The Weirdest Possible Outcomes For The Strangest Election In U.S. History

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at

    weird-outcomes-2 weird-outcomes

    If you are a longtime activist in the Liberty Movement then you are well aware that elections do not matter in terms of the future direction our nation takes. Presidents are puppets of international financiers, and so are most legislators. Whenever a president does attempt to go against the system, he either ends up shot by a “lone gunman,” or his office is disgraced by a conveniently-leaked scandal.

    Today, elections represent the illusion of choice; that is all. The leadership of both major parties seem different in terms of their rhetoric, but this is all cosmetic. Underneath the talk, Democrat and Republican leaders are nearly identical in their support for bigger government, more centralization, less constitutional protections, more globalism, more power to international banks and central banks, and less transparency and accountability.

    For many decades now, the choice has been between the puppet on the left hand or the puppet on the right hand. This year is proving to be a little different, at least on the face of things, to the point where elections are becoming rather surreal.

    For younger generations with limited experience participating in the world of U.S. elections, developments today might seem odd but not outlandish. For older generations of Americans a consensus seems to be forming and the concerns commonly expressed in the mainstream and on the web appear to match – 2016 is turning out to be the strangest presidential election they have ever seen.

    In my recent article “Will A Trump Presidency Really Change Anything For The Better?,” I examine Trump’s ambiguity as an individual and his lack of political history, and why this makes him a hard candidate to pin down. The fact is, Trump is enticing to the public for the most part because the public has no idea what he really stands for. We have no evidence that his rhetoric is false because he has no legislative history to contradict his claims.

    With candidates like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz, the public is well aware of where they really stand on the issues – Clinton is hardcore globalist establishment, Ted Cruz is the same though he pretends to be opposite, and Bernie, well, Bernie is damn socialist and his only redeeming value is that he is at least honest about it.

    The public knows what they will get with the other candidates; they do not know what they will get with Trump. Thus, Trump enjoys an incredible level of popularity because many Americans would rather gamble on the unknown than stick with the status quo.

    The very presence of a candidate like Trump alone makes election 2016 extra weird, but this is only the beginning.

    Some might argue that any change in the atmosphere of our election process at this point can only be a good thing. I would argue that the fact that the establishment is allowing their long time control mechanism to evolve into an overwhelming reality television-style circus (rather than the stiff and boringly predictable farce we are used to) suggests that Americans are being deliberately distracted from dangerous geopolitical and economic developments.

    Look at it this way; we have Trump who is an attack-dog candidate who ends up in the news every other day for something he said and who attacks a Democratic opponent with which he has in the past maintained a longtime friendship. We have a fully exposed international criminal in the form of Clinton, who has been under investigation and should be prosecuted. We have a full-blown socialist named Bernie whose supporters make up a majority of the crazed social justice and cultural Marxist crowd. And we have Cruz, a “pro-constitution” anti-bank candidate with ties to those same banks and ties to an anti-sovereignty think tank (The Council on Foreign Relations).

    Some Republicans accuse Trump of being an agent for the Clinton camp. Some Democrats accuse Sanders of being an agent for the Republicans. Hillary barks like a dog at her own campaign events. Sanders supporters start fights at Trump rallies and then get their asses beat because cultural Marxists are abject weaklings. Cruz gets accused of repeated adultery while some idiot thinks that posting naked pictures of Trumps wife will actually hurt his campaign rather than help it.

    This whole situation feels like a soap opera gone terribly awry. How could one NOT be distracted?

    In the meantime, we have a global economy returning to extreme volatility after years of central bank manipulation which has failed to accomplish anything except make the rich and powerful more rich and powerful. We have potential geopolitical hot spots in Syria, Ukraine and the South China Sea which continue to present possible triggers for global conflict. We have internationally organized terrorist supervillains in the form of ISIS, the same Islamic extremists that Western covert intelligence agencies trained and funded to destabilize the Middle East now attacking multiple countries in the West. And, we have Eastern and Western banks working closely with the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements while pretending to be at odds with each other.

    Any of the above factors could set catastrophes in motion that could change the world for a hundred years or more, and yet we are fed a steady diet of campaign mega-drama.

    As stated earlier, elections in the U.S. do not decide the future of our nation, but they do in many ways reflect the level of insanity that our collective society has reached, and, they also can reflect the direction in which the establishment hopes to send us.

