The War In Afghanistan Comes Home

by | Aug 19, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    This article was originally published by Matt at What About The Roads?

    The story of the “end” of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan isn’t just about the end of the conflict there, it’s also about where it’s headed next. The Pentagon didn’t spend $2 trillion over 20 years to just walk away from one of the most valuable squares on the geopolitical chessboard empty-handed. The possibility for full-scale re-entry into the country is always there but in the meantime, there are plenty of lessons the Pentagon learned there that they’ll be employing stateside.

    In the time since we published last week’s story on Biden’s wars, the situation in Afghanistan has deteriorated rapidly. American troops have already been redeployed as the Taliban stormed across the country to recapture the capital, the U.S.-back president has fled the country, and tragic scenes like those from the airport in Kabul are once again being broadcast to the world. Soon, the U.S.-created Al-Qaida may even be making a comeback.

    This isn’t a new phenomenon. For millennia, Afghanistan has been a coveted piece of land which many have attempted to conquer but none have been able to subdue entirely. The Mongols, Persians, and Greeks all briefly absorbed Afghanistan into their ancient empires before ultimately withdrawing. In more recent history the British, Soviets, and now, Americans, have also been forced to make hasty retreats from the unconquerable nation, leaving rival factions to vie for power in their absence.

    Knowing this, it’s reasonable to ask why the US and NATO would try yet again. Why lie about there being a connection between Osama bin Laden and the events of 9/11 in order to fight yet another battle for control over the graveyard of empires? A battle, history has proven, one is sure to lose.

    One simple answer is that invasion of foreign lands usually enriches a select few of the invaders. Afghanistan sits on a reported $1 trillion worth of rare earth minerals ripe for exploitation by Western corporations. The lucrative opium trade has been helped along by the CIA throughout the U.S. occupation (but who needs opium and heroin when you have fentanyl). Military contractors and weapons manufacturers have handsomely racked in windfall profits at the expense of the Afghan people.

    Then there’s the geopolitical power that comes with controlling Afghanistan. “Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some five hundred years ago, Eurasia has been the center of world power,” globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski reminded the world in his 1998 book, The Grand Chessboard. One of America’s grand ambitions in the country is to run a natural gas pipeline through it which would bypass Iran and Russia, breaking their co-monopoly on regional energy supplies. U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has also put a damper on China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative, but with a potential departure of American troops, China’s ambitions in the country are quickly on the rise. The encirclement of Iran is made possible by continued occupation as well.

    Another major reason to be in Afghanistan all this time has been made explicitly clear in the past few days. The military is going to take all the lessons it learned there and use them at home.

    Again, this isn’t anything new. The U.S. military and their cohorts in the intelligence agencies have thorough track records of testing things out on foreign populations before turning their eyes back on the domestic population. Chemical weapons used on the battlefield of Europe during World War I were eventually used at home on unknowing Americans. Intelligence spooks who’d spent years disrupting, infiltrating, sabotaging, and ultimately destroying Communist groups abroad deployed those same tactics against Americans who were opposed to  “the Vietnam War, segregation, and other injustices.” During the Vietnam War, there were frightening parallels between the horrors being carried out by  CIA-created assassins as part of the Phoenix Program and the serial killers stalking America, many of whom had deep military and intelligence ties. Then of course during the so-called War on Terror, Americans and the people in the counties being occupied had their civil liberties eroded greatly in the name of stopping the terrorist boogeymen.

    This brings us to today. While Trump made sure that the might of the military-industrial complex never faltered abroad, other social engineers were busy conditioning a domestic audience that the dangers posed by domestic extremists had never been greater.  In Trump’s America, the rise of right-wing “white supremacists” and “extremists” were once again touted as threatening to undo everything the great American experiment had worked so hard to create.

    With the stage set, it was easy for the powers that shouldn’t be to find an easy scapegoat to blame the failures of masking and lockdowns on during the COVID-19 pandemic that wasn’t. These selfish anti-science cretins were more concerning than the virus itself and their red-state leaders like Ron DeSantis, and Kristie Noem were only egging them on by not locking them indoors and shutting down the local economy. When these “extremists” weren’t protesting against draconian government mandates they were committing non-stop hate crimes at a time against Black Lives Matters and Stop Asian Hate supports were having their fiery but mostly peaceful gatherings.

