The Yuan Ascends to World Reserve Status: “Dollar System Being Done Away With”

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    Yuan vs. Dollar

    Today’s news is a historic milestone. The dollar’s days are numbered, and the new global economic order is shifting into place.

    As many insiders have expected, China has now officially gained status among the world reserve currencies, taking place alongside the dollar, the euro, the pound and the yen.

    The IMF decided to grant this upgrade as a result of financial and monetary benchmarks that Chinese leaders worked towards during the past several years. Its implications run deep.

    Via Reuters:

    The International Monetary Fund on Monday, as expected, admitted China’s yuan into its benchmark currency basket in a victory for Beijing’s campaign for recognition as a global economic power.

    The IMF executive board’s decision to add the yuan, also known as the renminbi, to the Special Drawing Rights (SDR) basket alongside the dollar, euro, pound sterling and yen, is an important milestone in China’s integration into the global financial system and a nod to the progress it has made with reforms.

    IMF chief Christine Lagarde, who along with in-house experts has previously backed the move, made it clear she did not expect Beijing to stop there.

    “The yuan’s inclusion is a largely symbolic move, with few immediate implications for financial markets. But it is the first time an additional currency has been added to the SDR basket and the biggest change in its composition in 35 years.

    Below is IMF chief Christine Legarde’s statement on the new benchmark of global currency, and what will inevitably be a resettling for the people affected by it – not least the American people who could see a significant decline in their living standard after an era of economic supremacy that the United States has enjoyed since the end of WWII:

    If America sees the worst case scenario, the dollar collapse will be the most devastating in history, and the results could be even worse than Germany suffered during the Weimar Republic era.

    The Chinese renminbi will hold about 10% weight in the basket of currencies, with adjustments in the value of the euro, pound and yen to make room for it. Though the weight of the dollar, which holds 41.9% of global reserve value under the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), will not change with the inclusion of the renminbi, the symbolic challenge to dollar supremacy is obvious enough.

    Last set in 2010, the basket is currently 41.9 percent dollar, 37.4 percent euro, 11.3 percent sterling and 9.4 percent yen. The yuan CNH= CNY= would not join until October 2016, allowing reserve managers time to prepare. (source)

    According to the New York Times:

    The I.M.F. decision will help pave the way for broader use of the renminbi in trade and finance, securing China’s standing as a global economic power. But it also introduces new uncertainty into China’s economy and financial system, as the country was forced to relax many currency controls to meet the I.M.F. requirements.

    The changes could inject volatility into the Chinese economy, since large flows of money surge into the country and recede based on its prospects. This could make it difficult for China to maintain its record of strong, steady growth, especially at a time when its economy is already slowing.

    China’s leadership has made it a priority to join this group of currencies… The renminbi’s new status “will improve the international monetary system and safeguard global financial stability,” President Xi Jinping of China said in mid-November.

    Though the official talking line is quick to suggest that China could actually be hurt by new pressures on its already struggling economy, the significance of the move is not the short term, but the turning of the tide.

    The death of the dollar has been planned. Its global reign has been scheduled for termination. It is the end of days for the monopoly of global sales in U.S. petrodollars, a paradigm which has propped up an economy that has, in reality, been gutted out from underneath. Now the thin overlay of gloss and decadence is vulnerable to bursting, and starting a flood that the Federal Reserve won’t be able to stop by sticking its finger in the dam and digitally printing more and more money.

    As many have discussed, the end of the dollar will be much more than symbolic once the full transition has taken place. The dollar has propped up an increasingly corrupt empire. And its fall, like that of the dinosaurs or the Soviets, will come crashing down on its own weight with a terrible thud.

    The American people stand to become absolutely ruined; mobs of people could become destitute, and a dismal police state would keep order in a dreary new normal.

    USA Watchdog previously reported:

    “V” explains, “We are entering a time which I call the collapse point. At the collapse point, there is going to be massive systemic shock. Why? Because you have one paradigm and one system being done away with, which is the dollar. It is going to be replaced by a new system. During that transition period, you cannot expect to trade anything because what do you trade it in? That’s why the Chinese are gearing up their own gold price fix. Once that collapse point happens and the world reels from the systemic shock, the Chinese gold price fix and the BRICS system will be there to fill in that vacuum. That is what’s being set up right now.”

    Tess Pennington has discussed these difficult times, which may be coming, in her The Prepper’s Blueprint noting that it won’t take much to upend society and just like Greece, if the debt bubble does burst it will have a direct and immediate impact on the normal flow of commerce:

    Collectively speaking, most Americans take for granted the system in place to deliver essential supplies to their area. “The system,” an underlying infrastructure that keeps goods, services and commerce in America flowing creates a sense of normalcy and order. Food, water, gasoline and medications are just a few of the items restocked weekly in order for our dependent society to maintain a steady flow. What many fail to grasp is just how fragile the system is and just how quickly it can collapse.

    The report goes on to explain that consumer fear and panic will exacerbate shortages. News of a truck stoppage—whether on the local level, state or regional level, or nationwide—will spur hoarding and drastic increases in consumer purchases of essential goods. Shortages will materialize quickly and could lead to civil unrest.

    Source: When the Trucks Stop Deliver The System Will Collapse

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      1. Who didn’t see this coming?

        • 3 mega fucking corporations own all of the fucking airlines in Amerikkka.

          Tickets have fucking doubled.

          The government ought to bust up these fucking trusts.

          Fucking 1% bastards. Fuck the monopoly man.

          • Are you Fucking Sure about that?

            • Acid, I thought you were on the NO FLY list lol.

          • Fourth Turning – Our Rendezvous With Destiny

            “in this final part, our rendezvous with destiny, with potential climaxes to this Winter of our discontent…”

            “Eventually, all of America’s lesser problems will combine into one giant problem. The very survival of the society will feel at stake, as leaders lead and people follow.

            The emergent society may be something better, a nation that sustains its Framers’ visions with a robust new pride. Or it may be something unspeakably worse. The Fourth Turning will be a time of glory or ruin.”

            “The people have been permitting a small cadre of elitists, billionaire financiers, corporate chiefs, propagandist media moguls, and crooked politicians to make the choices dictating the path of our country since the 2008 dawn of this Fourth Turning.

            The choices they have made and continue to make have imperiled the world and guaranteed a far more calamitous outcome as we attempt to navigate through the trials and tribulations ahead.

            Their strategy to “save the country” by saving bankers, while selling the plan to the public as beneficial to all and essential to saving our economic system, has proven to be nothing more than the greatest wealth transfer scheme in human history.”


            links to parts 1-4 in article.
            “In Part 1 of this article I discussed the catalyst spark which ignited this Fourth Turning and the seemingly delayed regeneracy.

            In Part 2 I pondered possible Grey Champion prophet generation leaders who could arise during the regeneracy.

            In Part 3 I focused on the economic channel of distress which is likely to be the primary driving force in the next phase of this Crisis.

            In Part 4 I assessed the social and cultural channels of distress dividing the nation.

            In Part 5 I examined the technological, ecological, political, military channels of distress likely to burst forth with the molten ingredients of this Fourth Turning…”

          • What’s the matter, Wretch, can’t afford the airfare somewhere?

            • “…the American people who could see a significant decline in their living standard after an era of economic supremacy that the United States has enjoyed…”

              Okay, can’t we stop the panic now? There were five other currencies in that basket. This is just ONE MORE. It’s not like there was only one and now there’s now two, and the other one is more important. It looks like some people just like to panic over any kind of change from what they’re used to…or feel entitled to, I should say.

              It sucks when you have to share your crown with others.

          • He is fuckity fuck fucking sure. Trust me.

        • The U.S. did it to ourselves.

          We owned the planet, we were the greatest EVER a mere 30-40 years ago…. and in the last 20-30 years we allowed the U.S. to go from one of the most wealthy manufacturing countries ever and doing great to…… allowing all of our manufacturing and good job to be shipped over seas…. to places like China.

          We allowed it to happen, but mark my word, once China assumes control they will NEVER allow it to happen to them.

          And by “we” I mean the “100-1000 people”(who dont give fk about common people in the U.S.) who sold us down the river, it was plan and it worked perfectly.

          I must say, it was a lot of fun growing up here and it has been GREAT TIMES, it may go down as “THE GREAT PARTY” (from 1955-2008)… but in the end, I am glad I am old and wont see what this all looks like in 2035. I pity anyone being born this year, they will live in a far different world then I did.

          • “THE GREAT PARTY”

            Certainly there were major moments prior to 2008 that ended the party. Reneging on the Bretton Woods agreement in August 1971because we spent ourselves broke facilitated the downfall. The fall of the USSR indirectly ushered in full court press globalization and NAFTA and China Free Trade codified it. The US caught a unique time in the 25 years post WWII as our competition was bombed out.