    I believe it is very possible, considering the already erratic nature of the elections so far, that we might end up with unexpected developments and outcomes designed to further mesmerize the masses. Here are just a few of those potential events.

    A Three Or Four-Way Race

    Trump has suggested in the past that he might run as an independent candidate in the event that the Republican Party uses a brokered convention to remove him from the race. I am not convinced that the entire Trump vs. Republican Establishment situation is not a contrived Kabuki theater. That said, the general argument would be that a Trump independent run would “guarantee” a Democratic win.

    Again, I believe the winner of the election is already predetermined, but assuming for a moment this is not the case, the Democrats have the same problem as the Republicans. Bernie Sanders has said months ago that he was not interested in running under a third party if Clinton gets the nomination, but his supporters continue to call for him to do so, and, many of those polled have stated that they would refuse to vote for Clinton if Sanders loses the nomination.

    This presents a potentially frenetic final election filled with utter chaos; a three- or four-way “competition” in which there is no clear leader; a funny prospect for those of us who are tired of the election con game, but pretty disturbing to everyone else.

    Delegates Choose A Candidate That Does Not Represent Public Wishes

    Contentions are increasing over the existence of “super delegates” in the Democratic Party which have the power to override party majority sentiment towards a particular candidate. Many of these super delegates are actually top ranking members and officials of the Democratic Party, and can vote for any candidate they wish rather than following a “pledge” to vote at the convention for the candidate that the democratic constituency wants.

    While the Republican establishment tends to use convention “rule changes” as a fail-safe to prevent a grassroots candidate from achieving an upset in the nomination (as they did with Ron Paul), the Democrats use the super delegates as a fail-safe for the same purpose. It is very possible that Bernie Sanders could receive the widest popular support among Democrat voters but still lose the nomination to Clinton through the super delegates.

    Convention-Inspired Conflict And Riots

    Given the already seething angst between supporters of Trump, Cruz, Sanders and Clinton, any railroading of a candidate at the conventions, whether real or fabricated for effect, could very well result in internal violence spilling into open riots. Some candidates, including Trump, have suggested this will be the ultimate outcome. I tend to agree. The divisions between Americans are so pronounced now that I would be shocked if people did not react emotionally to a brokered or stolen convention. This would also be a fantastic method to continue the distraction of the public away from greater problems.

    A Surprise Combined Ticket

    This scenario had not struck me as realistic until last week; I’m not sure why (perhaps it is too strange), but it is certainly plausible.  The idea that Trump and Cruz or Clinton and Sanders might actually combine forces at a brokered convention might sound ridiculous today, but keep in mind that most elections are nothing more than theater, and this includes fake rivalries.  Beyond this, the argument could be made on either side that the only way to “win” is to unite the divided Democrats or divided Republicans through a truce.  I can hear the sound bites now – “People, in the end we are all (Democrats/Republicans), and we must stop the divisiveness for the good of the party.  It is time to focus on the real enemy; the (Democrats/Republicans)…”

    Such a scenario could stave off rioting and inner-party chaos, but the final election results would still be a guaranteed explosion of tensions.

    Widespread Election Fraud On Both Sides

    Yes, there is already widespread election fraud in the U.S. every two to four years. However, what I am referring to is election fraud which takes a mainstream stage and which makes even the most oblivious Americans question the validity of the process. I am talking about the mainstream media deliberately pushing the meme of election fraud to help the establishment conjure the environment of instability they obviously want. I am talking about the complete unraveling of the American presidential race.

    A Postponed Election

    In the event of stolen conventions, election fraud or rioting, the election itself could very well be postponed. Congress does have the authority to pass a law postponing federal elections due to emergencies or “extenuating circumstances”, and, they also have the ability to transfer that authority to the executive branch.

    Keep in mind, this could also take place in the event of a national crisis outside of the election process. An economic collapse, large scale terrorist attacks, or general social breakdown could result in a postponed election. Though this is an incredibly unlikely scenario, with the way 2016 has been going I would not rule anything out.  Also take note that such a scenario would result in a prolonged Obama White House and of course the inevitable outcome mentioned below…

    Civil War

    I have said it before and I’ll say it again, if Hillary Clinton is chosen by the establishment to take Obama’s place, the result would probably be outright civil war in the U.S. The level of hatred among conservatives for that woman is so stratospheric I cannot see any other outcome.  It might not happen immediately, but a solid bet would be conflagration within her first term.

