The Wealthy Elitists Plan To Survive The Apocalypse And Leave Us Behind

by | Jul 24, 2018 | Headline News | 112 comments

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    Silicon Valley’s wealthy elitists are preparing for the apocalypse, and their plans for survival don’t include us. When the time comes, those same elitists plan to only save themselves.

    According to an article written by Douglas Rushkoff published originally in Medium, those hedge fund bankers are all preparing for a major apocalyptic event which the actually dun “The Event.” Whether “the event” is to be artificial intelligence reaching singularity or a virus that brings about a major death toll, they wanted to be prepared, and they asked Rushkoff to fill them in. The elitists asked such questions as:

    Which region will be less affected by the coming climate crisis: New Zealand or Alaska? Is Google really building Ray Kurzweil a home for his brain, and will his consciousness live through the transition, or will it die and be reborn as a whole new one? Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and asked: “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the Event?”

    This single question occupied us for the rest of the hour. They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards once money was worthless? What would stop the guards from choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers — if that technology could be developed in time.Medium

    This sounds like a dystopia of humanity’s own making. And it also sounds like we should all be preparing. If the wealthiest billionaires are discussing literal slavery in the aftermath of the apocalypse, shouldn’t we all be preparing to defend ourselves from such a fate? We already know our current master, the government, has no plans for any of us to survive. They do, however, have massive bunkers that can withstand nuclear wars built into the sides of mountains that are ready to use at any time.


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      1. When they come out do they think they will still be the HIGH and MIGHTY? They won’t because those that stay out and survive will evolve to a higher level that the turds that run and hid in their bunkers.

        Sucks to be them.


        • Exactly Sarge… they build prisons for themselves. They all somehow expect to not just survive; but moreover, continue their lives with servants to do all the work. Those people will either abandon them or just take over at the first moment of stress or crisis. That’s the rule isn’t it? “no one whose loyalty is purchased will stay bought”. I’d say just make a note where they are running to and if and when the need for their goods arises…. well, we’ll know right where to go to get what we need. And for those with some idea that is savage or immoral…. would those elites do any different?

          • Heartless, good points. And no the elites wouldn’t do any different. Just think of what they’ve already done to get to where they’re at now.

            • Hey Dep BH- WARNING:

              Goldfish Crackers Recalled Due to Salmonella Concerns | Time

              Pepperidge Farm voluntarily recalled some of its Goldfish crackers products this week over potential salmonella contamination.

              • TSB, thanks for the heads up. I haven’t even bought any of those since March.

                • Have you tried making any yet? I had posted a link to the recipe a long time ago.

            • Everyone that is awake and informed has a plan……big deal. If brave makes it to his hideout, he will have the same chance as the elitist. Be there to get there.

              • Dave in Idaho, longtime no hear from. How’ve you been? I was at the BOL for the first 2 weeks of July and came home on the 15th. I can make it back there on short notice if need be. And I WON’T be underground, either. I take my chances aboveground.

                • @ Brave…fine. Sometimes I use a different PC and post under anonymous. Thats when I pull your chain, to keep your BP steady. I posted here a week ago after about 2 years of absence. I have a friend that is looking in Tenn around Cumberland area for a home/ranch. Above ground is good, but Ive always said, a good root cellar can come in handy for temporary shelter from the elements. Ive always wondered how JOG is doing off grid up in AK. Take care, and pack.

                  • Dave, glad to hear you’re doing well. I’ve got ‘mixed feelings’ about anyone posting under the name anonymous. Sometimes I see some good posts under that name and at other times I encounter trolls with their usual crap posting under that same name. But I ALWAYS read the post first before passing judgment on it. I also wonder how Just One Guy and Be Informed are doing. They were two of the best posters ever on here. This month is my sixth anniversary being on this site. They were both here when I first came and I always read their posts first before anyone else’s. BTW, there is a root cellar at the BOL that is primarily used for storage but will also be a temporary shelter if the need ever comes up. Next time you post to pull my chain, let me know it’s you. I don’t want to mistake you for a troll. Take care.

                    • stopped by and happened to see you guys, so I though i’d say hello. nice to see old friends are still doing OK!

          • The so called “elitists ” will be exterminated

          • That’s what I was thinking…”security force”?? Who would stick around and “guard” some jack-wagon, his bi-otch wife and snot nosed brat kids? The elitist will be whisked away alright and summarily executed by their “guards”.

