The World Is Hoarding Gold: “This Was Just A Taste Of What’s To Come”

by | Feb 21, 2016 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 180 comments

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    Earlier this month, as retail investors lost confidence in the global economy and broader stock markets, an air of panic began to set in. Reports indicate the lines were literally forming around the block at gold stores throughout London and elsewhere. It was, by all accounts, the very scenario one might expect in an environment where trust in government and central banks has been eroded.

    But it’s only the beginning, explains Auryn Resources executive chairman Ivan Bebek in an interview with SGT Reportas nation states and large investors are trying to get their hands on gold as fast as they can:

    Before any big move in gold we have always seen extreme volatility or volatility pick up. This was just a taste of what’s to come in the next few years… We’ll look back at this and be reflecting on how minimal this move was compared to what’s going to happen as we go forward…

    It’s a smart money trend… they can see where their countries are going… where the world economy is going… it’s surprising how late they are to the party… late to a very small door to get a bit of gold that’s out there… it’s going to be a remarkable reaction when that all comes to fruition. They’re just positioning themselves for what’s to come and that’s what they have to do. And getting back into the gold trade, the gold business and hoarding gold… they’re doing that because they see a very big gold market coming ahead like the rest of us.

    Full Video Interview:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    And while there is most certainly big money moving into gold ahead of negative interest rates, a potential ban on high denomination cash bills and the global calamity to come, Bebek highlights the fact that retail investors haven’t yet begun to get involved on any meaningful scale. Many remain committed to the view of mainstream financial pundits and entrenched analysts talking their books, so they’re going to hold on to their more traditional investments until such time that they see everyone else panic. And when that inevitable rush to the exit door comes they’ll be looking to shift their capital into safe haven assets, along with the rest of the herd.

    But just as there will be only one exit door for the mob trying to sell, there will also be a small entrance way for those looking to protect themselves with gold:

    When you took the 2011 gold run to $1900… and you took the market cap of all the gold companies in the world… they would have fit into one big tech company on the NASDAQ. That’s how small the world gold investing market is.

    So, when you look at the size and scope of the money that can come into the gold market… the door on the way out and the door on the way in… it’s really small.

    This is the start of the turn and it’s a very small door, meaning there are very few gold investments to make. In a few years there will be hundreds of gold companies like ourselves, or even thousands like there were before.

    But that first wave is where all the money is made. You can go back to 2002 – 2004 and you look at the first wave and you look at what happens when gold starts to move… what happens to gold equities… the 100%, 200%, 1000%, and 10,000%  returns… those all can happen from this point forward.

    It’ll be the place to put your money. At the same time, the early few years will be where most of the money is made percentage-wise.

    What we saw in London a couple of weeks ago was a microcosm of what’s to come. Though there remain those like former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke who say central banks and governments buy gold not because it’s money but because it’s tradition, that narrative, says Bebek, has fallen apart:

    Five or six years ago they got onto that page, but now they can no longer say it. When you have China, Germany, Europe and all these world economies believing that it’s not a tradition… that they need to own it as a currency… it doesn’t matter what they say because the demand is so big worldwide… actions are bigger than words… the world is hoarding gold… they’re starting to go long gold… so that defeats the whole argument they have been making.

    We know for a fact that the smart money including major global players like George Soros and Carl Icahn are gobbling up all the gold they can get their hands on. When the rush for the exit in global equities starts – and you better believe it will – there will be an equally panicked rush into safe haven assets.

    We literally saw how small the door was as people lined up to get their hands on physical gold. Now imagine, as Auryn Resources’ Ivan Bebek noted, what that line will look like on a global scale and what it will do to gold prices.


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      1. You have land/preps ect and still holding on a lot of cash by all means invest some in metals,have stood thru the rise and fall of many empires.I do believe we will see many more alt currencies ect. as the lost war on cash banning begins,a few good hackers will totally fuck with that system.

        You got your ducks lined up and still have money?!Well,not much for me to invest but another egg in the basket never hurts.

        • Never forget water and the means to clean it.

          • No living organism can live without water. As in PERIOD!!!!!

            As for this guy’s opinion….
            what is he hoping sell?

            • But many organisms can live within water!

              • In German hot tubs, there are sometimes orgasms in the water.



        • Warchild, just keep stacking which is what I’m doing. went another shopping trip today. First week of March I’m headed back to the BOL with another load of preps and some R&R. My precious metals have always been ‘brass and lead’ to help me keep what I have. Still getting more of that also. Oh, and yes I got some more goldfish.

          • I think I will buy a bullet mold for ar-15. I could make bullets out of silver bars.

            Nothing says, “your dead fucker” like getting shot with a silver bullet.

            Now, If you had a gun with 2 silver bullets and were confronted by a vampire, a werewolf and an Human resources manager, who would you shoot?

            Answer = The HR manager twice; just to be sure.

            • Better off buying a shitload of 223 bullets. Unjacketed bullets will only foul your barrel with the velocity of the projectile.

              • Not silver ones.

                Silver is much harder than lead with a hardness of about 3 Mohs which is virtually the same as copper.

                A little expensive to cast in any quantity but other than that I see no problem using them, particularly on game that requires silver to kill it.

          • Hughes Amendment to The Firearms Ownership Protection Act (Bill Hughes Democrat Congressman NJ south rural NJ by the way) was put in and FOPA stood zero chance of passage without it. I don’t blame President Reagan. Hughes was smart and did not seek re-election as his opposition Frank LoBiondio R was going to beat him handily.

            The Republicans might not be 100% but the core Democrats are 0. You take that hand of cards your dealt and Republicans by and large are far better than Democrats on the Second Amendment.

          • Acid – “WOMEN DESTROY CIVILIZATIONS” – Psychopaths, both male and female psychopaths, destroy civilizations.

        • Good point. I grow weary of the old “you can’t eat gold” comment. Yes, we understand that. This isn’t a binary choice however. In a situation where there is “merely” an Argentinian or Greek style meltdown, PMs will stand one in good stead. The book of Ecclesiates says “Invest in seven ventures, yes, in eight; you do not know what disaster may come upon the land.” Stood Solomon well, and is still good advice today. Certainly, ensure you first have water, food, ammunition to hunt/self-defense, shelter, etc. But after that, Au/Ag (and don’t forget platinum) are good investments. Sprott, the Central Fund of Canada are ways to get out of the paper market; you can also hold PMs in a self directed IRA – but make SURE they are directly allocated to you personally! My older brother, who is a big numismatist, got gold coins in his IRA, and they were directly allocated to him, and him alone. Well, golly gee, lo and behold when he retired, they gave him coins with DIFFERENT dates on them, not expecting him to be that savvy. This goes back to the whole issue of gold swaps, bullion banks, etc., even to the old question of if there is gold in Ft. Knox (please put your comments here about that one ____________) Point is, when the music stops, there are not going to be enough chairs – there will be 100 people waving scraps of paper stating they have an ounce of gold and only one ounce actually available. Don’t have AU? Then buy junk silver. But, as noted, you can buy the Central Canada Fund, Sprott funds that hold physical, hold gold in your IRA, and other companies like and similar where you can get away from the Ponzi paper scam. Water/food vs. gold? The real answer is yes to both, wherever possible.

          • Absolutely. I know you can’t ever be done prepping, but if some of us have extra money we don’t necessarily spend it all on preps. Sometimes you have to hedge your bets and have something more liquid than trying to sell freeze dried food to pay your bills. Any time I have sold Gold or Silver I get a check, not a pile of cash. I deposit via my mobile app or virtual teller and it’s in my account. (I don’t have very many branches for my Bank. USAA.) I do keep money in the bank, but it’s just a few months expenses. Yes if there was a bank holiday, then a check wouldn’t do me any good, but then maybe local retailers would take gold or silver. I ONLY buy Gold and Silver Eagles and junk Silver.

