The Walking Dead: 7 Mistakes That Would Get Somebody Killed in a Real Zombie Apocalypse

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Headline News | 329 comments

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    This article has been contributed by The Organic Prepper Daisy Luther. Check out her book The Pantry Primer: How To Build a One Year Food Supply in Three Months.


    (Warning: Spoiler Alert!)

    I don’t watch much TV, but my guilty pleasure is AMC’s The Walking Dead. Lots of the preppers I know love watching this show and shouting out advice and criticism – it’s like our version of watching “the big game”.

    I have to tell you, watching from a prepper/survival point of view, it seems like this season that the main characters are just muddling along, tempting the writers to kill them off. They definitely aren’t surviving based on any real skills or planning.

    Here are some vital mistakes that the group has made just in just the last few episodes, and what lessons we can learn from them:

    1.) Why would they all follow the lead of a guy who hallucinates about his dead wife and makes horrible decisions?

    It’s important that every group has a leader, but that leader should not be followed blindly.  Random hallucinations are not a sign of stellar mental health, and Rick has made a series of terrible rash decisions. He treated his poor wife horribly for a decision she made when she thought he was dead, then had a guilty nervous breakdown, complete with hallucinations, when she died.  He has coldly booted out people who might be good members of the community without even giving it a second thought, creating enemies instead of allies. He tried to keep Michonne out of the group, but luckily for himself, didn’t succeed since she’s saved both him and his son more than once since that time.  He made the executive decision to kick Carol off the island without discussing it with anybody else, even though he too has killed people that perhaps shouldn’t have been killed.  Leaders really shouldn’t be whiny, delusional, judgemental, and reluctant. I have wondered since the beginning why Daryl wasn’t the leader. He’s the one that feeds them, fights for them, and literally, keeps them all alive, so why is he second fiddle to Rick?  A badge and a resume mean nothing in a survival situation – skills and integrity are the only qualifications that matter. (Learn more about different personality traits in a survival situation HERE.)

    2.) Why on earth didn’t they have bug out bags?

    After losing umpteen potential homes over the past 3 seasons, could someone explain to me why no one thought it would be a good idea to have a bag to grab and go with, should disaster strike the prison? Instead these folks, who should by now be seasoned survivors, are running around in the woods on foot with only the clothes on their backs. Hello!!! Pack a bag and keep it by the door! Maybe everyone wouldn’t have had a chance to grab their bag, but at least some people would have had food, tools, and weapons. (Learn more about non-Zombie bug-out bags HERE and every day items that can be lifesaving HERE. )

    3.) On the same note, would you go anywhere without an every day carry kit?

    Ask any mom who has ever loaded up a diaper bag to sustain a toddler through a one hour outing.  There are some things you don’t even go into the back yard without. So if you are living in the midst of a fluid situation, wouldn’t you keep the most vital tools for survival on your person? At the very least, you should be wearing a knife, carrying a lighter or flint, and have a small bag with things like flashlights, batteries, wipes, first aid kit, water, and a couple of granola bars. Note how Daryl never takes a step without his crossbow and Michonne keeps her katana strapped to her back? How are they the only people that realize it doesn’t pay to be searching for a weapon at the very moment a zombie is trying to eat your face? (Learn more about minimum vital tools HERE.)

    4.) Why don’t they teach their children not to just freak out and run away?

    How many kids have to run into the woods and get lost, eaten, shot, etc., to convince people to teach their children what to do when a horde of walkers comes lurching towards them?  The only person who seems determined to prepare the children of the prison on how to survive is Carol, because that is how she lost her daughter Sophia in an earlier season, and…well, Rick turfed her. Carl had to become self sufficient alone, because his father was trying to shelter him and keep him from becoming a sociopath. Teach your kids how to successfully evade a threat, how to hide, and how to fight when backed into a corner.  In crazy situations, you can’t say, oh, that knife is sharp, so I’d better not let my daughter use it.  Instead, teach her how to use it without cutting her hand off.  Teach your kids everything you can about the enemy or the threat, because the day might come when you are not right there by their sides. Teach them basic skills, like building a fire, creating a snare, and what they can forage for without poisoning themselves. (Learn more about preparing your kids HERE and HERE.)

    5.) Why in the name of  heaven didn’t they have a predetermined rally point?

    In the midst of a zombie apocalypse, just like any other type of disaster, communications are down, and your current situation is not stable. It never pays to get too comfortable, and you must always have in the back of your mind, a back-up plan. Because of this lack of a back-up plan, it was mass chaos when the prison was overrun, and people died because they were trying to figure out what to do. The plans should have been in place so that people could react instantly to a sudden change in circumstances.  People could have bailed with confidence that those who survived would be able to find one another. The group should have come up with at least two different locations where they would either meet or leave messages for the other members if things devolved. Instead, they’re all wandering around, mourning those who are missing and hoping to just run into the other folks through dumb luck.  Really, Rick? (Learn about creating a family emergency plan HERE.)

    6.) Where are the supply caches?

    See #2 above about bug-out bags – when you are living through a Zombie Apocalypse, how many times do things have to go horribly wrong before you realize that you should stash things like food, weapons, and water filters in designated places?  All of the people wandering around the woods might not be risking poisonous berries and fetid water if they had taken the simple precaution of hiding some caches in the surrounding area. (Learn more about survival caches HERE.)

    7.) Why would Daryl and Beth have an emotional meltdown and burn their shelter to the ground in the middle of the night?

    Emotions have a time and a place, and the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse is neither of those.  I’m sorry that Daryl had a rotten childhood, I’m sorry that Beth’s boyfriends keep getting eaten, but Jimminy Cricket, don’t burn down the building that stands between you and all the zombies as some sort of catharsis! Or if you do, at least wait until daylight so you can see what’s coming for you. I could only sit and roll my eyes during last night’s episode. Any survival situation is bound to be terrifying, emotional, and full of loss, but if you want to survive, you have to be able to compartmentalize those things. This is not the time to lie on the shrink’s sofa and psychoanalyze your childhood and your feelings. Sorry to be abrasive but in these situations you have to man up, woman up, suck it up.  If you want to live, you don’t have the luxury of a nervous breakdown. Accept, adapt, survive. (Learn more about adaptation and survival HERE.)

    With all of the craziness in the world right now, with the economic system collapsing, real-life iPhone zombies roaming the streets, and the entire world being on the cusp of a pre-planned war, sometimes it’s fun to have a little light entertainment like watching The Walking Dead with a big bowl of popcorn.  Just make sure you use it as a cautionary tale instead of an example of how to survive.

    I know that many of you are fans of the show…what deadly mistakes have you seen in recent episodes? Share your observations in the comments section below.

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      1. Seems as if WWIII rather than zombies will be our more pressing concern.

        • It is coming, and it is going to resemble a type of Mad Max scenario. You will see just how ugly people can get. You will see many acting like chimpanzees. WHY? The further that people have been taken away from having to do without the modern conveniences, the farther the drop and the more the shock. If you look at some third or fourth world country after the mega SHTF event and it won’t be much different than business as usual.

          This is why I suggest to everyone to try to sometimes live without what you have and have come expected of. Use hand tools instead of power tools. Try to live a night or two without electricity. Try to live awhile without the water coming from the taps. In other words try to get use to what live WILL be like after it collapses. Practice actually living without. 😉

          • BI, good evening, and once more I have to agree. The show sounds like another way to attack preppers, like doomsday preppers. Too many people forget that whatever they see on TV is ENTERTAINMENT AND/OR PROPAGANDA; NOTHING ELSE. There is a WORLD of difference between reality and TV. BI, I do practice such drills as you’ve suggested on occasion, so I already have a good idea of what life will be like after it collapses. Everyone else should practice it as well. Everyone needs to have a good idea of what life will really be like after TSHTF, so it will be less of a shock and lowers the impact on their minds. Because that day will still come when we will all have to do without.

            • @ braveheart. It may seem like old hat, but people that constantly go camping and “roughing it” has a lot of benefits to it. Too many people have gotten so soft that they sit like rabbits in a warren shaking when the lights go out and don’t come back on for hours. People often don’t even have one candle because the dumbies sold them for a dime at the garage sale they had over the summer. I tell you, when I think of how totally helpless the masses have become it is so sad. It is pathetic beyond words.

              It is like watching those infant birds that fall out of the nest and are gasping for help until the ants eat them alive. I of course have tried to put the bird back and the mother bird often rejects it. I am a sucker for any animal in anguish that needs help. I will sometimes put it out of its misery as a sign of mercy. With people I would never do this, but in the same token I CAN’T save the world and I will not sacrifice myself or others around me because those that have lived their lives totally dependent on the government. There is having humanity and being practical. I will chose being sensible and logical. The masses are in for some real shocking real life events coming, and they just continue to wobble like some buoy in the ocean going with each wake and wave, no self governing anything and no self respect. The non-prepper is one of their own making, destined to fail without even trying in the slightest.

              • BI, once again, you are so right. Like you said in that article I like to quote from, it will be horrific for the nonprepper. “How Horrific Will It Be For the Nonprepper?” May 12, 2012. Everyone who comes to this site needs to read that article.

              • i’M GOING TO LOVE watching and seeing the people that rely on their phone and will be in a total state of confusion when it goes down. You will see all these pretty girls bonding with total confusion and attached like 3 year olds to anyone since they only know the modeling world and not the real world. Then you got the guy who got into real estate after HS that screwed everyone but has never shot a gun (not dinging on real estate figure of speech) and on and on. I’m not looking for people to suffer but there sure will be leaches like you have never seen that they will be your new best friends like you are a ROCK Star!! watch out people use people. They had a choice. I say help but once you help and word gets out they will get forceful and violent at just a few wrong words. A lot of those people are implosive and build anger inside but dont blow it like most of us do. They will have that fake smile and then right behind your back they cut your head off. Be careful guys and gals.

                • Everybody that sees me pull out my flip phone makes snide comments that its an antique. I tell them that when its done, I’m done. IF…. I am able to hang up my tool pouch I’m gonna toss my phone and my pager in the creek and live the life I had before I had them.

                  • I saw a zombie once in a window, looking tired
                    and bewildered, with no direction from which it
                    came nor any direction in which it was going.
                    Tattered, torn and lost, without hope and without
                    friend, I extended my hand toward him, and he
                    extended his to me, and then at that moment I
                    realized, my reflection in the glass was looking
                    back at me.

                • The withdrawal will be similar to any drug addiction and the mental forms of depression will follow.

                  There is nothing to do, Dad.
                  There is always something to do, Son.

                  • my kids learned long ago to never tell dad that they were bored or had nothing to do . funny stuff ,that

                • i for one, am sick and damn tired of these sons o biches laughing at me being a “prepper” …sending articles about the end to my “friends” PFFT! i got very FEW friends. i hope we get to SEE them when they start begging for food, or for shelter, or heat…i just want to be there to tell them to “go to HELL”…”you were warned!”….MANY, MANY times! and i tried to make them all understand, but no….fingers in their ears, yelling LA LA LA LA LA! i WILL NOT feel sorry for ’em.

                  • Buttcrack, I feel the same way you do about them and you just might see them when they show up on your doorstep begging for help. If/when they come to my door, I dread what I may have to do. I’m afraid it’s going to be me or them, well it’s NOT going to be me.

                  • I’m there with ya. I have warned and warned and all they have done is laugh at me. Scary moment will come when i get to them them “I told you so.”

                  • You cant fix stupid.

                  • butt crack

                    Most of the time my best friend is strapped around my waist and his brother is across my back


                • I don’t mean to be rude, but some of us have daughters and sons that live hundreds of miles away that don’t have much money for prepping. Some are pregnant and are trying to save money for baby necessities and pay their mortgage. Some are trying to finish college and get a job. I remember being a young married couple with no money and can’t imagine being in that time of my life. Even some with good jobs are just trying to live day to day, doing their thing. No one is asking for WWIII…If my kids lived closer to me, I’d have more of an opportunity to help them. Try being happy for your daughter who is expecting a baby in August, when you see all of this crap happening. It’s hard. I am thrilled to be a grandparent but the only saving grace is that her husband can protect her better than the average bear; being a deputy sheriff. We just take one day at a time. God takes care of the rest.

                  • We are expecting our 5 th child in august. What a blessing they are. Congrats

                  • those aren’t the people we are talkin’ ’bout, cabinfever…it’s the ones that you preach to all the time, trying to get them to listen WHY inflation is kickin’ our ASSES…or WHY we don’t need a NSA lookin’ up our ASS, or WHY they shouldn’t try to punish people for gun violence that DIDN’T DO IT. or what kinda disasters are LIKELY to happen in our area that they will need supplies for. or, the classic “they musta been doing SUMTHIN wrong for the cop to shoot them”! or, NO, cops don’t lie in court, it’s the LAW!!! they HAVE to tell the truth…then when they won’t hear anything else YOU say…next sentence they say “i know where I’M COMING when the SHTF”!….hint hint….there’s probly gonna be a gun up yer NOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • Micah 7:5

                  New Living Translation:
                  Don’t trust anyone–not your best friend or even your wife!

              • I disagree as I’ve long thought that the elite have some sort of divine dispensation where so long as they TELL us what they are going to do before they do it, they escape the karma their horrible acts should attract.

                They tell/show us what they intend doing, we fail to react with the outrage they should, they consider this to be our tacit consent. Eventually we’ll all be turned into pillars of salt for our sheer apathy in the face of gitmo bay/the TSA/NSA/slimey cryus/insert your poison here.
                I thought this as a child trying to make sense of an insane world, and tbh the more books I’ve read (as I prefer the book to the film normally) the more I’ve thought there must be some truth in this seemingly crazy theory.

                How else do you explain The Matrix, George Orwell, John Wyndham, Minority Report, WWZ (sadly we the people are the zombies!)?

                • “”How else do you explain The Matrix, George Orwell, John Wyndham, Minority Report, WWZ (sadly we the people are the zombies!)?”””