            As best I can figure the time to be born was 1936. Too young for Korea, too old for Vietnam. Good jobs everywhere all one need to do is apply yourself. Buy virtually any stock, any home and you made money. By the time the doors were closing you made yours and your comfortably retiring.

            • If you’re Globalized you don’t dare nuke anyone, it’d be like nuking yourself…

              … looks like we’re about to test the theory in the next 50 years.

              • TheGuy

                I have no doubt that post A Bomb TPTB had that on their mind as atomic weapons could get them too.

              • I should think Economic and Cyber Warfare make better financial sense than Nuclear: The effects of the latter outlast the tendency of political rivalries/allegiances and the loser of nuclear exchanges (assuming different outcome than M.A.D.) might be less than inclined to do business with the victor (not to mention who’d wanna annex irradiated real estate?)

          • I just read Matt Brackens latest commentary titled Tet 2016. Great read and we should see by the Summer of 2016 whether he has called it right. If he has then the world has just entered a new era with the destruction of Western Civilization the end game.

            • THE GREAT PARTY: fueled by fiat printing press and easy credit. Just like the pied piper, leading rats down the street. The party is over and the police have arrived and your gonna be busted! The fed reserve, contributing to the delinquency of a bunch of idiots…

              • Here’s something that should put a smile on some faces:

                Black Friday breaks record with 185K gun background checks

                ht tp://

        • About 97% of the dumb Amerikans living in Amerika won’t see it coming until they are destitute.

          • AND the first words out of their mouths will be

            ” IF only I had known”

            stupid will be painful

            • Agreed yooper.. You can’t fix stupid, not even with Duct Tape.. Hopefully the process of natural selection will weed out the stupid, let the cleansing begin!!

              • Nemisis, we can only hope…

          • I don’t buy your numbers. Home gardens have more than doubled since 2008. We now have one garden for every 7 people and still increasing Millions of people like me bought acreage during this time and are Permies. 3 million preppers are stockpiling processed food and some have gardens or small farms. This biggest increase in gardening has been among millenials. Occupy Wall Street… a million ordinary people protested bankster control of our country… and corporate-owned media posted a couple pictures of gay boys and the right wing howled about gays and fell in to divide and conquer stupidity. Go online and see millions of startup businesses string to recreate our economy without banksters. Even crowd funding of startups is anti banking. Entire towns and cities are creating their own money. Small farms are increasing at a fast rate. Clueless? Not so much.

            • In my area, which is rural, there is nowhere near 1 garden per 7 people. It might be more like 1 garden for 100 or more people, maybe a little better when you get way out in the boonies.

              There are no new farms of any size in my area as far as I can tell. Maybe there’s some new farmland being created somewhere that I don’t know about. Some of the large areas of former farmland are being turned to other uses. Just a few miles from me is a huge new shopping center and a large piece of land covered in new solar panels. All of this was carved from one large farm. Some other farmland is being covered up in new subdivisions.

              Since about 2008, there has been a net loss each year of small businesses with employees. In a recent year, there were about 400,000 new businesses, but over 470,000 went out of business. There are an awful lot of empty storefronts in my area.

              Most people I see around here are clueless. They can’t believe the government is evil and the media lies to us. Most of the rest think there’s something wrong but aren’t preparing. There are probably a few that are prepping, but of course they wouldn’t be talking about it. Even the Mormons I know aren’t stacking as they were taught.

              There may not be 97% destitute in a collapse, but it won’t be a whole lot less than that. I would say over 75% in my area, and over 90% in more populated and/or liberal areas. My area does have an advantage in that there are an abundance of older people here (80s and 90s) who can teach younger ones how to survive, because they had to get through the Great Depression.

              • Just because your rural or semirural doesn’t mean yer smart lol. Bunch of stupid yuppies wanting to live in the country.

                • I live in a pretty much rural area and there are hardly any gardens. And these people are mostly mormons! My best friend here (RIP) tried to get a prepping thing going in his local church and he said that MAYBE 15% of the flock (mormons) were even interested. Mormons LOVE walmart and it has replaced gardening for them evidently. Nicest people you will ever meet but fookin STUPID as can be! At least most have gunzz 🙂

                  • Yes, Mormons are wonderful people. But it is still a non-Christian cult, including them maintaining “As God once was, we are now.” And yes, those tablets at the Cumorah in fake “reformed Egyptian” are diabolical fraud.

                  • My neighbors are stacking up supplies, but none of them have a garden. They say it can’t be done since the weather is too harsh. I admit it isn’t the Pacific Northwest here, but having gardened all my life, I am moving forward. Native species produce better than European. Still, I couldn’t bear canned goods for a year. I have to have fresh foods to be content. Even sprouts in the window. I had good luck with tomatoes and chiles, zucchini, asparagus, beans, potatoes, onions, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc. Plus wild foods. I only grew enough for me, to eat fresh. I have been testing the growing conditions. I started concrete block raised beds and they are season extenders. I can make row covers like in Seattle. It would only lengthen the season now give me year round. Some areas have many gardens, some are barren. Yuppies are more hoarders than gardeners, in any case… they throw money at every problem. If things get bad enough, skills will be required. If 90 percent of the people die like you believe, the Georgia Guidestones will be fulfilled.

                • I borrowed a bee book from the library today. I can make a veil from a silly garden party hat I have. I am going to build boxes this winter and find bees by spring. I have a shed for the hives to sit on top of and plywood and boards to build with and I have always gardened wading through bees without protection and never been stung. Not sure why. Maybe they are deliriously drunk on all my flowers. Stealing honey, though, that has to cause trouble. I will draw some plans this week for cutting pieces for my boxes. May as well build rabbit hutches also this winter. I inherited a nice work shed outside, completely wired with good light and a work bench. It is better built than the old trailerstead, which seems warmer and more stable with drystack blocks. Thanks!

              • Just because your rural or semirural doesn’t mean yer smart lol. Bunch of stupid yuppies wanting to live in the country.

                • ON A MORE IMPORTANT NOTE: Does anyone have a good recipe for lemon drop shine???

                  • yYhes s I Know O ne..

                • Only stupid if they don’t pick up a few life skills. If they do… best of both worlds. I like being a hick from the backwoods of Oregon. Downside is being older female with less strength. I break it all up into small increments. Retired and will increase my garden. Have canned for years and dehydrated for a few. Freezer is good if I get solar in. Violence? Depends on how much and some amount of luck. A bullet is a bullet no matter who won the war. Bad water is worse, you can kill yourself.

        • it doesn’t matter! soon paper and coin currency will vanish and be replaced with a global electronic credit system. since the fed and governments of the world have created over 1 quadrillion in computer currency and since there is only about 3.5 billion in actual paper currency in existence, they have to do away with paper currency.

        • This day is almost over and no new article yet. Mac, are you OK?

          • I think the 4 articles that were posted the same day are enough lol.

          • Braveheart1776

            Mac took a break today and went to McDonalds. For a BIG Mac of course ;0)

      2. Happy Days Are Here Again!

        • Amerikkka is going down, motherfuckers! Thanks so much baby boomer fuckers for fucking up the greatest country in the history of the world. Looks like I’m moving to Switzerland.

          • Stupid millennial, you think baby boomers had anything to do with this?
            How long have we been talking about TPTB?
            ‘It’s a club and we ain’t in it”
            Moron. An intelligent one, but still a moron.

            • Move to Sweden, jerk.

          • Switzerland is good. Liechtenstein in probably better. 🙂

            Folks this is not the end of the world. This has been anticipated by the Gangster Banksters and prepared for since GHWB began sending factories to China in 1992. The FED is not going to shoot itself in the foot.

            This puts China more securely into the Western orbit as DESIGNED, with control of the Yuan delegated to the West, and Russia as the odd man out. If China successfully escapes chaos at home and fully integrates into the Western Financial System, it could be a good thing, for everyone but Russia.

            People talk about dividing the USA up, but its more likely that Russia is divvied up piece meal. It has too much land, too many natural resources, and too few people, not unlike Central Asia.

            If China decides to assimilate with the West as envisioned by the West, China will move West. If they attack Japan to redirect civil unrest at home, its game on and the West will pull the plug.

            Personally I am not sure China can avoid chaos at home, in the near term anyway. WRC status helps but it doesn’t change the fact that China’s Dry Shipping index has fallen by 70% in recent weeks. That has real implications for Chinese jobs, and the Chinese have had 25 years of uninterrupted prosperity.

            At the above rate its not going to be sunshine and roses by the time the next Dragon Boat Festival comes around. 🙁

            • Well written DR. Can always count on you doing the leg work and stating excellent commentary on the subject at hand. What you state makes perfect sense, and in a way that I had not even thought of. Thanks always for your input! Prep on!

