The War on Cash: Crucial Step Toward Totalitarianism

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    We have been witnessing the “marginalization” of cash purchases over the years: the “shrinking” of what is allowed…permissible…to be purchased with cash. This is deliberate on the parts of corporations and their oligarch-directors, banks, and governments. All three of these are in league with one another…with the solemn “blessings” of the religious puppet-masters, regardless of creed or denomination.

    The abolition of cash is necessary for several reasons:

    1. To eliminate “black market” economies: the black markets, simply put, are free enterprise minus control and monitoring to regulate and tax those enterprises.
    2. To tax “normative” businesses with no possibility of even a dime being unaccounted for
    3. To steal with impunity [The Golden Rule: He who has the gold makes the rules]
    4. To make your money disappear inexplicably: as in the case of an electronics “glitch” or a “computer error.” With nothing but electronic “quatloos” to your credit, you possess nothing tangible…therefore, it’s easier to take away.
    5. To monitor your every transaction: every purchase, every expenditure…providing further ammunition to the companies to incessantly bombard you with marketing and sales attacks based on your demographics.
    6. To monitor you, as a person: every like and dislike, your social, religious, political, and private proclivities opened before them.
    7. To track your movements, as well as purchases: No more cash means POS (Point of Sale) with the computer (once called a “cash register”), camera above your face, bar coded product, inventory and marketing stats all neatly figured in, and biometric data stored up in one package…. a record of your travels via your purchases, now done electronically.
    8. Shut you down in an instant: Some primate reports “suspicious” activity about you, and an investigation begins?

    How exciting! An investigation! Nothing interests them more than what is not immediately discernible from a precursory inspection. An investigation! That is the key concept…with “investigation” being the key word to getting the ball rolling…to being able to deny you of your previous rights enumerated under the Constitution. By the time you prove yourself innocent? You’ll have wasted thousands of dollars…now pumped into their system…and your activities shut down with a black spot on your record…as “justification” for more games to inflict upon you in the future.

    Unlike “THX-1138,” the government will not run out of funds, and you can be detained indefinitely just under suspicion, warranted or not. Read the article Congress lining up behind indefinite detention, for Americans by Bob Unruh.

    When all of this happens, you become an “unperson,” to paraphrase Orwell: they’ll freeze your assets, and without the ability to buy with cash, they’ll shut you down economically, forcing you into a corner of their choosing.

    Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge just released an article last week entitled Australia Bans Payments over $10 K, Unleashes “Mobile Strike Teams” in War on Cash. This article is very important. Here is an excerpt:

    “…lawmakers [in Australia] are intensifying the country’s “war on cash” – ostensibly part of a crackdown on “criminal gangs” that are smuggling drugs and/or people into the island nation and companies that are trying to cheat their taxes.  To wit, Australia’s government has introduced an economy-wide payment limit of $10,000 for transactions conducted in cash, which, according to, will help (in the Aussie slang) “keep dishonest tradies and businesses from rorting the system by taking cash in hand.”

    From July 1, 2019, cash payments of more than $10,000 made to businesses for goods and services will be banned as the Turnbull Government seeks to crack down on the $50 billion “black economy.”

    Perhaps the most – um – striking element of the proposal is the introduction of “mobile strike teams” to catch businesses engaging in the act of conducting an illicit cash transaction.”

    The article goes on to describe a “black economy hotline” set up by Australia’s federal law enforcement for people to inform on their neighbors who are conducting any kind of business outside of the taxable sphere. The hotline will be anonymous. And really, now, mobile strike teams to operate? Not against military targets…but businesses? Can you imagine “Chuck E. Cheese” restaurant over there…and half a dozen SAS boys fast-roping in on Slicks to flex-cuff the Mouse, the staff, the parents, and the kids… until they find out if all the pizza has been accounted, paid for, and taxed?

    If this is happening now, can you imagine where it will eventually go? There is no “conspiracy theory,” as it is all out in the open, right before our very eyes. This is happening now, and it becomes worse by the day.

    Australia just reversed the slogan of the “Outback Steakhouse.” Australia’s slogan now appears to be “No rights, just rule.”

    This is all supposed to take effect in July of 2019. Coincidentally, that is about the time that Bill Gates’ investment plans with several companies to place 500 satellites into orbit. Those satellites (as detailed in previous articles) provide real-time surveillance of every inch of the globe…that will occur about the same time as the Australian law goes into effect.