                  Putting a show on TV does not and will not excuse the so-called elite from their crimes. Silence only equals consent in a corrupted courtroom.

                  I may remain silent on a lot of things, but only until the silence is broken by the boom of my gun. There are many like me, and we will start shooting at about the same time.

                  • I agree, keep silent & low key, have close knit friends who are like minded. So called zombie-phone freaks I see almost daily are addicted to smart phones/cell phones-talking, texting 24/7 even when shopping or driving so when the damn phone rings they respond even in the middle of night or when conducting a biz or bank transaction. These idiots will freak out if their dumb-phones quit working /ditto also those on meds-mood altering drugs- when things collapse. I see both young and old zombie-phone slaves/addicts everywhere, and soon enough their brains will be fried. They will munch on electronics/phones when they get hungry instead of animals or people.

                  • @laura..yes, just go to disneyland and look around you….HUNDREDS of people on their “SMART” phones. no shortage of stupid in america…hell, just look around you when riding in a CAR with someone!

                • The ruling class has a thorough understanding of Edward Bernays’ propaganda techniques.
                  “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”  

              • Remember everyone, it’s just a TV show, they follow a script. We can always poke holes in just about everything we watch, just like Gilligan’s island why not lock Gilligan up so he doesn’t foil the plan on getting off the island:-) still all in all it’s still a great show and better than all those same police-fire-hospital-law shows that they keep putting on year after year! Shows like the walking dead, revolution, falling skies,under the dome are as close as we will get for now as far as shtf scenarios, even if they don’t have a clue they still give us that “what if” we crave for entertainment, and you might just learn a little something.

              • It’s not just those dependent on the govt, BI. Many people are dependent an other things for their needs, like grocery stores, and professionals like electricians, mechanics and plumbers.

                It is simply amazing to see a “landlord” of an apartment building, who doesn’t own his own drain snake. About $200 a pop per drain, when a snake that an idiot can use, ranges from $10 up to $400 or so. You don’t need a mathematician to see the cost effectiveness, but people who depend on rent as their income, just don’t see it.

                Then there are some people who are dependent on their church for help. I hate to say this, but the church may not always be there either.

                I’ve seen people who are so dependent on their own family, that they neglect survival issues, because “family” will always be there for them.

                Being dependent on ANYTHING or anyone is a bad idea, even if it has never failed you yet…there is a first time for everything, and I’d prefer not to suffer the shock post-SHTF.

              • THUMBS UP !!!!!!

              • BI….I bought all those 10 cent candles

              • Don’t let the cat out of the bag! Do you realize how many of this .25 cent candles I have bought from garage sales??

            • 1Braveheart.

              Why is this so hard. Sit in the dark and listen. Sit still. Improve you night vision. Your hearing becomes acute. Even you sense of smell has some enhancement. Sleep on the ground or try a night in a tree. If you must have a fire, wagon wheel type has longevity in light and heat. Beware the affects of cold and heat and what bugs can do to you. If you do these things a couple of times now your freak out level will drop.
              Directed at the NEWBIES. Old timers just do it.

              • I am pretty keen on making fire many different ways and types…..but wagon wheel is a new one to me??

                • Lay the wood pieces out as the spokes of a wheel, on the ground. Build the fire in and on the center with tinder and kindling as you would any fire, then push the wood spokes in to the center as the ends ignite and burn. The fire stays low and lasts longer.

                  Good for cooking, you can just shove the wood into the center without creating lots of sparks and bits of stuff that end up in the pot. Not much on coals, though, unless you’ve got a dried hardwood like oak.

                  • When I want to practice keeping my presence known down to a minimum, I use the Dakota fire

                  • Wagon wheel, eh? Grease the axle, eh? Too funny.

                    Thnaks for wagon wheel fire tip. What’s a Dakota fire?

                    Back when I used to smoke, in the cold, we considered a cigarette to be a mexican hand warmer.

                  • BJ: Many thanks for typing in the search term “Dakota fire pit”, which, in a moment of senility, I forgot that I had the ability to do!

                    Us kids made many a fire pit, but we never knew to build the vent hole! As anb aside, my kid and some neighbor kids, when they were about 14, started a fire from just a stick rolling between two hands into anothe stick. Took them about fifeteen minutes.

                    Thanks again.

                • wagon wheel sounds like a sex position…

                  Hey Honey. Why don’t we do the wagon wheel tonight?

                  • Not tonight Honey. My wheel fell off the wagon
                    last time when you didn’t grease the axle.

                  • 🙂

              • Howdy, Slingshot. That’s what BI and I are both saying. Practice it now so you’ll have a good idea what it will be like when the grid finally goes down for good. Less shock and surprise. I have a couple of tents and several sleeping bags, camping gear galore. I practice these things once per month. So I already have a good idea of what to expect when TSHTF. Won’t be much surprise for me.

                • I have a campsite on my property with a 4′ firepit with cooking capabilitities. I setup a 10 man tent when the last snow has fallen. Sometimes I just stay out there to escape all the commotion in the house…..It’s kinda’ nice and I get to dry run things.

            • Hi Brave and Be Informed, I’ve been a bit busy to comment lately but I still like your comments and also those of Clint are spot on – an incredibly high percentage of people with be without a clue what to do when their phone doesn’t work!

              They’ll be the ones screaming for the Gubbermint to “fix” it and when they cant/don’t, take matters into their own hands.

              And like Clint said, don’t trust ’em or you’ll pay a heavy price. Gunna be awful when I see little kids suffer but I’ll treat each case of that on its merits when I see it.


            • Discovery channel now has a New show Clash of the Ozarks. It enforces the sterotype of the toothless inbred redneck hillbilly. The star Crowbar is a deadbeat convicted felon meth cooker. I grew up and livedin the sharp fulton county region and the show is nothing but a pack of lies slanted to put the folks in a bad light. The problem I have is the majority watching will believe its true.

              • Old guy, thanks for the heads-up on such a program. It’s a damned shame that most people who watch it will accept it as gospel without questioning it. But you and I do know better. My Dad was born and raised in the Ozarks and is retired in Baxter Co. now. I’ve been thru the Ozarks numerous times in my life and never had any kind of trouble whatsoever.

              • I’ve recently been watching a number of documentary type shows that originally aired in England and can now be found on Netflix. Several historians/archeologists live together for a year using the technology, food, clothing, housing, medicines, etc of a certain era. They show how people washed clothes, preserved food, made candles, planted crops, raised livestock, made cheese, etc. Some of the titles are “Tales From The Green Valley”, “Tudor Monastery Farm”, “Victorian Farm”, and “Edwardian Farm”. If you want to look them all up at once on Netflix type in “Ruth Goodman” because she’s one of the main historians involved. They’re great shows for preppers and you don’t have to feel like you’re wearing a tin foil hat while watching them.

                • Oops, sorry, not on Netflix. These shows are for free on Youtube. That’s where I watch them.

          • Thats why every summer I do a three to four day weekend out on the AP trail with nothing but whats on my back and a somewhat inconspicuous side arm. I usually get off the trail and out into some real wilderness. I’ve learned to be very alert to my surroundings and very careful where I step.

            But mostly I’ve learned what I really need and what I can do without. Don’t get me wrong, more is better, but you gotta remember the more you carry, the less mobile you are. After every trip, I make some adjustments to my get-home bag which is a little different that what I carry into the woods. Mainly more ‘defensive’ capabilities which means I have to sacrifice a couple of convenience items.

            • arco.

              Learn to live with your body funk. I hear you. Weight to usefulness of item. Multiple usage of tool. Dependability of item. Weight distribution. Insect barriers. Good pair of hiking boots that are waterproof.

              Many will cast of most of their gear before 2 miles of mountain trails are traversed.

              • Don’t sound too determined to me. If I really think I’ll need it, I’m keeping it. It might slow me down, but if nobody is chasing me, who cares? I very seldom second-guess myself and I live with my decisions, which I made with the best info I had at the time.

                No pain, no gain.

                But that’s just hard-headed ol’ me.

                • Pack animals. You can buy a burro or pony for less than fifty dollars. They are sometimes on craigslist for free. a burro can carry 250 pounds anyplace that a human can walk. And if it comes down to it you could eat the critter. I gave away my horse but kept my burro.

                  • Old guy, they are great for packing in stashes to bury. For running, not so good as they leave a trail any Cub Scout can follow and are noisy.

            • @ Arco…Thats the way to do it. Full pack hiking miles in the forest and set up camp in a different spot each night. These people that drive to a camp ground and unload thier car dont have a clue. You can have all the high tech camping toys in the world, but if you are not in condition and seasoned, you are only fooling yourself and a few other keyboard cammandos.

          • Be informed, hell we have people who act like chimps now!

          • Yeah… the tools thing is a bummer. I’ve tried to do hand tools instead of power tools. For small jobs it’s fine. For big ones? Yeah that’s fine and all if you don’t mind the big job taking 4 months…

            That one scares me, it really does.

        • God’s going to create the zombie apocalypse, nothing else – says so in his word. It will be the last plague of the Great Tribulation, immediately before Christ takes his throne in Jerusalem… Here it is, see for yourself…

          12 And the LORD will send a plague on all the nations that fought against Jerusalem. Their people will become like walking corpses, their flesh rotting away. Their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. 13 On that day they will be terrified, stricken by the LORD with great panic. They will fight their neighbors hand to hand. 14 Judah, too, will be fighting at Jerusalem. The wealth of all the neighboring nations will be captured—great quantities of gold and silver and fine clothing. 15 This same plague will strike the horses, mules, camels, donkeys, and all the other animals in the enemy camps.

          16 In the end, the enemies of Jerusalem who survive the plague will go up to Jerusalem each year to worship the King, the LORD of Heaven’s Armies, and to celebrate the Festival of Shelters.

          • Zechariah 14:12-16

            • Sorry for the duplicate post. I shoulda read further.

          • I don’t understand all the red thumbs, but I would of said “allow” instead of “create.”

          • The complete reference to the Biblical “zombie” verses is: Zacariah 14:12.

          • I think your translation is bad. This is from the NIV:

            (Zec 14:12-16 NIV) This is the plague with which the LORD will strike all the nations that fought against Jerusalem: Their flesh will rot while they are still standing on their feet, their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths. {13} On that day men will be stricken by the LORD with great panic. Each man will seize the hand of another, and they will attack each other. {14} Judah too will fight at Jerusalem. The wealth of all the surrounding nations will be collected–great quantities of gold and silver and clothing. {15} A similar plague will strike the horses and mules, the camels and donkeys, and all the animals in those camps. {16} Then the survivors from all the nations that have attacked Jerusalem will go up year after year to worship the King, the LORD Almighty, and to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles.

        • Outlaw,

          I agree, what is going on in Ukraine right now is very serious and meanwhile, living in the deep freeze has been extremely tough, heating bill are through the roof. I have a Family to take care of, farm animals and horses. I am concerned about the real world right now, not the zombie show. This does not relate to me now and never will.

          • My January heating bill (stupid landlord has propane…..duh!) was $500+. Never in my life have I paid that much for any utility for one month.

            • Aren’t landlords wonderful? I know a guy with a $1200 electric heat bill because his rental is heated with 30-year old wall heaters. That’s on top of full market rent.

              Too bad you don’t own your own place, this summer you could go buy and install a wood heat stove, when the prices go down. Expect to spend $1500 and up, and also budget for a couple of fans to spread the heat in the house. If you have heating ductwork now, you can get a wood furnace and run it side by side with your propane system. That will run you more money, but your floor plan may require that.

              Buy wood in the spring and summer, allegedly it will cost less, and dry out for the next heating season.

              $500 worth of wood should heat you house all winter, the stove will pay for itself in two or three years.

              Get one with a top surface you can put some cooking pots on, doesn’t have to be a kitchen cook stove, but you can cook on the top surface if your pots have a lid. No lids, you get a messy stove top and a cleaning problem.

              • When it comes to wood, being from a timber background, look for a truck load over 10 cord. You will pay about 1/2 to 1/3rd the price of delivered by the cord so sell off half and heat your place for free.

              • When it comes to wood, being from a timber background, look for a truck load over 10 cord. You will pay about 1/2 to 1/3rd the price of delivered by the cord so sell off half and heat your place for free.

                • WTF? How did that happen..

            • We have electric heat. We’ve been using our kerosene heaters during the day and that’s helped a lot. Still, our electric was about $250 and we might have spent another $150 on kerosene.

          • You dont heat with wood? Whats your plan for heating when TSHTF?

            • I work on the road away from home and don’t get to choose. I am still working on getting a place up way North and plan on that being heated primarily by wood.

              • Get your wood stove from craigslist. Stay away from the cast iron parlor stoves as the cast often cracks and is repaired, then painted. expect to pay 300-450$. triple wall pipe is a couple hundred for a 4 foot lenth, but you only need it from the ceiling to the raincap.

        • Seriously, Walking Dead Scenario’s???


          • Yeah felt the same way, thought for a moment I heard Alex Jones’ voice.

            • Howdy, PO’d Patriot. I always thought Jones was a zombie.

              • PO’d Patriot, BTW, I’ll take the late, great William Cooper over Jones any day. Now thee was a man who was always on target. I’m about to get reacquainted with him through a new copy of his book, “Behold A Pale Horse”. I sure do miss his show on shortwave, “The Hour Of The Time”.

          • Sorry Daisy on two accounts. One. I didn’t see the tounge in cheek aspect and two, I didn’t look to see who had written it. My bad.


        • People spend (waste) too much time watching tv. I gave it up years ago and dont miss it one bit. A gym membership cost about 30$ a month and is a very important part of your prep regardless of age.

          • I cut my cable two years ago, and don’t miss it one bit. $85 a month to watch maybe 6 out of 150 channels was not good value for the money.

            The Food Channel was pretty good, though, and the classic movies.