              • Anything can be a currency. If a group of people agree on an certain item that will used in exchange of good and services, then it becomes a currency. What the above article did not mention is that the SDR on October 1, 2016 will be used to settle all international trade replacing the dollar. On that date, countries will exchange their dollars and US treasuries for SDRs at the IMF. The IMF will be the largest holder of treasuries on the planet and thus this will be used to partially back the SDR in international trade. The dollar is expected to loose 30% of it’s value making everything imported into the US more expensive. The standard of living for the majority of Americans will simply collapse. The US economy will get much worse than it is now as tax receipts will plunge causing the US government to pull back it’s spending. As they of done in Europe, you will see cuts in Social Security, food stamps, housing allowances, medicare, medicaid and pensions. The list goes on. Taxes will rise causing the economy to go deeper in the red. The US government and the elites knows this was going to happen but could not stop it. This is how the world stops US hegemony. In desperation they started all these wars, destabilizing the Middle East, bringing Ukraine, Libya and Syria to ruin. The west’s economic hit teams have been working overtime at Russia, China, the Bricks, Venezuela and Argentina. Not only are these acts of madness but pure desperation of a country that will not make the transition from a uni-polar world once dominated by it to a multi-polar world where China is on the rise and Russia is taking no prisoners. They will take us to war when all else fails! The US certainly will loose a war to Russia but add China, we are toast. As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts stated in a interview a few day ago, a friend of his is in air force intelligence and told him the Russia has weapons that can completely make any warship, carriers, jets, and missile defense shields and missiles themselves totally useless. The US government is in total shock at the degree of sophistication of the Russian weapons and the US and the west have no defense for any of them! It is so sad that the majority of American have no clue what is coming their way! But on the other hand they can tell you who won last weeks dancing with the stars!!!!!!

                • “Anything can be a currency. If a group of people agree on an certain item that will used in exchange of good and services, then it becomes a currency. What the above article did not mention is that the SDR on October 1, 2016 will be used to settle all international trade replacing the dollar.”

                  1. Patently FALSE. The SDR is SPECIFICALLY NOT a currency according to the IMF By Laws. The US controls the voting rights in the IMF. SDR’s were created for use by Fourth World country currencies to protect the major global banks from being stuck with Zimbabwe type currencies.

                  2. There are not enough SDR’s created (a couple hundred billion) to be the WRC currency even if the US approved of such a ridiculous plan. No way the GB want ONE wrc; that would drastically limit profits.

                  3. No, the SDR will NOT be used to settle all international trade come October 1, 2016. International trade will be settled in dollars, euros, pounds, yen, and yuan.

                  That is the main purpose of making the yuan a WRC; but there are others: like integrating China with the West, and creating many more profit opportunities pairing China with the other major currency pairs.

                  The FX market is by FAR the largest global market, and the greatest profit opportunities for the major banks who control it and front run the trades. 🙁

                  • BTW, someone here has been telling this community for years, that the world was AWASH in oil & gas, and that the USA had enough to last 300 years, stating that Australia, Africa, and the Indian Ocean has barely been drilled; much to the dismay of the resource doomers.

                    I was wrong. 🙂

                    The truth is that America has enough O&G for 500 years. The truth is it has hardly been tapped:

          [email protected]&sc=OUTBR&ec=6704117

                  • Then why does Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF refer to the SDR as the “currency of currencies”?


                    All of your claims ad predictions have been wrong so far, Durango.

                    • Brandon: I can’t speak for Le Garde and have no idea why she would say such a stupid thing, except, as the head dummy at the IMF, its her currency! Like former French President Charles De Gaulle, she has grand ideas not grounded in reality. It must be the French in her! 🙂

                      BIG fans of SDR’s like you should really stoop to actually reading the IMF BY LAWS. They state that its specifically NOT a currency. Then you would understand once and for all that the USA controls the voting rights in the IMF, and most importantly to the Member banks of the BIS Central Banks of the world, there is NO profit in ONE WRC.

                      “All of your claims ad predictions have been wrong so far, Durango”. LMFAO!!!

                      Really??? Name them. You can’t. I have been spot on.

                      Here is another “prediction” for you. the government of Greece has this week required its citizens to declare all of their cash in and under their mattresses.

                      Why is that? Do you have so much as a fucking clue???

                      Its hard to say really, but my GUESS is that these declarations will establish the amount of NEW CURRENCY that they will be entitled to exchange their euros for when Greece exits the euro January 1st.

                      Using a devalued drachma will allow Greece to adapt to its economic status when it declares itself insolvent, pushes the “reset button”, and repudiates its European debt, which it can never repay.

                      The Russians and Chinese are waiting with open arms. 🙂

                • I don’t know where you got your info but it does not match posted articles?
                  From this article:
                  “…As The Wall Street Journal reports, “The actual inclusion of the yuan in the SDR is a nonevent for most investors. The sound you’ll hear is a collective yawn,” said David Loevinger, a managing director at fund manager TCW in Los Angeles and a former U.S. Treasury official focusing on China. …”

            • I tend to agree with DK. The one thing I see is that the money system won’t change. It will be the same corrupt money system and let’s not forget how the Chinese cheated to get to this point.

              • In this latest quote from Martin Armstrong in an article at zero hedge, he explains a BASIC economic truth about Quantitative Easing:

                “The central banks are simply trapped. They have bought in bonds under the theory that this will stimulate the economy by injecting cash. But there are several problems with this entire concept. This is an elitist view to say the least for the money injected does not stimulate the economy for it never reaches the consumer. This attempt to stimulate by increasing the money supply assumes that it does not matter who has the money. If we are looking only at the institutional level, then this will not contribute to DEMAND inflation only ASSET inflation by causing share markets to rise in proportion to the decline in currency value.”

                DUH. A truth about QE that I pointed out to this community years ago (its in the archives); that QE was not DESIGNED to stimulate the economy, but to shore up the balance sheets of the Member Banks and provide them with additional liquidity. No one but a fool would have believed the official narrative.

                If Martin does not understand that the FED understood this reality from the get go, he is not as astute as I have given him credit. This is Banking 101.

                BTW, the FED is NOT trapped. Hyperinflation destroys the currency in which the PTB hold their wealth and power. Deflation destroys the wealth and propsperity of those individuals, corporations, and nations WHO ARE LEVERAGED.

                The FED will allow the economy to hit bottom this time around wiping out debt and other excesses in the economy and destroying its global opposition.

                No one but me seems to know & understand that the FED is quietly at war with the BRIC’s and that the dollar is the weapon of choice. At least I have yet to see anyone saying it in black & white. 🙂

            • If the world financial system were not in ruins I would agree but I think derivatives combined with an overwhelming social program commitment equates to global tribalism. Adding the Turkey/Russia/Syria issue, a dead pacific ocean and impending Fukushima radiation sickness sovereign countries may have to go it alone and cut their losses.

          • Its getting old Acid…..I’m responsible for myself, not the whole generation nor you for that matter. I and most people did everything by the book and got screwed like everybody else. Get off of us old folks nitwit!

          • And then there’s you…..still shittin’ green.

          • AE

            Hot Damn and you can still post at SHTF. But you have to learn how to yoddle and every one there has to do military time. Then you get to take home a FULL Auto SUB Machine gun with a bunch of ammo. Paid for by the Swiss Government.

          • You won’t get to stay there, Wretch, the Swiss are pretty particular about who they let stay for more than 30 days.

            And don’t blame all us boomers, your age group is the one who voted for Obama, twice, in overwhelming numbers, just because you wanted to make some silly point about not being racists. Lucky for you Obama won, or you’d be crying about being branded racists for sure.

            • smokey

              Yes sir! The Teflon Bitch will be voted in by the same people. And don’t you think she has some Payback in mind.

              By the way, has anyone seen any Clinton stickers? Or is it too early.

              • Back in ’08 when she was running, I was sitting with my father-in-law. At 89 yr he was in failing health, so we mostly watched TV.

                He kept see her on political adds and news reports so much, he finally asked me, “What does she want?”

                Smiling, I said, “She wants to be your president.”

                He looked at me in disbelief, then at the TV.

                Then shaking his head, he said, “Why doesn’t she just go home?”

                He’s gone now. But I made up 10 bumper stickers on Zazzle that say:

                2016–Earl says
                “Why doesn’t she just go home?”

                I guess we got the first of her bumper stickers 🙂

          • Right on acid man! Fuckin party like it’s 2016! Burn it all down mutherfookers! Get this party started! Woooo Hoooo let’s git down with sum WW3 bomm the shit out of everything! Burn baby BURN! Yeee Haaaaww Imma ride a missle right into DC!

          • Have a nice trip!

        • Everyone keep stacking while you can.

          • Who else to blame then the generation that got us to this point? But who’s in charge . They didn’t have the power to change anything . None of us do . Extreme violence might have worked? Doesn’t seem anything else does? Has it ever? Gandhi ? Jesus? The Pope? They just seem to leave us with a mess. We can’t clean up? EV. Seems to work every time?

