The World’s Rulers Are PROMISING A “Great Reset”

by | Jan 30, 2021 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. The ruling classes of the globe are promising that they will follow through with the Great Reset.  If you think this is going to be done in your favor, then you are delusional.

    The goal is for humans to become a slave race to the very few, we will “own nothing” and be “happy” to serve the ruling class. At least people are finally realizing what these totalitarian control freaks want in the very near future.

    Through its digital platform, the virtual Davos forum’s organizers set out an agenda that’s more ambitious than ever before, according to a report by The Washington Post.  Slavemaster Klaus Schwab, WEF’s founder and executive chairman, invoked the need to help provoke a “great reset” around the world in the wake of the plandemic. “The covid-19 crisis has shown us that our old systems are not fit anymore for the 21st century,” he said in a podcast ahead of events this week.

    Lately, even the mainstream media has been having a hard time putting a “good spin” on the great reset. They are finding it rather difficult to convince people to willingly become slaves.  Now that people can see their chains and know government is slavery, this is going to be a battle for the rulers as we outnumber them.

    They are going to do this to relate, control, and manipulate every single person on earth and it’s becoming obvious even to the most sleepy of all sheep.  All we can do is remind ourselves we are not to be slaves and conduct our lives accordingly.  No one makes a rightful master and no one makes a rightful slave.

    The fact that humanity is waking up to their own servitude to the rulers of the globe over the past thousands of years is a good sign. It’ll make this great reset difficult to pull off. And let’s face it, they probably think this will be easy. But people are finally seeing the invisible chains of their own oppression they’ve fastened around their own necks.

    We really do have a chance if we realize no amount of voting (which is mob rule if voting mattered anyway. The rulers have already shown us it does not) or changing the system of oppression will fix this. It’ll only enslave us further. The goal should be freeing humanity at this point. If you’re against the freedom of mankind, perhaps you should contemplate why you think people should be slaves.



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      1. As you mentioned, it is good that more people are waking up to the evils these psychos are really up to.We,(the good people) are the majority and we cannot allow a small group of evil bastards to dictate every single aspect of our lives.The slave mentality that has been ingrained into so many minds of the sheep must be overcome.The evil psychos have spent a lifetime programming people via fear and other tactics.It is also quite obvious by now that the msm has worked hand in hand with those that wish to control us and I think that is why trust in the msm/liars is at such an all-time low.It is a hard battle remaining strong when the enemies are coming at us from all sides but we cannot afford to give up.As you said,we were not made to be slaves to these sadists.The reason the elite/tptb have become increasingly scared and desperate of late is because they know they wouldn’t stand a chance in hell against the American people if we put up an united offensive against them.That is the reason they push all of the division between us.They seek to destroy us from within.We just need to stop listening to their scare tactics and resist their continuous efforts at breaking our spirits and demoralizing us.Thanks for this article.Everyone needs to stay strong because who knows what else these assholes have in the works to use against us.Whatever it may and whatever they throw at us -please stand your ground and never give in!!?

      2. Personally, I have never been able to grasp or understand how so many people were okay with what has happened since this phony 19 nonsense was rolled out.That so many accepted these things without any hesitation at all was amazing to me.Wearing a mask so you couldn’t breathe normally, staying away from people,not seeing your loved ones,avoiding all human interactions,using toxic hand sanitizers all day,snitching on others for having visitors at their own homes,having panic attacks at the mere thought of someone doing a simple human thing such as coughing,treating others as lepers and on and on.I truly cannot fathom what has happened to our society.The fact that so many, so easily succumbed to the lies of the so called “deadly” “pandemic” doesn’t feel real to me.It feels like we just fell into a parallel universe where everything is so wrong.None of what has happened to all of us since this all started seems real – none of it.

        • Totally, completely agree.

          It’s like we are sleepwalking into the maw of monster. We better become wake up and become ungovernable, and damn fast, if we expect to save any of our basic human rights.

          When they crash this system, we need to remove them from power. ALL. OF. THEM.

          • @Jesse,you are so right! The ones still asleep had better wake up now! As you mentioned,when the system is crashed – ALL must be removed from power.They have shown us absolutely no mercy at all and it is only fair that we return the favor!!

      3. Another bullseye article!

        Europe is already enslaved.
        The USA is being primed for enslavement
        To enslave us they way they want they have at least two major huddles.
        The US Constitution and its 2nd amendment.
        The 1st amendment is gone – the one world own the media.
        If the bidden admin crosses some major lines – you should expect Patriots to push back hard. Maybe that’s why they want 5K national guard in the capital??

      4. The masses are becoming a nuisance to the bluebloods. Remember part of the not so secret plan is to murder around 80% of the human population before they enslave the hand chosen survivors to do their bidding. They are too arrogant to succeed.

        • Not to be picky Bill, but if you check out the Georgia Guidestones right close to me here in GA, you will see their goal is max pop of 500 million. The arithmetic on that is 500 million/ 7500 million = 0.07 or 7% of the current population. This means about 93% need to go…


          • What I’d like to know is this, who the hell gave the rich permission to cull? WHO?

            • @Marcy,unfortunately the elite don’t ever bother to seek permission for their misdeeds.The egotistical bastards just do whatever the fuck they want usually at our expense.It appears only us poor plebs are the ones who need permission to live our lives or do anything The elite however just go on and on leaving more and more carnage/destruction in their wake sans permission.

