The US’s Fingerprints Are All Over Nicaragua’s Bloody Civil Unrest

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    Bloody protests against Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega’s government have the United State’s fingerprints all over it.  Over 100 people have been killed since the civil unrest broke out in mid-April and it doesn’t take much to realize the US government is fueling the bloodbath.

    According to RT, the so-called marea rosa, or “pink tide”, of allied leftist governments which held sway across Latin America in previous years is being rolled back. Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff was removed from power in a right-wing coup, co-conspirators of which have now managed to imprison the current presidential frontrunner, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno has stabbed his former leader Rafael Correa in the back by barring him from seeking re-election, while seemingly purging his cabinet of remaining Correa loyalists and beginning the process of allowing the US military back into the country

    These are all coalescing as other democratic and not-so-democratic removals of leftist governments from power continue. NATO has nabbed itself a foothold in the Latin American region, now that Colombia has joined the obsolete yet aggressively expanding Cold War alliance, in a thinly veiled threat to neighboring authoritarian Venezuela.

    Now it’s Nicaragua’s turn for the US to interfere in the government’s efforts to “police the entire world,” paid with by our stolen tax money, of course. Student demonstrations began in the capital Managua as a reaction to the country’s failure to handle forest fires in one of the most protected areas of the Indio Maiz Biological Reserve. The situation was then exacerbated when, two days later, the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front announced it was slashing pensions and social security payments, sparking further anti-government protests. Targeted opposition violence along with police repressions have led to a mounting body count on both sides. Violence persists in the country, despite the fact that President Ortega has now ditched the proposed welfare reforms and has been engaging in talks with the opposition.

    The government has adamantly denied it was responsible for snipers killing at least 15 people at a recent demonstration. And, while we may never know what really happened, it’s fair to say an embattled national leadership in the midst of peace talks has little to gain from people being gunned down in front of the world’s media at an opposition march on Mother’s Day. All I’ll say on the matter is it’s not like we didn’t have mysterious sharpshooters picking off protesters during US-supported coups in Venezuela and Ukraine. –RT

    It is unsurprising then that the US is apparently attempting to capitalize on the growing discontent, stoking dissent among the youth in a deliberate attempt to destabilize the Sandinista government. Infamously nefarious US soft power organizations such as the National Endowment for Democracy, also known as the CIA’s ‘legal window’, have set up extensive networks in Nicaragua. Among the leading Nicaraguan student activists currently touring Europe to garner support for the anti-government movement is Jessica Cisneros. Cisneros is a member of the Movimiento Civico de Juventudes, which is funded by Madeline Albright’s National Democratic Institute (NDI). Albright is the former US Secretary of State that said that 500,000 Iraqi Children dying as a result of US sanctions against Saddam Hussein was “worth it”.

    If the idea of Washington supporting progressive anti-government forces in Latin America confuses you, then you’re failing to grasp the nature of US interference. During the Cold War, for example, the US supported both the Mujahideen inAfghanistan as well as eastern European trade unionists against the Soviet Union. Indeed, throughout the Syrian conflict, Washington has been arming leftist groups alongside jihadist organizations. It goes without saying that, despite US politicians getting all dewy-eyed over “freedom fighters,” the likes of Jihadists or even trade unionists are not welcome in US society. –RT

    It isn’t like the US never interferes, in fact, if it can, it will. And unfortunately, all we get is the bill and the knowing that our tax dollars are being used to slaughter human beings we don’t even know.



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      1. “Bloody protests against Nicaragua’s President Daniel Ortega’s government have the United State’s fingerprints all over it.”


        • DK

          Right Wing authority regimes like Somoza have done them so much good. The greatest facilitator of communism is the dictatorial capitalist. FDR said this about Anastasio Somoza; “He is a son of a bitch but he is our son of a bitch”.

          If you don’t want a communist regime maybe remove those issues that make communism appear to be a viable alternative to the corruption and injustice that is in those nations. The School for the Americas trained assassins murdered Catholic Priests that dared to speak out against poverty.

          • “The School for the Americas trained assassins murdered Catholic Priests that dared to speak out against poverty.”

            Yeah that was a bad idea, (unless they were part of the Pedophile Priesthood exploiting children) because then the remaining priests decided to export the Hispanic Poor to the United States by the TENS OF MILLIONS. Its tough to subsidize an ELITE CLASS (catholic priests) if the poor don’t even have chump change to donate to the church.