            • LW

              We will make change, one firefight at a time.

            • Lone wolverine,
              That numerology is sure working for LaGarde.

            • The people to blame were the fuckin morons that were around when Wilson enacted the fed reserve! Or we can go back to stinkin lincoln. The south should have won dammit, fuckin asslicking northern idiots, too stupid to even know what was really going on! (I am a northerner) I guess people have ALWAYS been stupid!

              • Genius,

                I completely agree with you!

                Louisiana Eagle without racial animus!

      3. The German Elites are behind all this NWO madness!! Kill da Kraut Bass Toids!

        It’s all in the latest James Bond movie, “Spectre.” Franz Oberhauser. Das ist a German name! A German villain.

        Hitler, a German name.

        It’s the Germans. NWO Germans!


        • You better buy beans instead of throwing your money at sheeple movies.

        • FreeSlave, the German elites are all your tribal masters who are collecting ransom from the real Germans for decades per some imaginary numbers. The same German elites have brain washed the youngsters in Germany along with the entire Europe and the USA via their controlled media and the banks.

          These German elites as you called them are nothing but the same Zionist Jews who have caused so much bloodshed on the planet via their foot soldier savages from Saudi’s and other useless POS in little countries of the so called oil and natural gas producers such as Oman, Qatar and UAE etc.

          May God help Vlad to drop the nukes on top of the head of your tribe so we only see some blood sucking monsters glowing in the dark.

          BTW, nice try per your received order from the TelAviv office to place your garbage as a comment on this site.

          • Auchtung kosher shiezgaziest! Das is ein dumkoff! Eicht is ein furur mien heir! Ran en den shpeck lake mishamash!

            • let me try this.

              This is a dumb head.
              Let’s get stuck in Big Mushamush Lake.

              I guess it looses something in translation.

            • Ha ha close! I know how to say it but spelling is another issue lol.
              What it is meant to say is:

              Attention kosher shitface. you are an idiot. I am your ruler my friend. Get back to work buttlips 🙂

      4. Let it ride!!!!!!

      5. Everything that America stands for must be done away with, yes everything. The vast majority of Americans do not realize that not one country likes America not one. So you see we are on our own, just a matter of time, and it not long off.

        YOYO prepare for what’s coming!

      6. Finally, the collapse can accelerate now, and that means arrest of the Corporatist Fascists and their puppet trash criminal gangs in the Republican and Democrat Parties are on the horizon.

      7. Co.ex also dumped 50% of reserves ( if I remember right). Gold paper now trading 294x physical.

      8. The Americas can be quite self sufficient, for food, energy, and manufacturing. The problem is we have let the Democrats screw the pooch and our kids don’t have the skills needed to quickly bring us on line. We are OK with food and in a short period of time we can be energy self sufficient, but our manufacturing is really behind the curve, we would need to kill the EPA, a few Democrat bureaucrats and we could be operating on all cylinders very quickly. The world will really fall on it’s ass if they lose America, we pay off all our debts with a devalued dollar, and quit buying their stuff. We have 95 million people out of work, some percentage will work if they have jobs available. Our military is still the best so we can protect ourselves. It would be fun to watch Europe cover their butts, I could go on. Destroy the Dollar at your risk.
        Keep on prepping. I just got my new 6KW inverter today! Split phase 220V. I’ll be off Grid soon and the wife won’t even notice the difference between being on or off Grid with the same all electric house. HELCO can go FO.

        • You BETTER store a shiload of fuel!

        • Anon,

          My hope for America was restored when I made a road trip to the north-country all the way to and around Lake Michigan and I saw all the farms with healthy plants, growing crops to capacity. Fields as far as the eye could see of corn, soybean, rice, cotton, etc. It was great to stop at a County Fair in northern Indiana and see the robust animals on display and the young farmers entering those animals for competition. It was very heartening! I highly recommend everyone visit and support those county fairs if you have one near you.

          Louisiana Eagle

      9. The Americas can be quite self sufficient, for food, energy, and manufacturing. The problem is we have let the Democrats screw the pooch and our kids don’t have the skills needed to quickly bring us on line. We are OK with food and in a short period of time we can be energy self sufficient, but our manufacturing is really behind the curve, we would need to kill the EPA, a few Democrat bureaucrats and we could be operating on all cylinders very quickly. The world will really fall on it’s ass if they lose America, we pay off all our debts with a devalued dollar, and quit buying their stuff. We have 95 million people out of work, some percentage will work if they have jobs available. Our military is still the best so we can protect ourselves. It would be fun to watch Europe cover their butts, I could go on. Destroy the Dollar at your risk.
        Keep on prepping. I just got my new 6KW inverter today! Split phase 220V. I’ll be off Grid soon and the wife won’t even notice the difference between being on or off Grid with the same all electric house. HELCO can go FO.

        • rellik

          “we would need to kill the EPA”

          Ever work in a Chemical Plant or Oil Refinery?

          The Republicans were the Free Trade / Banking Finance Deregulation cheerleaders but they got opposition. Democrat, Bill Clinton gave Wall Street everything it wanted and the Main Stream Media so adamant against it all with GH Bush at the helm was oh so accommodating when Clinton switched gears and supported it. 50 cent labor drove even the low paid US Textile Industry to Asia as $12 / $15 per hour is far too high a wage to pay.

          Newsflash…….The Republicans aren’t your friend either. Actually the Middle Class has no organized friends.

          • “Actually the Middle Class has no organized friends.”

            That’s the truth.

            The middle class was the jewel in America’s crown. We once boasted this status. It drew immigrants who wanted a piece of the pie and were willing to work for it.

            Now, we are a shell of what we once were.

            The United States of America is being systematically degraded to be on par with other “emerging” nations. That is why we have the crushing regulations that “emerging” nations do not. We must be punished and held back so the others can catch up. Putin said as much when he was speaking at the so-called, “climate change” pow-wow.

            We will all be a New World Order melting pot of unexceptional citizens with no mind of our own.

            World Peasants



            • We sit here and watch the country being dismantled. It could not happen without Saudi and Soros money buying a bunch of traitors who have sold out the rest of us.

              • If it wasn’t soros or saudis it would be someone else. The agenda has many players.

            • Ame

              What they’re doing is equalization on an international scale; government to government communism. Interestingly classic communism had poor masses that rise up against bad working conditions and no freedom; a grassroots organization. This communism is coming from the top down as prosperous nations now are forced to share against the wishes of the masses.

              Its fascist at the top and communism for the rest of us.

              The John Birch Society claimed that there was collusion between capitalist and communist. They seen this 6 decades ago.

              • I’m not implying that communism gave those masses Freedom or Wealth but it was promised to motivate the people.

          • I don’t know where you think I’m a lover of Republicans. I’d kill Democrats first as I know they don’t have guns, Republicans might have guns, so they are #2.

            • Snort. Democrats have guns. Quit watching Fox News. Breaking News: Independents outnumber Republicans 2:1 and they have guns. Kick a puppy and shoot it if you need unarmed victims to prove your manhood.

              • Politics is the PROBLEM, not the SOLUTION!

                • And DEMOCRACY is the biggest piece of shit EVER invented! A bunch of retards making policy. Don’t like it? Too fuckin bad the sheeple have spoken! As long as you have government you are never free! (is that over your head?)

              • I’m not a cop so I don’t shoot dogs, as a part of my protocol. I don’t need to prove anything to anybody. I don’t care about you, personally. I’d be interested in your Philosophy, not your projections.

        • rellik

          Every civilized nation has an OSHA and EPA equivalent. There is good reason for both.

          On December 3,1984 Union Carbide operating in an unregulated environment in Bhupal India released a poison gas cloud that killed 5300 people. Investigation determined that a lack of maintenance and operating procedures caused the release. The then CEO of Union Carbide (which has since absorbed my Monsanto) still had a warrant out for his arrest in India. You have a better chance of hitting Powerball and surviving a lightening strike as seeing him extradited.

          • Sorry, I meant the federal EPA. Every state has a very legitimate EPA. The Federal one is totally out of control. It is not a Constitutional duty for the Federal government.

            • Were getting to common ground.

              • Here is our common ground. The EPA or Department Of Environmental Protection at a State level is the legal and necessary regulatory agency.

                UNFORTUNATELY, manufacturing desires no regulations and if given an opportunity a reinstitution of slavery. In the absence of both they’ll take Asian 50 cent labor and horrific work practices culminating in a Bhupal type accident. If the states regulate they will flee. Tariffs protected US industry and was supported by business interests before they became multi national post WWII. Now our kids die on foreign shores to not make the world “Safe For Democracy” but rather safe for crony capitalism.

                • Yep. Republican Presidential candidate Huckabee is in favor of selling American citizens into slavery. Just those worthless poor you say? Give it a little time… you too will be poor. He’s an Xtian… beware self-righteous Xtians who will sell you into slavery and say it is your own fault… because corporations outsourced your job using your tax money to pay for it.

