The Utter Orwellian Stupidity of Masks on Airplanes

by | Nov 24, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    This article was originally published by Jeffrey I. Barke, MD at the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. 

    I recently traveled across the country to Hillsdale, Michigan. My wife and I sat for five hours each way on airplanes with a mesh mask pressed across our faces. It made the absurdity of the mask mandate we live under both clear and depressing. The charade in which we are all forced to participate is not only totalitarian in nature, but also a big Orwellian lie.

    I am sure most of the passengers on the planes were either COVID-19-vaccinated or COVID-19-recovered. While few speak about the thousands of people who have had COVID-19 and survived, they are turning out to be an important group in the ongoing battle against the virus. I myself am COVID-recovered after a bout with the disease a couple of months ago. I now have a natural immunity to the disease.

    Forcing someone like me to wear a mask makes no scientific or health sense. There are no studies to show that mask-wearing on an airplane can stop a respiratory viral illness. If that were the case, we would expect pilots always to wear masks while in the cockpit. But they don’t. Maybe the recirculated air on airplanes keeps them safe from onboard viruses. Furthermore, if mask-wearing on an airplane were critical to preventing the spread of the disease, why are we allowed to remove our masks for extended periods of time while eating and drinking? I wish someone would pose that specific question to Dr. Fauci.

    The requirement to wear a mask when entering or exiting a restaurant, but leaving it off while eating and drinking, also makes absolutely no sense. Do the authorities suppose that the COVID-19 virus stops seeking new hosts to infect only when we are unmasked but not eating or drinking? Do these bureaucratic geniuses really believe that the virus plays fair, observing equivalent rules to those invented by the Marquess of Queensberry for boxing? I think the COVID-19 virus is more likely to play by Fight Club rules!

    The CDC recently acknowledged that it does not have any data showing that naturally immune COVID-recovered people can get and spread the disease to others. Despite this, the CDC discriminates against these people by insisting that they be fully vaccinated in addition to wearing a mask to function in society.

    Since the CDC is requiring these measures, you would think it would have a mountain of evidence to support such a draconian policy. It doesn’t. The science, in fact, shows just the opposite. It shows that natural immunity is strong, durable, and broad-based. Strong means that natural immunity protects against a COVID infection better than immunity produced by a vaccine. It is why we do not see COVID-recovered patients getting COVID again.

    While it is common to see COVID-vaccinated people getting COVID and even requiring hospitalization, COVID-recovereds stay healthy. Multiple studies have confirmed that SARS-CoV-2 behaves much like SARS-CoV-1 as well as many other viral illnesses such as chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, etc. That is, these diseases provide long-lasting immunity to those who have been infected.


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      1. No one typically asks the travel agent to arrange passage through independent businesses, or the communists wouldn’t be so high and mighty.

        One of the first, notorious too-big-to-fails, bailed-out on condition of allowing gate rapists, who wanted to stick things in your drink and tell you drink it, afterward, now in partnership with the torturer of beagles.

      2. Fauchi said vaxxed families who want to have an unvaxxed person there should require the unvaxxed to be tested before coming. If they are all vaxxed, why care if ANYONE shows up, after all, they are all “protected” from the virus. But he still says the vaccine works. Sounds like the mitterings of a complete idiot. BTW…America’s number one Doctor to guide us through the pandemic has never treated any patient for anything in over 40 years as a “Doctor”.

      3. It’s not stupid. It’s a strategy. Until people understand what the agenda is, it will look stupid. Everything the Fauci’s of the world say looks stupid. But it’s not. They have reasons. No one is going to like the reasons, once they find. If they find out. Can you say authoritarianism? Can you say genocide? Seems ridiculous to watch sports on tv while we are living through the crime of all time. Potential victims? 7 billion. Gengis Khan would be proud.

      4. I had the Covid in the first wave back in 2020. I believe I got it from all those Asian women who were wandering around cities as they fled China WEARING masks. I remember riding on the subway and being surrounded by these women. Clearly THEY wearing a mask DID NOT stop me from getting Covid.