            That solves that problem..NEXT!

        • They should be nice and plump when they come out to meet the hungry folks outside.

        • Say ya’ll:

          9th Circuit decision on Young v Hawaii:

          ht tps://

          A win 4 us.

          Be safe….pew pew pew….BA.

          • I wrote my letter
            for a permit and it will be mailed









          • It is interesting that “White people” show up in your comment. It is shame that this make and sound superior over other race, pretty much similar to those who called themselves elites. There are other race whom very brave and smart and still dedicate their lives to conservative in nature and abide by the law, Constitution, of this nation. Moreover, many served in military with higher IQ. Of course, other race other than “White” will be terminated and that’s exactly what you mean. I hope to see you in the field. You are fake, inciting hate speech similar to those on the left. I hope you take back your comment of race slurs.

            • GC every place those shit skins become the majority and take over and the whites leave almost instantly becomes a shithole. The disturbing fact is there are certainly bad cull white people. I call them Wiggers. And there are certainly good black folks. The other black folks call them uncle toms. One such good successful black man spoke at the Million man march. He told the crowd that oppression from whitey wasn’t the reason for their failure. He stated that if every black person disappeared from the planet overnite. The next day whitey would have a lot fewer problems than before. However If the Whites all where gone the other races would have more problems than ever. Now those other races like Chinese ,Koreans ect. They try to keep their race pure. But forget about race. Shift instead to Producing makers versus Parasite takers. Keep the maker no matter what his race or gender. And cull the parasite no matter who or what they are and that would solve almost everything.

              • Forty percent ( 40% ) of all life on planet earth are parasites.

            • GC – Eisen is full of hatred. He’s nothing but a ball of rage and anger. He hates anyone not of his bloodline or whose ancestors are immigrants and not born in the US.

              And also, aside from HATING an ENTIRE generation, baby-boomers, one example of his extreme hatred, and hypocrisy too, is that he hates Italians, meaning Italian-Americans because their ancestors weren’t born here, they immigrated here, mostly between 1915-1940, the biggest wave between 1915- 1919. But he chows down on a good pizza and eats Italian food. He’s a hypocrite. And a moron. No one here respects him, except his one low-IQ shtf buddy.

              He doesn’t even know what baby-boomers were faced with or had to endure, what life was really like then. He has no idea. He hates baby-boomers but posts on a board where more than half of the members are baby-boomers, the very people he hates with a passion and with no sound explanation for that hatred. He comes here to insult them and others too. He spouts off about things he hasn’t experienced or researched. He’s the lowest IQ person on shtf. That’s why no one here replies to him. No one wants to argue with a fool.

              I’d liken Eisen to the ranting, raving crazy person at the social gathering who makes a spectacle of himself and whom everyone knows is crazy, but just ignores. They wouldn’t dare engage him. They’d rather observe him from a distance, as an odd source of entertainment. He’s nothing but a ball of raging hate and anger. Ignorant too.

              Extreme hatred and raging anger are known to prevent critical thinking.

              No one here will give him the argument he’s looking for because no one wants to feed the trolls. Just like every village has their idiot, every board/forum has their resident troll. Eisen is the shtf troll. That is all.

              • Anonymous, Eisen is just part of the entertainment here.

          • Very true. This country is SOOOOOOOO far away from the Constitution it’s becoming unrecognizable. My family has been on this continent since 1743 and has participated in every American War! We too participated in the formation of this country and it’s being given away right under our noses. How very sad we have allowed it to get to this point. I WELCOME a second American Revolution!

            • If we just stop signing contracts put in front of us and stop accepting government programs and franchises, then we can stand on our rights. The revolution can just be a refusal to participate. Removal of consent.

              • It is almost that simple…. The problem is they will drag you into a corporate court anyway and convict you without consent.

                What needs to happen is that people need to form small groups who remove consent, and when one is harassed and brought into court they can all appear TOGETHER and act as witnesses for the victim.

                They can railroad one man, but if he can bring a group of 20 witnesses that will testify to the governments fraud they will not be able to drop the case quick enough.

          • Sounds just like one of Adolf’s “jackbooted” bunch. Sounds like this cretin thinks he/she is better than the rest of us, “unwashed masses” here on Earth.