                  • No he’s not.

                    Huckabee answered a trick multi-part question. The questioner, as part of a series of statements, included reference to selling someone if they couldn’t pay their debts. It would be easy to miss the word “sell” if you weren’t paying close attention.

                    The actual question was: “We indenture them and they have to spend their time not sitting on their stump in a jail cell, they’re supposed to be working off the debt — wouldn’t that be a better choice?”

                    Huckabee answered that actual question in the affirmative, which any of us would, if we hadn’t noticed the word “sell” earlier in the questioner’s paragraph of statements preceding the actual question.

                    The MSM people are experts at “gotcha.” And some people fall for it, and others believe the MSM interpretations of the answers.

                    BTW, can’t you spell “Christian”?

      10. The Chinese economy is complete theater – nothing they say about their economy is real.

        Their stock markets are puppet shows – the PBOC is the only actual player. The Chinese government is now moving to fictionalize their commodity markets.

        This is beyond bizarre.

        • In agreement with everything you said and I’ll add that the system which they have now been included has not and will not change. It’s run by the same corrupt criminal banking entity that got us into this mess. And their supposed gold stash won’t be of any use now or in the future because a gold backed currency is incapable of driving a debt based money system we have been using for over a hundred years.

          • Besides only a country that HAS gold can play!

      11. This is huge.

        Don’t expect an immediate crash. Wall Street loves to hang on and try to extract the last few points out of a market move. When it does hit the wall, the little people will be cleaned out.

        America will wake up one day in near future, and the markets will have crashed, pension funds, 401K’s all wiped out. The rich top 10% will be financially devastated. The only sector of American society that is spending, will stop spending. Corporations that borrowed QE money to buy back stock to pump up the market, will still owe that money, but the stock they bought with it will have lost most of its value. Likely there will also be a real estate crash like 2008, except this one will include commercial real estate. Expect the insurance collapse that ObamaCare is starting to expand. The Insurance industry is already distressed. A few major collapses in the insurance industry and nothing moves in America. Trucks, ships, cars, busses, trains and planes don’t move without insurance. The insurance industry is insured by the reinsurance industry, and the biggest reinsurer in the world is a German company. The German economy is crumbling as we speak.

        This is going to be Biblical!

        • Jesus, I’m so glad I’m broke already

          • If you have a small yard, plant some fruit trees, peaches, pears, apples. Plant some nut trees, it’s solid protein as good as meat with a long shelf life.

            Start an asparagus patch. Plant four year old plants if you can find them. A good asparagus patch will last 40 years. It will be the first edible vegetable in the spring and could protect you from rickets, after a long winter. I have a patch and neighbors ask what that exotic looking fern is growing next to my house, yup it’s dinner. Another neighbor in the produce industry, who is a friend, says my asparagus is the best he has ever tasted, bar none. It’s nice when it’s ten minutes out of the garden.

            Fresh vegetables could save your life. Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli produce well into the winter. Read up on rickets! Freeze dried food is good, but have some vitamin C stashed away too.

            A small garden could save your life and costs little to maintain. A few well established fruit and nut trees, can produce for twenty years.

            • Plan twice, kudos on your asparagus. Love it in the oven on a cookie sheet with olive oil and sea salt. Eat it like candy.

            • I’ll add to that sunchokes. They are a tuber that keep best in the ground over winter and are used like a potato. Just dig as needed. Return year after year.
              Berry bushes. Elderberry, black berry, raspberry, gooseberry, currant.
              Rhubarb. An early spring vegetable and keeps returning year after year.
              Rabbits and chickens. Require little space and time.

              • I have a raspberry patch already, it’s like candy.

                Sunchokes, I have been afraid of, because they are so invasive. Perhaps a small patch that I can mow around, might work. It’s a perennial that will return against all odds, sounds like a perfect prepper food source.

                Instead of chickens I like miniature turkeys, it’s a breed. Good meat, good egg layers and tougher than chickens when predators show up. They are the size of a very large chicken and are social. Good bug eaters.

                • miniature turkeys?

                  Where do you get those?

                  I want one (or two)!!

                  • Try to google “midget white turkey” plus your location to find a local supplier. You can also just buy them on the Internet.

                    Mother Earth news did an article on them.
                    ht tp://

                    Take the space out of the http in the link to make it work.

                    • thanks plan!

                    • Cool article.

                      all i would need is a ‘turkey tractor’

                      and a hubby who let me~that’s the hard part:)

                • I have asparagus, blackberries, raspberries, elderberries, fruit trees, and vegetables! My delicious garden hidden from outside eyes in the mountains. I am relying on sunchokes’ ability to reproduce like crazy. Wild violets go crazy too and are the best salad green ever. Grow salad greens inside all winter… I shifted from houseplants to evergreen herbs and edible greens. I have chickens and want mini pigs. I want French Angora rabbits. I want bees. I am retired and plan to play (oops… prep) from now forward.

                  • I kept bees as a kid in 4H. It was fun, and I made a few dollars selling honey, and we always had more honey than we could eat.

                    I think as long as you are away from professional farms using nicotine based insecticides, the bees should be safe.

                    I still have my bee veil, I’ll be using it next week when I attack a wasp nest in my neighbors wall.

                    • I hope I am far enough away from farms and pesticides. I think they are about 30 miles away. I know a local beekeeper and might get a queen from him. As soon as I am ready. The thousands of wildflower seeds are to be sure they have enough sources all season. He will not let a queen go unless he is sure I have enough to feed them. He has kindly walked me through some information. I cannot imagine having “enough” honey. Stores are now selling faux honey and are not required to label it as such.

                    • Rebecca,
                      Bees rarely range more than two and a half miles. I have two farms within 3/4 of a mile and one is corporate run. God knows what they spray.

                      I’d love to set up one in my yard. I still may, they are incredibly low maintenance. One guy installed a flat platform on his sheds roof, so they’d be safe from predators.

                      You can order a starter colony on line with a fertilized queen and a few hundred bees. During the trip the bees imprint on the scent of the queen. The bees come in a screened box with a feeder can, and the queen in a little screened box with a candy plug. Start with one deep and one shallow frame, set up with wax foundations in the frames. Remove one frame in the large lower super, smoke the bees lightly, remove and hang the queens container there. The bees will start coming out through the hole the queen container was inserted in. Add the second small frame with enough frames removed to hold the box of bees. Close it up. The bees will chew out the candy plug to free the queen. By this point they have usually settled down into their new home. In a day or two remove the box the bees came in and the feeder per instructions. Off you go.

                      The frames and supers can be made from scratch or bought online in easy to assemble flat packs. Paint the outsides with a dingy flat white paint, give it time to completely cure before buying bees. Paint no surfaces that the bees will live on.

                      Watch some YouTubes on bees there might be a few new tricks I’m unaware of.

                    • Perfect, I like the idea of putting the beehive on the shed roof for protection. Read bears at my house. If you put out hundreds of thousands of wildflower seeds (some edible to you too) it might keep them away from the corporate farmer as much as possible. I have not a single piece of equipment and never had bees. I have been collecting and dispersing seed for them. The season is always too short!

                    • Rebecca,
                      More on bees.
                      We needed a second bee veil, mom made it on a sewing machine using an old straw hat.

                      Never owned a bee suit, I just wore jeans with the pant legs tucked into my socks. And a long sleeved flannel shirt with rubber bands around the sleeves, plus work gloves. In those days we didn’t have cheap tyvek painters suits that would world will to. Wear white or light colors, no wool it annoys the bees.

                      A bee keepers tool and a smoker.

                      We built our own centrifuge for getting honey out of the frames. The bees will need a year before you take honey, so the centrifuge will be a winter project. Set up hives in spring, so they have the summer to store up honey for their first winter.

                      Startup cost is the worst, but a lot can be done by an able DIYer.

            • Get some Jerusalem artichokes as well. Good survival food, no one will know what they are if they are garden raiding.

              And for the Jew baiters here, the “Jerusalem” part comes from mispronunciation by Italian gardeners who grew them a lot 100 years ago.

              • I don’t put Jerusalem artichokes in my garden… they live undercover outside.

      12. They have world reserve status because they have the gold. Pure and simple money. You know they don’t have world reserve status because their economy is stellar, right?

        Keep stacking.

        • Gold has zero to do with the Reserve Currency Status. The US maintains its position through sheer force. Its, “Use our money or else”. “Nice country you have here”; “Hate to see something happen to it”.

          • Bingo, absolutely true, but when the emperor’s dollars are found to be worthless. Gold and silver are the next best. Right now the Emperor is manipulating gold and silver to inflate his dollars. The day the world realizes dollars are worthless, gold and silver are King.

            • In the end energy and food are king. Real in the metal gold is good for the transactions.