    With a Trump win, I could also see at the very least nationwide riots similar in tone to those that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri, with the social justice cultists running wild with their goofy slogans and molotov cocktails. These people are a paper tiger however, and are only a threat if they manage to convince a majority of the ethnic American population to follow their lead.

    The greater danger is if Trump is actually an agent for the establishment rather than anti-establishment. If Trump responds to rioting using unconstitutional measures or exploits the crisis to overstep the bounds of federal power, at that point we will know exactly who he works for. Again, with Trump, everything is a gamble and we won’t know until we know.

    Some of the above theoretical scenarios might sound outlandish, but then again, if you traveled back in time a decade ago and tried to explain what the conditions of elections would be in 2016, I doubt anyone would believe you.

    I continue to hold to the premise that the elections have entered the world of the weird because America itself is on the edge of something that will shake its very core. What that event will be is hard to say because there are so many possibilities, but tensions of this caliber usually escalate to crisis before they deescalate, and tensions today are surely escalating.

    It is clear that we are in for a roller-coaster ride in the next year, so prepare accordingly, but also keep in mind that elections in themselves do not represent threats or solutions to threats. You and I, the awake and aware, are the solution to the threats facing this country. The elections only serve as a gauge for how close to the bottom of the abyss we actually are.

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      1. You miss the obvious. How about a Trump-Sanders ticket? It would be a landslide! Not my job to figure out how they split the ticket though…

        • Yeah I thought about a Trump/Sanders ticket. Half would cheer for assassination and the other half would be afraid of it.

        • Trump is a Patriot. That is who he is. America needs a Patriot in the Oval Office. If elected, TRUMP could go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents ever, simply by rolling back the gains of the New World Order:

          1) Massive Illegal Immigration.
          2) Massive Legal Immigration.
          3) Free Trade
          4) ObolaCare
          5) Invasive Police State
          6) Transparency / Release of Sealed Files
          7) Wars of Empire
          8) Crony Capitalism
          9) Restoring the Rule Of Law (US Constitution)
          with the prosecution of past federal government
          officials for criminal acts.

          10) New laws to protect Constitutional Government.

          If he is elected and moves in this direction,as I believe he will, the American People have an opportunity to overturn the cronyism in the District of Criminals and take America back and level the playing field once more.

          Will Americans mobilize to support him as he purges the New World Order for their crimes by massive public demonstrations in support of his actions when he faces blowback from the entrenched PTB ???

          I hope so.

          Life is plastic. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to put our stamp on it, for ourselves and for future generations of Americans. Create a Freedom Cell where you live. Be an agitator for Freedom. Be a thug for Liberty.

          Engage. 🙂

          • I don’t consider Trump a patriot. He has played within the existing system for years to achieve his ends. He has admited that he has bought politicians. I don’t find that makes him trustworthy. If he is not part of the problem he is at least guilty of contributing to the problem. I am still looking for someone that can represent me and my values. Bending the rules to my benefit are not part of those values and it isn’t how I would expect my children to behave. Perhaps “my” representative is not out there but it certainly isn’t Trump, Sanders, Clinton or Cruz. Seeking Jefferson.

            • Jefferson is dead. WE THE PEOPLE are Jefferson now, and in an imperfect world, WE must use the tool the Good Lord sends US in HIS WISDOM to take our country back.

              Consider TRUMP as the Swiss Army Knife of American Politics. Start a FREEDOM CELL where you live. Engage the Status Quo where you live. Be an agitator for FREEDOM. Be a thug for Liberty. If not now, when ??? If not US, who ???

              Engage !!! 🙂

              • that’s right

          • Well stated!

      2. Lewis Black on presidents…

        ht tps://

        • At least Trumpster has brought about a revolution of sorts.
          More than ever before, people are waking up to the sinister plot of “politicians of the establishment”.

          People are coming out in droves to voice their opinion. They have sat idly by and let the banksters and nwo appeasers gain the upper hand in all elections via corrupt dnc and rnc officials rules.