          • Eisen…Im surprised you little gay ass is still around…its been like 8 years or so when JOG and the earthquake guy (forgot his name, brave hart’s best buddy) used to slap you around here.

          • Eisenkreutz, my 5th gen grandfather Fought with G Washington and wintered at V Forge. Later went on to other battles with various commanders. Also a grandpa in civil war My did in WWII and me in RVN ! So yeh I agree I have much more at stake than many and certainly any illegal alien. But I can’t say whites are necessarily better at anything ? The bravest man I have ever known was a black man. And I have been in some serious hairball events most her could not even imagine. He trained me at Ft Polk and we served together later in RVN on the Cambodian border in 68/69. I would agree that today a good case can be made that blacks here in USA have harmed themselves by staying on the gov plantation by shear laziness. But I see the world a bit differently. It seems to me humans in general fuck up just about everything they touch on this planet ! So I only judge by a persons actions. Trust me, this world needs many more Sgt Johnsons ! He was a mans man to be sure ! I also have Mexican friends, but I despise illegal aliens for my own valid reasons ! I also know many fucked up white people ?

        • I’m not planning for your survival either. You must plan for your own. It’s called “personal responsibility” and “self reliance”. Snowflakes will not know what to do when NIBIRU suddenly manifests in the sky because none of them were looking up.

          HINT: It’s already here. 🙁

          • I am skeptical about NIBIRU. Ive researched it and it sounds plausible. However Ive not seen it and haven’t seen any real proof. I hope its real. I would much prefer some sort of cosmic disaster like a EMP or Nibiru to a civil war ethnic cleansing ‘martial law’economic collapse ect. I know the Magnetic poles are shifting. Its apparent something is up with the Planet.

          • Here…Where? People have been claiming Nibiru/Planet-X, whatever, was entering the solar system 20 years ago. If it is in fact anywhere near the inner solar system, it would be visible by now, and it would be big news in the amateur astronomer community. A couple youtube vids about it does’nt make it real…

        • You’ve assumed that they were already high and mighty, for some reason.

        • Good one Sgt.!
          And, once the bones are collected and the Earths surface is deemed safe (ha! by whom?) for them to peep outta their holes, the air, soil, water, remaing vegetation will be completely unusable due to that apocalypse and it’s enduring contamination. Nothing to eat, no clean sustainable water supply, I’m sure their prideful haughtiness will turn to cries real soon. Oh how smart they are huh?!

        • Food????? We can always eat them when they come out of their shelters. Rare or medium well? Would like a salad with that thigh steak?

        • Roger that. If it comes to that, you got to play evasion n escape, got to mob to a protective enclave with your family each with gear to be an asset. It’s 1830 again on the western frontier again. Things would have to devolved where there is no More centralized command n control, and Marshall law is no more

          • Martial

        • There is no known document that outlines continuity of citizenry. There is one that outlines continuity of government. That should be enough tell us where we really stand in the grand scheme of things. Now, of course, I don’t think anyone should ever rely government for anything but I also don’t think plans should be in place, at our expense, that saves them while we die. Self-reliance, pass it on!

      2. More than a decade ago, Brad Pitt said in all seriousness that he was stocking up supplies and training for the apocalypse, and then the MSM buried the story. Rewatch Fight Club and listen to some of his dialogue about tanning leatherand making jerky after the financial collapse.

        So yeah, a huge number has supplies and land redoubts in New Zealand BUT they don’t have ancestral skills. Supplies run out and I reckon a lot of elites will be preyed upon UNLESS their plan is to become feudal overloards with serfs and private armies.

        If you lack skills, you won’t make it.

        • Most of them won’t make it to NZ. Many of those folks are being watched closely.

        • Gasoline down the Bunker Airshaft vents. Count to Ten, then followed by a lit road flare. Then watch the cockroaches scurry from their hidy holes. Rinse and repeat.

          • Old drill rig with a few rock drilling bits. Drill in to the bunker. Place a large hose on the rig’s exhaust, put other end of hose down the drill hole. Leave rig engine running for a day or so. Start digging for all the free shit and dead elites below. I much applaud the gasoline idea but it’s nice to get free stuff for your family and buddies.

      3. The ones that prepare [are the ones that can afford to prepare and] are the ones that will survive.

        And the meek [the unprepared and the un-preparable] shall inherit the [the blown-up, destroyed, poisoned, and radioactive] Earth.