            One of the reasons is that it’s a coin that is recognized and sure the face on a Gold Eagle is $50, but so what? The one HUGE reason is they are exempt from reporting. I bought 20 Gold Eagles @ $600 some time back and sold 10 of them @ $1400 to buy my BOL land. No 1099 needed from buyer. Gold bars or even Rounds would generate a 1099 and subject to me having to keep the receipts of what I purchased it for and subtract the difference for tax purposes. The buyer sends their part of the 1099 to the IRS and they may nail me for the $14K worth for profit for income taxes instead of $8K. So keep your receipts if you don’t buy Eagles.

            • You screwed that all up.

              • How so?

        • “Lines were literally forming around the block”. No they were not!

          The only gold dealer in the Strand is based in a
          cul-de-sac (next to the Savoy hotel) so “literally” is not possible.

          The other main gold dealers are in Hatton Garden and have narrow shop fronts, again an impossibility. OK, they were busier than normal, but hasn’t the author heard of buying stuff off the web? Why form a line for something readily available? Right now Gold is still easily purchased anywhere in the UK.

          I think the word that they needed to use was “metaphorically”, another case of incorrect use of English by people who use English professionally (and I’m Norwegian).

          Hyperbole (lines literally forming around the block) is just another way to push the gold price up….and guess who profits?

          This web site is full of hyperbolic articles and often hysterical ill informed comments from its readers.

          What’s wrong with reporting the truth? After all, the truth can be far less believable than
          the most silly conspiracy theory that seem to thrive here.

          I think far too many Americans have way too much time on their hands and not enough real life worries, so they invent and feed on made up worries.

          • As a longtime reader here, I must agree with you. I have a pretty good filter and sometimes I shake my head at the inaccuracy or hype. You get good articles too. The one on hacking the iPhone for the Gov’t was very accurate and well written for the layperson. I say this because this is my profession. While it didn’t have ALL of the details, details that would make the average person’s eyes roll up into their head, it was good. Other times, I can sense the hype and this was one of them. If my gold dealer has Eagles in stock and the Premium is around $60 per coin then things are OK. If they start to sharply climb along with the price, then shortages are starting and it’s time to buy more. The premium can tell you a lot along with spot price.

          • Thanks, Anon. As much criticism as possible is good – that way we don’t end up, like the analogy Luther used, about a drunk man who fell off his horse; then, after getting back on, determined NOT to do that again, falls off the other side.

            But if I may politely critique your own post, most languages use hyperbole. And it’s gotten so bad in English that even “there were literally lines around the block” would NOT be understood by a good portion of English speakers as meaning there was literal lines around a physical block, but rather just that there were long lines.

            Nevertheless, we don’t want to be Luther’s drunk man, so your comments are good.

            Now, one question for you: a year ago, Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff, who served under Reagan in the Treasury, and now is at Boston Univ., said if you took ALL the unfunded liabilities in the US – not just federal – the total amount would be $222 TRILLION. USA Today around that time put the figure around $70 trillion (hey! a trillion here, a trillion there… pretty soon you’re talking REAL money!) My question is: exactly HOW do you think that will be paid back? Remember, you have only three choices, barring massive growth, which ain’t gonna happen under socialism: print money, raise taxes, cut services.

            And you will find in Norway, once the oil(free money) runs out, the same conundrum. Sweden, your neighbor, had the same problem somewhere around 15 years ago (I speak Swedish, and have been in Sweden), and so did Canada under Paul Martin in the 1990s. So yes, keep up your criticisms – very valuable to keep everyone from going off the edge. On the other hand, there are very real, very serious problems (think the amount of derivatives world-wide, which Warren Buffet called “financial weapons of mass destruction,” and simply dismissing them as conspiracy is, in my opinion, intellectually dishonest.

            In sum, very good post – thank you! – but IMHO, it was not complete.

            • Test – thankfully I’m not an economist so cannot speak with any authority on curing the world’s woes, just like the economists cannot!

              However, I believe that the nearest example to the mess we are in today may be found in the Weimar Republic and the solution to our problems can be found there too! It will be hard, much harder than any Western person can imagine.

              One of the really amusing things I find about a lot of the comments on this site is the tough guy talk. “Bring it on” or “can’t wait”. These silly people just sound like foolish braggards,all sound and fury signifying nothing.

              No matter how well American preppers are prepared for Armageddon not one living American has experienced real, and I mean REAL hardship.

              I have done voluntary work in both Ethiopia and Rwanda, is that how these idiots wish to survive?

              • no

        • Just my opinion, but I look at gold as a way to protect a family’s wealth in stable times. With the uncertain times ahead, instead of gold I’ll stick with storing food, seeds, medical supply’s, water filters, and for those cold nights at the BOL, a few bottle’s of moonshine!

      2. just keep stacking

        there will be a rush to the exits like we’ve never seen before. then all that money is headed to things like gold, silver, bitcoin and anything else perceived to be safe from government bail ins and negative interest bank accounts.

        • Like food, food, and food, with a side order of Spam thrown in, medical supplies, shelter materials, lead, brass, more lead and more brass, water storage/filter/treatment supplies, need I say more?

          • Muddy, you speak my kind of language. That’s exactly where my FRNs go. Picked up some more today.

            • BH, did you see my rant on yesterday’s post?

              It’s one of my breakthroughs in logic.

              Since schools never teach us shit,

              we have to piece things together ourselves.

              • Acid, I just got home 20 minutes ago and went back to read your rant on yesterday’s thread. I’m not sure if I agree with everything in it, but it was definitely one of your more interesting rants, I’ll give you that.

              • AE: That drivel you call a rant is incoherent, not logical, and your so-called “argument” is based on a false premise so of course your conclusion is nonsensical.

                Other than the above, that rant shows that you are pathologically and criminally insane.

                I guessed that your mother kept you in diapers until you were ten years old and made you do things with her for you to turn out so insane. Impossible double-binds result in either schizophrenia or people like you that have no empathy and no conscience otherwise known as a sociopath.

                Mommie dearest made you wear diapers and you were wetting the bed probably until you were a teenager. When did you set your first fire or let me guess you set a fire, burned down your house and your mother was inside and died in the fire? When did you torture and kill your first animal? Oh let me guess if it wasn’t the family pet it was the pet of a neighbor.

                Bet wetting, fire starting, and the torture of pets and small animals are the three traits shared by most serial killers. AE you don’t just have the mentality of a serial killer, you have the twisted mind of a sociopathic serial killer. I hope you are writing the shit you write because you are behind bars, either at a prison or my guess, you are locked inside the forensic ward of a state mental hospital for life.

                • Philosopher – In the main I agree with your assessment of this person. He is seriously disturbed!

                  What I don’t understand is why the site owner is letting this creature continuously break the rules he, himself, has imposed, ie: no racism. The disparagement I can live with, especially from such a moronic retard.

          • Spam is food! Its actually SUPER FOOD!

            • Porcine turine can’t be beat…

            • Kula, so what are the ingredients in Spam?
              My opinion is it’ll kill you before your time.
              In vienna sausage, one of the ingredients is beef lips. Yum!

        • Anon: I agree.

          What is that old saying? “Those with gold make the rules.”

          • those with loaded guns make the rules .. you dig?

            • I like Canadian maple leaf silver coins. They are 99.99 fine and can be used to make colloidial silver which has many uses.