        • I agree with you Outlaw….I have watched the WD but I found that Jericho was far more entertaining and informative…just my two cents worth. What WE will face will NEVER be a TV Show or Movie…
          Get ready and get right with your Maker…

          • Agree with you on Jericho! We’re from Kansas originally which made it more fun, although the show was obviously not filmed there. My husband and I have watched it four times, and each time we find something else that we need to add or fix or improvise upon. Fiction is a great motivator!

        • Zombies ARE the reason we’re headed for WWW3

          • yes, but THESE zombies will be able to THINK….and RUN. zombies on steroids! i said something about zombies a couple years ago, after i landed my wife, and she thought i was CRAZY! she actually thought i meant the REAL walkin’ dead. well, i’m here to tell yuh, i got apartments 2 blocks from me. they WILL come ,and they will be all to real. just go read some of selco’s stories at SHTFanschool if you don’t believe.

            • I see the term “zombies” as methaphorical.

              No question but that there will be a lot of people out to survive, and that charity will not be high on their list of moral values.
              While they may be pragmatically ignorant on tending gardens, physical labor, the finer points of marksmanship, and all that prepper shit, they will be quite focused on the concept of what’s yours is theirs.

              They will be fit, intelligent, duplicitous, and selfish. Their ability to concentrate on one singular task will have been strengthened by years of game playing with their neural pathways somewhat inured to the moral consequences of unfairly and unnecessarily killing others. They will operate in like minded packs, and will probably be armed.

              I’d say hakuna metata, but they won’t.

              • I always thought so too John. But now I am seriously wondering if TPTB haven’t already put something in all of us, whether it be through chemtrails, food, water, vaccines, medicines….that would turn us should a catalyst be enacted?

                Am I making sense in what I am describing?

                • I understand what you’re saying but I consider it extremely unlikely.

                • BJ:

                  I don’t think that “we” will be triggered by some device or poison which has been placed in us without our knowledge.

                  Mathhew 10:28 scares me to no end, but I work consciously not to go “tharn” about it. (“Watership Down” rabbit term: Tharn, meaning deer freezing in the headlites sort of thing.)

                  “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill hte soul: but rather fear him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

                  It has always been my understanding that your soul cannot be taken from you without your consent; if that consent is tricked out of you, that would be fair game for Satan.

                  We do have toxic psychiatry being practiced. Mental afflictions seem to be on the rise, and it’s not just because of better reporting.

                  The Navy Yard shooter acknowledge that he heard voices. This give credence to the meme that he was controlled by others, and was triggered at their command.

                  Adam Lanza was doped up, and had made a sensory deprivation chamber where he played violent video games. Were an “operative” aware of his mental state, and were monitoring his online game persona, that operative might have been able to influence Lanza’s behavior.

                  What’s not known to the purveyors of fear porn is whether the “operative” might have been a deeply undercover government “tool”, or just another random sick kid who saw the opportunity to experiment with a doped up Adam Lanza, just to see what he could get away with.

                  Just sayin’ that there are more than one possibilities available for speculation.

                  Those of us who think, and mostly keep the toxins, both food and electronic, from our bodies, are not as susceptible to wierdo external controls. If you have sudden urges to perform random acts of kindness, you are probably safe. That’s my comforting belief.


          • SOUTHRON:
            I AGREE WITH YOU 17,000,000,000,000,000 %
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

            • Welcome aboard, NR. This time it ain’t about North vs. South but city rats vs. country freemen.

            • Reb, it appears they are brain dead, but nothing is as it seems.

              “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”– William Casey, CIA Director

              • So this leaves us with:
                The Moon Landing
                Vietnam War (the reason it started Gulf of Tonkin)
                Ruby Ridge
                Ok City
                twa 800
                free elections
                the american dream
                global war on terror
                global warming
                war on drugs
                climate change
                sandy hook
                All these things and everything else we are told to believe are all lies. Does that not piss you off?

        • I could never murder a defenseless person in cold blood, but I do fantasize daily on pulling a Shane from season 2 during a zombie apocalypse with my ex. In my fantasy we cross paths and while she tries to win me over I give her 2 .45 ACP’s to the kneecaps and warn her that she best get moving since a pack of hungry zombies are just over the hill headed this way. Sorry dear, I’m afraid we don’t have room for you but maybe one of those men u said were “only friends” can help you.

          • and yes that is just a twisted joke people, stop being so uptight with zombie-talk!

        • Something that is very interesting on this site, is that their are some that hate Jews, and some that Love that Communist Putin, and some that hate LE. And usually those that do, agree on all three. Can’t really put my finger on what you would call them. They’re not trolls, but something more sinister. Trekker Out. Freedom Is A Frame Of Mind!

          • Mountain treckker, it’s not about hate it’s about knowing what they stand for. There weren’t any Irishman in the banking fiasco, they were Jews. There weren’t any Irishman that started the Federal Reserve it is Jewish owned and controlled and ran. Putin understood all this and ran the jews out of his country took the power away from them. As far as law enforcement, how many people have they killed in just the last year that were completely innocent, they’re getting more militaristic everyday and they are the ones that were going to have to fight because they are the buffer between us and the power mad Jewess that control our country and send billions of dollars to Israel so they can kill Palestinian children. Study and you will find they are the children of Esau Edom not Jacob Israel and are trying to take the birthright from true Israel. Like Jesus told them in John chapter 8, they are children of their father , Satan. Also check out Revelations 2:9 and 3:9, Thoze who sY they are Jews but are not are the synagog of Satan. They murdered Christ and hate him to this day. No one comes to God except through Jesus. Think how God must feel. How would you feel if a certiam group hated and murdered your son. They said,”Let his blood be on our hands” , and so it is. We are not to hate OUR enemies but GODS enemies. Like David I hate Gods enemies with a perfect hatred!

            • Very well said….thank you!

            • Wow mark, well done. Might I add, it is Those who say they are Jews and are not that run the medias papers, tv, Hollywood films, basically the minds of the masses. It is also they who bring us gangsta rap to split us in to different groups. it is they that bring us porn and the lesbian gay lifestyle to push disease and moral decay. it is they that are responsible for 55 million dead babies killed through the abortion mills. it is they who are always at the top of the illegal human organ trade. it is they that has turned our money into 98% lost purchasing power. it is they who started ww 1 and 2 and the Bolshevik revolution and the Holomodor of the Ukraine resulting in the death of 100s of millions. it is they who are the Anti Christ and could Satan have done a better job of killing Christians? Jesus pegged them so well, and yet people of this country are so blinded because it is they that have all the preachers teaching false doctrine about the true Jews and Israel.

              • It is also they who ushered in the great depression resulting in the deaths of 7 to 10 million Americans.

              • I’m surprised you didn’t say that Jews killed all the dinosaurs. That would make as much sense as the other stuff you said.

            • There are Jews among the banking elite just like there are Jews in every field that requires higher education. It’s idiotic to say the Jews did it as if they’re some sinister group of like-minded people with the same evil goals and nobody else is involved. You repeat the same satanic muslim propaganda about the Palestinians as if the people who commit terrorist acts in Israel are the victims. It’s easy to see that Satan has blinded you to hate the Jews. Nobody who’s a Christian would hate anybody.

            • The early church was all Jewish. It’s inaccurate to portray all Jews everywhere for all time as the synagogue of Satan. It’s also the kind of propaganda the Nazis would use. Nobody who hates the Jews could possibly be a Christian.

              (1 John 2:9-11 NIV) Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. {10} Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble. {11} But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness; he does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded him.

              • Well said Barn Cat.

          • What did that song say “freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”


            • I was just listening to that song today and pondering that. Wondering where I personally will draw the line, and fight. Our freedoms a being eroded everyday. When will I feel I have nothing left to lose? Many if you are older than me and feel you are there already, and are prepared to stand and fight. Many others say they are, but I doubt it.

            • Me and Bobbie McGie totally agree with you. Freedom is all that I have.

        • The enemy is inside the gates.

          Scoundrel media editors find new ways to embarrass themselves. They mock legitimate news and opinion.

          They suppress it. They violate fundamental journalistic standards doing so.

          They suck up to power. They support monied interests. They deplore popular ones. They endorse Western aggression. They do it repeatedly.

          They blame victims for horrific US crimes committed against them. They condemn Putin for responsibly defending the safety and security of endangered Russian nationals.

          Thank heavens he’s around. He’s the one world leader challenging the damn fool in the White House responsibly.

          He’s our best hope for world peace. He deserves worldwide support. His best efforts may not be enough.

          Neocons infest Washington. They threaten everyone. The damn fool in the White House risks starting WW III.

          His damn fool Secretary of State John Kerry said “we’re now discussing all of the options.”

          He outrageously accused Russia of “aggression.” No nation commits it more often against more nonbelligerent nations than America.

          It wages one lawless war after another. It ravages and destroys countries doing so. Kerry is an unindicted war criminal. So is the damn fool in the White House.

          They threaten world peace. They risk potential armageddon. Media scoundrels cheerlead what demands condemnation.

          They denounce what demands praise. When America goes to war or plans one, they march in lockstep. They do it disgracefully.

          New York Times editors stand out. They masquerade as legitimate journalists. They feature managed news misinformation rubbish.

          They endorsed Ukrainian putschists. They ousted a democratically elected government. They did so with well-planned US help.

          • Putin is a wolf in sheeps clothing.

      2. Never get out of the boat…

        • Freaking mangos!!!!

          • Bye bye tiger.fuckin tiger man!!!

            • Spears !! There throwing Spears!!!

              Semper Fi 8541

              • I assume you are all talking about a movie or a book?

                • Apoc Now

        • Kurtz got off the boat, he split from the whole F***ing program.

      3. DAISY , I get the point , but its still just a mind numbing TV show.

        • I would have expected any organic prepper to have unplugged long ago.

          • JayJay

            Have you made your husband any peanut butter cookies lately?
            Pretty sure he wants some…

            • Laugh all you want–but I used the $4400+ saved after unplugging in 2008 to prep for the future.

              • Ain’t laughing, cause that’s some nice change to do something better with.

                • Well, spread over a few years, not so great, but we won’t need to leave the house for a while.

            • Best Peanut Butter Cookies Ever!

              1 egg
              1 cup peanut butter
              1 cup sugar

              Mix. Tablespoon size balls.
              Flatten with fork
              350 for 15 – 16 minutes.

              Wait till cool to remove from pan. They tend to break up till cool.

              A batch can be made in under 30 minutes.

              JayJay I had put this on here once before and I thought you said you made them for your husband. I wasn’t laughing or making fun. Sorry. These are great cookies though.


        • Its only mind numbing if you set there like a lump and don’t analyze it. My son and I sit and critisize and praise the show. We often replay parts to get a better view of what happened and what could be done to avoid the problems of make things better.

          Most of their really big mistakes are tactical. Many more are decistions based on emotional attachments of the old world which is gone.

          I see a lot of real good thinking behind the show and I see a lot of other clueless stuff. Its a mix. But, again, remember, its entertainment. It wasn’t designed to be a prepper tutorial.

          • Net

            just another training aid


          • Yea , like stumbling though the woods , after dark ,with a crying baby to draw in the Zombies !!…

        • I have seen some of Daisy Luther’s articles on the daily sheeple, most of them are pretty stupid.

          • You know, I do a lot of complex stuff in my life. I’m an IT guy. There are a whole bunch of people that make comments like, “That’s stupid! Why would you run Firefox instead if IE?” or “Why would you clear all your cookies, history and cache when you exit the browser? Thats dumb!” Of course they are paying the bills and screwing up their machines. Who am I tell force my “stupid” ways upon them?

            Believe me when I say that the foolish call the wise “stupid” but the wise call the foolish “ignorant”. One does things according to how they see fit.

            They call some of my habits and activities “stupid” because they, in their ignorance, see no reason for them. You have a right to your opinion, however, you might not want to broadcast it until you understand things well enough to keep yourself from looking like a fool. Just saying.

      4. All the characters (still living) seem to be doing okay running through the forest with nothing but the clothes on their backs (and a weapon or two). How they carry water, attend to medical needs, hygiene, etc…its like the cast of LOST.

        • i can’t figger out why they are always makin’ lots of noise??? they’ll be walkin’ right down the middle of the road, mouths movin’ like the clatterbone on a ducks ass…it just takes away from the atmosphere to ME.

          • I’m often one of those rolling my eyes thinking to myself “SHUT UP ALREADY” you’re giving your position away by yakking about stupid shit, when you should be LISTENING and paying attention.

            I’m also one of those yelling “don’t stick your head in there, stupid”, or my personal favorite is when they hear a sound and they start loudly asking “who’s there?”, “Bubba, is that you?”

            No, it’s just us zombies, sneaking up on you…TV might be useful to alert you to WHAT NOT TO DO.

            • But, Six, think about it: how can you keep the fans interested? Certainly not by showing Carl and Rick “listening”.


              Its much more interesting as they are snarling at each other.

              Here is the thing that gets me: at one moment if they snap a twig, the walkers appear out of nowhere. The next time they’re, as BCOD says yakking like a “clatterbone on a ducks ass” (what does that even mean?) and there’s not a walker to be found.

              Another thing is that they’ll be popping walker heads at 200+ yds with their ARs and AKs but then when Mr. Eyepatch Bastard comes to attack them, he stands out in the open and nobody punches a peephole in that eyepatch for him. HUH?

              Inconsistencies kill me. I can suspend my scientific knowledge for the pleasure of a show if they keep it consistent. But when there are inconsistencies, I just can’t take it!!! I guess, since the general public is so “Gun Stupid” they figure it doesn’t matter to the majority of the fan base.

              • As I played out such a scenario in my head, I had no concern about “fans”. I think we’re just missing the intended messages. Name any series you want–TWD, Jericho, Lost, any “survival-like” series at all, and there are always similarities.

                There is always at least ONE BITCH who does what she wants to do, and damn the consequences for the rest. She puts many people in danger because she acts without thinking it through, yet the men are supposed to just “understand” and deal with it…she is after all, just a stupid woman, and prospective fuck. I hate this characterization.