          The trouble is that it is too little too late. The liberals have taken over our educational and religious systems. Never mind the political systems. Their are too few of the true “Christian” politicians left, to make a big difference.
          Many of the trump supporters from the establishment, are trying to save their own political necks, by hedging their bets on the biggest possible candidate.

          With Billery at the liberal side as a potus, they see the only way to survive is with the majority, of which is now leaning towards trumpster.

          The once ignorant liberal voting peoples now seeing the big picture, through the Odrama admin and it’s dirty muzzie dealings; they have decided it is time to jump ship and see what the outsider can do to turn things around. Many of the Boomers have seen what can happen to their entire life savings/investments, in a matter of a couple of weeks as to what happened last September. The whole financial/economic system is so vulnerable that one catastrophic event can send their market portfolios into a tailspin; which means losses of billions.

          The figures have come out, and with 850k illegal, and criminally charged, hispanics in the country, it has now become too important too ignore. The figures are in, about the muzzie invasion and their sinister plans for Americans.

          The liberals don’t care. The liberals see them all as votes for their side and want them to get amnesty, and easy entry, in order to support their election endeavors.

          The sides are forming. The line is drawn. What comes of it depends on how many jump ship and vote for trump. Voting may make a difference if the “newly awakened”, speak out loudly enough.

          Time will tell just how big of a toe hold the liberals, from both parties, have over the American awakened.

          The sheeple are still asleep at the wheel, and don’t really give a shit either way as long as they have their creature comforts at hand. They may pay a big price in the end for not being awake and prepared.

          • If he wins it will either be the best or worst thing yi happen.anyway this all washes out its gonna be a shake up.
            Personally um routing for the trump (card) lol hahaha

            • The Deal is Sealed. Hillary will be the next President.

              Don’t you pay attention. They said your vote does not count and now another RNC jerk said Trump would never be president.

              This is not the Democrats saying this. It is the Republican Party. Colorado is an example that they mean to stop Trump anyway they can and to hell with the peoples vote.

              It also means you should prep like hell, cause hell is coming to the USA.

              • You may be right, and this sort of thing is what we prep for.
                Evil prevails in the world until Yeshua returns to rule with a rod of iron.

                let the gourd thumping begin!

                • God’s a prankster. A Trump victory would be right up his alley.

                  • Proverbs 29:2
                    When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.
                    That kinda says it all doesn’t it?

                • He supported King David, although He did not support David’s adultery and murderous plot.
                  Therefore; He took David and Bathsheba’s child from them.

                  God is not a prankster, although He does have a sense of humor.
                  He will not be mocked, without repercussions.

                • Go read your bible, God has many times used ungodly men to achieve his goals!

              • If theres any monkey business and the guy with the most votes doesnt get the nomination, i will make sure i vote for the democrat, not that it matters, because in our state the democrats always win the vote anyway,,,
                101 reasons why i just dont give a shit anymore, let em do whatever, really nothing i can do about it, but damn sure if they screw with me they will need more than one bag,,,i aint going peacefully nor alone.

              • You’re correct. UNFORTUNATELY. I am buying preps with every spare dollar I have. I know Hillary is “the chosen one” by TPTB. You will see her elected twice same as Obama. You will also see, mass murder, rape, hunger and death on a scale before unseen. Unlike the Civil War, it will not just be brother against brother but neighbor against neighbor. People killed more for a can of food than ideals. My 50 year old wife is in serious danger. Only because we have seen how thugs rape and kill women as old as their 70’s and 80’s. God or whoever?. Please keep me alive until my wife passes. She doesn’t deserve the evil heading our way.

          • Ole swamp rat up to his tricks again, posting as his many twisted personalities…none of which are like normal people.

            • Good to see you figured that one out also.

              Creepy does not even explain that warped mind.
              96 hour leashes on certain posters would fix that.
              Anyone who would sit at night away from your abode to see imaginary attackers, that is creepy and paranoid…

              • I usually do not respond to anons, but since you asked, I normally get up at 5am Eastern. The 4:24 you see is Central time.

                If you had been here awhile, you would know that WWTI has been a real prick to me and others for the 28 months he has been around.

                Who knows, but he has used 30+ monikers thinking he is fooling us.
                Hence why I tell people to read the archives. Have you done so?
                I doubt it, otherwise you would not have even asked the question.
                Any more questions???

        • Like my wife said. If trump dosent get the nod, there is a good likely hood that Mikey Mouse will become president.