            You don’t think entire villages left Mexico for the USA like a flock of fucking geese heading North for the Summer do you ??? The invasion of the USA was conceived and organized by the Leftest (marxist) Catholic Priesthood. 🙁

            • Interesting. Your actually justifying the murder of Catholic Priests while singing the praises of the USA and freedom. It just wasn’t Priests. It was reporters, activists and whoever else complained. Please explain to me the moral high ground we occupy.

              The poor are poor in Central America with the help of dictators who are in the pocket of globalist corporations.

              • “Please explain to me the moral high ground we occupy.”

                I never said we occupy the moral high ground. In the real world of the GREAT GAME every nation is a pawn of the great powers and the elite that run them. That’s the harsh reality of life, globally. So yes, I can justify the killing of Catholic Priests as the Catholic Church is the enemy of America which has orchestrated a MASSIVE invasion of the USA, because I can justify killing any adversary FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC to protect my Nation.

                Part of that reality is that Pedo Priests have sexually assaulted many THOUSANDS of CHILDREN in Central & South America. So many kids have been molested that the Catholic Church has paid out about $15 BILLION dollars in damages, so far; and their assaults on children in Chile are just now coming to light.

                These priests should be killed as they are Satan’s own, and the Catholic Church prosecuted under RICO laws, disbanded, its property confiscated and sold for reparations.

                The poor are poor in Central & South America because the Catholic Church has been in control of Hispanic America for 400 years: teaching the ignorant to MULTIPLY and have a dozen kids per family without regard to the consequences for the life of these children; but most of all KEEPING THEM POOR to exploit them for both sex and both large and small donations !!!

                As long as the poor are with US, the Catholic Church can solicit BILLIONS of dollars every year to “help” the poor and skim those accounts to purchase and subsidize every manner of sin in which they INDULGE !!! The Catholic Church also pressures new illegals in their care to give $20 a week when attending church. That’s $1,000 per year multiplied by MILLIONS of new illegals !!!

                The Catholic Church has kept the peasants poor to shame the rich and middle class into “helping” the poor with their donations while the Catholic Priests help themselves to the CASH !!!

                The Catholic Church receives $8,000 as a fee for its services for EACH & EVERY Refugee it processes and/or resettles in America from US Taxpayers. With a financial incentive to produce more refugees is it any wonder that tens of thousands of “unaccompanied children” are showing up at the US Border every month claiming to be a refugee so as to get free medical, housing, food, and education from American taxpayers who have families of their own to feed, house, clothe, and educate after mandatory car insurance, and health care ???

                The current rate is about 50,000 kids a month. Do you believe, does anyone here believe that this is not a well organized invasion funded by soros, operated by la Raza, and coordinated with the Catholic Church in America ??? So let me ask again, “Are these people coming to the USA like a flock of fucking geese for the summer?”

                Or is this a well orchestrated invasion by the commies in the NWO Left, the Liberal Ideology (communists) in the Catholic Priesthood seeking to REPLACE those who are already here ???

                Just because the American Indian was stupid, it doesn’t mean that modern Americans should follow the same path. If we want to retain our freedoms and way of life we will have to fight to defend them and in that process we will have to kill other people who want to replace US, until Jesus comes.

                Death to every adversary of America FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC !!! 🙂

        • That is one stupid fucking comment.

          • FUCK YOU, AMAZON !!! 🙂

            • He’s right, you comment was stupid.


        • DK

          Would you prefer the Somoza’s running Nicaragua as they did for decades impoverishing and terrorizing the people? FDR called Anastasio Somoza a “son of a bitch but he’s our son of a bitch”. They’re “Democratic Rule” transferred from father to son.

          People don’t entertain the thought of communism if their system of “capitalism” is working for them.

          • Well. all those rich and powerful kids in American colleges, the Antifa and such at the extreme, certainly seem to have capitalism working for them but embrace communism anyway.

            Maybe you should give your position a little more thought.

            • Antifa is going nowhere. They won’t capture any significant number; in effect a nuisance. They’re a small number of spoiled rich kids not a yardstick measure of a communist revolution. Getting the masses behind “take from the rich” comes from having a society of very rich and very oppressed poor. This is Nicaragua’s history along with much of Central America and Africa. The Vietnamese were in the same boat with the French foreign occupation. Johnson summed it up saying, “Why do their Vietnamese fight better than our Vietnamese”; DUH.