    The problem is that there is no accountability upon the government for such things. It is the most “sure” business of all…that of government. They pass laws, steal with impunity, and in the case of a “discrepancy” that cannot be swept under the rug, they resign, before formal charges can be brought against them.

    The Financial Crimes Network is strictly concerned with financial activity of the citizenry…nothing about government officials, the oligarchy, or the police departments at federal, state, or even local level. Many states are now limiting even further the amount of cash that you can withdraw in a day, a week, or a month. If limits are exceeded, they have SAR’s (Suspicious Activity Reports) in place to report those cash transactions.

    Why? Because it is all about control, dominion, and keeping the citizens under observation and total surveillance. The Federal Reserve (a private corporation) cannot be audited. The alleged “gold reserves” cannot be tallied or inventoried. There is no transparency and no accountability. Those in power steal billions while passing laws to add to those billions from the sweat of your brow…the double or triple-dipping of inheritance taxes, the property taxes, the income taxes and sales taxes. The taxes on fuel, the regulations and permits for businesses, residences. The regulations, licenses, stamps, permits, and government-required insurance for automobiles.

    Australia provides an excellent example that you can also see happening in every country, including the U.S. We are dealing with people who really believe that they are superior to the populace and as a result are “entitled” to reap the produce of the serfs in order to “organize and mold a better society and world.” No, they really believe that. In addition, they will send out the gendarmes and soldiers to oppress, imprison, or kill anything or anyone that threatens the existing political, economic, religious, and social order of things. The abolition of cash will enable that grip to tighten even further, to fulfill an endgame that most deny but is completely reasonable given the actions of man throughout his history.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. This article says the Federal Reserve cannot be audited.
        Yes, it can. Will it be audited? Don’t hold your breath.

      2. How many States have Civil Assets Forfeiture laws where they can take your cash even if you haven’t been convicted of a felony, and then you have to fight to get your own money back. Yes this is all part of the war on cash and it seem we can’t do anything to get it stopped, if you travel through Wyoming and get stopped, don’t give these asshole troopers your cash or you’ll be years trying to get it back. Trekker Out. Stop Using Plastic Now!

        • Mtn: Yes, that civil theft, I mean Civil Forfeiture is the biggest, most illegal and morally corrupt bunch of shit going today…they feel it’s okay to allow the STATE (The Lords of the Manor) to so easily Steal from the Serfs, I mean Citizens.

      3. How do you regulate bartering? That will be the next step.

        • Jim: that probably all plays into wanting to stick those god damned RFID chips up our asses…they will know everything about everyone, ALL the TIME. Oh boy, I can’t wait. It is so painfully obvious that Gov’t in general is such an out of control monster, that does NOT stop until it is slayed!! Look what the US has really become – look at the big picture. We no longer have any sense of privacy for shit, they will not stop until ALL guns are no longer in our hands, all cash will be gone and they will be able to drop the hammer on our heads so easily, a mere push of a button or two, The End…Folks, I really think we are at “that point” in time…think about it.

      4. When the second Beast of Revelation 13 issues the “ Charagma “ { Koine Greek } or “ mark “, how is it to control whether or not people can buy or sell?

        Now does the threat seem real enough to you ?

        • There is technology to implant chips (you tube: mark of the beast verichip RFID microchip (google it in you tube) already being used in trials in some places.

      5. One thing that is often overlooked is the stealth adoptation of the new global electronic (digital) currency by just about everyone. Most people already use the ‘new’ Dollar, the ‘new’ Euro, the ‘new’ Pound, etc, its just that the rapid revaluation and token name change of the electronic units in our banks, on our cards, etc has not yet taken place. The best explaination of this I have heard up to now is from the Youtuber ‘Here to Talk’ and his ‘The Digital Currency Deception – Hard Truth’ video.
        We are already on the NWO currency, already on the electronic system, and already enslaved to it, most just dont realise it yet.

      6. Had a customer who paid me in cash last week. One bill – a $100 note – I could not get an ATM to accept. As I looked at it, I saw it did not have holograms, ribbons… the new security measures. Printed as part of 1985 run. Had the red and blue ‘threads’ though. So, I figured not counterfeit. But, it forced me to have to physically go into bank office to make a deposit of it. You would’ve thought I came in wearing a ski-mask and toting. The paperwork was multiple, along with normal card swipe, the bill was examined by 3 bank personnel and the general rudeness was unbelievable. On which I commented that I was surprised by how much longer it took to do what used to be a simple teller task. They told me – “it’s what you get by accepting old currency”. Bank of America at its finest.