        • The genius(actually has a low IQ) and pussyheart should be on here soon to offer us their version of reality. Hang on! because it will get strange in the alternate reality of delusional thinking.

          • They both have more to offer/have offered more then your nonsense,I may not always agree with em but they certainly beat the hell out of a snowflake poster like you.

            • Aren’t we touchy.

              • No,just point out truths when I see em.

                • I’ve read their posts a long time. Brave thinks he is invincible and can take on the army single-handedly, while genius openly mocks Christ. They both pissed me off so I’m calling them on it. Fu ck em. Losers is how I see it.

                  • your the loser,no such things as gods,and i mock you and them.

        • Gee first again. lol ..I’d like to see Trump clean up this financial mess here in the US. Government programs bleeding like a sieve. Bring back the Middle class and working jobs. We’ve been ripped off, and Trump is the ONLY Candidate speaking about it, and why the Elite Thieves hate Trump. Makes me love him more for Pres. Killary is a zog shill. Also is Bernie, but promises to give College away for free. Like Money rains from heaven. lol

          I just want to plug my ears on this political bs, until November. There are more productive things to do. Today’s Prepper Tip- One Full Yard of Sand -2,250 Lbs, will fill 45 Sand Bags, which weigh about 50 lbs each. FYI… Got your bunker built yet? Build a remote Bunker about 50 yards from your house, comfi chair, where you can watch your house from approaches at night from intruders. It’s easier to defend your house from the outside. Just like if you are on the road, or on a trip and need to rest, so you pull off at a rest stop. Pull out a lawn chair, hide in the shadows watching your car and armed from a distance say 75 feet. You have better advantage and vision to protect your property, by being on the outside rather than being inside the building or vehicle, as you can see how many of them there are, or create a new plan. You could be dead meat being inside. Get some night vision or IR.. and bug spray. Practice this on your own property. Own the night!!


        • Are you creepy???

          ht tps://

      3. Everything is being shaken it seems. It seems like the elections is falling into chaos, perhaps a planned chaos.

        In regards to trump, I find it strange that Obama said Trump will never be President. Don’t we (the voter) have something to say about that? It seems to appear not.

      4. Trump wrote, “The Art of the Deal.” He is at his core a deal-maker…Don’t believe for a second he hasn’t already made one.
        My guess is, this entire “presidential run” was nothing more than his end of the deal to further his brand name. He could care less about the outcome, and more than likely was told not to worry about the outcome but to simply
        “be Trump.” He is the epitome of a puppett who believes he has somehow out maneuvered his puppet master with this “deal.”
        The entire thing is a joke…on all of us.

        • Time will tell if he is truly concerned about America or just his wealth and fame.

          For all that is good and true, i hope and pray that he is sincerely concerned for the fate of the USA and the Constitution based on biblical values that it represents.

          He is our last governmental hope, so don’t be too hard on him until the chips fall where they may.

        • Dad I respectfully disagree. Trump is a Patriot. America needs a Patriot in the Oval Office.

          A deal maker, yes. But a businessman; an investor. He is oriented towards the bottom line, and the bottom line is that America is losing because our elective reps IE the political class have been co-opted by the Oligarchs and sold US out and down the river of Globalism.

          Running for President doesn’t do anything for his “brand”. On the contrary, it puts it at risk when he challenges the Status Quo.

          I think his reason for running himself is obvious: all of these asshats have been to his office with their hand out, begging for money (even Romney), and all he sees is failure on their part to win or make a difference for the good of America.

          As a Patriot I share his views on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and FREE TRADE (which is managed trade and managed to the benefit of the Uber Rich). The Uber Rich are trying to create a world governed by corporations, for corporations and of corporations.

          And they are doing so at the expense of America and Americans. Globalism is Anti-Constitutional. Death to The New World Order !!! Its totally Constitutional !!! 🙂

          • Understood, and we’ll have to remain in respectful disagreement as while the idea of Trump (brash outsider showing contempt for the establishment, NWO asshats) I don’t believe he is stepping out of line with them.

            Even in your post, you blame the “Uber rich” for trying to create a world governed by corporation..Does Trump not fit the definition of Uber Rich? He is one of them

            And yes, his brand will come out like Aces if here if the nomination is “stolen” from him. He’ll ironically immediately pick up compassionate & sympathetic support from the masses who align with him.