        How was Covid? It was slightly worse than a bad cold. But what was cool about it was this: I tried various experiments on myself to get rid of it. Gargling with salt water, etc. And then I thought “what about Listerine?” So I bought some of that blue stuff and gargled with it. And you know what? I was better in a couple of hours. A couple months later studies started to come out (since never talked about by the government) that showed the anti-viral properties in commercial mouth wash actually did kill the Covid.

        As for the mask mandates, they make no scientific sense whatsoever.

        • Might I ask if the mouthwash you used with some success was the alcohol-free variety?

          I ask because I stopped using mouthwash that contained alcohol on the advice of my dentist. This advice was given after he noticed that I had lichen planus on the inside of my mouth; this can best be described as lacy white patches and stringy white growths inside the mouth, usually seen on the inside of your cheeks. He asked me if I used mouthwash that contained alcohol, and I said yes. So, he told me to switch to non-alcohol mouthwash and the lichen planus problem disappeared soon after.

      5. If this COVID that you speak of is so prevalent everywhere, could someone please provide me with a microscopic glass slide with just ONE Covid pathogen, cell, genome, etc. on it that we may all look at?…
        The computer generated artist rendition cartoon looking sphere that you keep seeing on the news IS NOT COVID!!!!!!!…
        Educate yourself and the truth will set you free!!!!!

      6. About as stupid as morons wearing masks in their cars, riding bikes, walking alone, probably sleep with them too. I’m waiting for them to release smallpox on a grand scale next. Natural news dot comm has a lot of info…

        • From a public health perspective, none of this has made sense.

          First, they kicked the infected out of hospitals and sent them to old age homes to infect all the sick oldies. They also allowed hundreds of thousands of Chinese people to flee the virus on flights (remember the wave of Asian people wearing masks back at the start of 2020?).

          Then they built special emergency hospitals (a sensible measure) only to never use them and instead they cleared out all the existing patients from hospitals, consolidated the ICU beds, and then just treated Covid patients. They could have used the emergency hospitals to treat the people who were not being treated in the hospitals, but they didn’t.

          Then they let BLM run riot across the Western world and bizarrely the mask mandates were for a virus that magically disappeared when the Covid met a well-entrenched public sector union or professional association (subway workers, black people, police, congressmen and women, rich people’s parties etc.).

          It wasn’t a public health emergency; it was an over-hyped minor public health emergency cum psy-op-money-making-debt-inducing-job-killing scam.

      7. The best negative air respirators with 99.999% HEPA/chemical/bio filters are ineffective at best in filtering these lethal elements one expects to encounter in a NBC warfare scenario, and so you might say placing a cloth or paper doily over ones face holes to guard against a raging virus is equivalent to placing one’s seat belt on after the wings of the airplane have fallen off at 35,000 feet altitude.

      8. Its Orwellian, but not stupid. COVID-1984 is psychologically clever. Nearly everything that could be done wrong for health is being done.

        Apart from the visual muzzling symbolism of masking, there are biological hazards inflicted.

        Wearing masks amplifies the pathogen load of wearers, including but not restricted to just SARS CoV-2.

        Many will also either not use clean masks consistently or cannot dispose of them properly as medical waste, risking the concentration, conservation, and spread of pathogens.

        Most people will adapt to the higher background pathogen load but the weaker are more likely to get sick with something.

        A few may be adversely affected by reduced oxygen levels and raised CO2 levels in the blood, increasing acidity which will also adversely affect their immune response.

        Orwellian, yes, stupid, no.

      9. The Utter Orwellian Stupidity of Masks
        No need to add any places. The stupidity applies to everywhere.

      10. videos i made of v2k Video link
        Video link
        Video link
        This fulfills Daniel the man of sin and perdition.
        It also fulfills Second Thessalonians of the temple being invaded and people acting like God. List this stuff is real don’t censor me either you are next if you are not already on their list!

      11. Rational thought, experience, observation, logic, & science have nothing to do with the Covid-Creeps tyrannical response. This is merely an experiment in population control by those in power. What hubris to think they can control micro-organisms to the extent they claim. The manipulation of statistics in the early phase of selling the population on “needed draconian rules to stop, or slow down, the spread of Covid-19” have morphed into goals of completely eliminating the disease. You might as well attempt to remove all grains of sand around the world. The most important issue is that you should NOT destroy your society with any goal – it is unsustainable.

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