        • I’m not sure you understand the meaning of meek.
          A warhorse was meek as it galloped forward towards the rushing army knowing it was dangerous but instead it obeyed its rider and pressed onward.

          • Oh, please. No. I know exactly the meaning of the word. Period. It’s sarcasm and irony you have a problem with.

      4. Ok then.

        Be sure to prep your souls incase it goes badly here top side planet Earth.

        Then you’ll have a nice place to go to. 🙂

      5. Do the Russians care about their peoples survival after any potential major worldwide calamity. I’ve seen it reported that they have underground survival shelters not just for the elite. Don’t know if that is true or not. It wouldn’t surprise me that Russia cares more about common people. It could be that America is one of the target populations to take out seeing as how the peoples high and mighty thoughts on being a free people with guaranteed rights has been on the chopping block for a least a few decades.

      6. I don’t care if the elitests survival plans don’t include me, my plans don’t include them. Screw ’em.

      7. LOL. A matter of time before they kill each other off. Something to do with “No Honor Among thieves”.

      8. Maybe the wealthy elitists should focus less on the lifeboat and more on the iceberg they’re accelerating our economy into.

        Then again, as Theodoric of York said: “Naahhh!”

        You’ll feel a lot better after a good bleeding…

      9. The Russians fully intend on a significant portion of their civilian population surviving a nuclear war. They have a protocols in place for civilian defense, regularly conduct drills, and have built elaborate civilian UG bunkers to house millions. They understand that Wash D.C. is filled with psychopathic war-mongers, willing to destroy the planet in their quest for absolute power & control over the world….and are willing to sacrifice their own citizens in the process.
        The apocalypse is coming……Your either an idiot (like most) or in denial to think otherwise.!!!!

        • Your population emerges into the Stone Age. One can assume a viral/bio followup too.

        • That’s probably why Pres Putin is loved so much by his citizens. 87-89% approval rating.

          Vladimir Putin’s approval rating is at record levels, with nine out of 10 Russians saying they have a positive view of their president. Putin had an approval of 87% in July, and an all-time high of 89% in June, according to Levada Centre polling. Source: ht tps://

      10. Yeah, how is that MAGA working out? Only sheep believe the lies coming out of Washington and the controlled press.

      11. Like a parasite the elite draw their power from a functioning society. If society collapses the elite hold deed to valuable real-estate; this assumes that the previous rule of law is maintained and honored. Its common for the elite to mistreat the “hired help” who likely themselves have friends and family “on the outside”. I suspect that the elite will have an insurmountable problem on their hands. I’ll bank on (no pun intended) their “Let them eat cake”, narcissist personality to be their downfall.

        • Kevin2, that is what modern day taxation is all about. The elites use your money against you in a myriad of ways, as they please, to stay in power and continue using your money ! That is how political nepitism continues because the masses are some serious dumb asses who cannot see past the control mechanisms created for them !

      12. Those same elitists could an ‘accident’ in those bunkers. A certain scene from the movie “The Dirty Dozen” comes to mind…..

        • YEP!! ALMOST exactly what I was thinking, but using some common household liquids, mixed together.

        • TDB,
          First use their air vents for your toilet, then after you’ve made them suffer a bit, then you can do the “Dirty Dozen” to them — gasoline and matches.

          • T, LOL! Giving me ideas could be hazardous to someone’s health. [NOD NOD, WINK WINK] I get your drift loud and clear, heehee!

      13. “The Event” like George Bushes “cataclysmic event”?

        Off topic slightly:

        Isreal continues its white slave trade. Tempting poor women from Eastern Europe to come to Israel for work as waitresses or house maids, they are then forced to stay as slaves servicing men. Some are outright kidnapped.

        So, why is it always going to be after this or that. It has been happening to white women by (((them))) for many many years. We are already mental slaves if this does not motivate you to do something. At least get pissed off. Then you won’t be a fricken moron brain dead zombie. Which is what (((they))) count on.


        • Same thing happened in the Ottoman Empire. Joo-ish men of means brought in Slavic beauties to Turkey from the Balkan areas under Ottoman control.

        • b said, “So, why is it always going to be after this or that.”

          Contractors, factory farming, and crisis housing use most of the same basic tactics — men of your own race, country, and era of time.