            Kabuki theater…That’s all the Trump ticket is.

            • Yes, TRUMP is part of the Uber Rich. The difference is that TRUMP’s wealth derives from real estate: building, creating, developing, and managing real property in specific communities.

              The essence of his wealth is the property itself.

              Most of the Uber Rich are paper billionaires: buying, selling, and betting upon scraps of paper with arbitrary values ascribed to them. They are paper shufflers, moving their wealth across borders at the speed of light; buying and selling politicians, funding anti-Constitutional groups to foment dissent and influence the media and public opinion.

              They are led by Soros, and Kissinger, and others who promote a global village under preferential trade policies for multi-national corporations which they own and use to further their political Agenda.

              TRUMP develops and builds first class hotels.

              His Agenda is FAIR TRADE, and MONITORED LEGAL IMMIGRATION. These policies differ markedly from the NWO ELITE who have been destroying America as our Founding Fathers intended it, trying to make it over to benefit the few at the expense of the many.

              For anyone to suggest he is not a Patriot is to lack the fundamental understanding of what a Patriot is. With respect to his “brand”, he has put his properties and his business at risk by running for President AGAINST the Status Quo, risking their ire.

              TRUMP’S business caters to the UBER RICH. Any “sympathy” he gets from the masses for trying to “Make America Great Again” will not translate into more dollars for his business.

              TRUMP has everything to lose and nothing to gain by challenging the Entrenched Elite. He is a true American Hero because ALL of the Status Quo opposes him: the Left, the right, the Media, the RNC, and indeed, the entire NWO Global One World Party in every European nation maligns him: including Mexico, China, and Japan who are taking advantage of the American Taxpayer (with the collusion of the PTB) milking US dry.

              He must be doing something right. He must be an American Patriot !!!

      5. Going, going, gone Galt!

        • Thats what im talking about

      6. Calling Shillary a liberal is a big freaking joke. She or it is a longtime CONservative blowhard and a murderous bitch to boot.

      7. Hillary Rotten Clinton will be our next ruler. Y’all just might as well get ready for it. That die was cast when Bill left office. The timing had to be right for it though as King Koon had to come before her to set the stage. The republican party has become a joke, a toothless tiger. Just set back, stoke your firearms, supplies and watch the debacle play out. This isn’t just happenstance you’re seeing.

        • Hell yeah! I’m voting for Hillary just to get the party started. I’m tired of the grinding slow demise, and am ready for the quickening. Everybody might as well start the party because this death by a thousand cuts sucks.

      8. One positive is that far more people are seeing an obvious level of control / manipulation that is involving the media as an active participant on behalf of some Power Elite / Establishment. The conspiracy guy that was laughed at is now listened to.

        Assuming neither Trump or Sanders takes the primaries and likewise never becomes President it would be wise for the Trump & Sanders supporters to start talking to each other about their similarities (Globalism, Free Trade, US Military doing Wall Streets bidding). Maybe a Phoenix will rise from the ashes. If nothing else it will increase some hiring at the NSA as they monitor and attempt to derail the evolving grassroots movement. Such a group politically spreading faster than what can be contained would be a sight to see.

        • K2 – Are you an idiot? Trump and Sanders may agree issues such as globalism and trade exist but far apart on solution. Sanders is a communist/socialist where ALL is free for the masses but who pays? There is no freedom and liberty in coercing the taxpayers to pay for social programs! And in coercion, special interest groups always have a hand out! Trump is a patriot and freedom and liberty are important. I

          • Anonymous

            “K2 – Are you an idiot?”

            I don’t think so but then again I’m a bit bias. Maybe a vote should be taken?

            “Trump and Sanders may agree issues such as globalism and trade.”

            Those two issues are what drug the USA down and rectified will raise it from the ashes. They are by far the two most important. You do realize that so called “Conservatives” were fine with giving the bankers $45 billion a month for several years? Why is raising the minimum wage devastating but giving thieving bankers a trillion ok?

            Welfare, EBT card increase is a symptom that is collateral damage from Free Trade / Globalism / unregulated Wall Street.

            If the Establishment doesn’t want them there is a reason for it.