        • Heartless, are you telling me that all these old 100 dollar bills that I have hidden under the mattress that don’t have the strip are no good, unless I take them to the bank and fill out paper work. Trekker Out

          • MT – I live in Florida. Counterfeiting is awfully common around here. Fake bills pop up all the time. If the bill in question does not have the security hologram, strip…. it is not unheard of for a merchant to refuse it. Well, it means you’ll have to go to your bank and deposit it or exchange it for a newer series/printing. I had to present I.D., swipe my ATM, fill out and sign a deposit slip, was asked my name – verifying first and last separately. And like I said, treated like I had wet ink on my fingers or something. Old currency is just not the same as new. Try depositing one of your ‘under the mattress’ pre-1990 bills in your local ATM.

          • Take them to any store that has self-checkouts. Put Hundred in, out comes nice new fives. Problem solved my friend.

        • Heart,
          I dumped BOA over 45 years ago. They are not good to do business with. Neither is Wells Fargo. The last 38 years I’ve had only credit union accounts. Never had a problem with them. I keep one account in WA state and one in Hawaii. I can on-line move money back and forth between them and easily deposit or withdraw funds
          but the Hawaii people know me on sight, they don’t have a lot of turnover and I’ve been doing business with them for 15 years or so.
          I don’t use the ATM much, I’ll take money from one but I won’t feed it cash or checks.
          As far as staying on subject I do most my long distance business with credit cards that are paid off monthly, but I also do some local business in cash that never goes in a bank. The government can do as it pleases but it will be hard to get rid of cash here in Hawaii.

          • In general, Credit Unions are not any different or safer than a bank.

      7. Forgot to leave a link to that video explaining how we are already all in the system and already on the NWO global electronic currency system. This link starts the video after the long intro:

      8. IMHO, banning cash is just a sideshow to the trap being laid by the global banking cabal.

        There is absolutely no reason for these dark pools of money (banks) to want to rig or control the price of gold solely to merely manipulate the price.ce. No. They want to permanently corner the entire gold supply so that no physical will be left to emerge as backing for any future competing currency. They are looking to enact a gold extinction event. They want to “manipulate (suppress)” the price for now, until they have accumulated nearly all of it on the cheap (while deceiving the common citizen into NOT buying any because it is a “worthless” relic) to achieve a critical amount of it to prevent it from EVER being used effectively as backing for a competing currency by citizens of the world. It is a lot easier to remove it this way than by overt confiscation. Also, mines can’t afford to produce new gold if the price is suppressed. Governments, at the banks’ bidding, may even nationalize the mines.

        Suppose everyone panics and realizes that all fiat currencies in use today are suddenly worthless. They suddenly stampede to buy up any remaining PHYSICAL gold. Sure, the ETF price might rocket up to the theoretical nominal amount needed to “back” all the fiat currency, some say $50,000 an ounce, but that will be irrelevant if there is no longer any available physical gold for sale at any price. Those few, at least in America, and families in China, India, Thailand etc., who have saved up a few ounces as a family or cultural tradition may suddenly become “wealthy,” but how will they parlay this “wealth” into goods and services, including food, energy, and trade for daily living especially in a global economy? No question, physical gold is good for payment in a local economy. But the manufacture of big-ticket items like cars, supply of oil etc., is done over large distances whereby out of necessity and practicality, an electronic or nonphysical method of payment is required. Eventually, these people will have to sell their gold and succumb to using a credit/fiat/digital system of the bankers’ design. The world banks become a “black hole” for any residual outstanding gold. They will buy up the residual as people “cash in,” even if they have to buy the last few remaining ounces at a premium. One must realize that all bankers, including those of China and Russia, have NO desire to actually back their currencies or create a “competing” system of honest money. They all are in this together and want to establish central control via a fiat system.
        Any credible evidence to support this theory, of course, would require knowing how much gold is above ground and held by these banks and how much recoverable gold is still in the ground. Just starting with Ft Knox here in the US- we can’t say for sure. No audit has been done in half a century. China is the same for the “government controlled” People’s Bank of China which keeps the numbers secret. The banks just don’t want us to see the extent of their trap.

        Are the banks ever going to relinquish gold to the citizens via retail sales as part of satisfying debts between banks? I don’t think so, as they all want to have their cake and eat it too: 1.) Have a valuable physical asset exclusively in their possession, and more importantly 2.) force the rest of the world into having to use a fiat/fractional reserve/digital/interest bearing currency that makes the banks fortunes, and allows banks to control and monitor the people.