              • Why doesn’t God stop all this?

      5. Remember last year at this time I was telling you all to buy as much silver as you can? Wellll… don’t say I didn’t tell ya!

        • You didn’t have to tell me

      6. Heard the CDC is now “mandating” masks on all forms of public transportation in the U.S. Of course,they have to ramp up the fear somehow.Everyone knows by now this lunacy has zilch to do with stopping a “killer”? virus and is merely the pretext for turning us into slaves and ultimately eliminating us all. If all of this wasn’t so terrifying – it would be absolutely laughable.Get ready folks as it appears there is no end in sight to this tyranny!!

      7. “The Great Purge” or “the Great Terror” (Russian: Большой террор), also known as the Year of ’37
        Historians estimate the total number of deaths due to Stalinist repression in 1937–38 to be between 950,000 to 1.2 million.

        “The Great Leap Forward” (Second Five Year Plan) of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was an economic and social campaign led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from 1958 to 1962
        The Great Leap resulted in tens of millions of deaths, with estimates ranging between 15 and 55 million deaths, making the Great Chinese Famine the largest in human history.

        “Great Reset”
        How many people will this kill needlessly?

      8. There’s a little girl in a small town in Arkansas, her mom is a stripper and her dad is a crackhead. Her grandad is the 46th Pres. of the USA – the same guy who said Trump supporters are the dregs of society.

      9. Yeah,it’ll be “great” alright – for them.We all know it will be anything but “great” for the rest of us.?

      10. Cant eat silver.

      11. Just read that Rep.Stephen Lynch,(D – Mass) tested positive for covid on Friday which was more than a week after receiving his second vaccine dose and completing his vaccination course.Tests positive more than a week later???IT MAKES ONE WONDER WHAT THE HELL THIS “VACCINE” IS REALLY FOR??????

      12. My opinion of these GlobalHomo Reset Clowns is that they will eventually go the way of the Dodo bird. They want to rule as gods. But what they haven’t factored into their equation is that there is a Sovereign God who rules over the Universe. If a person studies the Bible,especially the prophecies,as in Revelation chapter 13 and 17 it clearly shows that there will be a horrible situation in the last days which I believe we are in. But what these Global reset people think they are going to accomplish is a pipe dream. I think all they will accomplish is they will destroy the present economic system that is in place globally but will have no success in installing their grand plan. That is when Satan who is the Dragon in Revelation chapter 12 will energize and bring forth the true Beast system described in Revelation. And there won’t be any elite class of these clowns that want to rule the World,they will be ruled over by the Beast system the same way a peon or prole will be. Pray to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved and have eternal life. The Lord is soon coming for His Saints(real Christians that are really saved). And then the great tribulation will begin. Come quickly Lord Jesus! Amen.

      13. A little off topic,but, I just had a terrifying thought.With all of the snow forecast for the Northeast – How in the world are they ever going to get all of those covid sufferers in NYC to all those overwhelmed hospitals right in the middle of this raging pandemic?!?!?!????

      14. Everyone must go on-line and look up the new gun control bill formulated as H.R. 127 in the House of Representatives, but is cited as the “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act”. But it’s not for guns only, it also applies to ammunition. It’s primary sponsor is Sheila Jackson of Texas. It was published Jan. 4, 2021 for the 1st Session of the 117th Congress. Every single person who is reading this must notify their Representative (Congressperson) to NOT support this bill. Every Congressperson’s web site and email address can easily be found on-line, tell them this is altogether unacceptable and that is is nothing short of qualifying our rights. Tell your friends and family members to contact their Congressperson too. Either they’re stopped, or we’ll all be criminals. The stipulated fines and jail sentences are so unbelievable they are life destroying. DON’T JUST LEAVE A COMMENT FOR THIS POST, CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSPERSON. If this goes through, they know they can get away with more destruction of individual rights and freedoms. I am not surprised the MSM has not reported this item.

      15. If someone is accused of commuting a crime,they must be proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.You don’t have to prove yourself innocent.With covid,it is the complete opposite.People are assumed to be diseased and guilty and must prove themselves not sick which is impossible because you cannot prove a negative.How convenient for the ones behind this mammoth hoax!!

      16. Our whole system needs an overhaul. Time to get rid of the elite, this whole system of doing things and show them who is the boss. Aren’t you fed up with being slaves to the rich? We don’t need to buy their products or services. Whatever they sell us we can do without, or create for ourselves. The elite are nothing but parasites living off the backs of the rest of us.

      17. @Marcy, I agree with you.I would add that the elite are more like leeches. Once they get on us,they won’t let go and will suck us dry!!

        • I think we’re trying to figure out how to stop being slaves to the leeches. Any suggestions?

          • @Marcy,the problem is that these elite,rich evil people control the msm and just about everything else.You are right that the elite get rich at our expense.They don’t care about us at all.These are a group of people who have given themselves the authority to rule over us.We were never asked if we wanted someone to rule over us.There is so much corruption and things going on at the highest levels that we don’t even know about and which makes everything we face even worse.
            We truly do face such a dire battle for our freedoms.
            As for suggestions, I would say in the situation we find ourselves in – the only real solution would be to cut off the head of the snake.The
            problem being that there are so many snakes…Please keep your comments coming because I always enjoy them.
            I may not always post a response but I always read your comments.Thanks.

            • Thank you. We all have interesting things to point out.

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