          One nominal Christian and human trafficker, from my town, was going to leave hapless, feckless people in Hawaii, recently. Blond-haired, blue-eyed, and with a WASP-sounding name.

          Of which I am aware, I am the only person, anywhere, willing to call them on it. Want to know how it’s done? What color am I?

      14. rellik

        Your going to love this one hot off the presses.

        “July 24 (Reuters) – A federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment protects the right to openly carry a gun in public for self-defense, rejecting a claim by Hawaii officials that the right only applies to guns kept at home.”

        • EXCELLENT.

          Now if we can get those losers in D.C. to pass the Reciprocal Carry Law, then we ALL can carry our guns across the country, just as we all use our Driver’s Licenses in every State.

          Remember when the “Supreme” court declared that gays can marry? Every State had to obey it. The 2nd Amendment applies to all States.

        • Kevin2, What is ironic, is that it was the 9th circuit court of appeals. That particular bench pretty much rules against anything that is constitutional. Perhaps they are trying to avoid the SCOTUS overturning them after Kavanaugh is seated.

          • The 9th was the vanguard court of the self described progressives. You correct, I can’t figure this one out. Did they lose a few Judges? I’m puzzled.

        • Cautiously optimistic,,,
          Hawaii is a turd world socialist shit hole,,,on the surface everything is groovy, but its really pretty fucked up in the machinery

          • This has the potential for nation wide ramifications. If the USSC doesn’t hear the case its ruling stands. If the USSC does her the case its intellectually dishonest in light of both Heller and McDonald, both relatively recent to not support the 9th Courts decision. I suspect that the USSC will not hear the case thus establishing this as common law. Beware the increased demonization that will surly occur.

            • So beware, perhaps the next false flag mass shooting will be in Honolulu.

        • I have written
          my request for a “permit”
          It will be mailed tomorrow.
          But Nail is very correct.
          Law doesn’t matter much in Hawaii.
          So we work around it.

          • I understand your practical necessity; as they say, “you do what ya got to do”. Regardless its a positive ruling. If, and thats an IF, it becomes law watch every roadblock put in its way. Training on the second Tuesday of the week, sit with a shrink at $200 cost. The “wheels of justice” are in effect square.

        • I love it. Nationwide concealed carry. Crime will drop like a rock.

          It could put a real crimp in LARP mass shootings organized by the deep state.

          Virtually all mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

          • I believe the ruling was for OPEN CARRY.

            Concealed carry is a whole different thing.

            • Yup you are right, I since read more in depth.

              I live in a May Issue state, which means open or concealed carry is via regulation, essentially not available to the public.

              As MAGA as this ruling is, I won’t be the first to strap on a pistol and walk down main street only to be shot dead by police ignoring this high courts ruling.

      15. Technically speaking, as the militia could be anyone and had nothing to do with the Continental Army, and the 2nd Amendment is about owning and bearing weapons, this isn’t just handguns or rifles but swords and bayonets attached to rifles as well.

        Texas changed their open carry to include swords and machettes. My state has very loose restrictions on hunting knives and firearms compared to other states. As long as they can see it, the LEOs in the rural areas have no issue with them in my state.

        • The second amendments reference to the militia, absolutely means the second protects military style weapons. These cockamamie assault weapons bans by many states are absolutely unconstitutional.

      16. Pfftt”#*<@€€£+
        I doubt ill be raising a finger to help any of their counterparts over here and theres many,,, most are finger pointer idiots, cant do shit for themselves

      17. The elite ie the 0.01% (not the one %) stole their money by financial schemes, loaning money they didn’t posses, creating agitprop entertainment ie paid political agitators, etc.

        In history, land ownership was ultimately about who could defend the land and gain land through warfare or exploiting other human beings.

        And I am a capitalist but just being honest.

        If you can’t defend the land, you don’t own it, as the Spanish stole land from Meso-Americans, they lost it, but then Texans took it from the Spanish. The whole ridiculous Aztlan concept is NUTS because not even the Spanish owned it.

        Even the Aztecs too it from someone else as they could not hold it.

        • The original inhabitants of the North American continent were wiped out by the ancestors of those who call themselves “Native Americans”, who would still be in Asia if it were not for the Ice Age…

          • Yep. Of course some Asians traveled across the Bering Stait. Maybe Slavs came too? What we don’t know is how much intermarriage occurred when things happened like Caribe Indians traveled by canoe to the mainland. Or when mestizos from Central America mived northerward.