      3. I still think we got years to go before we get down to door to door and hand to hand. Don’t let any lull cause you to become complacent.

        • PO’d Patriot, door to door and hand to hand is coming a lot sooner than anyone thinks. Braveheart is never complacent. He keeps stacking even during lulls.

      4. They will give you their gold for your food and water.

        Not against any one who owns PM’s.

        • I depends on the level of collapse. I am utterly confused why everyone is so binary here! Yes, Yellowstone blows, your Au won’t be useful, we all get that (at least for the immediate future); but what about something less severe? What about a Greek or Argentianian or Wiemar Republic or Zimbabwean economic meltdown? What about “just” mass inflation (say ~10%/yr).

          Truth is, you need food, water self-sufficiency stuff AND gold or silver. There are a thousand and one scenarios, so diversify as much as you can.

      5. Mac said “come” Huh huuh huuuuuh… Cool.

      6. Stacky, stacky…

      7. I think it was Jim Rogers (I might be wrong here) who said there has never been a bull market that didn’t see a 50% retracement – which is exactly what we are coming out of now.

        Similarly, Jim Rickards in his recent books said that there are only a few possible outcome – some type of anarchic outcome, a return to some kind of gold standard, where gold is re-valued radically higher, or going to SDRs. He suspects the latter, but gold is a possibility. I know many who use, which uses one of the British channel islands – which have, by virtue of their history always had exemptions from UK law as one venue to hold physical outside of bankster safe deposit boxes. But do your due diligence. Central Fund of Canada also only holds physical, as do several Sprott funds. Finally, you CAN hold gold in a self-directed IRA. Just a couple thoughts FYI>

        • Test: I agree. If I had any money in a 401K I would be moving that into a self-directed IRA.

          Bail-ins will be ugly and brutal. Once the government puts their hands on your money, forget about it. People will be lucky to get pennies on the dollar.

          • I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and they have already passed bail in legislation in the Great White North. New Zealand and a few other countries have as well in addition to Cyprus. I forget how many, but it’s a number.

            Point is, we live in a post-modern world where there are no absolutes, where everyone – starting with the former chief lawgiver of the land, Bill Clinton, telling us law depended upon “what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” When you get to that point, any country is in SERIOUS trouble. And that relativism always finds its comeuppance with MONEY… because that is where our words meet with what is *really real* to us (and which is one reason why Jesus Himself discussed money on more than one occasion). It is also why you see such utter hypocrisy among the Learjet leftists and rich Hollywierd hypocrites, not to mention Al Gore and his BIG GREEN MONEY scam (hint, there has been ZERO global warming since 1998, the scam temperatures they use are LAND based, not the zillion times more accurate satellite sensors, and while this el Nino year was warm ***in North America***, the winter of 2013-4 was the coldest in over 100 years. And don’t even get me started on the Medieval Warm Period which was warmer than today (darn those doggone Vikings and their SUVs!).

          • Yes, that is why I recommend Sprott, Central Fund of Canada, self-directed IRA, etc. I would never want to hold PMs in my home, not where I live, and digging in my backyard would have a hundred eyes on me. So, there are some good options.. but NOT a safe deposit box!

          • your money wont be safe in the IRA either.

            • BCOD: there are some IRAs which allow physical possession of PMs.

              Don’t be so fucking negative butt crack.

            • Ok, IRA question. I know about the bail-ins, etc.
              I do think private “citizens” IRA’s would be the last thing the gov’t. would want to take control, but I will not put it past them.
              Hypothetically speaking, if you started to draw on it, minimally, say $100.-200. a month, do you think it would be grandfathered and that the gov’t. would go after the younger people’s IRA’s instead?
              We might start a small monthly withdrawal to test it.
              That’s my hope, anyway.

              • KOD: there are self-directed IRAs which allow the owner of the IRA to take physical possession of PMs. There are usually commercials on the financial channels or on Zerohedge or you can use your search engine of choice and find which ones offer that as an option. I am not an expert on self-directed IRAs or how to use that structure to purchase PMs so please do your own research.

                I expect 401Ks to just be confiscated as part of a bail-in although I don’t think they will call it a bail-in they will say it is a financial emergency and that our dear leaders are working hard and there will be a “bank holiday” and after that ends the dear leaders and banks will just take whatever they can take. What will people get in return? Whatever the dear leaders and the banks tell them they can get.

                If you can’t touch it you don’t own it. Even if you can touch it, that ownership may still be compromised by dear leaders and the banks.

                What are they going to do? Dig up every back yard and bulldoze every barn in the entire USSA? I doubt it.

                • Philo, We have been managing our own IRA’s for a while now. They are both IRA’s and we know we could hold pm’s but chose not to. (Those we hold even closer 🙂
                  My question relates to gov’t. confiscation of retirement accounts in general, but I meant 401k’s, as they are generally held by currently employed people.
                  IRA’s, it would seem, if they are being drawn down, would be the last choice of gov’t. takeovers, after 401k’s, as in, “those people are still in the work force, so we can rob them first, they’ll have time to recover.”
                  But I’m just speculating here, hoping the gov’t. would be “ethical” about it. They won’t be.
                  They will take what they need.
                  And screw us.
                  But we’ll take a few of them with us!

                  • KOD: I will repeat myself: I expect 401Ks to be confiscated as part of a restructuring process.

                    Furthermore, if you can’t touch it you don’t own it. I am still stacking PMs and see no reason to stop for the present time.

            • Yes, this is a serious question about IRAs. My thoughts are that they won’t do outright confiscation, but de facto confiscation following some kind of 2008 style financial emergency, e.g., forcing people into those MyRAs that Obungler floated a while back…

              • IF YOU DON’T HAVE IT IN YOUR POSSESSION YOU DON’T HAVE IT! Letting someone else hold your wealth is beyond foolish. Oh but my ira or whatever is special, the govt. or lawsuits or whatever can’t touch it GIVE ME A BREAK! Be sure to pay your taxes on gains too and keep it on the table for whatever sharks may come along and take it. Hope you get some of it when you need it after 90% windfall taxes and escaping the hordes of wolves that know what you have. IT AINT ROCKET SCIENCE FOOLS!

                • If you are too stupid to hide it well out of the wolves reach then you are pretty much too stupid to have it in the first place….

                • I know just what you’re saying G., but trying to convince your wife to cash it all in has been an impossible task.
                  She thinks I’m nuts when I bring it up.
                  All I can do is say “I told you so” when it happens.
                  It wouldn’t be the end of life but it’d be bad.

                  • Tell her to read about what happened in Cyprus and Greece and what is happening in Venezuala, now. If that doesn’t scare the bloody hell out of her and wake her up I don’t know what will. I feel sorry for you for marrying someone that ignorant.

              • Test: that is my conclusion as well.

        • Test – Google “Hatton Garden Robbery”. The complacency of the banking/security industry will have you digging a very big hole!

      8. PO’P

        I think it is the last Pope. The Last President. The last of this country. Never have I seen the world, this country and its people in such bad shape on many fronts.

        It will get to the point that people will eat each other up till they figure out how to live with each other and not impose stupid laws. I don’t want to hear nothing on gun control.

        Then government will be for the people and not against them. I will make it hard for any Congressperson to think like, THEY HAVE POWER OVER THE PEOPLE.

        A lot of ass beating has to be done and I am looking forward to it.

        • Slingshot, we as a society need to bring back the old saying; ” Mind Your Own Business.”

          • I thought that is what the middle finger was for?

          • Justice: I agree. Which is why I say NUNYA. (None of your business).

