The World Is Now Facing The Second Deadliest Ebola Outbreak In Human History

by | Dec 10, 2018 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    The second deadliest Ebola virus outbreak has now spread to a major city. This spread is complicating already strained attempts at containment in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC.)

    There has been a “significant increase” in Ebola infections there over the past three weeks, with a total of 25 confirmed cases thus far, according to Thursday’s bulletin from the country’s health ministry. ABC News reported that the virus has now spread to a major city, Butembo, which is home to almost 1 million people. Butembo is also a key trading and transport hub with links to other major cities in the country as well as to the neighboring country, Uganda. It’s about two times the size of the city of Beni, the outbreak’s epicenter, and is located just 35 miles away. The health ministry said the “high density and mobility” of Butembo’s population presents new challenges to containment efforts, already complicated by sporadic rebel attacks on remote villages in and around Beni.

    Since the outbreak was declared on Aug. 1, a total of 471 people have reported symptoms of hemorrhagic fever in the country’s eastern provinces of North Kivu and Ituri, which share borders with Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan. Among those cases, 423 have tested positive for Ebola virus disease, which causes an often-deadly type of hemorrhagic fever, according to the health ministry. –ABC News

    So far, the health ministry in the DRC has reported 273 deaths, including 225 people who died from confirmed cases of Ebola. The other deaths are from probable cases of Ebola, the ministry said.  According to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the ongoing outbreak is one of the world’s deadliest in human history, second only to the 2014-2016 outbreak in multiple West African nations that infected 28,652 people and killed 11,325,

    This is the 10th outbreak and the worst the country has seen since 1976, the year that scientists first identified the deadly virus near the eponymous Ebola River. Ebola is endemic to the DRC. “No other epidemic in the world has been as complex as the one we are currently experiencing,” the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s health minister, Dr. Oly Ilunga Kalenga, said in a statement last month.

    The World Health Organization received approval to administer an experimental Ebola vaccine, using a “ring vaccination” approach, around the epicenter of the current outbreak. More than 40,000 people, including health workers and children, have been vaccinated in the outbreak zone since August 8, according to the country’s health ministry.

    The vaccine, which was developed by embattled American pharmaceutical company Merck, has proven effective (according to government science and the manufacturer of the vaccine) against the country’s previous outbreak in the western province of Equateur. The number of Ebola cases in the current outbreak would probably have already surpassed 10,000 if it weren’t for the vaccination teams, the ministry claimed on Thursday, according to further reporting by ABC News.


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      1. I watched a documentary about the Congo, and the ongoing war, last week. What a hell hole.

        If Ebola makes it to a city of 1 million people, with little law and order, limited facilities, this is going to spread like wildfire from city to city.

        The living conditions in the documentary I watched last week (it was made in 2016 as I recall) were horrific. No sanitation. Random tribal war gangs. People living in mud huts and in even worse conditions at a UN refugee camp where people were dying from cholera due to contaminated water.

        People do travel from the Republic of the Congo to Uganda to do business. One woman was selling gems and was basically a smuggler. It was one way to make a living. If this is the case, this means people will be traveling while infected, from city to city and this will spread due to such poor living conditions, lack of sanitation, ignorance of basic hygiene.

        How long until one, or more, become infected and travel via air to a major city? God help the world if they fly to Lagos or someplace like Mumbai.

      2. If the Africans there would stop eating and screwing monkeys there would be no outbreak.

        • Human spread comes from contact with infected body fluids of all types and from all orfices being sprayed wiped and otherwise smeared all around. It doesn’t matter how it started, it does matter however how humans spread the nastinest around to share it with the unsuspecting.

        • Infidel: Well unfortunately we know they can’t leave the crack alone and the “young meat”, so you know that ain’t gonna happen either my friend. What true, wild savage apes. Everyone knows that they have ZERO control of emotions and act on nothing but impulse and stimuli! Just fire-bomb the entire area like the Movie Outbreak, The End~!

      3. Counterarguments are 200yrs old, already.

      4. Well past time for a COMPLETE INTERNATIONAL QUARANTINE to prevent infected from getting out of the hot zone and spreading Ebola to the western world where it will WIPE OUT cities in days, because they are arrogant nasty foul personal hygiene for having all the comforts of modern plumbing and technology but consistently fail to use it.

        In the western world, the FILTHIEST ANSTIEST GERM LADEN item is the SMART PHONE, the next nastiest item is the RESTAURANT MENU, and the next the SHOPPING CART YOU PUT YOUR PRODUCE IN, the next is your car keys.

        The FILTHIEST NASTIEST places are modern Transit vehicles (airplanes Buses and trains).

        Oh yeah, we NEED Ebola in the Western world, it will wipe out so many ignorant nasty piggies.

        • Think about the prevalence of STDs in the western world…and it becomes obvious also that ebola will spread scarily fast among populations that are engaged in perversions of sex, primarily those engaged in same sex perversions where whoreship of the anus is primary for both s3x3s. Oh yeah, in the Hot zone it is because of perversion with infected bodies, in the west is will spread like lightning because of perversions of all other types.

          • DNJ: Hopefully it will wipe out ALL of the vile, anal-plunging, immoral, devious, rectum-munching apes from the damn face of the Earth and beyond!!