              I know this statement is correct; “The best recruiting agent the communists ever had was the greedy wealthy capitalist”. FDR legalized Organized Labor with the Wagner Act of 1935 promoting the formation of industrial unions as a check to communism which an empty stomach embraces.

          • K2, actually, I would prefer Samosa to Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas. A petty dictator is no threat to American interests, and the interests of the petty dictator are contained within his own country.

            A communist government would invite participation by Cuba & Venezuela; and the resources of a communist country are marshalled to spread their global, marxist ideology to other nations.

            That’s why the USA supports dictators and isolates communist regimes. 🙂

            • DK

              “That’s why the USA supports dictators”

              No. The US supports dictators because they could care less about the catch phrases, “Freedom”, “Democracy” and the like concentrating on globalist business interests that couldn’t care less about anything but themselves. Want to keep communists out? Remove the root causes. I can’t side with a regime, regardless of economic system that kills Catholic Priests.

              “to spread their global, marxist ideology”

              Communism finds fertile ground in an empty stomach. Remove the former and they can talk to a wall. (see previous paragraph).

              “I would prefer Samosa to Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas”

              I have a news flash, you legally do not own Nicaragua. Ever spent a nano second thinking about the Nicaraguan people? Not a word of it. Keep or install a strong arm dictator. Turn a blind eye to death squads and take the high moral ground that the US stands for freedom.
              (see paragraph 1 & 2).

              • ” I can’t side with a regime, regardless of economic system that kills Catholic Priests.”

                LMFAO, K2 !!! You must be Catholic. Don’t equate Catholic Priests with the Catholic Faith. The relationship between the two disappeared long, long ago !!!

                These guys are pure evil. The statistics don’t lie. $15 BILLION in damages to CHILDREN for sexual abuse demonstrates a SYSTEMIC problem within the Catholic Priesthood. As a group, these guys are not “Father Mulcahy” anymore.

                Black Americans are waking up to the fact that the Democrats are not, and have not been their friend for a very, very long time. It’s time for catholics in America to realize that Catholic Priests are not the Catholic Faith and the POPE is not Father Pat O’brien elevated to the papacy.

                Death to EVERY enemy of America, foreign or domestic !!! Death to every Priest who has molested a child and every Priest who works to invade the USA with foreign nationals.

                Neither is part of the GOSPEL !!!:-)

      2. What are you talking about when you say “our” government?


        • Meanwhile one hand is waving over here to distract the masses, Israehell is slaughtering thousands and sniping and killing children in Palestine every week. Our Government is silent on that Cabal genocide.

          • There is no such place as Palestine you racist moron.

      3. If they are doing it to make America Great again so be it.

      4. Many years ago, shortly after my uncle retired to Costa Rica, he tried to get me to leave my aerospace job and open up a video store in Nicaragua. I pointed out the problems happening in Nicaragua.
        He being there locally and having friends and business dealings in Nicaragua, had a much different picture of the politics there. I’m paraphrasing here, but it is basically two rich families that are feuding and scrambling for power.
        Thankfully I declined and ultimated ended up in Hawaii. Just as screwed up politically, but probably a little safer.

      5. People don’t turn to communism because the “capitalism” that were exposed to is working for them.

        • And they continue to embrace Communism for all the benefits it provides the people.

          As shown by the once Capitalist and prosperous people of Venezuela.

        • People don’t “turn” to communism at all. It is inflicted upon them.

          • Don’t believe that for a second. The Vietnamese turned to communist support in the absence of other alternatives. The French occupation was beyond unjust. The greatest recruiter for communism is the ultra greedy capitalist. Citizens in functioning capitalist governments don’t by into the communist promises.

            • If you “don’t believe that for a second” then you’re just stupid and unable to learn from history. Nobody “turns” to tyranny of their own free will. If they did, then none of the Communist “peoples” movements would have been the bloody horrors that they always are genius.

              “Capitalist government” is an oxymoron demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of free market economics as well as no comprehension of political science. Here’s a hint: there is no such thing.

              By parroting the Marxist invented “Greedy Capitalist” line you not only demonstrate your ignorant bias but warn us not to waste any more of our lives reading your mindless drivel.