        • I hear ya. Though I got a feeling that the world has several more levels of darkness before its truly on. Keep your blade whetted.

      9. If I was President the first thing I would do is WATERBOARD every one in Congress to get to the truth.

        Polygraph is too easy.

        • Slingshot, polygraphs have always been a joke. There is a way to beat them. They’re so unreliable that the results from them are not admissible as evidence in a court.

      10. AND WHY AU/AG (GOLD AND SILVER)? And don’t forget platinum – seriously undervalued right now….

        Bill Bonner put is most perspicaciously below, and explains how and why the Keynesians have unleashed a monetary hell on us average plebes in flyover country. Keynesians FYI, are diametrically opposed to the Austrian school, like von Mises, Hayek (The Road to Serfdom), Rothbard, etc. – see as one site with a focus on this, who have it mostly spot-on, and of whom Dr. Ron Paul is an adherent.

        “Money is information. It tells us how much reward we’ve earned… how much things cost… how much profit, how much loss, how much something is worth… how much we’ve saved, how much we’ve spent, how much we need, and how much we’ve got. Money doesn’t have to be “hard” or “soft” or expensive or cheap. But it has to be honest. Otherwise, the whole system runs into a ditch.

        But the new money was a phony. It put the cart ahead of the horse. This was money that no one ever had to break a sweat to get. It was based on credit – the anticipation of work, not work that had already been done. Money no longer represented wealth. It now represented anti-wealth: debt. So, the economy stopped producing real wealth. The Fed could create money that no one ever earned and no one ever saved. It was no longer the real thing, but a counterfeit.

        In this way, effort and reward were cut off from one another. The working man still had to labor. But it was the banker, gambler, speculator, lender, financier, investor, politician, or inside operator who made the money. And the nature of the economy changed. Instead of rewarding the productive Main Street economy, it rewarded insiders… and the financial sector.
        The penthouses of Manhattan and the summer houses of the Hamptons changed owners. Gone were the scions of Detroit factories and the titans of New York commerce. Gone were the people who had added to the wealth of the nation. In their place were the Wall Street hustlers… the people who moved money around… taking it from the people who made it and giving it to the financial industry, the money lenders, the insiders, and the Deep State.

        This process is misunderstood. It is thought that Wall Street greed and deregulation caused the shift. But Wall Street was just as greedy as it always was… And financial regulations increased dramatically throughout the entire period. It was not human nature that had changed; it was the money. And it changed everything.”

        – Bill Bonner

        • TEST, I go to mises’ site on occasion. Very good site.

        • Platinum and Palladium are possibly the safer metals if things go really bad.

          I can see a lot more potential for Gold and Silver being outlawed for private use (but allowed for governments international use) than either Platinum or Palladium.

          A caveat on Palladium, most people don’t know what it is so it’s easy use in trade is more difficult than Platinum.

          And, yes, Platinum is undervalued now but that could easily change if China realized it has to start doing something to clean up its air quality if it wants its people to survive (which it admittedly may not care much about).

          • China is a major reason why platinum (and palladium) is a good bet. China has no choice but to clean up its air. The other issue is its relative rarity, and the fact that almost all of it comes from Zimbabwe/RSA (both basket cases) and Russia.

            On the other hand, the vile Mugabe can’t live forever… can he???

      11. Gold and silver aren’t investments. They’re real money. Their costs in fiat currency are irrelevant. I’ve been putting half of my savings in physical precious metals that I have in my possession. By cost I have 3/4 of my money as silver and 1/4 as gold. I also have a year’s supply of food and water, guns, ammo, etc.

        • I think silver is far more under valued than gold.

          the Gold / Silver ratio is 17.5 to 1 right now.

          During most of the 20 century the ratio was 47 to 1.

          • John, Check your numbers, gold/silver is close to 80; historical closer to 15. I agree, silver is much more undervalued.

            • Most figures I see say the earth’s crust is around 16:1 AG to AU. If it’s off a little bit (i.e., 17 or 15 or whatever to 1) I don’t really care. But it ain’t 80:1, that’s all I care about

          • John Steiner is using funny math.
            Gold is $1226,
            Silver is $15.32
            1226 divided by 15.32= 80.02. The Gold to silver ratio is 80 today. Which says Silver is highly undervalued or Gold is over inflated. If it were to be brought back into the common ratio of about 45. Search “Gold to Silver historical chart” we are near the highest peak at 100 since 1990, and at the top threshold peaking at 80 Which hit 4 peaks near 80 in 1996, 2000, 2006 & today. So watch for a huge Silver breakout upwards as Gold also climbs up again.

            Wish I could buy more Silver rounds right now. Is 38+ Lbs enough? No never enough… LoL.. My goal is 1000 Oz then 100 Lbs of silver.

            Go to for historical G to S charts.


            • WWTI: I am working on 100 pounds of silver too! Just went past 1000 ounces and I am still buying.

          • I will also add that by the standard of 45 to 1 ratio Gold to Silver, Gold at $1226 today, then SILVER should be trading at $27.25 right now at the 45 ratio. Buckle up for a near Double Tap Profit on silver folks. Yeehaaa

            And if you want to crush the paper silver shorters depressing the price, then keep on buying physical Silver.

            I’d like to bury these manipulating Hedge Fund F@ckers.


          • Also take note when Silver was trading at the high of $48 in April 2011 the Gold to Silver Ratio was at 31.53. And using that number, and Gold now selling at $1226 today, Silver could be selling at $38.88 an OZ. Which is a clear indicator of the mass Upside of 60% increase that Silver can go in it’s trading range of the Gold to Silver price ratio.

            So back up the Truck and keep stacking.


          • “the Gold / Silver ratio is 17.5 to 1 right now.”

            Don’t know how you do math but that is totally wrong.
            With Gold around $1235 and Silver about $15.30 the ratio is currently about 80 to 1

            It has been in the 70s to 1 ratio for a long time, and if I remember right, THROUGHOUT HISTORY the average is 16 to 1

            So, either Gold is going to take a big dive, or Silver is going to skyrocket.

            • Y: re-read WWTI’s remark. He was doing a historical comparison from April 2011 and comparing that to today’s valuations of gold and silver.

              I think these historical comparisons are important and show that at the present time silver is highly undervalued and a bargain. However, I am not a trader of PMs I have bought them as insurance and a store of value. My goal is that once there is a financial collapse the value of PMs will soar and I will be able to trade PMs for land and for labor. If not, I will still have PMs as insurance for the long term. Either way I am still a buyer given that silver is under $16 an ounce.

              There is going to be day when no one will want a $20 FRN but that one-ounce silver round will be priceless.

        • Gold and Silver are great if accepted. Unfortunately its highly probable that capital controls would in instituted to thwart their use. You can maybe get a side of beef, a pig or eggs but any transaction of substance requires banking intervention. Even those that are willing to take gold and silver need liquidy and they can’t pay their mortgage with a double eagle.

          Despite the best of intentions of our Founding Fathers “We The People” have allowed a very select few the ability to create currency and determine its value and use.

          “Let be control a nations money supply and I care not who writes its laws”.
          Barron Rothschild

          • I believe you actually CAN legally pay your mortgage in Utah in Au. Not sure at what rate tho.

          • I believe that is a key to investing in large quantities of PMs.

            “Gold and Silver are great if accepted”.

            They will have value for sure….but; just how much value?

            If the whole dollar system implodes, which is likely when the Yuan goes global this coming October; we could see a complete overhaul of the monetary system that hinges solely on digital transfers in the coming months/years, there after.

            In order for gold and silver to be of value for making payments to banks and municipalities for taxes, etc.; there has to be a certain exchange rate put into place for whatever monetary system there is.