                As for the inconsistencies, yes I see them, but I think that is what the writers count on to have viewers on the edge of their seats, yelling at the TV.

                It is just entertainment, but sometimes…just sometimes, you can put yourself in that situation (in your mind) and think it through to bring a different ending.

                To me, that’s the only value of those TV shows.

                “What would I have done in his/her place”

                • …and that is exactly what my son and I do. We talk about those aspects. Someone said it was just “mind numbing entertainment”. No entertainment is mind numbing if, as you say, you mentally put yourself in that situation and figure out what you would do differently. I have, at times, even sat and taken NOTES as I watched the show (and others.)

                  Honestly, if you keep the wheels turning in your head while you’re watching (even stuff like American “Idle”) you can learn stuff other people just will never pick up on even if you’re watching Spongebob.

                  But, honestly, most people just want a good story to wind down and relax. Paying attention and taking notes is out of the question. Trying to learn stuff? Oh, man, thats like work or something.

                  Get used to it, people. Learn to enjoy the work because the day will come soon enough that there will be no relaxing or entertainment. There will be life and there will be sleep and nothing in between.

                  • My husband and I have been loyal fans of WD since the very beginning and we do just like NetRanger. Being serious preppers we seek out fictional end-times shows and books to analyze the situations. We also counter everything we see and read with Selco, our current expert on reality.

                    The WD is very well written and acted. We especially like how they involve the kids in self defense with {gasp} scary looking guns and big shiny sharp knives and swords. The overall message that we preppers can take from the show is defend your circle with any means necessary and with any level of violence necessary to eliminate the threat.

                    The second message we take away is the social interaction of everyday people in horrific lawless circumstances. People are not good or bad…people are good and bad in various shades. In a grid down those traits will come out in surprising ways. Example, the WD Governor was a brutal mentally ill dictator, except when he replaced his daughter and displayed loving tenderness, only to revert back to a savage to get what his ego wanted.

                    I think Selco would agree, his writing about people changing from good to bad and back is well documented.

                    Analyzing the Walking Dead and others like our favorites Jericho and the Road, and books One Second After, and Lucifers Hammer and The Hunger Games…help me and mine form strategies in the safety of our home to adapt and defend if the time ever comes.

                    Thanks to all of you for adding to our strategies, every post is a teaching moment.

              • Net
                you know the drill!!!!!!!!!!!!


              • Have you ever watched “Honest Trailers” on youtube? They’re hilarious and they made one for The Walking Dead, as well as lots of popular movies and other TV shows.

      5. @ Night Breaker and those like him,

        On a serious note, I understand some are not going to give too much info here on line, but if you or any like you are close to IA/IL border, I’d love to do a meet and greet. I’d really like to meet a special type of person to spend some informative learning time with.

        Mac has had my email for about 3 years or so now. So does Netranger, Wrong and Gods Creation. And Netranger has my number…..just sayin for two reasons. 1. contact info and 2. Not some new guy whacko or govt POS shill 🙂

        Sincerely serious,


        • …and you never know who you might need to call for a backup to your backup.

          • …and your backup will undoubtedly have their own backup…

            • …and so your backup’s backup backup will also have a backup.

              Lets hope we don’t have to reach that far down!!!


              • If we do, it’ll be like a Little Big Horn.

        • Hey BJ

          Like you I wouldn’t mind corresponding by email with a few of you – so Ugly, Brave, BI, Sgt Dale – the email address I gave on my posts to Mac is genuine. If anyone wants to email chat let me know and I’ll authorise Mac to give you my address.


          • Aussie,

            Sounds good to me. Thus I owe a few Fosters….

          • Email won’t do a lot for me. I thrive like a sponge on face to face relational style learning… me old fashion or maybe just stupid.

            Maybe we should start a new program “Big Prepper Brother” or “Adopt a Survivalist Sniper.”


            • I opened the door for face to face meetings in my area gave a place where anyone could find me TO DATE NO ONE HAS APPEARED


              ps the way I see it we in here are the only ones that don’t know who we are I would like to help ya not harm ya!!!!!!!!!!

              • If SC was close to IA/IL, I’d be there in a herart beat from some weekend learning Snake

        • Would do, but yer too far from Ol’ Virginny.

          • Anywhere near dugspur? We have land for a future cabin there. Plans on hold until we get dads situation sorted out. May be a few years before we build our full time BOL. We camp there now.

      6. It’s a great show, but you can’t relate to much of it from a prepper standpoint. They have it easy in this show. Unlike what will be in our diorama, zombies don’t think or move too fast. There are also very few humans to contend with in the show.

        The biggest thing that irks me is fuel, vehicles, weapons, shelter, anything should be lying around everywhere. It’s like no-one can think on the show. We all are going to be much worse off when “s” does htf!!
        molon labe

        • ya know what is the most silly part?
          the “zombies” never die.
          aiaf they are dead flesh then sooner or later ……..
          end of story .
          Sorry if i aint into the whole thing.

          • aiaf?
            and if , maybe works better.

            • Howdy, Hammerhead. I don’t care for the show either. I’m in “Mogadishu on the Mississippi” and we have our own brand of zombies here.

          • never seen the show but I know how it ends

      7. Two words: walkie talkies. How many problems would have been avoided if they just had a pair of walkie talkies?

        A decent comms setup would be nicer, but being able to tell the main party that some problem has just jumped off while you’re getting food would prevent so many problems…

        • There’s a suggestion. I wondered that too. No EMP on this show so they could. Batteries might be a bit of a problem but probably not. With the number of people that are gone (90+%?) there are enough batts to last a lifetime. In fact, in the first season he kept trying to contact the black guy and his son using a talkie. FRS units are cheap and good. Certain other HAM stuff crosses up on FRS too. I have a feeling that many people will be using FRS to try to coordinate and find other people. Even the HAMs will be using FRS to coordinate with people and pass messages on to longer distance comms. All one has to do if find some rechargeables, a solar powered road sign and a few discrete parts and you’re in the charging biz with NiMh and/or NiCad batts for your talkies.

          But, again, this *IS* entertainment. How many “regular” people would impressed with HTs and other HAM equipment? Probably not many. You’re having to deal with a lot of the American “Idle” crowd, the football nerds, etc. So, you have to hold their interest. Besides, as I said in my other comment, you make it too logical and too easy and the ratings go down, profits fall off and we end it in another season.

          No, they’re doing a pretty good job of apealing to the sheople and everyone. I think they are doing America a service, frankly. At least the masses that watch this won’t be 100% clueless.

          • I still love the idea JWR used for secret comms in the book Patriots. But both ends need to have the same book for that to work.

            • Yeah. That was really cool, but complex. I’m not sure how well that would work in actual reality on the run and such.

              • It’s not a tool for immediate needs, it’s for decoding messages that can wait a decoding process.

                For really pressing situations, you need a pre-arranged code consisting of maybe 20-30 words, no more, so you can say “Enemy contact, disengaging, moving to Grid 99345522, need reinforcements there” with “Boston, Sailor, Rally Point George, Alpha Now”, or something like that.

                • Wife and I have been having fun learning and trying to teach out kids Lakota Sioux. Why Lakota Sioux, because it is a dying language with far less who still speak it than even Dakota Sioux.


                  Plus, on dad’s side I have Lakota Sioux in me

                  • Lucky you, my grandfather on my mother’s side was a Hitler Storm Trooper. Now you understand some of my posts as the genetic code lives on. My mother and her siblings were some horrible racist/Jew haters. Funny thing tho, after my research I have found Hitler was right.

                • here is one we still use

                  aunt erma has a home cooked meal,,,,,,,

                  PS you know this one isn’t real so don’t respond

          • Net



        • See, your learning from the characters screw ups which was the whole meaning of the article. Personally I cancelled cable a year and a half ago. Now I buy the programs that I like on dvd about a month or so after it comes out, on ebay. Walking dead is one of the shows I purchase, I am addicted to it. Its just mind numbing entertainment for me. The money saved bought the parts so I could build an AR-15 7.62×39. Love the AR platform but the .223 is a bit light, if you know what I mean. plus the ammo is sometimes hard to find.

          I like to watch the Jericho series at least once a year and it seems like I discover something new or overlooked each time.

          • Oh, I was a Jericho addict when it was on and now on Netflix.

            Another good one is “Jeremiah”. I’ve watched it a couple of times but they took it off of Netflix. I watched it when it came out and then again on Netflix but haven’t been able to find it. Lots of good and bad in all these post apocalyptic tales.

      8. When I was a kid, I would hit the woods with nothing more than a can of beans and a gallon of water. I would stay gone for 3 or 4 days. I lived off what I could find or kill. I ate lots of crayfish, frogs, fish, snakes, polk salad, wild onions, and if I was lucky pork, deer or other game. boiled lots of water and cooked many a meal on a small fire. Now if I had to I could do it again, I have seen about two hours of this show, and I have no use for it…

      9. This is a map of Russia and NATO forces. The ONLY two NATO countries bordering Russia are very swampy like Estonia and Lativa.

        Now look at how much land Ukraine borders Russia above Turkey. Imagine all of this now in green that denotes NATO. If you look at the northeast corner of Turkey, that uncolored country that is slightly like a triangle is Georgia, another would be NATO country.

        You can see how threatened Russia is from the over 1000 miles of border that they would have to defend if the Ukraine and Georgia joined NATO. It would be almost as bad if the U.S. lost Mexico to Chinese forces. Russia has every right to defend their national security. The U.S. is total hypocrites to even bitch about this, because they would already be at war if the U.S. borders were threatened like Russia’s under the Monroe Doctrine.

        Just look at this map to prove just how Russia will launch their nuclear weapons if necessary before losing their borders and everything without NATO even firing a shot. This is how serious it is.

        • True enough, but that is presuming that Europe is going to attack Russia, and vice versa.

          They both have problems with the Islamic world, and Russia has China to worry about.

          Russia needs to get out of the Napoleon/Hitler paradigm and quit worrying about her western frontiers. They will gain far more with friendly terms than they will get by reigniting the Cold War tensions and an arms race with Europe and NATO.

          • @ Smokey. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on you. Russia has every reason to be very paranoid with the U.S. Basically the ONLY two barriers to the U.S. being in complete control of the world are China and Russia. If you look at all the U.S. airbases and military bases that encircle both of these countries it is obvious the intention. Russia is only protecting its existence against an imperialistic U.S. hell bent on exploiting everyone else’s natural resources. A failing empire economically ALWAYS do this, and eventuially fails.

            • I prefer to look at the situation as America has been and continues to be actively threatened by both China and Russia, therefore America needs to have established bases to keep those aggressors at bay.

              Sadly, we no longer have moral leadership here because the corporate insiders have had us carry on elective war on false pretences since at least Vietnam.

              Arguably, the meme of war for its own profitable sake started when MacArthur was fired. MacArthur wanted to end the war in Korea as quickly as possible. I suppose that was seen as the wrong thing to do.


        • Ships must pass through Turkey (a NATO country) on their way from the Black Sea to the Med. What if NATO decides to contain the Russian Black Sea fleet by not letting them transit the straights at Istanbul ? This could get interesting pretty quick. Today the Russians said they would not pay back their loans to western banks if we impose sanctions on them. In addition, they would dump the dollar as their reserve currency and use the currency of their friends to the east. Not my words, one of their finance ministers told this to reporters this morning.

        • Putin wants to resurrect the old Soviet Union. Which means the Russian boot on the face of everyone of his neighbors. Including all the atrocities they committed in the countries they ruled over. Like when the tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia, Russian soldiers went into apartment buildings and threw babies out of windows.

      10. ….. Oh, you’re talking about Walking Dead. I thought you were talking about an Obama campaign rally.

        My GHB is never more than 50′ from me either in my car or in my utility truck, and both of our (wife and I + 2 kids) bug out bags are right next to the door at home.

        BTW, “Beth” – Actress Emily Kinney, is 29. You’re not a sicko pedophile if she’s attractive to you.

      11. Guys. Just remember its just a friggin show. What’s awesome about this show is that it unconsciously gets peoples gears grinding. Its even setting in on my wife ffs. I don’t know about u but that alone is a 100% positive direction. Zombies or not, the ability that everyone has to question their own actions and planning during this show’s episodes can only improve. I wish everyone well in their future considerations!

      12. Daisy,

        I am sensing a lot of anger toward Rick. Daryl’s Character had been strong and tough nonstop. At some point emotions have to come out. The writers have been trying to show why the group was so strong. Michonne and Daryl showed no emotion until recently. The reality is you can’t always keep it down. I understand what you are saying about keeping it together when you have to in order to survive but we are human. I thought the writers did a good job. I think the show would be boring if it was nonstop survival without growing as a person. I was glad to see Daryl and Beth load up things they could use in the trash bag and showing how they used them. With a BOB it would be hard to maneuver to kill the zombies.
        Maybe Daryl will become the leader now that he realizes he isn’t just trailer trash but a valuable asset. Good looking too.

        • As The World Turns soap opera with Zombies.

      13. Don’t watch TV so have no idea. What are zombies anyway. My gradson son tried to explain it to me once.

        Want to say thank you to the one who posted the recipie for the quinoa with the butternut squash. It was so good.

        Last weeks prep was canning bacon. This weeks prep is oven canning rice, beans, potato flakes. Also will be canning sausage this week.

        Hubby prep was to install 2 55gal rain water barrels to garage gutter spouts–for garden or flushing or such–not for drinking.

        Slow and steady gets us ready.

        • grandee–I oven canned flour, cornmeal, and pancake mix.
          After I got my vacuum sealer, I chose to reseal–of many cases, only one had unsealed–pretty good, huh??

          Yeah, I know, the flour will lose it’s spunk after a while–that’s why we make flat bread!!