              • Obama’s efforts to save us from global warming include having the EPA shut down every coal fired plant they can find that violated one of the new thousands of regulations they have instituted. He has declared war on the the American people and our way of life.

                We are loosing so much generating capacity in the US that we will likely see 3rd world style brownouts and rolling blackouts in the very near future. Some parts of the country already experience these. If these happen more during the coldest and hottest months, it could kill people. Generators and solar panels in stores will vanish. If the dollar is collapsing at the same time, cheap Chinese electrical equipment won’t be cheap anymore and neither will fuel or batteries.

                Obama has already shut down every lead smelter in the US, if the dollar crumbles or relations with China sour there will be no lead acid batteries for storing power through the dark nights.

              • To add to my other answer. If anyone doesn’t think Obama will use his authority to destroy the entire coal industry before he leaves office, understand Obama used the EPA to destroy the entire lead smelting industry nation wide.

                There is no one left in the lead smelting industry aside from a few recyclers that melt used wheel weights and battery plates.

      13. And yet most Americans are still asleep. I find it unbelievable.

        20 Trillion in debt
        Printing money
        Healthcare system broken
        EPA squeezing the life out of our energy sector
        Entitlement voters tipping the 50% mark
        Racial tensions
        Baby boomers retiring in droves

        Any one of these things could be big trouble, put them all together and “Houston we have a problem”

        • ya left out the bankers rigging & manipulation of the stock & commodities markets

          • Yep and the bankers using US troops like toilet paper to expand their empire of control and drug dollars and theft of property and resources from defenseless small countries and installing dictators that tow the line and pipelines to transport their stolen oil and gas and theft of gold reserves and etc. etc. etc. SUPPORT YOUR TROOPS! fukkin sheep!

      14. Cash gold silver yayaya can not and will not and no one ever has taken anything with them and you have no say what so ever as to when your time is to die if it aint one thing its something else that will get you think about it even your ass is attached and you dont get to take that with you and every single one of us get to go

        • Godsoldier

          “Today I made an appearance downtown
          I am an expert witness, because I say I am
          And I said, ‘Gentleman, and I use that word loosely
          I will testify for you
          I’m a gun for hire, I’m a saint, I’m a liar
          Because there are no facts, there is no truth
          Just data to be manipulated
          I can get any result you like
          What’s it worth to ya?
          Because there is no wrong, there is no right
          And I sleep very well at night
          No shame, no solution
          No remorse, no retribution
          Just people selling T-shirts
          Just opportunity to participate in the pathetic little circus
          And winning, winning, winning'”

          • Godsoldier, So your saying just lay down and die? Don’t prep and stack and be prudent for the future because you can’t take it with you? Why the fukk would anyone prep then if the man in the sky is going to save you? OOOH I have leftover preps that I can’t take with me damn. I wasted my fed notes I guess lol 😛

      15. Here is the major indicator that something is going to happen to the Dollar. If the major power brokers in this country start shifting their assets to other currencies. The elite stay ELITE because they are always ahead of the game, more than likely because they are the ones that are making the things happen. The crash of 08 was instrumented by wall street because they bought and paid for their politicans to ensure they would not lose their money, hence the bail outs. In this case they can not run to our “elected” (HA) officals because it will not be up to them anymore how it plays out. That doesn’t mean they will not be informed and the elite of the elite will be reserved a chair at the new financial table. If I had to make a guess at what is going to happen it will not be ANY one nation’s currency anymore but a GLOBAL CURRENCY, under the control and oversight of the UN. And for storyline purposes I will say this takes place in ’17 just as Obumma or someone new we haven’t thought of is appointed Secretary General!


      16. Uh oh, me thinks the Durango Kid is eating a whole lotta crow right now.

        • Didn’t he say China wouldn’t get voted in?

      17. I went out walking through the streets paved with gold
        Lifted some stones, saw the skin and bones
        Of a city without a soul

        I went out walking under an atomic sky
        Where the ground won’t turn and the rain it burns
        Like the tears when I said goodbye

        I went drifting through the capitals of tin
        Where men can’t walk or freely talk
        And sons turn their fathers in

        I stopped outside a church house where the citizens like to sit
        They say they want the kingdom
        But they don’t want God in it

        • Charley:

          That is EXACTLY where America/most Americans are right now!

      18. plan twice last I knew vehicles were drivable without insurance just not legal to now. Where I’m living there are whole strip malls sitting empty. Pensions have been zapped and when enough people have 401ks they will be next on the hit list. I get free Union medical insurance but I’m hearing rumors that they will make us pay for it eventually. I agree it’s gonna be epic. What bank puts up the capital to build malls and condos to let them sit empty and they are still building them as we speak. Is it just to keep construction business from major layoffs. These jobs pay good in most cases. There is so much retail space for lease it’s not funny. How many retail stores does a community need.

        • In any collapsing society, there is always a lag between when Law enforcement enforces irrelevant laws from pre-collapse rules, vs. how laws are enforced post collapse.

          When people are being kidnapped right and left by highway robbers. There is a point when police will stop enforcing red lights and stop signs. A few months too early, and you are still a scoff law perp?

          • Post collapse there will be NO law. If you try and tell me what to do you better have life insurance!

            • I as reading about the economic crash of Argentina, and how people delt with it. It was slow motion compared to the societal collapse of Kosovo that was due to war.

              In Kosovo it happened in days, with total societal collapse in weeks. It was a war zone.

              In Argentina the government had all kinds of schemes to keep some infrastructure working, to make it appear the was no collapse. Police continued to be paid for a while, and when police pay stopped they often continued to enforced laws, but just for the bribes they could extract.

              There were no announcements to the public that suddenly a nation where kidnapping was rare, it would start happening several times a day. Even rouge cops would become part of the kidnapping gangs. Robbery becomes a way of life for some.

              Anyone trying to go to work, so they can eat and pay rent has to deal with a huge spike in all kinds of crime, and police won’t be there when you need them. Weapons to defend yourself are illegal to carry, but you must have them or you’ll likely die. Body armor could get you home from work or the store alive.

              In Kosovo life stopped, in Argentina life went medieval. One had a total collapse of the legal system, the other the legal system continued, but became murky and confused.

              • PTPO

                Good post.

      19. the yuan ascending
        all part to the Fourth Turning
        the “great grinding downwards” as I think of it

        Fourth Turning – Our Rendezvous With Destiny

        h ttp://

        “The people have been permitting a small cadre of elitists, billionaire financiers, corporate chiefs, propagandist media moguls, and crooked politicians to make the choices dictating the path of our country since the 2008 dawn of this Fourth Turning.”

      20. “The yuan’s inclusion is a largely symbolic move, with few immediate implications for financial markets. But it is the first time an additional currency has been added to the SDR basket and the biggest change in its composition in 35 years.”

        Reuters is telling us that the Euro has been around since 1980????

        • Great catch!

      21. he STASI,the KGB,the GRSTAPO=amateurs all

        The National Security Letter spy tool has been uncloaked, and it’s bad

        h ttp://

        our rights and freedoms aren’t being stripped away by “terrorists” but rather by our own government

        • I thought our own government was the terrorists. Wasn’t it our government that created most of these terrorist organizations to covertly overthrow governments that didn’t comply with our governments wishes?

          • Texas, you are right.

      22. And I heard a voice in the midst of the Four Beasts, and I looked and behold, a Pale Horse, and its name that sat on him was Death.

        And Hell followed with him…

      23. Though 10% is largely a symbolic move, nevertheless it is a foot in the door. Then, before you know it they are all in the house, sold and setting up a home security system before the ink is even dry on the paper.

      24. is there anything about this country that isn’t
        a blatant lie ???

        How U.S. Achieves a 5.3% Unemployment Rate: If You Earn No Money, You Can Still Be Counted as Employed

        h ttp://

        “One of the bogus aspects raised by Clifton in his opinion piece about how the U.S. government calculates the unemployment rate was this:

        “Say you’re an out-of-work engineer or healthcare worker or construction worker or retail manager: If you perform a minimum of one hour of work in a week and are paid at least $20 — maybe someone pays you to mow their lawn — you’re not officially counted as unemployed in the much-reported 5.6%.”

        Even for a government hell bent on putting the best possible spin on overcoming the Wall Street train wreck of 2008, which brought on the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, characterizing someone working one hour a week in a lawn job as “employed” seems like the height of duplicity. We decided to check it out.

        We went directly to the source: the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Federal agency that calculates who is employed and who is not. According to the BLS, the bogus nature of who is counted as “employed,” is even worse than Clifton suggests. Not only is a person counted as employed if they are working one hour a week in a lawn job paying $20, but a worker who makes no money at all donating his or her services to a family business for 15 hours or more per week is also considered employed.”

      25. For you preppers are you prepared to be right, but 10-15 years from now? The US Government has been good at extending this Ponzi scheme. There’s nothing to say its in a collapse now or in the near future. You may have years of ridicule like P. Schiff…just have to be patient and make very long term plans.