    This narrative has only grown stronger under the Biden administration as lack of “vaccinations” and subsequent COVID “variants” are being blamed on these domestic threats. Couple this with the renewal of anti-American sentiment abroad on the eve of the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and you get the Department of Homeland Security issuing a new terror threat alert which warns of “racially- or ethnically-motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) and anti-government/anti-authority violent extremists” who “view the potential re-establishment of public health restrictions across the United States as a rationale to conduct attacks.” The DHS also notes their concern over “conspiracy theories on perceived election fraud and alleged reinstatement, and responses to anticipated restrictions relating to the increasing COVID cases” which are perpetuated by “Russian, Chinese and Iranian government-linked media outlets.”

    If you have taken any issue with the government reinstating lockdowns, bringing back mask mandates, or requiring experimental injections for participating in society then you are morally on par with the Taliban. If you doubt that Joe Biden received more votes than any other president in history then you are a white supremacist. If you have any questions about the official narrative surrounding the so-called pandemic you may be a dastardly Russian-Chinese-Iranian operative. Whatever the case, if any of this applies to you, the U.S. government now considers you a domestic terrorist threat.

    What we can ultimately glean from this newly issued alert is that dark days lie ahead. We can be almost certain that totalitarian restrictions will remerge across the country and we should expect violent retaliation against such measures from both state actors and well-meaning but fed up people. In the fallout from this, even more mandates, restrictions, and lockdowns (maybe worse) will be instated to deal with these terrorist threats. Problem, reaction, solution.

    In these dark times, however, we can still work towards growing and building a better future. Groups across the country work towards intervening in their local political scene to prevent or outlaw COVID-19 restrictions from ever coming back. Freedom cells and mutual aid societies continue to spring up and provide alternatives for those of us tired of living in a society that would rather see us destroyed or dead. Millions are voting with their feet and relocating to areas with more freedom-oriented communities. None of these are silver bullet solutions but the one sure way to bring about this apocalypse is to do nothing about it.



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      1. The Taliban won because they were fighting for what they believe in and more that willing to die for their beliefs.

        We lost because we were fighting for money, lots and lots and lots of money, and were both unwilling to die for it and didn’t believe in anything else we could fight for there.

        Almost every one of those stranded Americans there are there because they want the money they made from being there, with very few of them actually there because of something they believed in that wasn’t based in the money (Missionaries, real humanitarian relief and altruistic aid workers and such).

        And, of course, almost all of them were stupid enough to trust the U.S. government which has a 75 year long history of abandoning those who help it (Someone here should be old enough to at least remember Vietnam and its aftermath).

        Time to get real about the world and your actual importance in it, do some in depth soul searching and figure out what you Really believe in, as Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living”.

      2. Like I said this shows Biden is incompetent and should be removed from the office he holds. On the flip side these people over there have been living like this for a thousand years and and between that and Muslim cultism your NOT going to change that in a mere 20 years and anyone who thought that is a fool.
        With us leaving we just opened another door to retaliation to start to show up here in the states, the cells are here and we will soon see the results of this.

        • President Harris will be much better than President Biden has been.

      3. afaic, vulture capitalists are disinterested in seeds, but value the dried and cured lumber products, disinterested in land claims, but value the already-extracted mineral and grains.

        Afghanistan should not be interesting, except, it is an already-developed marketplace, prone to piracy.

        We have our own unexploited stores of rare-earth minerals, meta materials, dirt to grow poppies, except we prefer adventurism to DIY.

        While I am mostly indifferent toward Islam, they are not supposed to produce or consume vices. To them, it must be like a Hallmark holiday, not moral absolutism:
        “Afghanistan has been the world’s leading illicit drug producer since 2001. Afghanistan’s opium poppy harvest produces more than 90% of illicit heroin globally, and more than 95% of the European supply. More land is used for opium in Afghanistan than is used for coca cultivation in Latin America. In 2007, 93% of the non-pharmaceutical-grade opiates on the world market originated in Afghanistan.”

        • Islam stands for conquering everything non Islamic and subjugating it to Islam by any means possible, by any means that work.

          Nothing else.

          They’re really quite successful at it as the continuous growth of Islamic control almost everywhere indicates.

          • They don’t corner any markets on porkmeat or rent synagogues to Jews, though.

            This narrative is problematic, because drug abuse is forbidden.

          • In Canada the announcement that the Taliban had taken over was given by the country’s main TV broadcaster, a woman in a hijab. That says it all.

            If you think we are winning anything you are just dumb.