          • ever heard od baking soda


        • grandee

          That was me.. Your welcome. One of my favorites since my wife can’t have regular mac and cheese.

      14. In training NCOs from the Wisconsin National Guard to lead an infantry squad, we used video clips 2-3 minutes long from several popular war movies to spark class discussion, much as Daisy has done here. The scenes we used were tactical situations, such as an ambush, defending a position, counterattack, etc.

        The whole movies as such may have seemed mind-numbing to some, or annoying because the pocket-flaps were cut wrong or what have you, but when used in this way had the opposite effect, that of waking up already numb minds to the possibilities, when the scenes were viewed in a new way with a purpose.

        I remember particularly one was Kelly’s Heroes, which did previously seem a little mind-numbing to me, since the bald character had a NYC accent, but the actual tactical technique we focused on led to a good discussion, and I no longer look at that movie in the same old way afterwards.

        The difference was the use to which it was being put, and the instructor and student being ready for that type of learning because of the circumstances–we meant business, and did draw some inspired thinking from what we saw in the clips. They were able to reach visually-oriented people in a way mere verbal discussion could not always do, and in any event that one class was not the entire course of instruction, just a part of it.

        • Best one I’ve ever seen for laying out the tactics and execution of the plan is the camp raid in “The Great Raid”.

      15. 33 Rules of Zombieland:

        33 rules of Zombieland. A good reason why rules 1 and 2 are at the top.

        2.The Double Tap
        3.Beware of Bathrooms
        4.Wear Seat Belts
        5.No Attachments
        6.The “Skillet”
        7.Travel Light
        8.Get a Kick Ass Partner
        9.With your Bare Hands
        10.Don’t Swing Low
        11.Use Your Foot
        12.Bounty Paper Towels
        13.Shake it Off
        14.Always carry a change of underwear
        15.Bowling Ball
        16.Opportunity Knocks
        17.Don’t be a hero (later crossed out to be a hero)
        18.Limber Up
        19.Break it Up
        20.It’s a marathon, not a sprint, unless it’s a sprint, then sprint
        21.Avoid Strip Clubs
        22.When in doubt Know your way out
        24.Use your thumbs
        25.Shoot First
        26.A little sun screen never hurt anybody
        28.Double-Knot your Shoes
        29.The Buddy System
        30.Pack your stain stick
        31.Check the back seat
        32.Enjoy the little things
        33.Swiss army Knife

        • Zombieland greatest zombie story ever.

        • thanks for the link , KULA

          • Kula, I live in NJ. These politician f@#ks never stop. They won’t be happy until every firearm is banned and we are in the camps.

            Holding my ground in NJ

            • It definitely is starting to look that way,,
              If things go hot in Conn watch the bummer in chief cry martial law,,,
              For our own safety of course,,,
              Ya know what,
              At that point it REALLY wont matter what they do, people are downloading info files on their state, federal, and local government representatives and officials in incredible numbers, it appears the 100 heads movement will clean house…

              • Just read over at ammoland()com that nj head of senate stated that “since nj has never had a mass shooting and nj doesn’t allow concealed carry that it just proves that there is no justification for carrying a weapon for self defense, its not needed”. These people are beyond belief and have no clue

                • Let one of them walk through Camden or Trenton unarmed, see if they make it without being harmed!

      16. I had the pleasure of a couple days with no running water here in Michigan when our water pump stopped working or the pipes froze not really sure what happened but it came back on in the middle of the night ,but my wife and I embraced it for what it was a chance to get ready for when it won’t be a temporary event. What I learned is don’t waste water use it very wisely as you can only store so much.

      17. Many of the things we see on TV are a part of the programming. No not the TV programming your programming. The conditioning of your mind. It is best to leave “the tube” to the slaves. Free thinkers should do just that think, reason with their minds not allow themselves to be programmed.

      18. Did you turn in your passport Daisy? I can’t get a RV space in Key West or even Key Largo with the snow geese dead list.

      19. Mac
        i would like to exchange an emails with you,,,
        I am mentioning it here so it is out there for ALLLLL the snoopers to see that people are setting up networks,
        I want to establish a way that if I am picked up by the cops I can get word to you so you can publicise it,, the only reason I would get picked up would be because I am posting Mikes list all over creation and you know how TPTB dont like competition when it comes to being an ashole,,
        So was hoping I could get your contact info, and will get mine to you as well, am also going to write instruction sheets to a few more of my peeps.
        Perhaps I am being naieve to think that we still get one phone call, maybe we dont, but want to have a few ways to get the word out that TPT think TB are getting heavy handed and picking up squeaky wheels. Will get the info to two other trusted close friends who are not likely to be in the same boat because they are old and or very low profile,,
        I would suggest that everyone who is being vocal about what is going on in Conn, NY and now NJ make arrangements if you have any reason to believe you are being watched,,, they can get some of us but they will never get all of us,,,

        • “I am posting Mikes list all over creation?”

          What do you mean Mikes list?

          My wife knows who to contact should I disappear… is a very long list of some big names and organizations 🙂

            • Oh yeah, Ok I see now. My head was in this convo, so I wasn’t really thinkking about that list from a few days back. Plus I didn’t pay attention to the guys name, just what he was doing.

          • There isn’t a site in the last 5 days I visited that didn’t get Mike’s list–I’m supposed to be worried?

            No, the great senators of Connecticutious should be worried!! 🙂

            • Nope, definitely shouldnt be worried, from my point of view its more wanting to expand and spread the word, if we all have a system for spreading and disseminating info it will have the same effect as pouring gasoline on an already burning fire,,,

        • I live in communicut, getting me and my tax dollars out of there ASAP. OPSEC. Hope to see as many as possible at the capital 4/5 for the pro 2A rally.

      20. “He’s coming to get you Barbara”

        • Bert
          would you please send them here first I`m tired of waiting


      21. It is the Luck of the Draw.

        • Save a Zombie, Gain an Allie?

          We must wake up all potential humans!

      22. the Real Zombie Apocalypse [“RZA”]?

        I’ll tell you what that is, but you might already know:

        a- The Mark of the Beast will take the form of an implantable RFID chip and possibly a spray-on stamp imbued with similar material.

        b- Those who take/accept the Mark of the Beast are immediately consigned to Hell because the RFID chip (the Mark) will disable your free will and thus control you through voices whose commands you will be powerless to resist.

        c- This technology already exists: Tim McVey and the September Naval Yard shooter were among many who in recent years were “chipped”, and the Naval Yard shooter kept complaining about hearing voices. (Note that the use or accusation of being on “psychotropic” meds was a cover story to hide or obscure the pre-injected chip technology).

        So conclusions about the RZA when the shtf are as follows:

        i. Remember, it won’t “hit” the fan, but obliterate it, and chaos will prevail and perdure;
        ii. Soldiers and others will be chipped and hence controlled;
        iii. Your survival– and that of your loved ones– will thereby depend on two things: your ability, first, to recognize chipped legions/units and second, your ability to elude them;
        iv. Eluding and evading must take precedence over engaging them.

        The Book of Revelation unfolds as you and I read these posts. I already described the Seal of the Living God. The second Seal– apostasy– is unfolding. The third Seal– world famine– well, we are beginning to see the first in-breaking of it.

        During The Warning, ask for forgiveness for all your sins and accept the Lord’s Mercy for which you seek. Listen carefully to the instructions Christ will give you during The Warning. It will be at that time that everything you have read in this post will make even more sense.

        More information can be learned either at and/or

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Turn to HIS face and face ourselves.

          If we do, he always comes through.


        • As a Buddheo-Christian, thank you lone ranger.

      23. Daisy,

        I really enjoyed your comments, however, #7 got me going.

        Look, this is entertainment. They burnt their shelter for two reasons:

        1. It wasn’t much of a shelter anyway.

        2. It was, in effect, a symbol of their old lives. They burned it down and left it behind.

        Of course there are a lot of things one could do if you knew the ZA was coming. Supply caches? Really? These people didn’t have a clue before the ZA! They were just like the sheople we all deal with every day. You and I, yeah, we’d have caches. They don’t even know what a cache is. They think you mean extra money.

        I commend TWD for getting the whole fan base to think about this stuff. I mean, they really do bring out some good points. But, they sacrifice some things for entertainment. Hehehe. Like the white cardigan Beth put on at the country club. When she put it on (and she DID look great) I said, “Thats the very last thing she should be wearing.” Of course, it didn’t last long but still, she shuold have put something dark on.

        So, I get your criticisms and agree with most of them, however, if it was full on prepper only the SHTFPlan crowd would be watching it. The huge fan base means that there are people watching this show that may have previously never had a prepper thought enter their head! Thats a good thing.

        Could the groups survivability be improved? Sure. They needed YOU to play Andrea (I’m told it would have been an upgrade, in more ways than one.) But, you didn’t even audition. So, they’re doing what they do best.

        If you took TWD too far into the prepper bunker, so to speak, the general fan base would evaporate. They’d be bored.

        Frankly, I liked seasons 1 and 2 better. They were more survivalist oriented. The suspense/terror of 3 didn’t turn me on too much and the blood and gore of 4 kinda bored and disgusted me. 5 is better.

        I’ve been a big fan of the whole thing because of the survivalist aspect of it. But, entertainment is entertainment. Some of the things they get into you just don’t try. Other things they don’t try either.

        In an environment like that, all I need is a 22 rifle for hunting, a 9mm pistol and an Mini-14 for security. Then, I need one of my 5, super accurate 223s for larger game and long range security. (…the Governor would have been dead with a hole in the center of that damned eye patch the first time he stood still outside that fence.) But, what kind of show would that be?


        No, we have to have durable foes and impossible odds that we survive over and over. It boosts the ratings. In the end, thats what it is about. It not about teaching the world about prepping. (though it has helped)

        Maybe they’ll get more into that later.


        • Gardens, chickens, cows, and pigs are fair game after

          • So are looters , JAY JAY 🙂

            • Dig the hole first! 🙂

              • got pre dug elephant traps,,,,,, big assed holes


      25. Hey any of y’all figured out what containers will work best hanging above our sinks to get hot and cold water out of. Thought about the five gallon buckets with hose attached to the bottom for cold water. Haven’t figured out what would work best for hot water. I spoiled. Need hot water to wash dishes. Tried it with cold water during Ice storms when electric was out for weeks. Cold water don’t cut the grease worth a dang.

        • That’s why I use Borax for greasy dishes.

          • Don’t forget that Aladdin thermos for keeping water really hot for 24 hours–maybe not a lot of water, but several cups for coffee.

        • OKIE:
          Try some 64 oz. clear plastic juice bottles that has had the sun shining on them for a while.
          You will be suprized how warm the water can get.
          Hope this helps
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • And Northern Reb, in the summers, no need for heating water for dishes–just leave that hose with water in it in the sun for an hour. Instant hot water and no fire!!!!
            I burned my hand last summer testing that little diddy.

          • Northern Reb

            we paint them black


        • You heat up a soup pot of water on the wood stove. That’s what I’ve done….

        • Heat the water on the stove and pour in the sink, and cold water from the bucket to get the temperature right for you to wash.

        • Go to Camping world…or a similar type operation…& buy a solar shower for $10 bucks. Hang it in the sun…run the hose to where ever you need it. Get one now….so you can work out the logistics….how to hang it. How you are going to fill it with water….if yon need to go to Home Depot & get some more hose…etc. I recommend 2 of them,
          one for bathing…( less pure/sterile water) & one for
          human consumption…in the kitchen.
          Standing by in
          Montgomery County Texas

      26. It is just gravity fed, after filling buckets up above the sinks with an on off knob. Need something that will be insulated to keep water hot.

        • How about the big orange and white 5-gallon
          Insulated thermous jugs you see on back of contractors trucks??

          • Thanks for reminding me, I need to get another one of those…

      27. Cold war. I’ll tell you about cold war. We are told how to act up here and I’m looking for a safe ride to Earth someday. I’ll give you entertainment Daisy.

      28. Thanks jay jay. I will buy some and try it with cold water. Trying to make it easier on my wife, the best I can.

      29. All this zombie stuff can be a form to desensitize us before things get bad. Lose the humanity and become animals.

        • Don’t worry. Have you seen some of the “knockout” game videos? How about the black friday walmart videos? Do you really thing “the herd” needs any desensitization?

          If anything its sensitizing to those who never really gave it a thought. I think its doing the opposite to the non-freeloader non-welfare class of people.

      30. I find it ironic that most post here say that they have cut off the cable t.v or got rid of there t.v. altogether but still comment on how bad the show Walking Dead is….do you have cable or not? Because if you HAVE watched the show from the beginning you would know that it is not about the zombies, they are only the protagonist, it is about human nature and how we would rebuild after an apocalypse. The characters could be any one of us and for those of you that are fast to discredit Daisy just shows your ignorance of what the message of her post is. PEOPLE is what matters…not the zombies. Sure…go camping, live in a tree (really?), shut off the lights, turn off the cable, eat from the yard…it doesn’t really matter what you do to prepare but none of it would prepare you for taking a human life, or the life of a family member or friend. How arrogant of any body here to think that otherwise! Yeah…I got a few weapons too and know how to use them but that doesn’t equate with killing a person just to “save my stash”. How about we have the conversation on sacrificing yourself for another person who has a real chance at life or just because you love that person more than yourself? Prepping is more than “things” and we are not animals…yet. Remember who you are and why you prep because if it is just about “you” then mabey you should reconsider why you would want to live in a world that is only filled with “you”. Good luck with that.

        • There will be some room for charity, but, even now, people who give out charity are piled on by the freeloaders. …and they’re not even desperate, they’re just lazy. Of course this all depends on how fast it collapses. If its just a slow grind to the bottom, well, then there will be losts of room for charity. But, in a The Walking Dead scenario or any type of full on collapse that comes on over just a few months, well, thats a different story.

