon an apathetic or otherwise electronically “drugged” society.

        In the mean time, things are being enacted behind the scenes for phase II (think Trans-Pacific Treaty).

        • California Resident…Bravo….All such roads end in WallSteet. This time the destruction of lives would be real. Last time it was only foreclosure of homes but this time as you have referenced is the human destruction.

      29. I fail to see a downside? Im healthy and never bought a pennys worth of health insurance in my whole 63 years. And I don’t intend to buy any now that its the law. So the Obama care collapses big deal. Guarntee they will continue to use Kickcanastan economics to prop everything up. So its really nothing new to be overly concerned over. Im more worried about the clatyclismic earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and weather events than the puny NWO and Agenda 21 folks. These bad economic collapse events being predicted might happen? However the Earth Changing End of an Age Pole Shift is actually taking place at this very moment. We in the USA will have a lot of severe clatyclismic disasters in the near future. Move away from volcanos. Move away from the shore lines and low lying areas. Move away from the known earthquakes faults. Don’t take my word do a internet search on the Pole Shift.

        • Do you mean a magnetic pole shift or a physical pole shift?

          • magnetic pole shift. its happening. the magnetic poles normally wander a few feet per year. in 2011 the north magnetic pole shifted 46 miles toward Siberia.

            • Pole shift is nonsense. It has been going on in cycles through the millennia. Nothing earth shattering or world altering here.

            • Magnetic pole shift only affects compasses. All you have to do is check your compass against Polaris at night. That will give you the exact deviation for your current location.

          • Hard to tell what effects the pole shift will cause. It is moving a mile a day now. The shift is accelerating and magnetic north will be in Siberia in less than 2 years. Research says when it gets to approx. 40 degrees north it will greatly accelerate and move to 40 degrees south where it will slow down (stabilize) and continue its journey to the new north (which was the south pole).

            Airports are constantly having to update their runway coordinates. I would assume anything that needs magnetics to drive or fly will have an increasingly hard or impossible time to get where they’re going. Planes won’t fall out of the sky, just might not be able to figure out where to land!!

            molon labe

            • Why would an airport need to change runway coordinates? They are based on longitude and latitude, which do not change because they are based on Earth’s axis of rotation. Magnetic north does not matter.

              Also, I don’t think commercial jets are using magnetic compasses for navigation. A gyrocompass uses the gyroscope effect to hold a position.

              Magnetic north is always moving, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. It hasn’t affected me in any way.

              • The old 1968 cessena I fly uses a standard compass. I don’t use it much. Mostly fly by the seat of my pants. And the airports have indeed been changing the coordinates. The pole shift effects everything. It lately has caused wales and dolphins to beach themselves. Migratory birds get lost. Like a stone tosses in a body of water the ripples continue. The magnosphere is affected. The magnosphere protects the atmosphere from solar winds and the planet from gamma rays solar flares ect. These increasing clatyclismic events are not just random occurances. Check our BI,s earthquake predictions. I don’t really care if folks prefer to be denialist and continue to dwell in unsafe places any more that I care if folks continue to be complacient sheeple and don’t prep for whatever events happen. There is saying my grandmother was fond of. I hated it. he who will not when he may-When he will shall have nay. You folks who don’t prepare for both government collapse and clatyclismic pole shifting disasters will simply perish. Think & do whatever you want & wish. Your the one who has to live with the end results. the very best thing is to prepare for something that never happens. The very worst is to have it happen and be totally unprepared. Move inland to high ground is my advice.

                • old guy, back in Missouri, they tell me you can still carry a possum in a sack and if you get lost in the woods they will still lead you to a highway. Guess they really don’t care which way is North, just as long as they can still teach a chicken how to safely cross the road. I hear that they are being replaced by armadillos, maybe the armadillo are being affected by Magnetic North and think they’re heading toward Mexico. Sure miss those possums, guess porcupines will have to do for now while I’m living in Wyoming. Trekker Out. Eat More Possum!

                  • we call those armadillos possum on the hard shell!