        • We are.

        • The US debt bubble is growing exponentially.

          It’s like me putting a drop of water in a room with you and doubling it every minute for 6 hours. As the hours pass you see no problem, at first it’s a few drops, then hours later it’s just a puddle. Even up to your last hour the water is only ankle deep, but then it doubles and its up to your calf, then knee deep, then waist deep, then neck deep and in the last ten minutes it goes from five feet to the ten foot ceiling.

          The economy is in terrible distress. Unemployment is really 18% and growing. The public, private and government debt exponential growth is accelerating.

          The government QE money is just delaying the inevitable crash while making the debt bubble bigger. They are just leading the lemmings to a higher cliff in the name of safety and security. The current QE is a secret operation to manipulate the too big to fail stock and commodity markets. It’s underway right now. Thus we have terrorists blow up planes, and tourist destinations, but airline stocks continue to climb. This is ludicrous!

          You won’t see interest rates rise anytime soon, because not only isn’t the economic crisis any better after 7 years of Obamanomics, it’s worse. They not only haven’t fixed any of the systemic problems, but the problems are now bigger and far more volatile and dangerous.

          Americans are feeling quite safe in this knee deep flood, but believe me when I say we are in the last hour.

          I as thinking a year or so ago that the national debt was going to be about 20 trillion when Obama finally left office. I’m now thinking is going to be more like 22 to 25 trillion dollars all the while we slip into a Greater Depression!

      26. I mean really? The Dollar is used still to much in World trade. Remember the times when the Euro showed up?

        The BRICS created a bank which uses Dollar!

      27. A little off topic but this all ties in together. …
        barry soetoro + executive orders + 7 agencies under dhs + dhs/muslim brotherhood operative jeh johnson among others + militarized militaristic police and sheriffs + un strong cities and agenda 2030 + refugee Islamist militants + dhs hoarded stockpiled weapons, ammunition, equipment and supplies + wide open borders + soetoro/klinton/Jarrett/lynce/ evety nwo globalist communist in important positions of power at all levels + isis proxy army + derelict complacent and even participatory congress and judicial system = a very bad bad situation for the USA and Americans.
        And to top it all off all the manufactured economic destruction.
        Oreder out of chaos folks. Ignor to your own peril.

      28. While the dollar isn’t worth much the Yuan’s addition to
        world currency is a result of two factors….China has
        curried favor with IMF officials….including bribery and
        as a closed government nobody REALLY knows what the state of the Chinese economy is. Thus they can prop it up and make it appear much stronger than it is. As is often the case this is a quid pro quo arrangement arrived at via an exchange of money for a decision that enhances power. Chinese currency is in all probability far weaker than anyone realizes.

        • BUT! China HAS a shitload of gold, we do NOT!

      29. This is the result of US short-term planning for maximum profits and the Chinese long-term vision of economic supremacy. They’re not different things they’re the same, only Wall Street couldn’t see it while the Chinese did.

      30. Ok; so the yuan gets added to the basket of currencies supported by the IMF; in Oct 2016; and at what %? To be the “world reserve currency” they would have to come in at more than 42% (or exceeding the USD position); is that likely? The significant change to watch is the long term erosion of the USD buying power; we’re all losing money as the USGov keeps making loans.

      31. The only reason they are considering the yuan is because of the amount of gold china is stockpiling … their economy is still a huge bubble and when that thing pops you do not want to be holding any of their currency.

      32. Prepper TIp of the Day

        Rayovac website has most everything 30% off

        use code CYBER 30 at checkout

        good time to stock up on batteries
        and their Indestructible line of lanterns are great products

        • RayOvac are good batteries. I use them all the time!

      33. wanna understand what is going on in the Middle East
        and what we are REALLY up against ?

        start here

        What ISIS Really Wants

        ht tp://

      34. As all too often, this article is total bs, bs, and more bs. And did I mention this article is bs.

        • How do you know?

      35. NATO is harbouring the Islamic State

        ht tps://

        “In his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee in September 2014, General Martin Dempsey, then chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, was asked by Senator Lindsay Graham whether he knew of “any major Arab ally that embraces ISIL”?

        General Dempsey replied:

        “I know major Arab allies who fund them.”

        In other words, the most senior US military official at the time had confirmed that ISIS was being funded by the very same “major Arab allies” that had just joined the US-led anti-ISIS coalition.”

        “Declassified government documents clarify beyond all doubt that a primary motivation for the 2003 Iraq War, preparations for which had begun straight after 9/11, was installing a permanent US military presence in the Persian Gulf to secure access to the region’s oil and gas.”

        “Nevermind that under Erdogan, Turkey is the leading sponsor of the barbaric ‘Islamic State.’”

      36. Did anybody else read the article today about the 19 year old white Texas woman? No? Here’s a short snippet from that gem:
        “Twenty-four hours after authorities arrested Sarah Furay on charges of drug possession and manufacture charges, the 19-year-old Texan was safe at home.

        Inside the bedroom of her College Station apartment police found large amounts of Ecstasy, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, and an LSD analogue. They also found packing materials and two digital scales. Following the seizure, Furay was taken to Brazos County Jail, where the evidently unruffled teen smiled for a mugshot. After posting $39,000 bail, she left.

        In the days after her arrest, multiple news organizations ran stories focusing not on her crimes as much as her “photogenic smile.” Her picture was coined the “happiest mugshot in America” and the “jolliest in recent history.” Rather than a criminal act, her offense was called “an entrepreneurial approach to avoiding student loan debt.” The icing on the cake was news that her father is a “head honcho” at the local DEA office—a fact that was treated more as a potential TV plot line than a damning fact.”

        The article post was on The Daily Beast if anybody is interested reading the whole story as well as her smiling mugshot. Just food for thought for those “entitlement doesn’t exist”, “racism doesn’t exist”, “police treat everyone the same” and “liberal media” folks.

        • Hmmm…

          I don’t see any crime committed. Where’s the victim?

          Her dad is a disgrace to liberty.

          NO VICTIM. NO CRIME.

          • right I agree
            I was just pointing out how somethings go for some, and not for others ..such as maybe you or I , or just the average joe

            • Yep. If you don’t have the money or influence to beat the pigs, you will take a plea or suffer the maximum force of “justice”.

              • Right! No victim no crime. The REAL law! Fookin hypocrits need to arrest the CIA for MAJOR drug dealing then hmmmm?

      37. In the Punjab and Urdu language of about 2 billion people the word “YUAN” is the exact pronunciation of the verb meaning to be F**kED.

      38. FEAR PORN.

        Do any of you fucktards actually search up any info? Do you take ALL posted articles or FOX “news” broadcasts at face value?

        The IMF is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES. Treasury Secretary Jacob Jew (whoops! mis-spelled) was the former US IMF Board of Governor’s member.

        They retain a majority veto vote in ALL IMF actions. In fact, they require gold to be deposited in the US government account for every member accepted into the IMF. NOT in an IMF account, but in a Treasury account.

        Read the “Final Provisions” here to see:

        Lazy assed readers need to do some research instead of believing all the crap fed daily by “alternative” news sites that post fear porn for clicks. The administrator should also do some due diligence instead of “copy” editing.

        Corporation “US Anglo-Zionist Empire” retains all control of IMF actions since it is a creation of US Corporation.

        • Wow, Anonymous:

          You are correct about lazy assed people who refuse to do any research.

          At this time it is easy to find the truth on the internet; but I don’t see that being true in the near future.

          Too many people are finally waking up to the preposterous lies we have been fed for over, at least 100 years. The PTB cannot have an awakened citizenry.

          We gripe about young people not knowing the truth while we see adults with their heads in the sand. Dumbed down ostriches; refusing to research anything, including subjects presented here, for the truth those subjects may or may not contain.

          Thanks for your post.

          • Fed reserve… IMF.. = same owners no sheet lol.

        • Anonymous

          “In fact, they require gold to be deposited in the US government account for every member accepted into the IMF. NOT in an IMF account, but in a Treasury account.”

          Any mention on how much gold? Lets face it there isn’t any gold backing of currency. If you divided global currency by gold like a PE Ratio gold would be likely in the 6 figure range.

        • I have done a massive amount of research. Which is why I find your Jew baiting absurd and uninformed. As noted many times before, and for which you refuse to show any intellectual honesty, you are making a category mistake.

          And I’ll bet I’m not the only one who is sick of your Jew baiting, along with your “anonymous” post to fool those who are familiar with your other nom de plumes.

      39. Before we “yawn” at the Chinese Yuan a little back ground on their biggest bank ICBC might prove useful.

        The bank was named “Global bank of the year in 2014, was ranked number one out of the top thousand world banks, and the largest enterprise in the world among the global 2000 listed by Forbes magazine for the second consecutive year.