          Understand, I’m a baptized believer. I think I have a pretty good idea of how The Creator expects me to behave. Believe me that saving your stash won’t be like not giving that street person some food. It will be your survival. Now, your stash can be replenished but after SHTF you might as well shoot yourself in the head if you lose your “stash”. Lose your stash and watch your kids starve? Stash stealers will be more worried about flight time and trajectory at my place. Will I enjoy killing people? No. I will avoid it at (nearly) all costs. I’ll keep the stash hidden, I’ll keep people from knowing about it, etc. But, if push comes to shove, I’ll be the bulldozer and level the place.

          While we may be able to take trusted individuals in, survival will be difficult anyway. Do you want to survive and see that your children and/or family survive or do you want to help strangers? Compassion is one thing but I don’t think The Creator will expect us to die for someone who is destined to waste your preparations or hasn’t made any themselves. And if you give something out and word gets out, they will absolutely RAPE YOUR COMPOUND AND LEAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR DEAD AND TO STARVE.

          Survival is brutal and when the SHTF hungry people will use any method (hungry or injured children as spies and recon, etc) to get to you. At that point compassion will be a killer. I’m not saying we can’t have any compassion but it will have to be measured and managed or it WILL KILL YOU.

          Sacrificing myself for another person is what I will be doing. But, it won’t be for the stranger on the street. It will be for my kids and grandkids. You need to think this through a little better.

          Believe me, when the reality hits and you realize that that stash is a matter of life or death for your family you may already have the hole dug waiting for the theif. Arrogance has nothing to do with it. You will do what you need to do to keep you and your family alive. My goal: The last person standing will be one of my kids even if they aren’t able to stand for long.

          It sounds to me like you will have a bad case of C.D. (cognitive dissonance) that will keep you from surviving for long. It will be too painful for you to grasp the reality of the situation and so you will go with your internal consistency and that will be your undoing.

          Charity is a good thing. Sacrifice is a good thing. Survival is a better thing. This is not to say that I won’t “risk” my survival on helping someone but I sure won’t just “toss it to them” and hope for the best.

          In summary: try to steal my stash and you’ll not see the sun rise on what you’ve taken. Ask me for some food and I might know of a place where you can find some.

          • While we may be able to take trusted individuals in, survival will be difficult anyway. Do you want to survive and see that your children and/or family survive or do you want to help strangers? Compassion is one thing but I don’t think The Creator will expect us to die for someone who is destined to waste your preparations or hasn’t made any themselves. And if you give something out and word gets out, they will absolutely RAPE YOUR COMPOUND AND LEAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR DEAD AND TO STARVE.

            Deserved repeating!!! 🙂

        • I have a computer, so I can watch anything I want online. While I have a computer screen, I don’t have a plugged in TV and no cable or satellite dish TV runs into my home. Does that clear it up for you?

          • sixpack–I bet you can get those series on Netflix.

            • My daughter rents them from the supermarket in town and watches it on her laptop.

            • You can, but there are other places you can get them for free…I’m pretty cheap these days.

              • sixpack et al..

                Had the cable off for 2 years now..and yes I too am a cheap son of a..

                For those who do want to watch these shows..found a great site(free) and has all the major series(no movies)from all cable networks…it is a streaming site and requires a few minutes to load but no commercials…yeah reading and watching shtf type scenarios one needs a bit of escapism in this damned long winter..

      ’s the url..


                We’re not in the shtf just yet..getting close enough though..and until spring breaks to ready the gardens..I do enjoy a bit of getting away from it all in the home..either by a good read or watching some faves on line..



          • Everyone bragging they unplugged from the evil “tee vee” years ago but now watch all of their faves on computer or Netflix or rentals…you are all a bunch of hypocrites. Your watching the same shit as everyone else!

            • …but without the mind numbing commercials, and we can skip or fast forward if we want to.

        • I unplugged in 2008 and have no desire for all.
          I didn’t watch the s**t even then.
          I have a tv; it allows me to watch movies of MY choice WHEN I want.
          Cost for 3 movies out at once?? Less than $17 a month.

        • Get rid of tv and become a zombie=yea. same as, are the preservatives in the food supply preserving you?

        • Npgh,
          I agree the show is about the people and human nature. It shows the good and the bad brought out in people. The bug out bag situation has me dumbfounded though, they became complacent about their situation. At least there was an escape plan even if badly executed.

        • To NetRanger:

          Good that you see “some room” for charity; so do I. For example, I’ve got this old, stoner friend of mine who helps me in the garden, etc. I get about $100/month of good work for about $200/month, and that turns out to be all the charity I’m good for. His heart is in the right place, even if his mind is somewhat clouded.

          The entitled class here in the US is fairly broad. There is the swath of the unwashed who work the welfare system, and also the swath of the clean who work in the service industry, who report to work every day to shove digital bits around. Then there’s another swath of humanity in the higher economic political class, who aim to keep what they got. There’s probably a fourth swath which doesn’t fit into these three stereotypes, but who also claim entitlement.

          Entitlement, loosley defined: What’s yours is theirs.

          So much of the chatter on this site doesn’t seem to differentiate the very different threat levels that these four swaths of the american entitlement community would present should there be a “collapse”.

          You are spot on, in that compassion will have to be managed in order for human compassion to survive.

          To Npgh:

          I generally agree with your realistic observation concerning how much people seem to know about a TV show. You have inadvertently, I hope, overlooked the several voices who don’t watch it, and who have pointed out that a TV show doesn’t have to have any bearing on reality.

          My mom used to tell us kids that you don’t need to look in a garbage can to know that there’s garbage in it. That TV show is only commercial entertainment, and its premise is garbage. True, there may be some educational value here and there in the show; and some realistic scenarios too.

          From a statistical standpoint, your observation that most of the posters who allege that they have cut off the TV, but still comment on the quality of the TV show doesn’t agree with my informal scan of the thread. Perhaps this is only sloppy grammar, but I’m a stickler for one saying what one means.

          You mention the idea of sacrificing one’s self in order that another might live. This will probably be done by moral people on a singular case basis. Not even a case by case basis, as there is only one case where the sacrifice would be made. I don’t find those sorts of discussions useful because every last aspect of the hypothetical scenario is, well, hypothetical. No moral person here argues for killing in cold blood, with malice aforethought. I’m sure that moral people here, should they make a fatal mistake in all honesty, will carry that on their conscience, but still that’s a hypothetical scenario, with little value in public discussion.

      31. Just started watching the WD last fall on dvd’s. I can’t imagine living that life without a ruger 10/22 with a suppressor. A good boy or girl could take out a whole herd of walkers from a tree with adequate amount of 22 shells and 10/22

        • You got that right. Might need a little more that a 22lr. But, the suppressor would be the key. Oh, and subsonic ammo. Stinking high-speed ammo is such a pain with all the crack such.

        • OKIE:
          Just think of all the fun you could have sitting in your tree stand/tree house with a 10/22 and several bricks of ammo and a stocked locker of food and several gallons of water and some energy bars and some gatoraid.
          Plus a walkie talkie and a good pair of binoculars.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • P.S. DOUBLE TAP!!!!!!

      32. If I drove a Dodge around, I’d pull a horse trailer around too with a couple of horses to pull me out of a mud puddle with a 4WD that doesn’t work. Never had a problem with the 4 hr thing or sore breasts.

        • We love you up here TK. We’re tired of all of the commercials on DISH up here also.

          • Thanks MT. Promoting you to full Colonel on the next short list. Sending Kate Upton up there if Putin will let US.

        • Sounds like you’re describing a Viagra commercial…wtf!

          • Have you ever smelled Kate?

      33. One thing to remember it’s just a show that follows a script, good or bad. The viewers buy products they advertise and if they don’t sell enough Vicks after shave they will pull the plug ASAP.
        All in all, it’s just a show.
        Not based on any reality only on fantasy.

        Where were senrties at?
        Why were there no patrols out, checking out the outer perimieter?
        And they all had to be deaf not to hear a tank coming at them!!!!!
        There is a lesson that we as preppers should learn from this TV show. NEVER EVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!!!!!! AND AIM FOR THE HEAD!!!!!:-)
        S.T..F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

        • They thought they were impenetrable. This is what will get many killed. Getting comfortable is not an option. Its what gets people killed and robbed in this world. Not paying attention is precicely why people get nailed even in our current society. Normalcy bias is a deadly disease.

      35. and WTH?…getting DRUNK with a group of TWO. i quit drinkin’ when my second son was born because i don’t EVER want to be in a position where i can’t take care of myself AND my SONS. very foolish, if you ask ME(and yuh DIDN’T!).

      36. Thanks cooking mom!! I agree the insulated water buckets would hold the temp up the best. I have some old ones I will try out. Thanks again.

        • Okie,

          You could try a good pump sprayer. Not the cheap thin plastic but a heavy duty one that’s black. When we lost power for a week due to winter storm I would fill it with hot water heated on kerosene heater or propane stove. Put a hook up high over the sink to hang the wand on. with the pump you will have pressure for spraying down the dishes and won’t waste a lot of water. You can pump it for the pressure for your wife and the spray trigger will be easy for her to use. If you don’t have a solar shower you can also use it to spray yourself down in shower and its nice to be able to use it to clean tub after.

      37. So, here are the answers to all of Daisy’s questions:

        1) Sure, Rick has screwed up, but, they all have. And, who you would you rather lead the group? Glenn? Maybe murder boy Shane of a couple seasons ago? No, Rick is the man, flawed one that he is. We just found out why Darrel isn’t the leader. He has no leaderships skills. In this latest episode we find that he was “just a redneck asshole with a bigger redneck asshole of a brother” and he just depended on Merle to decide what they were going to do that day. They just drifted around and were nobodies.

        2) They do have bugout bags. But, the attack on the prison scattered them and they didn’t have a chance to get back inside and get them.

        3) Look, you are expecting WAY TOO MUCH of these people! ADCK? Really? They’re only about a year and a half into this ZA (Zombie Apocalypse) and they were just sheople before. Heck, most of these people had never fired a gun when the ZA hit. YOu don’t learn these skills easily unless you are A) born into it (me, Daryl) or have the genes for it (You, at least from what I know of you.) Some people are pre-disposed to handle this stuff. Daryl is now somebody where as before the ZA he was just a “redneck asshole”.

        4) You can’t teach your children to not just freak out and run away if you’re not too stable in the envirpply caches have to be ideas ahead of time. They barely have enough to get by on now. Caches are out of the question.

        5) Rally point for what? They were like Normalcy Bias junkies in that prison. I knew it would be the undoing of them. You can’t get comfortable in an environment like this, but, they did and then when Governor Eye Patch came, he basically blew them out of the water and now its almost like a reset in some ways.

        6) Supply caches? You are expecting way too much out of these people! These people are still adapting. (…and not all that well in some cases…) Caches would have had to have planning. None of this had any planning or forethought. It was thrust upon them.

        7) Don’t forget!! Its entertainment. What I don’t get it is why didn’t that emotional meltdown call in the zombies. Oh, yeah! Its entertainment. I rather enjoyed it. Actually, I can she crap like that happening. The stress means you hold it all in and then a little booze and *POW*! It all come rushing out. It brought out the good qualities in both characters. It made you understand where Daryl came from. Actually, the burning of Daryl’s old house was a good thing. They symbolically burned their bridge to the old world and moved on. I think it was emotionally satisfying.

        Honestly, Daisy, have you really been watching this series? From your critique, I am wondering if you haven’t just had it summarized or maybe just surfacially watched it without really pondering it. Regardless, you bring out good points. But, I don’t consider it light entertainment. My son and I critique it right down to their gun choices and the shots they take.

        Thanks for the writeup. Love your sites!


        • 4) You can’t teach your children to not just freak out and run away if you’re not too stable in the envirpply caches have to be ideas ahead of time. They barely have enough to get by on now. Caches are out of the question.

          Don’t know what happened here. Cut and paste got hosed…

          Should have been:

          4) You can’t teach your children to not just freak out and run away if you’re not too stable in the environment yourself. You can’t teach someone to not freak out if you’re freaking out. You can teach someone to shoot, fight, or survive if you don’t know how. I agree with what you are saying but its not going to happen since they are all still in a bit of a freakout mode. Not so much about the walkers, anymore, but about the fact that the world they knew is just gone. Eventually, they’ll teach the kids but at this time the adults are still having problems. The kids (except for Lizzy who seems so well adjusted its almost creepy) are, in certain ways, emotionally paralyzed by this reality. When Judith grows up, she won’t be this way. She’ll be much more of a Michonne or Daryl kind of person.

      38. And I actually meet kids (20-somethings) who because of TWD think a katana is the ultimate thing to have when TSHTF. So they buy these el-cheapo BudK stainless steel pieces of junk.

        I tell them they’d do much better with a decent machete and/or tomahawk and they stare at me like they think I’m on the bath salts.

        They don’t know it, but they’re already dead; killed by their own asshattery.

      39. Yeppers it is like my wife said, nobody appreciates hillbillies and rednecks until shtf. Lol

        • Thank your wife for me.

        • My son has the Walking Dead poster on his door with Daryl and his crossbow. Underneath it says:

          “Everybody laughs at the redneck until the apocolypse arrives.”

          Or something like that…

          • @ NetRanger….AnyBody that wants to laugh at a RedNeck can drive to Spartanburg SC bar (on th bad side of town )Get out of yer car ,walk to the door, open it up and HOLLER ” I’m here to LAUGH at a REDNECK !! ” I promise you won’t be laughing long !! You’ll be walking like a duck back to yer car ,because yer ass will be up between yer shoulder-blades !!

      40. Northern Reb. You are right. It would be a blast. Fast target acquisition with 40 mm scope on the 10/22 to take em out when they started piling up to high around the tree stand. Probably giggle and laugh till I made myself upchuck Lol

      41. First and foremost, me, my family, extended family, etc, are HUGE fans of the show. My 70 yr old mother is the biggest.
        Obviously, from the comments, alot of you writing have never seen it……
        My God, this show does not pretend to be a primer for survival. It is TV, that is all. Whether it’s the lack of a back up / meet location, or the deputy flipping the ‘safety’ off on his Glock, it is TV.
        Just sit back and enjoy, because it really is the best series I have seen since Lost or the newer Battlestar Galactica series.