                  • Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the Nutria it could be done.

                  • Sorry to get out of sequence, but the “Reply” button under Old Guy’s “possum on the hardshell” was dead.

                    In Arkansas, we say armadillos are “possum on the half-shell,” and there’s even an Armadillo Festival (with races and all) at Hamburg every year.

                    Serious note: Armadillo’s are reported to be carriers for Hanson’s Disease (biblical leprosy), so probably not the best prepper snack in the woods …

            • TPTB, coordinates are centered and fixed on the earth, the reference grid does not shift.

              The magnetic pole can move where it wants to, technology has taken us beyond magnetic north now.

          • Or the shifty pole cat in the white house?

      30. I’m sick of obummers lies! Notice how his ears get bigger with every lie told, and why does he address us as the American people, if he was a true American he would say “us Americans” or “We the people” It’s like he’s not an American….oh yea, I forgot, he’s not. You get what you put in, and people get what they deserve!

        • His ears have the wing span of a 747 jumbo jet. He doesn’t need Air Force One to fly.

      31. Just commented to friend, save your pennies. This is going to take down what’s left of the economy.

        What I am doing to prepare is, I try to learn a new skill and begin to implement it every week.

        Have learned to grow veggies,learned to can my food, am learning to raise chickens and giving serious thought to learning to raise goats.

        I have a large family and I know at some point,they will need help with food.

        • Keep the goats away from your trees. They will debark them as high as they can reach.

        • Ive got milk goats. They are a good prep animal. they require extra good fences. They will destroy gardens & fruit trees if they get the chance. they can thrive on marginal browse that would starve a cow. there very prolific and the milk is good. My children grew up drinking goat milk and eating goat burger. With the erratic weather and blending of the seasons I think a greenhouse will be necessary to grow your own food.

          • I had to go to hoophouses to get any decent harvests…things they are a-changin

      32. Gods plan for a fallen world. We are on course to the final play. The last battle of human history. His people against the Devils kids,and we all know who wins. I think the doomsday clock is at now 2 mins. till midnight. “After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven,having great authority,and the earth was illuminated with his glory. And cried mightily with a loud voice,saying ‘Babylon the great has fallen,is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirt,and a cage for every unclean and hated bird” REV.18V1/2

        • Although the current set of events and trends does appear to many of us believers as “the end is nigh,” we would also do well to recall that 70AD in Jerusalem, 325AD in Rome, 1927 in Berlin, 1929 and 1941 in the US probably all seemed to fit that description to those who were keen observers then.

          As one ol’ Southern preacher used to say, “Live as if you’d die tomorrow — AND as if you’ll live to be a hundred.” Or as the Greatest Generation sang, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

      33. Just think – this is only 15% of the insured. What is going to happen when the other 85% get ‘Obmanized’?

      34. Madoff has nothing on the POTUS, even Bernie is jealous of this ponzi…

      35. Something in the milk ain’t clean. This bastard has got something up his sleeve. I wouldn’t put any stock in what he has to say. WATCH OUT! The stage has been set long ago and the only thing that has changed is that we’re in act #12 and a different cast (so to speak). Open your minds that this is a slow winding serpent that will only strike once it squeezes the last breath from its pray before it eats.

      36. No problem. The Feds still have the VA and Medicare to tap into. Bring the whole bunch of the 99 percenters under one leaking umbrella. All else failing, grab the savings accounts & 401Ks.

      37. The whole BO care idea has been nothing but a massive bowel movement from the very first day it came out. Time to flush it down the sewer where it belongs.

        • The BO BM?

      38. I love how lamestream media works, they put the story about obummers fix in the financial section where nobody can comment,
        CNN sucks

      39. The whole matter begins with our state legislatures allowing the feds to force it on their state citizens – mightily against the US Constitution!! The law of the land is our Constitution, not the Supreme Court.

        • The state legislatures really have no power at the federal level now since the 17th amendment passed. Prior to ratification of this amendment the state legislature had the ability to recall the senator if the state’s bidding was not done in congress. The senators were actually beholden to the state legislatures before ratification now they are not. One of the myriad of issues that has caused the current mess.

