The WHO Wants You To Cancel Your Holiday Plans Over Omicron

by | Dec 21, 2021 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    The mainstream media and the ruling class are not letting the omicron variant go without trying to ruin all of our lives. In fact, the World Health Organization wants everyone to cancel their holiday plans and just go into lockdown on their own.

    World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on Monday recommended delaying or canceling holiday events. “There is now consistent evidence that omicron is spreading significantly faster than the delta variant. And it’s more likely that people who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 could be infected or re-infected,” he said.

    And we all know what the real problem is. That only 61% of Americans have bowed down to their masters and obeyed the commands to get injected with an experimental gene therapy drug. About 61.4% of the population in the United States is fully vaccinated against COVID-19, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    They will continue to fearmonger and attempt to panic the masses into taking these injections. It sure looks like everyone who is going to willingly get shot up has already done so. In come more fear, panic, and likely further attempts to convince the public that they need these shots. You cannot listen to anyone in the media or ruling class for a few minutes and not hear them mention getting vaccinated.

    While everyone wants a return to normal, Ghebreyesus said, the fastest way to get there is to make difficult decisions to protect ourselves and others. “In some cases, that will mean canceling or delaying events,” he said. “But an event canceled is better than a life canceled.”Muzzle mandates and other restrictions are already starting once again in many places.

    The Netherlands went into lockdown on Sunday, lasting through Jan. 14, 2022. The new rules urge “everyone stay at home as much as possible,” set limits on the number of visitors a household can receive, and limit groups outdoors to two people.

    Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform



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      1. The Wierd Hateful Oafs (WHO) have taken unjustified & unsustainable positions AGAINST the citizens of the world. This quest for little or no infection is asinine. History has demonstrated that disease exists, is always changing, & cannot be avoided in a functional society. If folks reside within hermetically sealed bubbles – the society fails. This goal of NO infections is unsustainable.

      2. recently read this:


      3. Why didn’t viruses exterminate mankind before the invention of vaccines? No one was preventing them from mutating for thousands and thousands of years.

        Why didn’t the evil flu mutate into something deadly when The Science wasn’t there to protect mankind?

        • Or with this scamdemic, why didn’t it decimate the homeless population, or inmates in overcrowded prisons worldwide?

      4. I think that Islamists and those polygamists on the LDS spectrum had a political breeding strategy, that would tend to take over entire jurisdictions, and I question those people who became so unbearable that they had to be estranged by their families. Ideally, travel restrictions, and those people enforcing them, should not be an issue.

      5. Who can take a flying leap I’m not taken there biological warfare injections

      6. Hmm, I guess I have a problem then, I don’t have any plans for Christmass ( other than go to church / mass ). The kids want me to come to their place for lunch / dinner whatever, but with my wife being gone these last 4 or so yrs, it just isn’t the same. Now I know how Dad felt after Mom passed away.

        • So sorry. It is never the same when family dies. I pray you have a blessed Christmas.

      7. Meh I will do whatever I want. Probably drink beer and do some 4-wheeling. Maybe try out the new sig. Just another day lol.

        • Never been married and zero kids,so it’s just another day to me.
          I’m just glad that I live in the boonies where no one has ego problems and tries to compete with their neighbors, friends and relatives by turning their home and yard into a theme park with so many Christmas lights and lawn ornaments every year.

      8. The owl variant now wants to cancel my holidays for a sniffle really? After 2020 no Christmas and thanksgiving because of the relentless fear porn that scared my elderly family. All I have to say is get fucked WHO and the rest of the 3 letter alphabet soup agency’s!!! I will not comply and I will celebrating the holidays with my family! Piss off! And FJB All day!!!!!!!!

        • Ditto…Merry Christmas.

      9. Two more punches on my vaxx loyalty card and I get a “Follow the Science” refrigerator magnet.

        Seven more punches and I get a “Dr. Fauci-American Hero” beer koozie.

        I figure it won’t be long until it’s filled. I heard the boosters will soon be given each week. I can get one each week on my way to the store to pick up fresh masks and hand sanitizer.

        I just put a fresh minnie on the line. No bites, yet…

        • And with 1 try to force jabs on me they win 41 .22 cal jabs from a 12ga. 3in. mag #4 buckshot load!

          • 2nd prize is a 1oz. HP slug 12ga. 3in. mag. 😀

        • Wow…more bites than if I were in the boat on the river trolling for large mouth bass.

      10. Biden has predicted a winter of death for the unvaccinated.

        Will it happen?

        Will it not happen, and what will he say if it doesn’t?

        In any event I doubt he is making this prediction because he wants to prevent it, and he should celebrate the unvaccinated dying off if it -something else he says about who is causing it- happens and puts an end to the pandemic because they are gone.

        The truth should be obvious within just a few months, but will anyone pay any attention to it?.

      11. Who is the Who to tell me what to do? I made plans and I’m going to enjoy them. ??

      12. You do not need the WHO’s permission to have Christmas with your family. You do not need Fauci’s permission. You do not need permission from anybody for the freedom to celebrate Christmas with your family.

      13. Mass Omicron natural immunity may cancel the pandemic, and SARS CoV-2 just quietly disappears like SARS CoV-1 like the other millennium scare viruses.

        There will be attempts to lockdown, especially on blue turf, trying to prevent Omicron herd immunity. They rely less on their tax bases and more on Federal and corporate handouts.

        However, the quiet goal would be to preserve Delta against the Omicron wave, in the hopes Delta or some other version of SARS CoV-2 can evade Omicron mass herd immunity.

      14. Haha lol haha lol, IDGAF!!!!! Haha haha ho ho ho Piss on a electric fence, sorry but merika is finally waking the Hell up! Dump the mask then take a dump on Your local dem headquarters!

      15. Gotta love it, 54 percent of Demtards don’t approve of Jose Depends economy and we are a polarized nation. I’d say the demtard ship is sinking and the people are angry at the higher prices for everything.

        No one will believe the gubermint again after the dust settles! Lying ass Dog pony soldiers the Lott of them. The boy who cried wolf should be our new national anthem I say! Let’s go Brandon!

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