            For example: If an ounce of gold will pay for one’s annual property taxes now, that equivalent may well be two or three times higher after a digital transfer system is put into place.

            If PMs are all one has, then one is at the mercy of the banksters and the leaders as to how far/high, that value goes.

            We can always feel confident that the value will not be anywhere near at what it was in comparison to the dollar today and at the time of pre-collapse; and that value, when used for exchange on debt, will require more, much more, if accepted at all.

            People counting on being able to purchase large quantities of foods with PMs, haven’t thought this whole collapse thing through very well. In a total collapse scenario, people are not just going to walk up to a Walmarket and exchange a sack full of silver or chunks of gold bullion for a buggy full of groceries. The PMs will have to be turned in at some type of banking system and and the payment for such PMs, then loaded on a debit card to be used for purchases.

            The neighborhood convenience stores would most likely be a thing of the past, and preppers with huge stockpiles of beans and rice, are not going to be advertising that they have, “Food for Gold/Silver”.

            Will it come down to the above scenarios? It is very possible.
            We could go on for many more years on the current system that teeters on collapse, but I would hate to gamble on it.
            As I would hate to gamble on PMs having the same value as they do today, much less increasing in value.

            • Uncle Sam in 1933 made hoarding and using gold as a medium of exchange illegal. Under similar circumstances the same can occur with a variation. Gold is exchanged for some new governmental currency at their decided rate of exchange. Their goal is to once again to get gold for paper.

              Of course an underground economy immediately develops. The problem is buying items. Need a new refrigerator as the old ones don’t last like they used to anyway, oops the currency laws get in the way.

              Gold has a high value; so does cocaine. Both can be used as a replacement for money. Its obvious that if gold were declared illegal; using the above example, its usefulness would greatly diminish.

              • I reckon it’ll become a death sentence for the holder…
                In more ways than one.

                Would you really want to let people know what you’ve got?

                Unfortunately, bartering gold is going to attract unwanted attention eventually.
                Word of mouth etc.

                Just thinking out loud.

              • K2: what are they going to do? Dig up every backyard in the US? That is impossible.

                I don’t care what the government says. They can say that gold is “illegal.” They can say that guns are “illegal.” I know a lot of people that will have boating accidents which result in the loss of their PMs and guns. Oops!

                People today are not as naive as they were in the 1930s. I am never going to just turn in my gold or my guns because the government said so.

                Anyhow I think people are not being clear about what type of SHTF scenario they think is going to happen. Some of you sound like you think it is going to turn into Mad Max. Others, like myself, think that some type of financial collapse or restructuring is more likely.

      12. More on the utter intellectual dishonesty behind what is happening:

        There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.

        This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.
        The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.

        But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or wonder how that War on Poverty, at a cost of $20 trillion, or it’s ugly little sister, the Model Cities Prog., which had Detroit as the first major city to adopt it, work out?)

        Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).

        Fleet Street Letter, page 6, date unknown!

        As a matter of fact, what is articulated above is known as classical liberalism (e.g., in the 1700s and so on)… which is, of course, today, utterly antithetical to modern liberalism, as evidenced by someone like Hilary and her troupe of flying monkeys.

        • Test, thank your for your plain spoken wisdom. Bravo!

        • TEST, that was one of your best posts ever. Especially about intellectuals. They come from a totally different world. They know nothing about the REAL world, the world you, I, and everyone else here live in. They couldn’t handle REAL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.

      13. Get the preps and the need for cash will diminish. Stock up on barter items that people need or want. Get some chickens…get eggs= trade/protein. Brass,lead and copper will be a good source of trade. Eliminate debt. Move away from banks too.

        • Chickens are great to have. I have 16 chickens and they lay about 12 eggs a day.

          I got way to many eggs so i wind up giving them away at church.

          Chickens are a great stress reliever too. If you ever get rally pissed off, just kick a chicken. Sudden relief…Just kidding….they run too fast…

          • I like to sit back a just watch them scratch, peck the dirt and make small noises. Will make me doze off every time.

            • Nothin’ like sittin’ with the girls at the end of the day.


              • I’m ever SO glad that you’re ever SO blessed.

          • If you kick them too much, they get really tough to eat later.

        • Jim in VA
          I agree with you. Get your preps and garden, water, no debt and your need for money almost disappears . That’s my track. Still got a buck or two… but if they “disappear” that… be sure you have tangibles.

      14. I agree with this article 100%.. the heavy metals is the way to go.. tons of brass and lead, and copper Tips, good for trade, you can eat it but you can use it..i don’t five a rats ass about gold and silver.. I can’t eat that crap..



        • HCKS, agreed. I went on another shopping trip today. I know exactly where my FRNs need to go.

        • People don’t buy gold and silver for a SHTF crisis. The PMs will have little value then.

          However, if you are wealthy and want to preserve your wealth, then get the PMs.

          If cash becomes worthless, gold and sliver will preserve your wealth.

      15. ” Eliminate debt.”

        True words there. If a root cause besides traditional greed was to be examined debt would be at the top. Debt is simply irresponsible.

        “Move away from banks too.”

        I can envision laws / regulations / rules that inhibit if not stop gold transactions. Want to buy a car? The seller wants something liquid like cash. Want to sell your gold to get cash? Uncle Sam is right there for either a cut or to take all of it. “Where did you get this”? “Prove it was not illegally obtained”. “Its ours until you prove to our satisfaction that you have it legally”.

        Want the business that can operate in this environment? Used auto parts as in “Junk Yard”.

        • Kevin2, spot on. Nowadays a person can get a decent vehicle for $3000-$4000 cash. I don’t want ANYTHING if I have to get a stinking LOAN to buy it. All my vehicles have always come from private owners for cash only. I don’t play the ‘finance game’ and never will.

          • There are plenty of very well maintained, garage kept cars here in Florida as the 80+ year old retiree who took great care of what they owned passes away and their kids sell off everything ASAP. Your choices are big Fords and Mercuries with a few GMs and Chrysler big boats thrown in for good measure. Three to four grand gets you a car 15 years old with 75k on the odometer clean as a whistle and tight.

            The same goes for estate sales for the same reason.

            • It is already happening across the nation with the early babyboomer generations. Some have vehicles that they bought new and don’t have a use for any longer. The old farts realize that everyday they hold it in the garage, the value drops.

              We have been considering buying a van, so we have been looking at what is available, and the styles and prices.

              We stopped and looked over a 1988 Custom Van that was sitting in a yard near the highway with a For Sale sign. I have owned two full sized conversion vans in my lifetime and enjoyed them for traveling and camping.

              The “88 Dodge is a one owner, garage kept, and in immaculate condition with only 72,000 original miles (just broke in good as far as v-8s go). It has an expensive conversion on it and cost well over 20k when new. The inside looks brand new, as well as the original paint. Asking price is $3500.00 I would bet that the old man selling it would jerk my arm off, if i held out three grand.
              The market is flooded with mini vans, and some that have just sat in garages for most of their years.

              • Beware, Dodge / Chrysler made bad transmissions around that time frame.

          • Ok broken record BH1776. You don’t ever get a car loan cause you never qualify. Like you have a friggin choice. Same with credit cards or a home loan. In the End you got nothing but depreciating assets. And that BOL you are going to go squat on. You CUZ could kick you out any minute. You are a door handle away from homelessness. That’s the game you are playing.

            • WWTI, let me set you straight. 1. I would be a fool to go into debt on anything in this economy, and 2. I know my own family. We have the right kind of relationship; otherwise I wouldn’t even have this arrangement. I don’t care about ‘depreciating assets’. I only care about ‘survival’.