          • true…but remember the states have an obligation under their constitutions and even under the federal one to protect their residents from violations of their rights…most state constitutions offer more protections than the federal one…the states have dropped the ball on this one but I thinks some of them are picking up the ball and changing how they play…barry has no idea the pile he’s stepped in…

      40. @ Kulafarmer. CNN = crackerjack numbskull news. It will be nice though to see that bumhead piersless morgan no longer doing any talk shows, what a total waste he is.

        • I like crackerjacks, BI.

      41. I’m yet to meet one person who will admit to voting for b.h.o. Maybe because they were dead when they voted?

        • Heifer:

          A lot of them were dead and the rest were “brain dead”.

          • POG, My son loves to watch the show on AMC named the Walking Dead. Last Sunday I watched it with him for the first time and it is funny since I was thinking the exact same thing…people can walk but if they are brain dead, they are only walking.

      42. One time during my service in th U. S. ARMY, we had a green lieutenant call in artillery fire right on top of us then got us lost getting us out of the danger zone. He wouldn’t listen to any of the nco’s, he just insisted on doing everything “his way” and putting lives at risk. We eventually got him relieved of command, (which is not at all easy.) The situation the nation is in right now is exactly the same. Bad leadership is not only insanely frustrating, it’s deadly. That being said, I still believe this is a ruse. Either that or the administration is deliberately burning our house down.

        • mike porter

          My close friend was a RTO in the 101st in Vietnam. He said they would be so lost they would have to call arty for a smoke round in a grid they thought they were in to get a fix on where they were. On occasion it went over the hill and impacted a mile away.

          Economically Uncle Sam is lost and they’re doing that guesswork with HE. We’re all just huddled down awaiting the INCOMING.

      43. They been kicking the economic can down the road a lot longer and further than I would have imagined possible. The IF is not open for debate for anyone reasonably well read however the WHEN is debatable. There are simply too many variables to accurately determine timing. One can logically infer that the longer we go the closer it gets.

      44. I just heard that come January , employee provided health insurance will suffer the same fate as the recent private policy cancellations

        • RICH99

          Got a link to validate that?

          • It’s on the news. I’ve heard it, too.

          • I heard it from rush Limbaugh show posted on the internet and I detest Limbaugh BUT we do know that the plan is for GOVERNMENT provided health care …..they will decide who gets care and who doesn’t …….you don’t stay in line then no meds for your cancer or diabetes etc. Its quite obvious ……Hitlers T4 program , same thing

      45. Sure seem to be a whole lot of tension amongst some of the contributiors. I for one thought this was a site for preppers not another political site. Guess I was wrong. Out. Bravo Oscar

      46. I would bet that most of the people who have sign up already are the people who plan to benefit the most. They are the ones that won’t have to pay anything or very little.

      47. Cloward Piven Strategy in full application.

      48. My neighbor better get that transgender surgery completed now. That’s covered isn’t it.

        • Aren’t you glad you already got yours years ago?

        • Some people think “Mooshelle” could answer your question.

          • LOOOOL . OMG that was funny POG. LMAO.

        • Stop using my name RICH99 …

      49. When I read this article about this fiasco…
        This just popped into my head and it won’t go away…

      50. I notice no one has remarked, “I hope they like the change, seeing as they voted for “HOPE AND CHANGE”. It’s always a bad idea to vote for nebulous, undefined, sloganeering.

      51. The whole economy will collapse before Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone because it will not be merry. I have a job that pays only about $900 a month. That is right folks $900 a month. I am writing a book about it and how to take care of your health without the doctors.

        • Thats the kind of jobs BO has been trumpeting as jobs he created! Sorta sucks, lots of folks over here have that sort of job, they work 3 or 4 of em and then live piled in 12 to a house, mostly the Pilipino immigrants, gotta hand it to them though, they can work!
          Hope things improve for you, Hang in there!