        • All under the direct knowledge and participation of the State. I submit the major goal of the State is to undermine and destroy what we call the West. (Even NATO is not really a security mechanism for the West, it is in reality only a mechanism completely dominated by the US for control, and to proactively maintain hostility towards Russia.
          The State will not close our southern border; never mind, in reality we don’t have a southern border. The State not only allows but encourages and facilitates illegal immigration. The goal isn’t simply more voting Democrats, it is to irrevocably alter the demography and culture of the US, primarily to reduce/eliminate at least 3 categories of people so that these 3 groups no longer have any social, political, or cultural influence. It is Christianity, those of European heritage, and those who want to keep a Constitutional Republic with all our individual rights and freedoms. Meanwhile, the State teaches anti-family and pro-abortion doctrine starting at an early age.
          The same for Europe, the zioUS State with its endless wars and contributions to turmoil in the Mid-East has created more refugees than all other causes combined and contributing to the endless flood of millions of refugees every year into Europe. Furthermore, large numbers of NGOs are created and funded to facilitate bringing mass immigration into Europe. And as in the US, the European PTB also are deploying programs to discourage having native born children; it’s working great, in every Euro country and including US, Canada, Australia, and NZ, the overall native replacement rates are actually less than zero. England and France are the exception, but not really, it is muslims who keep the population growing as a whole. In fact, in almost every Euro nation, only muslims are having children above replacement. The US browbeats and pressures and financially supports much of the illegal immigration into Europe, there are also Israeli nationals facilitating mass immigration into Europe.
          As for the the Afghan. opium trade, it has grown and flourished under the US occupation, with direct US knowledge of all phases of cultivation, processing into opium, transport, etc. Furthermore, the State does not deploy adequate action necessary to stop the incredible flow of fentanyl into the US, merely a few busts on the border for media purposes, if the busts are even real.
          It is estimated more than 3 million Afghanis will move into Euro. as a result of the US mess there. Who knows how many will come here. Look for Iran as the next target for destabilization and chaos.
          Think tanks, “civil rights” organizations, NGOs, and a vast array other entities are being enlisted and/or created to assist the State in its goals. They are not merely motivated by ideology, but more so just a vicious and visceral hatred towards us. Their goal is not coexistence, but our complete marginalization.

          • It is important to always look at these events as to who it benefits and what it does for the economy. The West, to be crude, needs women and girls to keep going. Afghanistan has many very beautiful women and girls (unlike Africa, Haiti) and importing millions of them into the West is a win win.

            By letting loose the Taliban the casus beli has been laid down to protect the women and girls by evacuating them out of the country and away from their violent, misogynistic men.

            Kamala will love it!! And so will sex traffickers, Deliveroo, etc.

      4. I would not allow a single Afghan into the USA for any asylum or granted entry. These POS cowards too afraid to fight for their own country do NOT deserve a single F-n chance to relocate. Stay and die you POS Cowards. The US Military Leadership has lied for 2 decades. The CIA the biggest drug dealer in the world. Its all a Costly War Sham, abandoning an entire military supply load cache of modern weaponry for the taking by the enemy. Over 160 Apache helicopters left free to the enemy. Brilliant move Biden. These US Generals need to be tried for treason. Time to end all VA benefits to any person involved in this entire war scam over the last 20 years. War is Fraud, you all deserve life in prison doing hard time.

        • Not to mention over 10K Americans he (his handlers) are abandoning there. Chiden can’t tie his shoes let alone make a decision. One thing about this fiasco is now the military will be a lot more likely to tell him (them) to shove his “orders”. Pretty dangerous having your own army hate you. I expect a false flag soon. Stay safe….

        • Get ready for them to announce they will evacuate ALL women and children from the country. The telegraphing is already happening in the media.

      5. The grifter-in-chief acts like he didn’t know that Afghanistan would fall this fast. Apparently, the military brass didn’t keep him updated on the Afghan army. It’s well known that the Afghan army was largely made up of Pashtun…the majority tribe…same tribe as the Taliban. When this was relayed up the chain of command, orders came back down to train them anyway…Afghanistan needed an army.

        So for three hots and a cot, and a monthly Yankee stipend to help keep the family, what’s not to like by an unemployed Afghani young man.

        They didn’t “give up”. They were already the opposition. They just turned around and flew the Apaches and drove the OshKosh MRAPs, that used to belong to the “Afghan army”, in the opposite direction.

      6. We could’ve won in Afghanistan if we had only had more lesbians, queers, and tranny’s in our military.

      7. They didn’t walk away they got what they went there for. The LITHIUM

      8. Here is an amusing observation: notice that neither the US troops nor the Afghans bother with masks and distancing? No attempt whatsoever to change their behaviour for Covid.

        I have noticed on many occasions that the police, ambulance don’t bother wearing masks when the sun goes down. Do viruses stop spreading in the dark? I doubt it. Maybe the virus isn’t that dangerous when you are out of sight of politicians, TV cameras and ‘Karens’?

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