        Allowing physical gold back into the retail market would ruin banks “forever monopoly” for a short-term profit. Thus, manipulation/suppression of gold price is “temporary” to allow continued accumulation by big banks with the ultimate goal of denial of financial freedom to the people.

        Again, it is important to understand this element of degree. The banks don’t want to suppress the price of gold to foil a competitor to a future asset back currency. No. They want to permanently corner the market to prevent gold from ever being used as a weapon by the people against them. It is almost like a gun ban. Once this weapon is taken away from the people, then the banking system, a worldwide consortium of banks, can force any type of digital currency and by it, control of the people. This assumes that even the hailed cyptocurrencies will not be effective unless they are backed by gold. Even the crypto enthusiasts unwittingly realize crypto’s Achilles heel when they mention cryptos as “digital gold” or talk about a “gold backed” cryptocurrency. Gold price manipulation is not just suppression. It is the final trap.

      9. I have been a long-time fan of science fiction. One common theme is all-knowing, all-watching government who has to know everything about everyone. The earlier ones like 1984 are so tame now. The science fiction writers who create such fiction are in a race with what is happening in the world today and, frankly they are losing.

        Information has monetary value so it is being gathered in all kinds of ways. How well can they track you and what you buy and sell? I shudder to think about the means they are using. What gall for people who enforce the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws to prosecute other people for theft! Ever notice that laws that call for payment of a fine are more often prosecuted than laws that call for jail time? Do they fine illegal immigrants?

      10. This currency situation was planned thousands of years ago and described in the books, parchments, commonly known as “The Bible”.

        I believe this is less prophecy, and more a generational plan toward world power and control.

        Something which seems to go over the heads of the faithful is the prediction that after God’s angels defeat Satan’s angels, there will be a one thousand year time of peaceful existence on earth. It does not predict a ten thousand or hundred thousand year time of peace. What happens after that? I’m guessing, that the devil is in the details. A thousand years on earth is merely one year in heaven. This implies something ominous. It implies that there is no permenent solution to evil.

        But back to the economic plan. Even the creators of the plan recognize that their final accomplishment of total control of everything bought and sold with the “mark of the beast ‘666’” is going to force all the people of the world, under the protection of the armies of the Lord, to destroy them, if only for one thousand years.

        Interestingly, the third Reich was also hailed as lasting for one thousand years.

        Long story, to the point, it is a plan, a generational plan. The pushback from the masses, is a certainty. I doubt the “elite” will succeed with their 2030 agenda.


        • Duality, polarity, is built into this reality.
          Without darkness, there is no light.
          Without rightness, there is no wrongness, etc.
          Polarity is literally built into every particle of matter.
          Duality is inescapable.
          This is what people who push the various religions refuse to comprehend.
          Duality and polarity are circular, unending.

        • You have a lot of details in your beliefs. But they are not real and you cannot prove any of them.

          Psychosis is a mental condition in which an individual is unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is not real.

          That’s you.

      11. J.J. doesn’t know what he is writing about. How can someone get all of his bullet points wrong? Paranoia

        • Bert, you want to explain that somewhat? Number one is correct. And what follows is a result of that.
          Bert’s from the government and he’s here to help.

      12. Well we have 1 million rounds of 306 ready for them if they try to take our bullion or weapons ?
        The Texas Patriots will march on DC if they try any more shit.

      13. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:16-17)

        • The book of Revelation is a body of creative writing that is dream metaphor, nothing else. It is not dependable as a predictive source. Its only value is in the minds of those who think that it reveals to them something of significance. It doesn’t. They are merely deluded and impressed by their own self-imagined importance.

      14. Drip, drip, drip. Step by step they come for us. Establish a network of trade. Use silver, copper pennies, nickels, batteries, etc. Dispense brass ,copper and lead units to the appropriate aggressors. Teach your children and grandchildren and pray to Almighty God for the salvation of your soul.

      15. You get what you put up with hey how will politicians take bribes if it is all public record. Bet they never thought of that. Maybe gifts of jewelry or diamonds. Barter works. Trade firewood for useful items idea. It is tremendous invasion of privacy and total tyranny If you put up with this you are serfs and nothing more. Go out and stand along the road and bow your head hat in hand as the nobles drive by. Get some practice at that,.

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