      9. While I was a bank IT manager in 2003 I got to know an old currency manager at the bank who refused to retire and they let him stay on because he had unique skills and he made more money in currency by far than anyone else. One day we went to lunch after a database design meeting he was part of.
        Currency had always been a topic I had read about. So I ask him if he had read some of the books I had on currency. He chuckled and for some unknown reason he told me what was going on in the U.S. (I think to see how I would react). I said yes I had heard about the international banking cartels and repeated some of the books and articles I had read.
        About half way through he stopped me and said “…you got most of it right except you don’t understand the greed of these big international banking cartels. They are trying to build Megabanks to suck as much of western civilization as dry as possible. Then they will dump the Wests money back in cheap back water [third world] economies to produce goods with the lowest cost human overhead possible. Anyone who opposes them will get run over by a steam roller. …” then he paused for a second and smiled and said “…it will all go good for them except for one factor. They must subvert all of western civilization governments to make it happen. And there is the rub, the political boys will want a bigger and bigger piece of the action from the bankers. Then they will grow government too large to gain more power. And so the whole mess will collapse one day because government will not be able to hold the bloated mess together. If it were just the bankers they could have most of the world as slave labor for decades. But the political elite as so full of themselves they will hasten the collapse..”
        So it was from his advice ( he died in 2008) I have been preparing these many years and much of what he said has come to pass. So I expect our government to be come more and more repressive no matter who is elected. The hand writing is one the wall it is just a question of which will last longer us or our enemies…

      10. Per usual Brandon…..another very well thought out and written article.

      11. I will not vote for any Republican. I will vote AGAINST the Democrat. Even if they put RINO Ryan in I’ll still vote against Hillary, Bernie, etc.

        I like Trump and Cruz but if they don’t make it I’m not going to stomp off like some 5 year old and cry about it. Any GOPer is better than a dem, maybe just barely.

        It’s not just the Supreme Court the President gets to appoint, it’s the directors and administrators of the EPA, DOJ, Dept. of Interior, etc. These people do more damage through bureaucratic edicts than Congress, witness Holder.

        I don’t know, maybe it’s better if a democrat gets elected President, then we can get on with Civil War II.

        I’m numb anymore about all of this and what will be will be. But I’m going to vote against the dems. What else am I going to do, assuming no SHTF happens by election day?

        • SOSDD

          • What’s your point?

        • The patriots are wimps! All is talk! Our homeland is being invaded by illegal immigrants. The joker in chief lets in Muslim refugees as defined by the leftist media where in fact they are invaders! And, the patriots do nothing! I can think of so many issues where the patriots do nothing, such as GMOs, chemical factory food,
          doping and immunization of kids, etc.. murder of the unborn,. forced to pay for corporate and social welfare!!

          I do not agree with the LEFT but they do act! And, if the patriots keep on typing the LEFT will win once again!

        • If a democrat gets elected. I say things will be as usual…patriots do nothing and the left wins! However, if Trump gets the nomination, riots because the LEFT will not tolerate the patriot/freedom/liberty/American movement!

      12. Rabbitone

        Thanks…….interesting read.

      13. The candidate, whoever they are, will have to be a globalist that will agree with regional control, universal e-currency, and RFID to control human movement. Don’t believe any of the independent rhetoric about “what i’m going to do when i’m king”; expect continued progress on the globalist agenda. The real question in my mind is; how will the world be ruled as a single citizenry? The office of the president is becoming irrelevant.

        • The President is a manager, not a leader. The leader capacity ended with JFK.

        • Yup,
          All BS

      14. I agree completely that Trump is the ultimate ‘Deal Maker’, and Master of the ‘Art of the Deal’. (Which has already been made.)
        And whether you like it or not, it HAS already been decided that Queen Hillary is next on the throne.

      15. Everyone on this web site should be watching, no matter how painful, the democratic debate. I think a good share of you live in cities. You really should move.

      16. There is not going to be an Election. There will be an Appointment.

        Both The Dems and the Reps. have all ready said the candidates are appoint by them. Not elected by the public.

        Right now I’m not sure if I’m going to vote.