        • Harry, there are many folks like you. I do understand the pain and the frustration you are going through but remember You are one of the few proud citizens who does work and not steal from others. Be PROUD of yourself.

      52. I see this crap all the time at work. A bunch of Dem MBA type plan these systems and then do the 12 versions of Christmas for their planning document…continual layering on of complexity, changes and deep crazy convoluted logic with conflicting business rules.


        Then their core programmers jump ship half way through the project. gets better.. they bring in the Indian contractors who cannot comprehend the language.

        I’m not done yet…
        Then they call in a consulting company to build it out.
        $10 million dollars later and a timeframe you actually factor by 5 to get to the real time frame.

        Then the icing on the cake. Only 9 fuckers sign up.



        You will need it to fix the mess YOU created.

      53. It may very well be a doozy but keep in mind that Gerald Celente et al were saying this same thing about 2010, and many are making money mongering fear. If the citizens are able to force a truly reduced government (witness the Liberty Movement sweeping the nation), the American economy will revive faster than most expect.

      54. I would say I told you so, but that would be mean and since I’m not mean, I wouldn’t even think about saying that. Sort of..

      55. They have sucked the middle class dry and now they are trying to bleed a rock. There is no fix because there is no more money. We needed jobs first. Cause and effect seems to be forgotten and overwhelmed in these day of manipulation. It won’t work because it can’t without jobs. It is like continuing to play Monopoly when the whole board is owned by others. Are you ready to kick the board yet? I see knees moving.

        • GrandpaSPeaks,
          — I hope you are not seriously expecting any jobs recovery with the TPP staring us in the face like a loaded shotgun.
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Missy D, I admit I am in denial thinking there is something that can be done to prevent it. Deep down I fear it is late, perhaps too late. It makes me sadly angry. But they need to know we know.

      56. A collapse is coming, but OC is just one piece that brings it down, and it is getting a late start on all the other Ponzi pieces

      57. Had an earthquake on the Central Mid Atlantic Ridge and this same area has had a really interesting past. After an earthquake on April 28, 2006 a 8.0 followed in Tonga. On Sept. 21, 2009 after an earthquake, there was a 8.1 in Samoa. On May 20, 2000 an earthquake here and then a 7.8 hit in southern Sumatra. These were all within 15 days. Back on May 29, 2001 same area, and 25 days later on the coast of Peru a 8.4 hit. This is an earthquake area that sometimes follows very large earthquakes. 100% of the time there is a major quake of 6.5 within 15 days.

        The areas, one of more, still in very high risk danger:

        New Guniea to Samoa
        Toyko area Japan
        India/China to Mynamar(Burma)
        Aleutian Island chain to southern Alaska
        Cascadia fault
        Mexico to Panama to eastern Caribbean
        Coulmbia to about 22 degrees south, near north Chile




      59. I’m more concerned about the collapsing dollar and petro-dollar. We could see runaway inflation in 2014.

      60. It detonated years ago. The aware observer has been cashing in ever since then. Dang!!!

      61. It just sucks that Mitt Romney didn’t win the election (although with the rampant voter fraud, I still believe he did, but how does it get proven?). I know Mitt wasn’t some people’s perfect candidate, no one ever will be, but he was a vast improvement over the current occupant in the White House. Sometimes I wonder where we would be now had Mitt been able to take office and nudge the nation in a different direction.

        • Leslie Anne, Have you ever thought that Having Mitt Romney as the only contender was by design to make sure we get what we have today? Think Deeper.

          btw, Republican part called the police on Ron paul’s supporters in Florida during their conventions to keep them out. Just another hint for you to see the whole picture.

        • At best Mitt Romney would have been a slightly lesser evil. There isn’t any real tangigle difference between the partys. There hasn’t been and never will be a viable political or ballot box solution.

          • Except in the primaries at the Congressional level.

      62. All part of the little queers agenda ! That’s right people!
        This crap was done ON PURPOSE to ruin this Country!

      63. Its a sad time in American history.

      64. The whole economy is a ponzi scheme of fractional reserve banking, fiat currency and debt. Living off the resources and productivity of future generations cannot last long.