            The mitichondrial DNA is degraded so it’s impossible to know for sure.

      18. Nail and I live,
        where a lot of the filthy rich have
        second homes, eg bug out places.
        You only have to see the airport
        during the holidays that are full
        of 100’s of private jets.
        Many have ranches and are “prepping”.
        I know where Neil Young’s house is and
        if he likes fish he has food for life.
        My point is the rich are known, where as
        the poor like me are “grey”.
        You would not come to my house, you would go
        to my neighbors.
        It is all about “Optics”

        • Its likely with the US being a target some Southern Hemisphere county, unworthy of a nuke attack would be their “bug out” home in event of SHTF. South America is pretty corrupt and they love corruption or maybe Tonga in the Pacific.

        • relik … Did you hear of any elites heading for their Bol during the false alarm missel alert ?
          Because I didn’t..
          If they have all these undisclosed bunkers wouldn’t they be heading there ?
          Just asking

          • An,
            Target would be Honolulu. Nobody that has a brain would live there.
            Nail and I live in the real paradise, Many miles aways from there.

      19. A page out of The Book of Enoch.

      20. I liked Kauai when I visited there. I reckon Molokai would be the best spot based on low population and isolation.

        It’s hard to beat abudant seafood and an such an ideal length of growing crops plus wild edibles or nonnative species that are ubiquitous now in Kauai.

        The island of Hawaii has monumental issues now especially due to how much is lavarock. I guess Hilo would be okay, but never visited. They got hammered by a tidal wave though.

        Maui has too many outsiders. Oahu is not where I would want to be.

        The Asians in Hawaii are almost exclusively Democrats. This makes it impossible for me to desire to livr with them solely based on goofy democratic thinking.

      21. The pentagon cant account for billions, They actually spent that lost money on places like Mt Weather. And those places are not necessarily for the so called elete but for countinuation of government. If things go bad. Why would we want or need the present government to continue? Nope those places need to be their toombs. They shouldn’t never be allowed to emerge. I could care less what some rich asshole does. When SHTF WROL happens his money will be worth zero. I still am of the opinion it will at least for a time be a Stone Age Existance. Any road that’s what Ive prepped for. Ive even got a cave to live in. And if a stone age doesn’t happen that’s just that much better.

      22. I’m thinking “Elite Hunting” will be the next popular sport after the collapse.

        Their bunkers will end up being their tombs.

      23. Maybe Argentina where it has been said the German fascists escaped to after WW2, of course with the exception of the Nazis who were brought to America to form the present deep state intelligence apparatus that spies on all Americans. The ongoing attempt to shut down free speech ramps up with todays takedown of the YouTube video channel, taken down by YouTube. Three strikes in three months, you’re outta there. Facebook also censoring content as are others. Erasing actual history if it does not fit the official deep state narrative. Awful strange that Mueller is not investigating HRC’s missing emails or Clinton Foundation crimes and Willys pedophile past. Soon the only place left for free speech will be in the streets. My bad that’s already against the law if there is any truth spoken.

      24. Aljamo, it’s true that Nazis escaped to not only Argentina but also Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Chile after the war. Some were supposedly already escaping from Nazi-occupied Europe as early as 1942. They had help from “neutral” countries like Switzerland and Spain during the war. After the war, the VATICAN also helped them since most Nazis and other fascists were also “good Catholics”. I’ve heard estimates of up to 100,000 Nazi/Fascist war criminals managed to escape from Europe from 1945 up into the early 1950s. They’re probably all dead now. There are German communities in those South American countries dating back to the 19th century whose occupants don’t want to admit to having a Nazi or fascist in the family. The CIA’s predecessor, OSS, brought over most of the Nazi scientists involved in the V-1 and V-2 rocket program in “Operation Papaerclip”. The rest of them were captured by the Soviets. Certain SS and Gestapo war criminals were brought in to form the nucleus of the CIA. All of the Nazis that the Soviets captured were put to work for their secret police and space program. Our own space program was started by Nazis. Both superpowers, USA and USSR, were using these scum for their own nefarious purposes.

      25. Revelation 6:15
        Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and everyone else, both slave and free, hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.