            • WhoKnew, off topic but why all the screen name changes?
              Security reasons? Then why tell us you’re -WWTI?
              Is it a game you’re playing?

              Just curious, as I said a while back, it makes me suspicious when people change their screen name.

              And the same goes for all you “Anonymous” posters. There’s too damn many of you. Add a fricken’ number after it or something. You all clones?

              • Actually, everyone using anything other than their legitimate given name is anonymous.

                Or were your parents actually stupid enough to name you “Ketchupondemand says” and you too stupid to have it legally changed?

                • And were you’re too stupid to even THINK of a screen name, or were you just trying to be original?

              • KOD – That’s why a few threads ago I had mentioned this site should implement the Troll-dar feature. There are posters on here who reply to their own posts or who will only slam someone using a different screen name.

                They also use a different screen name to get back at someone…. or to launch an attack, making it appear that others (using new screen names of those who had never posted here before) are agreeing with them. I see it all the time. Had it happen to me a few threads ago.

                MAC, Troll-dar — please implement it here on shtf.

                Doesn’t solve the problem 100% for those posting from different IP addresses, etc., but at least addresses the problem and deters those from playing stupid ass games.

        • Repair used bicycles. All parts are donated and not affected by an EMP. All that needed is plethora of good tools. Cheers

          • Way to go bro… Ring, ring!

      16. You have to give picture ID to purchase gold, some silver sellers require it also. Confiscation could happen. I wonder how deep one has to bury to not be detectable by metal detectors.

        • You simply bury the scum that come to confiscate it. That’s my intention and I am certainly capable. Damn these people.

        • Not in my neck of the high desert.

        • Most of the best metal detectors can only go a 12 to 16 inches.

          Spread scrap metal in the ground all over the area to make detector operators tired of digging on false hits.

          When setting steel fence posts, dig one hole a bit wider and drop in a capped length of PVC pipe with your goodies inside. Metal detector sees post.

          Dig down and under a concrete patio or slab with rebar. Backfill the horizontal hole with sand, a hose can drive the sand in deep. Better yet, if building a patio, or slab floor for a shed, install a long capped 6 inch pipe at an angle deep under the slab. You can then later dig to expose the end, remove the cap and drop in a 4″ PVC capped tube, and rebury the end.

          The tube in the tube idea can let you access your goodies easier, and you only have to dig deep once. The outer tube much longer than the inner means your goodies are deeper than a detector can see. A corded loop on the inner container means you can reach in and snag it with a coat hanger hook.

          Paint a PVC storage pipe to look just like a tree branch, stash it 20 feet up a tree. Even ground penetrating radar won’t find it there!

          If there’s anyone with a good metal detector, I’d love to know if a handful of silver coins wrapped in carbon fiber cloth is less detectable at a given depth than coins not so wrapped? Would carbon fiber cloth confuse or shield from a metal detector?

          • A really great suggestion. Left over bike parts, hmmmm…

        • I never gave an ID to buy gold, just some FRNs.

        • You do not……

      17. I read a while back that the National Realtors Assoc., whatever it’s called, got a law passed way back tjat allows homes to be bought/sold for cash and there’s no law against it.
        They used an example of a home in Florida that sold for 20 or 30 mill in cash.
        The 1% love it, they can move money from overseas, etc.
        I see a realtor strike coming!

        • I paid cash for my present home in Hawaii. I’m not the 1%. I just traded down from 5ac Mountain view with a creek to 5ac ocean view next to a gulch. Location, Location, Location( plus I have aunties in real estate). Take all your gold and buy acreage, close to year-round water, be it ocean, creeks, rivers or rain. You will be better off than 99% of everyone on the earth.

          • Yup

          • We paid cash for ours 10 years ago. Best investment ever made, for us. Pond, barn, small acreage( wish I had 20 more, but I can handle this much by myself if need be), improvements out the wazoo. Paradise. And this was before I found out about prepping. 😉

            • Babycatcher55, the BOL I go to sits on 30 acres. One side of the property borders on a year-round creek with great water. Nice, deep well on the land. Has a full-fledged solar system for backup and can become primary source of energy once the grid is lost. has a lifetime supply of firewood all around for the woodstove. The place is heaven to me. once I make the BUGOUT trip, that’s where I’ll be for the rest of my days.

              • Sure BH1776. Until your CUZ kicks you out due to your moochin and hearing your daily broken record BS. Your BOL is not really yours unless you hold a deed in YOUR name and hold in your hand. Otherwise you are no different than a squater tenant. We’ll see how long that lasts.


                • Whoknewit,

                  It’s not a problem for ole’ brave, he can always bunk in together with acid, seems acid wants something MORE than internet chat with braveheart these days….

                  • NC, f#$% you. You go for him yourself, turd.

                • WWTI, I don’t mooch off anyone, mofo. I’ve always worked for everything I’ve ever had. I never said I own the BOL. I have a cousin who owns it and have had this arrangement in place since April 2013. I didn’t even ask for it. they offered it to me as an alternative to getting out of the city before TSHTF. No, I didn’t jump right on the offer because I didn’t want to feel like I would be imposing on them. It’s true that without the arrangement I was facing little to no chance of survival in the city which I was resigned to. However, the family wanted me to have a better chance at long-term survival so I only reluctantly accepted the offer and have made numerous trips there storing supplies in a storage building on the property. This next trip could be the BUGOUT trip the way things are looking. We’ll see. You can think whatever you want. I don’t give a shit. Once I bugout, my chances of long-term survival go into orbit.

                  • Never mind the swamp rat, Brave.

                    He is just jealous you got family that actually cares about others, and that you jawja folks got it going on at a more secure elevation. When the waters start rising or the 1000 ft Tsunamis hit his little cardboard shack in the swamp, he will be hand paddling to higher ground or be gator turds floating into the Atlantic.

          • Absolutely.

          • I wonder what the prop taxes are there in Hawaii? Ours are way too high for a small lot, home and garage shop.4200

            • I’m an old fart. I pay way less than $1000 per year. Five acres, Two houses ( one under construction), 2400 SF storage shed, and various farm out buildings.
              Hawaii’s killer cost is electricity, fuel, shipping, General excise tax, fees, shitty wages, and over regulation( you have to hire a contractor and pull a permit, in order to legally install a replacement toilet in your home).
              There is a whole industry here avoiding the Democrat oligarchy. It is curious that they overwhelming elect Democrats. If this were a more politically balanced state. It would be dirt cheap to live here.

      18. Two useful tools that work..I keep a military surplus folding shovel in the truck. Doesn’t take up a lot of space and can dig you out of a jam.

        Another is the speedy stitcher, a small awl that sews heavy material like leather, heavy canvas, lots of things.
        Their site is speedy stitcher dot. com but they’re retailed elsewhere amazon, maybe boating stores, etc. About $12. Have used one for a long time and it’s a durable tool.
        And, made in USA.

        • KOD: Yep. I always have a folding shovel and a little folding saw and a mini-hatchet in my car. Just in case. You never know.

        • Ketchupondemand

          Tarp Grommet kit.
          Snap button kit.
          Various size Bungie straps.
          Tire repair kit.
          25 ft. 1 inch rope
          25 ft. 3/8ths chain with hooks.
          Jump start kit with air compressor 12vdc adapt. light and small phone charger adapt. Can use small 12vdc to 120vAc inverter. Can run 12vdc fan.

          Just blurting out stuff coming to mind. ;0)

          • Slingshot, have you been peeking into my truck? [JUST KIDDING] I keep those items and a bunch of others in the truck at all times. You just never know when one of those items will come in handy.