      65. Timothy…You are lucky if you don’t get marked as “You skin head neo Nazi Klan types”.

        The attitude of the PTB in charge of the money supply is: Even when you get raped, never ask for the identity of the rapist.

      66. Collapse already.

        My guns are loaded.

        Lets go.

      67. Gov’t INSANITY: The president’s new Obamacare “fix” has already failed

        “It did not take long for Obama’s proposal… to blow sky high… Two hours, to be precise…”

        The Daily Crux

      68. to be or not to be, is that not the question? complain like sheep on the internet, or stand up. u decide.

      69. Kind of makes socialized medicine look good now,doesn’t it? This was no mistake. The Super Rich are all about takeover of America and the world. They are insane of course but that does not stop them from doing what they are doing. They will die? Probably. But what I worry about is that a lot of Americans and people all over the world will die also. Our political parties are hopelessly compromised with big money and the NSA is spying on our politicians and judges and god knows who else in order to keep whistleblowers silent. The mainstream news media is completely corrupted and useless so that Americans don’t know what to think or how to think. No valid information,no thinking goes on. It makes sense that health care is a Ponzi-scheme for the Super Rich who are all about ponsi-schemes. It’s their MO.

      70. Whenever I see so many people on one side of an issue and so sure of themselves I bet the other way. Like were these folks of gloom and doom beating the drum in 2009 to have us buy stocks? [Warren Buffett did] Makes me think the ACA will work….oh I was buying in 2009.

      71. What’s ObamaCare got to do with it? This country cannot afford the current level of healthcare that is in place. They could repeal Obamacare tomorrow and you would see the identical collapse.

        It goes far beyond healthcare, though. The current post Breton-Woods financial structure is nearing its endgame. If a country could run monster trade and fiscal deficits every year, 4-ever, someone else would have figured that out long ago.

      72. The back-bone to this whole chaos is debt. If we start to see the USD in its real purpose, we might be able to come together like a rising movement. The floating USD was not ultimately brought about to only serve a function as a currency. It’s a currency within the debt-currency paradigm, only. Within the real-time (floating) gold-as-money paradigm, the dollar plays a vital role within the real-time measure of USD/oz. That floating relationship had to come about in order for gold (by weight) to be re-monetized !!! Real-time gold-as-money has full scalable liquidity based on market demands. Don’t expect a top-down monetization by decree or by fiat. The real-time factor prevents this possibility because anything so abrupt and highly visible would crash the legacy system of the USD. The is a market transition that must be bottom-up and organic for the sake of rate-of-change. This beast must rise.

      73. The USSA will heal and recover if and when the communists are removed from the white house and senate. Without an administration that is adherent to the constitution no good will come to the sheeple.

      74. Obamacare was designed to fail from the very beginning. That was how the democrats intended to implement the single payer plan that they wanted all along using the old con man tactic of “bait and switch”. The problem was that they underestimated the level of their own incompetence. The computer code that they had created to control this monstrosity was so incredibly bad that it couldn’t even be seen as needing repair. Look at the computer program that Obama used to gather all possible votes in the 2012 election. Even the republicans must admit that this was a masterwork of computer code. Are you telling me that the same people that oversaw this program was the same one that made the Obamacare website?
        I don’t think so, not in less they intended it to fail all along.

      75. Obamacare is lunacy on a grand scale. It is the final nail in the coffin of the American standard of living.

      76. A slightly different viewpoint on a slice of the health-insurance mess’s pie:

        I have a personal, catastrophic-coverage policy that, at least ’til I get today’s mail, has not been canceled. Because I have no catastrophic conditions, I’ve chosen to just pay cash when obtaining care, prescription meds, X-rays (I just cracked my shoulder) and the like.

        Last week, I went to our local medical center to get a series of x-rays. When I told the department manager I wanted to pay for the service then, I got two very interesting reactions:

        1) “I’ve been working here for years and you’re only the second or third person who has ever tried to pay for services rendered; everyone else — even those with high deductibles or healthcare savings accounts — wants to have it filed for insurance;” and

        2) “The ‘cash price’ you’re going to pay today is a whole lot less than what we’d have to charge the insurance company to cover our paperwork, filing, postage and finance costs (most insurance companies can leave providers “holding the bill” for 90 days or more).”