              • Insult me all you wish. Do you think the people under Somoza had free speech? His right wing death squads, trained in the US killed Catholic priests that spoke about the injustice. The French had brutal rule too. Are you familiar with the Belgium Congo? This and others like it is the “Capitalist Government” I speak of that is far removed from your touted “free market economics” which in reality rarely exist.

                In the period from 1885 to 1908, a number of well-documented atrocities were perpetrated in the Congo Free State (today the Democratic Republic of the Congo) which, at the time, was a colony under the personal rule of King Leopold II of Belgium. These atrocities were sometimes collectively referred to by European contemporaries as the “Congo Horrors”, and were particularly associated with the labour policies used to collect natural rubber for export.

                Two time recipient of the MOH USMC Major General Smedley Butler stated it eloquently summing up his military career when he said, ‘I was a high class racketeer for Wall Street”.

                “Mindless Dribble”? GTFOOH.

      6. Hey, here’s an idea Mac:

        Instead of featuring articles that help us with our SHTF preparations, Why don’t you help advance the anti-American Russian interests by supporting and disseminating their “Russia Today” propaganda effort. That way when the Shiite really does hit the fan you can pontificate on how we could have allowed it to happened…. just like MSNBS & CNN.

        • “you help advance the anti-American Russian interests”

          Please explain. Its in reality “anti globalist monopoly” interests because the interests of the globalists are on divergent paths and the government works for the former not the latter. Do you know who is arming the Islamic Crazies in the Mille East as they overthrow sovereign governments? Its the USA.

          h ttps://

          What did Syria do to you? This isn’t about terrorism because the US are arming the terrorists. Its not about freedom. Its about controlling the oil/gas wells and potential pipe lines not for you but for the globalist monopoly. Seen any WMD in Iraq? Why did the US use its air power to help Islamic Fundamentalists overthrow Libya which had the highest standard of living in Africa?

          The US white hat has been soiled decades ago under the boot of globalist bankers.

          • Well Kev, there you go again. Nothing you said has anything whatsoever to do with my comment on Russia Today being a propaganda arm of the Russian government. (Yes, it is) A government that will never have America’s interests at heart.

            You just want to bloviate about your world views. Those views are not necessarily wrong and I don’t necessarily disagree with them; they’re just irrelevant to the topic at hand.

            • Stuart

              ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and yes FOX are the propaganda arm of the globalists and therefore by extension the US government. The point is?

              “A government that will never have America’s interests at heart.”

              Why should any government care about anyone but their own nation? The US has Russias best interests at heart? Hell the US government doesn’t have the best interests of the American people at heart. They care about globalist business interests. Think our troops are dying for your freedom and security? GTFOOH. I looked in this hemisphere and can’t see a Russian base while the US has 800 world wide bankrupting us. What is our offense spending (its not defense). Well the next 10 nations combined just reach it. Who is the aggressor?

            • Propaganda:

              information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view

              If one uses the above definition I can safely say that most (if not all) that has been coming out of Washington DC for some time fits the above. WMD in Iraq, reasons for overthrowing Iraq, Libya and attempting the same in Syria. The arming and funding of ISIS along with the token for public consumption attacks upon it.

              I would have to say in the important issues above that the US has been the purveyor of propaganda.

      7. “United State’s”? United States’–they are plural, not “an ‘it'”. That’s the whole problem with modern U.S. Americans. They’re totally brainwashed into the presumption of one big “American” (Bering Strait to the Straits of Magellan?) state (“country”, “nation”) instead of the Constitutional reality of fifty united nations, of America.

        • Sorry my friend, America being a willing union of states was put to death by Mr. Lincoln in 1865. “The United States” is a single political entity run by Washington D.C.

          The final nail in that coffin was hammered by Mr. Wilson in 1913 with the 17th Amendment establishing the direct election of Senators and thereby eliminating representation of the individual state’s interests in Washington..

          The individual states are now irrelevant. Only Washington’s will matters. The Constitution has been a dead letter for over one hundred years now. Sad but true.

          • You might want to check up on amendments, what they are and how they are adopted.

            Wilson had nothing to do with any amendment, neither did any one or any thing other than Congress and The State governments. They are all that is involved in creating and adopting amendments into the Constitution.

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