            • Braveheart1776

              Must loose 3-4 MPG with all the stuff in my truck toolbox and extended cab.

              There are various electrical adapters for battery use. The one with alligator clips with cig. plug type end. Also two prong adapter. Radio Shack sells them. I have a cig. plug in on my C.B. Radio.

              I think this is an Old Guy Thing. A Truck fill with tools. Just throw the generator in the truck bed and I have a mobile work shop.

              • Glass breaker & some Good ol fashioned jumper cables.

        • Ketch and Philo,
          My car is basically a closet on wheels with all the preps I keep in it. Last winter I used my folding shovel to dig two clear paths thru slush for my car tires. If I hadn’t had the shovel I would have had to either try to back down the narrow road with a drop off on one side, or use hands, feet and sticks to slowly clear a path. Absolutely one of the best items to have in your car.

          • Carol, smart! I always advise women to keep a good pair of boots with socks in their car! At least a pair of tennis shoes and socks because if there is an emergency like a hurricane or an earthquake or a fire (last summer summer some cars and big rigs driving in California caught on fire while stuck in a traffic jam from an out of control wildfire). If you only have on flip flops or high heels or some other useless shoe, a pair of socks and decent walking shoes or boots could save your life! I always have a blanket in my car and if I am going someplace where it is cold, a sleeping bag rated to zero degrees if there is the chance of snow.

            A few stories have stuck in my mind over the years. One was the San Francisco couple that went on a road trip in the Oregon mountains, got stuck, and the father ended up dying of hypothermia. Another is the story of a guy that got stuck in the snow in the mountains of Oregon and died of starvation. There is another story about a couple driving from California to Nevada that got stuck in snow with an infant. They survived but as I recall they did have severe frostbite. There are always people that die in ski areas, every single year, because they ski out of bounds and either get lost and die due to exposure or they are caught in an avalanche. The same thing happens, every year, with people that die while mountain climbing and get caught in a storm or fall into a crevasse and cannot be rescued. There are always boating accidents in Alaska and off the coast of Canada where people fall into the water and die from hypothermia. There was an Orca viewing boat off of Vancouver Island that sunk last summer which resulted in a number of people dying. A number of the above events happen every year and usually happen to young people that think they are invincible or to people that are caught unprepared by an unforeseen event.

            If you are leaving your regular area of travel it is critical to know that the weather can change and change quickly and if you are out of cell phone range you will have to survive using your wits and whatever resources you have brought with you. The best thing to do is to stay with your vehicle and have a way to signal for help.

            There are also emergency personal locator beacons you can buy if you are going to be hiking, hunting, or driving in a remote area. That $150 device could save your life if you are in a remote area.

      19. I’ve said this before, Money is a means to transfer wealth, it is not wealth in and of itself. Investing in order to obtain a future gain is what banks and investors do. If I can get you to buy my gold and I make a profit I’ll sell you all I can. If I can get you to buy my food/water/supplies I’ll sell you all I can afford to part with.
        Do you get my point? I will sell you all my gold at the right price, I will not sell you all my food/water/supplies at any price.
        The value of gold beyond the price to provide( mine/smelt et al.) it is as phony as paper dollars. Be a good investor I hope you make money on PM. I’ll stick to the basics.
        I can build you a boat from scratch, I don’t accept gold, except I’ll encourage you to use it as ballast.

      20. I think as a first cut, if you buried your metal object(s) in a narrow profile and vertically arrayed very near a standard steel t-post along a barbed wire fence line that your item(s) would hide well from a simple metal detector. More sophisticated ones, I don’t know. Unfortunately, there are other technologies that are available (ground penetrating radar, etc. and stuff I don’t even know about.)

        It all depends on how motivated and how many resources the government agency wants to expend on your case.


      21. BB,they start stealing/digging up folks wealth the resources they need a lot of is new agency members,many will be killed during the final theft by the feds.

      22. From how the majority of theses posts read on this site it looks like the majority of people who write them are jerking off fantasizing about a total economic collapse. Yeah, it may get bad, and I agree that prepping is a good thing, but it won’t be a mad max scenario with the end of the world as we know. Sorry you all, you will not be allowed to go around shooting people. Most of your lives will stay mundane, you’ll still have to go to work each day. There will be no respite from the emptiness or dreariness that your life is. After all, what else can one conclude, all everything everyone speaks about is only gloom and doom. I get it, many men and women want a collapse because their lives are so devoid of purpose. They do not have the talents, or skills, or intellect, or really any ability to otherwise be more successful. And many have been put and kept in their place so long they wouldn’t know how to enjoy life anyway. I’ve even read some people saying they hope for a collapse so that finally with the little bit of money they have they may be able to buy a house (even though another would have to lose for that to happen). Others have written they want want a collapse where rich people suffer and die. Again, it shows what type of person they are, they are willing to hate others more than they love themselves. Oh well, I guess people have their reasons. And It that wasn’t bad enough, many warn of giant asteroid strikes, nuclear power plant meltdowns, Ebola pandemics, and Chinese invasions on top of an economic collapse. Good grief people, learn to do some critical thinking, and start doing something that will bring a little value to your lives.

        • Henry,

          I think your comment makes too much sense for 90 per cent of the regulars here. Here is basically the home of the loser, the old coot who wants to rejoice in the death of the young, the worthless lives spent hating others who aren’t mirror images of themselves. There’s one regular here I can’t name because whenever I send a reply to him Mac automatically deletes it, but let’s just say he’s a major league fan of Niburu and uses my insights to form his prophecies. Crazier then a shithouse rat for sure, but good for stirring up the doom around the corner business so people who point this out have their comments deleted, I wonder why?

          • I’m pretty sure I just saw Niburu hiding in my closet the other day. It was right next to my old Mayan calendar and some of Hilary’s top secret emails that she never saw, had or sent.

          • scientist, you spelled “friend” wrong, moron.
            Some scientist, eh?

            Henry, feel free to move elsewhere. Maybe Scranton, PA.
            Unhappiest city in America.
            PS Most of us here debate possible future scenarios. It’s not all doom and gloom. I don’t want any shit to happen; I like my life just as it is.
            The exchange of ideas here helps focus on what COULD happen.
            You will be a sorry ass if something bad does go down as I can tell you have nothing ready, physically or mentally.

            • Ketchup, you’re right, I did misspell friend and you have every right to point this out, well done. Now, what I’d like to know is where are your spelling lessons for hcks after HIS postings, where perhaps one of every three words is incorrectly spelled. Yes, this is what I thought, crickets chirping, no answer for this question thank you very much, hits a LITTLE too close to home don’t you know, I can’t very well make fun of hcks posts because I too live for one thing only and that’s BIG PILES O’ DOOM!

            • Hey ketchup,

              I’m wondering why you fail to give remedial English lessons to hcks. Is it because you think hcks has a better command of the English language? Yeah, I’m sure you do…..

              • Hcks is kind of a fixture here,and yeah, his posts are like someone once said, shorthand. Only worse. I cannot figure what he’s up to sometimes. And he’s my fricken brother. lol

        • Henry.

          Hey, Henry! Are you having fun yet? Wanted you to know there will soon be an extraterrestrial invasion.

      23. Man all this talk of shtf make me want it to happen soon. I need an oppertunity that I can take advantage of. Never let a good crisis go to waste. That’s what I say. There will be winners and losers. It’s just how it goes folks. The elites are my target audience. Can’t wait.