      42. I stopped watching in the second season as they did so many things that were obviously wrong that it became annoying, kind of like the teenagers always splitting up in the slasher movies. So, not recent but those that I remember:

        1. Follow government instructions even when the evidence shows that to be a mistake. Rick rides into Atlanta because the government said it was where survivors should go even though he had to ride past all the abandoned cars of people trying to escape the city.
        2. Ignore obvious clues. Besides ignoring the cars headed away from Atlanta, in Atlanta, the horse became skittish as if it sensed something was wrong but Rick ignored it and the zombies almost got him.
        3. Place your camp in an unsecure location with no clear fields of view. They made camp next to the woods and were attacked by zombies who came through the woods unseen.
        4. When searching for a person have the entire search party travel single file down the same trail so that you can cover the minimum ground with the maximum number of people. That is how they searched for the little girl.
        5. When arriving in a new area never send scouts ahead, have everybody go in at one time.
        6. Promote based on the old hierarchy not on ability. Glenn (I think that is his name.) and Daryl both have better survival sense and judgment than Rick but Rick assumes the lead because he had the authority position prior to the collapse.
        6. Never ever plan ahead or have specific goals, just keep moving.

        By the way, you have a pretty good set of articles on your webpage. Well worth everyone’s time to check out.

      43. For the fans….,in the third or fourth episode of season 4, before Rick banished Carol, what happened to the hippy gal with the leg tattoo ?
        I saw the spilled basket of fruit, a long blood smear across the grass, the closed gate, her dismembered leg on the other side, and the walkers tearing her body up fifty yards away.,,,did her boyfriend chop her leg off and she crawled away before the walkers got her ? Or was she attacked by walkers, and made it a short distance after losing her leg ? I just don’t think walkers would have left the leg behind..,,and where was the boyfrind ?

      44. Much can be said about the fact that people are thinking about the Zombie FunFest and so they are getting ready with the cool gear, but, I personally take away that the Walking Dead is social programming. It gives ideas but does not stress any importance on being prepared before hand.
        Much like the WWZ movie.
        Everywhere the hero turns he is losing his fought for supplies, (which I admit is a very real possibility), but at the next he finds new stuff serendipitously. Or failing a lucky find he discovers new and ingenious ways to do things that he has never done before.
        Congratulations to the Zombies. Yes you Can.
        I am sorry, but learning the hard way does not work in real life or death situations. Watch a few Zombie flicks buy a rifle and shazzam you are the new Rocky/Rambo/Alpha dog. The writer is correct, nice story great time waster but, bad input.

      45. To put prepping into perspective, I had a minor SHTF moment this morning.
        Had an accident with my big truck just North of Oklahoma City. Six hours with no engine or heat, outside temp around -4. Till the tow truck got us into town.
        Was it my cool stuff that got me through? No. It was the fact that I had my winter clothes and gear in the truck and even though I was not planning on an accident I knew that it could happen. The neatest thing was the oldest trick in the book. Crack the windows a little and light up two sterno cans for heat. Had to rely on myself.
        And yes the police were there. And no they did not want me in their cars to warm up. Don’t know why, I had just showered 7 hours before. Maybe liability but I tell you I was glad when the hook showed up.

        • I am curious to here how well the sterno worked.
          How cold was it outside?
          It seems silly that the police wouldnt let you sit in their warm car , that sucks .

      46. None of us can visualize just exactly how bad this can and or will be. You need to have at least one or two BOLs spotted. But, if you live in rural American, or in small towns less than 30,000 then your best survival strategy may be just staying put….

        • I’m 5 miles outside of a town with an 8,000 population and 12 miles outside of a town with 70,000 population. (I’m sort of between them…) I’m staying put, however, I have two backup BOLs 30 miles farther from both of those cities and only 8 miles from a town with a population of 1,000. (We call it “Methville”.

          I’ll bug in and if it gets to hot, the 18ft travel trailer that I got on the cheap will keep me warm and cozy and haul most of my supplies to one of the other BOLs.

        • BTW, what is significant about the “30,000” threshold? I had always said 50,000. Is there some real facts behind that 30,000 number or, like my 50,000, just seems like a good place to draw a line?

          • NetRanger.

            Your 50,000 may work. My theory is based on agriculture. Most towns with 500-30000 residents have a strong agricultural base nearby. A townsite supported by agriculture will fare better than those supported by other industries. As towns get bigger, the more state employees you have and usually less agriculture. That is my theory anyway….

      47. Answer: Normalacy bias

        They follow rick because he is the tin stsr who represents the old order. He also represents civilization and morality in contrast to Shane or Meryl who represent barbarism and utilitarian survival of the fittest (read most vicious). The problem is Rick’s morality is not very well thought out, he himself suffers from normalacy bias, and he is on the brink of a break with reality.

        However the problems you identify, which are so obvious to peppers might not be obvious to survivors, if they were never thought to think this way. Even if they had, you also identify a danger post-SHTF–most people will crave normalacy and as a result even peppers are at risk of falling into a routine and not think through post-colapse secondary events. We see this in the DUMB bug-in vs bug-out debate whether you plan to bug-in or not wherever you finally come to rest your head after an economic collapse or EMP you had better have a bug-out plan in your head in case of a secondary event, like a fire, in a world without 911, and fire departments…

        Many preppers thing they will get into a routine of Security and homesteading and just ride things out…but to do so is to fall into the same trap of normalcy bias.

        Things can ALWAYS get worse, until finally die, be prepared, even after the SHTF, or death may come sooner than necessary.

      48. Sorry to hijack the topic but anyone got that great picture of war/tanks circled by people watching tv’s showing flowers (MSM lies).
        Know the one ? Can you up it to tinypic or similar please ?


      49. I was thinking the same thing – if they just have to burn the house down, why not wait until morning? And getting drunk was a very bad idea – especially both people at the same time.

        However, I was pleasantly surprised to see them using a dakota fire pit to keep the fire from being seen.

      50. Off topic but ya’ll might wanna watch CT. for the next few weeks, Carry CT issued a warning today to the state and LEO. Simply put enforce your law of repeal your law. Either way shit or get off the pot. And with BO coming to see the governer 3/5 things could go hot fast. I do know many of the states militia has been up graded to high orange.


        • Thanks, DPS…good information to get out there.

        • Over at SGT Report.

          Connecticut man will not comply with law.


        • “From Governor Malloy, to Undersecretary Lawlor to DESPP, Commissioner Schriro, and Lieutenant Cooke of the firearms unit, and including Lt. Paul Vance, the state needs to shit, or get off the pot. The fact is, the state does not have the balls to enforce these laws. The laws would not survive the public outcry and resistance that would occur.” – Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta

          Link below.

            • Where is the f**king NRA, everyone??

              I visit 15 sites a day-not one word about that organization.
              What’s up??

              • The NRA (and others) have been infiltrated. They no longer serve the interests of the people, believe it or not. I would be highly suspicious of *any* organizations nowadays since the 3 letter agencies have been busy subverting them all. With their dismal track record as of late, can you deny this? Not really.

                We ALL need to be very careful about whom we talk with about ‘certain issues’. There are forces out there working against you, even on this (and others) site(s).

                again, in case some missed it-

                -KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS
                -KNOW WHO THEY WORK FOR
                -KNOW WHAT THEY DO

                • Infiltrated? Yeah, mostly by greed.

                  Most organizations today whether they are government or private are very much more interested in surviving and making profits. They are constantly selling you something. Sure, they’re pro-gun but they’d be on the other side of the fence if they could figure out how to make more FRNs to deposit in their tax free accounts.

                  The politicians are the same way. Most of them really don’t care about any gun issues. They care about vote issues and money issues. The Gangster Banksters pay. The politicians lie. The people don’t get represented.

                  There is a wide gap between what we are told and what is. It is why we are here, discussing this stuff. If we didn’t know we’d say Daisy’s suggestions that everything on The Walking Dead was good and correct and just accept it.

                  The fact is that we are all here because we know something just isn’t right with the information we’re being fed. Everyone in society has cognitive dissonance to some degree. The perfect image is the “head in the sand” or “fingers in the ears, la! la! la! la! I can’t hear you…” examples we all give. WE ALL HAVE IT TO SOME DEGREE. But, we know we have it and we deal with it. Thats the difference between this 1% and the rest of society. We know we have the disease and we take steps to minimize its affect on our lives and the future.

                  The NRA and many other organizations are manipulated by TPTB to deepen the C.D. in ways that may be less preferable than an all out flaming statist, but in ways that are manageable. Be careful what you believe! It may be, as they say, controlled opposition. Just because you get information that is contrary to a known lie it does not necessarily mean it is THE TRUTH!

                  Just because our own crooked government is trying to drag Ukraine into Euro style fascism does not mean its better to let the Putinites have their way with it. Just because someone is the enemy of your enemy does not make them your friend. The world is a ruthless place.

                  As I said in a couple article comment sections back: I learned many valuable lessons by watching the series Breaking Bad. The old saying “keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer” is true. Never assume that because someone wants to help you that its not to help themselves.

                • anybody that wants to UNDERSTAND how they operate should spend an hour or so reading about kenneth trentadue. he was murdered(alledgedly) in prison, by the FBI, after being mistaken for one of timmothy mcveigh’s bank-robbing cohorts. there are two VERY interesting phone conversations in the video where kenneth’s brother, an attorney in utah discovers how they work. the video is where i was made to UNDERSTAND how the FBI has ALL government officials, actors, rich people, and congresscritters under investigation. they do nothing with the information until you make WAVES. then all they gotta do is go to their NSA computers, puch up yer numbers, and DOINK! they gotcha! i regard this as one of the top 5 videos i have EVER watched, because you see how they put it all together. link for wiki
                  and here’s the presentation on kenneth’s death and susequent actions to try to get justice.

              • The NRA is a waste of time,,, they dont give a crap, are purly a political tool.

                • I would never join any group that would have me as a member.

                  • if the NRA made a difference, they wouldn’t let us JOIN it.

                • Too bad gun control is a political issue then, since the NRA and a couple of other groups are all that stand between your guns and the leftists.

                  Join one or more of the gun owner groups, TODAY.

                  I, for one, am getting tired of donating time and money to protect the Second Amendment for people who don’t give a crap about protecting their rights except through hot air and keyboard blogging.

                  Nothing personal, but swallow your ego and step up to the plate.

      51. DEAD is DEAD, who would waste their time watching such a dumb show? Better spend time on how to keep the live crazies under control.

      52. Off Topic: Mrs. Big O, Daughters and Mom who lives at the White House, are going to China Mar. 19-26. Big O is going to E. U. during that time; False Flag who knows, CT told to sh-t or get off the pot on their Gun Grub, Big O going to CT tomorrow, well let’s see, that will give CT 2 wks., to get things in place for the Gun Grab. This just may start the GAMES, like I said who knows. Look to see who else will be out of country need. Just a thought.

      53. I have to say I think this article is the most stupid thing I’ve read here. Waste of time.

        • We’ve updated some info. about Connecticutious–links provided.

      54. People will obviously become dangerous when they don’t have food. It will get worse when they realize they won’t have to worry about the police.

        In my case I don’t see the point in having a bugout bag. We’re bugging in. We have no other place to go. The further you have to bugout to the less likely you are to get there. I live in a small town in Wisconsin. When things start to get bad we’ll cover the windows from the inside and act like nobody’s home if somebody comes to the door. We’re armed and well supplied. My biggest concerns are leaving footprints in the snow and where to dump sewage.

      55. Kerry just offered a billion dollars in aid to the Ukraine. The stupidity continues. How about giving the money to a trusted (sarcasm) leader, so they can decide who is deserving of this taxpayer cash. It will never reach the people. Make more politicians bank accounts fatter with our tax dollar, while we try to survive in this harsh economy. Great work leaders.


      56. My plan is not to bug out, but to bug in too.
        Part of the problem is that you can be burned out of your residence and need an alternate location within means.

        I would be more inclined to associate with a person who has his home surrounded by farm land. Reason being, being reasonably flat and with a 360 degree visibility all around: You should be able to see incoming personnel from a distance.
        Yes, you will need a thermal or a night vision device.

        In another related matter, we have/are being betrayed
        Be armed:

        Trust really, no one, only Jesus.

        Take care of your trigger finger….

        Everyone be safe, The wolves are at the door and I am not crying wolf….Expect major terror strikes soon….

        • With a wide field or hillside, you can also establish a ‘defense in depth’ strategy. Place defense lines to thwart aggressors if they choose to move on you at night. A razor wire perimeter could be the first line of defense. After that leave some field free for farming and then put in a minefield with natural barbed wire (thorny bushes and thistle). Force anybody approaching to have to walk on the minefield to avoid getting caught up in the thorn bushes. As you get closer to your dwelling, dig a moat with cameras and firing posts into the moat. After the moat, dig a trench and fill it with spikes, poisonous snakes if you got ’em. If they get through all that and launch an attack on your house, have secret rooms and other defenses within your home that you can move to and then fire upon the attacker. And finally, an escape route if you are completely overwhelmed by the scale of the attack so you can bug out.

        • We are definitely being betrayed,,,
          By those we elected to watch out for our best interest no less, as well as the many corporate interests that suck our money from our pockets every chance they get.
          Trust nobody, i have learned this the hard way more than once.