        A little interesting background on ICBC:

        2006; before initial public offering three strategic investors injected $US 3.7billion….

        Goldman Sachs 5.75 per cent shares $2.6 billion largest sum Goldman Sachs has ever invested

        Dresdner Bank, subsidiary of Commerzbunk US $1 billion

        American Express $200Million

        In 2004 19.1% of ICBC portfolio consisted of non-performing loans. In order to clean up ICBC’s balance sheet and prepare it for overseas listing , the Chinese government orchestrated a series of capital injections, asset transfers, and government subsidized bad loan disposals that eventually cost $162 billion (in US dollars). This included an approval of cash injection of $15B (in US dollars) financed from China’s massive foreign exchange reserves. The Beijing based state company, China Huarong, helped ICBC dispose of the bad loans.

        And we were taught that the Banks in China are state owned.

        Too big to fail works for the banksters in China just like they work for the same owner banksters in the US. The Chinese people are shouldering this bailout the same as the taxpayers in the US.

        The cat and mouse game China VS the US becomes very questionable when the same gangster bankers own both countries.

        • Makemyday… Very accurate analytical post. Thank You.

        • Banks have created debt based liquidity by fiat which only makes up the “yin” of a total liquidity model. Debt free liquidity is starting to emerge by way of the market. It will make up the “yang” in a total liquidity hybrid.

          Every yin needs a yang for survival in a symbiotic relationship. The popular blind spot is that gold based liquidity (yang) cannot be introduced by fiat or in a top-down fashion now that we are dealing with real-time pricing. NO CRASHES PLEASE. It must be organic and bottom-up. Rate of change is critical in the shift by market osmosis.

          Just add assets , simmer and stir …. gently.

      40. just in case anyone thinks its better over there ..or Jap land I give you this

        The world’s biggest pension fund posted its worst quarterly loss since at least 2008 after a global stock rout in August and September wiped $64 billion off the Japanese asset manager’s investments.

        The 135.1 trillion yen ($1.1 trillion) Government Pension Investment Fund lost 5.6 percent last quarter as the value of its holdings declined by 7.9 trillion yen, according to documents released Monday in Tokyo. That’s the biggest percentage drop in comparable data starting from April 2008. The fund lost 8 trillion yen on its domestic and foreign equities and 241 billion yen on overseas debt, while Japanese bonds handed GPIF a 302 billion yen gain.

        • You don’t think the corporations are going give 300 million american useless eaters a pension thats worth anything more than toilet paper do you.

          We are not needed now cheap robots are starting to hit the markets so how do you want to die.

          1. Race wars
          2. Nukes from Russia and China
          3. Become what they call a zombie on the streets

          The greed of the bankers means our death, not enought to go around and thats without A.I taking jobs and being used to farm us like sheep

          • The Georgia Guidestones say they want only one-half billion people on their planet and the rest have to go. So I’m guessing I am not on their critical services list… are you?

      41. Since the Paris terror attacks on November 13, the State Department has admitted 132 Syrian refugees into the United States, and all 132 are Sunni Muslims. ***NO*** (as in NADA, ZILCH, ZERO Christian or member of any other religious minority in Syria has been admitted over that period, according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Centre. Full story at Before the war, Syria had 1.8 million Christians, about 10% of its population. Around 1/3 of those are now displaced. In fact, call me Einstein, but ZERO out of 132 “refugees” is not 10%… unless you are a student that lived under Common Core. And of course the Christians should have disproportionate representation due to all the oppression and killings

        In fact, columnist Jim Simpson discusses the real agenda here is to “erase” America

        U.S. Town Elects Majority-Muslim City Council… Guess The 1st Thing They Did: Hamtramck, Michigan, known as the first city in the United States with a majority Muslim population, serves as an example of what life could be like in other cities that take the same path — and it has many justifiably worried… population, has experienced unsettling changes due to its rapidly growing Muslim population, which led to Muslims being elected to the local government. In the most recent election, Saad Almasmari, a 28-year-old man from Yemen, became the fourth Muslim elected to the six-member city council… Almasmari doesn’t understand the fear some non-Muslim residents feel, but changes in the community might justify those fears.
        One such change occured in 2004 when the city council permitted the al-Islah Islamic Center to blast a call to prayer five times a day. The mosque recently purchased a neighboring vacant building and planned to put a spire on it to continue the calls to prayer. Now, the council has implemented legislation that prohibits business owners within 500 feet of any of the four mosques in the city from obtaining a liquor license. Can anyone say “Sharia” in 10 years? (Yeah… and both abortion and gay marriage were “far fetched” too… before it happened! Cited from

      42. When I started my career in 1980 the USA was the largest creditor nation in the world, America’s industrial and manufacturing might was greater than the rest of the world combined, and we had the highest standard of living in the world. All that has changed; we are now the largest debtor nation in the world, we have lost more than 75% of our industrial base, and our standard of living may not even be in the top ten now. All this in one generation!
        Normally, a decline of this magnitude would require more than two generations or even longer to play out. The only way this could happen would be the intentional collusion of big government and big business, and made possible by printing immense amounts of money to cushion the economy enough to keep it from collapsing altogether.
        I have read posts blaming baby boomers, or fluoride in the water, or some other bullsh* t, this is all silliness. When people say things like that they cannot be taken seriously, because it shows they don’t know what they are talking about. FDR said nothing major happens by accident or inadvertently, it is always designed to happen by those who hold the levers of power.
        The best we all can do now is to empower ourselves, save your money and not in the banks, stop wasting your money and the time it took to earn it-quit buying trivial or unnecessary items, educate yourself- learn something useful or practical every day, build your personal resources, legally make yourself as poor as possible on paper to reduce your tax burden, eat healthy and take care of your health, go to church at least once a week. I could go on, you get the picture, the point is stop draining yourself ( your time, money, efforts, standard of living, etc.). For example; if you work much overtime you really just spend more time away from your family, pay more taxes, and at the end of the year have little to nothing to show for it. You are just sacrificing for others who could not care less about you.
        Other ideas are cashing in you IRA- the coming bail-in will take it from you anyway, pay off your debts, stop buying new cars-buy good used ones. Stop giving away your quality of life for nothing!

        • I agree 100 percent. A one year food supply is more valuable than a savings account. No mortgage… size down if necessary. .. I did. Pay off debt because these monsters use debt to crack the whip. This drop will be harder than the last one.

      43. Yuan don’t want it, not planning on ever using it, more chinese junk. IF americans never trust,
        Embrace it nor any of the other foreign toilet paper all the better for you and me. Just because
        They are feeding us this information does not mean we should trust it ,just more lies.
        We are told we owe huge deficits, but our govt has their fingers in everything. Seem to
        Be able to keep floating along for years, bailing things out for years, they can lie to
        Infinity and back who knows? Believe nothing they say or do because it is all just to try
        And manipulate with smoke and mirrors. Govt , politicians, = cartel or nothing but thieves thugs
        And liers……

      44. In reference to the article above, Miz Legarde kinda looks like a ……. Mandarin. Anybody else see that?

      45. I know criminals that have never been charged so is it a crime. Millions of people are here illegally which makes them criminals and they are getting free shit too. How is this ok but selling dope is bad unless your the dispensary. Please what bullshit when it comes to making $ it just boils down to balls and brains everybody else don’t matter. If you steal enough $ you can bail your self out of jail.

      46. Didn’t people say the same thing about the euro? Yet the dollar is still alive and kicking. In fact, it keeps rising.

      47. If you see the USD as a currency and miss the fact that it’s also a real-time measurement tool for pricing, you may be shaking in fear. The dollar has 2 lives, however, both generate revenue. The most visible is the dollar’s debt-currency role that warrants interest for its use. The second and most important is the dollar’s role as a price measure in support of debt-free trading….. a transaction tool.

        We can now compare the real-time pricing of two debt-free widgets and on the basis of agreement trade one debt-free widget for the other, directly, with no debt involved in the trade.

        Support debt-free trades ….. more…..
        Mkae one of thos widgets gold bullion and you now have a new real-time, market driven gold standard with instant and fully sclable liquidity with gold mass as the unit of account.

      48. What I didn’t see coming was the printed out US$ saying at 41.9% of the basket. What a load of nonsense. It’s ALL about the USA — the criminal World terrorists.

      49. So if the dollar collapses who is going to buy all the products from China? And are they going to eat there gold? I am not sure how Europe will not collapse too. Greece is there already, Italy, Spain are all close to collapsing. Then comes Japan which sells a lot to the U. S.

        What I see is a World Wide economical collapse.

        • Follow the money. Who benefits from IMF policies that are guaranteed to bankrupt entire countries? Who has the money to buy up vast numbers of distressed properties? The very wealthy do not have to be any smarter than their ancestors. This has been done endless numbers of times. It is the tried and true way to unassailable wealth. Creating and building stuff? Risky.

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