        I got the same response when paying cash (on a long payments plan) for the portions of my wife’s colonoscopy that was not covered by the diagnostic portion of her (separate) insurance policy. A bill for nearly $900 was cut to $490 — without our asking for it — when the hospital learned we’d be paying directly.

        So the question is: Could one (unintended by the Dems, I’m sure) positive consequence of ObamaDon’tCare’s debacle, be the return of cash payments as a viable and desirable alternative to cover-all insurance? You don’t have to save $400 too many times a year to make saving for a (minor) rainy day downright exciting!

        Of course, I don’t imagine it will be long before HHS insists on a proctology exam for anyone that tries to pay cash for any healthcare service or product, but …

      77. Did you really think that Odumbo could actually do something right for once in his life? The man is an abject failure.

      78. This article misses the major, ultimate point. Our collective coffin nail is not Obamacare but is the world’s ultimate problem: too many people.

        The well developed blueprint to deal with man’s extinction from pollution is officially known as United Nations Agenda 21. The ultimate conclusion already reached is that for any of the “sustainability” principles of United Nations Agenda 21 to work, the human population must be immediately and severely reduced. Here are the hard facts of life, or more precisely, facts of death:
        UN commissioned scientists – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
        (IPCC), the Royal Society, the World Academy of Arts & Science, World Population
        Fund, World Bank, the UN, NASA, 178 countries, The Earth Charter, etc., etc.,
        have declared a global emergency … terminal Climate Change caused by humans. The
        elites are working on implementing the solution via UN Agenda 21, whether scientifically sound or not. The real problem is over-population.

        The solution is Agenda 21. The bottom-line is this:

        Agenda 21’s “sustainability” basic theme relies on the CO2 argument.
        Overpopulation saturating the atmosphere with fossil fuel CO2 will kill the Earth by 2050.
        Even if CO2 emissions fall to zero the plague upon the Earth will remain us …
        you and me.

        The UN commissioned Global Biodiversity Assessment Report, page 773, suggests a
        population reduction to 1 billion people. (An exception is provided: if the
        world is de-industrialized (meaning pre-1765), then a peasant population of 4-5 billion is to be allowed).…

        The Report’s bottom line is clear:
        ‘Population growth has exceeded the capacity of the biosphere.’
        See Mikhail Gorbachev of Earth Council and its Earth Charter.

        Population will reach 10.8 billion by 2050; 15.8 billion by 2100. To feed
        it, food production must increase in the next 36 years by upwards of 100%. Water
        shortages are unsolvable. See:

        Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies

        CO2 emissions must drop to zero immediately to keep PPMs below 450 and keep
        average temperature from increasing by more than 2 degrees Celsius, the allowable
        ceilings. (A much bigger and imminent threat recently identified is the release of gigatons of methane now taking place due to Arctic ice melts and projected methane release from thawing of the Russian tundra permafrost.)

        But in order to feed so many, CO2 would have to drastically rise, not fall. So the only conclusion is we must depopulate now by 5-6 billion and slash CO2 fossil fuel emissions to zero. The iron fist of communism is needed to make it work. We are
        already essentially there.

        And that is exactly what is being undertaken, with help from UN Agenda 21 and
        well known billionaires, who contribute huge sums to a broad array of UN and other population control programs. It’s all there if you do the research, as I have.
        See UN World Economic and Social Survey 2011 for a very explicit summary of this whole non-fiction agenda:

        Geoengineering is increasingly being sold to us as a way to cool the planet by
        spraying the skies with toxic chemicals to block the sun, known as Strategic Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) or Solar Radiation Management (SRM). Who knows what other
        mission it may have? All I know is that they are dead serious.

        “A Hard Rain’s Agonna Fall.” Bob Dylan

        Good luck, Comrades.

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