      24. Hot tip, use Google Earth to systematically scan the area around your abode. Make note of solar arrays and unusual structures on building roofs. Make sure to carefully check all government buildings, including schools and universities. Make note of any unusual ground disturbances or out of place construction. Find out what is at the end of all those dirt roads. There’s crazy shit going on as we speak. Make good mental notes on what is where. Lakes ponds trails.

        After the SHTF something like Google Earth will likely be shut down or so heavily censored as to be worthless.

        • Google earth in our neighborhood is still about 6 years behind

          • Sometimes older maps and satellite photos are useful. You can see where things used to be. Those things might still exist and have uses, but are now hard to find, such as old railroad right-of-ways or abandoned buildings. At least in my area, the old railroad right-of-ways still have their bridges intact, thus providing alternate travel routes. Abandoned buildings that nature has covered up might contain useful materials, or even just a place to hide out.

            Old Sanborn fire insurance maps are available for most cities and towns. They give great information about the uses and construction materials of old buildings. For example, an old abandoned wooden structure might have been used for something years ago that required steel construction inside for heavy equipment. You might have a need for some raw materials.

            I don’t know how it is for other areas of the country, but in the county I grew up in, the county tax supervisor’s office had large format aerial photos of the whole county that were taken back in the 1930s. I think they were partly for making maps and partly for checking out land usage, such as where various crops were grown. I think copies used to cost about $3 per sheet.

            So even if the Google images are 6 years old, they still might be useful.

          • Bing seems to be ahead of Google[Earth], at least in many of the areas I look.

            • Bicycles are a great item to have! A good condition older mountain bike can be had for about 50 bux around here. Craigslist has tons of deals.

          • I just did a side by side compare of Google maps, Google Satellite View, and Bing Maps. Hey, I can see my house from here!

            Google maps and Google satellite view used the same image that as the newest, my guess is 3 to 4 years old. Brings map had a higher quality image, but it was 5 to 6 years old.

            The two satellite views had different perspective angles, so I think they work together well.

            One view has clear evidence of my failed wheat crop! Yeah, after years of drought, I planted a crop that loves dry weather. Subsequently it rained cats and dogs that whole year, and a massive warren of rabbits gathered in my wheat patch, where they made trails, and ate wheat well into the night while having a bunny orgy.

            Then the older image clearly shows the 15 foot tall flower tower I built out of bamboo that had the nerve to fall over in a wind storm. It was constructed entirely of bamboo, anchored with three foot rebar, held together with hundreds of zip ties, in the shape of a nuclear cooling tower, with clematis vines and flowers growing all over it. It would have been the eighth wonder of the world had it not been for that evil storm. The Lord giveth, and the Lord knocketh down!

            There is no image that shows the current mini orchard growing in place of the wheat field.

            On a bright note, we had a nice day yesterday, and I got out to trim all my new fruit trees that are growing wonderfully, and appear nowhere on anyone’s satellite photos, except the NSA’s……..

        • You can capture images from Google Earth, print them on 11×17 paper, and laminate them. I got an HP printer last year for less than $200 that prints up to 11×17. It also prints double-sided as well, which uses less paper. Some things don’t have a lot of detail, such as plain text, so use the draft mode where you can to save ink.

          Also, text is readable at smaller font sizes, so try reducing text to fit more on a page. I have a copy of the Constitution in my pocket that fits on one sheet of paper easily.

      25. Porcine turine can’t be beat…

      26. We are ALL getting prepped for something bigger than any of us could ever imagine…

      27. Its a common sense move when you look at it all put together. They want negative interest rates so they can rape people with money in the bank. They want to do away with cash so you cant hold money as cash in your own6 vault. So you need to put money in a store of value like gold or silver. commonly recognized world wide as a form of money. Bullion banks could be set up as trading certificates of ownership of bullion so Corprations can get around using dollars or Obamas ooops n6earluy gave that away there. Stocks and bonds are dicey and easy to track but gold fades away into the population When they called in American6 gold ccins only about one third were turned in the rest are still out there. REcently High School kids at Crater High in Central Point Ore were asked to fill out a survey which asked if their parents owned guns and they were asked if their parents own gold. Gun control prompted the one question but why about gold unless they plan to take that also once again

      28. When the Jewels cease to sparkle, and the Gold loses its Luster, and the Throne Room becomes a Prison all that’s left is________

      29. Now is the time to get insect repellent. Especially if you live in the southern states. The Mosquito problem can get real bad if we have a rainy summer. The Zika, Chicgunya, and Dengue could appear in your area. Get the right amount of DEET you need to use on children.

        • Essential oils! Geranium. …..mix with several others. ….bugs won’t touch you.

      30. Stiner assuming that the environment exist to trade with gold and silver..based on what I just read this morning just now is that Turkey just fired on the Kurds and shelled then accords the border and not this I publicly confirmed, then they are shutting off the passing to the black Sea Russian fleet, this is WW3 getting ready to start in the next 24-72 hrs possibly.. so people need to do inventory and check preps and get ready to hunker down a.d rid our this pissing.match.. we could just suddenly end up in a flash flag grid collapse. At least we her at shtf expect this to happen. I am a pessimist and do not expect any positive outcome. The scientist has warned, we have a bad horrific future ahead of us.


        • Yeah, and they shelled them at a time when the Kurd’s weren’t really making any threats against them

          The Turks, along with the Iraqi’s, have long wanted to eliminate the Kurd’s and are probably taking advantage of current tense situations in Syria with the Syrians and Russians as an excuse for the attack.

          It wouldn’t be as much of a (big) deal if it weren’t for NATO with the Turks expecting to stand alone in it all. WWI went down in a similar manner as all sorts of complicated alliances came into play almost immediately before anyone could think things through.

          • Anon, while everything you say is true, the Turks did shoot down a Russian military aircraft without provocation. Putin will eventually get his revenge for that. He’s just waiting for the right opportunity.

      31. All this talk of trying to hide your PMs from the feds. You certainly must realize that in such a scenario, the game is over. Trying to win a battle when the War is already lost is a fools game.!!!

      32. All Markets are Up.

        • Of course they are,,,
          We are officially living in OzWunderland

        • Gasoline went down another 10 cents here. It’s down to $1.54.

      33. I live in a dense area, now a Democrat stronghold, so I would never keep gold at home, and burying in the backyard would have a thousand eyes on me, even at midnight or 3 AM (very small yard). So, for me,, Sprotts funds, the Central Fund of Canada, holding physical in an IRA are my options

        • TEST, ever thought about public land? Nearby hiding spots? Why do you think it needs to be on your property? Off your property is the best place.

          • I agree. Start being a squirrel with a very good memory. GPS coordinates in a notebook would also be useful along with a terrain map.

          • I have a nice little plot for you!!! Bwahahahahahaha.

      34. ht tp://

      35. I have a little 10oz silver bar coming to me this week. Since my vices are few, I enjoy unwrapping those small packages every now and then as much as someone might enjoy a good brandy or cigar. Right now, it’s a fairly cheap vice. Gold, not so much. I look at silver as a no lose proposition; one of the many wise asset allocations one can make- along with a medical kit stocked with antibiotics. Meds will be worth their weight in gold. People will die of simple infections without meds.

        I put in a huge order for meds a couple weeks ago… I’ve written in the past that a doctor I have seen recently for a recurring infection misdiagnosed me and wrote me off… causing me to see a specialist who told me I was infested with a certain type of bacteria. I suffered over 4 months with this unnecessarily and paid the copay for the specialist and the redundant tests involved only to find out what I already knew- I had an infection. I swore like Scarlet O’HARA on her yams that I would never put myself another quack’s mercy again. The antibiotics that are still available for sale online… I expect them to become banned for purchase without a prescription soon.

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