            • I would not be as wrapped up in this but for the human psychology element concerning this has CREATED a huge blind spot that will make it possible and LIKELY that this will become a global problem all over again for a virus that spreads as fast and as easily as NOROVIRUS does during the winter or onboard cruise ships and for ALL the same reasons. It doesn’t take a person to be a germaphobe or hypochondriac to understand what the danger is. But if you ask people why they have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer (mistakeningly thinking this is PREVENTIVE) at most grocery store front doors…they don’t get it and connect WHY…But have you ever watched little kids in grocery carts and the stuff they do, and the mothers changing their kids in the carts and throwing the used diapers into the parking lot instead of nearby garbage can and the TOTAL lack of sanitation practice because they don’t have time or desire? Never mind the kids throwing up and teething on the cart handles.. you don’t have to catch anything from direct contact, but later get it from your ankle biters when they are sick with all sorts of crap later. Ever seen a store CLEAN the handles before….like NEVER and NONE of them do it…Dirty nasty people and they go on through life oblivious to reality. Sick kids taken to restaurants where there sht or puke in the play places, and the nasty parents JUST DONT STAY HOME WITH THEIR SICK KIDS TO START WITH….Oh no…take out the germ factories and multiply the illness they do. How do I know…I just watch and observe, no secret there. Human Psychology and observation that confirms everything I say.

        • DNJ: Too bad we can’t get Ebola to only go after Left-wing, liberal, demonRAT, progressive scum-sucking, vile apes…

      5. Sounds like they want to thin the herd in Africa

        • Send all the street apes from our cities to Africa first please, then turn it loose.

      6. Let me Know when it leaves Africa
        There is a vaccine so advanced nations will be protected

        • Ebola has left Africa, on dozens of flights. Watch a flight tracker, over those countries. Someone like customs makes you check a list, that promises you have not been exposed. That’s how it got to Dallas, according to mainstream news.

          Also, Ebola antigens are grown in tobacco.

          Vaccinated people become asymptomatic carriers (if they are lucky) spreading virions / phages for weeks to months. These also lie dormant, in people supposed to be in remission.

          If you take immuno-suppressant prescriptions, say for auto-immunities, like psoriasis or Crohn’s, you are supposed to warn the doctor, that you’ve been vaccinated.

      7. Last time we had a major Ebola scare in Africa, what researchers discovered is that the last place the virus leaves is in sexual fluids. This means a patient can seem fine,but if they indulge then their partner can acquire it.

        They have an experimental vaccine but this is mostly for healthcare providers at risk. It’s doubtful they could ever pretreat potentially affected areas.

        This isn’t like malaria where precautions like mosquito netting can lower the incidence rate. The virus is possibly spread by eating contaminated bats or being around infected monkeys, but we really don’t understand much about it.

        Peculiar local funerary customs are partial responsible for the spread of contagion and the number of inciderators is always limited. And the latter becomes problematic when innundated with corpses.That’s typically when the bull dozers come out.

        If you are a RN and there is little you can do to help the infected, do you stay at your post for psychological support or call in sick to prevent infecting your family?

        • During the last outbreak, there was a MSM news anchor and an RN that broke quarantine, as I recall.

          I view that as a beta test. The US did not shut down air travel from infected countries and because that nurse refused to comply with quarantine orders. The news anchor also broke quarantine.

          Imagine if this got loose in San Diego, or San Francisco, or Los Angeles where there is open defecation and a large homeless population with out adequate access to clean water or hygiene.

          I have been expecting a typhoid, cholera, or bubonic plague outbreak in those populations. Ebola would spread like biological wildfire in that community. Most of those people are mentally ill or addicts and they have rights.

          Imagine trying to quarantine the intoxicated and insane. When the CDC failed to keep a nurse and MSM news anchor quarantined, how the hell would they keep that population quarantined?

          • The Ebola scare of 2014. How about this theory…maybe the ones that broke rank didn’t have Ebola after all. Maybe something else.

          • They have found fruit bats with antibodies to the Zaire strain in Bangladesh. Now, that is the stuff of nightmares!!!

          • We see people from these countries, casing the McMansions, from white vans. Groups of these foreign, black men, offer some kind of generic cleaning solution, aggressively.

            I am around other, larger, white men, sometimes, doing heavy lifting, and they are showing no fear or common respect.

      8. If it makes it to Toronto we are done as our public health and hospitals are fifth rate .Most staff would walk away and the hospitals would just be charnel houses.There is a very bad flu /pneaumonia going around here that started in the shelter system and was ignored .Now its all over the city eith people taking up to 6 weeks to get well.You feel like you are coughing your guts out.NDP policies have destroyed public health here so we wouldnt stand a chance.We need a reset to get rid of these politicians who do not act in our interest

      9. The World is not facing this outbreak, The Congo is facing it.
        Get the facts straight.

        • 12 Monkeys

      10. Africa is the next China
        Even China is investing in Africa

        • Africa will always be useful for commodity extraction only.
          It is run by Australopithecus and will never be the next anything… especially the next China.

      11. The Butembo case was actually a high risk contact that fled to the city from Beni. It was documented in September. I don’t believe there is any spread to Butembo…yet. I think percentages of deaths are much more useful than numbers alone. If treated, many people will recover. Ebola is not really a mystery. It is also not very easy to just “catch” from a casually ill person. As the virus progresses, the viral count increases. This is called a “wet” patient. They are saturated with the virus and bodily fluids are carrying heavy viral loads.

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