        The worms will have their caves and the people of God will be raptured out of the mess that the worms created to be returned after the Earth has been cleaned up of the wicked by Satan. Satan has another cave for them, one that they won’t escape from, full of endless torment from those trapped in there, being tormented as well as tormenting others.

        Do what thou wilt will be the whole of the law, remember that law morons when your trapped in Hell because that will be the only rule that applies to everybody.

        • The odds of the coming SHTF event’s happening soon are very high . The odds are that SHTF will not be the things spoke of in Revalation are quite small. So far for the last 2000 years there have been bible believers who where 100% certain that they where indeed living in the End times spoke of in the bible. And to date they have all been 100% wrong. I try and do what Jesus told on the Sermon on the Mount. Im not counting on the Rapture

      26. And my survival plans don’t include Silicon Valley’s wealthy elitists or government tyrants.

      27. Interesting observation….the Bible specifically says the godless will hide from Gods wrath inside the mountains…

      28. What could it possible mean that Mac Slavo has run this exact same topic referencing different websites for the exact story over and over again about monthly over the past 6 months or so..? I know also that the drudgereport has also linked to these storys as well over the same time frame. Get ready to bite a bullet. you cant stop this planned event, and you will be really lucky if you srvive it…or just damned to hell if you survive it.

        Who knows something related to this story as being a sure thing about to be imminent and a PLANNED event coming soon. Is it really fear p0rn that makes ad revenue each time it is reposted, or is it something more?

        • Yes, Mac is in the fearmongering business, posting articles like this to entice you to click those ads and buy stuff.

          • I have never clicked on an ad. I don’t even see most of them anymore. On this site, I’ve increased the size in the browser, not to make it easier to read, but to push the ads out of view on the left and right. All you have to do is press Ctrl+ until the text takes up most of the room and then center it.

      29. They have all wrong. Living in this world is not the solution. God already has a plan of escape for each of us. It takes us out of this fish bowl into the rest of everything. He will take each of us through death into an eternal destiny either with him into His realm or one of eternal misery. The first was made possible by the substitutionsry death of His Son Jesus Christ on the cross at Golgotha Jerusalem, Israel 33 a.d.. His death, burial and resurrection is God’s plan of escape. It is a legal proceeding. All who believe this and call upon God to save their soul from extinction shall be saved. Find this promise in the old and new Testament. For by grace are you saved through faith, not of works last anyone shall boast. It is the gift of God Romans 2:8-9.

        • What about the children? Are you going to do nothing and let them suffer? Or are you just going to shoot them? Works won’t save us, but we are still supposed to do good works. The Bible says that repeatedly. Or don’t you read those verses?

          • Did not Noah build the Ark? and he didn’t let everyone aboard. Did not Joseph interpet the dream and store up during the times of plenty to survive the times of lean. I simply want my Grandchildren and great grandchildren to survive. I am not that importiant. Religion by itself is a meager prep.

      30. If those “elitists” wish to “save themselves” they would do better to develop a relationship with their Creator rather than developing a relationship with the enemy of their Creator.

      31. The bunkers shown for yuppies — typically, with money burning a hole in their pocket — look just like condo living. I lol’d because these were obviously made by a rentier, to profit from a trendy fear porn scam.

        The ones for statists look like a pinko social studies class.

        You could not pay me enough money to be cooped up with such uninspired people,to pretend that they are capable of objectivity or executive function.

      32. James 5:3 …Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.
        Now I know why the great men of the earth have heaped up treasure, bunkers.
        Editorial: page:

      33. With the way the “Elite” treat us now, how would anyone expect them to take care of us when the grid goes down? Talk sense. Prepare your own way, for your own people. People less fortunate than ourselves are not expecting us to prepare survival means for them. People will overcome most any adversity. But if you want to really test their character, give them power.

      34. IMO you people are nuts.

      35. Those sickos would only hire married with children and install execution collars on the children to insure obedience.

      36. Surprise! Surprise!

        The “evil doers” always out live the good people.
        Who would want to live in a loveless world where
        only globalist, communists, haters, heathens,
        selfish, slave-masters, and un-Godly rule the
        They won’t enjoy it because they need peons to
        do their dirty work.

        That is a battle for the young hard headed liberals to
        fight (the 1% Liberal vs The Parisite Liberal.
        Demoncraps made it …. they can lie in their own
        That is not a world I want to live in. if it comes to that.