      57. More precursor earthquakes that are forecasting something much bigger than a high 6 range. Everyone of these precursor earthquake locations has had in the past at least a 7.5+. Right now there is a 95% chance of a 6.5+, 90% chance of a 7+, and a 50% chance of a 7.5+ by the first day of spring, March 20 in one or more of the following locations;

        Highest probabiity:
        Eastern Indonesia to Samoa
        Alaska, especially Andreanof Island and Fox Islands
        Mexico and Central America
        Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, west Bolivia, Chile
        China/India border and Burma
        Central Japan to Northern Japan and southern Kuril Islands
        Western Turkey and Greece
        Southern and Central California

        Moderate chance:
        Northern California and Pacific northwest
        Western Indonesia
        Israel and Cyprus
        Eastern Iran and Pakistan
        Northern Philippines

        Ballpark chance:
        Central Africa
        South Sandwich Islands
        Mariana Islands and Guam

        As more precursor earthquakes appear this list will get more clear which exact areas are probably going to be the most likely hit. There is a 25-30% chance of a mega or even a super mega quake similar to the Chile 1960 quake as these precursor earthquakes are showing a lot of tension building. Especially on the Nazca, Cocos, northern Pacific, and northern Australian plates. This is something to watch along with the tensions with war and Russia.

      58. If you look at the true idiots on the joy that the SP 500 just hit a record high, you only have to visualize just how totally f’ed these people will be WHEN SHTF. NONE of these people are even prepared for a couple of days without being bottle fed by society.

        Then you look at that Frankenstein kerry laying a reef and flowers at the graves of the “protestors” shot last week in the Ukraine. This is the most chopped photo and most propaganda ridden bit of pure horse sh$% I have seen in decades. It is sickening to see just how much the U.S. has become worse than any USSR brainwashing of the public and the Mass Media. Old sea hag madelaine nobright calls Putin delusional.

      59. I think all of them (in the show) keep trying to go back to the way life was prior to the crisis, basically living day-by-day.
        Basically – “We got our house with a white picket fence back, so no longer the need to worry about things outside the gate”
        On the other hand, we could blame them for wanting life the way it was back, but what about the 99% of us that regardless of everything we experience only keep 1-3 days of food saved at home.
        Just my 2 cents – blessing to all, and keep your eyes on the news (Too much is happening, too fast)

      60. I cut the cable a while back, so I’ve never watched the show. But, I watched some zombie movie with my kids a while back so I get the idea.

        Life for everyone is going to change in the near future. There will be revolution in our own country and most other countries. Natural disasters continue to increase and the economy gets worse every day. Not a pretty picture for anyone. Practicing the old ways now will be helpful in survival of the future.
        Just saying….

      61. Television is a programming tool for the prole-scum. Much of what is on it is dangerous for your mind and your soul. The news is pablum and gives you barely any awareness of what is happening in the world and why. The films and dramas are there to throw up new social memes and prep people for coming paradigm shifts.

        Remember how Muslims started being the bad guys around the 1970s?

        When a serious crisis hits – whatever it may be – 90 per cent of the population will be completely in a state of shock and denial. Normalcy bias will fight their minds and they will be expecting everything to return to normal quickly. Think about it: today’s population and society could not even weather the events our parents and grandparents went through. Today’s youth couldn’t handle a war spitting out the same number of casualties as the Vietnam War did, let alone handle a WWII scenario. Today’s youth could not handle a real Great Depression with soup kitchens, and no money unless you actually worked for it.

        We have a society with so many crybabies and entitlement junkies, it is just not built to weather real stress. Look at the mayhem of Hurricane Katrina.

        A good film for this is World War Z: I found it did an excellent job of showing how quickly things will break down in our current society and economy. How quickly local police will become impotent; how people will place faith in things like Israel’s giant wall, only to see it crumble to the onslaught of zombies. For those who lived through the riots in 2011 in the UK, none of this will be a surprise. The government made itself very scarce very quickly.

      62. Zombies. Gangbangers. No difference. I live in an apartment building that has 8 units. Only one of the tenants is a problem. The drug selling gangbanger. I’ve only lived here for about 5 months. The other tenants always complained to me about him, but none would ever pick up a phone and drop a dime on him. They are not men, they are spineless little maggots. I e-mailed the local Chief and also contacted the local gang and drug enforcement. He got arrested within a week for aggravated battery on the PoPo. He’ll be out of the apartment in 2 weeks. Then he’ll be someone elses problem. We didn’t care if he did drugs or even if he sold drugs somewhere else. You can’t crap in your own backyard. Sometimes as many as 7 shit heads with hoodies up and pants below they’re ass would show up to buy weed and smoke it on our porch. Not any more. Some times you just have to call. Keep your enemies close. That way you won’t need a scope.

        • Excellent! You totally did the right thing: nobody should have to put up with people like that. People who lurch and leer and smoke illegal substances around your entrance are violating your right to feel safe and unintimidated. They have no ‘right’ to commit criminal acts at your home or make coming home an unpleasant activity. That gangs even exist, in this age of mass surveillance, show you the cops are probably in on the take (or getting punted free prostitutes to keep shtum).

        • Maudy And The void left by the undesirable being arrested will be soon filled by someone else. In the County Where I live less than .05 ( one half of one percent) is a race other than white. We don’t have those kind of problems. If a undesirable tries to move in before the move is completed the residence is mysteriously burnt down. Call me a racist I don’t care. but it wouldn’t matter if someone doesn’t behave in a manner that is within the acceptable parameters to the society that they want to live in that society will reject them. The bad thing is we have very few young familys. No jobs to be had that would make a career for a young person. Only the self employed or retired can make it here. A good thing No hospital and very few tax supported government services. I relocated & moved here because I like it. Im 63 years old and if I have a big medical emergency there is no 911 or ambulance. Ill simply die and im OK with that. I sure as heck don’t want to change it. Im against so called progress. If your not self reliant and need the govt to enable you or must resort to illegal activity to survive we don’t want you here.

      63. Huge majorities on East Coast support national gun registry

        “68 percent of New York voters and a whopping 74 percent of New Jersey voters are in favor of establishing a national gun registry.”

        “Even in the southern state of Virginia … 63 percent want the federal government to track all guns.”

        -Washington Times

      64. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for any eventual SHTF outcome, I have learned a lot of tips here. My concern is are American’s really doing anything to change or push back the coup d etat that has happened since 9-11? We are at least two decades into the neocon attempt at U.S. worldwide hegemony. The right to self defense against any and all usurpers is important and shall not be infringed. The right to free speech is the right that if completely abolished leads to the loss of all rights in tandem with the 2nd amendment. Everybody can talk about the weapon’s grab wanted by TPTB, that is not pushing back, that is waiting for the seemingly eventual outcome. Things can’t be that bad in the U.S. if the people just sit back and wait. It seems to me what we have here is a divided and conquered population, stripped of their rights and their dignity, afraid to speak up against tyranny. Except of course, through their keyboards. Welcome to Brainwashedville, formerly known as the United States of America. Apparently it was all a lie from the beginning.

      65. It is a good T.V. program, but they make more stupid decisions than you can believe, they wouldn’t have lasted that long if it wasn’t T.V.
        The only thing we can count on it that there will be Zombies/Leaches after TSHTF. The good thing if you can call it that? Is you don’t have to shoot them in the head to kill them!!!

      66. He treated his poor wife horribly for a decision she made when she thought he was dead…

        Wait wait wait full stop.

        If she chose to get with an upstanding guy, thinking Rick was dead, I would agree with you. but instead! She chose to get with the scummiest bag that ever bagged scum, who by the way was obviosly trying to get in her pants BEFORE the zombie apocalypse even happened, and oh yes, BY THE WAY… she was TOTALLY having it with all the thug-boy attention at that time.

        Oh and yes, she took her sweet time saying no to this dude after Rick came back.

        And had his kid, let’s not forget…

        All of this was blatantly, BLATANTLY obvious to Rick.

        He treated her as well as a human with a functioning set of emotions and anything resembling a spine COULD.

        Try to imagine you saying the same thing if Rick had thought his wife was dead, and had sex with a bar skank who’d been flirting shamelessly with him for years (him flirting back). Would his wife have been treating RICK terribly in that situation?

        Nope. She could cut off his balls and you’d call it justified nowadays.

      67. Never understood the fasination with zombies…or any of that stuff…too much work to keep up with the real world to mess around with imaginary monsters/scenarios myself…if folks enjoy that then thats okay its just not for me…no TV anyhow…spent the last coupla days planting greens in the hoophouse…bunching lettuces….loose leaf…peas…kale…green onions and lots more,hope itll all germinate…got 15 rows of goodies in the ground…had to take down the inner layer of insulating plastic to let in more light and then last night it drops well below zero…80F in there today…worked in the barnyard trying to make things warmer for the critters…in this weather every little thing helps…lots of hay and the elimination of drafts…its amazing how deep into a pile of hay a young hog will bury themselves, anyhow I hope y’all are keeping warm and doing well,the world is screwed up but all I can take care of is my little corner…back to work,thanks REB

      68. Amen! This article nailed my problem with these zombie snacks! Of course, if they reacted rationally to every situation it would be a much more boring show.

        Writers need gore to prevent bore!

      69. REB

        How about some more details on the hoop house.?..been watching a few videos on them ..would be great for us yanks here in New England.

        A few questions if you don’t mind..

        Is the garden bed raised or ground level.
        How many layers of plastic used to cover the hoops in this weather

        Do you have a black plastic container/drum with water that emanates heat inside the house..?

        Thanks in advance..


        • posse…sure thing…they work good in the north! My main one is built on top of two raised beds running side by side built out of treated deck boards on their sides…I built it over tow existing raised beds I already had built…I used 3/4 inch non metalic conduit for the hoops on 2’centers,thus I can extend it as I will…I use one layer of 6 mil plastic to cover it in one piece although Im switching to commercial grade 6 mill greenhouse cover as it lasts longer and has anti sweating properties built into it as well as a certain insulation rating…I have had years where I used just one layer of plastic and years where like this year I had a couple…have had as many as three but the more you use the less natural sunlight gets through and your plants suffer without artificial lighting but that costs extra money…so its a trade off…I have also used clear bubble wrap on the inside over some of the length,could never find enough…it can be salvaged sometimes from dumpsters outside places that sell furniture and other large items…thats where I got mine…cardboard along the inside base helps and sometimes I find watertight foam that I use too…end wall(northface) are covered with T-vec a aluminized bubble wrap used in home construction…fantastic stuff!…and a tarp cut to fit…south wall has the clear bubble wrap on it…built it when there wasnt much on the internet about this type of thing…I see several now that are very close to what I did so the info is out there and of course you can experiment to find whats best for you…I do keep a barrel of water in there thats blue not black…its in the back where the rocket-mass heater is located so it holds some heat…pop bottles full of water also hold some heat as well as the pile of brick I have around the stove…its all about mass and heating it up! Ive worked on some experiments of going partway into the earth that seem quite promising…I cant afford to have my aqua-phonic system freeze up or the plant get frozen especially if future winters are going to be like this one!
          If you build one give me a hollar as there are things Id do differently thatll perhaps save you a lot of aggravation…ie learn from my mistakes 🙂 hope that helps…thanks… REB

      70. What a total waste of ether space…. and what a total waste of time to create this worthless pile of verbiage…

      71. My standard answer to why why why when watching TV shows and movies. It’s in the script.

      72. Thank god for people who get all worked up about the actions of a bunch of characters out of a comic book!

        Good grief

      73. I am only a little bit familiar with Daisy Luther’s work, but it is rather obvious – from reading her criticisms of Rick – that she is not sufficiently up to speed on the racial dynamics that are in play and she also seems to not understand the subject and agenda of the Cultural Marxist crowd who own and control Hollywood and our mainstream media.

        Let me share a quote from a fellow who is a prominent voice and very savvy figure in the pro-White activist community. This fellow understands the enemy better than almost anybody still living, and he can read the laces on just about every fast ball they wing past the plate. He explains:

        “The media are owned by jews. Jews hate whites. Jews work to destroy white society. They do this in part by warping their coverage, whether in real-world reporting or in Hollywood make-believe.

        Once you grasp this argument, you can predict media coverage of any given event. You know coverage will be spun against whites. You can see how this can best be done. Well, that’s what the jews will do, whether Hollywood filmmaker, local news producer or major network show-runner.

        It’s really pretty simple. When you understand what jews are, and what they want — that they operate as a tribe and see ordinary white people as their enemy to be defeated and dispossessed, their racial stock mixed out of existence, their lands taken over by jews and helpful coloreds — then you can interpret every single story you come across in media they control, which is about 99% of what’s out there. If you don’t understand this, the media will seem curiously twisted, full of things left unsaid and things said that don’t really sound right. ” [ end of quote ]

        So, you see – Rick’s character is a ‘White male’, and therefore, once you understand the principles stated above – it becomes a predictable expectation for the writers of that TV show to assign to his character traits, behaviors, dysfunctional faults and weaknesses that will depict him – as a White man – to be weak, inconsistent, indecisive and generally incompetent as a leader for the group.

        This is the agenda of the Cultural Marxists who own and run Hollywood, Daisy. To unseat the White male from his traditional position of being a respected, determined, intelligent White leader. This is why we see endless portrayals out of Hollywood and TV that increasingly cast White males in roles where they are clumsy, incompetent, insecure, indecisive, and constantly begging for advice and guidance from their black male superiors or where these White men have to depend upon 110lb White or black females to rescue them from one crisis situation after another. This is the Cultural Marxist’s White Male Emasculation Formula.

        Aside from Daisy’s lack of understanding about why Rick’s character is the way it now has become, I liked and agreed with most of the rest of what she had to say about The Walking Dead. I also like the show and watch it from a prepper’s point of view.

        I have even considered buying a cross bow and spending some time practicing with it. Oh, and here is an observation that Daisy neglected to mention. Why do we never see any of these characters bothering to take a bath? I don’t mind seeing a sweaty female now and then, but it would be extremely important during a apocalypse scenario like the show depicts to show some concern for personal hygiene and cleanliness. Especially so, when females and their special anatomical hygiene needs are considered.

        I’m at least grateful for the fortunate absence of armpit hair on the women on the show. That would gross me out enough to stop watching the series.

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