      17. One of these types of topics again. Let me hurry. I am about call it a night and get naked. I have good reason to look forward to sleep.. enough of me.. what I began to mention about that scientist I just met 6 years ago, because I entered a Darrel Sims UFO BS meeting, I said something that led him approaching me shorlty to ask me about something that I am about to out on this board
        In rh near future, it’s not time yet, but I was given the go to tell about it from this real free energy scientist that I am now friends with. What I learned about Extra terrestrial and other secret black ops programs and other under the table programs that the nation’s started, is all going on for a reason.. in or very near future this year I have been given the month if July and so has my govern menf contact, very dead in, and everything so far, says that the American people will know that hee elections will cancel and that that they have removed Donald Trump as the Republican primary to expect civil war, because the stupid dumb down idotic people are literally people under mind control.. and are destroying their own future and that we need not take care if rhen but us to prep and take care of our selfs because we are in for one hell of a ride and you saw the formula.. 350k/49states=10,000=5,000W. Lots of people are going to die, and I noticed that even the Web botts are very accurate are matching up with a callapse all our callapse of the real estate market by October 2016.. this means that I am literally finished as a business and. I am no shut down completely and now our on the street but this time I had experience with 2009, which had em foreclosed, car repoed, then eviction form my apartment, under the bridge I doscovered this site said to Mt self one night stranded out for 4 nights in a row, whw my car is in the shop and I am literally out side, our of money, hungry and thirsty, my car was my residence and now the car was gone for 1 week in the shop, only to later in to discover the power of the almighty God, and reach out for help from God,.. as I asked to help me gain knowledge and intelligence to get out of this jam.. and had 18 good months homeless to bind up back my business with the help and advice of a jew, to learn the Jewish way of prosperity..and believe in one’s self and believe in God. This time when shtf strikes I won’t be getting too worried because I have prepped for the 2016-2017 callapse, civil and revolutionary war..How will I survive suc and our come and now I have a woman, and she is everything and now I have to face tb possibly of losing her in a bad way, or ugly way, this is what I have fortified my preparations for a sudden EMP strike by the globalist against the United Americans, to only find my self in a sudden callapse and troopa and rolling into my are bombs are going off and rocket and tank attacks against people in neighbour hoods, women getting attacked and men getting shot..then I suddenly get ticked the fuck off and have to accept my reality of me getting killed as I make the first 3 kills on a chi-com soldiers.. if this is where it’s heading j am also ready for this sick mess in my area…just making a little conversation. Defiantly don’t try this crap if you a soldier in..y area. By the way good luck when your show up..



        Agency ass clowns super moderator.

      18. I was GOING TO VOTE. No longer. They have shown their hands on both sides. Our votes don’t matter. All I can do now is prep. Anyone who wins will cause either:
        A) A financial collapse.
        B) A Martial Law State.
        C) A set of riots that will start Civil War.
        D) A situation that brings about WW3.

        I don’t believe in God but it’s OK.

        Don’t pray for me or preach to me. Don’t reply with bible verse and quotes. There are almost 5,000 Gods worshipped on this planet. Nobody knows who is right. I personally believe that if you try to be a good person, you will go to a nice place. Maybe not suffer. Or you rot. Dice roll man. Dice roll.

        If praying to a higher being helps your soul and psyche than by all means do it. I will pray with bullets and fear. Anyone who isn’t scared at least a little is a moron. I hope I can outlive my wife as no woman will be safe when it happens. I need to protect her and then die in a pile of brass.

        • Harry:
          Fortunately for you, I didn’t heed your request and have added you to my prayer list. My the Good Lord find a way to bring you back into his fold.

          • jesus fucking christ,you are stupid.

      19. One thing for sure, this country needs some kind of change. Hillary is business as usual. Bernie is higher taxes to support his agenda. Maybe Trump is the best of the bunch.

      20. Trump could be more honest than the rest of the field of candidates, then again he may not be. Have to take a chance I suppose. Would TPTB really allow someone to even be on the stage that they did not control? Deceit is the name of the game. You have to be of, by and for the rich to even get a sniff at high public office. Nearly all of the so called elected representatives are only interested in being paid off to maintain what passes as representative government. It’s entrenched in super concrete bolstered with heavy rebar. Woe is us.

      21. That’s right people votes don’t matter. Look at the Clinton’s alleged murder toll, my god it keeps getting longer. Nothing sticks as these lists have been around since the male adulterer woman mauler governed Arkansas. I have no doubt these murdered lists are factual. Governments do nothing but murder and steal, expect more of the same because that is what we are going to get.

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