        Maybe I will pop some popcorn and watch.

      37. Whatever Happens When it arrives. I fully intend to look upon it as a new adventure. I will do my best to fully embrace it and encourage the others Im responsible for to do the same. Life is for living. Surviving on stored preps being miserable because you no longer have your comfortable lifestyle isn’t living that’s simply enduring. Embracing the hardship and enjoying life is in my opinion much better. The Mental aspect likely will be the biggest hurdle. If you have The proper mindset & Know How and are Self Reliant you don’t need a ton of preps. All you need is unfettered opportunity.

      38. The dismissal regarding Christianity is precisely why the UK churches are empty. And then Muslims flooded the country. And so now the people of the UK having denigrated Christianity are embracing Islam.

        Why? Because when archaeologists study human history, there ALWAYS is religion. People are hardwired for religion.

        All you are doing is fostering the marriage of Muslims to Christians and encouraging the Millennials to embrace Islam.

        When some denounce something else like interracial marriage, it makes the next generation embrace it. Now one in ten of European ancestry in the UK are married to those of African descent.

        Atheism never takes hold. The only time atheism persists over time is when the Communists ban it and then spirituality goes underground. Look at the huge growth of Christianity in China and Russia now.

        The least trusted people are atheists. The biggest mistake is thinking that unbelievers are atheists. The whole reason there are separate categories is unbelievers do not think of themselves as atheists.

        People are rightly suspicious of atheists because they falsely claim a “lack of belief” in GOD when this phrase does not exist in philosophy. You either believe, disbelieve, or cannot be sure due to lack of evidence.

        Literally one postmodern atheist thinker suggested this nonsensical illogical term “lack of belief” because he was weasel who was trying to avoid the philosophical “burden of proof” that is required when you state a belief. In other words, and you should look this up, when anyone has a belief in philosophy, the HAVE TO DEFEND IT!

        This makes atheists very weak by both claiming a belief but simultaneously claiming they don’t have to defend it.

        In history, atheists did not do this. It’s a result of the weak minds of pop atheism versus historic atheism.

        Young people, particularly Millennials can’t debate anymore and explain what they believe. And this makes them susceptible to every new goofy malformed concept.

        No wonder there are so many liberals and anarchists and socialists and communists.

        Why do the communists love atheism? When that happens, then the next casualty is objective morality. They then say there is no good or evil or right or wrong. Instead, there is subjective morality where abortion can be justified.

        When this happens, any evil like bigotry, drug use, prostitution, pornography, etc then are justified. The scourge is always of satanic origin for if you can do as you will, then nothing is forbidden. And by that time, a civilization is totally lost and anchorless.

      39. There are several things that fall under the heading that it don’t matter if its true or not. If something is worth believeing in its OK to go ahead and believe in it. So for some folks the belief Trump will prevail & that Hellery and cohorts will be tried by a military Tribunal is worth believing in. The same with Nibiru, Religion and a host of other things that cant be proven or disproven. However don’t put 100% of your faith in those beliefs. Prep for the future with the very worst case situation you can imagine.

      40. This site is so full of crap.

        For example, in an apocalypse you know how you maintain authority over others?

        You don’t. Everybody breaks under torture, simple as that.

        If the system became as chaotic as this fear mongering crap suggests, you know who is going to survive? A bunch of farmers in the Midwest, and that’s pretty much it, and you know who is going to protect them? Anyhow competent with a gun.

        We’ve SEEN collapses of society before. The USSR collapsed.

        If there was actual fear of a collapse, you know where all the “elites” would be? Well, not where the collapse happens. They would have been gone by now, and they certainly wouldn’t be bothering to stick around here. They’re already set for life. Why bother staying for an extra few years or months or weeks?

        This site is comical in it’s stupidity.

      41. I have helped people get their act together,i tell every one just buy a place 50 to 100 miles in middle of nowhere and make it how you and yours live now power,food water so on, keep low profile and just watch what going on around you
        after a while things will go back to a some what normal matter what type of event comes people will die and people will pick which one you want to for the underground bunker boys i bet their guards are ex seals
        seems to be what every rich boy wants by him to be safe.
        how long do you think your little disciplinary collars going to work before he takes over your bunker,banging your wife.

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